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CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS A Holistic Lifestyle Magazine Issue #09

September/October 2017

What Else is possible?

Sacred Spaces Issue

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The information in this magazine is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Holistic health and spiritual healing should not be used for a substitute for treatment by a health care professional, but to be used as a supplemental and complementary treatment. There is no statement herein as to therapeutic efficacy. Crystal Connections magazine shall bear no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect, special or consequential damages relating in any way to the used of information provided in this magazine, or resulting from any defects or failure of this information. Consumers are urged to evaluate practitioners and modalities thoroughly and make well-informed decisions regarding their physical, emotional and psychological health. The opinion expressed by the contributors and writers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the magazine and it's Editor and Assistant Editor.

Crystal Connections From the Editor Get Off Your Sword Excuse me while I kick a bit of spiritual ass, here, people. I'm talking to the victims, the martyrs, or those with their heads too far up in the New Age clouds. You want change? You feel hopeless? You can't remember which Arch Angel to call on or which moon cycle to cast your worries into? You keep searching social media for that perfect quote, or maybe you have pulled 14 tarot cards and they don't tell you what you want to hear. Let me drop some knowledge on you: JUST ASK, "WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?" And then stop looking for the answers you want to find. Go out and live your best life, make the best choices, don't be an asshole, and I promise you the magical, mysterious universe (i.e. your Higher Self) will solve


the dramas for you. But you're also gonna need to read this magazine, because it's full of ways to find out WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE.

I've teamed up with a local friend, and we have a new office space, in West Fargo, ND! I will be offering energy healings, readings and classes. Bonnie Bee will be offering intuitive readings and tarot readings. If you are local, be sure to keep an eye out for future events, or even if you aren't local and would like to support us, feel free to like our Facebook page: @BridgingtheJourney

Contributors Sara Emma Emma Cox is an intuitive crystal grid artist based in the UK,

Sara Hocking is Spiritual Alchemist who seeks to

who designs and create crystal grid art to assist people on their

revolutionize the world with her process, Inner Alchemy,

life journeys. Bringing the energy of crystals into your home to

facilitating spiritual growth and transformation. Her work is

raise the vibrations and align with your authentic self.

fueled my intuition, mixed with brutal honesty and a dash of hilarity. She spent over a decade teaching public school before ditching the classroom for intuitive work, beaches and warmer weather than the Midwest was offering.

Andrea TAMMY Andrea Krejci Paradis is a 200 E-RYT/500 RYT Yoga Alliance

Committed to growth and expansion of consciousness in

teacher, an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Holistic Life Coach,

humanity, Tammy Campy studies and specializes in her

Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and End of Life Doula. Andrea's

practice of meditation, numerology, Core Passion,

passion is to help individuals realize their true, perfect Self and

Hypnotherapy, dowsing, personal development coaching,

to discover mindful wellness through a balanced lifestyle.

Reiki and Access Consciousness.

Jasmin Spencer Jasmin Maurer started reading tarot as a fun activity with

Spencer Dearing is the Mindful Creator behind Lion Heart

friends, and a method of self exploration. Over the years, her

Living; the first Official Self- Empowerment Brand. Spencer

tarot journey has introduced her to new people and ideas, as

is a Teacher and Coach in the fields of Functional Medicine,

well as new understandings of herself. She currently lives in

Functional Fitness and Spirituality; of which he incorporates

Pennsylvania with her cat, Faulkner, where she dreams of a

into his programs for his clients to experience their own true

future of fully automated space commune.


Contributors Chris Lila Chris has spent the last 30 years on a journey through the

Lila Jones is a mermaid instructor and teaches how to

teachings of various martial arts culminating in an

spiritually work with and connect with the ocean and

exploration of mind and spirit. The enlightenment he reached

mermaids. Currently living on Maui, she holds a degree in

through this process opened his mind to the world of the

Marine biology from Hawaii Pacific University and is

Unseen and potential of energetic healing in 3D world

active in marine conservation efforts. After a spiritual

applications. He currently works as a Mental Health Support

awakening in Alaska., she then pursued developing her

Worker, utilising the ever expanding realm of this harvested

clairvoyant abilities and educating those within the

knowledge to provide a holistic approach to his clients.

spiritual community about how to incorporate mermaid energy into their healing practices.


Cecelia Cecilia McDowell, aka the Accidental Alchemist, is the

Do you have insights and teachings to share with the world?

Artist/Photographer, Reiki Master, and Crystal Creatrix

Or maybe you are an artisan, a creatrix, or dreamer?

behind the healing arts of Alchimaera. Working with

We want to publish you!

elements of Nature and Source energy, she brings new art

Email us at

forms into being, with her Cyanotype Crystal Grids.

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Lila Jones

Aquatic Connections One of the most common questions I get once I mention that I’m a real mermaid is usually followed by, “Do you have any mermaid powers?” Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s usually young kids asking that question while I’m swimming in a mermaid tail, which makes it funny and adorable to adults looking on. I usually answer honestly in return. “Yes, I do have mermaid powers. I can hear the ocean talk to me and I can talk to her animals. I also help people see how beautiful the world is and how beautiful they are too!” Believing is the first step to

Sure enough at 3pm the next day I got

When I began to accept that my

understanding your intuitive gifts. I

a very hesitant knock on my door as

passion for the ocean would always

know for a fact that I can

the deckhand came in to wake me up

be a part of my purpose, the spiritual

communicate with ocean animals and

for the orcas that had just arrived.

aspects surrounding it unfolded. I had

they understand me. I’ve had

Once that was done, he quietly asked

accepted that I was a real life

experiences of dancing with honu

me how I knew they were around. I

mermaid. My purpose is to teach

(green sea turtles), getting swimming

described that I feel them and I can

people about caring for the physical

lessons from naia (Hawaiian spinner

call them to the area. If they choose

ocean and about their inner ocean. I

dolphins), and actually calling animals

to come, they will. This happened with

enjoy empowering and building

around boats that I’ve spent time on. I

Dall’s porpoises, sperm whales, and

people to go out and do good in their

honestly can’t explain it. It’s like a

humpback whales.

community and for their environment. I

spidey sense for ocean animals. I

love inspiring people to see the

know where they’re at, and I know

So why am I sharing this with you? It’s

beauty of the world around them and

how to talk to them.

not to brag about how amazingly odd

showing them just how undeniably

I am. It’s actually to pose the question,

linked we are. That is where Spirit and

When I worked in Alaska as a

if you were to not limit your beliefs

Passion blend for me. I can use my

biologist, I got the nickname whale

how could you expand the use of your

knowledge of the physical to help

whisperer on most of the boats I

gifts? Have you boxed yourself in and

interpret the spiritual symbolism. I can

worked on. My eerie behavior before

limited your purpose based on your

also use Spirit to connect more to the

the whales would show up and often

current understanding of how Spirit


creep out members of the crew. I

and the Universe works with us?

would be sitting and staring off into

So if you’re new on your journey and

space with a glazed over look in my

Alaska had offered my first major

you’re trying to piece together how to

eye. I remember telling one deckhand,

spiritual awakening and firmly

work with Spirit, think about what

“I need you to wake me up around

believed I would have to give up

already fills your with Joy. What gets

3pm tomorrow when the orcas come.”

marine biology, which was my passion,

you out of bed in the morning? What

On that particular boat I was working

to pursue spiritual work. In my limited

fills your heart space with just

the evening shift so I would normally

perception I had been chosen to be a

overbounding happiness? How does

wake up around 5pm to prepare for

medium and at the time I didn’t

Spirit use that to make the world a

my shift.

believe the two would blend. I sat and

better place?

prayed on that boat and let God know that if He needed me to give up

Once you cast off the limits, I think

The deckhand looked at me and said,

science to work with Spirit, I would.

you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“There are no orcas here. It’s the

The joke was on me.

wrong season for them.” The immediate answer to my prayer I just shook my head and said, “Just

was, “Why would I give you such

wake me up when they get here.”

passion if I was just going to take it away? What kind of Father would I be to deny my child her happiness and joy?”

Rethinking Death with End of Life Doula Support

Andrea Krejci Paradis Many of us are scared to death of death. And why wouldn't we be? We've been trained to value life. More

Open Discussions

specifically, we've been trained to value the beauty and

Speaking about death does not mean you're going to die

vibrancy of youth. As an End of Life Doula, my

today. Or that you're giving up. Or that the more you

intention is to bring comfort and support to the dying

speak about it the more horrible it will be. When I

and help them and their family discover there is beauty

begin working with an individual or family, the first

and light in death.

thing we do is talk about and celebrate the life that has been lived. Joys, regrets, happiness, sadness, what has

I tell people I'm an End of Life Doula, and I'm often

been learned. Some people (not all) then want to

met with blank stares. It sounds strange or downright

discuss how they feel about the transition from life to

weird but I find this work to be extremely real and

death. Whether we speak about life or death or both, it

important for our time. The services I provide are not

doesn't matter. Many express the peace and comfort

new. People used to discuss the meaning of life, their

they experience in the fact that there is someone who is

feelings about death, leave something behind for their

willing to speak openly about any of these topics.

family and have ritual around death itself. But over the

Knowing your doula can offer an unbiased,

past 30-40 years we've lost our connection to what

confidential ear sometimes makes the discussion easier

death could be like. It does not have to be a cold,

as opposed to speaking with a friend or family

sterile, hospitalized experience. Furthermore, the

member. These discussions are organic and fluid and go

legality of dying is much more complicated for

any direction an individual wants to go.

families than it used to be. Having a person there to facilitate connection and give support in the final days gives families space to really be with their loved one

Legacy Work

during the moments that matter. Sometimes we know

Through our opening discussions, we discover what

death is coming and have had the blessing of time to

ends need to be tied or lessons that can be passed down

prepare. End of Life Doulas are there to help you

to future generations. A legacy project can be anything

prepare for what is coming to empower you and your

that represents that person and the lessons or stories

family through open discussions, legacy work, vigil

they want to leave behind. It can be produced in the

planning and vigil support.

form of letters, videos, a cook book, art, scrap book, the options are limitless.

I help people discover what is the most important to

Sometimes a vigil plan includes a ceremony or ritual

them and find ways they can share it with others. Some

after the person has passed away- prayers they want said

people decide to work on this project on their own or

or stories they want told, and End of Life Doulas are

some employ the help of family or friends. Work on

there to help facilitate.

legacy projects not only creates a sense of connection in a family, but studies show can also lower pain and

An End of Life Doula is there to offer loving support in

stress in an individual who is dying. In some cases, the

any way you or your family needs and it's my intention

dying person cannot participate but the family decides

is to help open the death dialogue and remove the taboo

to create the legacy project to honor their loved one.

around preparing for death. Death is coming for all of us but instead of denying the fact, we can choose to be grateful we know it's coming some day. Your relationship with death can be one of peace, and an End of Life Doula is there to assist you along the way.

Vigil Planning and Support

Go Zen Yourself

Society does not make it acceptable to talk about death so even the thought can bring up stress, anxiety and fear. Anything we cannot predict or control is always a little scary, but vigil planning can bring comfort and empowerment to the experience. Sometimes the plan needs to change but vigil planning gives you the opportunity to think about and write down what you’d prefer. Where do you want to be when you die? At the hospital or at home? Do you want many people in the room or just one at a time? Do you want specific smells or pictures in the room? Do you want people to pray or read to you? We create a plan for your final days and write it down so everyone around you will be on the same page. During vigil support your doula makes sure your wishes are followed. Sometimes plans need to shift and adjust (again, death is a transition that is full of unknowns), but your doula is there to help recalibrate the plan to get as close to the original outline as possible. 

Free downloads when you subscribe to our website

Beyond the Crystal Grid Cecilia McDowell Anyone who owns more than three crystals has probably, at some point, arranged them into an informal grouping; not a grid, perhaps, but something pleasing to the senses. However, rarely do crystal people stop at just owning three! Sometimes the crystal collection comes first, then the desire to lay out a grid - although today, many purchase crystals or even kits specifically to construct a crystal grid to manifest whatever they wish to bring into their lives. A healing crystal grid is an intuitive arrangement of selected stones in a specific pattern designed to evoke an intent or purpose; the crystals’ energies work in combination with the geometric pattern to support the one’s intention. Beyond that, there are no rules to say what, or where, or even how - and that is where my interests lie, in how this can be applied in new and different ways.

As a Reiki Master, artist, and accidental alchemist, I like thinking outside the box - or grid template, as that may be. My crystals are all Reiki-enhanced, and I create grids with items other than crystals, as well; grids in locations not commonly thought of; 3-dimensional grids; grids on the etheric planes; but what I enjoy most is capturing the energy and beauty of crystal grids in Cyanotype, as energetic healing art. The idea of art carrying energetic resonance is not new - any museum lover knows this! Intentionally creating energetic art is a more recent concept, at least as we think of energy - and utilizing light-sensitive paper to capture an energetic signature of a crystal grid is entirely new. The Cyanotype process, an alternative photographic process considered to be the forerunner of modern photography, involves sunlight, time, and the object whose essence one wishes to capture. My grids are laid out, activated with Reiki, and allowed to charge in the light of the sun as they expose onto the prepared paper. In this way, both the image of the grid and the energy of the stones is transferred to paper, offering a new way to work with crystal energies.

The Cyanotype prints can be used as one would any crystal grid - in a sacred space; for focus; as a type of mandala; for growth; to energize a room, office, or chakra, or as a personal practice of meditation, yoga, or self-healing. While I offer Cyanotypes for a variety of widely sought intentions, I particularly enjoy working directly with someone to create a Custom Cyanotype Crystal Grid tailored to their wishes, and where they are on their healing path. Through information provided to me, and a bit of intuition, the grid is designed, activated with Reiki, then printed and shipped off to its new home. If desired, Reiki-infused crystal earrings can be made from stones chosen for the Custom Grid, for energetic support that can be worn on the body.

To learn more and purchase your own energetic healing art, visit - and to join the crystal conversation, follow @accidentalalchemist on Instagram

"What else is possible?'

Open your heart to receiving all the energy of love and divine blessings that are available to you, now. It's all there, waiting to fall into your open arms and open heart.

Tarot-cast September/August 2017

leafmold & Earth Tarot Jasmin Maurer Decks used: Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo and Spirit Cats by Nicole Piar

Money rules everything around us this September with the Five of Pentacles. But honestly when isn't money ruling our lives? It's deeper than just money, though. It's also about worry and isolation. Money is very important in our society, abundance can dramatically make our lives easier, lack can make everything much harder. But we can also fixate on it too much, throwing our entire happiness into our bank account. It's important to cultivate our wealth without cutting ourselves off so completely that it's the only thing we work on. This September will call on us to watch our finances, develop our budgets, and stick to them. But it is also urging us to acknowledge the foundation under our feet. It may feel shaky or be unstable,  but it's there. Honor it, depend on it, strengthen it. Don't be afraid to accept any help that comes your way. There's nothing wrong with reaching out when you need a hand. Remember to breath and that however dire circumstances may seem, there's always a chance to pull ourselves through, especially if we take care of each other. No matter how alone we may feel in our struggles, we are connected to and a part of something bigger. I hope we can all take comfort in that. 

October is a time for heavy lifting and nearing completion of a goal, as indicated by the Ten of Wands. We might stop and ask ourselves, why did I ever think it was a good idea to scale this mountain with such a heavy burden strapped to my back? At the time, the idea seemed worth it, but actually marching forward, that's hard work. Trust that it's going to pay off in the end. We just need to hang in there. Whatever creative visions or new ideas you've put out there, keep at them. Putting in all that work is so hard, but so worth it when you get to the top and can take in the view. October is going to test us, it's going to try to break us, there will be stress and exhaustion, but it's also providing a path towards greatness. That being said, if someone or something is giving you too much trouble or keeping you from your goals, consider whether that burden is one you need to carry. It might be time to delegate some tasks or ask for help. Drop anything that isn't aiding you at this time. Just don';t drop everything. We've come much too far to turn back now.

Overall, the energy calling to us to aid these next two months is Cozy Home. Is your home your sanctuary? What's preventing it from being such? Even if your living situation is less than ideal, take some time to consider how you can turn one corner, one space, into your own private shelter from the world around you, even if you need to go outside to find it.Bring into your space only what supports you, while blocking out the rest. We're all going to need a safe space to recharge with all this energy pushing us to our limits this September and October.

Number Nirvana

September Welcome September! Fall is here, leaves are changing, the harvest is in and seasons change! What does September mean in the realm of numerology? Given it is the 9th month of the year and ending the 3rd semester of the year....this time allows us a great opportunity to reflect on what has transpired so far in 2017 for us all. Had you created your intention for the year? The year of new beginnings? Remember what we are doing this year will set the stage for the next 9 years! Now, pressure of course....just opportunity for clarity and implementation or review of what was and obtaining some clarity of what you truly desire! Now 9 is the month of enlightenment...and opportunity to really observe what in your life you maybe willing to let go of that no longer serves you. What patterns, beliefs, people things? A perfect time to reflect, release and surrender! Truly....what is there that is holding you back from what you want? Thoughts? Patterns? Out dated beliefs? IT is time, to allow those things to surface, heal them, send them love and let it gooooo, let it gooooo, let it goooo....yes my friends just like in "Frozen" ! What weight are you holding onto, any unforgiveness? For yourself? Others? When we add the year of 2017 it equals a 1 when reduced. So we can review and end things in September what we are willing to surrender to the highest good to feel free and have new beginnings occur in our lives! Who is in?! I know I am! It's time for healing, and what supports the ultimate whatever is not in alignment for you and so it may heal and you can LET IT GO!! XO

October October is a beautiful Month.....a month of transformation....the scents of the leaves, the colors, the weather. AND no doubt a month of new beginnings! A 10 month reduces to a 1, 1+0 = 1....however, the one is about ourselves and our true authentic connection, and the 0 represents our higherself, God, Father, Mother, Spirit, the Divine, Jesus, the Universe...what it is for you....So who are you? What makes you unique in the world? What have you been blessed with? What qualities and gifts? What lessons are you aware of? What default or challenge do you witness yourself experiencing? Please remember to observe yourself with love and grace, there is no right or wrong, good or bad....just where we go when we forget who we truly are in our authentic beingness! This is a great month for personal reflection, connecting to your higher self to start something new....remember the releasing you were willing to do in September? Now, you have a beautiful opportunity in October to reflect on who you are what you desire and start something new with support! Feel, experience and love the newness that is available to you! What brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? I encourage you ..... DO THAT !

Love and Light and beautiful blessings!


The Etheric Cloak Chris Holloway The message comes through my phone from my partner, a whip crack that shatters it's way through the plague of vampires surrounding me. But today, it's different. No, I’m not Van Helsing. I’m a mental health support worker and I am sitting with my client at a Disabilities Bowling League tournament. These shifts take it out of me. They leave me stumbling home with nothing more to give. But today is different. Sitting amongst 200 adults with various mental health disabilities, looking as I do; shaved head, tattoos, broad shoulders and a beard, makes me somewhat a rock star in the eyes of these adorable people who crave attention and acceptance. Notoriety has a price. They don't realise it, but these courageous souls suck the literal life out of me. But, not today. Today, I had remembered to cloak; a practice taught to me only 9 months ago by a studied occultist. It can be made of and decorated by anything you like, as long as your intent feeds its functionality.

Just be careful not to cloak yourself too well, or the amazing bond you have with your clients may be hindered because they can’t feel you. My cloak is liquid obsidian. It pours over me, the ether of the cosmos, dotted with distant stars. Its density varies as needed. Thinner, when I want my client to feel me. Denser, to shield myself. Cloaking has been trial and error. My partner says, “Trust your guides to run the cloak for you. They'll know what is needed and when.” But I’m hands on. I want to understand how this works and know what transpires does so because I will it. Besides, my guides have better things to do than babysit me. These bowling days have been the proving ground for my cloak. Some days successful, others, not so much.

But today is different. A couple of months ago, I began dabbling with light codes. Not just making beautiful patterns with obscure languages and glyphs, but trying to make something functional. With purpose. The problem I faced was, despite seeing glyphs and light language in my dreams since I was a child, I could never remember them upon waking. The dreams, yes. The glyphs and sigils, no. Then I did a life-altering past life regression. Afterward my mind’s eye opened up to the codes in a way I could not imagine. So, with only mild surprise today, I saw a handful of glyphs flare on its surface when I let my etheric cloak wash over me.

No. The real surprise was when the young man talking to me suddenly stopped mid sentence and walked away as I spread the cloak. Since then, my legions of adoring fans have strolled past without a word, leaving my client as my only conversationalist. The result is me sitting here comfortably. My power flows, as I tap out my reply: “Thanks babe, I already have.”

Sarah Nather Jacobs

So, You Think You're an Empath

So you think you're an Empath, or at least a highly sensitive person, huh? Not sure yet? Or maybe you know someone whom you suspect is an Empath. Have no fear! It is not a curse! (It just feels that way.) Being an Empath is a gift! Empathy is just like your other five senses. It can become overwhelming at times, and it requires that you take precautions, just like your other senses. You are careful about touching a hot pan, on the stove. You turn down the volume if it hurts your ears. You know what flavors you like to taste. And you wear sunglasses on a sunny day, right? These are all precautions to protect your physical senses. Empathy just happens to be a nonphysical sense; it's more on a vibrational, energetic, and intuitive level. A lot of people have shut down much of their intuitive guidance system, and they don't realize that empathy is just another form of being intuitive.  There are many gifts to be found, in being empathic, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's cover some of the traits of being an Empath, first.

The following list is a few clues to tell you if you are an Empath: You feel tired after spending time in public, or in large crowds You can suddenly feel upset out of nowhere, for no reason You can tell if someone is lying People tell you their problems and vent, to you People have told you they feel better after being around you You have been told you are too sensitive or emotional You don't like scary movies You pick up on the thoughts and emotions of the people or animals around you People take advantage of your kindness and generosity You are a "people pleaser" You get gut feelings, or intuitive "hits" You are a natural healer If you ticked  3 or more boxes, you are probably an Empath. How many resonated with you? The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to deal with all the crazy life throws at you! 

As a highly sensitive person, your best defense is offense. But I'm not really into sports, so let's talk in terms that we can all relate to. KNOW THYSELF! Being an Empath is challenging, and the way to navigate the challenges is to have selfawareness and a protocol of maintenance. Know your limits: You must have awareness of when you are in need of stepping away from an activity or interaction. And you have to honor yourself and know when to decline and JUST SAY NO, to someone. Maintain your boundaries: If you don't honor your energy, other people won't either. Set up energetic boundaries around you (think of it as an attitude of confidence) so your energy doesn't get zapped by the people around, as well as what you see on social media and the new. Don't allow yourself to be triggered.

Keep your energy clean: State the intention that you are cutting all energetic cords and attachments, and clearing out any energy from your aura that does not belong to you. Don't be a sponge: Know which emotions are yours, and which emotions belong to someone else. You need to be aware of when you are processing other people's energy. If you feel "off" and you don't know why, state, "What's mine is mine, what's theirs is theirs." Do this when someone is telling you an emotional story or just complaining to you, and you start to feel yourself take on the emotions of the storyteller. If this information resonated with you, or you think someone  you know is an Empath and could use help, download my new e-book, "Empath 911" for many more tips and information on this subject.

Empath 911 Available for download at Everything you need to know about being an Empath, how to work this gift, and how to keep yourself from feeling like you're totally nuts.

Grid and Bear It

Emma Cox

Crystal Grids quite literally changed my life, I became intrigued by them around 18 months ago when my crystal reawakening was in full swing. This coincided with quite possibly one of the craziest times of my life when I really didn’t know which way was up; this is when I realised the full power of working with crystal grids. The more I work with them the more I grow and the more avenues start to open up for me. Which inspires me to bring more crystal grids to you so that there is more crystal grid energy across our planet, to allow more people to benefit from the power and energy of crystal grids.

Okay, I hear you say, yes they are beautiful but what can they actually do? A crystal grid is described by Hibiscus Moon as “a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.” But what does that actually mean? It means that a crystal grid is like a cheerleading squad, they work together, in sync to bring the best routine...

. . .are you still with me? This is done by working with lots of crystals rather than just one, some crystals amplify the effects of other crystals, others direct energies and some force you to acknowledge barriers. You place all of these together and you have a pretty potent healing tool, place these on sacred geometry and you have yourself a crystal grid. I like to look at grids as healing layers. Think about crystals before they are discovered, hidden underneath plain, rough, hard surfaces, break through them and there is a stunning gem. This is what crystal grids can achieve, when you are laying your stones, think about these layers; the centre is what you want to achieve, the outer layers are what you need to work through or harness more of to achieve that focus. When you are creating your grid you need to be clear on the intention that you want to achieve. It needs to be sharp and focused, give the crystals a clear command on what they need to be working on; if it’s not clear you will get a diluted return. When setting your intention, sit with all the crystals that are going to feature in the grid and ask why you want that goal, what is it going to allow you to do or achieve in your life, this allows them to connect to you and the goal you are looking to achieve.


What you want to acheive

Outer Layers: What you need to work through or harness more of to achieve

One important factor of your crystal grid that a lot of people forget…Action. Your crystal grid is not a magic wand, yes crystals are full of magic and direction but like any universal work, if you do not take action the universe will not just hand it to you on a plate. You need to sit with your grid, listen to what comes up, and hear what your inner voice is saying. Acknowledge your inner assassins words, these are your blocks preventing you from achieving that intention. Then be brave and start taking leaps of faith, do it despite what that assassin is saying, this is when the magic starts. We are still feeling the after ripples of eclipse season, that chaotic energy you have been feeling whilst maybe not as intense as it was a few months ago, it is still encouraging you to rip the band aid off and focus on what needs to change. This can make us feel desperately off balance and uncomfortable. To help you through this energy, I have created a grid for to help you open up your heart, dive into your inner thoughts and get centred and grounded.

What you will need: Piece of paper with your intention or goal written on it (What is coming up for you at the moment that you need to work on or release…what is no longer serving you?) Printed/drawn sacred geometry (I am using flower of life for this grid) 1 Apopholite – for inner reflection 6 Rose Quartz stones – for restoring love and trust 4 Moonstone – for keeping peace and balance. 4 Amethyst - for spiritual connection and peace 2 Rhodonite – for forgiveness and compassion 2 Tourmaline- for grounding and protection from negativity 4 Citrine - for self esteem 12 Prehnite - for helping to let go of things 4 Clear Quartz - for amplification Set your intention, I like to write it on the underside of my grid.

Starting from the outside layers

Moving to your inner layer

Place your Prehnite, Tourmaline and Citrine Add 2 clear quartz to the outer side of the prehnite

Place your remaining two clear quartz underneath the tourmaline, then surround them with the Moonstone, Amethyst and Rhodonite

On your inner most layer

Place the Rose Quartz around the centre point

Activation Affirmation:


Place your Apophyllite cluster in the centre of the grid

"I soften my heart and forgive all."

To activate the intention that you have set, visualise that you have achieved this, how does that look and feel? I like to do this by sitting with the grid with my hands over the grid. I repeat the activating affirmation until I can feel the crystals are connected together. You can also use a quartz point or your finger to energetically connect them altogether, whatever feels right to you, trust your intuition, you have the power within you to achieve anything, let crystal grids work with you to achieve this.

I declare shenanigans! Â If you think spirituality, metaphysics, and all things esoteric and holistic need to be super serious all the time, then you can't sit with us. But the rest of you are invited to get social and hang with the cool kids.



Finding your life purpose Spencer Dearing

Aloha friends! PLEASE CONSIDER; the subject matter for this blog article is going to be quite deep. So openly read along and allow yourself to think outside the box, create new ideas and let it flow. Do it with Purpose!

What is this word “Purpose?” The significance of this word: Purpose, is attributed and can contribute to the overall happiness and quality of one’s life. The word purpose is a powerful word and the concept of the word for many people offers great value that can be impenetrable. Purpose: defined as the intention or aim, or goal of the individual being. Purpose stems from an older French word: porposer meaning “to put forth.” Before we move any further, let us pause and reflect for a moment…Allow yourself now to think about what your purpose is or might be and what this means to you and how your life has been playing out thus far. When it comes to having an intention for your life, do you know what your intention is? With that, the idea of this word purpose is to, by function; put forth an intention into the Universe, into the mind, that would allow the individual a journey to which they control. A person with a purpose takes control of their life, an individual with no purpose has no intentions for what they want and therefore do not control their life. Do you see now how this is extremely powerful?

The life journey of an individual with a solid intention creates experiences that ultimately leads them to fulfilling their purpose. This is why people see other people and think, “my god, he is so successful, he is so happy, he has Great Spirit, and he seems to have everything going for him. He is always creating opportunities.” This is because that man lives with purpose, lives with intent. He knows whom he is, what he is here for, and he makes it happen, every single day. Better yet, purpose creates a path that is ultimately ongoing, which would then create an attitude of abundance, happiness, success and harmony with the Universe and themselves. An individual’s purpose is never really accomplished. The purpose of the being usually ends when that individual dies, passes on. This makes the purpose of the individual a life long journey, because in true reality the purpose of each individual is only a small step for the evolution of his or her Higher Self.

What can one do to find their True Purpose? For example, a true purpose in someone’s current life may be freedom. That may mean this man is trying to experience freedom in all aspects of life. Another’s true purpose for their current life may be dealing with challenges and creating better solutions. Another’s true purpose may be to find love, in all areas of life. Another’s purpose may be much smaller due to their evolution as a Soul, and may be just to experience the physical life with limitations. So of course, due to the circumstances of this life and of our Earth, you will see that the physical and material matters offers some significance for the Higher Self to experience and go through, but it is not the end to the means. I see many people claim their purpose lies in material matters. They think this may benefit them and others on a higher level, but it only deals with a fraction of what they are really trying to create.

Almost like a smokescreen, they are just a stone throw away from finding the real purpose of their Higher Self. The Higher Self in brief terms is the Soul or Spirit of the individual being. The Higher Self seeps out into the physical as the true personality of the person. Therefore, when you look at someone, you see their physical body; you can most likely see their personality, and that personality stems from their Spirit, their Higher Self. The Higher Self of each individual is going through an evolutionary period in which he or she are here in the physical human body form. Therefore, the TRUE PURPOSE of each individual must come from their Higher Self, not their Ego. The Ego only deals with intellect and material/physical matter.

What can one do to find their True Purpose? Honestly, there are plethora of methods to finding your true purpose. What is below is one particular method that really opens the person up to not only their True Purpose but also meditation. Without meditation, silence, or quiet time, it is extremely difficult to figure yourself out. First, sit down with a notebook or legal pad and write about yourself. Write down all the negatives and positives about who you are. Write down your circumstances and write down your characteristics to the best of your knowledge. This can be difficult, because you are biased. Then, write down what you would like to do about the negatives and what you want to carry onward with the positives. Write down a solution to your circumstances if you are not happy with your current situation. Then, write the characteristics you want to have and the personality traits that need to be fixed. This first step allows you to see yourself on paper. This gets you out of your head and onto a physical object on which you can visually look at. It will be tough, because you are revealing yourself to yourself, like looking in a mirror. However, with this you are showing everything.

Next, write down your passions. Write down what you love to do, what you love to see, what you love to read, what you love to smell and taste, touch, hear etc. This step gets you involved with what brings upon the positives that you initially wrote down. Then by writing down what you prefer for each of your senses, you are beginning to create an environment that brings upon good feelings. When you create this environment in your mental mind, you are starting to manifest what you truly want. This will start to create questions in your mind that asks along the lines of, “What will fulfill this?” “What will be needed to create this?” “How can I become this person?” You should also consider these questions: What would I do if I could not fail? What positive things am I obsessed about? What would I do if I had unlimited money? What really makes me feel good about myself? How can I make others feel good about themselves and about what I want to do? What have I always wanted to be? Where did I stop being obsessed or wanting this for myself? What dreams and goals did I have as a kid? What dreams and goals do I have now? The solutions that your Ego and Higher Self offer will be vast and wild. Do not judge them or disregard them, anything is possible. Write down the solutions to the questions above, or any other questions you start asking yourself. This is a brainstorming phase. This brainstorm phase will then produce an overall theme for your current life and what you want your life to be like. This is a tricky part. You will have your Ego’s standpoint and your intuition or gut feeling’s standpoint. These may offer you possibly radical ideas. You need to discern between the two…that is where the next step will come in.

Now, for the final step: Meditation! You absolutely, most certainly need to meditate on what you have just written down. This will allow you to calm the mind, allow your Higher Self to step through, organize the information, and sort out what matters and what does not. Although you may have some great positives, the Higher Self will know if this is true or if this is Ego based. You want your purpose to be through your Higher Self, and then you can actually use your Ego to consciously, persist towards that true purpose. It can seem a little odd, but you will eventually understand what I mean. The overall theme of your life that you may have started to see from the previous steps may be a reflection of what your Higher Self, or your Soul needs in this current physical lifetime. This theme will be in relation to your purpose. This should not feel complicated; it should be simple. You will most definitely have a strong feeling for your life’s theme and that should offer you your true purpose. You will also have a strong sense of feeling when you find your purpose, you will just know. This is because the Higher Self will pull through the Ego and say “YES!” “This is it!”

“What feels truly great, what feels truly right, what feels genuinely authentic to who you are, and what you want out of life, therein lies a life of true purpose.” Whatever that may be, always meditate on it when you can. Meditating on this feeling and your designed purpose will affirm and produce an impenetrable drive. It will create a fire, an obsession that will allow you to burn bright and will push you to seeking it through. Only when you pass on, shall you deeply know that you have done it. Enjoy the journey and be obsessed with your purpose! MAHALO!

Here Come the Dragons Sara Hocking

If you haven’t upgraded your fortifications and stationed archers on the wall it’s time.

The Dragons are coming.

Ok, so maybe you don’t need to prep your castle, or hide

Aside from working with time, they are also incredibly

your livestock. But, the Dragons are here. If you’re not

invested in helping us to anchor our codes of Divine

wrapping your head around this notion of flying

Connection into Gaia herself. Cool, right?

creatures. Let me help you see the Dragons in another We are actually conduits of light and by being our


awesome, 3D-selves, can make this energy Some of the Beings we work with and refer to as

frequency manifest on Earth. As we make it more and

“Ascended Masters” are also part of the

more common, others are able to do the same. This makes

Dragons. Consider it a club, of sorts, where they flash

us ALL “lightworkers” just by virtue of connecting with

their membership and get access to the

the Divine aspects of our consciousness.

cool Dragon Tree House. This work can be as simple as connecting to our Higher Selves for guidance, meditation or even automatic writing. We don’t all have to be on a stage as spiritual teachers and leaders. All we have to do is move into


Ascended Masters

alignment with ourselves.

Easier said than done. I know this.

I also know that we have a variety of tools and techniques at our disposal, like never before. How can our planet The Dragons are also primordial beings associated with

NOT evolve when we can connect across the world to one

our evolution, as humanity, and that of Gaia. They have

another simply by pushing a button with a camera icon?

been around since before time was even a “thing.”

Or when we are able to access videos, recordings and

Dragons are responsible for time travel portals and are

teachings of the masters on little devices in our pockets.

masters of manipulating that crazy thing we call time. If

While it doesn’t matter which path we follow or what

you’ve been noticing fluxes in time and you’re able to

leads us into ourselves, all that matters is that we find our

stretch or shrink time, no doubt, you’ve been working

way there. We have the Dragons to lead the way.

with the Dragons, unknowingly.

What Else is Possible? Sept/Oct '17  

Sh*t happens. But your perspective situations will help determine your next steps. Learn new ways to deal with the same old dramas, in this...

What Else is Possible? Sept/Oct '17  

Sh*t happens. But your perspective situations will help determine your next steps. Learn new ways to deal with the same old dramas, in this...