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December 2012

Welcome to Barbados Monthly Arts Events This is a completely free and unsponsored magazine created out of the need to inform so that we can get to exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and more, rather than hearing about events after they have taken place. I encourage anyone with a creative event or a new piece of work to get in contact with me at and I will add a free page for you. Let’s get the arts out there! Please, pass this magazine on to others and so help the creative side of Barbados get all the exposure possible. Corrie

Cover Art by Cherise Ward

All information correct at time of publishing. Please phone or email relevant galleries to confirm dates of events as they may be subject to change. Updates as news of arts events comes in each month may be viewed on Published by Corrie Scott


“The culture of the Caribbean is flamboyant, vital and dynamic. It seems to be in perpetual flux, revealing many and various facets that continually amaze. Caribbean culture is the reservoir from which Caribbean artists draw the experiences and influences revealed through their artistic expression. Due to his exposure to numerous cultures: African, Dutch, Spanish, English, Amerindian - the Caribbean artist has the opportunities to derive influence, and to create his own culture from many. This melting pot allows the Caribbean artist to explore numerous artistic genres. A Bajan artist who has always exploited the various influences that create Caribbean culture is Ras Ishi Butcher. His artwork meanders through the illusive maze of the Barbadian and Caribbean culture; the Caribbean arts are explosive and significant in the interpretation of the Caribbean personality. The Barbadian artist Ras Ishi has been a very prolific Caribbean painter for the past three decades. He has continually honed his skills over that time and attained a high level of professionalism. Today he continues to explore and investigate the mysteries of the Caribbean individuality. Explore his virtual gallery and share the aesthetic orgasm of his works, as you delve into the soul of this creative, pugnacious and poetic artist. Enjoy the journey!�

Ras Ishi Butcher







VERSIA ABEDA HARRIS Versia has received an acceptance letter to a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. They are giving Versia a partial grant which covers half of the residency fees and a work exchange award. She still has to cover other expenses; such as airfares, materials and transportation. In seeking funding Versia has put up her portfolio of art for sale. Versia may be contacted at or

Link to portfolio


Discussion time! Now I don't understand what kind of people I meet though but here the statement and question. Now I went to an art show last night and someone introduce me and mention about my performance that I perform nude. There were two persons I was introduce to. One was an artist and the other was an old lady that appreciate art. So I told them, yea I perform nude and look at the stereotypes. The artist was shock and didn't understand, look uncomfortable and say she will never do nude. the old lady look at me and asked "Are you a stripper?" Now what I don't understand that if both of them into art, wouldn't they know that nude/naked was and still is used in paintings, drawings, performance, film? Why is nudity is such a big deal in Barbados? Is it a big deal in your country or opinion too? Let's talk


The Arts Directory Barbados

ARTS DIRECTORY BARBADOS How It Happened I have, for so many years, wanted to create a free online reference book where anyone, in any part of the world, may access the creative people in Barbados. I could not do this on my own and Kathy Yearwood heard of my idea, offered to partner with me and I happily agreed. What started out in March as a small book of what I thought might be a maximum of one hundred and fifty pages turned into a tome of over three hundred pages. A mixture of excitement and fear at what we had taken on. And here we are in December 2011 with a book showing off the talents in Barbados. So exciting. The eight month adventure began. Finding artists, photographing them and their work. From March 2011 to October 2011 Kathy and I collated the artwork, the bios and statements and travelled around the island garnering images and information. Large collections of artwork in homes. Convincing people who thought they were too old and forgotten and watching them smile as their work was photographed and having them talk about themselves so that we could create a bio for them. Literally slipping down the hills of clay at Chalky Mount to see an original kiln and spend the day with the potters. Temple Yard with the Rastafarian community where they are blessed with talent, especially carving, and then coming away with gifts of pineapples and avocados. Photographing in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other to get the right angles. Going to openings and craft shows and talking to many. Coming to my home, going to Kathy’s, and going wherever was needed. Meeting the different personalities in so many locations as I photographed many of them for their portrait photo for the book. Remembering some who have left us. A labour of love, learning and fun. The thank you part as I could not have done this on my own. Norma Springer who encouraged me to “take the book and run with it”. Kathy Yearwood who offered to partner with me collating and to create the book for artists in Barbados. Alison Chapman-Andrews for helping Kathy and I proof read. Amazing how much you miss no matter how many times we went over it. Sue Bain for offering her professional opinion and suggestions as a copy editor. Peter Boos for all the encouragement. Laura Lin Hutchinson for her introduction. Finally, the most important people, the creative souls who put their trust in Kathy and I to show them off to their best. I hope we have done this. Corrie Dec 7th 2011




















Beyond Publishing Caribbean is a group of artists, illustrators, graphic novels,graphic artists from Barbados and you can contact them or liking their page by click on the link, Matthew Clarke Tristan Roach Rivenis Black Julian Moseley






HEIDI BERGER India Journal



AMI AQUI (Trinidad) photography, murals, commissioned paintings, belly henna and casting






CORRIE SCOTT ‘Caribbean Doors’ Online Catalogue

Many of these wooden houses are now lost to us and so I have tried to preserve them visually so that we may not forget the traditional architecture of our Caribbean. I love the worn, weathered and much fixed doors, windows and structures. 11” by 14” with a mat that brings it up to 16” by 20” ready for framing. Printed on archival photographic paper. $280Bds ($140USD). +1(246) 424 3965.

'Blooming Roses' by Corrie Scott. This series is from my iphone using the Hipstamatic App with just a 60watt bulb. I decided to exhibit these to show that photography is open to any camera and any interpretation (and any modern app). No corrections of any kind have been made on these images except for re sizing the image to 5" by 5" at 300dpi. It is as it was photographed. Printed with archival inks on acid free paper. Series of 17.




Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd. Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Holetown St. James Barbados Mon 10am – 7pm Sun 10 am – 5 pm Tel: (246) 621- 0067 Fax: (246) 621- 0069















Back Issues of the FREE monthly

Arts Magazine Barbados may be found on


MISSION The Mission of the League of Extraordinary Poets (LXP) is threefold; 1. To nurture those involved in the arts, with a special emphasis on poets and spoken word artists; 2. To edutain the public through exposure to our art, and 3. To use the voices of the artists to bring awareness to, and to actively work towards addressing issues of importance in our society. VISION The LXP was founded on the principle that no art form exists in a vacuum. It is inexplicably tied to society, culture and time in which it is created, and that artists can improve their skills, and inspire one another when they operate in a close knit community of other like-minded artists, committed to positive feedback and professionalism in pursuing their art to its highest and best potential. The LXP sees spoken word and other forms of poetry and lyrical commentary as art forms which are not only able to express the personal vision, emotions and stories of the individual artist, but also as vehicles to speak to social issues not addressed in other forums and to educate the public in the hopes of bringing positive change to the society in which we live.

STEWART JENKINS 9am-noon at Holders Farmers Market Every Sunday Sittings $40, from photo $100

BARBADOS ARTS COUNCIL BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown (246) 426 4385

BAC Gallery Schedule 2012- 2013 (subject to change. Please call gallery to confirm dates and events)

Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown +1 (246) 426 4385

The Barbados Arts Council Gallery is available to rent for an exhibition at the heavily subsidized price of $150Bds per week during certain weeks of the year. If you would like to have your own show, either solo or a Group Show, please apply in writing to the President of the BAC.

November 5-December 10

'Independence' Group Show

December 14 - January 19, 2013 'BAC 55th Anniversary' Group Show Opening reception Friday Dec 14th , 5pm- 8pm.

December 3rd - 17th, Norwegian performance artist Anna Christina Lorenzen will be in Barbados for a residency on the Fresh Milk Platform, where she will also be collaborating with our current resident artist, Alberta Whittle. Whittle and Lorenzen will share their work and host an artist talk on a date to be announced. and

Alberta Whittle is a Barbadian artist, currently based in Glasgow. Alberta is at the FRESH MILK Platform from October 1st to take part in an eight to ten week residency under the title ‘Second Armour.’ Her time will include a series of open forum discussions surrounding race, workshops with the Fine Art students at BCC, and finally an exhibition/intervention stemming from her experiences and research undertaken during her time at Fresh Milk. Alberta will be doing a performance piece titled ‘Hustle de Money – a Performance by Bertie aka Big Red aka General outta Glitter Zone’ at our next public event, FRESH MILK IX, to be held on November 29th at 7pm. and

‘HUSTLE de MONEY’ was at Fresh Milk IX on November 29th Alberta Whittle aka Bertie aka Big Red aka De General outta Glitter Zone Posturing, lyrics, performance styles, swagger and masquerade inherent in Dancehall culture, present an image of hypersexuality. A fascination with the posters used to advertise fetes, has prompted a series of interventions and a performance at Fresh Milk IX . Through an exploration of the visual language and the invented realities presented in the fete posters, Whittle presented a durational performance piece. Biography Alberta Whittle graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2011. Whittle makes collaged sculptural forms, using video, painting and textile processes. Earlier this year, Whittle completed a commission at the Museum of London, where she presented an interactive installation, referring to migration and displacement. She choreographs interactive installations, interventions and performances as site-specific artworks in public and private spaces, including at the Royal Scottish Academy (Scotland), Greatmore Studios (South Africa), Zemicon (Barbados) and Arratia Beer (Germany). Whittle has undertaken residencies in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. She is currently working and researching as an artist in residence at Fresh Milk in Barbados and looks forward to undertaking a residency at the Bag Factory (South Africa) in 2013.

COLLEEN LEWIS READING ROOM Bibliography of The Colleen Lewis Reading Room now available online The list of books FRESH MILK has in The Colleen Lewis Reading Room is now available online! Visit The Colleen Lewis Reading Room segment of our blog, and follow the link leading to to see what we have to offer in our collection. We welcome you to book a session in the library by emailing



TIYI BY DESIGN Tiyi by Design is an exclusive Caribbean label, producing exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry. Each piece is individually designed by professional metalsmith/jeweller, Ichia Tiyi.



MORE GALLERIES GANG OF 4 The Cottage, Springvale Plantation.St. Andrew . tel 438 7883. CONSTANT GALLERY OF FINE ART Sculpture and fine art (by appointment only), (246) 429 2654 and 232 7830. email: A GALLERY, By appointment please contact: Catherine Forter-Chee-ATow Curator/Artist Tel: 246 262 6238 or 246 262 6241 e: Royal Westmoreland, St James & The Mews Restaurant, Holetown

RECENTLY UPDATED On The Wall Gallery Barbados Arts Council

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Corrie Scott

ART CLASSES IN BARBADOS Fielding Babb at THE MAIN GUARD Introductory Art Classes. To confirm this and for more information please contact BARP or Fielding Babb MARK MAYNARD Art Classes on Saturdays. All Year Through. Under the tutelage of Mark Maynard. Tel 828-7869/432-0762 ARTS SPLASH For more information call Elayne on 834 7758 or 228 0776


Visit - website for the National Art Gallery Committee in Barbados for NEWS on current happenings. The site includes ArtistNet, the database of Barbadian visual artists; a click on ‘Artists’ will take you there. Visual artists are invited to post their profile and images on ArtistNet. Artists already on ArtistNet are reminded to send in their profile updates and new images. ArtistNet is a FREE NAGC service for artists. For further information contact the NAGC at +1 (246) 310 2700 or e-mail

THE FESTIVAL ART GALLERY Hastings Farmers Market on the first Saturday of each month. Festival Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery showing in excess of 50 local Barbadian artists who are painters, ceramic artists, photographers and sculptors. Bringing Art To The People

ART SUPPLIES THE ART HUB ( 2 locations) Art Hub New location from the 7th September Retail Store and Gallery James Forte Building Hincks Street Bridgetown, Convenient Parking (Old Zemicon space), Open Monday- Friday 8am- 4.30 pm, Saturday 8am-1pm. Tel: 436 2950 cell 231 6847 Sunset Crest will still be open for your convenience Monday 9am- Noon, Tuesday 9am3.30pm Thursday 9am-3.30pm Saturday 9am -1pm. # 163 Amaryllis Row,Sunset Crest, St. James.


Queen's Park Gallery is temporarily located at Pelican Craft Centre #12 on Harbour Rd, Bridgetown


The ART SUPERMARKET 'Fifty Dollar Store' , Opening reception Sunday December 9th at 6.30pm. Acquire paintings, jewellery, textiles, ceramics by some of the leading Artists in Barbados for B'dos$50 per item or less? Last year's collectors who bought many items from the exhibition will be back to have first choice, so be on time for the Opening! The exhibition changes daily as works are sold, removed and replaced. The exhibition closes on Dec. 29th. Queen's Park Gallery is temporarily located at Pelican Craft Centre #12 on Harbour Rd, Bridgetown QPG tel.#427-2345


FRAMING YOUR ART FINE ART FRAMING LTD, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, Barbados - (246) 426-5325

FAST FRAME FACTORY, Dayrell’s Road, St Michael (246) 426 9994 shaka@fastframefactory.biZ

AA FRAMING & DECORATION. #4, 1st Avenue Belleville, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246)-435-0513 Fax: (1-246)-426-6004 | E-mail:

FRAMING STUDIO At the Best of Barbados Head Office, Welches Plantation, H’way 2A, opposite Automotive Art. Lovely setting, easy parking, good prices and a large selection of frames and matt boards. We also repair paintings, stretch canvas and laminate. Open 8am- 3.30pm weekdays. Call Patrick or Elvina 421-6900 ext 29

CaFA Fair Barbados 2013 will be held March 13 - 17, 2013 at the exciting new location in Barbados...the Spirit Bond building in the heart of Bridgetown, Barbados! Stay tuned for participating artists and special events planned for our 3rd Edition. Keep up do date with latest developments at

VERY VANITA Great gifts that reflect the color and vibrancy of Barbados can be found in the Very Vanita line of products available at On The wall Galleries both at Earthwork and Champers and a few specially selected stores. Choose from the very popular throw cushions, tote bags, prints and assorted stationery totake home as a lasting memory of Barbados. A new line of kitchen, table accents and scarves will be available for the 2011 winter season. Items can be ordered on line at or

Building communities of practice one book at a time... We are dedicated to creating books and journals of exquisite beauty and cultural significance; to surveying the broader horizons of Caribbean thought; to celebrating the Caribbean sense of life.

THE BRIDGETOWN GALLERY @ SHERATON Sheraton Mall upstairs on the second floor, at the top of the escalators, across from the radio station. 9am to 9pm daily


Awarding of the Carmichael Prizes on Tuesday December 4th at 1pm

‘Christmas’ group show exhibition Dec 8th - Dec 29th Sheraton Mall upstairs on the second floor, at the top of the escalators, across from the radio station. 9am to 9pm daily 230-1750 or





In Barbados at Holders Season

To boldly and brilliantly pursue the adventure in everything artistic and to be a vital and uncommon cultural force in Barbados.

MOSAIC GIFTS Mosaic Gifts features the work of many local artists and artisans. At Hilton Barbados. Showcases paintings, prints, woodwork, ceramics and jewellery, all made locally. open daily from 10 am – 4pm

246 437 0794



Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI EBCCI at 417-4776

1 246 625 2020

Issue #6 just out! ARC MAGAZINE ARC Magazine is a quarterly Caribbean Art and Culture Print Magazine published out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by artists, Nadia Huggins and Holly Bynoe.

ARC Magazine is a non-profit Caribbean Art and Culture publication Company Overview ARC Magazine is a non-profit Caribbean Art and Culture Print and E-Magazine published out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by artists, Nadia Huggins and Holly Bynoe. “We are endeavoring to form a creative platform to offer insight into current practices across the burgeoning creative industries while bridging the gap between established and emerging artists. Within the recent motions of integration there is a critical space developing, where, for the first time we can envision a converging nexus of artists who want to share their creative experience.� Description - To foster and develop dialogues and opportunities for individual and collaborative visual and literary artists across the region. - To showcase artwork that encapsulates a pan-Caribbean focus, also paying respect to meta-archipelago lack of boundaries and center. We aim to connect artists in the diaspora, with artists practicing in the region and continental Caribbean. - To stimulate sharing and creativity by providing an outlet for self expression and uniqueness. - To encourage the sustenance of our intangible and tangible heritages while building a deeper understand of the value and need for the artists work. - To engage with literary and visual arts in a way that reflects the power and dynamic of both traditions.



Given the multilingual and shifting locations of Caribbean women artists, this special issue of MaComère focuses on the work of women whose artistic practices engage with the multiple meanings of the Caribbean and its diaspora. Through diverse written and visual contributions, this special issue seeks to begin a conversation about the ways in which Caribbean women artists, who define themselves as such, engage with and challenge the very notion of the “Caribbean” and introduce nuanced and intertextual concepts in relation to contemporary art practice(s). We invite contributions that contextualize the artwork historically and culturally, while offering close readings of the work by extensively engaging its formal and aesthetic qualities. For our purposes, discussion of Caribbean women's artistic practice will encompass all language areas in the region and its diaspora and is intended to be as inclusive as possible. CALL FOR PAPERS

MACOMĂˆRE THE JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION OF CARIBBEAN WOMEN WRITERS & SCHOLARS We invite submissions in the following areas: 1. Artist Essays. Self-reflective essays written by artists in which they explore their visual arts practice (2,000 - 2,500 words). 2. Visual Art Projects. Projects created by individual artists or in collaboration unique to the MaComère issue (4 pages ie. 2 pages back and front). 3. Critical Essays (no more than 5,000 words): a. Essays making links between the work of one or more Contemporary Women Artists whose visual practices encompass work in any of the following areas: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Installation, New Media, Performance, Photography, Land Art, Interventions/Public Art, and Sound Art. b. Essays that explore the frameworks, which provide the contexts for seeing and understanding the work being produced by contemporary female creatives. These framing devices might include academic journals and conferences, published texts, periodicals, curated exhibitions, formal and informal networks, national, regional and international exhibitions, biennials and prizes. 4. Reviews of Books (1,500-2,000 words) in which the work of Contemporary Women Artists are featured. 5. Reviews of current and recent exhibitions (1,500-2,000 words) which might include but are not limited to exhibitions such as Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art (USA); Disillusions: Gendered Visions of the Caribbean and its Diasporas (USA); Caribbean: Crossroads of the World (USA); Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions (USA); Who More Sci-Fi Than Us? (The Netherlands); Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa 1962 / circa 2012 (Canada), with a focus upon the role / visbility of women in these exhibitions. Submission process: Please send a 300-word abstract and a two-page CV to the Guest Editors to the following address:

Documents should be emailed with a subject line reading “MaComère Special Issue” referencing the submission area in the tagline i.e. Artist Essay, Critical Essay, Book Review, etc. by December 30th, 2012. Following the review of the abstracts, selected potential contributors will be notified by January 30th and asked to submit their full paper for the peer review process by May 30th 2013. This Special Issue will appear in Fall 2013. Inquiries can be directed to the Guest Editors: Annalee Davis ( Joscelyn Gardner ( Erica James, Yale University ( Jerry Philogene, Dickinson College ( MaComère is a refereed journal that is devoted to scholarly studies and creative works by and about Caribbean Women in the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean Diaspora. It is the journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars, an organization founded in 1995 (

STACEY TYRELL Ismay, 42 years 2012 Archival Epson Print 40 x 30 in.

“Art is about the core elements of our lives, manifested in what we see, hear, taste, make, read and write, wear, and how we move. It is the creative footprint that becomes the discernible difference between people of different countries and experiences. It is a unique cultural trademark and the magnet that draws us to explore the corners of the world in search of those aspects of life that make us different from each other. It is the goal of the Barbados Summer Arts Festival to encourage the celebration of these seven elements that reflect our cultural identity and as we do so, to foster their development, allowing gainful and sustainable development for their practitioners.“ Ronnie Carrington


A monthly programme is produced of all lectures, music and theatre events . To receive it by email or post please email Dale A. Christie-Bourne (Mrs.) Secretary,Frank Collymore Hall Tel: 246-436-9083/84 Ext 6639 Direct Line: 227-8371 Fax 1-246-228-2703 email or Joanna E Hinds

GALLERY # 6 Rafza Nehaul is a structural artist who works with natural materials, making a true comment on sustainability, recycling, education and a green world which creating contemporary art. Available are her art pieces as well as printed canvases and posters of her work, mirrors and her book on her art. The current exhibition covers India Visited, cricket and Joule. 100% locally produced items. The gallery and studio are both in her home. The gallery is open on Tuesdays. If you can't make Tuesdays, call 421-8188 for an appointment. 10AM - 3PM Gallery no 6, 6 Brighton Beach, off Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael

FRANGIPANI ART GALLERY, Sugar Cane Club, Hotel and Spa, St. Peter. (246) 422 5026

BRIDGETOWN FILM ACADEMY Our mission is to train and/or upgrade the skills of Caribbean people by conducting workshops in the areas of screenwriting, acting for film and television and digital filmmaking. In Barbados and the Caribbean our cultural landscape has evolved and we now sit at the threshold of what is for us a new frontier of cultural expression, the creation of a film industry. In addition, the world is now recognizing the Caribbean as a vast reservoir of untapped talent. In light of developments over the last six years, the Bridgetown Film Academy recognizes that we have reached critical mass in our effort to create a film industry in the Caribbean as a whole. We believe that it’s time for Caribbean people to tell their own stories to the world, and it is widely accepted that a viable film industry is the vehicle through which this shall be achieved. It is imperative therefore that we train persons and build capacity in the relevant areas to meet the demands of our fledgling film industry. In this regard, we believe that the Bridgetown Film Academy is the next logical step in the process. The Bridgetown Film Academy sees itself as fulfilling this role now and into the future. Our workshops are conducted by a team of dedicated individuals who share many years of combined knowledge and practical experience, and who are committed to the process sharing in order to help develop our film industry.

GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART The Gallery Of Caribbean Art will be presenting the works of a variety of artists, both metal and fine art works Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados

Tel: (246) 419-0858


Chris Alleyne and Lisa Herrera Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter Monday – Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm and Saturday, 9.30am to 2pm Tel: (246) 419-0858

THE GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART will be featuring THE MAGIC OF SILK An exhibition of silk fine and wearable art by Deborah Younglao-Banes December 9th

11 am - 2 pm

The exhibition continues until January 4th 2013

Alison Chapman-Andrews will be having a joint show with Tracey Williams at Caribbean Gallery of Art, February 10th, 2013. Alison will be showing these and others in her Bathing Suit Collection for the first time.

Tracey Williams & Alison Chapman-Andrews will be having a joint show at Caribbean Gallery of Art, February 10th, 2013.

Photo by Peter Boos

THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

A ‘Special Arts’ exhibition of paintings by Patrick Forde This is a wonderful exhibition portraying the creativity and talent of special needs artist Patrick Forde. Patrick has Down Syndrome and started to paint in oils in 1985. After a break he restarted painting, this time in acrylics and developed his unique style even futher. Opening Saturday 8th December, 5pm 8pm. ArtSplash Centre, Hastings, Ch. Ch.

Hastings Farmers Market is a great opportunity! Contact – call 228-0776 “This arts, craft and food market is open to everyone who produces something themselves. Whether it’s soap, sandals, paintings, pottery, music, books, good food, cakes or carrots the Hastings Farmers Market welcomes you. Its a lovely location just opposite the Hastings Rocks bandstand. “ 8am-11am

Mario Porchetta photo exhibition. Opening Fri the 16th of Nov 6.00pm - 9.00pm and running until the 7th of Dec. ‘Art and Children of the World’ A photographic exhibition by Italian photographer Mario Porchetta This is a fun and dynamic exhibition portraying the freedom of children been creative. The children are a major part of this project as they have assisted in the decoration of the pictures. Mario will also exhibit a selection of images of people in their everyday lives. These images were taken in several countries where he lived between 1977 and 2012.

1. Life drawing classes with international renowned artist Leandro Soto ( where he will guide you to a contemporary approach to human life drawing. During the course you will learn various techniques like pencil, charcoal, sumi-e from Japan, acrylic and mixed media. Wednesday 6pm- 7.30pm, Nov 7th - Dec 12th. $300 for 6 week term. $60 for drop-in class. 2. Beginner classes by Tara La Motta which starts this Tuesday the 6th of Nov. Beginner’s Painting and Drawing – Students will develop drawing and painting skills with an emphasis on concept, narrative and self awareness. By observing still and real life, students will learn drawing and painting techniques to depict colour, light, value, line, perspective and composition. Using materials such as graphite, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paint, student will create simple sketches and finished works. Participants will get individual attention and the chance for group interaction and discussion.

INS & OUTS BARBADOS 2012 Special Edition celebrating Barbados' prestigious Inscription of Bridgetown and its Garrison as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



’CaribbeanTales’ is a group of companies that produces, markets and distributes Caribbean-themed films. These include: CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution Inc, that links producers and buyers of quality filmed entertainment; the CaribbeanTales Film Festival Group that produces annual events in Toronto, Barbados and New York; the CaribbeanTales Incubator Program for Audio Visual Entrepreneurs that delivers training for filmmakers, and, a non profit that promotes citizen participation through the medium of film, contributing to an inclusive Canadian society. For further information visit

Our Mission To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries. The Role of the NCF The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events that are considered economically viable or socially acceptable. A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events. In addition, as culture becomes more pivotal to national and international policy, the National Cultural Foundation continues to re-assess its responsibilities in light of all its functions. FUNCTIONS of the NCF are: To stimulate and facilitate the development of culture generally To develop, maintain and manage theatres and other cultural facilities and equipment provided by Government To organize cultural festivals Assist persons interested in developing cultural expression. OBJECTIVES of the NCF are: To provide opportunities for Barbadian artists/artistes to showcase their talents with the end result being an increased demand for local work To educate Barbadians concerning their heritage To offer Barbadians and visitors alike a high quality product that informs, educates and entertains To equip our cultural workforce with technological skills and training to excel in their particular art forms To strengthen the local cultural product and in the process increase profits to the shareholders To create high quality products that will be competitive on the local, regional and international markets To maximize the role of the cultural sector in the tourism industry Rodney Ifill, Cultural Officer Visual Arts 424-0909 ext.234 Annette Nias Cultural Officer - Film and Photography 424-0909 Ext 238

Purple Palm is a local business supplying homes and businesses with the highest quality Print and Mirror furnishings. Using the artwork of many local artists in Barbados and the Caribbean plus work from around the world. We have been supplying to the hotel and villa industry for ten years, including prestigious clients such as Sandy Lane, Coral Reef, The Crane Beach Resort, Sugar Cane Club and Sandridge among others. We have also supplied numerous private villas, and work closely with local interior designers. Being directly affiliated with a 40,000 sq ft framing factory our prices are very competitive. Appointments to view our gallery at Rockley Resort can be made through Paul Hoad or Karen McGuire. 246-2332173

‘Peripatetikos’ – A Wanderer's View of the Island of Barbados An insightful collection of images of the island of Barbados that redefine the meaning of Paradise, ‘Peripatetikos’ is the story of one artist's journey of re-discovery. Over a period of 3 years, visual artist William St.James Cummins (native of Barbados) has seen beyond the gloss of island life through a camera trained on the unexpected, the hidden, the more mundane yet charming textures of his Caribbean home. Beautiful colour and black & white photographs (also available as prints). WILLIAM CUMMINS


THE ART DEN Art Supplies. Stretched canvases ranging from 14”x10” to 30”x24”; acrylic paint, tear off palettes, painting boards, sketch books & sketchpads, portfolios, matboard, black & white only & presentation boards in two sizes. BAC (Barbados Arts Council) members will receive between 10% off art supplies on presentation on their membership card. Art Den # 437 1019, ask for Marcia, Sandra or Elsa, email THE ART HUB Canvases, paints, brushes, stretchers, bars, mediums.Sumi supplies: Rice paper 8 by 20 Hosho, Unryu 24 by 36, Variety bamboo brushes, sumi ink. Watercolour paper, charcoal paper, pastel paper, various drawing media, willow charcoal, graphite compressed woodless (2B,4B,6B,8B) watersoluble, India ink, fixative, textile paint, dyes, fabric markers, silk lino, block printing ink, cutters, brayers, plus more email Art supplies. BAC (Barbados Arts Council) members will receive between 5% - 10% off most artsupplies on presentation on their membership card. tel: 432 2328 mobile: 266 5016. #163 Amaryllis Row, Cordia Avenue, Sunset Crest, St James


My website - in-shop is offering two e-books - Shake Dat Cocktail (a trip around the islands on cocktails) and Cocktails & Hors D' Oeuvres with myself and the late Grand Dame of Caribbean Cuisine Chef Norma Shirley. Both make great presents. Nyam Jamaica is on special for Christmas at US$140 including shipping. Those living in Barbados can order through me direct for BDS$150 signed. In Jamaica, of course, the book is carried by most bookstores. If you are visiting Devon House, Grogg Shop has them and whilst you are there, do enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner. Norma Shirley's spirit lives on. On NBC's morning show as one of the best picks for 2008/9 as Christmas presents, Nyam Jamaica makes an incredible corporate gift as it is not just a cookbook but a culinary tour that includes history, traditions and culture, meeting the people from parish to parish. It can be used from Primary to University level as an educational book and is in the hands of several international Chefs and, therefore, not only useful for a hotel or restaurant but also for culinary schools/colleges/universities. A collector's item, there are few left and there will be no more hard copies once the original stock of 6,000 copies is finished (see website for details and download for free the sponsorship proposal to learn more). NEWS RE BARBADOS BOOK: The Barbados book - Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n - goes to the designers on January 16th and this is good news especially for me as I believe it is time to put this book to rest from my computer and have the world see it. We are going for GOLD in Paris again. Endorsed by the late Prime Minister of Barbados, David Thompson; by Mia Mottley and the Inter-American Institute for CoOperation in Agriculture - Barbados - with comments from international Chef Art Smith (Oprah's personal Chef), writer/author Barbadian Elombe Mottley (Jamaica), playright/author/artist Trinidadian Lennox Raphael (Denmark) and others, this book is carded to hit the world like a good refreshing storm! On my website you will also find under Downloads, a synopsis for sponsorship for the Barbados book. If you would like to sponsor a double page for say a farmer, just have your corporate office's logo and details within or have an amazing food product or related product (restaurant, hotel) that you wish to go down in the annals of history, please contact me ASAP as I begin to close down this opportunity. This book is also a collector's item, will be going to be judged at the World Cookbook Awards in Paris, and I know will be one that will make Barbados proud and be placed into the annals of history. Naturally it is a big hard-cover visual book and costly to produce, so I am asking to dig deep into your budgets and let me know if there is a bit of sponsorship available. Bless. Do help by sending this information on to any of your contacts. I can be contacted at Have a wonderful, blessed and prosperous rest of the year, Love and light, Rosemary



BAJAN REPORTER Supporter of the arts in Barbados. Wonderful New On Line Newspaper Congratulations to Bajan Reporter who has been a wonderful patron to the arts in Barbados by giving all art forms exposure in his newspaper and so helping our culture get out there. Wonderful advertising prices too. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT AT TOTALLY BARBADOS AT NO COST ! Do you have an event that you want everyone to know about? Then list your Event on the Totally Barbados Events Calendar and let us help you generate more public awareness of what’s going on in Barbados at any given time. Simply click on the below link to Submit An Event� at no cost to you and be a part of our Monthly Events Calendar; one of the largest event calendars for Barbados! No event is too big or too small - simply fill in all relevant information such as the date, time and descriptions of each event to let it be known throughout Barbados and across the World Wide Web.

RAMELTON ESTATE A place to create or just to be

unhurried, unworried, unspoiled



The quintessential guide to contemporary Caribbean chic. Caribbean travel, homes, cuisine, and people.

MACO Caribbean Living is the epitome of Caribbean elegance, creativity and style, showcasing the region’s finest architecture, homes, art, landscaping, and cuisine. MPeople with island-specific issues available in Barbados and Trinidad features intimate conversations with personalities, sports legends, artists and socialites, as well as an inside look at the most exciting events, private parties and happenings. We take our readers behind closed doors, beyond the velvet rope, giving them an all-access pass into the lives of the fabulous and the famous within the Caribbean. Subscribe online at Maco Caribbean Home Book This book is a very sexy, glamorous book featuring a collection of the best privately owned homes in the Caribbean. This book showcases 17 homes in 12 different islandsďż˝ Antigua, Barbados, Canouan, Carriacou, Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica, Mustique, St Barthelemy, St Lucia, St Vincent and Trinidad. Some of the houses featured are: Sir Cliff Richards House in Barbados, David Bowie's house in Mustique, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves house in St. Vincent and Ric Lee's cave house in Grenada

Barbados Chattel Houses This beautiful 10" x 12" hardcover book published in 2011 features 176 pages of photography by Bob Kiss, capturing these unique gems of folk architecture through the hallowed, traditional medium of archival quality platinum-palladium prints. Author: Henry Fraser Photographer: Bob Kiss Publisher: Toute Bagai Publishing



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December 2012 Arts Events magazine Barbados  
December 2012 Arts Events magazine Barbados  

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