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Issue 22 October 2014

L’ART Issue 22 | October 2014 | Features

La Roux Heads Back To The Stage | 04

Elly Jackson makes her return!

Dance Illusion In Las Vegas? | 06 Illusion at its best!

Marvin Humes With LuvBug | 12 From JLS to his latest project.

Dates For Your Diary | 16 Get these important dates down today.

Word On The Street | 18 Yanis Marshall joins The Pulse.

The Pulse: Tyce Diorio | 20 Tyce reveals all on The Pulse tour.

Stories: Kelly Osbourne | 24 Her fashion collection has arrived.

It’s Fuse! | 34 Fuse ODG talks new album and more.

Fashion Week Trends | 40 Our guide to post fashion week trends.

Kane Ricca | 50 He brings his one man show to town.

02 | Contents | L’ART

Editor’s note Hi all and welcome to the 22nd issue of L’ART. As the crazy schedules of Fashion Week come to an end, we can’t let go of the daily fashion fix that easily, so with inspiration from New York, London, Milan and Paris, check out the post fashion week trends your wardrobe can’t do without (p40). But when one event comes to an end, many more are there to look forward to. With that said, we’ve got a number of Dates For Your Diary (p16) - including Usher on tour - that you’ll want to make a note of. Plus, The Pulse is back! With US Creative Director, Brian Friedman, bringing famed choreographers such as Laurieann Gibson and Tyce Diorio along to London with him, Yanis Marshall is also making a guest appearance (p18)! Lastly, don’t miss out on our exclusive interview with the huge rising star that is Fuse ODG (p34)! As he prepares for a tour and the release of his album T.I.N.A., we’ve got all the inside information you need from the guy that has brought you hit after hit, from ‘Azonto’ to ‘Million Pound Girl’, to ‘T.I.N.A’.

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Read all this and more in your October issue. Daniella & Letisha

L’ART | Contents | 03

La Roux Heads Back To The Stage! Grammy award winning singer Elly Jackson returns with a new album and a UK tour.

Elly Jackson Is Back On The Scene: The singer responsible for hits such as ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘In For The Kill’ brings her UK tour to a city near you.

Page Number | La Roux Back To |The Stage | L’ART 04 | La Roux Heads BackHeads To The Stage L’ART

Photo Credits: Chuff Media


ollowing a three year hiatus, UK group With her debut album gaining Grammy status La Roux are back with a UK tour. after selling over two million copies worldwide, including six million single sales, needless to Closely following behind the release say, high expectations were surrounding the of their new album, which was released this follow up. Summer, front lady Elly Jackson returns with their first live dates following Trouble In Trouble In Paradise features nine tracks all Paradise. written and played by multi-instrumentalist Elly, with Ian Sherwin joining her on the coWith a seven date UK tour announced for production. November, following intimate show dates in London, the singer looks forward to sharing Keep an eye out for the release of the official their new material live. Describing her sound second single ‘Kiss and Not Tell’. Tickets are as ‘new wave’, Elly describes the second album on sale today! as having a warmer and sexier sound than that of her debut. November Wed 5th- Glasgow O2 ABC The new single ‘Let Me Down Gently’ served as Fri 7th- Leeds Metropolitan University a great insight into what was to come from their Sat 8th- Birmingham Institute latest project and even had its first exclusive Mon 10th- Bristol Academy and worldwide play on Radio One by Zane Fri 14th- Norwich UEA Lowe himself. Sat 15th- Oxford Academy Sun 16th- Manchester Ritz

L’ART | La Roux Heads Back To The Stage | 05

Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas Fresh from their time on Sky 1’s Got To Dance, the group introduce their new show to the world. Choreographer Robert Hamilton reveals all...

Expanding on their minute and a half piece based on Shakespeare classic, Romeo & Juliet, choreographer Robert Hamilton along with the help of his Illusionist friend are turning the short excerpt into a two hour show, complete with the additional use of stilts, new illusions and an aim to make a disappearing act happen in less than two seconds! It’s all about pushing the boundaries. “I chose Romeo & Juliet because there is a boy in the group who had an Adonis look to him,” Robert began. “He was quite Greek looking. I thought ‘I need to do something quite goddess, retro, classic’,” and the result was a dramatic spin on the tale, with the climax of the routine being an illusion which saw Juliet disappear in front of the audience’s eyes. Having always worked in dance, Robert fused his love for dance and magic in a quest to make his dancers the magicians. With dancers learning illusions he learnt would work through the working relationship with his illusionist, Robert ensured he had stories 06 | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | L’ART

to match and his strong dance team continue to amaze the human eye with their dance technique, strong visuals and not forgetting the climax of the routine. “We took the excitement from there really.” With 19 members in the group varying in age from 14 to 32, all have something special that they bring to the group and it is those with their individual style that caught the eye of Robert during the audition process, leading to the birth and inspiration of his main characters and story lines. “It’s a non-stop thinking process of all the things that excite you. Rather than think ‘I can’t do that’, think outside the box. Romeo doesn’t need to die. My creative side comes from restriction. If you can’t do, a new idea becomes very original. Creativity comes from not giving up. Find a way. Make it true to your imagination…” ...and that’s just what Robert plans to do, as he goes about bringing their full production of Romeo & Juliet to life. His excitement particularly stems from the involvement of an old fashioned traditional illusion that was re-discovered in Las Vegas. As it has been forgotten about, until now, Robert and the team look forward to sharing the trick with audience members in the new 40 minute piece.

Photo Credits: Dance Illusion

We caught up with Got To Dance (GTD) finalists, Dance Illusion, following their time on the Sky 1 dance competition. Now with their own show under way for the big stage, new skills and a forgotten, mind-blowing illusion are in store for ticket holders.

Gripping: Dance Illusion continued to have Got To Dance audiences hooked with their theatrical pieces.

L’ART | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | 07

“Expect something new when it comes to illusion.” “Expect something new when it comes to illusion, with more drama, passion and excitement,” Robert reveals. They’ll be even fitter than they were before! As you can imagine, wanting to do something ‘visual, mythical and fantasy film’ like, whilst maintaining a clean strong image entails a lot of hard work. With a schedule including sessions for stretching, body conditioning and learning new illusions, the Dance Illusion family train as much as four times a week on top of rehearsal time, with the occasional 24 hour weekend taking place.

As the group look ahead to hosting their own show hitting London (Bloomsbury Theatre, January 31st), Glasgow (November 4th) and Dublin (TBC), the challenge and excitement remains a high point for them, particularly after learning of the appreciation audience members have for their work. “We had a great time [on GTD]. There was lots of positivity, response and feedback. Ashley Banjo was a great mentor and helped us reach the visual that we wanted. It didn’t

08 | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | L’ART

Photo Credits: Dance Illusion

“A lot of work is involved to keep it strong,” Robert says of his dancers from London, Wales, York and Glasgow. “The style of dance I choose to use is very physical, it’s very athletic. In rehearsals you’ve got crash mats and knee pads to cushion bodies, as we repeat choreography until it’s clean.”

Like A Family: The group have become even closer since their time on the show, with some knowing choreographer Robert for 14 years.

L’ART | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | 09

“We’ve become good friends. ” feel like a job, it felt like a pleasure to be there.” Having earned a spot on Ashley’s team, Robert praises Ashley for helping them further believe in what they were doing as a team and striving to get their final performance to exactly how Robert pictured it in his head. “The dancers have great input and I’ve known some for 14 years,” and bonded with others who joined the family a matter of weeks before their GTD experience. “We’ve become good friends,” Robert added. “Good experiences bring people together. It gave me a lot of confidence within myself to keep going and be creative and do what I like best.”

10 | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | L’ART

Photo Credits: Dance Illusion

With a want for a permanent base to perform, Robert hopes Dance Illusion will stay alive, as his passion to share the group’s new talent and ideas continues to grow. Passionately holding onto a vision of seeing the show in Paris, London, Las Vegas and cruise ships, the possibilities are endless. “I would like to see the group perform on a big scale like Las Vegas,” Robert reveals. “A lot of people are appreciating how good it is and Las Vegas would be an amazing job. One night in Las Vegas would be a dream.”

L’ART | Dance Illusion Set Sights On Las Vegas | 11

Marvin Humes Returns To Music With LuvBug Three good friends get together to produce a project that’s long been under wraps. Here’s their story...

Meet JKAY, Marvin Humes and Scott

“It all went from there.”

aka N3RD, better known as LuvBug, the friendship trio who are responsible for the Summer track ‘Resonance’ featuring the UK’s Talay Riley. “Me and Marvin have been friends for several years. We live a couple of minutes from each other. I was producing music at the time Marvin was writing solos and singing,” JKAY explains. During and after Marvin’s time with UK boy group JLS, his working relationship with JKAY continued and with the split of the group came Marvin’s want to officially

12 | Marvin Humes Returns To Music With LuvBug | L’ART

get LuvBug started. After all, they worked together very well in the studio. “It all sort of went from there,” and with another track promised before the year is out and a third before their album release, we’ll certainly have a knack for identifying a LuvBug special seconds into a tune. Taking inspiration from a mixtape they had previously released 18 months ago, the birth of their group name came from the first song on the project’s track listing. “I just liked the sound of it [LuvBug]. It was quite happy, euphoric; it kind of stuck really and we liked it.” The first single, ‘Resonance’, was the world’s first introduction to the group and with its infectious dance beats and garage and house elements, the guys’ varied musical interests were able to shine through with their diverse use of genres. Not wanting to stick with just the one, LuvBug continue to find inspiration in different genres, specifically areas of garage and house, which is where their focus currently lies. “On the album we’re going to be harder with

Photo Credits: Chuff Media

One is the ‘fella with the cockney accent, with a taste of music that is worldwide’, another represents the ‘cool, calm, collective’ side with a great knowledge in music and the last is nicknamed the ‘Manchester wizard, House hero’ and all round funny guy.

L’ART | Marvin Humes Returns To Music With LuvBug | 13

a garage influence,” JKAY continued. “Others might be more chilled, euphoric. We’ve got loads of options.”

recently, particularly the 80’s vibe Haim members are bringing to the current music charts.

“‘Resonance’ was the perfect introduction,” Marvin added. “The next record, we’re pushing it a little bit more into a club vibe.

“Every record is going to feature a new artist,” said JKAY. With a plan to release three songs prior to their album release, the aim is for their music lovers to know what they’re getting from LuvBug; it’s all about sharing the LuvBug name.

We’ve got a lot of tracks to choose from, about 16 songs in the artillery. “It’s going to be exciting for everyone to hear the next track from LuvBug…” …and with the inclusion of Talay Riley on the hit, ‘Resonance’, comes other features in MNEK, Becki Hill and Angel Haze. The inclusion of such artists pretty much reflects the variety reflected in those who the guys are listening to today. George Ezra, Chris Brown, Gorgon City, Tchami and Haim are ticking all the right boxes for them most

14 | Marvin Humes Returns To Music With LuvBug | L’ART

“The beauty of this project is it doesn’t have to have a date,” Marvin explains. “We haven’t got that pressure which is cool,” and with fans able to catch the guys at University tours, you’re encouraged to keep an eye out for future performance dates as we await more from the new group in the near future. With a want for ‘Resonance’ and the new track to be received well by the fans, we’d agree with Marvin and JKAY in saying that they’ve started their new venture off very well. We look forward to the unveiling of the new track. “We hope everyone likes the record! 2015… hopefully it’s going to be a big year for us.” ‘Resonance’ is available to buy now.

Photo Credits:

“‘It’s going to be exciting...”

L’ART | Marvin Humes Returns To Music With LuvBug | 15

The live shows, fashion events and music news you don’t want to miss!

Having released the new single ‘Elvis Presley Blvd’ last month, Rozay’s second album within a year can be seen live along with his best hits to date. Tickets are available at today!

From the US to the UK, the new year will see the UR Experience hit England following UR, the album’s expected release this year. Expect features from Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Drake & Pharrell, plus Eric Bellinger and Jermaine Dupri are on production.

Mary J Blige December 2014 All has been revealed as Mary J Blige’s new album explains her recent stay in the UK! Titled The London Sessions, Mary J co-wrote the project with the UK’s Sam Smith along with added producer credits from Disclosure along the way.

Harrods Heads Of Course Seminar October 31st The British Fashion Council hosts the Heads of Course seminar for an insight into personal and business challenges speakers have faced in their careers. Tracks ‘No More’, ‘Therapy’ (co-written by Sam Smith) and ‘Whole Damn Year’ have already Lukas McFarlane acted as a teaser to the complete project and November 2014 what an album it’s set to be. Plus, if their Lukas McFarlane debuts a new full length show previous collaborations are anything to go by in London on November 20th. ‘Exposed’ will (‘Stay With Me Remix’, ‘F For You’), we’re in for see the 2013 Got To Dance Winner perform a treat. alongside his 2014 semi finalist group, unTitled, in a production that will be showcasing to a sold “Our idea was to become part of London, to out crowd! really embrace the culture – to really live in it. I’ve never had the chance to really soak in it In a recent interview with us, Lukas revealed the way I have this time,” she said. “The music that ticket holders can look forward to is free over here the way it used to be in the something unlike ‘anybody’s ever experienced States. Artists are just free to do what they love. before’. If you hold a ticket, be prepared to Listening to the radio you can hear the freedom. share the pending excitement with Lukas and the The music is living and breathing – you can hear company. that from Adele’s last album. It was massive – a big deal. But she did what she loved. Rick Ross November 2014 “Working with these guys, it’s like they’re my The MMG rapper will be heading to the UK family. We all seem to have a good chemistry next month for a live performance at London’s together. I love to work. I love creating, and once Indigo2! I’m in it, I’m just in it. I just love being all in the midst of the creativity.” Friday November 14th will see The Concert

16 | Dates For Your Diary | L’ART

Usher in The UR Experience November 2014- March 2015 US singer and performer Usher Raymond, is heading to the UK for a tour. In March next year the ‘Good Kisser’ singer will bring his eighth studio album, with August Alsina and Nico & Vinz being brought in as his support act, on some of the 27 city plus stop dates.

The single to follow ‘Good Kisser’ and ‘She Came To Give It To You’ will be ‘Believe Me’. British Fashion Awards December 1st Celebrating talent in the British fashion industry, designers, models and style icons unite to honour 2014’s winners, including Designer of the Year! The Boondocks Date TBC It’s true, the cartoon comedy The Boondocks may get its own movie! If a photo release is anything to go by, the movie’s production is already underway with character roles already being confirmed. Morgan Freeman will play the Grandad who comedian John Witherspoon has brought to life. Jaden Smith will play Huey, Benjamin Flores Jr will play Riley and Eddie Murphy can be seen as Uncle Ruckus, Stinkmeaner and Ed Wuncler Sr. Photo Credits: Twitter, Idolator

Dates For Your Diary

Organisation (TCO) bring the US star to Greenwich, coinciding perfectly with the upcoming release of his seventh solo studio album, Hood Billionaire.

Watch this space for more details…

L’ART | Dates For Your Diary | 17

Word On The Street Dancer & heels choreographer Yanis Marshall is joining The Pulse Faculty team in London!

The Pulse first made its way to the UK last year with Creative Director, Brian Friedman, and his team - consisting of Laurieann Gibson, Carmit Bachar, Sisco Gomez, Cris Judd and more – bringing their worldwide dance workshop to their UK audience.

18 | Word On The Street: Yanis Marshall | L’ART

This year, Yanis has joined the team of professional dancers on the London legge of the tour and there is one thing you must do for him before you take his class; bring heels! From October 10th to 12th, Yanis will act as the guest artist for the weekender of dance and training. Plus, faculty members this year sees the return of Laurieann Gibson, Kim Taylor and Brian Friedman and joining them will be Tessandra Chavez, Ian Eastwood, Stephen Aspinall and Tyce Diorio. It’s going to be one explosive dance event for sure! Will you be joining them?

Photo Credits: Yanis Marshall


ell, hasn’t Yanis Marshall made a name for himself? Bursting onto our screens with his famed heels dances and hosting his own classes across Europe, the dancer and choreographer is all set to join The Pulse Tour as it makes its way to London town!

L’ART | Word On The Street: Yanis Marshall | 19

The Pulse Tour With Tyce Diorio Returning to London this month, we caught up with Pulse member Tyce Diorio in between his very busy schedule.

Tyce Diorio is joining Brian Friedman and the gang on The Pulse live tour this year and what an experience it has been for him! Although he has worked with professional artists in the past, this latest job is like no other. Here’s what Tyce had to say about his fellow colleagues, advice for aspiring performers and his top choreographers in the world of arts. L’ART: What are your highlights about being part of the faculty? Tyce: I love how different all of us are and how inspired by each other we can get. Also, it truly is like a family. But the best is seeing our work and vision come through in each dancer that spends the time and effort having put in the work at Pulse. L’ART: You’ve got experience dancing for several artists including Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez and have featured in videos for Janet Jackson. How was it working alongside a member of such a loved musical family? Tyce: Absolutely the best experience and most fulfilling. Janet is one of a kind.

how does the experience on stage differ to that of a music video/TV show set? Tyce: Being on stage eight times a week really strengthens your skills as a performer. There is nothing like it and to be utilizing your singing and acting as well as your dancing is so amazing. L’ART: Do you have a preference? Tyce: I love it all the same. L’ART: As a renowned choreographer, when starting a new project, what inspires your creative mind? Tyce: Energy, music, conception, direction and just the idea of creating art. L’ART: Today, which dancers or choreographers in the industry have a place in your top spots? Tyce: The choreographers Peter Darling, Matthew Bourne, Jiri Kylian, Crystal Pite, and dancers Wil Loftis, Jeremy Hudson and Kathryn McCormick.

Photo Credit: The Pulse On Tour

L’ART: Who would you like to work with in the future?

L’ART: Having also worked in Broadway, 20 | Tyce Diorio | L’ART

L’ART | Tyce Diorio | 21

“Be honest and genuine with your opinion.” Tyce: I would enjoy working with Alanis Morissette. L’ART: With experience working with several artists, what tips did you pick up along the way about the business and work ethic? Tyce: Be professional, don’t take things personally, have a great work ethic and be honest and genuine with your opinion. L’ART: Lastly, when in a room full of talented dancers or sat judging on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), what would a performer have to do in order to hold your attention? Tyce: Know themselves so well. Be in their body and commit. *Catch up with the other Pulse faculty members (Brian Friedman, Gil Duldulao and Tessandra Chavez) in Issue 21. Photo Credit: The Pulse On Tour

22 | Tyce Diorio | L’ART

L’ART | Tyce Diorio | 23

Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne has set her sights on designing her own collection for many years and now it’s finally arrived!


hapter One of Kelly Osbourne’s debut collection is here!

Kelly’s fashion line ‘Stories’ is a 13-piece clothing collection that Kelly has been planning for almost 10 years. Kelly believes that ‘fashion should be fair’ for

“Everything you wear tells a story.”

You can now buy from the collection online at HSN, plus to make it that bit more personal, you can share your own stories with Kelly on site about wearing her designs. Over the years, you can watch each chapter of Kelly’s very own story develop into something amazing, as chapters one to thirteen open up before your eyes. In the words of Kelly herself: “Everything you wear tells a story.” Here are a few of our favourite pieces from Chapter One.

every woman and she has made it her mission to produce a range that fits all sizes from 0-24.

“My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m just trying to make good quality basics available to all women.”

24 | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | L’ART

Photo Credits:

“I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad,” Kelly said. “What made me realize this was when I was going through my closet.

L’ART | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | 25

26 | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | L’ART

Photo Credits:

Printed Jumpsuit

L’ART | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | 27

28 | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | L’ART

Photo Credits:

Rose Bow-Tie Blouse

L’ART | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | 29

30 | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | L’ART

Photo Credits:

Signature Blouse

L’ART | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | 31

32 | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | L’ART

Photo Credits:

Tuxedo Pants

L’ART | Stories... Chapter One By Kelly Osbourne | 33

It’s Fuse! Fuse ODG has burst onto the music scene with his addictive hits, including Dangerous Love and Million Pound Girl. We catch up with the star ahead of his tour and T.I.N.A. album release.

Fuse ODG: I think they bring that feel-good factor and it brings a whole new world to the average person. It makes them feel good. L’ART: Do you write all of your songs? Fuse ODG: 100%. I just get on the mic and whatever comes out is what you hear. L’ART: How was it working with Sean Paul [Dangerous Love] and blending Africa with the Caribbean through music? Fuse ODG: It was amazing because to me it was something that needed to happen; the two cultures getting together and making something that unites the African community and the Caribbean community. It was the perfect song to say we are all one people. I loved working with Sean Paul because he’s someone I’ve looked up to since secondary school. L’ART: How did that collaboration come about?

34 | It’s Fuse! | L’ART

Fuse ODG: He came to the UK last year and he asked me to support him. That’s how we actually connected because we toured around the UK together, we stayed in touch and got into talks about working together. The idea came and we worked with Killbeatz – a producer from Ghana – and ‘Dangerous Love’ came. L’ART: What’s he like as a person and artist? Fuse ODG: He is such a cool guy. His energy, his vibe and just his aura, he gives me advice; he’s just like a normal person. For me, I learned a lot from him because we even prayed together. L’ART: Your album T.I.N.A. (This Is New Africa) is due out November 4th. What does the importance of depicting New Africa mean to you? Fuse ODG: It’s really important for me to portray Africa in the way that I’ve seen it. It’s full of richness and it’s a vibrant environment. I want to portray that with the album. The album was actually recorded whilst I was touring across Africa and outside as well, so it has genuinely been made on the continent.

Photo Credits:

L’ART: Your singles ‘Azonto’, ‘Dangerous Love’, ‘Antenna’, ‘Million Pound Girl’ and ‘T.I.N.A.’ have all received great reception from the fans. What is it about these singles that you think keep the fans happy?

L’ART | It’s Fuse! | 35

Fuse ODG: There are definitely other artists out there who are doing their thing and showcasing Africa in a positive light, but they might not necessarily be saying it how I’m blatantly saying it. But through their actions and their music there are definitely other African acts, footballers and actors showcasing Africa in their own way. To me, you don’t necessarily have to be saying it, but it’s about what you’re doing and how other people are seeing you as an advocate. All these guys like Moelogo and Mista Silva are representing. L’ART: You’ve collaborated with Wyclef Jean, Angel and Sean Paul to date. Who are your top three artists to work with in future? Fuse ODG: Damian Marley. He’s the only person that I can think of right now. It’s hard to think of a top three because he’s the only one I really want to work with at the moment. He’s well connected with his roots as well. L’ART: What are you most looking forward to experiencing on your upcoming tour (October 25th-28th)? 36 | It’s Fuse! | L’ART

Fuse ODG: I’m looking forward to connecting with the people. We’ve worked so hard and we’ve got a lot of songs out there that people know and love, so I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction and having a party at the same time. It’s going to be like a movie. We’re working on everything. The album drops straight after that and next year we’ll do a full blown tour. L’ART: How has your life changed, if at all, since reaching musical success? Fuse ODG: 100% my life has changed. I’m living better. I’m able to look after my family, people that I work with and those who have helped me. My network is a lot larger and I know people like Wyclef and Sean Paul. I’m doing shows with all these other artists who I look up to. People treat me differently, in an amazing way. L’ART: You started a youth group ‘Escape’. Explain a bit about this organisation and its progress for those that don’t know about this side of your work. Fuse ODG: We run community projects for the young people to give them a constructive activity to do when they’re bored and also work with ex-offenders, helping them gain life skills. There’s a lot of things we have

Photo Credits: Fuse ODG

L’ART: Who are your favourite artists who you think are also portraying this new sound with you?

L’ART | It’s Fuse! | 37

“100% my life has changed. I’m living better.” done and we’ve got plans to do a lot more in the future. I’m in a much better position now. When I go to schools it’s crazy! We’re going to use that and put that to a great cause and help the communities in the UK. L’ART: How do you wish to end this year with regards to your career? Fuse ODG: I’m going to Ghana at the end of this year. I always go to Ghana at Christmas because that’s where I get inspired. At New Years Eve you’re reflecting on life and everything that you’ve done. I’m going to have a calm end to the year but I’m looking forward to next year as well. *Go to for more information on Fuse ODG’s tour dates.

Photo Credit: BBC

38 | It’s Fuse! | L’ART

L’ART | It’s Fuse! | 39

Post Fashion Week Trends Fashion Week season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun with the trends they have left behind.


ow that Fashion Week season is over, it’s time for us to start taking advantage of our favourite trends and looks that caught our eye throughout the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris – if you haven’t done so already!

So fashion really is reaching new limits every season, especially with the powerful minds such as Raf Simons (Dior), Olivier Rousteing (Balmain) and Jeremy Scott (Moschino) behind the top brands of the year. Now, following the endless amounts of shows in some of the top fashion capitals of the world, it’s down to you to make the next step. Which pieces will you be making your own this season?

40 | Post Fashion Week Trends | L’ART

Photo Credits:

Each capital really brought its own unique and interesting looks to the runway, even with a fashionable protest, which saw Gisele Bundchen, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne holding picket signs alongside Karl Lagerfeld.

Photo Caption/ title The colour of the text will change depending on the image. Give the readers any necessary details about the photo. Use this area to place photos.

L’ART | Post Fashion Week Trends | 41

42 | Post Fashion Week Trends | L’ART

Photo Credits:,

Structured Tailored Pieces

Knitted Polo Necks

L’ART | Post Fashion Week Trends | 43

Photo Credits:

44 | Post Fashion Week Trends | L’ART

Sheer Embroidery

L’ART | Post Fashion Week Trends | 45

46 | Post Fashion Week Trends | L’ART

Photo Credits: tn2magazine,

Bright Autumnal Colours

Floral Embroidery

L’ART | Post Fashion Week Trends | 47

48 | Post Fashion Week Trends | L’ART

Photo Credits: DSquared2


L’ART | Post Fashion Week Trends | 49

Kane Ricca Is In Town For One Night Only Got To Dance performer, Kane Ricca, has made it his mission to find that missing spark in the tap dance world and you can be there to witness Kane’s one man show in action.

L’ART: With it being a one-man show, how do you plan to keep your audience gripped from beginning to end?

Kane: I am a technically trained dancer studying ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap as a child. I used to make a lot of noise as a child, so I loved the fact that with tap, that was allowed! I followed that passion and naturally as I progressed and worked more within the commercial dance industry, my repertoire of styles grew and I realised how within the foundations of many other street dance styles, were influences from jazz and tap.

Kane: The show really is a journey through music. From swing to funk, hip-hop to house, we visit them all. Everyone loves music. Rhythm is installed in us at birth, it’s our pulse. All of the show is completely improvised, so I can’t really guarantee the choreographic content. That’s part of the excitement. Anything can happen and anything will.

L’ART: How did the idea behind Cadence come about?

L’ART: Throughout the show you will be paying tribute to some of the ‘late great tappers’. Who is your ultimate inspiration in the tap world and why?

Kane: Cadence has always been a dream of mine. Taking tap as an art form and presenting it in its truest most rhythmical form and proving that it IS a commercially viable form of dance and shouldn’t be relegated behind other mainstream dance styles. I wanted to showcase how improvisation is key to what we do as tap dancers and how you can create so many different tones within a pair of tap shoes that can replicate the rhythmical patterns of some of the most complex genres of music from dubstep to drum ‘n’ bass.

50 | Kane Ricca | L’ART

Kane: Gregory Hines. He was the man who took inspiration from those around him and really pushed for something different, whilst respecting the rich history that tap holds. His rhythmical instinct was impeccable and he held such an elegance and grace, that is often missing in today’s entertainment. L’ART: What can viewers expect to experience when watching your show? Kane: A wicked, audible and visual attack on the senses!

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L’ART: What made you choose tap dancing over all other dance styles?

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Kane: The fact that I don’t have to fit to a brief. As a choreographer my job is to take others thoughts and ideas and transpose them to movement. With Cadence, these are MY thoughts. I can take my inspirations and present them directly to an audience, which is something every artist wants to do. Being able to do that in a one-man show in London … now that’s something I would never of expected and something I’m so grateful for. L’ART: After Cadence, where can your fans see you perform next? Kane: I’m looking to take the show further and introduce The Pulse Collective (Kane’s tap dance company) within Cadence, expanding the production and presenting it on a larger scale for a longer run. Other than that, I’m spending a lot of time collaborating with other dance artists, so keep an eye out on my website for all of those videos. L’ART: Your tap dance company, The Pulse Collective, featured on Got To Dance. What else can we expect from them in the future? Kane: I’m very fortunate to be doing what I’m doing and be surrounded by some of the best 52 | Kane Ricca | L’ART

tap dancers in the country. We will continue to spearhead the commercial viability of tap. I am on the choreographic and creative team at Rudeye Agency and within this position I am able to push tap further than it’s ever been before. L’ART: How do you wish your show to change the perception surrounding tap dance today? Kane: Peoples perspective of tap is either 42nd Street or Tap Dogs, both of which are 100% valid within the history of tap, but there’s something else. I’m inspired by my surroundings, music, art, fashion, culture and I inject that in to the dance; as most other dancers can do within their chosen discipline, but for some reason tappers have hit a brick wall. Cadence is going to knock that wall down.

Photo Credits: Kane Ricca

L’ART: What are you most looking forward to about performing the show?

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