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Who We Are, What We Do

The 24 high schools of the Cristo Rey Network provide a quality, Catholic, college-prep education to young people in urban communities across America where there are limited educational options. Cristo Rey Network schools employ an innovative business model to fund operating costs and to integrate real work experience into a college-prep education. Every student takes a full load of college preparatory classes, while working in a professional setting one day each week at an entry level job at law firms, banks, hospitals, or other white-collar businesses. This work study program affords students the opportunity to earn over half the cost of their education, while they develop relevant job skills in an authentic context. In the 2008-2009 school year:

• 5,003 Cristo Rey Network students contributed, cumulatively, $26.5 million to fund their education.

• The Network had more than 1,000 work study jobs at 1,252 sponsoring companies. (This school year, more than 250 additional companies will provide jobs for Cristo Rey students.)

• 99% of the schools’ senior class were accepted into college.

Founded in 2003, the Cristo Rey Network Office offers professional development programs for faculty and staff, facilitates the sharing of best practices among schools, and monitors each school’s progress on the Network’s Mission Effectiveness Standards.

cover photo | Cristo Rey New York High School, New York, NY 2

Here, and on the following pages, a current Cristo Rey Network student and two alumni share their stories. “Honestly, every part of my experience at Arrupe Jesuit was valuable. From my freshman orientation where we were taught social skills and basic office work, to my junior Kairos retreat where we got in touch with our inner selves in order to become better people. The classes were hard at the time, but nonetheless the best way to prepare for college.  “I don’t know where else I would be if I had not attended Arrupe Jesuit. I believe it has been the greatest decision of my life. “I worked at Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) in Denver for three years, and my last year was spent at St. Anthony Central Hospital. Both of my jobs had great things to offer, from friendships to knowledge of the company. I enjoyed every work day, and it surely gave me the support and motivation to do well in school and continue with my education. I definitely loved the environment at both CHI and at St. Anthony’s Hospital and hope to go back one day as a full-time employee.

Alma Flores Class of 2008 Arrupe Jesuit High School Denver, Colorado Alma is currently a sophomore at Regis University pursuing dual degrees in nursing and sociology.

“I believe that experience has shaped what I’ve chosen to study. The people I worked with were role models. Their jobs were magnificent in ways that help people in need. So when I think about my future, I can see myself following in their footsteps. “I formed great relationships with the staff and class members at Arrupe Jesuit as well as the people from my job. The teachers were always caring and great listeners. I will never forget them and the way they were able to contribute to the success in my life. I would name them, but there are many! “I also had strong relationships with my co-workers. I felt so close with them- they would take me shopping, out to eat, to family events. They took me in as if I was part of their family. I still keep in touch with a couple of them. “Determining what I want to do for the rest of my life is not easy. After I graduate from Regis, I would like to do something that is involved with helping my community and others in need. I am working on my nursing degree as well as a sociology degree. With my education I hope to accomplish great things in helping other people.” 3

“Sometimes you have to really want to challenge yourself to become a part of something that has an impact on the world. No one (from my neighborhood) can say, ‘I work for a multi-million dollar company. I can. “Holy Family makes you push the boundaries of what you think you can do. We are actually thrown into the world before we get there. Everyone should experience that. “Do I have any thoughts yet about college? Yes, quite a few. My mom doesn’t want me to go away to college. She is pushing schools here, like UAB or Samford. But I’m thinking Georgia Tech. Or Dartmouth. “Why did I want to attend Holy Family? The job opportunities. It is a safe environment. To be challenged. I’m able to get my work done there.

Carlon Harris Class of 2011 Holy Family Cristo Rey High School Birmingham, Alabama

“No one really knows what great things happen at Holy Family until you are here. You don’t understand just by ‘looking in the window’ what a great place this is. “My freshman year, after they assigned everyone their job, the nerves started to kick in. The first time I got off the bus at my job, seeing that big building…I was barely able to open the two big front doors. The Innovation Depot is my job. It is a business incubator for start-up companies.” Gerry O’Toole is Carlon’s supervisor: “This young gentleman is quite an amazing young man. He is so far ahead of anyone I’d ever expect to be in high school. The school is so dedicated to their students. Allowing us to introduce them to the business world. I think it’s a great model.”


“I Am From”

Elena is currently a freshman at Oberlin College. “It was an English assignment my senior year of high school. We were learning about Literature of Place and our teacher asked us to write an ‘I am from…’ poem. I have always loved writing. It is an outlet that allows me to be expressive.”

Elena Sanchez Class of 2009 St. Martin de Porres High School Cleveland, Ohio

“My high school experience was not at all what I thought it would be- in a good way. The teachers were so personal. I cared, because they cared. There were occasions when I was going through a really hard time and did not want to be at school. But because of my teachers’ endless support, it was impossible for me to quit. “How’s college? My major is currently undeclared, but I want to pursue a future in education, teaching students in elementary or special education. I just started, but I know already that it is a really big payoff.”

I am from the big yellow house in the middle of the street I am from the street where there's no bike riding, The street where the ice cream truck never slows down I am from the porch you could hide under I am from the house that had dirt where grass should be I am from the stolen skateboard I am from the school where asking for help was tattling I am from the desk in the back corner I am from the books read at recess I am from the pictures drawn in gym I am from the broken lunchbox I am from a fight on the playground I am from a weave in my eight year old hands I am from ignoring rumors and laughing them off I am from dismissing the past I am from learning to trust and making friends I am from the CDs on repeat I am from the notebook under my mattress I am from 100 pairs of headphones blown out I am from 1,000 mistakes huge mistakes and meager relationships I am from dreams of being someone I am from frustrated tears on a pillow I am from the tissues that dried them away I am from a mother who never gave up I am from crawling through life but I am from getting back up as well I am from pain I thought would never end I am from victory over my younger years I am from saddle shoes and out of style clothes And I am from making them work I am from a mold of my own I am from perseverance I am from never staying down I am from a fight that will never end -Elena Sanchez (reprinted with permission) 5

2008-2009 Year in Review Three new schools, Lourdes Academy in Brooklyn, New York, Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory in Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit Cristo Rey High School in Detroit, Michigan, joined the Network in fall 2008. In fall 2009, the Network welcomed Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Houston, Texas and Immaculate Conception Academy in San Francisco, California. John Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of, and Steve Bumbaugh, executive director of The Specialty Family Foundation, were elected to the Network Board of Directors. The Network office relocated to 14 E. Jackson Blvd, on DePaul University’s Campus in Chicago’s bustling Loop area. Executive Chairman Rev. John P. Foley, S.J. was honored with a number of awards: 6

• Presidential Citizens Medal from President Bush, December 2008

Murphy, O.S.B. and Ms. Patricia Garrity.

• Pedro Arupe Award from Scranton University, March 2009

Elizabeth Stewart Goettl, former president of San Miguel High School (the Cristo Rey Network school in Tucson, Arizona), joined the Network as Chief Academic Officer. Also joining the Network staff this year were Cathy Esposito as Director of School Learning, Nicole Hall as Director of Strategy and Finance, Brenda Schulze as Advancement Officer, and Laura Wolfe as Office Manager.

• Panelist at Georgetown University’s Global Forum, April 2009 • Pax Christi Award from Saint John’s Abbey and University, May 2009 • Honorary Doctorate from Loras College, May 2009 • Servitor Pacis Award from the Path to Peace Foundation, June 2009 Loyola Academy’s 51st Annual President’s Dinner honored the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Leadership Team with the Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Award for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Youth for their commitment and outstanding contributions to education. Award recipients included Rev. John P. Foley, S.J., Rev. James G. Garland, S.J., Mr. G. Preston Kendall III, Sr. Judith

The Cristo Rey Network was profiled in the following national media outlets: America magazine, Company magazine, US Catholic, Time magazine online, Catholic News Service, The Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times. In partnership with Northwestern University’s Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management, the Network hosted week-long conference for school presidents and future school leaders. Taught by Kellogg

faculty, this first ever Leadership Institute covered performancebased management metrics, board governance, and financial capital structures. Boston College, Harvard University, Suffolk University, and Bentley University hosted a joint professional development conference for Cristo Rey Network College Counselors and Admission Directors. Rob Birdsell was invited to speak at the Department of Education’s Leadership Conference and Notre Dame’s Conference “Financing urban Catholic schools.”

photo | St. Martin de Porres High School, Waukegan, IL

Facts and Figures for 2009-2010 Reflecting the Cristo Rey Network as of October 1, 2009 5,892 students nation-wide 24 Cristo Rey Network schools 1,420 total student jobs 1,434 sponsoring companies around the country 250 new sponsoring companies for 2009-2010 school year 38 average time to transport students to work (one way, in minutes) 8.3 average distance students takes to their jobs for school (one way, in miles) $25.2M total revenue from paid work-study contracts for 2008-2009 96% graduates accepted to a 2 or 4 year college or university 91 average computers for use by students per school 95% students of color $35,662 average family income 21 National University Partners photo | Verbum Dei High School, Los Angeles, CA 9

A Letter from the Chairman and President Dear Friends,

We are pleased to put into your hands the Annual Report of the Cristo Rey Network for Fiscal Year 2009. We are even more pleased to share with you the fact that our work continues because of the generosity of many good friends, people who identify with our mission of Transforming Urban America One Student at a Time. In a recent Time magazine article on the current state of Catholic education, our Network was singled out for its innovative model and called “an island of success in the Catholic ocean.” We continually remind ourselves that this model is only fourteen years old. In these few short years we have grown to 24 schools around the country. We presently have six communities who are researching the possibility of founding even more schools. This year we are educating over 6,000 students who by working five days a month are contributing over $30 million to their own education. In these troubled economic times we are blessed with more than 1,500 jobs provided by people who value the services our students provide for their companies. The Cristo Rey Network is the soul of this new movement in Catholic college prep education. The Network exists to help advance all the schools in the right direction: making young people who were left behind into missionminded followers of Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping to advance the work of Christ the King, discovering and building upon all the talent that exists in our inner cities, taking young people who are in danger of being left behind and making them into tomorrow’s Christian leaders. May Christ the King reign in our hearts. Gratefully,

John P. Foley, S.J. Executive Chairman 10

Robert J. Birdsell President and CEO

We thank you for your support. Because of you, this year we are able to serve 5,800 students in 24 Cristo Rey Network schools!


Educational Enrichment Initiative A college degree is an essential ticket to opportunity and a path out of poverty for young people with limited options. We have enhanced our educational focus to ensure student readiness for success in college through careful attention to students’ academic preparedness. Research demonstrates that the primary driver of college success is the rigor of a student’s academic preparation in high school. To deliver a college-preparatory program more closely aligned with criteria for success in college, the Cristo Rey Network is fundamentally transforming our impact by focusing resources to substantially strengthen the Network’s educational program. The Educational Enrichment Initiative has been formulated to define what it means to be “college ready” and to ensure students’ success in college and beyond. Key


priorities include:

1. Strengthening our educational model through development of a “standards-based”, collegeready curriculum 2. Supporting the strengthened model through focused professional development of school leaders 3. Utilizing data-driven decisionmaking to maximize student learning 4. Studying and then incorporating effective teaching practices which optimize student achievement Through these efforts, the Cristo Rey Network aims for each student to graduate from high school and college. In supporting these goals, the Network facilitated a two-week-

long working conference last summer. More than 40 educators from Network Leader Schools convened to design curricula in the core subject areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Ongoing efforts continue with the eight Leader Schools to refine these college-ready standards, now being field-tested, and to develop additional curricula in Religious Studies, World Languages, and Visual Performing Arts. Beyond curriculum design, the Educational Enrichment Initiative aims to develop the schools’ ability to skillfully implement the curriculum, through leadership training of principals and professional development for teachers, both key elements to ensure students are college ready. Beyond traditional academic goals, the curriculum identifies specific lifelong learning behaviors and

thinking strategies that will support students in the classroom and in the work force (e.g. precision and accuracy, teamwork and collaboration, persistence, reasoning skills). ____________________ “By strengthening our educational program, we believe that we can have a profound impact on thousands of current and future Cristo Rey Network students. We are committed to making a college degree a reality for these hard working young people.� Elizabeth Goettl Chief Academic Officer Cristo Rey Network

photo | Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Chicago, IL 13

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Minneapolis, MN – 2007

De La Salle North Catholic Portland, OR – 2001

St. Peter Claver High School Omaha, NE – 2007

Cristo Rey High School Sacramento, CA – 2006 Immaculate Conception Academy San Francisco, CA – 2009

Arrupe Jesuit High School Denver, CO – 2003

Cristo Rey Je C

Verbum Dei High School Los Angeles, CA – 2002 San Miguel High School Tucson, AZ – 2004

Cristo Rey Kansas City High School Kansas City, MO – 2006

Cristo Rey College Preparatory High School Houston, TX – 2009


Today thousands of students at 24 schools are getting a c

h School MN – 2007

Christ the King Preparatory High School Newark, NJ – 2007

St. Martin de Porres High School Waukegan, IL – 2004 Detroit Cristo Rey High School Detroit, MI – 2008

ol 06

North Cambridge High School Cambridge, MA – 2004 Lourdes Academy High School Brooklyn, NY – 2008

risto Rey Jesuit High School Chicago, IL – 1996 Christ the King Jesuit College Prep Chicago, IL – 2008

Notre Dame High School Lawrence, MA – 2004

St. Martin de Porres High School Cleveland, OH – 2004 Providence Cristo Rey High School Indianapolis, IN – 2007 Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School Washington, DC – 2007

Cristo Rey New York High School New York, NY – 2004 Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Baltimore, MD – 2007

Holy Family Cristo Rey High School Birmingham, AL – 2007

ng a chance to succeed at a Cristo Rey Network school.


Founding National Partners: Boston College DePaul University Fordham University Georgetown University Loyola University Chicago Marquette University Wesleyan University

National Partners: Bentley University College of the Holy Cross College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University Creighton University Dominican University Fairfield University Harvard University Saint Mary’s College (IN) Saint Mary’s College of California Santa Clara University St. Peter’s College St. Thomas University (FL) Suffolk University University of Saint Mary


The University Partner Initiative The Cristo Rey Network’s dramatic expansion in recent years could not have been possible without the generous support of colleges and universities from around the country. The University Partner Initiative seeks to formalize strategic relationships with colleges and universities committed to supporting Cristo Rey Network students, schools, and graduates. These partnerships serve as the platform upon which programs are already being built to ensure postsecondary access and success for Cristo Rey Network students.

“Marquette has been recruiting Cristo Rey Network graduates since the first Cristo Rey high school opened its doors in 1996, and now has twenty Cristo Rey graduates enrolled. What’s always impressed me about Cristo Rey Network high schools is that the education is so focused on helping students achieve a college degree in preparation for lives of leadership and service. The university partner initiative will help students and the Cristo Rey Network reach that goal.” Robert A. Wild, S.J. President of Marquette University

Words of Support from University Partners

“Loyola University Chicago is grateful for being selected as a Founding National University Partner with the Cristo Rey Network. This partnership provides Loyola the opportunity to contribute to one of the most innovative educational movements in our country. It will also allow Loyola to continue our commitment to providing access and support to first generation college students.” Michael J. Garanzini, S.J. President of Loyola University Chicago


“At DePaul we are proud to support the Cristo Rey Network because we share the common purpose of improving access to a high quality education. In the past year we housed the administrative offices of CRN, hosted the Network’s national summit on post-secondary success, offered summer enrichment programming to CRN students and participated in the corporate work study program.” Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M. President of DePaul University “Such collaboration is at the heart of successful K-16 education. By supporting the Cristo Rey Network, Dominican not only advances Catholic secondary education, but also creates a pipeline of talented college-bound students.” Donna Carroll President of Dominican University photo | Notre Dame High School, Lawrence, MA


The Initiative began in May with 21 colleges and universities accepted as National University Partners. University Partners have committed to assisting the Cristo Rey Network expand its levels of support for its students, schools, and graduates in a number of ways – through scholarship programs, job sponsorship, pre-college summer enrichment programs, and more. 17


Cristo Rey Network Work Study Program: Our Corporate Partners From accountants to consultants, the professional services community supports the Cristo Rey Network. Â We are genuinely appreciative to all of our Corporate Partners who employ Cristo Rey Network students and help open the doors of corporate America to economically challenged high school students. A special thank you to our National Partners:

photo | San Miguel High School, Tucson, AZ

We’d also like to thank the following companies and organizations who employ Cristo Rey Network students in multiple cities: Advocate American Cancer Society American Red Cross Bank of the West Barnes & Thornburg BBVA - Compass Big Brothers Big Sisters Bingham McCutchen Blue Cross Blue Shield Catholic Charities Colliers International Deloitte Dewey & LeBoeuf DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary Ernst & Young Foley & Lardner Goodwill Industries Hispanic Chamber of Commerce HSBC Jones Day JP Morgan Chase

Key Bank Kirkland & Ellis KPMG Latham & Watkins Marsh McDermott Will & Emery McKinsey Mercy Housing Merrill Lynch National Corporate Research Newhouse Newspapers Nike Pitney Bowes PricewaterhouseCoopers Robert W. Baird & Co. Seyfarth Shaw Sidley Austin Snell & Wilmer LLP Stinson Morrison Hecker U.S. Bank United Way VA Hospitals Wells Fargo Winston & Strawn Xerox YMCA 19

Financial Statements Comparative Schedule of Revenues and Expenses Revenues:

FY 2009

FY 2008





Member Dues










Foundations Individuals

Investment Income Universities and Religious Communities Contributed Facility Space Total Revenue

27,024 $1,694,356




Support Services for Cristo Rey Network Schools *



Conferences and Training for Cristo Rey Network Schools



General Administration



Development and Communication





Expenses: Grants to Cristo Rey Network Schools

Total Expense * No expense was classified in this category in prior year.


photo | Arrupe Jesuit High School, Denver, CO


Honor Roll

Gifts to the Cristo Rey Network from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 Joann Abbate Robert Abele American Airlines Yoshiroh Amano Sylvie Anacker Dorothy Andries Joseph Antonik Apollo Group James Bailey Kevin T. Baine Dixie Baker Tanya Batti Trenten Bausch James Belliveau Marshall Bennett Stanley Berlin Robert J. Berry Beth Beucher Charles Bidwill Robert & Margie Birdsell Teresa Broccolo James and Evolyn Brown Mary Buckley Katherine Bukowsky Best Buy Co, Inc. James B. Cain Rafael Carreira Cassin Educational Initiative 22

Foundation Caster Family Trust George Cavanaugh Thomas Cawley James E. Chavoen Cleveland Clinic Conference of Jesuit Admissions Directors Congregation of the Passion Consulting 4 Biz, Inc. Cornerstone Government Affairs Julie Creamer John and Rosemary Croghan Jennie Dapice Jacqueline DeGregorio William DeJoseph Philip Delaney Ann Demand Bernard Dentzer DePaul University Colleen Detjen Dr. & Mrs. Emmett J. Doerr Dominican University Lynne A. Edens Echo Inc. Anne Kelly Feeney Beryl Feinberg

Eugene D. Feit Madeline Felix Robert Fitzgerald Patrick Foley Kenneth D. Frantzen Larry Furey Thomas Gallery Tom Galley Matthew Garrity George & Anna Claire Gaspar The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation John Paul Glunz Dr. Kevin Glynn Joe Gold Gonzaga University Jane Gotzes Golz Apollo Group Kimberly Kelley Gruemmer Daniel G. Gunther Joshua Hale Colin Hara Anne Harris Peter Hasbrook Harry & Jane Hasenpflug Michael K. Hassett John Haveman Brian M. Hayes

Thomas Healey Mickey Hernandez-Dolan Joseph Heschmeyer Michael J. Hogan Christopher N. Holden Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider C.M., Ed.D. John T. Hoplinks HSBC North America, Inc. Samuel W. Hunt Glenn Hymel Illinois Physical Therapy Association Incapital Holdings, LLC Darren Jackson Ed & Anne Jennings Soo Cheol Jeon John Carroll University Candice M. Johnson Brent Jones Levi N. Juhl Roger Kanet Jack Kattner John Kattner Lucy Katz George Kearney Terrence J. Kearney Norman Kellerman

Virginia M. Kelly Todd Agustus Kerr Erica and Don Kieffer Scott Kilrea Richard Kolb James and Linda Koolish Kaarina Koskenalusta Jonathan Kranz Jeffrey Krol Frank E. Kuss John Kyle Madeline and Philip Lacovara James Land Scott Lange Matt Larimore Kathleen Lisowski Jane B. Lorenz Loyola University Chicago Loyola University New Orleans Donald Lucas The Richard Lucas Foundation Katherine MacKinnon John Mangel The Mario Family Foundation Marquette University Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, LTD. Stephen J. Mattson

Kathleen McChesney Edwin McConville Paul & Katie McDevitt Francis T. McDonough Mary McDonough J. Robert McMenamin Joseph E. McMenamin Margaret McMenamin Richard McMenamin Robert McMenamin William McMenamin Carla F. Melchiorri Miguel Pro Jesuit Community David M. Missey Frank Molony Robert Montgomery Terri Moran Daniel Edward Murphy Dennis M. Murphy Richard T. Nadolski Don Neureuther Andrew E. Newton Alex Nikolov Daniel J. Obringer William J. O’Connor Richard Oelerich Dennis M. O’Keefe Opus Foundation Ignacio Osio James O’Sullivan

Our Sunday Visitor Robert Parkinson, Jr. Ben Parma Mary Pastuovic Dr. Ronald Pawl Perry Family Foundation Robert Peters Porticus North America Foundation Marie Powell Stephen M. Proctor Paul Purcell Qwizdom Thomas Reedy Jeffrey S. Richmond Mike Richmond Carol A. Rogers Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark Bridget Romero Mary Jo Rosati Dr. Thomas Schneider Gregory A. Scott Richard Shantz Joanne Shea Joanne Shea Leo Sheridan Sieben Foundation Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Michael and Martha Smith Pam Sparks David Speranza St. Thomas University Streamlink Thomas F. Sullivan, II Jack W. Tade Charles E. Taft Megann and Todd Sauer Gwendolyn V. Turpin Bryan Vincent Mary Volk Lambert VonBank Peter Walshe Jennifer R. Watson Kathleen Watts Melissa Weiksnar Joseph and Ann Wenger The Wilkens Family Kathleen Winter Dave Wolfe Xavier University Clifford M. Yeary Lou D. Zwirlein If an error has occurred in the compilation of this list, we ask that you call it to our attention.



Board and Staff Board of Directors

Kevin Baine Partner Williams & Connolly, LLP Washington, DC

Madeline Lacovara Secretary and Founder Classroom, Inc. New York, NY

Robert Birdsell (Ex-Officio) President Cristo Rey Network Chicago, IL

Dan Porterfield, Ph.D. Senior Vice President for Strategic Development Georgetown University Washington, DC

Richard Braddock Chairman & CEO Fresh Direct New York, NY

Joe Rauenhorst President Encore One of Florida, L.L.C. Boca Raton, FLÂ

Steve Bumbaugh Executive Director The Specialty Family Foundation Santa Monica, CA

Colin Scully Chairman & CEO Life Line Screening Cleveland, OH

Rich Clark President St. Martin de Porres High School Cleveland, OH

John Thompson Senior Vice President and General Manager Richfield, MN

Rev. John P. Foley, S.J. Executive Chair Cristo Rey Network Chicago, IL


Elizabeth Stewart Goettl Chief Academic Officer Robert L. Cummings Vice President for Advancement Robert M. Mooney Vice President for Mission Effectiveness Kristy Blackmore Managing Director of Mission Effectiveness Chris Broughton Director of Postsecondary Initiatives Jay Brown Director of School Support Cathy Esposito Director of School Learning Nicole Hall Director of Strategy and Finance Patrick Dunphy Advancement Officer

Rev. John P. Foley, S.J. Executive Chair

Brenda Schulze Advancement Officer

Robert J. Birdsell President and CEO

Laura Wolfe Office Manager

photo | Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory High School, Houston, TX


You’re Invited!

This Annual Report shares with you the story of one of the most exciting movements in American education today. The Cristo Rey Network is:

• 24 schools

• 5,892 students

• 1,434 corporate sponsors

• 21 national university partners, and

Friends like you. We want to continue our growth and enhance the academic rigor of our schools in order to break the cycle of poverty. But to do that, we need your help now.

Alma Flores graduated last May from Arrupe Jesuit High School, the Cristo Rey Network school in Denver. In a speech to school benefactors, Alma said: “I always knew that college was an option, but I didn’t know it was one of my options.” Join us in making the dream of college success come true for thousands more young people like Alma. To make a year-end gift to the Cristo Rey Network please contact: Robert J. Birdsell President and CEO 312-784-7202

photo | St. Martin de Porres High School, Cleveland, OH 27

14 East Jackson Blvd., Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60604 Office: (312) 784-7200 Fax: (312) 784-7201

2009 Cristo Rey Network Annual Report  

2009 Cristo Rey Network Annual Report

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