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David Game College Celebrating 41 years

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David Game College David Game House 69 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JS United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0)20 7221 6665 Fax: +44 (0)20 7243 1730 Email:


Welcome from the Principal


 hen I founded David Game College in 1974, I had a clear vision of the type of educational establishment I wanted to create. Now, over 40 years on, our ethos remains the same: to promote the joy of learning and knowledge to our students in the context of academic rigour and curiosity, while remaining focused on enabling them to achieve examination success and secure a place at university. Our aim, now as then, is to ensure that every student who passes through our College leaves more skilled and informed, prepared for their next academic journey, and more mature in their understanding and respect for others. Since 1974, over 10,000 students have studied with us and have, with our help, secured places on degree courses at top British universities. I am often asked what makes David Game College different from other independent colleges. Part of what makes us unique is our genuine independence. The College is not part of a larger commercial group that has to consider its shareholders’ interests. At David Game College our students’ interests come first. The strengths of the College are our:

Staff I have a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed tutors. They and our students are supported by our excellent administrative staff. Range of subjects We offer a wide range of subjects at GCSE, AS and A level, enabling us to prepare students for any degree course or career. Flexibility We pride ourselves in providing individual courses of study, tailored to each student’s particular needs and preferences.

Focus on academic excellence and support The quality of teaching and our strong academic ethos ensure that students make rapid progress. Students are given all the support they need to succeed. Emphasis on pastoral support We provide a caring environment where students feel safe and valued. Teachers develop good relationships with their students who appreciate the support they receive. Extracurricular Activities Basketball, football, drama and debating societies are a few of our ever expanding range of student activities. College accommodation As one of the few independent colleges in London to have our own College Residences, we are able to offer our students affordable and secure accommodation close to the College.

David Game MA, MPhil Principal

David Game is one of the UK’s most original education entrepreneurs and philanthropists. As a Scholar at New College, Oxford, David gained an MA in Mathematics, going on to study for an MPhil in Number Theory at University College London (UCL). David worked as an independent Mathematics tutor in London for several years, before founding David Game College in 1974. David is known for his energy, dynamism and innovative approach to educational provision. It is these qualities that have enabled him to build up an impressive group of independent schools and colleges in Britain and overseas. David is based at the David Game College Group Head Office in South Kensington, but he remains closely involved in the day-to-day running of the College. David always makes time to meet

with students and takes immense pride in their achievements. A keen linguist and a talented amateur photographer, David is also a patron and collector of contemporary art. Many of the paintings he owns are displayed in the College, where students and staff can enjoy them.

Students I am very proud of our students and all they achieve; they make David Game College the wonderful place it is. Ofsted commended them for their mature approach to their studies, their very positive attitudes to learning and their outstanding behaviour. I hope you will enjoy reading our prospectus, and find it useful. Please also visit our website (, which contains a wealth of information about studying at David Game College. If you would like to visit the College, please contact us to arrange an appointment. It would give me great pleasure to welcome you to David Game House and to introduce you to my staff and our current students. David Game Principal, David Game College





About the College Established in 1974, David Game College is one of the most successful independent co-educational colleges in London. We specialise in preparing students for university entry, by providing an extensive range of GCSE and A level courses and focusing on examination success. We also run our own University Foundation Programme in a separate building and offer courses in English as a Foreign Language.

‘I would definitely recommend David Game College because it has a strong work ethic and the teachers go that extra mile for their students.’ Morris, student

We admit students between the ages of 14 and 19 years, with up to 200 students following full-time courses with us every year. Students choose David Game College because of the quality of teaching and the high level of individual attention and support they receive here. At David Game College we take great pride in our ability to cater for students of all educational abilities and backgrounds. Our tutors have high expectations, so all students – including the most able – are stretched intellectually and encouraged to aim high. If students are capable of gaining entry to the most competitive degree courses and the most prestigious universities, they have an excellent chance of being successful here. We are proud of our students who achieve top grades, but we are also committed to raising the level of students of differing abilities. We recognise that A level grade C, for example, constitutes a major underachievement for some students, while being a justified cause for celebration for others. 6

For many students, David Game College represents a fresh approach, a new beginning. This is particularly true where students have become disaffected by large impersonal classes at their previous school or college, leading to significant underachievement. In most cases, studying at David Game College leads to excellent examination results. The College is located in Central London, in the fashionable area of Notting Hill, where it occupies large, modern premises with excellent facilities. We have a number of specialist classrooms, all well resourced with state-of-the-art facilities to support teaching and learning, including newly refurbished science laboratories. The David Game College library provides students with a quiet place to work, and contains reference books, past examination papers and university prospectuses. It is also equipped with desktop computers. The College also has a common room and canteen, where students can go to relax, meet friends, enjoy a game of chess, or watch the news via Sky and the BBC. Students can eat their own snacks here, or buy hot and cold drinks and food.

David Game College is inspected by Ofsted, the Government body responsible for monitoring standards in education. The College has been awarded Tier 4 Sponsor status by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).


‘At David Game College the tutors are very friendly, helpful and understanding.’ Masoub, student

Teaching and Learning Experienced tutors All our tutors have a first degree in the subject they teach, and many also hold doctorates, or other postgraduate degrees and teaching certificates. Many of them have worked as examiners with the major GCSE, AS and A level examination boards. Our tutors are great motivators. Their dynamic and enthusiastic approach to their subjects inspires our students to work hard and do well. Small classes Our small classes enable students to form good working relationships with their tutors, and guarantee that all students receive individual attention. In most subjects classes are limited to six to eight students. Some Economics and Mathematics classes are delivered to slightly larger groups of 12 to 15 students. Assessing and monitoring progress By regularly assessing and monitoring students’ progress, we ensure they are fully prepared for their

final examinations. Progress is assessed by: • regular tests using past examination questions • regular homework • monitoring attendance • individual feedback from subject tutors and personal tutors.

Emphasis on study skills To help students work more effectively and improve their performance in examinations, teaching on all programmes combines prescribed subject content with tuition in important study skills, such as note-taking, speed-reading, memory skills, good revision habits and time management. Supervised study sessions GCSE students have supervised study sessions built into their timetables, ensuring that they are in College all day, every weekday. The study session supervisor provides help and advice, and ensures that students put these sessions to good use and remain focussed on their work.

Academic and pastoral support All students are assigned a Personal Tutor whom they meet regularly and with whom they can discuss any problems or concerns, whether academic or personal. Personal Tutors are responsible for monitoring their students’ progress. They work closely with the Director of Studies and provide students with initial advice about career and university options.

‘The best thing about David Game College is that the tutors have high academic expectations of their students.’

Attendance Regular attendance is vital to examination success. It is also a safeguarding issue. We therefore monitor the attendance of all students very closely, using a text messaging service to alert parents if their child is absent without reason.

sent to parents at Christmas and Easter. Additional reports can be provided on request, and parents are welcome to talk to staff about their child’s progress at any time. Parents can also use the College’s Intranet system, which is updated every day, to view the following information: • their child’s attendance record • teachers’ reports on their child • test and trial examination results.

Communication with parents We keep parents closely informed about their children’s progress and well-being. We hold two parents’ evenings a year, in November and March, and written reports are

Mohammad, student

‘At David Game College the teaching is outstanding and the working atmosphere is very mature.’ Melanie, student





‘My tutors really encouraged me and helped me to win a place at King’s College London.’

Our Courses At David Game College we prepare students for entry to higher education by offering an extensive range of GCSE, AS and A level courses. We also run our own University Foundation Programme and offer courses in English as a Foreign Language. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and specialise in providing individual courses of study tailored to each student’s particular needs and preferences.

James, student

GCSEs This is a one-year course, for students new to GCSEs, for those who wish to improve their GCSE grades and for home-schooled students who require professional help in preparing for the GCSE examinations.

On this course you will: • study five or more GCSE subjects in one year • take GCSE examinations in five or more subjects at the end of the year.

We prepare our students for the IGCSE examination in most subjects, because we believe that the IGCSE is a better preparation for future AS and A level study, being more rigorous and more traditionally academic than the GCSE.

Subjects available at GCSE/IGCSE Arabic Art & Design (Fine Art)* Art & Design (Photography)* Biology Business Studies Chemistry Drama*

English (as 1st language) English (as 2nd language) English Literature French Geography German History

ICT Mandarin Mathematics Physics Russian* Spanish Statistics*

* GCSE subjects. All other subjects are IGCSE. One-to-one or small-group tuition in other subjects may be provided on request.



A levels

Medical & Life Sciences Programme

Two-year A level course

Eighteen-month A level course

One-year A level course

This course is for students who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications.

This course is for students who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications, or who have previously studied AS levels and wish to improve their grades.

This course is for students who have previously studied AS or A levels and wish to improve their grades.

On this course you will: • study four AS level subjects in Year One • take AS level examinations in four subjects at the end of Year One • continue to study three of your AS subjects at A level in Year Two • take A level examinations in three subjects at the end of Year Two.

On this course you will: • study AS level subjects from January to June • take AS level examinations in your subjects in June • study three A level subjects from September for one year • take A level examinations in three subjects at the end of the year.

On this course you will: • study three A level subjects in one year • take A level examinations in three subjects at the end of the year. An exceptionally bright student may be able to take this course without any previous A level background.

The College has developed a Medical & Life Sciences Programme that prepares students for entry to some of the most competitive degree courses in the UK and ensures that they have a good insight into the demands of their chosen subject.

On this programme you will: • follow the same programme of study as for the two-year A level course (see page 12) • be taught beyond the prescribed A level syllabuses through an enhanced programme of seminars on topics closely related to medicine and modern biology, such as: cancer, immunology, medical ethics, the NHS, personalised medicine and

genomics, and developments in medical diagnostics • attend talks given by visiting medical practitioners and professional scientists • receive one-to-one or small-group tuition in the main critical aptitude tests (UKCAT and BMAT) • be given the opportunity to undertake relevant healthcare work experience.

Students will be accepted onto the Medical & Life Sciences Programme only if the College considers that they stand a realistic chance of securing a place on these highly competitive degree courses. For further information about this programme, please visit the Medical & Life Sciences Programme section of the College website.

Subjects available at AS & A level Accounting Art & Design (Fine Art) Art & Design (Photography) Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computing

Economics Electronics English Literature French Further Mathematics Geography Government & Politics

History ICT Mathematics Physics Psychology Sociology Spanish

All subjects are available as two-year courses, many are available as eighteen-month and one-year courses. One-to-one or small-group tuition in other subjects may be provided on request.

Forthcoming changes to the AS and A level examination system: key points

• September 2015 – introduction • September 2016 – introduction of new linear AS and A level qualifications to replace the outgoing modular qualifications in some subjects (Phase 1*)


of new linear AS and A level qualifications to replace the outgoing modular qualifications in other subjects (Phase 2*)

* For full details of the subject division between Phase 1 and Phase 2, please contact us.




University Foundation Programme (UFP) The UFP is an alternative route to university for students who do not wish to study A levels, but who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications.

On this course you will: • study 6 modules, comprising 3 compulsory modules and 3 optional modules • be assessed by coursework throughout the year. Our UFP was established in 1989 and is one of the most successful in the UK. It is accepted by 75 British universities and by universities in America, Canada and Australia.

The UFP will not qualify you for entry to medical, dentistry or veterinary science degree courses or to Oxbridge, all of which require high grades in three or more A levels. For further information, please see our University Foundation Programme prospectus. For detailed information on the UFP please go to or telephone 0207 727 7774.

‘The best thing about the UFP is the quality of the teaching, and it has helped me by giving me the opportunity to go to study at a top university.’

Maria, Economics & Statistics, UCL

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) This course is for non-native speakers of English who need to improve their English Language skills, or acquire a recognised qualification in English Language. Universities in the UK typically require non-native speakers of English to have a score of 6.5 or above in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). If you need to improve your IELTS score, you will need to take an English Language course alongside your A level or UFP course.

On this course you will: • receive one-to-one or small-group tuition in English Language, as required • be prepared for the IELTS test.

‘When I first came to David Game College, I didn’t know a word of English; after 6 months of studying I got 6 in IELTS!’ Anis, Algeria 14


‘I achieved A* in all my A levels, scoring 100% in Economics. I even got a prize from the exam board!’ Dajana, student

Preparing for University Entry At David Game College, we prepare our students very thoroughly for their future careers. Students wishing to study at a British university are required to submit an application to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). We guide our students through every stage of the UCAS application process. Our Director of Studies holds regular one-to-one meetings with all A level students, providing them with individual support tailored to their needs that includes specialist advice and information about subject choices and combinations, suitable degree courses and which offers to accept.

The Director of Studies also helps students to write an effective personal statement and to complete their UCAS form correctly. Those students who are invited to interview receive coaching in interview techniques and mock interview practice. In addition to supporting students with their UCAS application, the Director of Studies offers careers advice and can help students to arrange work experience placements, providing guidance about composing an eye-catching CV and writing covering letters.

‘I’m so glad I came to David Game College, because the support they give you with your UCAS application is amazing. Rachel Sherman, the Director of Studies, took time to talk to me and to understand my situation. She and my Economics teacher helped me to write a personal statement that stood out. Thanks to all the support I received from Rachel and my teachers, I won a place at the London School of Economics, something I could never have imagined a year ago.’ Helen, student

University Destinations 64% of our students gained entry to Russell Group universities in 2014 University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University Durham University University of Edinburgh University of Exeter University of Glasgow Imperial College London King’s College London University of Leeds University of Liverpool London School of Economics & Political Science University of Manchester Newcastle University University of Nottingham University of Oxford

Queen Mary, University of London Queen’s University Belfast University of Sheffield University of Southampton University College London University of Warwick University of York

Gunsu achieved A* A* A* A* at A level and gained a place to study Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. ‘I won a scholarship to LSE thanks to my teachers at David Game College.’

Torezhan achieved A* A* A* A* and has gone on to study for a degree in Mathematics and Economics at University College London.

Hoa, student





Senior Staff Profiles

Teaching Staff Zed Abaderash

Paula Lacey




Tahir Bhatti

Simon Moore

Mathematics & Statistics



Michael Parris


Business Studies

John Dalton

Michael Kahn

Rachel Sherman

Julia Cushnir

Co-Vice Principal

Co-Vice Principal

Director of Studies


John Dalton graduated in Biochemistry from London University and has over 25 years’ teaching experience. In addition to his role as Co-Vice Principal, John is Head of Science and Head of the Medical & Life Sciences Programme. He is particularly interested in developing students’ skills in revision and memory techniques and has special interests in evolution, cell biology and experimental science. John is a Chartered Biologist and has extensive field experience, specialising in ecology and the biology of insects. John has also worked in publishing and was the editor of one of the world’s leading medical journals, Current Opinion in Gastroenterology.



Michael Kahn graduated in Chemistry at Oriel College, Oxford. He has accumulated nearly 40 years’ teaching experience in both state and independent schools; many of his former students are now doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Michael has written A level Chemistry multiple choice questions for Edexcel, and as the Examinations Officer at David Game College is able to draw on over 25 years’ experience of the role. He has been the Academic Vice Principal of David Game College since 2006, having held a similar position at another independent college for 17 years previously. Michael is firmly committed to the value and relevance of Chemistry as a separate science, and makes frequent use of demonstrations in his teaching, inspired by his membership of the Royal Institution of Great Britain since 1992.


Rachel Sherman has been Director of Studies at David Game College since 2008. Rachel is a Geography graduate from University College London and has over 20 years of teaching and management experience in London schools. In 2001 Rachel qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher and so gained much experience of training teachers, advising on policy design, student behaviour management and educational consultancy. Many of Rachel’s Geography students have gone on to study the subject at degree level at Russell Group universities. As Director of Studies Rachel has helped over 500 students apply successfully to university. She is known for her supportive and encouraging approach and works individually with every AS and A level student, ensuring targeted guidance throughout the university application process.



Lisa Byrne MA, PGCE




Daniel Pooley



Mary Ann Ellery

Jessica Roland





Matthew Sherman

Politics & Sociology



Penny Howe

Peter Stanley


Chemistry & Biology


BSc, MSc, PhD

Anouska Jepson

Olivier Tarot





Aaron Kasmin

Zameer ul-Hassan


Mathematics & Further Mathematics


Sarah Kasmin MA Art


Rumtin, student


Les Herman MA

‘My teachers at David Game College helped me to grow as a student, to learn things that I never thought I could learn before.’

BSc, MSc

Niloufar Wijetunge MSc, PGCE Physics


Administrative Staff Profiles

Eny Ahn BSc

Nedaa Belal MBA

Eny is in charge of A level and GCSE admissions at the College. She is responsible for processing applications and responding to prospective students’ enquiries. She checks applicants’ previous education qualifications, arranges interviews and works closely with the Vice Principals and the Director of Studies to make a decision on each application and on issuing offers.

Nedaa is responsible for all students of compulsory school age (CSA) and is a trained Child Protection Officer. She provides CSA students with a structured programme that includes pastoral care as well as advice and support on financial and health matters. In addition to her CSA and GCSE roles, Nedaa is also the SENCO at David Game College, and is in charge of managing the needs and progress of those students with special educational needs.

Head of Admissions

GCSE and CSA Co-ordinator

Terry Kwok CMS Registrar and Head of International Office

Terry is responsible for student registrations and attendance. In addition to her role as Registrar, Mrs Kwok advises students on visa applications and general matters such as travel, finance and accommodation. Mrs Kwok works closely with all departments and has been with the College since 1984.

Stefan, student

Safeguarding David Game College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children


‘David Game College provides a very kind and friendly environment for students.’

and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.


Extracurricular Activities and Events Cultural visits London is renowned for its fascinating cultural attractions, and we are lucky that the College is close to many of them. We encourage students to take advantage of everything London has to offer, organising visits to museums and other cultural sites. Recent destinations have included the National Gallery, the British Museum and the London Eye. Trips are also arranged to famous cities and monuments outside London, such as Bath, Brighton, Cambridge and Stonehenge. Activity trips and residentials Throughout the year students are given the opportunity to participate in trips that offer them the chance to get active and take a break from studying. Last year’s most popular destination was a paintballing centre. We also organised a two-day residential trip, which included a range of challenging outward-bound activities, such as raft building, high rope walking and escape challenges. Sport and fitness London has many sports clubs, swimming pools and parks. If you like exercising and keeping fit, you will have plenty of choice. Our central location means we cannot offer sporting facilities on site, but we make up for this by using local sports facilities to hold training sessions and play matches against other colleges in sports such as basketball and football. We have recently started a kayaking club which takes place in the River Thames near Chelsea. It has proved to be highly popular among students. College football and basketball teams The College football team is very popular and has won some important matches. Last year we finished second in the league. We have recently started a college basketball team. This team is managed by the father of one of our key players, and has delivered considerable success.


Student Council The Student Council is made up of elected representatives of the student body and acts as a link between students and the College management team. The council members meet regularly to discuss any matters of interest or concern to students. Debating Society The Debating Society is run by students, with support from the Director of Studies. It enables students to exchange ideas and debate significant political and ethical issues. GCSE and A level students are invited to participate in the debates, which follow formal debating rules: motions for and against each subject are presented by the speakers, whose contributions are managed by the Chair. Our students have participated in the Imperial College and UCL school debates, an impressive addition to their UCAS personal statement. The David Game Drama Society Established in September 2014, its first year sparked enormous interest from an internationally diverse group of students. The Society also produced two very accomplished performances. Aimed at anyone, not just those who would be keen to perform, the society has quickly developed to include technicians as well as stage management. Costume, make-up and set design are also areas the society is keen to expand into with live music, singers and composers pivotal to its development. Graduation ceremony Every year, in June, we hold a graduation ceremony for students who have finished their examinations and are leaving the College. With good food, drinks, live music and a smart dress code, this wonderful event enables students and staff to say their goodbyes in style and to celebrate the end of the examinations together.


‘The Debate Society taught me how to effectively express my opinion’ Syrena, AS Student

College Accommodation Finding affordable, secure and well-located accommodation is one of the biggest problems facing students in London. At David Game College, we want our students to be able to concentrate on their studies. For this reason, we offer them the opportunity to live in David Game College Residences. We are one of the few

independent colleges in London to provide our own accommodation to students. Situated in attractive Central London locations (Zone 1 or 2), the College Residences are all only a short distance from the College by underground, bus or bicycle. Some are within walking distance of the College.

For students who are over 18 years old, we can also arrange managed accommodation in Notting Hill. Demand for accommodation in our College Residences is extremely high, and you are advised to book well in advance to secure a place. Please contact our Accommodation Officer for further information or to make a reservation.

David Game College Residences: key features Choose from: • one-bedroom apartments • single rooms • shared rooms • self-catering accommodation • half-board accommodation

Central London: • Notting Hill Gate • South Kensington • Shepherd’s Bush • Earl’s Court • West Kensington • Fulham Broadway

Well equipped: • shared cooking facilities • shared washing machine • refrigerator and television in every room • free wi-fi connection • en-suite bathroom, in some rooms • on-site Warden, employed by the College

David Game College subscribes to the National Code of Standards for properties owned and managed by educational establishments.



How to find David Game College

David Game College is right next to the underground station. David Game College is conveniently located in Central London, in the fashionable area of Notting Hill. The nearest underground station to the College is Notting Hill Gate, a Zone 1 & 2 station served by the Central, District and Circle lines. The College is right next to the underground station. Many bus routes also pass in front of the College, including that of the Oxford Tube. David Game College Residences are in attractive Central London locations (Zone 1 or 2), all only a short journey from the College by underground, bus or bicycle. Some are within walking distance. Three of London’s beautiful Royal Parks are also within walking distance of the College, with others only a short journey away. Many of London’s world-famous museums and art galleries are also nearby, as are the restaurants, theatres and cinemas of the capital’s vibrant West End. David Game College is close to a number of popular shopping areas, such as the Portobello Road street market, Oxford Street, Bond Street and Knightsbridge, the home of Harrods and Harvey Nichols’ flagship store. David Game College is only a short bus or underground journey away from London’s many mainline train stations. It is also quick and easy to reach, via express train and underground, from the major London airports of Heathrow and Gatwick.





David Game College David Game House 69 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JS United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)20 7221 6665 Fax: +44 (0)20 7243 1730 Email:

David Game College Prospectus 2015/2016  
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