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David Adame Journal 8: Write about the work or works you might use for your analysis. Which works best, and why?

Since the beginning of my short, but very hopeful, film career, I have been fascinated by the works, imagination, and creativity of Spike Lee. Not only does he have an incredible eye for good taste in music, acting, and video structure he also has an unorthodox way of doing everything regular film makers would not do. Rules of thumb do not apply to him when he gets in a zone and begins working on a project. His very first independent film, after graduating from the school of film at NYU, “She’s Gotta Have It”, was a complete success and went against all odds. Most critics thought his first film was going to be a complete bust due to the amount of money this movie was funded on. In the end, “She’s Gotta Have It” aired in 1986 and went on to win several independent movie awards and was showcased in several independent film festivals. In many ways Spike Lee and I can relate and I believe by reading over a few reviews of his first film will help me in my quest in figuring out how I should approach the making of the rest of my short video. This was Spike’s first film and this will be my first film as well. He is a fairly short gentlemen and as am I. We have so many things in common and I believe this review will be a good thing.

Journal 8  

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