The Official 2022 Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition Catalog

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The Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition On view June 25–September 18, 2022

About the Exhibition The Juried Exhibition had been an annual tradition at the Danforth for almost twenty years when the museum closed in its original downtown location in August 2016. The Danforth has always been a home for contemporary, regional artists, and it was important to resume the juried show in our new home at FSU. We are thrilled to welcome the exhibition back to the Danforth galleries and thank the jurors: Juliet Feibel, Executive Director of ArtsWorcester, Brian Bishop, Professor of Art at FSU, and Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator at the Danforth.


The Juried Exhibition is a snapshot of the work being produced in New England right now. From emerging talent to established artists, the galleries offer a wide range of media, materials, and processes certain to spark conversations and inspire contemplation. The Danforth is grateful to all of the artists who submitted to the exhibition and who contribute to the rich cultural landscape of this region. This exhibition was generously sponsored by our friends at Middlesex Savings Bank.


Juror’s statements “ Life as an artist can often be quite insular, particularly in times like the ones we have all lived through these past few years. However, the work on display in the Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition this year celebrates the abundance of work made by artists who strive to create community, share common experiences, and express their inner-most thoughts to the world. It is an exhibition that is outward looking and one that demonstrates the affirmative power of art in our lives. The work selected by myself and my colleagues showcases both the immense breadth of artistic voices in the region as well as the high-quality of cultural production in New England. Narrowing down the field to the seventy-two artists included in the exhibition was an extremely daunting task. I want to congratulate everyone for having the courage to submit work to this exhibition regardless if yours was ultimately selected. it was truly inspiring and a pleasure to view your work.” Brian Bishop, Professor of Art, Framingham State University 1

“ The submissions offered a marvelous sampling of regional artwork, and we were all challenged to make hard decisions. I was glad to see strong drawing skills demonstrated across a wide range of media, and such excellent submissions in sculpture and fiber. Recurring themes included memory, mourning, and alienation. While those were no surprise at this moment, they were balanced by works that explore beauty for its own sake, and others that do not shy away from satire and humor. Thank you to all the artists who submitted for creating such a strong and competitive exhibition.” Juliet Feibel, Executive Director, ArtsWorcester “ It was with great excitement that I served as the representative from the Danforth on the panel of jurors for the return of the Juried Exhibition this summer. This show has consistently introduced me to new work and artists whom I might not have met otherwise and I am grateful for the opportunity. One of my favorite aspects of the Juried Exhibition is the range of work, and this year’s offerings do not disappoint. The subjects, the media, the materials— everything inspires—and that makes a fascinating exhibition.” Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator, Danforth Art Museum 2

Artists Featured in t Danforth Annual Ju Christie Allan-Piper Julie AngelaTheresa Bob Avakian Marcia Ballou Lisa Barthelson Susan Bauer Deborah Baye William Betcher Jenna Billian Sarah Brent Judy Brown Michaela Castelline Sally Chapman Diana Cheren Nygren Pamela G. Chiasson Merill Comeau Bréa Corcoran Michael Costello


Alice Dillon Steven Duede James Dye Mary Erickson Madge Evers Angela Fiori Liliana Folta C.B. Forsythe Sonya Tanae Fort Kathryn Geismar Dennis Geller Susan Gilbert Donna Gordon RJ Grady Katherine Gulla Laura Gurton Nancy Hayes Joel Howe

the 2022 uried Exhibition Lynne Johnson Deborah Katz Peter W. Kronberg Molly Lamb Joe Landry Susan Lirakis B. Lynch Saberah Malik Lori Mehta Donna Melanson Janet Montecalvo Mary Morazzi Henderson Nancy Natale Bridget Parmenter Deborah Peeples Astrid Reischwitz Robin Reynolds Ali Cal Ridley

Beverly Rippel Amy Ropple Claudia Ruiz Gustafson Anne Sargent Walker Patricia Scialo Wendy Seller Tracy Spadafora C.A. Stigliano Suzanne Stumpf Ken Tighe Andrea Tishman Stephanie Todhunter Richard Tranfaglia Jillian Vaccaro David Weinberg David Whitney Jeanne Williamson Ostroff Delanie Wise


Christie Allan-Piper Red Mask, 2021 Pastel on Paper Polyptych, 91 x 28”

Julie Angela Theresa Step Up, 2021 Oil on wood 34 x 24”


Bob Avakian The Green Light, 2018 Archival pigment print 32 x 32”

Marcia Ballou Stitched, 2021 Stitched collage with cotton and silk thread with painted fabrics on canvas 10 x 10”


Lisa Barthelson aii form 2, art in isolation, family debris, 2021 Family debris monoprints as sculpture 23 x 25 x 18”

Deborah Baye Night & Day, 2019 Mixed media, cut paper, paint, pencil, resin 24 x 24 x 2”


Susan Bauer Bathrobe #2, 2022 Graphite on paper 26 x 43”

William Betcher WarTrauma #6 Campfire, 2022 Dye sublimated aluminum photograph 24 x 36”


emerging artist award

Jenna Billian What Should We Take?, 2022 Wood, enamel, vinyl, cast plaster, cast plastic

Sarah Meyers Brent All Dressed Up With No Place To Go, 2021 Upcycled objects and mixed media 16.5 x 11 x 5.5”


Judy Brown Astrid Wants Breakfast, 2021 Archival Inkjet print 12 x 12”, framed 16 x 16”

Michaela Castelline Lost in My World, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30”


Sally Chapman What do you think?, 2022 Cyanotype and pastels 30 x 14”

Diana Cheren Nygren Before the Waterfall, 2020 Archival pigment print 12.5 x 12.5”

Pamela G. Chiasson Seek Peace, 2022 Paint, vintage school books, maps, journals, bank checks, bible Hymnal papers, pencil, mark making tools 30 x 48”

Merill Comeau Mother They Daughter, 2022 Dress, paper snippets, embroidery 24 x 18 x 8”


metrowest artist award

Bréa Corcoran Addict, 2022 Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 x 1.5”

Michael Costello Marcella, 2021 Oil on canvas 24 x 30”


Alice Dillon Volume One, 2021 Thread on duck canvas fabric and cotton fabric 9 x 12”

Steven Duede Redux Part One Red Velvet, 2022 Archival pigment print


James Dye And so was Bedlam Brought to Order, 2019 Dip pen and India Ink second place 40 x 12”

Mary Erickson Peel, 2022 Watercolor on paper 30 x 22”


Madge Evers Seven Is a Number, 2022 Cyanotype, gesso, and wax 48 x 36”

Angela Fiori untitled, 2021 Mixed media 18 x 20 x 4”


Liliana Folta Meadows - The - Gardening Revolution, 2021 Repurposed textiles, found objects, ceramic

C.B. Forsythe Done/Undone, 20182021 Ink, paint, found fibers on canvas bag 29 x 33”


Sonya Tanae Fort Side View, 2021 Digital photography

third place

Kathryn Geismar Convergence, 2022 Graphite on Duralar and paper 82 x 42”

honorable mention


Dennis Geller End of the Day, 2020 Archival Inkjet print 12 x 18”

Susan Gilbert HIPSTERS, 2020 Mixed media on paper 27 x 23”


Donna Gordon The Two Faces of Carol, 2021 Lithograph 15 x 18”

first place

RJ Grady Blackbirds, Alabaster, Elephants, 2021 Oil on linen 72 x 72”


Katherine Gulla May 6th, Adams Crabapple, 2020 Archival Pigment print 24 x 36”

Laura Gurton Unknown Species no. 312, 2022 Oil and alkyd on linen 45 x 36”

17 21

Nancy Hayes Collaborate, 2021 Acrylic on board 47 x 40”

Joel Howe Tangles, 2022 Oil and canvas 30 x 40”


Lynne Johnson Quick Fix – Road Work 4, 2020 Cast paper, acrylic 30 x 26 x 2”

Deborah Katz Candy Stripes and Tulips, 2021 Watercolor on paper 22 x 29”


Peter W. Kronberg day lilies, 2021 Cast plaster panel 25.5 x 34”

Molly Lamb Hat Pins, 2020 Archival pigment print 22 x 26” (framed)


Joe Landry Hotel Beavclair, 2020 Mixed media 1/8 scale miniature wall-hanging construction 16 x 35 x 9”

Susan Lirakis Connection, 2022 Archival pigment print 6.5 x 6.5”, framed 12 x 12”


B. Lynch Deep Study, 2022 Constructed digital image 5 x 7”

Saberah Malik Beanstalking, 2018 Polyester fabrics, cotton rope 60 x 20 x 20”


Lori Mehta XMarkstheSpot, 2021 Oil on cradled board 36 x 36 x 2”

Donna Melanson Conversations with Craig, 2021 Hand dyed silk, pieced and quilted 20 x 17”


Janet Montecalvo How Sweet it is, 2018 Oil on wood panel 30 x 40”

Mary Morazzi Henderson Protect, 2021 Ceramic, high fired stoneware 15 x 7 x 17”


Nancy Natale Some Sun, 2020 Cardboard, paper, canvas with mixed media 30 x 30 x 1.5”

Bridget Parmenter FINE, 2020 Nikon D600 35 mm Sigma lens 29

Deborah Peeples Almost There, 2021 Encaustic on panel 30 x 30”

Astrid Reischwitz A Pleasure to Give Liver, 2019 Archival pigment print with hand-sewn embroidery 23 x 28 x 1” Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Kayafas


Robin Reynolds Just Moving Away, 2021 Oil on panel 30 x 30”

Ali Cal Ridley slow fires, 2019 Charcoal, acrylic, pastel 15.5 x 56.5” Unstretched canvas, hung with nails 31

Beverly Rippel Red and Black Cap Gun, 2020 Impasto oil paint on canvas 6 x 6 x 2”

Amy Ropple Reality and Other Obstacle Courses, 2021 Mixed media textile art 24 x 36”


Claudia Ruiz Gustafson El sueño de Maria (Maria’s dream), 2020 Archival pigment print 12 x 18”

honorable mention

Anne Sargent Walker Pink Room, 2019 Oil, acrylic, vintage wallpaper, plastic flowers 12 x 12”


Patricia Scialo Statuary No. 2, Stiges Spain, 2019 Hand-tinted gelatin silver print and encaustic 14 x 11”

Wendy Seller Woman & Child, 2022 Digital collage, archival pigment print 20 x 17” (unframed)


Tracy Spadafora Dumpster with Reflection, 2021 Oil and encaustic on braced wood panel 36 x 36 x 1.5”

C.A. Stigliano War in Heaven II. Battle for the Soul of the Planet, 2021 Carved poplar, stain, acrylic paint 25 x 39 x 2” 35

Suzanne Stumpf From Away, 2020 Porcelain sculpture 11“ x 4”

Ken Tighe Cheers to Dunmore Throop, 2021 Oil and gold leaf on panel 50 x 60”


Andrea Tishman We Sang, 2022 Linoprint, gouache on 32 teabags mounted on wood panel 30 x 24”

Stephanie Todhunter Fern is good at hiding, 2020 Mixed media 24 x 19” (unframed)


Richard Tranfaglia Pemaquid Shadow, 2021 Photograph 18 x 24”

Jillian Vaccaro Family Ties, 2022 Acrylic, prints, pastel, ink, my nephew’s shoelaces 30 x 65”


David Weinberg Spirit Animal, 2019 Archival Inkjet print 15 x 12”

David Whitney Last Ice, 2022 Silver gelatin print 12 x 18”


Jeanne Williamson Ostroff Trying to Stay Safe from Germs #3, 2020 Mixed media on stiffened fabric 23.25 x 56.75”

Delanie Wise Ginger, 2021 Clay 23 x 10 x 10”

honorable mention


About the Danforth The Danforth Museum was founded with the intent to connect with and represent our surrounding community, highlighting the art and artists of the Greater Boston area, and serving as an accessible space to engage with both historical and contemporary art. Our mission is to collect, document, preserve, display, and interpret original works of art and the resources in its care in order to uphold and advance the academic goals and core values of Framingham State University and to enrich the community at large.

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This exhibition was generously sponsored by our friends at Middlesex Savings Bank.

exhibition catalog design

Laura Gayton, Danforth Art Museum cover image credits

Saberah Malik, Beanstalking, 2018 Madge Evers, Seven Is a Number, 2022


This exhibition would not have been possible without the tireless work and dedication of Danforth Staff, including Rachel Passannante, who flawlessly managed all of the logistics of the exhibition, Laura Gayton, who created all of the exhibition’s graphics and marketing material, including this catalog, Tim Johnson and Frank Graham for expert installation, and Mary Erickson and Barry Burlingham, whose contributions to our team make the Danforth the regional gem we all believe it is! - Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator, Danforth Art Museum