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CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS A Holistic Lifestyle Magazine Issue #11

January/February 2018

Align with Your Dreams in Sacred Spaces Issue 2018

Crystal Connections From the Editor Align is the new hustle What if we didn't have to smash goals? What if we didn't have to hustle? What would happen if we took some time to go within ourselves to find out what our soul desire is? This is how you align with your dreams. This is how you manifest. Life isn't about amassing followers and likes and creating a profile of perfection. It isn't about losing the weight, making money, and perfecting the filtered selfie. It's about finding what your soul desires are. It's about doing what makes you happy. And that's when the universe lines up to support you.Â


What are your dreams? Are you willing to align your energy with them?


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Contributors Terry Emily Emily Rodacker is the owner and energy healer of Just Be. She

Terry Romine is an Intuitive Psychic and teacher specializing

is certified in Trailblazing Communications, The Pure Truth,

in Spiritual Relationships and Guidance. He tunes into his

and is a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Visit her website at

client's spiritual connection and receives messages from their

www.thejustbelifestyle.com for more information.  

Higher Self, Angels and Guides. He also connects with those loved ones who have passed over and enjoys reuniting them in a joyful experience.

Irma Kaye


Irma Kaye Sawyer is an author, astrologer, teacher, intuitive

Committed to growth and expansion of consciousness in

counselor and energy healing practitioner from Southern

humanity, Tammy Campy studies and specializes in her

California. She has been in professional holistic healing and

practice of meditation, numerology, Core Passion,

counseling practice since 1994. Her five books are currently

Hypnotherapy, dowsing, personal development coaching,

available at Amazon.

Reiki and Access Consciousness.

Jasmin Teri Jasmin Maurer started reading tarot as a fun activity with

Teri Bach, MFT, has been a psychotherapist for 25 years and

friends, and a method of self exploration. Over the years, her

coaches women entrepreneurs who want to earn more in their

tarot journey has introduced her to new people and ideas, as

businesses by helping them change the beliefs they have about

well as new understandings of herself. She currently lives in

money. When clients work with Teri, they are able to earn

Pennsylvania with her cat, Faulkner, where she dreams of a

unexpected income, get new clients or sales and have increased

future of fully automated space commune.

levels of confidence and motivation.

Contributors Lila


Lila Jones is a mermaid instructor and teaches how to

Hi, my name is Siobhan and I am a crystal healing. I

spiritually work with and connect with the ocean and

believe in changing the world one person at a time with

mermaids. Currently living on Maui, she holds a degree in

crystals. I enjoy reading and I am not so secretly addicted to

Marine biology from Hawaii Pacific University and is

coffee. Connect with me on Facebook: @sgcrystalhealing

active in marine conservation efforts. After a spiritual

awakening in Alaska., she then pursued developing her clairvoyant abilities and educating those within the spiritual community about how to incorporate mermaid energy into their healing practices.    

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Emily Rodacker www.thejustbelifestyle.com Facebook.com/thejustbelifestyle You probably agree that washing your body is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You might also agree that it is a good idea to detox your body periodically to get rid of built-up toxins to help it function at an optimal level. You do things to keep your body clean, but have you ever thought about cleansing or detoxing your aura to help your mind and spirit function at their best? The aura is an energetic field that surrounds beings, and the health of our auras can affect the health of our mind, body, and spirit. Much like our physical bodies, our auras can be impacted by our internal and external environments. As we encounter lower vibrating energies, the frequency of our auras can be affected over time. This is like a filter or a screen that dirties as it keeps the yucky stuff out. The aura works to keep yucky stuff out, too, and every so often it also needs to be cleaned. Therefore, aura cleansings and energetic detoxes are important to a healthy lifestyle. Drugs, alcohol, poor food choices, negative language and thoughts, not enough rest, negative people, heavily populated environments (schools, malls, hospitals, etc.), and more can all have an unfavorable impact on your aura. As you know, many of these things are nearly impossible to avoid at all times. Understanding that we both willingly and unwilling expose ourselves to things that lower our vibration, you can rest assured we can do something about it. There are different ways you can cleanse your aura, and my preferred method is to use pendulum dowsing. With the pendulum I can clear out the low vibrating and nonbeneficial energies, then fill the void with more appropriate and beneficial energies to restore a proper frequency. This is a very quick, non-invasive process with long-lasting results.

Keeping Your Aura Healthy

Keep the Another technique I find helpful is using my pendulum to perform energetic detoxes. Much like an aura cleansing, an energetic detox helps clear away the nonbeneficial energy, but this time in the form of programming. We are constantly influenced on how to think, feel, act, and what to believe. Some of the things we think and believe may be beneficial to us, and others might hinder us from living and experiencing life how we really want to and are meant to. An energetic detox will remove those barriers by clearing out the unnecessary programming. Both aura cleansings and energetic detoxes are beneficial to the well-being of your mind, body, and spirit.

To maintain your aura in between cleansings and detoxes, here are some things you can do: Eat healthy foods Listen to positive music with a frequency of 432Hz or 528H Drink plenty of water Avoid drugs and alcohol Take time to meditate or be silent. Mentally create a barrier around yourself to keep good stuff in and bad stuff out (some people imagine bubbles, sheets, walls, etc, it's up to you) Ask angels and spirit guides for protection Exercise Be out in nature Use high quality essential oils Keep your living and work spaces free of clutter Get adequate restAdd a little bit of body text

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How to Work with Crystals Siobhan Gouws www. http://bit.ly/sgcrystalhealing Facebook.com/sgcrystalhealing

I am always banging my drum about consciously and intentionally working with crystals and I have a good reason for this. Let me share with you why you should do it and how you can do it. Why work consciously with crystals: Nothing happens when we buy a crystal and leave it lying around, even if we resonated with the crystal we were drawn to. Frame an intention around why you are using the crystal and what you want to achieve with it before you spend time with your crystal. Shifts and healing happen when we spend time with our crystals to absorb that energy. Some people get messages and some don’t, but you’re always going to absorb the crystal energy which will promote your body to move towards balance or work through what’s ready to be released as it’s not always roses and rainbows. That’s how you get consciously involved and become mindful of what you are doing. How to consciously work with crystals: There are numerous ways you can work with your crystals and spend time with them. Many of them you probably already know of or do. 1. Wearing Crystals: This is one known to many people and these days, you can find any crystal in whatever type of jewelry you prefer, i.e. necklaces, bracelets, rings.

You can also wear them in a little pouch around your neck and this works really well if you wanted to carry a few crystals around with you. You could also carry them in your pocket which is preferable for men, whereas women enjoy using their bra. 2. Meditating with Crystals: This is an easy way to work with crystals and even enhance your meditation time if you already practice meditation. You can set the timer for 5-15 minutes and spend time with your crystal by either holding it or placing it in near you. It doesn’t matter if you hold the crystal or not, so do what is most comfortable for you. Great crystals to facilitate meditation are Magnesite, Ametrine or Celestite, but you can go with whatever crystal you’re drawn to. 3. Healing Layouts with Crystals: This is simply placing the crystal/s on or around your body in a certain layout. The simplest way to do this is to lay crystals on your Chakra centers. You may also feel that a certain crystal would benefit being laid upon a specific body part. You don’t need to understand why, so trust your intuition and go with it. When we trust our intuition, that’s often when the best healing takes place and taking the time to do healing, leaves you feeling calm and relaxed again.

4. Sleeping with Crystals: Many people find it beneficial to sleep with their crystals and you can sleep with your chosen crystals under your pillow, inside your pillowcase if you’re scared they may disappear or on a bedside table. Great crystals to sleep with are Amethyst, Selenite, Moonstone or Blue Lace Agate. Get specific and go enjoy spending time with your crystals. You may discover some awesome things and even if you don’t, you are taking time for yourself to relax, unwind and release!

January and February


by Jasmin Maurer

Purchase a reading from Jasmin @ www.leafmoldandtarot.storenvy.com Af

january When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the great abundance growing all around you? January is long and cold, and the holidays with their festivities are now behind us, but that doesn’t mean we need to pack everything in and go into a cold place. Relish in the process of hard work. Can you see how your own efforts can manifest into something beautiful? Even if it’s hard, even if at times it feels like a struggle, there’s still a powerful payoff to be had this month. No gain is insignificant, and by paying attention, even the smallest success can catapult you into a place of abundance and good fortune. Whatever you’re working on, keep at it. Celebrate your success. This is a great month for seeing your projects through and enjoying your work. Take time as well to visit with friends, connect with family, share your success, and appreciate the hard work of others. There’s healing to be had this month, a lightness of energy that promises to hold us afloat and help us get just a little bit farther along. Embrace that energy and nurture it. It’ll help us make it through a long month.



February brings with it a shadow that threatens to block out the unseasonable sunshine that had graced us. Whereas before there was lightness, now we may feel stuck and heavy. Tasks that once felt like a joy become tedium. There’s a great crushing pressure that is coming on upon us, but the good news is that, it might not actually be there. There are ways to disengage lovingly from that which makes us feel tied down. In fact, untangling may reveal a solution that benefits everyone. Take inventory of your relationships with love, for both yourself and others. Clear your mind of the negative clutter that finds its way in there. Reframe the unpleasant tasks that fill your life from a new perspective. The lesson here is that we do have the power to overcome our darkest moments. Examine any defeatist logic carefully for flaws. Is there some piece of a current situation that you can take control of? Move from a place of courage and trust that your dilemma can get better. It’s not always pleasant to take the reins of our own narrative, and it can be quite scary, but it is often necessary, and can produce a powerful payoff. The sunshine filled skies of January haven’t disappeared at all; they’re just obscured for a moment by a curtain that we can pull back.


Overall Mood

"Unconditional Love",Spirit Cats Deck by Nicole Piar

The overall mood for the start of 2018 is Unconditional Love. This is a love that can lift the darkest mood, and untie the heaviest chains. It can transform us. When we accept ourselves for who we are fully, it can lead us down a path towards the happiness we’ve always dreamed of. When we embrace those around us without judgment, we can lift up each other. This isn’t an easy kind of love to hold onto. It’s hard. It means forgiving. It’s coming from a place of unselfish compassion, both for ourselves and others. It takes a lot of practice. But we can all start our process of learning it by forgiving ourselves in those moments when we get unconditional love wrong. Because we will get it wrong sometimes. We will face dark periods and rough patches. We will say something to someone that we regret. We’ll be selfish in our relationships. But it’s what we do with that and how we learn from it that matters. Work hard to transform your negative experiences into new moments of joy. Find healing in your pain. Unconditional love is present to help us make a journey towards a fuller acceptance of who we are and the path that each of us is on. Decks used: Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort and Spirit Cats Deck by Nicole Piar

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1. How have I unconsciously been holding myself back? 2. How has holding myself back been serving me? 3. What energy should I focus on to move forward? 4. What energy will empower me to accomplish my dreams? 5. What will be the outcome if I make a bold move? {Purchase a comprehensive email reading here!}

1 represents self, our unique essence, and 8 represents Power. The manager, the one who's sees the big picture of things. Masculine energy, strength, money, the director, the ability to manifest. Are you getting where this is going? The 11/2 embodies Inspiration energy! Sensitive, Intuitive, polarity, the visionary. Now we can get this right? What relationships are in interested in creating with yourself, others, Source, to manifest your desires and bringing your vision to the world? Or to fruition at the very least! A very inspirational year in beginning right now!

Number Nirvana Tammy Campy www.tammymariecampy.com Happy Happy New Year, ONE AND ALL! Can you believe it is 2018? I can hardly believe it myself!! What does 2018 mean? 2+0+1+8 = 11. 11/2 is a master number in the realm of numerology! What an INSPIRATIONAL year to behold! So let's break it down shall we? 2 is all about relationships, to ourselves, others. Who are we being? What do we want? What works? Is it safe to say we all know what we don't want? We are typically pretty clear about that... So what is it then do you want in the realm of relationships? 0 is the representation of source, God, Father, Mother, Spirit, Creator. Whatever it is for you. What is your relationship like with source? Your higher self? The God in you? Connected? Disconnected? Neutral? What kind of relationship do you want with Source?

So, if we are in the Universal year of 11/2, January will be a 3 month in the Universe. 2 from the year, adding 1, which is the month of January = 3. January in the Universe will be this time of socializing, being in a space of JOY, maybe traveling, playing, expressing yourself, getting your products or services out there in the world. 3 is the essence of Creativity, how are you creative? Please take some time to identify that about yourself. How do you want to play and express yourself? Paint, write, draw, create spaces? Play something? How can you bring your JOY and creativity to others this month? This energy can also get a little scattered, distracted, maybe stifling if you are challenged in speaking your truth or expressing yourself. Just practice being mindful, grounded and conscious and you can have this very LUCKY month in money and opportunity by expressing yourself! ENJOY!!! February 2018! AHHHHH the month of LOVE and relationships. Interesting Valentines day is in February and February is the 2nd month of the year and the 2 is all about relationships! You just simply can't make this up! However, when we add the 2 from the Universal year and the 2 month of February we come up with a 4 of course. Not only will you be focused on relationships but you will also be in a working month in the Universe.

Spirituality, Self Discovery, Personal Growth, and Mentorship don't have to be uptight and perfect. The path to enlightenment can be real, raw, and full of F-bombs.

Or maybe you will be making plans, creating some structures of how to move your vision forward this month! Have you identified your vision? I love working with the Intentional Program, Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton have created. I create my vision every year through this program and facilitate it with others as well! A really great tool to gain clarity and your vision statement, who you are and where you are going and specific timelines for you personally to have an amazing productive year where you are in alignment with who you are, what you are up to and when to implement things! Really powerful! So whatever tool you use to supporting your clarity about what structures you would like to have in place to work with others and bring your vision out there, February will be a great time to do that! AND please don't forget! Have a really wonderful Valentines DAY! Loving yourself and giving that LOVE to others!! Light and LOVE beautiful ONES! Tammy

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For spiritual women who want to enlighten the f ck up! This group is fun, safe, and full of tips, encouragement, and sisterhood. Join us! www.facebook.com/groups/thesaltyspiritualist/

Teri Bach, MFT www.coachteribach.com Facebook: Untapped Potential Coaching Are You Blocking Miracles From Your Life? Do you find it hard to believe that miracles are unfolding all around you…daily? That you have access to co-creating your life and your goals with the Divine or the Universe (depending on your beliefs)?

Yes, sometimes it is hard! Sometimes life, money and our goals can seem heavy and overwhelming! Do you ever feel like, “it’s all on ME to do EVERYTHING?” This is a great time to Tap as this is a particular vibe that literally blocks miracles from showing up. When you are feeling this, it just means that for a while you’ve forgotten about your ability to co-create with the Universe or the Divine! And we definitely want to remind ourselves of that mind, body and soul!

"I Have To Make Everything Happen On My Own (There’s No Support!)" Karate Chop Point: Even though the truth is that I have to make it happen, it’s all on me, I’ve got to do it, I accept all of me. Even though I have to make this happen, I feel that pressure, that constriction, but I can’t just let this go! I accept all of my feelings. Even though the truth is, it’s all me. There’s no one supporting me, no miracles showing up. I have to make this happen. Otherwise I will fail and that will be all on me. I love and accept myself anyway. Tapping Through the Points: It is all on me***It’s always been on me***I can’t just trust***I can’t let go***That would be slacking off***I have to make this happen***Make it happen with my will***With my own two hands***My blood, sweat, and tears***It’s exhausting***But I keep doing it.

So let’s do that now. First, an exercise to test for yourself: Think about this year, think about your money goals, wealth goals, business goals. Now, test this phrase by saying it aloud in two ways: “I HAVE to make it happen.” Notice the feeling that comes up and how true it feels. What’s the emotion? Now say it this way. “I have to MAKE it happen.” Notice the feelings in your body when you say it that way. Now start tapping! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to my website www.UntappedPotentialCoaching.com and look at the video and information about Tapping).

Are You Blocking Miracles From Your Life?

I’ve got to make this happen***Not a lot of fun in that***A lot of pressure***A lot of desperation *** Always battling failure***So much at stake***I can’t just trust in the Universe***That would be crazy***I’ve got to do it***It’s all me.

Tapping Through the Points: I’ve been doing it this way for a long time***If I trust and let go***Would I judge myself a slacker?***Or naïve? ***I wonder what would happen***If I open this window and allowed the Divine***to stream into my life***bringing me more brilliance***More Take a deep breath. inspiration***absolute miracles***Co-creating with me.***I wonder how that would feel***I wonder Wow, that was some heavy stuff! That may have brought how it would feel in my body***to achieve that up some emotion. So now let’s tap through another way***this would feel different***REALLY different. round… Take a breath. "I Am Open To The Divine Co-creating With Me!" Doesn’t that feel much better? Now, instead of saying “I Karate Chop Point: have to make it happen.” Try saying it this way: “I love Even though I’ve built a life making stuff happen and I making it happen and watching the universe line up often say, “Oh I’ll just do it myself, I usually do it better and I MIRACLES to support every step I take!” do it to my standards” I’m open to the idea that there’s a conflict for me in this because I’m not very open to help. Even though I love getting stuff done. I love making great things happen, I’m open to the idea that I could be an amazing achiever and have an openness to the Divine brilliance, Divine guidance, inspiration, even miracles. That makes all my achieving fun. Even though I’ve operated this way for a long time, saying, “No thanks, I got it. I’ve got to do it all myself.” I’m now opening a window, and I’m propping it open with a stick, so I can’t close it easily. This window is open to the Divine co-creating with me. I actually don’t need to do everything myself. The truth is I can’t always see the big picture. I don’t really know the mind of God. Maybe the Divine is trying to give me more than I’ve even dreamed of.

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Sacred feminine power is yours for the taking. All you need to do is ask for it.

What is it that you want?  Go within and seek your truth, for it is waiting  for you to uncover it, like a chest of gold in the depths of a cavern.

Good riddance to


and “Hey girl” to .2018

Lila Jones | www.lightoflemuriaretreats.com | Facebook.com/MermaidLila/ I know I’m young, but 2017 was my hardest year yet. I had the pleasure of experiencing my first, and not final, Saturn Return. At the tender age of 27-28 Saturn returns to the house it was in when you were born.

The emotional toll that I was under, coupled with having people in my life who were toxic, I couldn’t deal with it. So I laid in bed.

What does that mean? It means all the shit that you’ve accumulated from the time you were born is now coming up for healing. This started in September of 2016. By December I was experiencing PTSD from a previous job. I was losing sleep, I was an emotional mess, and anxiety just replayed conversations and frustrations on repeat. I couldn’t turn my brain off, no matter what I did. The only therapy I had (outside of counseling) was being a mermaid…. But Saturn has a way of even showing us how intense our dream jobs could be. By the time July rolled around, I had been fired from my retail job, didn’t know which direction I wanted to go as a mermaid, and questioning all of my motivations including maintaining my dream job. By August I was in such a deep depression, I remember talking to my counselor, very concerned, that I was having suicidal thoughts. The kicker was I knew I didn’t want to die, but my energy and motivation to live had dropped down significantly.

By the end of August I was given an ultimatum, somehow I pushed through. By the time my birthday rolled around on September I was told I needed to figure out what I wanted or leave. I wanted to die… the thing is not really die I wanted this version of me to die. I couldn’t handle it anymore. The constant pain, the wishy washy people, not being able to show up for myself, and not knowing what the hell I was doing. So… on my 29th Birthday, I gave myself a gift. I had accidentally hung up on someone as my eyes filled up with tears. It was a conversation I didn’t want to have and a realization I hope I never needed. The gift was understanding that absolutely no one on this planet will take care of me the way I needed.

There was no such thing as job security, no such thing as others helping you out of tough times, everything could change in a second. While i’m not meaning to be pessimistic, this was an important lesson. See, by the time October hit, I was being asked to participate in photo shoots. I had invested in myself and signed up for financial and business coaching and really took the time to determine what I wanted. I had invested in marketing classes, workshops, and a bunch of other things that I wanted and NEEDED to take me to the next level. While i’m not meaning to be pessimistic, this was an important lesson. See, by the time October hit, I was being asked to participate in photoshoots. I had invested in myself and signed up for financial and business coaching and really took the time to determine what I wanted. I had invested in marketing classes, workshops, and a bunch of other things that I wanted and NEEDED to take me to the next level.

Any time you put that responsibility on others and don’t accept it, you set yourself up to give your power away. There’s still work to be done and pain I need to muddle through. I’m also thankful that I’ve allowed myself to see these challenges as motivation. If I had remained comfortable, I would still be working retail, surrounded by toxic people, and still be only thinking about establishing my mermaid retreats and readings. I went from Thinking to Doing and it only took the Universe the span of 1 summer to get me low enough and humbled enough to say, “fuck this, I’m standing up on my own and you’re going to help me.” In the span of months I had gone from depressed to empowered simply by choosing myself. So I want to pose the question, what did you invest in yourself 2017? Will you take the leap in 2018? Don’t tell me, show me.

Oceanic Goddess Series by Mermaid Lila

To be honest I have no idea where the money came from for all of that. I felt the guidance to invest in myself so I did. Whatever I invested in myself came back and then some. December I attended a professional retreat, creating my first video for MY company, and focusing on selling my 3 day Empowering the Mermaid retreat that’s coming up Feb of 2018 in Kona. I was writing my book scheduled to be published in January and had more new clients than I had ever anticipated. Soon, I became less hesitant about money. I adopted a gratitude mindset, kicked people out who tried to hold me back, and accepted myself as my own best friend, counselor, and boss. My security, my needs, my life, is my responsibility.

Learn how to incorporate Aquatic Goddess energies into your every day life with this 4 week course. During this course we will learn how to tap into the energy of 4 distinct Aquatic Goddesses, Oceana, Aphrodite, Sedna, and Styx and how they can be called upon to assist various areas of our lives. Starting Mon, Feb 5, 2018


However, it is also an executive, radiant energy capable of grand creations. When this energy is put to use in a larger more universal context, the results can be truly magical and magnanimous. The beginning of any New Year always carries a “wraparound” effect until the Chinese New Year in early February. This affords us time to process the events of the year that has just passed. This year this time will be vital for our progression. Healing comes from letting there be room for all of

“this” to

happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.

Pema Chodron

Show your Soul - Light it up!

Cosmic Weather – January/February 2018 Irma Kaye Sawyer www.irmakayesawyer.com Facebook.com/starsandvibes Hello friends. Well we start the year off with quite a bang with a Full Moon on New Year’s Day and a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in the same month) to follow at the end of January. The Full Moon of 1/31 is traveling with a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo. Lunar Eclipses are of a more emotional nature since they pertain to the moon, as opposed to Solar Eclipses which tend to be more action oriented. However, Aquarius energy is Yang Air, which carries the element of movement and ideas within it. The Aquarius/Leo dynamic is an interesting one. Although they are opposites, there is a middle way to be found between them. Aquarius is high minded and about the “Big Picture” at its best, while Leo can be more centered on the smaller self.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in January will be an excellent time to RELEASE all that you do not intend to carry forward into the New Year. In February I see a refocus happening on social justice and activism, especially during Sun in Aquarius. For those who have been involved in these issues, 2017 was relentless in terms of opportunities to serve and “compassion fatigue” became a thing. Many will need the month of January to regroup and get their bearings again. A Blue Moon in the first month of the New Year is rather unusual and auspicious. As one of my wise friends recently suggested, let this be a “Blue Moon” kind of year. As in, those unusual, brave or audacious things you’ve always wanted to do, why not do them? Cosmic Quote: One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.

Pinkola Estes

The Chinese Year of the (Earth) Dog begins on 2/16. Dog years are known for their emphasis on action, practicality, hard work and loyalty. This ties in nicely with Saturn now in Capricorn which benefits our labors and helps to crystallize things on the earth plane. Just be sure you don’t fall into fear based or rigid attitudes, which can be the shadow side of Capricorn’s love of tradition and conservatism. Bright blessings to all in the New Year!

Feeling overwhelmed? You might be an Empath! Discover hands on, practical tools you can use to shift your energy, clear your head, and to set up healthy boundaries with the people in your life! You don't have to just 'survive'. You are meant to THRIVE! Purchase the e-book here

Cosmic Dates of Note:

Full Moon in Cancer – 1/1 New Moon in Capricorn – 1/16 Sun in Aquarius – 1/19 Full Moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse – 1/31 Imbolc/Groundhog Day – 2/1 New Moon/Solar Eclipse – 2/15 Chinese New Year (Dog) – 2/16 Sun in Pisces – 2/18

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Align Your Dreams in 2018  

Forget hustle! Get aligned! Our contributors will help you manifest your best, in 2018.

Align Your Dreams in 2018  

Forget hustle! Get aligned! Our contributors will help you manifest your best, in 2018.