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June 2011

Welcome to Barbados Monthly Arts Events June 2011

All information correct at time of publishing. Please phone or email relevant galleries to confirm dates of events as they may be subject to change. Updates as news of arts events comes in each month may be viewed on Published by Corrie Scott


Calling All Creative Artists of Barbados to Be A Part Of The

Fine Art. Fine Art Photography. Sculpture. Installations. Pottery. Craft work. Unique Handcrafted Jewellery. With direct links to artists email and their websites. Details on following page…………………..

ARTS DIRECTORY BARBADOS Corrie Scott and Kathy Yearwood (Festival Art Gallery) are jointly preparing a Directory of Barbadian artists. The directory will be on line and the pages will have direct links to artists email and their websites. The full book will be viewable online at no cost, and hard copies will be available for purchase directly from publisher by December 2011. This is a sample of what the directory will look like. Sample page here of a vertical, horizontal and panoramic format.To view please click This Arts Directory Barbados encompasses all art forms. Art, photography, sculpture, installations, pottery, craft work, original handcrafted jewellery and more. To be a part of this you will need: One image of your work in large format ready for printing. If you need your work photographed Corrie Scott will set up a time and do it for you for free. And a photograph of yourself ( just head and shoulders like a passport photo) Bio/Artist statement (up to 150 words) Your contact information that you would like on the page. Cost is $30Bds per page. Please make cheque out to Festival Art Gallery Address: The Palms , Woodside Gardens, Bay Street, St Michael. For more information please contact Kathy Yearwood at or 429 0296 Corrie Scott

CARIBBEAN DOORS by Corrie Scott “Many of these wooden houses are now lost to us and so I have tried to preserve them visually so that we may not forget the traditional architecture of our Caribbean. I love the worn, weathered and much fixed doors, windows and structures. These photographs were taken in Dominica between 2007 and 2009 while I stayed at a wonderful house called Ramelton in the rainforest. A stunningly beautiful island.

Online Catalogue


‘Captured’ Fine Art Photography Exhibition

Opening Reception on Friday June 17th, 6pm-8.30pm Leslie Taylor, Adrian Richards, Ron Griffith and Corrie Scott. Exhibition ends July 22nd

Wine & Cheese Reception sponsored by Hanschell Inniss Limited Barbados Conference Services Limited (BCSL) Mary M. Rose, Quality Service Officer at (246) 467 8288


“For you to die with your ideas is a selfish act and robs the next generation of prosperity.�



TIDES ART GALLERY Artwork of local and Caribbean fine art and photography Open 7 days a week, 9am - 11pm (246) 432 2084 or (246) 432 8356



HEIDI BERGER (in CANADA) “India Journal: exhibition of new work, based on my recent trip to India, opening at Mudtown Gallery in Owen Sound on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 2 pm. Show runs until July 31. For a sneak preview, have a look under ‘New Work: India Journal’ on my website” Heidi





2011 January 16th - February 26th February 27th - March 19th

Group Show Group Show

March 20th- April 14th

’Bajan Vibes’

April 16th – June 15th

Watercolour Group show

May 15th- June 11th

‘Mixed Media’ Group Show

June 12th- July 9th

‘Flora & Fauna’ Group Show

July 12th- August 13th ‘Crop Over Celebration' Group Show August 14th - September 3rd


‘Abstract’ Group Show

September 4th - September 17th Available ( subsidised weekly fee for renting gallery is $150BDs) September 18th-October 8th

‘Little Gems’ Group Show

October 9th- November 5th

‘Our Caribbean’ Group Show

November 6th- December 10th ‘Independence Group Show December 11th- January 14th, 2012 ‘BAC 54th Year Celebration’ Group Show

BARBADOS ARTS COUNCIL BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown (246) 426 4385

BAC Poetry and Literary Evening (bimonthly). Next evening will be in July at the BAC Pelican Art Gallery

MORNINGSIDE GALLERY At Barbados Community College


‘Selections From the Caribbean Pavilion’ work by three artists representing Barbados at the Liverpool Biennial

Ewan Atkinson, Ras Ishi Butcher, and Ras Akyem Ramsay

Date to be Announced






COME OUT TINGS May 2011 Come Out Tings” BFA Portfolio Exhibition was from May 5th - 16th, 2011 at BCC Morningside Gallery, Howells Cross Road St. Michael. Another collection of images which depicts art works shown at the BFA Portfolio Exhibition 2011 by the nine graduating students of the Barbados Community College (BCC) Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) Programme. The B.F.A Graduating portfolio for 2011. “What will out besides Truth? If you're an artist, Beauty perhaps. But whose Truth, and whose Beauty. Ah. The Old Questions. Are there any New Answers? For Portfolio 2011, Barbados Community College's Fine Arts students in Studio Art offer Come Out Tings. Their Challenge: to address issues they feel have not been so well expressed in society.” Robert Sandiford

IREKA JELANI (presented with the Lesley's Legacy Foundation Award (LLF) for being the top student in the graduating class) The inspiration for my artwork comes from observing and distilling information from plant forms in nature. Closed and open organic structures and form in space are the focus of my production. A variety of lines and constructed fragments are merged together creating a unique whole. These works are sensual responses to the gullies and surrounding landscapes. The ideas in the sculptures are extended into the two dimensional works. The process of abstraction is utilized to extract the essential characteristic by reducing and embracing a minimalist yet complex approach. Repetitive, rhythmic processes such as weaving, plaiting, coiling, twisting, binding, patching and knotting are employed to highlight the interconnectedness between my practice and the journey of life.

SIMONE PADMORE My work addresses the duplicity of identity and the ego. It investigates the imposition of the nickname in Barbadian society. A nickname often replaces one’s original identity or Christian name, which in turn creates a hybrid or alter ego within an alternate reality. In my research I have realized that nicknames which are given to individuals by others, whether they have been stemmed from ridicule or admiration, tend to stick to the individuals for a lasting period of time. This ideology relates to the Lacan theory where it questions the relevance of one’s existence and identity. It states that one’s existence is relevant or one’s identity is formed or recognized based on another’s perception. The nickname hosts the same sensibility, where one can question the relevance of the Christian name if it is replaced by a nickname, but it does not mean it has been negated. This is where the alter ego is formed. I found it relevant to create a hybrid identity because a nickname can either destroy or build one’s character based on its context. I gathered my information by interviewing various people- family, friends and strangers about nicknames of individuals they remembered and asked for the stories behind them. This information has substance and adds reality to my work. Since these nicknames are originated based on targeted characteristics, physical traits or mannerisms, I express my hybrids by drawing. This allows me to render the nickname with as much exaggeration, symbolism and mark-making as possible.

ALICIA DANIEL My work is about giving the viewer a new perspective of uncomfortable and rarely talked about situations. It stems from an interest in people’s retelling of their worst experiences, of which I then began to interpret through the medium of oil painting. The paintings, which are sharply cropped, force the viewer to confront these disturbing images, which include teenage sexuality, homosexuality and gang violence. The subtle incorporation of text from the stories themselves further enhances the viewer’s experience of what is being depicted.

ANDREA CUMBERBATCH The inspiration for my body of work came about via research and discussion with older folk in the Barbadian community, as well as my initial love for Barbadian History, retro related posters and photography along with general news and politics. This allowed me to discover the ‘Truth’, a newspaper that had a life span from 1954 until the late 70’s. Thus, my work is about reorganizing that once pre-recorded history via insertion of current political, social and economic issues in the format of a newspaper on canvas. The aim of my work is to explore the various current and pressing issues in Barbados and by extent the wider Caribbean, while keeping the messages open ended, humorous at points, while serious and layered in others. Simply put, I am taking this paper out of the older context in which it existed and bringing it to life in a contemporary space.

MELISSA MINGS My work questions the future impact of globalization on the cultural identity of Barbados. I have chosen to create an alternate reality based on Barbadian and Chinese cultures. Through the use of elements from the traditional Chinese ink painting and the mass production of the Chinese fan, my work speaks about the notion of cultural infiltration in a small country through the use of consumer items. I chose the Chinese fan because it is a symbol of “kindness” or “good” and it also means good luck in China. My work has juxtaposed Chinese and Barbadian elements next to one another. The fan is recognizably Chinese, however the imagery placed on the fan is Barbadian. Pictures such as green monkeys and chattel houses are just two of the images on the fans. My aim is to use these fans as a consumer product and to show the process in which they are made and this will be achieved through the projection of a simulated factory setting. The juxtaposition of technology and the basic factory setting is a contrast which is known throughout the world. The act of a repeated method echoes the process of mass production which conjures up images of large production factories located in China. Everyday people go to work in these factories to provide the necessary products we buy and take into our homes and the aim of this exhibit is to highlight this fact. These faceless characters in the projected video images show the blatant reality that occurs in factories; products are mass produced, made by thousands of persons whose individual identities are masked behind the persona of the “factory worker.” There is no individuality through the eyes of a security camera; just as there is no uniqueness in a product which has been mass produced. This leads us back to the notion of identity in terms of the clash between individuality and cultural identity which is impacted by globalization. The imagery on the fans as well as the processes of production and distribution which are illustrated in this exhibit, seek to show how these elements can be merged. We walk into a store and see a product but we do not think twice about how it came to be, just as we do not seek to dissect the various cultural influences which define our identities. http://

CINDY JACKMAN One may see light as just ordinary light and hear sound as just ordinary sound, however, my way of seeing and hearing is quite different. My visual capacity is low and the element of sound is heightened. My work focuses on my journey of the night-scape, which is represented through stills and video of rural and urban lights that are unfamiliar juxtapositions of multiple faded, blurred forms, shapes and patterns in combination with rural and urban sounds. This pushes the envelope for visually impaired emerging and practicing artists who may think their challenge is a disadvantage but it can be an advantage, to be new and different in today’s contemporary art world.

ROMELL CHASE My work is about pure raw energy. It is about personal interpretation of my surroundings, as I render the thought process into formal, expressively random, chaotic collages. The works present an emotional, atmospheric dynamism which focuses primarily on complex mark making. Every mark contributes to understanding the process of abstraction and the elements of design. The collage drawings are original photocopied references visually transferred to create this darkly textured, densely detailed, explosive realm of intense abstraction with hinted colour that does not distract.

JOANNA CRICHLOW, BFA From my gaze as a plus-sized woman, the mannequin becomes a mental paragon to me, one which I do exist within. It is an image of perfection, the icon of what I refer to as “industrialized idealism”. Through the concept of blueprinting, my work challenges the constructs of industrialized idealism by juxtaposing images of my body with those of mannequins, to provoke questions such as, “Can there be a blueprint for the human body?

IVAN JULES ‘Guarded Truths’ is the title of my work. My work is about the emotions I feel as a result of my experiences in the past three years. Some are personal: the pain of dealing with the death of my uncle in a fire, as well as the conflict of trying to legitimize my work in the setting of the College. The Haitian earthquake tragedy which was loss on a global scale came shortly after the loss of my uncle, which exacerbated my sense of personal loss. The most recent work I have produced strives to deal with the pain and self-doubt created by the response of some of my tutors to my work. The work shows how trapped I feel in truly articulating my feelings of betrayal. I had to find diplomatic ways of conveying theses ideas in my work that would be socially acceptable. I do not want to offend or be unduly confrontational. The work is about compromise. It is about finding ways to deal with difficult subject matter and to cope with challenging situations. I want my work to be like a puzzle, it will require the viewer to interpret the many images, symbols and coded messages if they are to fully understand its meaning.



Mini gallery with local fine art lithographs and giclees by Corrie Scott and Margaret Rodriguez (and free wi fi ). Margaret Rodriguez Corrie Scott opposite First Caribbean NationalBank, Sunset Crest, St James






Closed for month of June July


Group Exhibition

Aug.21st – Sept.17th Goldie Spieler Retrospective Oct. 2nd -29th Group Show: ‘My Town' Barbadian artists on the parts of Barbados which have affected their creativity Nov. 6th – Dec. 3rd

Group Show: Just Men' exhibition of just male artists

Dec. 8th – 30th Group Show 'Art Supermarket' ..every item costs $50Bds The Gallery opening hours will return to 10am -6pm Monday to Saturday. On Mondays and Saturdays, only one Attendant works so we must close for lunch. If you intend to visit the Gallery on those days, please call first. Lunch is generally 2-3pm, but may vary according to how busy the Gallery is. QPG tel.#427-2345 NCF tel.#424-0909

THE FESTIVAL ART GALLERY Tel 429 0296 email . Curator Kathy Yearwood Bringing Art To The People Festival Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery showing in excess of 50 local Barbadian artists who are painters, ceramic artists, photographers and sculptors.





‘In House’ Group Show May 14 to June 18th AWEIPO GALLERY Curator Juliana Inniss Gallery hours Sun to Sat 10 am to 6pm. The Crane Village, The Crane, St Philip. Telephone 271 2839.

GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART Exhibiting art of over 70 artists Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados Tel: (246) 419-0858

Vanita has launched a local product line which features her images on stationary, calendars, pens, t-shirts, and towels among other things as well as increasing her line of metal work and creating her very first coffee table book, showcasing her work throughout the years. The line is called 'Very Vanita' and The product gives Vanita an opportunity to reproduce her most popular images in various media whilst freeing her up to take her painting in a new direction, address new subject matter and continue her lifelong experimentation with colour.


GROVE GALLERY Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd., 1st floor, Building B, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Holetown, St. James, Barbados, West Indies Tel: +1 (246) 621- 0067 - Fax: +1 (246) 620- 5467 Mon – Sat 10am -6pm 620 5463

Photographers and artists working together. John Webster photograph into art by Kirtsen Dunst

JOHN WEBSTER Photography



“My intention is to show the jeweler’s art in true perspective,where the design and craftsmanship are to be value above material worth of the metal; where the real beauty lies in an aesthetic sensitivitythat is inherent in structures and materials chosen without real regard for monetary value. For me, it is an attempt to ensure their daring, non-conventional and 'spiritual' character! Brass and Copper are generic materials (base metals), and I have used design techniques to enhance the organic process of patina.As this process evolves, the object becomes more beautiful, naturally” Tiyi by Design Exclusive Hand-Crafted Jewelry By Ichia Tiyi


NOW OPEN TIYI BY DESIGN ART JEWELLERY SHOP, The first of its kind here # 12, Town Square, Speightstown Tel 252 0184.



MANIPURA Manipura Inc is a Caribbean based art management and production company providing beautiful Caribbean works of art and home dĂŠcor products, as well as a variety of creative professional services to private dwellings, hotels and commercial businesses



RECENTLY UPDATED On The Wall Gallery Barbados Arts Council Corrie Scott


Visit - website for the National Art Gallery Committee in Barbados for NEWS on current happenings. The site includes ArtistNet, the database of Barbadian visual artists; a click on ‘Artists’ will take you there. Visual artists are invited to post their profile and images on ArtistNet. Artists already on ArtistNet are reminded to send in their profile updates and new images. ArtistNet is a FREE NAGC service for artists. For further information contact the NAGC at +1 (246) 310 2700 or e-mail



FRANGIPANI ART GALLERY, Sugar Cane Club, Hotel and Spa, St. Peter. (246) 422 5026

To boldly and brilliantly pursue the adventure in everything artistic and to be a vital and uncommon cultural force in Barbados.

Photo by Peter Boos

THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

‘In House II’ Group Show Exhibition. June 18th – 25th THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

MORE GALLERIES GANG OF 4 The Cottage, Springvale Plantation.St. Andrew . tel 438 7883. CONSTANT GALLERY OF FINE ART Sculpture and fine art (by appointment only), (246) 429 2654 and 232 7830. email: A GALLERY, By appointment please contact: Catherine Forter-Chee-A-Tow Curator/Artist Tel: 246 262 6238 or 246 262 6241 Royal Westmoreland, St James & The Mews Restaurant, Holetown


Mission: To unite, energize, support, develop and celebrate Barbados' vibrant and diverse music and arts community. Manifesto Barbados is a non-profit Grassroots organization created in 2011 to unite, energize, support and celebrate Barbados' vibrant and diverse music and arts community, and find innovative ways of working together towards giving the youth a voice and a venue to express and develop themselves and their creative talents fully.

COMPETITIONS We’ve got exciting competitions and even more exciting prizes! Take a look to see which competition best appeals to you! For more information on any of the competitions please email us at

At Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre AnimeKon 2011 tickets are now available at KOMIK KRAZE in Sheraton and DIGITAL PLUS locations in Lanterns Mall and in DaCosta Mall, Bridgetown! Anyone buying a ticket before the start of the convention gets a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS compliments Komik Kraze. With: Real 3D graphics for 3D game play (adjustable effects!), No glasses needed, Motion and gyro sensors, 3D camera for 3D photos, Wi Fi enabled, Exchange game data automatically with "StreetPass“ and........ A Circle pad for analog game control

General Art Competition Using original, locally themed animated character(s) of their choice, the exhibitor is to create any two-dimensional work based on any of the pre defined themes. For more information, download the Animekon 2011 Art competition rules. The Masquerade - General Cosplay Competition Cosplay is the act of costume design and modeling where players create and dress up like their favorite animated, movie and video game characters. AnimeKon 2011 will feature an option for participants to tastefully show off their talents with respect to three dimensional costume design. For more information, download the Animekon 2011 Cosplay competition rules. Inter Secondary School Competitions AnimeKon 2011 will feature art and Cosplay competitions specifically for students. For more information, please download our Inter Secondary School competition rules.




A monthly programme is produced of all lectures, music and theatre events . To receive it by email or post please email Dale A. Christie-Bourne (Mrs.) Secretary,Frank Collymore Hall Tel: 246-436-9083/84 Ext 6639 Direct Line: 227-8371 Fax 1-246-228-2703 email or Joanna E Hinds






“For you to die with your ideas is a selfish act and robs the next generation of prosperity.� Dizzy Malliki Productions is a video and film production company based in the island of Barbados. We offer wedding, conference, event, party, sports and art exhibition filming & editing to name a few. At Dizzy Malliki Productions we are not only about services. We also invest in young upcoming talent who may not be able to pay for a promotional video due to high production costs. Our Philosphy "We are a new era of thinking and of business. Entrepreneurs are meant to change the lives of others and their communities. Don't keep your ideas in the mind, but rather execute them. For you to die with your ideas is a selfish act and robs the next generation of prosperity. Live, dream, imagine and execute! If you don't believe me then go to the cemetery and there you will see the greatest visionaries, those who imagined, those who had dreams, those who thought about change. Do not rob the next generation of what they rightfully deserve, to continue the legacy. That is the true power of an Entrepreneur, that is the true power of Empowerment, that is Empowerment for Entrepreneurs. We don't Copy what exist, but begin the nonexistent." - Delano Browne(DizzyMalliki Productions R&D)



Cuban Artists Across the Diaspora The 4 exhibits at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center feature some of the most prominent living Cuban artists, as well as the work of a number of the Cuban avant-garde (map).

CAFÉ: The Journeys of Writers and Artists of the Cuban D , 28 May-10 September 2011, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: White Gallery woman.embodied, 7 May-15 October 2011, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: King Gallery Cuba in the Southwest: The Art of Leandro Soto , 14 May-8 October 2011,Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: Hoag Gallery FACES: 100 Cuban Artists, 14 May-22 October 2011, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: Regional Gallery, 2nd Foyer, 3rd Foyer

The Women and Ethnic Studies Program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs And The Modern Languages Program of the Department of Languages Linguistics and Literatures at The University of the West Indies Cavehill present CAFÉ XII: The Journeys of Writers and Artists of the Cuban Diaspora 28 May-10 September 2011 Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: White Gallery 210 N Santa Fe Avenue | Pueblo, CO In memory of Cuban Writer Antonio Benítez-Rojo And Polish Writer Irena Majchrzak Guest Artist: Albert Chong Curators: Leandro Soto, Andrea O'Reilly Herrera, and Grisel Pujalá A symposium ¨Cuba Transnational¨ marking the closing of CAFÉ will take place at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in the Jackson Conference Center on 10 September 2011, from 12 pm to 5 pm. It will include a performance art piece, music, and a number of panels that include all of the curators, several prominent critics and art historians, and a number of the Cafeteros. A corresponding course titled The Cuban Diasporic Experience will be offered at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs during the fall 2011 semester. For more information, see the University of Colorado fall course offerings under College of Arts and Sciences/Women's and Ethnic Studies (WEST) 3340. For more information, also see the Women's and Ethnic Studies web page. **For related events and courses see the Intersections Film Festival, and Cuban Cinema, listed under the Department of Languages and Cultures, SPAN 3690-001.

Sample online magazine. Click on: embed&layout=http:// =333333&showFlipBtn=true

The Caribbean Sea will from May 1st, 2011 be designated a "Special Area" under provisions of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), a senior Barbados government minister has said." This means from that date the disposal of garbage and other pollutants in the wider Caribbean Sea is strictly prohibited, except in cases where it is processed in accordance with Annex V," International Transport Minister George Hutson said as the region gets ready to join the international community in observing World Maritime Day today. Read more by following this link:


BAJAN REPORTER Supporter of the arts in Barbados. Wonderful New On Line Newspaper Congratulations to Bajan Reporter who has been a wonderful patron to the arts in Barbados by giving all art forms exposure in his newspaper and so helping our culture get out there. Wonderful advertising prices too. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT AT TOTALLY BARBADOS AT NO COST ! Do you have an event that you want everyone to know about? Then list your Event on the Totally Barbados Events Calendar and let us help you generate more public awareness of what’s going on in Barbados at any given time. Simply click on the below link to Submit An Event� at no cost to you and be a part of our Monthly Events Calendar; one of the largest event calendars for Barbados! No event is too big or too small - simply fill in all relevant information such as the date, time and descriptions of each event to let it be known throughout Barbados and across the World Wide Web.


THE ART DEN Art Supplies. Stretched canvases ranging from 14”x10” to 30”x24”; acrylic paint, tear off palettes, painting boards, sketch books & sketchpads, portfolios, matboard, black & white only & presentation boards in two sizes. BAC (Barbados Arts Council) members will receive between 10% off art supplies on presentation on their membership card. Art Den # 437 1019, ask for Marcia, Sandra or Elsa, email THE ART HUB Canvases, paints, brushes, stretchers, bars, mediums.Sumi supplies: Rice paper 8 by 20 Hosho, Unryu 24 by 36, Variety bamboo brushes, sumi ink. Watercolour paper, charcoal paper, pastel paper, various drawing media, willow charcoal, graphite compressed woodless (2B,4B,6B,8B) watersoluble, India ink, fixative, textile paint, dyes, fabric markers, silk lino, block printing ink, cutters, brayers, plus more email Art supplies. BAC (Barbados Arts Council) members will receive between 5% - 10% off most artsupplies on presentation on their membership card. tel: 432 2328 mobile: 266 5016. #163 Amaryllis Row, Cordia Avenue, Sunset Crest, St James

ART CLASSES IN BARBADOS Fielding Babb at THE MAIN GUARD Introductory Art Classes. Every Thursday from 1pm – 3pm Barbadian artist Fielding Babb and BARP invites people to join Fielding at The Main Guard ( building with clock tower) Verandah, The Garrison. People need to bring an hb pencil, a 3B pencil and a sketch pad and participate in what will be and enjoyable, enlightening and creative experience. To confirm this and for more information please contact BARP or Fielding Babb MARK MAYNARD Art Classes on Saturdays. All Year Through. Under the tutelage of Mark Maynard. Tel - 8287869/432-0762 ARTS SPLASH For more information call Elayne on 834 7758 or 228 0776

FRAMING YOUR ART FINE ART FRAMING LTD, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, Barbados - (246) 426-5325

FAST FRAME FACTORY, Dayrell’s Road, St Michael (246) 426 9994 shaka@fastframefactory.biZ

AA FRAMING & DECORATION. #4, 1st Avenue Belleville, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246)-435-0513 Fax: (1-246)-426-6004 | E-mail:

FRAMING STUDIO At the Best of Barbados Head Office, Welches Plantation, H’way 2A, opposite Automotive Art. Lovely setting, easy parking, good prices and a large selection of frames and matt boards. We also repair paintings, stretch canvas and laminate. Open 8am- 3.30pm weekdays. Call Patrick or Elvina 421-6900 ext 29


eat. drink. play +1 (246) 432 3663




RAMELTON ESTATE , A place to create or just to be

unhurried, unworried, unspoiled







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Barbados, West Indies

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