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a mile high, a world apart

Fresh air, fresh perspectives A mile above sea level, surrounded by 140 miles of panoramic mountains, CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media (CAM) offers a different view of arts education. Students enjoy private education quality at public university rates, live in a progressive,

film & television

urban community, learn from industry-leading professionals, and acquire the business skills to compete. Graduates live their truth and are rewarded for it because their preparation is rigorous, creatively excellent, and intensely future-forward. The “starving artist” is last century’s stereotype. Our mission is to enable

music & entertainment industry studies visual arts

today’s students to thrive as tomorrow’s creative citizens.

national center for media forensics


Living the high life Nestled next to the Rocky Mountains and sunny 300 days a year, the air tastes better here. People are more interesting too. In Denver, diversity and inclusion are real, the live music scene is huge, and the cultural energy is everywhere.

The next normal COVID-19’s lesson writ large is success requires the right strategy, strong leadership, and community action. This is what defines CAM. Our advanced capabilities in digital technology put us in the right place at the right time. We also have an advantage in Dr. Michelle Marks, our new chancellor. A strong leader, her equity and racial justice Laurence Kaptain DMA, FRSA Dean

initiatives at CU Denver are so right-timed. Our incredibly talented faculty does amazing work with our young creatives, as does Katie Leonard, our Activist-in-Residence. And when travel is finally safe again? We are ready with exciting

College of Arts & Media

new study abroad and internship opportunities.

University of Colorado Denver


Samantha Kokesh, BFA ’20, Embrace, Iron


Short films, documentaries, episodic TV, web

“All Chicano art at the beginning was political art— and very defiant political art.” —Cheech Marin, comedian, actor, writer, activist, Chicano art collector

series, digital effects, TV studio production— Film & Television students at CU Denver do it all. They write the script, edit the film, operate the camera, and craft the story. And they do it as a project team that emulates real-world film and television production. Guided by leading industry professionals, students work with cutting-edge equipment and professional, non-linear editing software.

film & television

Film & Television BFA     Film & Television Production Minor     Film & Television Writing Minor

The fine art of cultural identity Chicano art is about resistance, activism, and the struggle for cultural identity. CAM Assistant Professor Edward Tyndall and Associate Professor Quintin Gonzalez are putting new perspective on this “folkloric” art form. Tyndall’s The Cheech, a documentary with Cheech Marin, counter-cultural icon and Chicano art patron, makes the case that Chicano art is in fact fine art. Gonzalez, a Latinx painter, portrays the immigrant struggle in Portrait of Ilhan Omar. Congresswoman Omar—a black, Muslim, Somali-American refugee—calmly leads the cause for cultural identity.


Quintin Gonzalez, Visual Arts Associate Professor Of Tranquil Courage: Portrait of Ilhan Omar, Digital Painting

Quintin Gonzalez, Visual Arts Associate Professor Portrait of César Chávez in Heaven, Digital Painting

American Film Institute Intern Molly Farrell White ’20 interned in LA at AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women. Writer, director, and cinematographer of Mother Knows Best, the story of a woman abducted by an emotionally stunted man, Molly is building her career in the film and television industry.

Award-winning film release A Feral World, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama by Chair and Associate Professor David Liban, is a professor-student collaboration. “I would not have been able to make the movie if it weren’t for my students,” Liban said. “They were part of crews working on cameras, lighting, script supervision, sound recording, catering... I learned as much from them as they learned from me.”

Performance for Film & Television Minor     Theatre, Film & Television Minor

Talk about talent Marin Lepore is a screenwriter, activist, co-founder of Sad Girl Productions, and CAM student completing her Film & Television BFA. Passionate about LGBT, POC, and minority representation in film, Marin has done numerous short films, music videos, and web series’, including the award-winning, multi-season comedy, “I Put the Bi in Bitter”.


Grand prize, John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finn O’Sullivan, CAM freshman pursuing a singer-songwriter/ music business double major, won the John Lennon songwriting award for the title song of her first LP, When the Power Comes Back On. Recording with producers and independently since 2016, Finn’s songwriting shares important things often hard to say in everyday conversation.

“Denver is a great city for artists…big enough to make a name for yourself and get noticed nationally, but not so huge like L.A. or New York, where thousands of other bands are competing for attention.” —Nick Miller, Producer/DJ Illenium & former student

music &

Music Business BS and Minor

CU Denver’s Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) made College Gazette’s 10 Best Hidden Gem Universities as one of the few music programs focusing on contemporary popular music. We also earned Billboard’s Top Music Business School for the third time in 2020. Behind this year’s ranking: our curriculum’s role in shaping the industry’s future, evidenced by our work with Sound Diplomacy, the global music consultancy. Our partnership enables us to offer two innovative and trailblazing courses: Music Cities and Music Tourism.


Former student makes Forbes “30 under 30” list His first visit to Red Rocks inspired Illenium DJ Nick Miller, former CAM student, to go all in for electronic music, his passion. He moved to Denver, enrolled in Recording Arts in MEIS and connected to the musician network here. Today Nick is a critical and commercial success as a crossover electronic artist. Now a veteran Red Rocks performer, Nick has earned countless awards, 4+ billion in collective streams, a 42-date nationwide tour and Forbes 2020 recognition as a “30 under 30” top musician.


Music Performance BS        Recording Arts BS and MS        Singer/Songwriter BS        General Music Minor

Together-alone during COVID-19 As COVID-19 isolation and fear pushed Payden Widner to the brink, the lyrics in Fleet Foxes’ “Helplessness Blues” struck him with sudden purpose. Payden, an MEIS alum, musician, and sound engineer, reached out to Denver’s musician community, many also MEIS musicians, and

An incredibly talented community Alumni, students and faculty at CU Denver are making great music. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to them yourself on our “CAM Alumni, Students & Faculty” Spotify playlist.

collected 50 different submissions of instruments and voices. The result? A gorgeously inspiring cover and collaboration. Enjoy on “Payden James Music” YouTube channel.


#ArtFindsUs Art spaces are reinventing themselves during the pandemic and Melissa Furness, internationally known artist and Associate Professor of Art Practices, is happy to ride along. In addition to shows online and in person at Intersect Aspen, Center for Visual Arts, and Arvada Center, Furness’ cutting-edge, radically different paintings toured around town on a mobile billboard every third Thursday with #ArtFindsUs. Melissa Furness, Associate Professor of Art Practices, Caput Mortuum, Oil on Canvas

visual arts CU Denver’s wide range of cutting-edge Visual Arts programs are opening doors to an even wider range of professions. Six interrelated areas of study—Digital Animation, Digital Design, Art Practices, Illustration, Photography, and Art History—infuse scholarly and creative work with innovative technology, contemporary theory, and applied professional practices. Chelsea Minter-Brindly, Art Practices ’21 Alloy Typical; Innate forms of Discontinuity, Bronze

The entire city of Denver is our canvas. Industry leaders teach our courses. State-of-the-art equipment, labs, and studios are our tools. We teach entrepreneurial business skills along with artistic skills. This is how we empower

Emily Owens, Photography BFA ’19 What Are You Going to Do With 390 Photographs of Discarded Christmas Trees, Polaroid


the ability to create with the means to succeed.

PSA Challenge Make a :30, :45 or :60 PSA that educates, entertains, and activates without feeling educational. Visual Arts Motion 2 students created incredible PSAs with topics both serious and not—from systemic Jess Diaz, Digital Design BFA ’20, My Time in Denmark, Mixed Media Booklet

racism, white fragility, and time travel to ocean pollution and

“My professors who are active in the industry connected me with professionals who opened the door for an opportunity of a lifetime.”

canned meat—by appealing with head, heart and humor.

Huitzilli Oronia, Digital Design ’21, White Fragility, 2D Animation

—Taylor Schulze, 3D Animation

3D Graphics & Animation BFA    Art History BA and Minor    Art Practices BFA    Studio Art Minor    Painting & Drawing Minor               Transmedia Sculpture Minor    Digital Design BFA and Minor    Illustration BFA and Minor    Photography BFA and Minor

The BFA thesis: stunning works of originality BA and BFA graduating seniors exhibit their creative work and document their

Student-run art galleries

scholarship during their final semester. Students demonstrate their understanding of

Run by CAM students and staff, the

art and media theory, knowledge and mastery of methods and materials for art and design, and appreciation for diverse approaches to visual culture.

free Emmanuel Gallery features local artists from

This thesis exhibition event takes place at RedLine, known for its vision to empower

Denver’s diverse

every person to create social change through art. See them online

cultural community. The free Next Stage Gallery is also student run;

Chloe Gilmore, Illustration BFA ’20 Reflections, Acrylic on Mirrors

it is an interactive space promoting new technologies in art and design.

Michael Sperandeo, 3D Graphics & Animation BFA ’20 Toxic Stream, Digital Animation


The National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) was created in partnership with the Department of Justice offering a Master of Science in Recording Arts—Media Forensics (MSRA-MF) degree program. Students learn scientific methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and present audio, video, and image evidence—ethically and bias-free, using state-of-the-art techniques and technology to fight crime and digital disinformation.

Master solving crime in your spare time The Media Forensics masters program has a maximum of six credit hours per semester with only five weeks spent in residency over the two-year program, enabling graduate students to work full-time while pursuing their degree. Media Forensics coursework leads to work solving crimes for the FBI and local law enforcement, government labs, corporate and academic research, and private forensic practice.

media forensics

Master of Science—Media Forensics

Truth in justice Watch the news and you might well see our work. While we can’t publicly reveal sensitive projects, we routinely lend our expertise to CNN, The New York Times, Forbes, and C-Span, not to mention the Pentagon, the FBI, and countless local crime labs. The explosion of deep fake media manipulation means that media forensic professionals are in high demand. CU Denver’s Media Forensics graduate program is the only one in the United States teaching methods to analyze and interpret audio, video, and image evidence to support investigations and litigation.


“…the (NCMF) center has been called upon for student recruitment and forensic-analysis support from federal agencies including the FBI, CIA, NASA, NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security, and the Dept. of the Interior… (we’ve) even analyzed footage from the Boston Marathon bombings and videos purporting to be from ISIS.” —Chris Walker, Westword

LYNX national arts & media camps

LYNX student mural from the Mural Creation Camp

High school students line up to attend CAM’s summer immersion programs on CU Denver’s campus. LYNX helps students determine if an arts or music education and career is right for them. They preview a variety of courses, receive hands-on skills training, meet faculty and fellow art and music lovers, and network with fellow artists and musicians. Last year’s LYNX camps hosted students from 22 different states and Mexico, China, Indonesia, and Italy!

Apply early to LYNX camps! Application is now open and 2021 is expected to fill to capacity, even before the Priority Deadline. Priority Deadline: March 15, 2021 Final Deadline: May 15, 2021 LYNX camps offers need-based scholarships. Applications are considered in the order received. For more information and/or to apply please visit 11

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study abroad opportunities College of Arts & Media make the world their studio through Study Abroad. perspective they bring to making and creating art and music.

ala Lum u K

Semester Abroad ArtsHub Asia* 2022: Singapore   2023: Malaysia

Study Abroad*





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We invite students to explore immersive experiences abroad for the invaluable

sH u b | A

2021: Ireland (Visual Arts) Prague (Recording Arts) Denmark (Design)


* Travel approval pending at the time of publication. Additional study and travel opportunities to be scheduled.


Singap e or


2023: Egypt (Creative Industries)


student internships Students at CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media earn prestigious internships that serve as a pipeline to some of the most enviable jobs in the industry. AEG Live AMC’s “The Walking Dead” AXS Ticketing Colorado Creative Industries Colorado Music Hall of Fame Colorado State Senate Comedy Works Denver Art Museum Disney Pixar Guggenheim Museum, Venice, Italy High Noon Entertainment Levitt Pavillion Lockheed Martin Meow Wolf: Immersive Art Experiences

MTV Networks Museum of Contemporary Art Denver NBC Universal Rocky Mountain PBS Sirius Satellite Radio Sony Music Sound Diplomacy (member network) Take Note Colorado The Denver Art Museum The Keep Recording Studio Universal Music Group Urban Peak Music Studio Warner Bros. Wildwood Guitars

alumni jobs Top curriculum and top honors mean top jobs for CAM undergraduates and masters students. 13

“The fundamental charge of the 21st century university is to prepare the next generation to make the world a better place.” —Mark Rabideau, Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

Meet Mark Rabideau, national expert on creative entrepreneurship, author, musician, and Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs The title of his newest book, Creating the Revolutionary Artist: Entrepreneurship for the 21st-Century Musician, says it all.

making meaning

A true visionary, Mark Rabideau wants students to learn skills beyond music and art so they can truly succeed. As Associate Dean here at CAM, he will focus on skills enabling artists to build new and diverse audiences. Mark believes creative action and community activism are vital for students competing in today’s increasingly scarce job market.

Katie Leonard, Activist-in-Residence As artist, community organizer, co-founder of the Anti-Racist Club of Colorado and CAM’s new Activist-in-Residence, Katie Leonard is making things happen. Working with Dean Laurence Kaptain she is organizing events to move CAM’s creators, entrepreneurs, and scholars beyond the rhetoric to actionable plans. She believes the challenge for every activist is “under-the-surface racial tension… it’s a lot of pandering and symbolic gestures and then a guarded backpedal.” A Harvard grad with a BA in African American studies, Katie is a Denver native who identifies as a Black woman, artist, and writer.


special place, special people #1 in


Society of Illustrators

(public; Illustration, 3D Graphics & Animation)


Top 10 in Nation


(public; Illustration)


Top 20 in Nation (public; 3D Graphics & Animation)

Kenneth lacullo,

Animation Career Review

Tate Acrylic, colored

Top 10 Music Business School

pencil, and gold


leaf on wood

Top 10 “Best Hidden Gem Public Universities” College Gazette

Emmy Award Winner “Game of Thrones”, Sound Editing, Tim Kimmel, alum

Top Film Program

Assistant Professor of Art History Yang Wang was awarded the

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prestigious Getty Foundation

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Grant for a Postdoctoral

due to COVID-19, we are conducting Zoom

Fellowship in the History of Art.

sessions for prospective students and families. Register at

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Oscar Award Winner Documentary, Saving Face, Aaron Kopp, alum #1 Masters

in Computer Forensics Online Masters

Professor Owen Kortz’s $30,000 Arts in Society grant will upgrade the music production studio at Urban Peak shelter. Listen to their SoundCloud and it’s obvious that music’s power and influence does not discriminate based on age, living situation or wealth.

CU Denver

We believe you have potential.

For complete application information and any additional major requirements, please visit August 1st (Fall Semester ) January 1st (Spring Semester ) May 15th (Summer Semester )

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