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Fashion Headquarters Design II - Spring 2010 Meat Packing District, NYC

A fashion designer needs an effcient space where design, production, and retail are all taken into account. In keeping with Mark Fast’s modern knitwear design themes, the headquarters for his work was conceptualized. Taking the idea of knitting and the intertwining of fabrics, the program spaces within the building intertwine with one another. This creates a direct relationship with each space, and invites collaboration between departments of the business.

Music Conservatory Design III - Fall 2010 Red Hook, Brooklyn

This project began with an in depth anaylsis of the way music is created and structured, analyzing different drumming patterns and rhythms in particular. What emerged from that analysis was an approach that took into account the two main types of music: raw and refined. The “raw” music would be contained in the school portion of the conservatory where a communal practice would serve as the central hub for all students. The more dynamic and “refined” music would be presented in the form of formal performances in the main theater.

36-unit Housing Design IV- Spring 2011 Lower East Side, NYC

The main concept was for each individual or family to know exactly where their dwelling is by looking at the complex from a distance. Thick structural bearing walls were implemented to divide each group of unit types. High density was combined with individuality to form a creative and unique housing solution.

3 Bedroom Unit 2 Bedroom Unit 1 Bedroom Unit Circulation Core Outdoor Terrace

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