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COMPANY / SeneGence HEADQUARTERS / Foothill Ranch, California



WHAT I love most about working for SeneGence is the feeling of being part of a family. We are all here to support one another to grow professionally, as well as personally. Leadership treats its employees as valued team members and allows us to be involved in the decisions that truly matter. I also absolutely love the teamwork and respect that we have for one another. It is fun coming to work with happy people who love where they work, which translates to smiles, good times and an efficient workplace.

SeneGence places great importance on the company mission and values, and I’m privileged to help our teams understand how we all contribute to the company’s purpose.

I know that my work at SeneGence is positively changing the lives of women around the world, which is one of the true meanings of life: “to love and help one another.”



SeneGence provides its employees with the opportunity to work for an organization that supports and empowers women all across the globe by providing careers that really work, selling products that really work.

HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY BRING THE SAME REDCARPET TREATMENT TO YOUR EMPLOYEES THAT YOU GIVE TO YOUR DISTRIBUTORS? SeneGence offers a comprehensive benefits package, competitive wages, and an opportunity to be creative and explore new ideas to ensure innovation and success for our distributors.

We host Employee Appreciation events for each SeneGence office location (such as food trucks, music, holiday gatherings) to enhance camaraderie and recognize teamwork.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR COMPANY, AND WHAT ARE THE KEYWORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR CULTURE? At SeneGence, we strive to maintain a family-based culture and live by our “SeneV.I.S.I.O.N.” core values: • Value and Serve Others

• Integrity • SeneSynergy (lifting each other up) • Innovation

• Opportunity • Never Settle

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY WHEN IT COMES TO MAINTAINING A GREAT WORK ENVIRONMENT? Our top priority is the success of our distributors, and we continue to develop and offer innovative products and business solutions so they are successful in their businesses. We empower our employees to constantly suggest new ideas, make process improvements to drive efficiency and work collaboratively to successfully achieve our goals.

HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS IN THEIR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT? SeneGence is developing a comprehensive learning & development program designed to set and measure the impact of learning objectives, including the use of SMART Goals, video-ondemand, external workshops, personal coaching & mentorships, live Lunch & Learn presentations, and integrated onboarding activities. Our goal is to have a workforce that fully understands our direct selling business model and the needs of our distributors, so that they are able to better serve them.

Throughout 2020, we identified the need for more virtual training, and looking into this year, the company is placing an emphasis on Mental Health & Wellbeing for our employees, as part of a holistic wellness program.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT HELPED YOUR COMPANY PIVOT AND SHOW RESILIENCE IN 2020? Safety is a top priority at SeneGence, and given that we were designated as a “critical business,” we had employees working on-site throughout the pandemic.

Through this, we were able to quickly implement a successful COVID-19 Safety program that included compliant contact tracing and detailed return-towork protocols for day-to-day safety at SeneGence. We looked comprehensively at the daily interactions of all employees, and planned out the best course of action to keep everyone that entered our building as safe as possible.

Additionally, we were able to use our existing manufacturing infrastructure to produce and distribute hand sanitizer to all of our staff, as well as make donations to first responders, hospitals & nurses in various parts of the nation.

Finally, we hosted a variety of virtual events through 2020 for our Distributors and employees. We hosted our annual Halloween Costume Contest and Christmas Holiday Events virtually, and held our inaugural drive-thru for telecommuters to take part in the festivities and enjoy a hot lunch! n