The 2022 Danforth Annual Report

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2022 Annual Report

Table of Contents Messages from the Danforth Directors 3-4 Staff Highlights 5-6 Exhibitions 7-14 Impressive Figures from FY 2022 15-16 Constant Contact Performance 17-20 Art School Highlights 21 Art School Programs and Data 22 The Museum’s Digital Publications 23-24 The Museum’s Video Collection 25-26
A Growing Interest in Meta Fuller 27-28 A Year of Firsts 29-30 Acquisitions 31-32 Museum Donors 33-35 Donors to the Art School 36 Danforth Art Alliance Leadership 37 FSU Foundation Funds & Current Values 38 Thank you from the Danforth 39

A message from Museum Director and Curator

Jessica Roscio

“Our annual report is an opportunity for me to pause and reflect on another exciting year at the Museum. We have all witnessed how social situations changed as we emerged into what we optimistically refer to as a postpandemic new normal. I am thankful that visitors have continued to find our galleries safe and welcoming. We were thrilled over the past year to see attendance steadily climb, membership double, and programs that had been dormant for years come back, including the Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition. With each month, I grow more confident in the Museum’s strength and sustainability, and am grateful to be a part of an incredible community of artists, members, visitors, and dedicated staff. I can’t wait see what is ahead for us!”

A message from Art School Director Noelle Fournier

“The Danforth Art School enjoyed another productive year in our home on the Framingham Centre Common. Our students of all ages continue to inspire me as I walk through the studios, noticing a child mastering a new technique in sculpture or someone capturing the exact shadow of fig in acrylic paint. The work we do here allows for artistic discovery and experimentation for hundreds of our community members annually. Our faculty provide comprehensive lessons in a welcoming environment that unique to the Danforth. This year provided many opportunities to plant new seeds of growth for us, which my staff and I are tending carefully. We look forward to supporting this new growth in the coming years so that we can truly fulfill our mission to provide transformational artistic experiences for our community.”


another situations find to Museum’s incredible wait to a and that is new look can for

Staff Highlights

Barry Burlingham Gifts and Stewardship

“There were many highlights for me this year. In February we were honored to welcome the family and friends of Danforth founder Paul Marks whose daughters Tracey and Robbin hosted a memorial celebration in his honor, and in April we dedicated the Danforth lobby, a tribute to Joan Bayon Pinsky through a generous donation of her children. In addition, together with Collections Manager, Rachel Passannante, we produced several Behind the Scenes videos explaining various Museum functions. ”

Mary Erickson Visitor Services

“As I look back on this past year two things stand out. First, I was honored to have my painting hanging in our Museum as part of the Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition. I feel privileged to be a part of a wonderful community here, with staff, members, donors, as well artists. To actually exhibit here was the icing on the cake! The second thrill I had this year was to be hired full time in

order to work on community engagement for a place that I feel so strongly about! That it is now my job to engage with people in the community to see how we can support them and get them involved at the museum is a natural fit given my passion for people and the Danforth.”


Laura Gayton, Membership

“My interview with Danforth’s most enthusiastic member, Richard Freeman, was my high point. Freeman visits the Museum almost weekly and told me he likes to look at the same artwork over and over again, sometimes closely analyzing it and other times simply allowing it to wash over him. When Richard told me “I look at artwork, and I see found objects reorganized. And it (the artwork) choreographs me,” I realized just how much I can learn from our amazing members!”

“The return of the Annual Juried Exhibition was exciting and a bit daunting for me as this was my first Juried Exhibition with the Danforth and there are a lot of moving parts: submission platform set up, juried voting and selection of the finalists, communicating with artists selected, and the delivery of the works. All of this was well worth it as meeting and experiencing art from such talented regional artists and seeing the exhibition come together into this amazing show was definitely the highlight of my year!”

Art School Manager

“One of the many highlights from this past year was seeing the enthusiasm and excitement at our first in-person Drinks at the Danforth event. The art school knows the importance of incorporating the incredible resources the museum provides us to draw inspiration for our classes and workshops, therefore it was even more special to collaborate with them and hold an event that brought both loyal and new patrons to our institution — all gathering together to appreciate and create art!”

Rachel Chandra Taylor


October 2021–March 2022


Dowd Found and Gifted

Dan Dowd explores the role of the artist in relation to found objects through his collection and transformation of discarded fabric, metal, and rubber into works of art. His reverence for the object and ability to convert what might be considered beyond use into personal "portraits"—using only materials that he found or was gifted—masterfully illustrates the idea that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


Anne Lambert The Way Things Go

Anne Lambert’s belief that objects have meaning and can always be repurposed is a cornerstone of her work, along with her observation of the minute details of everyday life. This exhibition represents five decades of Lambert’s productivity as an artist, including prints, paintings, photographs, and the mixed media assemblages that came to define her style.


Indigenous Voices

in Contemporary Art

Curated by Collections Manager Rachel Passannante, Indigenous Voices in Contemporary Art highlights a selection of works from the Danforth's permanent collection to honor Indigenous artists who keep traditions, culture, and ritual alive while bringing attention to the ongoing struggles they still face.


Glass Houses Sally Brecher's

Brecher photographs ordinary objects found at home and arranged as still life compositions as a meditation on our experiences over the past year. With the house as a symbol of confinement she explored the way the pandemic could be transformed from a terrifying experience to a more playful one. Drawing on the experience of isolation and confinement from a childhood illness, Brecher’s object portraits focus on simple elements and ask the viewer to contemplate the ways in which artists breathe life into objects and why that matters.



March 2022–May 2022


Over the past five years, the online gallery Aspect Initiative has showcased some of the finest photographic voices working today, with a specific focus in New England. Its roster represents a range of artists, subjects, and materials, affirming the strength of our regional photographic practice. This exhibition moves the works from the screen to the Museum walls, bringing the artists together in one space, and highlighting and celebrating recent work.


Suzanne Hodes occupies a unique place in contemporary art in New England. She came of age in the company of artists in Boston who were known for vibrant color, wild brushstrokes, and deep emotional connections inspired by German Expressionism. Her mastery of figural abstraction and commitment to family and self-exploration, along with an engaged and attentive eye to global politics, is evident throughout this exhibition. The Engaged Image traces six decades of an artist who cuts beneath the surface of her subject matter to create deeply personal and political works, exploring both the darkness and the light in the world.



June 2022

The Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition

The highly anticipated Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition featured some of the best artistic talent in New England in a showcase of diverse mediums and exceptional skills. Seventy-two artists were on view, and all selected works were included in a digital catalog available on the Danforth website. The Juried Exhibition, which had been an annual occurrence at the former Union Avenue location, saw its return for the first time at the Jonathon Maynard building and was underwritten by our first corporate sponsor, Middlesex Savings Bank.

Impressive Figures 10 Vimeo videos produced with 2,000 views 34 New Artworks brought into the museum’s Permanent Collection $202,000 Museum met and surpassed its FY22 fundraising goal of 1 Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller work,
for Ethiopia Awakening, sent to Venice for the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia
for Curatorial Operations 426 students welcomed into summer art programs bringing in a total of $172,000 in revenue established this year 15
Betty & Ralph Funk Endowment
4x The number of visitors compared to FY ‘21 1 New adult class at the Art School titled Drawing at the Museum held entirely in the museum with a wait list 205 people attended our Opening Reception for 5 Years of Aspect Initiative graduating FSU fashion design students’ work on display at the Museum during May 2022 Danforth memberships doubled this year
allowing for disbursement of financial
classes at the Art
16 4
Figures from FY 2022
Nan Hass Feldman Art School Scholarship Fund
aid for

Constant Contact for the entire fiscal

% % % % % % % % 17

Contact Performance fiscal year 2022


Breakdown of email for first and second

We saw an average open rate of 24% for the first six months year. These numbers illustrate the open rate nearly doubled over we are contacting the correct segment of the population, and We are thrilled to see this remarkable amount of improvement continue offering valuable content, but have set a concrete goal

% % % % % %

email performance second half of the year

which increased to 42% for the last six months of the fiscal over the fiscal year. What does this mean? We believe it means also that we are offering them content they want to read. in such a short period of time. Going forward, we plan to goal of increasing the number of contacts on our mailing list.

% % % % % % % % %

Art School Highlights

We received a donation which, in conjunction with a donation received from the Museum, allowed us to create a new education position serving both museum and school.

We also received a donation from another donor to allow for the expansion of the Studio Assistantship Program. We modified this teen leadership program to incorporate year-round opportunities to support public programming at the Museum and to provide a modest stipend for the assistants.

We received an endowed scholarship from Nan and Alan Feldman, which allowed us to disperse financial aid equivalent to the full cost of a class to three recipients during the year.

We held an Adult Student Exhibition with a closing reception in March that was well-attended and resulted in art sales for some students.

We held several Faculty Spotlight exhibitions in the Art School along with an artist talk from Nan Hass Feldman.

We collaborated with FSU Departments including the Centers for Early Childhood Education, Continuing Education, and the Whittemore Library, to provide programming in conjunction with their efforts. We also collaborated with the Framingham History Center, Framingham Public Library and the Garden in the Woods, along with the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham.


Art School Programs & Data

We held another successful Summer Arts program for children and teens with total registrations of 426 and $172,000 in revenue.

Our Fall Session consisted of 8 weeks of classes as well as Family Workshops, Kids’ Night Out events and December Vacation week programming. We received 191 registrations and $48,700 in revenue.

During the winter session, we offered 15 classes for adults including the Studio Series which is a four-week class featuring four different teachers and techniques. New classes for middle school included printmaking and a fashion design workshop. February Vacation week workshops and a family workshop were also offered. The winter session yielded 223 total registrations with a total revenue of $52,300.

The spring season though generally slow in the studios, saw a flurry of activity with staff spending a great deal of time preparing for Summer Arts and training Studio Assistants. Registrations came in at 165 with revenue around $46,600.


Digital Publications


A new subscription to ISSUU allowed us to put all of our publications putting our FY 2021 Annual Report online and went on to create a digital we published a catalog of Suzanne Hodes’ exhibition The Engaged Image.


ns online thus making them accessible to everyone. We began by digital catalog for The Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition. In addition, Image. Click on the images above to browse.


Video Collection


The collection of videos on our vimeo channel continues to grow. This year 7,500 impressions. Click on any of the images above to view a selection of


year we released 10 new videos which got 2,000 views and over of our videos now.


A growing interest in Meta

Meta Fuller on Channel 5’s Chronicle

In celebration of Black History Month, Meta Fuller’s Grandson David Fuller talked with Anthony Everett about the Meta Fuller Collection and his recollections of his grandparents. The show aired on an edition of Chronicle Friday, February 24. Click on the image above to watch the interview.

Fuller’s work travels to Venice

The 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, titled The Milk of Dreams, curated by Cecilia Alemani, opened to the public in Venice on Saturday, April 23. Framingham State University’s Danforth Art Museum was proud to be present through the loan of Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller’s Maquette for Ethiopia Awakening to this landmark exhibition.


Meta Fuller

Fuller featured in spring edition of Art New England

Art New England wrote an article in their May/June issue on Meta Fuller’s Ethiopia Awakening sculpture, made in 1921 for the Making of America exhibition in New York City.

Fuller Middle School dedication

Director and Curator Jessica Roscio and Collections Manager Rachel Passannante attended the dedication of the new Fuller Middle School in Framingham. Named after Meta Vaux Warrick and Dr. Solomon C. Fuller, the school reopened in a brand-new state-of-the art building Fall 2021.

Photo below: Fuller family at dedication.


A Year of Firsts

Conservation in Collections: An important Jaune Quick-to-See Smith work in the summer of 2021 with funds from the Joan E. Murtaugh ‘61 Conservation Collaboration: Danforth Curator/Director Jessica Roscio and Aspect Initiative teamed up to celebrate 5 years of the online gallery featuring contemporary photography England (see photo bottom left). Curatorial Fellow: Graduating FSU student instrumental part of the Danforth over the past year with job duties that ranged the Permanent Collection new content for the Drinks at the Danforth: in-person Drinks at the based on exhbitiong Houses (see photo bottom Bloom: The winners Design Awards, established their work in the Permanent of the Museum for The Joan Bayan to the Danforth are and beautiful entryway donation from the above right). The Juried Exhibition: we brought back the Exhibition featuring talent in New England.


work was conserved Fund. Curatorial Initiative Curator Steven Duede photography in New student Haley Donahue was an ranged widely from helping curate Collection for 2022 to creating the Danforth mobile app. Danforth: We held our first the Danforth event which was exhbitiong artist Sally Brecher’s Glass bottom right). Fashion in winners of the Mancuso Fashion established in 2022, displayed Permanent Collection Gallery for the entire month of May. Bayan Pinsky Lobby: Visitors are now able to enjoy a new entryway thanks to a generous Pinsky family (see photo 2022 Danforth Annual Exhibition: After a six-year hiatus, the Danforth Annual Juried featuring some of the best artistic England.



Murray Dewart, Untitled (wood carving), 1977. Carved wood, stain, Gift of Peter Lipsitt, 2021.72

Al Fisher, Untitled (Portrait of Michael Trautman), 1986. Platinum print. Gift of Sarah Shallbetter, 2021.73

Aileen Callaway, The Spine’s Tale in the Skin (Moby Dick Series), Charcoal on paper. Gift of the Artist, 2021.76.1

Aileen Callaway, White Spot (Moby Dick Series), Charcoal on paper. Gift of the Artist, 2021.76.2

Aileen Callaway, White Spot II (Moby Dick Series), Charcoal on paper. Gift of the Artist, 2021.76.3

Dana Filibert, Ram Tap, 2016-2017, Steel, carved foam, paint. Museum Purchase, 2021.71

Neil Wilkins, laminae/transience:46, 2020, Colored pigment, acrylic, wax, on cradled birch panel. Museum Purchase, 2021.75.1

Neil Wilkins, laminae/transience:47, 2020, Colored pigment, acrylic, wax, on cradled birch panel. Museum Purchase, 2021.75.2

Nancy Hayes, Floral Matrix, 2020, Acrylic on MDF panel. Museum Purchase, 2021.74.1-.7

Hughie Lee-Smith, The Dancer, c. Gift of the Family of Ira Avrin and Mags Harries, Book Circle, 2020, paper. Gift of Murray Dewart, 2022.11

Eric Sealine, Maggie Swimming to wood. Gift of Murray Dewart, 2022.12

Richard Freeman, Hank’s Bird (Homage Radetsky), c.1980, Ink wash and Artist, 2022.2

Nora S. Unwin, Blue Formation, n.d., of Carol and Mitchell Kur, 2022.4

Nora S. Unwin, Upsurge, n.d., Intaglio Carol and Mitchell Kur, 2022.5

Margaret Philbrick, Rain, n.d., Etching and Mitchell Kur, 2022.6

Margaret Philbrick, Artists on Cape Gift of Carol and Mitchell Kur, 2022.7

Jack Bilander, Mother and Child, Gift of Carol and Mitchell Kur, 2022.8

Arthur Mazmanian, Sandy Pond, paper. Gift of Carol and Mitchell

Ed Goldman, Untitled (Abstract Birds), paper. Gift of Carol and Mitchell

Flora Natapoff, Yellow, 1982, Acrylic Gift of David R. Moran, 2022.13


c. 1950, Watercolor on paper. Sylvia Mellen Avrin, 2022.1

2020, Book spines and glue on 2022.11

to the Moonlight, n.d., Painted 2022.12

(Homage to Henry Moore & Irina ink pen on paper. Gift of the n.d., Intaglio print on paper. Gift

Intaglio print on paper. Gift of Etching on paper. Gift of Carol Cape Cod, n.d., Etching on paper. 2022.7

1958, Lithograph on paper. 2022.8

1970, Silkscreen print on Kur, 2022.9

Birds), 1959, Lithograph on Kur, 2022.10 Acrylic and rag paper on canvas.

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Cayote in Quarantine, 2020 Ninecolor lithograph on paper. Gift of Robert Alter, 2022.3

David Sholl, Recess, n.d., Oil on canvas, Gift of William J. Gilligan, 2022.14

David Sholl, Black Cat, n.d., Watercolor on paper. Gift of William J. Gilligan, 2022.15

Jill Pottle, Pandemic Wedding Dress, 2020, Oil on canvas. Museum Purchase, 2022.17

Sarah Supplee, Exit to Danbury, NY, c.1950, Oil on canvas. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Carl and Barbara Bass, 2022.16

Georgia Litwack, Red Quintet, n.d., Photograph. Gift of Deborah Litwack, 2022.18.1-.4

Georgia Litwack, Untitled (Kaleidoscope Series), n.d., Photograph. Gift of Deborah Litwack, 2022.19.1-.6

Georgia Litwack, Untitled (Self Portrait), n.d., Photograph. Gift of Deborah Litwack, 2022.20

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, The Good Samaritan, 1962, Painted plaster. Gift of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2022.21

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, Untitled (Crucifixion), n.d., Painted plaster. Gift of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2022.22

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, Mold for the Crucifixion, 1962, Plaster, resin. Gift of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2022.23

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, Mold and Bronze Plaque, c.1962, Plaster, resin, bronze. Gift of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2022.24



Donors Susan Acton Thomas Adams Elizabeth Albert Robert Alter* Eleanor Anbinder* Anonymous (3) Marcia Aronson Lisa Barthelson* Stuart & Lee Bauer Doris Birmingham* Barbara Block Danielle Bodley Nina Bohlen* Mark Borreliz* Judith Brown Laura Brown* Barry Burlingham* Beth Butterworth* Aileen Callahan* Barbara Carter* Jasmine Chen* Selina Chow Gary & Doris Christelis* Sara Cline* Caroline Cockrill Ann Collins Merill Comeau* Elizabeth Cook Marc Cote Aimee Dalrymple* Danforth Art Alliance, Inc. Michael Desilets Rachel DiBella Wilma DiMasi Eileen Donovan Peter Drotch* Steven Duede* John & Raeann Duff Pamela Edrehi Penelope El-Bisi Diane Engel Patricia Epperly Estate of Anna McGovern Carolyn Evans Henry Field Joanna Fink John Fisher Suzanne Fontano Marion Foster Noelle Fournier* Andrea Frank* Albert Frederick Richard Freeman* Judy Friswell Dennis Geller* Jean Gibran Rosalie B Glovsky Arthur Goldberg Tina Golden* Virgen Gonzalez * denotes member/donor 33
& Richard Hiersteiner
& Elsa Hornfischer*
Foundation Inc.
& Julia Mansur
Maurice Susan Meeker
Savings Bank
Pinsky Jeffrey Pinsky David Pinsky
Linda Poras Deborah Quitt* Judith Ravindra Judy Riegelhaupt Brenda Rodrigues* Marcia Rosenberg* Gail Rosenberg Gail Samuelson Kathy Sastavickas* Sheel Saxena Robert Schecter* Anthony Schwartz Ruth Scotch* Judith Scott Mary Silverberg James Snider Mort Soifer Leslie Starobin Kurt Steinberg Sarah Steinberg Nicolas Stephens Lorraine Telegen Emily Tiger Nan Tull* Christine Van Zadelhoff Nadine Wallack
Weinberg* Susan Westerling Karen Williams Paula & William Zellen 34
(This list includes gifts received by the Danforth between July 1, 2021June 30, 2022.)
Gifts of $10,000 - $50,000 Anonymous Litowitz Foundation Inc. Middlesex Savings Bank Marcia Rosenberg David Weinberg* Gifts of $5,000 - $6,200 Danforth Art Alliance, Inc. Estate of Anna McGovern David Pinsky Gregg Pinsky Jeffrey Pinsky Kathy Sastavickas* Karen Williams Gifts of $2,000 - $2,500 Robert Alter Peter & Hinda Drotch Toney Hopkins David & Elsa Hornfischer* Robbin Marks* Tracey Marks*
Frederick Rosalie Glovsky
Jones Milly Katzman
Van Zadelhoff
Barthelson* Danielle Bodley Beth Butterworth*
Dalrymple* Steven Duede
Field Andrea
$75 Susan Acton Doris Birmingham* Barbara Block Mark Borreliz* Judith Brown Laura Brown* Barry Burlingham Sara Cline* Ann Collins Elizabeth Cook Marc Cote Michael Desilets Wilma DiMasi Diane Engel Carolyn Evans Joanna Fink John Fisher Noelle Fournier Richard Freeman*
of $100 (continued)
Griffin Erica & Richard Hiersteiner Anne-Marie Lochiatto Jean Moss Carla Pepka Judith Ravindra Judith Riegelhaupt Gail Rosenberg Anthony Schwartz Kurt Steinberg Sarah Steinberg Nicholas Stephens 35 Gifts Aileen
Michael Lois Levick Raymond Ann Nelson Ruth Mort Soifer Lorraine Emily
Jean Virgen Timothy Peter Jean Sandra Jane Brenda Robert Judith Mary Leslie Nadine Paula
Gifts of $160 - $499 Selina
Merrill Comeau Albert
Katie Hebert J.B.
Helen Meyrowitz Eliot Morra Linda
Deborah Quitt* Gail Samuelson Christine
Gifts of $100 Thomas Adams Elizabeth Albert
Anbinder* Lisa
John & Raeann
Frank* Gifts of
Gifts of $500 - $1,000 Anonymous* Lee & Stuart Bauer Nina Bohlen* Gary & Doris Christelis* Patricia Epperly Arthur Goldberg Eric Gustafson* Lois Herman Suzanne Hodes Joseph Kasputys* Susan Lapides Cynthia Maurice Gifts
Barbara Caroline Rachel Eileen Penelope Suzanne Marion Judith Dennis
Gifts of $500 - $1,000 (continued) Susan Meeker
Saxena James Snider Nan Tull*

Donors to the Art School

David Weinberg Andrew Rodriguez Danforth Art Alliance, Inc. Karen Vilani
36 up to $49 Aileen Callahan* Barbara Carter* Caroline Cockrill Rachel DiBella Eileen Donovan Penelope El-Bisi Suzanne Fontano Marion Foster Judith Friswell Dennis Geller* Golden* Michael Leis Levick Raymond & Julia Mansur Nelson Scotch Soifer Lorraine Telegen Tiger of $50 - $75 (continued) Gibran Virgen Gonzalez Timothy Johnson Lipsitt Maguire Sandra Matthews* Paradise Brenda Rodrigues* Robert Schecter* Judith Scott Silverberg Starobin Nadine Wallack & William Zellen
Nan & Alan Feldman Kathy Sastavickas Oren Sherman Karen S. Kafka

Danforth Volunteer Leadership

Ellie Anbinder

Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc.

Richard Baiano

Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc.

Brian Bishop

Professor of Art, Framingham State University

Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board Chair, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board Collections Committee

Gary Christelis

Vice President and Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc.

Marc Cote

Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Board Chair & Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board

Betty Funk

Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc.

Dr. Kurt T. Steinberg

Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc.

John Thompson

Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc. Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board

David Weinberg

President, Secretary and Trustee, Danforth Art Alliance, Inc. Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board Board Member, Framingham University Foundation

Evelyn Wolfson

Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board

Kristin Porter-Utley

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, FSU Member, Danforth Art Center Advisory Board


FSU Foundation Funds and Current Values

Danforth Art Museum Acquisitions Fund:


Begun by the Weinberg Family in 2019, this fund is maintained by the family with the periodic addition of gifts, but it is not an endowed fund.

Paul B. Rosenberg Fund for Museum Education:


Established with $25,000 in late 2020, this endowed fund produced its first yield in FY2022.

Joan E. Murtaugh ’61 Art Conservation Fund: $60,824

This Fund was first established with an endowment of $25,000 in 2020, with its first yield in FY2022.

Betty & Ralph Funk Endowment for Curatorial Operations: $25,773

Established in 2022, this endowment was given to serve a broad range of possible curatorial needs of the Museum.

“In 1973, my late husband Paul and I joined a small group of citizens who aimed to start a museum in Framingham because the area lacked cultural opportunities. After a concerted, tireless effort by many, the Danforth Museum was born in 1975. I continue to support the Museum enthusiastically because it has more than lived up to its mission to provide the very best in art exhibitions, classes, workshops and other educational programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests”


The Danforth thanks


you for your support!


annual report design

Laura Gayton, Danforth Art Museum

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Al Fisher, Untitled (Portrait of Michael Trautman) , 1986

Nora Undin, Blue Formation, n.d.

Page 36: Dana Filibert, Ram Tap, 2016-17

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