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Sunday Buffet Breakfast Every Sunday from 6th October 8am – 11am • Sausages • Eggs • Bacon • Coffee & Tea • Unlimited Toast

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Floribunda Avenue

4733 5268


Lish is Here!


Top of their game! The team at Lish Hair & Beauty Day Spa Silverdale

Delivered monthly to Luddenham, Mulgoa, Silverdale, Wallacia & Warragamba

Issue 163

Lish Hair and Beauty Day Spa are set to light up Silverdale, opening their doors for business on September 23. The official grand opening will be held on September 27 at 6:30pm, so locals have a chance to get in early and have a sneak peak at this fresh new salon. The opening of the salon is set to be the ‘talk of the town’ with an amazing evening planned for everyone. There will be 150 gift bags given away on the night. Each client will receive a lip-liner or eye liner from the Bianca J Brand. There will be some fun filled activities as ‘Pop A Balloon’ with prizes, raffle tickets on arrival and lucky door prizes. The major prize draw consists of ASAP Product gift basket, Angel Hair Product gift basket, Bioline Product gift basket and Lish’s very own Ooh La La Day Stay Package valued at $489. A VIP card will also be launched, which will entitle clients to a 5% discount off any full priced retail product. Continued Pg ...5



Silverdale Shopping Centre

Phone: 4774 0008

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm Sat 9am-12 noon


39 Fourteenth Street

Phone: 4774 0013 Hours: Wed 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm

Clinic Nurse does Pap smears, Care Plans, Immunisations, Dressings & Baby Clinics

September 2013 1

Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire)

Managing Editor Belinda Sanders

4733 0792

Managing Editor Belinda Sanders


From the Editor The oh so subtle scent of freesias is in

the air, the blossoms are blooming, the Penrith Police Station 4721 9444 grass is growing – yes, Spring is in the air! St Marys Police Station 9677 7499 Warragamba Police 4774 1105 Time to clean out the pool and prepare Police Assistance Line 131 444 From yourselves forthe theEditor warmer weather. Emergency Services 000 Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling 131 114 We have lots of greatscent reading in store The oh so subtle of freesias is in Ambulance, NSW Fire Brigade(Police, W’gamba 4774 Fire) 1222 for youthe inair, this spring edition! the bumper blossoms are blooming, the Graffiti Hotline Penrith 1800 022 182 Penrith Police Station 4721 9444 grass is growing – yes, Spring is in the air! Wollondilly SES Police Assistance 4677 Line1417 131I’ve 444 included some great inspirational Time to clean out to thetry pool and ‘What’s prepare Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling 131spring 114 WIRES (Wildlife rescue) 4754 2946 recipes for you – see yourselves for the warmer weather. Graffiti Information Hotline 182 NSW Rural Fire Service line1800 022Cooking’ on page 12. 4733 0792 1800 NSWRFS Blue Mountains WIRES PO Box 8254 Churches Penrith Suicide Bereavement Support Group 0402 627 696 PO Box 8254 Anglican Church Glenmore Park NSW 2745 Churches

4754 2946

As the warmer month’s approach it is

I amthe completely ideal time to visitfloored our newestatparkthe at Ched Towns Reserve, what aofwonderful generosity and dedication people park community. it is! Thank you to month all that Iwere Glenmore Park NSW 2745 within our Last met Cnr William Howell Dr Pritchard Pl 4733 1635 involved in making it happen! If you Anglican Church Catholic Church4774 0422 with local Kevin Robinson of LittleI Wings. General Enquiries... General Enquiries... haven’t explored its offerings, highly St Thomas Mulgoa, St Pauls Warragamba William Howell Drive 4737 9735 I am amazed by you his take completely selfless recommend a visit. Catholic Church Uniting Church 4773 4321 Advertising Enquiries... We compassion have lots of great reading in store nature and for sick children Sacred Heart, Luddenham and Warragamba Cnr Mulgoa Rd & Stuart Rd Penrith 4721 1295 Advertising Enquiries... for you in this bumper spring edition! Uniting Church 0427 510 501 and their families. Read all about Little Christ Church at the College Account Information & Enquiries... I’ve included a great inspirational spring Luddenham 4736 8100 Wings on page if you can‘What’s assist recipe for 5, youand to try – see Account Information & Enquiries... Wallacia CommunityExtended Christian 4773 8232 Hand Church this great causeon(in any Cooking’ page 14.way big or small) For all artwork submissions & approval... Park Rd Wallacia 1/11 Robertson Pl, Jamisontown 4733 8945 I am completely floored at the please do. Baptist Church Riverlands Church 4774 2319 generosity and upcoming dedication ofelection, people For all artwork submissions & approval... Don’t forget the Warragamba Next Issue Deadline 20 September 535 High St, Penrith 4722 6422 within our community. Last month I get tometthe on Saturday, 7th withpolls local resident Kevin Robinson Rural Fire Delivered MONTHLY to 7500 homes in ServiceSalvation Army 48 Luttrell St 0414 482 732 4733 September 1178 and Wings. cast your for the of Little I amvote amazed by Glenmore Park & Regentville Mulgoa NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE selfless and Vineyard good ofhisthiscompletely country. So makenature your vote Wallacia 4773 9887Church 0438 336 887 or PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY from ... Regentville Public School 4773 4142 4732 3139 Glenmore Park Town Centre Luddenham count. compassion for sick children and their 25 September – Gloria Jeans Café families. Read all about Little Wings on Community Groups Silverdale 4774 1252 This month – Mag’s News page 6, we andwere if youflooded can assistwith this loads great Sitters Club 0419 219 572 – Glenmore Park Mediclinic Delivered MONTHLY to homes and stories to (in share and outdo.of Community Groups cause any way bigall or but small)ran please Breastfeeding Group 1800 686 2of 686 – Centre Management businesses across Mulgoa, Wallacia, Glenmore 8373 Neighbourhood Centre Park Guides 4774 1273 4737 space. Don’t you forgetfor theyour upcoming election, Sapphires Café Thank ongoing and 198 Blue Hills Drive & Glenmore Parkway Silverdale, Warragamba andCnr Luddenham get support to the polls on Saturday, 7th Home & CommunityScouts Care 4774 25890409 429wonderful of ‘Your Community Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital Probus Club Glenmore Pk 4733 8745 September and cast your vote for the Mulgoa 4773 8230 or PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY ... Road, Orchard HillsProgress Association 377from Wentworth Probus Club Penrith Sth 0414 861News’ 390 . good of this country. Remember, you 4773 4454 Lakes Drive Medical Centre Progress Assoc. Luddenham Penrith Suicide Bereavement Enjoycanthis month’s publication and 112 The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park always do a postal vote if you’re Progress Assoc. Wallacia Group 4773 8899 Support 0402 627 696 Mulgoa Glenmore Park Takeaway going remain away on positive Election Day, so makeis – there Warradale Community Action Community Centre 4733 remember, 1499 Floribunda Ave Glenmore Park – Newsagency / Post Office vote count. Association Inc. Sports Clubs 0419 685 422 Glenmore Park Community Centre always your a way!


Enjoy your community news and Wallacia Rotary Club 4773 9713 AFL 0425 202 038 remember, remain positive – there is Mulgoa Valley Landcare 0411 487 512 Baseball Club Penrith 0434 116 940 28-34 School House Rd Regentville always a way! 4774 1357 Basketball Glenmore Park Public SchoolSeniors Warragamba Wallacia The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park Seniors Mulgoa BMX 0407 497 606 4773 8974 – Newsagency Glenmore Park High School Probus Club Cricket 0410 416 692 0408 304 006 – Wallacia Hotel Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park Hockey 4737 8420 Penrith SouthProbus Club 0422 410 146 – Wallacia Golf Club Penrith Anglican College Junior Rugby Union 0425 351 715 338/356 Wentworth Rd Orchard Hills Scouts 0409 – Wallacia Bowling Club Karate Goshin Ryu 429 198 0411 136 237 Surveyors Creek Public School Sports Clubs Netball 0407 234 360 - Post Office St Andrews Dr Glenmore Park Rugby League Rugby League 4774 20690430 049 189 Bethany Catholic Primary School Luddenham Soccer 0404 052 469 34-38 William Howell Drive, Glenmore Park Tennis Warragamba 4774 1681 – Hubertus Club Kids Academy Preschool Little Athletics Softball 0411 047 0800417 412 382 12-14 Womra Cres, Glenmore Park Swimming Club Nepean 0416 311 453 – Davids Stall . Triathlon Club 0407 497 606 singBMX birth Fresh OrchardtsHills Panthers local verti ,00 n . eFarm 0 e d a m 4774 2153 Northern Road 45 Netball pco abl Silverdale g than es . u fford em oca upc 581. 276 adin ries . 0420 bleeupsBaseball Penrith . com spreClub l stori ents . a to more l a le lh announcth . l a o c . t bPayment c o o s m o – Silverdale IGA g a r s l l l e n t g w c a i . t e c Advertising policy... on booking secures s n u g n r i o i o n u 0410 t310 le rt club tinSwimming . b 608 ep sDirectory th . l your space. ry mcostdveffective anno ding the ertis utabents . sporrdable adveery bmiornth Business eveoffers l men p e a a e b l e e c i p a m l r r n o s i e v p a i vts . . l e o u c e s t f e c o p f e n r g e l o e a n advertising to businesses in an alphabetical r u l l l loc ents e a . n p en .format. b pcomi l . dv ty a5n,0,0 0000 loc rmay anno ents ocal pceoom liahave m ablateuanncextra reto ldoacbacloemamuanniPremium . uthe Mulgoa If you would like i i th be ravailable, 5 Placement 4 cem 0Valley l . up em l s . b 4 n . e 0 e i u n a s r r o gmonth . upc a t e s le . affo ups . re toh n e lofocus in sto eeditorial lonc.oam An local business may l ann an 4t5o,0 rieyour a mb re thcharge. anrneoad vbe e c . locnnounceml e . o c h o s rthcollection b local . for t r l e i h m t s n l s t r Gazette available at a e g b i . spdiscretion. m u l o p stories a n p t . l e t b o g o a e r . o s c u u e s n n b t included if space permits, at the Editor’s c e o t i s o p l n w p t o t ingocal a s e lann h. or men ws to m lo e . ruencesm ty .a l s 00 lGlenmore g gnrnews... merntiThe uttia nb puta unlie cev birth ry mont tis e Community .ulnoictyaGazette lnno event g. stphreeandeinwg e nom p . e place of business, us. e mb e r b ,0 u h r s r o 5 o t a t a m d i 4 n p . . l n the n contact a t l n c a e m events,tal nblcommunity be e e han ynews ver ev re ing din . sp ydaa m.ocoand itr u blocal tin egp..urgeleivaebnloetms m. sufwelcomes no pia ews ore teveer ncem l people ncemad oc e n cal .ies . upcomsadpvreeratisinngtsl.esp.orr l m u r f o o o . e l achievements, births, deaths, obituaries, weddings, h t m t e a n rnounitcye ane c lg s l in ups . n . r Advertising policy... e secures ts .l b loccoam le booking blle. 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The Mulgoa l . r . upcomin local Valleyc&aWarradale iathebwriter’s p unit ortfrom ore t e news e p e m m s r r o m o . v l h s d ts Gazette welcomes community news and events, elocal s tno e l . to print . coinformation effort a is made correct cem wbut ng t stori rdable a ing even Every e ne oupfors errors liabtlh announng the achievements, births, deaths, obituaries, . loc incang begrtaken torhomissions. responsibility e fo local weddings, r g f e m . l a n . o i . s c i b r engagements and anniversaries (published ort ta . bi ead oup cal read y ents free sof. up e2013 September repu events . sp. spree . sp porting gr able . loupcomentsrtising .spreople ever charge) Articles of interest will 2be m accepted stoatri the . l a e c l s g p t e . lo . g b n l l v i s n Editor’s discretion. Articles do not necessarily reflect u s a a i d li loc ep 4733 v0792 e: orie w: com le a oca vent ertis n the opinions of the Editor. l . re ies . up4733 i ge le . r local sst . affordabhan 45,000 iable . l stories a le ad 0792 b m b o a a c d p Letters to the Editor may be printed and edited ffor t t .u .a men to more ries as necessary. Names must be submitted but can be s l a w c e o l n withheld from publication at the writer’s request. Floribunda Ave Glenmore Park

– Warragamba Workers ClubRegentville Public School

Every effort is made to print correct information but no responsibility can be taken for errors or omissions.

2 September 2013

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our all new website CHECK IT OUT!

Belinda Belinda

Fernhill to Host Melbourne Cup 133 years after Fernhill produced the legendary horse ‘Grand Flaneur’, winner of the 1880 Melbourne Cup, the iconic trophy is returning the Estate on Wednesday 2 October as part of the Emirates Melbourne Cup Trophy Tour. Fernhill is one of only three NSW host destinations on the Cup’s Tour around Australia in the lead up to the “Race that Stops a Nation”. Fernhill is working with the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, Penrith CBD Corporation and Penrith Paceway to ensure maximum community involvement and opportunities for the people of Mulgoa, Penrith and Western Sydney to share in this unique experience. The days’ schedule includes a breakfast at Fernhill followed by a parade through the Paceway Markets, a display in the Paceway SkyLounge, lunch at Memory Park, and a charity function at Fernhill in the evening. In addition, in the lead up to the Melbourne Cup Tour on 2 October, Fernhill will host five local schools for ‘A Day on the Farm’ at Fernhill between 9-13 September (one school per day). Students will learn the history of the region, the Cox family, Fernhill and The Cup. They will experience a working equestrian farm including a farrier, horse dentist, groomer and trainer. The school visit program has received generous support

• • • • • •

from the community, with local community groups such as Mulgoa Rotary, Nepean Athletics Association and the Lions Club to provide sausage sizzle lunches for the kids while NSW TAFE (Richmond branch) will provide instructors and horse care demonstrations. Fernhill has also launched the “Fernhill Melbourne Cup Art Competition” open to primary and high school students. This artwork is part of the display at the Paceway on 2 October where the winners will be announced and the winning schools can win up to $2,000. Fernhill CEO Brenda Tripp said that the announcement of the Melbourne Cup Trophy Visit to Fernhill was the start of an exciting period for the historic Fernhill Estate. “It will be the first time Australia’s most iconic trophy will visit the Penrith district and we are delighted for Fernhill to be one of the hosts,” Ms Tripp said. “The Cup visit is one of a number of exciting new events being planned for this spring. We can’t wait for this breathtaking property to showcased to the local community.” For more information, visit r Preparing for the Cup L to R – Jill Woods – Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, Brenda Tripp – Fernhill Estate, Tom Mc Dermott – Australia’s number one Show Jumper – Fernhill Estate, Zineta de Beer - Fernhill Estate, Lorraine Pozzo – Penrith Paceway, Gai Hawthorn – Penrith CBD Photo courtesy of Angie Johnson

Courses available for the very beginner to elite 4 week courses 8 week courses For all ages to fitness levels Private lessons and workshops available Gift certificates

NOW s u l l a Ca into k o o to b

E FRtEory class duc


Pole Dance Fitness Studio

Ph: 4732 2226 September September 2013 2013 53


Minister Matt Olliffe • Anglican Parish of Mulgoa • Phone: 4774 0422 • Mobile: 0401 958 161 Sunday Church times: 8:30am & 6.45pm St Thomas’ Mulgoa. 10:30am St Paul’s Warragamba.

What would you say to Prime Minister Rudd? If you had a minute to have a conversation with the PM, what would you talk about? Australia is an amazing country where you can walk up to the Prime Minister and have a chat. Kevin Rudd was down at Westfield Plaza electioneering recently, so I went to talk to him. I had about a minute with him, the cameras rolling. I wanted to talk to Mr Rudd about his support of gay marriage, to which I am opposed. He sent out an email saying he will attempt to change the definition of marriage in his first 100 days office. This is quite an about face from his position in 2007. I first of all said that I was a local Anglican Minister, and that I wanted Mr Rudd to know that we were praying for him AND for Mr Abbott. The sound in the ABC Report’s Audio noticeably dropped out when I said ‘um and Mr Abbott’. The second thing I said was that we were very concerned about the Gay Marriage proposal. Mr Rudd said that there will be protections for Ministers of Religion. I then told him I have a number of friends who are civil celebrants and Christians, and they are likewise concerned. Mr Rudd said that no one need be concerned with this legislation. However, I believe that Mr Rudd’s assurances cannot be relied on, because no politician cannot control who decides to ask for gay marriage in church, or who wishes to test the legislation in the courts. The Church of England, which received similar assurances, is currently facing litigation for not marrying gay couples ( news/article-2383686/Millionaire-gay-fathers-sue-ChurchEngland-allowing-married-church.html). In the US, florists, photographers and caterers have been sued for not wishing to service a gay wedding. Gay rights activists talk about a conscience vote in parliament. But they have no problems imposing on other’s consciences when they get what the

legislative changes they want. Gay marriage legislation won’t end the fights. There will be a whole round of new fights. During our brief discussion, Mr Rudd revealed that he believed that there are many ways to God. While I didn’t say this at the time, I think Mr Rudd needs to know that in John 14:6 Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’ and in Acts 4:12, Peter said ‘there is only one name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.’ Everyone has freedom of religion, that is one thing. It is another thing for a professing Christian to say that there are many ways to God. The Bible does not teach this. The thing I did make sure I said was something like ‘As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, can I urge you to read Matthew 19:4-5 where Jesus says ‘A man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ and ‘in the beginning God made them male and female.’ Mr Rudd responded something to the effect that there are different understandings of the bible. True, but not all are correct. People twist the bible to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16). The New Testament specifically says that gay sex is sinful and those who live that way will not inherit the kingdom of God (Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). The good news is that there is forgiveness of sin for all who trust in Jesus Christ, no matter what their past looks like (Romans 4:1-8; 10:9-10). Gay marriage is a God issue. If there is no God, and we are just evolutionary accidents, gay marriage, group marriage, bigamy, polygamy, polyandry, a parent marrying an adult child, should all be allowed. Only that would be truly equal marriage. Anything else is discrimination. Other more bizarre things would follow. It would be equal, but chaos. But if God has made us, and spoken about the way we should live (as I believe he has), our society will do best when we follow his rules. Matt Olliffe Minister, Anglican Parish of Mulgoa

Melanie Bond Versatile Conveyancing


Versatile Conveyancing was established to allow residents of the local areas of Wallacia, Mulgoa, Silverdale, Warragamba, Jordan Springs, Llandilo, Glenmore Park, Regentville, Luddenham, Emu Plains, Leonay and Emu Heights to have access to innovative, professional and cost effective conveyancing services. Melanie Bond, owner of Versatile Conveyancing has a vast knowledge of the local area, having grown up in the local area, and has had over 20 years experience in the conveyancing field, working with solicitors and conveyancers alike. She understands how important each client’s matter is and works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The professional and friendly staff at Versatile Conveyancing can help you with buying, selling or refinancing rural, residential or strata properties and will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Versatile Conveyancing

Ph: 4773 2014

Mob: 0448 354 751

4 September 2013


Lish is Here!

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BETHANY PRIMARY SCHOOL 34-38 Wi W 2745 William Howell Drive, Glenmore Park NS W



her! t e g o t Brings us


FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th 1:00pm - 7:00pm


Hangar Renovation We are asking for your assistance in refurbishing our transit area into a welcoming space for our families. A renovation rescue you could say… Little Wings Australia is a not-for-profit charity, providing an exceptional service to regional NSW families. Little Wings relies on support through corporate sponsorship as well as the community to keep the plane in the air, transporting children in need to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead for treatment. Children diagnosed with a serious illness and living far from specialised medical treatment in NSW face bigger challenges than their city counterparts – family cohesiveness is affected, and a child and parent often face repetitive long, arduous travel to and from country locations for treatment in Sydney. Little Wings not only makes the physical journey easier for these families, but also helps them financially, emotionally and lessens the health risks to the child as having an immunosuppressed child exposed to viruses on public transport trips can have terrible outcomes. What we need is for the community to assist us with transforming our waiting area at our hangar located at Bankstown airport into a pleasant, exciting and uplifting space for our patients. A place they can relax whilst we get the Little Wings plane ready for their Journey home. Somewhere mum and dad can relax and have a cup of tea or coffee while the kids are entertained in a play area. The waiting area is only 30m2. If you are a tradie or business that could give a little to help kids with cancer please consider coming on board and working together with us to achieve this goal. We will need: • Painter & paint to brighten up the interior finishes. • Signage for our hangar • Wall or window air-conditioned • Safety barriers for walkway into hangar to keep the kids safe • New carpet supplied and laid 30m2 • Furniture – couches and coffee table • Small Fridge and basic Kitchen items E.g. Coffee Machine • Toys, books & play mat for the kids If you can assist with our renovation or are a business that would like to donate some items, please contact us. We will have a great time putting this together for the kids of Little Wings Australia.



Stall Holders, Sporting & Performance groups are encouraged to apply to be included in this fantastic community event, please email

exposure to over 450 local families

John Gersteling & Associates


You can also enjoy delicious canapés and sparkling drinks as Accredited Building Design Consultants well as alcohol free punch. Residential and Commercial Architectural Designs Bianca Joukador’s reasoning for the big expansion and new salon was simple. “We wanted to serve the community and VISIT OUR WEB SITE deliver a product that is very much needed. People are time poor. They want a one stop shop where they can have their hair coloured, a manicure and pedicure all done at the same FULL ARCHITECTURAL, STYLE DESIGN SERVICES, time and enjoy being pampered by a team of professionals in a FREE QUOTATIONS day spa environment” she said. When: Saturday 7 September 2013 • ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING PLANS & SPECIFICATIONS Bianca has 20 years of experience in the industry. She has • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND CERTIFICATION 9am - DESIGN 3.30pm been a TAFE Educator in Beauty and has developed her own • ALL DOCUMENTATION AS REQUIRED BY LOCAL COUNCIL line of cosmetics, manicure, pedicure and acrylic products. & STATE GOVERNMENT Where:& SUSTAINABLE Jamison DESIGN Park, CRITERIA South Penrith She, along with her team, have qualifications in all areas of • ENVIRONMENTAL hair and beauty including permanent hair reduction, skin (entry via Jamison Rd only) rejuvenation, acne treatments and dermal therapies, upstyles, DOMESTIC Pack your old televisions, computers, microwaves, colour, hair extensions and smoothing treatments. The New homes, Additions & Extensions, Garages, Barns, Storage, Townhouse & Unit Development, Granny Flats and salon employs local residents and prides itself on stereos and other electronic waste in providing your car Pavillions, Recycling Secondary Dwellings - Dual Occupationelectronic a or relaxed, no pressure and welcoming environment to enjoy trailer. waste will keep COMMERCIAL being pampered. Childcare Centres, Shopping Centres & Retail from Developments, harmful materials The professional staffwill at Lish Hair for and you Beauty Daythe Spa Office Block Developments, The friendy staff unload and Factory & Warehouse Projects, include Joukador (Principal Dermal Therapist), Dr Infrastructure Projects landfill and help our itemsBianca collected will be recycled. environment. Stephanie Hyams (Cosmetic Physician), Catherine Vucetic STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING (Principal Stylist), Samantha Smith-Wells (Beauty Large whitegoods and BBQs will not Therapist), Concrete Ground & Floor Slabs, Footings & Foundations, Steel Kaisha Hosking (New Talent Stylist), Brittany Allen (Stylist and Beams & Columns, Portal Frames, Workshop Drawings be accepted. Hair Extension Specialist), Jaimee Cooper (Dermal Therapist), P.O.BOX 150 Chloe Pace (Salon Assistant) and Libby Moon (Receptionist). CORNER MARSH & WARRADALE ROADS Lish Hair and Beauty Day Spa are located at Silverdale Visit for a full SILVERDALE NSW 2752 Shopping Centre, they can be contacted on 4774 1880. list of acceptable items, or for more Lishous, Scrumptious, Off the Chain, Top of its game. You are PHONE: 47741931 0419299806 informationMOBILE: phone 4732 7615 the Lish! Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook. E-MAIL:

10 September 2013

September 2013 5

Back to Luddenham Weekend Be sure to SAVE THE DATE! On the 30th of November Luddenham will celebrate its Bicentenary and plans are underway for the Back to Luddenham Weekend, which will culminate with a massive Family Fun day at the Luddenham Showground on Sunday the 1st of December. Saturday night the 30th will see the return of the Old Time Dances that were a huge part of Luddenham for over 40 years (every second Saturday night); it will be a night to remember. Sunday the 1st of December at the Showground will be massive with the following: • Vintage Car Show • Antique Trucks & Equipment • Olden day Games – 3 legged race, sack race, egg & spoon etc • Luddenham’s Got Talent (Talent Quest) • Market Stalls • Rides & Amusements • Memorabilia Pavilion • Family Reunions • Static & Historical Displays • Plus Lots more... Local Churches will also have special services to celebrate Luddenham first 200 years. We are also looking for Stall holders, old photos & memorabilia of the Luddenham area and performers for the talent show, as well as locals to help organise the celebrations. Luddenham was owned by John Blaxland, who received a grant of 6,710 acres (27.2 km2) on 30 November 1813. His elder brother was the more famous Gregory Blaxland and Luddenham was the name of their family property in Kent, England. Further information is available on Facebook at Luddenham

Bicentenary, or by emailing or calling 4773 4375

Pool Makeover! Repainting and routine Winter maintenance work has now been completed at Wollondilly Community Leisure Centre’s Outdoor Pool and Warragamba Pool in preparation for the summer period. Picton Pool was last repainted and repaired in 2008. The significant repair work completed at that stage has left the concrete pool in good condition for the repainting that has just been completed. So this year very few repairs were required prior to painting. A concrete pool structure generally needs to be repainted every three years however because of the good condition of the pool the repainting wasn’t required until now. The preparation for painting involved a soap wash to remove body fats, suntan oils followed by an acid wash, then bicarbonate wash in order to neutralise the acid and finally a high pressure blast of the surface. The pool was then applied with then 3 coats of Epoxy Resin (Pacific Blue) and the lanes were marked out and 3 coats of Epoxy Resin (Black) applied. The total cost for the work was $47,300. Warragamba Pool did not require any repairs prior to repainting. However there were some other remedial works carried at the facility during this time which were funded by SRV funding and include painting of the change rooms and first aid room floors with non-slip paint, replacement of sand filter lids and the replacement of the filter sand and the installation of 25mm weld mesh on all lower areas of safety fencing to ensure compliance with current regulations. The cost for Warragamba Pool including the remedial works was $ 21,500. Both pools will be ready for use after the September/October school holiday period.

Ladies and Mens Hairdressing

MULGOA MEDICAL PRACTICE Mon, Wed, Fri: 9am - 6pm

Tues,Thurs, Sat: 9am - 1pm

Bulk Billing Female Doctor

4773 9655

Mulgoa Shopping Centre

4773 9908 Specialists in:

Reasonable prices 100% guarantee on our work

Cutting & Colour, Colour Correction, Styling/Up-styles, Blow Dry/Straight & Curls, Formal Hair/Weddings, Men’s Cuts, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Kids’ Style Cuts (All Ages) Shop 2, 1216 Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa

Mon,Tues, Wed & Fri: 9am - 5pm, Thurs: 9am-7pm, Sat: 8am-1pm

Servicing all your legal needs including:  


 

Family Law

Criminal Law

Civil Litigation

Traffic & RMS matters

P: 9725 2702  Wills M: 0404 011 411  Conveyancing E: Mention this advertisement for a 10% reduction on all professional fees

6 September 2013

Signature Facial with Free Shampoo, Head Massage, Condition & Create


Free Cut and Create with any Balayage Hair Colour with your choice of stylist.

Save up to


Free Pedicure with any Highlight, Tint or Gloss Service.




Package includes Complimentary

Long $230 Longest $270

Shampoo & Conditioner

1 x 250ml Trichovedic Luxury Shampoo 1 x 250ml Trichovedic Luxury Treatment Conditioner

4774 1880

Package Valued at


Offers Valid Until 30th November 2013

3A Silverdale Shopping Centre, 2320 Silverdale Rd Silverdale NSW 2752

September 2013 7


Pastor Uel Beggs • Warragamba Baptist Church • Phone: 4774 1476 • • Sunday Morning Service at 9.30 am

A Christian Chat with Pastor Ron Baker As I reflect on Father’s Day just gone, I am reminded of the many sons and daughters who remembered their dads. For sure they did it in a variety of ways, however I am sure also that most of us who are fathers were reminded that the raising of our children is one of the most important things we will ever do. Now, we all know that in the raising of our children there are certain responsibilities that fathers have to carry out. The bible tells us that the greatest is for his children’s faith. To be sure fathers are the breadwinners in the home, they must provide for their children’s material needs. But fathers must also be concerned about their children’s knowledge of God. Indeed to teach their children about God, fathers have to have a living faith in God themselves. I am sure that we are all aware that we are now going through a crisis concerning fathers and fathering. Over ninety percent of single-parent families today are headed by women. Obviously many fathers have no interest in their offspring. They are perfectly willing to father their children biologically, but they want little to do with them after they are conceived and born. The prevalence of abortion these days too, is an appalling indictment of today’s fathers. We talk a lot about freedom of choice in connection with abortion, but often a woman feels forced to get an abortion because the father of her foetal child wants it. As I look at the situation of our modern society, I can see that many fathers are not doing very well these days. Could it be because they do not believe in God and his bible? Many

believe nothing so they have nothing to give their children. If you are a father and you feel you have been a failure, may I encourage you to find out about God and then discover how to have faith in God. Indeed God will enable you to be the kind of father he wants you to be. A father’s faith is the most important thing about him. Psalm 78 tells us about communication. It tells how God expects fathers not to hide facts from their children that are extremely important. The greatest thing you will ever do for your children is communicate the Christian faith to them. Psalm 78 says that children should be taught the great deeds of God and the laws of God. Fathers can begin this in the home and their wives can help them in this great work but fathers must also make sure their family is part of a church where the deeds and laws of God are regularly examined and proclaimed. A father’s son is his image bearer. The stamp a father puts on his child is one that is transmitted not only by genetics, but also by a child learning his father’s way of living. Pastor Ron Baker

Our next Computer Course will begin on Thursday 31st October at 2pm. Bookings can be made at the Neighbourhood Centre or by ringing 4733 3637

Silverdale For all your GROCERY, FRESH FRUIT & VEG, BBQ CHOOKS, & CONTINENTAL DELI needs Come in and meet our FRIENDLY STAFF who are only too happy to assist you Cappriccio Peeled/Diced Tomatoes 400g

$0.69c ea

Cappriccio B/Ap Passata 700g


Support the STORE that SUPPORTS your community Shop 3/2320 Silverdale Rd, Opening hours Silverdale

Tel: 4774 1986 8 September 2013

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 7pm Saturday & Sunday 7.30am - 6pm

Bloomin’ Spectacular! Spring is a wonderful time to visit the lovely Blue Mountains and a major seasonal attraction is The Leura Gardens Festival from 5th to 13th October. A selection of Leura’s finest private gardens will be open to the public giving visitors an opportunity to view and meander through a variety of gardening styles designed specifically for the cool climate conditions in the upper Blue Mountains. Iris, daffodils, anemones and tulips amongst many others, present an exciting mix of colour and interest for garden lovers. Many of the gardens in Leura are well known for magnificent spring displays of cool climate exotics such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and hellebores. Following favourable weather conditions over the last several years this year will be no exception. For visitors wanting tips and advice they will find that many of the friendly garden owners are on hand to answer questions and offer guidance. Festival 2013 will have nine private gardens on show as well as the magnificent National Trust Property ‘Everglades’. The sprawling grounds of ‘Everglades’ make the property an ideal place to take a breather for a refreshment break or picnic in the extensive grounds. The Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort made its debut in the Festival last year and this extensive property promises to provide visitors with yet another visual feast of colour and variety. The Waldorf is also a popular refreshment venue with teas, lunches and afternoon teas served in The Olive Tree Restaurant. Two of past years favourites are also returning to the festival this year. The lovely garden of Ewanriig, adjacent to the picturesque Leura Golf course, and Wai-Ila which successfully combines creative ideas with clever planning. The Leura gardens have all been selected to provide visitors with a wide cross section of gardening styles. Other gardens in the line up are Davaar, Rustlings, Brabourne, DeadEnd House, Tandella and for the last time on the show the very popular garden Shenstone, where a marquee will be erected to provide daily music programmes and a two day series of horticultural events to be held on Wednesday 9th and 10th October. The events programme ‘Under the Marquee’ will feature a series of talks and workshops conducted by noted gardening experts. The programme will cover subjects such as pruning, growing lawns, worm farming, sustainable gardening and more. The Festival nursery selling a wide variety of both native and exotic plants at great prices has also been a favourite with visitors and this year should be no exception. The nursery will be in Watkins Road next to the golf course. Opening 5th and running to 13th October festival gardens are open 9.30am to 4.30pm daily. Entry is $20 for an all gardens ticket and $5 per single entry. The Leura Gardens Festival is a community event run by over 300 local volunteers and all funds raised are donated to the Blue Mountains District Anzac Memorial Hospital to purchase vital equipment as well as funding for other local medical foundations. For more details visit:

Visit the upper blue mountains this spring Leura gardens festival

t Don s mis

5th to 13th october

daily 9.00am to 4.30pm

10 of the best gardens in Leura including ‘Everglades’ All gardens entry: $20 pp Programme of horticultural events. See and hear leading experts talk on pruning,sustainable gardening,worm farming,gardening for children, growing and care for turf and much more Festival plant sales: Art and Music in the gardens: Leura Village Fair on last weekend and many other attractions. Come by car or train. Hop on hop off Shuttle bus between all gardens every 30 minutes: Only $5 email

Lawn Mow and Edging Hedging & Mulching Lawn & Garden Spraying Fertilising & Top Dressing Single Storey Gutter Clean Acreage Mowing Over 12 years Greenkeeping Experience Fully Qualified Cert III Horticulture

Call Andrew 0422 303 100 September 2013 2013 97 September

Ammonia Free Organic Colour Salon

Angelic Hair Studio Wallacia GRAND OPENING 8TH OCTOBER (Pre Bookings Taken Now)

20% off FULL PRICE SERVICE (Excludes Keratin) Style-cuts Treatments Formal styling Colours Foils Weddings Perms Blow-drys Formal styling GHD Curls Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment*

Specialising in all aspects of hair design Trading hours: Mon – Tues – Thur – Fri 9am – 5pm Wed 9am – 7pm Sat 8.30 am – 2pm Shop 5/1 Park Road, Wallacia

4773 9124

10 September 2013

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Spring is in the Hair! Angelic Hair Studio’s amazing new salon boasts class and elegance and is situated in the heart of Wallacia. The salon provides quality service for the whole family with a relaxing atmosphere. At Angelic Hair Studio, they focus on one-on-one service, where your hair stylist will look after you from start to finish. The friendly staff will ensure that your visit to the salon will be a memorable one, as they are constantly striving for new levels of perfection. Shampoos are complimentary with every haircut for both men and women. Angelic Hair Studio believes that this is the most relaxing part of the service that all customers should enjoy. They are proud to be an ammonia-free colour salon, removing harsh chemicals wherever possible to deliver real benefits. Their motto when it comes to hair is simple, “Healthy hair begins when it’s free from chemical overload”. Angelic Hair Studio can be found at Shop 5, 1 Park Road, Wallacia. To book an appointment, they can be called on 4773 9124.


Step into hair free

Laser Hair Reduction Specials Female Underarms Brazilian Lip & Chin Half Leg Bikini


$99 Chest & Stomach Back, Neck & Shoulder $129 $99 Back

$12 $45 $12 $69 $19

Face Photo Rejuvenation $79.00 Treating pigmentation, freckles, capillaries, fine lines, acne.

Pre purchase 5 and receive the 6th FREE Pre purchase 8 and receive 3 FREE Admire Beaute Admire Skin & Laser Clinic Shop 1,1216 Mulgoa Road, Shop 6,1 Park Road, Mulgoa Wallacia 2745 T (02) 4773 8336 T (02) 47739778



SCHOOL FORMAL STAR PACKAGES now $25.00 Spray Tan $35.00 00 now $15.00 Party Lashes $20. 0.00 now $30.00 Spa Pedicure $5 5.00 now $45.00 Acrylic Nails $5 $30.00 ation $55.00 now lic p p A p -u ke a M w $30.00 anicure $45.00 no Permanent M 00 $40.00 now $25. Body Exfoliation





- Body exfoliation and Spray Tan




- Spa Pedicure and Acrylic Nails


- Party Lashes and make-up application INCLUDES FREE LIPSTICK Admire Beaute Shop 1, 1216 Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa Phone 02 4773 8336

Admire Skin & Laser Clinic Shop 6, 1 Park Road, Wallacia 2745 Phone 02 47739778

Conditions apply!

September 2013 11


WHAT’S COOKING? With the warmer weather about to hit, it’s time to get into salads, barbecues, picnics and lighter dishes. So spring to it!

Green Curry Chicken & Vegetable Skewers

For all your Conveyancing Needsp


Versatile Conveyancing Sunday Buffet Breakfast $14 Offers

• Personal • Affordable rates • FAST, efficient conveyancing Everyattention Sunday commencing 6th October 8am – 11am • Complete protection withCoffee professional insurance • Sausages • Eggs • Bacon• & Tea indemnity • Unlimited Toast If you can’t come to us, we will visit you at your home or work

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

4773 354 751 Present original coupon.p:Valid 1st 2014 October – m: 31st 0448 October 2013

e: Floribunda Avenue 4733 5268

• Serves 4 Equipment You’ll need 20 pre-soaked bamboo skewers. Ingredients 12 (600g) chicken tenderloins 1/4 cup Ayam Thai green curry paste 1 large red capsicum, cut into 2.5cm pieces 2 medium zucchini, halved lengthways, cut into 1.5cm pieces 150g button mushrooms, halved Rice bran oil cooking spray 100g rice vermicelli noodles 1/2 cup coconut milk 11/2 tablespoons lime juice 2 teaspoons brown sugar 2 teaspoons fish sauce Fresh coriander leaves and lime wedges, to serve Method 1. Place chicken in a shallow glass or ceramic dish. Add curry paste. Toss to coat. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. 2. Thread chicken onto 12 skewers. Thread capsicum, zucchini and mushrooms onto 8 skewers. Spray vegetables with oil. 3. Heat a greased barbecue plate or chargrill on medium-high heat. Cook skewers for 3 to 4 minutes each side or until chicken is cooked through and vegetables are tender. Transfer to a plate. Cover loosely with foil. Set aside to rest for 5 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, place noodles in a large heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water. Stand for 5 minutes or until tender. Drain. Combine coconut milk, lime juice, sugar and fish sauce in a jug. Divide noodles between bowls. Drizzle with coconut milk mixture. Serve with skewers, coriander and lime wedges.

Mulgoa Valley Bakehouse

Thank you

Freshly Baked Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Slices and Pies, Birthday Cakes, Wholesale and Retail

Orders taken 4773


Ginger & Apple Cordial Ingredients 11/2 cups caster sugar 2 teaspoons citric acid 1 teaspoon tartaric acid 10cm piece fresh ginger, sliced 2 granny smith apples, grated Method 1. Place sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, ginger and 2 cups cold water in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir to combine. Bring to the boil. 2. Place apple in a heatproof bowl. Add water mixture. Stand for 10 minutes. Strain into a large, heatproof jug. Pour into hot, sterilised bottles and seal. Refrigerate until chilled. 3. To serve: Use 1/3 cup cordial to 1/2 cup chilled sparkling mineral water or iced water. Serve with fresh mint leaves and finely diced granny smith and red apples. 12 September 2013

Get started on a healthier YOU today with the ALL NEW

Contours BODY BLITZ! STARTS 19th August Call 4735 4464 now to find out more! Contours Emu Plains 2/84-90 Old Bathurst Rd Emu Heights NSW 2750 * T&Cs apply. You do not need to be a Contours member to take part.

W E N R E D UN t n e m e g a man 2 for

$15 750ml

McGuigan Black Label




Ride On Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The Three Bears Range

750ml each

1 litre each

750ml each

Johnnie Walker Red Label, Bundaberg UP Rum, Jim Beam White Label 1 litre


2 for


5 pack each

24 pack

Woodstock Premix

$3999 24 pack each

VB Stubbies

Carlton Dry

Specials available until 30/9/13 or while stocks last.

CELLARBRATIONS AT MULGOA 13/1216 Mulgoa Road • 4773 8212

# Cellarbrations gift card can be used for the purchase of goods from any participating Cellarbrations store only. Cellarbrations supports the responsible service of alcohol. Pricing available in NSW & ACT outlets only, Not all varieties available in all stores. No trade supplied. Pricing may vary in country or regional areas. Tobacco and alcohol not supplied to or for under 18’s. E.&E.O.

September 2013 13

COUNSELLING CORNER with Linda Cassell @ Psychology Works 4 All Phone 4773 3057 or 0421 507 191 email Confusion about responsibility and ownership in our lives is a problem of boundaries. Just as homeowners set fences (a boundary) around their land, we need to set mental, physical and emotional boundaries for our lives to help us distinguish what is our responsibility and what isn’t. Boundaries define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where I end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership of my life. Boundaries also show us what is not our property and what we are not responsible for. We are not responsible for other people. The most basic boundary setting rule is saying ‘no’. ‘No’ let’s others know that you exist apart from them and that you are in control of you. People subject to another person’s addictions, control or abuse find that after years of waiting for the person to change, create a boundary which in effect is limiting that persons control over them. Effectively a good boundary gives then the freedom to say … ’you can continue on with your (bad) behaviour but I will not let that behaviour have a negative impact on my life. We say ‘no’ to people and activities that are harmful to us. In the end we are only responsible for our own behaviour, our own choices, our own life. The only person we can change is our self. Good boundaries are essential to good mental health. Feelings of anger and frustration are good indicators that our personal boundaries have been breached.

FEDERAL ELECTION September 7th Make your



Wallacia Panthers Golf and Country Club 2014 GOLF MEMBERSHIPS OPEN 1ST SEPTEMBER


2014 Special




Midweek Membership


Senior & Concession Rates Available For more details contact our Golf Shop 4773 8835 Conditions Apply

THURSDAY – $13 Steak Choose from one of our succulent steaks, cooked to your liking, served with chips, salad & gravy

Be in the club for your chance to win up to

Buy One Main Meal & Get A Second Meal For Just $5

FRIDAY – $5 Meal Deal


Draws at 6.30pm and 7.30pm Fridays 4.30pm and 5.30pm Saturdays LTPS /13/06525

13 Park Road, Wallacia 2745 Email:

Get A Complimentary Garlic Bread With Any Purchase Over $15



Full Male

WEDNESDAY – Free Garlic Bread

SATURDAY – $10 Schnitzel Any Chicken Schnitzel & Chips For Just $10 Excludes Prawn Schnitzel

Terms & Conditions Apply

Clubhouse: 4773 8417

14 September 2013

SUNDAY – Roast Special Large Roast Of The Day $10.90 Small Roast Of The Day $8.90 Members Only Specials, Conditions Apply

PARENTS’ CORNER Article by: Narelle Smith (Family Worker) NepeanStudent-Wellbeing Worker – Mulgoa Public School Nepean Community & Neighbourhood Services Ph: 0409 986 121 Centre: 4721 8520 Blog:

Do you do Time-Out at your place? Although Dr Matt Sanders from Triple P advises that Time-Out is a positive strategy for parents, Time-Out has been receiving a bad rap in the parent education field the past few years. And foster carers are not allowed to use Time-Out at all any more. There are a few good things about it… - It gives parents an alternative to smacking and yelling. - It gives kids and parents a chance to cool down. - In Triple P, time-out lasts no longer than five minutes, and five minutes in the life of a child is not a lot. - At the end of time-out, you get on with things – no lectures, recriminations, or apologies. The child has done the time for their crime, end of story. However, based on the latest findings in brain development, when Time-Out is used with young children we are asking them to do something which scientists say they are not yet capable of doing – calming or soothing themselves. It is better for young children, to have their parents help organise their feelings by acknowledging and labelling their feelings, and soothing them with calming words and touch. In the Circle of Security parenting course, this is called being Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Kind. The thing about Time-Out is that it is very addictive for parents because it works so very well. The problem with using Time-Out a lot is that it is a big disconnect in the parent-child relationship, and children don’t learn very much from it. They don’t learn the skills to resolve conflict. They don’t learn to calm themselves in situ. They don’t learn relationship repair. Part of our job as parents is to give our kids skills that they can take into adolescence and adulthood so they can be competent citizens, good friends, and caring, supportive, and nurturing partners and parents. I just don’t think Time-Out provides the goods in that department. I’ve seen plenty of angry and resentful kids who have spent a lot of time in Time-Out, because every time they look the wrong way they are sent off to their room. And they frequently don’t have a good relationship with their folks. A little bit of Time-Out is OK. A whole lot of Time-Out is going to backfire on you in the long run - you’ll be wondering why your kids are so surly. Quite often, Time-Out is used by parents because they don’t have the capacity to control themselves. The very thing they are asking their children to do. Some parents I have worked with who have problems controlling their anger, give themselves a Time-Out. They tell their kids that they need to go and calm down, and they will come back to repair the relationship when they are feeling better. This is a lot better than ‘losing it’, blaming it on the kids, and regretting the things we have said and done to hurt our kids. I believe Time-Out is the discipline of last resort. At my place, I only use Time-Out for what I call ‘crimes against humanity’, that is being hurtful, violent, or aggressive. There are so many more positive parenting strategies that you can use to guide and educate your kids.

The Country Market Day, held at Mulgoa Public School on Sunday, 25th August turned out to be a spectacular day. The small school raised nearly $12,000 to help provide more iPads and other resources for the children to enhance their educational learning. A special thank you to the sponsors of our event who helped raise this incredible amount. Thanks to the wonderful support of our Community who made this day such a great success. Also all our volunteers, teachers, parents, Mulgoa Rotary and the Gazette. We couldn't have done it without you all.

6 Weir Road, Warragamba 4774 1249

Not For Profit Community Based Preschool Operating for 60 years

Our centre offers three age-specific rooms catering for children 2-6 years old. Children’s learning is documented in daily reflective photo journals and individual portfolios. Our qualified and experienced educators offer a comprehensive program to promote your child’s learning through The Early Years Learning Framework. Our Preschool room (4-5 year olds) focuses on school readiness, literacy and numeracy programs and transition to school experiences.

Contact us to secure your child’s position in 2013 Hours 8am to 4pm, during school terms Reduced Fees available to low income families

Holy Family School Update

from the desk of Principal: Mr Tim Vane-Tempest

Civic Reception for Primary Student Leaders Recently all Primary Student leaders from schools in the Penrith City region were recognised at a civic reception. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the role these senior students play in the modelling to the other students, aspects of leadership and service to their community. Congratulations also to our Year 6 Student Leaders on their award. Country Fair 7th September The bi-annual Holy Family School Country Fair will be held on Saturday 7th September, in the grounds of Holy Family School. There will be rides, BBQ, entertainment, a range of specialty displays such as wood chopping as well as the usual Country Fair favourites like the Chocolate Wheel, White Elephant stall and Devonshire Tea. Netball Gala Day Congratulations to all the children who competed at the St. Nicholas Netball Gala Day earlier this week. Despite the cold windy conditions an enjoyable and successful day was had by all involved. We had over 90 students in 11 teams take part in this event. Congratulations to the 12yrs Girls who won their division on the day. Congratulations to all involved for their organization, preparation, coaching, umpiring and supporting the teams. September September 2013 15 17


KEEPING FIT WITH Rj to parents Congratulations Kane and Brearn McCullan Overcoming ‘Gymphobia’

on the birth of Regardless of our age, size or fitness level, most of us Kristy feel nervous when startingMarlie something new.McCullan The thought 23rd of Maya2013. of turning up to join a gym, or trying out new form of Granddaughter group exercise, can be absolutely terrifying for to some! Jeff and Vicki Daniel The good news is, you’re definitely notand alone! Ray McCullan Donna started Cullen It’s important to remember that and everyone somewhere! Wollondilly Leads Way are common. Negative thoughts and The insecurities Will I be able to keep up? Will I look silly? Shire Will I be Volunteer graffiti busters in Wollondilly arethe an slowestfor orthe biggest person in the won’t lie, it’s example rest of Australia to class? follow,I according tonot the easy overcoming thisLimited, negativeMrself talk! But if you can chairman of VandalTrak Anthony Krkac. your fearsCommunity and take that first step, you will the Aface VandalTrak Precinct is there to reap mobilise rewards that abusinesses, healthy and volunteer fit lifestyle will give and you. other local residents, groups Grab a friend, anagainst activitygraffiti that you both enjoy and organisations in thefind fight vandalism. make it fun! Don’t worry about what others might think Although councils often do a good job removing tags of you are they are therethis for the from their- chances properties, on average accounts for less same reason!of all graffiti. More than 40 per cent occurs than a quarter Training! onHappy businsseses and private property. Often, they need a helping hand from volunteers to remove the mess. Rj Tierney (owner) “InPure JuneFitness 2013 Penrith Wollondilly became the first VandalTrak Community Ph: 4732Precinct 2884 in New South Wales and it’s going strength to strength”, Mr Krkac said. “They’re exchanging information via their local Facebook page and cheering each other on”. Under the guidance of the precinct coordinator, Christine Maude, locals have recorded incidents of steel. graffiti on a I really don’t think I137 need buns of range of I’property types. In many cases they’ve d be happy with buns of cinnamon.removed r Jessica Fox wins World Championship K1 & C1 the tags themselves, using paint and supplies paid for out World Junior Canoe Slalom Champions – Georgina Rankin, Alexandra Broome & Noemie Foxr – Ellen DeGeneres of their own pocket. “Now that they’re up and running, the next phase will be to get more help from the local council, the power company and other government agencies”, Mr Krkac said. “I urge Wollondilly Shire Council to follow the lead of Blacktown City Council and others, which give paint and supplies to volunteers in the local VandalTrak Community Precinct”, he said. VandalTrak’s website and free smartphone apps are an integrated community crime management system, which enables citizens to report graffiti using a digital camera or a mobile phone. The GPSFitness coordinates embedded in the • Domestic Equipment • Domestic Fitness Equipment images are used to fix the precise location of each tag. Sales Rentals && Rentals The information• MMA isSales then distributed free and Boxing Gear of charge to • MMA and Boxing Gear councils, utility companies and law enforcement agencies. • Supplements and Nutrition Specialists • Supplements and Nutrition Specialists During trials conducted with the NSW Police, VandalTrak • Group and 1 on 1 Personal Training available • Group and 1 on 1 Personal Training available 6-9am, 4-8pm of intelligence in the proved its effectiveness as a4-8pm source 6-9am, Treadmills –– HIRE HIRE ––NEW NEW––USED USED Treadmills • Easy Equipment Financing ie Certegy, GO Getta.. Fitlease! identification of graffiti vandals in Sydney’s northwestern • Easy Equipment Financing ie Certegy, GO Getta.. Fitlease! suburbs. Spare Parts Parts for for all all Models Models Spare Users must register with VandalTrak. Registration is free. Visit Electronic Repairs Repairs Electronic YourONE ONESTOP STOP shop Your shop Gym Cable Cable Replacements Replacements for body transformations, Gym for body transformations, homeororonon the go! atathome the go!

Australia’s London Olympic silver medallist Jessica Fox has become the first woman to win gold in both the C1 and K1 events at the same World Cup. It was a historic moment for the 19-year-old Australian who held her nerves to execute a clean run under enormous mental pressure to secure her first K1 World Cup victory in Tacen, Slovenia. Jessica created history in becoming the first female athlete to complete the double, winning gold in the both the C1 and K1 disciplines at one World Cup. In the same event in which she won silver at last year’s Olympic Games, Fox improved on her semi-final time to win in 117.60, 0.34 seconds ahead of Austrian star Corinna Kuhnle. Local favourite Eva Tercelj took bronze 1.77 seconds behind Fox. “I am very happy to win my first World Cup medal in K1 and to do the double on Tacen is really special,” said Fox. Meanwhile, in Slovakia, Jessica’s sister Noemie Fox teamed up with Alexandra Broome and Georgia Rankin to win the World Junior Canoe Slalom at the 2013 World Canoe Championships at Liptopsky Mikular.

1300 834 834 778 778 1300

“FitnessStarts Startswith withU!” U!” “Fitness

Gym Upholstery Upholstery Repairs Repairs Gym

Preventative Maintenance MaintenanceSpecialists Specialists Preventative Gym & & Treadmill TreadmillRelocations Relocations&&Removals Removals Gym


1300 734 734 834 834 1300 Unit2 26666Preston Preston Penrith NSW 2750 Unit St,St, Penrith NSW 2750


16 September 2013 September 2013 15


Thank you

The Home Addition Specialist An honest honest affordable An affordablebuilder builder serving our serving ourlocal localcommunity. community. 30 years yearsexperience. experience. 20 New homes,additions, additions, New homes, bathroom renovations. bathroom renovations.

Domenic Fameli

Lic. No. R87816

Tel: 4774 2465 or 0407 870 065

Anthems of OZ


Friday Night Entertainment

7.30pm to 10.30pm 6th September 2013 Bozzy Solo 13th September 2013 Wes Pearce Disco 20th September 2013 Kye Brown 27th September 2013 Bill Sarina Solo

MONDAY Meat Market 12noon Bingo 7-30pm



Ti c $5 ket ea s

8pm 14th September


Saturday 28th September


Wednesday Winners Raffle 7.30pm Bingo 11.30am, Bistro Special $10 Chicken Schnitzel + FREE Drink & Raffle Tickets Poker 7.00pm

THURSDAY Indoor Bowls 1.00pm Meat Raffle & FREE Trivia 7pm

SATURDAY Happy Hour Schooners 2 - 5pm

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Darts From 7pm, Dam Riders & Golf Club Raffles FREE Entertainment from 7.30pm, FREE Courtesy Bus from 6pm

SUNDAY Last Sunday of the Month, GIANT Meat Raffle 1.00pm Coming Soon ‘THE BON JOVI SHOW’ Sat, 12th October 2013 Tickets $5 ea

We practise responsible service of alcohol. For information about problem gambling and help options, call Gambling Help 24/7 on 1800 858 858 or visit

September 2013 17

133 Russell St, Emu Plains

Ph: 4735 4500

TOP QUALITY AT LOW PRICES • Tune & Service • Wheel Alignments • Brakes & Suspension

• Registration Inspections • E-Safety Checks • Fleet Service

• Puncture Repairs • Child Restraint Fitting • Female & Family Friendly 24 Hour Truck Tyre Roadside Assistance - 0428 354 500

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  from 85c up to $2.50 • Bubble Wrap  • Butchers Paper • Tape and tape     dispensers



18 September 2013


single sided business cards 310gsm matt or gloss laminated includes design + print + delivery

$199 4733 0792



With Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital 377 Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills Ph: 4736 2027

RSPCA Cupcake Day a Huge Success

We hosted the RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday 19th August 2013. Thank you to everyone who came in and donated and ate a cupcake or two. We raised $600.00 for the RSPCA with your help. Erin, Belinda, Eden, Kirsti, Liz and Kristie cooked up a storm and provided the most delicious cupcakes, cookies, cake balls and a very cute cake decorated as a dog. The Pupcakes were a huge hit and were made from the Hills zd science diet baked into cookies and iced with peanut butter. Pony and Bella loved eating the Pupcakes! Thanks again for supporting a great cause! The RSPCA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a nonprofit, community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. The RSPCA is not an agency of the Australian Government and therefore relies on the generosity of the community – through animal adoptions, volunteering, event participation, donations, fundraising, corporate partnerships, corporate support, bequests and grants – to support its vital daily work.

Kitten Adoption – Adopt a Friend for Life!

Our Kitten Adoption Program enables us to find homes for stray and unwanted kittens. Each kitten has a health check by Camille and Erin. They have had all the kitten vaccinations, are desexed, microchipped and have a product called Advocate applied, which controls fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm. We also worm them for tapeworms. We have 2 male kittens that are 7 months of age. They are very dog friendly and playful. Contact us if you know anyone that can provide a new home.

We Are Finalists in the Penrith City Local Business Awards We are finalists in the 2013 Penrith City Local Business Awards.Yay!We will be going to the awards dinner in late September. Our fingers are crossed!

Open Day 2013

We are still in the process of organising this year’s Open Day. Watch this space for the celebrity guest and the date of the Open Day. Please feel free to pop in anytime and meet the team at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. Call 4736 2027 to make an appointment. Check us out on Facebook & online ...

Orchard Hills

Veterinary Hospital

For Appointments call

4736 2027

Camille Brandt BVSc(Hons 1), MVS(SAP) Erin Short BVSc(Hons 1)

Consulting Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm Saturdays: 9am-12pm Check out our website for more information or Join us on Facebook

Services provided include: • General Surgery (desexing to orthopedics) • Vaccinations, in-house pathology, • Radiology, Dentistry, • Visiting specialist radiographer & ultrasonographer, • Puppy preschool, • Grooming, hydrobath, • Home visits, • Cat boarding, kitten adoption, • Secure off leash dog park

377 Wentworth Road, Orchard Hills – 4736 2027 September September 2013 2013 19 11

Community Noticeboard

Tuesday September 17 (3rd Tuesday of each month) Solo Circle of Friends Club for Over 55’s who enjoy social interaction through weekly outings, lunches, dinners etc. – South Penrith. To join, send self-addressed envelope and contact details to Secretary, PO Box 7557, South Penrith 2750

** Weekly Events **

11 Wednesday September W NS Arthritis Penrith Branch Meeting

Mondays 6.00pm - 7.30pm Warragamba Junior Guides (Ages 7-10) Contact Julie: 0414 619 382

CWA Hall Tindale St, Penrith 0am Coffee available from 9:3 3 9789 962 Further details – Diane

Every Second Tuesday

Wallacia Seniors Group “The Young at Hearts” Wallacia Progress Hall. 10am - 12pm. Fun and interesting group, men and women. New Members welcome. Phone Ellena 0403 738 500

Thursday September 12 Red Cross Penrith Branc h

Meeting CWA Hall Tindale St, Penrith Coffee available from 9:3 0am Further details – Diane 9623 9789

Monday September 16

Nepean Evening VIEW Club Nepean Evening View Club will be holding its Dinner meeting at Panthers Penrith 7:00pm. Cost $25 . Women of VIEW support the Smith Family’s Learning for Life project. New members warmly welcom ed. Details and bookings by Apr il 8: Joyce 4731 2851

Monday September 16 Nepean / Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group 6.30pm. Lecture Room 1, Learning & Development Unit, SWAHS 2 building Nepean Public Hospital All meetings are available to males and their partners who are seeking information on this cancer, and who live in the Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Hawkesbury and Penrith areas. Come along and experience the caring and benefits offered by our Support Group whose moto is ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Alan Moran OAM, President 1300 133 878

ber 17 Stress/ Tuesday Septem kshop pain relief wor ealth Harmonising H pm. 00 9. 6.45pm till ation ... rm fo For more in 30 047 421 Ring Rhonda 04

** Monthly Events ** 1st Saturday each month Mulgoa Landcare Group 9am - 1pm Phone: 0411 487 512 for venue Market at Uniting Church Northern Road Luddenham Cancer Council Rose Bushes FOR SALE 2nd & 4th Friday each month Senior Ladies Train Travellers

2nd & 4th Friday each month Retirees 60 and over looking to find ways of travelling using Seniors Concession Rail ticket $2.50 combined with unaided walking for exercise. Guest speakers, discover new places and friendships, group meetings. Enquiries– send stamped, self addressed envelope & phone contact to: Senior Ladies Train Travellers PO Box 7710 South Penrith NSW 2750

3rd Wednesday each month WOW Women of Wallacia 7pm til 9pm Diverse age group. Fun, interesting conversarion, learn new skills and outings. New members welcome. Phone Ellena 0403 738 500

20 September 2013

Wednesdays 9.00am Walking Group Meet at the Neighbourhood Centre, walk along Weir Rd, through the dam picnic area and come back via Production Avenue. The walk will take approximately 1hr. A great way to meet new people, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. All enquiries to Julie 4774 2245 Wednesdays Every Wednesday Rotary Club of Wallacia-Mulgoa Valley 7pm for 7.15pm start Cost of meal $20.00 per head (One course, Plus tea/coffee/BYO Alcohol) To book, contact Jan Bradley on 0428 289 919 Expressions of interest for Guest Speakers, please call Jan or email: Wednesdays 6.00pm – 8.00pm Girl Guides ( Guides) 10-14 years of age Contact Lee: 0408 401 751 Thursdays 9.00am - 10.00am Gentle Exercise Group Do you want to join a friendly group with lots of laughs & social interaction? Work at your own pace. Memory & Relaxation Techniques. A great way to improve:Osteoporosis and Arthritis problems, Co-ordination & Balance Warragamba Town Hall Cost: $3 - Phone 4774 1273 Monday / Wednesday & Fridays 9am - 2pm Warradale Mens Shed In the Warragamba Mens Shed in Eighteenth St. Opposite the Workers Club Terry : 4653 1943 Ron : 4774 1343 Tony : 4774 1881

Your Local BUSINESS DIRECTORY Advertise your business here and online for just $18 (single) per month; $36 (double) per month Phone: 4733 0792






Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd

Local & friendly Chartered Accountancy practice offering:


Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Maintenance and Service for: • Air Conditioning • Mechanical Ventilation • • Programmed Maintenance • Refrigeration • • Display Cabinets • Serving the local community since 2004 Email:

• Accounting / Bookkeeping • Taxation/BAS/IAS • Business Start Up • Payroll Administration

Michael Sultana 0439 998 527

ABN: 35 109 827 018

Renee Barry CA 0408 118 142 Glenmore Park


Antenna Supplied and Fitted Digital Set Top Boxes, Insurance Work, TV Data & Phone Outlets, Home Theatre Installations, Receive Wollongong Channels.

ANTENNA SKYLINE ANTENNA S ERVICE • • • • • • Suite 11 Silverdale Shopping Centre Open Mon - Fri 9am -5pm Saturdays & evenings by appointment


Specialising In: - Additions and renovations - Bathrooms and kitchens - Decks and pergolas - Maintenance work - All trades supplied For all your building and carpentry needs!



4774 2844 or 0408 411 180




47744774 1041 1041 Mobile: 0418 266 Call or 0418 266282 282 AWNINGS & CARPORTS

• Small & medium business specialist • Personal tax returns • Yearly tax planning • Budget/Business Analysis • MYOB & other software services • Convenient appointment times • Onsite consultation available

0418 971 510

Digital Antenna Guys


A qualified professional who can provide solutions to your financial needs

4774 0486


Talk to our friendly technicians today

Sean Howells Bus(Acc)CA

All aspects of bri ckwork & Landscaping Houses, Extensions, Garages, Blockwork, BBQ’s, Letter/garden boxes, Retaining walls, Brick fences. Landscaping, Pool fences & New Pool Coping Lic No. 39023C

LIC: 166034C

FREE QUOTES 0410 513 630

Sound advice without the jargon

S ERV ICES 28 years experience, Quality assured


For individuals and business at reasonable rates. Please call to arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you.

G & S B ricklaying

Brett: 0418 410 262 Greg: 0418 410 261 Licence No: 67713C


Builders License No. 159595C

Chris 0

Home Improvements ! !

- Deckings - Carports and awnings - Screen enclosures - Extensions/ renovations - Glass rooms - Insulated roof panels - Interior fit out - General carpentry and maintenance

Builders Lic: R76576

- Extensions Renovations - Decks / Pergolas Extensions / Renovations • Decks / Pergolas Carpentry • Bat From Roof Top• toAllUnderground Call Shane for a FREE quote on Extensions & 316851 or 02 47742 610 FREE Quotes All Suburbs •Bathrooms, 30 Years Experience • i - All 0422 Carpentry - Bathrooms - Insurance work Renovation Specialists BALLOONS / GIFTS BALLOON ARTISTRY All Carpentry  Pergolas Free Quotes All Suburbs 30Awnings Yrs Experience members BALLOONATICS  Decks  Windows Cladding  Roofing  Guttering Chris 0405 107 506& More Maintenance Helen & Dianne best in the business

Over 35 Years Experience Balloon Decorators

Accounting & Taxation Services Taxation Consulting, GST/BAS, Individuals, Partnerships, Companies, Rental Properties, Accounting & Business Services, Business Advisory Service, Business Start-up

0408 667 916238922C Licence Ph: 0403 815 398 0437 970 513 




Lic No 67245c

4773 4235

70 Campbell Street, LUDDENHAM

• Quality Bathroom Renovations • Customer discounts given • Rotted Timber Repairs • All Work Guaranteed • Free quotes 4773 8700 or 0417 417 556

- Extensions / Renovations - Decks / Pergolas - All Carpentry - Bathrooms - Insurance work Free Quotes All Suburbs 30 Yrs Experience

Chris 0405 107 506

Licence 238922C ABN 41586176397

Licence 238922C

September 2013 21






Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning

Steven Fyffe 0422 248 799

1300 557 548 or 4774 9618 CATERING

Effortless Catering Builders Lic: 150517C

• All structural work • Extensions – ground & top floor • Plans & council approvals •Timber decks & pergolas • Bathrooms • All trades available • Over 25 years experience

Locally owned & operated. On time, every time. Quality work at competitive prices.


* For all your catering needs * Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Wakes or any family events Contact: 02 4774 1455

Mak et a par hrowing ty ea sy!

Mobile: 0425 319 152



Pamela Noal

• Renovations • Extensions • New Homes • Pergolas • Decks • Floating floors• Built in wardrobes • Hang doors • Skirting • Architraves • Gyprocking/ Plastering • General household maintenance & much more!

FREE QUOTES Contact Mathew on 0439 322 498 or

Licence No: 195360C


Weddings Namings Celebration of Life: Funerals

‘Ensuring you a personal and sincere service’




0417 000 070 or 9623 5546 COUNSELLING

Reflections To Share, Celebrancy Services

0447 778 870



Connections Counselling Building Bridges Colleen Nicholas, Dip.Couns.

Individual, Couple & Family Therapist

Phone: 0414 935 362 COUNSELLING & PSYCHOLOGY


Unit 3 / 55 York Road, PENRITH

p: 0247 325091 m: 0434 552 807


0404 059 153



Servicing Silverdale & Wallacia

Free Call 1800 1 JAMES



0488 012 101

* Regular house cleaning * Move Out/Move In clean * Oven Cleans * Spring Cleans * Locally owned & operated

Servicing Mulgoa & Luddenham

Free Call 1800 1 JAMES


Holloway Carpentry Services

LIC: 121302C

* Regular house cleaning * Move Out/Move In clean * Oven Cleans * Spring Cleans * Locally owned & operated

ALL YOUR CARPENTRY NEEDS • Renovations • Decks • Owner Builder Extensions • Roofing • Small Concreting Jobs 25 Years Experience Prompt, Reliable Service

Call Brett: 0435 142 213

ArtisAn ConCrete 214802C

All Concrete Designs & Colours


0400 430 363

*Domestic *Commercial *Data/Phone Points *Hot Water System Repairs *TV Outlets *Electrical Tagging *Installation & Repairs ABN 78 738 702 949


less than 60c per day

Phone: 4733 0792


Domestic • Slabs • Drives • Paths Industrial & Commercial

4774 0507 0407 741 169 Free Measure & Quote

22 September 2013



M & T Excavations

John Yalden Electrical Services

Call 4774 1055 or 0408 268 234

Lic No 213485c

less than 60c per day

3.5 And 1.5 Tonne Excavators


• Sewer Trenching • Rock Breaking


• Swimming Pool Excavation

Phone: 4733 0792

• Tight Access • Post Hole

Industrial Commercial Domestic Installation & Repairs Hot Water System Installation & Repairs

4774 2151 OR 0418 207 551

Trever Mccarthy Mb 0427 492 153 Fax 4773 8941




Louis McLachlan Licenced Electrical Contractor Lic no 39282

Specialising in garden lighting and all purpose ambient lighting All types of work

Mobile 0414 351 987 ELECTRICIAN

Matcan Electrical • Domestic & Commercial • Installations & Renovations • Telephone & Computer Networks

0414 490 386 or 4774 2576


ASE Alan Summerhayes Excavations

• Retaining Wall Excavation Etc

Bobcat, 4.5T Excavator, Rock Breaker, Auger, Bogie Tipper

0419 018 866 Lic No. 219463C • Truck, Bobcat, Excavator Hire • Auger, Forks & Hammer • Rubbish Removal & Site Cleaning • Landscaping, Turf & Plants • Retaining Walls

Large or small detail excavation Phone: 4774 2222 Mobile: 0416 266 566




Chris Vella

0411 700 768 ph/fax 4774 0455 • 5T Excavator • Rock breaker/auger/forks • Bogie tipper • Bobcat

If anyone can ... Matcan!




& GATE CENTRE Manufacturers of T ubular Fencing for: Pools Gardens Sec urity Supplie s of ColorBond Fencing Powder Coating Head Office & Factory 44 Sterling Road, Fax: 9625 6788 Minchinbury www. fen cing and gat

Ph: 9625



building services pty ltd



• Trenching & Footings • Post & Pier Holes Concrete & Soil Removal • Driveways • Retaining Walls • Land Clearing • Rock Excavation • Drainage • Removal of Fill • Licensed and Insured • All General Excavation • Free Quotes EXCAVATION - Buckets 300 to 450 - Mud buckets -Tight Access Specialist - 700mm wide able to fit through door - Hammer & Ripper - Conveyors

Quality Services at an Affordable Price Servicing all Areas DESIGN • INSTALL• MAINTAIN • Lighting & Power Points • TV & Phone Outlets • Smoke Alarms • 3 in 1 Heaters & Ceiling Fans • Stove & Hot Water • 24 Hr Emergency Service Available Visit our website for detailed information about our services

Call 4737 9990 or 0423 877 630 Lic No 205620C

Seniors Card accepted!

David La Rosa Mobile: 0418 286 147 Office: 4733 4466

Mob: 0415

401 911 0062

Home: 4774 Lic No. 162374C

Pool & Ga rden Colorbond Glass Security Pic ket Ba lustrading

GARAGES • Farm Sheds • Garages • Carports • Industrial Buildings • Free Quotes

4773 4478


M GA MGA Steel Buildings Custom Built for You

0419 993 723



less than 60c per day

Land Clearing, Trenches, General Excavation, Posthole & Pier Drilling.

4773 3217 or 0419 280 772

Phone: 4733 0792


September 2013 23




Joe’s Ultimate Handyman Services

HOT WATER SPECIALIST Experts in Plumbing

All Aspects of Building and Building Repairs

BUILDING Concrete Footings, Bag Rendering, Block Work, Window Repairs, Saw Cutting, Stone Walls, Decorative Stone Laying, All Brickwork BUILDING REPAIRS Tiles, Plastering, Carpentry, Doors & Locks, Painting, Fly Screens, Leaky Taps GENERAL JOBS Lawn Mowing, Rubbish Removal, Garden Care, Property Maintenance

0422 765 397

Specialising in Gas, Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems Lic No. 225 162C

Contact: Nicholas McLeod

0431 253 543 We service/replace all makes and models of Hot Water Systems SAME DAY HOT WATER Free Quotes and Pensioner Discounts available

‘Service with a smile’



Lic No: R84571


Elite Glass Glass cut to size Showers Screens Mirrors & Mirror Doors Window & Door Repairs Shop Fronts Insurance Work Free Quotes

Contact LOU

0417 684 730


Dani’s Hairport

All aspects of men’s & womens hairdressing Shop 31A Fourteenth St Warragamba

4774 2300 HAIR & BEAUTY

HOT WATER HOGAN HOT WATER All Brands of Hot Water S ystems Replaced All Hot Water Problems S olved


Services: Handyman High Pressure Cleaning Painting Building Repairs Window Cleaning Carpentry Work

Ph: 0408 259 994



Save Money - Switch to Gas

Gas room heating servicing/repairs Hot water repairs / replacement - Gas appliance conversions LPG to Natural Gas - New heater sales


4729 6155



0425 204 130


Shop 9 Silverdale Shopping Centre Silverdale. 47740120

…Well then, let me take care of it for you! I can pick up and drop off your ironing at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!!!

(Silverdale and Warragamba area only, cond’s apply)


Beautiful hair

0417 670 989

Beautiful you ..





Essential Looks

Professional Unisex Hair & Beauty Salon

September Specials

• •

10% off spray tans 5 Free foils with every permanent colour 10% off all waxing services

• 25 years Experience • Gift Vouchers Available • Appointment Only • Mobile Pick Up/ Drop Off Service

1 Castle Rd, Orchard Hills

4736 6881

• Shopfitting • Kitchens • Internal renovations Call Trevor directly on 0409 310 101 or visit Choose one of the following:


Lic No 201473C



Beginners welcome! Call now: 0411 870986 OR Email:

24 September 2013

KITCHENS Quality Affordable Kitchens Enquire about a Free Consultation

p: 4732 4566

Come and visit our showroom at

U19/29 Coombes Dve, Penrith

f: 4732 4588 Open 7.30am-4pm Mon-Thurs 7.30am-2pm Fri 9am-1pm Sat



Kevin Ryan

0418 480 753

Specialising in • Kitchen renovations • Replacing benchtops and doors to existing kitchens

Lic No. 60523C


Gardens, Decks, Retaining Walls, Turfing, Irrigation, Paving & Garden Maintenance Call Ben

0448 844 314

ABN 28 810 399 437 ABN 28 810 399 437LIC: MVTC138985



DA Lawn, Garden & Handyman service call David 4774 2234 0413 569 743 or 0403 311 072 ‘Reliable friendly service’ LAWN MOWING


• • • • •

Lawn mowing Single story gutter cleaning Gardening Exterior Glass and Surface cleaning Yard Clean Ups


Matt: 0434 217Matt: 614 0434 217 614

LIC: MVRL49778 | ABN 28 810 399 437 fertiliser Your Lawn Care Complete Specialists balanced liquid


Weed Control eg. bindi, clover etc AUTO ELECTRICIAN and army& worm control

Complete balanced liquid lawn fertiliser grub Weed Control eg. bindi, cloverBeetle, etc Save Beetle, grub and army worm control water

0434 217 614 0401 701 322

ABN 28 810 399 437

We treat all types of lawns. Talk to us about our lawn care program. with Coochie and enjoy a healthy green lawn

We treat all types of lawns Talk to us about our lawn care program

• Breakdown Service • Electrical Repairs Fabian Gemin • Log Book Servicing • Scan tool Diagnosis Freecall 1800 245 955 • Mechanical Repairs • Reversing Cameras • Pre-purchase Inspections • GPS Tracking Systems • Rego Inspections • Audio Installs Fabian Gemin 0401 701 322 Freecall 1800 245 955






Repair & servicing of all makes of mowers, chainsaws & line trimmers

Guitar Matt: 0434 217 tuition

rollonautomotive@ho Call Peter on 4736 2534 or 0402 907 244 MUSIC TUITION



at work


Outdoor Power Equipment

JT’s Mowing

and Maintenance

LIC: MVTC138985

Save water with Coochie Automotive Automotive and enjoyAutomotive a healthy green lawnREPAIRS • • MOBILE MECHANICAL REPAIRS • • MOBILE MECHANICAL


4774 2440

Deliveries Available Open 7 days


Your Lawn Care Specialists




Kalinda Jade Studios ‘ Singing ‘ Guitar ‘ Performance ‘ Piano ‘ Bass ‘ All ages & ‘ Drums ‘ Theory abilities 02 4736 8871 0403 134 336


Authorised Service Dealer

Bicycle Parts & Repairs

OPEN 7 Days

Quality Work Guaranteed

Get Western Cleaning Solutions to do it for you! Western Cleaning Solution use a specialised steaming machine that steams at 170 degrees to ensure that the best possible results are achieved NO FUMES • NO HARSH CHEMICALS • NO FUSS


9 Fourteenth St Warragamba

Call Bob on 0417 262 706 or 4774 0026 (AH)

Call James: 0458 463 227

4774 1253

*Extreme Oven Conditions May Incur An Additional Charge. Loyalty Discounts Can Apply




Nepean Grasshopper Quality Lawn Mowing Services Fully Insured Reliability Assured Call Gordon for an obligation free quote Mob 0403 776 636 Home 4773 8955

Sue’s Sanctuary...

... for massage and healing

We specialise in Relaxation, Remedial, Sports, Reflexology/Raindrop massages; Kinesiology & Reiki treatments also available For more information on treatments please visit Phone Susan or Chanelle

4774 1074 0414 741 472

Gift certificates available Daytime & Evening appointments


Brilliant Coatings • • • • • •

Domestic Painting Commercial Painting Texture Coating Roof Restoration Specialised Finishes Wallpapering

All work comes with a 10 year warranty Lawn Mowing ~ Edging ~ Hedging ~ Mulching Lawn & Garden Spraying ~ Fertilising & Top Dressing Single Storey Gutter Clean ~ Acreage Mowing

Over 12 years Greenkeeping Experience Fully Qualified Cert III Horticulture

Call Andrew 0422 303 100

less than 60c per day

Phone: 4733 0792


“Get the job done by a professional”

Phillip Pyliotis

0420 983 393 licence number 213239c




o Qu

September 2013 25



Southern Sun Painting & Decorating All painting work domestic &

commercial Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Fully Licensed & Insured Paul Lic.Obligation No. 191875C FreeKowalczuk Quotes - No 0408 741 548 PaulMb: Kowalczuk Lic No. 191875C Mb: 0408 741 548


Steve J’s Painting Services ALL AREAS All General Painting No job too big or small Free quotes - No obligation

0402 008 936 Lic No. 221820C

PEST PEST CONTROL CONTROL • Pre-purchase & Termite Inspection • Termite Specialist • Domestic & Commercial Pests • Friendly, local pest controller with 15years experience

Tim Franklin p: 4774 0802 m: 0430 334 186 e:




Lic.No. 225162C

* Hot water services * Blocked drains * Gas fitting LPG & Natural Gas * Pensioner discounts * Rainwater tanks * 24 hour service * Same day service

Mob. 0431 253 543 email:

PLUMBING Dan’s Your Man Plumbing • PLUMBER • DRAINER • GASFITTER • Leaking Taps • LP Gas • Blocked Drains • Hot Water Systems - Repairs and Replacements • All Your Plumbing Needs • Seniors Discounts

0410 602 502 PLUMBER


4722 9492.


open Mon to Fri 9-6 and Sat 9-3.

Tel4773 4774 0658 Tel: 8056 Mob 0419 680 091 Mob: 041 968 0091


Family Business Est. 30 Years


Phone: 4733 0792





11:10 PM

Lic No: 790323


Reflex Plumbing Services Lic 251075C








Licenced Plumber, Drainer, Gasfitter/ LPG/backflow/TMV

All aspects of plumbing maintenance • local plumber • leaking taps • toilets • hws • broken pipes • blocked drains • camera tests • pensioner discounts • • FREE quotes • 24hr service • For all your plumbing needs call... (m) 0404 478 487 (p) 4737 8302 (e)




24 Hrs – 7 Days


0415 249 677

Licensed Plumber, Drainer & Gasfitter




Lic. No. 39212C

Emergency Hot Water Repairs & Replacements


Licensed Plumber, Drainer Licensed&Plumber, GasfitterDrainer Lic: 224647C & Gasfitter

less than 60c per day

All your plumbing needs: Leaking taps, Cisterns, Hot water replacement $37 service call, Seniors Discount, Friendly & reliable service 0419 486 554 ah 4773 8693



4774 0026 0417 262706

Paul Gibson Plumbing





Unit 39, 38-40 Abel Street, Penrith,

Take the hassle out of TOO!! dog washing! Call the us for a warm hydro dog Take hassle out of dog washing, call us for warm hydro dog wash & wash & flea treatment flea treatment. From $10 $15 From

Phone: 4733 0792


Phone Daniel

Dog Grooming Salon and Pet Boutique


11:10 PM

Nicholas McLeod



less than 60c per day

Lic: maintenance 224647C All aspects of plumbing All aspects plumbing maintenance andofnew installations. and new installations. Specialising in BATHROOM Specialising in BATHROOM RENOVATIONS. RENOVATIONS.

Does your plumbing flow right? Does Call your plumbing flowPaul right? your local plumber Callon your local955 plumber 0414 528Paul on 0414 955 528 Email: Email:

26 September 2013

Blocked Drains

Leaking Taps & Toilets, Gutters, LP Gas & Natural Gas, Water Leaks, Rainwater Tanks. Call your local Plumber on: 4773 8744 orM:0410 342 P: 4727 2727 0410 638 638 342

No Job Too Small Lic. 158889C


WallaciaP lumbing Wallacia Plumbing ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Plumbe r Lic No. L9397 Drainer N.G. & L.P. Gasfitter Backflow Pre vention Accredite d Hotwater Systems Re paired and Replace d

Greg Beatson Tel: 4773 8698 Mob: 0418 610 509 Wallacia







Reading Solutions

Learning to Read - Changing a Life

Chinese Restaurant • 8 sizes of bins available from 2m to 9m cube

Fully licenced Air conditioned Take away service Function Catering EFTPOS, Bankcard, Visa & Mastercard Welcome

• 1.5m Asbestos Hazibags available • Credit card & mobile eftpos for your convenience • $10 off any bin or bag when mentioning this ad


Free Call 1300 654 006


Fully qualified Primary and Reading Recovery Teacher, with international teaching experience, available to tutor your child K-6 in Reading, Writing & Mathematics NAPLAN preparation classes Years 3, 5 and 7 Small group or individual sessions available After school Monday to Friday

Open Monday - Saturday (Closed Sunday) for Lunch & Dinner Open Mothers and Fathers Day

Michael and Sally Wu Shop 2, Lot 1, Weir Rd, Warragamba

Book now Call Greg 0422670860 or e-mail

4774 1944

New Roofs, Re-roof, Roof Restoration, Repairs, ROOFING Re-ridging, Extensions, Accredited Pink License N: 86216C

Supply a nd Lic No 86216C fit fascia & guttering • New roofs (New & Old)

• Roof repairs & restoration 0418 446 4773 8634 • Supply & fit590, fascia & guttering • Bonded asbestos removal • Supply & fit insulation Phone Greg

4773 4311

Phone Greg 0418 446 590 or 4773 8634

Phone: 4733 0792


License No. 63551C

less than 60c per day



TAROT READINGS In store $35, Party 8+people $25pp 283 Great Western H/W Emu Plains 2750


4773 9091

Deirdre 0406 171 879

Please phone for an appointment





E&M Tiling

Off The Cuth

Environmentally friendly recyclable waste

All Wall & Floor Tiling 20+ years experience 4736 1629 or 0418 250 293

WINDOW CLEANING 4774 1455 Mob: 0425 217 566





Silver Service Tiling

Prestige Autoglass

All aspects of tiling, bathroom renovations, repair work

Specialising in Car and Truck Windscreens


4735 4007 / 0408 025 232 Bins ranging from 2m³ to 7m³

• Remove all types of rubbish & scrap metal • Cash for cars • Prompt & reliable • Competitive price for domestic & commercial


MATT’S SKIP BINS 0432 696 812

2 cubic metre $140 3 cubic metre $200 4 cubic metre $280 696 812$400 6 cubic0432metre

2 cubic metre $160 3 cubic metre $240 4 cubic metre $320 6 cubic metre $480 CASH OR CARD WELCOME Conditions Apply. Valid till 15/10/13




Licence No. R97930

Shane - 0418 439 992 a/h 4774 2511 TILT TRAY PRO-TILT TILT TRAY SERVICE Local and Country Work 13.5 Tonne Capacity • Earthmoving Equipment • Containers • Site Sheds • Caravans Call Nathan on 0419 439 668 or email


Ph: 0422 388 077 WOODWORK

Moosehead Woodworks 0419 634 323 Cabinets & Woodwork

September 2013 27


4722 3503

Located Inside Insignia Hair and Day Spa ABCOE Centre 14/69 York Road, Penrtih 2750

Massage Therapy

Massage...’So much more than a simple pleasure’ Are you Stressed?

Suffer from Headaches, Aches & Pains?

Do you Play Sport, Exercise?

MASSAGE MAY HELP Come in and Relax & Rejuvenate. Give yourself the gift of massage for mind, body & Spirit - Remedial

- Swedish/Relaxation

- Couples

- Sports

- Pregnancy

- Reflexology

- Day Spa Packages

- Hot Stone Therapy

- Gift Vouchers Available online or in-store

Opening Hours

Present this ad for

$10 off

your First Visit 28 September 2013

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

10–4pm 9–8pm 9–8pm 9–6pm 8–2pm

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Your Community News delivered monthly to Luddenham + Mulgoa + Silverdale + Wallacia + Warragamba

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