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Welcome to the Arts Directory Barbados Barbados 2011

Featuring artists with an image of their work, their bio/artist’s statement and contact information. With the convenience of links on individual pages to email addresses and websites. Art, Photography, Sculpture, Installations, Pottery, Craft work, Handcrafted Jewellery and more. All images are copyrighted and may not be published or sold without permission of the individual artists


How It Happened I have, for so many years, wanted to create a free online reference book where anyone, in any part of the world, may access the creative people in Barbados. I could not do this on my own and Kathy Yearwood heard of my idea, offered to partner with me and I happily agreed. What started out in March as a small book of what I thought might be a maximum of one hundred and fifty pages turned into a tome of over three hundred pages. A mixture of excitement and fear at what we had taken on. And here we are in December 2011 with a book showing off the talents in Barbados. So exciting. The eight month adventure began. Finding artists, photographing them and their work. From March 2011 to October 2011 Kathy and I collated the artwork, the bios and statements and travelled around the island garnering images and information. Large collections of artwork in homes. Convincing people who thought they were too old and forgotten and watching them smile as their work was photographed and having them talk about themselves so that we could create a bio for them. Literally slipping down the hills of clay at Chalky Mount to see an original kiln and spend the day with the potters. Temple Yard with the Rastafarian community where they are blessed with talent, especially carving, and then coming away with gifts of pineapples and avocados. Photographing in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other to get the right angles. Going to openings and craft shows and talking to many. Coming to my home, going to Kathy’s, and going wherever was needed. Meeting the different personalities in so many locations as I photographed many of them for their portrait photo for the book. Remembering some who have left us. A labour of love, learning and fun. The thank you part as I could not have done this on my own. Norma Springer who encouraged me to “take the book and run with it”. Kathy Yearwood who offered to partner with me collating and to create the book for artists in Barbados. Alison Chapman-Andrews for helping Kathy and I proof read. Amazing how much you miss no matter how many times we went over it. Sue Bain for offering her professional opinion and suggestions as a copy editor. Peter Boos for all the encouragement. Laura Lin Hutchinson for her introduction. Finally, the most important people, the creative souls who put their trust in Kathy and I to show them off to their best. I hope we have done this. Corrie Dec 7th 2011

LAURA LIN HUTCHINSON Laura Lin has written features for most of the major glossy magazines including island Life, Maco and Shabeau. She did a series of catalogue portraits of various artists for the Art Collectors of Barbados and is the writer/producer of the award winning short film ‘Holding On’. She is available to write/edit bios and profiles for artists.

THE ARTS DIRECTORY BARBADOS How often has the question arisen as to why as yet we haven’t an accessible and comprehensive directory of visual artists in Barbados? And how frequently has this sparked the response of how long overdue it is and how it’s about time someone put one together? Far too often was the question asked and finally someone has put it together …some two persons actually, namely Corrie Scott and Kathy Yearwood who realized the time had finally come for this bubbling idea to be visibly manifested into a stunning and informative reality. So taking the initiative and making the amazing effort are these two entrepreneurs – Corrie Scott, an established, visual artist and photographer and Kathy Yearwood, a patron of the arts and curator of Festival Art Gallery who have compiled The Arts Directory Barbados – a new and informative online publication as well as hard copy book. The time couldn’t be better as Barbados’ artistic community has expanded and grown into a diverse group of talented individuals that range from stay at home hobbyists and student graduates to internationally recognized professionals, covering the gamut of varying forms and medium of expression. The Directory is online and the pages have direct links to the artists and their websites. The full book is viewable on line at no cost and hard copies will be available for purchase directly from the publisher from December 2011.

A Directory sounds like it might be a dreary list of artists, their email addresses and tel nos. Far from, this is a beautifully constructed work of art in itself, lovingly compiled with each artist allotted his/her own page formatted with a picture of the artist and sample of work, the artist’s statement, bio and contact info. It is indeed a labour of love with Corrie driving around to personally photograph individual artists and their works to ensure a quality level production. The Art Directory Barbados encompasses all art forms. Art - sketchings, etchings, acrylics, oil, ceramics, sculptures and installations‌traditionalists, expressionists, photo realists, landscapists, old school, new school, no school. Photography, craft, hand crafted jewelry and more. The Directory will essentially facilitate Artists and the Art seeking public alike by providing an accessible and comprehensive link which has of course been missing up to now. Home owners, decorators, businesses and buyers of all sorts can simply peruse the Directory and take their pick from a smorgasbord of delightful talent; find their favourite artist or discover someone new whose style captures their attention and contact the artist directly. The full book will also of course be a lovely addition to anyone’s collection. The project has grown considerably with an extraordinary number of Artists responding enthusiastically wanting to be included. Corrie and Kathy have purposefully kept fees low because the motivation here is a genuine desire for homegrown and resident artists to get exposure and for the Arts to flourish; the intention is really to provide this long overdue service rather than to be a money making venture. LauraLin Hutchinson 2011

VICTOR AGARD "I am a teacher. I am an artist. I am the artist inside the person inside the teacher. Art/Craft is a means of self-expression and therefore should be presented with cross-curriculum linkages aimed at helping students see how the talent they possess can be developed into something more valuable. Art is really a functional entity. It is used to energize our otherwise clandestine personal soliloquies. It is a representation of our contribution to our debate/conversation with others. Thus dance, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, writing, acting, and so must be seen as media for selfexpression. Each medium/method nevertheless requires the same consideration of the principles of good design. “ 7D Church Drive, Eden Lodge, St. Michael, BB 12020 (246) 438 0834 M (246) 231 2747 or

MICHAEL ALKINS Michael Alkins was born and educated in Barbados. He studied Graphic Design in the UK, where he subsequently worked as a freelance graphic designer as well as Art Editor for various publishing companies. Since resettling in Barbados he has concentrated on painting, focusing on watercolour in a classic style to capture, in particular, the natural beauty of the local coastline. Recently, he has been using a more expressionistic approach with acrylics to produce strikingly vibrant abstract paintings that express his love of colour and composition. He also creates distinctively decorated ceramic art pieces. Many of his paintings have been reproduced as art prints and cards. He has work in the collections of local business companies and private individuals in Barbados, UK and North America. He has participated in numerous group shows and exhibitions in the UK and Barbados and is a NIFCA awards winner. He has served on the executive committee of the Barbados Arts Council. 37 Blue Waters, Rockley, Christ Church, Barbados BB15141. (246) 435 6640

CHRIS ALLEYNE “I got my first camera at the age of eight, and cannot think of a time in my life when I did not own at least one. In my early days I cannot claim to have produced any work of significance, but it began what has turned out to be a lifetime fascination with light. When digital photography came of age in the early 2000’s I bought my first digital camera - it was like I had died and gone to heaven. The marriage of art and technology gave me a whole new world in which I could immerse myself, and I did so with abandon. Since 2003 I have shot upwards of 50,000 frames - most of which fell by the wayside in the interest of learning the new ‘darkroom’ techniques. In 2005 I started painting in acrylic, and hung my first solo show at the Gallery of Caribbean Art about 14 months later. Painting is an interesting addition to the photography, but my paintings show very little to differentiate them from the photographs that they come from. They are just copies. In December 2010 I published my first book, ‘into the light’.” 970 Kingsland Crescent, Christ Church, Barbados (246) 231 3002

DAVID ALLEYNE David has been painting for over 25 years. His medium of choice is acrylic, and his forte is Barbadiana for its brilliant colour and interesting images. He has clients from all over the world, including Sir Cliff Richard. While here, at home, his paintings are in the possession of many, including former Barbados Prime Minister, The Hon Owen Arthur, MP. (246) 421 8901

M (246) 257 8556

HARTLEY ALLEYNE “Art has provided me with the greatest of pleasure, inspiration and challenge, whether teaching, producing or administering. My themes inspire my approach to the work, but I love deep, rich colours with sharp contrasts.�

SUSAN ALLEYNE-FORDE “My paintings are a direct reflection of the strong influence of my homeland and the neighbouring islands. I see the vibrancy of colour, the complexities of my beautiful people at work and at play, the homes that we live in, the varied tropical landscapes and then I want to represent them on canvas. The challenge is to do it all justice and in my own way.” Susan was first introduced to drawing and pastel painting by her mother at a very early age. Intended to be a distraction, the art went on to become Susan’s passion. After exploring graphite pencils and oil pastels, Susan graduated to watercolours, and, much later, to acrylics and oils. An award winning artist, her favourite medium is oil paint, although she frequently works in acrylic. Susan’s true love is the rendering of the human figure. This has led her to become an established portrait artist, doing both quick and lengthy poses. This has not affected her ability to depict land and seascapes. #2 ‘Sterling’, Black Rock, St. Michael (246) 425 7272 M (246) 230 9489

HILARY ARMSTRONG Hilary paints in acrylic on paper and canvas. She creates murals on walls and ceilings and paints decorative finishes on furniture and more. W (246) 433 5482 H (246) 435 9900

ALLAN ASHBY “I am a young Barbadian artist who has been involved in art for over 20 years but commercially for about 12 years. I was born 2 September 1975 and educated at Queen’s College Secondary School and the University of the West Indies in Barbados. I studied Cambridge University Advanced level Art and Design at secondary school, specializing in screen printing, from the design development concept to the printing. I also have training in ceramics and graphics. However, my natural inclination in the art field is acrylic painting on canvas. I have always been inspired by palm trees and beach scenes which are quite common in Barbados. My inspiration by this type of scenery has encouraged me to produce abstract post cards of such scenery. I started seriously painting with acrylics in 2003 and it has since been my chosen medium as I was easily able to adopt a unique painting style. My style deliberately avoids human activity and structures as much as possible in order to focus on the natural beauty of beaches. It is my hope to put on an exhibition someday. My intention in the future is to produce work for corporate clients and to continue to produce work for anyone who wants the opportunity to see Barbados through my eyes.”

GORDON ASHBY An architect by profession, Gordon Ashby's first love is art. Figurative work and still life are his vehicles of expression and he works in oils, acrylics and mixed media. His notion of being an artist is as one crying out in the wilderness, looking behind the polite facade of middle-class conservatism, mirroring its strengths and weaknesses and shaking the tree of society to its core. His focus is on expressing universal themes such as time and sense of place. (246) 427 2482

“I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.� Diego Rivera

ARTHUR ATKINSON Atkinson has been exhibiting since 1968. His style of painting has been for the most part representational, sometimes stylised, and for a period, totally abstract. His subject matter has been inspired by Barbados and things Bajan. He works mainly in acrylic, watercolour and occasionally mixed media. Over the years he has mounted 12 solo exhibitions, 5 exhibitions partnered with another artist and participated in over 25 major National and Caribbean exhibitions in Barbados, Cuba, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, London, Miami, Paris, Sao Paulo The Dominican Republic, and Washington. In 2008 he was honoured with a retrospective exhibition and The Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts. Atkinson, a graphic designer by profession, has designed stage sets for the BDTC and other groups, and horticultural displays for the BHS. He has been growing bonsai as a hobby since 1973. (246) 427 8190


(246) 427 8190

EWAN ATKINSON Ewan Atkinson was born in Barbados in 1975 and received a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1998. He has exhibited in regional and international exhibitions of Caribbean contemporary art, including most recently The 2010 Liverpool Biennial, "Rockstone and Bootheel" at Real Art Ways in Hartford Connecticut, and "Infinite Islands" at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. Atkinson has taught in the BFA program at the Barbados Community College since 2000 and also works as a freelance illustrator and designer. Ewan Atkinson's work deals with the development of persona and character within the social boundaries that might define or confine a community, specifically Caribbean island communities. What value systems control social roles and moral positions? Where do these notions originate and who keeps these ideals in place? Influence from educational experience, formal and informal, is of particular interest. Role-play is an important part of the work, fictional characters are the tools with which conflict between community and singularity are explored. The moments when external cultural influences and folk ‘traditions’ meet become points of departure.

AZIZA For more than 30 years Aziza, an expressionist painter, has lived in the Caribbean, painting life as she sees it reflected. Her work is collected internationally and shown worldwide. Aziza shares time between her studios in Barbados, Antigua, and Arizona, U.S.A Barbados (246) 263 4465 (agent Antje Congo) 246 259 9588 Antigua (agent Pelican Lodge Studios, Jan Jackson) (268) 560 1364 United States (520) 510 6019

FIELDING BABB Fielding is one of Barbados’ most enduring and widely collected artists. Babb’s trademark is a vigorous impasto relief style, in which he applies the paint with quick strokes of a palette knife. He works rapidly, infused with the sheer joy of painting and it is fascinating to watch as the work takes form and life in his skillful hands. For some fifty years Fielding has painted the sights of Barbados, its unique vernacular architecture and its way of life. He started painting as young boy of twelve and encouraged by pioneer painters like Karl Broodhagen, he chose art as a career. He has in turn become a great influence on young Barbadian artists. ‘Tara’, Montrose, Christ Church

(246) 420 5634


PAOLA BALDI Paola Baldi who is from Turin, Italy, moved to Barbados in 1980. Started her career painting flowers in the manner of Georgia O’Keefe. Later moved to produce surrealist work in a post –Impressionist and geometric style. She experiments also with mixed media and collages in her abstract works. At present her Bajan Postcard series reflect her naive impressions of Barbados, her island home and its surroundings. Her works are in private collections in Barbados, United States, France, Italy, Monte Carlo, London, Singapore and Uruguay. Paola Baldi received the Medal of Cavaliere Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana Bannatyne Plantation House Christ Church, Barbados, West Indies (246) 437 2847


(246) 437 2847

IRENE BANFIELD Irene Banfield is well versed in the use of a variety of styles and media, prominent among which are acrylics, lino and mixed media. Much of her work records vanishing aspects of Barbadian life in a variety of meaningful and artistic expressions. She is a visual arts teacher of over 24 years and part-time tutor at the Barbados Community College. She holds a BFA Degree and a Masters Degree in Heritage Studies. Banfield has exhibited locally and internationally. M (246) 244 1043

STEVENSON ‘BASULA’ BEST Although showing promise at school Basula nevertheless went on to pursue studies in Agriculture and it was whilst training at The International Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture that his tutor recognized his artistic abilities and contracted him as artist-consultant. By the early nineteen nineties Basula became influenced by Rastafarian culture and made the decision to become self-employed, supporting himself by creating a variety of works. Among these were murals at places such as Mullins Beach Bar and Pizza Man Doc at Speightstown. His early inspiration came from Ras Akyem, Ras Jahaziel and Ras Ilix. He is currently a tutor at the Barbados Youth Service where he has worked since 2003 teaching young adults aspects of drawing, painting and soft wood carving. (246) 422 9953

M (246) 239 1087

HAZEL-ANN MAHY-BATSON As a child Hazel-Ann enjoyed art classes at school. It was soon realised that Hazel had some talent and received a distinction in her G.C.E. certificate of art at o’level. After leaving school the paint brushes were set aside as she pursued a demanding career and the hectic life of building a family. As her 40th birthday approached, the art bug within woke up and she resumed her painting. Soon after joining Newcomers Art Group, taught by Indrani Whittingham, she had the opportunity to take part in several exhibitions, from which she has received Silver and Bronze Awards from NIFCA. Her media are oils and acrylic and she specialises in painting plants and scenery

LARRIE BELGRAVE Visual Artist-Specializing in water colour, oils and charcoal. “My wish is to visually capture and preserve life and its environs through a multi-faceted approach for generations to come.“ Douglin’s Village, St. Andrew, Barbados W.I.

(246) 427 6188

M (246) 241 2395

DENIS BELL Denis Bell studied at North Staffordshire Technical college and Central School of Art London from 1952 to1956 after which he came to Barbados as a production manager for Apes Hill brick factory. Later he would partner with Christopher Russell to create the Christopher Russell Pottery which would lead to the development of Pelican Village .He then left Barbados in 1970 and returned in 1980 to establish Red Clay Pottery a family pottery producing large vases, thrown ware, clay, kilns and technical support to local potters. Denis’s mastery of his technical and industrial skills with his artistic ability has lead directly to the development of the local pottery industry. (246) 424 3800

MAGGIE BELL “I am a second generation Bajan potter I first learned my pottery from my father and then spent three years in England learning the technology and design of pottery. Afterwards I came back to Barbados and worked exclusively with the local clay that is prepared for me by my family. My work is influenced mainly both by my island environment and its culture and by my experiences in life.� (246) 424 3800

HEIDI BERGER "I work with techniques of pouring paint, reworking scrubbed surfaces, and incorporating collage. Words have always been important to me, so random words and phrases show up in the paintings. Pentimento, the under painting and layering of the surface have to do with allowing the past to influence the present, bringing order to randomness. I usually prepare a background, then paint the subject over the top, hoping that the previous layers will retain their integrity and bring unity to the painting. I consistently return to the subject of ‘In her own space’, topics related to the lives of women. The women of Barbados, where my family has had a home for more than three decades, continue to inspire me. As artist, and as ‘almost Bajan’, I am an observer and a witness— I am constantly on the look out for people who ‘speak’ to me, for the look or gesture which prods me to hang on to that moment, their moment, in paint. Perhaps it is that I recognize myself in them." (246) 427 8023


DEBBIE BISHOP Deborah Bishop is a local artist who trained as an Interior Designer, Art Therapist and is currently finishing her Masters in Counselling Psychology at UWI Cave Hill. She gains inspiration for her art work from interacting with nature and pours out her emotions into her art. Therefore when you view her art, you are seeing a glimpse of her authentic self. Deborah or Debbie as she is called by her friends, is an executive member of the Barbadian Arts Council and is thrilled to help promote local artists.

STEPHEN BISHOP Stephen Bishop is a self taught artist. A small farmer living in rural Barbados his work reflects his concerns with his environment. Bourne Land, Flat Rock, St George

(246) 823 6430

KEITH BLACKETT Keith Blackett has been a stalwart on the Executive of the Barbados Arts Council for many years. He works in a ďŹ gurative style on still life art, usually of traditional Barbadian objects, landscapes and cityscapes 99 Welches Terrace, St. Thomas

(246) 421 6540

JEAN BLADES Canadian born, Barbadian artist living and working in Barbados since 1985. Basic Philosophy I value my finished product by how the painting improves on, intensifies, or transcends its source. If I fall short of any of these objectives, I destroy the work. History What and how I paint has been a long struggle over many years of trial and error. Much thought goes into each effort. My best canvases are a fusion of three personal worlds.-- visible, visionary, and emotional. Memory is my key. Emotional memory is the most powerful tool I use. Inspiration The disappearing Barbadian landscape is my inspiration. I paint landscapes that genuinely move me. 'The artist does not choose his subject, his subject chooses him.' ( Picasso) Medium Acrylic paint on canvas - not so often on Arches 400 lb rough paper- with a palette knife. Acrylic is wonderful in this tropical climate. I love the intense color of my environment. Acrylic gives me this color to use. Also it dries quickly so dust, lizards, birds and other tropical hazards are not a problem. It is nonflammable, does not yellow, and will not darken. I only use professional grade products. Statement I hope people see in my work what I want them to see. However, intellectual or emotiomal involvement are outside my control. I simply ask the viewer to see my work "Through My Eyes“ (246) 428 7150

AHMAD RASHEED BOODHOO “I started my career as an artist in the early 70’s with Omowale at Yoruba Yard and then De PAM. In the 90’s I spent most of my time coaching and assisting with my family business. I re-entered the Barbados Art Council of which I serve as an Executive. I have traveled from as near as St Vincent to as far as Greece. I took up Photography and joined the Barbados Photographic Society. I am presently doing location scouting and still photography for movie production companies.” M (246) 837 8880

JOAN BORYTA “I was looking for a change of palette from somber to something bright. The Caribbean offers me just that: an explosion of colour in the landscape as well as in the busy, lively, and spirited people, commotion, activity, narrow streets lined with shuttered chattel houses held up by an assortment of rocks and blocks, the sun-soaked beaches against the turquoise water, and new things for me to observe and know and paint. I came here from New England, USA. This renewal has given me new life, exciting challenges, and opened up broader horizons. My work has become my life.�

WAYNE BRANCH Wayne Branch was born and raised in rural St. Joseph, a district tailor-made for the creatively inclined, as reflected in his early works of verdant light-filled landscapes. Initially self taught, Wayne later studied at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Yale University Graduate School of Fine Arts. Wayne has won many awards and prizes, and his art is in collections locally, regionally and internationally, including the Detroit Institute of Arts museum. He continues to create art which highlights the effect of natural light while expressing the reflective moods, emotion, life and customs of his subjects. (246) 230 5127

(718) 880 6540


HUBERT BRATHWAITE “To me art is my lifeblood. Other things come after that.” Born in 1930 and educated at Bay Street Primary, he developed an early interest in pursuing a career as an artist. Chosen in 1954 to participate in the ALCOA exhibition in New York the following year he was awarded a prize and two certificates. Deeply spiritual his work reflects everyday urban life. Perhaps his best known work is Independence Celebration 1966 which was chosen for the dust jacket of ‘Art in Barbados- What Kind of Mirror Image.’ Brydens Avenue, Brittons Hill, St Michael

JANICE SYLVIA BROCK Janice Sylvia Brock will begin a new work without the aid of preliminary outlines, and from the first touch of colour laid onto the virgin canvas her brush strokes are utterly confident. This is evident in the result: works which resonate with life, sensuality, and humour. Born in UK, and maintains a studio in nearby Alderley Edge, but now spends most of her time in Barbados. Her paintings hang in collections throughout the world, and have changed hands for up to US$200,000. In the UK in 2010 she exhibited at London’s prestigious Saatchi Gallery, and in 2011 she was a guest of HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace. Her autobiography is to be published early in 2012 to coincide with her first exhibition in Dubai. Brocklands Studio, St James, Barbados (246) 432 6061 M (246) 237 7670

KARL BROODHAGEN 1909-2002 Karl Broodhagen was born in British Guiana- now Guyana. He migrated to Barbados at fifteen. For the first twenty years he made a living as a tailor, later gravitating to the visual arts. Regarded as one of five Pioneering Artists of Barbados he gained a Diploma in Fine Art in 1954 from the Goldsmiths College in London and produced some of his finest pieces in the 1950's and 60's. He pursued his art when there was little promotion of the arts at a National Level. His specialty was portraiture, producing works of Sir Grantley Adams, George Lamming, Major Noott and Frank Collymore. He started the Art Department at Combermere School and taught generations of Combermerians until past his mid eighties. Karl has done statues of two National Heroes, The Right Excellent Sir Grantley Adams and The Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers, and a bust of The Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod. Karl exhibited in London, U.S.A., Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica,, Cuba, Mexico, and Italy. He is probably best know for his statue of ’A Slave in Revolt’ The Emancipation Statue, Barbados. (246) 243 - 2898

VIRGIL BROODHAGEN Virgil Broodhagen was born in Barbados on September 1st., 1943. He was educated at St. Mary's Boys School, The Barbados Technical Institute and Combermere Secondary School, Barbados. He emigrated to Canada on December 29th., 1966, worked for The Canadian Government recording and designing for the restoration of historic buildings, archaeological sites and vessels. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba. In September 2001 Virgil and his father Karl Broodhagen celebrated 31 years of exhibiting together in Barbados. Virgil has continued the annual tradition since his father's death on August 21st., 2002. Two paintings by Virgil were featured on stamps by The Barbados Postal Service, issued in 1995 and 2008. Virgil has exhibited in Florence Italy, Cuba, London, throughout Canada and the U.S.A. He designed the Cubana Airline Monument in Barbados. A piece of his sculpture can be found in the Sculpture Peace Garden, Changchun, China. (246) 243 - 2898

JHAN PATRICIA BROWNE (Jhan) Patricia Browne is a Barbadian artist who has been painting and studying art for approximately 8 years. Her oil paintings reflect beachscapes, landscapes and chattel houses. She participates in group shows with the Barbados Art Council, the Festival Art Gallery and the New Comers Club and more recently at the Queen's Park Gallery. She is an Executive member of the Barbados Arts Council.


AYISSA BURNETT Ayissa Burnett has been a practicing textile artist since 1994 and specializes in the art of resist dyeing, block and lino printing, hand embroidery and weaving. Throughout her journey as a textile artist, Ayissa has gained a wealth of knowledge about the art form. Although primarily self taught, she has been instructed by some renowned regional and international textile artists including weaver Roslyn Watson, and Ghanaian textile artist Akushka Buku. She also pursued Art Appreciation at U.W.I., Drawn Work and Hand Embroidery in Hunan, China as well as the Aid to Artisans Market Readiness Program in Manhattan. In 2006 Ayissa rebranded Ayissa Textile Designs and has displayed at various trade shows including Bmex, Caribbean Gift and Craft Show 2006 & 2007 in St Kitts & Curacao respectively and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2010 in Manhattan. Some of her previous exhibitions include Crop Over Fine Craft 1995 and 2003 where she received Honourable Mentions both years, “Young Contemporaries” 1995 & 1996, “Fabricana” 2001,”Textile, Jewellery & Glass” 2009 ,“Common Threads” 2010 and “Craft Women of our Fate” 2011. Ayissa’s range of products includes fabric panels, home accessories, soft furnishings, lamps and wall hangings. (246) 228 4326 or (246) 258 7698

RAS ISHI BUTCHER The Barbadian artist Ras Ishi has been a very prolific Caribbean painter for the past three decades. He has continually honed his skills over that time and attained a high level of professionalism. Today he continues to explore and investigate the mysteries of the Caribbean individuality. Explore his virtual gallery and share the aesthetic orgasm of his works, as you delve into the soul of this creative, pugnacious and poetic artist. Enjoy the journey! Sealy Hall, St. John, BB 20007 (246) 423 1022 (246) 423 1186 M (246) 266 9313

CAROL CADOGAN “I love Art, I love Fashion. I love Architecture and I love Painting. Clearly at some point in my life I had to continue to record my interest in matters which inspire me and impact on my imagination. There is no better time than the present for me to continue on this journey. Fragments and ramblings of my life experiences were set out in seven sections for the Rare Bird Art launch in 2011. This wistful approach to the theming of my art work is a key element in my plan to create unusual art expressions.� Rare Bird Art Experience Gallery at #6 Draxhall, Hope, St George (246) 433 5904 or M (246) 271 4144 or (246) 230 5596

"...the Internet, social media, cell phones. They were a new way to beat the drums, patch the quilt.“ Robert Edison Sandiford, ‘Massiah’

ALLISON CALLENDER "My work is a reflection of my surroundings. I work mostly in monochromatic browns, blues and greens, and my themes are inspired by nature. I use mostly aspects of the female form, plants, flowers, leaves, and organic shapes. I have a passion for mixed media and will often incorporate found objects, shells, small pebbles, beads and fabric into my work. I am currently focussed on creating several combinations of hand-painted cushions and fabric using tie dye and mixed media, as well as miniature mixed media acrylic on canvas works in bold colours of reds, oranges and yellows." (246) 234 4604

Facebook: Hand-painted by faith


JOHN CARTER The son of distinguished artist Fielding Babb John paints vignettes of Bajan life. He works chiefly in oils. 'Tara', Montrose, Christ Church (246) 420 5634

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.� James McNeill Whistler

ALISON CHAPMAN-ANDREWS Although trained in English art schools, Alison’s “art vocabulary” was developed in the West Indian landscape, drawing in Barbados and Guyana. The rural environment of royal palms, fields and plants, became her inspiration and subject. As the subject was familiar and not “difficult”, she was free to pursue her own interpretations and impose her ideas of colour and design. These have changed through many phases and she is currently concerned with texture of paint and the use of collage. “I believe that the next painting produced will be the one to succeed totally. This continual search for a successful personal outcome is what it seems to be about. All I can do is keep making, composing, and working. Fortunately each painting, magically, seems to carry within it the germ of the next” She exhibited her collection of mostly non representational Barbadian art and craft in 2010. (246) 429 4897


ROMELL CHASE "My name is Romell Chase a B.F.A (Barbados Community College) graduate. My work is about pure raw energy. It is about personal interpretation of my surroundings as I render the thought process into formal, expressively random, chaotic collages. The works present an emotional, atmospheric energy which focus primarily through complex mark making." School Gap, Hindsbury Road, St. Michael

(246) 426 5766

(246) 238 6553

ADUKE CHEESEMAN A self taught and part time Barbadian artist who has been painting from early childhood. She is widely known for natural expression and vibrant colours on canvas, as she paints in oils capturing the beauty of life. Aduke was also nominated for her achievements to visual arts . Originals and prints are available direct from the artist and the Barbados Art Council. (246) 4273827

KRIS CHOY Kris Choy ( nee Wilkins) was born in Guyana , South America where she studied art. She moved to Barbados in 1980 and raised her daughter and began painting during an ' empty nest ' syndrome about 12 years ago. She has participated in workshops in the USA and Barbados, learning how to use pastels and oil paints in 'plein air ' painting, as well as collage techniques and watercolours . This affords her the opportunity to paint outdoors and savour the nuances of the landscape and the swift changes of light and conditions. Her favorite subjects are the landscape and portraiture. She feels it is important to record places as they are now since, in this rapidly changing world, the future generations will know how beautiful their world was before all the construction and industry. Kris also makes a career of jewellery, having studied the craft in Brazil , and executes custom pieces for clients in many parts of the world . (246) 416 9238 M (246) 239 5955

MARKLEY CLARKE “I am attracted by the melodic interplay of light, colour and movement and aim to include these in my paintings. While I produce representational work, I have an inclination towards abstraction; the resulting artistic expressions are oscillations that invite the viewer to stop, question images and search for meaning from which the answers eventually emerge.� This visual artist received his training at evening programmes of the Barbados Community College and from the Creative Academy of Visual and Digital Art and attained evolutionary artistic maturity under the guidance of Fielding Babb, Wayne Branch, Ellon Lewis and Robert Deane. His favourite media are acrylic, oil and pen and ink. The diversity of his work was seen at group exhibitions at Morningside Gallery, Grand Salle, The Gallery at Lancaster Great House and Pelican Gallery. (246) 256 6950 (246) 425 3577

MATTHEW A. CLARKE Born in Barbados, 1987. Studied at Barbados Community College with an Associate Degree in Visual Art plus a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. Mathew has participated in multiple group shows and over many years has won many NIFCA awards. He is well known for his published Comic Books ‘Mass Anthology’. "I am a graphic designer/illustrator by profession. I am a creative. " (246) 422 2940

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Claude Monet

VICTOR COLLECTOR Victor has been painting for over 18 years and specialises in realistic oil and watercolour paintings of seascapes and chattel houses. Self taught, but furthered his skills under the tutelage of the late Winifred Cumberbatch. Victor has participated in many exhibitions locally and overseas and has won Gold and Bronze awards at NIFCA.

VICTOR COLLECTOR “I see art as capturing the wonderful works of the Creator of which there is a never ending quest to achieve perfection. Learning and sharing with my fellowman is what inspires me the most.” Pine Plantation Road, St Michael

(246) 228 1261

M (246) 236 2333

WAYNE COLLYMORE-TAYLOR 1955/09/17. EDUCATION: 1967 Ellerslie Secondary School. 1989 BCC A’ Level Art. 1997 UWI – Post graduate study MAREMP. 1995 UWI Cavehill- BA{Hons} History with Sociology: 2003 BCC- Civil & Building Engineering (Associate degree) AWARDS: 1982 NIFCA-Gold, Silver and Bronze, 1988 Honourable Mention in the Barbados Art Collection FoundationHurricane Gilbert. ART PROJECTS: Mural at Mount Ebel Church UHC, Back drops for calypsonians John King and Ronnie D & Designer of Kadooment bands during the 80’s. Executive member of the Barbados Arts Council. "Art is a gift of God and if you nurture it you can achieve extraordinary results." Ruby Park, St Philip

(246) 423 2255

“To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.� Banksy

VANITA COMISSIONG Vanita Comissiong (1962) is a very well known and prolific Barbadian artist whose colorful paintings depict everyday Caribbean life using a vibrant palette and energetic brush strokes. Painting since the 1980s, Vanita’s work has been featured in international shows and magazines, representing Barbados. Vanita is the owner and curator of On The Wall Galleries in Barbados (246) 234 9145


ADRIAN COMPTON Adrian was born in Barbados in 1958. He was a part of a group at Yoruba House and privately developed his art. Adrian is well known for his pen and ink drawings and also specialises in calabash carving. 2nd Avenue, Grazettes, St Michael (246) 424 3774

(246) 234 0307

“O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives.� Bob Marley

FRANK COSSEY “The Barefoot Artist” aptly describes this Barbadian artist. Frank’s love of the outdoors, the sea and his connection with life’s simple things inspire his work. A childhood spent among the sea rocks, fishing and diving has inextricably bound Frank to nature and to the sea in particular. Frequently Frank paints the rapidly disappearing “chattel houses” of Barbados and old fashioned houses in the West Indian style. He sees the need to record these sadly disappearing dwellings which evoke feelings of cozy family security. His fascination with the landscape of our lives has an appeal for many others who have been moved to add his work to their collections. (246) 423 7943


KOVSKY COX “2005 is when it all began for me, when I became a true art lover, what was deep inside my soul when I first start painting, made me know it was what I wanted to do. I was given a set of brushes and paints as a gift from my past lady boss who was the first to notice my artistic ability. I started painting the things I love, a few sold and as I went on, I learned what the people love about art so I can say I have learnt a lot about art in the past few years. My first mentor I met while purchasing an easel was Fielding Babb, one of Barbados well known artists. He was a great help to me and through him I did my first exhibit. My first award was at NIFCA 2006 where I won a gold medal in amateurs. I was also invited to exhibit in London in 2007 by Mrs.Yearwood which was an experience I will always remember. Velda Tyson is another lady who also helped me find my way in the art world and for this I am most thankful to the Almighty God, for putting things and people in place to help me get through, I am also thanking you for taking the time out to read a little about mysterious arts.� (246) 269 1524


(246) 269 1524

MAGGIE COZIER 1915- 1998 Born in 1915, Maggie Cozier who although largely self taught was one of a group of young artists influenced by Fela da Kuh. She moved to Trinidad in 1940 where she worked for many years alongside artists such as Boscoe Holder. A founding member of the Barbados Arts Council she worked closely with artists such as Goldie White and later Gordon Parkinson. She worked mainly in watercolours but in later years did clay modelling, generally of market women. She exhibited both in Barbados and Trinidad and although she painted prolifically she sold almost everything she painted. One painting is in the national collection. She was given an award as one of Barbados’ pioneer artists.

“You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.� Henry Moore

LOIS CRAWFORD Lois is a self taught artist & crafter who lives and works in Barbados. She is an artist with an imagination for design inspired by nature, culture and everyday life forms. As an environmental advocate and a keen recycling enthusiast, in the last ten years her art has evolved through her use of waste materials to create interesting mixed media pieces. This artistic license also incorporates many of nature’s resources. She enjoys experimenting in different media and has even tried her hand at concrete sculpture. Her art includes painting in acrylics on canvas, wood work, leather, papier mache, glass, plastic, found objects and miscellaneous substances. In addition to her art she designs and makes jewellery . She has exhibited in the US, London, Germany, Turkey, Ghana and Barbados in cultural exhibitions and has contributed several of her art pieces to charities.


NEVILLE ‘KAMAU’ CRAWFORD Work may be viewed by appointment at his studio at Balls Land, Providence, Christ Church. Neville also exhibits at Oistins Fish Fry every Friday evening where he displays his large collection of prints and originals. (246) 428 5765

(246) 836 0765

JOANNA CRICHLOW “I am a Barbadian-bred, emerging artist, Joanna Crichlow, born October 1988. On graduating from the Combermere Secondary School, I pursued Art as a career goal by study at the Barbados Community College (BCC), where as a current graduate I am awaiting my official Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) certificate. For my graduating portfolio I completed a series of works entitled “Man-I-quins”. The 21st century is one where strong emphasis is placed on physical perfection. Manufacturing companies, through the design and production of the mannequin have subtly constructed an ideal. As a result, I, a plus-sized woman, am often forced into a critique of my own body in comparison to those then promoted by the media. From my gaze as a plus-sized woman, the mannequin becomes a mental paragon to me, one which I do not exist within. It is an image of perfection, the icon of what I refer to as ‘industrialized idealism’. Through the concept of blueprinting, my work challenges the constructs of industrialized idealism by juxtaposing images of my body with those of mannequins, to provoke questions such as, "Can there be a blueprint for the human body?" This body of work is a series of mixed media 2D works consisting of ink-transfers, paint, pen and collage on watercolour paper.”

ANDREA CUMBERBATCH “The inspiration for my body of work came about via research and discussion with older folk in the Barbadian community, as well as my initial love for Barbadian History, retro related posters and photography along with general news and politics. This allowed me to discover the ‘Truth’, a newspaper that had a life span from 1954 until the late 70’s. Thus, my work is about reorganizing that once pre-recorded history via insertion of current political, social and economic issues in the format of a newspaper on canvas. The aim of my work is to explore the various current and pressing issues in Barbados and by extent the wider Caribbean, while keeping the messages open ended, humorous at points, while serious and layered in others. Simply put, I am taking this paper out of the older context in which it existed and bringing it to life in a contemporary space.”

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” Rumi

JACQUI KOVAKS CUKE Jacqui Kovacs-Cuke ~ An English born & raised Canadian-Bajan. Living beach side, island life, surrounded by sand, surf and the beauty of the Caribbean Sea inspired her to return to her love of art and a life of creativity. She studies under the teaching of Indrani Whittingham and in her company of artists, each an inspiration who encourage her to continue along this path of perpetual learning and creative evolution. Jacqui’s escapes into her art and lets her imagination take over. A combination of impressionistic & abstract style combined with her unusual use of acrylics runs wild onto canvas & wall murals as she paints the vast array of topics and the colours of life itself. Today her Original pieces can be found in private collections in Canada, Barbados, UK, Russia & throughout the world. Jacqui is a member of the Barbados Arts Council with her works on display at the BAC Pelican Village Gallery and other galleries around the island. (246) 262 8627


(246) 262 8627

CATHY CUMMINS Catharine Cummins is a Barbadian born in Jamaica to a Jamaican mother and a Barbadian father. She started her artistic training locally at Queens College under Nick Whittle and then moved on to achieve a degree in Textile design at the University of Brighton in the UK. For many years she has been self employed as a printed textile designer for the US swimwear market. Having spent those years being constrained to a fairly strict design format she is excited to get busy painting in new wild and wonderful ways. And she is proud to be able to play one song on the steel pan! Chelsea Lodge, Chelsea Rd, St Michael, BARBADOS. (246) 436 2113 H (246) 434 0034 W (246) 228 4234 F (246) 256 3434 M

“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.� Eugene Delacroix

WILLIAM CUMMINS Fine Art • Graphic Design • Photography Born in Barbados, 1964 Education : B.A.(Studio Art), Williams College, U.S.A. 1986 William received his early education at Harrison College and at 15, emigrated to the USA. At Williams College in Massachusetts , a small Liberal Arts institution, he received his degree in Studio Art with emphasis on drawing. His professional career began in earnest in 1998 with his abstract pastel drawings appearing in Shadows of the Mind, a Group Show of drawings from Barbadian artists. With two solo shows in the 1990s and several group shows since 2000, he has gone on to represent Barbados in Europe (Paris, Brussels, Vienna, U.K.) and Canada in a series of Contemporary Art exhibits and also at Carifesta (Trinidad2006 and Guyana-2008). Rosewood, Lodge Hill, St. Michael, Barbados BB12001 (246) 425 1524 (246) 826 5509 Photoblog: Artblog:


ALICIA DANIEL “I completed the three year Bachelor’s in Fine Arts program at the Barbados Community College. My work there consisted of sensationalist oil paintings designed to give the viewer a new perspective of uncomfortable situations. The paintings, which are sharply cropped, force the viewer to confront these disturbing images, which include sexuality, homosexuality and gang violence. The subtle incorporation of text from the stories themselves further enhances the viewers experience of what is depicted. With the help of this degree, I hope to perfect my skills as an oil painter and, be one of the few artists in Barbados making a living solely based off of my work.” (246) 228 3837

“To wake the soul by tender strokes of art.” Alexander Pope

JOYCE DANIEL “Each series I undertake to render into visible form represents things I begin to question and to see with new clear eyes. My vision inheres in the basic nature of the artistic process and through participation in the ritualistic aspect, the viewer is able to transcend the restriction of our everyday experience. My creative work is a revelation of my thoughts as I see life. It is a fusion of the conscious and unconscious dealing with ideas from work and play, fact and fiction, the spiritual and the natural, past and present, of things seen and unseen. I work in series and my subjects include African heritage, music, preservation of the environment spiritual upliftment and the constant change in our world today. These themes and ideas are executed using different media, acrylic painting, collages, handmade paper, printmaking and much experimentation with unusual or found materials.� Among her many achievements, Joyce Daniel was the first Head of the Division of Fine Art, Barbados Community College. Hillside Terrace, Cave Hill, St Michael (246) 424 5796 M (246) 822 0853

JOYCE DANIEL Hillside Terrace, Cave Hill, St Michael

(246) 424 5796

M (246) 822 0853

KRISTINE DEAR Kristine began a career in graphic design in Barbados and shortly after left Barbados to in the early1980’s to formally train at West Surrey College of Art & Design in the United Kingdom. After graduating 2 years later she returned to Barbados where she has been working in advertising ever since. She continues to work in advertising and has added her photographic skills to several of the projects she has worked on. “I use my computer as a tool which I use to enhance my photographs and give them a more painterly approach…… to give the viewer a distinct view and create a different perspective of the scene.” (246) 429 6190

ANNA DIDIER Anna is English born and moved to Barbados is 1998. She has a degree in Education and Art from the University of Exeter in the U.K. She currently teaches young children in Barbados and is passionate about getting children to experience and enjoy different types of art through a variety of media. She encourages and builds up their confidence as upcoming artists. Anna paints mainly in acrylic and oil and tries to express her joy and love of her Barbadian surroundings using bright and bold colours in her work. She gets inspiration from other Barbadian artists and photographers. She attends the New Comers Art Group and exhibits her work at The Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown. She has also exhibited twice in the 'Colours of Hope' at Lancaster Great House. Ridegway Crescent, Balls Plantation, Christ Church. (246) 428 3680 M (246) 256 4265

ANN DODSON Born: Barbados, 1958 Education at McGill University and, BFA at Concordia University, Canada. Ann had had solo exhibitions in 1989 and 2000 and participated in multiple group shows from 1992. She is a Crop Over Visual Arts Award winner, had an honourable mention on 5th Annual Art Collection Foundation’s Exhibition, and in 1997 won a NIFCA Award. “The juxtaposition of colour, pattern and shape tend to dominate my creative thought process, whether these are explored in the Barbadian landscape or celebrated in the female figure as she weaves her unique colours, patterns and shapes.” (246) 422 2940

MAURICE DRAKES Born in 1934 he is primarily regarded as a painter of scenes reflecting urban life. However like many of our senior artists he was very aware of what was happening elsewhere as may be seen in his private collection and a serious re-evaluation of his body of work should be undertaken. It is possible that the people setting the standards at that time were too heavily guided by Eurocentric art to be aware that a Caribbean voice was emerging. (246) 437 6178

DEBRA DURANT Guyanese born, Barbadian self taught artist Debra Durant has been painting for most of her life. Debra also studied for a short period at the Newham College in England in 1990. Having lived in Barbados for a number of years her paintings depict the everyday physical and social aspects of this mythical island called Barbados. Debra’s pieces hang in many private collections overseas as well as in a number of homes in Barbados. Her medium covers both oil and watercolour on canvas. (246) 249 5259


MARIA ELIAS Artist/Designer Maria’s artistic abilities were evident from St. Michael’s School where she painted backdrops for plays. As a teenager she designed teeshirts, handbags and belts. In 1983, after graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Advertising Design Program, she returned to the National Library Service in Barbados and took up the post of Graphic Artist. She designed costumes for the National Crop Over Festival bands and since 1989 has judged these competitions. From 1993-1994, she completed classes in Experimental Design & Fabric Painting at the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts in Jamaica, graduating in 1996 from the UWI, Mona, with a BA in Mass Communications (Audio Visual Aids). Maria started fabric painting in 1990. She has exhibited at art and fashion shows in Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados. Her artistic inspiration comes from the bright tropical colours of life in the Caribbean. Using water-based screen-printing inks, Maria produces a hand-painted collection of clothing and accessories under the ‘MaraArtWear’ label. Kingston, St. Michael, Barbados (246) 824 3464 marartwear on YouTube

NORMA FARMER "I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and studied Painting and Drawing there. My painting was in oils and drawings in Plumelet. At that time I did many subjects, but then I studied Architecture at Central University in Caracas. This is a very artistic and creative career and some of the subjects to study were painting and drawing which were very important to me. My studies at the university took up all my time. Receiving my degree in Architecture I dedicated my life to my profession which left no time for my painting. But, I always liked and wanted to paint and it was only when I retired from my profession that I started to paint again. I paint in oil: various types of scenery, flowers, fruits, plants and more, but my favourite is the human body and face." (246) 435 5522 M (246) 267 4126

KATHERINE FELIX A self-taught artist, Katherine has always spent time expressing herself artistically, whether in pencil sketches, chalk portraits, writing poetry or painting her surroundings and people she comes into contact with. Katherine works primarily in oil and mixed media, of portraits and natural subjects. Katherine is involved in the Barbados Spoken word community and is working to develop support for cultural and artistic workers throughout the Caribbean. Katherine is an advocate for the arts, and is looking forward to forming linkages between St. Lucia and Barbados, as well as the region, and hopes to use her Grant Writing skills to find assistance for projects which will provide for the long term sustainability of Caribbean artists of all genres and the cultural sector as a whole.

LANA FENTY "I started painting in oils at 13 with the encouragement of the late Sister Elizabeth Ann Pink of the Ursuline Convent who saw my raw talent and sent me to after school art classes. I owe her a debt of gratitude. I am now in my 30's and have been painting passionately since then. My work is in private collections in Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad, Russia, China, Canada , the USA and others. I have also exhibited in London, New York and of course, Barbados. I paint from life and from my fertile imagination. Barbados is after all my home and the land I love like no other, plus the people and the rapidly vanishing indigenous architecture give me joy and endless subjects to commit to canvas. I am presently working on my series of night paintings and on privately commissioned portraits.“ (246) 251 9225

CATHERINE FORTER-CHEE-A-TOW Catherine paints a vibrant and colorful Caribbean with bold tropical sensibility. The Creole theme is a very intricate part of her body of work and somehow derives from a personal interest in Caribbean history and in the understanding of the components of the Caribbean society. Ultimately the art is decorative with the depiction of Belles Creoles in their very feminine antics and apparels: a certain Caribbean art de vivre, tropical voluptuousness and languor accentuated by the lively, graceful and majestic presence of foliage. Caribbean generosity of nature, colors and shape are also depicted in her market scenes in full rhythm and movement. Her art is sought after by Caribbean and international collectors. She has shown in London, France and has had several solo exhibitions in Barbados with the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown where her work is currently exhibited . (246) 262 6241/38


VIRGINIA FOSTER (Gina) “Creativity has always been a part of my life from a very young age. It was not until I left the shores of Barbados in my twenties to travel that I finally discovered the artist within. I completed my BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design specializing in illustration. I take photographs, sketch and gather information to create images that capture the vitality of life on the island. I love colour and when painting and illustrating I use bold colours, quick strokes and simple shapes to capture a feeling. It is in this simplicity that the beauty of what I see is reflected. I continue to experiment in different media broadening my scope to facilitate my hunger for change.” ‘Serendipity’, 9 Rendezvous Terrace, Christ Church, BB15128, Barbados (246) 430 0338 M (246) 233 0999


PATRICKFOSTER Patrick Foster is a Guyanese born Barbadian/Caribbean actor, writer, director, acting coach and fine artist. His innovative work in the arts has spanned over three decades in the Caribbean. Recognized for his stage portrayals of certain Derek Walcott characters, his most recent outing as Harry Trewe in the two-character play “Pantomime” (2010) gained high praise from the Master himself and many deem it definitive. His paintings are driven by Caribbean Legend, led by Mama Glo and Papa Bois. His ongoing series of such work accompanies a novel of legendary mystery and imagination which is nearing completion. He’s also known for his heroic and thought provoking Caribbean male nudes which he feels hold an important place in the history of our art. He has exhibited in New York, Toronto and Barbados. Legendary Barbadian Calypsonian Mighty Gabby is writing the score for his new Musical, “Miss Rachel & The Fresh Youngman.”

“Colour and I are one. I am a painter.” Paul Klee

HENRY FRASER Henry Fraser is Professor Emeritus in Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, recently retired Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (2001 – 2010) and President Emeritus, Barbados National Trust. But he has enjoyed a parallel career as artist, architectural historian, writer, TV scriptwriter / presenter, public orator, and art collector. Publications include Treasures of Barbados (book & TV series), Historic Churches of Barbados, Historic Houses of Barbados (3 editions, with Ronnie Hughes), A – Z of Barbados Heritage (with Carrington, Gilmore and Forde), The Barbados- Carolina Connection (with Warren Alleyne), 300 newspaper columns and 200 other articles. Exhibitions: one man show of paintings at Langton Gallery, King’s Road, London, local group shows, and three watercolours in National Collection. Works in water colour, pen and ink; landscape expressionist, attempting to express beauty, mood and colour in dramatic interpretations of the Barbadian landscape.


EDMUND GILL Born in Barbados in 1935 Edmund Gill migrated to London in 1956. He became active in the Caribbean Artists Movement and within that group was able to develop as an artist. It was when he could paint as a Caribbean person that his art flourished. On his return to Barbados he painted prolifically, constantly experimenting stylistically. He spoke with a Caribbean voice and at the time he was most active in Barbados it is possible there was no great understanding and his work has been seriously underrated. #14, 1st Avenue, East Terrace Road, Wildey St Michael.

JULIANNE GILL Julianne developed a strong interest in painting and drawing from an early age; throughout her career she has evolved her craft through different fine art media and styles. She currently paints with acrylics and acrylic base mediums. With a style that varies from Abstract to realism her subject matter is often inspired by nature and the natural environment in Barbados. She likes to explore new painting techniques and has a strong interest in colour, form and shape. Interior & Furniture Designer/ Artist (246) 834 2010


VISHNI GOPWANI Vishni was born in India, 1958. Having spent her early years in a small town surrounded by desert made colourful by varied cultures and interaction with people from all walks of life. She migrated with her family to Barbados is 1974, married and had 3 children. Vishni, a lover of art from childhood started seriously painting in 2000, having attended courses in photography where she came to appreciate the values of light and shadow and the art of composition. Her rich cultural background in design and dance, and her love of an interest in people from different cultures, capturing the magic of diversity. She started painting with Indrani Whittingham where she rapidly progressed becoming recognised in the annual exhibitions Indrani held as well as being winner of NIFCA twice. Vishni held her first solo exhibition in 2005 and continues to expand her horizons both in content and media. 144 Mount Pleasant Gardens, St. Philip (246) 423 6803 M (246) 258 4029

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.� Pablo Picasso

BILL GRACE Bill Grace studied at Acadia University, University of Valencia, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, University of the West Indies and with John Reeve of the Leach/Kenzan Japanese pottery lineage. U.S. President Bill Clinton was given a Bill Grace sculpture as a state gift. Bill designed stained-glass for St. James Church and for the National Trust Synagogue Museum in Barbados. Bill’s one ton Icon for Sir Grantley Adams is in the Barbados Parliamentary Museum of National Heroes. “From childhood my happiest times are making art with family, friends and peaceful persons in thoughtful places. May my art help people remember their joy in places and times that are good for them: worlds to refuel positivity! “ Marilda Weatherhead (246) 422 5026


KATHLEEN GRACE 1927-2010 Early member and consistent exhibitor of the Barbados Arts Council. Painted at the same time as the ‘Pioneer’ generation of artists in Barbados. 2003, Barbados Central Bank Exhibition honouring her contribution to art. 1995, Barbados, NIFCA special award.1990, Antigua, Caribbean and international prizes, including best in show. 1965, Barbados, winning carnival costume design for Marvo Manning.1963, Diploma in display, worked with Cave Shepherd for 25 years. Large painting of Barbadian flora and fauna loaned for state functions at Government House. Governor General Dame Nita Barrow delighted in giving prints of it to visitors. The print was a favourite at Best of Barbados. Painted people, flowers, landscapes, seascapes and religious art, including ‘Our Lady of Tenderness’, now an icon in the regional Catholic Diocese.

BARBARA SECHER GREENIDGE “I have always seen the world as framed through a camera. In 1988 when I moved to Barbados the warmth of the island, its people and colours inspired me to seize and share those moments in time. Favorite subjects are perspectives of folk dancers, horse racing, children of all ages and the unique characteristics of the island itself. In keeping with my passion for training dogs I also aspire to capture their personalities and charm whenever possible. Since relocating to Barbados I have studied with renowned Barbadian photographer Ronnie Carrington, and both studied and apprenticed with internationally acclaimed fashion and fine art photographer Bob Kiss on fine art Barbados chattel houses and commercial shoots. My education continues.� "Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will." ~Vernon Howard Principal House, # 9 Freshwater Bay, Spring Garden, St. Michael, Barbados BB12501 (246) 424 8125 barbwire8888 Skype

RONALD (RON) GRIFFITH Born 11th Sept 1944. Started photography as a member of Harrison College's camera club. Self taught until employed by Kodak in Barbados and Puerto Rico. Completed studies with Art Institute and then taught in the Fine Arts dept of Barbados Community College. Prefers event documentation and architectural photography. Currently uses photo documentation working among Guyana's Amerindians. (246) 265 8311

MARGARITA GUNBY Margarita (Margo) Gunby, Colombian born self taught artist living in Barbados since 1981. “I started oil painting as a hobby in the early 1990’s. I am inspired by the challenge of constant learning to express the warmth of the Caribbean through vigorous and vibrant colours, found in most of my work. I am a member of the Barbados Arts Council and exhibit at their gallery and with Festival Art Gallery. (246) 244 8788

STELLA HACKETT Stella is a visual artist, designer, amateur photographer, and a shy poet. She holds a BFA in Textiles Design from Rhode Island School of Design, and has participated in six local and five international exhibitions. Her preferred art media are charcoal and acrylic on canvas whilst her design experience includes graphics, packaging, surface and product design. Fuelled by her desire to contribute to the development and management of Barbados' cultural resources, she completed an MA in Arts Administration at Goucher College in 2008. c/o #55 Rendezvous Ridge, Christ Church, Barbados.

LYNNETTE HAREWOOD Lynnette was born in beautiful Barbados in 1974. The creative writer also enjoys children’s art & craft and floral design. From her inspiration she uses her God-given talent to produce art work that is unique and highly admirable. Her work includes functional art pieces like mirrors, hand painted furniture; accent pieces; lamps, etc. Each piece having a destiny to beautify, complement, accentuate or enhance any room. The artist paints with mixed media but primarily with acrylic. She is happy with the delight and satisfaction her art brings to others. She is a member of the Barbados Arts Council. “My inspiration comes from the beauty in nature – its awe-filled simplicity and detailed complexities - all purposely designed and executed by the Father of Creation.” Inspiration Art Studio – by appointment (246) 436 8836 or (246) 2617067

Photo by Mark King

VERSIA ABEDA HARRIS Versia Abeda Harris is a Barbadian visual artist. At the heart of her work lies the exploration of sociological labels (i.e., defining and identifying people, more often than not, by means of discrimination and prejudice). Her illustrations reflect her growing interest in these labels and the need for people to define, judge and categorise themselves, and those around them.

SANDRA HEADLEY Sandra was born in St Lucy where she still lives. Self-taught she works in oils. Sandra travels around St. Lucy and Speightstown where she sets up her easel to capture slices of both rural and urban life. Durham, St Lucy

(246) 439 9322

M(246) 244 4851

RAS ILIX HEARTMAN “art is a revolutionary medium which reflects the spirit of the people – a confrontation with the experiences of the ready mind” Borden, St Andrew (246) 250 3395

RAS ILIX HEARTMAN (246) 250 3395

SALLY HENRY Sally produces hand-painted ceramics predominantly using the colours and images of Caribbean nature. Sally is self-taught as an artist, inspired by numerous life-drawing classes in the West Midlands, UK. Since moving to Barbados from UK in 1992, she has channelled her interest in art into hand-painting on a ceramic canvas. She learnt from Jo-Anne Johnson the process of slip-casting, and how to use underglazes and glazes to create functional, decorative ceramic pieces; tiles, plates, vases, bowls, masks. She has gradually developed her own home-based business ‘Nature-painted Ceramics’. Sally has exhibited widely at local events and exhibitions and won awards at the Cropover Visual Arts Competitions, as well as at Nifca. Currently she can be found at Brighton Farmers' Market and at the Crane Hotel on Wednesday evenings. Her work is also on sale at On the Wall at Earthworks, The Tamarind Seed, Island Crafts and other outlets. Her work-shop is in Dash Valley, St George (246) 426 8274 (246) 249 7407

MARGARET HERBERT “When my obsession with fabric met with my fascination with the beauty of dye colours in motion, a textile artist was born. I am Margaret Herbert, I am self taught and I am in love. My journey has included being involved in our cultural arts exhibitions where I have been awarded on a couple of occasions as well as participation in a number of group exhibitions and the development of craft products. It continues with a near constant search for inspiration and experimentation, to take my medium and skill to the next level. Dimension and texture being my main focus. I live for the challenge, my passion for the cloth drives me, and so I remain sane.� (246) 432 2418 M(246) 256 6473

NATALIE HINDS “My childhood memories consist of people and situations that have been influential in my life. These influences have had an impact on the person I am today and are manifested in my various contrasting mixed media creations� medium : painting, drawing, mixed media style: landscape, religious, abstract, biographical, self-portraiture

WAYNE HINDS “As humans we are capsuled by mortality but as artists we can soar beyond the confines of this shell and live infinitely through our work.� medium: painting ,mural, drawing, construction, mixed media, printmaking style: abstract, figure, nude, conceptual

SUE HOLDER Sue draws her inspiration from the sea & flora & fauna of the Island. Having been given a camera at seven years old, she is self taught & seascapes have always been the main passion, watching how light & colours develop with changing weather patterns & time of day, the movement of boats & reflections on the water. She has also developed a love of chattel shutters, old boats & wood, loving the 3D effect of peeling paint, always travelling with her camera, finding that a planned shot never seems to work as well as the unplanned moment, maybe a lizard in a flower, or that amazing sunrise, ready to capture & immortalize in print. Sue produces a range of cards, calendars & images on canvas. ‘Whatever’, St Elizabeth Village, St Joseph, BB21046 (246) 433 9759 ( 246) 254 8172

“There is no must in art because art is free.� Wassily Kandinsky

LINDA HOOK “My Caribbean home, with its bounty of bold and beautiful organic shapes, is the wellspring of my inspiration. Guided by a love of experimentation, I interpret nature’s splendour via a dynamic interplay between the simplicity and precision of ink, the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolour and the dimensional and tactile qualities of collage.” Balls Plantation, Christ Church, Barbados

(246) 826 3424


JUNIOR HOWELL ‘IRIE KID’ ”Youthfulness is for all.” (246) 824 8477 (246) 423 2634

VERTON HOYTE Fascinated by the immensity of the sky, Verton Hoyte reflects the rapidly changing sky above Barbados with its infinite variety of colour and movement. Forde’s Road, Clapham, St Michael

(246) 427 0445

ESTHER HUNTE With a background in Interior Design and Decorating and several years in the corporate world, Esther has recently turned her focus to creating Shell Art pieces – a unique art form she was taught by Grandmother Daphne Hunte, from around the age of 7. Esther expresses herself through vibrant shell pictures, sculptures and one of a kind shell necklaces and other jewelry. She is currently learning the detailed and exquisite skill of creating “Sailor’s Valentine’s” from her Grandmother. M (246) 822 5383 BBM: 224BB457 Email: Skype: Esther.Hunte Facebook: Esther Hunte Facebook Page for Art: De La Mer

NICOLE ‘Nicki’ HUNTE Throughout her schooling Nicole excelled at art and it was always her dream to become a fine artist. She has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Barbados and the varying sea that surrounds it. Hence landscapes and seascapes are her favourite compositions but she has a love for historical architecture also. Nicole invites her viewing public to share in her joy and love for the natural beauty that is around her on a daily basis, and hopes that this feeling can be transmitted through her paintings. Nicole works in pastels, pen & ink, pencil, charcoal and acrylic paints but mostly enjoys the vibrancy of oil paints. (246) 624 0186

M (246) 254 3300

CHERYL HUTCHINSON Cheryl Hutchinson has been photographing since the early 1980s, when she studied with Felix Kerr. She has since exhibited her work at Maryam’s Gallery, her erstwhile restaurant on Prince William Henry Street, and at NIFCA. Her photographs have also appeared in Select Barbados, Our Heritage, Life in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and GAA Magazine. Her favourite subject is nature’s details; she enjoys revealing things that are not immediately obvious. (246) 426 2837

M (246) 249 5829

CY HUTCHINSON After being introduced to woodwork and metalwork at secondary school, Cy knew that working with his hands was his calling. He attended Rycotewood College in England for four years during which time he gained a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Furniture Design and Making. While trained mainly in wood, Cy is comfortable working with many different materials from which he draws inspiration and seems to find a natural understanding of most materials once he starts working them – stone, metal, natural objects such as claws, teeth and coral. Cy knows what the finished work should look like and is not satisfied to call that piece “complete” until he feels it has reached where it is supposed to be. Although many of his pieces could be used functionally, this is generally not the aim. They are meant to inspire, evoke a reaction and be appreciated mainly as visual works. (246) 262 3128

CHRISTINE INNISS Austrian / Canadian / Barbadian. Christine’s inspiration for painting blossomed after buying a traditional plantation house in Barbados. The house was large and the walls needed decorating. She did not have any formal training but loved to sketch, which led her to join Indrani Whittingham’s group to learn how to paint. Twenty odd years later, she still attends the Newcomers Art Group. She grew as an artist by attending workshops with local and visiting artists and has competed and won awards in the Newcomers Art group, NIFCA, and private competitions. Her medium of choice is oil. Christine is constantly inspired by the people, the animals, and the landscape of Barbados. She interprets the island as one big canvas of fabulous colors with ever-changing light reflections. When Christine designed her new home in 2006 she realized that she now had more paintings than wall space! (246) 234-1167

JULIANA INNISS “I liken my exploration of ceramics to life….. there are times of adventure, happiness and moments of utter abandon. At times there are spells of sadness and disappointment, but these are opportunities for sharing, constant learning and always a chance to begin again. I have always enjoyed the medium of ceramics. On a quest to always improve my skills as an artist, in 2007 I began to explore Raku firing. This is an ancient eastern firing technique where glazed ceramic ware is heated in a kiln to just below 1000˚ C, then removed and placed into metal containers with combustible materials such as sawdust, grass or paper. These materials ignite, the containers are covered and the ware is left to smoke. This dramatic process, coupled with the spirit of experimentation, produces unpredictable crackle patterns, and colours. Then in July of 2010 ,I took a residency in handbuilding Taino pottery in the Dominican Republic, this technique has broadened my aesthetic as an artist and further continues to enrich my ceramic work. “

IZEBO Izebo is an urban street artist. He is responsible for a large body of murals to be found in such diverse locations as rum shops and village liming spots.. These murals are part of a large selection to be seen at Temple Yard, Cheapside Bridgetown


CINDY ROSLYN SAMANTA JACKMAN ‘My Surreal Perceptions’ “One may see light as just ordinary light and hear sound as just ordinary sound, however, my way of seeing and hearing is quite different. My visual capacity is low and the element of sound is heightened. My work focuses on my journey of the night-scape, which is represented through stills and video of rural and urban lights that are unfamiliar juxtapositions of multiple faded, blurred forms, shapes and patterns in combination with rural and urban sounds. This pushes the envelope for visually impaired emerging and practicing artists who may think their challenge is a disadvantage but it can be an advantage, to be new and different in today’s contemporary art world. Visual hindrance does not hinder artistic ability.” Danesbury, Black Rock, St. Michael (246) 424 4958 M(246) 237 2733 BBPIN: 21845ecb Cindy artwork on Vimeo

IREKA JELANI “The inspiration for my artwork comes from observing and distilling information from plant forms in nature. Closed and open organic structures and form in space are the focus of my production. A variety of lines and constructed fragments are merged together creating a unique whole. These works are sensual responses to the gullies and surrounding landscapes. The ideas in the sculptures are extended into the two dimensional works. The process of abstraction is utilized to extract the essential characteristic by reducing and embracing a minimalist yet complex approach. Repetitive, rhythmic processes such as weaving, plaiting, coiling, twisting, binding, patching and knotting are employed to highlight the interconnectedness between my practice and the journey of life.�


BASIL JONES Basil Jones, born 1930. A self taught artist although he attended extra mural classes at UWI under Briggs Clarke and experimented with new techniques introduced by artists such as Betty Scott. He painted seriously in the mid 1960’s, mainly in oils and watercolour. His work is vert scarce today. He has played an active role in the development of art in Barbados, serving on the Executive of the Barbados Arts Council and mentoring many young artists. In his later years he turned to photography documenting the evolving art scene. Reed Street, Bridgetown, St Michael.

LEONARD ‘LEN’ JONES Len Jones was born in Barbados in 1953. Although he studied Graphic Design and Illustration and has worked professionally in both, Len's real love in art is painting. He works mainly in acrylics, pastel and watercolour but also loves oil and mixed media. He enjoys painting the Barbadian landscape as well as portraits of people and animals. He also does illustrations and has worked for clients such as Harcourt Education publishers in England and the George Washington Museum in Barbados. Len loves teaching and chose this as a career instead of graphic design because it affords the opportunity to directly impact the lives of young people in a positive way on a daily basis. In line with his life’s goal of being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, he is working towards generating income to assist in initiatives to meet the needs of underprivileged children across the world. 5th Ave. Durant’s Village, Holder’s Hill, St. James SO4 (246) 432 7302 (246) 256 9102

ROMAL JONES Winner of the Central Bank of Barbados Purchase Award which is a part of the National Collection and is displayed in the Central Bank of Barbados.

GLENROY JORDAN Glenroy's work embodies a passion for art and demonstrates a striking depth of scenic interpretation which he communicates to viewers through strong vibrant colours. From figurative painting to seascape to Barbadian landscape, a variety of textures is always evident in Glenroy's oil on canvas portrayals as he uses the palette knife technique among other media. After initial studies at Barbados Community College Glenroy painted and distributed on a small scale before further self training propelled his development and led to the showcasing of his work at a number of art and craft displays, art galleries, local festivals and shows, where his pieces continue to attract art lovers and casual spectators who are usually captivated. (246) 422 2455 M(246) 259 8333

KATALIN “Art is a spiritual language that leaps across the oceans, through language barriers and cultural fortresses from soul to soul.” Katalin started painting in Indrani Whittingham’s classes years ago and fell in love. The communications executive during the day escapes into a world full of expression, colour and texture in her spare time and has found a new medium to communicate. “There is so much to really see and to challenge oneself with, but the most enjoyable aspect is the constant learning, discovery and the satisfying reward is achieved when someone else has felt the painting and appreciates the labour of love. Classes with Heidi Berger has expanded by regressing us to our childlike intuitions and has given us the tools with which to have the courage to tap into this wealth of creativity. To grow in this realm helps us to persevere on this meditative journey in finding one’s artistic voice.”


JOSEPH KELLMAN Joseph creates his pieces with 100% Barbadian clay. Candle holders, oil burners, monkeys, cups, coil work and special pieces. I-Seph Pottery, Chalky Mount, St Joseph

BOB KISS Bob began photographing in 1961 and was formally trained in the Rochester Institute of Technology five year BS/MS program. Originally based in his Manhattan advertising and fashion photography studio, he also studied filmmaking at New York University and theater directing at Masterworks Laboratory Theater. After 20 years in the fashion fast lanes of Paris, Munich, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Rio, and Sao Paulo he settled in Barbados in 1993 where he continues his advertising and fine art photography. His photography has appeared locally in Maco, Island Life, and Ins and Outs magazines as well as in advertisements for Cable and Wireless and many other clients. Shows of his fine art photographs have appeared at Queen’s Park Gallery, Zemicon, Tides, The Gallery of Caribbean Art, Lancaster Gallery, Aweipo, as well as the Alan Klotz Gallery in New York City. His photographs appeared in the Andy Warhol retrospective which opened at the Whitney in Manhattan and toured the world. One of his photographs of Andy is in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. His work is in private and institutional collections on three continents. For the last 12 years he has also been making platinum-palladium, cyanotype, and salt prints. His book projects include fine art black-and-white photographs of Florence and Tuscany and BARBADOS CHATTEL HOUSES, scheduled for release in October, 2011. His awards include winning Gold for the 2005 ADDY best regional advertising photograph.


SHIRLEY LASHLEY “I was born in Trinidad & Tobago and became a citizen of Barbados by marriage. I have been living in Barbados since the late 60's. I always had a passion for art and loved sketching people's faces. I started painting in watercolours under the tuition of an English art teacher who spent six months of the year in Barbados. When she left to go back to her home land, I started art classes in 2001 under the tuition of well known local artist Indrani Whittinham. I realised I have a passion for scenery especially the ocean with its various colours of blues and greens and I do this in oils and acrylic's.� #2.Yorkshire Grove, Yorkshire, Christ Church

(246) 420 5636

(246) 262 8539


NEVILLE ‘OLUYEMI’ LEGALL Neville ‘Oluyemi” Legall is a prolific artist whose colourful and exquisite watercolours and oils capture the opulence of the Barbadian environment and culture. His works have been exhibited extensively in local art galleries and in cities across North America and Europe. Neville’s paintings hang in many private and public collections locally and abroad. A former high school art teacher, Neville held workshops by the National Cultural Foundation. This experienced artist has judged numerous art competitions. He has been a long serving President of the Barbados Arts Council. Winner of several awards at home and abroad: Best of show (Architecture ) The Connection (2008) in South Carolina, Spirit of Detroit- Detroit City Council 1987, Caribbean Art Search Foundation. “Today man is enslaved. Shackled by the pressure of survival and belonging in a materialistic society. Constant hustle and chaos precludes seeing My methods are set and simple. I paint the things I like, and I paint however I want to. Art for me is an expression of liberty. I will not submit to the dictates of any Art Oligarchy” (246) 425 2126

“I shut my eyes in order to see.” Paul Gauguin

ELLON LEWIS Ellon Lewis born in Grenada. He received a scholarship to pursue a diploma course at the Jamaica School of Art ( now, Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performance Arts). Stayed in Jamaica teaching Art and Craft. Migrated to Barbados where he has been teaching and practicing his art. Pursued a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, graduating with the thesis ’Coloured Rhythm’. On his return to Barbados, Ellon has been employed in many different facets of the arts, foremost as Curator of the Queens’ Park Gallery under the National Cultural Foundation and Tutor of the art of Drawing at the Barbados Community College, President of the Miniature Fine Art Society, and Managing Director of Eljodii- Art Innovators. Ellon is presently engaged in researching and documenting the Kinetic Motion of the body in dance ‘Wuk-Up’, the ethic musicology and synaesthesia of Caribbean Calypso and Carnival Sounds expressed on canvas, Bole Terra Rosa Sculptures and ceramics. The intent is to make the Resonant stimulate the auditory receptors has become a passionate endeavour. (246) 434 6760 or (246) 237 7148


PAMELA LEWIS “My work reflects the combining of my passion for various art forms, love of nature and culture. Each piece is designed to capture a part of our heritage and tell a specific story. However, working with clay can be technically challenging, particularly when dealing with complex concepts. I strive to communicate aspects of Caribbean social life and culture that inspire me to push the boundaries of the medium to create a dynamic work of art. I enjoy using local imagery and elements of the past symbolically, connecting them with the present to reflect both culture and heritage. I love painting and printmaking but this medium and these themes are my passion.�

Heddings, St Philip. (246) 416 4757

(246) 237 7149

PATRICK LOUIS Patrick is a self taught sculptor and has been honing his skills for 10 years. His interest in sculpting began when a matador made of plaster belonging to his mother broke while she was away and Patrick decided to replace it with a wood sculpture version and everyone liked it. He continued to work in that medium and gained experience in the various techniques of wood sculpture. He is fascinated by Egyptian mythology, and his work reflects this influence and that of his African Heritage and philosophy and expresses that nature from within him. His personal philosophy is to focus, concentrate and make wise use of time to achieve objectives. Patrick's first Exhibition was at this years Crop Over Visual Arts Festival 2011, held in the Grande Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados. One of his pieces a bust of the Black Madonna adorned the promotional material released by the National Cultural Foundation and received an award of honorable Mention and was eventually purchased. Layne's Road, Martindale's Road, St. Michael, Barbados (246) 829 9795

RON LUCAS “Studied watercolor at the Salmagundi Club in New York with Sam Leitman of the American Watercolor Society. Studied oil painting at the Art Students League with Jack Faragasso. Featured 3 years straight in the "Who's Who in American Black Art Exhibit.". Worked as an Art Director for Grayson's Inc .N.Y. Have won numerous top awards and scholarships in graphics-watercolor and oils. Now teaching basic drawing for the Brownsville Heritage House in Brooklyn New York. Strong Bajan roots drew me back to Barbados and was lucky enough to meet people who helped me find that comfort zone with the Barbados Arts Council.�

EVERICK LYNTON From the tender age of 15 Everick found his calling. Absorbed by the property of light to enhance his subject matter he explores his fascination using pastels, watercolours and oils. Everick is able to capture the often elusive interplay of light and nature. His prolific output often centres on the themes of culture and heritage. An ethereal quality permeates his work. " My goal is to highlight the true beauty and joy I feel of the land in which we all inhabit." (246) 429 3050

M (246) 248 3637

TERRENCE E McCALLISTER “My first interest in art was in class three while at St. Lucy Primary School and then my last two years at St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School. After leaving school I was inspired by my art teacher Mr. Winston Cumberbatch, artist Arlette St. Hill, and Fielding Babb whom I was very fortunate to interview while at school for a CXC project. I got a job so I could pay to further my art, and enrolled in an International Correspondence School where I earned a diploma in a Master Art Course in 1995 - 1997. I’ve enjoy painting in oils, acrylic, watercolour wether it is still-life or scenery. Also a background in faux finish techniques allows me the ability to create different styles while painting.” Josey Hill, St. Lucy, Barbados

(246) 248 3678 M (246) 260 2032


SHELAH McGRATH Shelah was born in Barbados and received her early and secondary education on the Island before leaving for the United Kingdom. There she studied textile technology and worked for several years as a specialist textiles teacher and tutor before resettling in Barbados in 2002. Since her return she has worked as a designer/maker of fine art and craft pieces ranging from quilted wall hangings, to one of a kind patched and quilted handbags. An award-winning textile artist, Shelah had her first solo Exhibition “A Stitch in Time” in 2010, which showed her passion for fabric manipulation and Caribbean themes. Although patchwork and quilting form the bulk of her work, she uses other decorative techniques such as tie-dye, batik, adiri, appliqué, slashing, and hand embroidery to add additional texture, colour, and meaning to the pieces.

DAVID ‘GURU’ McLEAN Guru's work is difficult to categorise, flirting with the grotesque and the "darkest regions of the soul". An artist of unusual vision his work seems related in spirit to both surrealism and mannerism. The capricious dance of brush strokes and his utopian vision reflect the energy of his work in general.“ Chimbarazo, St Joseph Temple Yard, Cheapside, Bridgetown (246) 834 8521

SUSAN MAHON Susan Mahon enjoys nature and people. She combines experiences, as an artist, scientist, author, and manager, to create extraordinary collages of life. Susan is EurEngliCanBajan. Her mixed heritage illuminates her philosophy and creative endeavors. Her spirit is nourished in the Caribbean.

ASHER MAINS “I received my Bachelors degree from Calvin College in intercultural studies. Studying culture gave me a vision for the complexities of the issues I had wrestled with in my art. With the historical rhetoric of oppression in the Caribbean, my experiences growing up as a minority in Grenada, and the academic backing of a degree in intercultural studies, I coalesce these concepts into paint on canvas. I strive to use paint to its full potential; exploring and utilizing different methods to convey my specific message. My work has moved away from the unity in race motif to one of unity in impermanence. I love the tension between the figure as a physical, beautiful, product of history and the fleeting and impermanent nature of the flesh. The use of stencils in my work is inspired by the striking and accessible imagery used by street artists. Through methods like stenciling I hope to be able to harness the same poignancy in communicating ideas through my art.�

SUSAN MAINS “The beauty and intrigue of the Caribbean have compelled me to paint for more than 25 years. I am a self-taught artist, influenced by the French impressionists. My painting style is very direct and gestural, either in acrylic or oil. Big is always better! In the past 10 years my art has taken me on little jaunts all over the world—to exhibit, to spend a residency, to meet other artists. This has privileged me to be exposed to the art of other cultures, thus enriching my life and practice beyond words. Yet with everything I have seen, my greatest inspiration is still the colour, light, movement, of the Caribbean land, sea, and people. First love cannot be easily swayed.“

NICKY MARSHALL Nicky Marshall is a self taught artist who was born and lives in Barbados. He has exhibited in a number of local exhibitions including the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the NCF Crop Over Fine Art Exhibition, the Dr. Trevor Carmichael Exhibition, ‘Common Thread’ (Lancaster Great House 2008) and the opening celebration for the Caribbean Arts Fair 2011. In 2008 Nicky was selected to take part in the Barbadiana exhibition, travelling to Paris and Brussels. The Apartment, #230 Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados (246) 428 3385 H (246) 418 0380 W (246) 253 5729 M

RAQUEL MARSHALL Raquel Marshall loves drawing, printmaking (particularly etching), assemblage, acrylic and more recently oil. While she uses a variety of materials her subject matter of each work determines the materials she chooses. Artists, such as the Surrealists, Mark Rauschenberg, Frida Khalo and local artist, Ewan Atkinson have all been inspirational influences on her. Marshall hopes to challenge her viewers to consider new perspectives: of our surroundings, the human experience, and to appreciate the simplicities in life with a childlike innocence and playfulness. Over the past eight years, she has found fulfillment in passing on her artistic knowledge to young people through private tutoring of which many of her students have achieved great success in their CXC exams and have moved on to pursue more serious art careers locally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Barbadiana 2008, and Colours of Hope 2010. Atlantic Shores, Christ Church (246) 418 0380 (246) 428 3385

CHRISTOPHER MARTELLY Christopher is a self taught sculptor who sculpts mainly in Barbados Mahogany. (246) 422 6780 or (246) 268 1080 ITAL IS VITAL -vegetarian cafe and art gallery, Church Street, Speightstown, St. Peter

“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.� Eugene Delacroix

MALIN MARTELLY Artist/Jewellery designer BFA Fine Arts Barbados Comminity College 2005 " I am a colourist first and foremost regardless of my media of choice" Nilablue-wearable art studio ,Church Street ,Speightstown, St Peter (246) 422 6780

(246) 828 5171 nilablue-wearable art on facebook,

MALIN MARTELLY Artist/Jewellery designer (246) 422 6780 (246) 828 5171

RAYMOND MAUGHAN This farmer is the proud father of three children. By profession a medical doctor of 33 years. His artistic outlet music, violin and voice, dance and is a qualified ballroom and latin dance instructor. Having been introduced to photography at Harrison College he later started a photographic club at the Barbados Community College. With Medical School in 1973 and then life, photography took a back seat until 2005. Member of Barbados Photographic Society Between 2006 and 2011 he won 8 Bronze 10 Silver and 3 Gold NIFCA awards. In 2009 awarded the most improved Photographer, the most Promising Participant Colour Photography, and the coveted Perce' Tappin Award also nominated for the Prime Minister’s Award. In 2007 had his first solo Photographic Exhibition, and since then, exhibited in many other exhibitions……99.9% of his artwork is and will always be of Barbados. H (246) 437 4463, W (246) 435 0928, M (246) 230 0366

RAYMOND MAUGHAN H (246) 437 4463 W (246) 435 0928 M (246) 230 0366

REGGIE MEDFORD Each Medford piece is individually handcrafted from Barbados Mahogany by a unique sanding process which was developed by self taught artist Reggie Medford. He graduated school and rejected an academic career to take up handicraft. His artistic success has been seen in his exhibits throughout the Caribbean, USA and Europe, and he has the distinction of being the youngest ever recipient of one of Barbados’ highest honours, namely the Barbados Centennial Honour. (246) 425 1919

ROSANNE MILLIGAN Grenadian Rosanne Williams Milligan loves painting and trying different techniques. Inspired by nature and the Caribbean she spends as much time as she can painting. Rosanne started painting when her two children started school in the 1990’s joining the Newcomers art group headed by Indrani Whittingham whose encouragement gave Rosanne the confidence to try different mediums and experiment with different techniques. Rosanne has won a certificate of achievement at NIFCA when she entered her oil painting entitled ‘Oistins’ in Barbados. In 2009, she also won a prize as ‘Most promising New Artist’ in the show put on by the Newcomers Art Show held at the Caribbean Gallery Of Art in Speightstown, Barbados, This was judged by three Established Caribbean Artists. Rosanne loves taking workshops and learning from the work of many successful artists. (246) 230 2028

SHARON MOISE Sharon Moise was born in St. Lucia. She began her interest in Art at a very tender age of 5. While the other students were busy drawing stick men, Sharon was interested in realism; portraying natural features. After successfully earning a place at the islands leading Secondary School, she began to excel in the fields of Imaginative Composition and Drawing. Sharon attended The Arts & Sciences Division of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College for two years. In 2005 she decided out of the blue to begin painting again. Being a natural at it she was well able to pick up from where she left off. In 1998 Sharon decided to study Visual Arts at the Barbados Community College against all advice from her peers and people close to her. During that time she gave birth to her daughter who influenced much of her work. She then started in 2010 a three year programme; a Bachelor degree in Fine Art. (758) 714 9742 (246) 838 6027

KAY MORGAN My love of art was originally kindled by my grandmother, Jenny, who was herself an artist. She encouraged my parents to send me to oil painting lessons even before I understood the meaning of the word creative. There I discovered that I truly enjoyed painting; and art became an important factor in my life. After my secondary education in Barbados I took a 3 year Graphic Art course in Canada. A career in graphics followed. Around 1993 the fine artist in me resurfaced when I joined Indrani Whittingham and the Newcomers Art Group. Over the years I have experimented with oils, acrylics and watercolour. My work leans strongly toward realism. I enjoy creating images where the strong sunlight of the tropics interacts with the bright colours of the island, playing hide and seek as it were with highlights and shadows of natural and man-made objects and landscapes. (246) 231 2423 (246) 428 9432

SAMIA MOUSSA Samia Michel Moussa, a Barbadian artist of Egyptian decent is a multi-talented person. She loves art in all its forms, and equally enjoys, fine art or craft, flower arrangements and photography. She lately found that painting on canvas with oils and acrylics has taken the largest place in her heart and decided to dedicate the rest of her life to doing just that. Samia loves nature with all its beauty and this is where she gets her inspiration and you will notice this in all her paintings. Samia has a very interesting collection of oils and acrylic paintings that depict the Caribbean especially the beautiful island of Barbados. She manages to create interesting scenes of tourists and local activities on the Barbadian beaches, as well as preserving the historic old buildings and plantation houses on canvas plus famous chattel houses, landscapes, seascapes, exotic flowers, golf courses, and more, sometimes adding some surrealism to her creations. (246) 437 9339

MICHAEL NAEMSCH Fine artist and photographer Michael Naemsch taught History and Art in Secondary School for 28 years. So it was natural, that when he arrived in Barbados his interests led to research of early Barbados 1800’s and 1900’s for his art. Michael paints in Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. He paints many interesting perspectives of the Careenage from the 1900’s. His latest historic works are in Acrylic Sepia which brings 1908 Broad Street and Swan Street alive. Michael’s original paintings reside in government departments, banks and private homes in Barbados. In the tradition of the world's finest historical artist, he has magnificent attention to detail and his work is a unique contribution to the history of Barbados. He paints large canvases such as 4ft x 3ft and smaller pieces 16" x 20". He enjoys commissioned art projects. Michael’s art of present day Barbados reflects his hikes throughout Barbados.

JUNE NAIME Meet a Designer Decorator/Artist from Barbados, with over thirty years experience who now spends time painting in oils and other media on a grand scale that suits her personality in more ways than one. The paintings are in various dimensions and textures, using tools and techniques developed by the artist to accomplish the desired effect, with a style fitting comfortably between impressionism and realism. Tropical floral paintings are vibrant as seen through her Caribbean eyes, occasionally displayed in large clay like vessels that complement their content, some standing majestically as a sculptured flora, while local scenes often tell a whimsical story of cheer. Each painting is a joyful experience communicated with the observer. A unique collection of Barbadian Art, being offered as giclee, high quality Museum reproductions on archival canvas which are the closest possible reproduction of an original piece of artwork available. (246) 429 9231 M(246) 230 4862

JUNE NAIME Designer Decorator/Artist (246) 429 9231 (246) 230 4862

RAFZA NEHAUL “I use what the universe gives me, materials, creativity, and the energy to implement. It is only within the last 10 years that I have been able to allocate time to this dream. I have come out of a world of education, real estate and property development. Though my background has been varied I think my work certainly shows a compilation of influences in my journey through life. I have never been trained in art but for A level Art and the few art workshops I have attended. My pieces are mixed media with a large influence of natural materials. I produce on average 7 pieces a year. Stimulation is in abundance, may I have the time to create from this.� Rafza Nehaul runs her studio/gallery from her home and welcomes visitors. 6 Brighton Beach, St Michael (246) 421 8188


(246) 421 8188

ZAK NEHAUL “Started at a young age being inspired by different art, but at age 16 learnt about wood block printing. I became fascinated with Japanese printing, the varied techniques and the different paper. Through my different studies pop art heavily influenced my work. I have a degree in Art History and a Masters in Enterprise Management for the creative arts. My goal is to assist in making Caribbean Art prominent in mainstream art markets.� No 6 Studio/ Gallery, 6 Brighton Beach, St Michael (246) 421 8188

DAVID NICCOLLS “I am a musician, teacher of guitar and bass, who also has a business background, having studied marketing and been involved in sales for most of my life. My travels to other Caribbean islands and the USA, London and Canada have impacted on my perception of various cultures and given me an appreciation for the simple things of life. I have always liked to be as close to nature and strive to be in tune with it. I believe in the balance and connectivity of all life.� #23 10th Avenue Belleville, St Michael, Barbados (246) 245 6553

SIMONE PADMORE “I am an Illustrator. I studied at the Barbados Community College where I achieved my Associate Degree in Visual Arts in 2008 and my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2011. During my studies, my work addressed the duplicity of identity resulting in the creation of an alter ego based on nicknames. The drawings were expressed using pen and ink as the dominant medium. They consist of symbolism, exaggeration and detail. My plans for my art at present are to continue to work with the ideology of the alter ego and to strengthen my drawing technique. Later on, I would like to continue my studies and earn my Masters Degree in Illustration.� (246) 251 5062 (246) 271 1033

GODIVIER JN PAUL Godivier makes handcrafted jewellery and dishes. Highland Pottery, Chalky Mount, St Andrew (246) 422 9818

WINSTON Jn PAUL Winston, master potter for over 27 years makes functional and traditional shapes. All the wares are wheel thrown or hand built using local clay and lead free glazes that are food safe and microwaveable. Highland Pottery, Chalky Mount, St Andrew (246) 422 9818

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

GORDON PARKINSON The late Barbadian artist Gordon Parkinson's work lives on in the hearts and on the walls of many collectors throughout the world. He was the precursor of the art movement on the island and a founding member of the Barbados Arts Council - the first to receive The Nation Publishing Co. Ltd. Lifetime Achievement Award for Art. Born in Trinidad, Parkinson spent some twenty years in Venezuela before retiring in Barbados, home of his ancestors. He was a prolific artist; his medium anything that would bring colour to the palette. Oils, acrylics, water colours, pastels, pen & ink, pencil even juices from the berries of local trees were all part of his repertoire, and his canvases could be just that or paper or board - anything found handy to express himself; his subjects from nudes to landscape to seas and boats. He also dabbled in ‘expressionism’. "Any and every one can produce art", was his motto. For more information please contact his daughter Rosemary Parkinson


ROSEMARY PARKINSON Author/Photographer/Artist, Rosemary Parkinson calls herself a Caribbean woman. Painting in acrylics, pen & ink, pencil or a mixture of all, she portrays her Caribbean world in bright, delicious colours. "There is no pattern to what I do. I just paint whatever comes into my head and at whatever time. Sometimes my work is personal and sometimes it is just about our flora, fauna and love of beauty. I do not take myself too seriously when it comes to art but I do know it is what I love doing. Simple tings." Parkinson resides in Barbados with occasional gasps for air taking her to her beloved Jamaica. From the north to the south, her Caribbean islands are special and she feels strongly that more preservation of its heritage and its traditional foods has to be a priority in order to survive. Bless.


ANDY (COZIER) PEIRCE “I was born in Barbados, but grew up in Trinidad and St. Lucia, ending up in Barbados and attended Queen’s College. My mother, Maggie, was an artist, so I was exposed to a lot of art, and did it right through school. I then attended the Froebel Institute in London. I chose fine art as my elective, but although quite passionate about it, I was an average student. I did a few pieces after College, but after getting married, working, and having children, my art fell by the wayside. However, I taught Infant children, mainly through art, so I got my satisfaction there. I retired from teaching early, as my husband fell ill. The year before he passed away he gave me as a Christmas gift, a term at Indrani’s Newcomer group, plus all the equipment. I needed that push, and to be around others who loved painting as I did. My paintings are mostly representational, but I do enjoy trying out abstracts, and using different media, especially collages. However, I still have a lot to learn.” #16 Neils Plantation, St. George (246) 429 2413


INGRID PERSAUD Ingrid Persaud focuses on conceptual art and the creative use of text as an art form. She came to fine art having first pursued a successful legal career that included teaching and scholarship. Her creative work deals with unwritten and unseen boundaries caused by social, cultural, political and economic factors. One aspect of this work is a search for a voice that confronts the boundaries of who can be an artist and who is not. Who decides where creativity resides and where it does not? Persaud has taught Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s and Barbados Community College. She has also curated and managed Design Caribbean – a showcase for high end regional craft. (246) 232 9753

WYNSLO PHILLIPS Birthdate - June 30, 1948 Birthplace – Barbados Nationality - Barbadian Primary Education: Ch. Ch. Boys Secondary Education: Boys Foundation Tertiary Education: Woodbury College, Los Angeles, USA -1970-74 Work experience : Art teacher, Parkinson Secondary 1975-77 Journalist - 1977-89

Fulltime artist - 1989 to present

TERRANCE RUPERT PIGGOTT Born in Barbados, Terrance Rupert Piggott received his formal education at the Coleridge and Parry High School where he excelled in Fine Art before moving on into the Community College after being encouraged by his former high school head of the art department to pursue an Associate's Degree in Fine Art. Many of Terrance Piggott's masterpieces are in collections all over the world and a piece was purchased by the government for the National Collection.


MARTINA PILE Based in Barbados since 1982, Martina PilĂŠ Zahles is a professional Visual Artist. She finds her inspiration mainly in her Caribbean experience. She uses many 2D & 3D mediums as a means to explore the myths and legends of the 3 main cultures that impacted the Caribbean of today. Her work may be seen at her studio by appointment. (246) 268 6850

MARTINA PILÉ Calabash Revival “I was introduced to Calabashes in St Lucia, on my first trip to the Caribbean. Right away, this fruit captured my fascination. The Calabash Tree, Crescentia Cujete, originating from Tropical America, is said to be one of the first trees to have populated the Earth. Throughout the ages, Calabashes played a major role in people’s life. This gourd-like wood-shelled fruit, was used daily by Amerindians, Native Americans, by Africans and their descendants, as eating vessels, food and water storage, for religious rituals, medicinal purposes, for the making of musical instruments and also as head camouflage for hunters. During the 20th century, with the rise of plastic and cheaply manufactured goods this ancestral art form lost its relevance and fell into oblivion. I have been experimenting with this versatile fruit in Barbados for the past three decades. Every year I catch the “Calabash Fever”, which translates into an urge to work with this fruit. I produce all kind of items out of locally grown calabashes as I like to explore its mythologies, possibilities and relevance to our modern society. My love for Calabashes is tightly intertwined with my Caribbean experience.” (246) 268 6850

SIMBAH PILE Simbah PilĂŠ is a contemporary Barbadian artist who appropriates and manipulates pop imagery for the purpose of narrative-based artworks. She works primarily with paper and utilizes the figure. In 2009 Simbah PilĂŠ graduated with her Bachelor Honors in Studio Arts (Fine Arts) from the Barbados Community College. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions. "Utilizing appropriated imagery and text in combination with drawing, Simbah PilĂŠ creates work that explores the multilayered interpretations of a narrative. She attempts to create stills that suggest a possibility of something to come, or that something has taken placed in a constantly evolving narrative. The idea that a story is in the process of taking place is what interests her."

ROSEMARY PILGRIM “I am passionate about the process of expressing myself through images. As I work with line, shape and colour I feel free – as I do in no other way – to question, experience and fully appreciate aspects of myself… aspects of a spirit in this lifetime. All artists create in a variety of art forms; but for me printmaking and drawing seem to be constants. I gather my inspiration from nature, from the ordinary reality of being a woman, and from the living of life in my personal time and space. In my work, nature’s patterns and human issues invariably intertwine. Human form might melt into the forms of nature… or nature might stand as a metaphor for humanity. So many layers exist in the simplest of lives… exploring them in my art energizes me.” 30 Valley Development, St.George (246) 429 0015

YVE POUCET Yve was born in Belgium and lived in Italy, California and Barbados. She was introduced to watercolours in 1986.She holds a degree in Interior Design from the University of California. She further perfected her painting skills taking Botanical drawing and painting classes at Kew Botanical Gardens, London and at the Athenaeum in La Jolla, California. Former member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and a participant in Juried exhibitions in California. She also exhibited in Italy, where she was teaching Drawing on the Right side of the brain and watercolor classes to adults and children. Her exhibitions of many cultures enriches her art and moving to the West Indies opened a whole new perspective in her work. Moved by Barbados, its people, its colours, she started painting in acrylic. (246) 418 0327

GEOFFREY M RAMSEY Geoffrey Ramsey pursued studies in architecture and landscape architecture at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and holds a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Sustainable Tourism from the University of Wales, UK. He has worked as a planning and design consultant on various environmental and heritage tourism projects for the government of Barbados and also for private clients engaged in tourism development throughout the Caribbean region. Over the years, Geoff has maintained a keen interest in photography and the visual arts. At Harrison College he received his early art education under Mr. Michael Burton. He joined the Newcomers Art Group in 1998 lead by artist/ curator Indrani Whittingham and has exhibited in their annual art shows at Gallery of Caribbean of Art. Although he has painted diverse subjects in both acrylic and watercolour, his particular focus at present are chattel houses. Geoff holds life membership in the Barbados National Trust and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. He is also a Trustee of the Peter Moores Barbados Trust and former Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award of Barbados. (246) 437 1467

RAS AKYEM RAMSEY Award winning Ras Akyem (sometimes called Ras Akyem Ramsey or Ras Akyem I Ramsey) is a Barbadian painter. A graduate of the Edna Manley School of Art in Jamaica, his work is heavily influenced by the Rastafari movement . In 2011 Akyem has been creating Lithographs and Monotypes with the Printmaking medium. This series of work was created in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Hand Graphics with Master Printmaker Michael Costello.

YVETTE REID Yvette has a passion for the arts and has been involved in photography for over 25 years. Self- taught, she has won a number of awards, including gold, over the years. Never without her camera, she’s always ready to capture the image as it presents the opportunity either in professional black & white film or in digital form. Her work has been purchased by local and international art lovers. skype: eviebryan

HENDERSON REESE Born in Barbados Henderson is mostly a self taught artist but he had some formal training at Barbados Community College where he earned a G.C.E. certificate in A level art. Initially Hendy, as he is affectionately called, began painting with oil and watercolour. For more than 30 years he has been working extensively with the Batik medium. He is well known amongst art lovers for his fresh and vibrant batik art. His work may be found in collections in Europe, America and the Caribbean. To Henderson his art is his delight in what he sees and feels and his attempt is to portray his feelings through his art. His inspiration is drawn from the beautiful Caribbean environment, the landscapes and its people, the forms and colours he sees in nature. (246) 424 0391 M (246) 240 4861

"An empty canvas, apparently really empty, that says nothing and is without significance. Almost dull, in fact. In reality, however, [it's] crammed with thousands of undertone tensions and [is] full of expectancy. Slightly apprehensive lest it should be outraged ... It can contain anything but cannot sustain everything ... An empty canvas is a living wonder -- far lovelier than certain pictures." Wassily Kandinsky.

ADRIAN RICHARD Dr. Adrian Richards is a photographer focusing on Fine Art, Fashion, Lifestyle and Portraiture. Since childhood Adrian has studied visual art intermittently, fitting it in during time off from more scientific endeavors. He has transformed his love for visual art into a gradually expanding Fine Art photography career, which has been bolstered by multiple awards at NIFCA as well as increasing invitations to show his work. Over the last five years he has exhibited in multiple group shows as well as a solo exhibition for the annual Central Bank Visual Art event in 2008. His fashion images are in high demand throughout the Caribbean. "My fine art work comes from a spiritual place both in terms of initial conception and final output. I am attracted often to similar themes of beauty, shape, shadow, light and textures in live human forms, nature and withered objects.� (246) 232 0115

FB page:


(246) 232 0115

LINDA M ROACH Linda is a Barbadian artist who in 1986 began a profession in the art field. Initially she had a business known as Just Perfect which designed, made and hand painted jewellery and a variety of decorative accessories. In 1994 she worked on a project at the Sea Shell Restaurant at the “old� Sandy Lane Hotel and this marked the beginning of her career as a mural painter and faux finisher. Linda has worked with both International and Barbadian Interior Designers over the years and in some cases directly with her clients. Most of her work can be found in private luxury villas in Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland, Sugar Hill, Queens Fort, Schooner Bay and Merlin Bay to name a few. She has also worked for a number of Barbadian clients across the island. In 2008 she was privileged to work with well known New York faux finisher and decorator Pierre Finkelstein and his talented team of Tiff and Martino. Linda uses mainly acrylics and water based glazes, but does use oil paint for some of her projects.


RICHARD ROACH Richard is a Barbadian hobbyist photographer whose main focus to date has been on capturing images of the many avian species which can be found within Barbados. It was September, 2008 when he first started taking bird photographs and he continues to enjoy this wonderful pastime. Richard enjoys observing and photographing birds in their natural habitat and being very persistent, can often be found in the field. Villa 209, Sunset Crest, St. James, Barbados W.I. BB24014 (246) 432 1862

"The painter makes real to others his innermost feelings about all that he cares for. A secret becomes known to everyone who views the picture through the intensity with which it is felt." Lucien Freud.

MARGARET RODRIGUEZ Margaret Nock Rodriguez is a well known watercolour artist, living and painting in the tropical island of Barbados. She portrays the life and style of the Bajan past and present through her interpretations of homes, boats, fruits, flowers and plants for which she has ardent collectors. Her delightful watercolours are vibrant and joyous – much like what you expect from life in the Caribbean. Margaret also produces high quality note cards, small and large prints. 520 Lemon Arbour, Rockley, Ch.Ch., Barbados (246) 435 3820 (246) 234 1780

MARGARET RODRIGUEZ (246) 435 3820 (246) 234 1780

CHRISTINE ROLLITT Christine Rollitt has a Fine Art degree from Kingston School of Art, London, holds a Post Graduate Certificate from Middlesex University and has City and Guilds Part One and Two certificates in Creative Studies and Embroidery. Specialising in painting but branched out to work in stitched textiles and mixed media in more recent years, painted in the Middle East and worked on oil paintings of the Caribbean recently. Christine has exhibited in numerous galleries and works to commission. There is a limited edition run of prints of two of her paintings of the Middle Eastern coastline and a desert palace. Christine has taught creative stitched textiles in London for over seven years. Member of the Textile Expressions group and 4 X 4 Stitched Textile Group. Both of these groups exhibit in London venues and beyond.

HARRIET ROLLITT Splashing colour from place to place, Harriet Rollitt is a versatile artist working with painting, collage, drawing, and recently installation. Harriet selects the most appropriate method and medium to best explore various conceptual ideas. Inspired by theories of cultural studies, she addresses issues of belonging and preconceptions of national identity. For Harriet, national identity is a compounding of heritage, nostalgia and the power of imagination. Through her work, she expresses the emotional side of belonging to two worlds that are wrapped up in each other’s colonial past. One unifying quality of Harriet’s work is her use of bright colours, something she attributes to her upbringing in Barbados. An ambitious individual, Harriet constantly strives to develop her artistic practice. She completes a Master of Fine Art degree from Newcastle University by September 2011, and plans to exhibit her work throughout the region thereafter.

LORNA ROSE Lorna Rose is a Barbadian who has spent much of her life living in England and travelling in Europe. Early years of ballet training and working in fashion have contributed to her view, style and presentation on the canvas. Lorna works mostly in oils but also enjoys acrylics, watercolour, and drawing. She has exhibited in English galleries and created a Moon Calendar for the biodynamic wines section of Vinopolis. Lorna has also worked with interiors, upgrading and refurbishing properties in England, and illustrating for interior installations here in Barbados. (246) 427 7622 (246) 249 1750

LORNA ROSE “Fascinated and intrigued by elements of creation: light colour rhythm shape and form, and how they connect; I seek to reassemble and re-present images to inspire the viewer and to suggest that our world, inner and outer is of our making.� (246) 427 7622 M(346) 249 1750

SHEENA ROSE Sheena Rose is a contemporary Caribbean artist from Barbados. In 2008, Sheena graduated with a BFA. She is very well known for her hand drawn animations and has exhibited her work internationally. Sheena Rose had exhibited in the Caribbean, the USA, South Africa and in South America.

ANN RUDDER Heraldry is a system of art that has been in use since the 12th century. Ann Rudder is its muse in Barbados. "Since 1977 I have made a wide variety of heraldic products rendered on paper, wood, textiles or Barbados black belly sheepskin for corporate organizations, scholastic groups, religious fellowships and individual families". Prices are unique to each artwork. Photos of prior commissions are available, and may be faxed or e-mailed to you. Ms. Rudder also crafts glorious clothing shirts, waistcoats and gilets for men and women. Your joy of owning a personal Heraldic Design by Ann Rudder begins by contacting her (246) 228 5868

ARLETTE ST HILL “I was born in Barbados at Hastings, Christ Church. My primary and secondary education was completed at St Gabriel’s Girls school where my love for the arts was fostered. At present, I hold a degree in Art Education, Diploma in Curriculum Design and the Development of Instructional Materials and certificates in Multimedia Production from Algonquin College, Educational Text Book Publishing from the University of London and Digitalization from Glasgow University. I create acrylic and mixed media paintings, oil pastels, original hand pulled lino block, silk screen, and mono prints. I have exhibited in Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, Boston, Washington, New York, Cuba, North Carolina, Miami, London, and France.” # 3 ‘Obiajuiu’ 2nd Avenue Reece Road, Britton’s Hill St. Michael, Barbados. By Appointment (246) 436 8547 or (246) 234 5998

KATHRYN ST. HILL "I have always thought that the beautiful outshines the ugly, statements such as - it's a beautiful world; it's a beautiful day: are phrases that tend to inspire rather than annihilate, or even to conquer distance. Would we be able to travel the world without some form of inspiration - something that makes you get up and go - the thought that at the end of the rainbow, there is that "pot of gold", in some form or the other. For the athlete there is the medal or trophy, as a reward, for enduring the ugly, the hard work of making our bodies perform. For the artist, there is the achievement of allowing your mind to express something that is worth looking at - co-ordination of hand, mind and body. For, really, in this world with all it's terrors and charms - creating something beautiful, from "a beautiful mind", is indeed an art.“ H(246) 432 1223

M(246) 238 9188

CORRIE SCOTT artist. photographer. dreamer Corrie photographs, and has scribbled and painted on everything she could find since childhood. She still does. (246) 424 3965

CORRIE SCOTT artist. photographer. dreamer


HEATHER-DAWN SCOTT “Almost everything around me is fodder for my paintings. Combinations of colours and forms beg to be painted whether I am washing guavas and aubergines in the sink , see a pink shirt against the sea or the shapes and textures of a weathered coral stone wall. Most of what I currently produce is acrylic on canvas which I find very workable and forgiving as it dries so quickly and can be reworked. It can be treated in thin transparent layers or in heavy impastos and so lends itself to many possibilities. I don’t limit myself to any subject matter but I am enthralled by the early photographs of the Caribbean. Pictorially they are beautiful arrangements of tone and this gives me free reign to interpret them in lots of colour. I do have plans to work in a variety of different materials and produce some three dimensional work again in the near future.”

SAMUEL SEALY Sam Sealy is a Barbadian artist whose paintings are basically abstract in representation and executed in a quasi-pointillist technique. He pursued his art training at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College 1974-76 and the Barbados Community College 1998-2002, where he gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He has achieved various national art accolades – the Ivan Payne Memorial Award NIFCA, 1995, the Governor of Central Bank Purchase Award, 2004 and the Governor General’s Award NIFCA, 2006. Sealy presently resides in the parish of St. Philip.

MARLON ‘ILON’ SKEETE Marlon is a self taught Sculptor working in all types of local wood but specializing in mahogany. “For me art comes from the spirit and becomes a fulfilment of all my hopes and aspirations.” Temple Yard, Cheapside, Bridgetown (246) 237 4674

“No amount of skilful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.� Edward Hopper

DAVID SKINNER David Skinner is a portraitist who paints both traditional formal portraits and semi- abstract portraits of cricketing icons. His formal portraits can be seen at The Caribbean Development Bank and the University of the West Indies. His striking action portraits which translate into art the passion of the cricketers may be seen at Lords Cricket Museum and the National Collection. In a very different style his “Christmas Morning at Queens Park� is a sophisticated rendition of a traditional Bajan gathering and may also be seen in the National Collection. 2nd Avenue, Rockley New Road, Christ Church.


DON SMALL Don Small graduated from the Barbados Community College (BCC) in 2000, majoring in sculpture under the tutelage of Stanley Greaves. Over the years, he has developed his craft and paints in acrylic, water colour and oil paints; he has also become one of the leading muralists in Barbados. He carves in coral stone and wood. His inspiration is taken mainly from nature, but there are times when his conceptual work addresses social issues. Don Small has won many awards in National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), and is the first artist to have won the Karl Broodhagen award for excellence in sculpture in 2002. He has earned the commission to interpret the National Hero Clement Payne for the National Hero’s Gallery in the West Wing of Parliament . “I believe there’s nothing more satisfying than when a person creates something aesthetically beautiful with their hands; but sculpture and painting are beyond this, they embody mind, eye, hand and soul, as well. With this notion, I will continue to create with the hope that my positive spirit can be transmitted and felt through my work”. Turner’s Hall, St. Andrew, BB25056, Barbados. W (246) 438 7130 H (246) 249 7838

“I paint for myself. I don't know how to do anything else, anyway. Also I have to earn my living, and occupy myself. � Francis Bacon

LEANDRO SOTO Leandro Soto is a multidisciplinary visual/installation and performance artist who has been internationally involved with the arts for the past thirty two years. Soto was one of the leading figures of the influential “Volumen Uno�, an artistic movement that changed the course of Cuban Art in the decade of the 1980’s, in which he was the first artist in his generation to work with the Afro-Cuban heritage. In his current work Soto continues to draw simultaneously on European and non-European cultural heritages and art forms -- acquired as a result of his traveling and living in numerous cultures. Soto contributes to the rich cross-cultural dialogue in contemporary arts. Soto has participated in more than 162 group exhibitions and 91 solo art shows in museums, art galleries, and alternative art spaces in Spain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Peru, Japan, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Italy, Cuba, India, and the United States, among others. His art is in the permanent collections of important museums. He has taught and lectured at various Higher Education institutions in the U.S. and abroad . In his performances and the visual/installation art which emerge from his performances, Soto responds to the postmodern coordinates of implosion and satire, often subverting the inceptions of culturally accepted notions of high/kitsch, traditional/pop, global/local, and profane/sacred art forms. The key to understanding his work lies in the inner organization of the form and its metaphoric implications -- the synthesis and integration of values raising personal and cultural awareness. (246) 429 0496 and


GOLDIE SPIELER Goldie was born into a traditional Jewish family in Canada and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Originally a watercolour and pen-and-ink artist she became dedicated to the cause of preserving the art of pottery making, a 300 year old tradition, in her adopted home of Barbados. She began to work with clay and gradually built up Earthworks Pottery. “There are several layers to the person who chugged through the grunt work who overcame the endless obstacles from pure artist to pragmatic, creative person.” Her watercolours are mainly landscape or still life or combinations of both. The colours are clean and bright and alive and brush strokes quick and sure. Since the late 1970’s all her works are surrounded by borders that are decorative, but more a further explanation of what is happening within that border. She likes to refer to her works on paper as “painting poetry.” Earthworks Pottery, #2 Edghill Heights, St Thomas (246) 425 0233

JOHN SPRINGER Pottery specialising in cups, jugs, monkey pots and more. Live demonstrations. 7 days a week 9am - 5.30pm Chalky Mount, St Andrew (246) 422 9682

MELANIE SPRINGER Studied Fine Arts at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Puerto Rico, and Art Education at the Barbados Community College. From there, her exposure to the world of the audio visual, would lead her to explore a career in film & television via the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television in Cuba. Her varied background and love of travel has played a pivotal role in shaping the multi-faceted artist that she is today. “I enjoy working with a colourful palette as much as experimenting with monochromes. The spirit realm and expressions of human social behaviour such as our intimate thoughts and desires hold a deep fascination for me.” In 2009 Melanie Springer published her first work of fiction, “Pearl – a Caribbean Story” to very positive reviews. She is also a part-time tutor of Interrelated Media in the Barbados Community college BFA graphics programme. (246) 426 7806 (246) 231 3600

LILIAN STEN-NICHOLSON Lilian Sten-Nicholson has exhibited extensively in the Caribbean, Europe and USA. She is a former president of the Barbados Arts Council and has made a significant contribution to Caribbean Arts as a painter, printmaker, writer and curator. Her work is centered in the spirituality and music of the Caribbean. “At the heart of Sten’s work is the recognition of a natural spiritual strength manifesting itself through rhythm and movement” (Geoffrey MacLean, Aquarela Gallery, Trinidad.) “Lilian Sten-Nicholson is an important, major artist, who deserves attention and critical response. Like those modern painters who have gone before her, she thrives, and her viewers are rewarded, when bringing diverse interests to a point of convergence in a painting. She is a woman who contains and reconciles contradictions, not only as a person of strength and character, but as a painter of subtlety and contemplative expression.” (Rodney Reynolds, Curator , Barbados Gallery of Art.) Stony Hill, Sandford, St Philip. BB18062, Barbados (246) 423 6237

ELIZABETH STEWART “I am a self taught artist. I am influenced by Haitian artist and Indigenous artists, also by my grandmother who was Amerindian from Guyana.” Cluffs Plantation, St. Lucy

(246) 439 8109

ERIC ‘E-RUDO-S’ STEWART Eric was born in Barbados, 1951. He studied for a diploma course for art teachers, did advanced level (Grade A) and was a part of the BFA at Barbados Community College. An art teacher from 1982 – 2010 at Garrison Secondary school. He works in watercolour, acrylic, oil and mixed media. He sculpts in stone, wood and mixed media. His one man show ‘Times and Places’ was in 1985, and he has exhibited in many group shows both locally and internationally. His art is in many collections worldwide. “Art is the human face of any nation. Art in its diverse forms provide the seed of true understanding and therefore contributes to world peace” #6, Farmers, St Thomas (246) 438 6509 (246) 232 5220

LISA STIEBEL Lisa Stiebel, an architect by profession, but an artist at heart. She has a whimsical style, and loves to interpret scenery through vibrant colour and texture. Fascinated by the beauty of nature, her passion is to spread God’s love through happy art. ‘Sunmoonstar’, Stewart Hill, St. John

(246) 234-1875



Born in England in 1932, John was inspired by many artists in London in the early 1950’s. He was particularly enthused by Ivan Hitchens, the English abstract landscape painter to the point where he was compelled to experiment with paint and bits of bric a brac on board and canvas himself. John and his family moved to Barbados in 1962, he spent the next thirty years immersed in island life and managing his business and family commitments and it was not until 1995 that John was finally able to dedicate time to his artistic work. He was encouraged by local artist Indrani Whittingham and Fielding Babb, along with art historian Therese Hadchity that he finally began producing his own work. John produced quite a variety of island scenes, works using a palette knife and reproduced his prints on canvas.

BRIAN TALMA “Life Upon Earth!! At the office as bright as it shines,,,,,cross the line...flip flops, baggies, the tan I am, the man I am, the human I am, the animal I am, the international beach bum I am, the man I am...beach culture revolutionize the mind...cross the is singing, & the brain upon earth!! Action!! I love life and the bigger the struggle the greater the reward...then the next thing that happens is the brain smiles. I am happy!!� 136 Plover Court, Long Beach, Christ Church, Barbados (246) 826 7087


NORMA TALMA “I love paper. I make handmade paper collages, print linocuts and draw on these "Paper Paintings". I create paper collages using handmade paper that has been poured, shaped, embedded, colored, textured, printed and layered, often becoming sculptural. Each edition of the linocuts and the drawings are on "paper paintings" making each one different and unique.

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Most of my handmade paper is made from indigenous fibers such as banana-leaf stems, wild cotton and corn husks. But, more importantly, the paper is simply a vehicle to express my feelings and thoughts. My observations of the changing landscape and the natural environment serve as a microscopic study for human existence, the dynamics of color, line, texture, form and rhythm present an opportunity to make statements about my psychological and spiritual life. They are paper poems that speak of the beginnings of life and the passage of time, incorporating autobiographical iconography and images of Amerindian and other early civilizations. Biblical, geological and space travel discoveries have also informed my art work. These themes have evolved from my initial and ongoing reaction to and fascination with the tropical sun and landscape, and through extensive explorations of space, light and time in the Caribbean. My color palette ranges from vibrant brilliant colors to more subtle earth tones.� Norma Talma Enterprise Road, Christ Church, Barbados, W.I. (246) 428 9383

CHRISTINE TAYLOR Christine is a self-taught Barbadian artist who drew and coloured from early childhood. Her delight is capturing the vibrancy of “life flooded with light “. She paints colour soaked acrylic canvases, watercolours and murals. Her life sized wall murals bring energy to restaurants and villas in Barbados and Tortola. Christine has had solo exhibitions and participated in many Group Shows in Barbados, and in Tortola, including a solo exhibition on ‘The World’ luxury cruise liner. Her art is collected by many clients at home and abroad and may be viewed at The Gallery of Caribbean Art in Barbados and The Gallery in Roadtown, Tortola (where she now resides) or she may be contacted directly. (284) 541 3070

FRANK TAYLOR I’m not sure whether an artist should be recognised for a singular piece, but in my case, the painting Mummy one o’ de eggs drop an’ brek seems to have generated sufficient recognition to last a lifetime. I set about to create what I hoped would be a quintessential Barbadian painting with epic storytelling content and deep sociological context. At the time, I really didn’t know what I was doing technically, but I guess my first year at the Pennsylvania Academy was not all a waste of time. Three years onward, I underwent an epiphany while studying the works of Peter Paul Rubens in The Louvre, Paris, and was moved to study moviemaking. Meeting at Megiddo is one of two life-size Biblically-inspired traditionalist paintings that I showed for my thesis wall after I returned. It was, and still is, the piece that confirmed the potential my local and international teachers saw in me. I will eventually paint again, but there’s doubt that I’ll ever eclipse Megiddo in technique, scale and content.” (246) 236 3687

LESLIE TAYLOR Artist Photographer Leslie Taylor lives and works in Barbados. She has exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in Barbados, United States and Guyana. A recipient of the Governor General’s Award of Excellence in Photography at NIFCA Barbados, her work is also featured on the covers of two book publications. Private collections reside in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Barbados and Trinidad. In her more recent works, Taylor explores intimate portraits of found objects. Concentrating on the finer details, the minutiae. By bringing the viewer closer in, she challenges the mind to explore. Images bold with colour and details ..or in the opposing extreme, almost completely devoid – floating within shades of white. (246) 233 2475


ANGIE TEVERSHAM As a silk painting artist, Angie’s work reflects the vibrant colours of Barbados, inspired by tropical landscapes. She first became interested in silk painting in Swaziland where she took lessons and became hooked. A member of the Silk Painter’s Guild in London. She has exhibited in many countries: Swaziland, Bahamas, England, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands and of course Barbados. Angie trained at the Lady Spencer College, Oxford, taking art as her main subject. Many years as a corporate gypsy’s wife, she used watercolour as her medium to record some of the themes in each country. Having settled in Barbados, where she and her husband have a home she now paints stories on silk to reflect a colourful Barbados life.

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.� Lucian Freud

ICHIA TIYI Ichia Tiyi has been designing jewellery since 1993. Her primary introduction to this art-form was through her own self-exploration with various shapes and forms. Apprenticing with Kenneth Forde in Trinidad led to an intense period of creative incubation, where she explored and experimented with the fusion of metallic and organic materials. Winning a prestigious award at the Commonwealth Arts and Craft competition for the entire Caribbean region became a pivotal turning point in her career. The award granted her the opportunity to travel to Ghana, where she studied Metal Product Design at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and experimented with traditional and alternative techniques increasing her technical possibilities and extending her visual range. In 2004 she participated in an international convention and workshop on the jeweller’s art in India, granting her another rare opportunity to continue exploration and interest in non-conventional approaches to jewellery making, while sharing creative space and ideas with some of India’s most revered master craftsmen. She has also studied her metalsmithing techniques in chasing and repousse and metalforming in North America. Her work continues to portray unique imagination and fine craftsmanship, while remaining deeply rooted in its own tradition, emphasising a sophisticated primal energy, uncommon to the transient trends in most popular, everyday jewellery. 1st Prize Winner of the Design Caribbean Award 2011 Tiyi By Design, #12 Town Square Mall, Speightstown, St. Peter, (246) 422 6816 (246) 252 0184 Facebook- Tiyi By Design


MAUREEN P. TRACEY Refreshing and innovative! As a visual artist, Maureen is a local oil painter whose Bajan art is delightfully unique in its colourful and modern approach. Local scenes and subject matter take on a new look due to her global background bringing a fresh new look to the traditional. Vivid use of colour and simple form reflect her Canadian training in art as well as her international career in textiles. Hastings Towers, Hastings, Christ Church (246) 228 2757


HOLLY TREW By just seventeen, this young Barbadian was already making a name for herself in the Canadian art world – where she completed her last two years of school. Holly was one of only seven to take part in the exhibition ‘Youth Group of Seven’ showcasing talented youth of the wider Victoria area. Later, at her school graduation, she was honoured for her ‘breathtaking’ artwork which hung throughout the school. Growing up in Barbados, Holly developed a great passion for the sea and is presently studying marine biology. Her love for everything oceanic is reflected in her art - plus inspiration gained from a nine month voyage on a tall ship. Holly hails from a family of talented artists – her grandmother is Jill Walker and her mother is Sue Trew. She is a remarkable young lady with a strong vision and a zest for life that shines from her bold art. (246) 421 6400


SUE TREW Sue was born in Barbados into an artistic family - her mother is the renowned artist, Jill Walker. She and her husband, Chris, joined the family business - Best of Barbados Gift Shops - in 1990 and Sue immersed herself in the creative environment around her. Now, with her daughters grown up, Sue is able to spend more time painting and designing - and is delighted to have introduced her own range of prints and giftware into their shops. Living in Barbados, Sue is continually inspired to paint - working mostly in oils and watercolours, although she has recently been experimenting with other techniques and is excited by her results. She is a versatile artist - always painting something new, changing her canvas size, her palette and her subject with every painting. (246) 421 6900


LINDA TUDOR Linda has been involved in art and craft all her life – she has painted on postcards, walls, clothing and ceramics, and was also involved in painting the scenery and backdrops for five local pantomime productions. Linda paints in watercolours and oils, and is currently exploring the vast possibilities offered by acrylics and mixed media. Now, with more free time to paint she has taken up her paintbrushes in earnest. Influenced by the strong play of light and shadow in our tropical sunlight she is drawn in particular to the colours of the sea. Her subject matter is taken mostly from nature and from the seashore, however she is open to painting whatever else is caught in the play of sunlight. #3 Palm Avenue, Fort George Heights, St. Michael BB11102 (246) 429 2897


SARAH VENABLE Sarah drew and painted throughout a childhood of travelling the globe. Later she studied fine arts at Wheaton College in USA, while attaining a “more practical� BA in sociology and psychology. Apart from sketching, she then reluctantly put visual art aside for 18 years of the New York City rat race. In 1992, a move to the Caribbean provided the opportunity to paint again, starting with village neighbours and beach scenes in Anguilla. First used as barter for lobsters, her portraits then began to be commissioned. She moved to Barbados in 1995 and continued this personal renaissance, adding abstracts, landscapes and whimsy to her repertoire. Her paintings have travelled home with purchasers from Australia, Europe and North America, while some remains in the region. Sarah also teaches art to children and creative writing to college students. She is also a frequent contributor to regional magazines and websites, and is a published poet. 2 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Road, St. Michael, BB 14022 (246) 435 3563 M (246) 830 8904


YASMIN VIZCARRONDO-BANFIELD “Born in Caracas, Venezuela . Living in Barbados for 13 years. I am a working mother trying to be a full time artist. My Grandfather, who was a self-taught artist, inspired and encouraged me to paint when I was a child. Although I have been painting all my life I have never been consistent until 2009 when I joined The Newcomers, Indrani Whittingham's art group. That is when I began what I call my "reencuentro" or "reencounter" with art. I am fascinated by people and their daily life, I am always on the look out for images of ordinary life everywhere. Portraits and animals are two of my favorite subjects. I love painting in oil but most of the time I start my painting in acrylic to speed up the process. My style is Impressionism. I love to paint on big canvas, using the spatula, with big strokes and loads of paint. I dream of becoming a full time artist.� 71 Bayshore Drive, Longs Bay dev., St Philip, Barbados (246) 262 5500 (246) 423 4509


AURELIA WALCOTT Born 1986. Barbadian. "With a focus on printmaking which has lasted over the years, my work takes turns and twist along the outline of nature and beauty aesthetics. As a young artist, I am continually examining my surroundings and daily interactions for influences. These may range from the cloud pattern on a sunny day, to the way a passerby is dressed and styled. Texture and colour play an important role in my artwork as my prints, and developing painting style, play with the initial subject matter but rather focus on highlighting the fundamental design elements of the image." (246) 257 4767!

JOAN DIANNE WALCOTT Joan Dianne Walcott, born in Barbados, is presently Managing Director and curator of Eljodii Gallery- Art Innovators, Thompson Gap Codrington Hill, St. Michael. Dianne has been practicing her Art, Furniture Design and Interior Decorating for the past twenty years. Dianne’s intent as an artist is to create large scale sculptures in realism and abstract forms incorporating African and Caribbean Cultural Heritage. The design elements emerged from her emotional state at that point in time and are aesthetically pleasing. The Abstract representation is symbolic and stylized based on her concept of shapes and forms. These elements have personal references to her sensuality as a female artist. A challenge from one of Dianne’s teacher motivated her and she is now pursuing the associate degree at the Barbados Community College. She has also been awarded the opportunity to design and build a monumental bronze sculpture in China. Tel : (246) 425 5431 or (246) 239 6665

JILL WALKER Jill studied at the Royal Academy Schools and the Old Vic Theatre School in London and exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She and her husband settled in Barbados in 1960 and Jill set about painting her colourful surroundings, recording a lifestyle that is slowly disappearing. She had sell-out exhibitions of her oils and watercolours at Mill Reef Club in Antigua and Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados. Jill became known for her detailed architectural prints and her much admired prints of urban and rural scenes of Barbados and other Caribbean islands. In 1975 she and her husband founded the Best of Barbados Gift Shops and Jill began enthusiastically to design a wide variety of decorative gift items, all with a Barbadian theme. In 2001 she was awarded the Barbados Centennial Honour for her services to Art and Business. In 2002 she published her lavishly illustrated autobiography, ‘Jill Walker’s BARBADOS’. (246) 421 6900


CHERISE WARD Cherise Ward's desire to become an Illustrator grew out of her childhood love of drawing and writing stories. After receiving her Associate Degree in Visual Arts from the Barbados Community College, she traveled to New York City where she completed her BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Cherise produces work in the format of narrative illustrations, graphic novels or even sculptures (mainly puppets). Her most current work revolves around the theme, ‘Fruits and Fantasy’. With this work, she combines Barbadian flora and fauna with her love of fantasy.

LAURA WARD Laura Ward was born in Colon Estado Tachira in Venezuela, migrated to Barbados in 1993 and has since become known on island for her Amerindian style of ceramic products at Earth and Fire Workshop which she founded in 1994. Each of these pieces is made with love and dedication and depicts Barbadian architecture and culture. Earth and Fire Workshop, Connell Town, St. Lucy (246) 439 9318

RUSSELL WATSON Russell Watson began working in Barbadian theatre in the late 80’s. He studied Theatre at Jamaica’s Edna Manley College and Film and New Media at the School of the ArtInstitute of Chicago. His work has been collected and exhibited in the U.S, Caribbean and U.K. Russell is also an arts educator focusing on theatre, multimedia and photography. He has held positions at the UWI, Derby University, SAIC and The Studio Museum in Harlem. Continued…..

Russell’s work explores the persistence of ancestral memory in the decorative and performative modes of the human body. It considers temporality, memory, mysticism and migration as its major themes and is primarily concerned with narrative and figurative representations. Working across genres, his work employs photo, video, text, sculpture and performance. His award wining debut feature film A HAND FULL OF DIRT (2010) is currently on the international festival circuit.

MARILDA WEATHERHEAD Born in Venezuela of an artistic family but now a Barbadian citizen by marriage and residing here from the late 60s, Marilda has been painting since 1987, her many mediums are oils, pastels and acrylics. She enjoys painting Barbadian scenes and people in everyday life. Marilda is the owner of the Frangipani Art Gallery at Sugar Cane Club, Hotel and Spa, Maynards, St Peter, where her work is exhibited. (246) 422 5026

GORDON WEBSTER “I am more interested in evoking feeling than in accurate description. What I paint is also about the power of colour. Its almost endless and magical quality is what I want to convey in my work. I want , through passionate use of colour and light, to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, who then completes the details of time, place and mood from his or her own personal experiences.� Hope Sanctuary, Newcastle, St. John H(246) 271 6270 M(246) 822 3461 (preferable)

JOHN L WEBSTER PhD Photography: “As a photographer I seek to capture life’s glorious palettes in yet another dimension!”

JOHN L WEBSTER PhD Landscape designer: “Whereas most other artists work in 2 or 3 dimensions, as a Landscape Designer I work in 4, the 4th being the dimension of time.�

HOWAIDA MOUSSA-WEEL A Barbadian of Egyptian descent. Howaida began painting whilst at university and sold her first painting in 1987. Her styles are many, which confirms her versatility on approach and subject matter. Howaida pursues artistic excellence, is an inventor and her originality is cherished. She is in perpetual evolution and never ceases to experiment beyond the mainstream because she dares to. Her paintings are vibrant and alive with gracious curvaceous forms. She takes simplicity and turns it into a highly complex work of art, where minimalism is juxstaposed with maxims. Her paintings have found favour in the private collections of collectors internationally.

WAYNE 'ONKPHRA' WELLS Onkphra, a largely self taught artist, considers himself to be a Caribbean man, originally hailing from Trinidad where his love for visual art was inspired by his father, a highly skilled artisan in his time. Onkphra began his exploration of woodcarving in 1979 when he settled in Barbados. At first focused on crafted utilitarian objects his work with mahogany "developed rapidly from a state of charming rusticity to one of enticing sophistication.� Sculpture was the natural evolutionary result of this growing sensitivity that saw an appreciation for the natural and often unusual markings of the found wood that he works with. No living trees are felled to supply his studio, a reflection of the artists philosophy of working with, rather than against, nature. Many of his pieces are represented in diverse international collections. His works have been presented to outstanding Barbadian Artistes as part of Government's 'Pride of Barbados Awards' as well as Heads of Government. With his son Che, he has created commissions and installations such as 'Musician and Dancers' at Government House and 'Totems' at the Savannah Hotel. Pelican Craft Village, Bridgetown, St Michael

ANGELA ‘Angelique’ WENT Fine fun jewellery by Angela Went (246) 431 0247

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint.� Rene Magritte

DEREK WENT “I have always been an Artist. I see light, colour, form and texture as abstract composition. Interesting people provide context for a narrative within the fluidity of their environment. There is no limit to the sources of my inspiration. I constantly notice beauty all around me.” Most of my recent works are created using pure digital information. In my paintings, this modern medium is informed by my classical art training. They often draw heavily on my love of photography and I am exploring the intriguing fusions that are made possible through the unlimited artistic freedom offered by graphics software.” ‘Karobon’ Studio 1, Tent Bay, St. Joseph. BB21054, Barbados, West Indies (246) 433 9419 Derek Andre Went on Facebook.


(246) 433 9419

INDRANI WHITTINGHAM Born in Guyana, 1938. Indrani studied art under two of Guyana's leading artists, E.R Burrowes and M Broodhagen. She also taught Art and History of Art in Guyana. While living in Canada 1963-1981 Indrani worked in creative recreation and taught painting to adults and children for the Dept of Education in Toronto. Indrani has now resided in Barbados since 1981. Indrani is the founder of the Newcomers Art Group, a group of close to 100 adults and children whom she instructs in oils, watercolour, acrylics and pastels. Indrani paints primarily in oils, acrylics and watercolours and has painted professionally for 35 years. She is a member of the Barbados Arts Council and is active in the life of the arts community in Barbados, also being coowner and Art Director of the Gallery of Caribbean Art. (246) 437 1812

“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

ANDRE WILLIAMS Andre is an artist and photography is his medium. He has a God given talent for capturing the unique essence and personality of his subject, whether it be people, nature, sports, scenery, or commerce. People: Family photos, Maternity & Pregnancy, Infants babies & Children, Weddings, Special Occasions. He captures each of his subjects with amazing creativity, empathy & intuition. Nature: Landscapes, Seascapes, Wildlife, Gardens & Flowers. Archival prints available. Sports: Polo, Horse Racing, Sailing, Windsurfing & Kite Surfing. Available for assignment in Barbados & other countries. The major portion of all funds from Andre's photography is given to orphaned & at risk children. Exhibits / Awards: Colours Of Hope III-2011, II-2010, I-2009; NIFCA awards for photography-11. (246) 437 7251 M (246) 266 6721


(246) 437 7251

M (246) 266 6721

ANNETTE WILLIAMS Annette Williams was born in August 1946 in Hamburg,Germany. Barbados became her home in 1993. Her education, being a professional draftswoman and then later her training to become a florist, both were the foundation of her journey into the world of art.


SUE WILLIAMS Sue Williams (nee Bynoe) was born in Trinidad of a Barbadian father (Roddy) and Trinidadian mother (Margaret). They moved to Barbados in 1952. Sue married Andre Williams in 1990. Most of Sue’s work related life has been spent in the hospitality industry with hotels and villa management. She loves to chat and interact with people. Recently she has had the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream of painting by taking classes with Indrani Whittingham, where she has discovered a God-given talent for art. Her varied subjects of seascapes, landscapes, chattel houses, lighthouses and people, to mention a few, are painted from her husband’s photographs. (246) 437 7251

(246) 826 4344

TRACEY WILLIAMS Tracey Williams is a Barbadian Artist. “In 1995 I pursued my lifelong ambition of being an artist and had the privilege to apprentice myself to mentor and renowned artist Stanley Greaves. I had three successful solo exhibitions, & won the Governor of the Central Bank Award twice. My work has been primarily in Flower painting from the imagination, painting in oil & acrylic on canvas. I also love drawing and figure painting directly from models. My paintings have a magical romantic spiritual element with an erotic undercurrent. My strength tends to be expressionistic with multi layering of paint.� # 163 Amaryllis Row, Sunset Crest, St James, Barbados (246) 432 2328

LORNA WILSON Lorna was born in Barbados surrounded by the beautiful hues of colour that is so much a part of the island. From as early as she can remember she has been scribbling and painting on everything that she could find. She's a self taught artist who believes that her talent is God given. She gets her inspiration from the ability to see beauty in everything, from the sunlight glistening on the water, school children in their orderly uniforms, to sugarcane at harvest time. #4 Seaview Road, Chancery Lane, Ch. Ch.

(246) 428 4227

(246) 234 3129

WOODPECKER ‘Woodpecker’ (Grafton Fitzgerald) A self-taught artist who works in mahogany, Woodpecker produces work that explore the human form and the qualities of the material. He states that his works deal with the “human drama” Temple Yard, Cheapside, Bridgetown.

ROZ WORME Roz Worme is a Barbadian who has been painting for over eight years with the Newcomers Art Group. Roz was awarded a prize by Indrani for Best Newcomer in 2001 at one of the Newcomers Art Groups shows. In her first days of painting, she used the oil medium but has since turned to acrylics with a new found passion. For her, the colour palate of the Caribbean and especially her island home, Barbados, offers a wide selection of flora, fauna, scenery and people to capture on canvas. She is a member of the Barbados Arts Council. #4 Rockley Meadows, Golf Club Road, Christ Church, Barbados (246) 435 8304

ROZ WORME As a jewellery designer, the satisfaction of designing a piece that may capture the essence of someone’s character or creating a colourful piece to wear to a special event, is immensely satisfying. Private appointments can be made. ROZ WORME #4 Rockley Meadows, Golf Club Road, Christ Church (246) 435 8304 (246) 232 0229 ROZ WORME Also can be seen on facebook

KRAIG YEARWOOD “I enjoy painting most when I’m exploring and experimenting so that my approach to the work is usually very intuitive, with little or no sketches or predetermined colour choice. The act of painting is very magical. It's in that dream space that I am an explorer, creator and ultimately a child at play.” ‘Kevon’, #103 Welches Terrace, St. Thomas, Barbados (246) 421 6291


THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

AWEIPO GALLERY (246) 271 2839.


BRIDGETOWN GALLERY @ SHERATON MALL Upstairs on the second floor, at the top of the escalators, across from the radio station. 9am to 9pm daily (246) 230 1750

FESTIVAL ART GALLERY Festival Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery showing in excess of 50 local Barbadian artists who are painters, ceramic artists, photographers and sculptors. Curator Kathy Yearwood. Bringing Art To The People

FRAGIPANI ART GALLERY Frangipani Art Gallery offers you a selective collection of artworks by Caribbean and International artists, including originals and prints in a variety of themes and mediums at very attractive prices; we also offer ready-made frames to go with your artwork. We look forward to your visit and to help you find that piece that will create a breath of fresh air in your home or business. Come and visit us, we’ll be glad to assist you! Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa at Maynards, St. Peter

Phone (246) 422 5026, ext.5037

GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART We exhibit the fine works of over 70 artists. Northern Business Centre, Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados (246) 419 0858

(246) 419 0858

MANIPURA Launched in 2010, Manipura Art Gallery is an oasis of beauty and a celebration of Caribbean creativity. With our wide range of paintings, personal and home decor options, we have something for everyone on the hunt for beautiful art. Directed by internationally-acclaimed Barbadian artist, Annalee Davis, Manipura is an inspirational Caribbean art gallery which is community-minded and creative. Visit us at the Milking Parlour Studio, St. George (246) 230 8897

THE NATIONAL ART GALLERY COMMITTEE The National Art Gallery Committee in Barbados. With the latest happenings and news from the artists. Check out ArtistNet the database of visual artists in Barbados. Visual Artists are invited to join ArtistNet which is a free service for all visual artists in Barbados. (246) 310 2700

QUEEN’S PARK GALLERY (Gallery will be at Pelican Craft Village in Bridgetown while Queen’s Park Gallery is restored. Please call before going to make sure which location to go to as we do not know how long the restoration will take.) The Gallery opening hours 10am -6pm Monday to Saturday. On Mondays and Saturdays, only one Attendant works so we must close for lunch. If you intend to visit the Gallery on those days, please call first. Lunch is generally 2pm-3pm, but may vary according to how busy the Gallery is. QPG (246) 427 2345

NCF (246) 424 0909

"Above all keep your colours fresh!" Edouard Manet

On the Wall Art Gallery at Earthworks in St Thomas features an eclectic mix of hand made crafts, jewellery and fine art and the new collection of Very Vanita Gifts.


ON THE WALL ART GALLERIES On The Wall Art Gallery at Champers Restaurant, a charming art and gift gallery, also exhibiting art throughout the restaurant. Located at Rockley, Christ Church (246) 234 9145

TIDES GALLERY Balmore House, Holetown, St James (246) 432 2084

TIYI BY DESIGN #12 Town Square Mall, Speightstown, St. Peter, (246) 422 6816 (246) 252 0184

IAN BOURNE BAJAN REPORTER Supporter of the Arts In Bim. Ian Bourne first spoke into a microphone at the age of nine to record what turned out to be many commercials over the years, but his broadcast career took off a little further on in life. In his twenties, Ian was one of the founding members of Yess Ten-Four, a Starcom Network subsidiary now rebranded as Love FM. Determined to prove his career options were many, Ian has tried his hands at other jobs – jewellery salesman, nightclub emcee, publicist for a Barbadian Government Department and a stint with the Chamber of Commerce‌ However, since most people recall him as the jovial anchor for CBC TV-8 from 1998 to 2005, he decided to resume in gathering News and created Bajan Reporter - the popular Online newspaper which recognises art's significance in its various faces. W (246) 266 1866

F (246) 271 5518


Corrie Scott & Kathy Yearwood

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