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16TH - 22ND APRIL 2019 - ED 783

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INQUIRY TO BE HELD INTO SAN LUIS PARK IRREGULARITIES he Provincial Court has upheld an appeal of Torrevieja town hall to investigate the procedures surrounding the work done on San Luis-El Chaparral Park prior to the local elections in May 2015. The PP government who were in power at the time, are accused of setting work in motion on the basis of verbal agreements and not following proper procedures.


The San Luis-El Chaparral Park continues to lay abandoned and unfinished after the partially completed work was set in motion just before the local elections in May 2015. The PP administration had directed work to take place on the park. Following the election of the five-party government, the work stopped. Since then there have been occasional bursts of activity but the debate about

irregularities surrounding the park project has ensured that it has remained, more or less, in an abandoned state. At a recent local meeting it was explained that further work is currently suspended as an investigation into the procedures surrounding the park is Continued on page 3



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BITE SIZE NEWS: House fire in Torreta III A house on calle Alondras went up in flames on Friday 12th April. The source of the fire was a workshop/ garage next to the house and although other properties were evacuated they were not affected by the flames. No one was injured in the fire, the cause of which is yet unknown. The couple who own the house were not on the premises when the fire started. There was a hold up in the fire engine reaching the property. Duplicate addresses meant that the fire engine first went to another street with the same name only to see that the smoke was coming from elsewhere. Fortunately they were quickly able to amend the mistake and arrive at the correct property to put out the fire. This is the second recent incident involving delays of emergency services due to incorrect addresses.

Fallen furniture traps woman Firefighters had to be called out to rescue a woman who was trapped between a piece of furniture and the floor. The bookcase had fallen on the 70 year old woman in the house in la calle del Mar and she was found by her daughter. The woman could not move and the emergency services were contacted. It is believed that the woman was not seriously injured.

Easter activities at Habaneras Habaneras shopping centre has made its Continued on page 5


CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019


Continued from page 1 taking place. The accusation is that only word of mouth agreement was used by the PP government at the end of 2014 and during the first months of 2015 to begin the work on the park. It is claimed that the town council of the time set in motion an unofficial project that relied upon a student training programme and workshops. A town hall administrator has admitted difficulties in dealing with submitted invoices as the park project did not meet some minimum requirements. Materials had been ordered and bills presented that were proving problematic to honour. In February 2015, the technician asked that no more materials beordered without any contract being in place. However, it is alleged that orders continued to be issued. The leader of the employment workshop agreed in June of the same year that the project had gone ahead without their being any formal project plan. A plan for the project was only put together retrospectively when the workshop was at the point of being completed. A denuncia was made by the new, incoming government but this was archived initially by a court in Torrevieja. This court argued that verbal contracts could be valid regardless of administrative irregularities. However, now La Audiencia Provincial or Provincial Court,has come out against the validity of any contract that is completed on the basis of a verbal agreement. When the new government took over they found contractors and suppliers presenting bills that they were unable to pay because no formal project agreement existed. The Provincial Court has now agreed to the further presentation of documents to clarify whether the irregularities were criminal or not. The companies who had delivered the

materials included many local firms and in total around 12 invoices were presented following the orders being made. These companies have continued to pursue payment of their invoices and some have been successful in obtaining payment. The subject of this park has been one used politically with the British community in Torrevieja. Its implications go beyond the payment of invoices to the hopes and aspirations of those living alongside. Councillor Carmen Morate (above) has regularly attended La Siesta/ San Luis Neighbourhood Watch meetings and has been asked on frequent occasions about the progress for the park. ‘It’s been a difficult subject for us,’ explains Councillor Morate. ‘I’m sorry that we were not able to sort it out in the end. It was our intention to create a simple park that local residents could enjoy. We know how important having an attractive local park can be. However, we were left with the fall out from a project started before we came into the local government. In the hurry to get it going before the local elections in 2015 materials had been ordered without the necessary paperwork. We had hoped to be able to rectify this before now for the local community.’ As the investigation continues, any work to the park will continue to be on hold. Suzanne O’Connell



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7th October

14 May


6 MAY/21 OCTOBER ITINERARY: Barcelona - At Sea Casablanca - At Sea Santa Cruz de Tenerife Funchal - Malaga Civitavecchia (Rome)Genoa Marseille - Barcelona


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Delay for Torrevieja’s May Fair

Continued from page 3 own arrangements for celebrating the spring over the Easter period from the 12th to 21st April. There will be Easter workshops including a flower workshop from 19th to the 24th April. On 13th April the centre’s ‘zipline’ will be back and visitors to the shops can also benefit from the longer opening hours and increased activities in its play centre.

Neighbourhood watch meeting The next San Luis/ La Siesta Neighbourhood Watch meeting will be held on 29th April at Casa Ventura at 4.30pm. The special guest at this event will be Maureen Payne from Age Concern who will provide information about the services that they offer to the over 50s in the community. Eduardo Dolon will also be attending to answer any questions about La Vuelta cycle race which will take place in August. There will be opportunity to hear more about the upcoming local elections and speak to some candidates. Local residents with an interest in keeping informed are welcome to attend.

It is Easter party time There will be an Easter party for some of the children from the San José Obrero Orphanage at Bar Carmens, calle Fray Angelico, El Chaparral on Saturday 20th April. The party will start at 2pm and there will be food and entertainment available. There will be a raffle too, to help raise money for the orphanage which badly needs basic items for the children and young people who live and study there. It is expected to be a fun afternoon for those taking part as well as an opportunity to continue supporting this worthwhile cause.

Crash leaves driver trapped The accident took place involving a lorry and a car at 2pm on 9th April. Three fire engines were called to the scene to release the driver who couldn’t get out of his vehicle. The accident happened at an exit point from the AP7 motorway. It is believed that the driver was not seriously injured and traffic could continue to pass as the vehicle was overturned on the hard shoulder.

Watch out for the blue crabs The blue crab is an invasive species which is making an appearance in the waters around Torrevieja’s beaches. It is frequently caught up in the fishing nets and although it can be sold, it is proving to be a bit of a nuisance. The crabs get stuck in the nets and aren’t easily removed. This wastes time for the fishermen and sometimes the nets are broken too. The harvesting of the crabs interferes with the collection of salmon, dorada and calamari, the real catch that the fishermen are after. The crab can live in almost any type of water from fresh water to salty and, of course, the sea and comes originally from Canada and North Argentina. It lives in the mud and sand at the bottom of coastal water, lagoons and river mouths and feeds on a wide variety of crustaceans, small fish and plant material.

A plan for the coast Politicians belonging to the political party, Compromís, visited Torrevieja on Monday 8th April to promote their determination to see through a more Continued on page 8

The date for the May Fair has been put back. This popular event will now take place between Wednesday 29th May and Sunday 2nd June. This is a changed from the previously advertised dates of 8th to the 12th May. The councillor for fiestas, Domingo Pérez has apologised for the delay and explained that the need to complete the contracts was the reason for it. It has taken eight months so far and the town hall cogs turn so slowly that it is not even completed yet. It is a familiar story. The contracting process is unwieldy and the number of staff available is insufficient. The whole process needs a complete overhaul if proper tendering and contracting is to continue to be the means by which services are secured in the town. Files move between departments at snails’ pace and even a year does not seem sufficient time to ensure that procedures can be done correctly. Although much of

the contracting could be copy and paste from last year, a new requirement demanded additional documentation for setting up the marquees in the ground. A permit was needed similar to that required for the attractions in the town’s port. The cost of the Feria de Sevillanas this year will be €136,000 of which €45,000 goes towards the performances, equipment rental and sound. The contracts for the May Fair have continued to be a problem for this government throughout their term of office. Procedures were not necessarily put in place before 2014 and the local government has found itself to be constantly in catch up. It is one of the most popular fiestas of the year and thousands of people book a stay in Torrevieja during the time that it takes place. It is hoped that these people are able to change their booking dates accordingly. Suzanne O’Connell

100 days without Henry This week marked 100 days since the disappearance of Orihuela Costa youngster Henry Jiménez Marín. Henry’s family attended a mass on Wednesday to pray for his safe return and that the security forces and residents of the area do not forget about the disappearance of Henry. For weeks after he went missing, Henry’s family and friends organised extensive searches of the local area where bands of volunteers combed urbanisations, parks and commercial areas in a desperate attempt to find the missing 20 year old. The family has been offered some support by the local community with fundraisers taking place to help pay for legal assistance and monitoring of Henry’s case. Alejandro, Henry’s brother, explained that the family have been kept in the dark by Guardia Civil investigating the missing persons case. The family are devastated by Henry’s disappearance and to make matters worse, were victims of an attempted fraud by two people claiming to know of Henry’s whereabouts in order to extort money from his mother. To add insult to injury, a website this week posted a ‘fake news’ story about the discovery of Henry’s dead body. The family continue to pray for Henry’s safe return and have launched a fresh appeal to the public to come forward with any information relevant to his disappearance.




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New Inmaculada school to go ahead The project to demolish the old Inmaculada primary school and build a new one has been given the go ahead by the Valencian Government. The school is the oldest in Torrevieja, having been built in the late 1960s. For two years the school has struggled to keep going with rooms separated by plaster board and some classes even taking place in stair wells. Now, the parent/ teacher association can at least celebrate the announcement given by the councillor for education, José Hurtado. The project will take place in two phases. The first is the demolition of the old building and this has gone out to tender at a cost of €447,600. Those interested in bidding have until April 29th to do so. The second stage will be the building of the new school. During this period the students will need to

be educated elsewhere. This in itself could cause difficulties as the space in neighbouring primary schools has been filling up and it is likely that temporary buildings will need to be erected. However, overall the parents are happy as the new school will be built on the old school site. There had been suggestions that it might have been constructed out of town. A move that parents would not have been happy with and that has happened on other occasions when new facilities have been needed. The parent/ teacher representatives were keen to add their approval to the scheme as it is now proposed and to thank the local government representatives who have been responsible for putting it together. Suzanne O’Connell

Promoting Easter together

a rin Ma La 32 N3 r ma rda a Gu

On 10th April the Councillor for Tourism, Fanny Serrano and the president of the Cofradías, or brotherhood organisations, presented the town’s plan for Easter together. Although the town council has participated in the promotion of Easter before, this was the first time the two organisations presented the publicity side by side. Ignacio Suárez became president of the Board of Brotherhoods a few months ago. He was pleased to announce a change in the size of the promotional material. A4 is now being used rather than the previous A3 format. He announced that this made it a more accessible document and more useful. The information leaflet includes the schedules, routes and itineraries of the different processions as well as maps and religious information. There are

some changes to arrangements this year including the inclusion of Sábado de Pasión in the programme and a change of schedule for the Tamborada to 5.30pm. The Good Friday procession will once again pass through the Plaza de Oriente following the asphalting work that has taken place there. Councillor Serrano recognised the value of the parades as a tourist attraction in the town and the importance of circulating information about it. Relationships have sometimes been tense between some members of the government team and those responsible for the religious parades. Partly to blame for this has been the reorganisation of the Semana Santa Museum. The occupation of the new site has included some controversial decisions. Suzanne O’Connell

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BITE SIZE NEWS: Continued from page 5 proactive and consistent plan for the coastline. The visiting representatives are at the top of Compromís’ list of candidates in Alicante. Some of the actions they want to see carried out include the completion of promised projects by Acuamed, the rail connection with Alicante and improvements to the la Mata wooden walk way. During their visit the mayor, José Manuel Dolón, took Ignasi Candela and Aitana Mas on a tour of some of the main parts of the town including the natural park of La Mata. The mayor shared with them his ambitions for further improvements including the doubling of the notorious N332.

How to handle an emergency From 10th April until the 12th classes were held at Romualdo Ballestar primary school to help children know what to do in the case of an emergency. The information was presented by the different emergency services of the Local police, National police, Civil protection and the fire service. The classes include information about dialling 112, how to help someone who has symptoms of drowning and even how to perform CPR. It is hoped to spread the initiative to other centres in the town. The volunteers of Civil protection led the day which was supported by the school’s AMPA or parent/teacher organisation. Suzanne O’Connell

José Manuel Dolón continues to top Green’s list As the final lists of councillors has been submitted for the May local elections, José Manuel Dolón has been unanimously voted by Los Verdes (The Green Party) to head the party. Elected councillors are selected from the list of 25 names according to the order in which they appear. Whoever heads the list is the most likely to take office as a councillor if backed by sufficient votes. José Manuel Dolón has been Mayor of Torrevieja for the past four years. The post was

supposed to be shared with Councillor Fanny Serrano who would have taken over after two years had elapsed. However, due to a lack of stability because of the split council, changing mayor was decided against and José Manuel continued in office. The Green Party are presenting themselves at the next election in conjunction with Compromiso Municipal. Other candidates who are high on the list include the current councillors Carmen Morate and Manuela Osuna. It isn’t yet clear whether José Hurtado will be joining them too. The party title will now stand as ‘Los Verdes de Torrevieja: Compromiso Municipal’. The total list composition and the order of names has now been approved but has not yet been released. This will happen shortly. In the 2015 elections the Green Party had four elected councillors and has had a prominent position in the local government over the past four years. Suzanne O’Connell


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Allocating the waters around Torrevieja There are many demands on the ports, harbours and coastline of Torrevieja. It is both a seaside town and a working port and as such exactly how different areas off shore are allocated can be controversial. Discussions are currently taking place between the town hall, Valencia and local businesses to establish both a fish farm and a marine reserve.

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The area off the Poniente pier is usually used by the salt works for the conveyancing of salt to ships out at sea. Interest has been shown previously in this area by another fish farm wanting to establish itself permanently there. Along with the transport of salt across the world, fishing remains an important source of income in Torreviejaas do the recreational and tourist uses of the local ports. Each of these uses can sometimes come into conflict with the others. This is why the town needs to ensure that its DEUP (Delimitación de Espacios y UsosPorturios) is in place. This is the town plan that identifies how different areas of the port and coastline can be used. In Torrevieja there are three marinas with 2,700 moorings and a salt works which is one of the largest in Europe.

Marine reserve The fish farm Provisional permission has been given to setting up a fish farm off the dique de Poniente. The Poniente pier separates the Acequión and Naufragos beaches and is currently closed off to the public. The farm will include the breeding ofsea bream, sea bass and corvine and will take up to 2,100 square metres of space if it goes ahead. The farm has been proposed by a business which is experienced in establishing and running fish farms in the region, especially in Guardamar and Murcia. The request to use this area has come following difficulties with a farm in Guardamar where problems with dredging has meant that fishing boats have been getting stuck and the fish farming business has been difficult to carry out. Permission for the change of setting has had to be granted by the Valencian government.

Alongside planning the use of the ports is the intention of allocating some areas off the coast as protected from fishing. Councillor Fanny Serrano has now registered the documentation in the PROP office which will allow the town hall to go ahead with assigning a special area as a reserve. ‘What we have done today,’ explained the councillor, ‘is the next step in establishing our marine reserve. Now we have sent the documentation to Valencia in order that we can begin this important project.’ The necessary paperwork has been sent to the Ministry of the Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture. The establishment of a reserve is supported by local fishermen who recognise the important environmental benefits and the need to protect some local species. The reserve is expected to be located either in the north around Cabo Cervera and the coves or in the south from Cala Ferrís until Punta Prima. Suzanne O’Connell

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The grass is greener for raffle winner Pictured here is snooker legend Willie Thorne alongside Paul Richards of Eazy Lawns and Tanya the winner of the €2500 worth of artificial grass. The prize was donated by Eazy Lawns and Real Turf and featured as a top prize in a raffle drawn at the Big Stars for Little Stars show in the Orihuela Costa Resort last week. The event, organised by Stevie Spit and Casey Shaddock featured the Costa Blanca’s top entertainers in a spectacular variety show and raised over €11,000 for APANEE, Torrevieja’s centre for children with special needs which was threatened with closure due to cuts in funding.

Seven years prison in dismemberment case A woman has now been sentenced to seven years in prison for her involvement in the dismemberment of a body. The woman worked as a housekeeper at the time that the victim was killed following an argument with her employer. Her employer then attempted to cover up the crime with her help and part of the victim’s body were found in a landfill site. The head, legs and intestines of the victim were found in the dump in Elche in September 2016. The woman was also found guilty of aiding the illegal detention of the victim, for which she was given four years in prison. She was also sentenced to two years for the crime of fraud

and one year for her involvement in concealing the body. The man who was believed to be responsible for the murder of the victim died a few days before the case came to court. The woman accepted the charges against her made by the prosecutor. Charges were dropped against a third person. The incident originally began with an argument over garage space. The victim was hit with a blunt object, bound and kept prisoner whilst the woman took money from his bank account. Finally, he was killed and dismembered. Suzanne O’Connell

CAR CRASHES INTO SCHOOL A car has crashed into a school in Elche at what has been described as a notorious accident black spot. The accident occurred on Wednesday when a car collided with the wall of King’s College infant school in Elche, near Martínez Valeo stadium. After the crash it was revealed that local residents have been complaining for months about the danger of the junction in question. In fact, Councillor for Infrastructure Héctor Díez announced just last month that a provisional roundabout would be installed in an attempt to reduce accidents. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident which took place at 4.20pm on Wednesday. The junction had been reported as dangerous in the past as many roads converge at one point and

cause confusion to drivers. In September of last year, local residents wrote to the town hall with their concerns along with a number of photographs of accidents that happen at the black spot. An accident occurred just last week when two cars collided before this week’s incident of a car hitting the school. The school itself issued a statement about the incident, clarifying that the accident had not caused injuries and that the damage done to one of the classrooms will be repaired as soon as possible. The damaged classroom was secured and the school opened as normal the day after the accident. The school’s statement said, “The safety of our students and teaching staff is our priority, so some of the classes will be relocated as a measure of prevention.”

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CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

GBP / EUR UPDATE Another day and another different Brexit date is on the table. Instead of crashing out of the EU on 12 April, PM Theresa May asked for a postponement until the end of June, three years since the referendum. However, the European Council made the point that a short delay wouldn’t result in much change, and therefore it took all Wednesday evening, until 1am the next day, to debate the length of another extension. In the end, much to the delight of tabloid newspapers and headline-writers, October 31st was announced as the new date. The inevitable was already something investors had factored in, and despite it being a slight bit of sterling-positive news, it was so anticipated that the air around the announcement was anticlimactic, and the pound was unmoved. Perhaps inflated by pre-Brexit stockpiling was the additional news this week that the UK economy expanded by a provisional 0.2% in February. The data was better than forecast, with manufacturing and industrial production also increasing. The new extension is seen by many as a mere prolonging of uncertainty for the currency – it’s important to note that the price to

pay for not crashing out of the EU on 12 April come with European elections that must be held in May, otherwise the UK leaves without a deal on June 1st. As it became clear that a no-deal was once more off the table, albeit until June or October, the euro moved mostly higher. Strengthening by an average 0.3% against other currencies the euro was the top performer of the week, after Euroland economic data exceeded expectations. The euro added two thirds of a US cent and went up by seven eighths of a cent against sterling. Apart from the European Central Bank’s President Mario Draghi suggesting economic weakness in the Eurozone had been longer-lasting than expected, the rest of European news was all positive. Eurozone investor confidence delivered a pleasant surprise, as did industrial production in Germany, France and Italy which came in higher than initially forecast. There was also relief this week that US tariffs will not target cars imported from the EU. Aircraft, motorcycles and imports including cheese and wine are however on the US menu, with tariffs planned to be implemented this summer.


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An eye on the Chelsea Flower Show The Show Gardens are looking particularly strong this year. Top of the list is the M&G Garden designed by Andy Sturgeon, one of the country’s leading garden designers and seven-time gold medal-winner. His garden, like many others, has an ecological message at its heart, celebrating the extraordinary regenerative powers of nature. The woodland planting is set amongst a series of huge burnt timber sculptures that represent ancient rock formations, with water pools and streams trickling through the space. There will be interesting detail to look out for in the planting, with some unusual plants from far-flung corners of the globe making their first appearance at Chelsea. All plants can be grown in the UK climate so viewers can take ideas away for their own gardens. Another garden with an environmental slant is the Savills/David Harber garden designed by Andrew Duff. Focusing on the benefits of green space in an urban environment, the garden shows how you can create a woodland oasis in the city, with beautiful trees, airpurifying wetland planting, a green wall and permeable

surfaces. David Harber has created a 3.5m sculptural installation that will sit in a tranquil pool, with golden leaves to create dappled light and shade across the water. The Warner Edwards garden is designed by Helen Elks-Smith, whose project for clients in Winchester was featured in the August 2018 issue of House &

Garden. We admired Helen’s planting in that garden, and the planting in this show garden promises to be equally beautiful with soft colours and interesting textures. The garden is set against a pavilion inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater, and is conceived as a sheltered courtyard designed for socializing and engaging with family and friends. Constructed from a series of dry stone walls, the pavilion features two cantilevered roofs and a central chimney channelling water down

a pair of copper fins. One of the most interesting prospects of this year’s show is to see how legendary designer Tom Dixon turns his creative genius to gardening. Teaming up with Ikea, he will explore the idea of future urban farming and growing with an innovative garden that boasts an underground hydroponic laboratory. Tom says: ‘Gardening is unique in its universal appeal and its transformational power. Without plants and more planting, we are all in trouble. Although we are not traditional garden designers, we think we can demonstrate ways that anybody could make a small difference and broad not only the beauty but also the functional importance of horticulture.’ Royalty comes to Chelsea this year with a garden co-designed by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Highlighting the importance of nature to growing children, the garden is inspired by childhood memories, designed as a family garden and a place in which to play, learn and discover. A beautiful tree house forms the centerpiece of the garden, with woodland planting, winding paths, a waterfall and a stream creating a calm, enticing and child-friendly space.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

Homes & Gardens




CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

Flamingo on the runway at Mallorca airport "We have a pink flamingo on the runway in Terminal A. No, I'm not messing," was an unprecedented message wired across Palma de Mallorca's Son Sant Joan airport last Sunday morning. "An easyJet has had to brake. Now it's it's off," the message continued as the exotic bird strolled in front of the

moving aircraft, unruffled, as though he had all the time in the world. Anyone visiting the largest of the Balearic Islands for the first time may have thought this was a ritual greeting, or a typical sight at least, but those who have been there before were stunned to see this beautiful bird within metres of their plane

as they landed. Air-traffic control tweeted: "A flamingo greeted passengers arriving at Palma airport this morning. Very elegant, strolling along the runway..." and uploaded a video to prove it. Staff at the terminal snapped multiple footage of the bird and it has now gone viral on social media.

Sagrada Família to get planning permission...134 years on Barcelona city council has agreed to issue planning permission for the Sagrada Família cathedral to 'legalise' the works - 134 years after a building licence was first requested by the original architect, Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí, who died in 1926 after being run over by a bus directly opposite his most famous creation, first sought planning permission for the iconic, quirky and ultra-modern cathedral in the year 1885, but the papers were never signed off. And the most globallyrenowned monument in Spain's second-largest city remains unfinished - although the construction board intends to have it completed by the year

2026, on the centenary of Gaudí's death. Now, however, 21st-century planning terms apply to what began life as a late 19th-century structure: the developers are

required to 'urbanise' the surrounding area, building necessary infrastructure, including improving public transport links to it. Until all the original planning

requisites, and the new ones, are complied with, the construction board will not receive its licence, although a council meeting on March 7 voted in favour of its being granted once all requirements are met. Barcelona's mayoress Ada Colau has set a price of €36 million, payable over 10 years, for upgrading roads and other facilities in the vicinity of the cathedral, although the actual cost of the planning permission has not been revealed. It is said that it has taken 134 years for it to be agreed because no previous local government had 'sat down to negotiate' with the developers to 'agree and guarantee costs and plans'.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019



osta Fortuna, an entertainment ship that harks back to the Italian seafaring tradition, is the perfect heir to the great transatlantic liners of the past. A queen of the seas that welcomes its guests in the same magnificent mood of the epoch-making crossings of times gone by: the stars back then were the great transatlantic liners and they are celebrated on Costa Fortuna today with exquisite models and with reproductions of the glorious advertising posters from the Twenties and Thirties. The sophisticated architecture, the elegant furnishings, and the history that can be felt all around on board make every part of a journey on Costa Fortuna unforgettable. A never-ending show Fun or business in the evening? The perfect setting for every occasion An evening on Costa Fortuna means a whole host of things to choose from, all through the ship in its most sophisticated and exclusive areas and its bustling, lively meeting places. The Conte Verde 1923 Ballroom is a fun and original place to spend some time, with lively colours and prestigious furnishings, where you can enjoy a cocktail at the lovely bar as you listen to the great live music. And you simply must call

in at the Neptunia 1932 Casino too: it’s just like being in buzzing Las Vegas with its slot machines, croupiers and chips, and it has a unique, exclusive atmosphere. In the evening in the Costa Atrium the lights go up on the piano bar, against the backdrop of the panoramic lifts that carry guests up and down in the ship’s most spectacular atrium. On a cruise, every lunch and dinner, every breakfast and every bite, every drink, has a particular flavor: the Italian inspiration, the ingredient that never fails on Costa vacation. The friendliness and casual atmosphere are the details that will make you feel at home on every ship. Do not miss the opportunity to discover Cost Fortuna on a day visit in Valencia port. Join us and enjoy this day exploring the ship on a guided tour and having lunch on board. Do not worry about how to get there: local transport will be also arranged from our usual pick up points. May 06th is the date! Contact us and book your seat. The cost is 30€ but will be discounted in your next booking with Costa Cruises (specials including transport only) departing 2019. For BOOKINGS phone us on 965 716 615 or send an email to

More wine tasting & brewery visits T

he well-known and much loved ‘Wine Tasting with a Difference´ tours are now offering the chance to experience not only a new and exciting Bodega but a beer brewery as well. Organised by local Spanish lady Begona Josa del Portillo, the this tour is the perfect way to discover the wider region as well as sampling the delights of one of the most prestigious bodegas and breweries in the area. Begona has been hosting trips and tours for several years and has helped hundreds of people to enjoy a taste of the ‘real Spain’. Begona said: “Our trips to bodega Casa de la Ermita in Jumilla, offer something for everyone, whether they like wine or beer...or both. This is a great ‘date day’ for couples or groups of friends alike and an opportunity to explore Spanish traditions and culture.” This wine of this bodega has an excellent reputation and is very popular. Casa de la Ermita’s vineyards are farmed under the supervision experts to obtain the best grapes in the Jumilla region. While Monastrell is the most popular variety in the area, Casa de la Ermita has succeeded in adapting to other varieties from different parts of the world, such as Petit Verdot, Merlot, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon. The tour begins with your pick up from one of the local meeting points and travel to the Bodega, stopping for breakfast on the way, which is included in the price. Once in Jumilla the group will be given a guided tour of the old quarter of the city. The tour will be given in English by a local guide, who will point out the hidden gems, as well as all of the heritage and cultural landmarks.

On arrival at Casa de la Ermita you will visit the on-site wine museum which tells the story of wine making from a centuries old farming tradition and its evolution into a state-of-the-art science and from there the tour will continue into the brewery which makes artesian beers. Although not as old as the wine making, Casa de la Ermita takes its beer brewing just as seriously and as passionately, both of which can be tasted in the quality of it beers. The tours will be followed by a three-courselunch of traditional local and regional dishes and, of course, a chance to taste the wines of the Bodega before ending the day at the Casa de la Ermita shop, where you can purchase the delights on offer. The next trip to Casa de la Ermita will take place on 22nd April followed by more on 3rd and 9th May. Places are expected to book quickly, so please call Begona on 622 188 772 to book your places and arrange a pick up location. The vineyard and wine tasting tours are day-trips like no other – and at just 25 euros per person, are also excellent value for money. Due to the interest generated by her trips, Begona has created an email group to keep everyone informed on new dates, tour information such as pick-up locations, travel times and also on longer trips organised as part of her ‘Discover the Real Spain’ programme. Bookings for tours can also be made on-line through this group. If you would like to be added, please send your email address to:




CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

He refuses to diet

Best friend

I am keen to go on a diet and exercise more but my husband is flatly refusing. I find it upsetting that he no longer seems to care about himself, or what I think. He used to be so fitness conscious and would never have let himself go. I want to motivate him to shape up, but just end up insulting him out of frustration. He has health issues, and I have told him I worry about him putting on weight, and that it can be dangerous in middle age.

My young niece was looking through some of my photos, and discovered a photograph of her father with another woman, and asked who it was. My brother had been married before when he was only 18 - the marriage ended soon after. He married again and is happy. I trod carefully and said that it was an old girlfriend of her Dad’s, and that was the end of that. The next day I got a phone call from my brother accusing me of telling my niece about his first marriage, when I did no such thing. My brother has now cut off all contact. It also turns out that my sister-in-law also did not know of the first marriage.

IA diplomatic approach is always better, but unfortunately we can’t force people to do things they don’t want to do. I think the key here might be for you to start a gentle diet and fitness plan to lead by example. Weigh yourself regularly, go for walks and make sure your husband knows how much weight you are losing, etc. Hopefully he may come around. A trip to his GP might reveal he needs to lose a little weight for the sake of his health, and someone else suggesting he do something about it, may do the trick.

We can’t shelter our children from these upsets unfortunately. Time will heal this, but we all remember similar experiences in our younger days, and an upset like this means a great deal. Some assertiveness guidance might do your daughter some good. Is there a school counsellor you could go to? She’s only young but learning life skills to build confidence, and how to handle situations like this at any age can be very useful. Some life coaching might be good if you feel you can no longer help her.


96 574 43 26















Departure: 2th June, 3th July & 1st Sep 2019

HOTELS ***/**** 9 DAYS 590€





CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

Facebook to block unauthorised campaign ads The Facebook pages of political parties and candidates wishing to run campaign ads will need to register first. The social media giant is rolling out a tool to avoid outside interference and increase transparency ahead of elections in Spain and the European Union. Starting last Friday, “political parties and candidates campaigning in these elections will be required to complete ad authorisations and place ‘Paid for by’ disclaimers on all of their ads until the end of the election period,” according to a company statement. This tool was created in 2018 and Facebook has already used it in the United States, Britain, Brazil, India and Ukraine. All the ads will be stored in a public repository containing data about the page, the money that was invested and the number of people who viewed This database will also include ads on Instagram, which is part of the Facebook network. Starting on April 15, the company will

block ads by parties or groups that have failed to follow this procedure. Facebook had already announced this measure with a view to the European Union elections of 26th May. Then Spain announced a snap general election for April 28. The social

networking platform said it has made an effort to make its tool available in Spain earlier than planned. Thousands of content reviewers are drafting a list with “thousands of pages” representing parties and candidates who are running in the elections, based on a list provided by the authorities. The company has tried to adopt special measures to deal

with the Spanish call for general elections. “We hope political parties will start to register. They should do so in their own best interest. If you are a serious political party, you will want to be authorized,” warned Richard Allan, Facebook’s Vice-President for Public Policy, in a virtual news conference from London with a group of Spanish media outlets. According to Allan, there is no precedent for the social media platform’s effort for Spain: “We will try to identify all the Facebook pages of parties and candidates. When we have that list, we will send a message to all the administrators and tell them that if they want to run ads, they must go through the system.” Despite the effort, the system is not perfect. “To try to catch everything is...,” said Allan, pausing in search of a word other than “impossible.” “There is a real time pressure,” he told the media.




CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019


CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019


Beaches accessible to all Luisa Boné, City Councillor for Beaches, together with Carmen Díaz and Belén Cascales, members of the Association Orihuela sin Barrera (Orihuela without Barriers), have announced various activities that will take place on the Coast of Orihuela "both from the point of view of diversity as well as infrastructural improvements which will be carried out by the Municipal Department of Beaches in view of this year’s summer season. With regard to the Rescue Service and the lifeguards on these beaches "we will have these on each of the four beaches, which have bathing zones for the disabled with the appropriate equipment and workers who are trained in rescue and First Aid. These beaches are: Cala Bosque in La Zenia, Playa de la Glea and Barranco Rubio in Campoamor and Cala Capitán in Cabo Roig”. The city councillor added that: "The task of these lifeguards will be to help people with reduced mobility who come to the accessible bathing areas provided by the Town Hall." Assistance provided includes all the necessary services to enable users to enjoy all facilities available on the beach, from the beach bar service, to toilets or changing rooms, to bathing in the sea. For the beach installations are provided which are intended exclusively for people with reduced mobility. These installations consist of a platform with a pergola and have foot showers and an amphibious chair, explained Luisa Boné. The Councillor was also keen to note the improvements made by the

Municipal Department of Beaches for the upcoming summer season. The councillor explained that "the extension of all beach walkways at all entrances and to all beach bars. The width of the beach walkways will be doubled to 2.40m guaranteeing better accessibility and there will be signal lines at the edges to make it easier for people with visual impairments". In addition, "all the beach bars will have a platform on the terrace so that they are easily accessible and the tables and chairs are adapted for easy use. All beach bars will have menus and

Improvements in equality

service booklets in Braille to help those with visual impairments." The beaches of Cala Bosque, La Glea and Mil Palmeras "will for the first time have an area where umbrellas and hammocks are available to all beach goers and on the beach of Barranco Rubio there will be an adapted bathing area in the style of an "island" intended for people with reduced mobility with their caregivers and for senior citizens". On the various beaches of Orihuela "during the months of July and August various leisure activities will be carried

out, this includes water games for children, adapted water aerobics and various activities for different groups of people. Both the dedicated rescue service staff, the lifeguards and the seasonal workers will be trained in customer service to meet the diverse needs of the bathers." Luisa Boné said that the Town Hall applied at "the Dirección Territorial de Costas, the Coastal Authority responsible for the coast, for the permission of the project "Tú Playa Accesible" ("Your Accessible Beach in Orihuela") for the

beach of La Glea in Campoamor, which was chosen as the first beach to launch this project because it has ideal characteristics for this purpose. There are a large number of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, the water quality is excellent and there are several disabled equitable services." Independence The aim of this project is "the independence of the bather on our beaches". As the city councillor reports, "a structure has been designed that will be built into the main entrance to the beach and will have a crane in which a single person can effortlessly make the change from the wheelchair to the amphibious chair. There will be an easily accessible handicapped shower, a foot shower equipped with a restraint system to make it easier to use, and an adapted changing room." "The aim of the Municipal Department is to make a beach in Orihuela fully accessible and then to introduce the model to the rest of the beaches," said Luisa Boné, who added: "For this summer there will be adapted bathing areas for disabled people on the four beaches (Cala Bosque, Glea, Barranco Rubio and Cala Capitán)". "We have taken great care in designing the beaches, fulfilling two requirements: To improve the beach conditions for the bathers by expanding the area to 26.5 m2. And on all beaches, the style is the same, as with the beach bars, toilets and huts for the rescue service, so that all the elements integrate harmoniously".



CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

Euthanasia debate reignited in Spain The debate over the right to euthanasia has been reignited in Spain after a man was arrested on recently for helping his terminally ill wife bring an end to her life. Ángel Hernández, aged 70, confessed to giving his partner, María José Carrasco, 61, a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital, and spent a night in a prison cell at a police station in Madrid. He gave his statement to a court the following day and has since been released. Just before her death, the couple filmed a video to prove that it was Carrasco who had decided to end her life. The 61-year-old had spent the last three decades fighting multiple sclerosis and had reached the terminal stage of the illness. In the video, Hernández asks his wife: “Do you still want to kill yourself?” She nods and replies: “Yes,” adding: “The sooner the better.” Hernández then passes Carrasco, who had lost the movement in her hands, a cup of water and a straw to see whether she is capable of swallowing. Moments later he helps her swallow the lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital. Hernández’s lawyer, Olatz Alberdi, says the goal of the video was to show his wife’s “suffering and abandonment.” According to

Alberdi, Hernández turned himself over to the police directly afterwards. “He always said he was not going to do it covertly, he wanted to shine a light on this issue,” she explained. Upon leaving the court, Hernández told news agency Europa Press: “I have declared everything I did for my wife and now I am under investigation and being held responsible for her death. The officials and police have been sympathetic to me, they’ve treated me very well and they have agreed with me – they said this to me outright. “My wife had always asked me [to help her kill herself] and in the last four months, she asked constantly,” he explained, calling on the media to “focus on those who have this problem [...] Lots of people are in the same situation

and we have to help them.” The Madrid judge in charge of the case has released Hernández without precautionary measures but he may be called to appear again in court during the legal investigation. According to the pro-euthanasia association The Right to a Dignified Death (DMD), Hernández is the first person to have been arrested in Spain for helping a physically disabled person to end their life. He was detained by a homicide police unit in his home in the MoncloaAravaca area after calling emergency services. No euthanasia case has received this much media attention in Spain since 1988 when Ramón Sampedro, a quadriplegic from the northwestern region of Galicia, ended his life with the help of a friend

CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019





CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

A Successful Purchase In 5 Easy Steps. Rebecca Serwotka

trusted Real Estate Agent narrow your favourites down for you. If they’re doing their job correctly, they should know which home would suit you best and save you time and energy on the legwork!

Your favourite local property expert, of Inmobiliaria Real Estate Agents in Ciudad Quesada & published author of “Moving Forward – 25 Essential Rules For Buying & Selling Real Estate Without Going Crazy.” Request your FREE copy today! Featured on Best Buy Spain – Property TV – Sky Channel 189.


ompared to the U.K., purchasing a property here can be very easy, as long as you go about it the correct way. Preparing for your purchase will make the whole process easier. Here are 5 steps for a successful purchase: 1. Buyer Analysis: . Decide first, what kind of home you’re looking for: apartment, villa, duplex? . What area or neighbourhood do you prefer? . What is your price point? . What size are you looking for? 2.Are your finances in place? You’ll need to open a local bank account. . Do you have the money in place or will you be needing a mortgage?

4. Crafting your offer. This is where the magic happens! You’ve found the right house and now you’re ready to make your offer. We’ve all seen the televisionprogrammes where they encourage a buyer to make a “cheeky offer,” when reality is, that just doesn’t happen anymore. Go too low – they won’t want to know! You need to be guided by your Real Estate Agent, as they will know more about the vendor than you. So trust their skills and let them help you make the perfect offer. One that a seller, just cannot refuse! 5. Don’t buy without a Lawyer. There are lots of people around that offer legal services to help with your purchase, but beware, if they are not a Lawyer, they cannot guarantee the legalities of the property. At least with qualified Lawyers, they are part of a governing body, of which they are bonded. I’ve seen too many times, where people tell me they have a Lawyer in place, and they don’t even realize the “Lawyer” is only a Fiscal Representative. Lawyers fees to do the conveyancing for a purchase, should be around €1,000. Buying? Enjoy the journey! If you’re on hunt to buy your home in Spain, head to for a list of the best area deals! See our advert in the centre pages of this newspaper!

3. When viewing homes, don’t make the major mistake of looking at too many. It’s easy to get carried away, but you’ll get so confused, you won’t even remember which houses you’ve seen! Try to let your

Tel: 966 712 440

Do you want to benefit from our marketing expertise, advertising exposure and client database? Then contact us now to list your property directly with us.

Main street - Benijofar - Head office

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BENIJOFAR Calle Niagara - Playa Flamenca

Pretty 122m2 villa, JUST REDUCED needing some modernisation, 563m2 plot, 2 beds, 2 baths, C/H, conservatory, garage, u/build, solarium, ref 4644

209.950€ 783

Direct unspoilt sea views, 3 storey Spanish style townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garden, solarium, patio, communal pool, storage, ref 4829


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BARGAIN. Ground floor well presented corner apartment, terrace & garden, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, communal pool, parking, ref 4858

Brand new detached villas, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cloakroom, A/C, 170m2 plot with drive, terrace, solarium with country views, ref KR1606


From 221.500€



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Bingeworthy Box Sets

Modern Family

Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids. But a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad, Jay, and his Latina wife, Gloria, are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron, have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -happy family.

House of Lies

Charming, fast-talking consultant Marty Kaan and his MBA-toting colleagues charm smug, unsuspecting corporate fat cats into closing deals while spending a fortune for their services. Kaan isn't above using any means -- or person -- necessary to get what he wants. Members of his team are razor-sharp Jeannie van der Hooven, an Ivy League alumna; lackadaisical Clyde Oberholt, who's a lady's man; and math guru Doug Guggenheim, who's awkward with women. Marty lives with his psychoanalyst father, son Roscoe and, as of Season 5, his baby daughter.

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Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Heartbeat Murder, She Wrote Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Classic Emmerdale Classic Emmerdale Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Murder, She Wrote Midsomer Murders DCI Banks DCI Banks Vera ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

Wednesday 17th April 7.00am Children’s 7.00am The Planet's Breakfast 7.30am The Repair Shop 7.00am Good Morning 7.25am Cheers 7.00am Classic Coronation programmes Funniest Animals Britain 8.45am Frasier Animal Park Street 8.15am Home is Where the 7.20am Totally Bonkers 9.30am Lorraine 10.10am Everybody Loves 10.15am Jeremy Vine Homes Under the 7.25am Classic Coronation Art is 12.15pm Traffic Cops Guinness World Raymond Hammer Street 9.00am Mary Berry Quick 10.25am The Jeremy Kyle 5 News Lunchtime Records Show 11.10am Ramsay's Kitchen 1.10pm 12.00pm The Sheriffs are 7.55am Heartbeat Cooking 1.15pm Can't Pay? We'll 8.10am You've Been Nightmares USA Coming 9.00am Murder, She Wrote 9.30am Gardeners' World 11.30am This Morning Take it Away! Framed! Gold 1.30pm Loose Women 12.05pm Car S.O.S 12.45pm Close Calls: On 10.00am Judge Judy 10.00am BBC News at 9 2.10pm Access 9.00am Emmerdale 2.30pm ITV Lunchtime 1.00pm Channel 4 News Camera 10.30am Judge Judy 11.00am Victoria Derbyshire Home and Away 9.55am You've Been News 1.05pm Come Dine with Me 2.15pm 1.15pm Bargain Hunt 11.00am Judge Judy 2.45pm Neighbours Framed! 2.55pm ITV News London 2.05pm Escape to the 2.00pm BBC News at One; 12.00pm BBC Newsroom 11.30am Agatha Christie's Live 3.20pm Murder, She Baked: 10.25am The Ellen 3.00pm Judge Rinder Chateau: DIY Weather Poirot Just Desserts DeGeneres Show 1.40pm Heartbeat 4.00pm Tenable 3.10pm Countdown 2.30pm Regional News and 2.00pm The Boss 5.00pm Friends 11.15am BGT: Top 10 Comedy 5.00pm Tipping Point 4.00pm A Place in the Sun Weather 2.45pm Back in Time for 2.45pm Classic Emmerdale 5.30pm Friends Corkers 6.00pm The Chase 5.00pm A New Life in the 2.45pm Doctors School 3.15pm Classic Emmerdale 6.00pm 5 News at 5 12.15pm The Guide to You've 3.50pm Classic Coronation Sun 7.00pm ITV News London 3.15pm Curiosity 4.45pm The Hairy Builder 6.30pm Neighbours Been Framed! Gold 6.00pm Four in a Bed 7.25pm Party Election 4.00pm Escape to the 5.45pm Eggheads Street 7.00pm Home and Away 6.30pm Extreme Cake 1.15pm Emmerdale Broadcast Country 6.15pm Flog It! 4.20pm Classic Coronation 7.30pm 5 News Tonight Makers 7.30pm ITV Evening News 2.15pm You've Been 4.45pm Home is Where the Street 7.00pm Richard Osman's 8.00pm Secrets of the 7.00pm The Simpsons 8.00pm Emmerdale Framed! Art is 4.55pm Agatha Christie's House of Games National Trust 8.30pm Coronation Street 7.30pm Hollyoaks 2.40pm The Ellen 5.30pm The Repair Shop Poirot 7.30pm Island Medics with Alan 9.00pm Britain's Brightest 8.00pm Channel 4 News DeGeneres Show 6.15pm Pointless 6.55pm Heartbeat 8.00pm Antiques Road Trip Titchmarsh 9.00pm Location, Location, Family 3.35pm The Jeremy Kyle 7.00pm BBC News at Six; 8.00pm Murder, She Wrote 9.00pm Great British Menu 9.30pm Coronation Street 9.00pm GPs: Behind Closed Location Show Weather 9.00pm Agatha Christie's Doors 10.00pm Chimerica 10.00pm The Bay 7.00pm Take Me Out 7.30pm Regional News and 10.00pm Motherfatherson Poirot 10.00pm Inside John Lewis: 8.30pm You've Been 11.00pm ITV News at Ten and 11.00pm Gogglebox Weather 11.00pm Island of Dreams 11.05pm The Bletchley Profits and Problems 12.05am First Dates Weather Framed! 7.55pm Party Election 11.30pm Newsnight Circle: San 11.00pm James Bulger: The 10.00pm American Pie The Great British 11.30pm ITV News London 1.10am Broadcast 12.10am Weather Francisco New Revelations School Swap 11.45pm Britain's Busiest 11.30pm FYI Daily 8.00pm The One Show 12.15am Stephen: The 12.00am The Bletchley Airport - Heathrow 2.05am Love, Rosie 12.05am Britain's Cocaine 11.35pm American Pie 9.00pm Supermarket Murder That Circle: San 12.10am La Liga Highlights 3.50am Coast v Country Epidemic 12.05am Family Guy Secrets Changed a Nation 1.10am Francisco British Touring Car 4.45am French Collection 1.00am Police Interceptors 1.00am American Dad! 10.00pm Earth From Space 1.15am DIY SOS Law and Order: UK 5.35am Kirstie's Handmade 2.00am High Street TV Championship 1.55am The Cleveland Show 1.05am 11.00pm BBC News at Ten Race Across the 2.05am Law and Order: UK Treasures Highlights Teleshopping 2.50am Totally Bonkers 11.25pm Regional News and 2.15am World 3.00am ITV3 Nightscreen 5.55am The £100k Drop 2.25am Jackpot247 4.00am Access Weather Guinness World 6.50am Countdown 4.00am Lethal Weapon 4.10am Wentworth Prison 3.30am Teleshopping 11.30pm Weather 3.15am This is BBC Two Records The listings for the Costa Blanca People’s TV pages are supplied by an external company – we regret that any changes or errors are not the responsibility of the Costa Blanca People 7.00am 10.15am 11.00am

CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019


CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22th April 2019

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Thursday 18th April 7.00am 10.15am 11.00am

Breakfast Animal Park Homes Under the Hammer 12.00pm The Sheriffs are Coming 12.45pm Close Calls: On Camera 1.15pm Bargain Hunt 2.00pm BBC News at One; Weather 2.30pm Regional News and Weather 2.45pm Doctors 3.15pm Curiosity 4.00pm Escape to the Country 4.45pm Home is Where the Art is 5.30pm The Repair Shop 6.15pm Pointless 7.00pm BBC News at Six; Weather 7.30pm Regional News and Weather 7.55pm Party Election Broadcast 8.00pm The One Show 8.30pm EastEnders 9.00pm Celebrity Painting Challenge 10.00pm Climate Change 11.00pm BBC News at Ten 11.25pm Regional News and Weather

7.30am 8.15am 9.00am 10.00am 11.00am 12.00pm 2.00pm 2.45pm 4.45pm 5.45pm 6.15pm 7.00pm 7.30pm 8.00pm 8.30pm 9.00pm 10.00pm 11.00pm 11.30pm 12.10am 12.15am 1.15am

The Repair Shop Home is Where the Art is The Great British Sewing Bee BBC News at 9 Victoria Derbyshire BBC Newsroom Live The Boss Back in Time for School Fern Britton's Holy Land Journey Eggheads Flog It! Richard Osman's House of Games Island Medics Match of the Day Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village Great British Menu Pose Frankie Boyle's New World Order Newsnight Weather Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation

7.00am 9.30am 10.25am 11.30am 1.30pm 2.30pm 2.55pm 3.00pm 4.00pm 5.00pm 6.00pm 7.00pm 7.25pm 7.30pm 8.00pm 8.30pm 9.00pm 9.30pm 10.00pm 11.00pm 11.30pm 11.45pm 12.45am 1.35am 4.00am

Good Morning 7.25am Britain 8.45am Lorraine 10.10am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.10am This Morning Loose Women 12.05pm ITV Lunchtime News 1.00pm ITV News London 1.05pm Judge Rinder 2.05pm Tenable Tipping Point 3.10pm The Chase 4.00pm ITV News London 5.00pm Party Election Broadcast 6.00pm ITV Evening News 6.30pm Emmerdale Harry and Meghan: 7.00pm A Royal Baby 7.30pm Tonight 8.00pm Emmerdale 9.00pm Martin Clunes: My 10.00pm Travels and Other 11.00pm Animals 11.30pm Joanne Dennehy: Serial Killer 12.35am ITV News at Ten and 1.35am Weather ITV News London 2.05am Exposure 3.00am Tenable Jackpot247 3.50am Harry and Meghan: 4.15am A Royal Baby 5.10am

Cheers Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Car S.O.S Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me Escape to the Chateau: DIY Countdown A Place in the Sun A New Life in the Sun Four in a Bed Extreme Cake Makers The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Naked Beach Grand Designs Lee and Dean 24 Hours in Police Custody Gogglebox Joe Lycett's Got Your Back Life After Lock-Up Undercover Boss Australia Unreported World Coast v Country French Collection

7.00am 10.15am 12.15pm 1.10pm 1.15pm 2.10pm 2.15pm 2.45pm 3.20pm 5.00pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 7.00pm 7.30pm 8.00pm 9.00pm 10.00pm 11.00pm 12.05am 1.30am 2.15am 4.15am 5.00am

7.00am Children’s programmes Jeremy Vine 7.20am Traffic Cops 5 News Lunchtime Can't Pay? We'll 8.10am Take it Away! 9.00am Access 9.25am Home and Away 10.25am Neighbours Sinister Stepmother 11.15am Friends 5 News at 5 Neighbours 12.15pm Home and Away 5 News Tonight 1.15pm Secrets of the 1.40pm National Trust with 2.40pm Alan Titchmarsh Shop Smart: Save 3.35pm Money The Gypsies Next 7.00pm Door The Comeback of 8.00pm Ant McPartlin Bankrupt and 10.00pm Broke: When Celebs 11.00pm Go Bust 11.50pm Britain's Flashiest 12.20am Families 1.20am High Street TV 2.20am Teleshopping Wentworth Prison 2.25am Cruising with Jane 3.15am 6.45am McDonald

The Planet's Funniest Animals Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records You've Been Framed! Emmerdale Coronation Street The Ellen DeGeneres Show BGT: Stephen's Top 10 Crown Jewels You've Been Framed! Emmerdale Coronation Street The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Jeremy Kyle Show Take Me Out You've Been Framed! Family Guy Celebrity Juice Family Guy American Dad! Starsky and Hutch FYI Daily Starsky and Hutch Teleshopping ITV2 Nightscreen

7.00am 7.30am 7.55am 9.00am 10.05am 10.30am 11.00am 11.30am 1.40pm 2.45pm 3.15pm 3.50pm 4.20pm 4.55pm 6.55pm 8.00pm 9.00pm 11.00pm 12.00am 1.05am 3.00am 3.30am

Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Heartbeat Murder, She Wrote Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Classic Emmerdale Classic Emmerdale Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Murder, She Wrote Vera Law and Order: UK Law and Order: UK Agatha Christie's Poirot ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

Friday 19th April 7.00am Children’s 7.00am Totally Bonkers Breakfast 7.30am Escape to the 7.00am Good Morning 7.05am Countdown 7.00am On the Buses programmes Guinness World Britain's Easter 7.40am Cheers Country 7.35am On the Buses Britain 10.15am Jeremy Vine Records Story 9.00am Frasier 8.15am Home is Where the 8.10am On the Buses 9.30am Lorraine 7.25am The Cube 11.00am Homes Under the 9.55am Everybody Loves 12.15pm Traffic Cops Art is 1.10pm 5 News Lunchtime 8.15am Ultimate You've Hammer 8.45am Carry on at Your Raymond 9.00am Walks of Life 10.25am The Jeremy Kyle Can't Pay? We'll Been Framed! Gold 12.00pm The Sheriffs are 10.55am Ramsay's Kitchen 1.15pm 10.00am BBC News at 9 Convenience Show Take it Away! 9.05am Emmerdale Coming Nightmares USA 11.00am Flushed Away 10.30am Carry on Cruising 2.05pm Access 10.05am You've Been 12.45pm Close Calls: On 11.50am Car S.O.S 12.20pm Mary Berry's Easter 11.30am This Morning 2.15pm Home and Away Framed! Camera 12.20pm Carry on Cowboy 12.45pm The Parent Trap Feast 1.30pm Loose Women 2.45pm Neighbours 10.30am The Ellen 1.15pm Bargain Hunt 3.10pm Countdown 1.20pm Mary Berry's Easter Carry on 2.45pm ITV Lunchtime Friends DeGeneres Show 2.10pm 2.00pm BBC News 4.00pm A Place in the Sun 3.15pm Feast Screaming! 3.50pm Friends 11.25am Peter Pan 2.20pm Regional News and 2.20pm Best Bakes Ever 5.00pm A New Life in the News 4.20pm Mr Bean's Holiday 12.25pm FYI Daily Weather 4.10pm Carry on Follow Sun 2.50pm Talking Pictures 2.55pm ITV News London 5.20pm Access 12.30pm Peter Pan 2.25pm Weather 6.00pm Four in a Bed 3.35pm The Robe That Camel 5.25pm Mr Bean's Holiday 1.40pm Emmerdale 2.30pm Curiosity 3.00pm Judge Rinder 6.30pm Extreme Cake 5.45pm Eggheads 6.00pm Caught in the Act 6.00pm Carry on Doctor 2.40pm The Ellen 3.15pm Escape to the Makers 6.15pm Flog It! 4.00pm Tenable 6.30pm Neighbours DeGeneres Show 8.00pm Midsomer Murders Country 7.00pm The Simpsons 7.00pm Island Medics 5.00pm Tipping Point 7.00pm Home and Away 3.35pm The Jeremy Kyle 4.00pm Garden Rescue 7.30pm Hollyoaks 10.00pm The Comedy Years 7.25pm 5 News Tonight Show 4.30pm Money for Nothing 7.30pm Richard Osman's 6.00pm The Chase 8.00pm Channel 4 News House of Games 7.30pm The Royal Family at 4.35pm The Jeremy Kyle 5.15pm Home is Where the 11.00pm Carry on Forever 8.00pm Mastermind 7.00pm ITV News London 8.30pm Travel Man War Show Art is 12.00am It'll be Alright on the 9.00pm Jamie's Quick and 8.30pm Great British Menu 9.00pm British Made, with 5.40pm You've Been 6.00pm The Repair Shop 7.30pm ITV Evening News Easy Food 9.00pm Gardeners' World Night 32 John Prescott Framed! 6.45pm Pointless 9.30pm Joe Lycett's Got 8.00pm Emmerdale 10.00pm Pilgrimage: The 10.00pm Cruising with Jane 6.10pm Hop 7.30pm BBC News 1.05am The Loch Your Back Road to Rome McDonald 7.10pm FYI Daily 7.50pm Regional News and 8.30pm Coronation Street 2.05am Honest 10.00pm Gogglebox 11.00pm QI 11.00pm Celebrity Game 7.15pm Hop Weather 9.30pm Doctor Strange 11.00pm Let's Talk about Sex 11.30pm Fallen 3.05am Barging Round 8.15pm Liar Liar Night 7.55pm Weather 12.05am Micky Flanagan's 12.55am Panorama 11.40pm ITV News 9.15pm FYI Daily 12.05am Telly Favourites: 8.00pm The One Show Britain with John Out Out Tour The Brexit Storm: 11.50pm Take Me Out 9.20pm Liar Liar 8.30pm Still Open All Hours 1.25am 1989 Sergeant 1.05am Kick-Ass 2 Laura 10.00pm American Pie 2 9.00pm A Question of Sport 2.00am High Street TV 1.00am Back to Mine 2.55am Chimerica Kuenssberg's 3.55am Paul O'Grady's 11.05pm FYI Daily 9.30pm EastEnders Teleshopping 3.50am Lee and Dean Inside Story 11.10pm American Pie 2 10.00pm Have I Got News for 4.00am Access 1.25am Jackpot247 Animal Orphans 4.15am Four Rooms 2.25am The Murder of Jill You 4.10am Wentworth Prison 12.10am Family Guy 4.00am All Star Mr and Mrs 4.50am Road to Avonlea 5.10am French Collection 5.55am Access Dando 10.30pm Would I Lie to You? 1.10am American Dad! 6.05am The £100k Drop 4.50am ITV Nightscreen 3.25am This is BBC Two 11.00pm BBC News at Ten 1.35am American Dad! 6.30am ITV3 Nightscreen 6.10am The Great Artists The listings for the Costa Blanca People’s TV pages are supplied by an external company – we regret that any changes or errors are not the responsibility of the Costa Blanca People 7.00am 10.00am

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019




CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

No. FOR 30 YEA



OFFERED AT: €107,000

OFFERED AT: €79,700



2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Linked Bungalow ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Front Tiled Garden ♦ Roof Solarium ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Ground Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Immaculately Presented ♦ Mediterranean Sea & Lake Views ♦ Communal Swimming Pool



OFFERED AT: €173,000

OFFERED AT: €139,950



3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ 5 Minutes Drive to Beach


3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi­Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Beautiful Pool Views ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool




3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Part Furnished ♦ Home Office ♦ Summer Kitchen ♦ Garage ♦ 700m2 Private Plot ♦ Private Swimming Pool



4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 580m2 Plot ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Beautiful Location



OFFERED AT: €110,000

OFFERED AT: €99,700





2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi­Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ Golf Views ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Hot Tub ♦ South Facing ♦ Private Heated Swimming Pool ♦ Walking Distance to Ciudad Quesada’s Town Centre

5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Including 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Guest Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Summer Kitchen ♦ 1,000m2 Plot ♦ 12m x 6m Swimming Pool

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi­Detached Villa ♦ Partly Furnished ♦ Tiled Garden with Off­Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool


CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019






Estate Agents



PRICE WAS: €649,000 NOW €499,000

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 336m2 Corner Plot ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Inc. 1 Bedroom Detached Guest Villa ♦ 1,185m2 Plot ♦ 12m x 6m Swimming Pool ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Panoramic Views ♦ Best Views in Ciudad Quesada







5/6 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Games Room ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Garage ♦ South Facing ♦ 500m2 Plot


OFFERED AT: €129,950

OFFERED AT: €129,000



3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Partly Furnished ♦ West Facing ♦ Roof Solarium

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Linked Bungalow ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Roof Solarium ♦ Beautiful, Quality Upgrades ♦ Communal Swimming Pool





2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Top Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Front Line Golf ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Short Walk to Local Amenities



OFFERED AT: €169,950

OFFERED AT: €139,700




4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 870m2 Plot ♦ Garage ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Front Line Golf

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Sun Room + Roof Solarium ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi­Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Roof Solarium + Lake Views ♦ Direct Access to Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ South Facing


3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ West Facing ♦ Off Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

16th-22nd April 2019 |

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Saturday 20th April 7.00am 11.00am 12.30pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.10pm 2.15pm 5.30pm 6.30pm 6.50pm 7.40pm 7.50pm 7.55pm 8.00pm 8.30pm 9.20pm 10.10pm 11.05pm 11.20pm 11.25pm 12.45am 1.05am 2.50am 2.55am

Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Live Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking Football Focus BBC News Weather Snooker Final Score Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters Impossible Celebrities BBC News Regional News Weather Catchpoint Pointless Casualty All Round to Mrs Brown’s BBC News Weather Match of the Day Britain’s Youngest Football Boss Papadopoulos and Sons Weather for the Week Ahead BBC News

7.30am 8.15am 8.30am 9.00am 9.30am 10.00am 10.30am 11.00am 1.00pm 1.55pm 2.55pm 3.25pm 5.30pm 6.35pm 7.50pm 9.30pm 10.00pm 11.25pm 12.55am 1.45am 3.45am 4.35am 6.50am

Puss In Boots: CBeebies Ballet Wild & Weird Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom Top Class The Dog Ate My Homework Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole Nature’s Microworlds Snooker Homes Under the Hammer Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome Talking Pictures Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express Snooker Easter from King’s Alice in Wonderland Dad’s Army The Importance of Being Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest Snooker Snooker Pose This is BBC Two A to Z of TV Gardening

Saturday 20th April Channel 4- 10.00pm

The Shallows

7.00am 9.25am 9.30am 10.25am 12.35pm 1.40pm 1.55pm 2.25pm 5.00pm 6.00pm 7.00pm 7.15pm 7.30pm 8.30pm 9.00pm 10.20pm 11.20pm 11.35pm 1.30am 4.00am 4.50am

Children’s 7.00am programmes 7.55am ITV News The Sara Cox Show 9.10am 10.30am Saturday Morning with James Martin John and Lisa’s 11.00am Weekend Kitchen 1.30pm ITV Lunchtime News 3.30pm Save Money The Spy Who Loved 4.30pm Me Tipping Point 5.30pm The Chase ITV Evening News 6.35pm ITV News London Ninja Warrior UK 7.30pm In for a Penny 8.00pm Britain’s Got Talent 9.00pm The Jonathan Ross 10.00pm Show 11.40pm ITV News 1.45am The Fast and the Furious 3.30am Jackpot247 5.40am Keep it in the Family ITV Nightscreen 6.05am

Everybody Loves 7.00am Raymond Frasier 1.30pm The Big Bang Theory 3.30pm Women’s Football World with Coca- 4.30pm Cola 4.35pm Four in a Bed Kubo and the Two 5.35pm Strings A Place in the Sun: 7.05pm Winter Sun Sun, Sea and Brides 7.55pm to be George Clarke’s Old 8.00pm House, New Home Kirstie and Phil’s Love it or List it 10.00pm Channel 4 News Mission Ignition 11.30pm Great Canal 1.20am Journeys The Shallows 2.10am Ted 2 Dumb and Dumber 4.10am To Hollyoaks Omnibus 5.00am 5.45am All Star Driving School 6.10am The £100k Drop 6.35am

Children’s 7.00am programmes Friends Willy Wonka and the 7.10am Chocolate Factory 10.00am Access Willy Wonka and the 1.00pm Chocolate Factory Inside Hotel 2.05pm Chocolat 2.35pm The Yorkshire Vet at 3.40pm Easter 5 News Weekend 4.15pm Windsor Castle: The 5.15pm Queen’s Favourite 5.20pm 6.25pm Home The Royal Family: More Royal Scandals 7.25pm A Royal Night Out 7.30pm Cruising with Jane McDonald High Street TV Teleshopping Wentworth Prison Wentworth Prison House Doctor Great Scientists Wildlife SOS



Still reeling from the loss of her mother, medical student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach for some much-needed solace. Despite the danger of surfing alone, Nancy decides to soak up the sun and hit the waves. Suddenly, a great white shark attacks, forcing her to swim to a giant rock for safety. Left injured and stranded 200 yards from shore, the frightened young woman must fight for her life as the deadly predator circles her in its feeding ground.

10.15pm 11.20pm 12.05am 1.05am 2.05am 2.50am 3.50am 6.50am

Totally Bonkers 7.00am Guinness World 7.30am Records Emmerdale 9.25am Omnibus Coronation Street Omnibus 11.20am Britain’s Got More Talent In for a Penny 1.10pm Ninja Warrior UK You’ve Been Framed! 2.55pm What a Girl Wants FYI Daily What a Girl Wants 4.40pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King FYI Daily 6.25pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 8.30pm Britain’s Got More 10.20pm Talent 11.20pm Celebrity Juice Family Guy 12.20am American Dad! 2.25am Celebability Release the Hounds 3.25am Teleshopping 3.30am ITV2 Nightscreen

On the Buses Carry on Cowboy Carry on Screaming! Carry on Follow That Camel Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head Carry on Up the Jungle Carry on Up the Khyber Vera Midsomer Murders The Comedy Years Carry on Forever Vera Classic Emmerdale ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

Sunday 21st April BBC 1 - 4.40pm

Saving Mr Banks Spurred on by a promise he made to his daughters, Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) embarks on what would become a 20-year quest to obtain the movie rights to Mary Poppins. The author, P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), proves to be an uncompromising curmudgeon who has no intention of letting her beloved characters become mangled in the Hollywood machine. However, when the books stop selling and she finds herself in need of money, Travers reluctantly agrees to consider Disney’s proposition.

Sunday 21st April 7.00am 8.45am 10.10am 11.00am 12.00pm 12.25pm 1.25pm 2.00pm 2.10pm 2.15pm 2.50pm 3.00pm 3.45pm 4.15pm 4.40pm 6.45pm 7.35pm 7.50pm 7.55pm 8.00pm 9.00pm 10.00pm 11.00pm 11.20pm 11.25pm 11.30pm 12.30am 1.05am 1.50am 1.55am

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Wayne Rooney took time out to pay a special tribute to his wife Coleen on her 33rd brithday. The footballer kept things simple as he shared a throwback picture of the two of them together enjoying a date night on one of their holidays. “Happy Birthday Coleen Rooney,” he caption the snap as he shared it to Instagram , followed by a single red love heart. The accompanying pic showed the married couple looking suitably loved up as they posed with their arms wrapped round each other. Mum-of-four Coleen was looking stunning a white polka dot mini dress with quirky bow sleeves. It comes just weeks after Coleen and Wayne jetted off on a luxury family holiday to Barbados with their kids. The pair were seen making the most of the sunshine as they hung out by the pool with their four sons, Kai, nine, Klay, five, Kit, three, and Cass, one, last month. The pair seemed to have put their latest drama behind them after Coleen appeared to have taken off her wedding ring. Just two months ago the couple’s marriage was reported to be on the rocks when Wayne was caught knocking back shots with an American

barmaid in the early hours of the morning. Coleen was thought to be 900 miles away with their four sons in Washington DC. It was then reported that the couple were battling to save their marriage, with WAG Coleen demanding her hubby check in to rehab. In 2017 Wayne was handed a two year driving ban and 100 hours of unpaid community service following his drink-driving arrest. He was caught driving party girl Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle in Cheshire while three times over the limit.


Gladiators star Cobra has revealed that he’s seriously ill in hospital. Michael Wilson, who appeared in the hit 90s TV show, says he’s been in care for three weeks with pneumonia and other serious health conditions. The fan favourite is also being treated for pleurisy, a condition caused by inflamed tissue around the lungs, a ruptured bicep and that he needs two new hips. He said he’s destroyed his body through his workouts. The 55-year-old said that he was rushed into care three weeks ago. He said: “I’m only half a Gladiator now. It’s been touch and go. “I don’t feel like I’m kicking the bucket at the minute, but it will only take another cold or cough and I’m in trouble.” He rose to fame on the TV show alongside the likes of Shadow, Wolf, Hunter and Jet. He’s also suffering from a massive rupture in his shoulder and is unable to raise his arm. Michael was hospitalised before Christmas with severe acute pancreatitis. The star, who lives in Kent, added: “I pushed the limit and listened to silly Arnold Schwarzenegger

saying you’ve got to take more pain than your competitors.” He says he’s learned that feeling pain is his body telling him to pack it in. He explained that he has no muscles left on his shoulder and that his bicep is completely detached on his right arm and that he has a rupture in the bicep on his left arm. And he says he had a lot of injuries during his time on the programme, including fracturing his hip and spinal problems.

16th-22nd April 2019 |

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Breakfast 7.30am The Repair Shop 7.00am Good Morning 7.00am Countdown 7.00am Totally Bonkers 7.00am On the Buses 7.00am Children’s Health 7.35am Cheers Guinness World programmes Britain 8.15am Home is Where the 7.35am On the Buses Homes Under the 8.55am Frasier Records 10.15am Jeremy Vine 9.30am Lorraine Art is Hammer 10.20am Everybody Loves 12.15pm Friends 7.10am The Cube 8.05am On the Buses 10.25am The Jeremy Kyle The Customer is Raymond 8.00am You’ve Been Framed! 1.15pm Home and Away 9.00am Great British Menu Show 8.40am On the Buses Always Right 11.20am Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 1.45pm 9.00am Emmerdale Neighbours 10.00am BBC News at 9 11.30am This Morning Close Calls: On 12.15pm Car S.O.S 2.10pm 5 News Lunchtime 9.25am Coronation Street 9.15am Carry on Again, 1.30pm Loose Women Camera 1.10pm Dante’s Peak 11.00am Snooker 2.15pm Clash of the Titans 10.25am The Ellen 2.45pm ITV Lunchtime Bargain Hunt 3.10pm Countdown Doctor DeGeneres Show 3.15pm Access 1.15pm The Super League BBC News 4.00pm A Place in the Sun 3.20pm Clash of the Titans 11.25am Liar Liar News 11.05am Carry on Loving Show Regional News 2.55pm ITV News London 5.00pm A New Life in the 12.25pm FYI Daily 4.35pm Jason and the Weather Sun 2.00pm Snooker 12.50pm Carry on Henry 12.30pm Liar Liar Argonauts 3.00pm Judge Rinder Impossible 6.00pm Four in a Bed 1.10pm Emmerdale 5.35pm 5 News 4.00pm Tenable 7.00pm Island Medics Escape to the 6.30pm Extreme Chocolate 5.40pm Jason and the 1.40pm Coronation Street 2.40pm Carry on at Your 5.00pm Tipping Point Country Makers 7.30pm Eggheads 2.40pm The Ellen Argonauts Convenience 6.00pm The Chase Garden Rescue 7.00pm The Simpsons DeGeneres Show 6.45pm 5 News Tonight Money for Nothing 8.00pm Antiques Road Trip 7.00pm ITV News London 7.30pm Hollyoaks 4.25pm Carry on Matron 3.35pm The Jeremy Kyle 7.00pm Neighbours Home is Where the 9.00pm Only Connect 7.30pm ITV Evening News 8.00pm Channel 4 News Show 7.30pm Home and Away 6.15pm Carry on Abroad Art is 8.30pm The Secret Life of 5 8.00pm Emmerdale 9.30pm University 6.50pm You’ve Been Framed! The Repair Shop Year Olds on Holiday 8.00pm UK Border Force 8.30pm Coronation Street 8.00pm Endeavour 7.25pm The Lost World: 9.00pm Police Interceptors Challenge Pointless 9.00pm Love Your Garden 9.00pm Supershoppers Jurassic Park 10.00pm World’s Busiest BBC News 9.30pm Travel Man 10.00pm The Comedy Years 10.00pm A House Through 9.30pm Coronation Street 10.00pm 999: What’s Your 8.55pm FYI Daily Train Stations Regional News Time 11.00pm It’ll be Alright on the 11.00pm The Sex Business 9.00pm The Lost World: 10.00pm The Widow Weather Emergency? Jurassic Park The One Show 11.00pm Sara Pascoe Live: 11.00pm ITV News at Ten and 11.00pm Life After Lock-Up 12.05am Undercover: Nailing Night 33 10.00pm Family Guy the Fraudsters Weather Wallace and Gromit: 12.05am A Very British Ladsladslads 10.30pm American Dad! 1.00am Dangerous Dog 12.00am Scott and Bailey A Close Shave Brothel 11.20pm Notting Hill Owners and Proud 11.00pm Family Guy 12.20am Snooker EastEnders The Supervet 1.35am La Liga Highlights 1.05am 1.00am Scott and Bailey 12.25am American Dad! 1.50am Car Thieves and Room 101 2.05am Mission Ignition 1.10am Snooker 2.25am Jackpot247 Thugs: Caught on 12.55am Celebrity Juice Not Going Out 3.00am Heal the Living 2.00am DCI Banks 4.00am The Jeremy Kyle 3.10am Supermarket 1.40am Unfriended Camera Ghosts 4.45am French Collection Show 3.00am On the Buses 2.40am FYI Daily 2.15am High Street TV BBC News 5.40am Kirstie’s Handmade Secrets 4.55am ITV Nightscreen 2.45am Unfriended Teleshopping Regional News Treasures 3.25am ITV3 Nightscreen 4.10am Countryfile 6.05am The Jeremy Kyle Teleshopping 4.10am GPs: Behind Closed 3.15am Weather 5.55am The £100k Drop 5.05am This is BBC Two 3.30am Teleshopping Back to Life 6.50am Countdown 6.45am ITV2 Nightscreen Doors Show The listings for the Costa Blanca People’s TV pages are supplied by an external company – we regret that any changes or errors are not the responsibility of the Costa Blanca People

NEW DATING SHOW CONCERNS Love Island bosses launch new dating show despite mental health concerns following Mike Thalassitis’ death. Bosses are set to launch a brand new dating show, despite rising fears for the mental health of reality TV stars. Crazy About You will document young singletons on the search for love, using slightly unconventional methods. Contestants will tell their best mates that they are secretly in love with them, before

asking them out on a romantic date. Producers are hoping the concept for the new addition to their reality repertoire will go down a storm in the same way as Love Island. According to a source: ‘Their reaction could be anything from disgust to delight, but either way they will then decide if they fancy a date with their admirer or walk away, leaving them redfaced. TV bosses hope it will be right up

the street of Love Island fans.’ News of the show has come after concerns were raised for the wellbeing of reality stars, following the suicide of 26-year-old Mike Thalassitis last month. When the ex-Love Islander took his life, many of his fans and celeb friends spoke out on social media to plead for more support to be given to those who appear on reality programmes. ITV chief Carolyn McCall has now

claimed that the way contestants are looked after will change, giving them access to counsellors for longer after the series’ has ended. Despite the changes, McCall has admitted that TV bosses can only care for contestants for so long. She said: ‘We can do everything we possibly can to look after people and to do our duty of care but you can’t do that forever.’ This follows reports that the cast of The Only Way Is Essex will now have access to 24/7 mental health support from an expert hired by bosses.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

Spanish unions planning Easter travel strikes

In what seems increasingly like an established tradition, labour unions at some of Spain’s main transportation companies are making the most of the Easter travel crunch and calling strikes on days with expected passenger peaks. Airport ground handling staff, Air Nostrum pilots and train drivers at Spain’s state railway company Renfe are all walking out on the job next week. On 21st and 24th April, the unions UGT and USO have called a ground handling strike, representing 60,000 workers from different companies. The call comes after failed talks with the employers’ association at a meeting that was mediated by an arbitration service. These unions want employers to honour a clause in the last collective bargaining agreement concerning worker right guarantees for employees who are transferred to a new employer; this negotiation has been underway for more than two and a half years. Another union representing security workers, ATES, has also called an open-ended strike at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport starting on 12th April.

Air Nostrum The pilot union Sepla has called a strike of Air Nostrum pilots on 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th April to protest a growing transfer of production to other airlines within the Iberia airline group. Sepla said that this trend jeopardizes the future of the company and the working conditions of the company pilots. In December, following a three-day strike, management and union representatives reached a deal to limit outsourcing to 20 per cent. Renfe Semaf, the largest train driver union at Renfe, has called a 24-hour strike for 23rd April, coinciding with the return date for many Easter travellers. The unions says the company has failed to honour professional development agreements for driving personnel. The railway company is offering three million seats on its fleet to accommodate the higher passenger numbers during the Easter break. Between 12th and 22nd April, there will be an additional 150,000 seats on its trains.




CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

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Bars & Restaurants

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

Bars & Restaurants



Bars & Restaurants

Most searched-for food questions answered How to boil an egg Is it surprising that this is the highest search? A simple thing to do, but get the timings wrong and you can be left with an egg yolk runnier or harder than you anticipated. To get the perfect boiled egg, you want to use a small pan of simmering water (enough to cover the eggs), lowering them into the water using a spoon. For soft boiled eggs cook for 3½ min for medium or 4 min for large and then serve immediately. If you want hard boiled eggs, cook for 8-10min, depending on the size. Once cooked, drain and cool quickly under cold running water to stop a black rim forming around the yolk. When ready to serve, crack the shell and peel. How to cut a mango Thanks to the hard core, mangos are actually quite tricky to cut. We do it by cutting lengthways down the mango, either side of the flat stone, as close to it as possible. Score the flesh of each piece with a criss-cross pattern, before pushing the skin upwards to expose the flesh. How to cook steak Steak isn’t cheap, so ensuring it’s cooked perfectly is the key to a good meal. Remove your steak from the fridge about half an hour before cooking as it’s best

cooked at room temperature. Pat it dry with kitchen paper, and then oil the meat rather than the pan. For medium-rare to medium, cook for roughly two to three minutes per side, while for well done it’s about five minutes per side, turning the heat down once the steak gets to medium rare. Always rest the steak for a couple of minutes before serving to allow the juices to reabsorb. How to cook rice Add long grain rice to a pan with a pinch of salt and twice the volume of water. Bring to the boil, cover the pan and reduce the heat to low. Cook without uncovering the pan for around 15 minutes to keep in the steam. The rice is ready when it’s just tender and steam holes appear on the surface. Once the rice is cooked, fluff up the grains gently by tossing with a fork, this keeps grains from sticking together. Remove from the heat and serve. How to cook asparagus Asparagus is a versatile ingredient, and adds a delicate flavour to a variety of dishes. But to cook it properly we recommend cutting the spears about two inches from the stalk end, before putting them into a large pan of salted water that will allow them to sit in a single layer. Cook for about 5-8mins until tender.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

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Bars & Restaurants


Get money back now with Liberty Seguros!

With Liberty Seguros you are assured of the best insurance cover with quality, and efficient service so you’re not left high and dry. What’s more, if you take out Car, Home, Life or Funeral insurance before 25th June this year, you will get money back. This applies to both new and existing customers so you can save on all your covers. Let’s take for example that you’re an existing customer. If you take out a new policy for any of the above covers, you’ll get 60€ Cashback for each one you take out. Perhaps you already have car insurance but soon need to renew your home insurance that you have with another company. Then if you switch to Liberty Seguros you’ll get 60€ Cashback on the premium quote. Maybe you’ve thought about life cover just in case the unexpected happens. If so our life insurance cover could be exactly what you need to help those you leave behind. The same applies to funeral insurance. Don’t leave all those funeral expenses to your loved ones. Take out cover now so

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Please note that all information contained within this CostaBlanca People Business Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

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CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019


CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019


Never Ending Story! This is the story of a very brave little pony called Faith who came to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) in 2010. Well actually it's about three little ponies and a dolphin! So let's start with hurricane Katrina. In 2005 in the aftermath of this devastating disaster in America many animals were left abandoned or lost in the chaos of the floods and the mass evacuation. An incredible couple Kaye and Glenn Harris stayed and decided to open their doors to whatever animal needed help. You have to picture the scene with the floods, the infected waters with excrement everywhere, the break ins and violent attacks that followed, the army patrolling the streets with helicopters flying overhead shooting at looters, it was an incredibly dangerous time but that didn't stop this couple. They did everything possible to get as many animals as they could to high ground and to safety. They broke into houses to free distressed animals and into pet shops to get food for them! They saved cats, dogs, birds, the list goes on and Molly the pony was one of them. Molly had been left in a barn, a tree had fallen through and fortunately this helped her survive as she was able to scramble up it until she could be rescued. Then in the ensuing chaos Molly got attacked by a dog and had to have her leg amputated. This couple was determined to do everything to help this little pony who had already been through so much. They found the surgeon Rustin Moore and the Louisiana University Hospital but had to do much convincing to get them to agree to operate. Then they found Dwayne Mara who made prosthetic limbs for people and convinced him to design and make Molly’s new limb. Molly found her feet so to speak and immediately adapted to her new leg. She went on to live a full life and only recently passed away. Molly became a real celebrity as a symbol of survival, she travelled the country, instilling hope in those less fortunate and was featured in a book and the media far and wide. Now this is where Faith comes in. It was in the summer of 2010 that Faith was found in a dusty yard beside a Spanish farmhouse. One of her injuries was a wide red gash cut deep across her lower right foreleg, evidence that she had remained cruelly ensnared for days in a rope used to tie her to a tree. The rope had wound so tightly around Faith’s leg that blood ceased to circulate, causing deep lacerations and distressingly as Dorothea started to clean up the wound the flesh literally fell off her leg, totally exposing the bone structure.. Once safe at EHCRC, Rod and Sue Weeding Co-founders, with their vet Dorothea Dudli von Dewitz got to work on dealing with all Faith’s health issues. A plaster cast was the best choice for protection and support. The inimitable Dorothea came to the Centre daily for

months to attend to Faith and with the Weedings, would remove her plaster cast, inspect the leg, inject antibiotics, clean the wound, bandage it up, apply another plaster cast and dry it with a hairdryer…it went on and on, day after day but to no avail. It was then decided to try something

liaised with fellow surgeon Rustin Moore in the USA. They tried yet another technique but ultimately amputation was the only option. Bear in mind if equine amputations were unheard of then it goes without saying that there were no prosthetic limb manufacturers in Spain either!

new, stem cell treatment, an experimental homemade stem-cell treatment Dorothea prepared herself! Twice a week she would draw a little of Faith’s blood, take it home, spin out the stem cells in a centrifugal machine, extract the healing cells and create an ointment to dress the wound. Although it was in the early days of this type of treatment as always Rod and Sue wanted to try any measure to help Faith. It appeared that the treatment was working initially but sadly the extent of the damage was too severe. So now the options for saving her leg were running out and it looked like amputation would be necessary. On finding that amputations on horses were unheard of in Spain the Weedings immediately searched for a solution. They thought of the world famous Spanish surgeon Gaspar Castelijins from the Equihealth Clinic near Barcelona who they had previously worked with on the case of Princess. Gaspar had said if they ever needed his help in the future not to hesitate to call. So that is exactly what they did. Gaspar and the veterinary team would only operate if they felt Faith was mentally and psychologically ready for such a major operation. But after surviving the desperate situation in which she had been found, it was clear that Faith was a fighter, she knew how to look after herself. So Gaspar in Spain

Believe it or not, after she came around following the operation Faith valiantly walked out of that operating theatre on her new leg, designed and made by Gaspar’s business partner Claudio, a very basic artificial leg made with fiberglass and Velcro and leg components from kitchen cupboards! Although these limbs functioned they weren’t lasting very long so the Weedings decided to head to America to meet Molly, the couple who’d saved her and the incredible and creative prosthetic designer who had given Molly another chance at life just like they wanted to do for Faith. So after many meetings, discussions, phone calls, measurements etc. Dwayne made Faith her new leg, well at least a temporary one. Then over time he made her 5 in total. Faith adapted so well to her new limb that a new high tech flexible version was made however she did not take to this and so they reverted back to the original version and she did incredibly well. However the team noticed that she needed a more robust liner as a padding to protect her stump from rubbing. Now this is where the dolphin comes in. Winter the dolphin, who lived in Florida had a prosthetic tail fitted in 2011. Due to an allergic reaction they had to get creative again and developed a special liner for Winter’s prosthesis. A book and film followed, starring people like Morgan Freeman.

Back to our story…having heard about this fascinating story of Winter the dolphin in the States, yes, you guessed it the Weedings were on the case again and secured the same liner for Faith in order to give her protection and padding for a more comfortable fit. And it worked perfectly. Although EHCRC did everything they could to give her the best care possible which was around the clock it was felt that it would be better to fund her to go to live with Gaspar in Barcelona. She loved it there where she had companionship, mobility and lived pain-free in five-star accommodation it also meant she wouldn’t have to struggle so much with the very high temperatures on the Costa Blanca. However, Faith’s other leg was obviously taking a lot of the weight and deteriorating, and having suffered from laminitis previously there was a real worry about how to help. When it gets to the stage that a disabled animal is struggling and you can’t make it better, it’s time to let go. It wasn’t a decision taken lightly but obviously no one was prepared to see Faith suffer. On October 29, 2015, on the advice of the specialist veterinarians, the heartbreaking decision to have Faith put to sleep Finally, here’s where Iris comes in. In December, 2015, Faith's prosthesis was sent to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Lyon, in France where veterinarian Michael Schramme began fitting it for Iris, a 10-year-old pony. Iris had been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in her foot and, like Faith, amputation was the only chance

of saving her. Iris’s leg was amputated in November 2015. At first, Iris, too, walked atop a very basic artificial leg made from two pieces of PVC drainage pipe joined together. When Iris’s owner contacted EHCRC, they knew they had to help, and immediately donated Faith’s professionally made prostheses. Rod and Sue Weeding said:”We are so happy that Faith’s prosthetic legs are helping another little pony and that she and Molly have inspired other surgeons to continue this work to help others out there. We believe that every animal that comes to us, because of the pain and suffering they’ve endured, deserves a second chance at life. That's why we decided to fight for Faith's life. We gave Faith a good five years, which she deserved. She had the best and she inspired so many people worldwide. Faith truly has changed all of us and she is deeply missed.” A huge thanks to everyone who supported Faith over the years. The donations, support and love for this little pony helped EHCRC through many tough times. Faith is often the topic of conversation and especially on the Open Days with visitors and so it was decided to share this story of these amazing animals and the people who rallied around worldwide to do their very best to help each and every one of them. For more information, to donate or to help in many different ways check out the website

Thanks Iceland shoppers On Friday and Saturday 5th and 6th April, volunteers from Age Concern were at Iceland Overseas Supermarket in Torrevieja raising money for the charity. They were selling raffle tickets to shoppers who had the opportunity of winning two large hampers of food. Altogether a total of €564 was raised and this will go towards much needed funds used for maintaining high levels of care for the over 50s in Southern Costa Blanca. Hundreds of raffle tickets were sold in total and supermarket manager, James, picked the winners from a drum. The first prize went to Sue from Los Dolses for the green ticket number 430. Second prize went to Jo from los

Montesinos with white ticket number 253. Age Concern would like to thank James and all the staff at Iceland for their hospitality over the two days and to all the shoppers who bought tickets. Easter closing The Age Concern Day Centre in Calle Paganini, La Siesta and the charity shop in Avenida del Mar, Los Montesinos will be closed for Easter from Wednesday 17th April at 1.30pm. They will re-open on Tuesday 23rd April. The charity shop in PatricioZammit, Torrevieja will close on Wednesday 17th April at 2pm and re-open on Tuesday 23rd April. All establishments will be closed on May 1st for the public holiday.

HAVE YOU BEEN SERVED? Smile is set to stage its adaptation of the popular TV show, with all the usual twists that Smile puts into its shows Will Mrs Slocombe keep her pussy? Can Mr Humphries keep control of his sausage? Will the gang manage to get to their holiday weekend? Come and see the frolics that ensue.

First show is at Casa Ventura on 25th April at 7pm. Tickets cost 12€ with a supper meal. The final shows are 29th, 30th April and 1st May at The Club in Quesada at 7pm, with tickets 12€ with a supper meal. All monies going to charity.


CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

Hit your water quota Dehydration occurs when your body does not contain the amount of water it needs in order to function properly. While mild dehydration can be rectified by quenching your thirst, at its most severe, dehydration can be life threatening. It’s probably safe to say that most people don’t drink as much water as they should, or even think they should. You likely know that water is important when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, but you may not be as clear on what it can do for you on a daily basis. Ensuring that you are getting enough hydration each day is key to good health. Exactly how much water you need depends on a lot of different factors, which means you might drink more or less than your partner, family members or friends. Most people do get enough hydration most days, however, if you are not drinking enough water or eating enough foods that are hydrating – such as fruits and vegetables – you may be falling short. Causes of dehydration. It’s completely normal to lose water through your body each day, through sweat, breath, urine, faeces, saliva and tears. However, if you don’t replace this water, by drinking or eating foods with a high water content, you will likely become dehydrated. Other risk factors of dehydration include: • You have been vomiting or

have diarrhoea. • You have a high fever. • You have a sore throat (meaning you may not want to drink or eat much). • You have done

more frequently).

vigorous exercise. • You have heatstroke. • You have drunk lots of alcohol. • You are on diuretic medication (which makes you need to wee more frequently). • You are on diuretic medication (which makes you need to wee

If your child has a vomiting or diarrhoea bug, it’s important that you do not stop them drinking. Encourage them to take regular small sips of water. You should also offer them a rehydration solution – speak to your pharmacist about which is the best choice for your child.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration If you're thirsty, chances are you know to reach for a glass of water. But for small children and the elderly, it's not always apparent. Fortunately there are a number of signs to look out for which indicate you ay need to hydrate. ‘There are several signs of dehydration, but it can vary from person-to-person, depending on how severe the dehydration is,’ says Dr Thornber. ‘However, the most common signs include dry skin, dizziness, increased thirst, a dry mouth, tiredness and lethargy, lack of energy, very dark urine (or not peeing enough), a rapid heartbeat and – in the worst cases – fainting.’ Dehydration in babies and children Young children and the elderly may not recognise when they are thirsty so it's important to look out for the key signs. ‘Young babies, toddlers and the elderly are most prone to getting dehydrated,’ says Dr Thornber. If your baby or young child is dehydrated, you may notice these additional symptoms, as well as the symptoms listed above: • Playing less and seeming subdued or irritable. • No wet nappies for three hours or more. • A sunken fontanel (the soft spot on top of your baby’s head). • A lack of actual tears when they cry Treating dehydration in babies and young children As soon as you notice your baby or young child may be dehydrated, offer them water to drink (babies under one year should be given the chance to breastfeed as often as they wish, or offered formula milk). Young children may refuse plain water, in which case you could try the following: • Offer them milk or very diluted squash. • Spoon-feed them small amounts of water – little and often is best. • Offer them slices of melon, strawberries or grapes (cut in half lengthways). • Offer them an ice lolly.

Health & Beauty



Health & Beauty

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

How gut fungi affect your health The connections among different parts of the human body are full of surprises, but here’s one you might not have considered: Could a thing that causes dandruff on your head also be contributing to your digestive problems? That’s one mystery that scientists are trying to unravel with research into the fungi that live in your gut. While the bacteria that colonise our intestines have been a scientific focus for more than a decade, the fungal critters there are starting to get more attention. Already, these studies have uncovered striking connections between fungi and several chronic illnesses, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. “It’s a very exciting area of science to be involved in,” said David Underhill, research chair for inflammatory bowel diseases at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles. “I think over the next five years, certainly 10 years, we will develop a very different understanding of this area.” Dr. Underhill’s team is investigating the links between fungi in the gut and inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s. Researchers first became interested in studying the microbiome when advances in DNA technology made it easier to identify microorganisms in and on the human body. Earlier work, Dr. Underhill said, focused mainly on bacteria, because there are far more of them in our bodies, compared with any other type of organism. There are trillions of bacteria in the digestive tract, and as many as 100 different species. Fungi number in the hundreds of thousands, with just a handful of different species. For years, fungi were given scientific short shrift. Now, with our understanding of the bacterial microbiome better established, researchers have turned their attention to fungi, what some call the mycobiome. It has quickly become evident that these organisms play a distinct role in our health. One fungus at the centre of Dr. Underhill’s research is Malassezia. Though its name may be unfamiliar, you’re currently coated in it. The fungus is ubiquitous on a healthy

human body; it colonises the skin shortly after birth. For some people, Malassezia on the scalp creates irritation that causes dandruff. But it also turns up inside our bodies, along the digestive tract. Recently, Dr. Underhill and his colleagues published a study in the journal Cell Host & Microbe that suggested a link between Malassezia in the gut and Crohn’s disease. Individuals with Crohn’s had high concentrations of Malassezia on their intestine walls, while healthy patients had almost none. The researchers then demonstrated that simply adding this type of fungi to the gut — at least, in mice — was enough to exacerbate the inflammation seen in Crohn’s. Connections The race is on to make these connections and add to the growing body of evidence. The findings could benefit hundreds of thousands of people. Crohn’s disease, for example, is commonly treated using anti-inflammatory drugs known as TNF inhibitors. But these treatments are only effective for about 60 percent of patients, according to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. It’s not just inflammatory bowel diseases that have been connected to the mycobiome. A study published last year showed that altering the composition of gut fungi in mice exacerbated symptoms of asthma. Some early evidence suggests a link between fungal infections and prostate cancer. “The technology improves every year, we get better and better at identifying organisms and their role in disease and symptom processing,” said Dr. J. Curtis Nickel, a urologist at Queen’s University in Canada.




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CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

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CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

Tech Fact DID YOU KNOW? Harry via email asks: Hi Aunty. I have a new Canon printer and I have it connected to the computer by USB cable but how can I change the connection so that it is Wi-Fi networked and also that my iPad can use it? Aunty Says: Hello Harry. Obviously you will need to have a printer that has Wi-Fi capabilities, and to be able to print directly from your phone (or tablet) you will need the “Air Print” app from the App Store or “Cloud Print” from the Android/Google Play Store. When you first installed and setup the printer on your computer (using the supplied DVD) numerous software apps would have been installed and one of these will include the Wi-Fi setup option. Type PRINTER SETUP into the Windows search box (bottom left) and you should see some kind of printer configuration app which will guide you through the Wi-Fi setup. (if you simply plugged the printer in and let Windows install its own basic software then most of these will likely be missing) Once setup you should first test it from the computer and then download and install the relevant app on your phone/tablet and you should be OK. Most printer manufacturers also have their own app in the app store but I haven’t tried any of them so I can’t really comment, but please let me know if you have had any success with them. Alison from Gran Alicant asks: I have a new Dell laptop with

Windows 10 and I’ve started using the built in Cortana search function which I think is brilliant. The problem I am having is that when I speak into Cortana to look for

something on the Internet it always brings up Bing and Edge but I’ve always been told Google search and Chrome are the best for surfing the Internet. Is there anyway I can set Cortana to use these instead? I have looked everywhere but I must be overlooking something. Aunty Says: Hi Alison. Because Cortana is a Microsoft product they have set things up so you are pretty much forced into using their search (Bing) and browser (Edge) apps. There are a couple of free add-on tools that can redirect Bing to Google Search and open Chrome instead of Edge, but they are a bit fiddly to configure. I have sent you a link to a website where you can download the two apps and instructions on how to set them up.

Alan via email asks: Dear Aunty. I have been having problems with websites opening unsolicited pages and it is usually when I have just started up Google Chrome and go to various websites that I use. Once the first webpage is opened and I click on the down arrow to scroll down, quite often another website will appear and it starts redirecting me to sites which offers to check for malware, which I never pursue. I have done full scans with Windows security twice but it does not find any problems. Is this a problem related to cookies or is it to do with Google Chrome? I have used Firefox browser sometimes and not had the problem. Any ideas on what I can check for? Aunty Says: Hi Alan. It sounds like you have some nasty infections and you will first need to do a full scan with Malwarebytes and see what it finds. This may well clean your system but if not then try the Chrome Cleanup Tool (type it into Google search) and follow the Chrome reset options. Well that’s all for another week. Email me your questions to and I will see if I can get you sorted. Any questions email me at and I will see you all next week.

• 250 million hours of TV shows and movies are watched daily via Netflix • More than 56 million hours of music is streamed daily. • The top in-demand jobs that barely existed 10 years ago are Digital Marketing, Cloud Specialist, Social Media Intern, Fintech Manager, IOS and Android Developer, Uber Driver,

Data Scientist, Big Data Architect, Transformation Manager. • We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t exist using technologies that haven’t been invented; in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet.

CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019


54 CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

Permiso de Circulacion

CITROEN C5 2004 DIESEL 2 LT 2,000€






PEUGEOT 307cc CABRIO 1.6 2005 V.G.C. 5,500€




2008 JET SKI 1500CC




The Permiso de Circulacion is effectively the vehicle´s “log book”. It contains lots of information about the vehicle, including the registration and vehicle numbers, and the information of the registered owner. The ITV Card The ITV card is a document which is issued with the vehicle and must be presented for the mandatory vehicle inspection, the Inspección Técnica de Vehículos, or ITV, what we might know as an MOT. The different characteristics of the vehicle will determine the frequency with which the test must be carried out. Some of the latest vehicles might not have an ITV card as the plan is for them to be phased out over time. The ITV Report If your vehicle has undergone an ITV test then you will have been issued with a sticker to place in the upper right hand side (looking outwards) of the windscreen, and a report of the test. The latest report must be carried with the vehicle. You must

only display the latest ITV sticker too. There are also documents which are not mandatory but it is recommended that you carry

them as they contain valuable information, such as the insurance policy. The information is on a central computer for law enforcement officers to check, but if you are involved in an incident that requires the sharing of

information, then you will need to know your insurance details. Similarly, it is advised to carry a European Accident Form. This form is available in a variety of languages and, irrespective of the language, the layout of the form is exactly the same. That means that you and another driver of a different nationality are able to complete the form in your own language and agree on the content. Now we are reminded of what we must carry, it brings us back to the question over our concerns for carrying the originals. Although it is compulsory to carry these documents, and they must be the originals, there is one exception. You are able to take your original documents to a Notary and they will take a copy for you and add their original stamp, confirming their validity and originality. It is not simply a case of photocopying them yourself, even if you copy them in colour and perhaps you even laminate them, they are still copies which are not valid as they are not certified by a Notary.


4 berth


1 Owner






1 Owner



AUTO 1 Owner




















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Watch Out! Road Workers! In the last five years, a hundred people have gone to work for the benefit of saving lives, but never to return home, having been killed whilst working on the roads. The DGT has joined in a campaign launched by the association of companies who carry out road maintenance, warning drivers of the simple message that “you are not alone” on the road. Every day hundreds of people go to work on the roads in order to carry out maintenance or improvement work, which is for the benefit of all road users,

and we must all be aware that at any time there may be people working on the roads. Many of the people working are simply not even noticed by drivers, despite them wearing high visibility clothing, and the result is that these people are at an extreme risk whilst performing their duties. If ever road signs indicate work taking place, these warnings are not only for you as a driver, but are to help protect vulnerable people working in the roads. Speed limits are often reduced, lanes may be closed or narrowed, there may be

B U S I N E S S Mad about motoring? Whether you’re a car enthusiast or rely on your car for just about everything, keeping your vehicle on the road is a costly endeavor. Prices for car insurance can vary greatly between providers depending on different risk factors. While reducing your annual mileage and keeping your car in a secure location will help keep your premiums down, Línea Directa recommend shopping around for insurance quotes to get the best possible price with the best possible cover. Minor car problems At this time of the year in the early morning sunshine, condensation is particularly troublesome especially in older vehicles. Motorists and other road users are at risk. Accidents can be caused when drivers try to wipe down the windscreen. Here are some handy tips to help you tackle condensation. Wash your car regularly as dirt and dust attract moisture and early morning dew.

diversions in place, whatever it might be, we all need to heed the warnings. Road signs used during works are the same as normal signs, but with a yellow background. These signs are of a higher priority than normal road signs. In other words, whatever the yellow signs say takes precedence over their whitebackground partners. You might not see the workers in the road, but please be prepared for them. Slow down, allow extra room to manoeuvre, and remember that you are not alone.


Remove any damp items like towels or coats from inside the car. When safe to do so, leave the windows open for a few hours. Switch on the air conditioning and wipe down the inside of the windows. Finally, you can fill a sock with cat litter and place it in your car to help absorb excess moisture.

life of your battery. Keep the terminals clean of residue that builds up over time. And remember to turn off air conditioning, lights, radio and other battery draining systems whenever possible.

But what if it doesn’t start? A flat battery is a great inconvenience, jump-starting your car from the roadside can be hazardous and new batteries are expensive and can be troublesome to fit. These tips can help prolong the

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Linea Directa please call 902 123 566 More information about Linea Directa online at

Help is at hand Línea Directa offers service, support and 24-hour roadside assistance to over 3 million customers in Spain. Should you break down or your car won’t start, they will immediately dispatch an approved mechanic to help get you back on the road again as soon as possible. And with their new GPS Geolocation service LíneaDirecta can pinpoint your exact location and send breakdown recovery even faster.

Please note that all information contained within this Costa Blanca People Business Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.


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CostaBlancaPeople 16th-22nd April 2019

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Chloe, a 4½ year, very loving, happy and playful girl. She does not like fireworks or thunder and can try to escape, which would need to be managed. Cloe is fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised and has a lot of love to give. Call us on 966 710 047(please leave a message).

Classified ads from as little as €4.20 per week Telephone: 966 725 968

Fleur is a very affectionate young lady, 1 year old. Fleur is fine with other cats but would love a home where she can get lots of attention. Call 600 845 420.

Sebastian is a 9 year old Norwegian Forest cat in desperate need of a new home. He is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. Sebastian loves attention, getting groomed and needs a home with no other pets. Email:



16th-22nd April 2019




SIZE MATTERS: Don’t pay MORE for LESS! Advertise in the CostaBlancaPeople

966 701 060 EMPLOYMENT



Marta - D.O.B. Oct. 2010 Marta is a beautiful German Shepherd cross, medium sized. She is a very gentle and affectionate, is good with other dogs and very shy towards people to start with. If interested in adopting Marta, call 600 845 420.

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966 701 060

Estrella, 11 months old, good with other dogs and is chipped and vaccinated. She is very well behaved for such a young dog and would make an ideal companion. Call: 645 469 253.

Sammy, an 18 month old little boy. He is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. Sammy is good with other dogs and loves attention. Call: 645 469 253

We accept PayPal

Sira, 7 years old, fully vaccinated and spayed came from a home where children pulled her about, so not suitable for a home with children or dogs.She has become very loving towards our managers, is used to being an indoor cat and is really lovely.

Classifieds 16th-22nd April 2019 REMOVALS/STORAGE

Anúnciate – Tlf: 966 701 060 – Servicio de traducción gratuito

Basil, 10½ years old, came to the kennels after his owner died, so we really hope that he will be in another loving home soon. He loves to go for a walk and walks well on the lead. Basil is fully vaccinated, microchipped and castrated.






16th-22nd April 2019



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Hattie, 8½ years old, loves her walks and everyone loves to take her as she walks well on the lead. Hattie doesn’t like is cats but loves the company of other dogs, as she loves to snuggle up in the same bed.. She is a very affectionate girl, fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised. Call 966 710 047 or email



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Luna, 10 months old, good with other dogs and is chipped and vaccinated. She is very well behaved for such a young dog and would make an ideal companion Call: 645 469 253.


Anúnciate – Tlf: 966 701 060 – KEY HOLDING Servicio de traducción gratuito




Beautiful, gentle Cinders, now 7 months old, is fully vaccinated and neutered and looking for her first loving home. If you would like to meet Cinders and the other APAH cats and kittens, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.


Advertise in The Looking for a more mature cat to adopt, APAH doesn’t just have kittens. We have many, lovely cats who are now older and needing a loving home. Many of them were rescued as kittens, and sadly have never been lucky to have a loving home.


Capitan,4 years old, 26 kilos, is now fully vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He loves the company of other dogs, loves to relax in his bed and like most Greyhounds will often share his bed, especially in the colder weather. He walks well on the lead and is an affectionate boy so call if you think you could give him the loving home.


966 701 060

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Classified 16th-22nd April 2019 BUILDERS G.F.R. Builders 35 years experience, with 15 years in Spain. All general building work and Property Maintenance undertaken Gazebos, Pergolas and car ports made to your specification All works guaranteed. Competitive prices. Ring now for free no obligation quotation. Tel 653 262 489, WhatsApp or email: (LR) General construction. We guarantee all our work. We beat most quotes. 697 834 934. (786)

BUY & SELL Single seater golf buggy with caddy call/32AH 24 volt lithium battery package Price 1500€. Buyer to collect. Tel 966 197 655. (783)

CHECK A TRADE Are you looking for reliable and qualified tradespeople? Visit and post your job for free.

GARDENING Eazy Lawns - the artificial grass experts Eight year guarantee Many different effects for all surfaces and budgets. Full garden design & construction. Fully legal and registered company covering all of the Costa Blanca. Tel 634 705 085 636 102 509 or email or (C)

HOME IMPROVEMENTS The Original METAL MAN! All your metal and iron works made to your specification. Specialising in Motorised Gates,Staircases, Roller Shutters, Gates and Railings. Best prices on the Costa Blanca! Call for no obligation quotation Tel 653 262 489/whatsApp or email: (L)

Need a home improvements specialist? Kitchen, bathroom, tiling, painting and much more for only 8€ hr. Just give me a call and enjoy your perfect home! All works guaranteed. Free quotations for larger projects. Tel 664 339 684/whatsapp Thomas. (786)

KEY HOLDING & CLEANING Almoradi Keyholding and Holiday Let Cleaning Service. Keyholding from €120pa. Cleaning from €45. Contact Chris at 634 055 824 or for details (788)

PET TRAVEL Pet Travel UK. Family pet transporters. Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. Email:, website: Removals also arranged in other vehicles. Tel: UK 00 44 1209 630 604 or Spain 00 34 960 130 537 (790)


Sophie. Elegant, sexy, naughty lady. Speaks 3 languages. Visit, all areas. Home/house and hotel visits. Tel 693 357 526 (803)

The Original METAL MAN! All your metal and iron works made to your specification Specialising in Motorised Gates Electric motors now in stock to supply and fit including track and 2 remote controls. Staircases, Roller Shutters, Gates and Railings. Best prices on the Costa Blanca! Call for no obligation quotation. Tel 653 262 489/whatsapp or email: (L)

PROPERTY FOR SALE Ref KR1590 La Finca Golf Golf Location Brand new detached villas, 348m2 plot with private pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 ensuite), pre-installed A/C, terrace, solarium. From 279,000€ Ref 4805 Benijofar Reduced Roomy 119m2 first floor apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 ensuite), A/C, modern kitchen, courtyard, terrace, private solarium. 122,500€

Eazy Lawns the artificial grass experts Eight year guarantee. Many different effects for all surfaces and budgets Full garden design & construction Fully legal and registered company covering all of the Costa Blanca Tel 634 705 085 636 102 509 or email or (C)

Ref 4859 La Herrada South Facing Top Floor apartment, 2 bedrooms, updated walk-in showeroom, terrace, solarium with mountain & lake views, communal pool. 72,500€ Ref 4855 Lo Crispin Bargain Villa 240m2 plot, beautifully kept home, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, A/C, terrace, solarium with country views, communal pool. 119,950€ Ref 4853 Bungalow Modernised Refurbished to a high quality, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, A/C, solarium with mountain view, rear tiled garden with kitchen/BBQ area. 139.950€

A minimum of 15 words is payable (4.20 euros plus 21% IVA)

REMOVALS & STORAGE Spanish Moves. Small removals and deliveries Spain/UK budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Email: Website: Pet transport also arranged. Tel: UK 00 44 1209 630 604 or Spain 00 34 960 130 537. (790)



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Experience the best with a one hour unique massage with Veronica. Appointments call 679 292 678 (784) Playa Flamenca (Zenia Mar) Original Spanish lady, 35, very attractive offers complete service & erotic massages, private house, very discreet with parking, has medical cert. Call Ana 657 603 495 (785) Attractive mature bi-sexual lady 58. Slim. Couples welcome. 10 mins from Quesada. Tel 602 547 185. Tracy. (783)

ANUNCIATE! Tlf 966 701 060 SERVICIO DE TRADUCCION GRATUITOS Male and female viagra, cialis, jellies and kamagra. Discounts on large orders, delivery avialiable, email 672 883 025. (789) Torrevieja Centro, young oriental girl gives complete massage, 24 hrs in your house or mine. Tel: 688 462 720 (791) Torrevieja. Lovely mature lady. Massage, tantra, relax. Soft hands. Also waxing. Home /Hotel. 687 131 005 (785) Torrevieja. Shirley. 34 years. Tanned beauty. Great figure. Big breasts. Sweet face. Discretion. Appointment only. 655 677 738. (784)

We accept PayPal Blanca, born Sept 09, a Pointer/Lab cross, mixes well with other dogs, likes people and is obedient. She also has an amazing personality and is very intelligent. She has been spayed. If you are able to give Blanca a home then please phone 600 845 420.





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Lana, a 10 month old fox terrier, she is a happy, healthy pup with lots of energy. Lana is vaccinated and now ready for a new home. Call: 645 469 253.

Prices are per week exc. IVA


Name Address

ANUNCIATE! Tlf 966 701 060 SERVICIO DE TRADUCCION GRATUITO Attractive girlfriend for hire Speaks 3 languages. Professional masseuse. Tel 693 357 526 (803)


Fully legal. Private and comminity pools. Including regrouts, pressure testing, and leak repairs. 965 725 565/693 370 601. (790)


Ref 4751 Montemar Just Reduced Popular style townhouse, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, cloakroom, separate kitchen, courtyard, solarium, glazed terrace, communal pool. 87.950€

Torrevieja! Real Estate Broker. Beautiful, nice houses, flats, land Spain/Brazil. Contact Marcia Phone/Whatsapp 00 34 674 674 932. (783)



Ref 4852 Jacarilla Mountain Views Family top floor apartment 119m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite), separate kitchen, utility, terrace, must be viewed. 72.000€


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Born in 2013, Freddie is a great little dog. He has a wonderful personality and loves being with people. He is house trained and is very good in a home. Freddie likes being with female dogs, but doesn’t like male dogs or cats.



CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22nd April 2019

ESSENCE DANCE & FITNESS ARE OFF TO EUROPEANS IN ROME At the end of last month (30th-31st March) 16 students and their families from Essence Dance & Fitness travelled to Avila for the Grand National Finals of Spain of Vive tu Sueño. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears during rehearsals it was time to take to the stage and do what they all do best!

First to compete was the HipHop team Baby Essence and as a dance teacher would say “they smashed it!” Dance Teacher Paris said, “Words can’t describe how extremely proud I am of them! They all danced their little hearts out and had the time of their lives! It’s a great achievement as it is to say they had reached the national finals of Spain, as they are only aged 5-8, but when we did the on -tage wait for the results and got the call out to announce we had won 3rd place was such a surprise and an incredible feeling! Not forgetting all our little dancers’ faces, which will be a memory cherished forever! With our Baby Essence winning 3rd place Intermediate it’s extremely exciting to announce we have qualified for THE GRAND EUROPEAN FINALS IN ROME celebrated this July as well as winning 1st prize for best costumes!” Paris continued, “We’re back to hard work in the studio and under preparation for our European adventure along with many other competitions along the way as well as lots of fundraising preparations

as we will be raising as much funds possible to help all the children with their travels to be able to experience an event of a life time and to be able to represent the country! If anybody would like to sponsor Baby Essence on their European experience please contact Paris on 638601139 or Last but not least I would like to say a big thank you to all our amazing parents and our current sponsors for their continuous support and help along the way: CEIP Las Culturas, Quesada Fish & Chips, EcoCity Torrevieja, Comaskey Rentals, Go Home to Spain and CJBuilders.” Paris finished by adding, “And a massive well done to all my little super stars! And not forgetting our soloist Lili Hart who has recently placed 3rd in her last two federation competitions in Valencia, well done Lili!” Hard work pays off and it’s safe to say that these children prove this every time! Onwards and upwards from here, ROME HERE WE COME!

Imanyo Golf Society “St George’s Day Plaque” ABBEY ANGLING

The 5th round of the Spring Series was fished at the Embalsa de Beniarres on the 9th April. It is our first visit to Beniarres in a long time and the water was down at least 16 foot to what it normally is this time of the year. It was a bitterly cold day with a howling gale blowing; it was the coldest any of us have been in a long time. The match was split into two sections because of the weed problem; pegs 1, 2, and 3 were drawn in the deeper water, and they took the top places, with Terry Brindley first with 20.960kg in the second spot was Dave Hutchinson with 17.280kgs and coming in third with 14.540kgs was Bill Reade 1st Terry Brindley with 20.960kgs fishing the pole using paste 2nd Dave Hutchinson with 17.280kgs fishing the pole using paste and corn 3rd Bill Reade with 14.540kgs fishing the pole using paste and corn All details are available on our website or from me on 965328368

RODS & REELS Our 1st round of the Spring Championship was fished at the El Bosquet Complex on the 10th April. It was very windy but it was dry and sunny, although bitterly cold. Neil McBirnie fishing the pellet managing to take pole position fighting the wind with 16.600kgs second was Dave Hutchinson with 14.400kgs and coming in third place was Terry Brindley with 7.800kgs 1st Neil McBirnie with 16.600kgs fishing the pole using pellet 2nd Dave Hutchinson with 14.400kgs fishing the pole using bread 3rd Terry Brindley with 7.800kgs fishing the pole using paste There are still some vacancies at the Club and if anyone is interested in joining please contact Richard Wood on 611451423 Tight Lines - TERRY SCREEN

This was the fourth year of playing for the St George’s Day Plaque, thank you to Imanyo’s for sponsoring the plaque and the golf day. The format was foursome’s pairs scoring Stableford points, as usual Altorreal course was in great condition and the weather was sunny but breezy. Winners of the St George’s Day Plaque were Tom Goulden and Alec Aspden with 69 points, runners up were Steve Day and Martin Gadney with 68 points; best front

nine was “Keep it in the Family” Alan Ralph with a good 20 points, best back nine was Tom Goulden with an incredible, handicap cutting, 42 points. Only three nearest the pins were won, hole 8 Chris Houghton, hole 10 “Keep it in the Family” Alan Ralph and hole 17 Martin Gadney. Back at Imanyo’s there was a few drinks and food waiting, the football card was won by John Mcmillan with Queens Park Rangers adding another €40 to our charities for 2019.

“EUROCOPA” WALKING FOOTBALL ALBUFEIRA : PORTUGAL 2019 Monday and Tuesday 1st & 2nd April saw Algarve Football Tours hold their 4th Annual Competition with a total of 21 teams competing with Esquina Park Rangers from Ciudad Quesada, Luso Africa, Oxford Utd, Sheffield Utd, Clacton Knights, East Algarve Olhao, Fulham F.C., Benfica C.F., Rushden & Diamonds and Browns W.F.C. Around 1500 supporters filled the Ferreiras Stadium to witness two days of “Walking Football”. Esquina Park Rangers, kindly sponsored by Bar Esquina in Ciudad Quesada, entered a team of nine players, along with their ever supporting “W.A.G.s”. There were three leagues with seven teams competing for the top two positions with the two best third places going through to the final stages. Esquina Park Rangers won 4, lost 1 and drew 1 on the first day, qualifying for Day

Two with their superior goal difference. Day Two started with a defeat to the favourites Luso Africa who are the masters of Walking Football. Winning our second and third games with some ease put us into the semi-finals. We were then facing the mighty Sheffield United who had previously won the competition. Winning would see us into the final. A close and hard-fought game with our lads giving it our all, Sheffield Utd with more experience, nicked it with one goal. Esquina Park Rangers then played Clacton Knights for Third and Fourth Place. With our lads tiring, we were defeated 2-1 in another hard-fought match. The final was won on penalties by Luso Africa defeating Sheffield United. A great performance from all the players and the travelling “W.A.G.s”. Hopefully next year we can go all the way.


CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22nd April 2019


Tales from the Top Flight

hands. Crystal Palace away was the game many pundits had circled in big red pen as the match that would cause Man City

Dear reader, just imagine if Mohamed Salah wasn’t just a oneseason wonder, eh? Pretend for a moment we live in a world where he followed up his phenomenal first season at Liverpool with something as electric in a different way. Liverpool would probably be in with a shout of the Premier League title if Mo wasn’t letting them down. Salah scored an absolute Robbie Fowler of a belter against Chelsea to seal an important 2-0 win for the league leaders. King Kloppo’s men already led after Sadio Mane had headed them in front but it was Salah’s hit that was a lovely dollop of icing on quite a nice cake. But, don’t forget (because Sky seemed to have forgotten momentarily) the title is still completely in Manchester City’s

the most problems in their run in. Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention this to Raheem Sterling and co as they will have worried for approximately two minutes on Sunday as Palace chased a late equaliser. Luckily for City, Peppy G doesn’t have to think too much in the Premier League. It’s the Champions League where he thinks himself into situations where Tottenham actually end their quadruple hopes. Just imagine how good Tottenham would be if they were playing like that in their new stadium. What’s that? They’ve moved in already? When did that happen? You’d have thought it would have got a mention. OK, then imagine how good Spurs could be if they weren’t so reliant on Harry Kane to score all their goals. Eh? Injured again?


Ankle? Lucas Moura got the first hattrick at the new ground? Blimey. I think there’s probably only a finite time that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can get away with saying Manchester United were lucky to win, although we do appreciate his honesty. West Ham were unlucky not to be 10 when Felipe Anderson was wrongly adjudged to have been offside and were probably unlucky that Michail Antonio almost broke the Old Trafford crossbar and then were definitely unlucky when his header was saved brilliantly by David de Gea. They were not unlucky to give away two penalties though, especially the first one. You should know the Tales ruling for what constitutes a penalty by now. If that happened anywhere else on the pitch, would the referee give a free kick? Yes. Yes, he would. Even those muppets we have officiating in the ‘greatest league in the world’. Oh, and scoring two penalties does not make Paul Pogba man-of-thematch, folks. If the footballing gods are getting their revenge on Neil Warnock then he must have done some really bad things that we don’t know about. Don’t get me wrong, Warnock is marmite; we all know that. But even he doesn’t deserve some of the decisions that are going against him. And even if he does, the Cardiff City staff that will no doubt be made redundant in post-relegation cutbacks certainly don’t. Apparently, in this day and age if the ball hits another part of your body first before it hits your hand it isn’t a penalty. OK, I accept that if the ball is fired at you from a few yards away and rebounds all over your body. But from a cross 40 yards away that you have time to watch, judge and then jump for unchallenged?

Mate, if you head that into your hand that’s a penalty and you deserve a yellow for being utterly incompetent. Ben Mee didn’t just handle it once in the area, he followed it up shortly after and blocked a shot with his hand in a somewhat unnatural position. Cardiff managed to get their first hattrick of the season when a third nailed on spot-kick was waved away by Mike Dean for, you know, the bantz. Luckily for Cardiff, who are trying very, very hard to stay up, their main rival for the final relegation spot is Brighton who appear to be doing all they can to go down. Brighton faced a Bournemouth team so far out of form that Eddie Howe would have done as well to pick a team

out of the hat and see what happens. And, what happened was that Bournemouth won 5-0. 5-0! Anthony Knockaert doesn’t fancy helping his colleagues in their remaining matches this season. Nope, Knockaert got a straight red for one of the most mindless tackles of the season. Wolves took a quick look at where Southampton were in the table, realised they were not top six and decided that they weren’t too fussed about winning. And, as a result, Southampton are now safe. Finally, just give the job to Scotty Parker, eh Fulham? Parker led Fulham to a victory on Saturday. Yes, it was only Everton but you’ve got to start somewhere.


CostaBlancaPeople 16th - 22nd April 2019

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16 April - 22 April 2019  

16 April - 22 April 2019