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Diamond Dialog SUMMER 2017

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King County and Diamond Parking Launch Innovative Public/Private Partnership Diamond Parking is partnering with King County Metro to sell monthly parking spaces near popular transit lines as traditional free park-and-ride lots overflow. Sheila Irish, Diamond’s City Manager Tacoma/ Olympia, spearheaded efforts to win the contract. “We currently manage transit lots in the cities of Auburn and Puyallup. When King County issued the Request For Proposal, I knew we would be a strong match.” After securing the contract, Shelia states that she vetted over 80 commercial and private landowners that were close to transit locations. “12 sites made the final cut throughout King County.” Shelia adds that the goal was to make the pilot program as seamless as possible for the parking customer. “We created a special website – It’s a snap to go online and buy a permit. The 1st month is free paid by our partner King County Metro. After that it’s month to month with prices ranging from $27 to $125 depending on the location of the parking.” Initially, Sheila reports that 250 parking spaces were selected with another 250 planned as the program matures. King County Metro’s Dan Rowe is in charge of the pilot program. His message to media focused on how historically, transit parking has been free but that communities have reached a “tipping point” in finding parking near transit stations. “We’re trying to make better use of parking stalls in the public sector that are not being used during the day. We want to give transit customers one more choice, and were doing this in a pilot program.”

Diamond Parking is no stranger to creating successful long-term public/private partnerships, notes President Jon Diamond. Jon points to parking management contracts in northwest cities such as Bellevue, Spokane, Kirkland, Bend, Coeur D’ Alene and Ashland. “Our partnership with King County Metro clearly demonstrates another opportunity to leverage unique and complementary sets of expertise to maximize resources,” states Jon.

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Going the Extra Mile — Exceeding Customer Expectations In each edition of the Dialog, we strive to feature examples of Diamond employees providing excellence in customer service. The concept of “going the extra mile” is an integral part of Diamond’s culture. Service excellence is our mission, and is a critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our clients and customers. We do our best to exceed our customers’ expectations on every level and deliver exceptional value. With that spirit of commitment in mind, San Diego City Manager, Alex Isvanca, shares his approach for exceeding customer expectations and going the extra mile! “First and foremost, you need to know what the client and parking customer wants. It’s all about meeting and exceeding their expectations. In this particular case, Pablo is new to Diamond. Our long-time attendant Bob who is retiring this fall is training him. It’s very rewarding to see Pablo pick up the baton so quickly and receive acknowledgement for making a difference.”

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL Hi Alex, Yesterday as I was stepping out to look at our ATM signage and I saw Bob Hutchenson, Alex Isvanca, the parking lot attendant, Pablo Pablo Penya helping one of our customers in a wheelchair. He was smiling and so sweet to the client. When he was thanked he smiled and he proudly said “of course.” Thank you for having such great attendants helping with our service levels. Almost every day, in the morning I see someone cleaning our lot. I have come to the lot prior to your employee’s arrival and am amazed at how littered the lot is and surprised how clean the lot is prior to our doors opening. Thank you very much! Best, Lisa Bashir | Chase | Branch Manager

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Canadian Corner

Public/Private partnerships have a successful history of effectively combining the strengths and resources of both sectors. It is a growing business trend but hardly novel or new to Jon Diamond Diamond Parking. The motivation why diverse public sectors such as cities, counties and even utilities partner with Diamond, is centered around four key areas: w Credibility – By its own definition, credibility means “trust” – trust in our decision making; trust in our transparency; and, trust in our promises to provide comprehensive and accountable solutions. w Performance – We have set the bar high to achieve customer service excellence and to consistently deliver products that lead our industry. Our teams of seasoned parking professionals strive to know the wants and needs of our clients and parking customers. w Experience – We bring over 95 years of parking expertise to the marketplace. There is simply no substitute for this hard won knowledge and understanding of our clients and parking customer’s needs. w Results – We offer solutions to our landlords, property managers, developers and building owners with the attention they demand to maximize revenues while minimizing costs. At Diamond, collaborative partnerships have paved the road to where we are today and where will be in the future.

Burrard Building Premier location in Downtown Vancouver

Is the all too familiar mantra, “location, location, location”, a hackneyed marketing phrase or does it really mean something? In the case of Diamond winning the management of a parking garage located at the busiest intersection in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, you can bet that it means a lot! “The Burrard Building sits at the corner of Burrard and West Georgia streets. It’s a prestige downtown location close to restaurants, high-end retail, hotels, and within a block of the Burrard Street Sky Train station,” states Mike Poirier, Regional Vice President, British Columbia. In addition to the Burrard’s strategic and highly visible address, Mike notes that it’s a huge win for Diamond’s brand. “First, we won the business from a strong competitor that had managed the underground parking for 20 years. Second, our landlord, the Chan family, owners of Burrard International Holdings Inc., are widely acclaimed for their diverse real estate portfolio of commercial, mixed use and residential projects as well as their remarkable philanthropic contributions to the community.” For example, Mike says that the Chan Foundation donated $10 million dollars to help build the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of BC. Additionally, Mike states that Diamond Corporate is building relationships with the family through assets in Seattle. “By the esteem nature of the family’s reputation, we have the opportunity to enhance the Diamond Brand,” adds Mike.

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Ahead of the Curve What does it mean to be “Ahead of the Curve?” Ask Diamond’s Karim Sediqi, Area Manger for south, west and north Vancouver BC, and his answer comes straight from his heart. “Treat our customers with respect, never argue and always listen.” Time and again, adds Karim, it’s simply listening to the needs of clients and customers. For example, Karim states that at one of his locations a problem arose with parkers “walking off” and not paying. To address the problem, Karim and his team created new signage that better informed the parking customers on the rules of parking. As a result, the client was quick to acknowledge Diamond’s creative and resourceful approaches to problem solving. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for the amazing work your company has delivered in such short time. I’ve noticed the difference it has made to our parking lot. Now it is available most of the day compared to the time when it was full due to it being misused. Our business has seen a positive impact as well. So overall a win-win. I hope we continue to partner in this for long time. Also want to thank Karim for quickly acting on the cancellation requests. I find your team very professional, dedicated and delivers ontime. So once again thank you for the amazing work your team has done.

Karim Sediqi, Area Manager, south, west, north Vancouver BC

As he begins his 13th year with Diamond, Karim says he is constantly learning ways to be a better area manager as well as provide his team with the support they need 24/7. “As a team, we share insights and take action when new opportunities present themselves. Together, we study the challenges we face, create a plan, take action, learn from the reactions we get, and respond accordingly.” Now that’s how you stay “Ahead of the Curve!”

Regards, Ravisher Sahota, Owner/Operator

“Treat our customers with respect, never argue and always listen.”

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Diamond Anniversaries We want to congratulate those employees who are celebrating 10 or more years with Diamond Parking. Thank you for your dedication! 30+ Years Marcia A Canniff Janis Jeffries

Accounting United Parking

46 years 33 years

20+ Years Kenneth Williams Abebe Seyoum Lorenzo Galo Kevin A Leaf Robert J Duprie Terrence W Green

United Parking Seattle Attended Honolulu Accounting Bremerton Home Office

29 years 25 years 23 years 21 years 21 years 20 years

15+ Years Rina Nguon Gregory G Matous Darryl Temple Bereket Geberemedmin Belete Mehatemu Tilahun Wolde Sidney D Lykes Wayne Kawamura Randall Johnson William Feehan Bambi Feehan Maria Tolentino Lisa A Dowers Teweldeberhan F Misgina Merhazion M Nezareab Esmeralda Romero

Accounting Accounting Home Office United Parking United Parking Seattle Attended Seattle Attended Honolulu Auditors Spokane Downtown Spokane Downtown Honolulu W&W Paulsen Building U-District United Parking Long Beach

18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years 17 years 17 years 17 years 17 years 16 years 15 years 15 years 15 years 15 years

10+ Years Andrew Chung Carlos R Moran John B Fox Myron W Spiegel Karim Sediqi Helen D. Yofthaye Donny D. Everett Ashenafi A Mohammed Zenash W Gebre

Honolulu North Sound Long Beach City Managers various Vancouver, BC Seattle Attended Bremerton United Parking Seattle Attended

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Employment Opportunities Diamond Parking is a full-service parking operator which prides itself on the quality of its employees. We do everything possible to accommodate our clients and make sure each and every client is satisfied. Such exceptional service can only be delivered by hiring the brightest and hardest working people in the industry. If you are interested in joining Diamond Parking, please e-mail your resume to: Diamond Parking is an equal opportunity employer.

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