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amacita’s proudly represents the architectural style of three great cultures: Persian, Spanish and Mexican. In the 7th century Arabian horseman invaded north Africa and western Europe by way of Morocco, thus becoming known as the “Moors”. The Moors ruled parts of southern Europe and Spain for 800 years until, in 1492, Spanish King Ferdinand and his queen Isabella came to power. The Moors left a rich and decorative cultural legacy that influenced Spanish art and architecture. As Christopher Columbus, Cotes, La Salle and other later explorers journeyed to the Americas that decorative mix of Spanish, Moorish, and Christian influence made a stronghold in the new lands. Today, throughout cities such as Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, St. Augustine and especially the city of San Antonio, that gentle blend of architecture, culture and artistic creativity are visible. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Mamacita’s and that you will also enjoy, in a small way, architectural tradition that is more than 1500 years old .

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The Hero Card? by Clifford Willis

So you’ve got The Hero Card. Now what? Well, the idea is to go save some money right? Here are some common obstacles that can prevent you from capitalizing on the benefits that membership brings: “I often forget that I have The Hero Card when I’m out shopping.” -If you think about it, not using The Hero card whenever possible is exactly the same as pulling money out of your pocket and throwing it into the street. “I’m not certain if a particular business is a Hometown Hero member.” -All Hometown Hero business partners should have some visible indication, typically a large sign or sticker near the entrance. If one is not visible, make sure you ask. After all, having The Hero Card is just like having an IOU in your pocket that’s good in hundreds of businesses all over the Hill Country. “Help! My favorite business is not a Hometown Hero partner! What can I do?” -Make a point to show your card to a member of the staff. Ask them why they aren’t a Hometown Hero partner. Then tell us about it! We will do our best to partner with your favorite stores to make The Hero Card even more valuable to you! Even more importantly, The Hero Card has been put into the hands of more than 2000 college students at Schreiner University and Alamo College, making it even more vital that businesses join our program! “How can I help the cause?” -Continue using your card wherever possible. -Like us on Facebook -Make sure you register your card online @ -Be vocal about how you use your card to benefit you. These practices help us demonstrate the value of our program to current and potential members and partners. Remember, this is not just a discount card, It’s a movement. Look for us soon on Google+ New Benefit for Members and Partners: Exclusive access to Information Technology and Social Media Services! Packages include: • Social Media Implementation/Management • Google Apps/Gmail Support • Email Solutions • Hardware/Software Solutions • PC & MAC Upgrades and Tune-ups • Spyware/Virus Removal • Emergency 24X7 Support • Training Classes

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A Note From The Editor...Welcome Ana! Ana Romero is a new graphic designer at Hill Country Vistitors Magazine. In May 2012 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Schreiner University. Her studies at Schreiner have prepared her well, allowing her to develop the necessary skill-set to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer. Although Ana struggled in trying to find a job in her degree, she found the opportunity at Hill Country Visitors Magazine. She’s excited and eager to show what plans the magazine has for the Hill Country.

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I Love Life

by Sonny Melendrez

I love the feel of wind on my skin I love the sound of rain coming down I love sight of birds in flight I love the scent of peppermint I love life

Alan Fisher, a Texas Hill Country songwriter

and singer is a Texas “treasure”. He has a way with words that captures life in its simplest form. “Most of my music is about life experiences based on God, family, and country with some cowboys thrown in.” Not long ago, Alan reached out and shared a song that touched my heart. It’s a duet with his granddaughter, Morgan. I love Life. It began as a lullaby, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Morgan and instinctively wrote the song, leaving gaps in the melody, in hopes of having her sing along on the recording.The result is pure magic.

I sincerely hope you will take 3 minutes out of your busy day to listen to this precious gift of love. May Alan’s warm caring voice and thoughtful words serve to remind you that there is always something to smile about. The innocence in Morgan’s voice and lyrics of a loving grandfather make for a musical moment in time that she will cherish forever. As Alan explains, “I wanted to leave her (my granddaughter) something to remember me by, and to leave her with an important message.” Perhaps Alan’s most meaningful lesson can be found in his ending words of gratitude, Thank you God, for all these things Thank you for life and joy that it brings I love life You’ll find this musical gem waiting for you at Sonny Melendrez is an award-winning inspirational speaker, Hall of Fame radio/TV host, and marketing consultant. Sonny travels the world from San Antonio, speaking to companies, organizations on the joy of serving. Visit his website at

Caption:Alan Fisher recording with granddaughter, Morgan Credit:Photo Courtesy of Alan Fisher

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.. . t a s U it is V r o l Cal


Located in the Bank of the Hills Ingram Branch

become a


serving ingram  hunt  mt. home  divide

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Seasonal Allergies What is an Allergy?

Allergies are an abnormal response of the immune system. People who have allergies have an immune system that reacts to a usually harmless substance in the environment. This substance (pollen, mold, and animal dander, for example) is called an allergen. Allergies are a very common problem, affecting at least two out of every 10 Americans.

What Happens During an Allergic Reaction?

First, a person is exposed to an allergen by inhaling it, swallowing it, or getting it on or under their skin. After a person is exposed to the allergen, a series of events create the allergic reaction: 1. The body starts to produce a specific type of antibody called IgE to bind the allergen. 2. The antibodies attach to a form of blood cell called a mast cell. Mast cells can be found in the airways, in the intestines and elsewhere. The presence of mast cells in the airways and GI tract makes these areas more susceptible to allergen exposure. 3. The allergens bind to the IgE, which is attached to the mast cell. This causes the mast cells to release a variety of chemicals into the blood. Histamine, the main chemical, causes most of the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Whether it’s the long-awaited change of winter into spring, or the quiet fading of summer into fall, for many folks the changing of the seasons means more than just vacation plans and a new wardrobe -- it signals the start of seasonal allergies.

• Sneezing • Runny Nose • Itchy, watery, red eyes

These are just some of the symptoms that more than 35 million Americans face each year as the pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes it way into the air. 12 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


For many, relief is just a drugstore counter away -- with a wide array of traditional medications available to help. However, for an increasing number of allergy sufferers, the road to relief is best paved by Mother Nature. She has a variety of all-natural treatments that studies show can help -- often without many of the troubling side effects ascribed to traditional care. “Using nature-based products can be a very useful way to handle mild allergies and a useful adjunct for more significant allergies, and there are many types of treatments you can safely try,” says Mary Hardy, MD, director of integrative at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Among those generating the loudest buzz right now is the European herb butterbur (Petasites hybridus), which, says Hardy, “has had some very impressive clinical trial results.” In one study, published recently in the British Medical Journal, a group of Swiss researchers showed how just one tablet of butter-bur four times daily was as effective as a popular antihistamine drug in controlling symptoms of hay fever -- without the traditional symptom of drowsiness that sometimes occurs. In a second study, presented at the 60th annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI), a group of British researchers put their stamp of approval on butter-bur’s effectiveness in quelling symptoms of grass allergy. Other herbal supplements proving helpful, says Hardy, include freeze-dried nettles and a tonic made from the herb goldenseal, which she recommends adding to still one more natural treatment -- a saline (salt water) nasal spray. “The saline works to wash out pollen and reduce or thin mucous. The goldenseal has astringent and local antibacterial properties which can aid in this process,” Hardy tells

Web-MD. In addition to herbs, many naturopathic doctors also believe certain nutrients can be helpful in quieting seasonal symptoms. Among the most popular are grape seed extract and a flavonoid compound known as quercetin. Although both occur naturally in many foods and are especially abundant in red wine -- when used in supplement form they can be extremely helpful in reducing allergy symptoms, particularly in conjunction with vitamin C, says James Dillard, MD. “There is even some evidence that quercetin may control the release of histamine and other chemicals that help initiate the allergic response,” says Dillard, clinical advisor to Columbia University’s Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and assistant clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. In general there is no cure for allergies, but there are several types of medications available -- both over-thecounter and prescription -- to help ease and treat annoying symptoms like congestion and runny nose. These allergy drugs include antihistamines, decongestants, combination drugs, corticosteroids, and others. Allergy shots, which gradually increase your ability to tolerate allergens, are also available. Antihistamines have been used for years to treat allergy symptoms. They can be taken as pills, liquid, nasal spray, or eye drops. Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine eye drops can relieve red itchy eyes, while nasal sprays can be used to treat the symptoms of seasonal or year-round allergies. Examples of antihistamines include: Over-the-counter: •Allegra •Benadryl •Claritin •Chlor-Trimeton, •Dimetane •Zyrtec •Tavist Prescriptions: •Clarinex •Xyzal By Colette Bouchez (Web-MD Feature)

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HillsHomePage Comes To Town Community Web Portal For The Texas Hill Country


The beginning of HillsHomePage was pretty

inauspicious. I like vintage motorcycles, and to indulge this passion, frequently surf Austin and San Antonio Craigslist ads filtered for vintage motorcycles. When my wife and I became grandparents, Kathy almost immediately announced her need for a new rocker. Everything we found at retail was too contemporary or too tall. After a fairly exhausting search, I opted to take a look at Craigslist. And I found it. A late 19th Century low rocker was just right. 14 Hill Country Visitors Magazine



hen I had to buy a rocking chair for my wife, I realized I was afraid of Craigslist.”

We bought that rocking chair, but not before agonizing over our fear of driving to an unknown location in a metro area and doing cash business with a person we didn’t know. It all worked out fine, and two grandbabies now have some miles on that rocking chair, but it set me to thinking.

began to grow. Many Hill Country newspapers and contributors joined the fold between September and December. Heavy marketing has continued, and thousands of Hill Country residents have become readers or subscribers. The display advertisers are virtually a “who’s who” of the Texas Hill Country, representing the most established brands in the region. As the management team continues the task of refining the websites, Hills Home Pages are also expanding. In late February the team will launch a visitor class subscription, offering a regional event calendar and destination choices for in-bound tourists from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. According to Ken Johnson, “Initially we intended to build a portal just for Hill Country residents. Adding the visitor subscription allows us to serve our Hill Country friends who depend on tourism, as well. Since subscription is free for both, we expect great growth.” A resident subscription requires registration with a Hill Country Zip Code, however, visitor subscribers aren’t given upload options, but have access to all the site’s content. Free subscription

Hill Country people (probably all rural and

sub-rural people) don’t really trust Craigslist. It’s why we love Hill Country garage sales and flea markets. And, it’s why Facebook groups grow so large. But if you belong to any of those groups, you know that Facebook clamps down on the groups periodically, forcing them to reduce postings, reduce photos, reduce membership, etc. It’s an architecture problem. Facebook is a huge digital archive with no really good methods for managing a high volume of classified ads. Work began in earnest in March of 2013. Our firm, Briscoe Hall, partnered with the Ranch Radio Group and Hill Country Telephone and began development of the website programming. LogicSolutions from Ann Arbor, Michigan won the bid and began writing code in late June. In August, General Manager Ken Johnson joined the venture. As sales people were hired and the venture established content partnerships with writers, web sites, and news sources, the management team prepared a marketing launch with a large marketing budget. The site went live October 14, 2013, and membership

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wouldn’t be here without his support. I knew if I was going to do what would be required to make this company work, it would require a lot of travel. He chose to stay home with the boys so that there would always be a parent home with our children. My family is priority and I will not sacrifice my family for anything else. And with his help we don’t have to.

My inspiration comes with God, to living the life I

was called to live and to do my best even when it doesn’t seem like it is good enough. And to love without restraint; knowing that I can do all things through Him. I have traveled to Italy which was an amazing experience. I have been traveling abroad starting at the age of fifteen and have had a love affair with Europe and travel ever since. It is a blessing to be able to start sharing the world with my boys at 8 and 4. It is important for our children to see life outside of America and to experience other cultures. I plan on having them travel with me as often as possible.


was born and raised in Kerrville to my mother Linda Coffee and my father Mike Coffee. My mother Linda Coffee lives in Kerrville as well as my father and stepmother, Mike and Sandy Coffee. I have one brother, Chris Coffee and he lives in Odessa. My sweet Nana, Mary Rudasill also lives here in Kerrville. I have an (ex) sister-in-law, Kim Coffee (who I still love and am very close with), one niece Kaylee Coffee and two nephews Connor and Colton Coffee who live in Kerrville as well. I graduated from Tivy High School in 1995 and went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA with a degree in Advertising/PR. I met my husband, Justin Carpenter our freshman year at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola Florida, whom I have two sons with: Cole Carpenter, 8 and Micah Carpenter, 4. They both go to Covenant Academy. My husband is very supportive. He has gone above and beyond to support my dreams and me. I 16 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


It was through the hardships of losing everything that my journey into fashion began. My start was simple enough…I just wanted to be able to provide for my family. As I reflect on my past, I can see how the events of my life have brought me to where I am now. I can truly say that I am THANKFUL that my husband and I lost everything in the economic crash of 08-09. Had we not, I cannot be certain I would be where I am today. We had a very comfortable life and I was happy living the life we were living. It was a culmination of events that brought me into the fashion world.

Within a few months after the crash, my husband and

I were left trying to make ends meet. With only forty dollars left to our names, I was impressed to give it away one Saturday night at church. My husband, who is a drummer, was playing with the worship team and when they were finished he came and sat down beside me. I said, “Well, I hope God will perform a miracle because we need gas in the tank and milk for the baby…and I just gave away our last forty dollars.” He looked at me and said, “Well if that is what the Lord wanted you to do then

don’t worry about it, He will provide.” So the service ended and as I was putting our baby into the car seat, Justin walked up to me and handed me forty dollars. I was in complete shock wondering, “Where did he just get forty dollars?” He pointed towards a woman in the crowd. The lady told him the moment we walked through the doors, God told her to give us forty dollars. As you can imagine, I was blown away. How could she have known! I went to her, broken and crying to thank her. She would have none of it and said, “I was only being obedient to what God asked me to do.”

my life is truly in His hands. I know it was only forty dollars but at that moment that forty dollars felt like a fortune. It was after this act of faith, stepping out and giving when it did not make sense, and learning to trust that doors began to open. A childhood friend, Jill Reno Smetek, a successful jewelry designer, had an opening for me. It was through the full immersion in the fashion and couture jewelry business and the mentor-ship by Jill, I gained the confidence to believe that maybe, just maybe I too could start my own company. Then as faithful as He is, others came into my life to support me in this journey. When I decided this was my path and that I was going to pursue my dreams, I shared

my vision with another dear friend. Her and her family became my first investors.

It is amazing to be working with former DKNY lead de-

signer, Tonya Leigh Hawkes. She is such an amazing and talented woman and brings over 20 years of experience to the company. I knew that she was the one designer I wanted to work with but thought there was no way she would be willing to work with me: a small town girl from Kerrville, TX who has a dream, but no experience in the footwear industry. She lived in Bologna, Italy, so we had to have a Skype meeting and when I shared with her my vision she said, “You know Lisa, I have never worked with a start-up company. Only brands with millions of dollars in their budget. But I am a firm believer that all it takes is ONE good idea, and I believe you have it. I will help you.” I wanted to jump up and down! Two weeks later I was in Bologna, Italy at the worlds famous international leather fair, Lineapelle, sourcing my leathers and sharing my designs. It was the beginning of not only a great working relationship, but also a friendship I cherish.

The concept for the virtual boot wardrobe idea came out of my closet. Hill Country Visitors Magazine

This event changed my life because it showed I could trust God and that



One evening in October of 2011, I went to my closet

and pulled out every single pair of boots that I owned and lined them up against the wall. Boot season is my absolutely favorite fashion season of the year. So, it was time for me to review my boots and decide what new boots would be needed for that fall. As I am looking at all of my boots, I start thinking there has to be a better way. I liked the comfort of one boot but not the top. Or I liked the top but the toe of the boot was out of fashion. It was at that point, looking at my boots that I had that “ah ha” moment. There could be a better way: Interchangeable boots and tops! That began my journey to months of research into the boot/footwear industry. I knew from the very beginning that I would want to offer 3 heel heights from flat to high heels. I went to Tonya with the first season designed, but she worked with me to refine the designs. With being a modern woman who wears so many hats; going from mom, to the boardroom, to date night; I wanted to have something that could transform with every woman’s life. Quality matters to me because I want to always give my best in all that I do. In the footwear industry it is hard to distinguish yourself from all the others. I knew going into this industry that it could not be just another footwear company. I needed to do the best I could to offer quality materials and topnotch designs.

My interest in fashion started as a very young girl. My

mom helped foster my love of fashion as a young girl by teaching me how to sew and allowing me the freedom to go to the craft/fabric stores with my vision and helping me create whatever it was I thought was fashionable at that moment. 18 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


The most exciting part about this journey is connecting with people across the world! I get my energy from the people I meet and seeing how God orchestras my life… regardless if it is going smoothly or when I experience bumps in the road. The biggest challenge about this journey is getting over the fear of failure and self-doubt. I wanted to stop just dreaming and to start living…to stop listening to that voice that says “who are you to think you can do this”; and to start believing that God can use anyone who is willing to take the risk and take the steps forward into their destiny; even when it doesn’t quite make sense to. I never want to live in regret. For me it is better to go for it and fall flat on my face than to sit back and only wish that I had given my dream a try!

I have so many ideas for what is coming next…The possibilities are endless!


aybe next will be bags and belts.

Or maybe a children’s line!

Retirement can be stressful. Don’t let them be. If you are retired or getting closer, we can help. Here at boynton financial you will consult with a knowledgable decisions of your life.

“YOUR PRINCIPAL IS NOT AT RISK” “Give me a call and I will explain everything before you make a decision.” - Frank Boynton

boynton financial llc 30 YEARS FINANCIAL EXPERIANCE


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The Göbekli Tepe Appreciation & Replication Project shows that humanity in its earliest of known civilizations placed their desire to embrace spirituality above all else. The purpose of this project is to bring light to that discovery. We, along with Mr. Ray, are working with city members and local organizations to create the first and only of its kind monolithic structure. A non-profit is being formed to support continued construction of a full-scale reproduction of the exciting new find.

Another upcoming project is a public art piece enviDean Reganess and his son, Silver at Unity Church

Carver Road Stone Carving & Sculpture by Karen Reganess


ne of the first questions people ask us is, “what brought you to Texas?” It all started in 2011, when Dean was accepted into the Take 190 West Sculpture Competition in Killeen, and we drove from North Carolina for the two-day, early March event. Dean was one of 9 sculptors given a block of limestone and two days to complete a piece of artwork. By the end, he was the first to sell his piece (before it was even finished) and was awarded third place in Judges Choice and People’s Choice. This cemented our resolve to live in a place where limestone bursts forth from the hills, and the people are sincerely kind and appreciative of true artistic skill. And so, on July 21st, 2011, only four months later, we left North Carolina seeking our new destiny.

The result? We chose wisely.

Since that time, we’ve made the closest friends (now considered family), added another child to our tribe of mini-stone carvers, and made considerable developments in our company, Carver Road Stone Sculpture. We are so very thankful! Our current project is one of significant importance. We met Edward Ray while building the carved stone sign for the new Unity Church on Jefferson Street in Kerrville. He had a vision and needed a stone sculptor to bring it to life. This vision was to recreate a newly found ancient structure, the evidence of which is changing the way archeologists, anthropologists, and historical researchers are looking at the beginnings of the human race. This structure, which is more than twice as old as Stonehenge, 22 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


sioned and commissioned by Ted Schulenberg and the Hill Country Geoscience Club for a large-scale reproduction of a Guadalupe riverbed fossil. It will be displayed outside the Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center on the Earl Garrett St. side, with the possibility of more to come throughout the city. We are also busy arranging the formation of our own non-profit, The Circle of Guilds. The mission is to revive old world artisan trades and to bring attention to the fact that these skills are disappearing. To do this, we will be creating a free artisan trade school open to all, regardless of financial or social status. This school will be the only of its kind in the United States and we’re making it right here in Kerrville. Dean has begun teaching stone carving free of charge and open to all every first and third Saturday at 12 pm. Some ask, “What can be made by a stone carver?” Some of our most recent projects include commercial signs (Custom carved. Not sandblasted), fireplaces with intricate architectural details, logos scaled up to 26 inches across (Two commissioned by local artist Linda Karst Stone, that she designed. Riverside Nature Center’s Healing Garden. And, our own Circle of Guilds logo); family name plaques and coats of arms; many garden benches and decorative garden pieces, bathtubs, and even the kitchen sink! also carve a great deal of custom limestone monuments. We feel it is very important to offer an alternative to the traditional granite sandblasted headstones that are prohibitively expensive for too many. We have purposely made them affordable; most starting at only $350.


For more information about the company, the projects, or stone

carving lessons, please visit or Email: 830-377-8479

is the Founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and Founder and President of the deer hunter’s Whitetail Institute of North America. He has a hard-to-interpret facial expression that connects to our discussions during the recent holiday season concerning some ten-year-old archeological findings in south-west Turkey. Both of these carvings are from limestone and quite heavy. This could account for Ray’s studied expression. More likely, though, Ray is thinking about the symbology of the two fine art sculptured “animals”. At his right hand is a mentally instantiated product of the Scientific discipline called “Experimental Archeology”. Dean Reganess, a master fine art sculptor, studied several photo images at various perspectives and formed a mental image of an 11,500 year-old, pre-civilization, hunter gatherer limestone carving found at the Gobekli Tepe (Go-Beck-li Tay-Pay) archeological dig site near Urfa,Turkey. Dean then fittingly removed limestone to reveal in relief cutaway the lion-like imaginary critter that he had modeled in his mind. As if the critters were encased in a molding material, he chipped and carved away that “molding material” limestone; revealing surprisingly, the 11,500 year-old mental image of a hunter gatherer, barely pre-civilization but modern, full-human-being. This incredible mental scientific experiment belongs to the Scientific discipline called Experimental Archeology (Google Experimental archeology - Princeton University). Note that we are establishing a completely new important subcategory: Mental Experimental Archeology (MEA), of Experimental Archeology. Gratifyingly, the very evidence produced by our new Scientific Subfield is, itself, a new Fine Art Sculpture genre. As quantum matter can be both particle and wave, Dean Reganess’ work becomes both Scientific evidence and unique Fine Art. Simultaneously! Pure magic. Now, is Ray’s expression understandable? It is breathtaking to know that a living, breathing, conscious human being no less human than we are today, had a very similar mental emulation of the always-imaginary lion-like creature in his or her mind 11,500 years ago!


fter I took this work of Dean’s to Ray’s Bass Paradise over Christmas, it was then necessary for Dean to repeat his magic about a month later for use in Texas to demonstrate together with the National Geographic (2012) cover display. Since the copy we gave to Ray was quite heavy, the “same song, second verse” copy was carved and scaled smaller by Dean within a smaller stone, but without any further reference to photo images. The lion-like critter is stuck, as far as I know, scaleless, in Dean’s mental consciousness! Dean will be carving perhaps 30 more examples of “Ex-

charging boars, ferocious lions. Also, foxes, spiders, snakes, and vultures. Be careful if you even get near it!! Four of the uncovered and dug temple structures of the total of 20 at the dig will be followed by the remaining 16 for many years. Claus Schmidt, the Turkey-site archeologist, estimates that 50 more years will need be spent “till the last of the 20 is uncovered”. Master carver Dean Reganess has several more temporary masterpiece totems to produce over the next half century. Dean is 40, so he will be 90 then. He could use and needs plenty of support towards that lofty goal. Ray Scott, one of Dean’s staunchest supporters, became 80 last summer. If Dean can match Ray’s octogenarian energy. we remaining Homo Sapiens Sapiens can plan a reunion with Gobekli Tepeians in the sweet by and by and a common Heavenly Present. by Ed Ray (Science Advisor to Experimental Archeology Associates (EAA) and Ray Scott’s 1st Cousin


s the Whitetail Institute turns 25 and the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) turns 45 and I turn 80, allow me to turn philosophical for a moment.

My preacher is always saying to practice an attitude of

gratitude and as I look back on these past 80 years, I can Hill Country Visitors Magazine

Ray Scott

perimental Archeology” onto a single 14 foot “T” monolith totem producing a wealth of scientific evidence, while simultaneously concurrently producing 30 independent by-product fine art relief sculptures that, taken together on one totem will be Dean Reganess’ temporary masterpiece. These will include prancing, leaping animals that are mostly deadly caricatures: stinging scorpions,



himself for a worthy cause. Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement. And who, at the worst, if he fails; at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

The Whitetail Institute has been in the arena

these past 25 years and that’s where we’ll stay, not just for our field testers and customers, but for quality deer management and the future of our sport. Göbekli Tepe near Urfa,Turkey (National Geographic Magazine)

only be grateful to have been part of not just one but two great American outdoor traditions — bass fishing and whitetail hunting; first, as founder of B.A.S.S. in 1968 and 20 years later the Whitetail Institute of North America. After all the inevitable struggles and eventual success, the sweetest success by far is being in a position to be able to leave these sports better than I found them and help leave a legacy for generations to come.


ome people think I have some sort of magic touch, but that is not the case. I will tell anyone for every success, I have a graveyard of ideas that didn’t work. That has been true at the Institute. Many Whitetail Institute product ideas have not survived our grueling product development and real-world testing. However, the important thing is we all kept trying. For me, the ultimate failure is not trying. I was reminded of that just recently when I came across one of my favorite quotes of all times from Theodore Roosevelt, not just one of our greatest presidents but one of our greatest outdoorsmen as well. You’ve probably heard it, but it is timeless for all those out there working, struggling, creating, supporting a cause or devoted to an endeavor. Here’s what Teddy had to say:


is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of good deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood. Who strives valiantly. Who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcomings. But who knows the great enthusiasms. The great devotions. Who spends 24 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


My grandmother, Clara

Belle Duke Ray, was born in 1881. She was a great lady and was known far and wide as a marvelous cook. Clara was onefourth Cherokee Indian and pure Southern. Of her many great recipes, none were more popular and tasty than her “chow chows.” Every meal at grandmother’s house included one or more jars of these crisp and tangy relishes, made from only the freshest fruits and vegetables. Grandmother’s “chow chow” recipes are faithfully reproduced here. Clara Belle died at age 91. Her recipes live on.

Distributed Only by Ray Scott’s Reel Good Recipes 238 Whitetail Trail, Pintlala, AL 36043. Toll Free: 1-800-518-7222

Kerrville Easter fest

Here’s to Our HerJes Annual Easter Festival Chili and BBQ Cook Off Sponsored by the Leadership Kerr County Class #29

Ask For Commercial Booth

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Application for Vendors

Deadline to enter is

10:00 am – 7:00 pm Flat Rock Park

April 10th

A Kerrville Tradition for over 40 years

FREE TO THE PUBLIC! Family Fun Live Music Games & Rides CASI Chili and LSBS Cook-Off Washer Pitching Tournament Easter Egg Hunt Car Show • New This Year! Vendors & More!

More Information Jay Brady

Brian Keeth

Lisa Winters

Or Visit:

25 Hill Country Visitors Magazine


J Sponsorships are available J

2,000 Platinum Level • $1,000 Gold Level $ 500 Silver Level • $250 Bronze Level


For information, visit


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On The Road

by Kathleen Hudson

“It’s what you do right here. It’s what you do right now, that gets remembered best.”

Shana Martin sang this line as she shared some new songs with me. I am joyous at the opportunity to work with students

at Schreiner University and integrate my love for music and passion for courage into all my classes. Shana is a senior music major, a New York transplant living in Houston, a Wayne Kennemer Scholarship recipient twice, and a guest in my classes as she shares her creative process and her songs with my freshman Texas music class and my creativity class. Her senior concert is in March. And that is just ONE story of how THMF and my life as a teacher weave together. The THMF coffeehouse series in the first Wed. of Feb.-April also gives performers a chance to visit my 3:50 creative writing class. Feb. 5 is Graham Warwick Trio with some blues and jazz. Clifton Fifer has been invited as a special guest. A favorite Kerrville moment is dancing while Graham Trio plays such rhythmic tunes at Azul. And they look so good! Just received the newsletter from Dalis and the Kerrville Folk Festival. The spring Schreiner Music at the Mansion series starts off at the end of February. Sometimes tickets are available even though it is a series. Call Dalis at 257-3600 for info. She confirmed that Judy Collins returns May 23 to the festival. I first heard “Both Sides Now” in a Judy Collins version of this Janis Ian song. She is part of my early music story. The New Folk songwriters contest is open and running. Songwriters, get your music in for judging. My December and January story includes visits with Ray Wylie Hubbard, First, at Crossroads in Fredericksburg. What a night of gravel and grit! My history with Ray goes back to the Rubaiyat in Dallas where I heard him perform and asked him to visit my high school English class at Aledo. He told me he still runs into students who say they met him then! I remember his comments on my Flannery O’Connor book. Makes sense he likes this writer of Southern Gothic Fiction. Hm….Snake farm? He also liked Rilke, and I gave him the book Letters To A Young Poet when he visited my mythology class at Schreiner. Now my students listen to his song “The Messenger” and write their own message. Yes, I keep inviting him to come guest lecture. Someday! Meanwhile, I enjoy his performance from the audience side, as I do come to this life as a fan first.

Crossroads is a perfect place to enjoy the intimacy of a performance and the atmosphere of fine dining and a warm space.

I also remember standing up right in front of Los Lonely Boys there one time! Yep, Maggie has good taste. January Ray Wylie played a special venue in Wimberley, Susanna’s Kitchen. I drove over January 16 for another evening with Ray and his stories. And he does tell a good story with each song. One summer when I visited Woodstock,New York, I showed up the night he was playing there! What fun to drop by and surprise him. My first book, Telling Stories, Writing Songs: An Album of Texas Songwriters, 2001 UT Press, includes an interview with Ray. We also talked then about the sober life and the influence of Steve Ray Vaughan.

Some notes from December Ray gig: The bass player was beautiful. Oops, I can’t say that. The trio was exciting.

Ray began with “Get outta your rut and get in the groove.” Then he dove into “Snake Farm,.” A Ray favorite of mine. Oh, John Michael played bass and Kyle Snyder played drums. Ray said of Hays Carl, “Great to see young burnt out and fried young songwriters.” He produced Hays. He talked of the French poets writing rock lyrics in the late 1800’s as he started “Drunken Poets Dream.” He told us of writing with Liz Foster of The Trishas, saying, “I never wrote with a woman. I had the opportunity to empathize.” He says things like, “I am an acquired taste, if this is your first time to see me.”He ended with “The Messenger,” and a James McMurtry song, “Chocktaw Bingo.” Velanne Howell and Allegani Jani were in the audience, two women part of the Luckenbach history.

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I spent Sunday afternoon, January 12, celebrating the birthday of the Luckenbach songbird (a name given by Texas imaginer Hondo Crouch), Maggie Montgomery. Her musician son Monte Montgomery came to celebrate with her, playing “Wishing Well: in the pickers circle hosted by Bill Lewis. Bryan Maldonado gave the gift of Van Morrison and “Into The Mystic,” and the circle began! We heard Stormy, the 14 year old son of Monte, play solo and with his dad. Jake Martin gave us his soulful rendition of a John Prine song…”blow up the tv.” And I felt the years of history, the stories and soul of Luckenbach with Allegani Jani, Maggie Montgomery, Velanne Howell (former Mayor who brought Willie Nelson picnic there), Janice Kennemer Ballard, Marty and more. Women who knew the history far better than I do, being a latecomer on the scene. I did get there as fast as I could, and my stories of Luckenbach go back to the 80’s Hoppy Hopkins can talk Hondo, with his version of the moon in Luckenbach, Ah…the beat goes on thanks to the great work of Abbey as she herds the cats and adds her own flavor to the place now! I love Hondo’s in Fredericksburg, where Hondo’s spirit reigns over the stage (as well as a life-size cutout and photos on the wall), and his daughter Chris bring blood memories into the room. I love Becky Patterson, a second daughter, who is an artist with a new book out on the family ranch on Steeler Hill. Some of you may have read her classic, Hondo, My Father. My son, Clayton, loves it too!

Feb. hot news: Clay McClinton Texas Tour for CD release, beginning Feb. 1 at Gruene Hall and February 8 at

Luckenbach, See THMF on facebook for excellent and complete release on his history, his family, his music. “Bitin at the Bit,” is a Gary Nicholson project, and Gary’s history is worth a book! The album contains songs that appeared “Crazy Heart” and “Big Lebowski,” songs by Texans Stephen Bruton and Micky Newbury. “Clay looks forward to serving up his Texas gumbo with fans everywhere,” sa he begins this tour up both coasts. I interviewed his dad, Delbert, years ago for my first book, and heard Delbert in my youth in Ft. Worth, Texas, along with Juke Jumpers, Lou Ann Barton, Bobby Crown and Ray Sharp. And that is another story.

4 Proches has a debut CD that feature the harmony only possible with young family members. I burst into tears on the first song, “I’ll Fly Away/Do Lord,” as it brought up my family memories going to a Baptist church with great music. Recently I got real brave and played hymns for my dad (age 90 and bedridden), even singing a few. The music got through his medical haze for sure. The Proches are based in Fredericksburg, and they will be getting national attention if anyone is paying attention.

Casey Hubble has a new CD, “Ramblin’ Annie’s Devious Soapbox.” Just to drop a few names, Carson Fowler (local musi-

cian with studio at his gorgeous home in Mountain Home) engineer, Walt Wilkins, WC Jameson, Slim Bawb Pierce, and more! I especially love he chose to put the words on the CD cover for us to read. Words! And Casey is a local man from Ingram, recipient of Wayne Kennemer Scholarship, a poet, and UT grad.

February 14 is a special night at the Swenson House on the Schreiner campus at Paula Reynolds, Hilltop House Concerts and THMF present an evening with Ghosts of the American Road at 7 p.m. Bring money for the artist and food to share and a lover to enjoy. Valentine’s Day! Call 792-1945 for reservations. Or contact Paula.

February 18 is a special concert with Flamenco player Ron Radford. He will perform a free concert at Dietert Center during the day, two free school concerts, and then an evening at Schreiner at 7 p.m. Donation of $10. Ole! Meanwhile follow my Tumblr blog and Facebook presence. Check out and for my video blog.

Kathleen Hudson, Ph.D, is in the English Department at Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas. She founded the Texas Heritage Music Foundation in 1987 out of a commitment that stories and songs make a difference in the world.

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Bandera Library Celebrates 12th Annual WILD HOG EXPLOSION Looking for something really outrageous to do for Spring Break? Its time for squeals and spills at the 12th annual Wild Hog Explosion and All Bike Rally! Set to kick off March 15th and 16th! Bandera will not disappoint anyone looking for good time. This fun filled weekend includes the hilarious Wild Hog Catch, the always crowd pleasing BBQ Cook-Off and an awesome All Bike Rally! And let’s not forget about the bicycle rodeo for the kiddos! What exactly is the Wild Hog Explosion? Well, first you start with about 150 wild hogs that vary in size and age. Then you take a group of willing humans that also vary in size and age! Match up the size and weight, put them all in a ring and challenge the humans to catch the smart, fast, and loud wild hogs! The object is to catch the hog and get him to the finish line! Teams are judged on time. Most of the time the hog wins…but not without a lot of action, adventure and tons of laughs! Plan to spend the day and bring the kids! There will be lots for them to do, beginning with a Bicycle Rodeo, a

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Hog Catch for runts (ages 3 & 4), piglets (ages 5 & 6) and shoats (ages 7 to 9). For Mom, there are arts and crafts! And for Dad, commercial booths and a CTBA sanctioned Cook-Off competition! Visit the cookers where you can nibble at the competitions meats or buy a plate lunch and “Pig Out!” YUM! All proceeds go to the Bandera County Kronkosky Library. You can compete for prizes too! Enter the Hog Catch and have a chance to win a great belt buckle! Enter the BBQ Cook-Off to win trophies and bragging rights, as well as, cash prizes! Don’t feel like bringing out your grill? No worries! You can enter the Bloody Mary or Best Margarita Competitions! Wow! Sounds like quite the fun filled day? Well, things get better…enjoy the music of the Three Peace Band or check out the bikes in the All Bike Rally! Better yet, bring your bike and enter the Hill Country Poker Run and win great prizes for the best hand. Even the Worst Hand wins! The All Bike Rally features not only a Poker Run through our beautiful Texas hills, but also a “Gone Hog Wild Par-

ty” Saturday night at the Longhorn Saloon featuring more great music! Pre-registration for the All Bike Rally begins on Friday at 6:00 pm at the Longhorn Saloon located at 1307 Main Street. Bikers can pre-register for Saturday’s Poker Run and participate in the pre-registration party featuring some really great music! Saturday morning the event moves to Mansfield Park for the on-site bike registration, El Jacalito’s delicious breakfast tacos, and instructions for the Poker Run. First Bike Out will be at 10:00 am, last Bike In will be at 4:00 pm and then bikers can participate in a special “Biker” Ride and Shine Competitions at 4:30. Sunday riders can enjoy church services by the Christian Motorcycle Association at the Mansfield Park RV Park and then riders can make the “Pie Run” to Love Creek Orchards Apple Store in Medina! What an exciting weekend! For more information, or to enter any of the competitions, check out the website at Gates open at 10:00 am!

Mayhem on the Medina! by Genie Strickland

It had to happen! Bandera being recognized as The Cowboy Capital of the World by the State of Texas this past year just means it opened the door to more ideas for Bandera to live up to the title! Bandera has never turned down an opportunity to show off our cowboys! The National Reenactment Guild of America has chosen Bandera as a National Competition location for a 2014 Reenactment event! That means that every cowboy gunfighter, outfitters, living history buff, campsite competitor as well as best actress and best actor in the Nation involved with historic reenactment will come to Bandera to be judged! It is all happening on the banks of the Medina River in Bandera City Park on April 11th, 12th and 13th - Mayhem on the Medina! The Reenactment Guild of America is an organization of Living Historians, Educators, Entertainers and Reenactors dedicated to the preservation of and education regarding the History of America’s 19th Century, primarily but not restricted to the American Old West. The “RGA” is dedicated to accurate and historical presentations. The guild membership strives to preserve this part of American history and to provide a safe venue where the public may be both educated and entertained at the same time. Because historical truths are sometimes found to be fluid and open to interpretation, every effort is made to insure that members portray their characters or events in a historically correct manner which shall include but is not restricted to clothing, utensils, weapons, behavior and speech. Members spend a great deal of time researching for accuracy of all portrayed. The event will include historic campsites, gunfights and Living History competitions. There will also be competitions for best Actor and best Actress. Rounding out the event will be old fashioned children’s games like sack races, cup and ball, checkers, marbles and much more! There was an awful lot of dominoes played too during that time period. Of course there will be great old time music, storytelling arts and crafts and great food. Admission will be free! Mayhem on the Medina is the perfect opportunity to visit the past with great, first class entertainment and a perfect day on the banks of the Medina. For more information regarding the event, visit the web site at : or call 830-796-4447.

Total Mayhem Was Never This Much Fun!

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