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New Season of Opportunities Taking a cue from the bold colors that signal the arrival of fall, Jared Dain, General Manager, Diamond Airport Parking and Storage, Salt Lake City, is excited to showcase his newly designed fleet of airport shuttles. “Our new shuttle design is bold and conveys to our customers that we promise 5 star excellence through the whole customer experience. It’s much more than just parking with us.” Also new, adds Jared, are 10 new Electric Vehicle charging stations, located in Diamond’s Covered Self Parking area at the airport. “These are available on a first come first serve basis. Yes, you guessed it, they are “Free of Charge”! Bad pun, I know, but it works.” To Jared, the bottom line is always delivering an unforgettable experience that creates customers for life. “When you are traveling on business all week, our amenities that include exclusive valet, oil change, detail, and more, will often free up your Saturday. I can tell you that my dad was often on the road and our services would have been huge for him.” See what’s new at parkatSLC.com and follow us on facebook! Nearly 3,000 miles to the north, Sarah Houck, Diamond Airport Parking and Storage General Manager in Anchorage, has implemented netPark, a leader in digital driven parking technology. “We are

now able to do everything digitally. It saves us an enormous amount of time and makes our operations much more efficient.” For example, notes Sarah, the new Diamond Digital Rewards Program (parkatANC.com) is already getting rave reviews. She explains that instead of offering different coupons or discounts that were time consuming to manage and frequently changing, customers who sign up online and join Diamond Rewards, will receive one point for every dollar spent. “We have many parkers that work in the North Slope. They frequently will leave a vehicle for up to 2 weeks. As a result, their points add up quickly and are easily applied digitally.” Also new, adds Sarah, is flat rate pricing for both uncovered and covered parking, as well as saving 10% by reserving online every time Continued on inside

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - New Season of Opportunities - Canadian Corner: Excellent Customer Service

- Ahead of the Curve: Ironman in Hawaii - The Value and Benefits of Networking


Providing excellent customer service isn’t limited to the lower 48 From Vancouver, BC, Mike Poirier, Vice President of Operations, Diamond Parking, Ltd., shares two stories of “going the extra mile.”

Hitesh Sethi, Diamond Attendant “On Friday, October 11th, I parked my car at the Diamond Parking Lot on 550 Hornby Street. I was in a rush to meet my boyfriend for our dinner reservation and accidentally left my purse in my trunk with my spare car key inside and my trunk open. Once I returned to my car, I noticed my purse was missing from my trunk and my box of water bottles were placed on top of my trunk. I took the majority of my stuff out of my trunk and took it to my hotel across the street. I had an awful night thinking that my purse was stolen. The next morning, my boyfriend went to go see if my car was still parked in your lot. Luckily, it was still there! He also located a note written by Diamond attendant Hitesh Sethi. This staff member had taken my purse out of my unlocked trunk and kept it with him the entire night. The note also stated to get in touch with him to get the purse back. I was so relieved

that someone had my purse. Your staff member went above and beyond to make sure I got my purse back and that my car was safe.”

Raj Kang, Diamond Attendant “I parked at location 3016 Seymour on Oct. 16 and I forgot where I parked my car. Your lot attendant was nice enough to help me locate my car. I really liked her customer service. She is a very polite person and she went above and beyond to help. I am someone with illness of anxiety and blood pressure and not knowing where I parked was on midst of triggering me to hit bottom, but she was nice enough to help me locate it and so polite enough to offer me water and assured me that she’s here if I ever need help. She is a fantastic human being and your very lucky to have her on board. I will be dropping off a little gift for Raj for her kindness she showed today. Thank you!”

AHEAD OF THE CURVE The only time it “rains spandex in Hawaii,” laughs Jasmine-Victoria A. Crusat, City Manager KailuaKona, is for the annual Ironman World Championship Kona Triathlon. This year, on October 12th, over 2,000 athletes embarked on a 140.6-mile journey that Lana Bradley & represents the ultimate test of Jasmine-Victoria A. body, mind and spirit to earn Crusat, Kailua-Kona the title of IRONMAN. Along with her team, led by Operations Supervisor, Lana Bradley, Jasmine says Diamond transformed one of their key corner locations to support the event. “Our presence is another example of how Diamond gives back to our community.”

Planning for the annual event, notes Lana, begins almost immediately following the conclusion of the race. “I attend meetings throughout the year to ensure that our team is aware and ready to step up to the challenge.” Back in 1978, the course description for the inaugural event read “Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life!” 4 decades later, Jasmine and her team share the IRONMAN mantra of “anything is possible.”


FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK We have all heard the maxim, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Even in the digital age of social media, faceto-face networking is still key to getting new leads Jon Diamond and closing new business deals. No question that we want our managers to get involved in their perspective business communities. Joining organizations, attending conferences, sponsoring events are all effective avenues to pursue. However, we also understand that everyone is different in their approach. Making cold calls, scheduling a coffee or lunch, meeting a friend of a friend, may be a better fit. The measurement of success will always be results. At the end of the day, no amount of technology will replace your personal relationships. In person, you build trust and establish credibility while gaining valuable insight into the personalities on the other side of the table. You also receive honest and direct feedback that will speed up communication and lead to mutual agreements more quickly. Communicating in person showcases your personality and helps people connect with you in a genuine way. That’s the value of meeting people face to face, no matter how you design it.

In our Diamond Dialog, we feature many excellent examples of how Diamond employees go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. However, the following story, sent by Jared Dain, GM Diamond Airport Parking and Storage, Salt Lake City, is one of our new favorites!

ern: To Whom it May Conc n we had, and th everyone a situatio “I wanted to share wi have a loyal mer service, we now sto cu the of e us ca be bler, picked a shuttle driver, Elise Gu customer for life. Our flight. Customer airport on a very late the m fro up r me sto cu le, they realized er getting on our shutt was exhausted and aft N Jet. Elise took our competitor, Park th wi d rke pa d ha y the t remember where n Jet and he could no him over to the Park’ and helped ove him around the lot dr se Eli So d. rke pa he she would give s really amazed that him find his car. He wa ically was not a a customer, who techn to ce rvi se of e typ s thi r for life and will t we made a custome customer. He said tha t Parking!” rk at Diamond Airpor pa ly on on w no m fro

New Season of Opportunities Continued from front page customers park with Diamond. “We have streamlined our programs to give our customers value added electronic and digital parking solutions to make their parking experience the best it can be.” Meanwhile, in Spokane, Tammy Halvorson, General Manager of Parking Services, states that Diamond’s Customer Service Support Center, previously located in Seattle’s University District, is currently operating 24/7. “We are here to support all of the needs of our field operations.” Todd Saville, Operations Manager, who joined Diamond in 2018, says his team of customer service representatives is customer first and customer focused. “We are the back of the house, ready to Call Center Representatives, Spokane, WA answer any and all questions regarding customer parking.”

The Value and Benefits of Networking New challenges in the parking industry, such as adapting to emerging technologies, demand for space, ride sharing, self driving vehicles, and more, demand a high level of parking professional expertise to stay ahead of the curve. One constant, in todays fast paced marketplace, that never seems to change, is the value and benefit of business to business networking. Even with the latest social media platforms, face-to-face interaction is the key for building trust. By growing your network, opportunities arise, business partners appear, connections are made and trust is garnered in the local community. Here are insights from a few Diamond managers that utilize networking as a major tool for business success.

Ken Kime, CPP Diamond Parking Services, Director of Operations “I recently attended a Building Operators and Management Association (BOMA) sponsored event in Los Angeles. One panel featured many of our competitors. They discussed several topics and took questions from a well informed audience composed of commercial property managers and building owners. It was valuable to hear that our competition is experiencing the same issues we face. More importantly, it reaffirmed that we are on the top of our game to meet these issues head on. I also used the conference to introduce one of our LA managers to new networking opportunities.”

One constant, in todays fast paced marketplace, that never seems to change, is the value and benefit of business to business networking.

Hailey Mattson Sr. Director of Business Development, Seattle “Its vital that we are visible in the business community and engage with a wide spectrum of commercial real estate, property professionals, landlords, asset managers, and other vendors. A good example is our support of BOMA’s Seattle King County “Octoberfest Trade Show.” We host a booth. Commercial property and asset mangers attend and make the rounds. It’s excellent exposure. We make inroads for new business and we are seen by our landlords. Overall, its a unique venue to build brand recognition. In addition, through my networking, I see the radius of paid parking moving out to other neighborhoods. This pattern of growth means new parking and business development opportunities.”

Nicole Nakano Director of Business Development, Hawaii “When I solicit new business, I do my research first. I might say, “I saw you at a business luncheon last week or I saw an article you might be interested in.” Hawaii is a small community. There are only so many property owners and landlords. Through my networking within BOMA, I able to meet people that I may never talk to or approach for new business. I am constantly planting seeds that may bear fruit long term. The extra time and effort I have put in to build my pipeline has paid off. I am the president elect of BOMA in 2020 and will be the president in 2021. I will only be the second vendor to be elected president since 1971.”



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