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We Stand on Their Shoulders

May is here, and I am once again reminded of May flowers and mothers. I thought I knew what I was going to share with you this month, but something happened last night that made me realize it needed to wait. (And at this moment, I shall jot a note about it while I remember it…or you may never see it!)

Last year, we shared an interview with Jimmy Fortune, Grand Old Opry star and the former tenor for The Statler Brothers (the most awarded act in music history). Jimmy was coming to Huntsville for the first time to perform at The Old Town Theatre, and his show was wonderful. Last night, he returned--and while the show was just as good as last year, there was a special difference in the attendance.

This year, a special guest was in the audience: Mr. Buck Sloan. Mr. Sloan, who served in World War II, is 99 years young and still quite the spry fellow. It is fairly rare in this day and time to meet someone who served in WWII; especially when you and that someone almost bump into each other in the aisle, and he asks you with a wink if you would like to dance. Laughing, we decided neither of us had the current coordination to “cut a rug” on a sloping theatre aisle! The icebreaker of our moment allowed me the opportunity to visit with him (and his friends) several times throughout the evening – long enough to see the amazement in his eyes as he told me he could not believe he had been specially introduced, or that all these people applauded for him.

As the evening progressed, I learned Mr. Sloan landed on Utah Beach in Normandy in an amphibious vehicle in June 1944. He turns 100 this June, and the day after his birthday, he intends to go back to Normandy--80 years after he first landed there.

When Memorial Day rolls around this month, I will think of Mr. Sloan and his upcoming trip. I will think of his fallen comrades. I will always remember the look on his face and the tears of gratitude in his eyes as he made his way to the front of the theatre and sang along with the rest of the standing crowd to God Bless America and America the Beautiful It is on the shoulders of these great men we stand. Take a moment during this holiday to honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we have today. Be grateful, because as Jimmy said, “In spite of all our problems, this is still the greatest country in the world.”

God bless America.

Until next time,

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Chester Pike “Buck” Sloan and Jimmy Fortune
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From Our Readers

Thank you!

We truly enjoyed the evening with the 3 Heath Brothers at the Old Town Theatre with the tickets sponsored by Postcards. Thank you. Yes, indeed, thank you so very much!

Sue & Terry Clyde

Amazing article

My wife & I enjoy reading Postcards. The recent article About Col. James Ray, POW in Vietnam for 6 years, was amazing. Thank you, Ruth Fields.

Robert Coats

Monthly enjoyment

I have enjoyed your monthly magazine.

Henry D. Rhoden

Queen of Falls

Being the “Queen of Falls”, I found your article on falls (Publisher’s column, February 2024) one I could relate to. They are the bane of our existence! I could go on and on about people I know that have suffered injuries from their falls. Even being careful and being aware of the what “ifs” these accidents can happen. My latest one was in the shower when I reached for the handicap bar that wasn’t there. Scraped my back coming down in slow motion on the corner tiled area. Boy, did that hurt. Fortunately #2 son was visiting and after I could crawl out of the shower called for help.

My daughter with her dry wit said, “Well, Mother now all three of your children have seen you naked!”

Look forward to your magazine and especially loved your cover this month.

Sincerely from a friend,

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Officers on Horseback

When Brian Koska was growing up, he often worked cattle on horseback with his father on his family’s ranch near Madisonville. So, when the Conroe Police Department formed a mounted patrol in June 2022, Koska, who was then a 17-year veteran of the force, applied and was accepted. Even though he is now eligible for retirement, he enjoys his job too much to retire. One of the things he likes about being a mounted patrol officer is that many people are willing to talk to him when his horse provides the introduction.

He laughs about the time a man walked by and said, “How are you doing?” Koska responded, “I am fine. How about yourself?”

The man then said, ““I was talking to the horse, but how are you doing as well?”

An idea takes shape

In early 2022, Conroe Chief of Police Jeff Christy asked longtime police veteran Sergeant Clyde Vogel to evaluate the feasibility of forming a mounted police patrol.

The City of Conroe had previously purchased the Conroe West Side Recreation Center (formerly the YMCA), which included a stable and enough grazing land to support horses. Vogel performed many tasks to make the site ready, including thankless construction and cleanup jobs. He procured sponsorships for horses, as well as donations of equipment; he also considered logistical matters, such as the purchase of trucks and trailers. “How are you going to haul these horses around?” says Sergeant Robert Engel, who is now the

10 Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition | May 2024 Community Builders

supervising officer of the Conroe Police Mounted Patrol. “You have to be able to get around town.”

Koska joined Vogel in May 2022. That July, the first horses were purchased, and officers throughout the department had the opportunity to apply for reassignment with the mounted patrol. It sounded like a good idea to Officer Shanna House, a horse enthusiast who has ridden off and on throughout her life. “I am an animal person all the way around,” she says. Officer Micheal Chapman, who is originally from Alabama and grew up around horses, was also accepted into the program. Later, Justin Devore, a 17-year veteran of the force, replaced one of the original members. “As a kid, my grandparents had a western store and a barn,” he says. “Being around that environment again made me feel at home,” he says. When Vogel moved to another position in the police department, Engel, a tenured sergeant, joined the unit. The five officers had varying degrees of riding experience when they joined the mounted patrol, but all had tough training ahead.

The Brotherhood

Each member of the Conroe Police Mounted Patrol attended the Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol Class, a rigorous, nine week, 360-hour training program. “The Houston Police Department has one of the premier mounted police units in the country,” Engel says. “They’ve been doing it since the early 1980s.”

To Chapman’s surprise, officers were first taught to ride bareback. “It teaches you how to keep your seat, and where your thighs and hips and heels need to be,” he says. Initially, officers rode bareback while the horses walked. Then, they progressed to trotting, then cantering.

Chapman learned that he could even accomplish the “Look, Mom, no hands!” maneuver, as long as his thighs and hips were placed correctly. Officers also learned about horse anatomy, nutrition, psychology, medical issues, and equitation (riding techniques).

Even Koska, who had been riding since he was three years old, had much to learn, such as crowd control techniques and horseback arrest procedures. Interestingly, mounted officers practice some of the same maneuvers Koska used working cattle with his father. “They just put a name to it,” he says.

“It was the most physically and mentally demanding school I have done,” Engel says, “and I have been through thousands of hours of school.” At the end of the course, students performed a “confidence ride,” he says. “There are miles of very narrow trails through woods. You canter for most of five miles. There are twists and 90 degree turns. You jump creeks and fallen logs. It is western.”

Today, officers train with the Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol at least once a month. “They are a huge resource and partner with us,” Engel says. One of the advantages of this arrangement is the Conroe officers can enjoy camaraderie with

May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 11 »
Brian Koska & Willie B Shanna House & Sgt. Ed

other mounted police officers. “Every time we go to train with them, it’s almost like we work for Houston, too,” Devore says. “I’ve been a part of units that were close, but you can go work around other agencies with the mounted patrol and feel like you are family. It’s a brotherhood.”

Conroe Police Mounted Patrol can assist other police organizations at events, and can ask for assistance as well. Conroe’s mounted patrol augmented the Galveston Police Department’s mounted patrol with crowd control during the Mardi Gras celebration on The Strand in early 2024. In 2026, some of the soccer matches of the World Cup will be held in Houston; the Houston Police Department has already asked Conroe Police Mounted Patrol to assist, Engel says.

Smarty, Gravely, Pepperoni, Willie B., Sgt. Ed and Dakota

One of Vogel’s ideas was to obtain sponsorships from businesses and individuals to pay for the horses’ veterinary care, feed, and equipment. In return for an annual $5,000 donation, sponsors have their names displayed on signs at the stable, as well as on horse trailers. They can visit the horses whenever they like, and they even get to name the horses..


Finway Electric: Smarty (Engel’s quarter horse)

Outdoor Equipment Outlet: Gravely (Devore’s enormous, 17-hand draft horse)

Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company: Pepperoni (Chapman’s quarter horse)

Friends of Conroe:

Willie B (Koska’s quarter horse)

Joe’s Italian Restaurant: Sgt. Ed (House’s draft horse)

Mike and Phyllis Saly: Dakota, a quarter horse

“If a horse is injured, Dakota is our go-to horse,” House says.

The Conroe Police Mounted Patrol is also grateful to several local businesses that provided crucial equipment. Lansdowne-Moody Company donated a tractor, as well as other items, such as a brush hog and hay bale spears; Buckalew Chevrolet and Woodforest National Bank each donated a one-ton flatbed truck.

Taking care of six horses is a lot of work. Tuesdays are “barn days,” and officers not only take care of the horses, but also procure feed and hay and do

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Robert Engel & Smarty Michael Chapman & Pepperoni Justin Devore & Gravely

Mounted patrol officers are trained in search and rescue techniques, as well as crowd control, and work at events like The Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival and the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. Because they are up so high on their mounts, they can quickly spot and respond to incidents that need police intervention. In crowd control situations, one officer on horseback is generally as effective as 10 on the ground, Engel says. “The mounted officers are able to clear crowds without causing panic, as people generally yield to horses because of their size. Mounted officers rarely have to make any physical contact with citizens, but provide very visible direction,” he says. Mounted officers are fully equipped with belts, guns, handcuffs and radios— “just the same as we would be in a patrol car,” Koska says. They also wear the same uniform, except for the addition of boots and helmets.

On a typical day, however, the officers warm

up the horses in the arena, then ride around a busy park, neighborhood, or shopping center. “We are a visible presence wherever we go, and that’s going to deter crime in the end. We try to go to the most populous areas of the city that we can,” Engel says. House loves children, so she particularly enjoys talking to the ones she meets while she is patrolling. “One of my favorite things is to see how kids react to us. They love us,” she says. “This helps children to see they can approach police officers.”

agrees. “It shows a different side.”

Everywhere they go, the horses are the officers’ introduction to the citizenry, providing a valuable public relations service. “People who ordinarily would not come and talk to a policeman will come and talk to us because we are on a horse,” Engel says. “It puts a different face on the department,” Koska

“The Chief of Police’s vision for this was a wonderful thing for the city,” Engel says. “It’s reaping rewards on a daily basis. We talk to people almost every day. We want to share the horses. Everybody here absolutely loves their job.”

Conroe Police Mounted Patrol welcomes monetary donations of any size. To donate, send a check to the City of Conroe and write “mounted patrol” on the memo line.

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other jobs, like dragging pastures to break up manure. Some tasks, like feeding the horses, mucking stalls, cleaning out trailers, and cleaning and maintaining the facility, must be done every day.
Brian Koska, Shanna House, Justin Devore, Robert Engel, & Michael Chapman


s a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the nature of uncontested court appearances has dramatically changed in the probate courts of Harris and Montgomery counties.

It is believed by many that the practice of hearing uncontested probate cases via Zoom, rather than “in person” shall become the favored procedure. Personal appearance may once more be required, but, according to the Court personnel with whom this writer has spoken, it will probably not be mandatory. Many of the courts have indicated that it is possible that clients and attorneys may have a choice between “Zoom” and “in person.” Some courts are already offering that choice.

The Zoom method of proceedings has many advantages to an “in person” hearing in that witnesses may be in any physical location that has a properly qualified sound and camera system. Most persons utilize their personal computers or the computers in their attorney’s office. Some even use their telephone cameras for hearings. All are acceptable so long as the method utilized yields a clear picture and sound.

Using Zoom allows a much wider range of options if additional witnesses are required. Witnesses can be in distant cities or in multiple cities just as long as they can enter the zoom meeting with picture and sound. If one of the witnesses is located in California and another is in Tennessee, there should not be a problem so long as they can appear via Zoom and take an oath to tell the truth. This can represent a significant saving in cost by avoiding (in most cases) the necessity of conducting costly depositions or other discovery.

When the time arrives for the hearing, all parties, attorneys and witnesses join the meeting hosted by the court. I.D. and

password instructions will be furnished to you by your attorney and all witnesses shortly before the scheduled hearing. Depending upon the particular Court, some provide directions well before the hearing, but others do not supply that information until the day before the scheduled hearing. In the Montgomery County probate court, Judge Laird has even been more considerate by posting Court schedules on the Court’s website.

Witnesses should be aware that even though they may be physically located in their homes or offices, the proceeding is still a hearing before the court. Proper dress is as important as it would be if you were standing before the judge in person. Proper dress should be the subject of another article, but it will suffice to sayclean, groomed and conservative. This attorney once foolishly told a witness that he should dress the same as he would to go to church. That was a mistake, because he showed up in a cut-off sleeveless t-shirt, shorts and shower shoes; the judge was not happy and refused to hear the case. We were forced to wait until the witness could go out and buy more suitable attire. In defense of the witness, he reported that he was a roofer, and that was what he usually wore to church.

The order of the hearing will vary between the individual courts. Some will allow all parties coming before it on that day to be admitted at one time and then call the individual cases, allowing everyone on-line at that time to observe other proceedings. Other Courts may keep all the parties and witnesses in the waiting room until their particular case is called and does not allow observations on Zoom. Even if the court does not allow observations, it can be seen on YouTube.

After the hearing, you will be asked to sign particular documents (depending upon the type of probate). These documents must be signed in order. Your attorney will be of assistance to you in doing this, but essentially:

1. The Judge must pronounce that the Will (if applicable) is admitted to probate.

2. Witnesses must then sign an affidavit under oath that the facts stated are true.

3. After witness statements are filed, the Judge will sign the Order Admitting the Will to Probate.

4. At this point, the different Courts do things in different ways, but, essentially, after the signed Order has been filed by the clerk and shows up in the Court’s on-line records, the executor of the Will (if any) can then sign the Oath of office and order Letters Testamentary

This firm has determined that most clients welcome the idea of appearing in Court via Zoom. This is particularly true when the alternative would be a personal appearance in the downtown Houston Courthouse at 8:00 a.m. after fighting Houston traffic.

Whether you are scheduled for a Court hearing “in person” or via “Zoom,” an attorney knowledgeable in probate law can be of great assistance in leading you though an often traumatic time. This firm recommends that you engage an attorney of your choice to act as your guide.

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Submitted Photos

Jonathan Michael Fleming

This young Texas soldier marches to a different… but very familiar…beat.

“Cadence,” in military contexts, refers to the rhythmic chants sung by soldiers in marching formation. These chants help keep marchers in line with the rhythm of the march, and they are more than just words—they’re an essential part of military discipline and tradition.

Jonathan Fleming’s story just makes you go…“Wow.” The seventh of nine children in his family, he lost his mom in a car accident when he was twelve. With faith in God and the support of family and friends, that tragedy molded him, but did not come to define him. He used it as motivation to finish home schooling at age 16 (with a dual credit equivalent of an associate’s degree). He married at 18 and enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves at 19. Now 23, he has found his footing as a husband, father, soldier, musician...and a once-reluctant online influencer who has grown to use the platform to support, comfort, and motivate military members, veterans, and their families. Postcards met with Jonathan at his studio in Humble, where he shared his story.

Where did the love of music come from?

My dad founded Heaven Sent Choirs in Houston and taught music there for 16 years, after which my sister took over the program. Because he made training CDs for students, my dad had studio equipment. By the time I was 12, I was going in and playing around with

16 Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition | May 2024
A Special Conversation

the equipment by myself (I don’t even know if my dad knew <laughs>). I was a part of that program, and that’s where I met my wife when I was in junior high.

A little unusual that you got married first and then joined the Army…

The only military influence or history in my family was that my great-grandfather was in the Marines. He definitely shared his experiences with me.

I was also born the year the war on terrorism started. So, I grew up with a pull to those principles and values. My wife was not a fan of the idea of me joining the military, so I had to work on her for quite a while. Eventually, when I talked about entering the reserves and she saw the vision, what it could do for our family, and realized how important it was to me, she said, “Okay, I’ll buckle in. Let’s do it.”

How did the connection of the military and your music come about?

After basic training, when I moved on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training-- job school basically, and I am an engineer), I started calling cadence for our group. I started Googling cadences, because I was tired of the same five we were doing all the time. I learned there are very few quality recordings. I could find lyrics, but words don’t mean much without a tune. We found an old cadence called “Down in the Battlefield.” I used that tune, substituted Airborne “sapper” for “ranger” as a nod to my engineer group, and wrote additional lyrics for “Fallen Soldiers.”

A “sapper” is a soldier who performs a variety of military engineering duties--breaching fortifications, demolitions, bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, preparing field

defenses, and road and airfield construction and repair. The term sapper comes from the practice of digging “saps”, or trenches, to undermine the walls of fortifications.

My buddies convinced my drill sergeant to let me call that cadence with the group, and she recorded it. My brother-in-law eventually convinced me to post it online to TikTok in January of 2022. I posted it, then deleted the app. It wasn’t until about six months later I went on and saw it had gone viral.

I started doing more cadence recordings for fun, and it just blew up. People started requesting them. By the beginning of 2023, I put out three cadence albums, and I have another album of 12 coming.

It was getting crazy trying to manage my regular job and the internet platform side of things. I worked for five years in construction in Porter and Spring and was an assistant project manager. I made the hard decision to leave that and go into the music work fulltime. I had begun to realize I could use the platform to help non-profits and give back to the community that had given so much to me.

What’s so powerful and motivating about cadences?

They connect people from diverse backgrounds who come together and work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals—in not just the military, but police academies, fire academies, and other institutions. They also provide a means of positive memory and connection for veterans and surviving family members.

How much work goes into recording a single project?

It varies, but a recent personal music project called “The Garage” was well over 100 hours of work. There’s a lot, with writing, performing the music, video production, and editing. There’s also separate optimizations and uploads for each online source, and backend work crediting those involved and registering the song. It’s a lot more than people think when they see it on a TikTok.

What projects have been the most successful?

The biggest in terms of popularity, by far, is the cadence “I Left My Home.” In fact, there’s a good chance that one ends up hitting gold status, which is incredible.

May | Magazine: RANDALL CROSBY 832-845-7546 BEAUTIFUL ECO FRIENDLY YEAR ROUND DURABILITY LITTLE TO NO MAINTENANCE Putting Greens Playgrounds Pet Turf, Outdoor Living, and so much more! Athletic Turf Event Venues

The work I’m most proud of is a song I wrote “Strength Like This.” It’s about Samson, but the lyrics never say his name, so the creativity with the lyrics is really special to me. In fact, it’s the reason I decided this January to separate my personal music projects from the military music ones with a separate account. I began to realize that, unless they were military based, songs weren’t going to perform well on that main account. Tell us about the non-profits you work with.

A big one is Tunnel to Towers Foundation. They just opened Houston Veterans Village in Tomball. They have taken in 150+ homeless veterans, with programs to help them find work and get them counseling and other resources they need. It’s amazing people with this organization can get buy-in from veterans who have been living on the streets for sometimes 20+ years to come into

this new home and trust the people and the programs.

U.S. VETS is another organization. They are the ones providing the counseling services and working with the veterans in that home. I’m helping them with a 5k coming up and other projects as well.

What’s been encouraging about working with the veteran non-profits is they don’t see each other as competitors—they see each other as “on the same team.”

What’s ahead?

Cadences, Volume 4 on the military side, as well as a cadence project that will give a nod to Private Willie Lee Duckworth’s “Sound-Off” chant from 1944, which started the cadence tradition.

On the personal side, some additional video work for “The Garage,” which speaks to the struggle of a provider—so it has resonated with a lot of men, but also a lot of wives, moms, and single moms. It speaks to that moment when you get home, and you just want to sit in your car for a few extra minutes and decompress before you walk inside.

My wife and I wouldn’t be where we are today

without a lot of people and a lot of support, and a lot of circumstances lining up. God definitely deserves the credit for the path, so we will keep trusting...and keep marching!

Check out Jonathan’s music through his website at

Locate his main (military) account on social media under @jonathanmichaelfleming and his personal project account under @ officialjonathanmusic.

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I Left My Home
Strength Like This

Vs. 1

Out on the battlefield covered in blood, There’s an Airborne sapper dying in the mud.

The enemy came closing in until the soldier fell; So, with one final magazine He sent ‘em all to hell.


Vs. 2

Out in a foxhole, shaking in his boots— There’s a brand new private too afraid to shoot.

The soldier to his left jumped on a hand grenade; And the gruesome price of war he paid.

Chorus Fallen soldiers, we stand on your shoulders; we carry your legacy, ‘cause no one said that freedom’s free. Fallen soldiers, we stand on your shoulders; I’ll carry your legacy, till someday they remember me.

May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 19
Fallen Soldiers
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Dear Gabby

Welcome back to the Dear Gabby advice column. We have a lot of celebrating to do this month. In numerical order, May the fourth be with the Star Wars fans. I’m thankful Cinco De Mayo is not going to interfere with getting into my Taco Tuesday restaurant this year. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, both here on earth and up in Heaven. Bless them all. Remember to honor our fallen service personnel on Memorial Day. Some gave all, and it’s a debt we can never repay. Silly or serious, reach out to those who deserve a pat on the back for any reason. Reach out to me--send me your questions by clicking on Dear Gabby at www.


What is going on with being asked to take an online survey about every single thing we do and spending more time trying to log into the site than it takes to do the survey? I’d be more

likely to answer the survey if they would make it a little easier to access.



Fortunately, those ubiquitous surveys are not mandatory, and you may pick and choose which ones to take. Or not. Logins are pervasive, though. I found a lamp on the beach last summer, and rubbing it no longer produces a genie. Now you need a username, password and, an unreadable CAPTCHA.



Sometimes, when I ask my family where that “thing” is because I can’t remember what it’s called, I can hear them talking about me behind

my back. I describe it perfectly and explain exactly what it does, but I just can’t remember what it’s called. You may have guessed that I’m a senior citizen. Should I start worrying?



Not at all. It sounds like your family already has that covered. That scenario sounds perfectly normal to me. It happens.



DECREPIT: I can relate!

I don’t want to say I’m old and worn out, but I make sure I’m nowhere near the curb on trash day.

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What’s Cookin’

Charred Red Cabbage and Carrot Salad Ingredients

2 Tbs vegetable oil, divided

2 1/2 lbs red cabbage - halved, cored, and cut into 1-inch slices

1/2 red onion, thickly sliced

2 large carrots

1 tsp kosher salt, plus more to taste

1 tsp garam masala or curry powder

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

1 Tbs honey, or to taste

1/4 cup seasoned rice vinegar

2 Tbs olive oil

1/4 cup sliced green onions


Step 1: Line a baking sheet with foil, and grease with a few teaspoons of vegetable oil. Arrange cabbage slices, cut side

up if possible, on the sheet, and drizzle remaining vegetable oil evenly over cabbage.

Step 2: Set an oven rack about 7 inches from the heat source and preheat the oven’s broiler.

Step 3: Broil until the surface of cabbage is lightly charred, 4 to 6 minutes. Times will vary depending on your oven, so watch closely during each charring step.

Step 4: Use a spatula and tongs to turn cabbage over; return to the broiler to char the other side of cabbage, 3 to 6 minutes.

Step 5: Once both sides of cabbage are lightly charred, scatter over sliced onions and use a vegetable peeler to make long, thick strips of carrot over the top. Arrange carrot strips evenly on top, and return pan to the broiler.

Step 6: Broil until carrots and onions begin to soften, about 3 minutes.

Step 7: Sprinkle salt, garam masala (or any prepared curry powder), and cayenne, and use tongs to mix evenly. Because vegetables will shrink as they cook, use a spatula to move them in from the edges of the pan, removing empty

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BOUTIQUE CROWNYOUR LIFEWITHStyle Downtown Huntsville 1102 11th Street Old Town Spring 202 Main Street A cozy wine bar located in the historic First State Bank building in old Montgomery Texas 14343 Liberty Street 832-870-9303 Come gather with friends and enjoy our award winning wines! Wed: 5pm - 9pm Thu-Fri: 4pm - 10pm Sat: 2pm - 10 pm Sun: 10:30am- 5pm 11:30 am until 3:00 pm Wine Pairing Dinner Every Wednesday starting at 6:00 pm

Step 8: Return pan to the broiler; broil until cabbage is tender, and is charred to your liking, a few minutes more.

Step 9: Transfer into a bowl, and dress with honey, vinegar, and more salt if needed. Stir in olive oil and green onions. Serve warm, room temperature, or cold.

Potato Waffles


2 Tbs butter

1 onion, chopped

1 Tbs minced garlic

2 cups mashed potatoes

2 large eggs

¼ cup all-purpose flour

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp ground black pepper


Step 1: Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add onion and garlic; cook and stir until onion is tender, 5 to 7 minutes.

Step 2: Preheat a waffle iron according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Combine onion mixture, mashed potatoes, eggs, flour, salt, and black pepper in a large bowl until well blended.

Step 4: Scoop 1/4 to 1/2 cup batter (depending on size of waffle iron) into the center of waffle iron and close lid. Cook until golden brown, 3 to 5 minutes.

May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 23 1336 League Line Road, Suite 400 Conroe, Texas 77304 Monday-Thursday 8AM - 5PM • Friday By Appt. Saturday & Sunday Closed • Braces • Bridges • Crowns • Dental Implants • Dental Warranty • Root Canals • Teeth Whitening • TMJ Disorder Treatment • Wisdom Teeth Extractions • Routine Checkups (936) 856-9969 $99* Exam and X-Rays *Must present coupon at the time of service. Some restrictions may apply, please contact our office for complete details. Not redeemable for cash. Cannot be combined with insurance, discounts or any other special offers. Expires May 31, 2024 $268 Value

The Business Focus is chosen each month by random drawing from among Postcards contract advertisers.


are at your service when you walk into the attractive foyer of PARK LAW FIRM. Established approximately 35 years ago by Mance Michael Park, Park Law Firm has earned the reputation of being the place to go for ethical, professional, and compassionate representation. Michael Park and Rane Riley stand ready to handle your legal needs and are committed to providing the highest level of service to citizens, both local and statewide.

Mike Park has excelled in his profession, accumulating a lengthy list of accomplishments and honors including:

• Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

• Induction into the American Board of Trial Advocates (which is by invitation only and limited to the top trial lawyers who exhibit exemplary character, ethics, and professional standards. Fewer than one percent of practicing lawyers hold this distinction.)

• Named as a Texas Super Lawyer

• Received AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell

Business Focus
Mike Park(Owner, Attorney), Chrissy Wieghat(Paralegal & Office Manager), Avery Johnson(Legal Assistant), Rosa Alvarez(Medical Records Coordinator), Meghann Barnes(Legal Assistant), Michael Rane Riley(Attorney)

• Lawyers of Distinction – recognized for Excellence in Civil Litigation

The list goes on and bears out the fact that Mike has distinguished himself as a lawyer committed to the highest standards in his profession. Born and raised in Huntsville, he is grateful to be practicing law back in this area. Mike attended Texas A&M University, earning his B.S. and lettering in Varsity Football, then attended St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, earning his J.D. in 1976. Along his career path, he served as Briefing Attorney for the Supreme Court of Texas and was an Associate Attorney at Fulbright & Jaworski.

Michael Rane Riley also grew up in Huntsville and is pleased to be able to establish his career in his hometown. He attended the University of Texas and SMU

“We offer compassionate and competent help, delivered professionally to the satisfaction of our clients.”

Dedman School of Law, graduating Cum

Laude in 2018. Rane clerked for the Eastern District of Texas, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, and various law firms. He handled civil litigation, trusts, and estate work while at Money Law Firm, and he specialized in insurance defense at Norton Rose Fulbright. His primary focus is on criminal matters, civil disputes, and real estate matters.

Park Law Firm is a full-service firm. Mike and Rane both agree, “We want to be your hometown law firm. Come here first, and if we can’t handle it, we’ll send you to the right people. You can trust us.” In most instances, the firm can take care of any kind of legal situation you are in, but if it is something they need to refer, it gives you the advantage of having both local help and someone who specializes in a peculiar area of law.

May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 25 Honor them with a complimentary smile makeover! Our Mothers Deserve a Healthy and Beautiful Smile! 3201 Robinson Creek Parkway (by hospital)• Huntsville, Texas 936-295-5404 Before After
“We’re big law lawyers in a small town. We are local, and we are good”

They are currently working cases in Harris, Montgomery, Walker, Madison, Leon, Grimes, Trinity, San Jacinto, Polk, and Liberty counties…and will go anywhere in the state. Succinctly stated by both Mike and Rane, “We’re big law lawyers in a small town. We are local, and we are good,” a statement that

promotes confidence in trusting Park Law Firm with your legal needs. They both are grateful for the learned and hard-working judiciary in our area, the good judges, and the wonderful clients.

Services offered at Park Law Firm include:

• Wills and Estate Planning

• Auto accidents

• 18-wheeler accidents

• Drunk driving

• Wrongful death

• Premises liability, slips, falls, and dog bites

• Industrial and construction

• On-the-job injuries

• Criminal Defense

• Motorcycle/ATV/Boat

• Railroad crossings

• Insurance and other civil disputes

They also offer mediation services. Mediation is

26 Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition | May 2024
Chrissy Wieghat, Avery Johnson, Rosa Alvarez, Meghann Barnes

an informal dispute resolution process that allows parties the opportunity to avoid the trial process. Mediation is offered as either a half-day or full-day session. Additional information is available on the website.

Assisting Mike and Rane is an excellent staff, including paralegals Christine Wieghat and Meghann Barnes; receptionist Rosa Alvarez; and legal assistant Avery Johnson. A call to the office will get you started on the right path to resolving your legal situation. Initial conferences are free, will result in a concise summary of what legal rights you have, and then will guide you to the correct pathway to exercising your rights. With years of experience, Mike is proud to be representing multiple generations of area families. “We offer compassionate and competent help, delivered professionally to the satisfaction of our clients.”

Park Law Firm takes great pleasure in giving back to the community through a variety of organizations and events. As Rane shares, “This is our home. We try to give back as much as possible. We both left to study and start our careers, and worked in big cities, but now are proud to be back in our hometown.” Several of these organizations include Walker County Fair, Go Texan, Huntsville Youth Baseball, CASA, Good Shepherd Mission, Ducks Unlimited, and TU-Mile Sportsmen’s Association. Thanks to the generosity of Park Law Firm, these and other organizations and endeavors can move forward with their programs and missions, touching the lives of the community in positive ways.


Submitted by: Brian B Smith, CFP®, Bryan M Masten, CFP® & Riley W. Smith, CFP®

Stock Markets and Presidential Elections

Now that we are through Super Tuesday and nominations from the two major parties seem inevitable, many investors are beginning to express concern about how investments will perform throughout this election cycle. Much of the concern is likely driven by the media whose job seems to be less about reporting news, and more about creating hype. So, let’s take a few minutes to report facts.

Janus Henderson Investors recently surveyed 1,000 investors with at least $250,000 in investable assets to gauge their level of concern around several topics. The results indicated that the investors surveyed are more concerned about the 2024 presidential election than the impact of inflation, recession, or higher interest rates. In addition, older investors displayed higher levels of concern than younger investors. While the concern is understandable, if we look at what markets have done during presidential elections in the past you should find some reassuring trends.

On average, stocks have gained 10% in presidential election years since 1976. During that same time-frame markets were only negative on two occasions during election years, the dot-com bubble burst of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008. More encouraging news, bond markets in the U.S. have been positive in every presidential election year since 1976, gaining on average 7%.

Overall, markets are not significantly different based on which party holds the presidential office. In fact, it seems the best combination is a split presidential office and congress. The biggest driver of volatility for the markets during an election year is the uncertainty of the election itself. So, while markets tend to perform well during election years, we may still see some volatility as we approach election day. The volatility may be amplified if the outcome of the election is uncertain; meaning one candidate or the other does not have a decisive lead.

Outside of career obligations, Mike enjoys hunting, and Rane stays involved with rodeo activities. Both have enjoyed raising their families in a small-town atmosphere, where families and friends take on significant importance. And, they stand ready to assist you with your legal needs--with the assurance they will work diligently with integrity, competence, and compassion to bring a positive resolution to your situation.

Park Law Firm

227 HWY 75 N, Suite 230

Huntsville, TX 77320


Toll Free: 800-753-5509

While this information is useful in evaluating trends in markets, we can never really predict what markets will do. We can work to understand where markets are now and try to identify opportunities to help our client reach their goals. It often helps to have someone to talk with about your concerns and how your concerns may impact your goals. If you don’t have someone to talk with, maybe we can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we would love to help you “Enjoy More, Worry Less”.

May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 27 (936) 294-0201 • 1211 Financial Plaza • Huntsville Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dealer member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Cambridge and Global Financial Partners are not affiliated. Cambridge does not provide tax advice.

Medical Matters

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Know Your Options

Have you been told you snore loudly? Are you tired or sleepy during the day? With obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the flow of air into the lungs is either partially or completely obstructed in the upper airway, causing at least 10 seconds of unconscious stoppage of breathing. A narrow airway, large tongue, or obesity are some of the risks for OSA. Treatment helps keep your airway open while you sleep so your breathing is not interrupted.

Getting treatment for obstructive sleep apnea can help you get a better night’s rest and avoid serious health consequences, including high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attack, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and other health risks.

“Not only is your sleep impacted by sleep apnea, but also your productivity and relationships,” said Dr. Luis D. Neve, an otolaryngologist (ENT) with Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital.

Depending on your condition, sleep apnea treatments can range from breathing machines to surgery. Your doctor can help you understand which option is best for you.


Many sleep apnea sufferers are prescribed a device called a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. The CPAP machine delivers oxygen into your nose and mouth via a mask. This air keeps your airway open, preventing any interruptions in your breathing. “To get the most out of this machine, you need to use it every night,” Neve said.


If you find a CPAP machine hard to tolerate or unable to fully manage your sleep apnea, sleep surgery may be an option. There are various sleep apnea surgeries, depending on where your specific obstruction is located.

To locate the obstruction, the doctor will perform a drug-induced sleep endoscopy. An endoscope is used to look at your throat and airway to identify exactly where you’re obstructing. “With this information, we can determine the best surgical option,” Neve added.


Advances in sleep apnea treatment have resulted in new, less-invasive techniques for treating moderate to severe sleep apnea. Hypoglossal nerve stimulation is a treatment that uses a device to stimulate your hypoglossal nerve, which is the nerve responsible for controlling several of the muscles in your tongue.

“This device, which is implanted in the upper chest using just two small incisions, is only turned on while you’re asleep,” Neve explained. It works by detecting respiration and, each time you breathe, stimulating your hypoglossal nerve to push your tongue forward, opening your airway.

Proven to work remarkably well, this alternative eliminates the need for a CPAP machine.

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McCAFFETY ELECTRIC CALL US For All Your Wiring Needs Licensed • Bonded • Insured Huntsville: (936) 295-2831 Conroe: (936) 539-5411 Bryan/College Station: (979) 250-6091 Visit our lighting showroom at 1711 Sycamore or visit us online at TECL-19206
Happy 60th Birthday to Claudia Carrington! Happy 87th Birthday to Anna Hyman!

The Garden Post

Spring into Combos, Tropicals, and Texas Natives!

It is the perfect spring day. No humidity, under 82 degrees, low wind, and bright sun-it just does not get better than this in Texas. The garden is calling, and the urge to be “gardening” is overwhelming. As a gardener (and as most gardeners), our patio pots and containers are one of our favorite garden “chores.” Many spend hours choosing just the right combination of plants to make a spectacular display.

There is an old saying in the industry: each pot should have a filler, a spiller, and a thriller….What does that mean? One plant is 18” or taller with upright growth (filler); the second (thriller) is under 14” and a profuse bloomer; and the third (spiller) is a draping or cascading plant. To do this, a 10-12” container is required to give the plants room for growth. Here are a few of our favorite ½ day to full sun combos:

Lime potato vine or creeping jenny / bright yellow or blue calibrachoa or petunia / mystic spire salvia. (3 plant combo) Great in an indigo blue pot!

Creeping jenny or hedera ivy / supertunia (tropical color) / dwarf canna….for an extra twist and texture, add a tricolor dracaena (3-4 plant combo)

Variegated fig ivy / red geranium (or whatever

color you prefer) add ageratum or blue daze and dwarf white adagio grass or white euphorbia in a white pot. Great red/white/ blue 3 plant combo.

April/May is the time to plant “tropicals” around the pool and patio. Of course, these beautiful plants are called “tropicals” because their native habitat is the tropics, where temperatures rarely fall into the mid50s. Tropical plants such as bougainvillea, hibiscus, duranta, dipladenia, and mandevilla are just a few varieties. These beauties are coveted for their amazing blooms and thrive in heat and high humidity, making them the perfect Texas plant. Yes, in our area and to the north, they do not sustain the winter well and should be considered an annual (although, with the right protection, they will die to the ground and return slowly the following spring). Just a reminder, do not feed hibiscus with a phosphorous # higher than 5% (they are the exception to the rule and large doses can be lethal). Hibiscus are one of the few plants that truly need a Hibiscus food (never use Miracle Gro on them). Bougainvillea, on the other hand, are Texas Tough. Bougainvillea need to be rootbound, require full sun, and just enough water to keep them from wilting to keep blooming. Do not plant bougainvillea in the

ground here; they will not survive. A large pot is best for easy transport in winter.

One last topic, there seems to be a craze for Texas natives, and there is a misconception involved. I am not sure if the misconception comes from “marketing” or just lack of knowledge on the topic. Texas is a huge state with many different terrains—so, what is native in Fredericksburg may not do well in the woodlands of East Texas, and vice versa. Once planted, Texas natives will need the same care (water) until established…which is generally the second year in production. So, what is the difference between a native non-cultivar and a newer hybridized cultivar of the same plant? In my book, it is huge. This begs the question--why so many cultivars of the same plant? Generally, because the original bloomed for a very short period of time, had a weed appearance with spindly texture, and was only available in one color. Hybridization took the best qualities of the plant and improved them: blooms all season, compact growth, shinier texture, and larger color range. This does not mean it is less hardy than the original plant--just improved. The difference in water requirements is minimal, and I believe that is the crux of the misinformation.

Happy Gardening.

Our Family Serving Yours Since 2002 SHMFH.COM Serving Willis, Montgomery & Huntsville Hometown Traditions. Hometown Values. The girls and I want to express our deepest thanks for guiding us through the worst time in our lives. Will, especially you: your gentle way and professional demeanor was a great comfort to us. Bless you all, ~ Marie
May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 31 Suduko Marketplace Easy Sudoku © 2013 Sudoku #2 Easy Sudoku Puzzles by KrazyDad, Volume 3, Book anddeadly children. neck but money; spirit milestones are lifted. George Bernard Shaw 1 5 7 4 6 2 3 5 4 1 9 9 1 5 3 6 8 7 3 4 3 5 1 7 9 9 1 7 6 3 4 3 9 5 9 8 see answers on page 15 Independently Owned & Operated TACL A010432C 936-756-7816 We’re the ones to call! Comfort for the ones you love. ALL YOUR POOL NEEDS FROM ONE COMPANY 10+ Years of Experience FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 936-333-8153 936-333-8153 Do you owe the IRS $$$ Income Tax • IRS Representation • Insurance • Notary Public 100 Hwy 190 East Huntsville, TX 77340 Email: (936) 291-1887 (Direct) (936) 661-0692 (Cell) (936) 291-1789 (Fax) National Association of Enrolled Agents • National Society of Tax Professionals Chester Crawford, EA Since 1981
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Thru 12 Houston “Driving
Thru 26 Waxahachie Scarborough Renaissance Festival Thru 31 Palestine Piney Woods Vintage Train Rides 2 Huntsville National Day of Prayer Programs The Woodlands Hozier 3 Montgomery Charles B. Stewart – West Branch Library FOL Book Sale Sugar Land Larry the Cable Guy 3-4 Brenham Maifest Bryan Big Barn Dance Music Festival 3-4 Dallas Barbershop Quartet Convention & Competition 4 Brenham Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder Conroe Conroe Music Festival Friends of the Symphony Kentucky Derby Fundraiser Huntsville Run with Your Imagination Annual 5k Color Run
de Mayo Celebration Dale Watson Madisonville MSCA Steak Dinner & Dance featuring Moe Bandy 9 The Woodlands Kenny Chesney 10 Conroe “Into the Woods” Huntsville Southern Raised 10-11 Madisonville MSCA BBQ Cook-Off 10-12 Conroe Big as Texas Festival 10-19 Conroe “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” 11 Galveston Neil Berg’s 50 Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll IV Huntsville Blood Drive drive_schedule/372538 The Woodlands Woodforest Bank TRI 16 The Woodlands Savage
Miss Daisy”
May 2024 | Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition 33 17 Huntsville 21st Annual Shot in the Dark Night Golf Tournament The Woodlands Brooks & Dunn 18 Huntsville Dunn & Brooks 23-26 Palestine Gospel Bluegrass Festival 25 Sugar Land Baby Shark’s Big Broadway Tour 31 The Woodlands Dave Matthews Band 936-525-9589 RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Your key to great service starts here. CHOOSING TO BE DIFFERENT. There are
choose to move, and the market is not always the reason.
many reasons people
My business is built on helping you do what’s best for you and making sure it gets done. If you’re ready for a different realtor experience, I’d love to visit with you!

Mustard Seed Moments

Come and See

“Come and see,” and “Come, see a man…”

These words are found in John 1:46 and John 4:29. The first reference was an invitation from Philip to Nathanael, and the second was an invitation from a Samaritan woman to her townspeople.

These simple words had such an impact on the lives of so many. Just look at the responses of Nathanael, “Rabbi, thou art the Son of God” (John 1:49) and “…many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified, ‘Come see a man that told me all that I ever did.’” John 4:39.

Notice, Philip and the woman at the well had just met this Jesus. They had no formal training, and they did not present a plan of salvation… they just said, “Come and see.”

We can extend an invitation to anyone at anytime, by simply saying, “Come and see what God is doing.” We do not have to profess to know it all or to understand the mysteries of God.

When we say, “Come and see,” we loose the Holy Spirit to work his mighty work.

Who can you invite to “Come and see” today?

34 Postcards Magazine: Lake Conroe Edition | May 2024 Genesis 8:22 TACLA 965 Serving Spring/The Woodlands, Conroe/Montgomery/Willis and New Waverly/Huntsville Areas 936-571-1711 Put your mind at ease ... call $2,000 in Armstrong Systems HOT? Call Easco! WE CAN HELP! Rebates Up To Come and See
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