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Issue 19 April 2014

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L’ART Issue 19 | April 2014 | Features

John Witherspoon Brings ‘Pops’ To The UK | 04

We catch up with the comedy favourite and he reveals some exciting future projects.

REBORN: Daisha | 08

Daisha left her career behind to follow her musi-

Editor’s note Hi all and welcome to the nineteenth issue of L’ART; the anniversary issue. As we celebrate our third year as an online publication, we look to our UK hometown for personal stories of inspiration and the active chasing of dreams. Meet singer Joy Osaiah, who after hitting the studio hard and working on her songwriting, releases her first EP this summer. Plus, friends Opor Kunkiatngamdee and Samantha Flanakin who have both walked at Oxford Fashion Week, discuss their experiences and future goals in the world of fashion.

cal dreams. Here’s her story.

London Collections: Men SS15 | 12 The men’s fashion extravaganza returns with the British Fashion Council.

Word On The Street | 14

We give you five top album releases to count down to this season.

Bill Bellamy Hosts Your Ladies Night Out | 20

The Hackney Empire welcomes the international star on tour.

As comedy legend, John Witherspoon, is due to arrive in the UK next month for his headline tour, what better time to catch up with ‘Pops’ and highlight his career, which spans more than 40 years? Get the scoop on his latest projects and upcoming tour. Plus, a career change from the world of performing arts to music sees former back up dancer, Daisha, serve as your international feature this issue, as she launches her solo career.

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Read all this and more in your celebratory issue. Daniella & Letisha

Singer Joy Osaiah Accepts Her Musical Calling | 22

With an EP release close by, we caught up with the local talent.

Opor & Samantha | 26

Following Oxford Fashion Week, this dynamic duo share their fashion aspirations. 02 | Contents | L’ART

L’ART | Contents | 03

John Witherspoon Brings ‘Pops’ To The UK The US comedian and actor talks new television projects, co-working greats and the moment he realised comedy was the career for him.

“It took me 20 years before I became popular.” Becoming a household name for many and travelling all the way from the US, John will be spending the May Bank Holiday weekend in Wolverhampton and London May 4th to 5th and coming from the mouth of the man himself, you can expect to see Pops, Grandad and Uncle Willie, all in one. The comedy legend, affectionately known to many as ‘Pops’, has credits in movies from Soul Plane and the Friday sequels, to voice overs in animation series The Boondocks, but this short list only portrays a fraction of 04 | John Witherspoon | L’ART

John’s achievements to date. Working with Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, The Wayans Brothers and David Letterman remain some of his personal highlights, with the opportunity to open for Richard and working alongside Redd Foxx and many other great artists at the Comedy Store, serving as great inspiration in his early days. “It took me 20 years before I became popular,” John remembers, after humourously branding the time he received his third cheque from Friday After Next as the defining moment for wanting a career in stand up. “There is a lot of money in show business and film and I don’t turn anything down but the collar on my shirt. I love to do commercials, TV and radio,”. So for those wanting a career in the same field, John encourages you to ‘stick with the art, continue being a comic and don’t give up’. Remaining busy ahead of his UK stop, John plays Robert ‘Grandad’ Freeman on cartoon

Photo Credits: LEG Management


tand up comedian, actor, television sitcom feature and movie screen favourite, John Witherspoon successfully enters the fifth decade of his career and you can catch him live on stage in the UK!

L’ART | John Witherspoon | 05

The Boondocks (available on Netflix) and is currently working on a television project over in the US titled The First Family, which sees him play the father of the US President. “Gladys Knight is my wife, so I get a chance to kiss those big lips every week,” he jokes. John is also having a lot of fun on

“When you’re hungry, everything tastes good.”

basis for your viewing fun. John went for the title “‘Cooking For Poor People’, because when you’re hungry, everything tastes good’. We’d have to agree with him there. Tickets are available for John’s UK show now, with included entry into the official after party. Plus special guest comedians over the weekend include Slim and Richard Blackwood. “I’ll be there soon. Yeah Boy!”

the set of new television show Black Jesus, where he has the role of playing a homeless man. Portraying Jesus living in Compton, California, John reunites with working friend Charlie Murphy, as well as stand up comedian, actor and radio host Corey Holcomb (Like Mike, The Cleveland Show, Nick Cannon Presents Wild’n Out’). With a 40 week tour in the US planned after his return, it’s clear to see that John has no preference when it comes to life on the stage or set. His love for it all has seen him conquer a varied number of projects, including a cooking show. Yes you read right and the series is available on YouTube right now, with new videos being shot on a regular

06 | John Witherspoon | L’ART

Want to connect with John? Website: Twitter: @John_POPS_Spoon

Photo Credit: Zara

REBORN: DAISHA RETURNS TO THE STAGE AS A NEW WOMAN Working as a professional dancer wasn’t everything that Daisha wanted in life. So she made one brave decision that would change her life forever.


aisha has stepped into the music world and she is here to stay.

But before persuing her music career, she spent the past few years living her life as a professional back up dancer and this has helped her with her new career move. “I’ve been able to learn and witness how different artists operate and handle their careers first hand! Everyone is different,” said Daisha. Although this previous experience in the industry has been “amazing preparation” for her music career, it was time to focus on her first love; music. So it was with the help of a clear vision and support from her teachers that encouraged her to make the big step to begin her music career. “I’ve always loved singing but was too shy so I just stuck to dancing,” she said. “One day I decided I needed to start vocal classes in case I did Broadway. My teachers Craig Derry and

“I knew if I really went for it, I’d risk all the hard work I’d built so far, including my reputation as a professional dancer.”

08 | REBORN: Daisha | L’ART

L’ART | REBORN: Daisha | 09

Clurel Henderson convinced me to write and record a song. Then it all clicked.”

and reach as many people as I can. Music is powerful.”

So with a bit more confidence and a strong desire for music, Reborn was born. This is the title of her debut EP as well as her first official single and the title is part of a very personal story of Daisha as a new artist.

She’s not wrong there! Many people would agree with Daisha when it comes to having music as an outlet and of course everyone has their very own list of favourite artists to listen and look up to.

“Reborn is about how I grew up in a small town. However I really ‘grew up’ and found myself when I moved to NYC. The energy, culture, arts and creative vibes here are unparalleled. NYC was no doubt my place of ‘rebirth’.”

“There are so many! Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Santigold, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, N.E.R.D and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. All these artists are different and have their own unique style and tone. I applaud their individuality. They are all bad ass performers as well.”

This response was a huge relief for Daisha, but she was far from anxious before releasing her very first track. “I’ve been preparing for years, so I was super hype to let the world hear it! I have so much music in the Daisha vault, so it’s amazing to finally be in a place to start releasing gems. “I’m looking forward to touching a lot of people. I want my music to move people, in their lives or to the dance floor. I want to travel the world 10 | REBORN: Daisha | L’ART

As well as aspiring to be just as good a performer as these talented stars, Daisha did reveal that we should also look out for an album, EP, hair and also look out for her on the big screen! So what does Daisha get up to when she’s not focusing on her music? Well, she simply replied: “My work is my fun.” But if you’re curious to know more about the person behind Daisha, she is a ‘lover, a goofball’ and jokes around a lot. “Laughing is my favourite. I like to act silly with my friends and I’m passionate about my work. I love my fierce side.” So expect to see a lot more of that!

Photo Credits: Two Rs Ent

So how has the new song been received by the music world? “The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The sound is a bit eccentric so I wasn’t sure if people would vibe or not. Luckily, people are rocking.”

“I really hope I can shed light to those who also dream about creating any way that frees the spirit.”

L’ART | REBORN: Daisha | 11

London Collections: Men SS15 Showcasing the Best of British Menswear At the Hospital Club.


s we enjoy the start of summer and continue to look forward to the height of the season, opportunities to wear bright separates and lighter wear in our daily attire nears, with the fashion world remaining one step ahead.

The British Fashion Council host London Collections: Men, showcasing the reach of British fashion, from emerging talent to the global brands and introducing pieces for the spring summer 15 season (SS15), June 15th-17th. Celebrating menswear and the designers whose livelihoods are dedicated to the art, as always you can watch the live footage over on our live fashion page.

Images from top left to right: Photo 1: McQueen | Photo 2: Jonathan Saunders | Photo 3: Topman | Photo 4: Saville Row

‘London Collections: Men emphasises both the creative and commercial importance of Britain’s brands and emerging talent, as well as the rich cultural landscape that contributes to the inspiration and success of this sector’. Applications are now closed for the event, so we look forward to seeing the established and upcoming collections debuting very soon.

12 | London Collections: Men | L’ART

Photo Credits: British Fashion Council

As we await the next summer event in the menswear calendar, keep an eye out for the SS15 show schedule of catwalk shows, presentations, events, digital showcasing and showroom highlights. Your live stream feed will be waiting for you.

L’ART | London Collections: Men | 13

Word On The Street We highlight our top five albums of the spring season. Will you be counting down to their release dates with us?


very month there is always an album release to look forward to and the following months are no different. Here, we cut the list down to five top choices that have caught our eye for April and May and we can guarantee you’ll be counting down to their release dates in no time.

1. Nas Illmatic XX – April 15th If there was ever a highly anticipated album, this would have to be it! Ever since Nas revealed the news about a second edition of his first Illmatic album – released in April 1994 - the count down has been well and truly on.

Nas - Illmatic XX Kelis - FOOD

Today, Illmatic is known as one of the most classic hip-hop albums to date and for a debut album, it gave Nas a huge platform for what would be a successful 20 year music career. Over the years, Nas has earnt the title of a highly respected lyricist, so it’s no surprise that his work has been re-invented by playwright’s who have brought his music to life on stage, showing ‘how intellectually wellversed Nas truly is’. Now, Illmatic XX will include re-mastered original recordings with unreleased cuts, demos, out takes and more! Plus there will also be an Illmatic XX feature film. “With Illmatic, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. I believe everybody has good instincts,” said Nas.

2. Kelis FOOD – April 18th - 28th This may be the last album that Kelis will ever make, but she’s not ready to claim retirement just yet. The singer-songwriter says it depends on how the mood suits her, as she doesn’t have any musical ambitions anymore. So with that said, Kelis fans make sure you get your copy of FOOD just in case! Each song has a foodthemed title, as the entire album reflects the more positive and mature mindset that she is experiencing at this time in her life. That will explain the title of the first official track if you were none the wiser!

14 | Word On The Street | L’ART

Photo Credits:,

“Now I’m a man from the past and I’m supremely grateful. There’s a Nigerian proverb ‘What is past is prologue’. I’m here today because of Illmatic.”

L’ART | Word On The Street | 15

‘Jerk Ribs’ is a ‘funky, horn-dominated number’ and Kelis has expressed that this song best represents the vibe of the whole album. The food influence may also have something to do with Kelis graduating as a certified chef from New York’s Le Cordon Bleu College Of Culinary Arts, and earning herself a Cooking Channel show called Saucy & Sweet. But whether it’s music or cooking that dominates the rest of Kelis’ life, either way, she feels ‘successful’. As well as the album, look out for Kelis on tour, her own sauce line, cooking show and possibly her own cookbook. The future is bright! Chris Brown - X

3. Chris Brown X – May 5th Breezy has already described this as his ‘best album yet’ and his fans are dying to hear the complete project after X was given a new release date. So May is now the month to look forward to.

Mariah Carey - The Art Of Letting Go

X is Brown’s sixth studio album and may also be his last as he has stated in the past, so it seems that there are high expectations on this album!

Brown previously gave us an insight into the direction he wanted to take with this new album and we were immediately made aware of his own personal music influences. “I wanted to touch musically on Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke, and incorporate those influences with the new,” he said. Well, when it comes to his dance moves you can definitely see the Michael Jackson influence, so who can hear Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder in there too? Be ready to hear the complete project to find out! 4. Mariah Carey The Art Of Letting Go – May 6th Although this album has suffered a delay due to Mariah wanting to deliver the complete project exactly how she’s envisioned it, the count down to The Art Of Letting Go is now closer to its new release date.

16 | Word On The Street | L’ART

Photo Credits:,

Tracks already released from the album have included ‘Love More’ featuring Nicki Minaj, ‘Don’t Think They Know’ featuring Aaliyah, ‘Fine China’ and more recently ‘Loyal’ with Tyga and Lil Wayne.

L’ART | Word On The Street | 17

Following the news of Jermaine Dupri being her new manager, Mariah has also been working hard to produce the best songs for her audience, as she gets ready to share her 14th studio album with the world. Singles such as ‘Beautiful’ featuring Miguel, ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’, with Trey Songz on the remix, and ‘The Art Of Letting Go’, have already been released to give you a taste of the whole package and you’ve still got a lot more collaborations to look forward to hearing. R.Kelly and Stevie Wonder also make a feature on the album, as they contribute to tracks ‘I Can’t Love U’ (R.Kelly) and ‘I’ll Still Be Around’ (Stevie Wonder). Plus, she will be working with The Dream once again, following their hit ‘My Love’, as he has produced two tracks on the album, as well as Jermaine Dupri, Miguel, Darkchild, Mike WiLL Made It, Bryan Michael Cox and Mariah herself.

Ice Cube - Everythangs Corrupt WHICH ALBUMS WILL YOU BE BUYING?

Sounds like it’s going to be a huge hit! 5. Ice Cube Everythangs Corrupt – May 13th Since the days of N.W.A., Ice Cube has never failed to reach out to his audience through his music. Referred to as the most dangerous rapper alive, he now has the release of his tenth studio album to look forward to after recently writing, directing and starring in his new movie Ride Along with Kevin Hart. Everythangs Corrupt is also the title of the album’s first single, which was released in perfect timing according to Ice Cube, as it was around the time of the presedential election. As he said: “This one’s for the political heads.”

“There’s a record on there talking about everybody popping pills. That’s the new thing to do. It’s this and that on there, it’s not an overly political album, and it’s more like a hardcore album.” Ice Cube has been recording songs for 18 months now and has a lot of tracks to choose from, so get ready for its May debut!

18 | Word On The Street | L’ART

Photo Credits:

“Everythangs Corrupt; it’s basically talking about how everywhere you look, corruption has poisoned us,” said Ice Cube. “I got songs on there like ‘Dominating The Weak’, which is really what the system is all about, putting the sheep asleep and dominating the weak.

L’ART | Word On The Street | 19

Bill Bellamy Hosts Your Ladies Night Out Proving that comedy can be sexy, comedian Bill Bellamy hosts his tour on his return to London’s Hackney Empire.


ant more comedy and a chance to see another international star in the UK? Offering hilarious, edgy, uncensored and always unapologetic humour, Bill Bellamy returns to the UK!

Having performed to sold out audiences across the US, Bill Bellamy is set to bring his Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour to London’s Hackney Empire on Saturday June 28th. Following on from the Bank Holiday weekend, the laughs continue through the Summer thanks to All Star Comedy Productions, as the US actor and stand up comedian can be seen in his current show for one night only. Bill started his career in the 80s after winning round the famously tough audience at Showtime At The Apollo and first became a household name on Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. His own comedy special Booty Call was to follow, with Bill’s career continuing to vary in areas of the stage, television [Keenan & Kel, Cousin Skeeter] and movies [The Brothers, Two Can Play That Game]. Today, Bill can be seen on TV One where his show Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes? celebrates its fourth season. The stand up competition challenges contestants to a three-minute stand up curse free and stays within the time given.

20 | Bill Bellamy | L’ART

Photo Credits: Vibe

Your tickets for summer fun are available from the Hackney Empire today.

L’ART | Bill Bellamy | 21

Singer Joy Osaiah Accepts Her Musical Calling With her summer EP release date approaching, Joy bares all in a bid to share her hopeful sounds.


K artist Joy Osaiah is set to debut her first EP this summer and with it comes a powerful and positive message for her listeners. The Banks Of The Cherith shares Joy’s inspiration of music with the world, as she accepts her calling as a singer; something she believes she was always destined to do.

“As far as I can remember I’ve always loved music.” “He spends his life doing other things and all of a sudden tragedy breaks out,” Joy explains, as she touches on the meaning behind her EP title and the prophet whom Paulo Coelho’s book is based upon. “He has to run away from where he lives and ends up hiding by the banks of the cherith (riverbank). While he’s there he finally accepts who he is.” Now accepting music and hoping to encourage others to do the same with passions in their own life, Joy remains excited for her project release this summer and with all songs on the track listing having their own message, 22 | Joy Osaiah | L’ART

overall Joy’s aim is to portray what she’s all about as an artist through her lyrics. “As far as I can remember I’ve always loved music,” said Joy. With her parents always playing music around the house and her mother singing in the church choir, these have led to Joy’s understanding of music, how to structure a song and what it means to sing. Great performance energy, the ability to use your voice as an instrument, along with the ability to write, are just a few aspects of being an artist that Joy finds important and these attributes can be found in the artists within her top ranked. Although she found the selection of a top three hard to do (she managed to sneak in one extra artist), Joy narrowed her random selection down to North Carolina group Little Brother, Chaka Khan, Ella Fitzgerald and African acoustic artist Asha, for factors such as their performance energy, writing technique and the ability to use their voices as an instrument. It is these elements that Joy aims to use in her own development as an artist. Joy’s influence of music types such as L’ART | Joy Osaiah | 23

“They make their voices interesting and use it to tell a story.” African, Jazz, Old Soul, Gospel, 90s RnB, Hip Hop and Dance music with House influences, all play an equal role in her choice of idols, with some Indie bands also taking preference.

Communicating with music through her heart, Joy’s hopeful songs reflect her beginning in church and with her best songs resulting from things being on her mind, Joy’s songwriting process varies like any other artist. Whether an easy time or difficult, the key is to always start with inspiration. Currently focusing on her songwriting and studio time, you can keep up to date with Joy on her website as we await live gig dates for 2014 and the official EP release date. “This is what I’m going to do and I’m going for it and I want people to take that away. It’s never too late to go for a dream.”

24 | Joy Osaiah | L’ART

Photo Credits: Common World Recordings

“My taste of music is quite wide. Little Brother are amazing lyricists. Seeing them live [their energy] was the decider for me to touch upon Hip Hop Soul music. Chaka Khan is legendary in terms of song and Ella Fitzgerald is one of my favourite Jazz singers. They make their voices interesting and use it to tell a story. I want to take what they do and incorporate what they’re doing.”

Website: Twitter: @JoyOsaiah

L’ART | Joy Osaiah | 25

Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week This dynamic duo are the best of friends and although their fashion aspirations are different to one another, it has still brought them closer together. This is their story...


ollowing the incredible run of fashion week events from London, Milan, Paris, New York, Toronto and even Oxford, there has been a void in the fashion industry, as things have now gotten a little quieter compared to the past few months. But fear not, as the biggest graduate fashion event for all UK and international students is well on its way. Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) is a huge four-day event (from May 31st to June 3rd) that can only be described as an extravaganza! It gives the opportunity for graduates to showcase their work, as well as taking part in workshops and seminars to further boost their career within fashion. This year also marks the 23rd anniversary of GFW, so expect some even greater opportunities at hand for you to take full advantage of. Two ladies who dream of one day achieving all their fashion-driven goals are Opor and Sam. As well as being close friends, the two have a lot in common when it comes to fashion. The pair have both been involved in Oxford Fashion Week, our very own local annual week of fashion events, founded in 2009.

26 | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | L’ART

Since then it has grown into ‘an established part of the new fashion week circuit’, where designs from fashion graduates, established and cutting edge designers are all the talk of the town. Today, Opor and Sam share their own personal story with you about their journey in the fashion world, including Oxford Fashion Week and what the future holds in a world full of opportunities. L’ART: How did you become involved in Oxford Fashion Week (OFW)? Samantha: By becoming one of the models in their Cosmopolitan and Concept Show. However, this year, even though I didn’t get through, I attended three of their shows. Being able to watch the models and garments coming down the runway front row is an experience I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. Opor: Having worked as a model for my friend, Samantha Flanakin, and having watched her perform on the runway in 2012 gave me an interest towards the fashion industry and modeling opportunities in Oxfordshire. From this I took on Oxford Fashion Week open casting in 2013 at Malmaison Hotel.

Oxford Fashion Week 2014’s glamorous venue at the Malmaison Hotel.

L’ART | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | 27

“It’s a feeling I can’t really explain.” L’ART: What were your specific roles and responsibilities during this fashionable event? Samantha: To turn up on time to rehearsals and call times so I could get my hair and makeup done for the shows, have a few practices going down the runway and getting a general feel to what it was like. However, this year I felt that OFW has been taken to a completely new level. You could just feel that so much attention to detail and rehearsals had gone into the shows to make them completely incredible. L’ART: What was it like to be part of one of Oxford’s most talked about events? Samantha: It’s a feeling I can’t really explain. This year had not only created fantastic shows, but they’ve created an incredible experience. Opor: I feel glad that the city I live in have such a fantastic person like Carl Anglim (Director and Founder of OFW) who brings new and vibrant ideas and opportunities into the community. I feel great to have been part of an amazing and well-known event. I cannot wait for the

28 | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | L’ART

L’ART | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | 29

upcoming event this November.

Samantha: This year, getting to watch my best friend Opor model in the Couture and Concept shows, as well as being blown away by the venues, the garments and I was extremely proud of her. She looked absolutely amazing. Opor: Getting to know and speak to professionals who are currently working in the industry. The fact that I get to meet and work with such amazing people! Carl Anglim, Emma Appleton and Tiffany Saunders – superb role models – and are always there to support you throughout the whole experience. L’ART: What is it that you love about fashion? Samantha: I love every aspect of it. I love the idea of turning your imagination and ideas into garments, and how there are no limitations to what you can create. I have a great admiration for hair and makeup artists, as well as photographers capturing that one incredible moment that’ll never be forgotten. I believe it’s what connects us together. 30 | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | L’ART

Opor: That designers and stylists can be as crazy and creative as they want. It can go as wild as the designer wants, because it’s their design and no one elses! In addition, fashion doesn’t always have to be on runways and catwalks. Fashion is within all and every individual. L’ART: What aspirations would you personally like to achieve within the fashion industry? Samantha: I have so many. To be able to attend Central St. Martins or London College of Fashion to study womenswear, and I would like to work in the industry for a few years until I can create my own brand, designing and making up-market garments - maybe one day in the future even Haute Couture.

Photo Credits: Oxford Fashion Week, Jeff Tuliniemi, James Sutton

L’ART: Name your number one highlight of the whole experience.

Without Coco Chanel, the iconic little black dress would be a figment of our imaginations, without Mary Quant the mini skirt would probably still be unheard in our society, without Vivien Westwood we would have no rebellious street style and designers such as Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano would have never evolved and pushed the boundaries of what fashion is today. The list is endless. It is everyone’s way of expressing themselves without having to say a word.

Opor Kunkiatngamdee at The Concept Show, The Macdonald Randolph Hotel.

L’ART | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | 31

L’ART: Tell us about any fashion projects you’re currently involved in or have planned for the future. Samantha: I’m currently studying fashion at the City of Oxford College, attending a L3 extended diploma, which is really hands on and involves all aspects of fashion, so I guess the main projects I’m currently involved in are ones that are set by the course. I hope to create my first collection of garments and I like to post everything I do online.

I want to achieve something in the work of fashion, I will do this with Samantha. Apart from that, modelling would be something I want to do. I have been doing it for some years and as a result, really enjoy promotion, portrait and fashion work in the industry. Well there you have it, two strong-willed ladies who are passionate about the opportunities within their reach when it comes to business and fashion. Look out world!

L’ART: What is the ultimate goal you’d like to achieve when it comes to your work in fashion? Samantha: To design and make Haute Couture. The possibilities with what you can do are endless and the attention to detail is impeccable. Haute Couture has no restrictions like high-street clothing, so you can be as extravagant and eccentric as you can afford. I think that is any designers ultimate goal now, to create new boundaries and new levels of social excitement and shock through the garments they create. Opor: Going to University to study HR Management. That has nothing to do with fashion, however that doesn’t mean I cannot apply my skills in the fashion industry. If 32 | Opor & Samantha: Inspired By Fashion Week | L’ART

Photo Credit: Caption/Miss title The colour of the text will Selfridge change depending on the image. Give the readers any necessary details about the photo.

L’ART | * | 33


L'ART Issue 19, April 2014  

It's our anniversary! This month marks three years that L'ART has been online and what a line-up we have for you! For all the people who l...

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