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For its activities, the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad benefits from the support of the French Embassy in India and the Alliance Française Foundation.

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Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad

B/S Food Corporation of India, Himali Tower Lane, Manekbaug-Shyamal Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380 015 Gujarat M: +91 79907 69111

Tel :+91 79 26733 800, 26733 900

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CampusFrance Ahmedabad

(at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad)

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Alliance Française - Baroda Branch

Alliance Française, Baroda Branch, FP. No/ 154, Nr. Shyam

Villa Flats, Natraj Society, Opp. Parag Vatika Garden, Deluxe Char Rasta, Nizampura, Baroda – 390024 M: +91 87583 01066

Tel : 0265 2777988

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FB : af de Baroda Insta: @af_de_baroda

Executive Committee President

Pavan Bakeri

Abhijit Sen

Chiranjiv Patel

Emmanuel Bottiau

Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Members Director Assistant

Priyanshi Patel

Sharad Shah

Vishal Mehta

Samir More

Anne Balaram Aarohi Dave Dhaiwat Shukla Jayesh Patel

Jignasa Shukla Harsh Shah

Kavya Mehta Mauli Modi

Mruga Thakkar Nisha Vyas

Nishith Shah

Pavani Gowravaram Payal Chokshi Rajeshwari Desai Sapna Garg Tejal Vyas Baroda

Falguni Desai

Mala de Fenoyl

Payal Jadia

Satyen Gulabrai Sudha Rammohan

Anuja Manohar Rahma Charki

Sana Lokhandwala

Paresh Punjani Raj Vakil

Rajeshwari Desai

Priyal Kothari (Courses)

Deep Soni (Culture)

(Courses) (Ahmedabad)

Hiranmayee Bhatt

(Culture & Comm) (Baroda)

Bobby Christie Sujit Nair

Soha Gandhi

Teachers Coordinator Administrator Accountant Library Campus France Reception

Aditya Panchal

Aastha Modi

Technical Staff

Ganpat Vaghela (Technical Head) Kalpesh Vaghela

Babu Solanki

To become a member of the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE of Ahmedabad, you would need to fill the “membership form” available at our reception or by email A photo identity should be provided along with the application.

Designed by Rajeshwari Desai/Deep Soni

Credit : Kid Kreol & Boogie

Cover Art


Chers Amis, Kem chho?

Même si je suis arrivé à Ahmedabad il y a quelques semaines déjà, ce premier édito est l’occasion pour moi de vous dire à quel point je suis heureux d’être parmi vous.

Ma première visite en Inde remonte à il y a plus d’une vingtaine d’années et je me souviens de cette promesse que je m’étais faite d’y vivre et d’y travailler un jour, tant ce pays m’a fasciné dès les premiers instants. Mon vœu s’est réalisé et je me sens particulièrement chanceux, d’être non seulement Directeur d’une Alliance Française en Inde, mais plus encore ici, à Ahmedabad, dans une ville si riche culturellement, si dynamique et si accueillante.

Notre Alliance qui vient de fêter ses quarante ans peut s’enorgueillir d’un formidable parcours, grâce à tous ceux et toutes celles qui l’ont façonnée et développée. Après deux années difficiles, la vie a repris son cours et c’est pour nous tous le moment d’imaginer l’Alliance de demain… je l’aimerais encore plus accueillante, plus moderne, plus inclusive. Je la souhaite animée par votre présence régulière, à nos cours, à nos événements, qu’elle soit plus que jamais un lieu d’échange, d’apprentissage, de découverte et de création. Je suis convaincu que la mission de notre Alliance est essentielle, car elle s’articule autour de valeurs fondamentales de dialogue, d’ouverture, d’enrichissement mutuel et de tolérance.

Il me tarde d’écrire ce nouveau chapitre de la vie de l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad avec vous.

Dear Friends,

Even though I have been in Ahmedabad for a few weeks already, this first editorial is an opportunity for me to tell you how happy I am to be here.

My first visit to India goes back to more than twenty years ago and I was instantly fascinated by this country. I remember making a promise to myself that I would one day work and live here. My wish was granted and I feel blessed, not only being the Director of an Alliance Française in India, but even more in Ahmedabad - a city that is culturally so strong and dynamic and so welcoming.

Our Alliance has just celebrated its 40th birthday and all those who took part in its conception and development can take pride in its achievements. After two tough years, life has almost gone back to normal, so it is time for us to imagine the Alliance of tomorrow… I would like it to be even more welcoming, modern, and inclusive. I wish it to be thriving thanks to your involvement in our classes and events, to be more than ever a place where people exchange ideas, learn, discover, and create. I am convinced that the mission of our Alliance is essential, for it is based on fundamental values: dialogue, open-mindedness, mutual enrichment, and tolerance.

I cannot wait to write this new chapter in the life of Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad with you.

Flashback September-October Learn , Live, Breathe French.



Media Library

for Nov-Dec’22


CaféPhilo Hybride (Online and In-Person)



Who are we?
Register for our media library to get access for e-books, podcasts, French songs and more...
Come discuss / debate on various ideas in French!
French cinema 21 IFCinéma at AFA! | Two free French Film screenings every month!
Coin Français 29 Jeux de mots ! French Library 30 Library timings and activities Our Services 31 Translation Services! Our French Restaurant! 32 La Maison Vegan is open now! Introduction to AF Network 4 Learn French Online with us Upcoming regular courses 7 Online Workshops and Other courses Learn French in a fun way! 9 French Certification Exam-DELF DALF Get your Diploma now! 11 Alliance Française in Baroda Courses and activities in Baroda 13 Campus France Study in France, get Scholarships 15 For info regarding online cultural events, write us on

Who are we?

Alliance Française is an international non-profit organization that aims to promote French language and culture in the world since 1883. With over 850 centres all over the world, spread over 133 countries, it is a massive network working towards arts and culture in the modern society. Recognized by the French government, the method of teaching adopted here is international and is revised every year by the Foundation Alliance Francaise in Paris.

The Alliance Française around the world

This year we mark our 40 years of existence.

Today we stand as the only officially recognized institute in Gujarat, promoting French language and culture.

With thousands of students already having their diplomas, we have a strong network and presence in the region.

Our constant cultural activities keeps the city buzzing.

Come join our family and celebrate your love for arts, culture and language.


Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is beginning French classes in Surat! Stay Tuned for more updates!

Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad was founded in 1981 and was established in a premise near Gujarat College in 1982. Began by some of the most prominent personalities of Ahmedabad, the idea was always to spread French culture, language and art in the city. It has indeed been a beautiful journey so far. Alliance Francaise de Baroda as an annexe of Ahmedabad was opened in 2003.

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 04

Now in One year you can master three levels of French with Alliance Française and in almost 1 and a half year get your international diploma!

1 year

4.5 months

Regular Sessions four times a year

January April JulyOctober

AFA is the only French Language Learning Institute in Gujarat authorized by the French Embassy in India to teach French Language and to deliver certified French proficiency diplomas. All our teachers are FFL qualified (teaching French as Foreign Language) and participate in national and international trainings.

The main pillar of our teaching remains our pedagogy. The French courses are divided in 6 levels as per the common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Supporting these levels are our work shops that help students improve and finish their language. And lastly, a rigorous cultural calendar with almost 100 events every year providing a creative environment for the language to grow as a culture.
Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 05 COURSES

Learn French online with AF Ahmedabad !

Total per week Class Schedule






Next REGULAR Sessions

Level A1 – 09 Jan 23, 23 Feb 23

Level A2 – 09 Jan 23

Level B1 – 09 Jan 23

Level B2 – 24 Nov 22 Timings: 08:00 am - 10:00 am 10:30 am - 12:30 pm 03:00 pm - 05:00pm

Level B2 - 23 Jan 23 Timings: 08:00 am - 10:00 am

Level C1 – 08 Nov 22 Timings: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Level C1 – 23 Jan 23 Timings: 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm


08:00 - 10:00 or 10:30 - 12:30 or 14:00 - 16:00 or 16:15 - 18:15 or 18:30 - 20:30

hours 1/4 16:00-18:00 on Saturday & 09:00 - 12:15 on Sunday

hours 1/4 09:00 - 15:00 including 2 breaks (15 mn. & 30 mn.)

hours 14:00 - 16:00 or 16:00 - 18:00

hours 1/2 10:15 - 16:15 including 2 breaks (15 mn. & 30 mn.)

Sunday Sessions:

Ideal for students and professionals who arebusy on weekdays.

Timings: (09:00 am to 03:00 pm) with 2 breaks (15 min. and 30 min.)

Sunday December session: 18 December 2022: Level A1

Discovery: Saturday: 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm Sunday 09:00 am to 12:15 pm

Level A2: from Saturday 05 Nov’22

Level B1: from Saturday 05 Nov’22

Now Join any French classes in progress (Batch A1-C1) every Monday on weekly basis! Call on +91 79907 69111 to know more about course details! Special offer: Books are complimentary only for full courses level A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1
Frequency Duration of each class
courses 5 days per week from Monday to Friday 2 hours 10
(Level A1) 2 days per week Saturday & Sunday 2 hours + 3 hours 1/4 5
courses 1 day per week on Sunday 5 hours 1/4 5
Kids Batches 1 day per week on Saturday 2 hours 2
courses (crash courses) 6 days per week from Monday to Saturday 5 hours 1/4 31
Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 07

Online Workshops

Improve your French in a fun way!

Monthly Conversation Classes ( 6 hours)

Prerequisite A1 - Every Saturday

4 Saturdays/Month Timings

05 to 26 Nov’22

8 am - 9:30 am

04 to 24 Dec’22 8 am - 9:30 am

3 Saturdays/Month Timings

07 to 28 Jan’23

8 am - 10 am

04 to 25 Feb’23 8 am - 10 am (No class on 14th Jan’23 & 18 Feb’23)

Enroll for the classes for Rs. 1300/- in parallel to your current French course to get more fluency in speaking.

It shall help you for your DELF exam.

French Theater Workshop (40 hours)

We are pleased to inform you that we are back with our Atelier de théâtre to be conducted by professor Mruga Thakkar. In this specially designed workshop we shall use theatre as a tool to help you improve your pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and your general understanding of the French culture. For more details, contact the reception.

Prerequisite: Level A2 completed

Starting Date: 11 January 2023

Days: Mon, Tue & Thu Timings: 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm Tarif: Rs. 8400/-

Kids Batch (80 hours) (10 months)

For beginners or students learning French in schools.

Attractive approach to the French language and culture with interactivity, various fun filled activities, games, songs, drawings, cartoons, extracts of films, skits, story time, French dish, library kids Corner activities, communication and more…

All this with a playful approach and in a welcoming environment.

Age: 8-12 years | Every Saturday | 4 pm - 6 pm

Level 1: from 17 December 2022

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 09
Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 10 COURSES



issued by the

Ministry of Education)



YEAR 2023

DELF DALF Tout Public (TP):



before 01 January

and 31 december




(DELF-DALF Exam certificates
corresponding to the levels of Common European Framework French language certificates for teenagers (DELF Junior) French language certificates
kids (DELF PRIM) 6 4 2
born between 01 January 2005
2010 PRIM (P): born between 01 January 2011
2014 Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 11
Tout Public (TP): born before 01 January 2005 APRIL 2023 SESSION - DELF JUNIOR (J): born between 01 January 2005 and 31 December 2010 PRIM (P): born between 01 January 2011 and 31 December 2014 13/03/2023 MONDAY DELF A1 14/03/2023 DELF A2 15/03/2023 TUESDAY DELF B1 16/03/2023 WEDNESDAY DELF B2 THURSDAY Registrations for DELF DALF Tout Public: 13 February to 27 February 2023 17/03/2023 DALF C1 FRIDAY TP EXAMS Junior PRIM 17/04/2023 MONDAY DELF A1 J. 18/04/2023 DELF A2 J. 19/04/2023 TUESDAY DELF B1 J. 20/04/2023 WEDNESDAY DELF B2 J. THURSDAY Registrations for DELF Junior (J.): 17 March. to 02 April. 2023 Registrations for DELF PRIM : 17 January to 07 February 2023 DELF A1 P. DELF A2 P. The certifications are standardised in 6 levels scale according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)



Regular Batches

Monday to Friday | 2 hours

Découverte (Level A1 - 120 hrs / A1.1 - 60 hrs)

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 7:30 am to 9:30 am

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Intermédiaire (Level A2 - 120 hrs / A2.1 - 60 hrs)

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 7:30 am to 9:30 am

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm

From 09 Jan & 23 Feb’23: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Sunday Batches (18th Dec)

From 10 am to 4 pm 6 hours/week

(Including one small break of 15 minutes and one lunch break of 30 minutes)


My name is Rishab Anand.

Seuil (Level B1 - 180 hrs / B1.1 - 90 hrs)

From 09 Jan’23 : 7:30 am - 9:30 am

From 09 Jan’23 : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Indépendant (Level B2 - 180 hours / B2.1 - 90 hours)

From 24 Nov’22 : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Autonome (Level C1 - 200 hours / C1.1100 hours)

From 08 Nov’22 : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


I began my journey as a student with Alliance Française Baroda for A1 in July 2022 and have been associated with them since. Currently pursuing A2 with the weekday batch, I have had the opportunity to dive into the language not only theoretically but also through certain engaging activities. The faculty is very professional and understanding and provide the students with ample time and support to ensure proper understanding of the French language and culture along with ensuring completion of targets for each level. What’s more is that the AF resources such as the library and online platforms that the students get access to give us all the additional support we need. For me, what separates AF from other institutions is that AF assists the students to divulge into the French culture of which language is a big part and doesn’t just focus on being a language school, which was my reason to associate with them.

I am very glad to be a part of Alliance Française Baroda and would recommend it to everyone. Call: 8758301066/ 0265 2777988 Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 13 COURSES

Extra online classes in Baroda

Improve your French in a fun way! Conversation Classes

(6h/month) – Prerequisite A1 - Every Saturday

Nov’22 Session: From 05 Nov’22, 8 am to 10 am Dec’22 Session: From 04 Decr’22, 8 am to 10 Enroll for the classes in parallel to your current French course to get more fluency in speaking. It shall help you for your DELF exams.

Kids Batch

Level 1 From 10 September 2022 Time: 4 to 6 pm Every Saturday Attractive approach to the French language and culture with Interactivity, various fun filled activities, games, songs, drawings, cartoons, extracts of films, skits, story time, French dish, dance, library kids’ Corner activities, communication and more…All this with a playful approach and in a welcoming environment. Découvrir | Nov-Dec | 14 Alliance Française - Baroda Branch FP. No/ 154, Nr. Shyam Villa Flats, Natraj Society, Opp. Parag Vatika Garden, Deluxe Char Rasta, Nizampura, Baroda – 390024 M: +91 87583 01066 / Tel : 0265 2777988 Email : FB : af de Baroda / Insta: @afbaroda COURSES
France Alumni Network for Job Opportunities 4 to 6 Months Paid Internship 1600+ Programs taught in English Schengen Visa to 26 Countries A Million Euros worth Scholarships 2 years job search visa Contact Us Campus France Ahmedabad Tel: 079-26733801 (M) 98214 93971 Campus France India Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 15 Campus France Helps You: ->What program are you looking for? ->How to finance your studies? ->Where to find Campus France close to your place?


Aix-Marseille University| IAE- Aix Marseille Graduate School of management

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) is one of the largest multidisciplinary public university in France, with 80,000 students and nearly 8,000 staff on five large campuses that meet international standards. Known as a "researchintensive university," it houses 122 research facilities linked to major national research organizations. AMU offers an array of courses taught in English across diverse faculties of Business & Management, Economics, Science & technology and Law & Political Science.

IAE-AMU Graduate School of Management was founded in 1955 based on the model of American business schools attached to major universities. The school is composed of 40 permanent faculty members, and invites more than 30 international professors and 150 business speakers each year to conduct lectures and courses within the various programmes. In 2022, the Financial Times ranked its Masters in Management program 67th in the world. The school offers graduate level programs in General Management, International Business, International Finance, Masters in IT Management.

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 16

Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA)

Visiting Fellowship Program for Young Researchers is now open!!

The call for applications for MOPGA VisitingFellowship Program for Young Researchers isnow open!!

The program is funded by the French Ministryfor Europe and Foreign Affairs in collaborationwith the French Ministry for Higher Educationand Research.

International researchers (postdoc) who wishto carry out their further research in France, ontopics related to Earth system, climate changeand sustainability, energy transition, societal challenges of environmental issues,human, animal and ecosystem health as part "One Health"; approach can apply.

Deadline: 16th January 2023


Apply here:

IIM-Ahmedabad & ENAC France - Advanced Management Programme for Professionals in Aviation and Aeronautics

The 6-month programme offers joint certification, dual alumni status and 10-daycampus immersions at IIMA and ENAC, France.

To meet the needs of this rapidly expanding sector, premier B-School IIM Ahmedabad,in association with Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) France, has launched a programme that aims to equip new-age management professionals with skillsnecessary to lead the sector through its next phase of development.

The eligibility criteria for the programme allow graduates/postgraduates in anydiscipline with 50% or more marks and a minimum of 5 years of work experience inthe relevant sector. The last date to apply is October 31, 2022, and the course willcommence on November 10, 2022.

the full article:

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 17

Teach English in France

English language Assistants in

This program provides a unique opportunity to discover the French lan guage and culture first hand. By living and working in France, English language assistants improve their knowledge of the French language and culture and they share their English language skills by teaching at various positions in schools, colleges or training institutions.

You have a good command of English and French. You can:

• Teach English in France.

• Attend classes in French universities.

• Discover France

Deadline : 2nd December 2022

The French Institute is organizing two informative sessions in order to clear the doubts of the future assistants:

2nd November from 3 PM to 4 PM

9th November from 3 PM to 4 PM Register:

EEF ‘Etudes En France’ procedure

The "Etudes en France" (Studying in France) procedure becomes the reference toaccess higher education in France. Students who reside in one of the countriesaffected by this procedure must make a specific request for enrolment in aninstitute of higher education.

A single online service for all procedures

The Etudes en France platform is completelydematerialized and manages all of theenrolment procedures for an institute ofhigher education up until the visa request.Just create a private electronic file and follow the instructions.

You can also file your enrolment applications, talk with the Campus France officein your country of residence and communicate with the institute you wish to enroll in.

You will be asked to pay a fee for this assistance. Please scan to read more on EEF:

France Programme 2023


The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program provided by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, helps French educational institutes attract foreign students for diploma programs at Master’s and PhD levels.

Fields of study: Science and techniques (biology and health, Ecological transition, Mathematics and digital science and engineering) | Human and social science (history, French language and civilization, Law and political sciences, economics and management) Level: Master’s

Benefits: Master’s level - a monthly allowance of 1,181 euros (a maintenance allowance of 1,031 euros and a monthly stipend of 150 euros) | Doctoral or PhD levela monthly allowance of 1,700 euros

Read More:

Live Sessions on and @india.campusfrance

Discover our brand new series of thematic sessions that will give you deeper insights on interesting topics and about different fields and programmes in France. Catch us live a Thursday every month at 6pm.

TOPICS:  Political Science in the heart of Europe Luxury management and Product design

Q&A Sessions on Instagram

#thinkdifferent #studyinFrance #choosefrance #cfenligne #cfindiaonline #ifienligne #ifionline

Campus France Live Sessions [ FB-Instagram)
Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 19

La France remporte le 16e prix Nobel de littérature !

Annie Ernaux, dont les œuvres sont profondément influencées par Simone de Beauvoir et Pierre Bourdieu, est devenue la première femme française à recevoir le prix Nobel de littérature le 6 octobre 2022. Largement connue comme la mère de l’autofiction sociologique contemporaine, Ernaux affirme écrire "quelque chose entre la littérature, la sociologie et l’histoire".

“La vie, c’est comme une bicyclette, Il faut avancer pour ne pas perdre l’équilibre.”

Le parcours que le destin prendra N’est jamais entièrement prévisible. Ce dilemme d’avancer ou de m’arrêter Sur moi est exigible; Quoi faire désormais - c’est une question existentielle, La réponse à laquelle est cible.

“La vie c’est comme une bicyclette, Il faut avancer pour ne pas perdre l’équilibre.”

Ces sages paraboles d’Albert autrefois me semblaient irrépréhensible. Je ne sais pas encore quoi faire Du tout dans la vie pas dirigible, En me sentant écarté dans ce monde Qui un jour deviendra putrescible.

The students of Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad can send their entries to to get them published here.

-Mehma BAGGA, étudiante de l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad
Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 20
Le Slam - L’un qui est perdu


Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad brings you a diverse cultural programme for the next two months. The objective of presenting you this selection of curated events is to help you connect with your roots, your surroundings and the world we live in through various mediums. Become a member of Alliance Française to support these activites!

French Cinéclub!

At AF Ahmedabad French Gallery

Delphine (Catherine Deneuve) and Solange (Françoise Dorléac) are twin sisters who each want to find romance and leave their small seaside town of Rochefort, France. Soon they befriend a couple of visiting carnival workers who frequent their lonely mother’s (Danielle Darrieux) café and hire the girls to sing in the carnival. Wanting a career as a songwriter, Solange falls for an American musician, Andy (Gene Kelly), while Delphine dumps her beau and searches Rochefort for her ideal man.

Directed by: Jacques Demy Genre: Musical/Comedy Drama Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac Date: 12th Nov 22 | 7 PM

Selfish pop singer Cléo (Corinne Marchand) has two hours to wait until the results of her biopsy come back. After an ominous tarot card reading, she visits her friends, all of whom fail to give her the emotional support she needs. Wandering around Paris, she finally finds comfort talking with a soldier in a park. On leave from the Algerian War, his troubles put hers in perspective. As they talk and walk, Cléo comes to terms with her selfishness, finding peace before the results come back.

Directed by: Agnès Varda Genre: French new wave Starring: Corinne Marchand, Antoine Bourseiller Date: TBA

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 21

Enjoy French Films w/ English Subtitles! Culture

Alexandre, unemployed and out of work, has two months to prove to his wife that he can look after his two young children and be financially independent. Problem: The Box, the very friendly start-up that wants to hire him on a trial basis, has a dogma: "No children", and Séverine, his future superior, is a "killer" with a rash temper. To get the job, Alexandre has to lie... Will meeting Arcimboldo, "entrepreneur of himself" and king of app-based jobs, help this brave and disoriented man to overcome all these challenges?

Directed by: Bruno Podalydès Genre: Comedy Starring: Denis Podalydès, Sandrine Kiberlain Date: 10th Dec 22 | 7 PM

To amuse themselves at a weekly dinner, a few wellheeled folk each bring a dimwit along who is to talk about his pastime. Each member seeks to introduce a champion dumbbell. Pierre, an avid participant of the game, runs into one problem after another that devilishly compromises his secrets, turning the tables on him and his objective, which diverges as the movie progresses.

Directed by: Francis Veber Genre: Comedy Starring: Jacques Villeret, Thierry Lhermitte Date: 24th Dec 22 | 7 PM

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 22
Solange each small they who Darrieux) carnival. falls while Rochefort


French Cinéclub!

@ AF Baroda

The adventures of the young Rémi, an orphan. At the age of 10 years, he is snatched from his adoptive mother and entrusted to the signor Vitalis, a mysterious itinerant musician. At his sides, he will learn the harsh life of acrobat and sing to win his bread. Accompanied by the faithful dog capi and the small monkey Joli-Coeur, his long trip through France, made for meetings, friendships and mutual assistance, leads him to the secret of his origins.

Directed by: Antoine Blossier Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Maleaume Paquin, Virginie Ledoyen

Running time: 1h 45min Date : 19 November 2022 at 5 p.m. Venue : Alliance Française – Baroda Annexe

Christmas is on its way and with it disaster. The 92,000 responsible for manufacturing children’s toys all become sick at the same time! It’s a tough moment for Santa, better known as Father Christmas. He’s left no choice: he must make an emergency trip to Earth with his reindeer to search for a remedy. When he arrives, he must find some allies to save the magic of Christmas.

Directed by: Alain Chabat Starring: Alain Chabat, Golshifteh Farahani, Pio Marmaï

Running time: 1hr 39mins Date : 17 December 2022 at 5 p.m. Venue : Alliance Française – Baroda Annexe

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 23
Register here: Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 24


Trouvez le mot selon la prononciation des lettres de l’alphabet : Par exemple : Un nouveau-né : bb

Avec une lettre Une boisson chaude préférée des indiens : _______ Un petit cube utilisé dans divers jeux, cube : _______ Pronom tonique de la troisième du pluriel masculin : _______

La troisième personne du singulier féminin : _______ Il est présent dans l’atmosphère qui nécessaire pour notre existence : _______ Synonyme de <<oui>> : _______

Avec deux lettres

Le titre donné à une personne de l’église, le père de l’église : _______ Une personne qui ne croit pas en dieu : _______ Ni aujourd’hui ni demain : _______

Une notion, un concept : _______

La mort d’un être humain : _______ Diminuer, mettre plus bas :

Avec trois lettres Vitalité, force physique, vigueur, ardeur, dynamisme : _______ Expirer, mourir, succomber : _______ Baisser, diminuer, dégrader : _______ Gommer, rayer, annuler, supprimer, abolir, :

Trouvez les noms des animaux en combinat deux mots ensemble : li ti él pho éphant que gir pan afe si da ou on gre _______ rs nge ko hy _______ lo ala ène ________ ote up coy ________

Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 29
_______ _______ _______

The French Library

The truth is libraries are raucous clubhouses for free speech, controversy and community.

The French Library at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is now open for all students as well as for the general public. Discover the French classics and immerse yourself in the French literature through DVDs and novels. For any query, write to us at library.

Library functioning days and timings: Mon to Fri : 10:00AM to 6:00PM Saturday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM Library Activities: Do keep exploring the resources on our online library "Culturethèque"! (if you’re an AF student, kindly contact your professor to get guidance regarding the Culturetheque subscription) ->Reading Club ->Create your own stories ->Charades in French (Schedule to be announced)
28 | Découvrir | Sept - Oct 2018 TRANSLATION SERVICES YOUR ONE STOP DESTINATION FOR FRENCH TRANSLATION SERVICES » English to French » French to English » For any kind of document: official, non-official, general, technical documents With its sworn translators, Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is the only official and authorised Institute in the entire state of Gujarat recognised by the French Embassy in India» We also provide the interpretation services for your business needs from French to English, Hindi, Gujarati or vice versa. THINK ABOUT IT! » For more information or details, please contact us at: Phone: +91 79267 33800/900 | Email: Découvrir | Nov-Dec 2022 | 31
French Chef in Ahmedabad! 100% organic 100% natural Made Fresh Daily Homemade Gluten Free No plastic La Maison Organic Cafe LLP is the management of one vegan and organic cafe, based on healthy food and respect towards the environment. This company’s calling is also to propose take away, delivery of food, and catering for various events. This company organizes workshops, training courses open to all, about vegan food, ecological gardening, zero waste... Vegetables from AF rooftop Garden Contact La Maison Café: +91 72268 82296 ‘Open Now’ First time in Ahmedabad, French chef opens an Organic Restaurant in Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad! Flavien Lafosse Brahim Messaoudene Concept by
We are Open! Feel free to walk-in during working hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. We would love to meet with you and welcome you into the French culture! Become a member of Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad to get free access to our online monthly gatherings, the online French library and reduced tariffs in concerts and performances at bigger scale. Support us by joining our family. To subscribe to the mailing list, mail at culture.ahmedabad@afindia.orgCalendar of Regular Cultural Events NOVDEC 2022 Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad B/S Food Corporation of India, Himali Tower Lane, Manekbaug-Shyamal Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380 015 | +91 7990 769111, 079 26733 800/900 | 2 Saturdays a month To register to the mailing list, subscribe on Subscribe to our updates on Whatsapp: +91 79907 69111 CaféPhilo Discussion (In English) on differently themed topics in person at the AF Premises. AF d’Ahmedabad services and classes shall remain closed on the following days: 25th December - Christmas Day 1st January- New Year 2 Saturdays a month CinéClub A FREE French Film screening at the French Gallery at AFA Premises 7 p.m. Calendar of Courses Nov-Dec 2022