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Nu Skin







Nu Skin strives to foster a happy and safe work environment, and it shows the variety of things they do as a company for their employees. One of my favorite things that Nu Skin does is their Force for Good Day. Their strong desire as a company to do service and show up for the community is something that continues to impress me.



In one word—consistency. Since day one, Nu Skin has focused on being a force for good. This flows into everything we do, from the culture we work to create with our employees to the product we build to the giving back efforts. It’s simple and something every employee identifies with and gets behind.

HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY BRING THE SAME REDCARPET TREATMENT TO YOUR EMPLOYEES THAT YOU GIVE TO YOUR DISTRIBUTORS? At Nu Skin, providing our customers with the best possible experience is one of our top business strategies, and part of that customer base is our employees. To do this, we distribute quarterly surveys as a regularly cadenced touchpoint with how our employees feel and see the areas they feel empowered in and areas where the company can improve. We also developed a set of principles that define our culture of both who we are today and who we strive to become. Each principle serves as a guide to help us become the best we can be.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR COMPANY, AND WHAT ARE THE KEYWORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR CULTURE? The Nu Skin Way embodies Nu Skin as a whole. It’s a description of our culture, both who we are today and who we need to become. The eight principles describe how we aspire to act and clearly defines how we can be the best we can be. The first principle states we are ethical and honest. We act with integrity as individuals and as an organization. We are optimistic, compassionate, and fun. We seek to improve the lives of everyone who touches our business. We initiate and invest in sustainable solutions for our planet. We generously give back to improve individual lives, our communities, and our world.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY WHEN IT COMES TO MAINTAINING A GREAT WORK ENVIRONMENT? Surrounding our employees with a sense of empowerment is a top priority. Nu Skin empowers its employees to strive for excellence in all that they do, both professionally and personally, through a growth and abundance mindset. We all, at every level, learn from our successes and failures, but more importantly, celebrate our wins.

HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS IN THEIR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT? Nu Skin utilizes a global performance and development platform called Nu You. On this platform, employees can find trainings, tools, and courses on a wide variety of both personal and professional topics at any time of day from anywhere in the world. When you are part of the Nu Skin family, we put a big emphasis on both the professional and personal growth of our employees. It’s essential to clearly outline career paths from the top-down and help team members achieve their professional goals through frequent one-on-ones, department meetings, skillset development workshops, and more. Not only that, but we strive to connect on a personal level by caring about one another’s personal lives and equipping them with resources when they may need them.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT HELPED YOUR COMPANY PIVOT AND SHOW RESILIENCE IN 2020? One of the reasons Nu Skin had such a successful year in 2020 was the clarity of purpose. Nu Skin leadership clearly outlined priorities for everyone to work towards, a set of 6 business drivers crafted to help us focus on the most critical work to meet all of our customers’ needs and align us further to our Mission and Vision. In addition, when we transitioned to working remotely in March of 2020, employees working from home were able to define their own flexible work schedules to times that work best for their daily lives. We found that they are more engaged with their work and the company as a result. n