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2015 Toronto Pan Am Games

Brazil warms up for Rio 2016 Olympic Games BRAZIL


Water Sports Adventures

Luxury Rural Tourism

Take your lifestyle with you on your next holiday

Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro Regions


Cascais, Portugal : Photo by LML






TOURISM Take your lifestyle with you on your next holiday BUSINESS Coee, quality comes ďŹ rst

CULTURE Carnival, the greatest show on earth


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is a journalist and PR, who specializes in technology, economics, and tourism, having in her portfolio Culture TV, CBN Radio, McDonalds and Microsoft.

Andreia Major is an economist by training and a journalist by heart. She worked as a journalist and last year embraced a new professional challenge in the Agency for Development and Cohesion in Portugal, where she currently works as an economist in the field of regional policy.

SPORTS 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games Brazil warms up for Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Ingrid Coifman

Danielle Marinho is a journalist and huge sports fan. From Rio de Janeiro, she has been working as an international correspondent for DBP, as well as a public relations manager and social media expert for agencies in Brazil.

BUSINESS Interview with the President of the Federation of Entrepreneurs and Luso-Canadian Professionals, Sergio Ruivo TOURISM

Luis Aparicio is a freelance journalist with experience as a reporter in daily news in Toronto and Portugal.

Luxury Rural Tourism Tras-os-Monters and Alto Douro Regions Renata Prado




Your letters


News in Brief

is a journalist with experience in fashion and gastronomy. She currently dedicates time to starting her studies in the Marketing field. She also writes for Oi Toronto blog and acted as volunteer PR for Brazilian Film & Television Festival in Toronto.

Discover Br-Pt magazine | 2015 | 03

YOUR LETTERS The newsroom continues to receive many compliments and words of encouragement from our readers in Canada, Brazil and Portugal. We welcome those comments and look forward to your ideas and feedback.

I was so pleased to read issue nº 11 of Discover Brazil & Portugal magazine. It brings me great joy to find out about the existence of a new resource dedicated to learning more about Portugal. I’d like to take advantage of this project - which fills the void as Canadians’ increasingly are interested in learning more about Brazil - to highlight what an incredible opportunity it is for Portugal to be included also, and I am positive it will benefit from this initiative. Portugal will be able to utilize the magazine as a way to showcase its culture, history and tradition, as well as new economic opportunities that can integrate Brazil and Portugal and Portugal and Canada. A great decision was made when they decided to include a specific section about Portugal in the magazine. This will bring great results and new business opportunities among Portuguese, Canadian and Brazilian entrepreneurs in diverse fields. Congratulations to Discover Brazil & Portugal magazine.

Dear readers, I would like to commend Leila Monteiro Lins on the success of Discover Brazil magazine in spreading awareness and appreciation of Brazilian culture in Toronto since it was launched five years ago. This magazine connects local businesses with the Brazilian market and promotes Brazilian culture in Canada. Ontario has an important and growing business relationship with Brazil; in fact, Brazil is Ontario’s 18th largest trade partner, and trade is constantly growing. The fifth anniversary of “Discover Brazil” also marks the addition of a special “Discover Portugal” section to the magazine. As a Portuguese-Canadian, I understand the important and historical relationship between Brazil and Portugal, which extends back to 1500, when Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived on the coast of Brazil. Since Portuguese settlement began in the 1530s, these two lands have enjoyed a special relationship. Since Brazilian Independence in 1822, that relationship has only improved. Today, Brazil and Portugal cooperate economically, diplomatically, and, of course, share a common language. For all these reasons, I’m sure that the Discover Portugal section will be a great addition to this excellent publication, and I look forward to reading the coming issues. Congratulations! Cristina Martins Member of Provincial Parliament for Davenport Toronto, Canada

The work of Leila Monteiro Lins is admirable. In 2014 issue of Discover Brazil, she decided not only to include Canada and Brazil, but also Portugal in the main focus of the magazine. A terrific initiative considering the historic connection between Brazil and Portugal. Congratulations to her and her team for their dedication and determination.

Francisco Alvim President of Rotas Vitamina

Rosana Dias Lancsarics

Lisboa, Portugal

Former External Communications Director at Embraer Sao Paulo, Brazil

FROM THE PUBLISHER PASCHI, official mascot of the TO2015 Photo by Toronto Pan Am Games

PASCHI, official mascot of the TO2015 Photo by Toronto Pan Am Games

Executive Director|Publisher|Founder Leila Monteiro Lins Director Teresa Oliveira Executive Editor Ingrid Coifman Contributors Andreia Major Danielle Marinho Luis Aparicio Renata Prado Translation Rafael Alcantara

2015 Toronto Pan Am Games

Copy Editor Cecilia Chin Joan Sheppard

Brazil warms up for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Art Director Bruna Lopes


elcome to the April 2015 issue of Discover Brazil-Portugal magazine! Let’s

celebrate the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games. Around 7,600

Cartoonist Hemeterio Neto

athletes from 41 countries will compete in 51 sports from July 10-26 at the

Photographer Diego Barros (Brazil) Dave Burke (Canada)

Pan Am Games, and from August 7-15 in the Parapan American Games. Brazil is getting ready to host one of the world’s biggest sporting events,

Marketing LucIleia Rosario (Brasil) Richard Turner (Canada) Sonia Guimaro (Portugal) Frequency Is published twice a year PUBLISHER INFORMATION: LML COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING INC.

the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and will take advantage of Toronto Pan American games to get its teams prepared for next year. The Brazilian Olympic Committee´s goal is to keep Brazil among the top three medals earning countries in the world. Journalist Danielle Marinho gives you more information about this major international multi-sport event. Do you know how much coffee is consumed in Brazil? About 20.08 million bags, according to a report released by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC). Coffee is not just a drink, it’s a global commodity. As one of the world’s most traded products (second in value only to oil), Brazil remains the world’s second largest coffee consumer after the United States. Our special report on coffee takes a look

Contact: Leila Monteiro Lins Email: Website: Phone: 1- 647- 227-5514 Toronto, Canada Distribution Brazil, Canada & Portugal ISSN nº1920-7859 Folow us on: Twitter: @DiscoverBrazilM Facebook: Discover Brazil Magazine Facbebook: Connect Portugal & Brazil Linkedin: Discover Brazil There are more great content and exclusive features at To get there, simply download any of the free QR code readers available for your Smartphone and scan the square QR code on the left using your Smartphone’s camera. The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources the proprietors believe to be correct. However, no legal liability can be accepted for any errors. No part of the publication may be reproduced without prior consent of the publisher.

inside the industry and discusses the trends and projected growth for the next few years. Inside these pages you will continue discovering not only Brazil and Canada, but also our ‘brother-nation’: Portugal. Starting in the last issue, we expanded the scope of our magazine, taking into account the historical ties between Brazil and Portugal, and launched a new section called “Discover Portugal”. In this edition, journalist Andreia Major presents the concept of luxury rural tourism which has been growing in Portugal with great refinement in recent years. The story focuses on the region of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. We hope you enjoy it! Soccer is to Brazil what hockey is to Canada. But Brazil’s main cities offer much more than soccer when it comes to sports. If you decide to practice sports while there, you should read journalist Renata Prado’s tips on hot spots and practices that are trending right now. Enjoy the read and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Leila Monteiro Lins Executive Director|Publisher|Founder @DiscoverBrazilM

Discover Br-Pt magazine | 2015 | 05

BRAZIL | Tourism

Encounter of the waters Photo by Ribamar

Take your


with you on your next holiday By Renata Prado

When it comes to sports, soccer is to Brazil what hockey is to Canada. But Brazil’s main cities offer much more than soccer. So, consider exchanging the Canadian Prairies for tropical slopes, replacing large lakes for the ocean and adding silicone wheels to the rollerblades and ta-da‌! The hot and humid setting is ideal for a practicing tropical sports. Whatever sport you love practicing in Canada, there is an equivalent one for you from north to south of Brazil. Check them out!

Begin your journey in the Northern Region of Brazil Dive into the Amazon waters


f you are looking for something a little more radical and definitely unique, consider visiting the meeting of the waters of the Amazon River with the open sea and let the magic begin. The Pororoca is a natural phenomenon resulting from the meeting of the fresh water of the Amazon with the ocean waters of the Atlantic. The encounter can create waves up to 6 feet high running at a speed of 30 km / h. The intensity of this spectacle transforms the landscape and creates

06 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

an inviting setting for the more experienced or daring surfers. If the idea of balancing yourself on rocky waves is not part of your vocabulary, try replacing the board with a kayak and navigate on the sweet and mystical waters of the Amazon basin. To add to the experience, you must stay in a rustic, cozy inn and consider purchasing a diving package with pink river dolphins.

Kite surfing (kite boarding) at Jericoacoara beach, Fortaleza, Ceara by Carlos de Sa

If you want to enjoy the kite and the wind surf, you must go to the Jericoacoara beach, on the west coast, which offers good waves and excellent wind conditions year-round. With temperatures that can reach 40 Celsius in the summer, Jeri beaches like Paracuru, Prea, Flecheiras and Cumbuco are colour-dotted with boards, sails and kites throughout the season.

Take it easy in the Midwestern Region of the country Climb up the rock walls of Goias

Another water sport adventure: surfing

Head to the Northeast Region Fly with the wind of Ceara The ideal slogan of Ceara should read: “Good winds bring you to Ceara.” A true paradise for water sports adventures, the state is one of the best places in the world to practice kite surfing, windsurfing and surfing. Kite surfing, also known as kite boarding, is a sport in which you use a kite (or parachute) attached to your waist and a surfboard to glide over the water. Using a bar attached to the kite, the surfer moves according to the wind, as if wielding a candle. Windsurfing, very famous in the Caribbean islands, is well known by surfers in Brazil. With a surfboard tied to a candle 2-5 meters high, the challenge for the windsurfer is to literally glide on water using wind power and all body muscles.

Goias is the home of the Chapada National Park, a conservation area with a unique fauna and flora that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2001. The region is a must for ecotourism. If you are into walking, hiking and climbing, make sure you bring your backpack with you well stocked with water bottles and other provisions to hit the road. The adventure begins right on your way to the park, which is accessed by cutting through the town of St. George, connected to the city of Alto Paraíso de Goias by a 36km partially

Hiking at Chapada National Park

paved roadway. The best thing to do is to hire a local guide, which can be done easily in the entrance of the park, or even in the village itself. Once inside, the options are numerous. You can start by venturing into the steep hike of more than 6km to the edge of Black River Falls, where you can enjoy its rocky walls that house two incredible waterfalls. The first, with 120m height, can be admired from the top of a lookout and the second (with 80m height) forms a natural pool 300m in diameter, where you can (and should) bathe, relax and feel the energy of nature.

Jump in the air from an hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro

Hiking at Chapada National Park by

Mandatory stopover in the Southeast Region Rio de Janeiro – The Marvelous City If you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable view of the city, why don’t you start by jumping in the air on a hang gliding in Pedra Bonita, a rocky mountain 696m above sea level offering hang gliding experiences guaranteed to make you have an unforgettable memory of the city? In order to be able to feel like a true “Carioca” (as they call people who were born in the city), you need to truly love any outdoor activity such as running,

walking or riding a bike along the beautiful beaches and their famous boardwalks and trails. You will even be able to spot several national or international celebrities along the way. Now if keeping your feet in the sand is what rocks your boat, try playing one racquetball match with one of the locals. It’s a typical beach sport resembling beach tennis. However, if you are feeling more competitive, you must try the foot volleyball, which is a mix of volleyball and soccer that can be played by only using your legs, back, chest, shoulders and head. A real challenge.

End your trip in the Southern Region of Brazil Sandboarding, surfing on the sands of Florianopolis The city, one of the most popular destinations in southern Brazil, is also a backyard extension of its Argentinean neighbours. A must-go destination for the young and beautiful, “Floripa” as it’s known among locals, becomes a solid destination for sandboard lovers. The sport is very similar to snowboard, but it takes advantages of the plentiful sand dunes in the region. Created by surfers in the late 80s, as an alternative to the days of raging sea, the sport has gained popularity in the region and is wide spread across the country nowadays. If you’re used to balance yourself on a surfboard, I can guarantee that zig zagging your way down the dune will be just as exhilarating. Make sure you bring your bathing suit, put your sunglasses on and don’t leave without the sunscreen lotion and enjoy your stay!

BRAZIL | Business

Brazilian Coee Market Quality Comes First By Ingrid Coifman Photos by CCBC

Brazil remains the world’s second largest coffee consumer only after the United States. Being also the largest producer and exporter of coffee beans on the planet, Brazil has built a reputation focused on sales volume over the years. This reality has changed recently with the increase of specialty and gourmet coffee being produced in larger scales due to a strong demand for excellence and distinctive flavors by Brazilians, following a worldwide trend. 10 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, a position held for the last 150 years. (ABIC). Not only had the domestic consumption of traditional coffee grown in the last few years, but the consumption outside the household (33%) as well, especially amongst young people between 16 and 29 years of age representing 28% of this group. ABIC estimates that the volume of roasted and ground coffee sales in 2014 will easily reach around US$2 billion. They also project a 3% increase towards coffee consumption in 2015, reaching 21 million bags this year.

Specialty Coffee in High Demand

The Canadian Market


anada is definitely a market for Brazilian quality coffee, with one of the highest per capita consumption rates for the beverage worldwide (6.5kg per year, according to the Coffee Association of Canada -CAC), which means that more than 60% of the adult population consume 2.7 cups per day on average. Sales to Canada continue growing and reached US$18.1 million last year, a 160% increase over 2013.

US$2 Billion in Sales Domestic coffee consumption reaches about 98.2% of households, according to a 2014 report published by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association

Gourmet and specialty coffee has grown significantly in terms of export volume, having 90% destined to foreign markets and bringing opportunities for companies in Brazil. The “added value” factor is influencing consumers to look for products with better quality, even if that means higher prices. ‘Gourmet Cafés’ are a trend among Brazilian consumers, turning coffee houses such as Starbucks into an appealing form of investment. In developed markets like the U.S., Japan, and the European Union (EU), demand for gourmet coffee has grown significantly, reaching price levels superior to 200% of conventional coffee prices. In Brazil, the consumption of gourmet coffee has been expanding and new products such as capsules/pods, latte and cappuccinos are increasing due to strong demand. The coffee market for single dose (capsules/pods), for instance, is growing rapidly and is one of the promising bets for Brazil when it comes to developing green technologies towards compostable pods. To put in figures, coffee pods reached 1.7 % of the market, representing 54% of total sales in 2014. This has been contributing to the shifting of Brazil’s status as a commodities exporter to an exporter of industrialized quality coffee products.

Brazil: A Country of Many Flavours The Brazilian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) organized a Trade Mission in Montreal and Toronto last September with the objective of promoting Brazilian coffee in North America and identifying opportunities to expand trade between the two countries. Coffee audiences in Canada seek a quality product and show an interest in the origin of the coffee they are consuming. “This type of information adds value to our product. Brazilian specialty coffees need to be promoted abroad. There is a great business potential and also many opportunities in a multicultural society such as Canada”, explains Patricia Milan, Superintendent of the Association of Specialty Coffee Producers from Alta Mogiana (AMSC). Coffee produced in the Alta Mogiana region, which gathers 15 municipalities located in the Northeast of Sao Paulo State, is full-bodied, characterized by its chocolate-like aroma and fruitiness. In total, there are 2,500 producers - 80% of which are small-scale farmers, working in 50 thousand hectares of land. They produce 2 million coffee beans per harvest annually, counting for half of the production of Sao Paulo State, which reaches about 4.5 million beans per year.

A Trade Mission brought Brazilian coffee producers to Montreal and Toronto to identify opportunities to expand trade between the two countries.

Quality and Certification ABIC launched the Program Purity Seal in 1989 as the first industry program of quality assurance for food in Brazil. The program currently certifies more than 1,099 brands of coffee and has performed over 58,000 laboratory analyses in its 23 years of existence. In 2004, ABIC created the Coffee Quality Program – also known as PQC – which today is the largest program of quality and certification for roasted coffee in the world. The PQC certifies and monitors many brands of coffee, including gourmet, high quality and greater value coffees. Source:

NEWS IN BRIEF Consulate Geral of Canada in Rio de Janeiro opens meeting space to Canadian companies Foregin Minister John Baird cut the ribbon to open the Consulate’s new 5th floor meeting space. This venue will be offered (on a cost recovery basis) to Canadian companies who wish to hold seminars and meetings with Brazilian counterparts. For bookings, contact the consulate at (21) 2543-3004. From left to right: Stéphane Larue (Consul General of Canada in São Paulo), Jamal Khokhar (Canadian Ambassador in Brasilia), Consul General Sanjeev Chowdhury, Foreign Minister John Baird, Nagi Naoufal (Canadian entrepreneur) and Nicolas Habre (owner of Amir Restaurant).

LIUNA LOCAL 183 launches its new headquarters Last December, LIUNA Local 183 launched its new headquarters in Barry, Ontario, which received the name of LIUNA’s International vice president and regional manager for Central and Eastern Canada, JOSEPH S. MANCINELLI. The Labourer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA) is the fastest growing union of construction workers, waste management workers, show service workers and healthcare workers in Canada. From the left to right: Joseph S. Mancinelli (vice-president for Central and Eastern Canada) and Jack Oliveira (Business manager) cutting the ribbon.

CARASSAUGA - Partnerships are the key for Brazil Pavilion in 2015

Service: Brazil Pavilion: May 22, 23, and 24 - Friday at 7:30pm-12:00am; Saturday 1:00pm—12:00a, and: Sunday 1:00pm—19:00pm. Where: Grace Centre: 6670 Campobello Road (near Argentia & Creditview) in Mississauga.

In its third year participating at Carassauga, the largest festival of cultures in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada, the organizers of the Brazil Pavilion are proud to announce some of the partnerships for a great 22 hour program throughout the weekend of May 22, 23, and 24, at the Grace Centre, in Mississauga. Viva Brasil Integration, the host of the Brazilian pavilion, is teaming up with Toronto International BrazilFest and BRAFFTv for special activities along with 14 musical acts, amazing Brazilian food, and more surprises. There will also be a prize giveaway, a trip to Brazil for two people and many other door prizes. In 2013 Brazil made an impressive debut at the festival hosting 4,840 visits at their pavilion (in 2014 was 4,700). 2015 will be the 30th edition of Carassauga, featuring 72 countries.

Cristina Martins, MPP for Davenport opens Constituency Office Cristina Martins was elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament for the west-end Toronto riding of Davenport in June of last year. In November, MPP Martins opened her new Constituency Office at 1199 Bloor St. W and encourages everyone to drop by to discuss their concerns. She can be reached at (416) 535-3158 or email at You can check her website at and find her on Facebook at and Twitter @CMartinsMPP. Cristina Martins and Charles Sousa are the only Portuguese to be elected to the provincial Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Discover Br-Pt magazine | 2015 | 15

BRAZIL | Culture


the greatest show on earth By Leila Monteiro Lins Photo by Diego Barros


arnival Rio 2015 saw the arrival of more than one million tourists, generating US$ 650 million. In addition to the lovely parades of samba schools at Marques de Sapucai, known as Sambodramo, national and international tourists were able to share the joy of Carnival Street Blocks.

Samba Parades in the Sambodromo

Discover Brazil-Portugal magazine’s team at Marques de Sapucai: Leila Monteiro Lins & Diego Barros 16 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

Rio Carnival has become world-famous by its Samba Parade, a show and glorious competition of the Rio Samba Schools. 2015 Rio samba parade winners were Beija Flor, Salgueiro and Grande Rio. The competition takes place on Sunday and Monday. In 2016, carnival will be on February 14 and 15th. The Champions’ Parade will take place on Saturday, February 20th.


My battle with breast cancer


y name is Beatriz and I am currently battling breast cancer. I was 28 years old when I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. I never thought I would be at risk as I was young, active and with no family history. I was in Brazil, when I noticed a small lump in my left breast and mentioned it to my husband. I did a biopsy and unfortunately the result was positive. We received the diagnosis one week before our departure to start a new life in Canada. In December 2014, I received the news that the cancer had spread to a lymph node on my neck which had to be removed. I went through another surgery in January 2015. Two weeks later, another three

spots were found and removed. Right now, there are a couple of more spots on my skin that are unfortunately suspicious for cancer. After some research I decided to try oral chemotherapy (fewer side effects) associated with hyperthermia and vitamin C high dosage. Due to our low income, unfortunately we are not able to pay for the full treatment and the lesions are growing each day. Another treatment option is located in Tijuana, Mexico at the “Oasis of Hope Clinic” which costs between US$18,000 to US$35,000 for a 3 week treatment”.

DIFFERENT WAYS TO HELP BEATRIZ 1 – You can visit and look for Beatriz Duarte; 2 – For donations in Brazil: Beatriz Ferraz Xavier Caixa Economica Federal de Jardim da Penha Account: 00002974-4 Agency: 1564 Operation: 013 CPF: 090 436 487-95 3 – Make a call (416-588-0749) or go to Brasil Remittance (1458 Dundas T. W ) to donate to Beatriz.

CANADA | Sports

PASCHI, official mascot of the TO2015 Photo by Toronto Pan Am Games

Brazil will compete in 11 sports at the

Toronto Pan American Games By Danielle Marinho


round 7,600 athletes from Latin America, South America, North America and around the world will be in Ontario in 2015 to compete for a gold medal in 30 venues located in 16 municipalities across southern Ontario. They will put their years of intense training, perseverance and sacrifice to the test in world-class competitions in 36 Pan Am sports and 15 Parapan Am sports at the 2015 Games. Forty-one countries will make the TO2015 Games a memorable experience from July 10–26 and the Parapan American Games from August 7–15. The Pan American Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games. The Games are focused on delivering an affordable, accessible public ticketing program for all. TO2015 general ticket sales are priced from $20, and around 75% of tickets at $45 and under. Also, half-price tickets are available for those under 16 years of age, and over 65 starts at $10. According to Michael Coteau, the Minister Responsible for the Games: “We’re committed to making these the most accessible Games ever, giving all Ontarians an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see incredible top-level international

18 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

competition right here at home. With 11 Games-time venues already open and serving athletes, communities and families across the province, the people of Ontario are already experiencing the benefits these Games are bringing.”

Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony will feature a one-night-only performance by Cirque du Soleil and the lighting of the cauldron. The TORONTO 2015 Games are funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, as well as Lead Partner CIBC and other partners and sponsors. The Pan-American games will be the last large collective competition before the Summer Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. It is an opportunity to evaluate the performance of several sports generally, and more specifically it is an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the athletes in depth. Some of the sports, like handball, for example, are qualifying for the world cup and it can also guarantee a place in the upcoming Summer Games. Since Brazil will be the host in 2016, several sports

modalities have already guaranteed their spot in the games. According to the Executive Superintendent of Sports for the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Marcus Vinícius Freire, the main focus of the Brazilian participation will definitely be on the upcoming 2016 Summer Games in Rio. “The Pan-American games are an important step for some sports because they take place one year before the Olympic Games. The BOC is committed to securing a place in the top 3 in the number of medals” He added that the results achieved in 2013 when Brazil won 27 medals in several sport categories at the Olympic level - demonstrate that there has been a continuous development of our national athletes.

Total number of vacancies secured by Brazil: Athletics - 24 vacancies; Basketball - 24 vacancies; Bowling - 4 vacancies; Slalom - 6 vacancies; Canoeing - 21 vacancies; Karate - 4 vacancies; Cycling - 24 vacancies; Football - 18 vacancies (female team); Artistic Gymnastics - 12 vacancies; Rhythmic Gymnastics - 6 vacancies; Gymnastics Trampoline - 2 vacancies; Handball - 30 seats; Equestrian - 9

Brazil is one of the top 30 basketball nations in the world by Patricia Santos

places: Jumping Team and Training Team; Weight Lifting - 8 places; Wrestling - 2 athletes; Swimming - 36 slots: Figure skating: 2 vacancies; Modern Pentathlon - 4 vacancies; Rowing - 18 vacancies; Rugby - 24 vacancies; Archery - 5 vacancies; Shooting - Rifle and Pistol - 16 vacancies; Shooting - Trap - 9 seats; Triathlon - 1 seat; Sailing - 8 vacancies.

TO2015 Mascot Do you know PACHI? PACHI is the official mascot of the TO2015 - a young porcupine who grew up just west of Toronto in a forested area of the Niagara Escarpment. Pachi isn’t your typical porcupine; he’s outgoing and loves to explore new places and meet new friends. And while there are some prickly challenges in being accepted as a porcupine, Pachi is out to prove otherwise.


Business without borders Interview: Sergio Ruivo President of the Federation of Entrepreneurs and Luso-Canadian Professionals

By Luis Aparicio


Photo by Luis Aparicio he Federation of Entrepreneurs and Luso-Canadian Professionals (FPCBP) is a non-profit organization located in Toronto. Its goal is to bring awareness and give voice to the Portuguese community and promote business opportunities. Some of the personalities who led the organization we can name: Charles Sousa, current Finance Minister, Ana Bailao, currently elected to Toronto City Council for Ward 18 (Davenport) or even until recently, Cristina Martins, Liberal MPP with representation in the Davenport Area. Created in 1981, the Sergio Ruivo states that one of the Federation Federation currently represents goals is to give a more active voice to the around a couple of hundred community in different sectors. entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors of the GTA and Southwestern Ontario and is affiliated to the European Union Chamber of Entrepreneur Alliance of the GTA (GTBA), among other Commerce in Toronto (EUCOCIT) and to the organizations. Managed by a council of 12 directors and administrators, the FBCBP takes into consideration a series of events organized throughout the year Photo by Dave Burke combined with their monthly business forums, an annual golf tournament and the Annual Gala Awards, where outstanding business and academic performances are acknowledged with an award. Currently serving a term as the President of the organization, Sergio Ruivo highlights the involvement of the federation in various causes of the Canadian society and the ‘lobbying’ for the community in the political and civic areas. He is up to the challenge and states: “The organization is strong because of the support and Sergio Ruivo at Discover Brazil-Portugal involvement we have received from our members.” magazine’s 5th Anniversary celebration.

20 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

Discover Br|Pt – In what ways has the Federation been helping the development of the Portuguese community in Canada? SR – “ In the years of the creation of the organization, Portuguese professionals in the community were very few and far in between. As a result, the models to follow by the younger generation were also very scarce. Then what the Federation decided to do, and did it very well, was to bring together what was available in the community at that time, and turn it into an example for a broader number of people. Over the years, the Federation has been bridging Portugal and Canada and is trying to make more businesses willing to cross the Atlantic both ways. The last two or three years, through partnerships with governmental organizations in Portugal, we have been trying to establish a more concrete link between the two countries and help Portuguese business and initiatives to leave the space of its contained borders and venture outside of Portugal.

DBP – What other services and goals will FPCBP be putting into practice so that the Luso-Canadians can have a better integration in the political and civic life in Canada? Has it been a successful challenge? SR – “ I believe we have been very successful. We have become a reference point in several organizations and governmental entities here in the province. When someone needs a Portuguese point of view, they contact us or we try to get involved whenever we perceive it would be beneficial to the Portuguese community” .

DBP – Personalities like Charles Sousa, Ana Baião and more recently Cristina Martins

are leaders at the FPCBP. Curiously, they are all actively part of the political life in the province/country. Is it a coincidence or the Federation can take some credit for their successful careers? SR – “ I have the impression we have influenced it quite a bit. Our organization gave those individuals a louder voice and Canadian society allowed them to be seen in a positive way. We have also supported several initiatives that were certainly well recognized and generally accepted by the general public”.

DBP – Has the profile of the Luso-Canadian entrepreneur improved with time? SR – “We have noticed a significant improvement because now the Portuguese products have a higher quality (...) and this is something that has been promoted by the general public in Canada. On top of that, we have been observing a diversification of the acting fields and sectors that have increased in number considerably if compared to 30 or 40 years ago”.

DBP – Why is the 33rd Annual Gala Award for Entrepreneurship and Scholarships one of the most expected events in the Portuguese community? SR – “Because we recognize that the younger generation has been putting a lot of effort in their studies at different levels. We also award three or four people for their entrepreneurship and their civic and professional contribution. We also like to award younger people who have been contributing with positive initiatives in society”.

PORTUGAL | Tourism

Dam of esteveinha, Alfandega da Fe

Luxury Rural Tourism Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro Regions By Andreia Major Photos by Filipe Oliveira


he concept of luxury Rural Tourism has been growing in Portugal with great refinement in recent years. With outstanding landscapes, Portugal offers many luxury rural homes from north to south of the country, with a higher prevalence in the Alentejo, Algarve, Minho and Tras-os-Montes, and Alto Douro regions. In the municipality of Alfandega da Fe (Portuguese town in the district of Braganรงa), for example, the highlight is the multitude of tourist attractions. Culture, local cuisine and magnificent landscapes are the magic ingredients that make the northeastern region so special.

24 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

Alfandega da Fe The municipality of Alfandega da Fe is totally integrated within the region of Terra Quente Transmontana. With its Arabic origin name, Alfandega has remarkable natural landscapes and a visit to the Miradouro do Castelo, a lookout located on a 575m hill, is mandatory. The cherry tree blossoms, the chestnut and the almond trees along with the vineyards complete the unique landscape. There are several attractions you can explore, like the Chestnut Route, or the famous Cherry Festival

Chestnut tree in Alfandega da Fe

or the incredible examples of urban art can be appreciated during strolls in the valley, along the river and by going up and down the hilly landscape. The local gastronomy, the local crafts - and not to mention hunting and fishing- are some of the examples of different activities for you to enjoy. Simply relax and do nothing. The Chestnut Route is a beautiful example of one of the most astounding landscapes of the Transmontano Northeast. The SPA & Hotel Alfandega da Fe, opened in 2009 in the same place as the old Nossa Senhora das Neves hostel, is a recommended pitstop to all visitors to the region. It’s possible to enjoy miles of oak and chestnut tree forests. In the nearby village, you can also find hundreds of Cerejais (cherry trees), very common in this part of Terra Quente Transmontana. Once in Alfandega da Fe, you should check out the Medieval tower and the religious architectural heritage. One of the best views of the local landscape is

located in the highest hill of the Serra de Bornes, around 1,200 ms high. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can hit the trail tracks that will take you up to the top of the mountain and walk down until you reach the village of Sambade to visit their local church. After that, follow the directions to the largest plantation of cherry trees in the region.

Land of Cherry Trees, Almonds and Olives If you happen to be around in February/March, you will have a chance to enjoy the cherry blossom festivities which celebrate the end of the winter. The hilly landscape, the Rio Sabor valley and the beauty of its three river dams, its local gastronomy and historical heritage are already themselves a good reason to visit. Strolling along the river, the blossoms cover the landscape with a blank sheet. It’s a unique sight. It’s also worth trying taking the trail between Alfandega and Vilar Chao, taking a quick shortcut to Discover Br-Pt magazine | 2015 | 25

Cherry tree the cherry fruit and its by-products have been utilized by the fitness and wellness industry such as the making of cherry pit pillows, cherry foot soak and even further with the local Hotel & Spa offering treatments like the “cherry therapy”. If you happen to visit in October, make sure you try the local and readily available chestnuts.

An Open Air Museum

Cerejais. If you continue on the Rio Sabor route though, make sure you save time to dip a piece of bread in the local olive oil produced in the region and ask about their typical desserts. The “Barquinhos” and the “Rochedos” are almond-made desserts that are considered a must-try local delicacy. Alfandega da Fe is also considered to be the capital of the cherry in the Northeast Transmontano region. And in the last 32 years, in the month of July, the city is transformed by the Cherry Festival which is known as one of the oldest tourist, economical and cultural initiatives in the region. The main varieties of cherries that can be found in the region are: Burlat, Sunburst, Van and Summit. In the festivities, an array of local products are also available. Jams, olive oils, almond, cold cuts, honey, different types of cheeses and spirits. Another attraction in itself is the local cherry beer and the traditional recipes made from the fruit. Recently, 26 | 2015 | Discover Br-Pt magazine

The village has a large quantity of significant historic heritage buildings and an impressive collection of sculptures and walls covered with the typical Portuguese tiles (azulejos) spread all over the city in public spaces. The city truly is an “open-air museum” that can be visited at any time on any day of the week. The village also boasts a rich tradition in the local craft such as basket-making, tins, weaving (linen and wool) and leather for the manufacture of shoes. The local gastronomy is famous for being very heart-warming and inviting. When in the area, make sure you order a “chunk of veal”, or a piece of cod fish or maybe the famous lamb braised in olive oil (notorious for its excellent quality). You can’t miss the “Botelo” a Portuguese version of the Scottish Haggis with a side of their dry beans. The Segada soup is another local delicacy not to be missed. All those dishes can be easily found in the region. Also traditional cold cuts, an assortment of smoked meats and sausages are part of their regional cuisine. The cherry, nevertheless, is the main ingredient of numerous products like jams, compotes and spirits, which goes well with their famous sheep’s milk cheese locally produced. The historical heritage in Alfandega da Fe is vast. Numerous churches, castles, sanctuaries, towers, chapels, bridges and lookouts make the trip filled with unforgettable discoveries that inspire visitors to return again every year.


The Chestnut Route and the Wild Mushrooms from Tras-os-Montes The “Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Route” is a travel package valid until the end of November. It includes a jeep tour and a visit to millenary chestnut tree fields to take part in the traditional chestnut and wild mushroom harvest. The essence of the land – Wild Mushrooms The rainy fall days coincide with the season of the wild mushrooms. They are in their peak in the month of October, November and if you’re lucky, up until ecember. To be able to fully enjoy them, a lot is needed to be learned before. That is why. There is an expedition promoted by “Casas do Bairrinho” that challenges the most curious travellers to explore the hidden corners of the local landscape and to learn how to identify these tasty delicacies. About the “Casas do Bairrinho” Situated in, a village in the heart of the Transmontano Northeast, the project “Casas do Bairrinho” is compos

Sambade ed by two important pieces of rural tourism – Casa do Largo and Casa do Bairrinho. Those two places mix past and future. Located 8 kms from Alfandega da Fe, this original lodging is filled with adventures followed by laid-back evenings enjoying a breath-taking scenery of the landscape.


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