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Find yourself at the Center of Learning “I’ve been a teacher, a lawyer, a state senator and director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, but in 2002, I found myself at the Center of Learning. Becoming president of UCA was a longtime dream. I love beginning and ending my days on a

next year you could be here

beautiful university campus, surrounded by the state’s brightest students along with the most dedicated faculty and staff. For the last century, UCA has been a leader in academic excellence, producing prestigious alumni from all walks of life. I hope you will take time to visit UCA, experience the energy and excitement on campus and consider that next year you could be here, at the Center of Learning. “




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Bear Facts Days Each year, Bear Facts Days are set aside for prospective students to get a better feel for the campus and enjoy special activities. Upcoming dates: • December 7, 2007 • February 1, 2008 • April 4, 2008 If you are interested in attending, please contact the Office of Admissions at 800-243-8245.

Campus Tours


The Center of Learning

Over the last century, the Univer-

At UCA, learning is not just con-

All prospective students are invited

sity of Central Arkansas has become

fined to the classroom. Expanding

to check out UCA firsthand to meet

a four-year, public institution offering

research programs offer students

faculty, students and staff while

undergraduate, graduate and doc-

new experiences while international

touring the beautiful campus. Tours

toral degrees. It is one of the best

programs provide global opportuni-

are available at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.,

and most affordable options for

ties. The student laptop initiative

Monday through Friday (except on

higher education in the South.

puts information at your fingertips

Bear Facts Days) when classes are

anytime and anywhere, while pro-

in session. Summer tours are

graduate courses of study, 33 master’s

grams like the Honors College make

available at 11 a.m. Monday,

degree programs and four doctoral

learning both challenging and fun.

Wednesday and Friday when

programs for students to explore.

classes are in session. All

to take courses that help them

tours leave from the Office

12,000, UCA is large enough to

discover their passions and develop

of Admissions, Bernard 101.

offer academic diversity, yet small

their skills – to define who they are

Please call 800-243-8245 to

enough to show personal interest

and how they will make an impact

schedule your personal tour.

and support.

on the world once they graduate.

UCA offers more than 100 under-

With an enrollment of over

UCA students are encouraged


Endless Opportunities

for Arts and Entertainment

Want to browse a great art exhibit or listen to a world-class music perfor-

mance? Look no farther than the UCA campus.

The Baum Gallery is an educational art museum for students, faculty and

staff. Located in McCastlain Hall, it serves as a cultural resource for the state, participates in national and international touring exhibitions and programs, and curates original exhibits that are suited to an academic environment.

Student Center The Hub of Activity

Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall serves the campus, the communi-

ty and Arkansas as a state-of-the-art performance hall bringing world-class dance troupes, plays and musicians to campus. In recent years, audiences

The Student Center is the hub of campus activity. It is the location of

have been treated to the Temptations, the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and

many student activities such as movie nights, guest speakers as well as

RENT. Students receive free or discounted tickets to all of UCA’s Public Ap-

comedic and musical performances. Offices for student organizations such

pearances Series performances.

as Student Government Association are located on the second floor.

to see fellow classmates, faculty and artists in residence perform in a variety

The Student Center also offers several food and beverage options.

The College of Fine Arts and Communication offers many opportunities

Whether you want to grab a snack at the convenience store, meet friends

of musical and stage productions. Bands, choirs, jazz bands, orchestras

for lunch in the food court or enjoy a cup of joe at Java City, the Student

and various types of ensembles also have regular performances. The UCA

Center is a fun alternative to the cafeteria.

Theatre offers four faculty-directed productions each year, one student-pro-

duced and directed production, and a series of student-directed one-acts.

Students can also find important resources at the Student Center such

as the campus bookstore, the post office, computer lab and ATM machines.

[Where] will I eat? Whether your sweet tooth is calling for an ice cream cone, you’re looking for some downhome comfort food or you want to veg out with a healthy salad, Christian Cafeteria will have something to soothe your taste buds.

Most events are free and open to the public.

Meals are available daily from a variety of stations that serve pasta, deli selections, all-day breakfast, fresh market fruits and veggies, and more. Hang out with a small group of friends in a dining booth, or meet new friends in the cafeteria commons areas all while watching MTVU on multiple flat screen TVs. 5


Think outside the classroom

Getting involved

has never been easier

Leave your suitcases at home,

because with all there is to see and do at UCA, you’ll never want to leave.

Students interested in campus

politics can run for office with the Student Government Association, while others may want to join The Bear Den to show off their school spirit. For a complete list of recognized student organizations, visit


Students also have access to on-campus concerts by

popular acts from Jimmy Eat World to Pat Green, famous guest appearances such as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder, and activities ranging from laser tag to amusement park rides.

Various colleges and departments also host a special

lecture series where students can learn from experts such as top government officials, business executives and accomplished authors.


Opportunities to learn outside

new culture, there is a place for you.

the traditional classroom setting are

UCA offers targeted, short-term

plentiful. The UCA Honors College

study abroad trips ranging from

admits about 500 students each

“Healthcare in China” to “Language

year into a program that takes an in-

Immersion in Costa Rica.” UCA also

terdisciplinary approach to learning.

offers exchange programs with

universities around the world, and

The Honors College is designed

to provide some of our most cre-

UCA students can transfer back for

ative and talented students with the

credit toward their degree.

opportunity to fulfill some general

education requirements through

can participate in research proj-

small classes taught in a seminar

ects with faculty. Students share

format by outstanding faculty. In

in a professional researcher’s

this program, you will substitute

work, learning how to formulate

large classes and multiple-choice

questions, develop investigative

questions with class discussions and

procedures, gather and examine

interactions with your professor.

evidence, evaluate results and share

conclusions. Research with a faculty

Whether you want to immerse

Undergraduate students also

yourself in a culture to learn the

mentor offers a powerful learning

language and lifestyle, or you

experience that goes beyond the

simply want the experience of a

traditional classroom.

[how] can I get involved? Getting involved on campus is as simple as identifying your interest or cause. Whether you want to get a taste of Greek life, help plan student activities or promote a worthwhile cause, UCA students have developed more than 125 recognized student organizations, so there’s no excuse for not getting involved.

Residential Colleges

Your home away from home

Residential colleges are more than just places to stay. They

are co-educational living and learning communities that provide opportunities to connect to every aspect of student life. UCA offers three residential colleges: Hughes, State and Short-Denney.

Residential College students take three classes together in

the fall and spring. They participate in social and civic activities together such as raising money for Heifer Project International, field trips, camping and intramural sports.

Students enrolled in residential colleges earn higher grades

and are more likely to return to college after completing their first year. Residential colleges have a full-time UCA faculty member living in each hall, and older students serve as mentors who assist freshmen with everything from moving in to finding tutors.

If you want to make your college experience feel like a true

home away from home, check out the residential colleges.

For additional information or to request an application, call

the Residential Colleges Recruitment Team at (501) 450-5969, send an email to or visit










All university housing is smoke free and has basic telephone, cable, Internet, vending and laundry services available.


housing options


C=Co-ed M=Male F=Female C M C C F F C C C C C Standard Capacity 1636 245 275 199 240 243 246 230 180 238 230 x x x x x x x x Incoming Freshmen x Sophomore Status or 19 years+ x x x Junior Status or 20 years+ x x x x x x Double Occ. Rms w/Community Baths x x x x x 2-4 Person Suites x x x x Guaranteed Private Rooms Available x x x x Study Room x x x Greek Chapter Room x x x x x x x Kitchen Facility x* x x x Residential College x x Honors College x x x x x x x x x x x Hall Open During Holiday Breaks x International Hall *For sophomore status students living in Stadium Park Apartments. Accessible rooms available. Please contact Disability Support Services at (501) 450-3135 to discuss your accessibility needs/concerns.

[why] should I live

on campus?

Studies show that freshmen who live on campus, as a whole, attain a higher grade point average than freshmen who don’t. On campus, there is greater access to the library, computer and study labs and greater interaction with faculty. Freshmen are required to live on campus their first year, unless they meet one of seven exemption criteria.

higher grade point average

For housing info, visit, call (501) 450-3132 or e-mail


[COLLEGELIFE ] UCA Athletics A winning tradition

Teams representing the University of Central

Arkansas have won more conference championships than any other college division program in the state. It is a winning tradition that carries a lot of Bear pride for the entire UCA community.

The University of Central Arkansas proudly

participates in 15 NCAA Division I varsity sports, supported by a diverse and dedicated group of more than 300 male and female student-athletes.

UCA presently participates in seven men’s

sports and eight women’s sports.

As a member of the Southland Conference, UCA

competes against schools from Texas and Louisiana.

For more information about the UCA Athletic

Department, please visit our official website at

UCA Intramurals

Varsity Athletic Program Contacts Athletic Director Football Coach Men’s Basketball Coach Women’s Basketball Coach Men’s & Women’s Cross Country/Track Coach Volleyball Coach Baseball Coach Men’s Soccer Coach Women’s Tennis Coach Women’s Softball Coach Women’s Soccer Coach Men’s & Women’s Golf

Brad Teague Clint Conque Rand Chappell Checola Seals-Horton Richard Martin Steven McRoberts Doug Clark Chad Flanders Cendey Roberts Steve Kissel Tina Banham Ryke Dismuke

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Intramural sports give every UCA student a

chance to participate in a competitive sports activity, plus it’s a great way to stay healthy while meeting new people.

Students in residential colleges, clubs, orga-

nizations and various programs of study form groups to compete in any of the more than a dozen intramural sports offered at UCA.

Intramural Programs soccer


cross country

flag football






table tennis

horseshoes 8

[how] can I stay active? Not the competitive type? The Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Center features basketball courts, volleyball and badminton courts, a walk/jog track, an exercise class studio and a fitness center complete with a full slate of cardio and strengthtraining equipment.

Prefer to take it outdoors? Get in touch with nature and take a jog along the gravel trail through the Jewel Moore Nature Reserve, located just outside the HPER Center.

450-3150 450-3153 450-5867 450-3252 450-5786 450-3154 450-3407 328-0279 450-3141 450-5797 764-0801 450-3638

Triplex Estes Stadium Farris Center Farris Center Prince Center Prince Center Baseball House Men’s Soccer House Prince Center Prince Center Women’s Soccer House Prince Center

Technology Connect your life

UCA was one of the first universities in the country to become

a wireless campus and offer laptop computers to students. When you enroll at UCA, you will have the option of leasing your own laptop computer which has wireless access allowing you to surf in class or even out on the lawn.

[what] can I do with

my laptop?

While UCA’s laptop initiative is designed to enhance the classroom experience, we know you will want to check your online social networks from time-to-time as well. From almost anywhere on campus, UCA’s wireless network allows you to complete homework assignments, e-mail professors, watch videos, stream music and more.

Students in UCA’s Laptop Initiative will be issued a laptop

computer equipped with software and peripherals to meet their computing needs. Students will have the laptops in their possession year round. At the end of the two-year lease, the student can take ownership of the laptop or they can enter another two-year lease and receive a new laptop.

During the two-year lease, students have free access to help

desk support for technical questions, services, repairs, etc. The help desk can typically provide a loaner laptop should a laptop need to be sent off for repair. While technical and accidental damages are covered by warranties, the student is liable for costs under incidences of negligence, theft or loss.

Qualifications for Laptop Initiative • • •

Enrolled at UCA in the fall of 2008 Taking at least nine hours Attending UCA for at least four more semesters (the first semester being Fall 2008)

For more information about the UCA student laptop program,

contact Amber Burroughs at or (501) 450-3471.


[ABOUTUCA] [uca] fast facts 2006 Enrollment


Student to Faculty Ratio


Academic Programs More than


undergraduate courses of study,

33 master’s degree programs, 4 doctoral programs, Honors College Athletics

Division 1

, Southland Conference

7 Men’s Sports 8 Women’s Sports Mascot



Conway, Ark., pop. 50,000,

25 miles north of Little Rock


[how] much does it cost? 2007-2008 tuition & fees



Tuition and Fees Room, Board, P.O. Box Books and Supplies

$3,102.50 $2,300.00 $500.00 ______

$6,205.00 $4,600.00 $1,000.00 ______

Total Estimated Budget $5,902.50


Out-of-state students are charged an additional $161.00 per credit hour.

All qualified students are encouraged to apply for admission even if the cost may seem beyond the student’s means. Prospective students are encouraged to work directly with the financial aid office to develop a personal financial aid package that may consist of a variety of programs - scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employ- a college ment. (About 65% of UCA students receive financial education aid or scholarship assistance.) is a big UCA costs are competitive with other state institutions, and the university is more economical than most private schools.


[ ADMISSION T0 UCA ] Apply yourself Prospective students are encouraged to apply for admission as early as possible. The Office of Admissions is available to answer your questions and help you through the process. If you have questions, please e-mail Items needed for admission: • A completed application for admission. • Official high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores. • Official transcript(s) of any college work. • Proof of two immunizations against measles and rubella. Please submit to:

Director of Admissions, University of Central Arkansas 201 Donaghey Avenue Conway, Arkansas 72035

An application form is enclosed. Apply online at

Freshman Admission Admission to UCA is based on a number of factors including high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores, high school curriculum and evidence of special abilities, talents or achievements.

Application Deadlines:

• Aug. 1 for fall semester admission

• Dec. 15 for spring semester admission

• May 1 for summer semester admission

[how] will ifI find out I’m admitted? Once we receive your admissions application, high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, other college transcripts and proof of immunizations, admissions officers will review your application.

It typically takes about four weeks for approval and notification. We will notify you with a letter in the mail to let you know if you’re admitted to UCA.


Going to college is unlike any other time in your life. You will begin to establish your independence, meet new people and learn new things about yourself and the world around you. It’s a time to embrace new experiences and explore diverse issues and ideas. It’s also a time to discover your passion and prepare for the future. UCA doesn’t just have opportunities, it is an opportunity, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. We invite you to find out what some UCA students think about their school, and pay close attention to what they have learned and experienced, because next year, this could be you.


Kristen Junior, Accounting Benton

“I think pretty much all freshmen are a little anxious when they first come to college. Even those who appear to have it together are nervous. I worried that college was going to be so hard. I wondered what the residence halls were like, if the classes would be hard and if the professors were nice. After being on campus a couple of weeks, all of my fears were calmed. My residence hall is great and I’ve made a lot of new friends. The classes are challenging, but my professors are always willing to help.”


“In college, you


have to make

Sophomore Studio Arts/Graphic Design Jonesboro

sure that you stay true to yourself.

You should know who you are and not let others pressure you. I think I was nervous about that when I came here, that I wasn’t going to be myself. Taking time to make the transition to college is important. You have to keep building on who you are. Always remember what your goals and values are, and don’t lose sight of what you want to do.”

Miyako Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Prescott

“There’s a place for everyone to fit in at UCA. As a freshman, I made the decision to not limit myself, but instead open myself up to possibilities. You have to take everything in to get the most out of your college experience. As a freshman, I participated in all of the Welcome Week activities. It helped me adjust to being away from home and that was how I started making new friends.” 14

Jarod Junior Kinesiology/Exercise Science Crossett

“Getting involved on campus is one of the most important things you can do as a freshman. Being active on campus helped me make the transition to college. I’m involved with six different student organizations. Seeing the interactions and getting to know different people has been great. I met a lot of upperclassmen through those organizations, and they have been very helpful in giving me advice and teaching me about the campus. Now, I get to help out freshmen as an ambassador and as a mentor in the Minority Mentorship Program. It’s fun being able to work with them because I can play a positive role in their lives and encourage them to get involved, too.” 15

Jamie Junior English/Education Sherwood

“I’ll never forget the first home football game last season. UCA began a new tradition of tailgating along Bruce Street. That was

so much fun! You can hang out with your friends, catch some sun, grill out – the food smells so good out there. Just seeing everyone in their purple getting hyped up was so exciting. Then we ran out onto the field before the game started, and to see the whole student section covered in purple was so amazing. I think everyone was overwhelmed that night by the crowd’s spirit.” 16

Ashley Sophomore Mass Communications Bentonville “I love the cafeteria. There are a lot of different food choices. You can have hamburgers, pasta, omelets, and of course, the ice cream is really good. The cafeteria isn’t just a place to eat, though. When my friends and I finish eating, we don’t leave because it’s a good place to hang out and talk or watch TV and relax. It’s not at all like the cafeteria I was used to in high school; this one is wide open and very modern.”

Kyle Senior History/Writing Sheridan

“I like to know what’s going on around campus and I like to have my voice heard as a student. Those are some of the best things about being in organizations like the Student Government Association. College is as much about networking and building relationships as it is about academics. Through the different organizations I’m involved with, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people on campus and not just other students, but also faculty and staff.”


[ FACULTYPROFILE] Discovering Your Passion Tips for finding a subject you love Lori Isom

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 2006 Teaching Excellence Award Recipient

“Too often students come to col-

lege focused on external validation and external symbols of success like money, prestige or what their parents think they should be, rather than finding something they are passionate about. If you find and engage what you’re passionate about then everything else will come.

The key to success is to find

something worth pursuing, something that piques your curiosity, whether it’s chemistry, math, history, philosophy, business, or whatever. It’s your job, as a student, to find something in that class that you can pursue. Hopefully, you will have a


teacher who has that same passion

for what they’re teaching.

Morpheous offers Neo a choice

between the blue pill and the red

Taking the easy way is almost

In the movie “The Matrix,”

[how] do I get help with my

can be found in the Academic Success Center located in Main Hall. Specific departments, such as math, business, biology and writing also offer tutoring services and homework help.

you to see just how far the rabbit

College will undoubtedly be more challenging than high school, but at UCA, there are several places you can find help.

hole goes as you learn and discover

Free tutoring for nearly any subject

Need to ask your professor a question? All faculty keep office hours where students are invited to drop by to ask questions and get assistance on class assignments.

always the most appealing way,

pill. If he chooses the blue pill, the

but it’s never the most satisfying or

story ends, he will awake in his bed

rewarding way, so I think students

believe whatever he wants to be-

need to be stretched, intellectu-

lieve, or he can take the red pill and

ally, to go beyond where they’ve

see just how far the rabbit hole goes.

gone before. You’re never going to

discover your passion if you stay on the surface. You have to be willing to dive in deeply.

what you are passionate about.”

When you enroll at UCA, I invite


OF [PROGRAMSSTUDY ] College of Business Administration • Accounting – Minor, BBA, MACC • Business Admin. – Minor, BBA, MBA • Business - AAS • Community & Economic Development - MS • Economics – Minor, BS • Finance –BBA • Insurance & Risk Management - BBA • International Trade - BA, BBA • Management – Minor, BBA • Management Information Systems – Minor, BBA • Marketing – Minor, BBA

College of Health & Behavioral Sciences • Addiction Studies – Minor, BS • Athletic Training - BS • Community Services Counseling - MS • Counseling Psychology - MS • Family & Consumer Sciences – Minor, BS, BSE, MS • Gerontology - Minor • Health Education – Minor, BS, BSE • Health Sciences - BS, MS • Health Systems, MS • Interior Design - BS • Kinesiology - BS, MS • Medical Technology - BS • Military Science - Minor • Nuclear Medicine Technology - BS • Nursing - BSN, MSN • Nutrition/Dietetics - BS, MS • Occupational Therapy - MS • Physical Education - BSE • Physical Therapy - DPT, PhD • Psychology – Minor, BA • Radiography - BS • School Psychology - MS, PhD • School Counseling - MS • Speech-Language Pathology - BS, MS

College of Fine Arts & Communication

College of Natural Sciences & Mathmatics

• Art – Minor, BA, BFA • Art History - Minor • Digital Filmmaking – MFA • Linguistics - Minor • Mass Communication – Minor, BA, BS (Journalism or Digital Filmmaking) • Music – Minor, BA, BM, MM • Speech – Minor, BA, BS (Public Relations or Speech Communication) • Theatre – Minor, BA, BS • Writing – Minor, BA

College of Liberal Arts • African/African-American Studies – Minor • Anthropology – Minor • Asian Studies – Minor • English – Minor, BA, BSE, MA • Environmental Science - BS • French – Minor, BA • Gender Studies – Minor • Geographic Information Systems – Minor, Graduate Certificate, MGIS • Geography – Minor, BA, BS • German – Minor • History – Minor, BA, BS, BSE, MA • International Studies – Minor • Latin American Studies – Minor • Philosophy – Minor, BA, BS • Political Science – Minor, BA, BS • Presidential Studies – Minor • Public Administration - BS • Religious Studies – Minor, BA • Sociology – Minor, BA, BS • Southern and Arkansas Studies – Minor • Spanish – Minor, BA, MA

• Applied Mathematics - MS • Biology – Minor, BS, MS • Chemistry – Minor, BS • Computer Science – Minor, BS, MS • Environmental Science - BS • General Science - BS • Math – Minor, BA, BS, BSE, MA • Mathematics Education – Minor • Physical Science - Minor • Physics – BS

College of Education Undergraduate Programs, BSE • Early Childhood Education P-4 • Middle Level Education 4-8: Language Arts/Social Studies and Math/Science • Art P-8 & 7-12 • Business Technology 7-12 • English 7-12 • Family and Consumer Sciences 7-12 • Foreign Languages: French and Spanish P-8 & 7-12 • Marketing Technology 7-12 • Mathematics 7-12 • Music: Instrumental and Vocal P-8 & 7-12 • Kinesiology/Physical Education/Health P-8 & 7-12 • Social Studies 7-12 • Secondary Science Education: Life/Earth and Physical/Earth 7-12 Graduate Programs, MSE (Unless otherwise indicated) • College Student Personnel Services and Administration – MS • Educational Leadership - EDS • Library Media and Information Technology - MS • Reading – MSE • School Leadership – MS • Special Education – MSE Instructional Specialist, Birth – 8 years Instructional Specialist, 4 – 12 • Teaching - MAT • Training Systems - MS

University College • General Studies - AA

Pre-Professional Training

• Pre-Cardio Respiratory Care • Pre-Dental Hygiene • Pre-Dentistry • Pre-Engineering • Pre-Law • Pre-Medicine • Pre-Optometry • Pre-Pharmacy • Pre-Veterinary • Pre-Optometry • Pre-Pharmacy • Pre-Veterinary

Honors At UCA • Departmental Honors - available in most majors

Honors College •

Especially designed interdisciplinary curriculum for students in all majors who qualify. Honors Interdisciplinary Studies-Minor 19

University of Central Arkansas Admissions Office 201 Donaghey Avenue Conway, Arkansas 72035


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage P A I D Conway, Arkansas PERMIT NO. 120