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September Edition , 2011 Pentecost

The Newsletter ofThe Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John

A Word From Our Dean...

Our Worship Life Sundays Holy Eucharist 8:30 AM, Rite 1 10:30 AM, Rite 2 Church School Classes meet at 10:30 AM Wednesday 12:10 PM, Holy Eucharist

Dear Cathedral Family, It’s time to indulge in a new autumn season in our beloved Cathedral. This issue of The Record outlines the activities for this month. Worship, education, outreach, fellowship are amongst these listings and I trust that each of us will participate as we are able. I know that many of us are thinking about the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I will confess that I’m not certain that I want to mark this event. I was the Vicar at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York City on that exquisitely sunny day. By nightfall when we closed the church New York City was like a ghost town and all of our lives were changed forever. However, one of the blessings of our life of faith in Jesus Christ is that whatever the event, good, bad or indifferent, we are always sustained by Jesus to start anew and move forward. I want to suggest that the commemoration of 9/11 should be for you and me a time when we think about the larger picture. What do I mean? Simply this: Far too much of how we have acted as a nation and in some cases, as individuals, has been motivated by revenge and violence. We don’t want to forgive. For example, this appeared in The New York Times, “If my son dies fighting to guarantee this nation a continuing supply of cheap oil, I will have to pray that God will forgive you Mr. President. I cannot.” Have a look at the Gospel lesson appointed for Sunday, the 11th, (Matthew 18:21-35) because in it Jesus tells each of us who “cannot” a parable about how we ought to act. The long and the short of it is that we are asked to forgive not because any of us has such a great supply of charity that we can rise above our differences with our neighbors, but rather because we must let go of our anger and resentment or we shall die. It’s my hope that this is what we will do as a nation and as individuals in regard to how we relate to the world around us. Jesus wants us to know “letting go” is the only way to freedom and a truly worthwhile life. God bless. With every good wish and faithfully,

Harry Krauss 1

From The Deacon's Bench By The Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock

September usually brings with its arrival many, many new things. We return to school, we begin new jobs, we start our Church year of activities, and we are often reminded, especially in New England of the glory of creation, as we see the artist’s palette, turning its many shades of gold, russet, indigo, bronze, chocolate and coffee. Is it any wonder that so many of us couldn’t possibly think of a more wonderful place to live and raise our families. And yet, another truth can also be told about Fall in New England. We live in a state where a huge population of our children go to bed hungry many nights. Families at risk move quite often, leaving no time for their children to get acquainted with a school before having to move on to another place of transient time before the cycle starts once again. Did you know that over 4% of the children living in our state right now are being raised by their grandparents? Sometimes this is because parents are incarcerated, sometimes it’s because they simply vanish. Sometimes it’s because it’s the only chance a child may have for a successful life. Many of these children live in our great city of Providence, and I dare say, find it a comfort to have the Meal Site and the Food Closet to visit, so that at least one meal a day is a warm, nutritious one. It is the same for many of our elder population. They are often the silent and unseen population of need. The services that we offer make it possible for them to find dignity and care. And today, more than ever before, the homeless population of our city is growing with the loss of homes and jobs that have so disrupted lives. When you give a donation to our Meal Site or to the Food Closet, you are helping to alleviate a little bit of this suffering. When you volunteer at one of these vital ministries, you may well be the one hopeful, smiling face that the patron you are helping may see all week. God bless you for your efforts and I ask us all to do more, as the need grows and grows. The old saying is, “Give until it hurts.” What I say is, “Give until it stops hurting.”

Your sister in Christ,

Deacon Barbara


The Return of The Hawk In case you missed it, some time back we had a wonderful article about the Hawk which has taken up residence in the Providence area, and is being photographed by Peter Green. You may also recall that the last time our resident hawk visited, he broke one of the spires in the steeple with his weight! Well, the Hawk is back, and we thought you might like another look at him, as he seems to survey the world from atop Saint John’s Cathedral, and resting on his old perch!

News and Notes from Episcopal Church Women The Episcopal Church Women met on Sunday, September 11 and have planned the following activities: October 16 - Bake and plant sale (donations accepted) October 23 - next meeting at 9:45 am in Synod Hall, everyone welcome November 19 - Pampered Chef December - calendar sale The Diocesan ECW Annual Meeting and UTO Ingathering will be held on Saturday, November 5 at the Cathedral. There will be reports, elections and the announcement of the RI "Distinguished Woman" winner. The complete schedule will be announced in the October newsletter.

-Thoughts from the Senior WardenThoughts From the Senior Warden – It’s always just a little sad to see summer ending so suddenly. It seems to me that it’s always just about over at the same time that I’m getting around to doing some of the “things that I plan to do this summer”. But with September here, we can look forward to getting back in the swing at Saint John’s. Dean Krauss and Deacon Barbara are back and very soon the Sunday School and choir will be with us again. Our deep gratitude goes to Bishop Joslin who so graciously spent the month of August with us. I hope that everyone has weathered the effects of our most unwelcome guest, Irene. We’re fortunate indeed to have come through with no major water or wind damage here at the Cathedral. It sounds as if most power has been restored and I’m sure those line crews are in need of hard earned and well deserved rest. I was so fortunate not to lose power – on the other hand, my daughter still doesn’t have it. Fortunately, God blessed her with a patience level that I can only dream of. Hopefully, everyone’s patience and good humor have remained intact and lives have returned to normal. God’s Peace To All Leah 3

Music at the Cathedral Dear Cathedral Family, We are excited this season to have Museum Concerts return to the Cathedral. Below is a description of each concert. The First Concert MUSIC OF BACH AND BIBER ~ Sunday October 23, 2011 Judson Griffin & Margaret Ziemnicka, violins, Marcy Jean Brenner, viola da gamba, and Michael Bahmann, harpsichord. Heinrich Biber, one of the greatest violinists of the 17th century, was also one of the most original and highly expressive composers. His quirky and individual style is enhanced by the unusual sonorities he draws from the violin. This program also features a sonata for viola da gamba and harpsichord by J. S. Bach and music by Johann Rosenmüller, a predecessor of Bach’s at the Thomasschule in Leipzig. The Second Concert ENSEMBLE CAPRICE ~ Sunday November 27, 2011 La Follia and the Gypsies: Mattias Maute & Sophie Larivière, traverso and recorder, David Jacques, baroque guitar, Susie Napper, baroque cello, Zilya Tabassian, percussion This unique program features pieces taken from Uhrovská zbierka, a collection from the country now known as Slovakia, and works by composers who were influenced by the gypsy music they heard while travelling throughout Europe. Much baroque music draws its inspiration from the gypsy music that made its way up through social circles as far as the nobility. An example is Telemann’s Polonaises, that reflect his fascination with listening to local folk musicians when he visited Krakow while employed by the Court of Promnitz. Capturing the spirit of the times, this lively program will be performed on authentic reproductions of historic instruments, including several sizes of tambourine, an instrument that travelled easily with the nomadic gypsy musicians. The Third Concert SCHOLA CANTORU M of BOSTON ~ Sunday, February 12, 2012, Frederick Jodry, Director The Folly of Love: Sacred and Secular Music of Lasso This acclaimed 12-voice Renaissance vocal ensemble will present a program of Music for Carnival, including madrigals of Cipriano de Rore, and playful and giddy villanelli for the carnival season. Orlando di Lasso wrote widely in many languages, from earthy and profane madrigals and chansons to the most serious of Latin sacred Music. Schola’s performance will include the grand Magnificat of Lasso based on the de Rore madrigal “Ancor che col partire”. The Fourth Concert LA VO CE DI GABRIELLA ~ Sunday April 15, 2012 18th Century Battle Music of Love and War with Nell Snaidas, Soprano and Kris Kwapis, trumpet. Mahan Esfahani, keyboard, Christa Patton, harp, Charlie Weaver – theorbo, & guitar. Love is a battlefield, sometimes literally, though in more fortunate times merely figuratively. For generations without number, musicians and poets have compared love and war. Delightful unpublished 17th- and 18th-century Spanish works for trumpet and soprano explore the powerful symbolic use of the trumpet to evoke the battles in which we all must engage to gain that most elusive of prizes — Love, with a capital L. In the best baroque European tradition, Spain made many a military foray into Italy. Accordingly, and unavoidably, Italian music profoundly influenced Spanish composers. Figures such as Alessandro Scarlatti even worked for the Spanish Viceroy at Naples, when Spain’s power in the southern half of the Boot was so great that Madrid ruled half of the country. Sandro Scarlatti’s beautiful works thus round out the theme of battle and war by evoking the frail beauty that sometimes emerged out of conflict. We are always looking for new voices and new faces in the choir. If you have a good singing voice are interested in joining the choir, please see Brink Bush after the service. +Musical Blessings+ Brink


The Sunday School Update Welcome Back Sunday School! The Sunday School of The Cathedral of St. John will re-convene on Sunday, September 18th. Miss Santana Sluss will once again be leading our children, as they learn about God and the wonderful journey of faith that they will undertake in their lives. Sunday School class begins at 10:30 AM, and all parents are asked, as much as is possible, to bring the children in as promptly as possible so that lessons make begin on time, and so that the children may get the most out of their learning experience. Snacks are served and any allergies or food issues should be brought to the attention of Santana. Parents were very responsive last year to fill in as helpers for the Sunday School and we ask for you to be willing to do that again. Our Safe Church policy requires that at least two adults be present with the children at all times. Please sign up for your time frame to help out. We anticipate a wonderful year and welcome to the children back on September 18th!

September Song By all these lovely tokens September days are here With Summer’s best of weather And Autumn’s best of cheer

DEADLINES FOR The RECORD The Record, our parish newsletter, is published monthly and is available by email, hard copy and on the Cathedral website. If you would like to receive the Record electronically, please give your email address to our Parish Administrator, Miss Tinker or call the church office at (401) 331-4622. Please send articles to Deacon Barbara at The deadlines for submission to The Record are as follows:

September 23 for the October edition October 23 for the November edition November 23 for the December edition


"DO YOU KNOW..." We are introducing a new featured column in our newsletter, entitled "Do You Know???" Week after week, we see people in church, yet we may not know their names. We may feel uncomfortable about asking or perhaps we know their name but very little about them - their family, interests and talents. We are hoping to help remedy this with this new feature. Bernice Belt has agreed to do the interviewing and hopes that you will be willing to participate when she approaches you. This month, Bernice agreed to be featured, due to time constraints. Bernice was born in upstate New York and moved to Rhode Island in 1967. Don and she were married for 51 1/2 years before he died four years ago. Don and she were involved in Marriage Encounter for 30 years. They have four daughters, four sons-in-law, four grandsons and a four-year old granddaughter (there seems to be a pattern here!). Bernice is a registered nurse who worked at first as a visiting nurse and much later as a school nurse-teacher before retiring. She was active in PTA for many years including serving as the state president for 2 years. Now she serves as chairman of the Pawtucket Parkinson's Support Group, volunteers for Meals on Wheels once a week, knits for our prayer shawl ministry, volunteers at the food closet and is a regular part of the parish’s Greeting Ministries'. She is a member of our parish chapter of The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and is on the Diocesan and Province 1 ECW boards. She also serves on the Diocesan Commission on Supplemental Benefits. She enjoys gardening (especially planting and reaping, not so much weeding!), sewing, tent camping and reading. She has been attending services at the Cathedral since 1993, usually at the 10:30 am service.


Our Parishioners in the Military There are several members of our parish who are currently serving in the military, both at home and in other countries. We have been praying for them each time the Holy Eucharist is offered at the Cathedral, and we thought it might be a good idea to mention them in our newsletter. Sharing letters, especially during the upcoming holidays is one way of showing our active military members that they are in our hearts and in our prayers. Marine Corporal Michaela Lima , daughter of Kelley Lima, granddaughter of Winston and Georgeanne Lima continues to train for her mission to deployed overseas in the spring. LCPL Lima , Michaela 8th Comm bn CO. 24 MEU PSC BOX 20137 Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0137

Robert O'Brien III , son of Teri and Robert O'Brien and grandson of Everett and Marcia Lima has just returned from Kuwait and will do a second tour next year. He is Army National Guard now but will be training for regular Army this year.

Michael Brady , Army Private , son-in-law of Robert and Teri O'Brien II , is in Germany and is training for deployment next year where needed. He and his wife, (granddaughter of Everett and Marcia Lima) Hope, arrived in Germany in June . PVT Michael Brady CMR 411 Box 967 APO, AE 09112 Robert O'Brien and Teri have three of their children serving for the United States 7

Our Parishioners in the Military (Continued) James Dorbor, Jr. was born in Liberia, West Africa on September 17, 1987. He arrived in the United States at age 12 with his parents, where he quickly became interested in the military. However, he was too young for such a career at that time. Meantime, he took part in Marshall Arts classes at USA Karate, where he won several competitions and trophies before earning his First Degree Brown Belt. He also earned his high school diploma, graduating with honor from Shea High School in Pawtucket in 2005. He enrolled at the University of Rhode Island to pursue his undergraduate degree. Sgt. Dorber joined the Rhode Island National Guard in 2006, while studying at URI. He was deployed to Kuwait in 2010 for a one year tour of duty and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He returned home in August 2011, and has been readmitted this Fall at URI, where he is currently a senior. He is pursuing a double major in Biology and Psychology.

Adult Education at The Cathedral of Saint John for the Fall This Fall, the Adult Education class will focus on the following studies. Please come and join us between the services on Sunday mornings! September, 2011 The Many Ways that we Pray October, 2011 Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James translation of the Bible, and we will look at this remarkable time and its impact on Biblical scholarship November, 2011 The Comfortable Words

A reminder that Sunday, October 23, 2011 is Pledge Sunday Please be as generous as possible, as you prayerfully contemplate your part in the work of Jesus Christ in the world and through the Cathedral of Saint John. The Arts and Crafting Fair of The Cathedral, which was slated to be held in October, has been cancelled. 8

The Diversity Committee of The Cathedral of Saint John Presents

Sunday, September 25 For two sittings: 11:15 AM and 1 PM Tickets are on sale at the church $10.00/Adult $5.00/age 6-12 Under 5/Free

The menu will be a delicious variety of African cooking, including: Collard Greens, Chicken, Fish, Split Pea Soup, Check Rice (a mixture of spinach and rice), A variety of pastries for dessert Coffee, Tea, Soda

The proceeds from this dinner will benefit The Cathedral of Saint John With music of the African Traditions Tickets will be available after each church service in September







HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM (SH) Choir Rehearsal 9:50AM


Foundry Artist 6:30PM (SH)



HE 8:30&10:30AM Adult Ed. 9:45AM (SH) Choir Rehearsal 9:50AM Evensong Grace Church in Providence, 5PM Commemorating 9/11

18 HE 8:30&10:30AM ECW 9:30AM (SH) Adult Ed. 9:45AM (SH) Choir Rehearsal 9:50AM Church School 10:30AM 25 HE 9:30AM (one service) Liberian Dinner 12Noon





Program & Budget Meeting (Clergy) 9AM (SH) Chapter Meeting 7PM



HE & Healing 7PM


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HE 12:10PM


Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM Diversity Comm 7PM (CR)



14 HE 12:10PM


HE 12:10PM

Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM

Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM


HE 12:10PM

Growth&Action Comm 7PM (CR) Prayer Shawl 9:30AM Mealsite 4PM

Friday 2




Food Pantry 11AM


17 Program & Budget Meeting 9AM (SH) Memorial Service for The Rev’d David Cargill 10AM St.Luke’s E.Greenvich Food Pantry 11AM

Food Pantry 11AM



Food Pantry 11AM




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