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Spokane – “Near Nature, Near Perfect” Spokane is Washington State’s second largest View of Spokane Falls, WA city. It’s marketing slogan “Near Nature, Near Perfect,” truly captures what living in Spokane today is all about. From a lively downtown, to boutique shops and countless restaurants, to miles of hiking and nearby ski areas, Spokane literally has it all. Additionally, Its location as a regional center of services (dubbed the Inland Empire) for the surrounding populations of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho has created a well-rounded and treated and they in turn will do the same for diverse economy. our clients and customers.” Dan adds that it’s It’s no surprise, the relationships his team builds and the trust then, that Diamond that they create that matters most to Diamond’s Parking anticipated Andrea Pierce, Regional Vice President of success. “Trust is the most powerful currency this robust growth Operations with Dan Geiger, Regional in building long-standing relationships. It has when it opened its Vice President allowed us to continually manage high-profile first surface lot in municipal operations such as the Spokane Veteran Spokane in the mid 1960’s. Five decades later, Diamond Memorial Arena and the downtown event parking at has built a loyal base of clients and customers by never the Spokane Convention Center as well as operating losing site of its original goals. “When you have stability like we have, it provides continuity across all channels Continued on inside of our parking operations. There is simply no substitute for experience,” states Regional Vice President, Dan We hope you enjoy reading our latest newsletter Geiger. Working closely with Andrea Pierce, Regional Vice President of Operations, the two have created what INSIDE THIS ISSUE Andrea refers to as a “culture of excellence” that begins - Spokane Growth - Self-Storage Tips 101 with Diamond employees and extends out into the marketplace. “We call it the golden rule,” states Andrea. - Going the Extra Mile - Ahead of the Curve at “Treat all employees the way that we would want to be ISS Expo, Las Vegas

Near Nature, Near Perfect

Going the Extra Mile — Exceeding Customer Expectations In each edition of the Dialog, we strive to feature examples of Diamond employees providing excellence in customer service. The concept of “going the extra mile” is an integral part of Diamond’s culture. Service excellence is our mission, and is a critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our clients and customers. We do our best to exceed our customers’ expectations on every level and deliver exceptional value. With that spirit of commitment in mind, please join us in acknowledging Diamond’s Darrell Taylor and Sakshi Sethi for exceeding customer expectations and going the extra mile!


Hello, Friday 10/28 about 11:45 AM. after entering our monthly card in the Wash. Mutual Garage at 3rd and Seneca in Seattle and Darrell Taylor searching for a vacant spot there was nothing available probably because floor C was entirely taped off awaiting striping. I spoke to attendant Darrell Taylor and told my frustration especially because I had a noon appointment. He kindly ushered me into a courtesy spot allowed by a business because of the C blockage. At that point despite searching, I could not find the cars keys for my hybrid, and therefore could not turn it off! He helped with the hunt, and we finally found them stuck between the seats! He directed me off to the elevator from the entry level and I was grateful and relieved! I have never sent a laudatory service letter, but he really deserves it for his courtesy, service, patience and good humor. He did not ask for me to write but I asked for his manager’s card. Sincerely, Suzanne Price

Spokane – “Near Nature, Near Perfect”



 My husband and I recently left our vehicle from Manitoba in your 550 Hornby, Lot 4119 facility in Vancouver for 3 days. When Sakshi Sethi we arrived there and inquired about using the lot your staff person, Sakshi, was most helpful and directed us to use the secure lot underground until the weekend and move our car up on the weekend to a reserve spot since we needed it out before the underground opened and because we had an out of province license plate that could be targeted if left outside. We are very impressed with this young woman’s helpfulness and professionalism. She deserves acknowledgement and we hope you will pass this on to her as we were unable to tip her. She was clear about how to do things, pleasant and proactive in ensuring we got our car out when needed, and even remembered after 2 days to leave a note on our car for security, telling them not to ticket because she had given us permission to move to a reserved spot. Sincerely, J & D Heinrichs

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On Street Parking Enforcement programs in the nearby cities of Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho for over two decades.” Diamond’s longevity in Spokane has also created ongoing opportunities to support Hoopfest milestone events. For example, notes Andrea, “spring is an exciting time as it ushers in a busy event season. Local events such as Bloomsday and Hoopfest bring

participants from all over the country to enjoy downtown Spokane.” Also worth noting is the planned expansion of Diamond’s Self Storage facilities in Spokane. Dan says work is underway to add 100,000 square feet of new self-storage to meet a growing demand. Completion is scheduled for fall 2017. “If there’s a moral to our story here in Spokane it’s pretty simple,” quips Dan. “We like to have fun and be successful doing what we love best.” Bloomsday Run

from the

President’s Desk “A new season of opportunity and growth” Spring is often an opportunistic time when we take stock of changes in nature and new growth that surrounds us. It could Jon Diamond be said that the same is true in business. A changing season often signals a unique occasion to cultivate what is attainable and realistic as well as explore new possibilities throughout all aspects of business. At Diamond, we understand that in today’s fast-moving environment, embracing change is critical to keeping our competitive edge across all channels of our business. For example, rapid advances in communication technologies demonstrate how the needs of our clients and customers are constantly changing and growing. These changes create new demand for products and services and open up new areas of opportunity for Diamond to meet those needs. Partnering with Diamond’s industry leading CalltoPark mobile payment system, paying by credit card and going cashless, as well as implementing our innovative complimentary “We Care” customer service program, are excellent examples of why we continue to lead rather than follow. Change is also important for our employees as they learn new skills, and use their creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the organization through new ideas and increased commitment. Throughout all seasons, we will continue to set the standard in the parking industry and thank all of our employees, parking customers, landlords and property owners for helping us achieve the highest standards of business excellence.

Self-Storage Tips 101 For many of us, the new season of spring often means storage rotation. Diamond’s Executive Administrative Assistant, Kiyomi Tamura, notes that it’s a busy time for Diamond’s Self Storage facilities in Spokane, Salt Lake City and Anchorage as many clients pull out gardening tools, lawn mowers and a lighter wardrobe and put back skis, snow blowers, heavy coats, shovels and more. The new season of self storage rotation and the urge to spring clean, inspired Kiyomi to offer the following self-storage tips: Consider using no more than 2 sizes of boxes. This way stacking and space saving will be more effective. Use Pallets: Keeping your items off the floor is a good idea. You never know when your unit-neighbor might have a spill that leaks over into your unit. Wrap it up: wrapping important furniture in plastic wrap is always a great way to keep dust and other debris out of your belongings. Consider using cloth for items that may attract mildew. Label it: Even though you know what you are putting into the boxes, in 6 months you might not remember. Save yourself some time and label your boxes. If you want to get really organized, you can even make yourself an inventory list and keep it near your storage entrance. Mark boxes with breakables as “FRAGILE” that way you know not to drop it on the floor or put it at the bottom of a stack. Plan for temperature changes: Although Diamond SelfStorage units are heat controlled, not all self-storage places are, double-wrap or insulate your valuables. Electronics, vinyl records and photos are often damaged if not stored properly. If you live near humidity it might be good to invest in some moisture absorbers. “Tetris” (tile-matching Nintendo video game) Skills: Even the smallest storage unit can hold a great deal if you use the space wisely. If you are planning to stack boxes, consider bringing in a piece of plywood to lie atop several boxes. This will help to stabilize and will take the pressure off the tops of your boxes keeping your items safe. Kiyomi reminds us that using self-storage actually gives us much more freedom to rotate all of our personal treasures to welcome the changing seasons.

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Ahead of the Curve “Divide and conquer was our motto at this years Inside Self-Storage World Expo (ISS Expo),” states Aaron Turner, Diamond Parking’s Director of Parking Operations. Aaron along with Don Keller, Regional Storage Manager for Salt Lake City/Anchorage and Jim Cary, General Manger, Diamond Self-Storage in Spokane, recently returned from the annual event, April 10-13th in Las Vegas, each with different perspectives. “We decided to split up and attend different presentations to both maximize our time as well as our focus,” notes Aaron. For example, Don zeroed in on the marketing side of the industry and came away with a renewed appreciation of utilizing social media. “To stay competitive, we need to employ marketing tools such as blogging, YouTube videos and Google rankings to grow our customer base and distinguish our self-storage brand,” explains Don. Jim says he found networking with other owners and operators extremely valuable especially in the area of new products. “The industry is definitely moving toward fully automated services to reduce paperwork and maximize revenues.” Aaron took note that the profile of the self-storage customer has changed significantly. “We heard that women now make up 55% of the market. Before it was 80% men.” Why the shift? Aaron says new research points to traditional roles changing with

Pictured from left: Jim Cary, General Manager, Spokane Self-Storage; Aaron Turner, Director of Parking Operations; and Don Keller, Regional Storage Manager.

women controlling more storage decisions. As a result, he says that “curb appeal,” from what the lobby looks like to the overall architecture of the storage units, is changing to attract a new demographic. Looking ahead, what does the future hold? “Imagine free-standing kiosks that can rent a unit, dispense a lock, issue a security code and collect payment, all at the touch of single button,” adds Aaron. Now in its 26th year, the ISS Expo aims to inspire, energize and reward participants with the knowledge and confidence to make smart, profitable decisions whether building a new operation or reinvigorating an existing one.

Canadian Corner Imagine taking two years to circumnavigate the globe. Now try to imagine accomplishing this amazing feat while in a wheel chair! Rick Hansen (pictured center) was recently honored as the Jack Diamond Sports Personality of the Year for his sports excellence, competitive and cooperative spirit, and his positive contribution to the community. On hand to provide corporate and community support at the Jewish Community Centers (JCC) Annual Sports Dinner and Auction at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, were Diamond Parking Canada’s team of Business Development Manager Suraya Tabesh, Area Manager Mindip Janda, and Vice President of Operations, Mike Poirier. “Diamond is committed in their support for the JCC and the wonderful work and programs they provide our community. It is truly a privilege and a humbling experience to be aligned with folks who are so dedicated to serving our community,” states Mike. Besides

Business Development Manager Suraya Tabesh, Area Manager Mindip Janda, Vice President of Operations, British Columbia, Mike Poirier, Diamond Client, Lorne Campbell and “Jack Diamond” Award winner Rick Hansen.

being an inspiration to people with disabilities, Mike adds that Rick Hansen raised money for spinal cord research as part of his 2 year “Man in Motion” world tour. In addition, he is also a 4-time world champion, 9-time Pan American Champion and a 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

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Diamond Anniversaries We want to congratulate those employees who are celebrating 10 or more years with Diamond Parking. Thank you for your dedication! 30+ Years Jon Diamond

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Diamond Feedback We welcome your comments: Diamond Dialog is published by Diamond Parking. For comments and suggestions please write to us at: dialog@diamondparking.com.

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Diamond Parking is a full-service parking operator which prides itself on the quality of its employees. We do everything possible to accommodate our clients and make sure each and every client is satisfied. Such exceptional service can only be delivered by hiring the brightest and hardest working people in the industry. If you are interested in joining Diamond Parking, please e-mail your resume to: hr@diamondparking.com. Diamond Parking is an equal opportunity employer.

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opinions are very important to us. Whether you are a landlord, customer or employee, you can use Actionline to provide comments, suggestions or observations; to ask questions, voice concerns, report situations, or to forward information that you feel may need attention. Actionline is served by an independent communication services firm. Through this service, you may provide your personal contact information and receive a response directly from Diamond Parking. Or, you may provide your personal contact information, request to remain anonymous to the company, and receive a reply through the Actionline service. You may contact Actionline by e-mail at ask@actionline.com, by telephone at 1-800-426-0426 (day or night, toll-free) or by using a postage-paid mailer available at any Diamond Parking field office.

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In Our Next Issue Storage Expansion in Spokane Diamond’s Self-Storage facility in Spokane is adding 100,000 square feet of storage to meet demand. Completion is scheduled for fall of 2017!

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