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CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS A Holistic Lifestyle Magazine Issue #10

Novenmber/December 2017

A Return to Wholeness Issue Sacred Spaces

Crystal Connections From the Editor The Power in surrender This is the 10th issue of the magazine, and I got to thinking of the symbology and mysticism behind this number. In Tarot, it is "The Wheel of Fortune"- Mastering one's destiny, everything returns from whence it came. In Numerology, it is the combined power of 1- Humanity, and 0- Power and Protection. We cringe at the news stories, we scoff and point the finger, we pump our fists. But under all of this, I believe these all come from confusion and fear. Be angry but don't lose your humanity. Be informed but don't lose your sense of power. Remember to turn inward to ask what you can do to be a light in the world. Be gentle and you will find a new sense of


strength and direction. This doesn't mean to accept everything, as it appears. Surrender to new ways of enacting change, in your life. You just might find new ideas, from this issue!


I've teamed up with a local friend, and we have a new office space, in West Fargo, ND! I will be offering energy healings, readings and classes. Bonnie Bee will be offering intuitive readings and tarot readings. If you are local, be sure to keep an eye out for future events, or even if you aren't local and would like to support us, feel free to like our Facebook page: @BridgingtheJourney

Contributors Joel Omni Omni Rogers-Mueller is Co-owner and operator of Moon

Joel Young is The Creator & Custodian of The NPA Process,

Sisters Apothecary: holistic, quality products that cater to your

a simple way to stop taking things personally and embrace

overall health and well being., and enhances your mind, body

your humanity, which has helped thousands of people in over

and spirit.

18 countries around the world. You can access the process for free at www.JoelYoungNPA.com

Irma Kaye


Irma Kaye Sawyer is an author, astrologer, teacher, intuitive

Committed to growth and expansion of consciousness in

counselor and energy healing practitioner from Southern

humanity, Tammy Campy studies and specializes in her

California. She has been in professional holistic healing and

practice of meditation, numerology, Core Passion,

counseling practice since 1994. Her five books are currently

Hypnotherapy, dowsing, personal development coaching,

available at Amazon.

Reiki and Access Consciousness.

Jasmin Spencer Jasmin Maurer started reading tarot as a fun activity with

Spencer Dearing is the Mindful Creator behind Lion Heart

friends, and a method of self exploration. Over the years, her

Living; the first Official Self- Empowerment Brand. Spencer

tarot journey has introduced her to new people and ideas, as

is a Teacher and Coach in the fields of Functional Medicine,

well as new understandings of herself. She currently lives in

Functional Fitness and Spirituality; of which he incorporates

Pennsylvania with her cat, Faulkner, where she dreams of a

into his programs for his clients to experience their own true

future of fully automated space commune.


Contributors Teri


Teri Bach, MFT, has been a psychotherapist for 25 years and

Hi, my name is Siobhan and I am a crystal healing. I

coaches women entrepreneurs who want to earn more in

believe in changing the world one person at a time with

their businesses by helping them change the beliefs they have

crystals. I enjoy reading and I am not so secretly addicted to

about money. When clients work with Teri, they are able to

coffee. Connect with me on Facebook: @sgcrystalhealing

earn unexpected income, get new clients or sales and have

increased levels of confidence and motivation.  

Terry you! Terry Romine is an Intuitive Psychic and teacher specializing

Do you have insights and teachings to share with the world?

in Spiritual Relationships and Guidance. He tunes into his

Or maybe you are an artisan, a creatrix, or dreamer?

client's spiritual connection and receives messages from their

We want to publish you in our magazine or blog!

Higher Self, Angels and Guides. He also connects with those

Email us at crystalconnectionsmag@gmail.com

loved ones who have passed over and enjoys reuniting them in a joyful experience.

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How to Work with Crystals by Siobhan Gouws One of my biggest interests in life is crystals and it took me by surprise by evolving from just loving and enjoying learning about crystals to being able to use them for healing in my own life as well as others.

Crystal healing can assist with healing an energetic problem that has manifested physically, e.g. too much worrying and thinking can manifest as a headache. It can also promote feeling relaxed as well as providing clarity on areas you may need to work on.

Let me shortly explain three ways in which crystals work: Structure: Crystals have a perfect, repeating and stable atomic structure known as a crystalline structure. When you introduce a crystal to the human energy field and/or onto the body, the body starts to move toward generating that stability and

It is really easy to use crystals for healing and if you own any, you probably already use them for healing without even realising so.

Three, easy ways to use crystals for healing:

order. We are always seeking to be in balance because we all know how rotten it is when you're out of sorts. I promise that you won’t turn into a crystal or generate one but you may feel more peaceful and balanced. Colour: Many of the properties attributed to crystals are due to their colour because each colour is known to have it's own properties, for instance red can relate to action, movement, passion whereas white can relate to peace and calm. Collective Consciousness: Some stones don't have a regular, repeating atomic structure and they heal/work from the collective consciousness that is stored "within" them. Apache Tear is volcanic glass so it has no crystalline structure like quartz

Meditation: Meditate with a crystal and you’ll definitely feel a difference, for instance, meditating with Selenite is known to be incredibly calming. Wearing and Keeping Crystals: wearing your crystals or keeping them in your environment means that you have that healing energy always near you. Healing Layout: A simple healing layout that anyone can do is with 7 different coloured crystals (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple). Simply lay them on the chakra centers of your body and relax. You may even find that you take a little nap.

for instance, but because it has been used for generations and centuries, that's what makes it such

Go out and choose a crystal that catches your eye

a powerful healer.

without any thought behind it, spend some time with it and see what you learn as well as how it makes you feel.

Website/Blog - http://bit.ly/sgcrystalhealing Facebook - https://fb.me/sgcrystalhealing

IN THE WIZARD'S WORDS Terry Romine www.terryromine.com Connect on Faceboook: Terry Romine Wizard

A Tickle? A Yawn? A Touch? A Chill? How does Spirit talk to me? These are some of the signs that Spirit uses to connect, and speak to us if we listen and pay attention. Some have asked me, what does it mean when I feel a chill, or feel someone touch me and there is no one there? I believe it is one of the ways that Spirit is letting us know that there is something Beyond, someone we knew, or it is time to pay attention. When I connect to Spirit, I have a definite feeling of raising my vibration level. I feel it internally, and often, my head will tilt upward, as if to seek guidance from above. When I am doing a reading, or offering advice, or lecturing, I might get a tingle down my left side. Sometimes, it reaches all the way to my feet. It's my barometer of truth. Spirit’s way of giving me affirmation that what I am saying is real and significant to my client or students.

Often, when I am running a lot of energy, such as doing healing or being in a workshop, I will yawn a lot. It doesn't mean I am tired, or bored. *grin* It’s because when I run energy, i release it as a yawn, like an over pressure valve. When something is not right, I feel it as a knot in my stomach. Over the years, I have determined these as my signs from Spirit. They are consistent and repeatable. I respect them, and always give thanks, sometimes out loud, when I get them. It's important to give gratitude as that is a positive energy that tells Spirit you heard and understood. And there are other signs that tell us that Spirit is there. Sometimes we ask for signs, such as a symbol to indicate a person who has passed over. In those cases, it is usually something that we can identify with that person, an aroma, a certain touch, a feeling of their energy as if they are standing next to us.

A sign can be a repeating symbol such as a rainbow, a flower, a feather, a song on the radio‌ and there are always certain numbers that each of us have found that repeat throughout our lives.A sign can be a repeating symbol such as a rainbow, a flower, a feather, a song on the radio‌ and there are always certain numbers that each of us have found that repeat throughout our lives. Dreams are another method that Spirit uses. If you have a dream that is profound, perhaps about a passed over loved one, and it sticks with you instead of fading away as dreams normally do, then the chances are it was a Visitation, not a dream. Because when we are in dream state, the Veil between worlds is thin and it is easier for those on the other side to communicate through our dreams to say hello.

Cherish these moments, as it can be a delight. Because when we are in dream state, the Veil between worlds is thin and it is easier for those on the other side to communicate through our dreams to say hello. Cherish these moments, as it can be a delight. Paying attention to what is around us, day by day, and accepting that our loved ones who have passed are still around us when ever we need to talk to them. Pay attention to what you feel, even in the slightest of moments, give thanks when it makes sense, and offer to talk to them when you feel them close, or feel the need to talk to them. You may get a response, or it may just feel good to allow yourself that option of communication.

EFT Tapping Script (you to the saboteur): I get it *** I get it *** I see it now. *** And things will

Does Sabotage Keep You From Moving Forward?

never be the same *** I hear you. *** I understand. *** You’ve been overprotecting me. *** And the truth is; I’m all grown up now. *** We are not children. *** I’m all grown up. *** And I don’t need this much protection. *** And I’m willing to commit to listening to you and what you need. *** Listening to that part of me that needs compassion. *** Healing *** Reassurance ***

by Teri Bach, MFT Do you find yourself being sabotaged or even sabotaging yourself? Want to find out why???

Compliments *** Safety. *** So I can move forward. *** You’ve been overprotecting me. *** And it has to stop. *** But, I will listen to you now *** and when I hear you sabotaging me, *** I’m going to know that you

Imagine that you’re watching yourself in a movie. You’re on stage feeling very confident and you’re holding up your written goal. It includes the impact you want to make, all the people whose lives you want to change, and the amount of money you want to make.

need something *** probably compassion. *** Or I need to cry *** Or work with a past trauma. *** Or something. *** And I will address it. *** I honor you today. *** I get it. *** I see you. *** I hear you. *** It’s OK.

You’re stating “I can do it! I deserve it! I am powerful!”

Take a breath. Picture your inner saboteur now. Does she look like she feels heard? Keep tapping if she still looks

Who steps forward from the shadows of the stage? It’s


someone who knows your scariest and deepest truth. She (or he) knows every mistake you’ve ever made. All your flaws, everything you want to hide from the world. Maybe she looks like someone in your family. Maybe she looks like the person who has wounded you the most around your power. Or maybe there are 2

What does she really want for you underneath all that fear? She is coming from a child’s wounded place so it’s correlated to the amount of trauma you’ve had. The more wounded you were around your power as a child, the bigger your inner saboteur is going to be.

people up there – the person who has wounded you the most AND your Inner Saboteur. Let them go on their rant. What are they saying to you? How do they look?

What we did here is negotiate with her a bit. “If you lighten up and stop protecting me so much, I’ll promise to listen to you.” When you hear your inner saboteur or

Notice how specific it is. Look at the energy – it’s either angry or dismissing you. This depends on your wiring. Your saboteur is about to threaten you. “If you take one more step in this direction of deserving or of being good enough, I’m going to make sure people know what a fraud you are.

inner critic, I want you to say to yourself “hmm, what do I need right now”? And if you jump in and interrupt with tapping and voice the inner saboteur until you feel sad, you’ll bring more compassion to yourself. More compassion leads to more self-care. And when you start meeting your own needs, your inner saboteur will be quieter.

Your saboteur is the part of you that carries all your pain. She takes your power before anyone else can. She was hurt so deeply. So her mission now is to keep you safe. To make sure you are never hurt again. To protect you.

*For more information on how to do EFT and how it can help you, visit Teri's website: www.UntappedPotentialCoaching.com

In 40% of women, period pain is accompanied by premenstrual symptoms, such as bloating, tender breasts, a swollen stomach, lack of concentration, mood swings, clumsiness and tiredness.”

There are two types of this condition, Primary and Secondary. Primary commonly occurs in teenage girls and young women. But I suffer from the Secondary, which actually started from the first time I had my cycle. And that was embarrassing enough!! I was cheerleading at a basketball game and fell from the top of the pyramid because of the onslaught. That is a story for another time . So as a general rule, we as women do the same things to help cope with these issues. They range from a hot bath,


hot water bottles, yoga, diet changes and more. Then when it comes down to it…how much Tylenol, ibuprofen or


Midol is consumed on a daily basis during this time? Let’s face it Ladies and Gentlemen, this stuff is expensive!! I’m not just talking about the over the counter pain medication either, this also includes time away from work for some and the cost of pads, tampons, diva cups etc. Here is what

It goes without saying….periods suck…..period. Every

Jessica Kane from Huffington Post has to say:

month many of us ladies check our apps or calendars and cringe when we notice that Aunt Flo’ is about to arrive. If your experience is anything like mine, you can totally understand where this article is going. Not only do we have to contend with bloating, P.M.S, cravings, we then deal with extreme back pain, front cramps, headaches,

"On average, a woman has her period from three to seven days and the average woman menstruates from age 13 until age 51. That means the average woman endures some 456 total periods over 38 years, or roughly 2,280 days  with her period — 6.25 years of her life."

nausea, cold or hot sweats etc. This is not a happy time and lasts for at least one to two of the days of our cycles.

It’s no WONDER we become the supreme and glorious cranky women that we are. I use this term loosely as well

The technical term for this is dysmenorrhea and totally sounds like a horrible STD. It derives from an ancient Greek expression which literally means ‘difficult monthly flow’. According to Women’s Health.org, “If you have

as humorously. If you can’t find some something to laugh at when Aunt Flo visits, then you certainly have landed in the cray cray boat. Oh yeah, no one wants to be around you.

dysmenorrhoea you are not alone. Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. You can suffer from period pain from your early teen’s right up to the menopause. Most women experience some discomfort during menstruation, especially on the first day. But in 5% to 10% of women the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life. If your mother suffered period pains, you are more likely to suffer too.

Over the years, I have gotten sick and tired of over the counter pain medications, for which I have to take slightly more than the recommended dosage every time. Then God(s) help my household if I run out and forgot to go to the store. I am fed up, livid and downright at my wits end at this point. Then I got down to business! I wanted a more natural approach to manage my overwhelming pain.

Taking that much over the counter medications can’t be

Yes, that’s right, this works not just on us ladies, but men

good overall in my lifetime. So what do I do when I’m

too!!! Don’t let the name fool you, our Salve is good for

fed up with taking them?? I research!! I have done

any sore muscle issues, even if the issues are from

extensive research, outreach and product testing over the

working out at the gym.

last 8 months that our Aunt Flo line was born. In reality, I call this “Bitch Be Gone!” but that’s the pain talking. I

These products can be purchased singularly, or take all

created a tea, a salve as well as a tonic to take care of any

three for maximum benefits. If you want a more natural,

life situations and will reduce your dependence on

holistic approach to your cycles, or if you just want to

other painkillers.

reduce your Midol dependence, then these may be just up your alley. This is a new generation and a new way to

When I say “reduce”, I mean that I now take less

deal with our cycles. Take back your inner Goddess, let

ibuprofen or Midol by over 50%. In fact, at

her reign supreme in all its glory. It’s time to

times I have been able to not use ANY at all. So let’s

proclaim….The Bitch is BACK! And Aunt Flo can go

break these down for you.

take a number, cuz ain’t no body got time for that.

The Aunt Flo tonic was developed for at home use and is taken at intervals just like you normally would. 2 Tbs

squareup.com/store/moon-sisters-apothecary www.patreon.com/MoonSistersApothecary

every 3-4 hrs as needed. This is a strong tonic and I recommend diluting it a bit with some water. It’s pretty strong if you’re not used to taking tonics on a regular basis.

The Aunt Flo tea is designed for while you’re “on the go.” Take it with you in your purse when you know she’s

: ram g a t s n In o e ! We'r n us o p cree o t free l e e F

coming to town and you won’t feel that you’ve been bamboozled without a parachute. Since this formula is the same as the tonic, I recommend having your sweetener of choice with you. I usually have a few in a sandwich baggie and I’m ready to go. The Keurig machines at work are perfect for brewing! I will also alternate between the Aunt Flo Tonic and the tea. These formulas do contain St. Johns Wort, so please talk to your doctor if you are taking any anti-depressants, currently.

Next in this wonderful trilogy line, is our Aunt Flo Salveation! This is our creamy gold! The salve helps penetrate into the deep tissues and down to the muscles to ease those nasty cramps. Smells floral but packs a punch in under 15 min! I created this to work with any of the other two for those symptoms that are so problematic. Use as directed and massage onto the skin where it hurts the most. This is wonderful after a hot bath! Trust me, this works! I even had a Gentleman tell me on the street that it was the only thing available to him when a charlie horse came on.

@cry stal conn ecti onsm aga zine

There are lessons to be learned, for that is why you are here, on this earth.

It is not a punishment or something to fear. Be bold, be brazen, and live the life you want to live!

For more than 5,000 years, rosebuds has been beneficial


to us beings in more ways than we could imagine.

There are so many things that rosebuds can do in order

Rosebuds has become an natural treatment known to

to help your body remain and or become healthy.

help your mind, body and skin in multiples ways such

Drinking rosebuds as a tea or missing it with other tea

as; alleviate depression, smoothing the skin, and help

blends can help women a lot especially with womb

boost your immune system. Here at EtherealSOl we use

healing and relieving menstrual pain. Rosebuds can also

Chamomile in our signature tea blend, Chamomile Rose

help boost the immune system, help improve your blood

Tea. Our blend can be used to drink, bathe in, and or be

circulation, help with dizziness, ease constipation and

used for yoni steaming. Today I will expose a few

sooth your nerves. It can relieve sore throats and runny

wonderful benefits of using Rosebuds as a tea blend.Â

noses. It is also useful to people who have constant chest


problems. Rosebud tea can be used to relieve urinary tract infections (UTI).

1. KEEPS SKIN HEALTHY Rosebuds can impact the skin in a very positive way -


one being that it is packed with vitamin A and E,

Rosebuds can help alleviate depression and keep a smile

antioxidants. The antioxidants moistures the skin,

on your face. Want to sleep better at night drink a cup

keeping it soft and free of blemishes. Drinking or

of rose tea. It's calm, sweet, uplifting taste and smell

washing your face with rosebuds will tighten it and

can leave you worry and stress free.

leave your skin looking radiant and feeling undamaged. Consuming rosebuds will also help with acne.

STEEPING YOUR TEA: 1. Water: Bring fresh, cold purified or spring water, to a boil in a kettle.

2. Fire: Boil your water until bubbles has reached the surface - Temperature of water should be at 212 F, or 100 C.

3. Spoon the loose leaf tea into a tea strainer or paper filter and place in a cup.

4. Awaken: Pour the boiled water over the tea in a cup.

5. Anticipate: Steep for 4-6 Minutes.

The Wonderful

6. Present: Add sweetener, lemon juice, milk as desired and enjoy your tea.Â

Benefits of Rose Buds in Tea Blends by Zhane'l Speaks, Founder of EtherealSOl

www.etherealsol.com instagram.com/etherealsolcompany


No box is a prison unless you make it so. Â No box is permanent. All boxes can be nurtured or destroyed, valued or disregarded, honoured or defiled, cherished or neglected.

If you make the nature of boxes themselves your jailer you will scream for freedom your whole life, yet always be enslaved. You will thrash at any box you see and destroy many that only after the fact you realise you loved.

A lover looking for deeper commitment, perceived as another jailer brandishing a box, a cage, a taker of freedom... triggers the blind rage of box-phobia and the relationship is smashed into a thousand pieces like a cherished China teapot hurled at the wall. The tea of

by Joel Young Facebook & Instagram: @JoelYoungNPA

promises have nothing to contain them anymore.

Perhaps it is repairable, but certainly that would be a All form requires a boundary. For there to be some-thing it

long and painstaking job. And who would bother if, once

must have distinctness - it must have an edge. Any 'thing' is

repaired, it would only again be perceived as a cage?

a box of sorts.

Kinder, more joyful and freer perhaps; to dance with the boxes of life.

Your body is a box. Your house is a box.

Understand that life exists only through the grace of

Your relationships are boxes.

form - of boxes. That life is a forest of boxes through

Your dreams are boxes.

which you take a stroll. Open your heart and eyes to the

Every tree and flower and teardrop is a box.

boxes you live with. There are boxes you can throw

Every experience is a box: a package of life defined.

away and there are boxes that lend themselves to evolution, expansion and transformation.

They all have their edges, their boundaries; the skin cells; the bricks; the values and agreements; the clarity of

Those boxes you would love to stay? Those people,

imagination; the bark, leaf, stem petal and root; the salty

relationships, things and dreams... nurture them, respect

meniscus... these are the lines drawn that define who and/or

what gives them their integrity, their form - clear strong

what they are. Some lines are changeable, some are

boundaries - some rigid like bones, some soft like tissue,

fundamental to the form. Without the edge, without some

some ephemeral like breath...

container, without definition there is no form... they become no-thing.

In the end, yes you have no ultimate control of when things pass... but in the meantime... The boxes of life are

When you fear and fight the boxes of life, you fear and

not your jailers, they are your dancing partners. They are

fight life itself... You long for box-less-ness... you long for

clear edges you can touch so you might experience

formless-ness - the domain of death and the beyond. Of

connection. Honour, love, cherish, dance, tussle and play

experience-less-ness. And while you are alive, this fear and

with them. For what else is freedom for?

fight is just another box anyway.


Functional Medicine & The Microbiome by Spencer Dearing www.lionheartliving.com

Furthermore, the most crucial thing that has been deteriorating since the inception of the industrial revolution is the microbiome.

When it comes to Natural and Holistic Medicine there

Welcome to a new way of healing that I know for fact

are a plethora of methods and modalities out there that

will be the key to unlocking better health, better

produce great results and are highly effective. In

treatments, better methods of prevention and ultimately

addition, the amount of people that are turning towards

unlocking human potential for an optimal life. This

natural remedies and holistic medicine is growing and I

exceptional way of natural healing and prevention is

am so pleased to see it.

called Functional Medicine.

Many people are still unaware that there are better

Functional Medicine is based on proven scientific

methods when it comes to healing, curing and

evidence and methods that focus on the specific needs of

prevention for chronic care health issues. However, as

the individual. These methods always lead toward the end

more and more people attempt to incorporate natural

goal of optimal health, and in Functional Medicine the

medicine into their lives they are creating an

way we do that is to hone in on the Microbiome. We call

understanding of how crucial it really is. It is

this system “The Gut.” The gut entails the digestive tract

exceptional to see them turn to it without ever looking

which includes the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and


the colon.

Over the last 50 years we have seen an increase in a huge

The Microbiome itself is described as the community of

array of illnesses, diseases, cancers, maladies and the

bacteria; good, neutral and bad, that live abundantly in

like; ultimately stemming from numerous reasons but

our bodies. The majority of the microbiome resides in

mainly it comes down to poor lifestyle choices, lack of

our intestines. We have about 40-100 trillion bacteria

nutrition, and bad environment, too many distractions

throughout our bodies depending on the size and the

from reality, an overload of subliminal messages for

health of the individual. The weight of this to put in

dependency on the government and an underlying

perspective would be approximately 3-5 pounds.

darkness of profits over people.


“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates

Let’s get to the point here, the Microbiome is extremely

Leaky Gut Syndrome is the number one cause for all

important for living an optimal life. We are discovering

auto-immune diseases. Furthermore, current research is

now that people’s health is in direct correlation to the

now explaining how having a leaky gut is the root cause

health of their guts. A new problematic condition is

of almost all diseases, illnesses, cancers and maladies.

emerging called “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” Leaky Gut Syndrome is the root cause of almost all dis-ease.

What can you do about this? Firstly, you need to give this attention. You need to

The immune system is designed by function to help

become aware of what leaky gut is and why it is

battle against foreign invaders to the body, help reduce

effecting you. I am absolutely certain you have a leaky

inflammation, and ultimately is the system that acts as a

gut. If you think otherwise so be it, but if you are

bodyguard, security and life saver for each one of us

experiencing any issues, sickness, inflammation, or

humans. When it comes to the immune system and its

anything that is not providing you good, you have a

location, 80% of our immune system takes house in the

leaky gut. It is just that simple.

gut. Meaning, in the intestines is where our power center of our immune system lies. With that being said,

There are certain foods, drinks and factors that will

in order to have a fully functioning, optimal immune

actually promote damage to the gut and gut lining.

system you are going to need to start healing the gut,

Avoiding these specific foods, drinks and factors is an

then work into a maintenance protocol for prevention.

absolute MUST if you are going to heal your gut. I will

This will allow you to cease all issues that reside in your

list these below at the end of the article.

gut, and work yourself into a state of prevention. Now that you have been introduced to Functional Medicine and The Microbiome, you have the initial

the intestines is where

starting power to make a choice. You can choose to understand this natural way of healing and allow

our power center of our immune system lies

yourself to heal and prevent against the health issues you have and want to keep away from. Or you can disregard this and choose to go against the actual truth

Functional Medicine focuses in on the individual to

of what works and what is optimal for human life. The

figure out the best possible methods for healing, and

choice is yours.

then prevention. This is what makes Functional Medicine so immaculate; it is designed for you based on

I hope this introduction to Functional Medicine and The


Microbiome serve you well. Allow this to act as a gateway for you to explore a new perspective and

Let’s roll on…Leaky Gut Syndrome is defined

ultimately, I want to see you reclaim your health back.

scientifically as intestinal permeability. This can be

What you’ll see in the near future is how this will be the

described as having small holes in and throughout your

true way of bringing the Mind, Body and Soul back into

intestinal lining. This means that chemicals, food

balance once again.

particles, toxins and the like will seep in through those holes and into your bloodstream. After that, these particles will be able to attack any part of your body that may lack in defense. To boot, auto-immune disease is when your immune system is fighting against itself because it cannot discern between what is a foreign invader or a part of you.

Are you ready? On the next page is a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat to maintain your gut health! Keep reading....

Top Five Things to Avoid 1. Gluten – any wheat based products 2. Dairy – unless it is whole raw milk products, avoid all processed dairy products 3. Processed Sugar and its counterparts in food and beverages 4. Pharmaceutical drugs – relaxers, stimulants, pain medications, etc. 5. Lectins – some foods contain lectins, which is a protein that damages the gut lining. These foods are (grains and cereals, especially grains containing wheat germ, beans and legumes) *Lectins in beans and legumes can be reduced by cooking them thoroughly, however, still some lectins are present in certain beans.

Top Six Things That Heal The Gut 1. Probiotics – 50-100 billion minimum each day 2. Bone Broth 3. Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi) drinks and raw cultured dairy products (milk, kefir, butter) 4. Proper Supplementation 5. Coconut products – coconut oil 6. Reducing and managing stress – stress free lifestyle

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Take a Breath Cassiel's divine gift is to assist in the healing and empowering of the energy of your heart space. Take time to connect to her energy and ask her how she can assist you or heal past hurts. The archetypes of the angels are there to assist you on your journey. Although it does say "pray", below, know that prayer can mean quiet contemplation, meditation, and an intention to make a connection to a pure and loving source of guidance. healing and help is always available to you. have you asked for it?

Cosmic Weather Forecast November/December 2017 by Irma Kaye - Cosmic Weather Hello friends. After all of the intensity of October’s collective shocks and environmental challenges, we’re ready for a change of scene cosmically and we’re about to get one.

With a stellium Scorpio (Jupiter, Venus and Sun) at one point in November, there is an opportunity to take a deep dive, personally and collectively. Jupiter is related to expansion and Scorpio has a well noted shadow side, so some may proceed accordingly along those lines. The expansion of darker emotions and inner states is possible, but so is the potential for precision detective work (Mercury) to determine both the cause and cure.

Venus in Scorpio but will certainly bring a different relationship energy to the fore, even if it’s short lived. Think along the lines of the mysterious stranger, the Gothic novel, the chance meeting and even the dark obsession.

When she transformed into Since Scorpio rules both sexuality and secrets, we can expect more taboos and shadow tales to be brought to the light. Scorpio is the emotional truth and the heart of matters, whether we like or approve of them or not.

a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but her weirdness. They

For those who have been doing their own inner work, these energies will offer a potentially different experience; a powerful opportunity for reinvention, deep healing and even “Soul Retrieval” as we call back the wounded, disassociated and unhealed parts of ourselves. The Universe will be in full support of this and that is a beautiful thing. I was shown that this Soul Retrieval will also have an impact on a larger, more collective level due to those who identify as lightworkers, empaths and other conscious people on the planet right now. Bravo.

The big news for December is Saturn’s movement into Capricorn on 12/20. This Saturn placement can put the fear of that old man into many people, but not all of it is warranted. Saturn is about hard work and Capricorn is no stranger to that. It’s a “roll your sleeves up and get to it” kind of thing, along with REALISM. The shadow or imbalance of that energy is to go from reality straight into pessimism or even depression. It can also bring a “tightening of the belt,” which again has both positive and negative implications. Capricorn energy also has a fun, wicked sense of humor which I definitely prescribe here for balance.

Mercury will be retrograde from 12/2 (3 UTC) until 12/22 (23 UTC.) It is not advisable to make major purchases during this time and also to get your Holiday mailing done early to avoid potential snafus.

wanted her to change into what she always had been. But she had wings.  Dean Jackson

Tarot-cast November/December 2017

Leafmold & Earth Tarot Jasmin Maurer @leafmoldandearth.storenvy.com Deck used: Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo 

If you feel yourself sinking this month, let go, because now is the time to rest. If you’re feeling all right, like you’ve got control of the situation, rest anyway. Let’s all just take a collective deep breath and pack it all in with the Four of Swords. All those worries you’ve dragged into November with you? It’s okay to set them aside for a moment. The ones that really matter will still be there when you’re feeling well-rested and ready to address them. Some others might sink down to the deepest bottoms of the ocean, and you’ll wonder why they ever mattered anyway as you float back to the surface. For some, November might be the necessary moment of rest after a whirlwind of activity, a much-needed nap after a long work day. For others, this might feel like a calm before a storm. Everyone would do well to pull out their self-care tools and focus inwardly at this time. Pick up the old journal you’ve been neglecting off the shelf, get down on the mat with some yoga or meditation, make that counseling appointment you’ve been putting off, whatever tool you find helps you reconnect with who you are and what you need. That’s what November is asking of us. Don’t worry if externally it doesn’t look like you’re doing much. Internal work may be quiet, but it is just as necessary, important, and at times, challenging, as all the other tasks on our to-do list. December brings some powerful energy afterwards with the King of Wands. This king controls our creative energy and power. He’s a heavy-lifter, and you can expect some great things to grow out of this period of time. Maybe that deep period of internal exploration produced some new ideas, and this month you’re just sowing the seeds and waiting for them to germinate. Maybe there’s an old idea you’ve taken down from the shelf, dusted off, and are ready to nurture back to health. Or maybe you’ve had something growing for a while, and now it’s finally ready to harvest. Whatever stage you find yourself in, take time to cultivate your passions. Insurmountable goals may  feel more tangible at this time as well, as you’re able to break them down into smaller tasks, find collaborators to help bring your vision to life, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. This is a time that calls on you to be strong mentally, so it’s a good thing we’ve spent some time addressing our inner needs. When we’re strong of mind, we can undergo great personal changes, and manifest into our lives that which is truly needed, no matter the obstacles. Whereas October called for us to search inward, this month promises an external transformation from the work we put in then. Helping us along through both months is the Page of Wands. Internal work and personal growth can be hard. Reaching deep down within ourselves puts us in a vulnerable place. This page offers a comforting presence while we do all of this. Be kind to yourself as you get to work. Say no to commitments that you just can’t make time for or which fail to spark your interest. Make time for comfort, for alone time and close friends. Let the gentle, yet vibrant energy of this page wash over your life. And remember, if things feel messy, it doesn’t mean you’re not strong.  Let it take the reins a bit and trust in the process of growth. It promises to take us on an unforgettable journey if we allow it to.

Five Card Oracle or Tarot Spread 4

3 1



Confusion to Clarity: Center yourself and ground your energy by connecting to the earth, through your intention. As you shuffle the cards, think of a situation that you are struggling with. Ask your Higher Self and Guides to give clear  answers  to your questions that are for your highest and best good.

1. What am I not acknowledging, in this situation? 2. How is this affecting me? 3. What fears do I have about this situation? 4. How can I empower myself to be proactive? 5. What is the possible outcome if I take actionable steps?

I don't typically share my personal experiences, however, at the same time I understand the sharing can support

Number Nirvana

by Tammy Campy

November/December 2017 Numerology Forecast

relatability and opportunities for others as well. I participated in a relationship, vulnerability and psychodrama workshop to be able to understand how psychodrama worked. That of course was my SAFE

Happy Thanksgiving 2017! November is here! It never stops surprising me how fast time can move! November energy, here we are! November is an 11 month which represents the energy of Inspiration....this number is also a master number in numerology....and expanded

objective to participate! AND of course, those of us who have had the opportunity to actively engage in personal growth and development, can understand how our opportunities to expand ourselves personally is always available through PARTICIPATION!

heightened version of partnership, since 1+1=2, so typically this number is represented as 11/2.

So participate I did, I engaged in my own psychodrama my first day and felt a level of connection and liberation

So what is it about the double number 1. Our connection to self, and since it is double or expanded...the second 1 could represent our higher self. What is it about ourselves in a higher state of conscious connection could be transformed this month in our relationships?

at the same time as a result.....what is it that allowed that? Now, everyone's psychodrama is their own and different based on whats there. Mine morphed into these aspects of myself. My higherself, which I consider my state of authenticity. My persona self....who I pretend to be when I am guarded or less than vulnerable. My

Not only to others but within ourselves? I had this perfect opportunity to explore that personally in October....

collapsed self, when I collapse myself with others or slacker self where I go when I am resigned to life or do not participate in the world. Who looks alot like Eeyore

"Vulnerability is the birthpace of innovation, creativity and change" Brene Brown

on Winnie the Pooh! LOL! AND last but not least the martyr role which I can at times engage in.

This provided me to identify these roles, laugh, cry, connect, and grow and expand in. Own and love. It was amazing, right? I could witness them and connect to them all in a new way. Release expectations, allow grace and love for myself. Compassion, and reconnect in a new way. Quite something. Another great tool of course to use on this journey!

So out of that......what parts of yourselves do you see inside YOU?! Or apart of you?! How do you bring these parts forth and interact with others? Which ones get in the way of truly connecting? Which ones support connecting and vulnerability? Vulnerability! A quote from Brene Brown that truly honors the authenticity of vulnerability vs an old idea: "Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is the birthpace of innovation, creativity and change!"

So I ask another question of you! What level of

What is there that prevents that from happening?

vulnerability are you willing to explore within

Fear? Rejection? Disconnect? What is it that you want

yourself to explore new connections to yourself and

for yourself and your life that is unexpressed? I

others in this wonderful month of November? And in

encourage you to connect, explore, observe and allow

what way is there an opening to bring your vision

yourself to do things differently this month to end

around beautiful healthy relationships into fruition?!

the year of 2017 with a BANG! So you can start the

Miracles, dreams, wishes, and visions are awaiting an

up an coming quickly year of 2018! The magic is

awakening! Giving thanks, always!

truly here and now! Let's engage shall we? Merry Merry Merry December and Christmas to one and all! May that awe and wonder touch your soul! Love and blessings of light to you always!

Connect with Tammy on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. tammy.youareabundant@gmail.com www.tammymariecampy.com

end the year of 2017 with a BANG! Ahhhh, the magic of December! December 2017! The last month of the year! The last month to create something new! In that final month of our year of new beginnings of a new 9 year cycle. And when I say create, here is why. December is a 12 month correct? 1+2 is 3.....3 is associated with creativity in the realm of numerology. Creativity....the trinity, 1, 2 and 3....two things coming together to create, God, mother, son....whatever you connect to personally. What do you want to create this month for yourself and your life? What has a desire within you to have a voice? How can you express that? Writing, painting, singing, playing?!

Time to have fun, rejoice in the birth of something new, literally with the celebration of Christ, new birth, miracles, magic and manifesting new things! Gather, be social, celebrate, connect, laugh play and have fun! Or if that feels uncomfortable, what is it that can be transformed to have more of that in your life?

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November December 2017  

Surrender to what is no longer working and find new ways to return to wholeness. Round out this year by cleaning up old energies, and make w...

November December 2017  

Surrender to what is no longer working and find new ways to return to wholeness. Round out this year by cleaning up old energies, and make w...