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Issue 21 August 2014

L’ART Issue 21 | August 2014 | Features

Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK | 04 The famous ALDC arrive in London.

London Fashion Week SS15 | 08 Spot the new trends for the next season.

London Fashion Weekend | 18 The best weekend in the fashion world.

Welcome To The Jungle | 20 Neon Jungle reveal all on their new album.

The Pulse On Tour In London | 24 We catch up with the famous Faculty members.

Editor’s note Hi all and welcome to the 21st issue of L’ART. As we enjoy the last few months of Summer, it’s the perfect time to speak to the artists behind those much loved Summer releases. Que cover group Neon Jungle, The Voice UK’s Leah McFall and Tinchy Stryder, as we prepare for a UK takeover! Plus, catch up with MOBO Unsung top 20 artist, Ella Martini, following her successful festival performance circuit. Speaking of takeovers, dance company, The Pulse, bring their tour back to London, with faculty members including Gil Duldulao, Tessandra Chavez and returning Creative Director, Brian Friedman. Get your workshop info here and more.

Leah McFall | 38 Her weird but wonderful life.

Word On The Street | 44 Ella Martini headlines her own show.

London Fashion Week returns along with this year’s NEWGEN Topman sponsor winners! Turn to page 46 for all the fashion gossip, a word from a lucky sponsor winner and this year’s London Fashion Weekender!

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London Fashion Hits The Runway | 46 NEWGEN sponsors revealed.

Dates For Your Diary | 48

Read all this and more in your August issue. Daniella & Letisha

Keep your eyes open for these events.

Palladium Shoes | 50 Introducing the canvas shoe.

High Fashion Backpacks | 52 We’ve got the top trends with this accessory.

Tinchy Stryder | 56 The East Side Geezer talks his new album.

Jess Glynne | 62 The songstress is coming to Oxford. 02 | Contents | L’ART

L’ART | Contents | 03

The Notorious Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK!

Famous principal of the Abby Lee Dance Company, Abby Lee Miller, is on tour with her competition squad and they’ll soon be stopping in London town!


he famous dance choreographer and principal of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), Abby Lee Miller, is coming to London and bringing a handful of her competition team with her!

Some of her renowned dancers will also be joining Abby Lee at the Hilton London Metropole on Saturday August 30th. So be prepared to meet Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall and Nia, alongside their mothers Melissa, Jill and Holly and Abby’s long-time assistant, Gianna Martello. The girls will be assisting their dance teacher for the famous legs and feet class that all attending dancers will experience, dance technique and you’ll also get to learn official choreography from the Dance Moms series.

04 | The Notorious Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK | L’ART

Photo Credits: Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee is famously known for her stern way of teaching – as no one gets in the way of her winning at dance competitions – and you can catch her on Lifetime’s series of Dance Moms, which follows Abby Lee and her dance company as they compete at weekly competitions, and with guaranteed drama in each episode.

L’ART | The Notorious Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK | 05

Plus, you will be treated to some live performances from the girls that have never been seen before and Abby will be taking a mock audition, which will give you a chance to show Abby all your skills as a dancer, as well as learning a lot in return. All levels of dancers are welcome and prices range from £50. There are also observer tickets on sale for those who don’t train in dance. £98.13 for dancers 8 years and up £49.96 for observers 16 years and up

‘This is your chance to get all the dirt from Abby Lee, a certified Master Instructor and choreographer from Lifetime Network’s smash hit, Dance Moms. Plus, hear what the talented and hardworking Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall and Nia really think about what goes on behind the cameras. ‘This is your chance to ask Abby and the girls everything you’ve been dying to know! Get the juicy gossip straight from the source!’. Note: Upgrade to an ALDC fan club upgrade (£88.64) for an autographed picture of all the girls, an official ALDC t-shirt and meet and take a picture with Abby and the girls!

06 | The Notorious Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK | L’ART

Photo Credits: Dance Moms

HAVE A CHAT WITH ABBY LEE HERSELF! (7pm – 8.30pm) £29.14

L’ART | The Notorious Abby Lee Miller Is Coming To The UK | 07

London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season Get ready for the return of this fashion spectacular for the second time this year, as the SS15 trends hit the catwalks from September 12th-16th.


ondon Fashion Week (LFW) is just around the corner! It’s that time again where we look forward to a week of admirable fashion designs that UK and international designers have been working on for the new season.

08 | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Week -

Shows for the AW14 range took place earlier on in the year and we had the privilege of attending the John Rocha show, which was full of bold and intricate designs.

The Felder Felder AW14 collection for London Fashion Week back in February.

L’ART | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | 09

10 | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Week -

Now, for the SS15 range, the trends will change quite drastically, as the focus is shifted from Autumn and Winter, to Spring and Summer. Schedules for the event have already been placed and a lot of the usual designers are returning to London - which is nice to see- as well as a few people that will be experiencing the LFW experience for the first time.

Eudon Choi AW14 collection for London Fashion Week back in February.

L’ART | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | 11

12 | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Week -

Felder Felder, Eudon Choi, Julien Macdonald, Sibling, Topshop, House of Holland, Tom Ford and Issa are just a few of the many lines that will be on show with an array of models showcasing the work of these talented designers. Did you know that LFW is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world? Pretty incredible, and the atmosphere is so vibrant and electric inside and outside of the catwalk shows, as attendees are giving the models a run for their money in the most colourful and structured outfits.

Christopher Raeburn AW14 collection for London Fashion Week back in February.

L’ART | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | 13

14 | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Week -

As one of the most popular annual events to hit London, LFW also attracts people from all over the world, just like Paris, Milan and New York fashion weeks. Visitors have travelled from China, America, France, Italy, Russia, UAE and the Middle East! That really does give you an idea of how huge this event is.

Central Saint Martins MA AW14 collection for London Fashion Week back in February.

L’ART | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | 15

16 | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Week -

So what styles do you think will dominate the runways for this new SS15 season? We are currently seeing more bright colours and prints being used for AW fashion, so the challenge is to determine the difference between these popular prints, and with more of a contrast than ever before. With that said, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what’s been created!

Central Saint Martins MA AW14 collection for London Fashion Week back in February.

L’ART | London Fashion Week SS15 Is Back For A New Season | 17

London Fashion Weekend You can’t have one without the other - London Fashion Weekend holds its own ground at Somerset House from September 18th-21st, following the London Fashion Week buzz.


ith London Fashion Week comes London Fashion Weekend! Spread over four days - an extra long weekend - and described as ‘London’s Biggest Pop-Up’, Somerset House presents the follow-up to LFW with a huge fashion showcase. This is the chance for all fashionista’s to get lost in the world of designers, consumers and live fashion interviews. So what is the difference between LFW and London Fashion Weekend we hear you ask. Well,...

You will learn more from the people that experience LFW at first hand. It really is your chance to get up close and personal with the people that contribute to such a huge annual event and you can use these facilities to your advantage, especially if you’re wanting to work or are currently working in the fashion business. All these lovely people are here to help and make sure you enjoy your LFW experience from start to finish.

18 | London Fashion Weekend | L’ART

Photo Credits: London Fashion Weekend

‘Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is your chance to experience first-hand insider knowledge and style advice from London Fashion Week’s most famous British brands. Expect designer shopping, catwalk shows, pop-up shops, hair & beauty and educational panels from leading industry experts’.

The Trend Catwalk Show at last year’s London Fashion Weekend.

L’ART | London Fashion Weekend | 19

Welcome To The Jungle Neon Jungle girls Asami, Jessica, Amira and Shereen are living their dream right now as their debut album has officially been released, and the highs don’t stop there...

“That would be great if we had J.Cole.” Plus, their singles ‘Braveheart’, ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and ‘Louder’ have peaked at top 10 UK positions in the singles chart. Now that their album, Welcome To The Jungle, is officially out to buy, we caught up with Asami Zdrenka, as all the girls headed to their next gig in Manchester. “We want people to join us,” said Asami as she filled us in on the inspiration behind their debut album title. “It’s our first album and we wanted to welcome people into the jungle, so to speak. We don’t want to be the ones saying that you can’t join us.”

20 | Welcome To The Jungle | L’ART

Pretty fitting, right? The album has now been released to the public and the girls couldn’t wait for their fans to hear their complete debut album. “We’ve been talking about it a lot and we’ve been working on it for quite a while now, so for them to finally hear it is going to be an amazing feeling.” So what are your favourite stand-out tracks from the album? Asami said: “I definitely love ‘Sleepless in London’, ‘Fool Me’ and ‘Louder’. I connect to them and feel something when I sing them.” Although neither of the girls got the chance to personally write any of the songs on their debut album, they are hugely enthusiastic about being more involved in the songwriting process for their second album. “We’re so lucky that we get to sing and absorb the songs and sing an amazing songwriter’s song. We’ve written a few songs with some producers but we didn’t have enough time to record them, so I guess they’ll be on the second one.” Whilst we’re talking about future music, Asami didn’t hold back when naming a collaboration she had in mind with a certain US rapper. “I feel like there is a song that would be great if we had J.Cole on it,” and

Photo Credits: Chuff Media


eon Jungle have certainly got a bright future ahead of them, giving that the past year has been a whirlwind of success. Not many artists can say that they have performed alongside the VS angels at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hosted in London!

L’ART | Welcome To The Jungle | 21

So with four young ladies working in a group together and spending almost every day with each other, what are they really like in and out of the public eye? Asami reassured us

“We’re just real. There’s nothing hidden about us.” and said: “We’re just real. There’s nothing hidden about us, what you see is what you get when you meet us and get to know our personalities.” Plus, they all have their funny times when it comes to making each other laugh, but there is definitely one main girl that is always the last to be ready for an event; Amira! Whilst we’re on the subject of fashion and dressing up for events, Neon Jungle are loved by their fans for their music as well as their sense of style. Asami also has her own group of ladies who inspire her style and Alexa

22 | Welcome To The Jungle | L’ART

Chung is one of them. Her vintage style speaks volumes. So do Neon Jungle have any fashion dreams to fulfill in the future? “Definitely. We all love fashion so we would all love to be involved in something like that. You never know in the future, there might be a Neon Jungle range coming out.” But before we get ahead of ourselves – back to this year. The girls will be doing a lot more since the release of their debut album. They will be doing the rounds at London festivals, HMV signings and there are high hopes for their own tour. So how do the girls wish to spend the remaining part of the year? “Just the way it’s going right now but on a bigger scale. Doing what we love doing. We’re going back to America at the end of Summer and also Australia and Japan by the end of the year, so it’s jam-packed.”

Photo Credits: Chuff Media

“we spend a lot of time with The Vamps so I feel like that would be a cool collaboration. It would be a crazy one.”

L’ART | Welcome To The Jungle | 23

THE PULSE ON TOUR RETURNS TO LONDON! The Pulse family are returning to the UK this year with a fabulous line-up and a history with some of the most incredible celebrity colleagues between them.


he Pulse Tour has been making its way around the world to bring lessons in dance and life to the students who are willing to learn. Past and present instructors and choreographers include Laurieann Gibson, Cris Judd, Brian Friedman and Sisco Gomez and each have all

brought an individual style to the table, making the Pulse family such an enjoyable one to witness and be a part of. Sit back and relax whilst we catch up with Brian Friedman, Gil Duldulao and Tessandra Chavez, as they prepare to come to London and put on a spectacular weekend full of dance inspiration.

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24 | The Pulse| On Tour| L’ART | L’ART Page Number Article

L’ART | The Pulse On Tour | 25

Meet Creative Director Brian Friedman Brian: Nothing less than life changing! The Pulse is an event where we not only focus on dance training, but we also spend time developing the artistry in our dancers. We

“...stand out in a room...” believe that to achieve greatness in their careers, they should be learning what is needed to be a professional dancer in the current work force and what better way to learn that than from the producers, directors & choreographers who are dominating? L’ART: For someone such as yourself who comes in contact with a lot of talented dancers, how can an individual stand out to you in a packed room? Brian: An individual can stand out in a room full of dancers in many ways. The most important is being true to them. Everyone

26 | Meet Creative Director Brian Friedman | L’ART

is created different and tapping into your individuality is the best way to brand yourself as a dancer. My eye goes to the hard workers. I can see the intensity in their eyes and their need to perfect the work being given and I love that! I also love raw talent that is unharnessed. There is something so special about a wild dancer who just needs some refinement. L’ART: What is a typical week like for you with the role of Creative Director for The Pulse Tour? Brian: I wear many different hats in my work life. When I am wearing my Pulse Creative Director hat, I am making sure that the faculty at the event is taken care of, oversee the Protégé program (which is our year long scholarship that we award in every city) and managing our Elite Protégé’s, who are our assistants for the year. In addition to teaching my own classes, I direct & choreograph The Pulse fashion show, which happens every Saturday at our events in America. I choose dancers from my classes on Saturday, rehearse with them Saturday afternoon and they step on stage hours later to dance and model the latest apparel from my own clothing line (Brian Says B Free) BSBF, as well as many other

Photo Credits: PTC Productions

L’ART: What can dancers expect from your workshops this year?

L’ART | Meet Creative Director Brian Friedman | 27

“I am embracing teaching globally...”

faculty members lines and our sponsors of the Pulse on Tour’s lines; never a dull moment! L’ART: How do you like to spend your spare time in London? Brian: There are so many things I love about London! My favourite thing to do in London is to simply get lost walking around the city. Living in Los Angeles where everything is so spread out, I don’t get to walk nearly enough, so I cherish being in a city where foot traffic is so embraced. I love to visit the parks and museums. Shopping is always fabulous and some of my favourite restaurants are there. It is truly my second home!

performance video to Christina Perri’s ‘Human’? Brian: I hope to make more videos like ‘Human’! I had such an amazing time working on that project. The song was so beautiful and my dancers (who might I add all came from The Pulse On Tour) were the best dancers to ever create. I never anticipated it would get the love that it did and for that I am extremely grateful. When the right song comes along and it feels right to create in that capacity again, I will. L’ART: How did the performance video come about?

Brian: I love that I am able to be a part of their journey. The fact that their lives are changed for the better is such an amazing feeling! It’s rewarding to know that I am able to do for these students what so many of my mentors have done for me.

Brian: As Brand Ambassador for Dance On Network, I am asked to do many different projects. One of them was a contest around the song ‘Human’ by Christina Perri. Together we wanted to see what the dance community would create to such an amazing song. My video was simply intended to be a call of action for them to be inspired and create something of their own. The videos submitted were so beautiful and our winner Lex Ishimoto really went above and beyond with his movement!

L’ART: Can we expect any more video productions similar to that of your

L’ART: When can clothing fans expect some new releases from the BSBF range?

L’ART: Participants tend to take away many positives and learn a lot at The Pulse, but what do you take away from the touring experience?

28 | Meet Creative Director Brian Friedman | L’ART

Brian: The new collection (which is currently in production) is slated for a fall release. I am very excited about the new line as it is stylistically where I am personally living and my clothes are always a reflection of my personal style. L’ART: What does the remainder of the year consist of for you work/project wise? Brian: This Summer I will be doing a lot of travelling. I am embracing teaching globally and that is taking me to Spain, Poland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Canada and of course America, all before September is over! Late September through Christmas looks like it will be designated to a TV show in the UK.

L’ART | Meet Creative Director Brian Friedman | 29

Gil Duldulao This inspiring choreographer has worked with some like-minded, incredible talents and he’s just as eager to learn more.

Gil: This would be my first time coming to London with The Pulse On Tour and teaching besides my colleagues and family, so I am very excited to share the knowledge of dance with all; young ones to adults. L’ART: What do you wish to teach those attending your London workshop? Gil: I wish to teach combinations that fully express who I am as a choreographer. I have been in the business for 19 years now and I want to impart the knowledge I’ve had working as a dancer, choreographer and Creative Director. I just want to share and make sure everyone that leaves the Pulse, they leave encouraged, fulfilled and on fire to live their dreams. Anything and everything is possible. L’ART: What was the best advice you were given when working towards your career as a choreographer and Artistic Director? Gil: I’ve had many great advice from mentors of mine. Too many to mention. What I do know is that one has to be open to receiving advice. One has to be open in this egotistical business to look at yourself and examine 30 | Gil Duldulao | L’ART

your part and your responsibility. We have to be reminded constantly why we got into the business in the first place and why we love it. If you are trying to get famous and or doing this for the money, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Your gift will remain solid through and through because you love it and are open to grow in your craft. Stay true to you. Remain humble. Be willing and open to change. This business is a never ending school we call life. Don’t get left behind. L’ART: Throughout your busy career, what has been the highlight for you and why? Gil: So many highlights for me. As a dancer, I booked my first music video. It was for Prince. I was around so many professional dancers I looked up to and saw on TV in one room. It was a great learning experience and confidence boost. My first world tour as a dancer was for Janet Jackson – The Velvet Rope. It opened my life up to the world. Literally. As much as it was so rewarding, I was still 18 and felt lonely. I had to grow up when I should have lived life and enjoy it. My first choreography gig was for Tina Turner’s world tour. I was dealing with a

Photo Credits: The Pulse/ PTC Productions

L’ART: How do you feel about coming to the UK for The Pulse tour?

L’ART | Gil Duldulao | 31

legend. I learned a lot. She opened my life to another part of myself spiritually. She’s a lovely human being. One of my most emotional experiences as a Creative Director was to head the MTV tribute to Michael Jackson after his death. Janet being one of my best friends, I had to detach myself from my feelings in order to get the job done. I had to fight executives to remain true to what Michael was. He is a genius. He is the master of dance. I wanted to celebrate him and his legacy. In the end, it was beautiful. It was what I wanted. Janet wanted. It was a true tribute. L’ART: Who is the number one person you would like to work with in the future and why? Gil: I would like to work with Rihanna and Beyonce. Most of my combos these past years for Pulse are to their music. My movement somehow connects with their music. L’ART: What other projects of yours can we look forward to this year?

can do as an artist, she has done a lot for her age. I intend to explore, have the creative dialogue be open and achieve what I see for her. A lot has come up for me as a Creative Director. Of course I can’t share at this point. I have sat back and observed all that I admire in the business in my field. I have now built my team after all these years. It’s important to have the right team. Even if it takes you ages to find them. I have great people behind me that see my vision. My life has taken me to this point.

“He is a genius. He is the master of dance.”

Ian Eastwood on The Pulse Tour

I look forward to when the time is right for Janet Jackson to come out with her project. We both have grown spiritually and creatively. We are connected and full of creativity. When the time is right, we will be back full force!

Gil: I’m looking forward to the journey I have with Demi Lovato. I believe in her, love her craft and gift. There is still more that she 32 | Gil Duldulao | L’ART

L’ART | Gil Duldulao | 33

Tessandra Chavez The female Faculty member dishes on working with China’s Dancing With the Stars, what you can expect from her workshop at the London event and Mickey Mouse doing Hip-Hop!

L’ART: How did your journey as a choreographer with The Pulse begin?

L’ART: What are you most looking forward to on your visit to London?

Tess: I filled in for Mia Michaels on a few occasions and received great feedback from the dancers, parents and faculty. I was extremely honoured to be asked to join such

Tess: Experiencing the passion from the students. I love what I do and I love to share. I’ve never taught class in London nor have I visited, so this is a first for me on both accounts. I can’t wait to be immersed in the culture and hopefully change the lives of the dancers I come in contact with.

a prestigious faculty line up. L’ART: What things do you most enjoy about being on tour with The Pulse family? Tess: I love the comradery that we share amongst the faculty. Each faculty member constantly inspires me to be better in such different ways; from the way they handle their business, to the artistry that they create. I feel that each of us push one another to a higher level of excellence and thus the students in attendance excel at a much faster rate than any other convention out there.

34 | Tessandra Chavez | L’ART

L’ART: How did the opportunity arise to work on China’s Dancing With The Stars? Tess: The producer and judge from the show came to a show I produced in Los Angeles called TRAFFIC and she immediately sought me out and offered me the job. I was able to hire four other choreographers to come to China with me and we created seven full pieces per week, between the five of us. Each piece contained two celebrities as partners and back up dancers for each piece. We also used sets for each dance. It’s a much different set up than the American version. The Chinese wanted to be much more elaborate. It was an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience that I’ll never forget. I feel like I can do anything after that job.

Photo Credits: PTC Productions

“I was extremely honoured”

L’ART | Article Tessandra | Page Chavez Number | 35

L’ART: You also have experience on Disney’s Dance Crew... Tess: I set that show a few years ago and it ran at Disneyland for about a year. That was a great experience to work with the Disney organization and also Mickey Mouse who did Hip Hop dance for the first time! L’ART: What can dancers expect from your workshops here in London? Tess: Dancers can expect to walk out of my class feeling like they’ve improved in just one hour! I make it my mission to touch every dancer I come in contact with, by challenging them physically but also mentally. I believe the mind is the most important tool that a dancer has and I like to get inside the mind and reshape any insecurities dancers have. I like to bring out the best in anyone I come in contact with. I can’t wait! I’m getting excited just talking about it! Get ready London dancers! L’ART: As a performer and choreographer, what style do you enjoy teaching the most? Tess: I call my style ‘Contemporary Hip Hop’. It’s really a fusion of many styles that I trained in. Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop are all reflected in my movement in some way. L’ART: When did your passion for dance 36 | Tessandra Chavez | L’ART

begin? Tess: I fell in love with dance at the age of five, started choreographing at the age of 11 and I started my own dance company at the age of 15. I knew once I started dancing that it would be my life vehicle for the rest of my life. I was very blessed to know what I wanted to do at a very young age. I always loved to dance, but I knew I would be a choreographer. L’ART: Who are your dance / creative inspirations? Tess: I love Mia Michaels and Wade Robson who were also on faculty for the Pulse. They both have such unique and true voices and I can respect that. I think so many others try to follow a trend and I personally don’t respect that. L’ART: Having worked in America, China and with artists from Korea and Germany, where else in the world would you like your work to take you in the near future and why? Tess: I am honestly open to any country. The way I see it, as long as I’m doing what I love, I am blessed and grateful. Not everyone can say they earn a living doing what they love.

Cover Stars: Neon Jungle

Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful The North Ireland singer swaps home life for LA studios, as she looks ahead to her debut release.

of which have been music influences to Leah throughout her life, you can expect a blend of all genres, which aid in creating the ‘eclectic’ sound of Leah’s we’ve all come to know and love.

Since her 2012 appearance and her singing

“It’s the fact that my voice is just a wee bit strange. This album has really just brought out the best in it. It’s the start of something that I’m very excited about.”

“It’s lovely to have that freedom.” battle on team will (Black Eyed Peas founder,, Leah has spent a number of weeks working on her debut album, Weird To Wonderful, with the presence of her continued music mentor She has also had the pleasure of touring the UK, Europe, performing at Grammy parties and supporting will and Jessie J on stage! “It’s just been a complete blessing,” Leah continued. “...very exciting at times, a lot of laughs. Travelling the world has been amazing.” Fusing elements of Jazz, Soul and Funk, all

38 | Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful | L’ART

Commending will’s ability to create the production around her voice, Leah has enjoyed the measurements taken in order to allow her voice to be free in its sound. “It’s lovely to have that freedom.” Leah’s debut single ‘Home’ is currently available since its July 27th release and with a personal meaning to the 24-year-old singer and songwriter, her love for her hometown in Northern Ireland clearly holds a special place in her heart. “I love this wee song,” she says, as its topic serves as a tribute to the location of her support network in the form of family and friends, ‘the people that love you the most’. The love shared for Leah and her representation of Northern Ireland is also well received, with will being at every single one of her shows to date, as well as a family

Photo Credits: Stoked PR

Lol’s, exciting and blessed,” Leah laughs, as she tries to sum up the way in which her career has catapulted since appearing on BBC One talent show, The Voice UK.

L’ART | Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful | 39

member flying over to be present to support. The album title may be an obvious choice to many when it comes to Leah and her unique voice and ‘outlandish’ fashion sense, but it’s also the title of the first track Leah wrote during her stay in L.A. Although her style

“I like being the small girl on stage with the big voice.” tends to change, Leah’s look is influenced by the ‘cute, doll Japanese look’, as she insists there are no limits when it comes to fashion. “I wear what I like. I like being the small girl on stage with the big voice.” The track, ‘Weird to Wonderful’, also happens to be one of her favourites on the album. “I’m not exactly the girl next door you know, but still seen as something special. The album is very modern and definitely a lot of what is coming in the future.” We wouldn’t 40 | Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful | L’ART

expect anything less from the work of now would we? As a mentor, Leah describes will as being a ‘teacher in so many ways’, since developing a friendship with him. “I’ve really appreciated having him as a mentor. Not only that, he’s literally hilarious. I’ve been working with him for a year and a half, which means that I’ve been laughing my head off for a year and a half.” When creating her ‘modernised’ project, there wasn’t one part that Leah disliked. As an artist, getting her music together in L.A with will also enabled her to work with other top writers in the industry, an opportunity any upcoming talent would love. This of course further heightened her love for the singing and writing process, despite suffering with jetlag through it all. “I’m pretty sure I wrote my entire album at 5am,” Leah joked. “You’ll be really surprised what kind of high notes you can hit when you’re completely unaware. “You take inspiration from the past, it’s the same in any art world. You bring in the new stuff of that time and then you combine them. To see small ideas manifest and working with people who are better than you; it’s good

Weird To Wonderful: Leah has spent much of her time in LA working on her debut release.

L’ART | Leah McFall: From L’ART Weird | Article To Wonderful | Page Number | 41

“Create your own world, then invite everyone in.” because you’re consistently growing.” With that great lesson in mind, it’s no secret that will is well known for his use of unique words and one liners, including the word ‘dope’, but it’s his use of a particular phrase (“Create your own world, then invite everyone in”) that we were interested in and how it’s affected Leah’s work ethic.

Photo Credits: Cargo Collective

“Working with will, I realised how cohesive the package [what she wants to create as an artist] needs to be, so people can digest it and understand you a wee bit. The voice has always been my own, it was my fifth toy. I very much worked on it and practiced noises I’ve never heard before; a lot of different personalities. Because it was a bit weird, I experimented more with the visual world of it.

42 | Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful | L’ART

“It’s great to be surrounded by such a creative team. Visually I enjoy it now. Express the audio through the visual. Bring it all together. “This is just the start.”

L’ART | Leah McFall: From Weird To Wonderful | 43

Word On The Street

and Drake. “I was originally only going to release ‘Story’” Ella revealed. “But while I was in the process of recording it, I was writing ‘Dealing With This’. It crept up on me… ‘Do I want to release this one instead?’ I liked it a bit more than I thought I would,” she laughed.

In the end, Ella decided to release the two! “People have been asking to hear my sound. I Ella Martini releases double single release ahead thought this the best way of showing them where of headline show. I’m at.” Speaking to Ella earlier this Summer, she was able to experience the festival scene for the first time as a performer, as well as a regular resh from the festival circuit this attendee! Having now performed at Barn on Summer, UK singer and songwriter, Ella the Farm, Somerset House Series and the Martini, is gearing up for her headline Truck Festival, we’d say Ella has become an show. experienced festival go-er this year wouldn’t you? October 25th will see her take to the stage at Oxford’s Art Bar for a second time following last Now in the running to be in the top 10 MOBO year’s successful and overwhelming sell out! Unsung line up, writing, recording and spending time in the studio, Ella speaks of a potential EP “Last year I did one at the same venue and it release at the end of the year. was the first one that I did with my band who I’m working with now,” Ella explained. “I just “It’s all going well. I always try out new ideas. thought I’m going to hire out the venue and do it What I enjoy more now is knowing my writing and just see what happens.” style and being able to find ways to develop it, seeing how it turns out. That’s what I’m enjoying With support acts getting the night off to a good at the moment.” start, the venue soon became packed much to Ella’s excitement. “I was so happy. I wanted to ‘Story’ and ‘Dealing With This’ can be heard do another one this year because I’ve got new online at and tickets are material. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait!” available for her headline show today! Support acts are to be revealed shortly. As the date of her double single release ‘Story’ and ‘Dealing With This’ is expected on August 18th, Ella’s following were eager to hear more original material after falling in love with her covers and unique mash ups of some current and old school favourites. These included Lenny Kravitz and Bruno Mars, as well as the Jackson 5


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London Fashion Hits The Runway! The chosen 15 NEWGEN designers prepare to wow.


ondon Fashion Week returns as the best in Spring/Summer 15 designs are showcased at the fashion capital’s Somerset House and along with it comes the latest list of new designers to be sponsored by NEWGEN. From September 12th-16th, the lucky winners (who have been dubbed ‘London’s brightest emerging talents’), will showcase their new designs via NEWGEN sponsored by Topshop. Sponsorship to show their collections will see a dedicated showroom available, allowing for buyers to show interest and make sales appointments.

immense privilege!” Danielle said. Following the success of last year’s pop-up NEWGEN showroom, this year will see all eight designers be given a dedicated showroom following their shows, presentations and exhibitions for four hours. Having already been noticed for their ‘creativity, strong design, aesthetic and point of difference’, these benefits are no doubt the icing on the cake for the chosen few. ‘Since its inception in 1993, NEWGEN sponsorship has acted as a promotional launch pad for young designers, attracting media profile, orders and investment whilst offering encouragement and support for new talent. Previous NEWGEN winners include Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders, J.W. Anderson, Mary Katrantzou, Nicholas Kirkwood, Roksanda Ilincic and Simone Rocha.’ The British Fashion Council’s landmark scheme support financially and continue to actively work on their ambition to ‘build global, high end fashion brands for the future’. Topshop continues to be an established supporter of young fashion designers in the industry.

Images from top to bottom: Photo 1: Danielle Romeril | Photo 2: NEWGEN Winner, Danielle |

1205, Lucas Nascimento and Marques’ Almeida can be seen on the catwalk, Ashley Williams (1st season), Danielle Romeril, Faustine Steinmetz (1st season) and Ryan Lo in a presentation space and Claire Barrow in the exhibition space. “It’s so exciting to be on schedule this coming season, as it means I can bring the whole Danielle Romeril vision to the world. That’s an 46 | London Fashion Hits The Runway | L’ART

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Parody reality television show Real Husbands of Hollywood is back for its third season! The BET show will return to US screens in October, along with cast members Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin and J.B. Smoove returning to the screen.

The live show and entertainment news not to be Taking inspiration from The Real Housewives missed! empire and instilling plenty of comedy and celebrity features along the way, this loosely based show on Kevin’s life continues to get the laughs brewing. LIL’ MO LIVE IN CONCERT (UK) Sunday October 12th Keeping busy in other projects, Kevin Hart can currently be seen in movie sequel Think Like FDJ present Lil’ Mo in concert! A Man Too. Continuing to be a huge success in the US box office, Kevin is also currently filming The American RnB singer will perform live for Ride Along 2 alongside Ice Cube and comedian one night only at Camden’s Jazz Café on Sunday Ken Jeong in Miami, plus The Wedding Ringer October 12th. Lil’ Mo will be joined by a full live will premiere early in 2015. band on a night that will be hosted by Frisky DJ and Milktray, along with sets by DJ’s Sir Venom Nick Cannon can also be seen on the movie and L. scene as he makes his directorial debut in his movie, School Dance, out now and it is also First coming onto the scene as Missy Elliott’s thought he will star as the late comedian, actor, protégé, Lil’ Mo can be heard on Missy’s track film director and writer, Richard Pryor, in a Lee ‘Hot Boyz’. Her debut album came in 2001 with Daniels (The Butler) biopic production. The Based On A True Story, the album which was to Emmy and Grammy award winner was known for officially mark her arrival on the music scene pushing the comedy boundaries and still remains with hits ‘Ta Da’ and ‘Superwoman Pt II’. one of today’s greatest stand up comedians to date. Pleasing with her own material as well as features with Ja Rule on ‘Put It On Me’ and ‘4Ever’ with Fabolous, the songwriter and producer is currently working on her sixth studio album The SCARlet Letter, which is expected later this year. Tickets are on sale now.

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Dates For Your Diary


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PALLADIUM SHOES GO CANVAS! ‘Step Up With Palladium’ this Summer, as the shoe retailer launches the Canvas shoe! Providing light and comfortable footwear for those casual sunny days, the Flex and Pampa Oxford range is available today! Whether hitting the beach, going for a Summer’s day stroll, or taking part in some leisure in the sun, the range offers a variety of colours with prices ranging from £42-£46. With variety offered in colour as well as style, take your pick between the sneaker styled lace ups, cute front lace detail pumps, or the quick and easy velcro straps!

Palladium Boots introduce their latest collection.

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High Fashion

Backpacks It’s amazing how much style a backpack can have and what it can do to boost your look. Join us as we highlight our top backpack choices for the Summer.


et’s face it, backpacks have been around for years, but have you noticed that this long-standing bag has recently had a fashionable update?

That’s right, the backpack is no longer a goto for school days, it’s now the most popular bag for a chic day look, festival outings and a replacement for your original satchel.

You can choose from quilted materials, satchel structures, leather ‘boysy’ shapes, suede, duffle bag and lots of fringing! By the time you have a look at these, the only problem you’ll have is figuring out which one to buy first!

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It’s had a complete makeover and we all have those moments where we’re just not in the mood to worry about a shoulder bag, so it’s a life saver to have your hands free to get on with your day.

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Images from top left to right:

Images from top left to right:

Photo 1: River Island | Photo 2: ASOS | Photo 3: New Look | Photo 4: ASOS

Photo 5: ASOS | Photo 6: ASOS | Photo 7: River Island | Photo 8: ASOS

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We Talk To The ‘East Side Geezer’, Tinchy Stryder With the official release of his latest single ‘ESG’, we find out what Tinchy Stryder has planned for the future.

Fans have been watching Tinchy perform at local gigs and now with his two singles being put out there – ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘ESG’ – fans are even more eager to hear his full project.

the smallest day-to-day things that inspired that song. With ‘ESG’, that was something I felt was the right energy. Show N Prove (producer) showed me the beat and it just represented what I was feeling and bringing it back to where I started. L’ART: You’ve got Takura on both tracks. How did your working relationship with him come about?

We caught up with the star ahead of the release of his fourth studio album. Here’s what he had to say about future collaborations, working with Pharrell Williams, his new album and Daniel Sturridge!

Tinchy Stryder: I was actually in the studio with him before and we worked on a couple of things but we never really finished it. So, when Show N Prove reached out to me and had an idea and talked about Takura doing a hook on it, it just worked so well.

L’ART: So fans are currently hearing your new singles ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘ESG’ (East Side Geezer), what was the inspiration behind these tracks?

L’ART: Is there any one else you have your eye on for future collaborations?

Tinchy Stryder: I guess when you’re recording and making music it can be the slightest thing that inspires you. Especially with ‘Misunderstood’, it’s more of a thing where I was having a conversation with someone and people would come up to me in person and think I’m a bit different, but I guess you can’t blame people for being a bit stereotypical. We’re all misunderstood. It’s 56 | We Talk To The ‘East Side Geezer’ Tinchy Stryder | L’ART

Tinchy Stryder: I’m open. Sometimes you hear something that influences you straight away. If I talk about dream collabs, I like Pharrell Williams. That’s someone I think is very unique. Even when I heard Ed Sheeran talking about that track ‘Think’ that he did and Ed was first thinking ‘I’m not too sure how people are going to take it’, but Pharrell was like ‘no, you have to be prepared to break new barriers’. That motivational talk alone, you need that around you. I respect

Photo Credits: Stoked PR

Tinchy Stryder may have been slightly less vocal in the music world for the past few years when it comes to an album release, but that has all changed this year.

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him a lot.

working on this new project?

L’ART: Your new album 360 degrees is coming out soon. What has it been like producing new material for your fourth album?

Tinchy Stryder: The new team I’ve been working with since I started; Pinky and The Brain production team. I write with them quite a bit and it feels like everyone has become really good friends. I can walk in the studio and be in a certain mood, they can start making a beat and it just explains how I’m feeling without me saying one word. It’s crazy. That’s a special thing right there.

(It was) Challenging because it’s about getting your mind right and now it’s on my own label – Takeover/ Cloud 9. But then it’s not as challenging because of the freedom. I have a team and some people’s opinions I respect and value, but at the same time knowing that it’s all your thing now that you’re putting out. L’ART: What’s been the best part about 58 | We Talk To The ‘East Side Geezer’ Tinchy Stryder | L’ART

L’ART: So what can fans expect to hear from you this time around compared to your last album release? Tinchy Stryder: I believe as a body of work, this is the best album I’ve made to date. That’s a big statement, so that’s what they can expect. L’ART: We saw online that Daniel Sturridge mentioned not hearing enough UK music from UK acts like yourself whilst out in US clubs. What are your thoughts on that? Tinchy Stryder: I think that’s so true, I think that’s always been the case. It’s a big place and there are loads of people making music just like us. In their clubs you might not be hearing it, but it would be great if that could change.

Photo Credits: Stoked PR

Tinchy Stryder: It’s been an interesting and fun journey because I’ve been recording this album for two years now. It’s the first time I feel like I’m making an album where I’m not just doing tracks, working with this producer and putting it together - It’s more like a compilation to me. Everything feels like it’s one story that I’m telling and I’m a bit more open. I’ve been through a few things around me, good and bad - relationships, music industry - It came at a good time. It’s the way of life. Music is a way of life. When you put your lows in your music, it comes out as something amazing.

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“This is the best album I’ve made to date. That’s a big statement.” The main part he said was that even when you’re here in some clubs in London and the UK, you’re not really hearing our songs. You can look at it both ways. If your song is bangin’ and people are loving it, then it will be heard. But raise your own, work together and build it, keep it growing because that’s the only way. Everyone who he mentioned (including Skepta and Wretch 32) has been doing and proving themselves. That’s a force alone in itself. L’ART: Do you think collectively, UK acts can help change that in any way?

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Tinchy Stryder: Yeah, because there’s been a few people who have been collaborating with each other and that’s a good thing. Before, there wasn’t that much of it going on. But it has to be right as well. When the time is right, things will happen. It will get there.

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Jess Glynne Is Coming To Oxford’s O2 Academy For One Night Only With solo and collaborative hits such as ‘Right Here’ and ‘Rather Be’, Jess Glynne is ready to entertain her loyal fans with another spectacular live performance.


ere’s a date for you to keep free – Jess Glynne will be in concert a little closer to her home, as she arrives at Oxford’s O2 Academy on October


She recently headlined her own gig at Also Known As in Banbury and we were able to witness first hand her talent in a new light as she introduced her new songs and engaged every single person in the venue, proving that she can really entertain a crowd whether they knew the songs or not; now that’s a skill. With her live band beside her, you will be hooked on Jess’ lively energy and her fun-loving character, as she draws you in to her world, whilst doing what she loves best.

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Jess has had a whirlwind 2014 as she has started to become more recognised as a solo artist than ever before. With her hit songs ‘Right Here’ and collaboration with Clean Bandit for ‘Rather Be’, it’s clear to see that we’re witnessing the growth of one very talented lady.

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L'ART Issue 21, August 2014  

It's a UK take-over this time around with the girls from Neon Jungle as our cover girls! Plus, read up on all things at the Abby Lee Dance...

L'ART Issue 21, August 2014  

It's a UK take-over this time around with the girls from Neon Jungle as our cover girls! Plus, read up on all things at the Abby Lee Dance...