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Brand Across Borders Stepping into another country to do business can be daunting. Unfamiliar business cultures as well as different laws can create insurmountable hurdles. In April of 1995, Diamond Parking made the decision to open parking management operations in Canada. “Due to its close proximity to the US, Canada was a natural choice to expand our brand internationally. In addition, Canada boasts a stable economy, similar business practices, language and culture,” states President Jon Diamond. Another advantage, notes Diamond Parking Canada’s Regional Vice President, Mike Poirier, was a lack of competition. “In the very early days of Diamond’s introduction into Canada, our major competitor and their affiliates were virtually the only choice for property owners. Diamond initially offered a choice to work with a family owned company with a sound reputation of delivering better ROI.” Mike adds that another factor was Diamond’s decentralized management structure that delegated daily decision making responsibilities to the local management team. “The decentralized nature of Diamond Parking allowed for local Canadian decision makers to take care of

“We get the benefits of two worlds. First, we are a local Canadian entity that satisfies the “buy local movement; second, we have the support of a parent company that is the oldest family owned business in the parking industry. As a result, we can demonstrate better value for the services we offer and we are much stronger at building long term business relationships.” In the province of Alberta, Diamond opened parking operations in Calgary in 2013 and Edmonton in 2006. The energy dependent economies of both cities are on the cusp of growth. “Landlords and Continued on inside

clients without delay and to be more nimble in designing site specific solutions rather than implementing ‘cookie cutter’ corporate driven solutions.” The value and importance of a strong, established brand cannot be overstated when crossing borders to do business. According to Michael Murray, Vancouver Area City Manager, when property owners and landlords learned of Diamond’s decades of parking experience, barriers disappeared.

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Canadian Corner When Local Economies Rebound, Businesses Benefit Completion of a multi million dollar NHL arena complex with a planned winter garden entertainment area, associated hotels, residential and office developments is fueling renewed economic growth in the provincial capitol city of Edmonton, Alberta. Diamond’s Regional Vice President, Todd Kosloski says the turnaround in downtown is key to Diamond’s continued growth. “Downtown is a magnet. The new NHL rink alone draws thousands to 42 nights of hockey.” Todd adds that new retail, fine dining, an active arts district and the future home of the new downtown Royal Alberta Museum, are generating new lines of business. Todd’s City Manager, Jeff Mah, says the huge construction boom in downtown is doubled

edged. “On the one hand, surface lots are disappearing similar to what’s happening in Seattle’s Lake Union neighborhood. However, new mixed-use commercial and residential properties are providing opportunities to expand our portfolio.” Jeff says one of his goals for 2018 is to increase the visibility of Diamond’s brand through community engagement. “I came away from our annual seminar very impressed by the successful efforts of Kona City Manager, Jasmine-Victoria A. Crusat, to utilize her community involvement to acquire new locations, build brand and create long term relationships. As a result, Jeff says that he is currently partnering with the City of Edmonton to support Capitol City Cleanup, a non-profit that provides

volunteers on select nights and weekends to help keep Diamond’s parking properties clean and the surrounding landscapes groomed. Jeff notes that Todd is also running for a seat on Edmonton’s Business Development Association to further increase Diamond’s community involvement. Both Jeff and Todd are optimistic that a stable economy will create new leads to manage parking in downtown Edmonton as well as surrounding areas.

Rogers Place, Edmonton

Brand Across Borders

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property managers are definitely receptive to our proposals. Like a start up, we have the advantage of being flexible that allows us to make decisions faster and work more efficiently because of it,” states Calgary City Manager Ceirin Hunter. In Edmonton, a multimillion dollar NHL Arena complex is rejuvenating the downtown. “Our brand awareness and recognition

has dramatically increased in the last 5 years. It’s attracting business,” notes Regional Vice President Todd Kosloski. Jon Diamond says that he believed from the beginning that it would take vision and commitment to navigate through uncharted challenges but at the end of the day, regardless of country, clients want to be confident that they’re parking operator would

reflect their goals, values, and aspirations and act with integrity. “For the most part all clients are driven by value and integrity, regardless of nationality.” Today, Diamond Parking Ltd., Canada manages a diverse portfolio of parking management operations across the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

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President’s Desk Our structural management philosophy of decentralized management requires strong leadership. Honesty, commitment, passion, empathy, and integrity are essential to Jon Diamond being effective leaders. Equally important is the fact that strong leaders need to surround themselves with professionals that are as good as they are or better. Why? Because people that are smarter than you, make you up your game or “lift your boat” as I like to say. They may suggest a new approach to solve a persistent challenge. They may inspire you with their vision. They may empower you and other team members to reach their greatest potential. Because we believe that team is the most valuable resource for our managers, it is essential that all team members consider themselves key players within a united family. Good communication skills, creative thinking and decision making capabilities are not limited to a few. Rather, when team members feel empowered to lead by example, assume responsibility, meet obstacles with confidence and determination, and be more accountable for their actions, we are able to extend our leadership capabilities company-wide.

Developing a Brand Story As the oldest family owned parking company in the industry, the Diamond brand has spanned more than 9 decades. It’s a remarkable narrative of success. One that Stephanie Keller, Diamond’s Director of Marketing & Operations, wants to deliver across all channels of communication. “My role is to evaluate all aspects of the Diamond brand. My goal is to create a cohesive brand that consistently communicates our strengths, values, and attributes that clearly distinguishes why our clients and parking customers should choose us over our competitors.” From website to brochures, from trade show exhibits to online social media channels, to digital marketing, to logo placement and standardized signature blocks, Stephanie wants to produce a brand package that provides Diamond’s management team with brand consistency. “This is a team effort. I want our managers input. If a brand marketing strategy is working well in one city,

“My goal is to create a cohesive brand that consistently communicates our strengths, values, and attributes.”

we should consider applying it to others.” Stephanie brings a diverse background of marketing, sales and business development expertise in commercial real estate to her new role as Director of Marketing & Operations. “From my past experiences, I have formed business relationships with many of the property managers, developers and landlords, that would be our potential customers. In our increasingly connected and networked world, a warm call will always trump a cold call.”

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Going the Extra Mile — Exceeding Customer Expectations “Helpful and responsive” are two actions that often compel a satisfied parking customer to take time to single out Diamond employees for providing exceptional customer service. Here is a recent example acknowledging Diamond’s Curtis Williamson and his Operations Manager, Paul Myhre of Seattle Self-Park Division. “Thanks Curtis. And Paul I have to say that your team is absolutely amazing. I called around to a bunch different lots and no one was very helpful and made me feel like I was a burden to them. Curtis, and whoever connected me to Curtis, have been so helpful and responsive and now I will be a life time customer. Keep up the good work! In addition to parking customers, accolades often come from Property Owners and company Executives. The “Bottom Line” in Diamond’s approach to customerdriven service excellence, will always be providing problem solving know how from our team of parking professionals.

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Ahead of the Curve Stories that inspire are often too few. Fortunately, what follows is uplifting in so many ways. Diamond Airport Parking Anchorage and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska/Washington have created a partnership that makes Wish Kids and their families feel very special. “We provide complimentary designated airport parking for Wish families when they are traveling out of state to fulfill their wishes,” states Diamond’s Alaska Regional Manager Matt Samuel. But wait, it gets better. Matt adds, “When families arrive, we direct them to their own dedicated parking spot. We feature the name of the Wish child on a special badge along with an image of their favorite sports team or favorite character, like the Seahawks, or Spiderman or Superwoman. It makes the Wish Kids smile, helps take away the stress for their families and really inspires all of us. We also chauffeur them directly to the terminal. It’s amazing to watch their faces light up. These kids have

Scott McKinnis, General Manager, Diamond Anchorage Airport and Self Storage.

a ton of courage.” Stefanie O’Brien, Regional Manager for Make-A-Wish Foundation Alaska/Washington, can’t say enough about Diamond’s partnership. “You should see the Diamond airport staff. They are so happy and excited. I love ‘em all so much for their generosity and compassion.” Stephanie adds that Diamond is a model of how other businesses can “think out of the box” in ways to support Wish families and their wishes.

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Diamond Anniversaries We want to congratulate those employees who are celebrating 10 or more years with Diamond Parking. Thank you for your dedication! 30+ Years Jonathon Diamond

Corporate Managers

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Employment Opportunities Diamond Parking is a full-service parking operator which prides itself on the quality of its employees. We do everything possible to accommodate our clients and make sure each and every client is satisfied. Such exceptional service can only be delivered by hiring the brightest and hardest working people in the industry.

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