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Installing and maintaining your gates isn’t just about making your property look good. It’s also about keeping all that you love safe and protected. In general, gate latches and hinges make up just 1% of the total cost of a fencing installation…but they make the other 99% function correctly and protect people, property and pets effectively. The operation, construction (materials used), quality, weight, functionality, footprint and security are just some of the variations to consider when making an informed decision about gate hardware. Fences and gates can shift due to ground settling, environmental factors and general use and abuse. The ensuing improper gate positioning may create a safety or injury risk, or both. Latches, locks, hinges and closers with integrated adjustability ensure gates work reliably and safely at all times. Correct installation and application together with preventive maintenance and regular inspections will not only extend the life of gate hardware, but also prevent injury, theft or aggression and possible litigation.



Screw fixture and fixing points are secure – check for any loose screws or weakness caused by corrosion.

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Look for binding in the hinges – replace if necessary.

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Check hardware for accelerated wear or excess play on the hinge. If present, it is a potential sign that the hinge is undersized for the desired application or weight of the gate.

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Latch operates effectively. Age, corrosion, missing parts, binding or jamming can inhibit the function of a lockable gate latch. Replace any faulty gate hardware or fix the existing. If hardware is rusty replace with quality, polymer gate hardware that is resistant to rust and binding.

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Gate integrity: plumbness of posts, gate frame sag. Check if the gate has moved due to factors like ground movement, excessive rain or drought. Latches, locks, hinges and closers with integrated adjustability, ensure gates work reliably and safely at all times.

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Environmental factors, ie proximity to coastal areas, excessive dust, snow and high winds can effect the ability of a properly closing gate. Make sure the fence and gate hardware are maintained by washing down with water regularly and the closing speed of the hinge tension is adjusted. Replace with new if necessary.

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If the gate is specified for safety (e.g. pool) or security applications, ensure regular checks with local authorities to maintain compliance.


of Australian homeowners do NOT have a fence or gate protecting their property and loved ones


of surveyed people who have a gate and fence admit that it was NOT adequate or secure

42% admitted their fencing was not adequate and the gate was not secure. Ben said while homeowners may have the belief that break-ins were an inevitable part of home ownership, this was not the case. “There’s so much you can do to protect your home and family. Simply by having fences and locked gates, thieves will often be deterred and will move on to another property. There are many extra precautions families can take to protect their homes. As a father of eight, I know that fences and lockable gates help keep kids and pets in and deter would-be thieves.”

The recent Safe Gates Report commissioned by D&D Technologies revealed that 1 in 5 Aussie families have had a security scare at their home, with 32% saying the incident happened during the night while sleeping at home. Safe Gates Ambassador Ben Hannant said the results of the report were disturbing, particularly heading into the holiday season, with homeowners travelling and leaving their homes unattended during the peak burglary season. The report also highlighted that 32% of homes did not have a fence or gate protecting their property and for those that did,

Simply by having fences and locked gates, thieves will often be deterred and will move on to another property.

75% of homeowners who experienced a break-in at their property did not improve the level of security following the incident. For the small majority who did, 56% updated door locks, 33% installed a security system and only 25% added locks to their external gates.


um of one, Justine Murphy knows all too well the feeling of being violated when a burglary occurs at night while a family is asleep. “We were broken into while we were asleep upstairs and the intruders took the car keys and drove the car out of the garage,” Mrs Murphy said. “The thing is there is real trauma after a burglary and I have flash backs often thinking about what might have happened, particularly if we had woken up during the robbery.” Justine and her family took immediate steps to improve security at their home by engaging an expert to undertake a home security audit. They installed a side gate with a lock, changed the lock on the front gate, put in sensor lights, installed motion detectors, added mobile capability on the garage door and got a family dog. “We have a system now where whoever is the last to go to bed

checks all the doors and locks and we hide car keys and valuables in places where burglars might not think to look,” she said. “Ultimately, we took preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t happen to our family again and that we are safe. Once you are burgled or experience a breach of home security, you are so much more mindful of these things.” Neighbourhood Watch Australasia CEO Maria Bennett said there many steps families could take to reduce the likelihood of a security breach. “There are many simple, effective options for increasing home security, from installing outdoor sensor lighting to security cameras. Having the impression that someone is at home is a very good deterrent and often it’s about utilising what you already have in place, and remembering to lock gates, keep doors locked and remove keys and valuables from the car,” Ms Bennett recommended.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia and Safe Gates have created a holiday prep checklist to help ease people’s minds.



Keep foliage trimmed to ensure fewer hiding places for potential burglars, and store wheelie bins and other items where they cannot be used as leverage to reach higher home entry points.

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Be vigilant about closing and locking doors and windows, and make sure your garage door is closed completely before you drive off.

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Upgrade to lockable gates at all access points in the yard and ensure they are locked.

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Make it look like you are home when you are out, e.g. leaving lights on, shoes by the front door, or asking a neighbour to collect mail.

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Don’t leave keys hidden outside or under a door mat, flowerpot or in a plastic rock. Thieves know where to look. Leaving spare keys with a trusted neighbour or a secure location is a safer option.

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Secure gates, security cameras, sensor lights or a dog are all deterrents to would-be criminals. Prominent signage to advise of these factors would also be beneficial.

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Introduce yourself to your neighbours. Let them know if you see anyone suspicious around their property, and they will do the same for you. Neighbourhoods are safer when we are looking out for each other.



The latest versions of the “original” magnetic child safety gate latch. Locked/Unlocked visual indicator.


MagnaLatch® Series 3 Top Pull & Vertical Pull


Application Guide

MagnaLatch® Side Pull

Lockable, general-purpose magnetic gate latch for many gates around homes & gardens. Easy to install & adjust. Key-lockable.


Handle-styled magnetic gate lock. Locks and operates from both sides of the gate. Can be rekeyed (by a locksmith) to match house doors.


Key lockable, general-purpose latch for many house and garden gates. Quick and easy to install. Round-post model fits most chainlink gates.

LokkLatch® PLUS

Key lockable, privacy gate latch. Operates & locks from both sides of the gate. Innovative installation jig.

LokkLatch® DELUXE

Higher-security latch for privacy & security gates. Locks & operates from both sides of gate. Can be rekeyed (by locksmith) to match existing locks.

TruClose® Hinges

Adjustable, self-closing hinges for child safety and general-purpose gates. Different models available for regular or heavy-duty gates and materials.

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