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APRIL 2012


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(Package is $478 per room/per couple for 3 nights in a Beach View Room)

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Who’s who in the Zoo Minions plebs, slaves…call them what you want but behind the scenes of CORE mag you’ll find a bunch of inspiring young professionals who are all about bringing you something new and exciting every month.

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Blueju!ce + The Cairos SIZZLING 2012 will see BLUEJU!CE and their house music pals THE ASTON SHUFFLE bring an unparalleled level of summer fruitiness and crotch sweating to the otherwise-respectable coastal towns of Australia. It’s going to be sticky. For the 3rd year in a row, BLUEJU!CE are packing the tiniest shorts they can find, dusting off their surfmats and reacquainting their shoulder hair with natural sunlight. 18+ Event. 8pm > Hi-Fi, West End, Brisbane Tickets > $29



Ross Noble : Nonsensory Overload

Last Dinosaurs

Noble back fresh from his travels, not to mention his own TV show, doing what he does best; spinning forth hilarious nonsense for your amusement. Now is your chance to see one of the best live comics working internationally today.

With their already celebrated debut album in their back pocket and a freshly-inked international label deal in their suitcase, Last Dinosaurs are pleased to announce that they will be embarking on a national journey in April.

7.30pm > MECC Auditorium

8pm > The Zoo, Fortitude Valley

Tickets > $39.90 - $44.90

18+ event Tickets > $18.50 > $29.59 + Album Download



Mackay Telegraph Easter Laneway Festival Mackay’s newest festival the Mackay Telegraph Easter Laneway Festival is an initiative of Mackay Regional Council and the City Centre Traders. It will provide opportunities for local artists to perform and exhibit. It is hoped that the work of the artists will generate an increase in the number of visitors to the CBD, on the day of the festival and that existing visitors will stay longer. Sunday 8 April > for more info contact Festivals Mackay 1300 622 529

28 Fight Night IV War on the Shore With Fox Sports James White as MC. For the first time ever in Airlie Beach we’ll see full Thai Rules, that means elbows, knees and fast knock outs! Not to mention other crowd favourites like Sean Kolders, Dan ‘The Golden Child’ Zealand, Adam Mitton and Evan Douglas > Whitsunday PCYC Tickets > $25 Kids > $50 > VIP Tables available Contact 0457 797 047 or 4948 1144 6 •

The Butterfly Effect After the announced departure of singer Clint Boge, the band are giving fans a chance to see them perform together for the last time on the club circuit by announcing the “EFFECTED” national tour starting late April 2012. 8pm > Andergrove Tavern 18+ event Tickets: > $37 pre-sale > $45 on the door

Evolution Ring Girl Comp: Heat 1 Friday 13th Heat 2 Friday 20th Final Saturday 21st

5th Luke Geiger 6th No Hype 7th EJ Barker Tour 8th Luke Geiger 13th Under Cover 14th The Long Way Home Tour Epidemic Over Drawcard You Say When Dramawood 15th Shaum Kirk 20th DJ Moses Smith 21st No Hype 22nd Millicans 25th No Hype 26th EJ 28th DJ Kidd Benny Pool Comp Every Wed Night @ 7:30pm 1st: $150.00 2nd: $50.00 second, 3rd: voucher Karaoke every Fri & Sat Night

Thursday 5th: Astro Black Hip Hop Dj From LA Doors Open 8pm - 12am

CHECK OUT MORE COREMAG.COM.AU DJ Blaze Fridays & Saturdays Wet T Wednesdays

Friday 6th: Good Friday Free entry 11pm - 12am Service starts at midnight Saturday 7th: Easter Eve with DJ Pablo Sunday 8th: Evolution Purple Party feat. Dixie (from Bomb Squad)

Karaoke with Natasha every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Saturday 28th: War On The Shore’ Fight Night 4 Official After Party feat. Daniel De Niro (from Bomb Squad)

Join us for Cocktails every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Revenge Masquerade & Cover Girl Party, 9pm Heat 2 Friday 4th May

Revenge Masquerade & Cover Girl Party, 9pm Heat 1 Friday 27th

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Issue 3 • 2011 • 7


?????? THIS MONTH’S FUNNIEST QUOTES, PICTURES AND REVIEWS. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain Ralph Lauren’s original name was Ralph Lifshitz The word ‘Atari’ comes from the ancient Japanese game of Go and means “you are about to be engulfed” Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs in every episode of Seinfeld there is a reference to Superman

What is neither inside the house nor outside the house but a necessity for any home?


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Answer on our Facebook page to WIN a carton of XXXX Gold!

Simply type the title of the above clips into to check them out.

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DJ Blaze every Friday & Saturday

Add special entertainment to your night out with Karaoke! Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night from 9pm. Natasha will be hosting the tunes.

Mackays Premium Cocktail & Lounge Bar Open Friday & Saturday 5pm till late or keep the party going with our Sunday Sessions

Functions for Every Occasion To discuss your function requirements & receive a quote, phone Krystal on 4951 2611


9 y entr 0 1 $

MASQUERADE & COVER GIRL PARTY! The search is on for the next CORE MAGAZINE Cover Girl... it could be you!!

It couldn’t be easier - simply rock up to the Revenge Party and get your photo taken between 9 - 11pm in the CORE VIP area. Our panel of judges will then choose the winner based on criteria related to presentation, style and sophistication. Registrations close: Heat 1: Thursday 26th April. Heat 2: Thursday 3rd May

REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! WWW.COREMAG.COM.AU CONDITIONS OF ENTRY* Tell us about yourself! Your job, interests, achievements & anything unique or special we should know about you! - Must be a member of CORE Club - Must be a resident of the CORE region - Must be over the age of 18

2 Big nights 2 Party locations Friday 27th April ZeBar, Mackay

Friday 4th May Evolution Airlie Beach Come dressed in masquerade for a chance to WIN best dressed.

We have 20 double passes to our CORE VIP area to give away. Get VIP treatment on the night! and mingle with our Cover Girl contenders. RSVP to

The Butterfly Effect kicks off a national tour It’s hard to believe alternate rockers, The Butterfly Effect started as the high school band of guitarist Kurt Goedhart and drummer Ben Hall. With four albums under their belt, the band embarks on their national ‘Effected’ tour this month, which some say will be their best yet. Although frontman Clint Boge is leaving after the tour, The Butterfly Effect plans to carry on strong.

CORE Magazine caught up with drummer Ben, who firmly believes in the theory behind the band’s name.


What can fans expect from the upcoming ‘Effected Tour’?

We’ve been in the throes of A piecing together a few different things for this tour since February. Obviously with Clint’s departure, we want to make this tour a spectacle. He’s been with us for a long time, so we’re definitely going to throw together a lot of great stuff.


How do you reckon Clint’s departure might change the band?

The vocals are a focal point A of the band, so changing the lead singer will change the band quite dramatically. The three of

us [guitarist Kurt, drummer Ben and bassist Glenn] are focused on remaining strong. Once the tour is over, we’ll get into the dirty business of trying to find a new guy. Mackay is the first stop Q on the tour. What was your impression of the city? We’ve been to Mackay A several times. Clint is from Moranbah originally, so Mackay is a strong place for us. When we play in Mackay, we go fishing for coral trout and barramundi. You have toured Australia Q extensively over the years. Which city do you reckon has the best audience?

Ten with Ben - 1. Hometown: Brisbane


I think the Melbourne fan base is great; they’re very supportive.


Which tracks make the crowd go wild?

It’s hard to say because A every show is different. Some nights it’s the heavier, riffier tracks that really kick the gigs into life. Other nights it’s the more ambient, slower numbers that excite the crowd. Your last album, Final Q Conversation of Kings, reached #3 on Australian charts.

happen with the new singer. When it comes down to it, you don’t ever want songs you’ve written to not get heard. We just want to play for everyone.


What were the musical influences behind The Butterfly Effect?

The band came together A around the grunge movement, especially bands like the Deftones and Helmet. Our tastes are pretty diverse now but we still bond over alternative metal rock.

We’ve written a lot of music A over the past three years which we want to pass on but it’s hard to tell what’s going to

2. Beer of choice: Coopers 3. Who do you cheer for: Brisbane Lions 4. Favourite song of all time: Probably something from Jeff Buckley’s Grace album 5. Favourite thing to cook: Sausages 6. Last thing you stole: A little DVD I rented a few weeks ago 7. Most exotic place you’ve ever played: Darwin’s Key Club 8. Most famous person you’ve ever met: Hugo Weaving 9. Biggest achievement: Becoming a father 10. Worst vice: Do it tomorrow; procrastination

12 •

Jeremy McKinnon Lead vocals (since 03’), Neil Westfall Rhythm guitar, backing vocals (since 03’), Joshua Woodard Bass guitar since 03’), Alex Shelnutt Drums (since 06’), Kevin Skaff Lead guitar, backing vocals (since 09’)



American band still rock-solid It’s been almost ten years since A Day to Remember came together in Ocala, Florida. With four albums released and a fifth in the works, the band is known worldwide. A Day to Remember are festival veterans; over the years they’ve played Vans Warped Tour, Soundwave, Bamboozle and Download. CORE Magazine chats with lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon about their upcoming album, career highlights, and love of Aussie fans. You have been described Q as ‘metalcore’ and ‘pop punk.’ How did your sound come about?

like this. It just kind of happened for us. We’re trying to continue making the music we want to. It’s worked out for us so far.

We always played whatever A we wanted. It had a lot to do with where we were from. We grew up going to hard-core shows. It was the only thing that was successful in Ocala at the time. When it came time to make our own band, it didn’t make sense not to involve hard-core. We always loved pop-punk, so we just blended the two. Eventually people took to it.


When was the moment you knew that the band had ‘made-it’?

Do you ever really feel like A that? I don’t know. Compared to where we started, absolutely we made it. It’s our career now, it pays the bills. That’s awesome, but at the same time, we never knew it would be 14 •


Tell us about the song writing process:

It usually starts off with a A song idea and then Kevin and I will write leads for it. We try to put a good song together first, and then we take it to the band. Everybody adds their touch to it to make it sound like A Day to Remember song. Each person has their own influences that make the songs what they are.


What can fans expect from your fifth studio album?

They can expect a lot of A songs. It’s going to be the biggest track list we’ve ever had, which means it’s going to have a really good mix of all the things we do, which I think is cool; I think it’s what our fans want and need right now.


What challenges have you had to face?

still want to see Rage Against the Machine play.

Just being in the band A period is a challenge. We’re five individuals living our lives together. Music isn’t something that’s all that reliable. It’s hard keeping the band together. Just look the history of bands breaking up. We just try to be good friends and keep it where it needs to be on a friendship level. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing because if we all hate each other, our band won’t be around for very long.

What do you enjoy about Q playing festivals, like the Warped Tour or Soundwave?

In your Twitter bio, you Q wrote: ‘I sing, write music, and play video games. You can do anything, you just gotta do it.’ Which video games are you playing right now?

Festivals are awesome A because it’s not just about you. After you play your set, you can go watch all of other bands. It’s been cool to see the bands we grew up listening to, like ACDC, Limp Bizkit and The Deftones. I


What do you think makes the Aussie crowd stand apart?

We love Australia. Australians A just got our band right off the bat. They were really excited about what we were doing. When we play live shows down under, there’s always that vibe, like the audience is super stoked to see you. In America, people are pumped, but in Australia, it seems like people are almost frantically excited, which is awesome.

I play a little bit of everything. A I’m playing a lot of Skyrim at the moment and I need to play the new Batman game thats out.



H tr u b s u n th in is





7.30pm, MECC Auditorium


Nonsensory Overload is Noble back from his travels, doing what he does best; spinning forth hilarious nonsense for your amusement. Now is your chance to see one of the best live comics – Prepare your brain for a Nonsensory Overload!

Jane reminisces about the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. Using French poetry and her own anecdotes, she tells the tales of artists, writers and musicians who used Paris to form their artistic personalities.

Tickets: $5 - $15 WED


Hot on the heels of the largest, and one of the most prestigious, mountain festivals in the world, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is heading to Mackay. Due to minimal

Tickets: $12.50 - $14

coarse language, it is recommended that children attend this event with an adult.








8pm, MECC Auditorium

7.30pm, MECC Auditorium

His unofficial anthems, tributes to legends and unsung heroes and tender ballads have captured the spirit of the Nation in song unlike any other. There is no denying that after more than forty years in the industry, John Williamson is an Aussie Icon.

Be dazzled by the glitz, mime and glamour of this Las Vegas inspired two-hour extravaganza, which brings together the likes of Cher, Pink, Beyoncé, Tina, Barbara, Dolly, Liza, Kylie, Madonna, Celine, Lady GaGa and much, much more to the stage. Divine Divas is a captivating high class, fun filled show with a stellar troupe of gender illusionists including showgirls/boys and dancers wearing enough sequins and bling to light up the galaxy.

Tickets: $33 - $54 Pre-show dining available*

You’ll be on the edge of your seat as the Cutters boys show the visitors how it’s done!


For mature audiences 15+


INTRUST SUPER CUP 2012 MACKAY CUTTERS VS CQ CAPRAS Fri 27th, 7pm, Virgin Australia Stadium

11am, MECC Auditorium

The MECC regrets to advise that we are not permitted to serve alcohol on Good Friday, only soft drinks may be purchased from bar.

Tickets: $39.90 - $44.90 Pre-show dining available*











For mature audiences 15+

Tickets: $49 - $59 Pre-show dining available*

* Pre show dining > 2 course meal $45 | $38 Theatre Subscriber (performance additional). Must be pre-ordered. Details are correct at time of printing and the right to rectify errors is reserved.

Tickets: $28 - $33 THUR






MECC PROFESSIONAL THEATRE & MUSIC SEASON 2012 NOW WE’RE SWINGIN’ TOM BURLINSON 7.30pm, MECC Auditorium Tom has delved into the Great American Songbook to create a montage of swing classics by Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra. Tickets: $45 - $55 Pre-show dining available*



Age: 18 How did you get into modelling: I got into modeling simply because of my pure interest in it, I got some advice off people who have done it before and then started doing photo shoots and fell in love with modeling!! And will continue growing!

Want to be the next “Model of the Month?” Contact R&R Digital to register for the next Model Retreat.

16 •

What you’re doing at the moment: I’m currently in Dubai for a holiday then back to my native country Africa for a while… I’ll be coming back to Oz soon! Relationship Status: Single and living the dream!

all new menu!! airlie beach’s number 1 backpacker bar

The food is BETTER than ever! Open from 12 noon for lunch

Mention this ad in CORE at the bar to receive your meal deal for $10!!

WHAT’S ON The Long Way Home Tour Saturday 14th - FOUR BIG BANDS, ONE NIGHT ONLY:

Epidemic---Over Drawcard You Say When Dramawood


Sponsored by: iTunes and JB Hi-Fi

Wednesays: Pool Comp Every Wednesday Night @

7:30pm 1st: $150.00 2nd: $50.00, 3rd: voucher

Fridays & Saturdays: Karaoke Night!! Sundays: Breakfast from 8am & all pay per view UFC 23 Budget accommodation rooms

Meals served daily, Breakfast from 8am, Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm, Dinner 5pm - 9pm 17 WOOD STREET, MACKAY, 4957 7464

14 - 16 SYDNEY STREET, MACKAY. PHONE 4957 4370

Issue 3 • 2011 • 19


Ever wanted to write your own cookbook? Callum Hann, the runner-up of the 2010 season of MasterChef Australia has done just that! At the fresh age of 21, Callum has had his share of challenges in the kitchen. Sam from CORE Magazine caught up with him recently to have a chat about what’s he’s been up to these last few years… You were runner-up Q in the 2010 season of MasterChef Australia. It must have been an amazing experience working with worldclass chefs – Who was your favourite? Too many to choose from! A Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver were particularly special because they were two chefs whom I thought we had no chance of meeting. What have you been doing Q with yourself the last year or so, besides writing your first cookbook?

Prep: 20mins / Cooking: 5mins Serves 10 as a snack or canapé

sesame seeds • lime cheeks, to serve

• 30 small skewers • 30 raw large prawns peeled and deveined (if the tails are attached, that’s ok!) • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil • 1 teaspoon toasted white sesame seeds • 1 teaspoon toasted black

LIME & SESAME MAYO • 2 egg yolks • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard • 1 ½ tablespoons lime juice • 250ml (9 fl oz/1 cup) vegetable oil • ¼ teaspoon sesame oil

Mayo: combine the egg yolks, mustard and lime juice with a pinch of salt in a small food processor. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth and slightly increased in volume. With the machine running, add the oil in a VERY SLOW, steady stream until the mayonnaise is white and thick. Keep adding oil until the mayonnaise becomes nice and thick – you may need more or less, depending on the size of the eggs. Blend in the sesame oil and season to taste.

Prawns: Thread a prawn onto each skewer. Preheat a frying pan, chargrill (griddle) pan or BBQ to full heat. Lightly brush with the oil, and then cook the prawns for 1 minute each side or until just cooked through. Season with salt. Transfer to a platter and evenly scatter the sesame seeds over the top. Serve with the mayonnaise and the lime cheeks.


I worked with George A Calamboris in his Melbourne restaurants for a few months after the show finished. Since then I started my own cooking school ‘Sprout’ with a dietitian where we try to educate people about cooking and eating well. Finally, I have worked alongside the cancer Council, a charity very close to my heart. What’s it been like working Q with the one and only

Jamie Oliver? Has he inspired or influenced your cooking over the years? Jamie has probably been the A biggest external foodie influence of my life; my first ever cookbook was one of his and I have grown up watching his television shows. When he was in Australia recently, I gave him a copy of my book, which was the best feeling in the world!


What’s next in store for you?

My book ‘The Starter Kitchen’ A has just been released so that’s keeping me very busy! I’m actually doing a book signing at Comet Coffee in Mackay, which is cool, plus I’ll get to catch up with some of my QLD friends. Sprout Cooking keeps getting busier and it’s rapidly becoming full-time! As long as I get to continue cooking with people, I’ll be a very happy guy.

Check out Callum’s full interview online plus his tips and tricks for this receipe.












O P E N : 8 A M - 1 2 M I D N I G H T, T U E S - S U N

Open 7 Days



Lunch & Dinner Sunday Buffet Breakfast

Function Rooms

Corporate Functions

Ocean Views

Social Functions

Ph: 07 4955 5820 Fax: 07 4955 5619 E: A: East Point Drive, Mackay Harbour

Located in the Port of Airlie, below the Boathouse Apartments, Denman Cellar’s Beer Café is the perfect place to meet for lunch or dinner. With 500+ different beers to try – need we say more? Featuring a wide variety of Australian and imported beers from Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA, the Beer Café is sure to impress. The extensive range of beverages includes the Matso’s Ginger Beer – Brewed (under a well-guarded recipe) in Broome, Western Australia, this beer is legend among Kimberley locals and those who have been lucky enough to have this golden nectar touch their lips. Its character of a strong beer principally distinguishes Chimay Blue, another popular choice. This is a beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. Its flavour, noticed when tasting it, only accentuates the pleasant sensations perceived in the aroma, while revealing a light but pleasant touch of roasted malt. This top fermented Trappist beer, re-fermented in the bottle, is not pasteurised. If you’re up for something a little different, be sure to try the Matso’s Mango Beer is based on a classic Belgium Blonde recipe in the fruit variation. Using a 100% natural mango blend the brewers have developed an easy drinking beer with an excellent fruit aroma and balancing sweet dryness. The range of beverages doesn’t stop at beers… Denman Cellars also has a fantastic bottle shop that will be sure to satisfy your cravings! With a guitar playing Head Chef straight from Poland, you can be sure to get a flavourful tapas selection – Perfect with your choice of the 500 beers they have waiting for you! The extensive menu includes some excellent platters including a cheese and fruit platter that has some great cheeses from places such as France, the Mediterranean Platter with salami’s and meats from overseas and the Aussie Platter, which includes Emu, Kangaroo and Crocodile. Now of course there’s the seafood side of the menu too – we’re in Queensland, after all! With oysters, rock salt calamari, fresh beer battered fish fillets & chips, pan fried scallops wrapped in pancetta & the favourite surf & turf, you’ll have more than enough seafood choices.

22 •

It’s not all savoury – there’s crackin’ desert options including sweet crepes filled with mascarpone cheese and covered in melted chocolate and served with fruit and ice-cream, your mouth will be watering in no time! This funky & fresh beer café with spectacular views over the Marina is definitely the place to enjoy lunch or dinner any day and breakfast on the weekends.

There’s nothing better than after a hot day at work, to wash it away with an icy cold beer. Quench your thirst with Denman’s exotic selection of global beers.

Medium body, very high carb. A touch astringent but the balance of flavours and pleasant carbonation makes drinkability quite high. Quite a bit of bready yeast. Some banana, coriander and pepper. Strong fusel alcohol. Very balanced with the whole experience working in unison. Bready yeast, lots of pepper, some grassy hops, a bit of caramel, lemon, grain, and alcohol.

Excellent beer. Very smooth and well balanced and just enough alcohol to balance it out. Strong toffee and caramel aroma with a zip of spices and dark fruits in the backgrounds. Lots of complex flavour here. Smooth caramel and dark fruit flavours followed by roasted malts.

Blond, robust, smooth, and fruity. Three grain top fermented beer, refermented in the bottle. Drinkability is great. Powerfully malty aromas: superb lemon, freshbaked bread, hefe-wheat, and a medley of tropical fruit. A little bubbly with a bit of prickliness but the drinkability is so great that it’s hardly affected.

100% natural mango fruit blend. Very crisp and refreshing. Definitely a summer beer, but I wouldn’t want more than one. Impressively subtle aroma, while almost entirely mango fruit, is not overly sweet and perfumy. Sweet and tart fruit tastes like real, fresh mango, though not sticky sweet as expected.

The Destination

Liquor store largest range of beer in the Whitsundays

Open for breakfast on the weekends Ph: 07 4948 1333 / E: / Shop 15, 33 Port Drive, Port of Airlie Mon - Thurs 11am – 9pm, Fri 11am – 11pm, Sat 8am – 11pm and Sun 8am – 9pm

Find us on

Photo: Pedro Jorge Henriques Monteiro /


night sa

e fight ent of th

V I T H G I IGHT N th instalm

The four


Sports J with FOX ith Zafir! distance w e th e n o g no one has ak, to date e tr s g in inn ! Not to favourite is 100% w t knock outs las. h s g fa in d with crowd d n n a fe s e e e ug afir d elbows, kn nd Evan Do Anton Z that means m Mitton a , a s d 48 1144 le A , u d R n i a la h a PCYC 07 49 e full T ild” Ze e e h s th C l t n ’l a e e le w ld b o h a G c il Tickets ava 7 047 in Airlie Bea ean Kolders, Dan ‘The t time ever all 0457 79 S day PCYC – C n e . u k s le li it b s h a il te W a ri , v u For the firs a vo Issue 7 • 2012 • 25 April 28th l $50, VIP tables still er crowd fa mention oth nera e G 5 2 $ s Kid


Life is a highway for Mackay road bike racer LUKE BURGESS. Luke Burgess is a celebrity athlete in the making. Since he began racing some eight years ago, Luke has competed in over 150 events in multiple disciplines of motorcycle racing. Most recently he took first place in the 2012 Australian 250cc Production class Championship series opener. This would be impressive for a seasoned racer, but remarkably Luke has only just turned 18 years of age.

Ever since he first threw a leg over a road race machine, Luke has managed to be at the front of the pack. One of his many career highlights was his first win at ASBK (Australian Superbike Championships). Most races Luke is in the top three and more often than not Luke takes homes the top spot. With all his success, you would expect Luke to be riding high. Instead he is a humble and focused athlete. His career goal is simple; get faster and be the best that he can possibly be. Luke got his start Dirt Track racing at Ayr, Proserpine, Townsville, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as interstate. Luke’s team management commented that Dirt Track racing was a great training ground for road racing and over the years many of the world’s road racing champions have come from a Dirt Track back ground. Racing is a lifestyle for Luke. “The more you practice, the more you get to develop your style, mental attitude and fitness,” said Luke. When he’s not on the bike, Luke goes to the gym, watches his diet and works with his race team on bike set ups. As Luke lives in Mackay where there are no road racing tracks for practice or race bike development, the young racer has to travel. With the opening of the new Whitsunday Motorsports complex in Proserpine, Luke can now travel a short distance to test his small bikes, but the closest track for the 600cc Super stock is some 1100 km away at QLD race way. 26 •

’S LUKE W O G FOLL ATIN R E L . ACCE www T A R E g. CARE racin s s e g ur lukeb com

Issue 8 • 2012 • 27

A standard joke in Luke’s race team is that when Luke turns up to a race track he has to remember how to ride his bikes again. Nevertheless, Luke continues to turn it on, consistently placing high in the ranks. Luke’s management commented that for this 2012 season they are working in with Kawasaki Australia to have practice bikes at Sydney and Melbourne so Luke can fly to meetings and have bikes ready to go. Luke recognizes that his chosen sport comes with a high risk, which can see things change in a split second. For Luke, it’s very important to stay focused at all times and have 100% faith in his machines, race team technicians and support crew. Racing is a family affair for Luke. His family owns and runs Mackay Kawasaki and Luke’s younger brother Jack is starting his road racing career this year. Luke is very thankful and counts on United Fasteners and Tomsey Racing among his sponsors to keep him in the winner’s circle.

Sponsor Tomas Heikkinen from Tomsey Racing, Luke Burgess and sponsor Trevor Synnott from United Fasteners.

Luke’s career is on the right track, said his team management, due to his natural talent and solid support from his sponsors. Luke is now working at his family dealership as an apprentice parts interpreter and learning sales. He believes he can help customers with the correct choice of machine as his racing background lends itself to the retail side of the dealership. In March, Luke travelled to Stanthorpe for the first round of the State Motard Title and then went off to Broadford in Victoria for the second round of the Australia 250cc Production championships. This month Luke is heading in the other direction to Darwin for round two of the Australian 600cc Super Stock Championships.

6 X Top Ten Plates in a row (Dirt track Racing) / National 85cc Dirt Track Title / Multiple State championship Titles / Multiple Club Champion awards in both Dirt Track and Road Racing / Being picked to attend elite training camps at the AIS in Canberra / Finishing his Junior career with winning the Dirt Track NO 1 Plate / Being Chosen by Kawasaki Australia to be the Qld Kawasaki Factory back rider on his ZX600R Ninja


P R O 012 Full M P A C K x De +

cal Ma sey Ntching StaKit ame n A ONLY nd Nud mber

+ Jer


Custom Motocross Accessories Shop 11 45 Evans Ave NORTH MACKAY

07 4951 3152

Location: Precise FMX Compound Hair & Make-up: Megan Wishart 28 • Photographer: DNA Photography



T t • •

Ride your own jetski into the beautiful world of the Whitsunday Islands. Winner of the 2011 Whitsunday Tourism Awards New Tourism Development, Whitsunday Jetski Tours, is an innovative new adventure tour operator, providing a unique experience for guests visiting the Whitsundays by offering the first and only guided jetski tours from Airlie Beach to the Whitsunday Islands.

There is the option of a soft adventure tour around Pioneer Bay or the thrill of jet skiing across to Daydream and the surrounding islands, allowing for tours to operate in most weather conditions. Informative and entertaining commentary is provided on all tours by a qualified guide. Bottled water and all riding apparel including tops, sunglasses/goggles, hat and safety gear as well as courtesy pick up and drop offs are included. The two half day tours operate daily in most weather conditions and no licence or experience is necessary.

DAYDREAM EXTREME: The is for the more adventurous with open water jetskiing experiencing the Whitsundays’ offshore islands. The four hour afternoon tour offers approximately 50 kilometres of action packed jetskiing, as well as a deserted island stopover, a visit to Daydream Island Resort and Spa and a choice of activities.










This morning tour explores beautiful Pioneer Bay and Airlie Beach, with sea turtle encounters guaranteed on almost every trip and occasional dugong sightings. With one and a half hours on the jetski and approximately 30 kilometres of jetskiing, the tour is an ideal adventure for everyone.



the whitsundays newest & most exciting adventure tour

Guests enjoy a delicious lunch at the Boathouse Bakery and a full resort pass with their choice of a private fish feeding tour, snorkelling, mini golf or tube rides. Mention CORE when booking to receive a

$25 Food & Beverage Voucher per jetski to be used at any Airlie Beach Hotel outlet

perfect for a beer and meal at the end of the day!

Guided Jetski Tours

Airlie Beach - Daydream Island

Two terrific tour options to choose from: • 1½ hour Airlie Adventure • 4 hour Daydream Extreme

JETSKI 0459 538 754


TSJV project Richards Rigging was contracted to erect to CHPP. We are currently contracted at Lake Vermont for TSJV on Stage 2 on the build of the CHPP (Coal Handling Preparation Plant).

With over thirty years experience, Chris Richards knows rigging. Starting out in major companies, Chris turned to contracting work for years before starting his own company, Richards Rigging in 2007. Since then, he has participated in major constructions around the state and has watched the rapid growth and demand for large scale structures and shut downs alike. Though work is in high demand, the time to complete a task when dealing with megastructures and mine sites doesn’t require the quantity of various jobs. His company, can spend from 12 to 18 months on a single megastructure which requires staff from 20 to 40 men working, depending on the independence of the work. Even though Mackay and the mines keep Chris busy, his company also offers services to the whole of Queensland and were responsible for the engineering and operation of a major piece of machinery required for the construction of the Boggo Road busway tunnel in Brisbane. The machine used was an engineering first in the history of Australian tunneling construction, enabling the concrete to disperse and pack onto the walls of the major roadway tunnel. Even with the magnitude of steel and the height of such a crucial instrument in construction, the machine itself only took 6 weeks to construct. When in town, structural rigging and lifting uses cranes anywhere from a 50 tonne capacity up to 250 tonne to enable the construction of buildings including their largest achievement in height so far, a 50 metre structure in Gladstone. When it comes to cranes, economy is an important factor with the weight of the steel having a bearing on the size of the cranes used. Steel weight, manpower, time and engineering all play factors in this major game. The largest budgeted project worked on by the company was a $540 million dollar construction. The company is currently working on a 30 •

project involving 480 tonnes of steel. Working at such large heights for most of the time during construction, safety is a major concern. Although harnesses are always worn during construction, new innovated ways of thinking and alternate measures of design are created and integrated to make the construction easier at great heights to avoid danger and unnecessary risks. These days, Richards Rigging focuses mainly on mine site structural steel, but also specialises in complex lifting, mine site maintenance, consultancy and more importantly, labour hire. “The company at the moment is going into labour hire, every one wants to use labour hire to do shut downs, so we have a crew that works on the shut downs and mine maintenance, and another crew that does all the structural steel. Right now we’re putting up steel at Lake Vermont doing a wash plant build and a shut down at Goonyella Riverside.” With the mining boom creating a tsunami in construction, Richards Rigging is constantly kept busy with every man currently being utilised.

Even one wash plant can keep us busy for a year, the mining business is spasmodic and every now and then you can get a quiet month, but right now it’s flat out.

Chris Richards Director 0417 710 568

Jim Wyles Supervisor 0408 619 246

If you need support for your work force we can also supply Supervisors, Riggers, Crane Operators and Scaffolders.



Structural Rigging / Complex Lifting / Mine Site Maintenance Consultancy / Labour Hire Contact Richards Rigging 07 4942 4223 or Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 4.30pm

with Tim O’Brien

Nissan’s marketing campaign for the NAVARA UTE is “AUSTRAILA’S MOST POWERFULL TRADIE!” CORE take’s the ST-X 550 for a spin to find out. Well let’s see! The lights turn green, it was a bit slow at the start due to the turbo lag and then the 1700 rev mark, oh yeah! there it is, they’re right it has balls. Nissan is boasting 170KW of power which isn’t a great deal but 550Nm at 1750rpm which means a ship load of grunt. This of course is due to the 3Lt V6 turbo diesel. The low down torque is what all the fuss is about and they’re right, it probably pulls better than Fabio at a night club. The ST-X 550 does drive a lot like a sedan and thanks to the long wheel base, cornering is quite good for a four wheel drive. However the rear does get a bit untidy at speed as you would expect for a Ute. The brakes definitely work and they are more than adequate for the job. The overall ride is actually quite good and if it wasn’t for the simple rugged plastic look of the interior and the fact that you can see over the sedans you would probably think you were in one. The 7 speed auto with three settings gives you plenty of options. There is normal mode, sports mode for towing, 4WD driving and manual mode. The driver’s seat, although very flat has plenty of adjustment for getting comfortable for the long haul. The rear seating has plenty of room for three average adults but comfort level is a bit better than a park bench as is pretty standard for dual cabs. As for mod cons and extras the ST-X 550 comes with a 6 Stacker CD with MP3, Bluetooth, hands free phone, cruise control, steering wheel controls and vehicle stability system. A fully lined tray with 5 channel track systems to tie your load down, hard cover which locks with the central locking, side steps, sports bar and 17” alloys to name a few. One the last lap. The St-X 550 is definitely a work Ute with balls and for a 4WD, you can’t ask for much more. 32 •

#ABN deale (which

Bullbar, Alloy • Frontal protection system designed specifically for D40 Navara • Incorporates indicator lamps & facility for OE fog lamps • Includes provision for Nissan Genuine driving lights – large round (900) & (R4000) – extra cost • Includes supplementary combination lamps recessed into bar • Not suitable for winch fitment • Applicable for D/C ST-X variant (except ST-X 550) Winch • Electric 9000lb • For fitment to Nissan Genuine Steel & Envirobar Bullbars (extra cost) • Requires fitment with Winch Mounting Kit (sold seperatley)

North Jacklin have a huge range of aftermarket parts from Ironman suspension kits to performance clutches as well as Nissan and Subaru genuine parts.

Canopy • Canopy is colour coded to match vehicle colour(s) • Canopy cannot be fitted with Sports Bars or Tonneau Covers • Maximum load capacity of Canopy Roof Rails 68kg • Applicable to D/C ST & ST-X (except ST-X 550)

Ironman 4x4 Suspension Kits • Ironman 4x4 have a wide variety of suspension kits based on your driving needs

Tonneau Cover, Hard • Lockable to help protect cargo area from the elements and prying eyes • For use with Front Sports Bar • Cannot be fitted with Rear Sports Bar, Canopy or Soft Tonneau Cover • Suitable for D/C ST, ST-X (except ST-X 550) and K/C ST-X variants

Metallic paint $495. For ABN Holders Only.

North Jacklin 49 632 200 All Nissan vehicles come with 3 year/100,000km warranty and 3 year 24 hour roadside assistance. Nissan reserves the right to withdraw, vary or extend any offer.

#ABN Holders only. Maximum recommended driveaway price including 12 months registration, 12 months CTP, stamp duty, other applicable statutory charges and dealer delivery. Metallic paint $495 extra. Price will vary from dealer to dealer. ‡Applies to the first 12x10,000kms scheduled service intervals for up to 6 years/120,000kms (whichever occurs first). Some exclusions apply. Ask your Nissan Dealer or visit for full terms and conditions. NNR2496/BCB

Go to

Issue 4 • 2011 • 33



1. Use 60lb or 80lb leader with a running sinker straight to a 6/0 or 7/0 hook

When you feel a bite, move the bait slowly away from the fish, this will entice the fish to grab it, if the bite stops allow your bait to go back to the bottom to let the fish bite again.

2. Yellow zones normally tell you where these fish may be on the fringing reefs 3. Best baits being whole or half pilchards along with cut baits. 4. Hook selection: 6/0 to 8/0 octopus hooks work very well along with octopus circle hooks. If using a circle hook you cannot strike at the fish, allow the fish to load up your rod and pull slowly back to engage the hook. 5. When fishing on shore or around the islands, the in tides work best. When at the reef, run out has been suggested as the best tide. Locals say “neap tides NO fun” so look for tides with a bit of movement.

34 •

If you become snagged, jiggle your line slowly, as this, in most cases, will dislodge you from the snag and let you stay in contact with your line. These fish will always try and swim back to a snag.

Laser Pro 2m

Laser Pro 7m

Ribbonfish Rig

Garfish Rig

TIPS: 1. Use 60lb to 124lb wire trace. 2. Single 10/0 hook when using live bait. 3. Gang hooks using pilchards under a float or balloon 4. Troll lures like Halco Laserpro using 2m or 8m trolling depths. 5. Troll dead baits i.e. ribbonfish or garfish. Both need to be rigged up with weights and hooks, ask at your local tackle store. 6. Jigging has also become a very productive way to catch mackerel; look for bait schools on your sounder and drop your jig down to the bottom of the school retrieving fast whilst using the rod to strike up and down. The mackerel think your jig is a fish from the school trying to escape and attack. 7. When thinking where to fish, try headlands, bommies and the edge of reefs

8. Best tides are the top through the run out. TRICKS: When trolling dead baits like ribbonfish or garfish, keep a keen eye on your sounder for bait schools and fish shows. Take note of the depth, if the schools of fish are deep you can stop the boat to allow your bait to sink down to the fish before taking off again with your bait swimming through the school hopefully attracting a strike. When live baiting with your mates you can both have baits out at different depths. A good idea is to have one under a float at approx. 2-3m and the other just off the bottom. You will soon realize at what depth the fish are at.

Check out this 22.6kg Gold Spot Cod that Connor Hunt caught at the Beverley’s near Mackay.

Issue 4 • 2011 • 35

BROOKE LEECH may look like your average 19 year old Mackay girl, but within this seemingly normal exterior is an adrenalin junkie with a need for speed. Getting her first taste of the tarmac at the age of 12, when she arrived home from school one day and found a Go-Kart sitting in the yard from her parents, she then began racing in the local area until she was unbeatable in her class. “After that I started racing all around Queensland then before I knew it I was racing in NSW, Victoria and everything.” Success in Kart races was made sweeter with the addition of sponsorships from local business who remained with her for the duration of her Go-Karting career. After winning numerous races and championships around Australia in her classic Kart, she became bored with the horsepower and took up the challenge of racing Leopard Lights and Sportsman Lights at speeds of up to 150kms, inches off the ground.

that I will never be able to handle it. I went out there, poled it at the first race meeting, which happened to be a title meeting! I certainly proved them all wrong. The speeds we were doing in the Leopards were just insane for a kart. I loved it.”

achieving and maintaining health and fitness at an optimum level, Brooke works out seven days a week to make sure she can last the distance in her races and sees this as being the biggest hurdle for a female race car driver.

“In early June 2010 I started doing some research into the Aussie Racing Car category. I spoke to Phil Ward over the phone and two weeks later I was down testing one at Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW. In July 2010 I debut at Phillip Island, and haven’t raced karts since.”

“You have to be physically and mentally fit to be able to drive a car as fast as you can for 2.5 hours in something like Enduro, its absolutely tiring, you have to use every muscle in your body your not just sitting, there’s pressing the peddles and turning the wheel - its flat out and hard work, if your train of thought and movements are not spot

“I was the first female CAMS Aussie young gun (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) and held that title in 2010 and 2011. It was a pretty big thing and to get that opportunity was absolutely amazing.” Being a professional race car driver is not an easy job with

“A few blokes who raced Leopards, kept telling my Dad

THIRSTY CAMEL BOTTLE SHOP Monday - Sunday 10am open

CLUB COFFEE COFFEE SHOP Open every day from 9am - Come in, relax and unwind

WORKERS PIZZA’S Available all day everyday. Dine in or takeaway. Pickups available through Bottleshop.

COURTESY BUS Runs on the hour from 4pm daily

MORANBAH COMMUNITY WORKERS CLUB Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - Late Sat - Sun 8am - Late Bistro Hours: Mon - Sun Lunch 12pm - 2pm Dinner 5.30pm - 8.30pm

WIN 2x tickets to one of the Cowboys home games including one nights accommodation

Just insert your membership card into the gaming machines when playing at Moranbah Community Workers Club and automatically go in the draw! T&C’s apply


ne on

aming rkers apply

on you can end up in a wall at 200kms p/h.” With such a fast paced and grueling sport, fear is out of the question for Brooke - her love for the sport and determination to win, over-ride the possible hesitation an average person might feel in her place. “I’ve never been phased, the speed is the best bit; my first race meeting was on Phillip Island and I’d hadn’t even gotten my car licence, turn one was 245km/h on a flat out corner and I was over taking two at a time.” Although with every sport there comes a time where the inevitable happens. Injuring her back on a corner at 200kms, two years ago and in September last year, Brooke underwent surgery for a shoulder injury sustained during a practice session in a rally car when her car rolled at 195km/h around a corner. Brooke is still attending one to two physio sessions a week and despite doctors orders to not go behind the wheel until June, she hasn’t been

able to stay away from the track. “I thought the physio would only take two months...not seven months. If I’m not spending my time racing at the tracks, I’m there teaching others how to race.” Once Brooke’s recovery is complete she will once again get behind the wheel of her Suzuki Swift race car and compete at the Winton Motor Raceway in June. She’ll continue her Swift racing until the day comes where she’ll have the opportunity to achieve her dream and like her Idol Leanne Tander, compete in the V8 Supercar Championships. Having a motor sport career, boasting a list of achievements and podium finishes longer than a Facebook addicts friends list, and with only sponsorship standing in the way of her achieving a stint in the V8 Supercars, this Mackay Local will certainly one day be referred to as the “Queen of the tarmac”.

Pop down and visit Brooke at Kart Torque to get all the info on how to join the Mackay Go Kart Club.

Minerite installs rockin’ audio systems in their trucks with help from autObarn Mackay heavy haulage supplier Minerite, has teamed up with autObarn to outfit their trucks with state-of-the-art audio systems. “Our high standards in driver comfort and satisfaction in our people make a difference in how we operate,” said Brad Wren. Quality music in the cab can make a world of difference. “Having a stereo in your truck can improve the working environment for the operator,” said autObarn’s Clinton Jamieson. “It has been shown in Research in Music Education that 70% of workers increase productivity when music is introduced into their work environment.” Custom packages vary from the mild to wild at autObarn. Recently, they fitted the equipment from the Rockford Fosgate range in MineRite employee Wayne Deguara’s Peterbuilt truck. Wayne’s truck was equipped with three sets of component speakers that pump out 120 watts each and two sets of 6”by 9” speakers that pump out 200 watts, for a total of 1160W of ear bleeding volume just in the sleeper compartment. The speakers are fed by three Rockford Fosgate P400 4-channel amplifiers that are of the highest build quality. The bass is handled by three Rockford Fosgate Power T0D412 12” 1400W subwoofers. “This is some serious equipment,” said Clinton. “They come with a warning in the box. They’re each capable of producing 140db. Feeding these giant woofers would be a problem for any normal amplifier but Rockford also makes the massive T2500-1bdCP.” This amplifier utilizes the latest in Rockford technology that has been accumulated over 30 years of research. It can produce 5000 watts, which is enough to destroy any average woofer, but is perfect for the trio of T0 Subwoofers. Clinton installed stinger wiring and RCAs to minimize RFI and noise interference. An Alpine CDE-117eBTi handles the audio output. “The CDE-117 offers the full range of features including: Bluetooth handsfree and music streaming, iPod/USB input, and sub controls, to name just a few,” he said. “We also fitted two GME UHF units so two channels can be monitored simultaneously.” While vehicle size and space limits the type of unit that can installed, autObarn has a solution for almost every truck, car, or boat. Their best selling unit for mining trucks is the Alpine CDE-121Ei. “It combines Alpine quality sound with affordability and features such as Front USB input with iPod input/charging,” said Clinton. The basic package system, a CD player, costs from $100 to $150 and takes from 1 to 3 hours to install.

Anything is possible, it’s only limited to what the customer requires or desires.

Minerite boasts the latest haulage equipment and highly professional staff who deliver quality service to industry operators. “We provide the heavy haulage requirements to whatever degree the customer requires,” said Minerite’s Brad Wren. “If there is something we can’t provide from our own fleet we will out source it from our local contacts to meet customer needs.” For the past 12 years, Minerite has focused on providing the diverse and often unique requirements of their customers.

It’s the passion and the never-say“ can’t-do attitude that fuels Minerite’s

staff, our biggest asset is our great crew who make it happen.

38 •

y s a e t i g n i k a m e l e x p e r ie n c e p f o o s r e a e y p h W it Local



safest e h t e r a e t i t MineR a s y o b e h t ve! ty, o e m f a t ’ s n t a r c o p e s thing w to tran o s n e s m e r o c e h t i T . n l e Whe way to trav ats / o l F t l i T i r T decks / p o r D i r T / s ankers d Float T a u e Q r u / s e s r e i r H P / Bulk s r e Equipment v o M e m n ts / Pri a o g in A m e r ic a l F in s li h c ia c n i e p s W / w cks M in e R it e n o Side Tippers s e r v ic e t r u P e t e r b u il t

ctor uara / Dire Wayne Deg @min 04 / wayne 3 5 6 1 7 0 4 0 / Manager Brad Wren d@minerite ra b / 7 1 8 8 04 2873

For the first time ever in Airlie Beach we’ll see full Thai Rules, that means elbows, knees and fast knock outs! Check out some of the contenders profiles, who will be your pick to go the distance?

Ht: 5’8” Wt: 68kg Record: Boxing 4 Fights 4 Wins MMA: 2 Fights 1 win 1 loss Dan’s strategy will be to come out with his trade mark explosive power, combined with his sharp reflexes and almost super human endurance one thing is for sure. Win or loose Dan Zealand WILL as always go the distance .

HT: 5’11” Wt: 79kg Record: 4 MMA fights 4 wins Once Anton takes his opponent down, his ‘ground and pound’ game makes short work of them. NO ONE has yet gone the distance with the Professor.

Ht: 5’10” Wt: 70kg Record: 19 Amateur fights, 18 wins 1 Draw MMA: 5 Fights 2 wins 3 losses Head coach of Whitsunday Boxing club and promoter of the Whitsunday Fight Nights. Paul draws upon his military experience to train his fighters to a level of skill and endurance you find among the special forces.

Ht: 5’0” Wt: 50kg Record: 1st bout Boxing

Ht: 5’7” Wt: 70Kg Record: Boxing 3 fights 3 wins

Ht: 5’10” Wt: 70kg Record: MMA 1 fight 1 win

A new comer to the sport, at only 5’0” and under 50kg you could easily over look her, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in skill and determination.

A scrappy boxer with a big heart. Followers of this young boxer will have seen him go from strength to strength as his foot work and endurance improve.

A new comer to the world of MMA. Coming from his first Win on the Gold Coast earlier this year, this handy and dynamic all round MMA fighter will be a crowd favourite.

40 •

Issue 1 • 2011 • 41

Pop down to Harvey Norman for all the latest games and consoles.

“DEFY REALITY. OWN THE PLANET” is the tag-line for this latest installment of the SSX snowboarding series, 5 years on from the previous release. Fans of realism beware - “extreme” is an understatement here. Physics? Pfft. Airtime as never before imagined is the norm, as is ridiculous tricks that seem like they should be a lot harder to achieve. This isn’t your typical extreme sports game. For starters there is a story – a basic one. Griff, who used to be part of the SSX team has gone all Jekyll and Hyde on us and turned evil. In an act of pure jerkiness he’s decided to ace the 9 deadliest runs in the world, leaving the rest of the team to try and out manoeuvre him. One of the coolest things about this game is the location of these runs. Each course is modelled from satellite imaging of mountains from around the world. The real challenge here lies in actually completing the runs - full of trees, rocks and falls to an icy death. These courses can be frustratingly difficult, and personally I’d prefer the challenge to be in landing the tricks, not making it down the mountain. If you do find yourself plummeting down a bottomless hole (and trust me, you will) there is the option of using the new rewind button feature, but you’ll lose both time and points. The mountains are enormous, with twists and turns and numerous paths you can take, so as well as being visually interesting the replay value is pretty high. Boarding at night is an experience in itself, unfortunately graphically; the detail isn’t as great as I’d hoped. As far as gameplay goes I was happy to see the option of using “oldschool” controls, although the new use of the analogue stick works just as well, if a little imprecise. It is simple to twist, turn and trick your character in a myriad of ridiculous stunts. Pulling off as many tricks as you can is the aim here, as it will increase your overall speed and it also means you will bust into Tricky mode, increasing your score, the craziness of the stunts and you’ll also get to listen to Run DMC’s ‘Tricky’ out loud, instead of just in your head. There is a diverse soundtrack with everything from Skrillex to The Hives – with the option to download your own play list. If you enjoyed the previous SSX titles you should get a kick out of this one. If you are after realism – this isn’t the game for you. But for ludicrously impossible tricks and terrains, it’s a lot of fun. You don’t need to commit a lot of time to enjoy it, and there’s a ton of content to explore.

X B s

What to get your hands on now! Playstation Vita (Sony) “Representing a new generation in portable gaming” the Vita has a huge range of features such as augmented reality, social networking capability, wireless for 3G internet, full PS3 syncing and front and rear touchscreens. With a host of games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, FIFA and Rayman Origins with awesome titles like Little Big Planet, Resistance: Burning Skies and Street Fighter X Tekken to come, it looks to challenge the notion that the smartphone has killed handheld gaming.


P E M c

Mass Effect 3 (EA – PS3, X360 & PC) Commander Shepard returns in the final chapter of the action sci-fi roleplaying Mass Effect Trilogy. And so do those pesky reapers. Guaranteed to be HUGE.

Coming this month... Silent Hill: Downpour (Konami, PS3 & X360) The first Silent Hill game released in 3D, and set in the pouring rain (as the name suggests), this survival horror follows a prisoner stranded in Silent Hill after his prison truck crashes. Prototype 2 (Activision – PS3, X360 & PC) A shapeshifter who can take on other people’s identities and memories by consuming them, in New York City during an outbreak of a plague-like virus? You can find out more by downloading an app called Blacknet – you can ‘hack’ the interface uncovering a series of videos, interviews and other behind the scenes content.

42 •










Xbox 360® S 4GB Console. Built-in Wi-Fi, black wireless controller and standard definition A/V cable. RKB-00018





Xbox 360® 250GB Kinect™ Bundle. Includes Xbox 360® 250GB console, Kinect™ sensor and Kinect™ Adventures (PG) game. S9G-00013


PS3™ 160GB Console. 160GB console and DualShock 3 wireless controller. Enjoy high definition game play, watch Blu-ray and DVD movies, plus stream internet content*1 and much more. 9181286









PS3™ 320GB Console. Enjoy high definition gaming and Blu-ray movie playback. Motion-sensitive DualShock 3 wireless controllers, intuitive control system, wireless online connectivity*1. 9181682



Batman: Arkham City PS3™ (M). 101447


Asus Lamborghini VX7 Laptop. Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM, 16GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD, 3GB dedicated graphics, Blu-ray/DVD burner, 15.6” screen, Windows® 7 Home Premium. VX7-SZ134V







Pryon 2600K Desktop (Tower Only). Inte® Core™ i7 2600K, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD + 120GB SSD, 2GB dedicated graphics, Blu-ray/DVD burner, Windows® 7 Professional. PRY-G7123



Diablo III Standard Edition PC. 72852PCDIABLO3


Max Payne 3 PS3™ (TBA). 103991

Check classification closer to release date.

THE GAMES SPECIALIST Ends 06/05/12. Harvey Norman® stores are operated by independent franchisees. *1. Content features vary from model to model. Internet connection required. Data and usage charges may apply. Check your internet service provider for details.

Shops B1 & B2, Centro Shopping Centre. 4969 8800


Cnr Bruce Highway & Heaths Rd. Glenella. 4951 8800 OPEN 7 DAYS




Introducing the advanced Can-Am Commander 1000 Limited side-by-side: a vehicle that offers maximum style and comfort. It provides powerful performance with its 85 hp Rotax 1000 engine and the industry-first Air Control Suspension. BRP also added many key proven accessories – half windshields, touchscreen GPS, sound system with four integrated speakers and so much more so your sideby-side performs as good as it looks.


Built around the next-generation SST G2 chassis, the new Can-Am Renegade 800R ATV comes for 2012 with even more innovation and a different look. This model received numerous significant changes to improve its class-leading performance and handling. These updates include a new air box, revised front and rear suspension geometry, increased suspension travel, better braking and more.


By giving the Outlander MAX XT our new Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering*, we’ve created an ATV that makes two-up riding even more comfortable and easy to enjoy. With separate settings the rider can choose from a variety of situations and preferred styles. Just sit back, with a passenger or alone, and enjoy the ride. Plus there’s a 1,360 kg [3,000 lb] winch, front and rear bumpers, mudguards and more. It’s loaded with the features that let you ride further, with peace of mind.
 44 •














• F • SU R


New Ski & Wake Boats Used Boats Boating Spares & Repairs Boat Storage Ski & Wake Apparell

Meet Jamii Strachan – this local 21-year-old stunner knows her stuff when it comes to all things bikes and motocross! Duncan from CORE caught up with her for a chat about bikes, races & injuries… So Jamii, first up tell Q us, how long have you been into racing and what got you started? I’ve been racing for just A over 3 years now, but I’ve been riding bikes all my life. A couple of people at school were really into it at the time, so I decided to give it and go, and here we are 3 years later.


And are you sponsored by anyone in particular?


I’m sponsored by Bullet Bikes at the moment.


That’s pretty neat. What kind of gear are you rocking at the moment?

Well, I currently ride a KTM A SX 250, and I don’t really have a particular brand of gear I’m into, it’s a bit of a mismatch at the moment.


What events / meets do you race in?

I compete in all kinds of A things. I’ve raced The Summer series, DQ’s, Cane to Coast as well as the local rounds.


Wow, you’re a busy girl. Is any particular event a favourite?

I raced in the Mackay Day/ A Nite, which was great fun. It was a bit challenging though, it really takes it out of you, and I could hardly hang onto the bike by the end of it.


Do you get many wins?

I’ve won a few races, it’s A much easier when I actually stay on the bike [laughs] You gotta go hard or go home.


That’s the spirit! So how do you prepare for these races?

46 •

It’s all about the mental A preparation. The races are very competitive, so you really have to psych yourself up. I just sit on the starting line and tell myself I’m going to win. It works sometimes [laughs].


You must have come off a couple of times, what’s been your biggest stack?

I’ve had a couple - A A dislocated elbow from taking a corner to fast and I recently broke my collarbone. I was meant to race this weekend, but I don’t really see that happening. Ouch, sounds like it hurts! Q You must need to relax after an action packed day. How do you unwind after a big race? Ah, I don’t really have a A special thing that I do, just go home really. There’s always plenty of things that need doing / cleaning [laughs].


What do you currently do for work?

I’m currently working for A Bullet Bikes in Spare Parts & Accessories. It’s a great job, I get to hang around bikes all day long. It seams like you got a Q pretty sweet deal there. How did you score that gig? Well I was working as a A personal trainer at the time, and I guess they had heard of my riding, because I received a phone call and they offered me a job. It was pretty sweet!


What does the future hold?

I would love to go overseas, A maybe to America and compete over there. I would also love to get sponsored!

Check out the Bullet Bikes Superstore at

AutOBARN INSTALLATIONS, 10 ELVIN ST, PAGET, Mackay, 4740 T: 4952 6571 F: 4952 6768 E:





The District is the first of its kind where a rider knows exactly how the board is going to react - you don’t have to get used to the board, this new series will conform to your riding.

The innovative Vault recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toe-side, taking this into consideration with the design of the rocker, fin shape/placement. This profile allows the rider to point the board with maximum grip to the wake without requiring excessive attack angle. The design of the heel-side was created for a rider facing the boat with a more natural position to point the board to the wake. Who said asymmetrical was only for entry-level riders? Many contests have been won on the WWA Nationals and Worlds - A series with no limits, takes features from several boards in our line.

The most overall aggressive board in our line has a flattened rocker under your feet and a super late arc in the tip/tail. A board that lives up to the Polynesian name Kaimana – power of the water.

The industry’s premier wakeboard coach – Mike Ferraro’s latest delivery is being referred to as the best board he has created in his 2 decades of design. This District board has a 3-stage lift in the centre, with a continuous outer rail that pushes the board into the rider. You feel the speed of the continuous rocker and the vertical lift of the 3-stage. If a rider comes in with a lot of angle, the outer continuous profile handles this extra speed. If you flatten the board out, the 3-stage rocker kicks in. A legendary all-purpose shape from smooth/low maintenance turns, to wide open high speed option for added board control on sliders.

This ride is a platform to develop your riding style – allowing a rider to stand more efficiently – redefining the demands needed for the latest in toe/heel-side versatility.



The Radar Women’s P-6 slalom water ski is a perfect fit for every lady. The women’s P-6 offers an ample amount of surface area creating an easyto-ride, forgiving platform for the progressing rider. With additional .8” of fore-body width, deep-water starts will become second nature.

The Radar Senate C Water Ski is moulded with 100% Carbon Fibre Laminates, giving it a lighter, faster feeling on the water. If you’re looking for a ski running on race fuel, you’ve come to the right place.

48 •






PT30 Bobcat 1.5T Excavator 2.5 Tipper ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED SHORT OR LONG TERM WHOLE LOT $350 (plus)

CALL JACKIE 0429 306 661

Proud Sponsors of the Whitsunday Moto Sports Club incorporating Karting, Motor Road Bikes, Driver Training and Drifting Issue 8 • 2012 • 49

When you think of a 1984 WB Holden, you may think a reliable farm hack carting a bobby calf off to its holding stables or you may even remember Brocky had something to do with a WB. Well forget all that and check this guy, ADAM DAY a 33 year old with a love for Classic Holdens and a thirst for power.

Adam’s 1984 WB Holden is fitted with a 304CI (5L) Holden VN series block, 6/71 supercharger and a custom built Max-Wedge blower intake manifold to start. This beauty scorches the rollers with reads over 1000 HP on the Dyno, when after popping the hood you’d come to expect that with a set of 1090CFM King Demon Carburetors fed by Twin Turbos hoovering small marsupials off the side of the road. Built from the ground up, the custom made components don’t end there, this car not only has a custom Radiator, but stepping into the cream

What made you buy this Q particular car? It’s a project car, I’ve always A wanted an old style Holden and this one had a one-of-a-kind engine specially built for it. So you’ve bought this Q already awesome car, what projects have you got planned for it? I’m building it part by part, A I’m thinking I might change the engine and put a big block

50 •

Chev in it and just use the accessories it already has in it, the super charger and the twin turbos. Probably put another $20,000 on it.


What kind of Dollar Values have been put into this so far?

The engine alone was A $56,000. And the paint job was $35,000. The previous owners kept receipts up to $100,000 but ended up putting 150 – 160K of work into it from the ground up.

leather cab, you’ll find it embellished with a custom made dash, xr8 falcon seats, embossed doors & floor and autometer gauges with a custom steering wheel to boot. The sound system you ask? Who needs a stereo when you have the roar of a Blown Twin Turbo V8 to admire booming out of a custom made twin 3 inch exhaust system. To top this car off, it’s fitted with 18x8 inch and 20x8.5 inch genuine Boyd Coddington billet wheels and a complete custom paint job. All in all, a mechanical work of art to say the least, but this proud owner says the job is not yet finished.

This car must have some Q power and noise, is this street registered? Yeah when I turn it on in the A garage the whole roof shakes, if I want to drive it on the road i’ll have to take parts off it to get it registered. So what are your plans for Q it? No plans but definitely will A be entering it into shows, yeah will be doing shows up and

down the coast when its done. Is this your ultimate dream Q car? I’ve always driven SS A Supercharged Holdens and this one is pretty much it until I find something else I want to stick my teeth into.

Engine: 304CI (5l) Holden VN Series block / Group A rods / SRP forged pistons / JE Moly rings / Custom ground crow cam / Hardened pushrods / Crane lifters / VN Heads / Yella Terra roller rockers / Ferrea valves / Crane valve springs / Custom max-wedge blower intake manifolds / Twin 1090CFM King Demon carbs / 6/71 Supercharger / Twin Turbos / Turbo 350 transmission / Custom radiator Interior: Custom-made Dash / Cream leather reupholstered XR8 Falcon seats with upholstered headrests removed / Embossed doors & floor / Autometer gauges / Landcruiser steering column / Custom steering wheel Underbody: Accessory: 2 pack paint with chromed accessories / Avgas fuel tank Exhaust: Custom made extractor 3in twin system with side pipes Gearbox: Turbo 350 auto Suspension: Lowered with king front springs and reset rear leafs Brakes: 330mm holden HSV front rotors with twin piston calipers and HZ disc rear brakes Body Mods: WB caprice front / Landcruiser door handles / Flat firewall / Drip-rails removed / Genuine Boyd Coddington billet wheels

Issue 4 • 2011 • 51

Aspiring fashion designer Bonnie King looks good playing games Airlie Beach local Bonnie grew up playing Nintendo 64 and PS2. Over the years, she’s been a jill of all trades working in bars but dreams of one day studying fashion design. What was the first video Q game you played? Probably Mario 64; Yoshi A was my favourite. Any car racing game I loved as well, like Need for Speed. My friends would all get together have a one-on-one game night.


Did you continue to game through-out your childhood?

I was a big game addict A when I was younger. Back in the day, I played Lara Croft Tomb Raider a lot on my PS2.


What do you admire most about Lara Croft?

I loved how tough and A bad-ass she was. She kicked ass wherever she went.


Do you still game?

Not at the moment. My sister A moved away to Brisbane and she took all my games with her. I’ve only got a couple left like, Spiro and Sims games.

You’ve lived in Airlie for Q the past decade. What do you reckon is the best thing about the seaside town? I love how homely it is. I was A away for about six months living in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast but being here [in Airlie] just feels like home. I’m quite content at the moment to live here. What do you do for fun in Q Airlie? I love going to the man-made A beach because it finally has a stinger enclosure. It’s like a little white haven off the main land. I also go camping in my secret spots which I can’t really let out.


I’m unemployed at the A moment. I used to work in child care, which I loved, but I had to go away for a couple of months to help my grandmother out on the farm. When I got back the job was gone, so at the moment I’m just looking around.

What was it like working on Q the farm? I did absolutely everything A there was to do. I scrubbed everything down and did all the mowing and pruning. The property spans over 80 acres, so it was a

How do you put bread on the table these days


big job. It used to be a pig farm and we had every animal you could possibly have. Now because it’s so run down, there’s only a couple of geese, a dog and a cat.


What’s your dream job?

My ultimate goal in the long A run is to be a fashion designer. My mum was a designer and I sort of caught that passion from her.

looking into pattern making at TAFE or other universities. I’ll probably stick around here for another year or two.


Once you’ve made it big, would you come back to Airlie?

Definitely. I need to be in a A place where there’s oceans and mountains or hills right next to each other. If it’s one or the other, it’s not worth it.

What’s the next step for Q you? A

Once I pay off my credit card, I’ll start


OPEN 7 DAYS 10am - 8pm Fri - Sat till 10pm


4946 5886



Who out there has ever considered the possibility of throwing themselves off a 200 metre high bridge to feel the rush of a limited free fall before the sudden jolt of a parachute saving you from the crushing blow of Earth? Or are you thinking who and why the heck would anyone want to do that? Well we’ve spoken to local guy IAN GOEBEL, an experienced base jumper with 300 jumps under his belt to give us the answer. Even though Da Vinci sat in his room drawing images of the concept back in the 15th Century, BASE Jumping didn’t actually start sprouting up until the 70’s, when around that time the world got a glimpse of the sport when James Bond took the leap in the opening scene of “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Since then, the sport is enjoyed by thousands of thrill seekers traveling the globe to find their next challenge. Ian found his thrill for falling when he was sixteen, starting out with parachute jumps, compliments of his local cadets corp. From there, he naturally leaped to the next step of sky diving and continued diving for seven years before moving to BASE Jumping. “I’ve done about 800 sky dives, some of my friends were getting into BASE Jumping and after speaking to them, and doing a lot of research, I knew one day I was going to get into the sport.” Ian begun his BASE Jumping career in 2005 and since then has jumped in Australia, America, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Malaysia. In 2006 he participated in the KL Tower International Jump which raises money for charity where he had 30 jumps off the 421 metre building over 3 days! With 300 jumps over four years, his highlight moment was his first wing-suit jump at the famous Romsdale Valley in Norway, situated with a picturesque scene looking up at a fiord complete with mountains and islands. But all that aside, there’s more to just the adrenaline rush of the jump in his eyes. “Jumping off an object with a parachute on, isn’t something you do on a day to day basis, you have to make it as safe as possible. This is done by planning the jump down to the last detail, hiking up there, making sure everything’s good, finding the landing area, jumping off, deploy your parachute and fly back down. I see this as a very unique challenge.” With all the possibilities of jumps over the world, Ian has jumped all four options but says he prefers the Earth (Building, Antenna, 54 •

Span, Earth), his highest jump so far being in Norway at 1800m. To him, these types of jumps are the complete adventure package. Even though a love of thrills and a lot of guts are required for this extreme sport, Ian advises you need the physical and mental fitness, as well as a flawless plan before you even go near the parachute. “Firstly you need to mentally be able to trust your parachute 100%, there’s no room for what they call gear fear. If you’re planning on jumping, you need to trust yourself that you’ve packed and rigged your parachute up correctly, the technology has increased so much these days that it’s almost certain that you’re parachute will open every time, whether or not it opens correctly is another story but the gear itself is not a problem.” “Every BASE jumper who goes for a jump, sits down and meticulously plans the jump they’re going to do, they do research into what they’re jumping and look into the weather patterns leading up to the jump as well, and if they’re jumping a site that they haven’t jumped before, they’ll do a series of tests to find the exact hight etc to plan the jump.” Regardless of planning and experience however, with all extreme sports, things can go very wrong, an aspect of the sport Ian says you need to be fully aware of and reconciled with before starting. “When I started out, I was told to be prepared to lose a friend, which over the years I have lost a few close friends, but every year people try to take extreme sports to the next level. What was out the question five years ago now everybody’s doing, and because of this a lot more people are dying, but as it goes with anything, you can do it as safely or as dangerously as you want to, you can drive a car recklessly or you can drive it safely, it’s the same principle with BASE Jumping.” “A lot of people come through thinking they’re invincible and jump recklessly in all types of weather conditions and unfortunately they usually end up injured.”

Even though you may think thats reason enough to stop, Ian has since successfully completed all his goals in BASE Jumping and although there are still challenges out there such as Baffin Island in Canada and Angel Falls in Venezuela, Ian now has his extreme sights set on aviation. For anyone thinking of giving it a try, BASE Jumping is closer than you think, as it is open to everybody and anybody of any weight caliber, and if your still thinking you can’t do it apparently you’re completely wrong.


Meet, work and play... there’s so much on offer in the Mackay City Centre.

! ls a e D y it C t u o Check Love a great deal? Visit www.mackaycitycentre. for great City Deals! Keep up to date with the the best deals in the city by subscribing to the City Deals Club today!

Get Active... in the City Get outdoors and active in the City Centre! Enjoy fun and FREE healthy events - group fitness, boxing or even a stunning heritage walk through the City. Check out for a full list of Active in the City events.

Mackay City Centre Events

Mackay Telegraph Easter Laneway Festival 2012 > April 8, 2012 Five venues with over 10 bands on three different stages, family activities in the morning, markets and an outdoor cinema. Scan the QR code to be taken directly to A QR Code Scanner can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Market.

Check out and discover all that your City Centre has to offer!

An initiative  of  Mackay  Regional  Council   in  partnership  with  city  businesses

Issue 5 • 2012 • 55

PRESSURE WASHER 6.5HP • OHV 6.5 HP Petrol Engine • Low Oil Protection • 8m High Pressure Hose • Quick Connect Nozzles 0°, 15°, 40° & Chemical Nozzle • Low Pressure Detergent Injector • Professional Trigger Gun with Safety Lock

PRESSURE WASHER 7HP • Low Oil Protection • Commercial Grade Direct Drive Brass Cylinder Ceramic Plungers Radial Direction Pump • 8m High Pressure Hose • Quick Connect Nozzles 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and Chemical Nozzle • Pressure Adjustable • Low Pressure Detergent Injector • Professional Trigger Gun with Safety Lock • 10 Inch Pneumatic Wheels • In Line Water Filter


PRESSURE WASHER • All Accessories can be stored on the machine • Storage for both Turbo and Multi Lance • Storage for Power Lead 
 • Maximum Pressure - 100 BAR (1450 PSI) 
 • Working Pressure - 67 BAR (972 PSI) • Auto Start/Stop 
 • Flow Rate - 5 LPM 
 • Spray Bottle

• Professional Trigger Gun with Safety Lock • Commercial Grade Direct Drive Brass Cylinder Ceramic Plungers • Radial Direction Pump 
 • 8m High Pressure Hose 
 • Quick Connect Nozzles 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and Chemical Nozzle • Pressure Adjustable 
 • Low Pressure Detergent Injector • Professional Trigger Gun with Safety Lock • In Line Water Filter 
 • Convenient Hose and Gun Hook


Inc. GST


62• 74 •

• Charcoal hammer tone, powder coated finish • Comprising 4 lift-out trays with storage well • 3 full sized large drawers • Weight: 57.30 kg • W:700mm D:405mm H:590mm

Photos: Aussie John Big Game Hunter Australia

If your not a person whose ever ventured out to the bush with your favourite Winchester, nabbed yourself a trophy boar and are now currently reading this article while basking in the glory of a mounted head on your wall in your man shed, then your probably thinking pig hunting is a cruel and unnecessary sport reserved only for gun happy county folk.

Photos: Pigga Frigga

Feral pigs in Queensland are a huge industrial and environmental problem, introduced in around 1865 by early settlers they have been on the rampage since, reeking havoc for people and wildlife alike. The Queensland government have declared the animal a class two pest, which according to the governments website, is one that is established in Queensland and has, or could have, a substantial adverse economic, environmental or social impact. The feral pig shares this status along side other Queensland pests such as the Locust, Fox, Feral Cat and Rabbit. The damage being caused across the state by these animals include our crops (sugar cane taking a particular hit), livestock, pastures, fencing and watering points. They also damage the environment by digging water holes and degrading vegetation making areas inhabitable for natural wildlife. The animals carry a number of diseases which endanger livestock and wildlife such as swine vesicular disease, Aujeszky’s disease, African and classical swine fever. And lets not forget to mention the diseases which are contractable by man called ‘zoonoses’ which also include sparganosis, melioidosis, leptospirosis, Q fever, tuberculosis and brucellosis. To help control this infestation, Mackay City Council has a new unique trap which enables the holding of up to 20 feral boars at a time making it easy to transfer the animals out of our region. But is this enough? A spokesman for the Program Manager for Environment and Compliance at Whitsunday Regional Council, Scott Hardy, has stated in a recent press release, “Wild pigs are a class two pest in Queensland, they cause wide spread damage and as such need to be destroyed.” So with the regions councils taking extensive efforts to rid the area and state of these beasts with measures such as trapping, baiting and culling taking up a deal of tax money to fund the operations, it seems a good thing some of our locals are aware of this issue and have taken up arms in the war against the introduced pests. 58 •

WI tim beh inn H bec ear mp on end for tha M an   tyr Th tod inn des T dow sid of  




Pig hunting has been addressed by the government as a sport which aids and benefits the control of these pests. Contributing to nearly a quarter of the population control over a year, this sport is one of few that also aids the environment and our economy. A report done by Biosecurity Queensland has stated a desired outcome in feral pig pest control is “the community accepts that feral pigs are an issue for the community as a whole,” it also goes on to states “Public awareness and knowledge of pests must be raised to increase the capacity and willingness of individuals to control pests.” So next time you are passed by a bloke driving a Landcruiser equipped with pig cages and his trusty canines in tow, give him the friendly nod for a job well done. Hopefully with the full support of the community and our local skilled hunters on the prowl, feral pig numbers will eventually be under control in Queensland. Information and facts from

Be Part Of The Legend! Winning races in record times was the driving force behind Mickey Thompson’s innovations in tyre design....

WINNING races   in   record   times   was   the   driving   force   behind   Mickey   Thompson’s   innovations  in  tyre  design. His   tyres   helped   him   become   the   fastest   man   on   earth   by   travelling   at   406.6   mph   (650.56   kph)   and   went   on   to   set   485   speed   and   endurance   records   in   many   forms   of   motorsport,   more   than  any  man  on  earth. Mickey’s   contribution   as   an  innovator  of  revolutionary   tyres  went  beyond  motorsport.     The   4WD   tyres   available   today   feature   many   of   the   innovations   that   Mickey   designed  in  his  racing  tyres.     Tyres   with   tread   running   down   the   sidewall   known   as   sidebiters   for   climbing   out   of   ruts;;   a   directional   tread  

STZ 80% Road & Sand 20% Dirt & Mud

pattern at   23   degrees     (the   ultimate  angle  for  cutting  and   self-­cleaning);;   and   specialty   light   truck   radial   tyre   sizing   up  to  40  inches  are  all  Mickey   Thompson  innovations. Today,   43   years   later,   Mickey   Thompson’s   serious   offroad   tread   designs   and   carcass   constructions   continue  to  be  a  leader  in  tyre   innovation.


ATZ 4 RIB 70% Road & Sand 30% Dirt & Mud

MTZ 40% Road & Sand 60% Dirt & Mud


To find out more about the legendary range of Mickey Thompson Tires, call your local authorised dealer:

Transit Tyres 080312.indd 1


4957 7499 4952 4326

CLAW TTC 20% Road & Sand 80% Dirt & Mud


185 Victoria St.


27 Conners Rd.

Issue 6 • 2012 • 59

8/03/2012 9:41:56 AM

Meet Cliff Carvell, at only 30 years old he’s the owner of one of the most awesome versatile wakeboarding boats on the market. A Tige` Z1 with the Tower of Power option CorvexV Hull and TAPS2 technology, offers the ultimate wakeboarding experience, allowing you to select and tap into the perfect wake for any sport on the water.


So how long have you lived in Cannonvale?

I’ve been here for about a A year and a half – I’ve got plenty of mates over here, so I’ve been coming to Airlie for years. Growing up in Perth, I’ve always wanted to live in Queensland, so when I came back from overseas, I made the move!


Have you done a lot of travelling overseas?

Do you have a favourite Q wakeboarding spot and crew that likes to take part in the action? Definitely Lake Proserpine, A best wake boarding spot I’ve ever come across. Because all of the dams in WA are closed at the moment from droughts, I send photos of the clear, flat water and action shots to my mates over there and they just hate it! It’s great!

Before relocating to A Cannonvale, I spent 2 years in Borneo, working as a Technical Advisor for Komatsu in Indonesia.

I do have a pretty good crew that will find any excuse to come for a board. They pretty much drop everything and say, “Let’s go!”


How long have you been wakeboarding for?

About 12 years, started A boarding behind Jet skis then went to ski boats before getting the Z1 wakeboat about a year and a half ago.


What made you get this boat?

The Z1 has optional features, A you can upgrade the engine and the sound system to what you want, as well as the body graphics. This boat is good because you can

control the wakes depending on how big you want them, through what they call the TAPS2. You can also tune it up so you can do Wake Surfing, the boat will make a wave big enough so you can surf behind it without a rope. The Stereo would have to be the selling point, it has ten speakers plus a Sub Woofer and Amps with stereo control on the rear of the boat so you can listen to tunes while you wakeboard. Where did you get this boat Q and what does something like this set you back? I got this one from the Gold A Coast, finding it online before going down to get it. It had to be put on a truck to get it back to Airlie, then lifted off with a crane to set it in the water. Getting one brand new, depending on features,

will cost around $90,000. Or you can find a second hand one for $70,000. Whats the most awesome Q trick you can do wakeboarding with this boat? At the moment, a wake to A wake 360 so there’s a handle pass in mid air. I have a mate who can do a back flip although he’s not quite landing them. We just got a SkySki [Hydro Foil] for it and are learning that, haven’t seen anyone else out there on the Dams with one yet, its a pretty new sport. Besides the awesome Q stereo and wakes, was there anything else about your boat that was a selling point for a wakeboarder? A good thing about Tige` is A the after sale side, they do a tour of North Qld, where they take


ULTIMATE CREW The quickest way to find jobs in the mining industry online.


day - register to

around all the latest Tige` boats with pro wakeboarders, if your a Tige` owner you get an exclusive invite and special tickets which gives you a bit extra so when they have what they call “Ride Days”, you get to go out boarding with the pro wakeboarders. None of the other boat manufacturers are doing stuff like that. So it’s pretty good.


So what is it about being Q on the water that gets you so intrigued? I don’t think it’s about the A water; it’s more board sports than anything - any excuse to be outside and active. I’m away travelling about 3 weeks of the month, so I like to take advantage of the down time I do get.

So are you hitched? Any kids running around?

Nope! Free as a bird! It’s hard A maintaining relationships when you travel as much as I do.


Are you into any other hobbies or extreme sports?

I have recently gotten into A Kite-surfing! I often come down to Mackay and have a go when it’s too windy to wakeboard.


Good stuff! How’d you get into Kitesurfing?

I had lessons while in A Indonesia and got a taste for it. I came back to Mackay and bought all my equipment from Adrenalin Rush. Eimeo Beach & Town Beach are my main spots for kitesurfing in Mackay. It’s great to have another sport to be able to do when the weather’s not quite right.



McLay Boats are fairly new to the Australian market but have enjoyed a distinguished reputation for 10 years in New Zealand. Their new offspring, the 5.25m Sportsman Side Console, demonstrates the Kiwi company’s quality build and design – this is one amazing boat! On first sight, the 5.25m Sportsman looks like a sleek fiberglass craft. The strong 3mm sides are an impressive flat sheet of alloy that looks flawless. The bottom is a 4mm fully welded-in tread plate metal, with full underfloor buoyancy. The internals of this boat are simple, as everything has been designed for easy access.

Photos: Fishing Monthly

The cockpit consists of two, padded fold down seats; the helm and passenger, with four options to relocate. An extra seat could also be added either in the cockpit or on the front raised deck. The front deck is raised just enough to give you a higher view of fishing. There is a wide, lower flat deck along with massive internal flat sections to the gunnels, which is unique to this boat and really makes it comfortable to lean against while fishing and travelling. The front deck has one large hatch with a welded flat floor inside, to keep your tackle and gear safe and dry. The rear of the boat is very practical in its design, being free of steps and compartments, and including three great additions: The first is an enclosed hatch behind the skipper, perfect to house your battery and wiring helm. The second is another dry hatch on the port side, a perfect spot for tackle or even food. Lastly, in between these hatches is a live bait tank, ready to be plumbed or used as storage or even as an esky or ice slurry. Now to the power – The throttle is in a very comfortable position. It feels like an arm extension, which is perfect for running long distances. The fuel tank is massive – It runs up the boat, under the floor and holds 130L, which is plenty for the purpose of this boat. The Sportsman is designed so you can fully customise it according to your needs, such as electric motors, rod racks, sounders, VHF radios, walk through transom, bait boards or even a berley bucket. The ride of this boat will blow you away – not only does it look like a fiberglass boat, but it runs like one too! It’s quiet, with no slapping on the water and it cuts through the chop as well as any boat of its class. The 5.25m is fast, clean and powerful, thanks to the Yamaha 100hp fourstroke. This four-cylinder outboard has ample motor to take four guys fishing with all their gear. Its top speed was 65km/h, which feels very fast yet incredibly safe. Handling well with sharp turns at speed, hydraulic steering makes things easier. The McLay 5.25m Sportsman is the perfect all round boat. If you want a boat that could do everything, this would be it! Whether fishing impoundments for barra or casting poppers on the reef, this is your boat. You could even fit a couple of ski hooks and tow a couple of water skiers with ease! The package sits on a custom built Tinka trailer model number MT170MO. It has galvanised springs and rims and a mechanical over ride braking system. It’s fully rollered so launch and retrieve is a breeze, and includes a spare wheel and carrier for safety.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 5.25m / Beam: 2.08m / Freeboard: 64cm / Recommended hp: 100hp or 170kg / Sides: 3mm / Bottom: 4mm / Hull Weight: 460kg approx. / Transom Shaft: 20” Length 62 •

The team at Reef Marine will happily take you for a ride and even look after your finance. Contact them on 4957 3521 or visit for more information. This packages as tested was priced at $42, 550 with accessories kit, 2nm safety gear for 3 persons, registrations and numbers.



one only stock boat

Finance available approx .$225 p/w 100hp Yamaha Fourstroke / Fuel injected / Full sealed checker plate floor / Side console with hydraulic steering / 130L under floor tank / Robust 3 and 4mm plate construction / Finish and quality excellent

Thanks to Techserve training, cleanskin Andy thrives in the mines Over the next few months, CORE Magazine takes an inside look at the Mining Industry. The mining industry term given to someone with no mine experience is “cleanskin”. We put the spotlight on where to go to get the experience that is needed for that much wanted job in the mining industry. This month, Andy Marshall, a cleanskin electrician shares his experience in Techserve’s Mentor Program. When New Zealander Andy Marshall moved to Mackay last year with his family of seven, he was keen to work in the booming mining industry. Unfortunately for Andy and his family, getting a start in the industry was more difficult than he expected. “Everyone wants experience and not many people can see the potential and unique skills that can come from outside the mining industry,” said Andy. Hoping to get his foot in the door, Andy did his research on regional mining companies. “There are many organisations set up around the mining boom that require you to pay to be trained to join the industry, and there are others that are just interested in numbers and don’t want to train personnel at all!” Ultimately it was a country drive that led Andy to the mining industry. Cruising on the highway, he saw a Techserve billboard which advertised ‘Electricians With No Experience Needed.’ Techserve, a Mackay cleanskin training company, gives no mine experienced electricians the opportunity to enter the industry via an on-the-job documented competency based program. Weeks later Andy was accepted into Techserve’s Electrical Mentoring Program. “The week long Basic Electrical Training course was invaluable because it prepared us for what we were going to encounter out at site,” said Andy. “Initially it was all a foreign language – terms like Inbye, Outbye, BSL, AFC and Shuttle Car—but now its language we use every day.” The Electrical Mentoring Program is comprised of multiple courses, but one of the most important to Andy was the Electrical Equipment Hazardous Areas (EEHA) course which detailed the operation and maintenance of the flameproof equipment. Covering codes A, B, C;

64 •

actual use of the equipment (covering installation, maintenance, fault finding, testing, commissioning); various gas hazard zones; and the devices that can be used in each zone, the course was informative and exciting. “It was like we were working in a potential fuel cell and as an electrician we control the matches!” said Andy. After 6 months of onsite training with highly experienced electricians, Andy now works as the crew electrician: fault finding, diagnosing and repairing. Andy recommends Techserve for tradies looking to get into the mines. “Traditional training has left people to either sink or swim,” he said. “At $4,000 plus per minute down time of the longwall, it can be an expensive educational experience.” “Techserve’s Electrical Mentoring Program, on the other hand, prepares people,” said Andy. “Techserve Trainers have extensive mining and electrical experience. They’re passionate about the industry and recognise the dire need to keep the standard of workmanship high.” Thanks to the support network that comes with Techserve, Andy has adapted to the mining industry. He enjoys the financial rewards, but most of all, Andy values the lifestyle roster which allows him to spend time with his wife and five children. For Andy, it’s hard to believe how far he’s come since he moved to Australia from New Zealand. “12 months ago when I was watching the Pike River tragedy unfold in my home country, I couldn’t imagine that I would be underground myself working primarily on the longwall. I didn’t even know what a longwall was!” Andy credits his success to the training. “Techserve helped break down the barriers of the mining industry and supported me greatly in bridging the gap,” he said.

Front: Caitlin, Tim and Peter. Back: Jamie, Caroline, Andy and Julie

• • • • • • • •

EEHA Course HV Switching and Access Course Plan and Manage Electrical Projects Develop and Implement Maintenance Programs Mine Electrical Reticulation and Protection Systems Design and Maintain Safe Hazardous Area Installations Overhaul and Repair of Ex Equipment Assessment Conformity of Ex Equipment to Standards

• • • • •

Establish the Risk Management Systems Basic Electrical Training Course (Non Accredited) Basic mechanical Training Electrical Mentor Program Mechanical Mentor Program

To book your course or for more information visit:

Issue 4 • 2011 • 65

With the fitness challenge drawing to an end, we asked our contestants a few questions to see how they have found their experience.

1. Yes, I am wrapped with my progress so far. 2. Challenged is an understatement! Not only have we been given an amazing weekly program we have also been doing up to two boot camps a week with our very own commando Brett. 3. Everything! Finding the time for myself and feeling and seeing the results in everything I do is amazing. 4. Early morning starts! Having a family to look after and a husband who works away, makes it hard to get out of bed and to the gym at 6am. 5. Yes!!! The biggest thing for me is that I am able to deal with the stressful things in life so much better. 6. I will reach my goal, but it may take longer than this challenge. What is important is that the things I have learnt and changes that have happened in my life will ensure I do. Like Corey says, your weight means nothing!!! 7. Without question. You will always find the time for the things that are important to you, and I believe the secret is to understand how important your health and fitness really is. Once you get to this place you will find the time.

1. Yes! 2. Yes! Getting up before the sun to be waiting at the gym before it even opens! Our training sessions with Brett have gotten harder as the challenge progressed! I could never of got through one of the sessions we are doing now in the beginning of the challenge! 3. The results I have achieved. 4. The first 2 weeks of detox and adjusting to the routine. Finding out that muscle weighs 4x more than fat was a tough learning curve. 5. Definitely! Gained confidence! 6. On the scales maybe not, but physically I’m a lot closer to my goal than I have ever been. 7. Definitely! I love going to the gym now and feeling the burrrrrn! It’s been the best opportunity, so thankful to everyone at Airlie Fitness for the support, motivation & tough love that I think we all needed!!

1. Yes! 2. Yes I have felt a massive change In my fitness. Brett’s PT sessions have been the most challenging but well worth it “GO BRETT”. 3. PT sessions. 4. Getting up early haha. 5. Not really but I do feel a lot fitter and have more energy to do things. 6. Yes. 7. Definitely.

1. Yes I’m fitter than I have been in years. 2. Its all been a challenge so far but I can see a real change in my body now, the most challenging thing has been working out after a 12 hour shift, its very hard to get motivated after you have been sweating your butt of all day. 3. Seeing my energy levels go through the roof and getting my little boy involved in the boot camps, he loves coming to the gym and Brett’s been great in ensuring he is included. 4. Its been very hard work but that’s the reality of getting fit no bullshit quick fixes. 5. Its starting to. I feel good about the way I look but there is along way to go. 6. This is a life change, that’s my goal. 7. Yes definitely, I’m not going to say that it’s easy but you really need to want to make a change in your life, once you have made that decision then you are half way there.

1. Definitely! I can actually fit into my size 12 skinny jeans that haven’t fit me for 2 years! 2. Yes – Figuring out my schedule and fitting everything in with a hectic work schedule is definitely a challenge – physically – Liz kicks my butt in every session! If I’m not red in the face and aching all over, then I’m not going hard enough! 3. That it makes me go for a workout every day. 4. The pain! It’s a love/hate relationship, I know that if I can’t walk the next day then the last workout has worked! 5. Definitely – I find that my posture has naturally improved, making me stand up straight and I just feel more confident in that alone. 6. I don’t think I’ll reach my goal weight – which I now realize is a little unrealistic. But It’s all about how I feel and fit my clothes. If I’m feeling slim and toned, then I can’t complain!




7. Absolutely!

1. So far, things have progressed fairly slowly – due to my own busy schedule – it’s time to knuckle down! 2. I definitely have felt a change in my overall fitness. 3. My AWESOME PT – Gerard!! 4. This particular exercise – planks! It hurts after 30 seconds!! 5. To some degree yes it has – I’ve received A LOT of support and encouragement from team members and mates. 6. My Goal is long term – I will continue to pursue it and hopefully reach it this year! 7. ABSOLUTELY!! This challenge (even though hard at times) has been a really positive experience, I have already told everyone they have to sign up and give it a try.

1. Yes! 2. There are days that the last thing you feel like doing is exercising, but you always feel better after you have. 3. The personal training, has given me the motivation that I needed. 4. NOTHING! 5. Yes. 6. Yes. 7. Yes. 1. Yes. 2. Yes – ensuring there is enough time in the day to train is the most challenging. 3. New found fitness and swimming performance has increased. 4. Missing a training session. 5. Yes. I’m filling out my clothes better! 6. Yes. 7. Yes.

Don’t miss next months issue where we reveal the winner from both teams!


Its an all too familiar story… You put in weeks of hard work in and out of the gym with weights and cardio. You have been eating properly, and avoiding alcohol. You look and feel healthier, your clothes fit looser, your face looks thinner, and people are giving you compliments. You are on track for great results, so what do you do next? Jump on the scales & weigh yourself of course! Result? The scales give you a weight loss result that is less than you had hoped. You are shocked, hurt, demotivated, let down, deflated and think seriously about drinking a cask of wine and inhaling a cheesecake! And there’s no way you are exercising again this week, it doesn’t work!

Fact: Scales only measure total weight- not fluid, not muscle, not fat. They take everything you have achieved with your exercise, healthy eating, and lifestyle changes and throw it away, and simply express your mass as a number. They don’t tell you how much healthier, fitter & stronger you are, or that you’ve improved your metabolism. Building your metabolism means gaining muscle, muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room. News flash: you weigh the same but look smaller! Muscle gain only happens for a while in women, so eventually the scales will go down, but who cares what they say right? If you had a friend that, in spite of the results we can all see from your hard work, insists on telling you that you are still fat and getting nowhere, you would dump him wouldn’t you?

Well, the scales are no friend of yours. Motivation is so precious, and so easily killed. So stay off them, listen to the compliments, notice the loose clothes, and speak to an exercise professional about what to expect from your hard work – and stay on the path to success!


speak to the feet experts Sore feet can make your day a misery, or even mean time off in recovery. Correcting incorrect foot function with our custom designed foot orthotics (arch supports) is an effective solution to get you back to work pain free and to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

P (07) 4840 2126

Get back to work without the pain and discomfort of foot pain.

E info A Mackay GP Super Clinic, 1-3 Old Eimeo Rd, Eimeo Q 4740

68 •




F A S a u o y wishes

Husband and wife duo, Michael CALLander and Melissa CORR & their family Madisson, Travis & Layla team up to create CALLCORR, the Lifeline for all Heavy Equipment. With over 22 years’ experience in the industry, CALLCORR pride themselves on not only the quality & old fashioned honest service of their OFF-SITE MINE MAINTENANCE & ON-SITE FIELD SERVICE & REPAIRS WORK, but also for being a family-orientated company and securing our kids futures by supporting & sponsoring community events.

Recruiting Now

Limited time off work? Don’t want to travel far? Looking for some relaxation with a little adventure and excitement thrown in? Then look no further…

Our fleet currently has 26 vessels, with yachts ranging from 31ft to 50.5ft – suitable for 2 to 11 passengers. Yachts are most suited to sailing enthusiasts, experienced crew & adventure seekers. Our catamarans range from 34ft to 43ft – suitable for 4 to 10 passengers. Catamarans most suited for novice sailors, large groups, those who want both space & comfort onboard. Motor cruisers range from 35ft to 38ft – suitable for 2 to 8 passengers. Motor Cruisers are best suited to those who aren’t experienced sailors, have limited available time, just want to get up and go with the minimum of fuss. Our fleet contains 9 different makes and over 19 different models of vessel – Beneteau Lagoon, Seawind, Perry, Fountaine Pujot, Highland, Venturer, Beneteau, Jeanneau, and Bavaria. RATES Our rates are divided into LOW/ MID/ HIGH season rates The rates are a per night rate for the vessel and do not vary according to number of people onboard. Yachts

From $430 - $870 per day (Low Season) From $490 - $100 per day (Mid Season) From $570 - $1250 per day (High Season)

OUR SEASONS We have 3 seasons - we offer great season specials depending on which season you want to travel; Low Season: January to March Mid Season: April – August & Oct (Mid) – Dec High Season: Sept/ Oct (Mid) & Xmas/ New Year 70 •


From $540 - $1300 per day (Low Season) From $610 - $1580 per day (Mid Season) From $710 - $1890 per day (High Season)

Motor Cruisers From $430 - $710 per day (Low Season) From $480 - $790 per day (Mid Season) From $520 - $890 per day (High Season) SPECIALS Standby rates – book and depart within 2 weeks and secure a great standby rate on shorter charters (3 or 4 nights) Season Specials – Stay a Little Longer – Receive free nights in low & mid season (for bookings of 7 or more nights). Race Week special packages (Hamilton Island/ Airlie Beach Race Week) Get Up & Go Package – stay onboard your vessel in Shute Harbour the night before the charter and receive a complimentary dinner, breakfast and bottle of wine, 8am brief and on the water by 10am For full rates visit:

BOATING EXPERIENCE No boat license is required, boating experience is preferable, but we do offer sail/ cruise guides for further tuition. All guests are provided with an information DVD ahead of time & a 3hr pre charter briefing prior to departure to be informed about the vessel equipment & operation, the charter area (charter limits) and handling of the vessel itself. If you want to take the hassle out of the holiday, hire a cruise guide for the full duration of your holiday who will stay onboard for $355 per day (conditions apply) or hire a hostess also for the duration of your holiday (prices available on request) and don’t even worry about the cooking & cleaning.

CORE CLUB DEAL INCLUDES: • 3 nights onboard Venturer 38 (Island Drifter) – Motor Cruiser • Full GOLD provisioning package for 3 days/ nights • Snorkeling equipment (per passenger) • Late checkout – 3pm *Conditions: Seasonal rates vary. Direct bookings only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited vessel availability. Terms & Conditions of charter apply. Mention this ad in CORE Magazine at the time of booking.

Book now to avoid disappointment. 1800 075 000 or

Then Daydream Island Resort and Spa Tropical Island Paradise, is for you. Award-winning Daydream Island Resort and Spa is one of Australia’s premier resorts and the jewel of the Whitsundays with secluded white coral beaches and lush rainforest. With its tropical setting, gorgeous climate and stylish accommodation, Daydream Island is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday or one which you can make as adventurous and active as you like. On arrival at Daydream, you will be greeted by friendly island staff with delicious tropical mocktails and welcoming flower leis. Daydream Island Resort and Spa has 296 well appointed rooms and suites, each offering views of tropical waters or rainforest. Exploring Daydream Island is surprisingly easy. Only 1km in length, you can walk from one end to the other of the island by foot or grab a golf buggy. One thing you simply can’t miss on Daydream is its amazing Living Reef. Located at the entrance to the resort, it is one of the world’s largest man-made living coral reef lagoons and guests have the opportunity to get up close and personal by hand feeding resident stingrays, sharks and barramundi. In fact, there are over 100 species of marine fish living in the two lagoons. A private fish feed with the Living Reef’s team of experts is a great way to

72 •

learn more about one of the Seven Great Wonders of the World – The Great Barrier Reef - without even getting your feet wet! There’s plenty more to see and do on Daydream. For some action-packed adventure, guests can try jet skiing, parasailing, reef fishing, tennis, volleyball and scuba diving. Snorkelling is popular on the island’s own fringing coral reef. Daydream has some of the largest and best resort pools in the region, perfect for a drink at the swim up bar or a fast-paced game of water volleyball. Experience Daydream Island’s free open air cinema, improve your putting technique at the Australia-themed 19-hole mini golf course or perhaps enjoy a cocktail at the resort’s swim-up bar. Other complimentary activities include giant chess, rainforest walks, kayaking, beach volleyball, scavenger hunts, sailing, water polo and bocce. When you feel like unwinding, head straight to the award-winning Rejuvenation Spa. Boasting spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the Rejuvenation Spa has a holistic approach to wellbeing. It offers the timetested health benefits of naturopathy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and massage. And at the end of the day, Daydream Island’s signature restaurant

Leave work behind and get a FREE night on us...

Stay 3 Pay 2 offer only




per person, twin share

Mermaid’s is the ideal place for some fine food and wine. The island’s executive chef specialises in modern Australian cuisine with an Asian influence and is passionate about sourcing fresh produce from the local region. For an escape offering something for everyone, book your next break at Daydream Island and discover for yourself why it’s one of Australia’s most sought after island resort destinations.

Includes: • Pay for 2 nights and get the third night FREE* • Return ferry transfers from Abel Point marina • Full buffet breakfast daily • Children stay FREE of charge* • Over 20 free guest activities including: kayaks, catamarans, stingray and shark feeding show, open air cinema and much more! ROOM UPGRADES AVAILABLE.

Free call 1800 075 040 contact your local travel agent or visit For great discounts and benefits join our DAYDREAMER CLUB for FREE! *Conditions apply. Subject to availability. On sale 17/02/12 - 27/06/12. For travel 01/04/12 - 30/06/12. NO STANDARD GARDEN ROOMS AVAILABLE 6-9 APRIL, OTHER ROOM TYPES AVAILABLE.

74 •



ing* ed Div Certifi ers can nced div ives at Experie d r la u ectac enjoy sp d sites. te c le e s y speciall $99pp e $59* 2nd div

Grab your friends and cruise through the stunning Whitsunday Islands to a breathtaking underwater world, the outer Great Barrier Reef. Located 90 kilometers from the coast is Knuckle Reef Lagoon, Queensland’s most innovative and spacious reef pontoon - where the real adventure begins!

Diving with Cruise Whitsundays is all about discovering a magnificent underwater wonderland, colourful corals and an abundance of awe-inspiring fish and marine life. With over 150 types of hard and soft coral and 200 species of fish to discover, diving at Knuckle Reef is an incredible experience like no other. Curb your hunger after diving and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch before tackling some other activities available at the pontoon. Embrace your inner child and scream down the giant waterslide, take a heli-scenic flight over the stunning Great Barrier Reef or, relax with a ‘Calm Experience’ massage. Great Barrier Reef Adventures is Advanced EcoCertified to ensure all visitors have an opportunity to preserve and appreciate this amazing aquatic wonderland for many years to come. We know you probably won’t want to leave but, when that time comes, you can take comfort knowing you’ll be transported onboard ‘Seaflight’, which is ideally

suited for outer reef cruising. The sleek 37 metre wave piercer catamaran has an in-built motion stabiliser system, large outer viewing decks, two spacious airconditioned lounges and a refreshment bar to make your journey home a great one. Great Barrier Reef Adventures departs daily from Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. We can also pick up from Daydream and Long Island. Discover Scuba - INTRO DIVE* There is no better place to experience the magic of your first scuba dive than in Knuckle Reef Lagoon. Our fully certified PADI/SSI instructors will step you through all the training and escort you on your first amazing adventure. All equipment is provided. * Please note age and medical restrictions apply to diving activities. A medical questionnaire must be completed. Our staff will advise you. Dive prices effective 1st April 2012.


Wild Wet Whitsundays Camira Sailing Adventure sOne of the world’s fastest catamarans, capable of a gut tearing 30 knots sDestination, famous Whitehaven Beach sStuff yourself stupid BBQ lunch sYes! refreshments included while onboard sDaily Departures

Great Barrier Reef Adventures sThe Ultimate Reef Trip! sSnorkel, swim, dive, hang out at Knuckle Reef Pontoon sOption to take a Heli flight sGiant waterslide s100’s of fish species sSumptuous buffet lunch s All day bar and cafe s Daily Departures


Phone 07 4946 4662

Issue 2 • 2011 • 75

R The first decision most people make when they decide to sell their home or investment property is whether they’re going to sell through a Real Estate Agent or privately. With most Sellers, engaging a Real Estate Agent as a potential Buyer you should always remember:

A Seller wants to be certain that their property is going to be sold – fair enough. However, as a Buyer it is always good to have a couple of conditions up-your-sleeve, in case you need to get out of the Contract. Subject to Finance – as a Buyer you need to ensure that you have the amount of the purchase price either sitting in your bank or a bank willing to loan you the purchase price. Banks won’t commit to giving you a loan until such time as they see the signed contract so it’s a good idea to have at least 14 days from the contract date to get your finances in order.

The Lawyer is there to protect your legal rights – not inspect the property for you. We have a duty to advise you, as Buyer or Seller, and give you the benefit of our knowledge, experience and expertise (both from a legal and practical perspective) and to ensure that your legal interests are protected over the life of the contract. We are more than happy to look over a contract before you sign it and of course, will advise you throughout the process.

76 •

Even if you have the money sitting in a bank account it’s always a good idea to make the contract subject to finance as there will also be additional costs for stamp duty, searches and legal fees above the purchase price or just in case you later decide you’d rather spend that money on a new car or holiday. Subject to Building & Pest – this means that as the Buyer you have the right to have someone go through the property and write a building and pest inspection report. If you’re not happy with the results you can negotiate a reduction in the purchase price or get out of the contract – be careful though, Agents like to put in a special

Sometimes parties negotiate during the life of a contract directly with the Seller and/or the Real Estate Agent, which there is nothing wrong with, provided you keep your lawyer advised so that we may protect your interests and confirm negotiations in writing to make sure all parties are on the same page (as there is always two sides to every story). The Lawyer doesn’t inspect the property, so just remember at the 11th hour when you’re about to hand over your hard earned cash, there is little we can do to negotiate

condition restricting your ability to terminate under Building & Pest (because remember – the Agent is the Seller’s Agent). As a Buyer or Seller if there is something specific you want to satisfy yourself with, or an event that must occur before you are locked into the contract, or something on the land that you want included in the sale put it in writing and have it inserted into the contract before you sign.

The Agent is the Seller’s Agent This means that the Agent is looking out for the best interests of the Seller not the Buyer and at the end of the day, if you’re the Buyer, you need to make sure for yourself that you are satisfied with the type, quality, condition, inclusions and exclusions to the property with respect to the purchase price before entering into an unconditional contract. Sure it’s the Agent’s job to answer any questions you might have as to the state of the property, whether it has been flooded, or whether that gigantic shed out the back has been Council approved – but at the end of the day the response from the Agent shouldn’t be relied upon solely – you need to conduct investigations and searches yourself.


It’s a lot easier to negotiate any issues you may have at the outset, it’s a lot more difficult once the contract is “unconditional” (i.e. confirmed, not subject to any other conditions).

out of the contract when you realise that forth bedroom, where you were hoping to showcase your shoe collection, doesn’t have a completed wardrobe in it because when you first inspected the property there were a million boxes cluttered from ceiling to floor and you couldn’t see into the room. Buying and Selling shouldn’t be stressful and the Lawyer is there to guide you through the process. Whether you’re buying or selling for the first time, or a player in the property market make sure that your interests are protected.



: : : : : :


D a

Georgina Paterson / 07 4944 2000 /



Red Hot PRoPeRties exciting House and land Packages fRom wHitsunday sHoRes $

d an

d an

L & 82 2,9 32

e us Ho

L 50 e& us Ho 4,9 35
















200m2 Living space




178m2 Living space LDY








• 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom • Large outdoor area • Why pay rent? • Average land size 852m2



• 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom • Double garage • Entry level buying • Average land size 852m2




*Price after utilising $10,000 Queensland Building Boost Grant^ and $7,000 First Home owner Grant** ^The $10,000 Queensland Building Boost Grant is available to any person or corporation buying or building a new home to live in, or to rent out for investment purposes, for homes less than $600,000. ** First Homebuyer Grant is offered to eligible applicants by the Queensland Office of State Revenue WH46016

take advantage of tHe Recent inteRest Rate cut, building boost and fiRst Home buyeRs gRant! don’t miss out! queensland

FREECALL 1800 249 293 or call James Prendergast 0409 335 496

MacAmiet Core ad_April12_PI final_MacAmiet Core ad_April12 1/03/12 7:45 PM Page 1

Visit or our sales office on Ocean View Drive, Bowen


All accidents and personal injury claims:

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Motor Vehicle Accidents Workers Injury Claims Public Liability Claims Mining Accident Claims Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Claims Boating and Holiday Accident Claims

Darren Sekac* is available for consultations at the Whitsunday and Proserpine offices on Thursday, by appointment only.

Darren Sekac*

*Personal Injuries Law Accredited Specialist (Mackay)

Call 4944 2000

Our Contacts Mackay Ph: (07) 4944 2000 Freecall: 1800 689 303 Proserpine Ph: (07) 4945 2388 Freecall: 1800 670 761 Whitsunday Ph: (07) 4948 4500

Stress getting to you?

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face it NFL isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the greatest sport in the world. Honestly, who wants to watch a bunch of heavily padded men try and push a ball across the field, not to mention the constant stopping and starting? If only there was a way to make the sport watchableâ&#x20AC;Ś

20 minutes is all you need to start getting your stress levels under controlâ&#x20AC;Ś

Healthpoint Naturopath Jody Walker will help you   manage your stress levels during a FREE 20 minute   Just mention this ad when you book your

          your stress & book today by phoning 4963 0300 offer only available until


65 Sydney St P: 4963 0300

Healthpoint Naturopath Jody Walker

Behold, the Lingerie Football League (LFL). You see, the Lingerie Football League is made up entirely of hot women, and nothing else. And really, what is more entertaining than a bunch of hot girls in skimpy football outfits touching each other? The entire league is built around the premise that guys like to watch bouncing breasts and letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s be frank; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a damn good premise. What is this glorious sport you ask? Basically it is 7-on-7, full contact offshoot of American Football played in an indoor arena, the notable difference being the uniforms worn by the players. Players wear the bare minimum (shoulder pads, elbow pads, kneepads, garters, bras, panties, and ice hockey style helmet) as they proceed to wipe each other out with some of the biggest hits you have ever seen.

Even though itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s packed full of sex appeal, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think for a second that these girls arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t competing. The LFL is absolutely packed with ridiculously hot women, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; let their amazing good looks and their revealing outfits fool you; these chicks are no joke. They may be models by day, but during the LFL season they are hard-core, legitimate athletes who are in it to win it. When your favourite footy team gets beaten, it can be devastating. However, with the LFL, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not nearly as upsetting. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get me wrong, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not saying that the LFL is a lesser sport, but even when your favourite team plays like crap, at the end of the day, you still got to watch sexy chicks tackle each other. Is it really that bad? To put it bluntly, Lingerie Football is superior to American football (and many other sports) in every possible way, and it is finally on its way down under. So be sure to check it out on Fuel TV, because honestly, what would you rather watch? Sweaty men in tight pants, or hot girls bouncing their way to the end zone?

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 3pm 37 Connors Rd, Paget

07 4952 6677

WEIRD SPORTS CANE TOAD RACES North Queensland The cane toad was introduced to Australia last century to help control the cane beetle, but the toad thrived. Most people want to get rid of them, but in Northern Queensland they have found another use for them - racing. You can find a regular race each week at the Ironbar Bar and Restaurant in Port Douglas, or at the annual Maclean Cane Harvest Festival.

MOTOR GP GRAND PRIX OF QATAR Doha, Qatar 8 April The track is a flowing 5.4km, featuring a long straight of just over 1km and surrounded by artificial grass designed to keep the desert sand from blowing onto the circuit.

EXTREME SAILING SERIES Quingdao, China 7 - 20 April The Extreme Sailing Series will begin on the 17th - 20th April with open-water racing, before moving into stadium style racing allowing for the spectators to get up close and personal.

ASP WORLD TITLE SERIES - RIP CURL PRO Torquay, Australia 3 - 14 April The ASP World Tour’s best 34 male surfers, one Rip Curl Wildcard and one local Victorian Wildcard from the Championship Moves Trials will be at Bells to compete in the year’s second ASP World Tour contest.

NRL DRAW - ROUND 7 Dragons vs Knights 13 April, 7.30pm WIN Jubilee Stadium

Broncos vs Raiders

13 April, 7.30pm - Suncorp Stadium

Storm vs Bulldogs

14 April, 5.30pm - AAMI Park

Sea Eagles vs Titans


14 April, 7.30pm - Brookvale Oval

Airlie Beach

Warriors vs Rabbitohs

28 April, Whitsunday PCYC $25 Kids | $50 General VIP Tables available Tickets available at PCYC on 4948 1144

80 •

Roosters vs Cowboys

14 April, 7.30pm - TIO Stadium 15 April, 12pm Mt Smart Stadium

Sharks vs Eels

15 April, 2pm - Toyota Stadium

Panthers vs West Tigers

15 April, 3pm - Centrebet Stadium

There will be a World Cup Olympic Cross-Country event for both men and women and the first of this year’s exciting XCE ‘eliminator’ event format, where four riders slug it out for glory over a shorter course, with results going towards World Cup rankings.

Photo: Eric Fahrner /

14 - 15 APRIL 2012

CALL 07 4998 5447 193 East Boundary Road, Paget Q 4740

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