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Written by Karen Myers Photography by Jason Bleecher

Ceramics Inspired by an Imperfectly Beautiful World


eghan Bergman’s ceramics are a feast for the eye. Inventive and innovative, her handcrafted pottery and ceramic sculptures are inspired by the world around us. “I love things in nature,” Meghan gestures to an array of mugs lined up in her Kennett Square studio. The unique textures lift the mugs from everyday items to works of art. “For me, creating these pieces by hand is a meditative process.” An art teacher by day, Meghan teaches at both Greenwood Elementary and Chester County Art Association. Her own passionate work is often done at night after her two young children are in bed. She brings art to everyday functional items like bowls, plates and mugs. Each one is a study in beauty and begs a closer look. Her popular tea sets, a teapot with tea cups, are a prime example of the Japanese influence on her work. “It’s called ‘wabi-sabi’ which means perfectly imperfect,” Meghan explains. Wabi-sabi is an appreciation of the beauty found within nature’s cycles of growth through decay. It celebrates the frayed edges of life as both glorious and melancholy. Meghan interprets this by creating works that have a story, that harken to the past. Her adherence to this aesthetic is evident in the “crunchy” nature of her work and finds its fullest expression in her sculptures. Evoking the mysteries found under the sea, barnacles are a recurrent theme of her sculptures. “I’m passionate about treasures from the sea,” she says as she displays actual barnacles that inspire her.



Every barnacle on these clay sculptures is formed and pinched by hand. Most of the sculptures are standalone pieces, but she’s made several lamps for commissions. Meghan also creates pots that make ideal planters, extending the theme of the growing barnacles into a growing plant. Check out Meghan’s work online or visit her on one of her open studio days. The next will be on Saturday, October 6th and in addition to the opportunity to watch her work and see her artwork in person, she will offer a tasting of a local craft beer. @Mvbceramics