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Models of the Day Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? (Peyton) When Moms Get Promoted (Ariana) Anti-Bully Story “Growing Up Glad” Featured Photographer: Lilly K Walking The Walk (The Runway Coach) Top 10 Models Cover Story-Behind The Lens (Madison) Featured Baby: Lucas Babies of the Day Featured Dancer: Giggles Featured Dancewear: Lilly K Collection by Oh La La Dancewear How To Become a Model: New York Models Management

Cover Model: Madison (@photoswithmadison) Photographer: Antwon Maxwell Photography (@antwonmaxwellphotography) HMUA: Mica Jay (@madexmicajay) Dress: Adrianna Ostrowska (@adriannaostrowskacouture) Location: Brooklyn, NY Back Cover Models: Aria & Reagan Photographer: Demarest Photography (@demarest_portraits) Designer: Victoria Atelier (@vitoria__atelier) Location: Los Angeles, CA Table of Contents Picture Model: Jade ( Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography) Dress: Shop Marais Sky (@shopmaraissky) Location: Los Angeles, CA Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

Editor’s Letter Starting a business is never easy. It takes so much work just to get your business started. Once its started, you still have to put in countless hours to make it successful. God put the desire to own, your own business, in your heart, for a reason. There will be times when you want to quit, but you must persevere through it. This is exactly what many of these kids in this issue have done. Here is what you can look forward to in Issue 13, our “BUSINESS” issue. Our cover model is the beautiful and talented Madison. In her article, you will read about her journey in becoming a business woman. Madison isn’t only taking on one business but she has three; photographer, writer, and model. How AWESOME is that? It is our pleasure to have Madison grace this issue's cover. Thank you to Antwon Maxwell Photography for capturing such beautiful pics and Mica Jay for such an amazing job with hair and makeup for this shoot! Definitely want to thank Adrianna Ostrowska for the amazing dress! As you begin to read, you will see Peyton tell you in her own words “What Fashion Means To Me.” Then, you will read an article on what it is like to be a “Momager.” Growing Up Glad opens up and shares her experience with bullying. After that, you will get to see some amazing headshots taken by our well-known Featured Photographer, Lilly K Photography, in California. We 6 2018

also have helpful advice from Mandy on how to work the runway. Next, you will read about our Featured Kid Designer, Lilly K, who has her Lilly K Collection from Oh La La Dancewear. Our Featured Dancer is no other than “Giggles” the girl who got over 1.1 million views on her video on our instagram page. For those of you who have an interest in starting a modeling career, New York Model Management gives some helpful advice on what they look for in a model. Oh, and we can’t forget our Featured Baby Lucas and our Top 10 Model Contest Winners. Such a hard contest to just pick 10 winners, but it's always fun! Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can, also, reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting yo at one of o e ease a ties e b essed

WHAT FASHION MEANS TO ME? I feel that fashion is clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be in style to be fashion. I feel confident wearing my favorite colors. I love pastels and denim paired with the perfect shoes. I love wedge booties. They are my goto shoe. Embarrass your inner you and feel confident. Photo by: Lisa Tucker Photography Model: Peyton

By: Gianna Simonelli Photographer: Irina Chernousova Designer: Dollcake Vintage

In the current age of Social Media, transforming the natural talents of children into viable career paths is easier than ever before. Internet accessibility puts parents at the forefront of their children’s success by granting them complete autonomy over these prospective professions. This progressive social environment has promoted some mothers to managing their kid’s careers. Meet Beah Tagani, for example, the mother of six-year-old model Ariana (Instagram: @ariana.tagani). She has since assumed the compound role of “momager” after her young daughter expressed an interest in becoming a model.

Ariana is the younger sister to two teenage brothers, who enjoys watching Disney movies and helping others. She started dancing at only two-years-old, and discovered her love for performing while pursuing this craft. She is now a member of a competitive team and has performed two solos. She identifies herself as unique because of her determination and perseverance. Ariana shared, “I can watch a dance move or runway walk and repeat it even if it’s

Mermaid Tail: Swimtails Headpiece: Two Little Pixies Photographer: Irina Chernousova

“She is natural so it wasn’t hard for me to get her in front of a camera with photographers not correct. I’ll keep going because I will do it until I get it.” Youtube and TV actually helped fuel Ariana’s premature interest in modeling. This quality will help her establish the necessary work ethic to thrive in the entertainment industry. Ariana’s natural interest in modeling, paired with Beah’s managerial work has rapidly propelled her modeling career. What kind of responsibilities is a “momager” tasked with? Mothers like Beah are expected to schedule photoshoots, manage various social media accounts, consult with magazines, designers and brands, and most importantly, ensure that their child is as happy as possible. Beah is often asked how she jumpstarted Ariana’s career. According to Beah, “She is natural so it wasn’t hard for me to get her in front of a camera with photographers… You can’t force a kid to like it, they have to enjoy it and know it natural, otherwise I would suggest getting an agent and lessons first.” According to Ariana, “I launched my career by modeling for a local boutique in February 2018 to start up my portfolio with Jennifer Gregg photography and then shortly after I got offered brand representative positions.” A collaboration with Baby Essentially was instrumental to establishing her name in the industry, and creating a long-term relationship with the brand as she continues to model for them. She has since worked with brands and designers like Dollcake Vintage, LAFSNY, Alora Safari, Elizabeth Cordelia, Dlora Moda and Deanne Whitcamps. The little powerhouse has since amassed nearly four thousand followers on Instagram, to match the caliber of her portfolio. The six-year-old shared, “I met so many amazing photographers and designers and each and everyone have a special unique touch that puts a smile on my face. I became kidfashmod of the day and was published in there July issue. I couldn't have been more excited.” Photographer & Dress: Deanie Wittkamp Couture 10 2018

The Tagani family is based in Michigan, where opportunities for aspiring models and actresses are extremely limited. Beah explains, “Living in Michigan is very hard for a model/actress. There is nothing here for them. I’m constantly looking for things she can do all about the country because Michigan does not offer much.” In order to build her daughter’s portfolio, this momager spends time entering contests and submitting pictures, sending emails to companies asking about their modeling recruitment processes, and entering model searches. Instagram is not only an inexhaustible source of inspiration, but a resource for model calls and an opportunity to create friendships. Beah understands the importance of making connections in the industry as she shared, “I reach out to as many other models and support them this way Ariana can get the support back. I love to see someone succeed, I love to see them do better and always offer suggestions.” Although establishing relationships with designers, photographers, and other models is an essential tactic for success, the most important responsibility of a “momager” is to ensure that the child being represented is as happy as possible. While managing your child’s career may not be the easiest job, Ariana mentioned that working with my mom is like not working, its spending time with mom, she saves my life.” Beah understands that this dream started with Ariana, and always makes sure to confirm that this path of life is what Ariana is most happy with. According to Ariana, “When I feel like quitting or just not having a good day my mom will sit down and let me get my feelings out and she will ask me if I don't want to do this [because] I don't have to. She also reminds me of my goal which is to be on television so I think about it and I know I do want to be on TV and I don't want to give up because I don't give up.” Being a mother and a manager comes with big sacrifices and difficult decisions. Beah identifies putting her daughter out there as the hardest sacrifice she’s made since beginning this endeavor. As much as she would like Ariana to enjoy her childhood, Ariana is working towards a bigger goal for her future. Beah also works as a hairstylist, and has learned to balance her family, her job and her daughter’s career. Becoming a “momager” is by no means a simple task, but the results are even more rewarding than the sacrifices. Photographer: Mariiese Carmona Wardrobe: Janie & Jack

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How to

Grow Up Glad this School Year

Written by: Gianna Simonelli Photographer: Lisa Glam Growing Up Glad is an online platform bursting with positive influence for young girls, and the parents of those young girls, throughout the cyber world. Kimberly, mother of Ella and Juliet, created Growing Up Glad after the routine of her everyday life was disturbed by the diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disease following her pregnancies. The blog promoted the same messages of “bullying prevention, kindness, and other topics relating to raising happy, healthy children,” that she worked so closely with during her time as an Elementary School Guidance Counselor. 14 2018

Kim’s advocacy work, paired with her two daughters’ growing interest in modeling and fashion, helped lay the framework for the positive social media presence now known as Growing Up Glad(@growingupglad). Juliet, 10, and Ella, 8, developed these interests at a young age. Juliet recalled, “I always would pick out fancy outfits and jewelry for preschool. I was always interested in fashion, but now I have a more ‘sporty’ style.” Ella shared about her love for photography and her ambition to be featured in magazines.

Growing Up Glad has established opportunities for the duo to work with different companies, represent brands, and even overcome the obstacles of being shy. This platform has enabled the girls to dream big! Juliet hopes to become a model and actress in the future, all while continuing to learn how to play the drums, piano and dance hip-hop. Ella, on the other hand, has aspirations of becoming a scientist. As previously mentioned, the Growing Up Glad blog champions for bullying prevention. In the midst of the annual “back-to-school” excitement lives a darker fear that occupies the minds of students and parents alike as they approach the beginning of a new academic year. This darker fear of bullying personally affected Juliet in the third grade when she was consistently bullied by a male classmate. Juliet explained, “He was saying mean things to me, getting in my face, and even putting his hands on me.” His unwarranted conduct made her feel uncomfortable and frustrated because she wasn’t doing anything to provoke him. After reporting this trend of behaviors to her mother, Juliet and Kim decided to deal with it on their own by empowering Juliet to stand up for herself or ignore the behavior. Unfortunately, as the mistreat-

ment persisted, it was necessary that this bullying issue be brought to the attention of a teacher. The issue was only mitigated after her classmate’s misconduct was addressed by the Vice Principal. Juliet then received an apology letter in response to the months of bullying she endured. Just as Kim had created an opportunity for herself in creating Growing Up Glad upon a devastating diagnosis, Juliet also used the negativity she experienced to bring much-needed attention to a widespread epidemic in schools throughout the country. Kim and Juliet made a YouTube video addressing her struggle with bullying, and Kim “wrote a blog post all about it to hopefully help other kids who were bullied or to help them in case they were ever in that situation.” It is imperative that these resources be available for children who are undergoing bullying, so that they may understand they are never alone in their hardships. Clubs like Kindness Matters help advocate for bullying prevention through the means of education and communication. Kindness Matters invites representatives from local non-profit organizations to speak to its members about the mission of their organizations and provide 2018 15

advice and suggestions for helping the less fortunate. Juliet shared, “My mom is a trained Ambassador and runs the club at our school with our science teacher. More schools should have this club to teach about kind. Initiating clubs of this sort is an innovative means to combat bullying within the school by reminding children of the importance of their voice. Juliet advices that victims of bullying, “First stick up for [themselves] and tell [bullies] to stop, [and] that you do not like what they’re doing. If this continues, then tell your parents and teacher.” While standing up for yourself may not always be the easiest decision, finding the confidence to voice your discomfort is a breakthrough moment for victims of bullying. Juliet reminds children who pick on others to think about their actions and to treat others the same way they would like to be treated.

Encouraging kids and teens to make a different in the world is just one of the many important messages that Growing Up Glad advocates for. Juliet urges kids to, “Be helpful. Take part in community projects, [and] listen to your parents.” Ella advices that children “be kind and friendly to one another,” to create a better world altogether. As we launch into yet another school year, children across the world are reminded to take responsibility for their actions and be kind to one another. Tune into Juliet, Ella and Kim’s Growing Up Glad blog and YouTube channel this school year for more advice bullying prevention and empowering the next generation of strong leaders.

Juliet has only grown due to her experience with bullying, and finds ways to be inspired every day. Songs and the speakers from her Kindness Matters club inspire her to find ways she can help the world. Ella gets her inspiration from her Mom and Dad.

“First stick up for [themselves] and tell [bullies] to stop, [and] that you do not like what they’re doing.

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Written By: Sandra Current Isabelle

Captivating is an understatement for the content this exceptional photographer produces. Her shots are rich, savory, and not only capture the raw beauty of her clients, but also the raw passion she has for photography. Her name is Isa Battaglin and she is a busy mom of three that loves freezing moments in time. Her company, Lilly K Photography, which is based in Los Angeles, CA, is widely known for producing some of the most stunning headshots. Isa, herself, is an internationally recognized portrait and fashion photographer that travels the world creating beautiful stills of all kinds for clients from all backgrounds. She’s had some of the most famous and talented performers in front of her lens and prides herself in providing high-quality photographs for those who instill their trust in her. If anyone knows the ins and outs of photography, it’s Isa Battaglin!

Auraya Greta

Isa has loved taking pictures for as long as she can remember. It’s something that has always brought her great joy and allowed her to connect with others on a level that most don’t experience. She simply knew photography was her passion. Isa says, “I used to buy cameras and teach myself how to use it. When I traveled, I would just go out and shoot. I never thought I would do this professionally. Once I moved to California, I was finally able to pursue it.” It wasn’t until her daughter, Mel, was nine that she actually launched her career, though. Mel had her heart set on being a model and Isa was the perfect candidate for her daughter’s headshots. She took a few headshots of Mel, which ended up being a hit with the agency, and from that point on, she was one of their preferred photographers! The rest is history! 2018 19

As for the name Lilly K. Photography, it was inspired by her daughter, Lilly, and son, Kauan, which she jokingly states is “not creative” at all, but combines two of her biggest inspirations into her company, which is beyond beautiful. A few other inspirations Isa highlights are Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino, and Annie Leibovitz. She actually met and chatted with Peter Lindbergh, while in Tokyo, whom she considers a role model and describes as “lovely.”Annie Leibovitz is a well-known American photographer that embodies many traits that Isa holds dear. Leibovitz’s quote, “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people,” expresses the exact essence Isa’s photographs give off. It’s not hard to tell that Isa takes her work very seriously and has perfected capturing her perspective of her marvelous clients.

Ayla Abby

While Isa is experienced in many styles of photography and has shot for all occasions, she considers her specialty natural light. In fact, her favorite props in her very own words are, “Natural light, my camera, and I.” Sometimes that’s all you need to capture some of the most pure and fascinating moments. Isa also specializes in actor headshots, beauty headshots, commercial/editorial work, portraits, and studio shoots. She’s definitely gained a lot of experience in many areas of photography and has developed a keen eye for life’s beauty. How does she stay inspired? Life, itself. “I pay attention to everything around me and that always inspires me,” she says. Anything and anyone can serve as source of inspiration for Isa. We know you’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Well, Isa knows this to be true, firsthand. There’s so much to be found in a single photo and there’s so much a single photograph can relay. It’s that aspect of photography that gave purpose to Isa’s work. Not only was she able to connect with the people she photographs, but she was able to visually tell their story. “I look deep inside through their eyes and can see so much, I get to know them, and who they are. It’s such a powerful moment when you connect with the person you’re photographing and how one photo can tell so much about a person,” she says. It’s a beautiful concept that, when done right, can leave an audience in awe, which is exactly what Isa’s done!



“Don’t be afraid to be different, to try new things, and to be original. For those aspiring to become a photographer, Isa challenges you to embrace your uniqueness. “Don’t be afraid to be different, to try new things, and to be original. Don’t listen to other’s opinions so much, either. We all have different styles, find yours!” She is a true testament to what removing those fears and creating your own avenue can do. When it comes to those on the other side of the lens, Isa emphasizes the importance of having a good headshot. “A great headshot will open doors. You want your headshot to catch the eye of casting directors, you want it to stand out and show personality. It is your first impression,” she says. Quality headshots are an investment in yourself. It’s a photograph that will often speak for you, so you want to make sure you seek out a photographer with experience and one that has an understanding of how to catch the attention of casting directors. Isa also encourages kindness and respect for adults and children alike. It makes the world of a difference when we all look out for the best interest of one another, so be supportive and show others how far kindness can take you.

Harley Photographers: Peter & Isa

When Isa isn’t busy running her business, she’s usually soaking up all the family time she can. Isa is also a huge movie fanatic and this explains why she watches at least one movie every night. Being the night owl she is, Isa also edits pics while watching movies. She’s pretty happy with where she’s at and with what she’s doing right now, so there’s not much more she’s looking to pursue just yet. She does plan to teach and mentor in the near future because she longs to share the knowledge she has with other up-and-coming photographers, so look out for further details on that. If Isa could pick anyone in the world to shoot, that person would be Adele. But, that’s just a dream. Fun fact about Isa, she travels a lot for work and loves experiencing different countries and cultures, but is terrified of flying! If that’s not an indication of her commitment to her work, we don’t know what is ! For more information on Isa Battaglin and/or Lilly K. Photography, go to You can also see more of her breathtaking work on Instagram @lillykphotography. 2018 23

WALKING THE WALK By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Lily Shames Photography Wardrobe: Chick

Tips on the Runway with Professional Modeling Coach Mandy Dyonne Modeling Coach, Mandy Dyonne, is an industry expert sought after by models from around the globe. For nearly a decade, she has worked with uber-models such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Kia Gerber. Now residing in New York, this Australian beauty has had firsthand experience in the industry. An international model for more than 10 years, she has walked many runways, including those of the coveted New York Fashion Week. Since becoming a coach nearly eight years ago, she has collaborated with fashion powerhouses, including Alexander Wang, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. She is also a runway coach and judge on Holland's Next Top Model. KidFash sat down with Dyonne to share her experience and expertise with our readers. Why do you love fashion? Fashion brings people together. When I coach in New York, I sometimes have a class with models from Germany, Denmark, France, Africa, and Brazil. It brings opportunities for girls to travel the world and meet interesting people. I love that about fashion!

Charlyse, Zoe, Isabella, Victoria, Mandy, Cici, Masha

Why did you become a coach? Many women want to get into modeling, but misunderstand the business side of things, lack self-love and self-confidence, and simply don't know where to begin. That's who I am, and that's why I started these classes. I do not just teach them how to walk on the runway, but how to handle the industry. How important is runway to a model's career? Runway shows, especially in the start of your career, are pretty important. When you start as a model, you are doing a lot of castings. You only have a few seconds to present yourself, and the only thing they will see is your walk. So, you have to make sure your walk is fantastic. Also, a lot of the time, from the runway, they cast the models Can runway training give models other life lessons they can apply in other situations? Yes, definitely! It's such a unique industry. What I teach them is not to take things personally, which can be hard 2018 27

when they judge you on the way you look, but sometimes it's just a type of casting. So, focus on the things you can control and not on the things you can't control. What is the most important thing any model does on the runway? Show their CONFIDENCE! Confidence you will gain because you prepare yourself. So, the more you practice and really know how to walk, the higher your self-esteem will be. Practice makes perfect. Walk us through a typical lesson for a beginner from introduction through completion of your training: The first step is all about posture, how you are going to stand. Then, your walk, how can you make it strong! Remember that a lot of models who just start modeling are already tall and never wear heels. Do you remember the first time you wore heels? Most of the time, it's about feeling comfortable in heels and walking with confidence. Don't bend your knees much and always elongate. Then, your arms. Arms are, most of the time,

very underestimated. When there is a lot of focus or concentration, your arms can seem a little tense, and you want to look cool and confident. So, I make sure to relax the arms. Then, I will tell how to pose on the runway. Most shows don't have a pose anymore, but still, if you do a casting, they will ask you to pose. We also work on your facial expressions, how are you going to look on the runway. I will always record a before and after video, so you can compare what you have learned. How does the coaching vary when working with younger vs. older runway models? It all has the same goal, walking with confidence. It's sometimes a different approach. Kids sometimes are already pretty confident, and aren't really aware of their appearance. They just have fun! Sometimes, teenagers or adults can think about it too much, so you will talk more about empowerment, and then have fun! The youngest runway model was five years old. He was so brave and already booked a show. You just saw he had it in him. No fear and a lot of fun!

Who are some of the biggest name models that you think have the best runway walk? Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, and one of my own students, Cara Taylor! Any final words for our readers? Always believe in yourself, don't take things personally, find out what your strengths are and use them! Just be the best you! And I always say, be your own Sasha Fierce on the runway! Be that person who can handle rejections, is confident, and doesn't compare her or himself to others. Be strong!



Sophia Marie Ag e: 1 L ocation:Brooklyn, NY Ph otographer: Lily Shames Photography Mo del wearing and selected by: The Yellow Bunny When I grow up I want to be a strong independent woman.

30 2018

Brooklyn A g e : 10 L o c a t i o n :Brooklyn, NY P h o to g r a p h e r : Lily Shames Photography M o d e l w e a r i n g a n d s e l e c te d b y : Bab y E ssentially When I grow up I want to be an ac tress and a singer! 2018 31

Skylie Ag e: 10 L ocation: Porterv ille, C A Ph otographer: V isions E nt. G roup Mo del wearing and selected by: C hic k When I grow up I want to be a f amous c horeographer.

32 2018

Nicole A g e : 13 L o c a t i o n :Toronto, O N P h o to g r a p h e r : A nita Surma M o d e l w e a r i n g a n d s e l e c te d b y : O h La La D anc ewear When I grow up I want to be a teac her.

Jisselle Ag e: 10 L ocation:R ic hmond ,TX Ph otographer: J enna Barrett at A nthem I n A rt Mo del wearing and selected by: C arissa’ s Tutu C outure When I grow up I want to be a f amous danc er/ c horeographer.

34 2018

Dorien Age: 7 L o c a t i o n :C inc innati, O H P h o to g r a p h e r : A ntoinne D uane J ones M o d e l w e a r i n g a n d s e l e c te d b y : R ic h Boys When I grow up I want to be an animator of mov ies and T V shows!

Mirabel Age: 5 Location:F ountain H ills, A Z Photographer: A mand a V ic toria Model wearing and selected by: Petite Tweets When I grow up I want to be a dol phin trainer.

36 2018

LaLa Age: 8 L o c a t i o n :Senatob ia, M S P h o to g r a p h e r : E rin D ahl M o d e l w e a r i n g a n d s e l e c te d b y : D isla C outure N eck lace: R osmalind a Beato When I grow up I want to be a mov ie star. I want to be on T V .

Izaiah Ag e: 7 L ocation:San F ranc isc o, C A Ph otographer: O oh Snap Photography Mo del wearing and selected by: M ix ed U p C lothing When I grow up I want to be a f amous mov ie star.

38 2018

Simon IV Age: 1 L o c a t i o n : Pittsb urgh, PA P h o to g r a p h e r : Laura M ares Photography M o d e l w e a r i n g a n d s e l e c te d b y : Pepper & M int Wants to be “ a prof essional B asebal l pl ay er.� 2018 39


Madison Harrison Written by: Sandra Current Photography: Antwon Maxwell Photography Dress: Adrianna Ostrowska HMUA: Mica Jay (@madexmicajay)

Many of you know the incredibly talented and insanely hard-working Madison Harrison from her amazing photos and exclusive “Real Talk with Madison Harrison” segments in our very own KidFash magazine, but did you know Madison’s a successful entrepreneur as well? That’s right! Your favorite child photographer is also an eager entrepreneur, or kidpreneur as we like to call it, that runs several businesses and is working towards starting even more. Her first love is photography, of course, but she’s dabbling in other areas and is really excited about chasing her dreams. Let’s get behind the lens and have some real talk with our friend Madison! Now, we know you want to hear all about how Madison got the chance to shoot our former POTUS Barack Obama, but let’s talk about how she got her start first. At the tender age of three, Madison picked up her very first camera and began to snap photographs. She had seen her mother’s friend taking pictures of her grandmother and saw how beautiful and empowering it made her grandma feel. She was inspired and really wanted to provide that feeling for others, so she gathered up her dolls and started practicing. This gave rise to a really cool hobby that she’d partake in whenever she got the chance. About four years later, the idea of turning this hobby into an actual profession sparked, so Madison consulted her mother, who always sits down with her to strategize and create a plan of action. They put their plan together and, thus, Photos with Madison was born. Madison’s first pitch for her business was to host photoshoots for girls and their dolls, which was actually a hit! All the little girls would bring their American Girl dolls, along with accessories, to capture fun moments. “I took their photos and provided the images to them for free,” she says. It was an opportunity for her to not only prove that she had an eye for capturing stills, but also a chance

to provide that feeling that inspired her to start the business in the first place. While Madison absolutely loved those shoots, she had her sights set on something big from day one. She just knew she wanted tackle a major project, and that project was photographing the President of the United States! While it may seem like a big dream to others, Madison knew she could do it, but this time her mother wasn’t quite sure how to formulate a plan of action because this was no easy feat. They sat down and really put some thought into how to make this dream a reality. So, how did Madison get the chance to photograph America’s most notable figure, you ask? Well, she started sharing her dream to capture Mr. Obama with friends and used one of the biggest tools out there…social media. A friend suggested using the hashtag #HelpMadisonMeetPOTUS and every time Madison appeared on TV or shared something on social media, she’d talk about her dream and share the hashtag. She also rallied up the support of friends, family, and followers, who shared it too. This is what actually got Madison to Washington D.C., but she didn’t want to just go to D.C., she wanted to get to the POTUS. She decided to tweet, “Can a #nineyearoldphotographer attend as #media 2 capture this event,” and that led to a private message from the United State of Women inviting her to attend. “When we received the White House Press Pool Media Credentials, I screamed so loud! I was so excited! I couldn’t even believe that this dream I had for so long was about to come true. I kept pinching myself,” Madison recalls. Madison made it out to the event, captured some classic photos of our former POTUS, and got a taste of fulfilling the biggest of dreams. I mean, it’s not every day you get to capture the head of the oval office, especially at nine years old! That journey to the White House will actually be featured in Bobby Lewis’ book “Finding Joy Beyond the Headlines,” which is pretty cool. Mr. Obama isn’t the only notable figure Madison has mingled with, though. She’s been around major stars in several different settings and has landed a few interviews with some of the most recognizable names in the biz, including Michelle Obama, Gayle King, Warren Buffet, Joe Biden, as well as red carpet interviews with John Legend, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and many more. “It was so surreal because all the famous people were right in front of me and I was actually interviewing them! Mr. Steve Harvey said I handled it like a pro!” Madison exclaims. How exciting! 2018 43

“I would really like to continue photographing foster children.

This kidpreneur knows that reaching for the stars when it comes to setting goals isn’t as out of touch as many may think and has high hopes for the future. Madison’s biggest goal is still to continue to serve people, but she does have a few other dreams that are really important to her. “I would really like to continue photographing foster children. I would love to personally photograph children across the country so that they can have the experience of a photo shoot. I think it’s important for all children to feel beautiful. I would also like to provide them a photo of themselves to cherish forever. My second dream is to photograph celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscars (and other award shows, if possible).” Madison is definitely a big dreamer and works very hard to bring all of those dreams into fruition because she knows, firsthand, hard work pays off, and although she’d never shy away from hard work, she’ll tell you that running multiple businesses at such a young age is challenging. From relying on adults to make things happen to managing her school work, it’s always go,

go, go. For her, it’s been more about getting a routine established and sticking to it. Madison is homeschooled, so she starts her days off by tackling school work and either spends the evenings with loved ones or working on projects. Any major events, shoots, or business meetings are typically scheduled for the weekend. Either way, she’s a busy bee! There are a few other ventures Madison has started as well, including a consulting business, called Kidpreneur Consulting, where she shares insight on starting up a business. She also has a YouTube account where she provides tips to gamers and uploads tours of homes she’s built/designed on the Sims game. Madison’s photography business will always be dear to her heart because of the joy it allows her to spread, but expect to see this avid kidpreneur taking on new projects of all sorts. To witness her journey and see more of her work, follow her on Instagram at @photoswithmadison and go to Don’t forget to check her new YouTube account too! 2018 45

Baby & Children’s Clothing Store @mixedupclothing

LUCAS Featured Baby

Lucas is a flirtatious 14 month old with a side of attitude. He is constantly on the move trying to walk and also crawling up onto everything he can. He loves to chase his two dogs around the house and likes to pull the cat's tail! He can say a few words in English and in German. Lucas is always laughing and smiling while waving to everyone in sight. Photographer: Brandy Lauren

of the Top 10 Babies of the Day Since Last Issue


By: Gianna Simonelli Photographer: J Wolf Photography

Every person on this planet has a mission to accomplish. For some, discovering this ambition is a long-trekked journey, and for others, like Alexus Oladi, understanding this purpose comes naturally. When Alexus got her first taste of the stage at just four years old, she instantly knew she wanted to be a performer. Alexus and her twin brother Alex were born on the 4th of July in the small town of Ogden, Utah. While this setting is not ideal for pursuing a career in entertainment, she did not let this disadvantage interrupt her dreams. Dance is not only a passion she can enjoy in the present, but is a world of infinite potential for her future. The current Age of Information we live in, enhanced by social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube, has given a generation of talented individuals the ability to turn their dreams into realities. Alexus is the perfect example of a kid who turned her talent into a business opportunity. According to the young dancer, “Dance has allowed me to market myself as DJ Giggles, perform on television shows and commercials, and increase my Instagram [following] to show them my true passion as a dancer.” She has paired her passion for dance with her passion for music as she is now pursuing a career as a DJ. The stage name “Giggles” suits her well because she’s known for her frequent tendency to laugh. Her now global fan base even refers to themselves as “Gigglers.” Her debut single “Bittersweet” was released in May of 2018, and has already amassed thousands of views on YouTube. It’s obvious that this is just the beginning for Giggles in the music scene. Her strategic use of social media has made the world her stage, allowing her to reach a wider range of audiences. Since the creation of her Instagram back in 2013, her account has reached over 320,000 followers! When asked if she had social media tips for other kids trying to grow their followings, she responded, “My social media tip is to post what your top interests are, and you will attract followers with the same likes and interests as you. It’s been really fun getting to know other people around the world.” Social media not only connects young entertainers with consumers across the planet, but provides the exposure necessary to gain publicity and create networking opportunities.

Dancewear: Sugar Lulu

tter “There will always be dancers be ll or stronger than you, but there wi at wh always only be one you and that’s makes you unique!” Networking has been an important component to establishing herself as both a dancer and a DJ. Alexus also advises other kids trying to build a name in the business world to always be true to yourself. In her words, “There will always be dancers better or stronger than you, but there will always only be one you and that’s what makes you unique!” Giggle’s success is unique in itself because of the small town she grew up in Utah, which lacked the exposure and activity of the dance scenes on the coasts. Despite this disadvantage, Giggles continues to pursue her future in the entertainment industry and beat the odds. Alexus participates in multiple competitions, conventions and events throughout the year. She’ll be traveling with Adrenaline and Revive as their featured 2018 National Dance Honors Mini Honored Dancer, and was even nominated for Kid Cast with Monsters of Hip Hop and plans to attend the Monsters Conventions cities. She has recently landed another exciting gig, as she will be joining the Big Battle Dance Crew for Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties this upcoming season! She

52 2018

Dancewear: Sugar Lulu

explained, “I auditioned for the dance crew this summer and was super excited to be selected alongside other amazing dancers.” She is no stranger to the television screen, as you may recognize the tiny dancer from the mini team on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Alexus’ streak of major accomplishments was headlined by her 2015 Dance of the Year Award from HollywoodVibe at only seven years old! Since that time, she has been cast on hit TV shows, received another Dancer of the Year Award with National Dance Honors, and released her own music video. Despite all of the success she has enjoyed at such a young age, she shared “I have learned that if you are just nice to people everything works out.” While her potential as a dancer develops, her love for her craft has remained the same. She loves dance the same today as she did when she began taking class at just three-years-old. The art of dance has opened up a lifetime of opportunities for Alexus’ future, and the sky is the limit!

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Oh La La! Written by: Sandra Current Photography: Visions Ent Group

Lilly K. has always been obsessed with everything dance! Even at the age of 5, her imagination was running wild with images of the perfect clothing to complement her performances and fit her individualized needs as a dancer. She’d draw pictures of leotards and any other dancewear she could visualize herself in. “I just thought it was fun to come up with exactly what I would like,” says Lilly. That love for dance and desire to sketch has, since, translated into a dancewear collection that Lilly feels is the perfect fit for any performer. The vibrant colors and comfortable material, paired with a tailored fit, provide every bit of what dancewear has been missing! Outside of having a love for everything dance, the need for quality dancewear is actually what inspired Lilly to move forward with creating her own collection. “I am

Left to right (top): Natalie, Alectra Left to right (sitting): Chacha, Kennedy, Lilly, Layla, Bella

really sensitive to different materials, and like other dancers, I want my dancewear to be super comfortable,” Lilly states. “Dancewear is tricky to design because there is a lot more than just looking cute,” she adds. Making sure the clothing stays in place and is comfortable to move around in are top priorities during the design process. Lilly’s goal is to provide clothing that doesn’t dig, wad, pinch, or have to be constantly readjusted. “We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions,” Lilly exclaims! Her motto as a designer counters the popular saying “beauty is pain.” She’s more of a “beauty is comfort” kind of gal.

Nowadays, there are plenty of dancewear lines on the market, and any and everyone can dabble in fashion or start up a clothing company with little to no experience, but it’s not often that you come across a child dancer that designs dancewear. This is where Lilly comes in. She knows that a dancewear collection created by a current youth dancer is what sets her apparel apart. “I think being a young designer is helpful. I am living a dancer’s life, every day, and so I know what dancers want! I have direct access to other dancers, as I am in class with them on a daily basis. When they like something…I know about it…when they don’t, I take a mental note and apply that to future designs,” Lilly says.

Her knowledge and experience allows her to create these exceptional pieces that are truly dance friendly. Aside from bringing to life pieces that are comfortable, provide coverage, and make you feel fabulous, Lilly’s favorite part of being a designer is actually seeing dancers in her designs. “It’s quite a long process to get from my drawing to seeing someone dancing in my design, but it is so satisfying to see it all come together and to see a dancer rocking my design,” she gushes.

Tank tops and leggings have been added to the Lilly k Collection and she intends to add different types of pieces slowly, so be on the lookout. Lilly would also love to do a hip hop collection in the future. “I have a lot of ideas for a hip hop line and the cool thing about this would be that anyone could wear those pieces…not just dancers!” You’ll definitely see more from Lilly K. the designer!

Speaking of being a designer, when asked about juggling various hats, she says, “It has kept me very busy and those deadlines come up quick, but honestly, I like juggling multiple hats.” She believes the busier she is, the more productive she is, and has quickly learned how to use her time wisely. How else would she fit time in to be a kid?! Despite her full schedule, Lilly is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She’s working hard to live out all her dreams and now has an amazing dancewear line under her belt. Stay tuned for more from this little entrepreneur! For those wondering, the Lilly K Collection is already available in stores. In fact, they’re in the process of getting the collection in stores abroad as well! To see more of the collection, follow her @lilThere are other styles of clothing available for those lykofficial and @oh_la_la_dancewear on Instagram or who are looking for all-around comfort and casual wear. go to While Lilly loves every piece she’s poured her heart into, her favorite collection so far is her Tiffany’s Collection. “I am in love with the color scheme, which is black, white, and tiffany blue.” The collection, which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s classic look, consists of leotards, 2 piece sets, leggings, and tank tops. It’s the largest collection Lilly has offered thus far, and it provides something for every dancer, regardless of their age. Lilly really loves seeing customers post themselves on social media in this collection. “Some of them have really taken on the theme of the collection and are doing vintage photoshoots complete with pearls…I am loving it,” she says! 2018 59




New York Model Management Shares Industry Secrets to Success

Written by: Jennifer Pucci Star Alex Photographer: Stefano Azario

On February 1, 2013, New York Model Management (NYMM) opened its doors to a new division of models, kids. However, it was nothing new to this group of young style-setters. These were pros to the business. Many of these models had previously been represented by the coveted Ford Modeling Agency, but when it decided to focus only on its adult division, these young and talented models needed to find representation. That is when their Division Director at Ford, Megan Klein, decided to take charge and find them an agency that could promise the same quality, if not better. “NYMM was the perfect place," says Klein. Representing babies from six months old to children up to 15 years, NYMM currently has about 300 kids of all ages and genders in the Kid’s Division. The agency does not limit the number they represent, but are extremely selective, and are currently working with celebrity models, Kristina Pimenova and William Franklyn Miller. Hundreds of model hopefuls come to NYMM daily to pursue their modeling dreams. Yet, which actually break through the clutter? KIDFASH sits down with Klein for industry insights and tips for kids looking to break into the biz. Getting Started Whether you think your child has model potential, or if they actually express an interest, many parents just do not know where to start. "If a parent thinks that their child would be a good model, the first thing that they should do is assess whether their child will want to model," says Klein. "For babies, I would say that assessing their level of comfort around new and numerous people would be a great determining factor." For older children, all parents simply need to do is ask. You've determined the interest is there, but finding an agency can be a daunting task. Start by doing your research. Look for agencies that have a history within the industry and success stories to share. Ask around, and get feedback from others in the industry. When you have found the one you are most interested in, reach out. “I believe most agencies have a directive somewhere on their website or social media page that a parent can look to in order to find submission instructions,” says Klein. Once a meeting is scheduled, it will be a time of discovery for, both, the agency and the parent and child. "Parents who bring their child to meet with us can expect an informal education on what is involved when their child participates in the child modeling industry," says Klein. Hudson Photographer: Stephano Azario

"Parents can also expect an informal education on what is expected of them." Bring photos, but take them yourself. “Parents should not have professional photos taken for the sake of submitting their child to be considered for representation. We don’t want to see re-touched, professional photos. We want to see clear, honest photos of their child,” says Klein. "Kids are perfect, and that’s plain to see on any snapshot that you take with your phone."

sign a contract. They will then be exclusively represented by that manager who will present the model to clients for castings. Models will be required to submit monthly growth updates and any scheduling conflicts that may arise in the model's personal life. The manager will also work with you to create a portfolio of photos geared towards capturing your child's look. These mages can be important, as they may be the only time a client will actually look at your child.

Luca & Siena Photographer: Lee Clover

Samsara & Sophia Photographer: Nick Steever

From the manager’s perspective, the most important thing they look for are kids that they think their clients will want to work with. When we meet with a child and their parents, we try to determine if a child has a personality that is well-suited to contributing to a positive experience for all of the people involved in a production. So, we also try to determine that of the parent of the child who we are considering for representation. Making the Model

Once the agency and parent have mutually decided to move forward with representation, they will typically 64 2018

Kingston Photographer: Rob Chamorro

When being cast for a modeling gig, the process can vary. "Some clients prefer to meet every child in person, for consideration. Some clients prefer to book off of picture submissions, without ever needing to see the child in person first." Once cast, "Parents should prepare by making the experience a positive one from when they leave their home to attend the casting, to when they arrive home after they’ve attended appointments that day," says Klein. "The brands that we work with want to work with children who are happy. And as such, project their happiness onto their surrounding environment."

Jasmine Photographer: Amanda Pratt

Could your market hinder the opportunities available to your child? "The busier the market - the more opportunities there are for a child," says Klein. "That does not mean that every big city has a great amount of opportunities. And the amount of opportunities for children in this industry will change over the course of their career as they grow into more and less popular sample sizes. Growing Out of It

It’s true your kids can grow out of modeling, both, literally and figuratively. “Children grow - it’s a fact of life,” says Klein. This means opportunities are always becoming available as a child may move to a different age category. “Kids grow in and out of sizes. As a child model manager working with retail clients that have specific sample sizes, we have found that as soon as we have what we think is an impressive number of six-month-sized babies, (for example) we don’t. Many have grown out of that size already.“ Puberty can also play a factor in which category the child will fit in. Some reach puberty and develop more quickly than others. The key is staying in communication with your model management company. "Many successful child models are small for their age, and from my experience, those children who are small for their age don’t meet the industry standard regarding height requirement for adult divisions," says Klein. "There are some kids who do transition to adults, of of course, but the majority of the working adult models in the industry were not modeling when they were young and small enough to work in the market of child models."

Navy Photographer: Elizabeth Petty

The same goes for their interest. “If a child who has been modeling decides that they no longer like it, at any point - they shouldn’t be doing it,” says Klein. It is important for the parent or guardian to stay involved, ask questions and gauge the interest of the child. “Whether they vocalize their feelings, or it shows in some other way, the parent of that child will see an indication of such.” Klein stresses that the same goes for the parent. If at any time they stop enjoying it, or it becomes a strain in their life, they should consider taking a break. “Children continue to model as long as, both, the child and their parent is enjoying it. “ The Secret Weapon

Your child may have the looks, the talent, and the drive, but what’s missing? Well, unfortunately, it’s something that they can’t achieve on their own. “There is one thing that every successful child model in the industry has in common," says Klein. "Great parents to work with.” It has been stressed, time and again, a positive and determined parent or guardian can mean the world to a child's success in modeling. "Any job where a parent watches their child find joy in the work that they are doing, where their child is having the time of their life on a photo shoot," says Klein, "that’s what child modeling is really all about - the good times and the fun and joy that their child experiences in doing this." 2018 65

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