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Issue 25 April 2015

L’ART Issue 25 | April 2015 |


INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | 06 From music’s Black Rose to Hollywood!

INTERVIEW: Karen Harding | 16 The singer works on her debut album!

Trend: Spring Coats | 20 The perfect alternative for the new season.

Word On The Street | 22 We talk to new talent, Kieran Alleyne!

Editor’s note Hi all and welcome to the 25th issue of L’ART. With the release of Fast & Furious 7, we catch up with cast member, Tyrese Gibson. After what is thought to be the last of the franchise and having announced the end of his solo music career, he answers all your questions and reveals what the future holds. As for the music, all is not what it seems...

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Speaking of the music, meet UK artists Karen Harding and Kieran Alleyne. With EP’s released, the artists share their plans for the year. Web

Plus with the SS15 season’s arrival, it’s time to instill pastel colours into your wardrobe and we show you how! It’s also time to get your Spring coats at the ready, as we share the perfect alternatives for your seasonal transition.

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Dates For Your Diary | 28 Don’t miss these all important dates.

Daniella & Letisha

Trend: It’s Pastel Season | 30 It’s time to switch up your look with these seasonal colours.

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“I’m very proud, honoured and blessed to be a part of this franchise.”

Ahead of the Furious 7 movie release, we caught up with actor and singer, Tyrese Gibson, to talk his final album release, the new single, movie news and more! As he puts the finishing touches on the Black Rose album (out July 7th), which is to be released on his own label, Voltron Recordz, we wanted to know what was next for the multitalented star. After all, a busy few months are ahead with his final solo album and what is thought to be the last of the Fast & Furious movie franchise. “No further Furious movies have been confirmed as of yet,” Tyrese explained, but he does remain grateful for the opportunity to travel to destinations such as Rome, Switzerland and Germany, that have come with his role of Roman Pierce. “I’m very proud, honoured and blessed to be a part of this franchise,” he said, as he reveals Australia would be on top of his list, if any sequels were to go ahead. “I’m on the other side of the planet and people know my name. It’s mind blowing. I could never get used to it.”

06 | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | L’ART

L’ART | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | 07

Speaking on the passing of his good friend, Paul Walker, and the decision not to do any press for the movie, Tyrese said: “The one thing that made us feel better, Paul’s mother and father stepped in, in full support of us finishing Furious 7. Cody and Caleb (Paul’s brothers) were on the set every day and helped us finish the movie. All of that made all of us feel that

“It keeps you interested.” much more comfortable. “This is his last movie and we look at this as a celebration of his life.” With Furious 7 currently thought to be the last of the franchise, Tyrese draws our attention to the usual cliffhanger ending on previous sequels, enticing you to come back for the next one. But this one will be slightly different... “On this one we end the movie beautifully. It’s a tribute that’s beyond well deserved.”

2 Furious? What sealed their friendship was the realization that they both ended up liking the same girl, who was an extra on the movie. “All these women out here in the city (Miami) and we end up dating the same girl. We became best friends after that. “Paul Walker was literally an angel. The nicest guy in the world, a sincere soul,” Tyrese expressed, as he reflects on his time working on the franchise since 2 Fast 2 Furious. He feels it’s nice to think that the last movie Paul did was tied to the movie that put him on the map. “One of the biggest and most unspoken reasons why the movie’s so successful, is the multiethnic class, all on a mission together,” he shares. “It keeps you interested. I love that my voice continues to be the voice of reality.” This isn’t the last of Tyrese’s upcoming movie roles, as he will appear in Southpaw in July 2015, starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal & Forest Whitaker, as well as a feature in Ride Along 2, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. “A lot of people are going to be able to enjoy what we do. We had a lot of fun.” Not to mention, Desert Eagle, where a story of border patrol agents investigating a drugs cartel is told and will see Tyrese embark on a new journey.

Did you know Paul and Tyrese met before 2 Fast

08 | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | L’ART

L’ART | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | 09

Let’s talk music. The single ‘Dumb Shit’ is out now and with a 20 track album due, Tyrese will have one side dedicated to R’n’B and the other Hip-Hop, as he shares more of his persona, Black Ty. “I do believe that Black Rose is my best album,” Tyrese admits. Currently working on finishing touches, he is also working on a big reveal that is thought to involve Stevie Wonder. “We have Snoop, The Game, Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson and Tank... and the other ones are secrets,” he teased, whilst touching on album features.

With a want to give fans more than enough content, Tyrese does just that, with a double sided album, a one hour documentary on the making of the album and an audio book. Plus, with a possibility of touring with his upcoming release, Tyrese is looking forward to sharing his message through song, film and book. Stating that everything he does at this point is about art, Tyrese’s addiction to creativity has him looking up to a lot of people for different reasons.

What we do know, is the ‘Dumb Shit’ single is getting a remix! “It’s going to shock a lot of people.

Paying tribute to his favourite hood movies, Menace II Society and Baby Boy, as well as musician Chuck Brown, the end of the ‘Dumb Shit’ video was definitely ‘a moment’ for Tyrese. “I’m just a fan of music and a fan of creativity.

“I feel like people are going to experience a lot of different emotions. It’s my most honest album, my most vulnerable album. I can’t wait for the world to get it.”

“I’m being real. I’m not a competitive person. I don’t compete. Trey Songz, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown… the fact that they’re continuing to win, thank you Jesus.

Naturally when you go through something, this is then reflected through your work and in Tyrese’s instance, it’s his music.

“The honest songs are the songs that win.”

“I feel like this is my confessions album. I’m just telling my truth, even if it embarrasses me. This is my last album. I’m going to gracefully bow out of music.”

10 | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | L’ART

However it’s not all bad news, as although Black Rose is Ty’s last solo album, that’s not to say he won’t be releasing any singles, collaborations or soundtrack features in the future. “I’m hoping to do another album with Ginuwine L’ART | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | 11

Definitely not short of movie opportunities, (did we mention he has a short musical film, ‘Shame’

“People want to see us together, period.” with Jennifer Hudson coming soon?), remaining busy with his charity work and a want to build a movie studio in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it’s safe to say Tyrese will be just as busy as he was before, without producing solo albums. However, the desire to push himself in everything he does definitely still remains. “I think you have to do roles that are uncomfortable, but not too uncomfortable. Opportunities may arise, but you need to be mentally ready, passionate and give your all,…” and with these acting roles continuing to come in, when can we expect to see Tyrese and Taraji

12 | INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson | L’ART

P. Henson reunite on screen? “People want to see us together, period,” he admits. Now we’re not sure about a reunion, but what we do know is he’s all for season two of hit show Empire and would be honoured to join the show in its success. “I hope that they continue to win.” So what thought does Tyrese want to leave with fans, as he nears the end of his solo music career? “That I used my God given stage to motivate and inspire.” Black Rose is out on July 7th and Furious 7 and ‘Dumb Shit’ are out now.

Photo Credits: Voltron Entertainment

and Tank,” he reveals. “I really enjoyed that TGT experience; the tour. We’ve all been solo artists in our lives, so being able to look to my left and my right, seeing my brothers on stage with me, that was the ultimate high for me.”

L’ART | Melissa L’ART |Steel INTERVIEW: Is 2015’sTyrese One ToGibson Watch | 13

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Introducing Karen Harding The ‘Say Something’ singer looks ahead to completing her debut album and revealing her work with the UK’s, MNEK.

With a working relationship with MNEK, an EP release and a festival schedule ready for the Summer, it’s the perfect time to catch up with the UK songstress. L’ART: ‘Say Something’ has been a hit with the listeners. How does it feel for your debut single to be doing so well? Karen: Thank you, it feels amazing. Knowing people can easily sing along to it and know all the words is just insane. I just want to release more and more material to share with everyone. L’ART: You’re currently working on your debut album. What have you learnt from the process so far about yourself as an artist?

Karen: I like to work with other songwriters in a lot of my sessions, so I don’t get lost every time in what I want to say. It helps gather inspiration for the music. It also means I get to have a laugh in session and meet loads of new artists and writers.

Other exciting gigs I’m looking forward to are XOYO for the East Blowout, Birmingham Pride and some amazing clubs in the North East too.

L’ART: You’ve also had the chance to work with a L’ART favourite, MNEK. What result can listeners look forward to from this working relationship?

L’ART: Can we expect a new single release in the near future? Karen: Definitely! I can’t wait!

Karen: I look forward to sharing some of the material MNEK and I have worked on together. We’ve been in the studio a few times since writing ‘Say Something’. There’s some right little bangers in there too.

L’ART: Who are you listening to at the moment? Karen: I’m listening to a lot of Prince at the moment, Jazmine Sullivan - who I adore and I really love Kwabs as well. His voice is insane!

L’ART: Does your album have a name as of yet? Karen: Not yet. I’m really not sure. I’m sure it will randomly pop in my head one day and I’ll be like ‘that’s it!’.

Karen: It’s hard to really discover yourself as an artist and even now there are things in sessions I learn about myself, that I didn’t even know! It’s so much fun. I love it.

L’ART: So you’ll be on the festival circuit this year…

L’ART: Who has been an inspiration along the way?

Karen: This is my first year on the festival circuit and I’m so excited! I’m doing Parklife, Wildlife and loads of other amazing dance festivals too, like Garage Nation and

16 | INTERVIEW: Karen Harding | L’ART

Outbreak Festival. Can’t wait to get my festival outfits on!

L’ART: What are your hopes for the remainder of the year?

Photo Credits: Upside UK

With her debut single already being an anthem for many this year, we speak to new singing sensation Karen Harding, following her single release, ‘Say Something’.

Karen: I am hoping this year is going to go slow, because I want to fit so many things in! I want to release the next single, do another video shoot (one of my favourite parts), go over to L.A., do some recording and writing (and get some sunshine). It’s going to be a fun filled year!

L’ART | L’ART INTERVIEW: | WordKaren On The Harding Street | 17

18 | Flawless Dance Troupe Turns 10! | L’ART

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Look at what ‘new in’ pieces have arrived at boohoo!

Spring Coats - The Lighter, The Better! We’re here to solve your seasonal woes with the styles of coats you can wear this Spring.


hen it comes to the time of year where your thick Winter jackets are too heavy and it hasn’t quite reached blazer weather, what do

you wear?

We’re sure that every female faces this dilemma, as the seasons change – particularly this awkward stage between Winter and the arrival of Spring – which is why we’re here to solve your fashion dilemmas with this choice of amazing Spring jackets and coats.

Images from top left to right:

Images from top left to right:

Photo 1: Topshop |

Photo 2: Missguided | Photo 3: boohoo |

Photo 4: Topshop

Photo 5: Missguided | Photo 6: Missguided

The phrase ‘the lighter the better’ comes to mind when it comes to these designs. Take a look at our favourite ones currently in retail stores and/or online and you’ll no longer have any worries when it comes to keeping cool this Spring.

20 | Spring Coats - The Lighter, The Better! | L’ART

L’ART | Spring Coats L’ART - The | London Lighter, Fashion The Better! Week | 21

Word On The Street We speak to new talent, Kieran Alleyne, following his Breaking Good EP release.


ieran Alleyne has already had an incredible journey with his music career and it’s just the beginning. He was exposed to music at a very young age and also attended dance classes as a hobby, but this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to his future career. Did you know that Kieran had his heart set on being a professional basketball player? It’s true. He was planning on being the next Michael Jordan, but it was his sister who opened up his eyes to a new venture; to play young Michael in the West End production of Thriller. “My sister was living in London at the time and she saw the open auditions in the local paper,” said Kieran. “She said you’re mixed race, you have an afro, you’re small and you can sing, why don’t you go for it. “I went down to the open auditions and was the only kid there who hadn’t been to stage school or any previous shows. I was the quiet one with my mum. I went through the audition process and got the role after three rounds of auditioning! I ended up doing that for 2 years. “It was incredible. It fully changed my life because I wanted to be a basketball player. I 22 | Word On The Street: Kieran Alleyne | L’ART

stepped out on the first show [on the stage] and after the first song I quit basketball. “This is what I wanted to do with my life. The feeling you get when you go on stage, words can’t describe it. That definitely made me aware of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” Kieran could sing and dance, but besides having a love for it, he never thought about pursuing music as a career, until he experienced this feeling. From this moment, he worked on putting together his own music and now that his EP, Breaking Good, has been released, he has been compared to one artist in particular; Chris Brown. When asked about this comparison, Kieran said: “I don’t think it’s a bad comparison at all. He’s an international superstar and is selling so many records per day and selling out tours. So in my eyes it’s a great person to be compared to.” Many artists have experienced being compared to other singers, as well as receiving negative comments from the press and general public. But as these factors will always remain, Kieran is already prepared for the pressures that these comparisons hold. “The main thing is I’ve got to take it in that I’m being compared to someone like Chris, but I’ve also got to be true to who I am and not be tempted into going into what he’s doing. Then it’s no longer me as an artist. I have to keep doing what I’m doing and hope people like me for me.” Well he’s certainly doing a great job so far, as his fans and followers on social media are already loving what they’re hearing so far. Plus, it’s not just his music team you have to thank for L’ART | Word On The Street: Kieran Alleyne | 23

“Family has been the biggest part of my journey so far,” Kieran said. “I think without them I would have probably given up trying to make it at a very young age.

With his EP release, he certainly has many show opportunities to put this plan into action, as he has the ability to dance and sing during live performances.

As he includes watching his career build and people starting to take his music seriously as some of the highlights of his journey so far, Ki“If my sister hadn’t put me in a way of the show I eran gives his own personal view on his favournever would have been singing now. If my broth- ite track, on the Breaking Good EP. er didn’t believe in me through the bad times, I never would have got to these good times. So “I think it would have to be ‘Waterfalls’, because that is the most important thing for me.” it actually shows a lot of my range; the low parts in the verses and the falsetto in the chorus as Whilst highly believing in himself as an artist, well. You get to hear my voice. Some of the Kieran certainly has a few artists he looks up to other songs are more turn-up club records.” – present and past – who he is inspired by every day. Now with his EP receiving various positive reviews, Kieran is starting to look to the future Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince are and given that he found his ‘calling’ on stage, the “legends” who have inspired him along the he’s not just limiting himself to the music busiway, but it is Justin Timberlake who had a very ness. big impact on him! “I’ll never put anything out of the question. I “I didn’t used to really dance until I watched a would love to do West End again, or maybe step DVD of him performing the Future Sex/ Love it up to Broadway. I know I’m definitely trying to Sounds tour. After I watched the whole thing get into the film world.” through seven times, I wanted to do what he just did – be able to go up there and dance the whole It seems that Kieran was made for this triway through a show, sing, break it down, play ple threat lifestyle, as he aims to thrive with piano and just hold the crowd. his singing, dancing and acting throughout his career. It’s safe to say that there is no limits to “If I ever meet him I would thank him for that. It what he sets his mind to. definitely changed the way that I performed.” 24 | Word On The Street: Kieran Alleyne | L’ART

Photo Credits: MOBO, Kieran Alleyne

this EP release, as there may not have been one if it wasn’t for a number of people.

The Breaking Good EP is out now! Follow Kieran on social media to keep up to date with his show dates and performances.

L’ART | Word On The Street: Kieran Alleyne | 25

Photo Credits: Topshop

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Dates For Your Diary Here are some important dates not to be missed!

Trey Songz Tuesday April 14th The R’n’B singer releases, Reloaded, his seventh studio album, which also features the new single, ‘Slow Motion’. Brotherly Love Friday April 24th Featuring a stellar cast with Keke Palmer, Cory Hardrict, Romeo Miller, Macy Gray and Quincy Combs, Brotherly Love hits movie theatres. Keke’s new single, ‘No Love’, is included on the movie soundtrack.

Timbaland April 2015 Following a successful season on hit show, Empire, as Executive Producer, the music producer and artist is thought to be releasing a new album this month! Look out for Opera Noir... Giuliana Rancic Tuesday April 7th The fashion Journalist and E! news correspondent releases her memoir. Titled Going Off Script, G talks childhood, rejection, cancer and George Clooney!

Brandy Hits Broadway Tuesday April 28th The singer and actress takes her talents to the stage, as she plays Roxie Hart in Chicago. Catch the Grammy award winner in her new role.

Photo 1: Giuliana Rancic: Going Off Script | Photo 2: Trey Songz presents: Reloaded | Photo Credit: Twitter, That Grape Juice

Raekwon Tuesday April 28th Described as being his most experimental album yet, the Hip-Hop rapper releases, Fly International Luxurious Art (FILA). Features include A$AP Rocky, Ghostface Killah, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes and more!

Miss P Presents: Jonathan Bishop Thursday April 9th

Snoop Dogg May 12th

The performing arts Foundation brings the industry professional and West End star to the dance studio!

The rapper releases his new album, Bush. The album features new single, ‘Peaches n Cream’.

Train in Jazz Funk style during the Easter break (registration details are on site).

28 | Dates For Your Diary | L’ART

L’ART | Dates L’ART For Your | 88Music Diary | 27 29

It’s Pastel Season! As a new season arrives, new trends follow. Here is your guide to styling pastel colours to update your look.


astel colours are the in thing this Spring, so whether you love standing out from the crowd or tend to shy away from bright colours, there is something for everyone when it comes to these shades. Now the colour palette for pastels are different to your colour pop selection, as pastels have a great ability to add subtle highlights to your look. With a splash of colour here and there, it immediately brings your look to life… and puts everyone around you in a brighter mood!

Images from top left to right:

Images from top left to right:

Photo 1: Dorothy Perkins |

Photo 2: Miss Selfridge | Photo 3: Oasis |

Photo 4: Miss Selfridge

Photo 5: River Island | Photo 6: River Island

Lots of blues, pinks and creams are making a strong statement this season, which is a great thing, because these colours are easy to accessorize with. They can each be paired with a nude base, white, grey or even black trousers to complete your Spring look. Plus, with the number of trends out right now, why not mix and match with a suede bag, laced boots or a fringed jacket? The fashion choices are endless. Have fun with your look this Spring!

30 | It’s Pastel Season! | L’ART

L’ART | It’s Pastel Season! | 31

Photo Credits: Breathe Heavy


L'ART Issue 25, April 2015  

After announcing his exit from the solo music business, we speak to cover star, Tyrese Gibson, about what he has planned for the future. Pl...

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