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The Diamond Way A business culture of autonomy that allows the management teams the freedom to make their own choices can provide many advantages. Motivation, commitment, productivity, loyalty, engagement, and a greater sense of value are just a few of the benefits reported within an autonomous business environment. “As we expanded our parking operations in the early 1990s’, we shifted more responsibility to the cities,” notes Diamond Parking President Jon Diamond. Jon explains further that because each city features different operational opportunities and challenges as well as geographic differences, it made sense to “advocate allocating the accountability” to the local level. “Giving our city managers more time to focus on the important “issues” of expanding operations and growing new business is key to building a business culture with autonomy embedded at its core.” Jon adds that providing managers with the freedom to complete tasks as they see fit, using their own preferred methods, but remaining on hand at the corporate level to provide support and advice is essential to the success of a business culture of autonomy. “It’s what gets done that counts, with less concern for how it gets done,” concludes Jon. So how does autonomy companywide contribute to Diamond’s success? How does it help managers and their teams perform at their highest levels? Is autonomy essential to build trust and true employee engagement? We put these questions to senior staff in four diverse regions.

Andrea Pierce Regional Vice President of Operations “Each market that Diamond operates is unique. Allowing the individual markets the autonomy to make the decisions that are best for their area certainly has a positive impact. The decisions we make at a local level take into account market factors and even account for considerations down to landlord personalities and preferences. In addition, we have the autonomy to work with owners to structure deals that work best for them. We have the flexibility to focus on the issues that are most relevant at the time — the team we build, structure, talent and wages. As managers, we spend a lot of time and effort on hiring and training qualified teams. The best thing we can do is to allow them the autonomy to contribute their knowledge and skills, within the framework and vision we outline. We set the goals and empower our employees to take us there.” Continued on inside

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Canadian Corner In 2018, Diamond Parking Canada posted record economic growth in its Vancouver BC parking portfolio. Their recipe for success, says Operations Manager, Mindip Janda, was a mix of goal setting, clear communications, unwavering commitment, persistence Mindip Janda and a dash of patience Operations Manager, added for good measure. Vancouver, BC “As Operations Manager, my number one focus is centered on my daily support of all of our area managers. I pride myself in creating clear channels of communication so that they know I am always

available to support them. For example, I may attend client meetings or review enforcement questions as well as explore creative solutions to parking problems. I also am constantly looking for new business opportunities.” Mindip notes that in the parking industry there will always be challenges and surprises. As a result, she states, having a plan to embrace change, is vital. “Be flexible. Be able to think on your feet. Ask questions and listen. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and determine the best approach to benefit Diamond and our clients.” Looking ahead, Mindip is setting goals to constantly raise the bar of Diamond’s success. “As a city, 2018 was our best year ever and for me personally. We have the tools and team in place to keep growing.” Mindip joined Diamond Parking six and half years ago.

The Diamond Way Continued from front page Mike Poirier Vice President of Operations, Diamond Parking LTD “Autonomy provides me with a greater sense of ownership which is a key factor in keeping me engaged. Autonomy allows me to build a team and develop systems that are unique to my operations. Clients quickly recognize that they are interacting with the decision maker, which allows for more timely responses and provides a point of differentiation from our competitors. Along with empathy and integrity, autonomy allows employees to feel like their input is valued. Entrepreneurial, prepared to take risks, low fear of failure are key qualities of an autonomous individual.”

Joe Koontz Regional Vice President, Western Washington “Having the freedom to operate without a ‘Manual’ gives us the ability to bring new ideas to the table. We are encouraged to think outside the box. We employ many managers that previously worked in other fields. This is crucial, as we are able to attack problems from a variety of perspectives. I

am allowed to run my operation in a manner that I see benefits the company the most. This freedom comes with accountability. Clients want to know that they are dealing with someone empowered to make a decision. I encourage my managers to run their own program. I don’t want a new manager to inherit the same program as the previous manager. Know what you want, and how to get it. Take ownership of the operation and understand that you are accountable for the results.”

Chuck Harvison Regional Manager, Oregon “Autonomy is a very good match for me. I love the ability to be entrepreneurial and make business decisions that I can own. When successful, it is a great sense of accomplishment and when it doesn’t work out quite as well as hoped, it is an incredible learning experience that provides valuable knowledge to take into future deals, interactions and situations. Our clients benefit daily from our ability to make decisions at the local level to take care of their needs immediately. To be successful in an autonomous work environment, one must possess an entrepreneurial spirit, be a self-starter, be willing to make decisions that they are prepared to own, and be efficient at organizing ones work load.”

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President’s Desk Change in business is inevitable. You might say it’s constant. For example, think back 10 years. Maybe you had a cell phone while many others did not. Instant access to the world-wide web was just Jon Diamond developing. Even social media channels were in their infancy. Yet the current rate of technological advances is so startlingly fast that we could blink and miss the next wave. So how do we embrace change? It begins with recognizing the need for change as well as accepting change in a positive manner. Being open minded and flexible rather than stagnant and rigid, allows us to create proactive solutions, improve our efficiencies, set and revise our goals, and adapt our business practices to maintain our competitive edge. It’s vital to understand that our clients needs are constantly changing and we must also change to retain and grow our loyal customer base. There’s no question that changes to our industry are coming faster and faster. As a result, the choices we make daily to embrace these changes, to experiment, to try new approaches, is essential to expand and reap the rewards.

2019 Annual Seminar “Embracing Change” was the theme of Diamond Parking’s international seminar held in Reno, Nevada, January 16-19th. The annual event allows senior managers to come together to share creative parking solutions, network new ideas and be acknowledged for their industry excellence.

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Mike Poirier, Regional Vice President, BC, Canada, was honored with the prestigious 2019 President’s Award. Company President, Jon Diamond, says “the award recipient is honored for several reasons, including being an outstanding manager that is willing to listen, overcome challenges, welcome new ideas and approaches to grow the business and most of all capable of Embracing Change.”

AWARD RECIPIENTS President’s Award Mike Poirier

City Manager of the Year Michael Murray, Vancouver B.C.

Real Estate Manager of the Year Patrick Seward


Mike Poirier, Regional Vice President, BC, with Jon Diamond

(listed alphabetically)

Special Achievement Jim Cary

Sandi Makaiau

Tammy Halvorson

Matt Samuel

Greg Harrison A+B+C=SUCCESS

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Special Achievement — Real Estate





Embracing Change Teamwork A


** C


John Cole

Jeff Mah

Dan Geiger

Hailey Mattson

Chuck Harvison,

Monty McAlpine

Mindip Janda

Mike Poirier

Todd Kosloski

Patrick Seward

Outstanding Achievement – Operations John Cole

Jeff Mah

Jasmine Crusat

Tom Malone

Bob Duprie

Michael Murray

Chuck Harvison

Andrea Pierce

Sheila Irish

Victor Quintana

Alex Isvanca

Patrick Seward

Joe Koontz

Prospector Award Dan Geiger

Wally Placido

Sheila Irish

Mike Poirier

Todd Kosloski

Matt Samuel

Hailey Mattson

– 1 90 0 L O CAT I ONS – 1 54 ,89 3,7 98 Combine d Hours of Ex per ienc e –

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