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we don’t believe in waiting for opportunities to pursue our passion. Instead, we take action and make them happen. That’s why we started Colorado’s first arts and entertainment college. As a student, you’ll become a member of our thriving community of creators based in the Mile High City. You’ll connect and collaborate with the leaders, artists, and innovators of today and tomorrow. On and off campus, locally and internationally, your academic and artistic rigor will be challenged, and your knowledge of the world will be expanded. Alongside our faculty who are determined to see you achieve, you’ll refine your skills as you work toward becoming a master of your craft. You’ll work hard, you’ll work with your hands, and, above all else, you’ll gain the real-world experience you’ll need to achieve your career aspirations. Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu.

CU Denver: 15,000 students CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media (CAM) is one of the few public institutions in the nation to offer programs at the intersection of arts, technology, and commerce. Within the past 20 years, significant research has illuminated new career paths for students in the creative and artistic fields to consider. And as the world becomes more interconnected every day, a skill set that spans disciplines and continents becomes increasingly valuable. That’s why later in Studio you will see the five study abroad trips CAM students took this year, including a group of students who went to Singapore, one of the world’s most advanced creative economies. Exposing young scholars to opportunities in these epicenters of arts and technology is mission critical for CAM. Partnerships with leading institutions throughout the world pave the way for CAM students to build the skill set and network needed to be on the leading edge of arts and scholarship. Here in Denver, through civic engagement and focused research, our faculty and students are making an impact on the region. Through engaging at-risk youth,

College of Arts & Media: 1,300 students “Top 25 Animation School” (#1 in Colorado)

– Animation Career Review, 2019

Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award-winning alumni “Top 10 Music Business School”

– Billboard, 2016

“#9 Singer Songwriter Program”

– College Magazine, 2018

“Top Program” – Filmmaker Magazine, 2019 “#9 Illustration Program” (#1 in Colorado)

– Animation Career Review, 2019

“#9 Jazz Guitar Program”

examining how the music scene is growing Denver’s economy, or installing public

art, CAM demonstrates the integrated skills that enhance our community never

“#1 Masters in Computer Forensics”

expire. That’s why CAM is proud of Chancellor’s Urban Engaged Scholar, Andy Guerero, who you will read about, and why we recognize all faculty for their scholarship that makes our community a better place to work, live, and learn. That is what CAM is all about and that is why we succeed. Our faculty have high expectations for our students in that regard. We all share a core belief in the importance of assuring that young artists, designers and scholars have the tools they need to form their own creative identity. Only then will they be able to establish their role in the new contingent economy, leveraging entrepreneurship and enterprise to prosper as artistic citizens. So, explore all we have to offer—and then plan a visit to our campus. When you meet our faculty and students you will understand how an education at the intersection of arts, technology and commerce can change lives. Onward!

Laurence D. Kaptain, DMA, and FRSA Dean, College of Arts & Media University of Colorado Denver

– Jazz Guitar Online, 2018 – Online Masters, 2019

“#5 Best Hidden Gem Public Universities In the US”

– College Gazette, 2019

FILM & TELEVISION Areas of Study:

Film & Television BFA Film & Television Production Minor Film & Television Writing Minor Performance for Film & Television Minor Theatre, Film & Television Minor

No matter which minor, major or master’s degree you decide to pursue, with CAM there’s no limit to where your talent can take you.


Music Business BS and Minor Music Performance BS Recording Arts BS and MS Singer/Songwriter BS General Music Minor

VISUAL ARTS Areas of Study:

3D Graphics & Animation BFA Art History BA and Minor Art Practices BFA Studio Art Minor Painting & Drawing Minor Transmedia Sculpture Minor Digital Design BFA and Minor Illustration BFA and Minor Photography BFA and Minor


Recording Arts, MS Media Forensics

Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu

Write scripts, shoot footage, edit film, and become a visual storyteller ready to step on set. As a Film & TV student, you’ll work hands-on with industry leaders and in teams that emulate real-world productions to create short films, web series, documentaries, and digital effects, and to develop studio skills that will take your ideas from creative concepts to the big screen. Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/filmandtelevision

Perform live, promote talent, compose, produce and turn up the volume on the industry.


ROMA SUR Writing Her Way Around the World From magazines and commercials to reality television and documentaries, study under Roma Sur and learn how to turn your way with words into a career that spans across the globe.



Amongst her list of achievements, Sur has written, directed, and produced four feature-length documentaries that have been distributed globally, including NDTV, India, and the Mumbai International Film Festival. Her recent feature screenplay, The Rock Within, was a secondrounder at the Sundance Feature writing lab, 2018 and an official selection at the Stowe Story Lab, 2018. She also leads the study abroad program to Bollywood. The first study abroad film shot in Mumbai in summer 2019, has received five recognitions internationally.


SCOTT ARMSTRONG Leading into his senior year, Scott Armstrong landed an internship in Hollywood working with Threshold Entertainment’s creative department on a feature film. After spending a summer on set, he’s gained a greater understanding of how to turn his visions into scripts and his ideas into productions. “CAM faculty have taken an active interest in my growth and success, through sharing their own knowledge and experiences, even on projects outside of the classroom.”

As a Music & Entertainment Industry Studies student, you’ll collaborate with artists and finetune your talent as you learn from one of the only music departments in the country with a contemporary focus on commercial music business and styles. Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/music



Amplifying His Impact

Since graduating from CU Denver, he’s recorded a platinum single, toured the world, and performed on CONAN, and now he’s back to make a difference. Study under Andy Guerrero and discover how you can use your sound to inspire the next generation of artists. After years in the industry and being a part of several successful bands, including Bop Skizzum and the Flobots, Guerrero founded Youth on Record, a non-profit that empowers Colorado’s underserved youth through music education to reach their academic, artistic, and personal potential. By partnering with local and international industry professionals, he continues to give young people from across the state an outlet to express themselves and the opportunity to break into the business.

Having completed internships with Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood, Maria Tsuruta has an undeniable passion for working on both sides of the entertainment industry – where the creative and business aspects of music meet. Through her work with entertainment production teams, she’s created contractual guidelines for all kinds of creative properties, from individual artists to studios such as Dreamworks. “Learning to protect the integrity of artists and creators while building and growing business interests takes an understanding of the artistry, production, and commercial aspects of music and entertainment—all angles of the industry I am learning at CAM and through internships.”

Paint, sculpt, design, illustrate, study, research, exhibit, and curate your artistic expressions in Denver and around the world. As a Visual Arts student, you’ll bring your creations to life in state-of-the-art digital labs and sculpture studios, use industrial equipment and darkrooms, and work one-on-one with renowned artists, art historians, and galleries across Denver’s Front Range to further your future as an art professional. Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/visualarts

Collect, study, interpret, and become an audio, video, and image forensics professional prepared to investigate digital crime.


MARIA BUSZEK Empowering Through Interpretation

Scholar, critic, curator, and author, when it comes to decoding the language of art and culture, she’s done it all. Study under Maria Buszek and learn how to share your perspective in a way that sparks imagination and conversation. A passion for pop, punk, and individuals whose contributions to those scenes have often gone unrecognized, has led Buszek to write for numerous international exhibition catalogs for museums like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and scholarly publications such as Art Journal. Since her recent publications, A Companion to Feminist Art (Wiley Blackwell, 2019) and Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art (Duke, 2011), Buszek has been working on her next book project, Art of Noise, which explores the ties between contemporary activist art and popular music


TAYLOR SCHULZE 3D Animation major Taylor Schulze’s dream is to have a career creating 3D models for feature films in a major animation studio. After landing one of only nine highly coveted internships at Pixar Studios, she’s well on her way to achieving her goal.

“My professors who are active in the industry connected me with professionals who opened the door for an opportunity of a lifetime!”


CATALIN GRIGORAS He Detects What Others Can’t

He’s worked with the Department of Justice, Intelligence Service, and Ministry of Internal Affairs, and has conducted signal-processing research at CU Denver. Study under Dr. Catalin Grigoras and understand how sounds can change lives. With more than 25 years of experience in media forensics, Grigoras has built a remarkable career based on digital evidence analysis. His work has led to advanced authenticating methods of audio/video recordings and semiautomatic systems for forensic speaker recognition, making it easier to interpret evidence in criminal investigations.

As a National Center for Media Forensics student, you’ll gain access to CU Denver’s research center, founded with the assistance of the Department of Justice, and work alongside law enforcement using state-of-the-art methods and the latest technology needed to uncover the truth. Learn more at artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/NCMF


ANGELA MALLEY After coming to CU Denver for a career shift, Angela Malley is now working in the field analyzing mobile and computer acquisitions as a Digital Forensics Analyst while she completes her final year of the master’s program. “The NCMF [National Center for Media Forensics] program is giving me not just the skills but the credibility needed to be successful as an expert in the field of media forensics.”

In the heart of downtown Denver, our campus offers state-of-the-art amenities designed to encourage action, entice curiosity and inspire your artistic abilities.

Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC)

Opened in 2017 in collaboration with Comcast, the CMTC acts as a catalyst for transdisciplinary innovation in Denver. This one-of-a-kind space joins community partners together with students and faculty from the College of Arts & Media and the College of Engineering, Design, and Computing to solve real-world problems that have the potential to transform the city. CAM welcomes Kris Wood as the newly appointed CMTC Executive Director. Wood brings extensive experience from an international career founded on the confluence of arts, design, technology, and innovation.

Emmanuel Art Gallery

Exhibiting the work of exceptional artists from across Colorado and around the world in 2019, the Emmanual Art Gallery exhibited the work of prolific Tibetan artist, activist and CU Denver alum, Tenzing Rigdol (‘05, Visual Arts). Other exhibitions include the work of international experimental artist, Oliver Herring, and local sculpture, Wayne Brungard. Through the presentation of significant art exhibitions, lectures, and events, the gallery strives to encourage critical thinking, creativity, and meaningful exchange between artists and audiences in Denver.

The CU Denver Digital Animation Center (DAC)

Home to the 3D Graphics & Animation program, the DAC gives students access to industry-standard 3D software and equipment to bring their work to life. With more than 100 workstations, a dedicated render farm with a combined total of more than 4,300 cores, and a large volume Vicon motion capture system, the sky is the limit on what students can create.

The Next Stage Gallery

Operated and curated by CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media and Denver’s Arts & Venues, the Next Stage Gallery is an interactive space committed to exhibiting cutting-edge creative technologies in art and design. Free and open to the public, each immersive exhibition offers a unique experience that allows guests to become a part of the art.

As a CAM student, you can be more than just part of the audience; you can be part of the action that can only be found in Colorado’s capital. Through the ongoing support from alumni and local partners, CAM’s connections to Denver’s creative industry make the city an extension of your campus. Music Cities Convention

Connect with global music leaders, just minutes from CAM. Hosted in partnership with CU Denver, 2020 will mark the first time the Music Cities Convention will be held in the Mile High City, giving students the unique opportunity to interact with 40+ international speakers over two full days of music, panels, and discussions on how music can be better used to improve city life.


Pitch your pilot, roll the tape and become a part of Denver’s annual SeriesFest. Hosted at Red Rocks, SeriesFest is a celebrated international TV show festival dedicated to showcasing innovative episodic content. Along with musical performances, independent pilot screenings, panels, workshops, live reads, and network television premieres, students can experience entertainment never before seen by U.S. audiences. Film & Television students also hit the ground as crew, with exclusive access to filming acts such as Stevie Wonder, Usher, and the SeriesFest red carpet.

Meow Wolf

Create new art spaces for the city to explore. Before Meow Wolf opens its permanent space in 2021, the immersive art company is collaborating with Denver Arts & Venues and CAM students to curate an interactive experience titled Special Guest. Hosted by Next Stage Gallery and free to the public, this playful exhibition is just one of the many ways students can get in on the ground floor and grow Denver’s art community.

Opera Colorado

With the ambition of bringing a new dimension to the classic opera, La Bohème, Visual Arts students and faculty teamed up with Opera Colorado to create virtual and augmented reality experiences that offer a behind the scenes glimpse of the production.

Whether you’re inside the classroom or out in the field, we believe in learning by doing. Through hands-on teaching and skill-building sessions, we guide our students toward landing life-changing internships and making corporate connections with some of the top names in the industry.

As a part of our mission to give students the chance to learn more about themselves and incorporate different perspectives into their work, we offer them opportunities to study around the world. Recently, our faculty members have traveled with students to Singapore, India, Italy, Czech Republic and Japan. Top Internships: AXS Ticketing Colorado Creative Industries Colorado Music Hall of Fame Colorado State Senate Denver Art Museum DreamWorks Guggenheim Museum, Italy Lockheed Martin Museum of Contemporary Art Pixar Rocky Mountain PBS Sony Music Take Note Colorado Universal Music Group Warner Bros.

Czech Republic

While walking the streets that Dvorak, Mozart, and Beethoven called home, Recording Arts students participated in immersive recording and mix sessions, learning music production, and recording in a city full of culture and musical legacy. Inspired by his own experiences, travels, and professional pathways, Sam McGuire curated a trip that changed the context of the way students experience music, education, and the world around them.


Last year, ten Film & Television students, led by Roma Sur, traveled to Mumbai, India to collaborate with India’s top film school to produce a bilingual short film in Bollywood,the movie capital of the Eastern Hemisphere.


With the winding medieval streets of Florence, Italy as a backdrop, students created images inspired by some of the most significant works in art history, while studying the relationship between artistic theories, historic works of art, and early photographic processes.

“I made cross cultural friendships and professional relationships that I will cherish forever. Samagat Banaerjee will be working with me on my next film, and I look forward lifelong international collaboration and networking with the talented people I met during this experience” – CHRISTOPHER RIGGS, FILM & TELEVISION STUDENT

“In Singapore, art helps people who do not have as many liberties find freedom of speech and cultural identity. After returning home, I’m inspired to infuse my art with more meaning and substance.” – SABRINA DE LA GARZA, VISUAL ARTS STUDENT


Through artistic representation, students culturally mapped their experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshimi, and Teshimi, capturing observations, ideas, and experiences with the purpose of cultivating a more profound worldview and a more empathetic personal creative practice.


Led by Visual Arts faculty, Travis Vermilye and Michelle Carpenter, students traveled to Singapore for a study of one of the world’s most thriving and energetic creative economies. CAM is excited to be exploring semester abroad experiences in Southeast Asia. Expending the traditional two to three week study abroad and introducing a semester abroad program will prepare CAM students for success by expanding perspective, collaborating and networking.

In addition to scholarships that may be available to any CU Denver student, the College of Arts & Media offers its own to help undergraduate and graduate students attain a competitive contemporary arts education at a public university cost. The Donna Bogard Memorial Scholarship is one that honors the positive influence and passion for teaching Dr. Bogard shared with thousands of CU Denver students throughout her career. She joined the CAM faculty in 1970. In her time with us, she taught Class Piano and Music Appreciation, founded the CU Alumni Choir and, upon retirement, established the Donna Bogard Scholarship in Voice. The Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation, Inc. has awarded a generous grant to the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media, providing a total of $20,000

annually to continuing undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado Denver. These contributions to the college have helped make CAM what it is today, and for that, we are forever grateful. If you qualify for any scholarships based on your application information, you will be notified upon admission.

CAM graduates have been handpicked by leading firms like Apple, Pixar, AEG Live, Google, Comcast, Rolling Stone, HBO, ILM, and Disney. Our alumni are rising to international success as part of acts like Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, cinematographers on The Walking Dead, and UX designers at BMW. The city of Denver is fueling opportunities for them, and they, in turn, are elevating arts and culture scenes from Denver to the coasts and beyond. Film & Television Alumni Brock Byrd - Cinematographer/Camera for “The Walking Dead” and “The Haunting of Hill House” Adam Clifford Dunn - Trailer Editor at Universal Studios Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer - Scriptwriter - “Miss Bala”, “Contrapelo” In production on Scarface remake and Warner Bros. Bue Beetle Film Katie Esquilin - Coordinator at New Wave Entertainment Lauryn and Ian Kellett - Founders/Owners of Liquid Luck Productions Matt Kinsey - Director of Development at Warner Horizon Television (“Dancing With the Stars”, “America’s Got Talent”)

Aaron Kopp - Cinematographer for Oscar award-winning documentary “Saving Face,” Producer and Director of “Liyana”

Whether you’re a CU Denver alumni or a local business owner, donating your money or time to our programs’ up-and-coming artists is what makes it possible for them to pursue their passion and grow our community’s creative industry. Giving helps fund scholarships for four-year and transfer students, scholarships to attend LYNX National Arts and Media Camps, study abroad programs, operations of the Emmanuel Gallery, and countless other initiatives that enrich lives.

To all those that have given, such as Stella Wu, who supports students working in our galleries, and Illegal Pete’s, a local business providing scholarships to high school students attending LYNX National Arts & Media Camp, thank you for supporting our mission and our students. If you want to make a difference and join our team of supporters, visit: giving.cu.edu/CAM

Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Alumni Jessica Cole - Founder and President of Lyric House Publishing J.J. Italiano - US Head of Major Label Relations, Spotify Tim Kimmel - Hollywood Sound Editor - Won Emmy Award for work on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Kelly Kramarik - Audio Editor/Mixer at Starz Austin Kramer - Global Head of Dance and Electronic Music at Spotify Bridget Law - Musician and Festival Producer - Strings for “Elephant Revival” and “Tierro w/ Bridget Law” Isaac Slade - Lead singer of The Fray

Visual Arts Alumni Michael Launder - Lighting Compositing Lead at Nickelodeon Animation Studios Devin Miller - Animator at Lockheed Martin Rebecca Forth - Industrial Light & Magic - Credits include Jurassic World and many of the recent Star Wars films

Khoa Nguyen - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Ella Trujillo - Editorial Illustrator -The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR, Pitchfork, and more Young alumna, Chloe Tang, plays to a sold out crowd, opening for Dua Lipa.

Campus Box 162 PO Box 173364 Denver, CO 880217

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Denver, CO Permit No. 831

Your college experience is more than just four years and a piece of paper, it’s a chance to shape your future, grow alongside fellow action-oriented artists and scholars, and turn what you love into what you do. For more information, visit: artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/prospective-students.

The LYNX National Arts and Media Camps are summer immersion programs for high school students with a passion for art, film, and music hosted on the University of Colorado Denver campus. Each year these camps inspire a new generation of young artists and makers while providing high school students a glimpse into campus life. In fact, almost 100 current CAM students first stepped on campus as campers. For young students looking for an immersive and unique experience, LYNX Camps offer programs in animation, audio production/ Ableton Live, comic book design, filmmaking, mural creation, music, and photography. visit: artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/LYNXcamp

Words can’t compare to experiencing our downtown Denver campus for yourself. To take a guided tour, schedule a personalized department visit or attend a specialized information session, visit: artsandmedia.ucdenver.edu/visit.

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Studio 2020  

An annual publication of the College of Arts & Media

Studio 2020  

An annual publication of the College of Arts & Media