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Summer Edition, 2011

Season of Pentecost

The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

A Word From Our Dean...

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 AM, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 Church School Classes meet at 10:30 AM Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist

Dear Cathedral Family, Summer is time to catch up with things which have gotten lost or overlooked in the previous few months. This is the case even in the life of faith. So, it may have escaped your notice, but this year is the 400th anniversary of the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible, also known as the King James Version (KJV). Those of us in high middle age, when we think about Biblical texts which are familiar, most certainly call to mind the alluring rhythms with which that venerable translation tells us God’s word and wisdom. And indeed some of us might just claim that the KJV is the only version worth reading. But that is a subject for another occasion. Here I would just like to make a few remarks about the singular place of the KJV in our life of Faith and the KJV as an expression of our Anglican tradition within Christianity. The whole idea that the Bible could be read by just anybody was still a new thing by the time King James I commissioned a committee of 47 scholars to put together a new translation of God’s Holy Word in 1607. You will recall perhaps all of the squabbling, a.k.a. the Reformation, which had gone on in the previous century about this. After all, if people could read, things might get dangerous. But, worse yet, if they could read the Bible and think about what it said, the clergy and the Church itself might have to answer awkward questions, loose some of its boundless authority and yes, maybe even think for itself for the first time in centuries. Nonetheless, the committee was gathered and, miracle of miracles, that committee accomplished something truly remarkable; a translation of the most important book of faith which has influenced our understanding of Christianity, colored our English language and warmed our hearts and minds for four centuries. It is still the most popular English translation of the Bible in the United States, even though there are quite a few others in print. So it is that in September we will begin our Adult Christian Formation Class on Sunday morning with a four part series about the KJV. You will hear more of this later. I hope that each of you will have a restful summer and that you will take time to be quiet with Jesus, and to be quiet with your family and friends. With every good wish,

Harry 1

From The Deacon’s Bench

Dear Friends in Christ, I will be away on vacation for the month of July, as I usually am. I will miss you all, but will enjoy taking a break from the usual busy-ness of daily life. I am planning to continue studying Italian, as I have been doing for the past month or so. I will also try to walk the beach a lot, as I find this very clarifying and relaxing. All this is to say that I hope you, too, will take whatever vacation time you have to refresh the soul and rejuvenate the body. So often, I hear people say things like, “I have no time for vacation,” or “I can’t go on vacation; what will happen to the company” (or the family, or the church, or whatever you spend the lion’s share of your hard working hours doing.) This is bad, not only physically, as it leaves no reserve from which to draw on in a crisis, but also theologically, as it weakens our ability to be at one with God when we are totally drained. Even Jesus sets us a precedent when he pulls apart from the crowd, to rest and meditate. I have learned over the years, often the hard way, that the world continues to spin, even if I am resting! So, go, rest and come back refreshed and ready to do the work that God has given us all to do! As an old Dominican priest at Providence College used to say, “Take the time to sit and contemplate your navel.” Put another way, do that wonderful thing that children are so good at naturally: do a little bit of nothing at all. Your sister in Christ, Deacon Barbara

Prayer for the Calling of a Bishop for Rhode Island Gracious God who sets the seas in their bounds and gives life to all your creatures, who continually renews the face of the earth and is faithful to your covenant from generation to generation: Lift up and guide the people of the Diocese of Rhode Island as we seek the next bishop to lead us; renew our strength in the baptismal ministries to which you call us; watch over and inspire the work of the committees entrusted with this task; and, by the power of your Spirit, draw your people always toward the vision of your holy reign; we pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen. ***Be sure to read the article on page 3, to see the current news in the Search Process.*** 2

-Thoughts from the Senior WardenIt’s now officially “summertime and the livin’ is easy” as that wonderful song says. The children are out of school, the Cathedral Sunday School has recessed, we go on vacations, and our everyday focus tends to shift greatly. We work hard, have many stresses to deal with and certainly deserve a good measure of summertime relaxation. We must remember however, that for many, the livin’ is not all that easy and they need whatever help and support we can extend to them. With so many other things going on this summer, please don’t forget the needs of our food pantry clients. Your continuing support is heartwarming and very much appreciated. Have a wonderful and safe summer. God’s Peace To All, Leah

Committees Begin Work on Bishop Transition Process Members of the Search & Nomination Committee and Transition Committee met June 3-4 at St. Mary’s in Portsmouth to begin the formal work of seeking and welcoming the 13th Bishop of Rhode Island. On Friday evening, members of the Standing Committee and Diocesan Council joined the retreat to meet committee members. The Hon. Scott Avedisian, president of the Standing Committee, and the Rev. James Bocchino, vice-president of the Diocesan Council, led a ceremony to officially commission the two committees. Lora MacFall, chair of the Search & Nominating Committee, and Cathy Iacobucci, chair of the Transition Committee, lit candles to begin the ceremony. Later that evening, Judy Stark, who will assist the committees as a consultant, began explaining the Episcopal elections process. In her remarks, she quoted a prayer from the Iona Community in Scotland, telling committee members they “are the midwives of change” and that whatever the outcome of the process, “this diocese will not be the same.” Explanation of the elections process continued through midday Saturday before the committees divided into separate meetings to begin working together. The participants also worshiped together several times during the weekend, including a Saturday morning Eucharist where the Rev. Pamela Mott, rector of St. Mary’s and a member of the Search & Nomination Committee presided. For more information and to see pictures from the retreat, visit the Bishop Search Process blog/website.


How The Cathedral Website works for You! By Deacon Barbara, Cathedral web manager

There are so many opportunities for you to find helpful information on our new website, that I thought this would be a good time to, once again, go over the many features that are there for you to use. First of all, go to . You will first see the home page, with an article by the Dean and helpful information about whatever is currently happening at The Cathedral of Saint john. Recently, for example, information was there about the wonderful Terry Barber concert. You will also find a number of drop-down menus to take you to other pages. Here are some important ones for you to know about:

⇒ Under “Personal Prayer and Resources”, you will find the Daily Office, which is updated twice a day for Morning and Evening Prayer. So, even if you are at your desk, you can pull this up and start the day with prayer. You will also find Forward Day by Day, also updated each day for your personal prayer and meditation use. The On-Line Book of Common Prayer is in this category and is accessible by clicking on the hyperlink. The Lectionary Readings for Sundays are always updated and ready for you, so that you can read them as your leisure to prepare for the Holy Eucharist. Finally, there are Bible references and commentaries under this heading as well, and Pod Casts of feast days of the church calendar.

⇒ In the “About Us” category, you will find our Mission

Statement, information about our leadership, including the Chapter, information about our Church School and Christian Formation, our service schedule and calendar of events.

⇒ Under “On-Site Services”, you will find all important information about the many and varied services available at The Cathedral of Saint John, including Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Rental Information for our facilities.

⇒ Under “Community Life” you will find many Job Opportunities, which are provided by Deacon Joyce Thorne for your use, or to pass along to anyone you know who needs this information.

⇒ In

the “Media” category, you will find a treasure trove of good information about the parish. The Record, our monthly newsletter is uploaded each month and all newsletter for the last 5 years are archived here in pdf format, so you can easily download any that you may want to have. There is also an extensive set of Photographs of Parish Events in this category.

⇒ Finally, under “Chapter” there is a secure page for the use of The

Chapter Membership, to access whatever information is helpful for them as they come together for regular meetings in the everyday running of the parish.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of knowledge about our parish available to you on the Internet now. A number of people are responsible for putting this website together, including the wonderful folks at Elexio, who built it for us. Please use it as much as possible, and enjoy its many offerings.

A Note From Justin Davis on his Scholarship “Thank you for your continued support in my educational journey. appreciated.”

This scholarship is sincerely

Justin Davis is a Junior at RIC, where he is working toward a degree in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Spanish. 4

The Tract Rack And You By Marva Carter

What is a Tract Rack? It is a selection of pamphlets and small books readily available to a congregation on subjects of interest to them. Usually the publications are displayed in a rack—mounted on a wall or on a floor stand. Who are the materials for? Visitors? Tracts should contain information on the Episcopal Church and the Christian faith. It can also contain a history of the Church and some information related to the special occasion that brought them here, such as a funeral, wedding or baptism. Attendees of special meetings or Outreach Programs? Materials on this special interests are appropriate—issues such as AIDS, substance abuse and the unspoken problem of physical abuse are met in the pages of the tracts. What About the Congregation? Information concerning community and individual needs is available that could help parishioners understand in more detail, particular issues. Examples are pamphlets that provide encouragement for those facing unemployment or retirement, as well as those who are bereaved. Other tracts available that may be of concern to individuals also relate to our youth, our seniors, marriage, stewardship, as well as prayer and spirituality. Where is the Tract Rack located? At the entrance to the church, in the narthex… conveniently located for visitors and parishioners.


The Standing Notices If you are interested in Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Burial or House Blessings, please contact Dean Krauss at 401-331-4622 as soon as possible. Instruction must be held and deadlines met for each of these rites with the exception of Burial and House Blessings. Altar Flowers We are mindful that in these strained economic times the contribution of $75.00 for Altar flowers may be to expensive. We will only have flowers on the Altar the first Sunday of each month or on special occasion such as Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. On other Sundays we will have plants at the Altar. Also, you are more then welcome to join with others to contribute the memorials for the first Sunday of the month. For those of you who wish to have flowers on the altar to commemorate a special occasion of your own, please call Miss Tinker at least two weeks in advance to give us time to make the necessary arrangements with Jephry. The Vigil Light, Cathedral Candles, Anthems, Service Music Parishioners who wish to sponsor the Vigil Light, Cathedral candles, anthems or service music during the year, to glorify God, to remember or give thanks for someone or to celebrate a special occasion, please let us know as soon as possible. The donation for the Vigil Light and candles are $10.00. To make these arrangements, please call Miss Tinker at 331-4622 The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on Tuesdays, at 9:30AM in the Deacon’s Office. Cathedral Food Pantry News Do you like mandarin oranges? The hungry folks who come to our Cathedral Food Pantry every week sure do! It costs about 30 dollars for 60 cans, which we buy every week. If you would like to donate the funds for the fruit, please specify it on your weekly envelope. Our clients thank you! Shoppers are needed for the food pantry. If you are able to help us, please see or speak to Meg LoPresti 401-353-5473 or Leah Nastasi 401-949-2364. This ministry is extremely important and we are very grateful to the dedication of all of the volunteers who make it possible. Thank you and many blessings.

Episcopal Church Women of The Cathedral to have Plant and Bake Sale The ECW will be having a Plant and Bake sale in the month of October. It will be the third Sunday October 16, 2011. Please support your Cathedral ECW! Thank You!


Have a safe, enjoyable and fun summer!

G-od O-ffers us His O-utstanding D-evotion to M-ake us O-bedient & R-eady for a N-ew day with Him. I-nspire others please, and N-ever forget G-od loves you!



Applications for vendors are available. Please email:, or call 401-331-4622 8

3rd Annual Crafting & Art Festival The Cathedral of Saint John 271 North Main Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903 January 7, 2011 Dear Artisans, Yes, we are having our Annual Crafting and Art Festival on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The hours are, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Show will be a juried and will benefit the Cathedral’s Restoration Fund. The vendor table fee is $35.00 as you will see below. The fee provides you with an 8’x10’ space. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided for vendors. location of the Cathedral is perfect for this event, being minutes from Downtown Providence, as well as directly accessible from Interstate 95 and 195. There is ample street parking as vehicles are not ticketed for overtime parking on the weekends. As always, it is our hope that this will encourage many of you to join us in the Spring. The Cathedral of Saint John is currently one of The Ten Most Endangered Historical Sites of Providence Preservation Society, and is in dire need of repairs and restoration. One of the ways that we intend to raise funds for the Cathedral is by offering this event and others to the community. There will be comprehensive coverage, including local as well as state wide newspapers, internet and television advertising, as well as direct mailings and community flyer drops. Please fill out the included application, and send not more than 4 pictures of items for jury. Only items from our juried decision may appear in your booth. Check-in will be on Friday evening, September 30 at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM or on Saturday morning, October 1st , by no later than 9:00 AM. Exceptions will not be allowed. Once again, thank you for your consideration and support,

**** Please note: Application for the Crafting and Art Festival is available by calling 331-4622, or by emailing Deacon Barbara at or Miss Tinker LaBoy at or by visiting our website, . ***** 9

2011 Chapter Members The Very Reverend Harry E. Krauss, Dean

Arline Walker, Clerk

Toni Harrison, Treasurer

William B. McBorrough

Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden

*The Right Reverend David Joslin, Assisting Bishop

Harrington Evans, Junior Warden

Richard Smith *Keith Hudson

*Non parishioners

Many thanks to Carolyn Fahm, for her lovely pictures of the Cathedral and the cemetery.

DEADLINES FOR The RECORD The Record, our parish newsletter, is published monthly and is available by email, hard copy and on the Cathedral website. If you would like to receive the Record electronically, please give your email address to our Parish Administrator, Miss Tinker or call the church office at (401) 331-4622. Please send articles to Deacon Barbara at The deadlines for submission to The Record are as follows:

August 23 for the September edition



28 Chapter Meeting 7PM Crooker Room



HE & Healing 7PM



6 HE 12:10PM


5 Prayer Shawl 9:30AM


4 Happy Fourth of July

13 HE 12:10PM


3 HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM


12 Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM

20 HE 12:10PM


10 HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM


19 Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM Diversity Meeting 7PM Crooker Room

27 HE 12:10PM

17 HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM


26 Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM

24 HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM

31 HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM



9 Food Pantry




16 Food Pantry

Food Pantry


23 Food Pantry



30 Food Pantry


The record The Newsletter of

The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John 271 North Main Street Providence, RI 02903 The Very Rev. Harry E. Krauss, Dean The Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock, Deacon Mr. Brink Bush, Music Director/Organist Leah Nastasi, Senior Warden Harrington Evans, Junior Warden

Church Office Hours 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday Office closed on Saturday Office Phone: (401) 331-4622 Email:

The Record

Ways to Contact Us Our website: Our Blog: http:// To join us on Twitter:


The Record  

Monthly newsletter of The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John, 271 North Main Street, Providence, RI, 02906, USA.

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