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2017 CRBRA Executive Board Paul Pipino, President Pipino Builders

Michele Brown, Vice President Belmonte Builders

Greg Galla, Associate Vice President Teal Becker & Chiaramonte

Andrew Gutman, Secretary Bennett Contracting

Steven Stiansen, Treasurer Crawford Door & Window Sales Luke Michaels, Immediate Past President Michaels Group Homes

2017 CRBRA Executive Board Spring is finally here! For many of us, the JLC show is the kick off for spring. It was another great show with a lot of new products, seminars and live demonstrations. I think it’s another worthwhile investment and a good time was had by all that attended. We now have the first quarter of ’17 in the books and the weather is finally breaking. We have some work to do! We need everyone’s help on May 2nd for NYSBA’s Lobby Day. I attended this event last year for the first time and it was an awesome experience. You are able to sit with a group of our members and talk to your legislatures about issues that affect our business. Each group has a spokesperson to present the issues and anyone from the group can chime in on the topics. Talk about a front row seat! The biggest thing we need is a strong presence in the room. A bus load of members are coming from Long Island with another bus coming in from Buffalo that is making stops in Syracuse and Rochester to pick up more members. This is in our back yard so we will not have a bus, but we need at least a bus load of our members attending! If you can’t go personally please send someone from your organization. If we don’t get in on the conversation about the future of our industry, Albany will decide our future for us! Please let DeeDee know if you are joining us. Go to CRBRA.com/calendar for times, location and registration. It starts with lunch and legislative briefing at noon. One of our largest Parade of Homes is right around the corner. I know our members are going to raise the bar again this year. With 17 homes entered we are on track to do so. That is an amazing number! I picked an awesome year to enter the parade for the first time. The dates are June 3-4 & 10-11. You can find the 17 impressive homes, tickets, map and the app on the web CAPITALREGIONPARADEOFHOMES.COM. Please check the CRBRA website for info about these events and all the great things that are going on! You can also reach out directly to us.

Paul Pipino, JR President CRBRA

Gregg Biche Quality PM

John Ciovacco

Aztech Geothermal

Mike Curtis

SEFCU Mortgage Services

Billy Deorazio

Bellevue Builders Supply

Andy Ellis

Halfmoon Construction

Kim Hinman

Hinman Construction

Brandon Marini Marini Homes

Rick Keating Curtis Lumber

Annemarie Mitchell

Legacy Timber Frames

Ken Mortensen

Security Plumbing & Heating Supply

Dot Peyron

Amedore Homes

Joel Sasko

Teakwood Builders

Ken Sherman

HIG Construction

Adam Zima

Capitol District Supply

.................................... Pam Krison

Executive Officer

DeeDee Enides

Director of Membership

Mia Barbera

Director of Parade of Homes

The Importance of Lobby Day CRBRA members do not have to get up so early, or travel so far to support their industry. But you do need to participate. NYSBA Lobby Day is the one day when our membership gets to have their voices heard by the State Senators and Assembly members whose decisions impact their livelihood. Every Tuesday, from January to June, lots of other buses pull up to the State Capitol and unload hundreds (and a lot of times, thousands) of concerned citizens to meet with their legislators and push forward their agenda. As many of you may already know, getting an elevator at the Capitol or the Legislative Office Building on these days can be an exercise in futility. What I like about our annual lobby day, is it shows me what we are up against. Many other groups come to the Capitol to lobby in support of issues such as: • • • • •

Prevailing Wages, Scaffold Law, Stricter environmental standards, Higher taxes, and More regulations.

The point being; thousands of people come here every week trying to get laws passed which will make your lives incredibly difficult and hurt your

On May 2nd, Buses are scheduled to depart from Long Island and Buffalo before the sun comes up with a final destination of the State Capitol. These buses will be filled with NYSBA members ready to roam the halls of the Capitol and discuss issues that affect their lives and their businesses. businesses. That is why I am asking you take the short trip to downtown Albany on May 2nd and participate with your fellow builder or associate member and help make New York more business and builder friendly. The day will begin with a legislative briefing and lunch at the Renaissance Hotel at noon. NYSBA Executive Vice President Lew Dubuque and Bill Crowell, our outside lobbyist, will go over the issues that we are to discuss with legislators that day. As a side note, if you are not comfortable discussing the issues (trust me I’m not!), that is fine! There are plenty of members in this association who have done this before and will be able to speak for us. We just need you to be in the room (you can sit in the back with me!). At 1pm, we will walk across the street to the State Capitol and begin our meetings. We are scheduled to meet with: • Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, • Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle, • Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, • Senate Housing Chair Betty Little, • Senator George Amedore, and • Senate Local Govt. Chair Kathy Marchione.

Eric Willson, 2017-18 President New York State Builders Association (NYSBA) President of Michaels Group Homes After the meetings, NYSBA is hosting a reception at 5:30pm at the Renaissance Hotel where every Senator and Assembly member will be invited to attend. I have seen some of the most powerful legislators in Albany with the look of fear in their eyes as we have packed their offices with members over the past few years. But we need to continue this effort and I assure you that 2017 will be the biggest Lobby Day yet, but only if you participate. (continued on next page)

Scene from Lobby Day 2016 Here are some of the issues we will be discussing on Lobby Day: MRLS Reform Current law authorizes cities, towns, villages and Nassau County to adopt local laws or ordinances which impose higher or more restrictive standards for construction than are applicable generally in the Uniform Code; provided the municipality petitions the Code Council within thirty days of the adoption of such law or ordinance for a determination of whether the local standard is more stringent than the standard applicable in the Uniform Code. During the period in which the Code Council is considering such a petition any such local laws or ordinances remain in full force and effect. We obviously think that is backwards. We believe that the Code Council’s approval should be necessary for the local standard to remain in effect. The current law has led to situations where local standards were disapproved by the Code Council because of the absence of special conditions prevailing within the municipality. However, local property owners were required to comply with the more restrictive standard during the pendency of the municipality’s petition before the Code Council. First Time Home Buyer Savings Plan NYSBA supports legislation that creates a future first time homebuyers a special savings account and deduction similar to the 529 College Savings Program that may be used for

the purchase of a first home in New York State. Under this legislation, an individual would be eligible to make a $5,000.00 per year tax deductible deposit into a New York State First Home Savings account, $10,000.00 for couples. In addition, any interest accrued would remain untaxed.

Restricting DEC’s Regulation of Wetlands NYSBA is opposed to legislative attempt to extend DEC’s authority for regulation of freshwater wetlands from 12.4 acres to 1 acre. This measure also changes the DEC freshwater wetlands map from a basis for regulation to an educational only function. There is not sufficient justification for the expansion of DEC’s regulatory power with respect to freshwater wetlands. DEC under existing law has the authority to regulate freshwater wetlands less than 12.4 acres which are determined to be of unusual local importance. In addition the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has jurisdiction under the Clean Water

Article 78 Reform NYSBA would like to amend the civil practice law and rules, in relation to a stay of the enforcement of a determination involving a permit or approval in connection with the development or construction of residential housing. This legislation will authorize judicial discretion in the posting of security for any Article 7B proceeding involving the issuance of a stay of the enforcement of a determination involving a permit or approval in connection with the development or construction of residential housing. It is a typical requirement in civil practice that a party seeking a temporary restraining order or stay on appeal, post some form of security in exchange for obtaining the requested order or stay, in the event that the requestor does not prevail and causes injury to the restrained party. In situations where a homeowner or builder is temporarily prevented from proceeding by legal process, this legislation would allow the judge presiding over the matter to determine the amount of security, necessary to protect the affected parties and appropriate under the circumstances.

Senator Amedore Act Section 404 that requires a permit for the discharge of dredged or fill material into the waters of the United States. This program does not have an acreage limit. DEC does not have sufficient personnel to effectively implement the regulation of wetlands under 12.4 acres. This is especially true during the current fiscal crisis where resources are limited. To enact this program change as proposed would effectively insure that no development would be undertaken because wetlands permits and delineations would be bottled up at DEC because of lack of workforce to process such activities. This legislation would effectively shut down development. (continued on next page)

Scene from Lobby Day 2016 Scaffold Law Reform The issue we have been fighting forever… NYSBA believes that any worker legitimately injured on the job due to negligence on the part of the builder, contractor or owner should be compensated accordingly but the current law does not provide a fair

playing field for a builder that is facing a liability lawsuit. Under Sections 240 and 241 of the New York State Labor Law, if a worker is injured on the job the builder or general contractor is held responsible even if the worker did something significant that contributed to his or her own injury. Workers who are injured on the job are usually compensated twice for the same injury with the worker collecting the maximum in workers’ compensation benefits while also collecting a six to seven figure award or settlement from a liability lawsuit. This increased risk has increased the cost of general liability insurance between 300%-600%, reduced coverage and driven carriers out of the state. It is now standard for builders’ insurers to require indemnification and additional insured clauses from

all subcontractors however most subcontractors can ill afford these astronomically expensive liability policies to cover this indemnification. This limits the availability of reputable subcontractors and increases the cost of construction work. You are NYSBA’s best lobbyists and we need you here on Lobby Day! Simply email DeeDee@crbra.com to confirm your attendance at Lobby Day. Or go the CRBRA.com/calendar and click May 2 Lobby Day for details and to register. No cost, we just need a head count . See you on May 2nd.


Mark Your Calendar for the 2017 NAHB Legislative Conference Builders looking to send a message to Congress that it needs to take action to keep housing and the economy moving forward should mark their calendar now for the most important grassroots event of the year — the 2017 NAHB Legislative Conference. The conference is on Wednesday, June 14 and is a day-long event that coincides with the NAHB Midyear Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, D.C. As the housing market continues to regain its footing, a number of daunting challenges remain. NAHB believes that Congress must focus on: • Reforming and streamlining the regulatory process. • Ensuring that any tax reform efforts protect home owners and renters and foster economic growth. • Enacting comprehensive housing finance reform that provides a federal backstop to ensure a reliable and adequate flow of affordable housing credit in all economic and financial conditions. • Adopting sensible workforce development and immigration policy that will help the residential construction industry to fill open jobs and boost our nation’s economy.

Lumber Prices In a recent Eye On Housing post, NAHB’s tax policy analyst David Logan explains in greater detail why lumber prices began to skyrocket. Logan notes “the framing lumber composite price rose $25 between February 3 and February 10, the largest one-week increase since August 2003.” In the weeks since then, buyers and traders have determined that prices “overshot lumber’s true market value, and consequently they’ve flattened out,” Logan said. The outlook of a new agreement is “highly uncertain” at this point, according to Logan. But he predicts additional hikes looming in the near future, as more tariffs will be announced in April and again in May. For more insights, visit EyeOnHousing.org or HousingEconomics.com.

Attending this year’s Legislative Conference will give NAHB members an unparalleled opportunity to lobby members of Congress to protect their business and industry, establish lasting relationships with their elected federal officials, do their part to ensure that NAHB’s issues are heard by Washington policymakers and galvanize a united front on Capitol Hill. Registration opens on April 1. For more information, visit nahb.org/legcon; or contact Michael Bezruki at 800-368-55242 x8542.

Trump to stop Energy Star

President Trump has released a proposed budget that includes cuts to a number of programs run by the Environmental Protection Agency – including the popular Energy Star certification program for new and remodeled homes and many home appliances. The administration’s budget proposal is the first step in what is expected to be a long process later this spring and summer as Congress wrestles with a number of competing priorities – its own and the president’s – to finalize the fiscal 2018 budget. NAHB will be involved in the process every step of the way to advocate for cost-effective budget changes that best serve our members and their home buyers. Even as Congress is in the midst of preparing its own budget, NAHB continues to meet with members and their staff to talk about the programs and services the agency provides and why it’s important to keep – or not to keep – the programs that most affect the home building industry. As these talks continue, NAHB needs to hear from our members to get their opinions. Please contact NAHB Legislative Director Billie Kaumaya and let her know what’s most important to you.

Welcome New Members Appraisals A new partnership between the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and the Appraisal Institute plans to include Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores in appraisals.This will allow consumers to better gauge a home’s energy efficiency. Builders may also be more encouraged to add high-performance features. In this partnership, RESNET’s database of HERS-rated homes will be available to the Appraisal Institute in states where the rating system is prevalent, such as Texas. The HERS score will be added as a green building certification, similar to the ICC-ASHRAE 700 National Green Building Standard. The inclusion of the HERS score should help in the valuation of residential energy improvements. These enhancements are not always recognized in the appraisal process, and can be a hurdle to financing green features. For additional information about NAHB green and sustainable building initiatives, contact Jaclyn Toole at 800-368-5242 x8225.

Cartier Construction Co. LLC Cohen Cartier 31 Frasier Road Greenfield Center, NY 12833 321-2206 cohen@cartierconstructionco.com JD Communications, Inc. Nicole DiFrancesco 115 East 23rd Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10010 781-828-0323 nicole.jdcomm@gmail.com

Select Choice Contracting Thomas Richardson 547 Route 67 Mechanicville, NY 12118 289-5800 tom@selectchoiceinc.com

L & T General Contracting LLC Phillip Thompson 5 Albion Street Scotia, NY 12302 496-5545 landtgc@gmail.com

The Krug Group Corp Jeremy Krug PO Box 933 Latham, NY 12110 786-0781 jkrug81@aol.com

Mitchell Agency Sheila Mitchell P.O. Box 200 Middle Grove, NY 12850 866-4873 sheila.a.mitchell@gmail.com

Willow’s Nest Designs Darlene Zeh/Laurie M. Cerrone 10 Blacksmith Drive Malta, NY 12020 527-4026/365-9585 lmcerrone@gmail.com

Customer Service: Are you maximizing your inside business development efforts? April 26 – 8:30am -10:00am CRBRA office, 36 British American Boulevard, Latham Registration: $20 CRBRA Members $30 Non-CRBRA Members deedee@crbra.com or 690-0766 This session is for you if you’re concerned that your frontline people are giving away free information to people who are just “shopping around”, they struggle to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the customer’s needs, or you’ve ever cringed while listening to what your inside people say to customers on the phone. Using proven Sandler techniques, participants will leave with an understanding of how to differentiate themselves from the competition & the attitudes, behaviors, & techniques needed to implement a winning customer care strategy. Participants will leave with:

Effective Communication Across Generations October 25- 8:30am -10:00am, Location TBA Registration $20 CRBRA Members $30 Non-CRBRA Members deedee@crbra.com or 690-0766 This session is for you if you’ve ever experienced the tensions or miscommunications that occur between generations due to varying life experiences, value judgements, moral codes, experiences with technology, & cultural languages. In this session, we will take a close look at the unique experiences that have shaped Baby Boomers, GenX-ers, & First Wave Millennials and how these life experiences carry over into the workplace & customer relationships. Participants will leave with: • A greater awareness about the experiences that have shaped Baby Boomers, GenX-ers, & First Wave Millennials & how this impacts communication. • How to apply proven Sandler principles to facilitate better communications with every generation in the workplace.

• An understanding of how to differentiate themselves from the competitions with a winning customer care strategy • Tools to build their inside people’s confidence when it comes to difficult conversations & customer conversations • Tools to increase their inside people’s awareness about sales opportunities & referrals

PRESENTER: Lauren Valentine, an associate with Sandler Training - a management, sales, & customer service skill development & consulting organization. Sandler Training has worked with thousands of successful business owners over the years, helping them to implement processes & develop their skills, and the skill sets of their people, to ultimately increase market shares, profits, and customer retention. 

Heating & Cooling 5 McCrea Hill Road Ballston Spa, NY 518-885-5383 info@aztechgeo.com

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More quotes do not equal more business: Often times when I work with business owners & sales professionals there is a misconception that if they could just get in front of more prospects & put together more quotes, they’d have more business. The reality is, that more quotes just equals more time doing paperwork and more time following up. The smarter option? Make sure your prospects are really, truly qualified to earn that quote before you invest time & energy in crafting your solution. Slow it down to speed it up: As sales professionals, we are all eager to close the deal. The problem is that too many sales professionals rush through the qualification process and present their solution prematurely. This results in objections, negotiations & revisions late in the game, time wasted following up on proposals, and mental frustration on all sides. Instead, slow it down in the beginning to speed it up at the end. Qualify hard early on & you’ll find yourself shortening your time to close the deal at the end. No Mutual Mystification: Start every conversation with mutual agreement as to what will take place during the conversation & what each person wants to accomplish by the end to make it a successful meeting.












Stop Presenting Features & Benefits: Forget your powerpoint slides, videos about how great you are, etc. It’s not about you. It’s about your prospective buyer & getting their needs met. Help them self discover their needs through carefully crafted questions & determine if you have a solution to their problem. Stop Being the Expert All the Time: Nobody likes a “know it all.” It’s okay to be a little bit vulnerable on a sales call. You’re just a human being having a conversation with another human being.

The only person who can overcome an objection is the buyer: You can’t force someone to overcome an objection. They must work through it themselves & determine whether or not that’s really an objection. Deal with objections early on to avoid headaches later.





Discuss Money & Decision Process: The bottom line is that you must have mutual agreement on the financial investments necessary to work together & understand their decision process before you decide to present. Remember, slow it down to speed it up!



No surprises in your proposal: The number one reason why sales people “lose” a deal in the presentation? They add in surprises or don’t stay within the agreed to budget. Present only to the buyer’s needs, and only if you are able to meet their buying criteria, within their budget and timeline. If you can’t - save yourself time and effort and tell them “no”.





Not Every Prospect is a good fit to become a customer: Give your buyer permission to say “no”. If your competition is doing it, stop doing it: You didn’t get into this profession or start your business to be like everyone else. Be different & stand out. People have a mistrust of sales people and do not want to be sold. Be disarmingly honest, do something unexpected, & break the pattern of the traditional sales person. Lauren Valentine, an associate with Sandler Training - a management, sales, & customer service skill development & consulting organization. Sandler Training has worked with thousands of successful business owners over the years, helping them to implement processes & develop their skills, and the skill sets of their people, to ultimately increase market shares, profits, and customer retention. 

Online marketing can be overwhelming. There are social media posts to publish, blogs to write, emails to send, and advertising campaigns to launch. It can be difficult to stay on top of it all, especially when you’re also running a business, working with customers, and managing all of the details that come up during the day. Worse, it can be challenging to know how well your marketing is working (if at all). But online marketing doesn’t have to be this way. You can create a simple, effective, repeatable process of increasing website traffic, leads, appointments and sales. And it doesn’t require a team of experts or a big budget. It just requires a better system.

Here are some ways that you can cut through the clutter of your current marketing and create a better system and more sales. ELIMINATE IT Is everything in your marketing producing measurable results for your business? Streamline your marketing system by eliminating tasks or expenses that aren’t producing new sales. You, or someone on your team, may work hard at creating clever tweets but if you have never had a single lead from Twitter it might be time to pull the plug. AUTOMATE IT Marketing automation is the kryptonite of highly successful marketing plans. An automated email follow up series ensures that every new lead is contacted and every prospective home buyer is engaged. Marketing automation is useful for both small and large teams because it creates a systematic follow up process that frees team members to focus on the highest priority prospects.

OUTSOURCE IT Your CEO may love to write for the company blog and your Senior Marketing Director may be really good at designing emails but that may not be producing the highest return on their time. Find freelancers or a marketing company that can manage writing, designing, and posting for you. SCHEDULE IT Another benefit of outsourcing is that you can create and schedule content for your blog, social media, and email campaigns weeks or even months in advance. Create a 90-day content calendar that includes all topics based on your specific marketing goals. Then work with your in-house or outsourced writing and design team to produce as much content in advance as possible. A simple, sound marketing system will free up more time, reduce costs, and provide a better return for every marketing dollar you spend. Your marketing system, like all systems in your business, will evolve over time as your company grows but start small and adjust as necessary.

About Dawn Sadler Dawn Sadler is a digital marketing consultant and owner of Builder Target, a digital agency that specializes in the homebuilding industry. Dawn has more than 25 years of experience in the homebuilding industry in sales, sales management and digital marketing. She has been a featured speaker at the International Builders Show and Capital Region Building and Remodeling Association’s Best in Building Awards. Her work has appeared in Builder Online, Professional Women in Building, Sales and Marketing Ideas magazine and elsewhere. She lives in New York City.

This information packed four-hour course will focus on the major changes to the 2015 Residential Code for New York State. This Training was designed for builders, trade contractors, architects, engineers and code officials. Location: F.W. Webb Training Room, One McCrea Hill Road, Ballston Spa Fees: CRBRA Member Training Fee $50. Non-member training fee $100 Registration Deadline: April 24 to New York State Builders Association Research & Education Foundation Phone: 518-465-2492 X 110 or Email jturner@nysba.com OnLine : CRBRA.com/Calendar

Some of the major topics to be covered: 1. Emergency escape required for all habitable basements and attics 2. ALL floor assemblies to be fire resistant rated including basements. Exceptions apply that include using 2x10’s or 12’s. 3. Mandatory Blower Door Testing to achieve 3 ACH50 4. New design values for Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas-fir and others 5. New Deck requirements 6. Whole-house mechanical ventilation now required. CEU’s: AIA 4 HSW/LU’s Approved | BPI 1.14 Approved NYSDOS for Code Enforcement Officials 4 Hours In-Service Approved

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CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS 2017 JUNE 3, 4, 10 & 11 – Parade of Homes 11:00-5:00 Daily Tour 17 impressive homes built by CRBRA Builders

Save the Dates! MAY 2 – Lobby Day Noon - Lunch & Legislative Briefing at Renaissance Hotel – Albany 1:30 - 4:00 Meetings with New York Senators & Assembly Members at the Capitol and Legislative Office Building 5:30 - 7:30 Reception at Renaissance Hotel-Albany MAY 4- Spring Sporting Clay Shoot & Lobster Boil 12:00 - 4:00 Guan Ho Ha Fish & Game Club, Scotia, New York MAY TBD Druthers on the Patio Broadway, Saratoga Springs 6:00-8:00 Hosted by Future Industry Leaders



JUNE 14 – NAHB Legislative Conference & Lobby Day Washington, DC JUNE 15 – Parade of Homes Awards Celebration 7:00-10:00 pm at Saratoga National Golf Club, Saratoga Springs


18 CRBRA Annual Golf Tournament 7:30-2:00 Van Patten Golf Course, Clifton Park



Saratoga Track Day at the Rail Noon-6:00 pm Tour Historic OLANA, Hudson 11:00-1:00 Tour and Lunch. Hosted by Professional Women in Building Olana, the home and studio of eminent painter Frederic Edwin Church, is a historic site administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Taconic Region. It is a designated National Historic Landmark and one of the most visited sites in the state.

Registration Required for All Events. Go to CRBRA.com/calendar – click on the date of the event and you can register on line. Hint: Use the email reminder to send an event reminder to yourself a few days prior.

WE HAVE THE PRODUCTS TO MEET NEW BUILDING CODES IN-STOCK & READY TO SHIP! Increase your air tightness with a built-in energy efficient barrier that keeps moisture out & reduces air leakage. Fewer install steps result in 40% faster installation when compared to traditional housewrap & felt. Try ZIP R-Sheathing to meet code requirements for continuous insulation all in one panel. With a broad range of innovative, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing new construction and replacement windows and patio doors, Ply Gem has the style, material and performance to match your needs, architecture & your budget. Boise Cascade offers several solutions to meet the new 2015 IRC code. Mineral wool insulation, Drop-In-Drywall, and FireBreakÂŽ HITS I-Joists react to fire by automatically activating and expanding into a strong, thick fire shield to guard the AJSÂŽ Joist web in high heat conditions.

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Spring 2017 CRBRA Magazine  

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Spring 2017 CRBRA Magazine  

Residential Building Magazine-Capital Region New York

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