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ISSUE 10 /JAN 2018










ISSUE 10 /JAN 2018





Front Cover Models: August and Ocean Maturo Photographer: Visions Ent Group Styled by: Lil Jewels Boutique Table of Contents Picture Model: Sofia Wylie Photographer: Michael Scott Photography

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What Is Fashion To Me? (Kayler) DBA Talent Manager Anti-Bully Story “Brianni” Featured Photographer: CreativeSoul Featured Baby NY Fashion Show Coverage

Cover StoryAugust/Ocean Maturo

Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez-Hurt Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey



2017 was an AMAZING year, but I know 2018 is going to be even BETTER! As I look back on 2017, I see that we accomplished a lot. With our 2017 Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour, KidFash not only brought awareness to bullying but we were able to help 3 different non-profit organizations raise money to stop bullying. We even got approved to have KidFash sold in stores such as Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. Its always good to reflect on how far you’ve come so that you can appreciate more where you are going. Here is what you can look forward to in Issue 10, our ACTING issue. What better way to start 2018 than with two stunning covers featuring kid celebrities! On the cover of one side are the adorable brothers August and Ocean Maturo, and on the other cover is Parker Bates. You may have seen August who played “Auggie” on “Girl Meets World” and his little brother Ocean who you may have also seen on the show. On the other cover is Parker Bates who plays “Kevin” from the NBC hit show “This Is Us” which has become one of my favorite shows! Thank you to Visions Ent Group and Leslie Alejandro Photography for shooting both covers respectively. If you are interested in becoming an actor, this issue is full of GREAT information you can benefit from. Articles in this issue include, “What Fashion Means To Me” by Kayler, “DBA Talent” gives helpful informa

4 2018

tion on how to get started in acting, Elliana from “Dance Moms” tells about her journey into acting through dance, and Olivia Keville tells how she became an actress (from Texas) and booked a major role on the upcoming ABC sitcom “Splitting Up Together.” This issue’s Top 10 Models definitely got a chance to show off some of their own acting skills by taking a picture imitating their celebrity look-a-like. This Issue’s Featured Photographer is the great CreativeSoul Photography based out of Atlanta, Featured Designer is Adrianna Ostrowska Couture from Europe. We also have coverage from our most recent Fashion Show in Brooklyn, NY, and an Anti-Bullying story by Brianni that all kids should read. Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can, also, reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you on our 2018 Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour!! Be blessed!

Fashion means a lot to me. It’s fun to try many outďŹ ts. I like pictures and the places where I go. I love to be a Fashion Model. Model: Kayler Age: 7 Location: Miami, FL Photographer: Victor Morales

By: Sandra Current

Model: Avenlie Photographer: Melissa Coulier

There is no business like show business! Or so they say, but what does it take to make it, or even get into the business? KIDFash sat down with the experts at Los Angeles based Talent Manager, DBA Talent to find out: Deb at DBA Talent has seen it all! From toddlers to teens, there are so many talented kids out there! However, talented as they may be, getting behind a camera or on a stage can be daunting, and not every kid can cut it. In a nutshell, Deb says a child actor will typically be charismatic, charming, fearless, outgoing, likeable, focused, and most importantly, excited to act. “It’s great when you see the passion for acting in the child as it shows when they perform, rather than when it’s the parents who want their kid to act,” says Deb. So, where to start? Well, Deb suggests getting your child into extracurricular activities that put them in front of people and get them used to taking direction and performing. “Local theater is a great place to start. Getting experience dancing, singing and speaking in public are all ways for a child to grow.” However, Deb says previous experience is not always necessary, and some just naturally have what it takes.

Lucas Bria Kris Photography

When you are ready for that next step, an agency and manager can help guide your way. Research great agents and managers in your area and contact them for an interview. The agent will likely want to interact with your child to see more of their personality and comfort

Kaysen Deidhra Fahey Photography Jordyn Shandon Photography 2018 7

Malea Amy Pogue Photography

Wynn Shannon Goldberg Photograp hy

in new situations. Once signed, there are no fees until your child books a job. The only expenses should be spent on headshots and classes or coaching to learn the basics of the audition process. If you are not located in a larger city with options, travel is okay. Deb says where you live matters less than the commitment you are willing to put into it. A self-tape is an audition that does not have to be done in person. “Casting is having actors self-tape more often, so a client does not necessarily have to live in L.A. What really matters is that a client treats a self-tape as if it were in person, giving their best performance and showing their personality.” With millions of television and movie themes and stories out there, no particular look or personality can be clearly defined. “In terms of looks, a great look can be anything, such as, beautiful, freckled, curly hair, chubby, short, tall, mixed ethnicity, all-American, kid next door, great smile, etc.,” says Deb. The sky is the

8 2018

limit, and the perfect role for your actor may come when you least expect it. The role of the agency and manager is to put your actor in front of auditions that suit their talents. “If a client is a very specific character, they may not get as many auditions as a client who can easily fit into a family,” says Deb. “But there are roles for all types, and my clients go out regularly and book regularly whether it is a lead role in a television show or movie, or commercial, or print job.” There are tons of opportunities. Remember Parents, your job will be equally as important in this journey. As the main contact for the child, you will have to be ready, willing and able to bring the actor to the set, stay with them and even help them face rejection, which often comes. “There are a lot of NOs in this industry, so they need to make sure they can be there for their child.”

LIFE IS BET TER IN COLOR let us take care of all your printing needs M AGA Z I N E S C ATA L OG S P O ST C A R D S C A L EN DA R S & BROCH U R E S

4954 Space Center Dr., San Antonio, T X 78218 210.804.0390

By: Michelle Elizabeth Photographer: Yolanda Marshall Big eyes, big heart, and infectious smile is how many would describe 10 year old Kid-Celeb, Brianni Walker, who is known for interviewing other celebrities, dancing, acting, and modeling. Her career began at the young age of 4 ½. Since then, she has done 3 national commercials, 9 feature films, 5 televisions shows, 15 Internet shows, 6 fashion shows, and 6 music videos. Brianni just finished shooting the movie Niara, where she portrays a little girl who is kidnapped from Kenya by militants. Walker has also interviewed a plethora of celebrities on red carpet events, including; The Oscars Gifting Lounge, The American Music Awards, Young Artist Awards, and the NAACP Image Awards. Recently, this talented little girl worked with Kevin Hart and Ed Helms in Captain Underpants, has become the Brand Ambassador for Popcornopolis and Wild Child Magazine, as well as the newest reporter for Sports Guru and Hip Hop Real Estate. Brianni got interested in acting, modeling and being a reporter by watching other kids doing the same. She hasn’t had much formal training, however she did take one class in modeling and reporting, but that was it. The rest she learned by experience, using her God-giv 10 2018


en gifts. Her biggest goal in life is to be a pediatrician because she wants to “help heal babies and children from illness.” She also dreams of co-hosting with stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, and Kevin Frasier. What Brianni loves most about acting is pretending to be different characters and she gets excited about modelling when strutting her stuff down the runway. Interviewing celebrities on the red carpet is fun for her because she can control the conversations. Walker gets nervous during auditions, however, and doesn’t like auditioning against friends. Walker first got the opportunity to be on the red carpet about five years ago, when her grandmother took her to an audition where they met Nicole Butler from Flip The Script Kids News. Bulter invited Brianni to attend her reporting/ journalism class, which led to a gig on the red carpet. Brianni says the experience was scary for her because she didn’t know what to ask. She says “I thought no one would stop and talk to me. It's so weird watching celebrities on TV and then interviewing them in person.”

The most fun interviews Walker has done so far were with Alijkai, Tochina Arnold’s daughter, Damon Ross at a KidFash Magazine Anti-Bullying fashion show, Miles Brown and Anthony Anderson from Blackish, and Kevin Fraiser. She enjoyed working with Ariana Grande on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat, and had a blast walking the runway for Alice In Fashionland. Her biggest role model is Jesus and she says that both her grandmother and Jesus inspire her. Walker balances her career, social life and school by being on a daily schedule. The schedule helps her stay focused. She says her social life is “pretty normal.” She has play dates, goes to amusement parks, swims, reads, plays with dolls, and volunteers. She's also an honor roll student. By just 8 years old, Brianni Walker experienced bullying at school and at home. She was living with her Mother, and was bullied by her mother's boyfriend’s little sister. Brianni says, “She would hit me, call me names, pulled two knives on me, and said she'll kill me. I told my grandmother.” Walker also had to endure watching her mother repeatedly getting beat up by her boyfriend. She says, “I felt bad my mom was being abused. I didn’t like it.” Things got so bad at home that Brianni took a rusty pair of scissors out of the trash and stabbed herself in the chest, in her first attempt at suicide. Occasionally, Brianni would go to school in a dirty uniform with uncombed hair. Her classmates started teasing her and her grades began to slip. She contemplated suicide again, this time she planned to jump out of a two story bedroom window. Finally, Brianni was taken from her hostile home environment and placed in the custody of her father and grandmother. Eventually, another classmate got jealous of her for appearing on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat. The classmate threatened to bring her dad's gun to school to shoot Brianni. Even though Walker was scared, this time she did the right thing and told an adult, her grandmother. Immediately, her dad and grandmother picked her up and took her out of that school. Once settled into a better environment, Brianni focused on her Hollywood career. She said that working in Hollywood helped her to cope with the bad things she’d endured. She became a big sister and advocate against bullying, domestic violence, child neglect, abuse and

child suicide with many organizations such as ACE and Big Sisters. Brianni loves sharing her story about not feeling wanted in hopes of helping others. She says, “Bullying is not cool. Being bullied made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, that there was something wrong with me. I felt unloved and unwanted.” Her grandmother taught her to stand up and never get in to bullying. She learned to never show weakness and that if someone is bullying you, it means that they have personal issues within themselves, so they pick on others to throw the reflection off of themselves. Walker instructs, “No kids should be bullied, always tell an adult.” To help prevent bullying, Brianni advises, “Kids need someone positive in their lives. They need to believe in themselves and feel good about themselves no matter what their home life is like. If we feel good about ourselves it will stop bullying. Tell someone, stand up and say ‘No More.’ My advice to bullies: face yourself, stand in the mirror, and ask yourself what your life goals are. And if you're a victim of child abuse or any abuse, never repeat the cycle as an adult."” Walker also suggests that all schools have a mandatory Bullying Awareness class, where students can also freely express their feelings. She recommends that teachers and school staff get more involved with all troubled kids- especially the ones who aren’t outgoing, dress dirty, don't return homework, come to school late, or miss school. Brianni believes that the most influential people in the lives of children are their parents and Jesus. She also says that kids and teens can make a difference right now by always doing their best and by never listening to negativity. She advises aspiring models, reporters, or actors to “Be grateful, thank God for everything, never give up, and stay respectful towards others. Also, if you don’t book a job right away, remember that God has something better for you.”

Tell someone, stand up and say ‘No More.’ 2018 13

By: Michelle Elizabeth

Model: Lyric

Charlie Reese, Rylee, Riley

“Love is like a camera, it clicks today and develops tomorrow”-unknown Naija, Aileen That is definitely true when it comes to Regis and Kahran Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography in Atlanta, Georgia. This month’s KidFash Featured Photographer is a dynamic husband and wife duo who are passionate about “unique,visual storytelling” CreativeSoul Photography boasts, “We’re more than just photographers.” That’s not just because they do videography as well. This talented couple has over eight years of experience working with hundreds of children, families and brands. They have that special “eye” that it takes to get one of a kind photos. Their complete and total approach to capturing beauty and 16 2018

special moments in a distinctive way has led to their work being featured in Essence magazine, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, The Real daytime talk show, the OWN network, and many more. So how did they get to this point? Regis and Kahran both started their careers out in world the marketing and design and fell in love with photography. Because of their shared obsession for the art of storytelling through photos, that love developed into a long distance love story. The connection between the two grew stronger despite living on opposite sides of the country. While

Yoaimis & Yoaimes


Zoie Ava Rose & Ava Clarke

Regis was in college, majoring in photography, the couple decided to put their passion into practice by embarking on the business journey together. Kahran says, “We fell head over heels in love with one another, and in the process created something beautiful: CreativeSoul Photography.” They love capturing and preserving precious moments through their art. “We love seeing our client transformations and being able to come up with ideas on the fly.” Whether it’s capturing a brand’s story or documenting a family or child, the Bethencourts enjoy using photography to tell their clients' stories. They especially love portrait photography - particularly photographing kids & families. “The best part of photographing kids is their authenticity. You never have to worry about kids giving you their true selves - we love their innocence.” For CreativeSoul Photography, the biggest obstacle in their career, so far, was making the initial leap to pursue photography full time. For this couple, the hardest part of the photography business is having to wear multiple

hats. Kahran says, “Photography is only a small part of what we do - there are so many other things involved with keeping our business running that goes on behind the scenes. It took us over seven years to get to where we are today but it was definitely worth the effort and perseverance.” CreativeSoul Photography is inspired by so many things – movies and TV shows, current events, history, hairstyles, clothing, locations… you name it! Just about anything can ignite that creative spark in them. They are inspired by celebrities like Oprah, Beyoncé, Erykah Badu and Issa Rae because they all have found a way to build their brand and stay authentic and true to themselves. Their biggest role model is photographer Gordon Parks. They appreciate “being able to get a glimpse into history through his photos.” Like all great artists, there are times where staying creative and coming up with new ideas becomes a challenge. To combat this problem, Regis and Kahran keep journals of ideas of concepts they would like to do and save them for those creative slumps. 2018 19


One of their most fun photoshoots was a special AfroArt portrait series. The AfroArt portrait series is a project CreativeSoul Photography started to “shatter the current standards of beauty.” The Bethencourts travelled all over the United States to photograph this special series. Each photoshoot had a different theme with unique hairstyles in hopes that the viewers will see “the beauty and versatility of afro hair” and help combat low self-esteem in children. They want all children to love the skin they’re in! In the future, CreativeSoul Photography would love to photograph Blue Ivy and Beyoncé together. Kahran admits, it may sound cliché, but she believes that they could come up with something incredibly cool and unique for the famous larger than life mother and daughter. For the geniuses at CreativeSoul Photography, “free time” is rare when but they do get it, they love to travel and explore different parts of the world. Kahran loves chocolate ice cream and has a habit of singing extremely loudly when editing photos. She enjoys watching Queen Sugar on TV or her favorite concerts on YouTube. Regis collects transformers, enjoys pistachio almond ice cream and watching Good Times or Baba the Cosmic Barber.


20 2018

CreativeSoul Photography hopes to continue to expand their business internationally and hope that their clients share stories about their one of a kind work. Regis and Kahran desire to leave a legacy that will be etched into the minds of others forever. “The images our kids see of themselves are important,” Kahran says. “We always try to photograph kids looking strong, confident or happy with the hope that they will look back at these one day and see the beauty within.” They believe that it’s important for kids to experience other cultures as much as possible so that they have a better understanding of the unique differences and similarities among the various peoples. Their recommendation for aspiring photographers is to “Find your own lane and stay there.” Judging by the growing success of CreativeSoul Photography, the lane they have chosen is the perfect one for them.

Alexander, Catherine, Riley-Ann

Bonnets for all Occasions @love_new_creations


Featured Baby

Matilda was born just before Christmas 2016, four weeks early in Phoenix, Arizona. With strawberry hair and big blue eyes, she loves to crawl through the house looking for mischief. Matilda loves to dance to bouncy music and is a very happy one year old. Photographer: Michelle Mae Photography I Baby Model Picked by: @Mini.Royalz

Final Stop of 2017

Anti-Bullying KidFash Magazine Fashion Show Tour Brooklyn, NY

November 4

25% of Proceeds went to the Non-Profit Anti-Bullying Organization “Bullies Reality” Thank You to Heir PR for Hosting an Amazing Show

Designers IzzyBe Clothing Belle Threads Almond Eyez Designs D’Lora Kids Sugar Lulu Adrianna Ostrowska Couture Special Performances Vivian Hicks Ruby Jay Riley McEvoy Lilly K (Dance Moms) Jade Shaknaitis Kelsey Leon Photographers Mark G Photography Lily Shames Photography Antwon Maxwell Photography Dance In The Lens Photography Shawn Punch Eshama J (Videographer) Special Appearences Anais & Mirabelle Laya DeLeon Hayes “Doc McStuffins” Bianca Ryan “America’s Got Talent”

Sponsors Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care TTA Model & Talent Summerfield Collection Chick NYC

A Special Thanks to all our Volunteers Daffne Ross Erika Carey Kirsten Thompson Jazzy Bee (HMUA @ thejazzup) Tanisha Butt Ruby Conquest Luisa Cukro Agnieszka Lenarczyk Mica Jay (HMUA @madexmicajay)

Mark G Photography


o t r U Ma t he

B roS Written by: Sandra Current Photography: Visions Ent Group Styled by: Lil Jewels Boutique

It’s not hard to recognize these two phenomenal guys! August played the adorable and quick-witted “Auggie” on “Girl Meets World” (the spin-off of the classic “Boy Meets World”), and you may have caught a glimpse of his younger brother, Ocean, on the show as well. These cool kids, who happen to be from the golden state of California, are making waves in the world of entertainment. August, specifically, is doing everything in his power to make a name for himself, which is easy because he’s an entertainer at heart. He’s already made appearances on several well-known television shows and is now working as hard as ever on feature roles. He’s also serving as a fantastic role model for the 6-year-old prodigy following in his footsteps. While the Disney star may be a typical fun-loving kid off set, on set, he’s hilarious and has an exceptional talent that we’re sure will propel him to the top! Let’s learn a little more about the Maturo bros. 32 2018

Becoming an actor was a no-brainer for August. He knew early on that acting was his destiny. After performing in a church play at the age of four, he realized the stage is where he belonged. “After I came off the stage I was very upset. I told my mom I want to be back on the stage, not in the audience,” August recalls. His mother found him an agent not too long after and the rest is history! August started working right away and hasn’t looked back. He landed his first series regular role in a pilot called Applebaum when he was 4. It was an exciting opportunity for the new actor, especially because the pilot’s director was none other than Chris Columbus, legendary for classics like Gremlins, Goonies, Home Alone, Harry Potter, and many other films. Unfortunately, the pilot didn’t get picked up, but the opportunity to join the cast of Girl Meets World came just a year later, and what a great opportunity that was!

Being cast on Girl Meets World was all the fun August could ask for. His co-stars are a blast to work with and his fans are amazing. “Taping in front of a live audience was always the most fun, and afterwards we got to meet the fans. I loved that,” he says, but getting to completely be himself is the most enjoyable part. It’s the reason he’s never really needed formal training. He has a natural knack for acting, so his mom helps him understand the content and he decides how to perform it. Being himself is actually the reason he was selected to be on the show in the first place. “At one of the last auditions before getting the part, I was sick and Michael Jacobs, our creator/producer, asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was okay, but had a little diarrhea and everyone was cracking up. I wasn’t trying to be funny, I was 5 years old and very honest. He [Jacobs] said he knew he wanted me in the role after I said that” August tells us.

August was a part of the Girl Meets World cast for 3 years and they filmed 72 episodes. While he loves every project he’s been able to take part in, Girl Meets World has been very special for him. It’s the first project he and his younger brother, Ocean, have done together. Even though they weren’t actually in the scene at the same time, Ocean played the flashback version of August’s character “Auggie.” How cool, right?! Even more cool, August and Ocean have the same birthday!!! Imagine how fun it’d be to share the same profession and birthday with one of your closest family members! The brothers have also starred in Bryan Lanning’s music video, which August describes as lots of fun. While having two actors in the family can be a little tricky, there’s nothing that’ll stop these two from conquering their dreams together (with a little help from their amazing parents, of course!). August absolutely loves the profession he has chosen. What he loves most about acting is the acting itself, the people he gets to meet, and all the places he gets to travel to, yet his success hasn’t always come easily. 2018 33

Like many, August faces his own challenges, but he does his very best to keep pushing forward. His greatest challenge has been continuing to pursue his career after Girl Meets World ended. It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to be turned down for roles often. “Most people don’t realize how many times an actor hears the word “no” before they hear “yes,” he says. Although it can be discouraging, he has learned to never give up. “You have to keep pushing forward, do your best, and have faith that what is meant for you, will come to you” August reiterates. If you have a passion for something and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal, believe in yourself and continue to pursue it no matter what naysayers may think. Those are definitely mottos to live by! When August isn’t filming or going to school, (he goes to a regular school when he’s not working) he’s likely on the go…Pokémon Go, that is! August absolutely loves Pokémon or as he describes it, “a little obsessed.” He plays Pokémon Go, draws Pokémon, and collects the stuffed animals. “If I meet someone and they love

34 2018

Pokémon, we will be instant friends,” he says. It may be safe to say his love for Pokémon is about as strong as his love for acting. Either way, he’s living his dream and enjoying every bit of being a 10-year-old boy. August’s advice for other up-and-coming child actors- “Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the ride. It’s a roller coaster! Work hard and believe in yourself, but most importantly, don’t forget to just be a kid.” Great advice from a hard-working, young man paving his way in the entertainment industry.

August’s hard work has recently landed him the lead role in his first feature film, a drama, which just wrapped up after six weeks of shooting in Budapest. “It was very intense and emotional, but it’s such a beautiful story and I’m so proud of the work I did. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!” August exclaims. Not long after returning home from filming in Budapest, Auggie landed a part in a 2nd feature film! “I’m in the middle of filming this one now. It’s a horror/action/mystery film! It’s so much fun to shoot. These movie roles I am doing are so much different than anything I have done in the past. I can’t wait for people to see a different side of me as an actor!” Be on the look out for the announcements of August in these films. You can also follow up with the brothers on their Twitter and Instagram accounts @augustmaturo @oceanmaturo 2018 35


ISSUE 10 /JAN 2018













ISSUE 10 /JAN 2018

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How To Become an Actor: Olivia Keville “Splitting Up Together” Featured Designer: Adrianna Ostrowska Couture Featured Dancer: Elliana Walmsley Top 10 Models Cover Story-Parker Bates “This Is Us”

Back Cover Models: Parker Bates Photographer: Leslie Alejandro Styled by: Shannon Goldberg Grooming: Thea Istenes Table of Contents Picture Model: Brooklyn Gabby Photographer: Devon Marie Photography

By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Visions Ent Group Dress: Alora Safari

Do you think your child has star potential? More importantly, does your child feel the same way? Oftentimes, a parent thinks their child is a star, but the kid really could care less. However, if your child eats, sleeps and dreams about performing, just like upcoming star, Olivia Keville, of the soon-to-be released ABC sitcom “Splitting Up Together,” then you may just have the next Punky Brewster on your hands. For Olivia, she believes she was born with a thirst for attention. “As the youngest of three, I had to be loud and say what I wanted to do.” And that, she did! Performing skits in her room for her parents when she was just five, her “master plan,” as she calls it, was to be allowed to take theater classes. “Telling stories, acting them out and sharing them with family and friends has always brought me great joy,” says Olivia. Her parents and biggest supporters saw Olivia’s passion for entertaining and agreed to enroll her in local theater classes in Houston. Yet, the young starlet-to-be just did not have enough. “I looked for my own private coaches when I was just seven,” says Olivia. “Be picky about your coaches and look at their reputation.” Her research led her to legendary acting instructor, John D’Aquino. An actor with a professional career spanning three decades, D’Aquino found an equal passion in acting and in sharing his knowledge of the business with young talent nationwide. Olivia studied under his instruction intensively, soaking up all she could. The work paid off, and one day, Olivia and her parents were called into the office with Mr. D’Aquino for a chat. “I thought I was in trouble,” laughs Olivia. However, it was quite the opposite. She was invited to attend an acting camp in Los Angeles where the students would work together over the summer to create a short film. The film would then be viewed by local agents and scouts and used to invite the actors to audition for other roles. The rest is not history, but yet, history in the making, as Olivia soon after nailed her current role as ‘Mae’ in “Splitting Up Together.” Today, Olivia splits her time between home in Houston and Los Angeles working on the series. Having just spent three months filming the sitcom, Olivia stresses that it is a true dedication to the craft and not for someone who just enjoys acting as a hobby. No longer just a passion, Olivia now sees acting as her career, and one she is quite happy to continue to grow in. “I love analyzing the relationships between the characters and the people around them,” says Olivia. She

recommends to other kids interested in the field, “Work supportive; Mom is staying in Los Angeles with me, your hardest, and never stop learning your craft.” For and I talk to the rest of my family on the phone almost Olivia, that means continued work with acting coaches every day,” says Olivia. and taking classes while in Los Angeles. When asked what, if any, were lessons she learned As with anything, the willingness to drop everything along the way, Olivia stressed one point to anyone interand go for your dreams can clearly lead to success, as it ested in following in her footsteps. “It’s not a competihas with Olivia. Acting has been a natural part of her tion,” says Olivia. “Sometimes, if you don’t get a part, life, yet, “The challenges are in striking a healthy it isn’t entirely based on your skill. There are a lot of balance between acting, school and friends,” says other factors. It’s not that you lost, because you haven’t. Olivia. Switching from a traditional school environ- It’s just not your time yet.” ment to a more flexible one has been helpful. “There are flex schools that allow you to go to school when you Olivia’s story seems like an easy one. Having just turned 15, it has actually been a decade of hard work can and do the rest online.” and determination. Yet, this young star wouldn’t have It’s a challenge, but she keeps a small close-knit group had it any other way. “I love playing a character, it’s of friends, both, at home and in her career. Of course, something that always just felt natural to me. I want to the love and support of her family has been the most continue doing a lot of roles and be proud of what I put important aspect to her success. “My parents are both out.” 2018 7

Paisely & Emilia

Featured Designer



By: Michelle Elizabeth Photographer: Katie Andelman

“There is a place hidden well where magic happens every day I show you it, so follow me to the world of Adrianna's dreams...”

Welcome to the magical and ethereal world of Adrianna Ostrowska Couture. Adrianna Ostrowska designs custom handmade luxury gowns for exceptional women and girls around the world. Her otherworldly creations are whimsical couture works of art. When it comes to understanding and appreciating the creative arts, Adrianna is no stranger. She has always loved art and design. It all started as a little girl when she enjoyed designing and creating dresses for her dolls. The love of fashion design continued as she grew. As a teenager, Ostrowska wanted to “look different, not like a copy of anybody else,” so she attempted making her own clothes. At first, she felt as if her creations weren’t good enough, but she kept on pursuing her passion. This ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance is what makes Adrianna Ostrowska Couture our KidFash Magazine Featured Designer. For many years, Adrianna worked in and helped out at a textile factory. While there, she was ironing, packing, working on cutting section, and learning as much as she could hands on. That gave her the knowledge and understanding of how it’s all made, but Ostrowska still felt like she could not make it on her own. Since then, she has done lots of research and taught herself how to make the dresses. She says “each new design is new lesson for me” and believes she still has many lessons to learn in the future. 2018 9


Paisely Next, came what Adrianna calls a “crazy love” for fine art photography. For years, she has sought out the best photographers and their masterpieces to study and learn from. One of her lifelong dreams is to become one of them and make magnificent work just like them. She already achieved her biggest dream though- her family. Her husband and children are her dream come true. As for business goals, Ostrowska strives to never stop being creative on any level, the rest will come from that alone.

has a busy family of five, the hardest part of the job is finding the time to dedicate to work. Her biggest career obstacle has been balancing her time between family and work. She regrets being unable to attend the last KidFash Fashion Show because of her packed schedule. When it comes to free time, Adriana says, “My second craziness is photography, so I spend any free time to work on my photography skills.” One day she would like combine her two loves by making couture gowns and photographing them as well.

For Adrianna, the best part of her career as a Fashion Designer is that she gets to be creative. She says, “I close my eyes and see pictures. See the dresses like I wish them to look… I feel the fabric, I see them moving. It sounds crazy but it’s the best part: to design, to create… all the time new stuff.” Since Adrianna

So where does all this artistic creativity and passion come from? Ostrowska says that she is inspired by “nature and her never-ending colors, flowers, and shapes.” When it comes to mentors, she doesn’t have one specific role model, but instead finds traits and character points in many people that she likes to follow,

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Nicole Paisely

believing it cannot be found all in one person. The genre of fashion that really ignites her spark is what she calls “the fashion of past epochs.” Adriana continues, “This is an endless source of inspiration, because in fact everything has already been, we only join the individual elements in the whole to give her a new life.” When it comes to trends and current fashion fads Adriana says, “I do not follow any trends, at least I try not to. If you tell me the current trend, you can be sure I will go a different way.” Her favorite colors have always been black and purple but are starting to change- she’s never liked yellow and blue until very recently and they are quickly rising to the top of her list. Currently Adrianna Ostrowska Couture is working on a spring and summer collection. In this collection, she’s using tan mixed with other colors like green, mauve and French blue. Ostrowska’s favorite fabrics to use are tulle and lace, but right now she’s experimenting with creating her own fabrics by using any possible technique. She explains, “I’m totally a freak about being ‘unique,’ so the more I’m working and reaching new knowledge, the more I like to use it my way. And now it is making my own fabric.” Not many people know that for years Adrianna was a fortune-teller using tarot cards. She still has them, but

no longer practices anymore. Speaking of guilty pleasures, Ostrowska absolutely loves ice cream. She has many favorites but can never turn down chocolate. In the future, she would love to work with singer/songwriter P!nk. Adrianna says, “I like strong people, and for it, it was always P!nk. I love her style and music too.” I’m confident that Ostrowska could come up with many fun and creative ideas for P!nk and her children. Adrianna’s advice for aspiring designers is to “Never give up… never give up on your ideas, even if half the world says to you it’s not ‘good,’ do it anyway. Only this can bring you on your own road. Never listen to others, listen just to your heart.” She believes that what kids and teens can do to make a difference in the world is to “stay you.” Ostrowska explains that even if you feel you don’t fit in, it’s important to stay true to yourself and not follow the crowd. If you have a true heart in your work, your talent will bring love to the people. She insists, “If we allow people to change us, to create us, we will lose us… and this brings chaos to our heart and soul, because inside we feel we should act/be different. So don’t be afraid to be you, because you are just perfect the way you are.” 2018 11

Recognize this lovely little lady? Elliana Walmsley is her name, and she’s an astounding dancer on the hit show “Dance Moms.” This Colorado native spends most of her time traveling between Los Angeles and New York City, working hard to perfect her craft and make a name for herself. As hard of a worker as she is, she’s still your typical happy-go-lucky 10-year-old, just one with a major love for dance! Let’s meet the fabulous young lady plieing her way to the top.

Written by: Sandra Current Photographer: Dave Feiling HMUA: Jee Kim Dress: Isabella Couture Dance Clothes: Sugar Lulu

Elliana started out dancing at the early age of one-and-a-half. That means she’s been dancing for eight-and-a-half years. Wow! Even as a little tike, her passion for dance was as strong as ever. Now, it’s simply a way of life for her. Although, Elliana cherishes all forms of dance, ballet is her absolute favorite. It’s graceful, elegant, and powerful, just like her! What does she love most about dancing, you ask? “Dance makes me feel alive, free, with not a care in the world,” she says. It serves as an escape place after a really difficult day and allows for continuous growth and evolution. “Even the most advanced dancers can still keep learning. There is never an end-point to dance. Dance is infinity,” she adds. Not only is dance fun and exciting, it’s a beautiful form of expression that can be uniquely individualized, which is why she adores her craft. 2018 13

Diversifying her training was essential, so when Elliana looked to hone her skill set, she searched for the best of the best. She received the bulk of her ballet training from Boulder Ballet, Colorado Ballet, and EDGE in Los Angeles, as well as Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s also received training from The Dance Movement in Colorado, and of course, the Abby Lee Dance Company in Los Angeles! Each of these dance academies has greatly contributed to the amazing performances many of you have witnessed, but hard work is definitely how Elliana has managed to become so good at what she does. She’s dedicated to improving, which is a must. Remember guys, hard work beats talent! Elliana’s love for ballet has provided her with some of the best moments of her life. One of her most memorable moments is when she won title at KAR as a mini. She was completely shocked when they called her name and did not expect to win at all. Another special moment was when she choreographed a solo performance in honor of her 86-year-old grandmother on “Dance Moms.” “She has a hard time walking, and when I was on tour with Adrenaline, my family brought her as a surprise to see me perform Aria in person. She cried, and then I cried when I saw her,” she says. They both shed tears of happiness in that moment. It’s a memory 14 2018

that will forever be etched in Elliana’s mind and a reminder to not give up when something doesn't go your way. She firmly believes that if you work hard and believe, you can achieve your dreams. Over the years, ballet has opened many doors and provided incredible opportunities for Elliana. One of those incredible opportunities was a role on the hit show “Dance Moms.” After answering an open casting call online, the producers of the show invited her and her mom to audition in front of Miss Abby Lee Miller in LA. Despite making it to the final group of dancers, she was not selected for the mini team this time around, but that didn’t stop her. Elliana kept dancing and training hard for the next few months, and about three months later, Miss Abby asked to meet in private with her. “I went, and it was awesome,” she gushes. One month later, the producers called and interviewed with Elliana’s mom a few more times before deciding to cast her on the show. “We were at Chipotle when my mom got the call,” she explains. Just as they began to order, her mom started yelling, "You got it!" Elliana had no idea what was happening, but when she finally figured it out, she screamed in excitement! “I think we both freaked everyone out in the restaurant, and I can't even remember eating that night! I was beyond excited!!!!!!!!” Who wouldn’t be jumping for joy at such an amazing opportunity?!

Being on “Dance Moms” has been incredible and impacted Elliana’s life in more ways than she could’ve ever imagined. “It has changed my life for the better because I realize that I can inspire so many people to dance and reach for their dreams, no matter how young or old they are, near or far,” she exclaims. She never expected to be on her favorite show, one she’s been watching for years. For Elliana, it proved that if you work hard and believe you can, YOU CAN! She’s also learning more about being a performer. “Dance Moms” has taught her how to pick choreography and perform it at a high level in a short amount of time, which is a great skill to have. In addition, she has learned how to focus on those that are positive and supportive of her. People can say negative and hurtful things sometimes. For those in the spotlight, the negativity can be even more intense, but when Elliana learned to shift her focus, she became stronger and more confident. She encourages others to focus on the positive, as well. Even with all the positivity, she is no stranger to adversity. One of the biggest challenges she’s had to overcome is people doubting her abilities because of her age and size. “Most people say the most incredible things, but there are some who may not be as positive towards me,” Elliana says. She’s learned to brush off the negativity and communicate that she’s happy just the way

“If you want to dance, DO IT!”

she is. Elliana has learned from others, and is inspired by them, but doesn’t want to be "others." Another challenge she faces is her nerves prior to performing. “The weird thing is that I'm more nervous for small events than when I’m performing in front of huge crowds,” she states. In instances of nervousness, she has a specific routine where she repeats the statement, "I believe I can do this, and if I can do it once, I can do it a million times." She also likes to think back to times when she performed well to remind herself that repeating those moments is possible. Most importantly, she says a prayer to God. These are a few of the ways she combats her nerves to get show ready. Figure out what works for you when you get nervous, and practice it regularly. Miss Walmsley has some pretty grand plans for the future. She wants to take on professional ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, tap, ballroom, and hip-hop dance to inspire others to dance. She also hopes to be an engineer, specializing in hover board design, and if she

has time left over, get a job preparing fries at “In & Out Burger.” Those are surely some big plans! She happens to have a double-jointed thumb, as well, so if she finds any extra time in between working as a dancer, engineer, and cook, she could always take on a job showing off that extraordinary talent. I mean, there aren’t many people that can bend their thumb backwards to touch their wrist! This amazing young lady is an example of believing in her abilities and working hard to make things happen. She knows that becoming a great dancer requires great sacrifice, but she believes anyone can do it. Elliana encourages others to pursue dance, regardless of whether they feel they are good or not. “If you want to dance, DO IT! Dance has made me strong... in my mind and body. I think everyone can use strength, and I believe dance is the way to do it!”


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Written by: Madison Harrison Photographer: Leslie Alejandro Styled by: Shannon Goldberg Grooming: Thea Istenes

Since moving to LA, a day in the life of Parker Bates is spending the whole day at Paramount Studios. He is homeschooled like I am and does all his work on set. He does three hours of school with his set teacher, which is pretty cool. They have a trailer just for school and it’s full of games and books! After he eats lunch with everyone else that’s there, he usually starts rehearsal for upcoming scenes. Finally, they shoot the scenes for that day and that’s his favorite part! If he is not working, sometimes there are interviews and photo shoots. It’s Parker’s story started in Dallas, Texas when he began all fun to him! modeling for department stores and editorial magazines. The day he decided to go with his brother to an When Parker is not filming “This Is Us”, or doing interaudition, he never planned to audition himself, but the views, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, gymdirector insisted that he try. Can you believe that he nastics, going to the beach, and playing soccer. He has booked the part? It was exciting and new all at the same been playing soccer since he was four and almost got to time. He got to shoot on a green screen and learned how go to “The Cup”! He loves trying new foods and helps they changed the green screen into a whole new envi- his mom cook at home too. He loves dogs and will ronment. After booking this job, he fell in love with often post photos of dogs up for adoption on social acting. Ironically, shortly thereafter, his father got a media hoping to make a perfect match with one of his new job and the family relocated to Los Angeles, Cali- friends. fornia. This move made it easier for him and his brother to pursue their acting careers.

10-year-old actor, model and philanthropist Parker Bates is best known as young Kevin on NBCs sitcom, “This Is Us”. I was so excited to interview him and learn more about him. Sometimes when we see people on television, we forget that they are ‘real people’ with feelings, family, friends, schedules, responsibilities, goals and obligations. I hope this article gives you a peek into Parker’s real world. I am sure that you will appreciate his story and find it inspiring.

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When I asked him, how do you balance your time with school, friends, and work, he said, “It takes a whole team of people! My mom is kind of a rock star because she plans everything and keeps everyone in our house on a schedule. She also homeschools me and my brother! My dad takes off work a lot to sit on set with me or my brother and takes us to soccer. Our agents at Coast to Coast, our manager Mrs. Margot, and Platform PR are all part of the amazing team that makes the dream work! I'm gracious to them all for helping me every day! My parents are totally cool about us having friends over during free time, so when we are home we usually have a house full of kids! We also try and meet up for ice cream or dinner with friends in between auditions and stuff. Somehow we just make it all happen”. If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I am big on believing in yourself, following your dreams and never giving up. I’ve had my own experiences of making my dreams come true, so I always find it interesting to hear what other kids have to say about it. Parker has been fortunate, and he is an inspiration to kids everywhere.

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I am big on believing in yourself, following your dreams and never giving up. -Madison

how determined and focused he is, so he inspires me to keep going and never say never. Madison: If you could change one rule in your house what would that be?

Parker: Well my mom is kind of a health freak, and she doesn’t let us eat dairy! I miss milk and real cheese! We have to eat a bunch of weird vegetables and sometimes a guy just wants some Cheetos and a Root Beer, ya know?! Madison: If you could be best friends with anyone in the world, who would you pick and why? Parker: I already have a best friend, and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone! We have been best friends since we were four years old when his dad became my soccer coach! Christian and I went on to play club soccer together. We don’t get to see each other every day like we used to because he lives in Texas, and I’m in LA. But, I go visit, and it’s like no time has passed! That’s what true friendship is. It can survive anything... even Hollywood! Madison: If you had one superpower what would it be and why? Read our dialogue and enjoy! Madison: Why do you think it is so important for kids to follow their dreams?

Parker: I feel so blessed that my parents let me and my brother follow our dreams. I know that not all kids are able to pick up and move across the country for their passion, but I think it’s so important to have faith and work hard so that one day it will happen. Don’t let anybody tell you that your dream is too big, or too hard, or too crazy! Prove them wrong!

Parker: Super Speed! I’m totally obsessed with “The Flash”, and I think Grant Gustin does an amazing job! If he ever needed a flashback, I’m totally up for playing the younger version!

Madison: What is one object that you own that matters more to you than anything else?

Parker: Definitely my signed Dodgers baseball!!! I keep it in a special case right beside my bed so that I can see it every day when I wake up! Every player signed it, all the coaches, the mascot, and even Fernando Venezuela!! I will never forget meeting all Madison:Other than your parents, who do you consider of them and becoming a Dodger fan for life! I even got to go to the World Series final game this year to to be a good role model and why? cheer them on! Even though they didn’t win, it was Parker: I would have to say Leonardo DiCaprio! one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! People say I look like a young him, which I take as a huge compliment. He is such a great actor, and he started at a young age like me. He has always shown Madison: When you need advice or encouragement who do you talk to? 32 2018

Parker: For advice I go to my big brother Prestyn. He’s good at giving me tips for acting, sports, girls, and video games! For heavy stuff, I go to my mom. She is a really good listener and always makes me feel confident and safe. And my dad knows when I need a break. Sometimes he takes me to play golf to decompress! He always tells me he is proud of me. I don’t know what I would do without my family. They are all so supportive and loving! Madison: What kind of advice would you give to a friend who is being bullied? Parker: Tell your parents! Your parents are your best line of defense, always! Don’t ever be afraid to tell them what’s going on in your life. If people make fun of you, be confident, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. It's totally cool to be weird! Something we say in my house all the time is, "Rock your crazy!" Madison: When you are not acting, what else do you like to do? Parker: I'm a total foodie, so I'm always down for trying new foods and restaurants! I love helping my mom cook and sharing dinners with my family! Madison: What’s next for you? Parker: You can catch me on another episode of Disney's Tangled this season, and I'll be playing Jonah on an upcoming episode of Teachers. I can't tell any secrets about This Is Us! You have to watch to find out, but you can follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes adventures on the set! Madison: What’s the best thing about, being you? Parker: The best thing is that I’m happy. I am getting to do everything I dreamed of doing and I’m so gracious and excited for what’s next. I’m just happy to get up tomorrow and go to set with all the people I love and admire! Life is good.

If you want to see Parker in action, you can catch him on Disney’s Tangled, Teachers and This Is Us. Follow Parker on: Facebook: @actorParker. Twitter: @Parker_Austin_B. Instagram: @theparkerbates I hope you enjoyed reading about another amazing kid. I can’t wait for the next issue of KidFash! Stay tuned for more #RealTalkWithMadison Written by Celebrity Photographer, 11 year old @PhotosWithMadison. 2018 33

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