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Journal 5 David Adame How do you feel about your quest so far? Do you like what you are doing or dislike it?

So far, my friends and I are pretty deep into the project. Most of the obstacle coursed that we encounter are minor and overcome them fairly easily and pretty quick. Nevertheless, they are still obstacle courses and they do slow down the progression of the film. Besides that, my film crew and I are having a good time filming little short videos here and there and also researching, as a group, the background of some subjects we’re filming about. Overall, I feel great about how my quest is going so far. However, I now believe the film will not be finished until the beginning of the fall of 2012. I really love what I am doing. Researching, communicating, and interacting with different kinds of people from different ethnic backgrounds is a real passion mine. This idea of communicating and reaching out to people of all ages and all ethnicities through a short-film, or maybe one day a full motion picture, is one of my biggest and brightest dreams that I wish one day to complete and accomplish.