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November 2017

Cover Art Photography By Jaryd Niles Norris

All information correct at time of publishing. Please phone or email relevant galleries to confirm dates of events as they may be subject to change. Updates as news of arts events comes in each month may be viewed on Published by Corrie Scott

Welcome to Barbados Monthly Arts Events Thank you to the Gallery of Caribbean Art and The Art Hub who have teamed up to pay for an upgrade for this magazine through 2017. This means The Visual Arts Barbados Magazine may now be viewed with no ads and downloaded. This is a completely free magazine created out of the need to inform so that we can get to exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and more, rather than hearing about events after they have taken place. I encourage anyone with a creative event to get in contact with me at . Let’s get the arts out there! Please, pass this magazine on to others and so help the creative side of Barbados get all the exposure possible. Corrie

FRIENDS IN COLOUR' Gallery of Caribbean Art Opening reception November 12th, 5pm - 8pm. Suzanne Durant, Reginald Gill and Sumayya Spencer. Exhibition closes December 6th Tel 419 0858

GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART The Gallery Of Caribbean Art Galleries presents the works of a variety of artists Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter

Tel: (246) 419-0858

Specialising in art supplies for the professional to student level. Offering a wide range of products OILS ACRYLICS WATERCOLOURS Golden Paints and mediums, Gamblin, Cotman, Liquitex, Reeves, Galeria, Sargent. Plus a wide range of drawing and colouring equipment. Prisma, Derwent, Reeves, Sargent, Charcoal and Pastels. Easels, Canvases, Watercolour paper, Drawing and Pastel paper. Screen printing and lino block printing supplies.Fabric paint and dyes. Waxes, pottery tools, stencils and more. Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 3pm. Sunday Closed. Telephone/Fax (246) 436 2950 James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

TRACEY WILLIAMS Tel (246) 436 2950 (w), 435-0736 (h) or (246) 231 6847/46 (m) #28, Glen Acres, Ellerton, St George

‘THE IMPRESSION’ THE BARBADOS NATIONAL VISUAL ART EXHIBITION Morningside Gallery, Barbados Community College. Sat 19th -27th, 2017 Curator: Nerys Rudder. Online album Kp879 Abstracted and nonrepresentational works of 26 Bajan artists

The Introduction


In preparing for CARIFESTA XIII, I had the incredible privilege of visiting artist studios throughout Barbados. Invariably, these visits evolved into “a lot a long talk” as I re-connected with colleagues, many of whom I had not seen for some time. From standing at the roadside of rural St John to enjoying a lemon, lime and bitters on a gallery in suburban St Michael to navigating a surprising tree-scaped studio hideaway in St James: It was a quintessential Caribbean phenomenon as we conducted the business of the day and then discussed the current social and economic issues of our country, our oft times beleaguered profession and its lack of support from traditional administrative sources. This process of reacquainting myself with the visual arts community allowed me much needed insight into how to honourably illustrate contemporary Barbadian visual art to the CARIFESTA XIII audience. This national exhibition, entitled THE IMPRESSION, is to sit synonymously within the Regional Exhibitions, whilst being complementary to the other signal events including ‘History + Infinity’, ‘Journey to One Caribbean’ and fringe events like the Artist Alliance exhibition ‘Home’ and the ‘Contemporary Studio Ceramics’ show at the Barn Art Centre. Within these parameters the answer to how to depict our country lay in the artists viewpoints themselves. Rather than representational portrayals, this mostly abstracted and stylised show seeks to capture the cerebral essence or notion of various aspects of the island: the artistic IMPRESSION of Barbados. This introduction outstanding, the text is grounded in the artist’s own words, as the best authorities of their own work. THE IMPRESSION is testimony to the incredibly personal intuition, perspectives and exploration of archetypal themes of identity, fantasy, folklore, music, religion, gender relations, industrial construct, entertainment and the natural landscape within a post-colonial independent island society. The multi-layered aspect of the theme also encompasses the other meanings of the word Impression, including the concept of physical marks or imprints upon surfaces as well as how artists leave impressions on each other. This latter notion explores how artistic inspiration from one another manifests as an act of homage and ultimately legacy creation. It heralds the opening work of the exhibition at Morningside Gallery: From Ras Akyem Ramsay, to Alison Chapman-Andrews to Juliana Inniss, as these introductory artists lay a foundation of the interconnectedness that we as islanders have to one another. NERYS RUDDER, Ba. Ma. MSc.

August 2017

NERYS RUDDER Curator of the National Exhibition during Carifesta XIII, Barbados 2017 Nerys Rudder is the principal consultant for The Blue Road, with over thirteen years experience in the cultural heritage sector. Previously you may have seen her out and about in Barbados as the Curatorial and Education Services consultant of the National Art Gallery Project through the Ministry of Culture. A wonderful offer of one of the first international taught postgraduate scholarships by Cardiff University and an Errol and Nita Barrow Educational Trust award recently prompted Nerys to further her continuing professional development. This led to her most recent achievement: gaining an MSc. in Conservation Practice. This takes pride of place on her wall next to her previous Masters in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

The Blue Road is a heritage conservation and collections management consultancy. Based in Barbados, with regional and international outreach, our mandate is to help protect and exhibit the physical artefacts that communicate our artistic and cultural legacy. We eat, sleep and breathe art, conservation and design. With over a decade's worth of experience protecting our tangible heritage, we offer collections care solutions for public institutions and private clients. Our consultants specialise in conservation, collections management, exhibition curation and craft and design management services. Tropical climates are our specialty. Background The idea to bring together the management of the sister disciplines - art, fine craft and design - under one umbrella was conceived in 2002. The Blue Road consultancy came into being to answer the needs of government organisations seeking creative expertise in project management. In 2003 we branched out, adding arts education, collections care and exhibition curation to our core services. Facilitation of arts-related projects and collections management became our major focus, with subsidary design services for private clients. In 2014 another exciting leap forward in our heritage services evolution was the addition of conservation of art, museum and archaeological objects.

CALL FOR ARTISTS! The Frame & Art Co. has announced an open call for artists to participate in our annual 12 x 12 Anonymous Charity Art Show with a portion of the proceeds going to Jabez House. The 12x12 canvases are available in store and artists can purchase up to 4 at $15.00 each.

HUGH WALKER Artist Statement Photography is my passion and fuels my creative side. I fell in love with photography as a student in the 1970’s and have never looked back. Photography and the creative outlet that it provides has been a part of my life for almost forty years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am a fine art photographer who likes to create images that express my unique view of the world. I am alumni of the New York Institute of Photography and I provide training, consultancy and mentorship services to other photographers. I enjoy sharing my experiences and skill sets with others. 246 253 9624

FRANZ PHILLIPS Artist Statement Franz favourite genre is landscape/seascape photography. This was born out of his absolute love for hiking and being completely at peace with nature. Photography was the vehicle Franz chose to record the beauty of sea, fauna and landscapes. Franz loves what he does and is also in love with his island Barbados. Franz now invites you to take a look at the art exhibition.

ANDRE DONAWA I’m a fine art photographer based on the island of Barbados. I’m best known for my vibrant landscape and wave images. I finished creating my first book “Edge of Bim” last year. It’s a seascape photo journey of some of my favourite images along the coasts of Barbados. You can find out more about me and my artwork at

A true artist is a person who experiences the environment on an emotional level. His/her eyes see and feel what the average person has overlooked. Some days everything, even an old rusty nail looks beautiful. A few people feel nothing. Others feel a lot but have not developed a mode of release, of expression. What we call artist are those who can not only feel and are moved by God’s many gifts but have developed a mode of expression, a vehicle where they can share their experience with their fellow man. Be the eyes for those who have not been blessed with the sensitivity to see the overwhelming beauty that is all around us. My modes of expression are music (voice and violin), Ballroom dancing and photography.

What we produce as a work of art is just a small fraction of what we have experienced when we are inspired. The photographs which you see here are missing the wind that danced around me exciting the leaves, the sounds that caressed my being, the aroma that teased me, the warmth of the sun that vitalized me, the three dimensional depth, the changing environment before me. All of these are like the icing on my life’s experience. We can only hope that when all of this has been removed from the final product that what is left is still worthy of your admiration and that you can feel even a little of what I have tried to share with you. I started photography when I joined the Harrison College Photographic club. That was a great learning experience. We had photographic exhibitions every year at school. The agricultural exhibition was another avenue for us to showcase our work. In 1969 I started a photographic club at the Barbados Community College and while there I won the first prize in portraiture and the best photograph taken with a Nikon at an exhibition put on by Barclays Bank. 1973 to 1978, five years of medical school put a stop to my photographic aspirations except when I won first prize in an “All India Photographic Exhibition”. After that life got in the way and I packed away my camera. You can say that I am a “born again” photographer because I only started back serious photography in 2005. Soon after that I upgraded to digital and in 2006, joined the Barbados Photo Club (now Barbados Photographic Society). In 2006, my first participation in the NIFCA exhibition I won two silver awards and in 2007 had my first solo Photographic Exhibition and 0thers in 2014, 2016 and now another in 2017. Over the years I have won many other awards including six Gold Awards and the coveted Pierce Tappin Award. Apart from being a farmer, a singer (founder member of the Cecilian Singers), a Ballroom instructor, and a doctor (Obs/Gyn) of almost 40 years, I am now again exploring life through photography. Please join with me and enjoy a photographic appreciation an artistic record of what is still a very lovely but rapidly changing island. 99.9% of my artwork is and will always be of Barbados. CONTACT:H 437 4463, W 435 0928, C 230 0366;

THINGS THAT MATTER: The Splendid Art of Barbados and Canada Sir Henry Fraser There are two current shows in Bridgetown that anyone with a love for the beautiful and the slightest interest in art and fine art photography simply MUST see. The beautifully restored Queen’s Park House is the scene for “Canada & Barbados – the “Art” of Collaboration”, curated by Janice Whittle. The Pelican Art Gallery, home of the Barbados Arts Council, is the scene for “Collective”, a Photographic Art Exhibition, featuring Hugh Walker, Andre Donawa, Franz Phillips and Raymond Maughan. “Canada and Barbados” is hosted by the High Commissioner of Canada to Barbados and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, and in her message Her Excellency Marie Legault writes: “Art is a language which needs no words. Its evocative qualities transcend cultural experiences and varying perspectives. This exhibit of art rooted in the Canadian and Barbadian spirit speaks to this reality … it is the artists whom we salute for sharing with us their artistic expression of Canada in Barbados and Barbados in Canada.” The exhibition features the work of Bajans studying, living and painting in Canada, and of Canadians visiting or adopting and living in Barbados. There is a superb catalogue or exhibition book featuring the paintings and sculptures, insightful commentary by the curator Janice, artist statements and brief bios of the artists. It’s beautifully done. As you walk through the front door into the gallery your eye is immediately caught by Joyce Daniel’s big and bold Prairie Lands of Alberta #1 (1971). Joyce studied art on a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Scholarship at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. As she says in her statement: “The teachers at Alberta encouraged a new boldness in my work. I recognised the vast scope of art as a vehicle for raising one’s higher consciousness about life.” And on coming home to start the Fine Art Programme at the Barbados Community College, she writes: “I was able to open the minds of many generations of students to the possibilities inherent in the creation and interpretation of Art.”

There are many really splendid pieces in the show. I was particularly pleased to see several pieces by Roger Moore, one of our finest artists, who has lived in Canada for more than forty years and so we have been seeing little of his work. Both his “Untitled” fishing boat pen-and-wash scene and the evocative “Country Road” are masterpieces. Virgil Broodhagen, our other Bajan-Canadian, but who returned home, shows several of his iconic landscapes, but also an unusual and striking portrait of a bearded and dressed-for-winter “Tootalik”. My other favourite Bajan who studied in Canada, Rosemary Pilgrim (studying at Mount Allison) shows a most moving painting “This was woman”. The main body of the show, however, comprised the work of Canadians who have fallen in love with Barbados, made it their home and made a major contribution to the development of art here. Foremost among them are Goldie Spieler, Denyse Ménard-Greenidge and Darla Trotman, while Heidi Berger lives between Canada and Barbados. These dedicated artists have taught, exhibited, operated innovative galleries and continue to make an impact and all are beautifully displayed in this show. Another splendid, painterly Canadian-Bajan is Jean Blades. Her two paintings here – “Moonlight Bay” and the impressive “Wilderness” – larger than most of her work – are magical. It’s impossible to comment on all of the wonderful work in the show, so do go and enjoy it yourself. One final word is of praise for the architects’ successful restoration of Queen’s Park House (thanks to CARIFESTA), after almost a decade of dereliction, and for the opening up of the two additional rooms at each end of the main gallery. This provides space for intimate groupings and it works extremely well. Congratulations NCF and architects SRM. “Collective” at the Pelican Gallery is an amazing collection of fine art photography – the majority by Raymond Maughan, but with an exquisite sample of the work of his three colleagues, Donawa, Phillips and Walker. The gallery is small, so work is hung tightly – floor to ceiling, with some grouping by themes and some grouping by artist, but the overall impression is exceedingly rich and varied. In simple terms, there’s something for everyone. For me the star of the show was a large, panoramic view by Dr. Maughan of Cluff’s Bay – one of the hidden secret scenes of Barbados, known by very few. It was taken in the soft evening light, with some pink reflections in the clouds from the setting sun, and the grandeur of cliffs, beach, surf and and sea sufficient to give a truly magical quality. Other outstanding Maughan photos were Monster of the Sea – a shot of sea rocks at Martin’s Bay; Contentment – the wasted hands and arthritic fingers of a centenarian, in black and white; and Bajan Boy – a 1970 photo that won first prizes, first in the traditional annual Agricultural Exhibition in Queen’s Park, then in a Barclays Bank competition and then in an All India photographic exhibition.

My favourite Frank Phillips photos were, perhaps not surprisingly, architectural: the well-known shingled chattel house at Walkers in St. Andrew, hard by St. Andrew’s Parish Church, and the abandoned mill wall at Gay’s plantation in St. Lucy. My favourite Hugh Walker’s photos were two “hidden treasures” – Fisherman’s Tackle, and Peel – a small but delightful piece of peeling paint. There is beauty in almost everything, or as Confucius said: “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”, and that’s the philosophy of Dr. Maughan, who photographs everything that strikes him as beautiful. Another interesting Walker shot was Morning Meditation, a print on metal of the Speightstown esplanade. Andre Donawa likes the long, panoramic view, and the works exhibited here were merely a tiny taste of what he does. While many of the photos in this show are superb, almost everything Andre does deserves that term. His website is a MUST VISIT, and his amazing book “Edge of Bim – Seascape Images from Barbados” is a must have. The Barbados Photographic society is also working on a beautiful book (I’ve seen the proofs) – Historic Bridgetown Photobook. It complements Rasheed Boodhoo’s Heritage Barbados, and it will be just the book to refer to alongside Warren Alleyne’s Historic Bridgetown. All of these four artists have splendid websites, but please, please, go the Pelican Gallery and take something home or for your office. Every “worth-your-salt” Barbadian company should purchase a suite or at least a couple of these splendid photos for the office. Bouquet: To our Senior athletes, medalling once again at the Senior games in Utah, and especially to Kathy Harper-Hall with five gold medals in the 75 – 79 age group. Brickbat: to the World Bank, whose best offer to devastated Barbuda for its massive rebuilding task is a loan over ten years at four percent. Shame on you. Professor Fraser is Past Dean of Medical Sciences, UWI and Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Website:

'Divine Feminine' Friday October 27th 4pm- 7pm at Norman Centre. Bridgetown. All are welcome.

















Do come on Friday November 10th, from 5pm - 8pm at Artsplash Gallery, Hastings, for the opening of "ONE HEART CARIBBEAN", a 3 day Fund-Raising event Exhibition from the Art Collective. All artwork on show is priced between $100 - $350Bds 70% of all sales will be donated to 'United Caribbean Trust" for the relief efforts in Dominica. Artists willing to be part of this event, please contact Martina Pile via email or my Fb message . Special thanks to Billy Hosford from Artsplash who has graciously offered the use of Artsplash Gallery free of cost for our 3days Event, to Lois Crawford, the Gallery Curator, for reshuffling and readjusting her program of exhibitions in order to accommodate "ONE HEART CARIBBEAN"

On The Wall Art Gallery Barbados Pop-Up Art Gallery for the winter season at Limegrove, Holetown Opening Day: October 2nd, 2017 Mon – Sat 10am – 2pm and 4pm-6pm

‘SUMMER SHOW' at The Frame & Art Gallery July 1st - October 31st Featuring Llanor Alleyne, Versia Abeda Harris, William Cummins, Corrie Scott, Lorna Wilson, Bethany Pile, Jean Blades, Rosemary Parkinson, Ronald Williams, Tanya Foster, Alexandra Hanschell, Rasheed Boodhoo, Simbah PilĂŠ, Melanie Blomgren, Hilary Armstrong, Mario Holder, Rosalie Chiara. Curated by Kelly Hammack Gibson Millhouse, St Michael, Barbados (246) 271-6509

THE BARN ART CENTRE The Barn Art Centre. A new art space. "We are offering approximately 650 sq. ft. of space for short term rentals for art and craft related workshops, classes, events, summer camps, yoga, etc., in an old plantation yard at Small Ridge in Christ Church. Juliana Inniss - 231-0335 Jo Anne Johnson - 253-8702 Email -

“Thank you Juliana Inniss for hosting a most wonderful evening of art talks and demonstrations at The Art Barn. Just what I needed to waft me away from the pain of my fractured leg. I came and then floated away, creatively and spiritually sated. I meandered through country roads in that wonderful golden evening light to get to The Art Barn for An Artist Talk on ceramics. Island emerald green from the rains. The grounds at Art Barn are just gorgeous. Whimsical pieces in the garden and the mural designed by Arlette Sthill, and managed by artist Don Small (to which many volunteers young and old have been to paint). By the way still time to go and pick up a brush in the next few days and be a part of this mural. Nakazzi Hutchinson and Melanie D'Oleivera talked on their work and methods. Melanie working on Bajan interpretation but from 200 year old decorative pottery methods from England. She talked about coming to Barbados after the U.K. And living the country life in St Philip, surrounded by an orchard of sensual soursop trees and black belly sheep they planned as food, but ended up as pets, all of which have become her muse. Nakazzi drew us into her mystical world talking process, the arts and spirituality mixed in with chemical reactions. How the lives of creatives are both blessed and damned but that we would have it no other way in our quest to create. Both educational and entertaining. Ending with a surprise treat from Juliana who had decided to light up the kiln while the talks were on and then gave us a presentation of raku firing. Wayne Cezaire arrived with a bottle of his own coffee chocolate liqueur which he is in the process of perfecting for market. We became the tasters of his new brew. Delicious. I drove away down the dark road to a sliver of a new moon low in the sky shining brightly with stars. Delicious to be around creatives and the way our minds enquire. Feeling very blessed.� Corrie Scott Photo here is Juliana at the red hot kiln, and the mural.

Created in 2016, The Barn Arts Centre is dedicated to the promotion and development of art-based learning. Our mission is to provide a unique learning environment for diverse audiences to experience a range of art based programs. The Centre provides a space for the community and local resource persons to offer and conduct classes and workshops in painting, drawing, pottery, and textiles. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is meaningful to the arts in Barbados. Located on the breezy Small Ridge Plantation in Christ Church, (just ten minutes away from Sheraton Centre. The Barn Arts Centre offers an escape from the quickening pace of life. Here you can be immersed in an environment that fosters your creativity. Our 570 square foot studio is equipped to provide more than adequate space to conduct a variety of classes and workshops. The studio is well lit and ventilated and can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons. We offer a variety of opportunities for learners, including exhibitions, artist lectures, and single workshops, as well as adult and youth classes. Our artistic programming continues to be essential to our goal of inspiring creativity, fostering self-discovery, and nurturing an appreciation of the arts. The Founders of The Barn Arts Centre are Jo- Anne Johnson and Juliana Inniss. Jo Anne started doing ceramics as a hobby in 1982 and has operated a ceramics studio since 1987, providing services and supplies to people who wished to do slip casted ceramics as a hobby. She has taught many different finishing techniques to her students and learnt many more through experimenting, and trial and error. Juliana has been working with pottery and ceramics since 1992. She began by hand-painting local pottery with bold and colourful designs. After graduating University she made the decision to pursue her passion for art through the medium of ceramics. Juliana has worked with a number of techniques such as casted ceramics, handbuilding, surface decoration and raku firing. Juliana was first introduced to Raku in 2006 during a two week residency in St. Thomas USVI, with this exposure Juliana began mixing her own glazes, constructed her own kiln and has been Raku firing since then. /

DARIUS ETIENNE (Dominica) Exhibited in the Regional Exhibition at BCC during Carifesta XIII, Barbados 2017


















JOSCELYN GARDINER On the occasion of Cosmopolis we are presenting for the first time the original lithographs of Creole Portraits III, series by Joscelyn Gardner. Creole Portraits III alludes to the 18th-century practice by slave women on Caribbean plantations of using tropical plants to induce natural abortion. As an act of political resistance some slave women chose to either abort or kill their offspring. Armed with practical knowledge passed on by word of mouth from their African ancestors and/or Amerindian counterparts, enslaved Creole women collected the seeds, barks, flowers, sap, and roots from various plants that allowed them to secretly terminate their pregnancies. This series of female Creole portraits is ‘named’ for the botanical specimens used by these women. The lithographic portraits reveal intricately braided Afro-centric hairstyles viewed from behind, entwined within the iron slave collars that were used to punish female slaves accused of abortion. The series was presented in 2017 at Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, Médéllin, Contour Biennial, Mechelen, and Ashkan Alwan, Beirut.




Despite the shared histories of individuals affected by the traumas of the Atlantic Slave Trade, there is a sweeping disconnect in the way members of the African diaspora relate to each other, a likely result of existing insularities that have worked over time to weaken those bonds. This series of work centralizes ‘self’ in an attempt to examine the weight of our cultural inheritance, particularly the colonial baggage that continues to bear down on our current lived experiences. The past and present fallout manifests itself in the form of a precariously positioned brick ‘crown’ reminiscent of past segregation walls designed to keep the masses out, with shards of glass representing the threat of physical injury to anyone who dares to cross that boundary. Simultaneously a burden and testament to our collective resolve in the face of multiple oppressions, this ‘crown’ then becomes a unifying element for our shared diasporic narratives. Kraig Yearwood

RAS AKYEM NOTES TO MYSELF (#9): Making great art is an un-rehearsed ritual........ an act of improvised magic. To trigger a genuine creative-process, it's imperative that you abandon all inflexible plans....... such plans are prescriptive, and mostly serve to reduce & restrict creativity to a sterile onedimensional formula. Plans have a tendency to muzzle the imagination & impede the course of potential discoveries; hence, i usually commence my work with such vagueness of intent, that i only become fully aware of what i'm actually looking for, when i eventually find it!













owners/director and curators, one of the recurring points of discussion is about the importance of artists recommending the work or other artists to them. these recommendations are important in bringing artists to the attention of curators, gallery directors, etc. with this in mind, i think about how social media can also be a tool for "recommending" as well. it's great to see images from some of the work of well-known artists who are doing big things and making lots of money because they have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and are important in their own right, however, what would be the effects of a little more re/posting of lesser known, emerging, under-recognized artists who are just as hard woking and deserving of all that's good? our social media platforms are wether we know it or not, scoured by people looking for what's good, what's fresh and what's hot. if we can help another along this journey, it would





SIAN PAMPELLONNE Website: Instagram: sianpampellonneartist

"RESTORATION CODA" I won't politely drink the vinegar you offer me and call it wine. I know the bitter difference. Too many faithful years blood, sweat and tears - for free and yet, 'know what? Goodbye, without regret. Exclusion from your book of family, the empty hist'ry page that represents my life theatric'ly, as far as you're concerned, this time, at last, dear crocodiling smiling peers, has set me free. I paid my dues. Too old to pitter patter on this matter. I'd rather drink rain to keep the blazing summer in my soul alive. Give thanks for younger generations who perceive the worth in what I do and share with me their energetic creativity. Now. Patrick Foster

Barbadian theatre has a history as long as the settlement of the island by the British, and the transportation of Africans, enslaved by said British, to this space. And undoubtedly before on Ichirouganaim. But let's talk about postIndependence theatre and specifically theatre at Daphne Joseph-Hackett. I remember viewing A Silver Web there, and Couvade, Growing Up Stupid Under The Union Jack, among so many great plays. Is why I might have hoped to see a piece of drama last night and not two pieces of comedy. Also perplexed by the non-mention of the most honourable elder Mrs. King speaks of in another post, who was there but made an early exit. But that's just me. I laughed all the way through - happy that the Theatre was back! I worked as an understudy in Laff it Off as soon as I came out of QC, and then played Icilma Faux the following year. We're talking 1990 - 1991. Did full theatre apprenticeship in that space as a member of Green Room Players, and Stage One, and with WWB, remembering fondly working backstage and even learning some lights (with IGM) and sound (with David Forde), and learning about props, costumes, make up and stage management on plays like No Sex Please, We're British and Joe Turner's Come and Gone, with Jimmy King, Adzil Stuart and others. And so much more before I went to Jamaica. Returned in the mid 90s to script and direct - a mere youngster then - a Talk Tent. I remember Henk Tjohn - attended a workshop he facilitated at Morningside. And saw Hot Flashes at DJH Theatre. And Sonia Suzette Williams in her beautifully played NIFCA Professional performance of that excerpt from Your Handsome Captain. I have since done greater things on other stages, but all of that experience has fuelled my love of the Theatre Arts - is why I dedicated my postgraduate education to the field. It's wonderful to come from a tradition where you can consider yourself a homegrown Bajan theatre practitioner, even with Jamaican and UK experiences and training. And That Theatre - The Home. Always thrilled to learn of the earlier stories, which I have been hearing since the time I came out in 1990s with Marcia Burrowes and Peta Alleyne, Cecily Spencer-Cross and Tony Thompson, Wendell Smith, Thom Cross, Clairmonte Taitt, Cynthia Wilson, Margaret Williams, Kaye Foster, Merle Niles, Patrick Foster, Earl Warner and so many others, too numerous to mention, who taught us young Turks well. Like everyone else, my heart swells to see the complete renovation of this place that has nurtured us all. Long may we tread those boards!� Lisa Amanda



Géraldine Le Leannec







Photography by Ahmad Desai













TANDEM "where function, form and meaning coexist ". This cooperative project and design store showcasing contemporary design by Barbados resident designers and artists continues at The Colonnade Mall, 1st Floor, East Wing, Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. Monday ( by appointment). Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 4PM.

" All Things Considered", group show exhibition Fri, Sept 15th - Tues Nov 8th at Artsplash Gallery, Hastings. Featured Artists: Lorna Wilson, Morissa Singh, Cathy Alkins, Cathy Gill, Heather-Dawn Scott, Norma Farmer, Julianne Gill, Juliana Inniss, Arlette St. Hill, Cindy Edghill, Kristine Dear. Curator Lois Crawford. Exhibition Closes Tuesday 8 November 2017, Gallery opens Monday to Sunday 8 am to 1 pm.


JUNE SPECIAL! ONLY DIRECT FROM AUTHOR BDS$250 (+ postage if shipping is required). Message through facebook or website. Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n This amazing book by Rosemary Parkinson is on island. Two hard cover coffee table books, with a sleeve that encloses both, 656 pages and 1400 plus photos filled with history, tradition, culture, stories and recipes from Barbados. Book Set Price (2 books): US$150 or Bds$300 plus shipping for those overseas. Payment via PayPal, Western Union or cash.

ROSEMARY PARKINSON + 1 246 436 5865 – + 1 246 264 7448

Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n, a collector's item, has won 4 awards for Barbados – Best Photography, Best Design, Best Historical Recipes, Best Self-published Book – then against 5 of the best books in the world WON Best Self-Published Book In The World and honoured at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 with Best of the Best In The World by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015.

Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n has been called "a national treasure" and is being used by our BTMI and BIDC as gifts for dignitaries. The book costs BDS$300 ( $150USD) in Barbados, and is available at Cloister Bookstore, Relish Limegrove, Sandy Lane Golf Club, Cafe Coffee at Washington House, Barbados Golf Club (Durants), Holders Farmers Market (Sunday), Artsplash Gallery (Hastings), just to name a few. For wholesale enquiries (3 or more) call HILARY KNIGHT at 246 432-1169 OR MESSAGE ROSEMARY PARKINSON ON Facebook. BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLAND.

“Come with me. Experience pipes that stan’. Boards that jukk. Jars that are unripe monkeys. Frogs that whistle de tune of a band tucked and a goose on four legs that doan mess with a perky gutter. Hucksters and markets. Farmers and food. Secret recipes deep inside Miss Harriet Boyce and Mrs Jones…man dem gots a mobba-ton o’ tings gine on! Meet Miss Carnetta and she bush fuh medicine; and de pork dat is fat but does like to swan ‘roun a Bridgetown street while sugar an okra-mush hit de artsy-fartsy theatre in Christ Church wrapping up de gap, while reggae swarms ovah de bar hold up wid boisterous wild boars! Music and love. Leh muh show you how to sip on swank with sunsets and full moons but Lawd, as You is my Shepherd, help muh to mekk de people dem beware of donkeys of steel ‘cause Shaggy Bear gots Miss Sally in de pot and she wining an’ dancing to she own tune. Follow me closely when Crop Over done an ‘Kissmuhwillwill’ mount he rums in a shop at Sweet Bottom, happy as breadfruit in a pickle when truff be known. I gine show how a one an two muss dance cuz a cutter ent a cutter wid’out Cuzz, and how the taste of jam dat is jelly sweet cause de peppah hot! Buh wait…I cyan’t forget we gots a cake made with fish in a pot dat bucks. An’ salt baths fuh Sunduh pork too, caw Miss Clarke seh one should’ah nevah eat an forget always remembering an eyeful en a bellyful although, we does know she born a lickmout! So follow de adventure as I turn to history. Great houses and chattels. Bussa & Rachel. National pride. Fish that fly and one dat snaps on anudder called jack. Learn that coucou is not a bird but does eat nice wid a cat dat lives in de sea. Doan tell a soul buh I even teach ’bout lobsters wearing slippers, and tamarind with balls, an bitches black an sweet, men dat does drink beers in banks. Believe you me – BARBADOS BU'N-BU'N gine spill de proverbial beans.. caw I ent known fuh keeping no secrets.” Now as an E-BOOK:

ABOVE BARBADOS Have a look at the higher resolution image (and zoom around) at Would you believe this is a reduced/resized image - the original is double the width/height! Above Barbados offer high-definition aerial photography and video, packages available from $500BDS. Contact Above Barbados today on 231-9583 to discuss your requirements and let us get those stunning shots from a new perspective! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Join us on Google+

NIKOLAS SEALY ns/446661088688420?ref=hl

BAC Gallery Schedule 2017 (Subject to change. Please call the Gallery to confirm) All Work must be at the gallery 3 days before opening Sept 11 - Sep 23 Barbados Photographic Society exhibition Sept 25 - Oct 07 Little Gems Oct 09 - Oct 28 Dr.Raymond Maughan rental Oct 30 - Dec 02 Independence Group Show Dec 04 - Dec 30 Christmas Group Show Executive of the Barbados Arts Council 2017-2018. President Neville Legall 1st Vice President Markley Clarke 2nd Vice President Raymond Maughan Past President Rasheed Boodhoo Hon. Secretary Patricia Browne Assistant Secretary Jill McIntyre Hon. Treasurer Allan Ashby Alex Daniel Floor member Larrie Belgrave Floor member Virgil Broodhagen Floor member Wayne Collymore-Taylor Floor member Glenroy Jordan Floor member The Barbados Arts Council Gallery is available to rent at cost of $150.00 per week. (Non Members $300.00) Please apply to the President of the BAC

BARBADOS ARTS COUNCIL BAC Gallery, #2 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown (246) 426 4385 thebarbadosartscouncilgall


ICIL PHILLIPS’ Theatre Eyes Very up to date on both local theatre and overseas happenings. Link here

THE FESTIVAL ART GALLERY At Hastings Farmers Market, Artsplash, Hastings, Ch Ch

EVERY Saturday The Festival Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery showing in excess of 50 local Barbadian artists who are painters, ceramic artists, sculptors and photographers. Bringing Art To The People kathymyearwood@gmail.c om

'The Coral Stone Village Meeting' by Philip King Each piece which has been positioned and topped with other pieces of coral stone. In rows. The front row close to the sea appear to be 'the elders' as they have a little more space between themselves and the 'people'. Created by an Philip King who lives up by Cave Hill. who comes during the week to Batts Rock Bay to build these 'meetings' of coral. It is ever evolving as some are vandalised or the sea knocks them down.

ON THE WALL ART GALLERY On The Wall Gallery at Champers A charming gallery and throughout the restaurant at Champers Restaurant, located on Accra Beach, Rockley, Christ Church has been fully renovated. Monday - Friday Noon-4pm and 7pm-11pm . Please call for weekend hours. 246 234 9145 Champers gallery is accessible during Restaurant hours. Actual gallery operations are 12noon to 4pm and 7 pm to 11 pm all year November to April On The Wall Gallery At Earthworks. Earthwork continues to be the mainstay of our operations as we continue to add new lines to our already eclectic mix of hand made crafts, jewellery and fine art. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 1pm Closed Sunday Vanita Comissiong

tel 246 234 9145


FRANGIPANI ART GALLERIES 1. Sugar Cane Club, Maynards, St Peter,Tel. 422 5026, Ext.5037 2. Savannah Hotel, The Garrison, St M.Tel. 228 3800, Ext. 3823 3. Almond Beach Resort. Heywoods, St. Peter.Tel. 422 4900, Ext. 5864 All galleries open every day except Sundays from 9am to 5pm, closed for lunch 1 to 1.30 pm., with the exemption of Almond which is open on Sundays also.

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY & GALLERY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 266-9432

Fresh Milk supports excellence in the visual arts through residencies and programmes that provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for development and foster a thriving art community. Founded in 2011, the organization offers professional support to artists from the Caribbean and further afield. Fresh Milk seeks to stimulate critical thinking and cultivate excellence in contemporary visual art. Its goal is to nurture artists, raise regional awareness about contemporary arts and provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for growth, excellence and success. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Tumblr:

THE CRANE GALLERY The Crane Gallery is the centre piece of the historic Crane Resort and hosts the work of an eclectic mix of established and up-and-coming Barbadian artists. For more information call 423-6220 or email

Tides Gallery Tides Restaurant Balmore House, Holetown, St. James Tel : (246) 432-2084 Email:

Cell (246)230-1968

Museum of parliament The Museum is open on: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Guided tours are conducted subject to availability. Barbadian students with ID have free admission to the Museum. nt/59

BLACK ART STUDIOS Durants Village, Holder's Hill St. James

Purple Palm is a local business supplying homes and businesses with the highest quality Print and Mirror furnishings. Using the artwork of many local artists in Barbados and the Caribbean plus work from around the world. We have been supplying to the hotel and villa industry for ten years, including prestigious clients such as Sandy Lane, Coral Reef, The Crane Beach Resort, Sugar Cane Club and Sandridge among others. We have also supplied numerous private villas, and work closely with local interior designers. Being directly affiliated with a 40,000 sq ft framing factory our prices are very competitive. Appointments to view our gallery at Rockley Resort can be made through Paul Hoad or Karen McGuire. 246-2332173

THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

To boldly and brilliantly pursue the adventure in everything artistic and to be a vital and uncommon cultural force in Barbados.


A monthly programme is produced of all lectures, music and theatre events . To receive it by email or post please email or tel 436 9083 or 84

Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI For further information, contact De Carla Applewhaite at 417-4776




Queen's Park Gallery

Our Mission To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries. The Role of the NCF The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events that are considered economically viable or socially acceptable. A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events. In addition, as culture becomes more pivotal to national and international policy, the National Cultural Foundation continues to re-assess its responsibilities in light of all its functions. FUNCTIONS of the NCF are: To stimulate and facilitate the development of culture generally To develop, maintain and manage theatres and other cultural facilities and equipment provided by Government To organize cultural festivals Assist persons interested in developing cultural expression. OBJECTIVES of the NCF are: To provide opportunities for Barbadian artists/artistes to showcase their talents with the end result being an increased demand for local work To educate Barbadians concerning their heritage To offer Barbadians and visitors alike a high quality product that informs, educates and entertains To equip our cultural workforce with technological skills and training to excel in their particular art forms To strengthen the local cultural product and in the process increase profits to the shareholders To create high quality products that will be competitive on the local, regional and international markets To maximize the role of the cultural sector in the tourism industry Rodney Ifill, Cultural Officer Visual Arts 424-0909 ext.234 Annette Nias Cultural Officer - Film and Photography 424-0909 Ext 238

FRAMING YOUR ART FINE ART FRAMING LTD, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, Barbados - (246) 426-5325 FAST FRAME FACTORY, Dayrell’s Road, St Michael (246) 426 9994 shaka@fastframefactory.biZ FRAMING STUDIO At the Best of Barbados Head Office, Welches Plantation, H’way 2A

573 6904

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 2669432 ART SUPPLIES THE ART HUB James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael. Tel: 436-2950Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pm (Easy access to parking by the old Heliport Pad) LAURIE DASH, Bay Street, Bridgetown.

eat. drink. play +1 (246) 432 3663

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