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Teamwork Achieves Success “Diamond Parking’s business success is directly attributed to teamwork,” states President Jon Diamond. Jon adds, “Teams achieve what individuals cannot. Making individual goals secondary to group goals pays off for everyone.” An excellent example of the Diamond team model is





“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

Oregon. It’s diverse parking portfolio of city enforcement, municipal contracts, surface lots and garages in multiple cities, is supported by teams of parking professionals who demonstrate, daily, the value of teamwork. “I think it begins with effective communication between team members,” states Diamond’s Regional Manager, Chuck Harvison. He adds that clear lines of communication fosters mutual respect, reliability and constructive working relationships. “It also means that we are Continued on inside


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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - Teamwork Achieves Success - Expanding to Downtown Boise - Ahead of the Curve – netPark - Going the Extra Mile

Diamond Expands in Downtown Boise Diamond Parking has acquired 3 surface parking lots a few blocks from the capital city campus. Regional Vice President, Dan Geiger, explains that late last year, the state of Idaho decided to auction off various properties that they own. “It was a rare opportunity to buy all 3 at once. The bidding was competitive but Diamond prevailed,” states Dan. Owning property in key locations, notes Dan, brings several advantages over leasing. “Ownership means you have a stake in the community as a tax payer and a place at the table as a property owner.” Dan says the 3 lots provide parking for downtown workers, tourist and locals. Diamond opened its first parking operation in Boise in 1978.


Teamwork Achieves Success Continued from front page

all working together to further the best interests of our clients, customers and Diamond Parking.” Chuck believes strongly in the value of teamwork. It creates a positive view of Diamond Parking in each city, generates growth, and solidifies strong and long lasting relationships with clients. “Diamond’s success directly ties to having a shared vision amongst team members. By understanding what success looks like as a group and knowing how to coordinate efforts creates loyalty and builds trust, thus resulting in stronger and more effective teams. When a team is more aligned, a commonality of direction emerges and the individual energies harmonize.” explains Chuck. Despite its large area, Oregon Continues to grow. The 2018 state population is estimated at 4.20 million, a 1.6% increase over the year before. As a result, Chuck says he sees growth opportunities in his cities’ downtown cores as well as retail pockets in outlying neighborhoods. “We will always keep our focus on service, quality, cost, value, and performance. This approach gives our teams the building blocks to strive for operational excellence


Ray Geringer, Operations Manager (left) and Chuck Harvison, Oregon Regional Manager (right).

and efficiency and to foster relationships with clients and community.” Chuck joined Diamond in 2013 as Eugene’s City Manager. He was quickly promoted to Regional Manager. “I spent 25 years in retail management before joining the Diamond team. Best move I have ever made.”

from the

President’s Desk I have written about the benefits of teamwork in past columns. However, the lead story on our Oregon operations allows me to share an inspiring story that proves the importance of teamwork:

Ahead of the Curve The right brand partnership can be a successful tool in building brand equity and establishing loyal, long-term connections with clients and customers.

Jon Diamond

GOOGLE DISCOVERS THE KEY TO GOOD TEAMWORK In the last decade, Google has spent millions of dollars measuring nearly every aspect of its employees’ lives – from which traits the best managers share to how often particular people eat together. The tech giant was determined to find out how to compile ‘the perfect team”. The company’s executives worked hard on finding the perfect mix of individuals necessary to form a stellar team. They believed that building good teams meant combining the best people. But it wasn’t that simple. In 2012 Google ran a project known as Project Aristotle. It took several years and included interviews with hundreds of employees. They analyzed data about the people on more than 100 active teams at the company. Google’s intense data collection led to the same conclusions that good managers have always known: In the best teams, members show sensitivity, and most importantly, listen to one another. Google ended up highlighting what leaders in the business world have known for a while: the best teams are mindful that all members should contribute to the conversation equally and respect each other’s opinions. It has less to do with who is in a team, and more with how the members interact with one another.” Congratulations to all of our team players. Keep up your great work. Together we achieve success.

Diamond is partnering with netPark and is planning to launch this fall. netPark is a new loyalty program that utilizes the latest cloud based technology to reward customers as well as attract new ones. “We plan to roll out the industry leading, innovative program at our airport parking locations in Salt Lake City,” states Diamond’s Director of Marketing and Operations, Stephanie Keller. Utilizing a digital e-parking application linked directly to Diamond’s website, Stephanie notes that airport parking customers will be able to seamlessly book new reservations or modify existing ones using their laptops, tablets and mobile devices. “We will provide our customers with their own

“It’s vital for Diamond to add and update our parking services and above all to innovate.”

e-commerce ready reservation platform allowing them to manage their accounts online and accrue loyalty points redeemable for daily, weekly and monthly parking. Customers may also apply their points for ancillary services such as valet, detailing, and oil changes.” Another plus, notes Stephanie, is that reservations via mobile or text will include a bar code that customers can scan for easy and fast access to airport parking. To introduce Diamond’s new e-parking services, airport staff will oversee a coordinated comprehensive on-site campaign to educate customers and provide detailed information. “It’s vital for Diamond to add and update our parking services and above all to innovate to ensure our products remain compelling enough to keep, reward and expand our customer base.”

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Going the Extra Mile — Exceeding Customer Expectations Rapid Response Pays Off When Bellevue City Officials announced the opening of new bike lanes spanning the length of the downtown corridor, Diamond Parking professionals had to react quickly. “We needed to change our on-street enforcement patterns for the day as well as monitor overall traffic flow,” notes Patrick Seward, Diamond’s Regional Manager for the Bellevue/Eastside Metro area. Patrick adds that the celebration was a highly visible public event attended by the Mayor and several other city officials. “It was critical to show our City of Bellevue clients that we could respond quickly and execute the assignment seamlessly.” The following acknowledgement for a job well done illustrates that when a team works closely together, success follows. From left: Tony Smithlin, Area Manager, Sang Ngo, On-Street Enforcement Officer, Todd Kostopoulos, Operation Manager

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Communication is key to “Going the Extra Mile” Wendy Cook loves interacting with people. It’s a good thing too, because Wendy, in her job as a parking checker, oversees Diamond’s pay-to-park lot at Snoqualmie Falls, a popular tourist destination. “I love meeting new people everyday. They come from all over the US and the globe. I explain how our parking pay stations work, inquire how long they will stay and offer directions to the trail that leads to Snoqualmie Falls.” Wendy credits her success to her work ethic and the team that has her back. “My approach is to always understand our customer’s needs first. I also ask for advice from my management team in Bellevue. I rely on their years of parking experience and utilize their suggestions daily. I couldn’t Wendy Cook, Snoqualmie Falls be successful Pay-to-Park without them.” G en tle m en , I ju st wa nt ed to le t yo u kn ow th at we ha ve be en ve ry im pres se d wi th W en dy ’s pe rf or m an ce in ke ep in g th e pa y- to -p ar k pa rk in g lo t wo rk in g ve ry ef fic ie nt ly th is su m m er. Th ere ha ve be en no co m pl ai nt s si nc e th e st ar t of th e “t ou ri st se as on ” on M em or ia l D ay an d we ap prec ia te th at . La st Fr id ay I ga ve he r a PS E ba se ba ll ca p an d a co ffe e m ug in ap prec ia tio n of he r ha rd wo rk an d ex ce lle nt co m m un ic at io n sk ill s wi th th e gu es ts wh o are vi si tin g th e pa rk .

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Diamond Anniversaries We want to congratulate those employees who are celebrating 10 or more years with Diamond Parking. Thank you for your dedication! 40+ Years Marcia A. Canniff


47 years

30+ Years Janis Jeffries Kenneth Williams

United Parking United Parking

34 years 30 years

20+ Years Abebe Seyoum Lorenzo Galo Kevin A. Leaf Robert J. Duprie Terrence W. Green

Seattle Attended Honolulu Accounting Bremerton Accounting

26 years 24 years 22 years 22 years 21 years

15+ Years Belete Mehatemu Rina Nguon Gregory G. Matous Tilahun Wolde Darryl Temple Bereket Geberemedmi William Feehan Wayne Kawamura Randall Johnson Bambi Feehan Maria Tolentino Teweldeberhan F. Misgina Merhazion M. Nezareab Lisa A. Dowers Esmeralda Romero John B. Fox Carlos R. Moran Andrew Chung

United Parking Accounting Accounting Seattle Attended Home Office United Parking Spokane Downtown Honolulu Auditors Parking Services Spokane Honolulu U-District United Parking W&W Paulsen Building Long Beach Long Beach North Sound Honolulu

19 years 19 years 19 years 19 years 19 years 19 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 17 years 16 years 16 years 16 years 16 years 15 years 15 years 15 years

10+ Years Karim Sediqi Myron W. Spiegel Helen D. Yofthaye Donny D. Everett Ashenafi A. Mohammed Zenash W. Gebre Indra Banes Abdissa M. Milki Noorullhuda Noor

Vancouver Home Office Seattle Attended Bremerton United Parking Seattle Attended Vancouver United Parking Vancouver

14 years 14 years 13 years 13 years 11 years 11 years 10 years 10 years 10 years

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