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This year, we decided in late January to change our Spring Gala from an in-person event to an online/virtual gathering with an auction. We were all hoping that we would not have to do this, but for the safety of everyone involved this was a wise choice. Hopefully, those who were able to watch our video and keep up with our Facebook posts agreed that this was a great event. For those who did not get a chance to bid online, you missed out! We had some wonderful packages and a wide variety of items that engaged over 175 bidders and over 1,200 bids. Many of us spent time checking our phones and computers to see if we were outbid, and in the end, the auction along with other donations helped us raise over $65,000! As we begin the plans for our Spring Gala 2022, we hope that we will be together in person celebrating the incredible ministry that is David’s House. We hope to see you then!!

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A MESSAGE FROM... “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9 Recently I had the opportunity to spend two days with my oldest daughter doing various college visits. It was some great father-daughter time that rarely happens and an opportunity to continue planning for the future. It was also a reminder that my wife and I are soon facing a new stage of life (and that I’m getting older.) Though it is still over a year away, we are beginning to plan and research the best place for her to call “home” and continue her education as an adult. And though my alma mater doesn’t seem to be making the list, we trust that God has already established the correct plan for her. For most of us over the past year, “making plans” has often seemed to be a fruitless endeavor. Whether it was making plans to get together at a restaurant with friends, head back to the office for in person work after 15 days to slow the spread or being able to still take that vacation; we have all had disappointment in seeing these plans fall apart. One year ago, as I was writing my article for the Pulse, we were just over a month into our restrictions and hoping that they would be ending within a couple of weeks. Instead, restrictions were extended and plans to bring back some “normalcy” continued to change. Several years ago, David’s House stepped out in faith and purchased the land adjoining our original parcel with a plan to expand and add more homes. We quickly built an administration building and a new 6 bed home, and also poured the concrete slab for the next home. Due to financial constraints and other issues, we were forced to slow down that building progress. For the last three years I’ve looked at a concrete slab that would someday be home to six more residents at David’s House. We know that while some families are spending time planning college visits, many others are simply trying to plan for the forever home that their son or daughter will be able to move into. We receive calls weekly from parents and guardians that are trying their best to plan for the future. This spring, we will finally be bringing new life to that concrete slab as we move forward and create a home for 6 women. Though we had hoped to begin this process much sooner, this time has allowed us to also find the families that will call this home even before we begin construction. They will be able to watch this home be built and we look forward to introducing them to the David’s House family soon. Though this year has been tough, we also need to take time for celebrations. Yes, plans often change, but we are ever thankful that we continue to serve a Lord who ultimately establishes our steps. Thank you for your continual prayer and financial support.

Upcoming Events Summer Concert Series - TBD Walk-A-Thon - September 11th Giving Tuesday - December 1st

Casey Kuperus, President


LEAP ACTIVITIES We’ve been blessed with warmer weather than normal. We had a fairly mild winter and some beautifully sunny spring days. This has made it so much easier for us to have even more fun. Starting in February, we were able to gather in the Community Room, by individual houses, for LEAP. This was very exciting because it provided a little change of scenery and allowed residents to get out of their houses. We had fun creating artwork for the Spring Gala and Art Heals, celebrating holidays, creating Disney v. Pixar March Madness brackets, getting (temporary) tattoos for April Fool’s Day, and so much more. On the warm days, we’ve gathered outside for dance parties, enjoyed golf cart rides, and enjoyed the sounds of spring while soaking up some sun.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, and participants who helped us raise over $65,000! Event Sponsors:

Boonstra Electric & Plumbing Mike & Amanda Worst Greg & Beth Vander Goot Casey & Laura Kuperus Grand River Bank LTC Pharmacy Oosterheert Bros. Siding Marble Chem Co. Integrity Business Solutions


Todd, House 2

JJ, House 2

Tony, House 3

“WHY I CHOOSE TO SERVE...” “Being on the David’s House board, I feel I can make a positive difference in the residents’ lives. As a nurse for many years, I can use my experience and knowledge to help improve the care of the residents. Also, I can relate with the workers and can make a positive impact on their work life.” - Sheryl Boonstra “Ultimately I feel called to give back and serve those in need. Caring for a loved one with special needs can be very stressful and time consuming. My wife and I have experienced some of this first hand as we have a child on the Autism spectrum. Hearing stories from families on what David’s House has meant for their loved one and their family is very touching. We know there is a huge need in the community to serve families in this way and to be a part of serving and expanding the mission of David’s House is very rewarding.” - Mike Sherman “What peaked my interest was not only my personal and professional connection to this organization but the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. My goal is to use the gifts that God has given me to serve my purpose and to positively impact others.” - Casey Jankoska

Our 2021 Board of Directors Carl Dufendach Chairperson Mike Sherman Secretary Andy Schipper Treasurer Dan Dafoe Paul DeVries

Sheryl Boonstra Rod Jones Mike Worst Casey Jankoska Dennis Bergakker



Meet Derek! Derek has worked at David’s House for 2 years at both House 2 and House 4, but he spends most of his time at House 4. Derek says his favorite thing about working at David’s House is the residents! He loves being able to connect and spend time with them. And he has done a wonderful job of that, especially with Jonathan who lives at House 4. He enjoys getting to know each resident he works with and learning how to best support them. “My favorite part about my job is seeing how excited everyone is when I show up for work. They’re happy I’m there to work with them,” says Derek. When he’s not working, Derek enjoys working on his artwork, going on hikes, and camping when the weather is warmer. Derek is a great team player - always willing to pick up shifts and help out when needed. He enjoys the outdoors and does a great job encouraging residents to get out and participate in activities. He’s also very perceptive when it comes to how people are feeling and does a great job talking with them and making them feel better. We are so happy to have Derek as a David’s House teammember! If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why? I would love to fly! That way I could easily travel the world.

RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT Meet Warren! Warren is the oldest resident at David’s House, but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting in on all the fun activities. Warren has lived at House 2 for over 22 years. When we are able to have visitors in the homes, Warren is the unofficial greeter; he will greet visitors with a smile, handshake and a “Hi, I’m Warren”. Warren loves to play games, especially Connect 4. He also enjoys doing crafts and painting. Warren’s favorite food is hot dogs, which goes perfectly with his favorite season - summer! Summer is Warren’s favorite season because there is no snow. One of Warren’s favorite things to watch on the television is Wheel of Fortune, and his favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Something we weren’t expecting was Warren’s favorite music to listen to... rock music!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why? I would love to fly so I could go anywhere I want!

REMEMBERING OUR FRIENDS... Like so many in 2020, David’s House also experienced loss as three incredible people who resided at David’s House passed away. Each resident lived at David’s House for quite some time and each of them provided a spark to the day. They will be missed. Kara was so many things - she was intelligent, funny, kind, thoughtful, caring, and mort importantly she was our friend. Kara was a people person. She loved to get to know the staff and would remember even the smallest details. She loved her family and spoke of them often, Kara loved and was loved back by her housemates and staff. “Some of my best memories of David’s House are with Kara; she was fun to be around and always up for a party as long as there was cheese and cheesecake!” - Carla Jim was a glass half-full kind of guy. He always knew how to have a good time and make people laugh, and was almost always joking with and pranking his housemates. “One of my favorite memories of being with Jim was when we went out for coffee and dessert at Big Boy. Jim was deciding what type of pie he wanted to have and I was having a hard time understanding which it was he wanted. After many minutes of me asking and asking I realized Jim was saying “A la mode”. Jim didn’t care what type of pie they brought him so long as it had a scoop of ice cream on top! Jim knew how to enjoy life to the fullest. I will remember Jim for his quick whit, his laugh, his artwork, and his friendship.” - Lisa David had an infectious smile and loved McDonalds. He also loved his family and spoke of them often. “Sometimes you meet people in your life and they make a big impact... you know... make you look at things in a whole different way. You think of them and can’t help but smile. They hold a dear spot in your heart. That’s how I feel about David. I’m so blessed to have known him and been able to make so many memories with him.” - Jessica “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” Psalm 56:10-13

Gifts in Honor of: Amy W. Bekki L. Ben D. Calvin & Debra Vis Crystal R. David C. DHM Staff Fred C. Greg N. Jay & Lois DeBoer Jim DeVries Joel M.

Howard & Deanne Longcore John S. Jon S. Julie K. Kelly Houghtaling Merle Schaap Nereyda Sanchez Paula Treviso Sarah Burke Worst Family Warren T.

Gifts in Memory of: Alex Danigelis Alexa Tolsma Chad Doty David Nordstrom Don Postma Douglas Harkema Douglas Prose Earl Steenstra Elizabeth Mast Gail Heath Glenn Heys Ian Cobb

James Canda Jessie & Norm Soper Jim Albin John Monk Kara Rogers Karen Schutter Kevin Heys Laurie Bok Marjorie Prose Matthew Mast Paul Buursma


GIVING BACK We partnered with Hand2Hand last October and had so much fun we did it again in January! Hand2Hand is a nonprofit that provides weekend meals for children in need in West Michigan. They utilize churches, schools, individuals, and businesses to help package and deliver meals to over 8,000 children. We finished packaging 4,000 breakfast bags in just three weeks in October and had a hard time getting residents to stop for lunch or the end of the day. Everyone loved having the opportunity to do some good and help others in need. When we were done, residents asked when we would do this again and if it could become a regular activity. We reached out to Hand2Hand and they delivered all the supplies for another 4,000 bags. We hope to continue doing this at least once a year to allow everyone the opportunity to give back to our community.


Your will (or trust) is both an important and powerful document. A completed, legal will allows you to proactively care for your loved ones’ needs, and it ensures your God-given resources are transferred in a way that reflects your faith and values. What’s more, when you include charitable gifts in your will, you experience five supercharged giving benefits. •

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Capacity. Potentially give a larger gift that far exceeds what would be possible during your lifetime.

Ready to learn more? Request your free copy of “How to Give to DAVID’S HOUSE MINISTRIES In Your Will” by calling GREG VANDER GOOT at 616-284-4383 or email GVANDERGOOT@DHMIN.ORG.

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