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2018 Wedding Guide Best venues and transportation options for weddings


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Gift registries ............................................ 6 Special day for four couples ..................... 7 Photographers share ............14, 15, 20 Marriage licenses ............................. 16 Share the news ............................... 18 Transportation ............................ 21 # Social Media ........................... 22 Venues .................................... 24 Wedding Checklist ............... 34 Cutting costs....................... 38

The Cover An eye-popping couch, a clever message on a chalk board and an invitation for wine at 1851 Vineyards made a special memory at a wedding proposal photographed by Lori Blythe.

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Gift registries Opening a gift registry as soon as there is an engagement is acceptable etiquette for soon-to-be brides and grooms, according to wedding planners. Choosing multiple stores and interviewing sales representatives can help a couple ensure they receive all they need to start their lives together. The following is a list of places around the Fredericksburg area that will help with gift registry. Der Küchen Laden 830-997-4937 258 E. Main St. Dooley’s 830-997-3458 131 E. Main St. Linens-N-More 830-990-1212 302 E. Main St. Segner’s Jewelers 997-2559 236 W. Main St. Walmart 830-997-2633 1435 E. Main St.

In addition, some couples choose to register out of town, ask for monetary gifts to help pay for the honeymoon or decide they have everything they need and register for donations to their favorite charity.

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Newlyweds Warren and Bailey Gullette dance under the blue Luckenbach Dance Hall sign for their first dance. — Lori Blythe Photography

A very special day F

or some couples planning their wedding, the venue or the season is important while others say that sharing their special day with family and friends is the most important. Four couples who married in 2017 share their memories of what made their wedding special, their favorite memory, how they selected the date and venue and if they have any advice for couples planning a wedding. They also share some of their favorite wedding day “bloopers.” Answering from their hearts were the following couples: • Anne-Marie Houy and Matthew Shaver were married on July 29, 2017, at the Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock. • Kayla Eckhardt and Pablo Sanchez were married on May 6, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. • Krystal Zwinggi and Stuart Meurer were married on Sept. 23, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. • Traci Braden and Sean Doerre were married were July 8, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Q. As you were planning your wedding, was there

Krystal Zwinggi and Stuart Meurer were married on Sept. 23, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. — Lori Blythe Photography

one particular aspect of the ceremony or reception that was the most important to you and why? Anne-Marie: Serving communion to our guests as

our first official act as husband and wife was incredibly important to us. We felt it publically reSee COUPLES ▶


Anne-Marie Houy and Matthew Shaver were married on July 29, 2017, at the Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock. — McKenzie Baird Photography

Kayla Eckhardt and Pablo Sanchez were married on May 6, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. — SRJ Photography


have a really good time. We had friends and family coming in town — many for the first time and I wanted them to be able to enjoy Fredericksburg and have a great experience at our wedding.

Cont. from 7

flected our faith and intentions as a couple. Kayla: It was important to us to be married in St. Mary’s Catholic Church and to celebrate our special day with our family and friends. It was also important for us to remember our loved ones who had passed away and we wanted to make sure to honor them that day. We were able to do that by having a memorial table at the reception with photos of our deceased loved ones. It was also very special that Pablo danced with his aunt, his mother’s sister, to Garth Brooks “The Dance” for the mother/son dance in memory of his mom.

Krystal: The music for the ceremony was an important aspect that I spent quite a bit of time working on. I wanted to find a meaningful song for every moment of the ceremony. Traci: I mainly just wanted our guests to 8

Q. How did you go about selecting your wedding date and venue?

Anne-Marie: Even before getting engaged, we had been looking online at venues and prices in and around Fredericksburg. We knew we wanted something unique, preferably in a somewhat secluded, outdoor environment, which narrowed our choices. We made an appointment to tour the Moss Ranch on the same day we had a day trip planned to Enchanted Rock (we were long distance at the time, which required more scheduling on the days we could spend together), and it turned out that the trip to Enchanted Rock was the proposal. Since Enchanted Rock is a special place for us as a couple, having the wedding nearby seemed perfect. So we visited Moss Ranch less than two hours into our engagement.

Once the venue was decided, picking the date was incredibly pragmatic: we were moving to Arizona in August, Moss Ranch had two July weekends available, and our families were all free for one of those weekends.

Kayla: We knew that we wanted a spring wedding so when we went to the church office to see what dates were available, May 6 was the first one, so we took it. We chose to be married in our church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church. We chose the Gillespie County Farm Bureau Events Center for the reception because we had been to several wedding receptions there and felt the size would be perfect for our guests, it had plenty of parking, and it was an affordable rate. See COUPLES ▶

Traci Braden and Sean Doerre were married on July 8, 2017, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. — McKenzie Baird Photography


COUPLES Cont. from 9

Krystal: St. Mary’s Catholic Church holds a special place in our hearts. Stuart and I both went to school at St. Mary’s. We knew we wanted to get married in the fall so we chose a date in late September. Traci: St. Mary’s was the church that I grew up in and it was really important for me to get married there. The date was selected as it was the most convenient time for Sean to take time away from his job. Q. What is your most treasured memory of your wedding?

Anne-Marie: At the end of the reception, Matt and I had the chance to take pictures using some of the “send-off” sparklers. Since it was dark by this point, our (amazing) photographer enlisted some help: Matt’s best man operated the flash and my maid of honor literally ran in circles around us with sparklers to get the shots. It was ridiculous and filled with laughter — a fantastic way to conclude the wedding day. Kayla: Everything about

the day is a treasured 10

A serene garden provided the backdrop for newlyweds Kayla and Pablo Sanchez. — SRJ Photography.

memory but to pick one thing I would choose saying our vows before God and our family and friends and finally being husband and wife.

Krystal: The most treasured moment of our wedding was when we exchanged our rings and said our vows. Traci: It was really great to see all our family and friends gathered in one

place to support us. Q. Did you have a wedding day “blooper?”

Anne-Marie: The closest thing to a blooper was that my sister wanted to steal an adorable kitten from Matt’s aunt. Kayla: I actually have two.

During the ceremony I dropped the ring as I was putting it on Pablo’s finger.

Then at the reception when it came time to cut the cake, we cut it and then I accidentally took a bite of my own cake before feeding it to Pablo.

Krystal: At one point during the reception, we tried dimming the lights and could not figure out the controls in the hall. The lights went completely dark a few times, but it turned out to be a funny moment. Traci: My blooper wasn’t tech-

nically on my wedding day, but the first person that altered my dress didn’t quite measure right and so that left me scrambling to find another seamstress just a week before the wedding. Luckily, the second try was

Enjoying Estes Park, Colorado, on their wedding trip were Krystal and Stuart Meurer. — Submitted photo



Q. Knowing what you know now, do you have any advice to give to brides as they plan their

Anne-Marie: Consider setting a goal to continuSee COUPLES ▶

We would love to help you create your wedding floral dreams!


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Strolling through a park for their engagement pictures were Traci Braden and Sean Doerre. — McKenzie Baird Photography

one to help take some stress off of your plate.

COUPLES Cont. from 11

ally refer to during the planning process. Our main goals (besides getting married) were to create an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone involved and to do so in an eco-friendly way. These aspects guided how we approached many of the decisions. It also helped us keep a healthy perspective, which in turn kept our stress levels down.

Kayla: It may sound cliché, but don’t

stress too much, do your best to enjoy every aspect of it and enjoy the day with your loved ones. It’s your day, so make sure you stay true to what you and your groom want. Everything always comes together and even if you forget something, chances are it will be a minor detail and nobody else will ever notice. Krystal: I definitely recommend getting a wedding planner or at least hiring some12

Traci: A wedding planner such as Donna Solbrig as The Party Affair is a must-have, especially if you want to be able to relax and have someone else handle the details. She was especially helpful since I was planning the wedding from Waco. ____________ Q. As the groom, was there a particular aspect of the ceremony or reception that was important to you and why?

Matthew: Spending quality time with friends and family in a relaxed, casual way. As friends and family grow up and move to new places, it becomes increasingly difficult to spend time together as a group. It meant a great deal to us to have so many loved ones attend the wedding and reception, and we didn’t want to waste a second of that time. Pablo: Getting to spend time with family and friends that we don’t get to see very often and having them there to share our special


texts to the owner trying to get the code. Thankfully, the owner was somewhat timely in his response, and we didn’t have to sit in the car for too long on our wedding night.

Stuart: Our vows were the most important to me as they are meant to last a lifetime. Sean: The food, music and alcohol at the reception were important to me, because those are the basis of any good party, and I wanted our guests to have a great time. Q. Did you have a wedding day “blooper?”

Stopping for a photo while hiking on Camelback Mountain in Arizona were AnneMarie and Matthew Shaver. — Submitted photo

Matthew: My best man bought the wrong kind of suspenders, so we had to rush into town, which was 40 minutes away, to get the correct kind. Pablo: I don’t know if this would be a blooper, but during the reception the DJ played AC/DC and I got out there and “busted a move” and was really getting into the song. That is very unusual for me, but I was having fun! Stuart: The microphone I had under my jacket kept moving around when I would sit down, and I was worried it would unclip from my belt during the ceremony. Sean: After the reception, we headed to the Airbnb on Main Street that we had booked for the night, and on the drive I realized that I had never received the door entry code. That led to a series of emails, calls and

Q. Knowing what you know now, do you have any advice to give to grooms as they get ready for their wedding?

Matthew: Make sure the people you delegate responsibilities to are dependable. We had trustworthy people handle a variety of tasks quickly and effectively, which made everything run much more smoothly on the wedding day. Pablo: Help the bride out as much as possible when planning the wedding. Just relax and enjoy the day with your bride and your loved ones. It will be over in a flash so try to make as many memories as you can. Stuart: I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and groomsmen before the wedding. We hung out at the cabin we had rented for the weekend. Sean: I would build in plenty of time to get ready and arrive at the ceremony. There is nothing worse than being rushed on your wedding day, and you can take that extra time to enjoy the day. 13

A day to remember

Cheryl and Tom Kilbane celebrated an evening sunset at their April 3, 2017, wedding at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Stonewall. — Lori Blythe Photography

Brett and Shelby Eckhardt stand framed around family and friends following their wedding ceremony on Oct. 21, 2017. — Sheila White Photography


Jaclyn Vela married John Whitten on Feb. 3, 2018, at Bella Springs at Boerne. — SRJ Photography

Luckenbach was the setting for Warren Gullette and his groomsmen during an April 8 wedding. — Lori Blythe Photography Ashley Rusche and George Garza thank their wedding guests when they married on June 17, 2017. — Sheila White Photography

Alder Augustin and his future bride, Cally, celebrate following a surprise wedding proposal at Grape Creek Vineyards in Fredericksburg on Dec. 27, 2016. — Lori Blythe Photography.

Fort Martin Scott provided the backdrop for photos before Brittany Garza’s wedding to Ryan Castaneda on Nov. 12, 2016, at Pat’s Hall. — SRJ Photography


License a ‘must’ in Texas Getting a marriage license is a key part of the marriage process. The following are important reminders about applying for and using a marriage license: Where to go? • Gillespie County Clerk’s Office is in Room 109 of the Gillespie County Courthouse. Mary Lynn Rusche is the county clerk, and personnel there are ready to assist applicants with the paperwork. • Office hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. • To contact the county clerk’s office, call 830-997-6515. Rusche asks that if anyone has any questions about types of identifications needed for obtaining a marriage license, they should call first to confirm the type of identification they have is proper to purchase the license. This saves them a trip to Fredericksburg and not having the right identification. What to bring? • Couples applying for a marriage license must both be present when the license is issued. • Each should bring at least one form of photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) or two other forms of non-photo identification (such as certified birth certificate, Social Security card, current utility bill or school report card, etc.). 16

A Mexican Matricula Consular card will not be recognized as appropriate identification but a Mexican voter card can be used as a non-photo identification. • Be prepared to pay the $71 cost of the marriage license. Payment can be made only by check or cash. • A reduced marriage license fee of $11 is available to couples who complete the free eight-hour “Twogether in Texas” course and bring in a certificate of completion at the time of applying for their marriage license. In Fredericksburg, the course is not religion-based and is offered through Victory Fellowship Church (414 East College Street). Their telephone number is 830-997-9717. • Applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age must bring with them their legal guardian at the time of applying for the license and the guardian is also required to show photo identification. • The minimum age required to apply for a marriage license is 16 years. Anyone younger should bring with them a court order to obtain a license. Common law marriages • Couples claiming to be married by common law should keep in mind that if they have a baby, the father must undergo an affidavit process to claim paternity unless the couple comes to the county clerk’s office some time before the baby is born and declares that they have been married and

living together since a certain date. That “informal marriage” fee is $36. Someone claiming an informal marriage cannot claim a date that places them at less than 18 years of age. Other things to know … • Divorced persons applying for a license to wed again must be divorced for 30 days or longer, unless there is a waiver of that wait in their divorce decree. • Same-sex marriage is accepted and has the same process as opposite-sex marriage. • After a marriage license is issued, the couple is given the document to take to the person who will be officiating at the marriage ceremony. After the wedding, that officiant will fill out the remainder of the license

and return it to the county clerk’s office, where it will be recorded and the original license will be mailed back to the newlyweds. • Couples are reminded that a marriage license must be used within 90 days of its issuance, or it will become void. • Couples obtaining a license must keep in mind that there is a waiting period of 72 hours after the license has been issued before the wedding can take place. • The waiting period to use a license may be waived by a district judge or if one of the applicants is on active duty with the United States military and can show proper military identification. Completing the “Twogether in Texas” course will also waive the 72-hour waiting period.

Sheila White Photography


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Share the news Submit engagement, wedding announcements to paper In today’s world of social media, it is easy for couples to forget to announce their engagement and wedding in the newspaper. By including engagement and wedding announcements in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, couples are sharing their news and preserving a bit of history for future generations. The Standard-Radio Post will run wedding and engagement announcements and photographs as well as followups on wedding parties and showers. To help couples share their news in the paper, the Fredericksburg Standard-

Radio Post has several options available for submitting the information. There is no charge for having engagement and wedding announcements and shower stories published in the newspaper. And while there is no deadline prior to or after the wedding, couples are still urged to submit the information and photographs in a timely manner. The deadline for submitting articles and photographs for the “Gillespie Life” section of each week’s paper is noon on Monday. Black and white photographs or color photographs can be used, providing the

DARIN W. HOLMES, D.D.S. General Dentistry

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342 West Main H Fredericksburg, TX H 830-997-7753 H pitbbq@beecreek.net


picture is in good focus and is of good quality. Photographs that do not meet reproduction standards will not be used. Also, full-length wedding pictures will not be used. Photographs can be submitted in a variety of formats. Some couples may choose to submit an original photo with their information while others may choose to submit the photograph on a CD or flash drive. Also, e-mailed photographs will be accepted, provided that they are submitted in a jpg format at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution.

Couples are discouraged from submitting photographs that are reproduced on a home printer or copy machine. In an effort to aid couples in submitting information to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, engagement and wedding forms are available at the newspaper office at 712 West Main Street. Forms are also available by telephone at 997-2155, by writing to P.O. Box 1639, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 or by e-mailed requests to yvonne@fredericksburgstandard.com. In addition, couples can visit www. fredericksburgstandard.com for online engagement and wedding forms.

.Catering to the unexpected.

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Picture perfect

Bailey Gullette celebrated with a toast and flowers prior to her wedding at Lucken-

Shelby Kozielski pauses before making her trip down the aisle at St. Mary’s Catholic Church to marry Brett Eckhardt. — Photo by Kelaiah White of Sheila White Photography


bach on April 8, 2017. — Lori Blythe Photography

Emilee Malinowski and Cooper Morey married in Chappell Hill on Oct. 14, 2017. — SRJ Photography

Riding in style Area transportation services can provide wedding transportation to and from local venues and events. The following businesses can help bridesto-be and their wedding guests travel around the area: Transportation companies in Gillespie County • Creek Street Wine Tours — Stephen Crowley (teaches at Fredericksburg High School during the week, drives on weekends), call 832-247-0914 or email creekstreetwinetours@gmail.com. • Fredericksburg Trolley — Becky Howard. Trolley rentals are available by contacting Howard at 830-456-5145 or emailing info@fbgtours.com. • Majesty Tours — KK Welch. Bach-

Services like Creek Street Wine Tours provide transportation for brides-to-be in the area. — Sumbitted photo elorette packages are available by calling 830-456-3231 or emailing info@majestywinetours.com.


Social Media do’s and don’ts • Use a Geofilter


•Use a creative h�htag •Communicate social media needs and wants

• P�t phot� too early


•Use technology during the ceremony •Take away from the bride and groom

#socialmedia, #dos&donts In a day in age where technology is everywhere, it is important to know the many ways to incorporate it into the big day. Tools like Geofilters and hashtags can help the couple and guests enjoy the big day in the days to follow. Geofilters A geofilter allows guests attending to let others know they are at a wedding. Social media company Snapchat, allows users to create a unique filter representing their big day or have one created for them. Users can take a photo, apply the filter and all images will be saved into one story. Once saved, anyone in the filter radius can view and watch videos and images. The only downside of using a Snapchat Geofilter is that the images are only


available for a 24-hour time frame. To create a filter, go to create.snapchat. com. Cost is based on the radius of the filter but starts at $5 for 20,000-foot radius. Hashtags The era of the hashtag is only just beginning. Hashtags are another way for guests to view all the photos from one specific event. The hashtag needs to be unique. Make it something that is going to help the bride and groom and guests easily find photos. NY Magazine suggests doing a test search. See if the tag is already being used. If it’s too common, it will be hard to find photos from the special day. Making a hashtag unique to the couple will make the wedding even more personal.

Be sure to let guests know what the hashtag is so it can be used. Display it on a board when guests enter the reception hall or as part of the table centerpieces. Websites such as WeddingWire and Wedding Hashtag Wall have generators. Simply enter names, date and other wedding details and they will come up with unique ideas. Do’s and Don’ts While social media enhances the wedding experience, there are some rules to help make sure the big day doesn’t get plastered across the internet. Prior to the big day, be sure to communicate social media needs and wishes. Some couples may choose to opt out of

having social media play a role. Be respectful of a couple’s needs so their day is the way they want it. One social media no-no is posting photos too early. Don’t take away from special moments like a first look by posting to Facebook or Instagram. Bizbash.com says to never post a photo of the bride in her dress before doors open to guests. “You never want to reveal any big moments before they happen in real time,” the BizBash staff said. Finally, don’t be glued to technology. Experience the event in real time. Capture fun moments but put the phone away during serious moments like the exchanging of vows or the first dance.


Weddings Rehearsal Dinners Corporate Events Bag and Box Lunches Live Outdoor Catering Dinner Parties Paella Parties vivere.catering@yahoo.com Hours- by appointment only • 830-998-8656


Situated on 65 acres of land, Featherstone Ranch can accommodate 350 guests and features 5,000 square feet of reception

area, spacious bridal and groom suites that are complete with bars and more. — Photo by Alisha Silver Photography

Perfect setting for a special day From intimate to a crowd, wedding venues abound In addition to the large number of churches available for weddings and/or wedding receptions in Gillespie County, there are numerous other locations available. These other venues, many of them steeped in the history and beauty of the Texas Hill Country, may provide the perfect answer to the question of where an engaged couple should tie the knot. Mentioned below are these other properties as well as contact information. All phone numbers found in this story use the Area Code 830 unless otherwise indicated. • Pioneer Museum, located in the 300 block of West Main Street, has been the scene of a number of weddings over the years. In addition, ceremonies have been held in the on-grounds sanctuary. For more information, call 990-8441, or visit the museum’s website at: www.pioneermuseum.net. • Located around town are wedding site 24

possibilities that are found at some of the inns and other similar facilities. For example, the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites (201 South Washington Street; 9970202) can help with the planning. Also included in this list is the Hangar Hotel and Conference Center, 155 Airport Road (next to the Gillespie County Airport), carrying with it the theme of an old World War II military hangar. Pricing and details are available at 9979990 or by contacting Lauren at lauren@ hangarhotel.com. • Likewise, several of the vineyards and wineries in Gillespie County offer engaged couples venues that will provide a lifetime of memories. Wineries that regularly serve as wedding venues include: • 4.0 Cellars, 10354 U.S. 290 East, 9977470, www.fourpointwine.com; • Becker Vineyards, 464 Becker Farm

Road, Stonewall, 644-2681 ext. 303, www.beckervineyards.com; they don’t do weddings but they do bridal luncheons and rehearsal dinners. • Messina Hof Winery and Resort, 9996 U.S. 290 East, 990-4653, www. messinahof.com; • Woodrose Winery, 662 Woodrose Lane, Stonewall; 644-2539, woodrosewinery. com. • For those interested in a smaller wedding or rehearsal din-

Kairos: The Celebration Barn offers picturesque views and many ceremony options surrounded by the Texas Hill Country. — Submitted photo

ner, Fredericksburg Herb Farm is available. Situated at 405 Whitney

Street, the herb farm can be reached at 997-8615 or online See VENUES ▶

Opening March 2018

The Venue at Rafter E Ranch

170 Side Saddle Lane • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 www.theVenueRafterE.com • VenueRafterE@gmail.com



VENUES Cont. from 25

at www.fredericksburgherbfarm.com. • Featuring a 6,000-square-foot event hall, the Gillespie County Farm Bureau Events Center, located at 237 Equestrian Drive, is available for weddings and receptions. More information is available at 9974396. • Located 16 miles north of Fredericksburg, just off Ranch Road 965 (and about

A rustic, red barn can host an outdoor ceremony at River Road Ranch Resort. — Submitted photo

a half-mile from the entrance to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area), is Trois Estate. To learn more about the wedding possibilities there,

log onto the web at www.troisestate.net/weddings. The phone number is 6853415. • Opened in recent years,

CREEKSTREET wine tours

Beautiful Luxurious Stretch Limousine Easy Access Bridal Door Extensive Knowledge of Fredericksburg & Hill Country Wineries Wine Tours as low as $135 per person


Stephen M. Crowley 832.247.0914

creekstreetwinetours@gmail.com www.creekstreetwinetours.com

One of the newest wedding sites opening this spring is The Venue at Rafter E Ranch, located on top of a hill on a private ranch. — Submitted photo

The Lodge at Country Inn Cottages is one of the newest wedding/reception venues in the county. It’s located at 3319 Lower Crabapple Road in Fredericksburg.

More information is available by contacting The Lodge director at 992-6800 or go online to www.thelodgeeventcenter.com See VENUES ▶

Bridal Registry • Free Gift Wrap and Free Delivery • On-line access to Gift List

Begins with

Der Küchen Laden

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VENUES Cont. from 27

• For a simpler backdrop, there’s always Luckenbach Texas and its world-famous dancehall. It’s a place where everybody’s somebody, according to the old saying. To get more information on what awaits an engaged couple’s possibilities, call 997-3224 or go online at www.luckenbachtexas.com/ weddings-and-parties/. • Located on Kott Road, a few miles from Fredericksburg off of State Highway 16 South, Kairos: The Celebration Barn offers outdoor and indoor venues for both the wedding and ensuing reception. “Kairos: The Celebration Barn

The City of Fredericksburg has a number of different facilities for weddings, including Fort Martin Scott. — Submitted photo

offers a picturesque vintage barn for celebrating special occasions such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, and anniversaries,” owner Sharon Grimes said. “Our unique venue is adorned with local limestone, native landscaping, pastoral views, and matchless full service catering with onsite management. We create

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RABKE’S CATERING 3875 Eckert Rd., Willow City 830-685-3266 www.rabkes.com

simple, flavorful and fresh, chef-made menus that will please every palate.” More information can be found online at www.kairos-celebrationbarn.com or by calling 990-9515. • A different kind of trip back into the historic scenes of Gillespie County can be found by holding a wedding at one of the schools that make up the Gillespie County Country Schools Trail. The dozen old schools, many of them now converted into community club headquarters, include Cave Creek, Cherry Spring, Crabapple, Lower South

The Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock is located close to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Grape Creek, Luckenbach, Meusebach Creek, Nebgen, Pecan Creek, Rheingold, Williams Creek (Albert), Willow City and Wrede. More information about

Exceptional Receptions

rates and scheduling can be found by contacting each school’s representative listed on the website: www. historicschools.org. See VENUES ▶

Hair by Jamie Laratta Laratta_etc

Pioneer Pavilion

Comfortable Seating for 300-400 Large Stage Full Service Kitchen Walk-in Cooler Heated Portable Barbecue Pits

Tatsch House

Comfortable indoor seating for 54 Gathering Space for 60-70 Large Open Patio Fireplace Central Heat and AC Full Service Kitchen

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for more information.

Hair Jamie by

Full- Service Hair Artist

Updos, Blowouts, Formal Styling, Highlights, Coloring, Men’s & Women’s Cuts In Salon or Location Services provided


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VENUES Cont. from 29

• The City of Fredericksburg has facilities that would compliment any wedding, including Pioneer Pavilion, the several open-air pavilions, and the Tatsch House, all at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park (located about two miles south of Main Street, just off State Highway 16 South), as well as Marktplatz in downtown Fredericksburg. Rental costs, scheduling and other information are available online at www.fbgtx. org/index.aspx?nid=161, or by calling the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park office at

History forms the backdrop for couples choosing to marry at the Pioneer Museum, located in the 300 block of West Main Street.

Hosting special occasions since 1999. Vintage barn with full service catering. Join us for Second Saturday Dinners featuring a 4 course meal with local live music.

1213 Kott Rd, Fredericksburg, TX • 830.990.9515 • kairosbarn.com


997-4202. • Also available for weddings and receptions is the Gillespie County Fair Grounds, operated by the Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association. The facilities are located a couple of miles south of Fredericksburg’s Main Street on State Highway 16 South. To learn more, call 997-2359 or log onto the internet website: www.gillespiefair.com. • The Gilbriar Gazebo is another new wedding venue. The gazebo, with a barn, is on a historic 1882 farmstead, located approximately three miles south of Main Street, off of FM 2093 and Kerr Road, at 208 Danos Drive. For more information, contact Paula Stone at 210-393-7351.

Over 100 years old, Luckenbach TX dancehall can accommodate wedding styles from rustic to elegant.

• Soaking up the Hill Country views 14 miles north of town (and 10 minutes from Enchanted Rock) is Contigo Ranch, located at 13454 Lower Crabapple Road. For more information, contact Diane Harlan, general manager, at 685-3464, visit http://contigoranch.com/ or email info@contigoranch.com. • The Barn at Rock House Hideaway, which See VENUES ▶ Wedding & Event Venue with Beautiful Views of Enchanted Rock and surrounding Hill Country.


info@themossranch.com • themossranch.com facebook.com/themossranch 7502 RR 965 • Llano, TX 78643


VENUES Cont. from 31

includes a 1940’s-era renovated barn, is located less than a mile west of downtown Fredericksburg, at 197 Rock House Drive, on U.S. 87 North. The property sits on 20 acres and includes three houses, one of which was built in 1874. For more information, call 866-957-3529 or visit www.rockhousehideaway.com. • American Legion Hall, 726 South Washington Street. Contact 685-3321 or visit www.legion. org/. • The Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock is located at 7502 Ranch Road 965, close to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Contact Marla Rechenthin at 992-0425 or visit info@themossranch.com.

• The Texas Rangers Heritage Center, located on the east side of town at 1618 East Main Street, offers an open-air pavilion with seating for up to 350. For more information, contact Erin Hall at 990-1192 or visit www.trhc.org. • Featherstone Ranch, located about 20 minutes east of Fredericksburg next to LBJ State Park and Historic Site in Stonewall, is another option. The ranch is located next to the Pedernales River. “We offer several different ceremony sites to choose from. An oak grove features string lights beneath the arbor. Guests can take in Hill Country views and the drive along the Pedernales River and through LBJ State Park,” owner Claudine Clark said. “We are excited to debut our new open-air chapel that is set to finish by Aug. 31.” For more information, call 456-3990, visit www.featherstoneranch.com/ or email events@featherstoneranch.com.

Historic St. Joseph’s Halle

“Celebrating the Past - Envisioning the future”

Serving Fredericksburg since 1899

• Full kitchen facilities • Air conditioned • Accommodations for up to 185 people • Our mission: Inculcate in its members love and esteem for the German tongue, customs and mode of life.

Check out our Restoration Plans! restorethehalle.org • Opening Fall 2018

Fresh Pickens

Information and reservations 830-456-1999 rental@stjosephssociety.org For Available Dates Visit: http://www.stjosephssociety.org/Calendar/calendar.htm

Open Daily 9-7 • 830-765-0468 freshpickensfbg@gmail.com

Specialty Foods • Deli Platters for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen • Farm Fresh Produce • Deli Lunch Menu


• The Venue at Rafter E Ranch will be one of the newest wedding locations in Fredericksburg. Set to open in the spring, the 10,000-squarefoot venue is nestled on top of a hill and surrounded by hundred yearold trees. The venue is located on a private ranch at 170 Side Saddle Lane. For more information, call 990-2345 or email venueraftere@gmail.com. Visit the website at www. thevenueraftere.com. • Last, but certainly not least, River Road Ranch Resort is located at 160 Glad Heart Trail.

The Texas Rangers Heritage Center open-air pavilion can host up to 350 and offers unique views on the edge of Fredericksburg.

Contact them to schedule a tour of the ranch, event center and their on-site accommodations at

456-5756 or 928-1203. View the website at www.riverroadranchresort.com.

Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Renew Tame those wedding day nerves!

spaatinnonbaronscreek.com 830-990-2580 • spa@innonbaronscreek.com 33

Wedding Checklist Anyone getting ready for a wedding needs to prepare for their big day. The following checklist may be helpful to couples planning for that special moment: their wedding day.

At 6 to 12 months

• Set a date. • Who will stand with you? — Choose, ask and confirm the bridal party and groomsmen. • Announce the big news! — Engagement party. — Local newspaper announcement. • Crunch the numbers. — This helps to stay on budget and avoid confusion or hurt feelings. • Reserve venues. — Book locations for both ceremony and reception, and account for potential weather and size of attendance. Popular venues sell out quickly. • Determine time and type. — Formal affairs are in late afternoon or evening, while more casual ones are usually in the morning or early afternoon. The type of wedding decides if the reception should feature a formal meal or just cake and punch. • Color it fantastic. — Choose wedding colors early and stick to them. Avoid trends and pick what feels right. • Say ‘yes’ to a dress. — Order the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ dresses and their accessories. Mind the budget! • A celebratory trip of love. — Visit a travel agency or online sites and reviewing options (and prices) for the honeymoon. Both bride and groom should agree whether it’ll be a simple relaxing outing or an itinerary-filled adventure. • Register gift wishes. — The bride and groom should visit their favorite stores and register for items that’ll be needed in their


new life together. • Decide the details! — Choose musicians, a florist, a photographer and a caterer. Sample their wares and check their references. Keep their contact info handy for discussing details as they are decided. • ‘With this ring, I thee wed …’ — Shop and design/purchase wedding rings. — Begin pre-marital counseling (required by some churches.)

At 3 months

• Who’s coming? — Complete the guest list, count up the names and then select and order invitations. • Moms’ day out — Mothers of the bride and groom should both get their dresses to compliment the rest of the wedding party in style, color, etc. • Introducing Mr. and Mrs. … — In the groom and bride’s first appearance together as husband and wife, keep a running list of any needed items (i.e. chairs, tables, linens, etc.) and be sure to reserve them early. • Bite the bullet — Go ahead and sign on the dotted line for the honeymoon. Mention to all providers that the guests planning to travel are newlyweds because many will provide free surprise perks along the way! • Double-check and recheck — Call and confirm dates and information with the photographer, musicians, florists, caterer and the church to ensure there’s been no doublebooking or other potential disasters. • ‘Your chariot awaits …’ — Decide on transportation to and from the wedding and reception sites. Limousine? Horse-drawn buggy? Drive yourself? • Finalize this and that — Pick a final wedding cake design and groom’s cake design and any other pastries for the reception and get them ordered.

— Get the groom and his groomsmen to get fitted and order their tuxedos. — Spend a girls’ day with bridesmaids, getting dresses fitted and scheduling any future fittings. Choose shoes and get them dyed, if necessary.

At 2 months and closing ...

• No turning back! — Mail out invitations to the pre-determined guest list. — Visit the courthouse together, with photo identifications and fees in hand, to procure the official marriage license. — Pay for honeymoon and finalize any side trips or relevant details to the trip. — Help guests with reservations for flights or at local overnight accommodations.

At 1 month

• Lists, lists and more lists … — Start a list of gifts being received. Begin writing and mailing “Thank You” notes as

soon as gifts arrive. — Plan the rehearsal and dinner. The groom’s family traditionally arranges and pays for this, but the entire family can contribute to the set-up, planning and pulling it off. • Giving credit where it’s due — Buy gifts for the wedding party. — Take care of final dress and suit fittings, as well as appointments for beauty treatments, pedicures/manicures and hair salon visits. — Host a bridesmaids’ luncheon to show them support and appreciation. — Buy a guest book, choose where to station it at the reception, and designate a “keeper” of the book who can encourage guests to sign.

At 2 weeks

• It’s getting close, so … — Finalize transportation to the church, to See CHECKLIST ▶

Classic Wedding Transportation

Fredericksburg Tours, LLC

830-998-8986 info@fbgtours.com Offering Bachelorette Tours, Bridal Party Transport, Rehearsal Dinner Transportation, Guest Shuttles, Hotel Transport, Specialty Tours and More!


VENUES Cont. from 35 the reception and off to the honeymoon. If planning to take the groom’s last name, brides should visit the proper offices to officially change their driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, passports and other official documents. Also put in calls to credit card companies, utilities, doctors and dentist offices and others regularly contacted.

At one week

• Full speed ahead! — Pick up wedding rings and make sure they fit. — Start packing for the honeymoon. — Give the caterer a final estimate on number of guests. Plan seating arrangements. — Practice hair styles and/or makeup for the big day.

Party Space For Rent Are you looking for the perfect place to hold your next small wedding ceremony, family reunion, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party? Well, look no further.

The Golden Hub Community Center is the place to go. We have a great space at a great price.

• But don’t forget… — Brides should find time in the rushing about of final arrangements to take care of themselves. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest each day and smile, knowing they’ll soon be united with the ones they love.

The wedding day

• Hearts joined at last! — With all the planning taken care of, the final hours leading up to the wedding should be a snap. — Best advice for brides: NO amount of planning will guarantee a “perfect” ceremony or reception. Remember: It’s the mishaps that make things unique and memorable, but the bride’s reaction to these events becomes unforgettable in the minds of her family and friends. So, roll with the flow, smile and enjoy the spotlight (and the happily ever after, of course).

Weddings • Family Reunions • Large Gatherings Experience a one-of-akind wedding experience overlooking the rolling hillside of FredericksburgSchedule a tour today!

830.456.5756 Wedding and Event Venue

Call Denise at 997-7131 for prices and availability. We also have space available during business hours for meetings and luncheons.


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Fru reentetuxedos! 5 when yo

Special pricing for Ring Bearer tuxedo or suit!


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Wedding costs add up Newly engaged couples may experience an array of emotions when they sit down to plan their weddings. Some couples cannot wait to jump into planning and want to catalog every aspect of the process, while others may proceed with caution because they don’t know what to expect, particularly in regard to cost. Many couples find it difficult to create their wedding budgets because they have no previous experience to draw on. The wedding planning advisor CostofWedding.com indicates the average wedding cost in the United States is $26,720, with most people spending between $20,000 and $34,000. Seventh Heaven Event Catering states that, in Canada, the average wedding costs around $30,000. Such costs can vary greatly depending on couples’ preferences, including where they hope to tie the knot. By breaking down wedding expenses, couples can get a clearer picture of how much they may need to pay for their weddings and where they may need to cut costs. •Reception site: According to The Knot, a premiere wedding planning resource, couples can expect their receptions to eat up the largest chunk of their wedding budgets. Wedding reception venues may cost between $10,000 and $15,000. The average price for catering per person is roughly $70. Bar service may

be around $2,000 for a three- to four-hour party. Some reception sites combine the room cost with the food and beverage costs, while others have á la carte fees. • Cake: Wedding cakes tend to be multitiered intricate designs, so they will cost more than birthday cakes. According to Statistics Brain, wedding dessert will come in around $390. • Music: The Knot says wedding bands cost around $3,500, which is more than twice as much as hiring a deejay ($1,200). Soloists or ceremony musicians may cost around $650. • Wedding planner: Many couples employ wedding planners to make planning their weddings easier. Wedding planners cost an average of $1,300, says Thumbtack, a company that matches professionals with people who require their services. • Transportation: Limousines and other transportation prices vary depending on the vehicle(s) couples choose. The Knot notes that budgeting between $400-$500 for transportation might be wise. • Wedding gown: Brides-to-be should expect their gowns to cost around $1,100 and the veil or headpiece to be roughly $120, according to the Association of Bridal Consultants. • Photography and Video: Preserving wedding day memories costs around $2,800 for video and photography services, based on data from Statistics Brain. The smaller details, such as accessories, gifts, officiant fees, stationery, spa services, and favors can quickly add up as well. Couples should be sure to leave some wiggle room in their budgets for incidental expenses that may pop up.


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