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Haynesville Shale Pipeline Nears Completion By Brenda Ruggiero CEG CORRESPONDENT

RW Moore, Benchmark Go Skeet Shooting…8

Trekker Tractor Host s Triple Threat Rodeo…12

In Alexandria, La., work is nearing completion on a $1.6 billion pipeline from the Haynesville Shale natural gas fields. The line is an extension of the 1,000-mi. (1,609 km) Acadian Gas pipeline system in south Louisiana. Acadian Gas LLC, which is developing the project, is jointly owned by Enterprise Products Partners L.P. and Duncan Energy Partners L.P. According to Rick Rainey, public relations director of Enterprise Products, construction began on the project in February 2011, and currently is scheduled for a completion in September 2011. Much of the advance preparation, such as permitting, acquiring right-of-way and signing customers to long-term agreements anchoring the project began in the fall of 2009. “The Acadian Haynesville Extension project is unique in that it is designed to help producers avoid potential bottlenecks at the Perryville Hub but still access the same systems by providing a more souther- Internal welds are made inside a 42-in. (106 cm) diameter pipe using an automated ly route that reaches over 150 end-use markets along welder. the Mississippi River corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans,” Rainey said. see PIPELINE page 36

Gul f Winds Re newable Const ruct ion Open s…18

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Private Sector Demand Boosts Employment

Carolina Bridge Hustles to Close Up Gap Left by Irene By Eric Olson CEG CORRESPONDENT

Construction employment increased in 146 out of 337 metropolitan areas between August 2010 and August 2011, declined in 145 and stayed level in 46, according to a new analysis of federal employment data released Sept. 26 by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials noted that the local employment data remains relatively split as private sector demand increased and public sector activity declined more rapidly during the past year. “The construction market is caught between increases in private sector demand and even larger decreases in public sector construction investments,” said Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist,

Crews are frantically working around the clock to erect a temporary bridge along a stretch of North Carolina Highway 12, the only major highway along the state’s Outer Banks, after Hurricane Irene cut a breach in the thin strip of land that separates Pamlico Sound from the Atlantic Ocean. Orangeburg, S.C.-based Carolina Bridge is running crews night and day to build the metal bridge across the more than 100-ft. (30 m) breach on Pea Island, located just a few miles north of Rodanthe. The state DOT hopes to have the bridge, located within the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, open to two-way traffic sometime during the first week of October.

see EMPLOYMENT page 30

see BRIDGE page 32

Carolina Bridge had to drive a total of 82 piles, each 75 ft. (22.8 m) deep, to support the bridge top deck.

Page 2 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE


SINCE 1913


JACKSONVILLE, FL 32207 904-737-4401 904-636-0532 Fax Se Habla Espa~ nol


CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 3

USED EQUIPMENT Doug Wilson 704-562-2032 Email:

Billy Brice 678-318-9500 Email:

ASC - Home of the 2011 Volvo Masters Product Support World Champions Your VOLVO dealer in The Carolinas • Georgia • Alabama • East Tennessee North Carolina: Charlotte Raleigh Asheville Greenville

2008 VOLVO DD90HF, 730 Hrs ......$120,000

Asphalt / Paving / Concrete Equipment 1999 BLAW-KNOX PF161, 9716 Hrs $27,000 2008 VOLVO PF6110, 1082 Hrs........$270,000

Compaction Equipment Combination 2007 INGERSOLL-RAND CR30, 121 Hrs........ ..............................................................$52,000

Compaction Equipment Padfoot 2007 BOMAG BW145PDH-3, 157 Hrs$61,000 2007 BOMAG BW177PDH-3, 224 Hrs$72,000 2007 BOMAG BW177PDH-3, 134 Hrs$78,500 2007 BOMAG BW211PD-40, 967 Hrs $79,000 2007 INGERSOLL-RAND SD77DX, 214 Hrs .. ..............................................................$72,500 2006 INGERSOLL-RAND SD122F, 905 Hrs .... ..............................................................$97,000 2007 VOLVO SD45F, 9 Hrs ................$69,000

Excavators - Crawler 2006 DEERE 450D LC, 4592 Hrs......$195,000 2004 VOLVO EC140B LC, 2490 Hrs ..$60,000 2007 VOLVO EC290B LC, 2814 Hrs $140,000 2005 VOLVO EC330B LC, 4152 Hrs $171,600 2006 VOLVO EC330B LC, 3793 Hrs $126,000 2007 VOLVO EC330B LC, 3114 Hrs $160,000 2007 VOLVO EC330B LC, 2829 Hrs $203,000 2007 VOLVO EC360B LC, 3893 Hrs $175,000 2007 VOLVO EC460B LC, 3619 Hrs $230,000 2007 VOLVO ECR58, 1959 Hrs ..........$39,000 2005 VOLVO ECR88, 670 Hrs ............$68,000 2008 VOLVO ECR235CL, 653 Hrs....$168,000 2007 VOLVO EC460C LC, 5229 Hrs $168,000

South Carolina: Columbia North Charleston Piedmont

Georgia: Acworth Buford Forest Park Savannah

Alabama: Birmingham Huntsville Montgomery Mobile

Tennessee: Knoxville Chattanooga

ASC has the largest Volvo Articulated Truck Fleet in North America. Call for details. Compaction Equipment Smooth Drum 2006 HYPAC C766C, 36 Hrs ............$101,000 2007 HYPAC C778B, 584 Hrs ..........$126,000 2007 HYPAC C815C, 23 Hrs ..............$52,000 2007 HYPAC C830C, 19 Hrs ..............$86,000 2007 HYPAC C840C, 283 Hrs ............$91,000 1999 HYPAC C842C, 4 Hrs ..............$103,500 2007 BOMAG BW177D-3, 234 Hrs ....$85,000 2007 BOMAG BW124DH-3, 5 Hrs ......$51,000 2007 BOMAG BW211D-40, 953 Hrs ..$87,000 2006 BOMAG BW213DH, 784 Hrs ....$82,000 2008 VOLVO DD16, 53 Hrs ................$32,000 2008 VOLVO DD90HF, 730 Hrs ........$120,000 2008 VOLVO DD138HF, 1425 Hrs ....$128,000 2007 VOLVO SD77DX, 115 Hrs ..........$85,000 2007 VOLVO SD77DX, 264 Hrs ..........$85,000 1999 WACKER RD25, 2497 Hrs ..........$8,000

Motor Graders 2007 VOLVO C80A, 468 Hrs ............$102,000 2008 VOLVO G930, 1214 Hrs ..........$165,000 2009 VOLVO G930, 955 Hrs ............$210,000 2008 VOLVO G940, 1640 Hrs ..........$175,000 2008 VOLVO G940, 1030 Hrs ..........$180,000 2008 CHAMPION C86C, 111 Hrs ......$110,000

Off-Highway Trucks 2007 VOLVO A25D, 5875 Hrs ..........$175,000 2007 VOLVO A25D, 5470 Hrs ..........$185,000 2007 VOLVO A25D, 2892 Hrs ..........$205,000 2007 VOLVO A25D, 5402 Hrs ..........$220,000 2007 VOLVO A25D, 4203 Hrs ..........$290,000 2008 VOLVO A25E, 2248 Hrs ..........$255,000 1996 VOLVO A30C, 14671 Hrs ..........$50,000 2007 VOLVO A30D, 5589 Hrs ..........$225,000 2007 VOLVO A30D, 5912 Hrs ..........$230,000

Excavators - Mini (up to 12,000 lbs)

2007 VOLVO A30D, 4904 Hrs ..........$245,000

1998 VOLVO EC35, 764 Hrs ..............$21,000 2006 VOLVO EC35, 4261 Hrs ............$27,000 2006 VOLVO EC45B, 148 Hrs ............$47,200 2008 VOLVO EC55B, 2723 Hrs ..........$48,000

2007 VOLVO A30D, 5391 Hrs ..........$245,000 2004 VOLVO A40D, 12606 Hrs ........$115,000 2005 VOLVO A40D, 4014 Hrs ..........$270,000 2006 VOLVO A40D, 6446 Hrs ..........$240,000

2008 VOLVO A40E, 5226 Hrs..........$490,000

Wheel Loaders 2010 VOLVO L60F, 857 Hrs ..............$128,000 2005 VOLVO L70E, 6253 Hrs ............$85,000 2005 VOLVO L70E, 6556 Hrs ............$85,000 2006 VOLVO L70E, 3753 Hrs............$110,000 2009 VOLVO L70F, 2097 Hrs ............$138,000 2009 VOLVO L70F, 3005 Hrs ............$142,000 2009 VOLVO L70F, 4980 Hrs ............$142,000 2007 VOLVO L90F, 3920 Hrs ............$152,500 2004 VOLVO L110E, 4999 Hrs..........$145,000 2005 VOLVO L110E, 6302 Hrs..........$145,000 2007 VOLVO L110F, 8433 Hrs ..........$120,000 2008 VOLVO L110F, 9343 Hrs ..........$125,000 2008 VOLVO L110F, 5557 Hrs ..........$150,000 2008 VOLVO L110F, 5980 Hrs ..........$150,000 2003 VOLVO L120E, 7481 Hrs..........$110,000 2010 VOLVO L120F, 1615 Hrs ..........$225,000 2010 VOLVO L120F, 1303 Hrs ..........$250,000 2009 VOLVO L150F, 2560 Hrs ..........$260,000 2009 VOLVO L150F, 2420 Hrs ..........$270,000 2010 VOLVO L150F, 1644 Hrs ..........$290,000 2010 VOLVO L180F, 1419 Hrs ..........$320,000 2008 VOLVO L220F, 6288 Hrs ..........$249,500 2010 VOLVO L220F, 2828 Hrs ..........$370,000

2007 VOLVO A40D, 7727 Hrs ..........$290,000

Excavator - Wheel

2007 VOLVO A40D, 6552 Hrs ..........$305,000

2008 VOLVO EW210C, 2503 Hrs......$160,000

2007 VOLVO A40D, 6818 Hrs ..........$370,000 2007 VOLVO A40D, 5486 Hrs ..........$400,000

Loader Backhoe

2007 VOLVO A40D, 6017 Hrs ..........$400,000

2007 VOLVO BL70D, 499 Hrs ............$57,000

2008 VOLVO A40E, 5259 Hrs ..........$405,000 2008 VOLVO A40E, 5226 Hrs ..........$490,000

Skid Steers 2006 VOLVO MC110B, 313 Hrs ..........$34,000

Sweeper / Broom Equipment

2004 CATERPILLAR 247, 2375 Hrs ..$17,000

2009 BROCE KR350, 733 Hrs ............$36,000

2008 VOLVO L110F, 9343 Hrs ........$125,000

Page 4 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

SOUTHEAST EDITION Circulated Throughout






Be sure to check out this special section! Keep up to date with the latest information on mini and compact equipment.


8 12 18 8



RW Moore and Benchmark had a dozen or so John Deere machines on hand for customers to try out.


The winning competitor at each of these local events has earned a trip for two to the North American Triple Threat Rodeo Championship in Las Vegas, $500 and commemorative Triple Threat Rodeo belt buckle.



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Contractor Mark Lamberth of Atlas Asphalt in Batesville cited uncertainty in the construction industry over how much money will be available for federal and state road spending.

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Dale Agnew •Louisiana

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RITCHIE BREAKS GROUND ON PERMANENT AUCTION SITE IN RALEIGH-DURHAM, N.C. Ritchie Bros. expects to conduct at least four unreserved public equipment auctions each year at the new site, which is scheduled for completion for mid 2012.


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The distribution agreement includes dozens of models from the Terex line of rough terrain, all terrain, lattice boom, boom truck and truck cranes.


Main office

Established in September 2011 by Nancy C. Caralla in New Port Richey, Fla., and headquartered in that city, its satellite offices are located in Durham, N.C., and Genova, Italy, with additional branches opening overseas in 2012.

A major part of $78.1 million improvements to the I-430/I-630 interchange is construction of a new dedicated ramp for Baptist Health Medical Center.

28 18


Founder, Publisher & CEO Vice President Emeritus Southeast Publisher Editor In Chief Associate Editor Editorial Consultant Production Mgr. Controller Circulation Mgr. Asst. Circulation Mgr.

•Alabama •Arkansas •Florida •Georgia •Louisiana •Mississippi •North Carolina •South Carolina •Tennessee •Virginia •Puerto Rico •Virgin Islands


EQUIPMENT… 80 CATERPILLAR CT660 Vocational Truck



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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE โ€ข โ€ข October 5, 2011 โ€ข Page 5









CT315 Compa Compact Track Loader oader

320D Skid Steer




Visit us at www .James Asheboro......................... .........................  Asheville.......................... ..........................  Charlotte .........................  Charlotte......................... Greensboro...................... ...................... 

Matthews .......................  ......................  Mount Airy...................... Pfafftown ....................... Salisbury ......................... 


Statesville .......................  Wilkesboro Wilkesboro...................... 

Page 6 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE


VAC-CON EMPOWERS YOU TO DO MORE Vac-Con delivers more power and value than the competition Only a Vac-Con comes fully loaded with a powerful package of thoughtful features. For more power, flawless ease of use, relentless performance, rugged durability and uncompromised safety…Vac-Con delivers. More Uptime – Vac-Con machines are so durable they stay on the job longer More Proof – Vac-Con’s technology always delivers better equipment and solutions More Success – Vac-Con machines allow you to load faster, last longer, and do the job better More Confidence – With Vac-Con you just know that you can always do more

Self-erecting, Self-propelled, Under-bridge Aerial Access Platforms The Terex® Hydra Platforms trailer-mounted model HP 32/35 is a comprehensively equipped under-bridge access and work platform, mounted on a mobile trailer for versatility. Each Terex® Hydra Platforms trailer model features a patented Tower Separation System, which includes hydraulically adjustable cross-linking arms between the main outside vertical tower and the turntable sub-frame, mounted on the trailer. This allows operators to erect and extend the tower and the platform over pedestrian sidewalks and other barriers without restricting the under-bridge operations.


CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 7

SALES Scott Woody Raleigh, NC 919-291-5737

SALES Penn McMichael Reidsville, NC 336-510-4124

RENTALS & SALES David Vendemia 252-902-7847

RENTALS & SALES Randy Barrett 336-339-9960


(4) Cat 621F’s, 7100-10100 Hrs, 70%+ Tires, Tight Necks, Work Ready, Call Scott .......................... ..............Take ALL 4 for $190,000

2005 Deere 200C LC, 1630 Hrs .. ........................................$85,000

2002 VOLVO EC55, 5,182 Hours; Air Conditioning, Auxiliary Hydraulics ........................$19,900

2005 HAMM 3307, 1,289 Hours; 1998 CAT D8R, 10,600 Hours; CAT Mulitshank Ripper, 95% CAT Undercarriage, Strong machine, Call Penn ..............................$159,000 Excellent Condition ........$35,500.

We want to buy your heavy equipment... We purchase all makes of excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, graders, backhoes, trailers, etc. Please call a member of our staff to make an appointment that best fits your busy schedule!!

We Rent Long Reach Excavators

Komatsu CD110R Crawler Carrier, 1996 CHAMPION 720A IV, 5200 hours, Call David ................P.O.R. For Rental Only

2003 Cat 320CL, 2447 Hrs .......... ........................................$92,000

‘01 Komatsu PC200LC-6, 2617 Hrs, Call Randy................$68,000

‘00 Komatsu PC220LC-6, 6300 Hrs, Call Randy................$55,000

2002 KOMATSU WA180PT-3MC, 5,059 Hours ....................$49,000

‘06 Komatsu PC600LC-8, 5500 Hrs, Call Randy..............$260,000

Page 8 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

RW Moore, Benchmark Hold Skeet Shooting Event


W Moore Equipment Company Inc. and Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc. jointly held a skeet shooting customer appreciation event at Drakes Landing, the premier hunting preserve in Fuquay Varina, N.C., on Sept. 23. One hundred contractors from Eastern North Carolina attended the event. RW Moore and Benchmark had a dozen or so John Deere machines on hand for customers to try out. Several were equipped with laser and GPS systems to help the user move the dirt precisely. Drakes Landing has many shooting points offering various situations that mimic the actual hunting experience. They also offer quail, western style pheasant hunts and several other types. see SKEET page 40

Brian Metcalf (L), RW Moore, Raleigh, N.C., used his Beretta 12 gauge while David Garrett, Triton Site Work Development, Raleigh, N.C., preferred his Benelli 12 gauge. Making the grade is the John Deere 672GP motorgrader. The operator reported that he liked the smooth feel of the machine.

(L-R): David Tugwell, Mike Deriso and Eric Wainwright, all of Byrd Brothers, Wilson, N.C., take a break from the action.

Ken Cates, Rea Contracting, Raleigh, N.C., shattered the first clay at the Flushing Quail Station.

Not even a blade full of wet eastern North Carolina soil could slow down the John Deere 764 high-speed dozer equipped with the 3DMC2 Topcon GPS system.

The group from Professional Tree Care, Raleigh, N.C., included (L-R) John Calloway, Drew Ware, Chris and Ryan Calloway, and Sean Honeycutt. They buy chippers and compact products from RW Moore and have attended the event any year when time permits.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 9

Tampa, FL 813-630-2003

Pompano Beach, FL 954-545-9770

Jacksonville, FL 904-786-3100

Orlando, FL 407-888-9394

Pensacola, FL 904-786-3100

Consider it done.™

Page 10 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Looking for an

Experienced Replacement?

The RIGHT Equipment is as important as the RIGHT Employee. 

2007 CAT ® 924G Features: EROPS, A/C, GP Bkt, Forks, Coupler • 2222 Hrs.

• $99,500

• #DDA03512

2008 CAT ® 924H Features: EROPS, A/C, GP Bkt, Forks, Coupler • 1901 Hrs.

• $122,500

• #HXC00353

2007 CAT ® 950H Features: EROPS, A/C, GP Bkt, Forks, Coupler • 4857 Hrs.

• $179,850

• #KSK01679 • 877.326.6112

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 11

Contact your sales representative to see how we can make a difference for you.

Main Office: 1023 S. 50th Street • Tampa, FL 866-586-8956 Fort Lauderdale Davie) 954-327-8808

Fort Myers 293-334-6063

Jacksonville 904-268-4400

Orlando 407-859-9160

Savannah, GA 912-966-5666

The Takeuchi product line is only available in the Tampa and Orlanda locations.

Page 12 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Trekker Tractor Holds Triple Threat Rodeo in Miami


rekker Tractor Co. held a Case Triple Threat Rodeo event Sept. 16 at its Miami branch. Across the United States and Canada, Case dealerships are hosting local Triple Threat Rodeos from April to October 2011. The real winner of these local rodeos is Habitat for Humanity, which has been receiving a donation at each event. The winning competitor at each of these local events has earned a trip for two to the North American Triple Threat Rodeo Championship in Las Vegas, $500 and commemorative Triple Threat Rodeo belt buckle. Local second and third place finishers receive $250 and $100, respectively; a commemorative Triple Threat Rodeo belt buckle and a chance to become one of five Wildcard entries. Enrique Chinique of Carlos Lopez Corp. took first place at Trekker Tractor’s event with a total score of 466. Juan Lopez, also of Carlos Lopez Corp. came in The “Skid Steer Showdown” took a lot of skill and second with a total score of 481. And third place was patience. taken by Nestor Donni of LiDonni Co. Inc. with a total score of 514. In addition to participating in and watching the competition, attendees at Trekker Tractor also were served lunch and had the opportunity to win door prizes and view an equipment display.

Attendees were given operating instructions and other information on the equipment on display at Trekker’s event, including this Case mini-excavator.

A happy door prize winner claims his prize.

Wiley Heard, Leica technical sales representative, goes over the EziDig system with a potential customer.

The “Backhoe Bronco Buster” was a little tougher than it looked, even with some instruction.

Taking soccer skills to a new level in the “Skid Steer Showdown.”

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 13

Dependable Equipment For Any Application

Q Parts

in 24 Hours Q Certified T Q Technicians echnicians Q We Export Worldwide Q

Q Repuestos Q

en 24 Horas Q Técnicos Certificados Q Q Exportamos Q mos a T Todo odo el M Mundo

Hablamos Su Idioma Miami

Fort Fort Myers

Tampa Tampa amp

West West Palm Palm Beach

Orlando NOW OPEN!







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When You Buy Equipment From Cleveland Brothers,

You’re Buying More Than Just Iron!



$184,600 2001 CAT 773D, SMU: 14104, ID#: UP10681N, S/N: 7CS00915, CAB, AIR CONDITIONING, LINER, AUTO RETARDER, TRACTION AID, 24.00R35 TIRES @ 14100 HOURS, FRONTS 85%, REARS 99%










JOE GONCALVES (717) 561-3312 Harrisburg, PA

$248,000 $248,000


TOM JAMIESON (717) 561-3305 Harrisburg, PA

For More Information, Call Our Used Equipment Department:

(866) 532-9023 In Canada Call (877) 890-4900 (717) 635-7409


Steve Culbertson (724) 325-9203 Murrysville, PA

Robert Thompson (724) 325-9477 Murrysville, PA

Find Our Complete Inventory with detailed descriptions & photos on: • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 15

Page 16 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Product Support Doesn’t Cost – It Pays! Crane owners throughout Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas know that Ring Power Crane is a partner long after the sale. Our customer support managers are committed to helping you maximize the return on your equipment investment and achieve your business goals. Our parts associates and service technicians are dedicated to preserving your uptime with genuine OEM parts and unparalleled service.

• In-stock parts inventory at all of our dealer network locations • 24/7 computer access to all manufacturers’ inventory • Shipping and transport services throughout the Southeast • Factory trained, experienced service technicians

• Full service, factory authorized repair facilities for: Machining Hydraulic component rebuilds Welding and fabrication Boom repair • Mobile field service and after-hours support

Manitowoc ENCORE® Factory Rebuild, Repair, Remanufacture and Exchange Program

WANTED: LATE MODEL USED CRANES! All Brands Considered. Keith Summerlin – O: 904.494.1416 • C: 904.814.1184





  $   $     

$ $ 







͊ ͊ ͊ ͊ ͊ ͊͊ ͊

$$$$$$$ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$ $ $ $ $ $



$$  $






Carolina CAT will pay cash for your used construction equipment Our experienced staff will inspect your equipment to be purchased and offer a complimentary fair market evaluation of your equipment..

Act Now! Call your Local Sales Representative Today! Or contact: Gary Jarvis at 704-731-7500 |

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 17

SITE TECHNOLOGY Providing the Tools to Revolutionize Your Construction Workflow

Spectra Integrated Systems is now SITECH, Your Construction Technology Dealership Your new local SITECH dealership offers the most comprehensive range of Construction Technology products in the marketplace. The experienced construction professionals of SITECH provide local service, personalized training and technical support for Trimble’s complete portfolio of heavy and highway products as well as the Cat AccuGrade® machine control system. The most reliable and rugged construction technology available today!

Construction Technology will change the way work is done. Increase your production, lower your operating costs and improve your accuracy. Visit your local SITECH dealership for a comprehensive analysis of your workflow and an understanding of how technology solutions from the leaders will increase your productivity today.

Your Construction Technology Provider SITECH Mid-Atlantic 8100 Arrowridge Blvd., Suite G Charlotte, North Carolina 28273 800.443.7561 Office

© 2009 Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved. TC-074AT (06/09)

The Complete Package

Page 18 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Gulf Winds Renewable-Construction Opens Its Doors By Mary Reed

stated that skills and experience in customer service, various heavy lift The humble windmill in the foreground, cranes, working with engineering, backed by the new generation and understanding site preparation It’s an ill wind that proverbially in the construction industry are blows no one any good, but in the very beneficial. case of certain forms of renewable “We believe it is beneficial for energy quite the opposite applies. construction professionals to have a Gulf Winds Renewableminimum of OSHA 10 safety trainConstruction LLC (GWRC), an ing for both sides of the international company specializing fence — that is, in the crane in renewable energy projects with industry and the wind industhe motto, “Building together for a try,” she stated. “Tracey greener, healthier tomorrow” recKelly and I are in the class of ognizes this fact, for the company 2012 at the Pinnacle logo features an “l” in the shape of As more women enter the renewable energy industry, they find supTraining Institute (www.pcia green turbine tower. port and assistance from the Women of Wind Energy in Kansas City, Established in September 2011, which defines its role as profor the Wind by Nancy C. Caralla in New Port Samir Benaskeurs, GWRC’s IT Mo., moting the professional development, education and advancement of Technology/Wind Technician administrator, designed the Richey, Fla., and headquartered in women in the industry. To this end, WoWE provides educational felGWRC logo and is responsible certification course. This eduthat city, its satellite offices are lowships, mentoring, local chapter meetings, webinars and awards. for Web sites and creativity. cation will provide us with located in Durham, N.C., and additional knowledge and Genova, Italy, with additional ing contacts with a Swiss utility company edge, while moving ahead in the wind techskills for working in this great industry and branches opening overseas in 2012. developing wind farms in Italy. In addition, nology/technician profession.” the ability to join wind professionals world“There is no doubt that throughout the company personnel will be attending an wide.” world other sources of energy are needed. April 2012 event organized by the European Cranes and Wind With regard to the renewable energy Solar and wind, two natural sources, are Wind Energy Association ( Crane operations are of particular imporavailable and easily harvested to produce in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here at home tance in this industry, as Caralla pointed out. industry, Caralla sees it as “a field that clean energy for every country,” said GWRC staff are attending networking “Over the years many crane manufactur- embraces women with skills, knowledge International Sales & Marketing Director events offered by the American Wind ers have researched and developed specific and confidence to provide quality service Caralla. “Through research and develop- Energy Association ( and guidelines and attachments to safely assem- during each project, while sharing responsiments in the industry, wind (i.e., GE, Vestas, related wind gatherings. ble the wind turbines for onshore and off- bilities with co-workers. The passion for Siemens, Suzlon, Gold Wind, Enercon) and Caralla acknowledged “the success of any shore wind farms. The weights for each gentle giants, environmental friendly solar manufacturers (i.e., SpectraWatt, good company is in the team and I appreci- wind turbine are provided by each manufac- sources of energy, and great heights in small Suntech, Yingli, LDK Solar Co, JA Solar) ate everyone’s skills, talents, knowledge and turer for their model and will ensure safety in spaces make for an adventurous career path are available to meet every area and terrain backgrounds.” placing the correct cranes on any given proj- in the wind technician profession.” Caralla and Kelly are both members of the worldwide. In doing so, she welcomed International ect,” she said. “Gulf Winds Renewable-Construction Energy Engineer Syed Mohammad Zakiur In Caralla’s experience, the most common Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) organizabrings with it many exciting new ideas, new Raheman, who will be managing GWRC’s manufacturers of crawler crane models used tion (side bar) and Kelly will be assisting Caralla with the founding of the WoWE’s adventures and many positive upcoming new European branch next year, noting his in the wind industry today are: North Carolina chapter, which is expected to projects in the renewable energy sector expertise and background in construction • Manitowoc 2250 – 300 ton (272 t) start up at the beginning of 2012. worldwide,” Caralla continued. “European management and utility energy manage• Manitowoc 16000 – 440 ton (399 t) As a new company, GWRC is connecting offshore wind farms have been in existence ment. • Manitowoc 18000 – 825 ton (748 t) and networking with wind contractors and for nearly 20 years and have proven ability “We also appreciate my brother, Stephen • Liebherr LR1300 – 330 ton (299 t) companies world-wide and beginning to bid to grow over the years, producing clean G. Caralla, with his professional knowledge • Liebherr LR1600/2 - 660 ton (598 t) on upcoming domestic and international energy to reduce energy demands. We have and experience in the crane industry and call • Link Belt 548 – 500 ton (453 t) witnessed the same positive results in many upon him for his input. Scott Battles is our • Terex/Demag CC2800 – 660 ton (599 t) onshore wind farm projects. It is already countries developing onshore wind farms International Consulting Engineer All of these models are available for rental working on military renewable energy projects, and will be attending the Federal too. With today’s economy, wind and solar (Renewable Energy/Wind), whose knowl- with assistance from GWRC. energy projects demonstrate continued edge and solid professional background in With more than 30 year’s combined expe- Contractors Conference in Wilmington, growth potential and with the crane and con- the renewable/wind energy industry is great- rience in the crane industry, GWRC is able N.C., in October 2011. Summing up, Caralla stated “Gulf Wind struction industry slowing, international ly appreciated by everyone,” she went on. to offer construction management profeswind and solar energy construction has “Samir Benaskeurs, our IT administrator, sionals and contractors the necessary cranes Renewable-Construction is able to deliver remained viable, allowing GWRC to work designed the GWRC logo and is responsible to assemble and erect wind turbines in quality service, knowledge and understandin the best of both industries.” for Web sites and creativity, while upcoming onshore wind farm projects. The ing of wind turbines and wind farms, while International Sales Engineer Charles M. company is able to provide short- and long- working with crane and construction. We Overseas Operation Hersh joins us with his solid background in term crane rentals manned or unmanned, offer safety plus quality service, resulting in The company’s Italian office in Genova is operations management and is a key team crane sales, transportation and logistics of positive results, and look forward to working managed by International Sales Engineer player in our International Sales Division. wind turbines. It also is currently working with developers of utility-scaled wind farms Massamiliano Lazzari, and through his pro- Another key team player is Anthony with other countries in developing renew- worldwide.” For more information, send e-mail to fessional experience and contacts with pro- DelMonaco, consulting in the bidding and able energy sources and projects to reduce fessional associates in other countries, logistics for upcoming projects. Tracey power- and energy-strained areas and bring (This story also can be found on GWRC has been able to view and monitor Kelly, operating engineer and future wind those countries future savings, along with future wind energy projects for both onshore technology/technician, joins GWRC with increased safety training for their wind pro- Construction Equipment Guide’s Web site at and offshore wind farms. As part of this more than twenty years of professional crane fessionals. international effort, Lazzari is currently mak- operations, safety, and construction knowlWith regard to this last service, Caralla CEG CEG CORRESPONDENT

Photo courtesy of Scott Battles

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Nobody produces a more valuable end-product in a single pass from waste wood than the Beast®. Bandit’s complete line of Beast® Recyclers and whole tree chippers are the essential machines for delivering low-cost raw material for biomass and fuel wood markets. Contact your local Bandit dealer, Flagler Construction Equipment, to learn more about these impressive machines!

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SPECIALS from Since 1970

October Special 2001 CASE 85XT




2007 CASE SV208PD, STK# CE4364, 66” PAD FOOT ROLLER, 399 HRS ..........................................$49,000 2006 CASE SV212, STK# CE4314, 84” SMOOTH DRUM ROLLER, 340 HRS ..........................................$54,000 2007 CASE 750K, STK# CE4313, CAB, A/C, 20”SHOES, 120”BLADE, 556 HRS ....................................$57,500 2006 CASE 850K, STK# CE4152, CAB, A/C, 24”SHOES, 120”BLADE, 1817 HRS ..................................$59,500 2006 CASE CX160, STK# CE4189, A/C, THUMB, 36”BKT., 28”SHOES, 2964 HRS......................$56,000 2006 CASE CX210, STK# CE4177, A/C, THUMB, PLUMBING, 42”BKT., 2786 HRS ....................$82,000 2006 CASE 325 ART.TRUCK, STK# CE4159, MINT CONDITION, 2355 HRS ..................................$76,500 2000 CAT 953C, STK# CU3548, CAB W/HEAT ONLY, 4 IN 1 BKT, 20” SHOES, 4512 HRS ................$38,500 2000 DEERE 555G LOADER, STK# RM8060, 4 IN 1 BKT, GOOD GROUND WORK ..................................$24,000 2006 CASE 580M, STK# CE4271, 2WD, TURBO, OROPS, STD. HOE, 24” BKT, 453 HRS ..........$42,000 2006 CASE 580M, STK# CE4241, 4WD, TURBO, OROPS, E-STICK, 845 HRS ............................$47,500 2007 CASE 580M, STK# CE4360, 2WD, OROPS, KENT HAMMER, 356 HRS ........................................$64,000 2007 CASE 430, STK# CE4331, 73” BKT, NEW TIRES, LIGHTS, 779 HRS ..........................................$19,000 2006 TAKEUCHI TL150, STK# KA0648, OROPS, 80” TOOTH BKT, NEW TRACKS, 1975 HRS ..........$27,500 2004 TAKEUCHI TL140, STK# CU3558, OROPS, 76” SMOOTH BKT, W/TOOTH BAR, 935 HRS........$21,000



Volvo Group Named One of the World’s Most Sustainable Companies By DJSI The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI ) has listed The Volvo Group in its latest ranking of the world’s most sustainable companies. The annual survey ranks the 2,500 largest companies worldwide based on an analysis of the companies’ corporate ethics and environmental and social performance, assessing such issues as corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards and labor practices. The 300 highest-ranking companies, in no specific order, are included in DJSI World. The Volvo Group received a particularly favorable assessment for the

manner in which the company manages environmental issues, labor practices and corporate governance. The group also received a high ranking for its efforts to comply with the group’s code of conduct and anti-corruption policy. “Sustainability issues span a variety of activities in the group and what we are seeing today is the result of longterm work focusing on integrating CSR [corporate social responsibility] and sustainability issues into our strategy and our day-to-day operations. I regard the results we achieved in DJSI World as confirmation that we are working with the right things,” said Olof Persson, president and CEO of

the Volvo Group. An increased number of funds worldwide are investing primarily in operations and companies that focus on ethical business behavior and sustainability. “Long-term investors are focusing increasingly on ensuring that the companies they invest in pursue strategic sustainability efforts. Qualifying for DJSI World is regarded by owners, investors and other stakeholders as a seal of quality,” said Christer Johansson, vice president investor relations at the Volvo Group. For more information, visit:

Rick Marsh • (540) 220-4333 Suffolk, VA Manassas, VA

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GNSS Aids Accuracy on Ark.’s Largest-Ever Public Project By Don Talend SPECIAL TO CEG

As if the sheer scale of the largest-ever public construction project in Arkansas is not enough to challenge the construction team, a collision of topography and urban development is making it all the more interesting. A major part of $78.1 million improvements to the I-430/I-630 interchange is construction of a new dedicated ramp for Baptist Health Medical Center from northbound I-430 to eastbound I-630 to help alleviate increasing traffic flow on eastbound I-630. Trouble is, the new ramp was to be constructed at the site of a ridge running parallel to I-630 that was about a quarter-mile long and more than 100 ft. (30.5 m) above the highway grade. Weaver-Bailey Contractors, El Paso, Ark., needed to cut about 250,000 cu. yds. (191, 138 cu m) of dirt and sandstone in order to match the ramp and highPhoto Courtesy of Jon Talend way grades. The I-430/630 interchange improvements, the largest public project in The original cloverleaf interArkansas history, are designed to improve the flow of traffic that is much change was completed in the early heavier than when the original cloverleaf was constructed in the 1970s. 1970s and now carries more than 180,000 vehicles per day, considerably more than it was designed to handle. The interchange, though, is a key element of transportation for the west side of Little Rock, one of the fastest-growing areas in the region. In fact, I-430 is the only vehicular crossing over the Arkansas River west of downtown Little Rock for the metropolitan area. I-630 is the primary highway near Little Rock providing access to major employers including the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and the University of Photo Courtesy of Jon Talend Arkansas at Little Rock. After another dozer rough-graded dirt and rock, a Caterpillar D6T dozer In many cases, the cloverleaf equipped with a Topcon GR-3 satellite receiver, 9168 control box and seninterchange design has been detersors fine-graded the surface and maintained a 2:1 slope Photo Courtesy of Jon Talend mined to increase congestion while decreasing motorist safety by slow- Without automated grade control, stakes would probably Jim Jolly, general superintendent kept the project moving along. ing traffic flow at cloverleaf exits, have to be spaced every 8 ft. (2.4 m) so that a rod and level of Weaver-Bailey, explained that About three weeks since site preparation visible as the crew worked its way down the often causing backups on the exited remained the main electrical feed and a of the new ramp site had begun, Weaverslope and Weaver-Bailey’s surveyor would probably be road. In addition, the design some- checking grade every day instead of every three weeks, fiber-optic line to the hospital had Bailey found that Global Navigation times makes it difficult for cars to said Robert Wilson, Weaver-Bailey’s foreman. to be relocated before the large cut Satellite System (GNSS) automated grade merge to the right for a given could begin. control was giving a boost to the efficiency cloverleaf exit due to a large entry of cars and traffic volumes exceeding the original In late June 2011, Jolly walked near the and accuracy of its earthmoving operations. from a cloverleaf entrance that comes in design. edge of the ridge overlooking the cloverleaf The Arkansas Highway and ramp from eastbound I-630 to northbound Idirectly ahead of the exit. Modifications to Holding Grade the I-430/I-630 interchange that address Transportation Department awarded a $78.1 430 and noted that several change orders Automated grade control is not a new these issues include four flyover ramps. million contract to Manhattan Road & were issued above and beyond the original concept to Weaver-Bailey, which had used Also, the existing cloverleaf is being modi- Bridge Co. of Tulsa, Okla., and Weaver- funding outlay for Weaver-Bailey to con- sonic-tracking systems on Caterpillar 12G, fied to provide access to nearby streets and Bailey to modify the interchange, a project struct a substructure under the flyover from 140H and 12H motorgraders utilized for fincollector-distributor roads; westbound I-630 expected to be fully complete by 2014 and westbound I-630 to southbound I-430. The ish-grading subgrade on road projects for ends at Shackleford Road, the next north- partially funded by $18.8 million under the utility relocations put the project behind by several years before adopting a GNSSsouth road located to the west of I-430. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act about 40 days at that point, although the enabled system for the same application Other improvements included widening of 2009. Utility relocation work began in change order extended the original 376-day about two years ago. The company also stretches of both interstates by three lanes in early 2011 and delayed the large cut for the schedule for the hospital ramp phase of the owns a Topcon Millimeter GPS+ system, either direction to accommodate the flyovers dedicated hospital ramp for several months. project by 120 days. At least dry conditions see GPS page 38

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The FlangeLock Tool allows for the simple sealing of open SAE Code 61, 62 & 62 KAT-Style hydraulic flanges without tools. Constructed out of lightweight high tensile strength T2200 anodized aluminum. Easy on, easy off. Offers a leakproof solution to hydraulic system and environmental cleanliness. • No Tools Required • No Expensive Hardware Needed • No more Rags stuffed into hoses • No more messy Plastic Caps • The Ultimate Contamination Control Tool

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S.C. Congressman Visits Calder Brothers in Greenville By Lori Lovely CEG CORRESPONDENT

When Congressman Trey Gowdy, representing South Carolina’s 4th District, was tied up in committee meetings and missed an opportunity to welcome members of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) during their annual meeting in Washington, D.C., he made a special trip to visit the Calder Brothers Corporation manufacturing plant in Greenville. Gowdy’s commitment impressed Glen Calder, vice president of operations of Calder Brothers Corporation, which manufacturers Mauldin Paving Products. Serving on the Small Enterprise Committee of AEM, Calder said his group scheduled “Hill visits to inform our representatives about the plight of equipment manufacturers” while they were in the nation’s capital, but he believes even more impact was made on Gowdy because of his trek to the plant, which included a tour, introductions to employees and an informal question and answer session. “He was straight-forward and direct,” Calder assessed. “He’s a strong supporter of equipment manufacturers. We were preaching to the choir.” By the Numbers Established a year ago, AEM developed a campaign called “I Make America” to promote the importance of American manufacturing and to attract the attention of Washington lawmakers in the face of what Calder calls “economic mayhem.” “The automotive industry didn’t see anything like the construction industry did,” Calder said. “During the economic collapse of the past three years, the construction equipment industry [including manufacturing, distribution and repair stations] lost 37 percent of its workforce. The automotive industry [including manufacturing and dealerships] declined by 16 percent.” AEM reports that 4.7 million manufacturing jobs were lost between February 2001 and February 2009. A recent study conducted by the organization indi-

cates that eight percent of all jobs lost during the recession (two out of 25) can be traced to the construction downturn. Unemployment in the construction industry continues to run nearly twice as high as the national average, with a rate of 18.8 percent at the end of 2010. “Sales for construction manufacturing plummeted 50 percent,” Calder added. Equipment markets, like the economy, have Congressman Trey Gowdy (C), met with (L-R) begun to show Dave, Cameron, Glen and Wayne Calder to show modest signs of his support for equipment manufacturers. recovery, but AEM still prepassing free But America is spending half what dicts difficult Congressman Trey Gowdy (L), trade agree- it did 50 years ago on infrastructimes ahead South Carolina, Fourth district, ments and ture, according to a U.S. governgiven the federal gets a tour of Calder Brothers investing in ment report — less than half of government’s Corporation’s Mauldin Paving critical infra- what Europe spends and less than a factory from Glen inability thus far Products structure — third of what China spends. In fact, Calder. to enact pending both of Reuter’s claims that the United trade agreements beneficial to which are proven drivers of eco- States fell to sixth in the World American manufacturing, the con- nomic growth — unemployment Economic Forum’s 2007-2008 tinued instability in the housing will remain unacceptably high and ranking of national infrastructure market and the lack of a long-term the economy will continue to stag- systems and is expected to drop to 16th in the 2011-2012 report . commitment by Congress to fully nate. A World Bank LPI survey fund and rebuild the country’s Citing figures from the infrastructure. International Trade ranked the United States seventh “Thoroughly impressed” by Administration, Calder estimates behind Germany, Singapore and Calder Brothers and I Make the total export of U.S. goods and Japan in terms of efficient infraThe Texas America, Rep. Gowdy cited the services in 2010 at $1.83 trillion, structure. Transportation Institute estimates need to “turn the economy around” but said that of 30 million and the “interconnectivity of the American companies, less than that 3.9 billion gallons of fuel are various industry sectors and how one percent export. AEM believes wasted due to 4.8 billion extra they impact one another. Housing, that trade barriers prevent more hours spent on roadways caused by commercial development, grading, from exporting American-made congestion. The high rate of congestion results in the loss of 4.2 bilroad construction, banking and raw goods. materials are all so interconnectAn example AEM provides as lion working hours per year, claims ed.” support is the Colombian Free the National Association of Trade Agreement, which would Manufacturers. With less money being funneled Small Manufacturers allow 98 percent of U.S.-made to improve or add to the country’s Make America construction equipment to be aging infrastructure, it’s more diffi“A lot of people don’t realize exported to the South American cult for American manufacturers to that small family businesses are country — the ninth largest market compete with foreign markets. still manufacturing in this country. — duty-free. Currently, although According the U.S. There are big names like 90 percent of Colombian goods Chamber toofCalder, Commerce’s Caterpillar and Case,” Calder listed enter the United States duty-free, a Transportation Performance Index “but 90 to 95 percent of equipment tariff of 10.4 percent (average) is has determined that starting in manufacturers are small enterpris- levied on U.S. construction equip- 2015 the United States will lose 0.3 es. The small guys need a hand. ment being exported to Colombia. GDP every year due to its insuffi“Small- and medium-sized AEM contends that this puts cient transportation network. That equipment manufacturers need American manufacturers at a dis- translates to $336 billion a year, three things in order to compete advantage and claims that the three based on the 2008 GDP. globally,” Calder continued, “free pending free trade agreements with With almost 30 percent of the trade, infrastructure and export Colombia, Korea and Panama nation’s economic output totally finance assistance.” once enacted will increase exports dependent on international trade, According to Dennis Slater, by up to $10 billion. Calder believes something must be AEM president, until Congress Even with a trade agreement in done to address infrastructure. and the Administration agree to place, however, goods can’t be Lawmakers are discussing a bill to make America’s farmers and man- exported unless they can reach fund highway and rail spending, ufacturers a national priority by ports quickly and inexpensively. but he’s worried.

“There’s no long-term highway bill in effect and Congress can’t agree on the terms of a new one,” he said. “Worse, the investment from the American Recovery and Recovery Act has not trickled down, leaving the construction industry feeling ignored and abused. Less than eight percent of the stimulus package was for infrastructure.” One beneficial federal entity that needs additional funding: the U.S. Export-Import Bank, which provides financing such as capital guarantees, export credit insurance and direct loans to small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies. According to the Wall Street Journal, President Barack Obama is urging Congress to create another kind of bank: an infrastructure bank that would finance highway and rail construction, creating jobs and jump-starting the economy through loans to support public works projects with private funding. The idea is meeting with resistance in Congress. Congressional Visit In order to convey the extent of the devastating impact the recession has had on the construction industry, Calder and AEM have been reaching out to legislators, which is why Gowdy’s visit was so important. “His visit made him a stronger advocate,” Calder stated. That’s important, because Calder considers himself a “greenhorn” in politics. “We’re a small family business and that’s what we’re focused on, not Washington,” he added. Rep. Gowdy, who also serves on the Committee on Education and Workforce, confirmed Calder’s hopes when he said, “Mauldin Paving Products and other plant tours in August have confirmed my commitment to a level playing field from a tax, regulatory, litigation and trade perspective so our companies can compete with foreign companies who are not subject to the same requirements. If the trade playing field is level, our workers can compete with anyone in the world.” (This story also can be found on Construction Equipment Guide’s Web site at CEG

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Donations Restore Hope in Tornado-Stricken Areas On April 27, just after 8 p.m. ET, an EF-4 tornado hit Ringgold, Ga. Working in North Carolina when the tornado touched down, Tad Agoglia, founder of First Response Team of America, and his crew packed up immediately and arrived on the scene within hours. Months later, the cleanup effort continues. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, donations and specialized equipment, the First Response Team has worked alongside municipal crews in Ringgold to remove thousands of yards of storm debris from power lines, the roadways and the cemetery. And because many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the cost of cleanup, Agoglia’s crews also have helped homeowners move debris from their lots to the roadside for pick-up, free of charge. “It is our commitment to save lives and restore hope. We were determined to get right in the middle of what was going on, simply because it was the right thing to do,” said Agoglia. “First Response Team is a non-profit organization and is able to assist our neighbors in need thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers.” Terex was one of several equipment manufacturers who donated time and equipment to aid Agoglia’s crews with the cleanup efforts. Terex provided a PT-100G compact track loader equipped with a grapple bucket attachment for First Response Team to use for more than two months. The PT100G was selected because it has a 99.9-hp (74.4 kW) engine and a 4,000-lb. (1,814 kg) operating capacity, the power and performance the First Response Team needed to easily and quickly remove storm debris. “Using the Terex PT-100G, we could clear a whole home site within hours,” said Agoglia. “We helped more than 70 families by removing storm debris and clearing their properties so rebuilding could begin.” On the ground for almost 50 mi., with sustaining winds between 175 to 190 mph, the powerful tornado left a onethird to one-half mile wide path of devastation in its wake. With the roads blocked by debris, one of the first challenges when the First Response Team arrived was getting to those in need. Another immediate challenge was to clear debris off power lines so repair crews could restore power to the area. And, the local cemetery needed to be cleaned up so the dead could be buried. “I have never seen anything like it,” said Terex Product

work on virtually any material and in any ground condition it encountered in tornado cleanup efforts. Also, the PT-100G has a very low center of gravity, enhanced stability and ground clearance, improving productivity when working on the side hills and uneven terrain in Ringgold. Its two-speed hydrostatic drive system combined with its load sensing high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, the PT100G quickly moved storm debris, like fallen trees, boats, appliances, siding and concrete blocks from home sites to the road. “The residents in Ringgold may not have known who Terex was before the tornado struck,” said Agoglia, “but they saw the Terex machine show up day after day, helping them overcoming the devastation in their lives. They came to rely on and trust in the brand. Together, Terex and First Response gave people hope and helped them feel encouraged again. That’s what we were there for.”

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, donations and specialized equipment, the First Response Team has worked alongside municipal crews in Ringgold to remove thousands of yards of storm debris from power lines, the roadways and the cemetery.

Manager Jamie Wright. “The tornado only lasted about five minutes, and in that time it destroyed hundreds of homes, without even siding or shingles left on some sites. We had worked with First Response before, donating the use of two compact track loaders and a utility vehicle to help with the Gulf oil spill clean up, so Terex was eager and willing to help again.” Because Ringgold is located in a valley, the First Response Team had to work in very hilly terrain. Cleanup efforts were further hampered by rain, leaving the ground very soft and extremely muddy. Compact track loaders are designed to work in these types of conditions, said Wright. The PT-100G features Posi-Track suspended undercarriage technology with 18 in. (45.7 cm) wide rubber tracks, giving the unit increased flotation, traction and versatility so it could

About First Response Team of America Since May 2007, Tad Agoglia and his team have filled the gap between the onset of a disaster and the arrival of traditional relief agencies, when too many communities must fend for themselves because the resources necessary for rescue and recovery — equipment, tools and personnel — are damaged, inaccessible or unavailable. When disaster strikes, First Response deploys immediately with a fleet of more than $1 million in specialized disaster response equipment to join local first responders in saving lives and restoring hope. In 2010, Agoglia received the Jefferson Award in recognition of his community and public service work. For more information, visit About Terex Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes and Terex Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, energy, refining, and utility industries. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. For more information, visit

Ark. Road Projects Tally 30 Percent Below Cost Estimate LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) The bids on Arkansas highway projects in 2010 came in 30 percent lower than estimated, leaving the state with about $70 million to use on speeding up other projects. “Our engineers base their estimates on historical data,” said Randy Ort, a spokesman of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. “They have had a hard time in recent years. Costs have fluctuated so much.” Ort told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that about $20 million will be used to place cable barriers along interstate medians from Fort Smith to Forrest City in 2012. The projects had been planned for 2013.

Cable barriers are designed to prevent crashes caused by vehicles crossing medians into oncoming traffic. “They’re relatively simpler to develop. No right-of-way issues, very little environmental documentation,” Ort said of the barriers. The barriers will be placed along Interstate 40 from Russellville to Little Rock and in St. Francis County surrounding Forrest City; Interstate 30 in Clark and Hot Spring counties south of Hot Springs; Interstate 540 in Fort Smith; and Interstate 430 in west Little Rock. Records show that highway department engineers were on target with cost estimates

for projects in 2005 and 2006, missing the actual contract numbers by less than 1 percent. But in 2007, as the national economy declined, winning bids for state highway contracts started coming in lower than estimated. Contractors said there’s little chance of highway costs rising soon. They said that will hold true as long as they continue cutting profits and residential and industrial construction don’t pick up. “Too many mice chasing not enough cheese,” said Don Weaver of Weaver-Bailey Contractors Inc. of El Paso, Ark. His company is working on one of the state’s largest road projects, $78 million in improvements

to the Interstate 430/Interstate 630 interchange in Little Rock. “There are more bidders, and they’re working on less profit margin,” Weaver said. “Some have no profit margin — they’re just covering their overhead.” Contractor Mark Lamberth of Atlas Asphalt in Batesville cited uncertainty in the construction industry over how much money will be available for federal and state road spending. “Quite frankly, we have a lot of money invested in our crews that we can’t afford to lose,” Lamberth said. “A lot of contractors are working cheaper to keep their crews together.”

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Call us today - We know how to put a package together!

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26 Foot Crew Boat 24 Foot Crew Boat MM2 Marsh Master with Trailer Price on Request Contact: John Ritter Office 504.341.3409 Cell 504.416.0806

SEAL SAVER PROTECTIVE CYLINDER COVER Stop the never ending cycle of cylinder repairs and avoid costly equipment downtime with the SEAL SAVER protective cylinder cover. Resistant to heat, oil, chemicals and water, the SEAL SAVER protects seals and cylinder rods from premature failure extending the life of your equipment by preventing the ingression of contaminants into the hydraulic system. This unique preventative maintenance tool attaches easily and securely to the rod and cylinder head—usually in fifteen minutes or less—with no disassembly of the cylinder required.

The SEAL SAVER* WILL: Eliminate rod scoring • Extend the life of cylinder seals • Protect cylinders from the elements • Prevent pitting due to chemical washes • Reduce particle contamination of hydraulic systems • Minimize dings and dents associated with falling debris *Patented

SEAL SAVER has proven effective in Recycling, Construction, Mining, Rock Quarries, Waste Management, Refineries and Wood Products industries.

Exclusively manufactured by:

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Visit for more information or contact us at 1-800-683-5189

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North Carolina Contractor Lauded for Contributing to ‘Green-Certified’ Home Case Construction Equipment announced Seneca Landscapes as the most recent monthly winner of the Case Community Challenge. This program recognizes construction contractors who support their local communities with significant community service projects. Seneca Landscapes, Wake Forest, Seneca Landscapes was awarded for donating labor, N.C., was awarded for donating labor, materials and the use of equipment in helping build materials and the use of equipment in the first “green-certified” home built in Raleigh by helping build the first “green-certified” Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, N.C. home built in Raleigh by Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, N.C. During the project, Seneca designed “Seneca Landscapes was proud to and installed landscaping that conuse our talent and skills to help Habitat tributed to the project’s goal of creating a resource-efficient home. The home provide a high-quality, energy-efficient earned the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Certification for home, and contribute to the energy efficiency. revitalization of a neighborhood As a monthly winner of the Case Community Challenge, Seneca near downtown Raleigh.” Landscapes will receive a $1,000 CNH parts and service gift card to use at its Andrew Van Vlack preferred Case dealer. The company Seneca Landscapes also qualifies as a finalist for the Case

Community Challenge grand prize — one year’s free use of a Case N Series loader/backhoe. In addition, Case will make a $1,000 cash donation to Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. “Seneca Landscapes was proud to use our talent and skills to help Habitat provide a high-quality, energy-efficient home, and contribute to the revitalization of a neighborhood near downtown Raleigh,” said Andrew Van Vlack, president of Seneca Landscapes. “We prepared the lot and installed native, low-water, low-fertilizer, low-maintenance plants and sod to minimize the impact the landscape and its maintenance will have on the environment over time.” Seneca used skid steer loaders and a compact excavator during the project. Case Encourages Nominations Each month through October 2011, the Case Community Challenge will recognize a contractor whose work on a charitable project makes a positive,

lasting contribution to the local community. In November, a panel of industry leaders will select a winner from the semi-finalists, who will receive one year’s free use of a new Case N Series loader/backhoe. In addition, Case will donate $5,000 to a charitable organization of the winner’s choice. Case invites communities and service organizations to encourage contractors to nominate their projects, by visiting and completing the entry form. Contractors who have used construction equipment to complete a community service project begun after Jan. 1, 2010, are eligible for nomination to the Case Community Challenge program. Case will accept nominations for the Case Community Challenge through Oct. 31, 2011. For more information, visit

Infrastructure Still Stagnates Linder Named Distributor of Etnyre Products in N.C., S.C. EMPLOYMENT from page 1

noting that private sector spending on construction has grown by 5.5 percent since July 2010 while public sector demand declined by 8.8 percent during the same time period. “Construction employment continues to be stuck in a pattern where there are just as many hot spots as there are slow spots.” Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, Texas, added more construction jobs (10,400 jobs, 6 percent) than any other metro area during the past year while Lake County-Kenosha County, Ill.-Wis., added the highest percentage (22 percent, 2,900 jobs). Other areas adding a large number of jobs included the Chicago-Joliet-Naperville area (7,100 jobs, 5 percent); Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, Mich. (3,800 jobs, 10 percent); Edison-New Brunswick, N.J. (3,500 jobs, 9 percent) and the Detroit -Dearborn-Livonia area (3,400 jobs, 18 percent). The largest job losses were in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale area (minus 7,000 jobs, minus 7 percent); followed by Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Ga. (minus 5,500 jobs, minus 6 percent); Las VegasParadise, Nev. (minus 4,400, minus 10 percent); Philadelphia (minus 3,800 jobs, minus 6 percent); and New York City (minus 3,400 jobs, minus 3 percent). Redding, Calif.

(minus 19 percent, minus 600 jobs) lost the highest percentage. Other areas experiencing large percentage declines in construction employment included Wilmington, N.C. (minus 17 percent, minus 1,600 jobs); Montgomery, Ala. (minus 16 percent, minus 1,100 jobs) and Panama City-Lynn HavenPanama City Beach, Fla. (minus 16 percent, minus 800 jobs). Association officials said the two most important steps Washington officials could take to boost construction employment are passing long-term infrastructure bills and reconsidering many of the costly regulatory obstacles that have been put in place. They noted that even as highway and transit legislation has languished, state and local officials are being forced to spend billions of limited transportation funds on butterfly bridges and bat-safe highway lighting. “It’s like we are trying to rebuild our economy with two hands tied behind our back,” said the association’s chief executive officer Stephen E. Sandherr. “We’re penny pinching on infrastructure even as we allow entitlement spending to spiral out of control, while we are doing a lot of things to inflate the cost and delay the completion of infrastructure projects.”

Linder Industrial Machinery has been named as the new distributor of Etnyre products in North and South Carolina. The Etnyre products will complement the other asphalt related paving products that Linder carries. E.D. Etnyre manufactures bituminous distributors, chipspreaders, Lowboy trailers, asphalt storage tanks and asphalt transport tanks.

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Link-Belt ‘Workhorses’ Show Their Mettle on Bridge Work BRIDGE from page 1

Mother Nature, though, is determined to make it difficult on Carolina Bridge to meet that goal. Inclement weather at the job site over the last weeks of September has put the bridge work behind schedule, said Richard Nickel, Carolina Bridge’s project manager on the Pea Island breach. “Every time it rains or there is a tropical storm – or the nor’easter that we had last weekend that cost us four days of work – our time constraint gets pushed,” Nickel said on the afternoon of Sept. 23. “There is a bunch of rain out there today and it could slow us down because we have a concrete pour scheduled for this afternoon that’s a little iffy. Hopefully, weather-permitting, we will be done in another 12 days or so.” Crews were able to pour concrete footings that day at one of the substructures, known as bent 3, supporting one end of the bridge span as Carolina Bridge had hoped. In addition, cranes drove eight piles at nearby bent 2 that same afternoon. Despite a weekend of more steady rain, all 12 piles at bent 3 were completed, while an additional 88 ft. (26.8 m) of the bridge truss was put together and the bridge was launched about 100 ft. to the south. Still, the bad weather caused Carolina Bridge to add a second night crew to the project on Sept. 26 to make up for the time lost and as a hedge against more rain forecast through the end of the next week. The frenetic work schedule on the temporary bridge is due to the fact that around 5,000 people live on the island, most of whom rely on the area’s tourist trade for their livelihood, and residents and tourists alike can only get around via N.C. Highway 12. “[The NCDOT)] called us on a Thursday, we began designing the bridge work on Friday and we started moving in on the following Wednesday with no finished design,”

Utilizing a modular design that allows for a quick construction, the bridge was manufactured by Mabey Bridge Ltd., based in Baltimore, and moved to the work site in 30 truckloads.

added Nickel. “They just kept feeding us design information as we went.” North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue announced the building of the bridge on Sept. 2, just days after the hurricane swept across the Outer Banks on the morning of Aug. 27. The 100-ft-wide breach in the N.C. 12 roadway was one of several along the chain of barrier islands as a result of the storm, but the only one that was too large to simply be filled in with sand. The 662-ft. (201 m) temporary bridge is estimated to cost the state about $2.6 million. Factoring in the rebuilding of the road on either side of the breach, as well as at several other damage points along the Outer Banks, pushes the total cost of fixing N.C. 12 to more than $10 million, all of which is being paid for by Federal Emergency funds. Using a modular design that allows for a quick construction, the bridge was manufactured by Mabey Bridge Ltd., based in Baltimore, and moved to the work site in 30 truckloads. Its strength and durability means that the bridge can stay in place for as long as it takes for the NCDOT to fund, design

The extensive pile driving required on the project has been accomplished by two Link-Belt 218 SHL 110-ton (99 t) lattice crawler cranes that Carolina Bridge bought from Pinnacle Crane, a division of Carolina Tractor, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C.

and build a permanent span across the new inlet. Heavy trucks carrying pieces of the bridge left Baltimore on Sept. 6 for the trip south to Pea Island. A steady convoy continued to haul pieces to the site for several days. The bridge is being assembled on the north side of the breach and then hoisted into place by cranes. Additional materials and equipment to be used at bent 1 are transported to the south side of the breach via the Stumpy Point ferry, which docks at Rodanthe. In order to get ready to move and place those modular bridge sections, the Carolina Bridge crew, which numbers more than 50 workmen, had to drive a total of 82 piles, each 75 ft. (22.8 m) deep, to support the bridge top deck. They accomplished that using two LinkBelt 218 SHL 110-ton (99 t) lattice crawler cranes that they bought from Pinnacle Crane, a division of Carolina Tractor, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. “We use those cranes primarily for driving pile,” Nickel said. “We use them on a lot of

The 100-foot (30-m) -wide breach in the N.C. 12 roadway was one of several along the chain of barrier islands as a result of the storm, but the only one that was too large to simply be filled in with sand.

our projects and they are real workhorses.” He added that between his company and one of its subcontractors on this job there are a total of six cranes working 24/7 to get it completed on time. Carolina Bridge is a family-run business started by Nickel’s grandfather, Dick Nickel, in 1971. Richard Nickel and his brother, Dan, serve as vice presidents with the firm and employ around 40 people. The majority of their projects are in North and South Carolina, many of which are bridges over water. In 2006, according to Dan Nickel, the company replaced seven bridges along the Ocracoke Island on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. “We are currently working on a 3,000foot bridge in Belhaven, across the sound from [the Pea Island replacement] bridge,” Dan Nickel added. “As a matter of fact, a lot of the crew on the replacement bridge job was brought over from the Belhaven bridge.” Despite a few new wrinkles, the building of the temporary bridge on the Outer Banks is just another in a long line of similar bridge projects that Carolina Bridge has staked its reputation upon, according to Richard Nickel. “I guess that the thing that is special about this job is that we have had to start from scratch and move on to wide open as fast as possible,” he said. “Other than seemingly having no time to plan it and working around the clock, it isn’t much different than other jobs,” he added with a weary laugh. “We give our crews a lot of credit for being out here at all hours of the day and night. They have done a fantastic job.” (This story also can be found on Construction Equipment Guide’s Web site at CEG

The crew, which numbers more than 50, the cranes and all other equipment have been working 24/7 to get the bridge done in the alloted time frame.

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s its strength, re a machine show he w is er ow ep rs Hydraulic ho er delivers 34% Ž TLB8 40 backhoe load x re Te w ne e Ž . That means and th hn Deere model Jo e bl ra pa m co e TLB840 more than th ughest tasks. The to ur yo r fo er w attachments. you’ll have more po ow for demanding fl lic au dr hy er gh also has hi et the facts at different animal. G le ho w a s it’ t, or In sh 2     


*Based on manufacturer’s published specifications for TerexŽ TLB840 and John DeereŽ 310J backhoe loaders. Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. The photographs and/or drawings in this document are for illustrative purposes only. Refer to the appropriate Operator’s Manual for instructions on the proper use of this equipment. Failure to follow the appropriate Operator’s Manual when using our equipment or to otherwise act irresponsibly may result in serious injury or death. The only warranty applicable to our equipment is the standard written warranty applicable to the particular product and sale and Terex makes no other warranty, express or implied. Products and services listed may be trademarks, service marks or trade-names of Terex Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in the USA and other countries. All rights are reserved. Copyright Terex Corporation 2011. Terex is a registered trademark of Terex Corporation in the USA and many other countries. Deere and John Deere are registered trademarks of Deere & Company.

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Construction Trade Groups Unite in Support of Obama A group of construction materials trade associations representing five essential aspects of infrastructure construction is standing united in support of the president’s call for more infrastructure investment. Before a joint session of Congress Sept. 8, President Barack Obama called for a renewed commitment to job creation and economic growth, in part through increased infrastructure spending for road and bridge construction/reconstruction. The speech to Congress followed his Labor Day remarks in Detroit, Mich., where the president said, “We’ve got more than one million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. There is work to be done and there are workers ready to do it.” The president’s comments come after unanimous passage by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee of a four-month extension of SAFETEALU at level funding. The construction materials group, comprised of members of the American Concrete Pavement Association, National Asphalt Pavement Association, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association and Portland Cement

Association, support calls from Congress and political leaders of both parties to set aside politics that are costing jobs and continuing economic stagnation. The group urges Congress to take action immediately to invest in the long-term future of the nation’s surface transportation network. Through this investment, a myriad of economic problems can be addressed, notably: lower materials production, which is down 70 percent in some areas of the country; high unemployment in the construction sector, which has reached as high as 20 percent; and, lack of funding certainty essential to state government planning and informed capital and human resource decisions by business. Gerald F. Voigt, ACPA president and CEO, said, “Our nation is living on borrowed time as state highway agencies and the transportation-construction industries wait for Congressional action. The federal government, state agencies and road building community are all stakeholders in our nation’s highways, and we must work together to find solutions to this significant problem. As a starting point, we need Congress to lead the charge toward reinvesting in the nation’s surface transportation system, which is vital to the safety, security and economic vitality of our

nation.” According to NAPA Chairman Kim Snyder, president, Eastern Industries Inc., “Legislation to fund our nation’s Federalaid highway program has always been a bipartisan effort in Congress. The construction industry has lost more than two million jobs since December 2007 and both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO have called on Congress to pass a surface transportation reauthorization bill to create infrastructure jobs. The National Asphalt Pavement Association calls on the president and the Congress to make passing a long-term reauthorization bill with full funding for highways its top legislative job creation priority.” Karl Watson Jr., chairman of NRMCA and president, CEMEX USA, said, “It is time for the president and Congress to get serious about solving the problems of our crumbling infrastructure and lack-luster job growth. Fixing the two go hand-in-hand and will result in jump starting the economy more than any single piece of legislation coming out of Washington. We applaud our nation’s leaders’ efforts in forging a path forward to pass an extension of the current highway program while continuing to work on a new bipartisan, fully funded,

multi-year transportation bill.” Also commenting, NSSGA Chairman David Thomey, executive vice president, Maryland Materials Inc., said, “We applaud the president and members of Congress for recognizing the importance of infrastructure investment to our nation’s economic well being. While the amount of funding being discussed falls fall short of what is essential to meet the surface transportation needs of the nation, we call on Congress to pass the Senate extension of the highway bill and move immediately to crafting a multi-year reauthorization.” Brian McCarthy, president and CEO of PCA, concurred. “To mend our nation’s infrastructure, put the construction sector back to work, and launch America back onto solid international competitive footing, Congress needs to act quickly. Every day allowed to pass without continued investment in the resources and personnel to care for our transportation network risks further detriment to other sectors of our economy and to the way of life we enjoy.” With the pending expiration of current extension on SAFETEA-LU on Sept. 30, Congress must pass another extension of the law and immediately begin work on a multi-year transportation authorization that at a minimum maintains level funding.

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Komatsu CARE for Komatsu Tier 4 Interim models is a new, complimentary maintenance program designed to lower your cost of ownership and improve your bottom line. It provides factory-scheduled maintenance on the machines for the first three years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. This includes up to two exchange Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filters. Be sure to contact your Komatsu distributor for all the details. Once again, Komatsu leads the industry. No other construction equipment manufacturer offers a complimentary maintenance program like this.

It’s what you’ve come to expect from the service experts at Komatsu. www

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Extension Allows Shippers Access to Nine Interstate Pipeline Systems

GEORGIA Cowin Equipment Company Mableton (404) 696-7210

LOUISIANA CLM Equipment Company Broussard (337) 837-6693 Sulpher (337) 625-5942 Lee Tractor Company St. Rose (504) 467-6794 Scott Equipment Company Alexandria (318) 448-1647 Monroe (318) 388-9300 Shreveport (318) 226-9696

MISSISSIPPI Lee Tractor Company Biloxi (228) 392-9922 JWH Equipment Jackson (601) 594-1085

NORTH CAROLINA Contractors make a second pass over the pipeline to complete the external welding.

Hines Equipment Company Rocky Mount (252) 446-0333

PIPELINE from page 1

“The Haynesville Extension will also allow shippers to reach nine interstate pipeline systems and feature access to a rapid-cycle salt dome storage cavern and the ability to make physical deliveries into the Henry Hub, allowing producers to benefit from more favorable pricing points.” The pipeline is 270 mi (434 km) in length, and is comprised of 20-, 24-, 36-, and 42-in. (50-, 61-, 91-, and 106cm) diameters. There is 144 mi. (231 km) of 42-in. (106 cm) pipeline, 112 mi. (180 km) of 36-in. (91 cm) pipeline, and 14 mi. (22.5 km) of 20and 24-in. (50- and 61-cm ) pipeline. More than 11,000 cu. yds. (8,410 cu m) of concrete have been poured at the two primary compressor stations. Directional drills that were performed underneath roads and water crossings to minimize above-ground disruption were up to one mile (1.6 km) in length. There are three general pipeline contractors, Willbros, Michaels and Sunland. OPD is the general contractor for the two large compressor stations (Mansfield and Cheneyville). Willbros is the general contractor for the Red River compressor station and Strike and Sunland are the general contractors for the meter stations. “A greater variety of equipment has been required to meet the challenges presented by varied terrain and operat-

SOUTH CAROLINA Altman Tractor & Equipment Conway (843) 347-4664 Florence (843) 662-0151

TENNESSEE Chattanooga Tractor & Equipment Chattanooga (423) 892-5725 Nashville Tractor and Equipment Nashville (615) 865-7800

Three compressor stations nearing completion will provide approximately 76,000 hp of compression to transport the natural gas through the Haynesville Extension pipeline.

ing conditions,” Rainey said. “For instance, right-of-way clearing in swampy areas required backhoes to be specially modified to ‘float’ on ground barely able to withstand 1.5 pounds per square inch.” To meet the aggressive time frame for acquiring the necessary right-ofway, the company executed more than 900 agreements with landowners in less than 18 months. “It was necessary to commission a large amount of equipment for the

compressors and meter stations in a very short amount of time,” Rainey noted. “Coordinating the delivery of materials, along with managing construction and the other many logistical issues in a timely fashion has been possible only through the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of Enterprise employees and its contractors.” (This story also can be found on Construction Equipment Guide’s Web site at CEG


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HIGH PERFORMANCE AND HIGH EFFICIENCY – YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. You can increase your productivity and lower your operating costs with a NEW Kobelco Acera Mark 9 hydraulic excavator. Only Kobelco offers their own SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Tier 4 engine solution, used on both the SK260LC and SK295LC Mark 9 models. These SCR engines deliver more torque response and higher fuel efficiency – up to 18% better than Mark 8 models. The SK350LC Mark 9 utilizes CEGR (Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and offers increased horsepower for high performance, as well as even better fuel efficiency. All Mark 9 models feature Kobelco’s new economy mode—ECO-mode— which delivers an additional 10 to 19% increase in fuel efficiency. The excavator expert gives you both performance and efficiency.




Cowin Equipment Company Birmingham (205) 841-6666 Huntsville (256) 536-9390 Mobile (251) 633-4020 Montgomery (334) 262-6642 Oxford (256) 832-5053

Alma Tractor & Equipment Alma (479) 632-6300

Cowin Equipment Company Pensacola (850) 479-3004

Scott Equipment Company Fort Smith (479) 648-1600 Little Rock (501) 455-5955 Springdale (479) 751-4242 Texarkana (870) 772-0204

G.S. Equipment Davie Ft. Myers Jacksonville Orlando Tampa

Ask for a demo and learn more at

© 2011 CNH America LLC. Kobelco is a brand licensed to Kobelco Construction Machinery Company America LLC.

(954) 327-8808 (239) 334-6063 (904) 268-4400 (407) 859-9160 (813) 248-4971

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Site Superintendent Praises System as Time, Money Saver GPS from page 24

which combines GNSS positioning and laser, and installed it on a Gomaco 9500 trimmer. For the Little Rock project, Weaver-Bailey deployed two Topcon GR-3 base stations, including one dedicated to the large cut, and installed a Topcon GR-3 satellite receiver, 9168 control box and sensors on a Caterpillar D6T dozer. A Caterpillar D8 dozer equipped with a ripper attachment continuously rough-graded the slope, i.e., fractured pockets of sandstone and a hoe ram-equipped Link-Belt 330 LX excavator reduced the spoil. The D6T dozer fine-graded the cut to a 2:1 slope using the system for guidance and a Link-Belt 460 LX excavator loaded the reduced spoil into dump trucks coming and going along a service road constructed on a bench running the length of the ridge. GNSS automated grading systems like Weaver-Bailey’s use a rugged antenna mounted to a shock-absorbing, vibration-damping pole and a receiver box mounted in a secure location on the machine. Satellites send positioning data to another antenna/receiver combination at a stationary base station. Positioning data also is sent to the machine. The stationary base and machine work together to provide real-time kinetic (RTK) position information, revealing the machine’s three-dimensional location on the site. Software compares the machine’s position to the design grade at a given location. The design grade information is built from site plans. The data files are loaded into a machine-mounted control box via a USB flash drive. The control box updates positioning data and sends signals to the hydraulic valves. The blade is automatically positioned for elevation and slope. Other sensors inform the control box of certain machine conditions; for example, dozers used by contractors such as Weaver-Bailey are equipped with a slope (tilt) sensor on the blade to measure the crossslope of the cutting edge. “Indicate systems” like Topcon’s 3-D systems provide visual guidance for machine operators, who manually control the machine to cut or fill to the desired grade.

Photo Courtesy of Jon Talend

A hoe ram-equipped Link-Belt 330 LX excavator reduces the spoil generated by the dozers for hauling.

GNSS has become even more reliable and accurate in recent years by adding compatibility with the Russian GLONASS satellite constellation as well as the U.S. Global Positioning System constellation. This dual-constellation capability roughly doubles the number of signals available to the GNSS antenna/receivers and provides a high degree of positioning accuracy. The GR-3 receiver accommodates signals from the European Union’s Galileo constellation as well as GPS and GLONASS. One of Weaver-Bailey’s base stations was set up at the top of the ridge. Jolly pointed out that the radio reception used to transmit satellite positioning data improved once some trees were cleared from the top of the ridge, but as the cut progressed down the slope toward I-630, it became more difficult for signals to reach the dozer. All told, more than 100 ft. (30.5 m) of the ridge width was cut out at a 2:1 slope. A 15-ft. (4.5 m) wide bench was established between two slopes and used for trucking out the spoil. Trucking was the biggest worry for Robert Wilson, WeaverBailey’s foreman; gathering black storm clouds portended the potential for deep mud that would make it difficult for trucks to get up and down the makeshift roadway while the cut was still at a high elevation. Some of the spoil would be used to fill a low elevation near one of the ramps, Wilson said.

The D6T dozer fine-graded to the specified elevation with roughly tenth-of-a-foot accuracy and by checking the elevation, helped maintain the 2:1 slope. “The elevation and slope are basically one and the same,” Wilson said. “We just need to double-check our blade wear daily, but so far it’s been pretty accurate. When you get into this rock, you really get [blade wear] on a daily, weekly basis, but so far it’s working out really well for us. “It is [laborious]…you don’t see a big area finished each day, but we’re getting there.” Financial Returns Contractors who are adopting GNSS automated grade control systems report that the technology can reduce construction costs by thousands of dollars, mainly by eliminating staking costs and allowing contractors to check grade using their own workers. At the same time, workers who otherwise would have to stake a job site can perform other tasks to keep a project — often another project entirely — moving along. Jolly noted that, once the TIN file has been loaded in the system, WeaverBailey’s licensed surveyor can focus on setting control points on other job sites and other tasks. Often, contractors need to use a system on a few projects in order to compile cost data for quantification. Wilson said he was not sure how much the system was saving Weaver-Bailey on this project, but

worked its way down the slope. “The surveyor would probably be up here on a daily basis [in contrast to once every three weeks] and we’d have to take a level and a rod and an extra guy and work our way down the slope,” Wilson explained. “In the past, we would take, say, an old-style lock level and work stakes down the slope. It’s more tedious and it takes longer.” “We basically save on labor for laying out the job site,” Jolly said of the system. “We won’t have to have grade checkers out there all the time, checking the slope. We feel like it saves one person, maybe two, on the ground. It will definitely speed up the project and save us money in the long run. You have an initial cost of getting it on all of your equipment, but after a couple of jobs, it’ll be paid for. It’ll be a cost-saving device from then on. “Basically, your savings come in time and labor,” Jolly continued, adding that the system saves about one and threefourths laborers in site layout. “For sure, you would need three people for staking otherwise. [Wilson] would have to have to have a helper with him 100 percent of the time to Photo Courtesy of Jon Talend do what he’s doing now. Weaver-Bailey Contractors and Jim The system cuts labor in Jolly, site superintendent, are using half, plus it’s so much satellite-enabled automated grade con- quicker and more effitrol to expedite a 250-cu.-yd. (191 cu cient. I would say that it m) cut for a dedicated ramp at the I- saves several thousands of 430/630 interchange in Little Rock, Ark. dollars just in a laborer’s time. Everyone knows without it, “You would have to have a much more experienced that time is money in construction, surveyor standing up there on the so if we can save time here, that’s job to [check grade and slope] in a several thousand dollars right conventional fashion. Once I pro- there.” Working conditions tend to gram the rover and upload [triangulated irregular network] models improve for laborers, too. “If you were checking grade and into the system, it’s much easier to checking slope, how would you teach somebody to use the TIN model. The dozer operators catch like to walk up that slope a dozen on really quickly with the TIN times a day?” Jolly asked rhetorically. “This type of project just models.” How would the grade and slope lends itself to GPS.” Don Talend of Write Results get checked without the use of the system? Wilson said that stakes Inc., West Dundee, Ill., is a print would probably have to be spaced and e-content provider specializevery 8 ft. (2.4 m) so that a rod and ing in covering construction, techlevel remained visible as the crew nology and innovation.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 39

Waste not, expect more – Hyundai 9 Series machines are loaded.


• Powerful Tier 3 Cummins Engines • Advanced Hydraulic Technology Unparalleled Hydraulic Horsepower Heavy-Duty Design Industry-Best Total Coverage Warranty Industry-Leading Fuel Economy Industry-Leading Cycle Times



PIttMAN tRACtOR CO. INC. Daphne, AL 251/621-3555

EQUIPMENt RESOURCE MANAGEMENt INC. North Little Rock, AR 501/223-8604


ROAD MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO. Davie, FL Orlando, FL 954/583-7172 407/888-0754 Fort Myers, FL Tampa, FL 239/437-0710 813/662-3723 Jacksonville, FL 904/693-3404






3-year / 3,000-hour full machine warranty & 5-year / 10,000-hour structural warranty



Industry’s Best Total Coverage Warranty:


• • • • •





GROvE RIvER Richmond Hill, GA 912/756-7854

MID SOUtH MACHINERY Gulfport, MS 228/867-1555 Jackson, MS 601/948-6740 Tupelo, MS 662/690-6553

DIAMOND EQUIPMENt La Vergne, TN 615/641-1100

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RW Moore, Benchmark Treat Customers to Skeet Shoot SKEET from page 8

There was a wide assortment of John Deere machines equipped with Topcon Machine Control Systems on hand, including this 700J dozer.

Wade Tippett (L) explains to Jackie Sutton, both of Craven County Wood Energy, why he likes his Browning 12 gauge so much. Both men are avid hunters and outdoorsmen. (L-R): Joey Ross and Blane Reese, both of J&J Logging, Hendersonville, N.C., look forward to the annual skeet shooting event. They are with their RW Moore Salesman, Brad Woodruff.

The forecasted rain that fell didn’t keep the hearty contractors away from the annual skeet shooting event. Many of the attendees said they really enjoyed the break from the day to day.

Martin Cieszko (L) and Tony Jackson, both of Cieszko Construction Company, have been attending the event for several years and have always enjoyed it.

There were many products displayed at different areas of the event for the guests to look over while going from station to station including the John Deere 643K forestry machine.

Chuck Harris (L), president, Benchmark Tool & Supply, explains how the Topcon 3DMC2 GPS system improves efficiency and saves money to Steven James, Carolina Environmental Contracting Inc., Mt Airy, N.C.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 41

Page 42 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

HCEA Announces Two Firms Join as Corporate Members The Historical Green, Ohio, has two Michigan wheel loaders Construction Equipment including the first one proAssociation (HCEA), a duced, and an MRS 501(c)3 non-profit organiza150AGT wheel tractor in its tion dedicated to preserving collection, and its Archives the history of the construchouse substantial collections tion, dredging and surface of records from both compamining equipment indusnies. Volvo Construction tries, announced that Taylor Equipment donated one of Machine Works and Volvo the loaders and a sizeable Construction Equipment volume of archival records have joined the HCEA as directly to the HCEA. corporate members. Corporate members desTaylor Machine Works ignate up to five of their offiInc., located in Louisville, cers and employees to Miss., is possibly the only The first Michigan wheel loader, this model 75A, was The National Construction Equipment Museum also receive the HCEA’s quarterprivately held industrial lift donated to the National Construction Equipment owns this circa 1950 M. R. S. 150AGT wheel tractor. ly magazine, Equipment truck manufacturer operat- Museum in the late 1990s. Echoes, and VIP passes to its ing in America today. Founded by W. A. es more than 100 vehicles and exhibits as old and India, and its products and services are annual International Convention and Old offered in more than 125 countries through Equipment Exposition, to be held at its Taylor Sr. in 1927 as a small family-owned as the late 1700s. Volvo Construction Equipment is one of proprietary or independent dealerships. Bowling Green, Ohio, headquarters Sept. 14 automotive and repair business, Taylor is now under the leadership of the third gener- the world’s oldest industrial firms engaged Volvo also has acquired a number of other through 16, 2012. They also receive links on ation of the Taylor family, and its “Big Red” in construction equipment manufacturing, historic firms, including the Michigan prod- the HCEA’s Web site at and forklifts have made an impressive impact in tracing its roots to a machine shop founded uct line from Clark, Champion motor- are publicized in Equipment Echoes and in the materials handling equipment industry in Eskilstuna, Sweden, by Johan Thefron graders, Akkerman excavators, Blaw-Knox press releases to trade publications and Web sites. worldwide. The American Heritage “Big Munktell in 1832. Today, it has plants in paving machines and Samsung excavators. For more information, call 419/352-5616 The National Construction Equipment Red” Fire Museum also is in Louisville; Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, the founded in 1989 by W. A. Taylor Jr., it hous- United States, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China Museum, operated by the HCEA in Bowling or visit

Terex Cranes Taps McClung-Logan as New Distributor Terex Cranes announced McClungLogan Equipment Company Inc. as an authorized crane distributor for the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. McClung-Logan now provides local equipment sales, applications expertise, and service and parts support for a wide range of Terex Cranes models. “Terex is proud to have McClung-Logan as a distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Frank Bardonaro, vice president and managing director of Terex Cranes. “The company has earned an outstanding reputation as a customer-focused organization. They will offer world-class product support and customer service for the Terex brand throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.” The distribution agreement includes dozens of models from the Terex line of rough terrain, all terrain, lattice boom, boom truck and truck cranes. The equipment offering includes the Terex Roadmaster 9000. Configurable for road transport in all 50 states and offering highway mobility, the new Roadmaster 9000 delivers lift capabilities reaching 90 tons (81.6 t) and a maximum system length of 242.8 ft. (74 m). “We are very excited about our distributorship with Terex Cranes. Their endless enthusiasm for their company and the indus-

try, along with their complete line of cranes, allows us to broaden our relationships in the equipment industry,” said Darrin Brown, president of McClung-Logan Equipment Inc. “The addition of Terex Cranes greatly increases our equipment and product support offerings. In turn, this will allow

The sales team of McClung-Logan went to Waverly, Iowa, for training on products.

(L-R) are Tony Marlin, director of sales, Terex; Frank Bardonaro, vice president and managing director of Terex; Tom Logan, chairman of the board, McClung-Logan; Kevin Bradley, president Terex Cranes; and Darrin Brown, president McClung-Logan.

us to develop deeper partnerships with our customers and help them to be more successful.” Serving highway and heavy equipment contractors for more than 70 years, the privately owned McClung-Logan blankets its territory with eight full-service locations throughout Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Its core philosophy is to provide

customers with unsurpassed local service and parts support to ensure the equipment delivers high utilization rates. Crane industry veteran Robert Greene leads McClungLogan’s applications team to help customers select the right crane for the job, so they can operate more efficiently and profitably. For more information, visit

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 43

maximize efficiency. minimize costs.

Let’s Work. Volvo Construction Equipment offers equipment that’s ideal for quarry work. Our wheel loaders feature our exclusive OptiShift technology for exceptional fuel efficiency, while our articulated haulers are designed for quick transport of aggregates. With the support of over 300 dealer locations across North America, the result is greater productivity for your crew – and a higher earning potential for you. Learn more about OptiShift by contacting a Volvo dealer near you. Visit today. FLORIDA FLAGLER CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT LLC WWW.FLAGLERCE.COM 4700 MILLENIA BLVD. ORLANDO, FL 407-659-8700 407-659-8720 (FAX) DAVIE 954-581-4744 JACKSONVILLE 904-737-6000

ORLANDO 407-850-9614 TAMPA 813-630-0077 FT. MYERS 239-481-8554


WISE 276-328-8027 MANASSAS, VA 703-393-7344 WINCHESTER, VA 540-722-3700






Page 44 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Ritchie Breaks Ground on Permanent Auction Site in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers broke ground on its new 107 acre permanent auction site in Butner, N.C. (Granville County) just north of Raleigh-Durham Sept. 13. Butner Mayor Tom Lane, Granville County dignitaries and other invited guests joined Ritchie Bros. representatives for the official groundbreaking ceremony. The Raleigh-Durham auction site will replace Ritchie Bros.’ 33-acre auction site in Statesville. Ritchie Bros. expects to conduct at least four unreserved public equipment auctions each year at the new site, which is scheduled for completion for mid 2012. Ritchie Bros. operates 42 other auction sites worldwide. “We are excited to have a company with the reputation of Ritchie Bros. as part of our community. Their presence here will add much to our community and potentially draw other businesses to the area as well as support existing businesses already based here,” said Lane in a speech made at the groundbreaking ceremony. “The potential we see with Ritchie Bros. coming here as a leader in growth will make a major impact for us.” Site preparation by Branch Highways Inc. will begin immediately. Construction plans include developing 45 acres of the site and building a new 33,000 sq.-ft. auction facility and a 16,000 sq. ft. refurbishing building. The auction facility will feature an auction theater with seating capacity for 500 and a virtual ramp theater with seating capacity for 300. In the main auction theater, bidders remain seated in comfort while equip-

And Your Hitachi Dealers

Carolinas’ Division

At the groundbreaking (L-R) are Ben Swanson (real estate coordinator), Tim Kander (Ritchie Bros. construction project manager), Patrick Cunningham (Ritchie Bros. yard manager), John Fairley (Ritchie Bros. area manager), Mayor Tom Lane (of the city of Butner, N.C.), Curt Hinkelman (Ritchie Bros. senior vice president), Scott Lennon (Ritchie Bros. real estate manager, North America) and Ron Zeuli (Ritchie Bros. territory manager).

ment being sold is driven across a ramp in front of them. In the virtual ramp theater, photos of stationary equipment items are projected onto a large screen in front of the bidders. The new site is located centrally within the state of North Carolina and approximately 24 mi. north of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. It offers highway visibility from Interstate 85 and access to major transportation routes and services, including restaurants and accommodations. Equipment will be displayed and made

available for inspections at the auction site in the weeks leading up to each auction. Ritchie Bros. closed on the RaleighDurham property in April 2011 after searching for a larger property to support its growing operations in North Carolina and Virginia. While the Raleigh-Durham site is being built, Ritchie Bros. will continue to conduct unreserved public auctions at its Statesville facility with the next auction scheduled for Sept. 28, 2011. For more information, visit

Chicago Pneumatic Names Joint President Chicago Pneumatic Compressors and Pneumatech have jointly announced the appointment of Ellen Steck as president of both organizations. Steck will be based out of Chicago Pneumatic’s Rock Hill, S.C., office, and will be responsible for delivering both organizations’ customer service and product offerings across the North American compressor and quality air markets. Chicago Pneumatic Compressors produces a comprehensive range of compressed air solutions including the RCP piston and QRS rotary screw compressors, air drying solutions and quality air accessories, while Pneumatech is an established manufacturer in the compressed air system engineering market. Both companies have production facilities located within the continental United States. Steck joins the Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech teams after more than a decade in other leadership roles

with parent company Atlas Copco. Steck previously served as the vice president, Communication & Branding — Compressor Technique for the Atlas Copco Group out of its Antwerp, Belgium, office, where she was responsible for driving customer loyalty in more than 60 countries and creating communication structures across 23 brands in more than 170 markets. Prior to that, Steck served as the vice-president of marketing of Prime and RSC Equipment Rental, then whollyowned subsidiaries of the Atlas Copco Group. At RSC, Steck led the marketing and eBusiness efforts for the more than 400 location, $1.5B commercial equipment rental company. For more information, visit or

9550 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 704/597-0211 Fax 704/596-6198 101 Bruce Rd. Asheville, NC 28806 828/667-0176 Fax 828/667-4865 411 South Regional Road Greensboro, NC 27409 336/668-2762 Fax 336/668-3714 288 Westgate Drive Wilkesboro, NC 28697 336/973-8201 Fax 336/973-8496 305 N. Main St. Mt. Gilead, NC 27306 910/439-5653 Fax 910/439-4568

380 Anderson Road Highway Rock Hill, SC 29730 803/325-1555 Fax 803/325-1506 2510 Highway 70 SW Hickory, NC 28602 828/322-4300 Fax 828/322-4244 2421 US Highway 64 East Asheboro, NC 27203 336/625-2212 Fax 336/625-0738 2725 Old Monroe Road Matthews, NC 28104 704/821-7399 Fax 704/821-4915 805 Klumac Road Salisbury, NC 28144 704/636-2671 Fax 704/636-4827

Virginia Division 11047 Leadbetter Rd. Ashland, VA 23005 804/798-6001 Fax 804/752-7111 1711 E. Hundred Rd. Chester, VA 23836 804/748-9324 Fax 804/530-1930 Route 360 & 460 Burkeville, VA 23922 434/767-5578 Fax 434/767-3774 3902 W. Main St. Salem, VA 24153 540/380-2011 Fax 540/380-5547 98 Expo Road Fishersville, VA 22939 540/337-3057 Fax 540/337-1495

287 Victory Road Winchester, VA 22602 540/667-9777 Fax 540/667-9441 9107 Owens Drive Manassas Park, VA 20111 703/631-8500 Fax 703/631-4715 2055 South Boston Road Danville, VA 24540 434/822-6110 Fax 434/822-6055 10879 Houser Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22408 540/898-8933 Fax 540/373-8842

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 45

128 Highway 70 West Raleigh, NC 27529 919/772-2121 Fax 919/779-5432 3604 Highway 264E Greenville, NC 27834 252/758-4403 Fax 252/758-6508 3816 Martin Luther King Blvd New Bern, NC 28562 252/638-5838 Fax 252/638-2949 5039 US 301 South Fayetteville, NC 28348 910/424-1200 Fax 910/424-8763 Northside Industrial Park Wilmington, NC 28429 910/675-9211 Fax 910/675-3640 Highway 42 Aulander Road Ahoskie, NC 27910 252/332-5550 Fax 252/332-4186

Equipment Company Flint Equipment Company 1206 Blaylock St. Albany, GA 31705 229/888-1212 Fax: 229/435-3612 180 Princeton Blvd. Adairsville, GA 30103-2628 770-773-9857 Fax: 770-773-7226 4500 Wendell Dr. SW Atlanta, GA 30336-1627 404/691-9445 Fax: 404/696-1170

4-certified Be fuel efficient with clean-burning ning Interim Tier Tier 4-cer engines while maximizing your productivity with smoothrunning, greater--than-ever horsepower, arm force, digging force, and lift capacities. See your Hitachi dealer today about the exciting new crop of Dash-5 excavators. www .hitac

5333 BBS Way Braselton, GA 30517-1707 770-965-1889 Fax: 770-965-1894 251 Perry Lane Road Brunswick, GA 31525 912-264-6161 Fax: 912-264-5263 2400 Victory Dr. Columbus, GA 31902-3457 706/687-3344 Fax: 706/682-4738 515 Chamblin Rd. Grovetown, GA 30813-3905 706/855-5440 Fax: 706/855-5447


136 Acres Drive Ladson, SC 29546 843/572-0400 Fax: 843/572-7746

7566 W. TENNESSEE ST. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850/575-5600 Fax: 850/575-9972

4600 Pio Nono Ave Macon, GA 31206-5064 478/788-1586 Fax: 478/781-8591

3033 US Highway 27 East Perry, FL 32348 850/584-9200 Fax: 850/584-2844

169 Ross Clark Circle N.E. Dothan, AL 36303 334/794-8691 Fax: 334/794-8696 50 Morgan Industrial Blvd. Garden City, GA 31408 912/964-7370 Fax: 912/964-1822

1220 Henderson HWY Troy, AL 36081 334/566-4181 Fax: 334/566-4361

116 Corporate Drive Simpsonville, SC 29681 864/963-5835 Fax: 864/963-7405

4900 East Highway 501 Aynor, SC 29511 843/358-5688 Fax: 843/358-2826

4717 Jefferies Hwy Walterboro, SC 29488 843/539-1420 Fax: 843/539-1424

3464 Sunset Boulevard West Columbia, SC 29169 803/794-9340 Fax: 803/794-9346 178 Seaboard Road Andrews, SC 29510 843/221-4940 Fax: 843/221-4942

Page 46 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Page 48 • October 5, 2011 • • Mini & Compact Equipment Section • Construction Equipment Guide

Construction Equipment Guide • Mini & Compact Equipment Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 49

BROOKS SALES INC. 3144 Highway 74 East Monroe, NC 28112 704-233-4242 BALDWIN TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT 22463 State Highway 59S Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171 MASON TRACTOR CO. 1050 Appalachian Hwy Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706-632-3777 McDonough, GA 30253 770-957-3370 Cumming, GA 30040 770-887-6119 JONESBORO TRACTOR SALES INC. 5312 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro, AR 72402 888-931-9151 870-935-9151 CAHABA TRACTOR CO. 2411 Pelham Pkwy. Pelham , AL 35124 Phone: 205-663-1470 Fax: 205-063-1485 TUSCALOOSA TRACTOR, INC. 3921 Skyland Blvd. East Tuscaloosa , AL 35405 Phone: 205-553-8573 Fax: 205-554-0431 FRANKLIN KUBOTA 1561 Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN 37064 Phone: 615-790-7860 Fax: 615-791-1396

Time flies when you work with top-quality equipment like Kubota SVL Series compact track loaders. And right now, time is on your side with long-term, low-rate financing through August 31, 2011

COASTAL EQUIPMENT 5287 New Kings Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32209 904-924-9624 TALLADEGA INTERNATIONAL TRUCK & TRACTOR COMPANY, INC. 35450 Alabama Hwy. 21 North Talladega , AL 35160 256-362-6113 Fax: 256-362-6551




Introducing the Kubota SVL Series. The new standard for productivity, comfort and speed on the worksite – with the proven power of multi-terrain work. They’re all Kubota designed, engineered and a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine. Everything you value for versatile, Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor manufactured – the compact track loaders only Kubota could build. Call today forCorporation, a demo.2010

CAROLINA POWER EQUIPMENT INC. 2490 Charleston Highway Cayce, SC 29033 803-796-7907 DITCH WITCH OF ROANOKE, INC. I-81 at exit 137 2355 W. Main St. Salem, VA 888-793-7246

DITCH WITCH OF TENNESSEE Nashville 140 Charter Place LaVergne, TN 37027 615-793-7576 800-449-4814 Knoxville Louisvile, TN 37777 865-970-2840 800-445-4814

GROWERS EQUIPMENT CO. 2695 Davie Rd. Davie, FL 33314 954-916-1020 Miami (Doral), FL (parts only) 305-592-7892 FUTCH’S TRACTOR DEPOT 8515 S.R. 207 North Hastings, FL 32145 Fax: 904-692-2842

TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO. 2006 Northwest Blvd. Newton, NC 28658 828-695-1025 TYLER EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 2613 Main St. Conway, SC 29516 843-248-5294

FLORIDA COAST EQUIPMENT 9775 W. Boynton Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33437 561-369-0414 Fax: 561-369-1282 9011 S.W. Old Kansas Ave. Stuart, FL 34997 772-403-2046

*0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for terms up to 48 months on purchases of select new Kubota equipment from available inventory at participating dealers through 8/31/11. Example: A 48-month monthly installment repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 48 payments of $20.83 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Only Kubota and select Kubota performance-matched Land Pride equipment is eligible. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available with customer instant rebate (C.I.R.) offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A. 3401 Del Amo Blvd.,. Torrance, CA 90503; subject ot credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 7/30/11. See us for details on these and other low-rate options or go to for more information.

694 Commercial Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 954-435-1667 15900 Westpart Lane Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 772-461-1003

Page 48 • October 5, 2011 • • Mini & Compact Equipment Section • Construction Equipment Guide

Construction Equipment Guide • Mini & Compact Equipment Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 49

BROOKS SALES INC. 3144 Highway 74 East Monroe, NC 28112 704-233-4242 BALDWIN TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT 22463 State Highway 59S Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171 MASON TRACTOR CO. 1050 Appalachian Hwy Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706-632-3777 McDonough, GA 30253 770-957-3370 Cumming, GA 30040 770-887-6119 JONESBORO TRACTOR SALES INC. 5312 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro, AR 72402 888-931-9151 870-935-9151 CAHABA TRACTOR CO. 2411 Pelham Pkwy. Pelham , AL 35124 Phone: 205-663-1470 Fax: 205-063-1485 TUSCALOOSA TRACTOR, INC. 3921 Skyland Blvd. East Tuscaloosa , AL 35405 Phone: 205-553-8573 Fax: 205-554-0431 FRANKLIN KUBOTA 1561 Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN 37064 Phone: 615-790-7860 Fax: 615-791-1396

Time flies when you work with top-quality equipment like Kubota SVL Series compact track loaders. And right now, time is on your side with long-term, low-rate financing through August 31, 2011

COASTAL EQUIPMENT 5287 New Kings Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32209 904-924-9624 TALLADEGA INTERNATIONAL TRUCK & TRACTOR COMPANY, INC. 35450 Alabama Hwy. 21 North Talladega , AL 35160 256-362-6113 Fax: 256-362-6551




Introducing the Kubota SVL Series. The new standard for productivity, comfort and speed on the worksite – with the proven power of multi-terrain work. They’re all Kubota designed, engineered and a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine. Everything you value for versatile, Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor manufactured – the compact track loaders only Kubota could build. Call today forCorporation, a demo.2010

CAROLINA POWER EQUIPMENT INC. 2490 Charleston Highway Cayce, SC 29033 803-796-7907 DITCH WITCH OF ROANOKE, INC. I-81 at exit 137 2355 W. Main St. Salem, VA 888-793-7246

DITCH WITCH OF TENNESSEE Nashville 140 Charter Place LaVergne, TN 37027 615-793-7576 800-449-4814 Knoxville Louisvile, TN 37777 865-970-2840 800-445-4814

GROWERS EQUIPMENT CO. 2695 Davie Rd. Davie, FL 33314 954-916-1020 Miami (Doral), FL (parts only) 305-592-7892 FUTCH’S TRACTOR DEPOT 8515 S.R. 207 North Hastings, FL 32145 Fax: 904-692-2842

TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO. 2006 Northwest Blvd. Newton, NC 28658 828-695-1025 TYLER EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 2613 Main St. Conway, SC 29516 843-248-5294

FLORIDA COAST EQUIPMENT 9775 W. Boynton Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33437 561-369-0414 Fax: 561-369-1282 9011 S.W. Old Kansas Ave. Stuart, FL 34997 772-403-2046

*0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for terms up to 48 months on purchases of select new Kubota equipment from available inventory at participating dealers through 8/31/11. Example: A 48-month monthly installment repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 48 payments of $20.83 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Only Kubota and select Kubota performance-matched Land Pride equipment is eligible. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available with customer instant rebate (C.I.R.) offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A. 3401 Del Amo Blvd.,. Torrance, CA 90503; subject ot credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 7/30/11. See us for details on these and other low-rate options or go to for more information.

694 Commercial Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 954-435-1667 15900 Westpart Lane Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 772-461-1003

Page 50 • October 5, 2011 • • Mini & Compact Equipment Section • Construction Equipment Guide

Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, Inc.

Boynton Beach, FL 1060 West Industrial Avenue Boynton Beach, FL 33462 561-742-7400 • Fax: 561-742-7448

Clearwater, FL 12785 N 44th St. Clearwater, FL 33762 727-299-9207 • Fax: 727-299-0166

Ft. Myers, FL 2231 Flint Dr. Ft. Myers, FL 33916 941-337-5900 • Fax: 941-337-5901

Jacksonville, FL 11550 Philips Hwy. Jacksonville, FL 32256 904-262-4400 • Fax: 904-262-0619

Orlando, FL 4559 Old Winter Garden Rd. Orlando, FL 32811 407-295-2020 • Fax: 407-293-8087

Miami, FL 13301 S.W. 131st Str. Miami, FL 33186-5816 305-234-4556 • Fax: 305-234-5561

Pensacola, FL 6691 Mobile Highway Pensacola, FL 32526 850-944-8110 • Fax: 850-944-8166

Tallahassee, FL 31767 Blue Star Hwy Midway, FL 32343 850-575-1556 • Fax: 850-575-5718

Marietta, GA 1320 Gresham Rd. Marietta, GA 30062 770-973-8811 • Fax: 770-973-7829

Savannah, GA 411B Telfair Rd. Savannah, GA 31415 912-238-1300 • Fax: 912-238-1003

Birmingham, AL 2950 Pinson Valley Parkway Birmingham, AL 35217 205-841-9895 • Fax: 205-841-9841

Decatur, AL 314 Beltline Rd Decatur, AL 35601 256-341-0700 • Fax: 256-341-0773

Vermeer Puerto Rico

Ave. Cementerio Nacional Local #49, Hato Tejas Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00961 787-780-0533 • Fax: 787-780-1501

Vermeer of Texas-Louisiana

8272 Rushing Road Denham Springs, LA 70726 225-665-7900 • Fax: 225-665-7979

G & S Equipment Co., Inc.

124 Hwy 82 west Prattville, AL 36067 334-365-5192 • Fax: 334-365-5199

6007 University Blvd Cottondale (Tuscaloosa), AL 35453 205-556-3333 • Fax: 205-556-9229

2209 Hwy 280 Alexander City, AL 35010 256-329-7777 • Fax: 256-329-7718

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Cowin Equipment Company

CLM Equipment Company

Birmingham Madison Montgomery Oxford

Broussard Sulphur

(205) 841-6666 (256) 350-0006 (334) 262-6642 (256) 832-5053

ARKANSAS A RKANSAS Potter Equipment Company Harrison

(870) 741-8900

Scott Equipment Company Fort Smith Mabelvale Springdale Texarkana

(479) 648-1600 (501) 455-5955 (479) 751-4242 (870) 772-0204

Heartland Equipment Jonesboro

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(239) 949-0100 (305) 821-2273 (407) 888-0024 (813) 621-5811 (561) 296-9710

GEORGIA GEO RGIA (706) 737-9191 (770) 322-6960 (912) 748-2828

Central Georgia Equipment (478) 956-3833

Haney Farm & Ranch Rockmart

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Vaughters Tractor Co. Gainesville

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Wallace Truck & Equipment Valdosta

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VI VIRGINIA RGINIA Lawrence Equipment Ashland Cloverdale Waynesboro

WWWCASECECOMs #!3% Š Š2011 2011 CCNH N H America A merica LLC. L LC. All A ll rights rights rreserved. eser ved. CCase ase iiss a rregistered egistereed trademark trademark of of CNH C N H America A merica LLC. L LC. w w

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Lee Tractor Company St. Rose

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M + L Industries Houma

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Scott Equipment Alexandria Monroe Shreveport

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MISSISSIPPI (662) 686-2361

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Stringer’s International

Border Equipment


Baton Rouge


Trekker Tractor

Augusta Conley Pooler

Crawler Supply Company

Ayres Delta Implement

FLO FLORIDA RIDA Ft. Myers Hialeah Gardens Orlando Tampa West Palm Beach

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(804) 752-8333 (540) 966-0151 (540) 942-2610


(662) 624-4305

JWH Equipment Jackson

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NORTH NORTH C CAROLINA AROLINA East Carolina Equipment Greenville

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TENNESSEE TENNESSEE Contractors Machinery Johnson City Louisville

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Diamond Equipment La Vergne

(615) 641-1100

Liles Brothers Jackson

(731) 423-1637


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New Holland Launches New E55Bx Compact Excavator Featuring a large boom and arm for a wider operating range, the New Holland E55Bx compact excavator delivers 11,240 lb. ft. (50 kN) of bucket digging force. Rated at 39 net hp (29 kW), with an operating weight of 12,295 lbs. (5,577 kg) and a dig depth of 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m), the E55Bx delivers enough size and power for tackling various residential construction, underground pipe/electric, landscaping, demolition or commercial construction applications. With a cab height of 8 ft. 4 in. (2.55 m), the compact excavator is easy to transport between job sites. “Built around our customers’ needs, the New Holland

E55Bx compact excavator is reliable, easy to service and comfortable to operate,” said Dave December, marketing manager, New Holland Construction. “This machine is small enough for confined spaces, but has all the muscle, performance and productivity you’d expect from a midsized excavator.” Reliability The E55Bx includes the same design features found on larger New Holland excavators. The boom, arm and swing bracket on the new compact excavator feature large cross-

section segments for greater attachment strength. The lower structure extends to the sprockets, which reinforces the tracks and undercarriage at the optimal points. To match ground conditions, both rubber and steel tracks are available for the E55Bx excavator. Maintenance, Productivity “New Holland makes it easy to perform routine maintenance,” December said. “Wide doors and easy access to valves on the E55Bx makes it easy to perform all start-up checks at ground level.” The radiator features a new intake method that helps prevent clogging and makes cleaning simple and easy. In the event of an unexpected engine shutdown, a “no tools” fueltank drain valve and accumulator allows attachments to be safely lowered using in-cab controls. An easy-access electrical compartment beneath the seat also can be checked outside the cab at ground level. The E55Bx includes a standard dozer blade — featuring an increased 38-degree approach angle — for finish grading. For increased backfill and grading ability, an optional fourway dozer blade also is available. A variety of attachments also are available, including buckets, hammers and augers. The 19.8 gal. (75L) fuel tank extends operation time between refueling, keeping the New Holland E55Bx on the job longer.

With an operating weight of 12,295 lbs. (5,577 kg) the E55Bx delivers enough size and power for tackling various residential construction, underground pipe/electric, landscaping, demolition or commercial construction applications.

Wide doors on the E55Bx compact excavator make it easy to perform all start-up checks at ground level.

Personalized Operator Comfort “New Holland puts the operator first, setting the standard for comfort in the industry,” December said. “We designed the new E55Bx with the operator in mind, which includes individualized comfort settings, improved visibility to the front, sides and rear, and ergonomically placed controls and gauges.” The large ROPS/FOPS cab features a larger front window and wider rear window for added visibility. Standard air conditioning provides all-day comfort for the operator.

Featuring a large boom and arm for a wider operating range, the New Holland E55Bx compact excavator delivers 11,240 lb. ft. (50 kN) of bucket digging force. The machine is rated at 39 net hp (29 kW), with an operating weight of 12,295 lbs. (5,577 kg) and a dig depth of 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m).

Full Line of New Holland Excavators In addition to the E55Bx, the New Holland compact excavator product line includes the E18B, E27B, E35B and E50B. New Holland also offers a full range of mid and fullsized excavators. For more information, visit

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COMPACT EXCAVATORS From Komatsu - The Compact Experts

RISH EQUIPMENT COMPANY Bluefield, WV • 304/327-5124 Chesapeake, VA • 757/485-2100 Chester, VA • 804/748-6411 Coeburn, VA • 276/395-6901 Opal, VA • 540/439-0668 Salem, VA • 540/380-2090 Staunton, VA • 540/887-8291 POWER EQUIPMENT Knoxville, TN • 865/577-5563 LaVergne, TN • 615/213-0900 Chattanooga, TN • 423/894-1870 Kingsport, TN • 423/349-6111 Memphis, TN • 901/346-9800 Saltillo, MS • 662/869-0283 LINDER INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY find us on

Florida Ft. Myers • 239/337-1313 Jacksonville • 904/786-6710 Ocala • 352/629-7585 Orlando • 407/849-6560 Pembroke Pines • 954/433-2800 Plant City • 813/754-2727 West Palm Beach • 561/863-0570 North Carolina Asheville • 828/681-5172 Charlotte • 704/376-7554 Greenville • 252/695-6200 High Point • 336/665-0110 Raleigh • 919/851-2030 Wilmington • 910/254-2031 South Carolina Columbia • 803/794-6150 Greer • 864/877-8962 North Charleston • 843/552-0095 TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT COMPANY

The Komatsu PC88MR-8 takes the power and quality reputation of its larger siblings into tight places. The advanced Pilot Proportional Control (PPC) joysticks provide smooth, precise controls and five working modes enable you to take command of every project. t Three track options for any terrain: rubber, steel and roadliner t Boom offset allows digging parallel to foundations or fences t Spacious and comfortable contour cab design for true tight-tail versatility t KOMTRAX wireless equipment-monitoring system with no monthly fees


Alabama Alabaster • 205/621-2489 Anniston • 256/831-2440 Birmingham • 205/591-2131 Decatur • 256/355-0305 Dothan • 334/678-1832 Grove Hill • 251/275-4158 Mobile • 251/457-8991 Montgomery • 334/288-6580 Shoals Area • 256/383-5666 Tuscaloosa • 205/752-0621 Florida Panama City • 850/763-4654 Pensacola • 850/505-0550 Georgia Albany • 229/435-0982 Atlanta • 404-366-0693 Augusta • 706/798-7777 Calhoun • 706/879-6200 Columbus • 706/562-1801 Hoschton • 706/654-9850 Kennesaw • 678/354-5533 Macon • 478/745-6891 Savannah • 912/330-7500

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New Terex PT-100g, PT-100g Forestry Models Are Largest in Its CTL Lineup Terex’s PT-100G and PT-100G Forestry are the largest tors can make full use of these loaders’ higher travel speeds, compact track loaders in the Terex lineup. These new mod- hydraulic performance and engine horsepower,” said Carver. These loaders have a load-sensing, high-flow auxiliary els offer operators a 14.6 percent increase in tractive effort in low gear for more pushing power, a 32 percent increase in hydraulic capability of 43 gal./min. (163 Lpm) @ 3,800 psi horsepower to the attachment, a redesigned loader arm to (26,200 kPa) [incrementally adjustable in 1 gal. (3.8 L) steps achieve greater reach and 13 percent more bucket breakout from 30 to 43 gal./min. (114-163 Lpm)]. Other features standard on the PT-100G and force over their predecesPT-100G Forestry include sors. load-sensing infinitely “We continue to variable low-flow auxilenhance our compact iary hydraulics from 0 to track loader lineup based 20 gal./min. (0 to 76 on feedback from our disLpm), two-speed transtributors and customers,” mission up to 10 mi./hr. said Del Carver, area (16 klh), auto-idle, creep director, North America mode, selectable pattern Compact, Terex changer from ISO to “H” Construction. “The origipattern and adjustable nal PT-100 and PT-100 loader/bucket sensitivity. Forestry models are On models equipped with among our best-selling heat or AC, a pressurized models for construction and sealed enclosed cab and utility contractors, comes standard. landscapers, landowners The Terex PT-100G and vegetation manageForestry compact track ment specialists. Our goal loader comes fully outfitwith the new PT-100G ted for demanding forestry models was to keep the applications. The autoattributes that have made reversing fan on the PTthe previous machines so 100G Forestry has been popular with our cusenhanced to allow the tomers, while enhancing operator to trigger it at set features to exceed the intervals in 5-minute market’s expectations.” increments to keep the These models boast machine’s cooling system 99.9-hp (75 kW) engine and 310 lb.-ft. (420 Nm) PT-100G and PT-100G Forestry are the largest compact running at peak performance. of torque. Brand new to track loaders in the Terex lineup. In addition to these the PT-100G models, the cooling fan blades will automatically adjust to provide opti- attributes, the rugged new PT-100G Forestry model offers a mum airflow while minimizing engine horsepower con- comprehensive set of integrated standard features, including sumption. These newest Terex loaders have an operating a FOPS level 2 cab and 20-in. (50.8 cm) tracks, as well as a weight of 11,400 lb. (5,171 kg), a tipping load of 8,000 lb. complete forestry guarding package that includes a heavy(3,629 kg) — with a 4,000 lb. (1,814 kg) operating capacity duty polycarbonate door with a wiper, steel hood, rear brush at 50 percent tipping load capacity — and a lift height of 125 guard and limb-risers. Also standard is a screened engine pre-cleaner, and heavy duty skid-plates, which are hinged to in. (317.5 cm). With a narrow 6-ft. (1.8 m) profile and a low 14.75 in. allow access for cleaning out debris and other routine (37.4 cm) ground clearance, the new Terex PT-100G and PT- machine maintenance. Both the PT-100G and PT-100G Forestry loaders are 100G Forestry loaders are designed to maximize work in limited access areas. And with a low 4.0 psi ground pressure, designed with front-mounted quick-connect hydraulic fitthese machines can easily work on soft or sensitive surfaces tings and an electronic connector for control of attachments, with minimal damage or impact, according to the manufac- enabling them to use virtually any industry-standard attachment. These models also are equipped with electronic-overturer. The new PT-100G models include the Terex Posi-Track hydraulic pilot-operated joystick controls and a comfortable undercarriage technology and suspension for the smoothest operator station for easy operation. “The new PT-100G and PT-100G Forestry machines set a ride available in the industry. With 48 contact points on the ground, compared to the previous models’ 42, the PT-100G new benchmark for productivity and performance in the machines offer increased traction and higher flotation in all large frame CTL class,” said Carver. “These new loaders ground conditions and longer track life. While these loaders continue the Terex tradition of excellent performance and come standard with general purpose rubber tracks, the Terex reliability derived from building dedicated CTLs from the ground up.” Turf tracks are options for both these units. For more information, visit “These features offer better operating comfort so opera-

Authorized Bobcat Dealers

FLORIDA Bobcat of Metro Dade Hialeah Gardens


Bobcat of Jacksonville Jacksonville

GEORGIA Bobcat of Savannah Savannah

NORTH CAROLINA Bobcat of Charlotte Charlotte


Bobcat of Lenoir Lenoir


Bobcat of Wilson Wilson


New Bern


Triangle Equipment Co. Morrisville




Myrtle Beach




SOUTH CAROLINA Bobcat of Greenville Piedmont








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Scan the code above to see an exclusive video about the first ever performance competition between Bobcat and other equipment brands online. Visit to see more, and find out who comes out on top. “Bobcat” is a registered trademark of Bobcat Company. | 0911297

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a keeplow


Contact act your full service dealer for more information

Takeuchi understands the needs of the industry and responds with solutions. Track loaders feature high sprocket double reduction planetary reduction final drives which provide the most efficient use of power for more traction and digging force. Wheel loaders feature pushbutton 100% front and rear axle differential lock which provides immediate traction for superior digging and lifting power. Excavators feature pressure compensating piston pumps which provide smooth multi-function operation with unmatched breakout force and control.

DON ALLISON EQUIPMENT, INC. 233 Melville Road Arley, AL 35541 800-669-6450 205-387-1600 Fax: 205-387-1668

Driven to provide maximum functionality and performance. Dealer Imprint

Try a Takeuchi and feel the power. 

Cowin Equipment Company, Inc. 2238 Pinson Valley Pkwy P.O. Box 10624 Birmingham, AL 35202 205.841.6666 35 Schillinger Road, N P.O. Drawer 29 Mobile, AL 36601 251.633.4020 3120 Old Hayneville Rd. P.O. Drawer 9367 Montgomery, AL 36108 334.262.6642

15101 Alabama Hwy 20 Madison, AL 35758 P.O. Box 6192 Huntsville, AL 35824 256.536.9390 1501 Highway 78 East Oxford, AL 36203 256.832.5053 7950 Pittman Ave. Pensacola, FL 32591 850.479.3004





ACT Construction 355 Business Park Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27107 800.849.5438

3001 Boundary St. Wilmington, NC 28405 800.849.5438






The Power of Product and Support

Want to make a difference? Help create opportunities for everyone in your community. United Way is creating real, lasting change where you live, by focusing on the building blocks of a better lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; education, income and health. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what it means to Live United. For more, visit LIVEUNITED.ORG.

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Get it done with our largest compact. Looking for a small excavator that delivers big productivity to your worksite? You’ll find it in the John Deere 60D. Our largest compact excavator is still small enough to get around the tight spots in a construction site, while its powerful breakout force and impressive digging depth quickly get jobs done. And with its standard quick-coupler, auxiliary hydraulics, and your choice of available attachments, the 60D brings the versatility to accomplish most any job. To find out how to make it big with a compact excavator, give us a call today.

flINT EQUIPMENT coMPANy Albany, GA 229/888-1212 Atlanta, GA 404/691-9445 Grovetown, GA 706/855-5440 Columbus, GA 706/687-3344 Braselton, GA 770/965-1889 Adairsville, GA 770/773-9857

Brunswick, GA 912/264-6161 Savannah, GA 912/964-7370 Dothan, AL 334/794-8691 Troy, AL 334/566-4181 Perry, FL 850/584-9200 Tallahassee, FL 850/575-5600

West Columbia, SC 803/794-9340 Simpsonville, SC 864/963-5835 Aynor, SC 843/358-5688 Ladson, SC 843/572-0400 Walterboro, SC 843/539-1420

R.W. MooRE EQUIP. co. Main office Garner, NC 919/772-2121 Ahoskie, NC 252/332-5550 Hope Mills, NC 910/424-1200 New Bern, NC 252/638-5838 Greenville, NC 252/758-4403 Castle Hayne, NC 910/675-9211

JAMES RIVER EQUIPMENT Ashland, VA 804/798-6001 Manassas Park, VA 703/631-8500 Winchester, VA 540/667-9777 Richlands, VA 276/596-9440 Asheville, NC 828/667-0176

Charlotte, NC 704/597-0211 800/532-6797 Greensboro, NC 336/668-2762 800/632-0376 Mt. Gilead, NC 910/439-5653 800/692-9175 Salem, VA 540/380-2011

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Replacement Axle Housings


Greasable/Rebuildable Dual Bearing Set Up Sold With or Without Wheels



Track with Rubber Lugs and Bolt-On

Fits CAT & ASV Multi-Terrain Loaders Hydraulic Track Tensioners & Outer Sprocket Tubes

” s! ck ra T er b b u R n io in m o “My tracks are D Same-day Shipping


Next-day Delivery*

“Dependable, Economical and Fast Delivery!”


800-365-7260 Call Today!

*Next day delivery to most U.S. locations.




DRubber OMINION Tracks

OEM PARTS Order Online Anytime! WE ACCEPT

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Industry’s only side door entry

60% better than competition

33% larger cab

Up to $3,000 in annual fuel savings

24% better SAE s

Nobody rivals our vision JCB has always been a visionary company, from the invention of the backhoe loader, to the only skid steer with a side door. Now, we’ve redesigned our skid steer from the ground up. We’ve given it greater visibility, increased accessibility and made it more comfortable – all without saccrificing safety. Step in our industryy ’s only side door and you’ll learn why this is no ordinaryy skid stteer. For more information visit

become a fan at or visit our blog:

LO C AT I O N S JCB of Alabama 8920 Weaver Avenue Leeds, AL 35094 205/699-2699 866/480-6125

JCB of Georgia 4008 Mike Padgett Hwy. Augusta, GA 30906 888/431-0130

791 Anderson Road Montgomery, AL 36110 334/262-8104 866/954-6522

Pooler, GA 31322 912/330-0130 888/431-0130 Fax: 912/330-9214 2679 Barrett Lakes Blvd. Kennesaw, GA 30144 678/594-5400 Fax: 678/594-7868

JCB of Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN 37421 423/899-1219 Fax: 423/892-0508

Valley Supply and Equipment 8192 Euclid Ct. Manassis Park, VA 20111 703/330-5579

JCB of Florida & South Georgia 6907 Broadway Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32254 877/218-5638 2230 North U.S. Highway 301 Tampa, FL 33619 813/621-4671 2755 Marshall Drive Fax: 813/594-0584 Tifton, GA 31793 877/462-3250 1915 N. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32804 877/205-6098

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The Difference is in the D-tails. You asked. We delivered. Our D-Series Skid Steers are loaded with customer-recommended enhancements, like larger operator stations, quiet pressurized cabs with best-in-class visibility, and curved-glass swing-out doors. D-Series innovations include an exclusive cooling system with available hydraulically driven variable-speed fan that reverses to clear core-clogging buildup. Plus options such as electrohydraulic joysticks, variable boom and bucket speed settings, and more than 100 attachments to let you take on more tasks. Packed full of best-in-class productivity and uptime-enhancing features, the D-Series are destined to become owner and operator favorites. Ask for a demo today.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL JOHN DEERE SKID STEER LOADER DEALER JAMES RIVER EQUIPMENT Ashland, VA 23005 804/358-6776 Burkeville, VA 23922 434/767-5578 Fishersville, VA 540/337-3057 Richland, VA 276/596-9440 Wilkesboro, NC 28697 336/973-8201 800/422-4193


Asheboro, NC 27203 336/625-2212 Salisbury, NC 28144 704/636-2671 Matthews, NC 28104 704/821-7399 Rock Hill, SC 29730 803/325-1555 866/277-8119

FLINT EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1206 Blaylock St, P.O. Box 3329 Albany, GA 31706 229/888-1212 Fax: 229/435-3612 Cuthbert GA 229/732-2631 Dothan, AL 334/794-8691 Troy, AL 334/566-4181 Perry, FL 850/584-9200 Tallahassee, FL 850/575-5600 West Columbia, SC 29169 803/794-9340

Aynor, SC 29511 843/358-5688 Atlanta, GA 30336 404/691-9445 Braselton, GA 30517 770/965-1889 Adairsville, GA 30103 770/773-9857 Savannah, GA 912/964-7370 Brunswick, GA 912/264-6161 Ladson, SC 843/572-0400 Walterboro, SC 843/539-1420

R.W. MOORE EQUIPMENT CO. Main Office Garner, NC 919/772-2121 Ahoskie, NC 252/332-5550 Hope Mills, NC 910/424-1200 New Bern, NC 252/638-5838 Greenville, NC 252/758-4403 Castle Hayne, NC 910/675-9211

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Alabama COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Birmingham (205) 841-6666 Huntsville (256) 350-0006 Mobile (251) 633-4020 Montgomery (334) 262-6642 Oxford (256) 832-5053

Arkansas THE G.W. VAN KEPPEL CO. Little Rock (501) 945-4594 Van Buren (479) 474-5281

Florida COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Pensacola (850) 479-3004 GS EQUIPMENT Davie/Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Myers Jacksonville Orlando Tampa

(954) (239) (904) (407) (813)

327-8808 334-6063 268-4400 859-9160 248-4971

Georgia COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Mableton (404) 696-7210

Louisiana CLM EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Broussard (337) 837-6693 Sulphur (337) 625-5942 QUEST CONSTRUCTION Gonzales Lake Charles St. Rose

EQUIPMENT (225) 450-6425 (337) 436-7726 (504) 467-7663

North Carolina COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Mableton, Ga (for NC Parts) (404) 696-7210 Mableton, Ga (for NC Service) (404) 696-7210

South Carolina COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Mableton, Ga (for SC Parts) (404) 696-7210 Mableton, Ga (for SC Service) (404) 696-7210

Tennessee FINLEY LLC a DIV of HMI, INC. Gray (423) 282-5462 Memphis (901) 260-2200 NASHVILLE TRACTOR & EQUIP. INC Nashville (615) 865-7800

Virginia ELLIOTT & FRANTZ, INC. Manassas (703) 257-2381 LINK-BELT MID ATLANTIC Ashland (804) 798-2290 Chesapeake (757) 485-4485

Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO WIRE PRODUCTS, INC. San Juan (787) 288-8080

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LiuGong Introduces Tier IV Interim 906C Compact Excavator LiuGong’s 906C compact excavator is the first model in LiuGong’s excavator line up to carry the Tier IV interim designation and, with its Yanmar 4TNV-94 engine, the 906C packs 45 net hp (33.5 kW) into an urban size digger. The 906C’s narrow 6 ft. 3 in. (1.9 m) body allows operators to get into confined work areas such as those with high walls, established vegetation or mechanical obstructions. The 906C offers a max digging depth of 12 ft. 8 in. (3.8 m) with a reach of 19 ft. 8 in. (6 m) at ground level. Featuring a close 7 ft. 11 in. (2.4 m) swing radius, the 906C is able to lift material to a dump height of 13 ft. 2 in. (4 m). The .27 cu. yd. (.2 cu m) capacity standard bucket accom-

modates the 906C’s digging force of 8,228 lbs. (3,732 kg). The 906C’s deluxe climate controlled cab provides operator comfort with a suspension seat, AM/FM radio, and pre-cleaner air intake system. Pilot controls with a pattern changer feature allow the operator to control the vehicle’s functions with less fatigue. A dozer blade is standard and the 906C has a factory installed 2-way auxiliary hydraulic circuit configuration to support additional attachments. The steel track’s oil-sealed track rollers provide less undercarriage maintenance and keep the machine functioning reliably, according to the manufacturer. For more information, visit

LiuGong’s 906C is the first model in LiuGong’s excavator lineup to carry the Tier IV interim designation.

JCB Unveils 1CX T Tracked Compact Backhoe Loader JCB has extended its range with the addition of a compact tracked machine. With skid steer ability and integral backhoe loader, the 1CX T concept machine is highly compact, maneuverable and productive, combining the features of two machines in one, according to the manufacturer. The development of the new machine comes as JCB comprehensively upgrades its 1CX product — the smallest member of its backhoe loader family — with a new appearance, longer loader arms, an extending dipper option, servo controls and a power management system. With enhanced visibility over a conventional twin arm skid steer, the new 1CX offers improved performance, greater operator comfort and additional choice for customers in rental and utility markets. It offers a wide choice of attachments at both the front and the rear of the machine. Modern Styling More Than Skin Deep The 1CX has been updated with the latest JCB corporate styling, including a revised cab roof trim, improved working lights and sturdy electrical switches. The new optional loader arms are 4 in. (10 cm) longer to provide easier loading of road tippers and site

dump trucks. At the rear an extending dipper option adds up to 1 ft. 8 in. (.5 m) to the digging envelope, taking maximum dig depth to 10 ft. (3 m). This allows easier load over of trucks, with the backhoe easily able to reach the center of the truck. A new power management system (PMS) improves performance, reducing engine lug down as the machine starts to dig and

increasing power when driving into a pile with the front bucket. Improved Cab Increases 1CX Appeal Optional servo controls for the backhoe provide the operator with greater control and less effort, and no need to lean forward when working the rear attachment. Not only is the system more productive, it removes the con-

With skid steer ability and integral backhoe loader, the 1CX T concept machine combines the features of two machines in one.

trol lever post, creating more space for the operator, particularly around the feet. Customers can choose between an SAE and ISO lever pattern using an optional changeover switch, to suit the individual operator and ensure rapid driver acceptance, according to the manufacturer. Inside the cab the 1CX gets an improved JCB seat, with the option of fixed or suspension mounting. This new seat design offers additional leg room, making it easier for the operator to get comfortable and to spin the seat for backhoe operation. Auxiliary functions can now be controlled by optional proportional switches in the servo levers, rather than by the foot pedal, offering more precise control and less fatigue for the operator.

Track Option to Boost Customer Choice During 2011, JCB also will offer the option of a compact tracked loader base for the machine. With a 60 hp (44.7 kW) turbocharged engine, the tracked machine will come with a 33 gpm (125 Lpm) high flow auxiliary hydraulic option. Integrated air conditioning also will be offered as an option. The tracked machine will weigh in at just under 8,600 lbs. (3,900 kg) and will have a maximum load height of 9 ft. (2.7 m).

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 63

Page 64 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Volvo Adds L110G, L120G to Its Wheel Loader Lineup Designed for high production applications in heavy infrastructure, quarrying and recycling, the L110G and L120G are the latest additions to the Volvo flagship G-Series wheel loader range. At 19.8 to 22.0 tons (18 to 20 t), these machines fulfill the requirements of the latest U.S. emissions legislation — while at the same time boasting improvements in a number of other important areas. When compared to the models they replace, the L110G and L120G feature a 25 percent increase in lifting force, a 15 percent increase in breakout force and lower fuel consumption — up to 5 percent in load-and-carry and truck loading duties. This improved efficiency comes with enhanced ease of operation and reliability — significantly reducing the lifetime operating costs per ton of these machines. All this comes wrapped in a modern exterior design and with improved operating environment and better visibility, according to the manufacturer.

machines feature improved engine response at low engine speeds. The production of torque and power at low engine speeds, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, removes the need to overrun the engine, which in turn extends engine life as well as lowering fuel usage and dramatically reducing noise, according to the manufacturer. A waste gate on the turbocharger allows some of the exhaust to bypass the turbine when the set intake pressure is achieved. This contributes to good engine response across the entire engine speed range. A hydraulically driven, electronically controlled cooling fan works only when needed, increasing engine power, while lowering noise and fuel consumption. The L110G and L120G are fitted with heavy duty axles whose housings absorb the weight of the machine and load. This means that the axle shafts transmit torque to the hub reductions, thereby reducing stresses on the propeller and

the automatic power shift (APS) concept ensures the loader always operates in the ideal gear by sensing engine and travel speed, kick-down, engine braking and other factors. Offering operators a choice of four gear shifting programs, APS results in more efficient work cycles with lower fuel consumption and wear. Volvo’s torque parallel (TP) linkage combines the benefits of Z-bar and parallel linkages in one system, delivering good parallel movement and high breakout force, even in the highest lift position. The TP linkage has a strong and durable design that is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Its geometry enables operators to get closer to the materials and raise them quickly, with smooth horizontal stability. Enhanced visibility through the linkage and quick coupler promotes faster and safer loading. Pallet forks can easily be seen without the operator needing to shift in the seat for a better view, according to the manufacturer. Care Cab ROPS/FOPS approved, visibility in the spacious new cabin is improved, to the rear, to the bucket edge and to the centrally located instrumentation. With controls that fall easily to hand, operators can breathe easily due to efficient air management and filtering systems. This allows them to get on with the job in hand in a comfortable, clean, low-noise and vibration work environment. The servo controls are mounted on the operator seat, and include settings such as return to dig. Boom and bucket positions can be set electronically from inside the cab so there’s no need to use tools and move around sensors outside the cab. Also, encouraging operators to work smoothly, the accelerator pedal applies an appropriate amount of mechanical back pressure, to facilitate low fuel consumption operating techniques (Eco-Pedal) and optimize fuel efficiency.

When compared to the models they replace, the L110G and L120G feature a 25 percent increase in lifting force, a 15 percent increase in breakout force and lower fuel consumption — up to 5 percent in load-and-carry and truck loading duties.

Designed and Produced by Volvo Featuring new engines and driveline systems for improved productivity, lower emissions, greater smoothness, serviceability and operator comfort, the L110G and L120G are fitted with a Tier 4i certified engine that is married to drive train, hydraulics and lifting systems that are all designed and produced by Volvo to work in harmony. The engine is a Volvo six cylinder turbocharged V-ACT (Volvo advanced combustion technology) off-highway diesel unit, which features cooled gas recirculation and a particulate filter with active regeneration. The active-type diesel particulate filter (DPF) temporarily holds the particulate matter and then incinerates it, further reducing emissions. Producing between 256 to 268 hp (191 to 200 kW), these

shafts. The rear axle cradles are maintenance free and the front axle is fitted with a hydraulically operated differential lock. This transfers 100 percent power to the wheels and reduces wheel spin, giving good traction in soft or slippery conditions. High Pressure Hydraulics = Greater Lifting Force Two stronger, variable displacement load-bearing axial piston pumps are fitted, allowing higher working hydraulic pressure and providing enhanced control of the load and attachments — as well as higher breakout force, faster lifting and tilt functions. Load sensing hydraulics match power when it is needed for lower fuel consumption and high performance. Transmissions feature a stiff torque converter and

Caring for the Machine The L110G and L120G come with advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics that are designed to prolong machine life, enhance uptime and maximize productivity. Contronics monitors functions in real time and alerts the operator if problems occur. MATRIS, meanwhile, charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. Finally, CareTrack, the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system, allows machine location and operating data to be securely viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world, aiding fast decisions on maintenance and repairs. Servicing is made easy, with daily pre-start items quickly checked and scheduled service items conveniently grouped together. Both machines are fitted with a newly designed engine cover that provides excellent ventilation of the engine compartment. The cover can be electronically opened backwards — giving open access for fast and easy cleaning or servicing duties. Centralized, ground level lubrication banks lower the time spent on scheduled maintenance. And consumables like filters are easy to reach and easy to replace. The L110G and L120G are available with a large number of purpose built Volvo attachments to suit the application, including rehandling and light material buckets. It’s not just buckets — there is a wide range of other attachments available, as well as brackets that make changing tools fast and easy — all designed and approved by Volvo to work in harmony with the machines’ link-arm geometry, breakout, rim pull and lifting forces. For more information, call 828/650-2000 or visit


SECTION Case Introduces DV Series Double Drum Compactors Pages 65-69

The new Case DV207, DV210 and DV213 asphalt compactors meet the requirements of a wide range of asphalt projects.

Case Construction Equipment has introduced three new DV Series double drum, large asphalt compactors that provide versatility for all types of production asphalt paving applications. Case DV Series compactors deliver dual amplitudes, dual frequencies and centrifugal forces to meet the needs of any paving application, from coarse bases to hot-mix asphalt surfaces. Independent drum vibration control, combined with two operating frequencies, provides the best possible compaction productivity. Hydrostatic drive is standard for all DV Series models. The new Case DV207, DV210 and DV213 asphalt compactors meet the requirements of a wide range of asphalt projects with drum widths of 57 in. (145 cm), 66 in. (170 cm) and 83 in. (210 cm), respectively, and operating weights up to 28,725 lb. (13,030 kg). “The Case DV Series large asphalt compactors establish a new industry standard for performance, productivity and reliability,” said Woody Ferrell, Case global product marketing manager. “These

The Case Dual Drum Drive System — standard on the new DV Series machines — provides independent pumps for each drum.

new models significantly expand the Case compaction equipment product line and give contractors a superior choice for large-scale paving.” The Case Dual Drum Drive System — standard on the new

the drive lever is moved from neutral and stops when the lever is returned to neutral. The combination of fuel-efficient Cummins diesel engines and 55-gal. (208 L) fuel tanks keeps the Case DV Series compactors on the

“The Case DV Series large asphalt compactors establish a new industry standard for performance, productivity and reliability.” Woody Ferrell Case

DV Series machines — provides independent pumps for each drum. The pumps deliver 100-percent traction efficiency and eliminate slippage on the compacted surface. Plus, automatic vibration control ensures smooth starting and stopping, reducing damage to the asphalt mat. The Case vibratory system automatically starts when

job for up to 20 hours of non-stop production. Powerful front- and rear-facing halogen lights illuminate the job site for continued nighttime productivity. All three models feature large capacity, corrosion-free, water tanks with multistage filtration systems. The articulated frame delivers a tight turning radius for working in confined

The combination of fuel-efficient Cummins diesel engines and 55-gal. (208 L) fuel tanks keeps the Case DV Series compactors on the job for up to 20 hours of non-stop production.

areas. These three new models add to the current Case line of DV201, DV202 and DV204 double drum compactors. • The DV213 model has a drum width of 83 in., an operating weight of 28,726 lb. (13,030 kg) and a rated hp of 130 (97 kW). • The DV210 has a drum width of 67 in. (170 cm), an operating weight of 22,928 lb. (10,400 kg) and is rated at 99 hp (74 kW). • The DV207 has a drum width of 57 in. (145 cm), an operating weight of 16,226 lb. (7,360 kg) and a power rating of 80 hp (60 kW). Comfort Features Keep Operator Productivity High The rear-mounted power train on Case DV Series compactors lowers noise, vibration and heat for the operator. “A comfortable operator is more productive and attentive to the job,” Ferrell said. “The DV Series ISO-mounted operator’s platform provides superior comfort for long workdays, and it provides best-in-class visi-

bility to the drums and paved surface.” A standard fixed ROPS work platform provides added operator protection. For all-weather operation, Case offers an optional heated and air-conditioned cab. The 180degree rotating operator’s station with swivel seat gives the operator a full view to either side of the compactor and to interior gauging. The dual, multi-function, directional controls on both sides of the seat provide operation from the left or right position. Easy, Efficient Maintenance The new Case compactors feature a one-piece vertical-lift hood for easy, ground-level access to daily maintenance checkpoints. The DV Series compactors also feature spin-on fuel, engine oil and hydraulic filters for quick filter replacement and installation. All drive train components are easily accessible, minimizing maintenance time and maximizing productivity. For more information, visit

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3517 Wayne White Rd., Climax, NC 27233 Sales: Parts:


New Stone WP4100 double drum vibratory roller, front, rear or both drums vibrate, Kubota 24.8 hp liquid cooled diesel engine, 40" drums, hydrostatic drive and steering, water system, 4000 lbs centrifugal force, ROPS, double drum drive

New Stone Bulldog TR34 trench compactor, remote operation, 20 hp Hatz diesel engine, 34" drums, centrifugal force 15709, 2000 vpm

New Stone SFP3000A forward plate tamp, 5.5 hp Honda gas engine, 13 qt polyethylene water tank, plate size 20" x 24", eccentric force 3000 lbs, vibration frequency 6000 vpm, removable water tank

Marathon KERA145 & KERA260HD Rubberized Melting Kettle for Crack Sealing and Waterproofing, 145 & 260 gallon, 26hp 3 cylinder Kohler diesel engine, single 320,000 BTU continuous ignition diesel burner, automatic temperature control, hydraulic agitation, patented 18’ oil heated hose system, heated applicator wand with 3” O.D. swivel sealing shoe, overnight heating, 10lb fire extinguisher, 80cfm air compressor

New Marathon HEPR36 Walk Behind Infrared Heated, 3’x3’, 360,000 BTU

New Marathon TPS250T Tack Distributor, trailer mounted, Honda 5.5hp gas engine, 10GPM pumping system, 250 gallon capacity, 5’ spray wand w/40’ hose, 10” filler lid, hose reel, electric brakes

New Marathon CR300K Pavement Crack Router, 30 hp Kohler gas engine, 1 set of carbide tipped router blades, dual element air cleaning system with pre-cleaner

New Marathon KERA10 Walk Behind Crack Sealer, 10 gallon material vat, full wrap around oil jacket, manual full sweep agitation, single 50,000 BTU vapor burner with flame out protection, automatic temperature control, material temperature gauge, front caster wheel, two case iron rear wheels, heated 3/4” discharge valve

New Powermoon 2000W Balloon Light, lights 20,000 sq. ft., no glare, No harsh shadows, wide light distribution, High portability Small storage Solid & robust, safety & work efficienty at night increase enormously!

Serving Serving the the Asphalt Asphalt Industry Industry for for over over 20 20 Years Years

The road to profit is built by Volvo.

LET’S WORK. Volvo is your complete road building resource. The place to get it all is ASC Construction Equipment. A wide range of Volvo paving, compaction, grading – and construction equipment. All backed with expert, local support. Let’s work. Visit your local ASC dealer today. CORPORA RA ATE 704-494-8100

VVolvo ollvo Construction Consstruction EEquipment quipment





North A Atlanta tlanta 678-318-9500 Savannah 912-964-8079 Smyrna 770-319-0074

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Chattanooga 423-308-7940 Knoxville 865-525-1845

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RISH EQUIPMENT COMPANY 917 Cavalier Blvd. Chesapeake, VA 23323 (757) 485-2100 • (757) 485-3616 1410 West Hundred Rd. Chester, VA 23836 (804) 748-6411 133 Wise Mountain Rd. NW Coeburn, VA 24230 (276) 395-6901 • Fax: (276) 395-3438 10214 Fayetteville Rd. Bealton, VA 22712 (540) 439-0668 • Fax: (540) 439-0719 5731 Glenmary Drive Salem, VA 24153 (540) 380-4858 66 International lane Suite 102 Staunton, VA 24401 (540) 887-8291 • Fax: (540) 887-8295

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ARROW EQUIPMENT PO Box 21185 Greensboro, NC 27420 (336) 294-2326 1233 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 765-2040

TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT COMPANY 5336 Messer-Airport Hwy Birmingham, AL (205) 591-2131 3820 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosa, AL (205) 752-0621

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Mauldin’s 1750-C Super Paver is ready for fast and hard action. Unmatched performance and durability set this heavyweight apart from all others.


Check the details at MG622

Precision Spray

Discover More Ways Mauldin Can Help You Become a Master

of the Mat.

Calder Brothers Corporation 250 E. Warehouse Ct. | Taylors, SC 29687

phone: (864) 244-4800 | fax: (864) 244-5007 | STOWERS MACHINERY CORP. 6301 Old Rutledge Pike Knoxville, TN (865) 546-1414 Chattanooga, TN (423) 698-6943 Tri-Cities, TN (423) 323-0400 Crossville, TN (931) 456-6543 Stowers Rents Locations Knoxville, TN (865) 218-8800 Chattanooga, TN (865) 622-9933 Tri-Cities, TN (423) 323-4445 Crossville, TN (931) 484-4040 Sevierville, TN (865) 595-3750



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LOUISIANA CAT Reserve, LA 70084 (866) 843-7440

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SB Manufacturing Inc.


FEATURES Standard Equipment Includes: • 2-Speed hydrostatic transmission • Low range 0 to 10 mph • High range 0 to 20 mph • Dual transmission foot controls • 8 Foot poly quick change tube brush • Sweeping angle 35˚ • Sweeping width 96” • Dual element air cleaner • 85 HP Cummins Diesel 3.3 liter

Controls & Accessories: • Padded suspension seat • Enclosed cab w/wiper • Pressurized air conditioning • Heater & defroster fan • West coast mirrors w/convex mirrors • Light group • Rear work lights • Strobe light


“Superior Quality & Performance”

Scraper Blade Joystick Controls Electronic joystick control for all broom functions with red LED lights indicating brush speed, full gauge package with tachometer, oil & water gauge, volt meter, fuel gauge and rocker switches with red indicator lights.

Easy Access

Broom Controls

Swing Out Rear Door

Easy Servicing

visit find us on

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EXACTCOMPACT, you can be sure that you’re rolling at the precise impact spacing. EXACTCOMPACT is a simple visual monitor: Red = You’re rolling too fast.

Yellow = You’re rolling too slow. Green = You’re right on target to reach density at the fastest possible ground speed. EXACTCOMPACT is standard on mainline Sakai rollers – optional on all others. Put it to work on your next HMA job. 1-800-323-0535

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The Worldwide Leader in Concrete Paving Technology


Birmingham, AL 2238 Pinson Valley Parkway Birmingham, AL 35217 205-841-6666 205-849-0853 (Fax)

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Arrow Equipment • The Paving Specialists Cat Pavers Caterpillar Asphalt Pavers continue to lead the industry and meet your demanding job requirements.

Cat PM-200 Milling Machines With many enhanced features and options, the PM-200 performs controlled full-depth removal of asphalt layers in a single pass and is also capable of concrete removal.

Cat CB54 Our Cat Compactors are designed to help you complete your work more efficiently and productively.

Arrow Equipment has the Cat Machine to Satisfy Your Requirements.


1516 Glendale Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 (336) 294-2326 (800) 451-6819

1233 Bluff Rd Columbia, SC 29201 803/765-2040 866/880-8365


The LeeBoy 8510B High Deck or Low Deck Conveyor Pavers are designed with the paving professional in mind. Featuring the Legend Screed System famous for producing seamless mats up to 15 feet in width. LeeBoy 8500B series pavers feature the durability, reliability and productivity that make them ideal for commercial and mainline paving applications. Designed with the Paving Professional in Mind.®

Tack Distributors

Pneumatic Compaction for Asphalt Paving

Motor Graders

Featured with: • 84.5 HP Kubota or 83 HP Caterpillar • 8- to 15-foot Heated and Vibrating Legend Screed System • Poly Pad Steel Track Drive – Standard • 12” Casted Augers • Dual Lever Joystick Steering Control (both sides) • Standard Hydraulic Operating Controls • Sonic Auger Controls • Under Auger Cut-off Plates • Heavy-duty Radius Hopper Wings VT LeeBoy, Inc. 500 Lincoln County Parkway Ext. • Two-speed Hydrostatic Drive, Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092 Internal Brakes – standard 704.966.3300 • Electronic Gauge and Vandalism Packages

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Maximizer 3 Asphalt Distributor Features:

Roadbuilding Solutions

· · · · ·

LeeBoy’s Rosco brand roadbuilding solutions are designed and built for the most demanding applications. From asphalt distributors and brooms to pothole patchers and chip spreaders, count

8 to 16 Foot Extendible Spraybar Automatic In-Cab Controls 400 GPM Viking Asphalt Pump

on LeeBoy products for value that delivers bottom-line results. Durability, productivity, ease of operation and value have made LeeBoy an industry leader.

Enviro-Flush Clean-Out System Internal Spraybar Valves

RICHMOND MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1701 Roseneath Rd. Richmond, VA 23230 1-800-662-6485


Pensacola, FL 850-505-0550 Panama City, FL 850-763-4654


Contact your Rosco Dealer

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VT LeeBoy, Inc. • 500 Lincoln County Parkway Ext. • Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 • 704.966.3300 •

HEAVY HITTERS You get more performance, reliability and productive per square foot with Stone compactors. Stompers®, forward and reversible plates, walk-behind and ride-on asphalt and dirt rollers, manual and remote control trench rollers - all designed to hit hard and travel fast. They’ll get your job done on time and on budget. When you need a real compaction performer call in one of the heavy hitters from Stone - a 100% employees owned American company.

JFW Equipment Inc. 3517 Wayne White Rd. Climax, NC 27233 336-685-4998 • Fax: 336-685-0968 Email: Web:

STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION Required by 19 USC 3685 Title of publication: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE SOUTHEAST EDITION; Publication Number: 1058-6474; Date of filing: Sept. 22, 2011; Frequency: Bi-weekly, 26 issues annually; Annual Subscription price: $65.00; Complete mailing address of known office of publication: 6060 Piedmont Row Dr. South Ste 555, Charlotte, N.C. 28210; Publisher’s general business office: 470 Maryland Dr., Ft. Washington, PA 19034; Publisher’s name and address: Richard McKeon, 6060 Piedmont Row Dr. South Ste 555, Charlotte, N.C. 28210; Editor in Chief: Craig Mongeau, 470 Maryland Dr., Ft. Washington, PA 19034; Owner: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE SOUTHEAST EDITION, 6060 Piedmont Row Dr. South Ste 555, Charlotte, N.C. 28210; Edwin M. McKeon Jr., 470 Maryland Dr., Ft. Washington, PA 19034; Pamela McDonald, 1146 S. Lefever Dr., Lititz, PA 17543; Joseph McKeon, 5875 N. Lincoln Ave. Suite 227, Chicago, IL 60659; Elizabeth Rohrer, 9 Kingsfield Dr., Pittsford, NY 14534; Richard McKeon, 6060 Piedmont Row Dr. South Ste 555, Charlotte, N.C. 28210; Known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders: None, Issue date for circulation data below 9/21/11; Extent of circulation (Average number of copies during preceding 12 months): Net press run 20,623; paid circulation through agents 0; through mail subscription 20,347; free distribution 0; total distribution 20,347; copies not distributed 276; return from news agents 0; Total 20,623; Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation 100%; Actual number of copies for issue published nearest to filing date: Net press run 20,052; paid circulation through agents 0; through mail subscription 19,626; free distribution 0; total distribution 19,626; copies not distributed 426; return from news agents 0; Total 20,052; Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation 100%. I certify that the above statements made by me are correct and complete. /s/ Edwin M. McKeon, Sr., President/CEO

Construction Equipment Guide • Paving Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 75

Dependable Etnyre performance saves you time and money.






visit find us on





Construction Equipment Guide • Paving Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 75

Dependable Etnyre performance saves you time and money.

Black-Topper® Asphalt Distributors Etnyre Distributors are the benchmark by which all others are measured. Exclusive Etnyre features provide accurate, dependable liquid asphalt applications.

Etnyre ChipSpreaders. Change spread width on the move with the exclusive Etnyre variable width spread hopper. Front wheel or four wheel drive. Computer controlled application rates.

Etnyre Street Flushers with hydrostatically driven water pumps. Patented control system automatically maintains predetermined water pressure.     

Etnyre BLACKHAWK Heavy-Duty Trailers 35, 55 and 60 ton hydraulic removable gooseneck trailers. 2, 3 and 4 axle Stingers, axles, jeeps,  configurations.   removable/flip      drop  sides models. built and Paver  Special     Custom    models  up  to 100tons.  

visit find us on


Page 76 • October 5, 2011 • • Paving Section • Construction Equipment Guide

NORTRAX CORPORATE 4042 Park Oaks Blvd. Tampa, FL 33610 813-635-2316 SARASOTA PARTS Sarasota, FL 34243 941-752-1300 TAMPA PARTS Riverview, FL 33569 813-621-4902

MIAMI Miami, FL 33166 305-592-5740

FORT MYERS Ft. Myers, FL 33916 239-334-3627

NEW TAMPA Lutz, FL 33559 813-995-0841

WEST PALM BEACH West Palm Beach, FL 33404 561-848-6618

POMPANO BEACH PARTS Pompano Beach, FL 33064 954-977-9541

DAYTONA PARTS Holly Hill, FL 32117 386-252-4121

ORLANDO Orlando, FL 32804 407-299-1212

MELBOURNE PARTS West Melbourne, FL 32904 321-729-8944

Construction Equipment Guide • Paving Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 77

COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. Birmingham, AL 205-841-6666 Mobile, AL 251-633-4020 Montgomery, AL 334-262-6642 Huntsville / Decatur, AL 256-350-0006 Pensacola, FL 850-479-3004

RICHMOND MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT Richmond, VA 804-359-4048 800-662-6485

FLAGLER CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, LLC. Ft. Myers, FL Orlando, FL 239-481-8554 (Corporate Office) Davie, FL 407-659-8700 954-581-4744 Orlando, FL Tampa, FL 407-850-9614 813-630-0077 Jacksonville, FL 904-737-6000

ASC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT NORTH CAROLINA Asheville, NC 828-687-0620 Charlotte, NC 704-596-8283 Raleigh, NC 919-661-8710 Greenville, NC 252-754-5280

ASC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SOUTH CAROLINA Columbia, SC 803-791-0740 Piedmont, SC 864-704-1060 North Charleston, SC 843-414-1120

ASC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GEORGIA Acworth, GA 770-529-5125 Atlanta, GA 770-319-0074 Buford, GA 678-318-9500 Savannah, GA 912-964-8079

Page 78 • October 5, 2011 • • Paving Section • Construction Equipment Guide



w ww. w i rtg e n a m e r i c a . c o m

Knoxville, TN • 865/577-5563 Kingsport, TN • 423/349-6111 LaVergne, TN • 615/213-0900 Memphis, TN • 901/346-9800 Chattanooga, TN • 423/894-1870 Saltillo, MS • 662/869-0283

Asphalt Recyclers


RECYCLE: RECYCLE: 7\ib_gpA]``]b[gp@YZhcjYfD`UbhA]l 7\ib_gpA]``]b[gp@YZhcjYfD`UbhA]l 6U[Y`U5gd\U`hFYWmW`YfgYlW`ig]jY`m 6U[Y`U5gd\U`hFYWmW`YfgYlW`ig]jY`m ZYUhifYWcbjYWh]cb\YUh]b[!bcX]fYWh ZYUhifYWcbjYWh]cb\YUh]b[!bcX]fYWh ÒUaYWcbhUWhaYUbgWcbg]ghYbh ÒUaYWcbhUWhaYUbgWcbg]ghYbh  Wcbhfc``UV`YhYadYfUhifYgUbXbc Wcbhfc``UV`YhYadYfUhifYgUbXbc `cggcZYl]gh]b[Ugd\U`hWYaYbh `cggcZYl]gh]b[Ugd\U`hWYaYbh

6U[Y`UFYWmW`YfgUfYUjU]`UV`Y 6U[Y`UFYWmW`YfgUfYUjU]`UV`Y bh\fYYg]nYg.( +UbX%$hcb ]bh\fYYg]nYg.( +UbX%$hcb D9F<CIFWUdUW]h]Yg" D9F<CIFWUdUW]h]Yg"



kkk"5ffck9ei]d=bW"Wca BCFH<75FC@=B5


%)%*;`YbXU`Y8f]jY ;fYYbgVcfc B7&+($* D\cbY.''*&-(!&'&* Hc``:fYY.,$$()%!*,%:Ul.''*,)(!&,%'

%&''6`iZZFcUX 7c`iaV]U G7&-&$% D\cbY.,$'+*)!&$($ Hc``:fYY.,**,,$!,'*) :Ul.,$'+*)!-,$$

US Distributor


DUjYaYbhFYWmW`Yfg @@7 +$D`UhhFcUX G\Y`hcb 7H$*(,( &$'-((!$)&(

Construction Equipment Guide â&#x20AC;˘ Paving Section â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ October 5, 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 79

'RXEOH'UXP+LJK)UHTXHQF\9LEUDWRU\$VSKDOW5ROOHU Dynapacâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CC624HF double-drum high-frequency vibratory asphalt rollers offer complete compaction control including mat temperature, speed, blows per foot, and other exceptional features: Â&#x2021; 30,000-pound operating weight Â&#x2021; 84-inch wide, 60-inch diameter drum Â&#x2021; Compaction vibratory force of 23,850 to 37,350 lbs Â&#x2021; Static linear load of 158 lbs/in Â&#x2021; Vibration frequency from 3,060 to 4,020 vpr Â&#x2021; Powered by a 152 hp Cummins QSB 4.5 T3 engine Â&#x2021; Rear engine position and large, easy-to-open engine hood makes maintenance a snap Â&#x2021; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Softâ&#x20AC;? start and stop prevents asphalt unevenness or cracking Â&#x2021; Optional Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for Asphalt provides critical information for quality paving '\QDSDF&&+)ÂŤXOWLPDWHLQYLVLELOLW\IXHOHIÂżFLHQF\DQG SHUIRUPDQFHHIÂżFLHQWO\FRPSDFWLQJDQ\W\SHRIDVSKDOWPL[


Albany, GA







Chesapeake, VA

Tuscaloosa, AL

Grove Hill, AL


Braselton, GA




Perry, FL

Mobile, AL


Chester, VA

Panama City, FL


Columbus, GA




Tallahassee, FL


Coeburn, VA

Pensacola, FL


Montgomery, AL

Macon, GA




Aynor, SC


Bealeton, VA

Alabaster, AL

Shoals Area, AL





Anniston, AL



Salem, VA 540.380.2090


W. Columbia, SC

Charlotte, NC

Staunton, VA

Birmingham, AL




Simpsonville, SC



Adairsville, GA

Greensboro, NC



Atlanta, GA

Asheville, NC



Decatur, AL 256.355.0305 Dothan, AL 334.678.1832


West Palm Beach, FL 561.296.9710

Miami, FL 877.971.7070

Tampa, FL 813.341.4646

Bonita Springs, FL 239.949.0100


3700 East 68th Avenue Commerce City, CO 80022

Phone: 800-732-6762 Fax: 303-288-8828 ZZZG\QDSDFXV


Pompano Beach, FL 855.DYNAPAC

LaVergne, TN 615.641.3042

Knoxville, TN 865.673.0344

Page 80 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

B C usiness

The AGC of ST. Louis is excited to announce a new award to recognize excellence among the Specialty Contractor members of the AGC of St. Louis. Through a secret ballot process, AGC General Contractors will vote for FIRST PLACE specialty contractor in ten separate categories: Concrete/Paving Earthwork & Utilities Electrical Environmental Remediation & Demolition Finishes, Openings & Fixtures Masonry Mechanical Structural & Finish Carpentry Structural & Finish Metals Thermal & Moisture Protection Each first place contractor will be recognized with a FIRST PLACE award in the specified category. The Specialty Contractor receiving the highest number of votes overall will also be awarded the distinction of Specialty Contractor of the Year by the AGC of St. Louis. This award allows the General Contractors to publicly acknowledge those best practices. To be eligible, a Specialty Contractor must be a member of the AGC of St. Louis. The Specialty Contractor award recipients will be named and presented their awards at the AGC of St. Louis Awards Gala featuring the Keystone Awards & the Specialty Contractor of the Year on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis. You won’t want to miss this event as we name the first Specialty Contractor of the Year! October 5 and October 6, 2011 – Event. AGC St. Louis Speaker Event: Arch Grounds Project and the Grand Center Master Plan. Don Stastny, FAIA, will be speaking about the Arch Grounds Project and the Grand Center Master Plan at Rotary on October 6. On October 5, he will also present a 2-hour seminar (6:30 to 8:30 PM) sponsored by AIA St. Louis on the same subjects at the Masonry Institute. AGC members are invited to attend both events. Cost for October 6 is the $16 luncheon fee; cost for October 5 is $40 which includes a reception at 5:30 PM. Contact Michele Swatek at AIA for more information. October 7, 2011 – Tournament. AGC St. Louis Fall Sporting Clays Tournament held at the St. Louis Skeet & Trap Club. This event raises money for the AGC of St. Louis’ Political Action Committee, which in turn enables the AGC to strengthen the legislative voice of the industry. Please fax or email your sponsorship commitment to Donna Pigg at 314-781-2874 or Questions can be directed to Stephanie Mitchell at 314-480-3178 or smitchell AED Dealer Executive Events


Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is pleased to announce several events and programs tailored specifically for dealership principals and senior management. AED’s CFO Conference: Financial Issues for Distribution CFOs and CEOs October 20-21, 2011 Join the financial powerhouses of the industry for an in-depth examination of the accounting and tax issues, financial strategies, and profit opportunities for the equipment distributor. The CFO Conference is your chance to meet with financial experts and peers for frank discussions, thorough analysis, and an insider’s perspective on the current year and what lies ahead. The AED CFO Conference is designed specifically for CFOs, CEOs, COOs, as well as other key executives with financial responsibilities. All attendees will enjoy a blended program of seminars and workshops with an emphasis on handson learning, group discussion and Q&A forums. ARTBA Members Join FHWA Technology Workshop Two ARTBA members represented the association at a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) national workshop on emerging technologies in highway design and construction last week in St. Louis, MO. Phil Hocher of Pace Construction in St. Louis, MO and Ben Biller of Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City, MO, participated in the Intelligent Construction Systems & Technologies workshop on behalf of ARTBA’s Contractors Division and Planning & Design Division, respectively. ARTBA also co-sponsored the event, in which participants developed recommendations for promotion of new technologies to improve construction quality while reducing time and cost.

Successful 2010 Build St. Louis Expo. The Build St. Louis Expo was a great success! The aisles were full of representatives from all facets of the industry. All of the booths were sold, so attendees had some great new specialty contractors to meet and view new products on the market by the suppliers. The expo gave another meaning to the words “social networking” and actually shaking hands. Our appreciation to our industry participants – St. Louis Council or Construction Consumers, AIA St. Louis, St. Louis Minority Business Council and Contractors Assistance Program who helped promote the event to their members.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES!!! Taylor Excavating and Crane is now accepting resumes for an assistant dispatcher and a project manager.

New Cat CT660 Vocational Trucks Ready for Work

Caterpillar will continue ramping up CT660 production through the third quarter to fill customer orders, Cat dealer rental fleets and dealer inventory.

The new Caterpillar CT660 vocational truck, officially announced at the ConExpoCon/AGG 2011 in March, has passed all requirements of Caterpillar’s rigorous new product introduction process and is approved for shipment to customers, the company announced. The CT660 has been in limited production since June, with the first units off the line used to validate manufacturing procedures and to ensure that the CT660 meets Caterpillar’s stringent quality standards. Customer deliveries of the CT660 vocational trucks began in September. “Caterpillar is extremely pleased with the response we have received from our vocational truck customers,” said George Taylor, director of the company's Global OnHighway Truck Group. “A number of customers, who saw the CT660 for the first time at ConExpo-Con/AGG, actually ordered trucks before having the opportunity to drive them. I think that speaks highly of their confidence in Cat products and the Cat dealer network.”

Caterpillar will continue ramping up CT660 production through the third quarter to fill customer orders, Cat dealer rental fleets and dealer inventory. Most Caterpillar dealers in North America have held or plan to hold open house events to introduce customers to the CT660 and explain how the trucks can be configured to meet demanding vocational applications. “Most important for Caterpillar at this point is to focus on increasing production and getting customers behind the wheel of the CT660,” said Taylor. “Once customers drive the CT660 and take note of how carefully it’s designed to meet the demands of vocational service, we think they’ll immediately recognize how the truck can benefit them. The CT660 is a significant new product for Caterpillar, and we’re excited about supplying a truck that will help with rebuilding our infrastructure in a recovering economy.” For more information, visit

Construction Equipment Guide • Parts Section • • October 5, 2011 • Page 81

Undercarriage Parts at Great Prices! GATORBACK TRACKS

TRACTOR TRACS, INC. Undercarriage Specialists


Rollers Takeout can eat up your savings.

Track Chain Assemblies


Pack your own lunch instead of going out. $6 saved a day x 5 days a week x 10 years x 6% interest = $19,592. That could be money in your pocket. Small changes today. Big bucks tomorrow. Go


Front Idlers and Tension Devices

to for free savings tips.

Undercarriage • Tracks • Rollers • Idlers • Sprockets Cutting Edges • Teeth • Rubber Tracks 5505 Caterpillar Drive • Apex, NC 27539

919-387-1050 888-526-9740

Page 82 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Meekins Holds Annual Fall Contractors Auction in N.C.

(L-R): Mark Bobo of Sound Heavy Machinery, Wilmington, N.C., caught up with Atlas and Jeff Brown, both of Onslow Grading & Paving, Jacksonville, N.C. Like many of the attendees, they were looking for a few bargains. This Komatsu WA250 wheel loader was sold to a contractor in Virginia.


loyd Meekins & Sons Auction Co. held its annual Fall Contractors Auction in Lumberton, N.C., Sept. 1.

Asher Brinson (L) of Brinson Used Equipment in Raleigh and McCrea Wallace of Gregory Poole Equipment Company, also in Raleigh, compare estimates on a few machines going up for bid.

A wide selection of compacting equipment, trucks, excavators, wheel loaders and more went on the block.

The sale featured a good selection of compaction equipment, including these Caterpillar models. They were all sold to contractors in the Carolinas. Trey Meekins scans the crowd for the next bidder on a John Deere wheel loader.

Tony Greene (L) of PYL, Sparta, N.C., and Bryan Waddell of BME Equipment, Mt. Airy, N.C., were both selling machines in the sale and also were looking to buy a piece or two.

Looking for an older artic truck and a lowboy trailer are Richard Key (L) and Paul Keeley, both of Calvin Contacting, Summerville, Va.

Ricky Riley (R) of S.T. Wooten, Wilson, N.C., attends the sales to keep up with used equipment values. Here, he confers with E.B. Webb of Lloyd Meekins & Sons Auction Co. about a few machines.

Dan (L) and Josh Blanton, both of Road Builders in Wilmington go by the statement, ‘Yes, we can do that.’ That philosophy has kept them in business doing a wide variety of small and large projects over the past few years. They came to the sale to see if they could pick up a few trucks and trailers.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 83



Link Belt 3200 All Terrain Crane 1:50 Scale $195 Allis-Chalmers HD21 Dozer/Ripper, 1:50 Scale ............$75 Allis-Chalmers HD-41 Dozer, 1:25 Scale......................$200 Allis-Chalmers 45 Motor Grader, 1:50 Scale ..............$100 Bantam C-35 Crawler Backhoe, 1:50 Scale ..................$70 Bantam C-35 Crawler Shovel, 1:50 Scale ......................$70 Bantam Truck Mounted Shovel or Backhoe; 1:50 Scale .... ..........................................................................................$95 Bobcat A300 Wheel Loader, 1:25 Scale ........................$30 Bobcat M400 Gold 50th Anniversary Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ........................................................................$35 Bobcat M610 Golden 50th Anniversary Skid Steer Loader ..............................................................................$45 Bobcat M-743 Gold 50th Anniversary Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ........................................................................$35 Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader, 1:50 Scale..................$25 Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale..................$40 Bobcat S205 Skid Steer Loader & Pick-Up Truck/Trailer Set, 1:50 Scale..................................................................$65 Bobcat 773 50th Anniversary Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ................................................................................$50 Bobcat M200 Gold Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ........$35 Bobcat Tractor/Trailer Set, 1:50 Scale ..........................$90 Case Conrad 580 Super R Backhoe, 1:50 Scale ........$175 Case CX210B Excavator, 1:50 Scale..............................$40 Case 330B Articulated Truck, 1:50 Scale ......................$35 Case 580Super N Backhoe/Loader, 1:50 Scale ............$45 Case 621E Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ............................$35 Case 1850K Dozer, 1:50 Scale ........................................$40 Caterpillar 4-Piece Earthmover Set, 1:64 Scale ............$90 Caterpillar AP600D Paver, w/ or w/out Canopy, 1:50 Scale .. ..........................................................................................$65 Caterpillar AP655D Paver, 1:50 Scale ............................$65 Caterpillar CB-534D XW Asphalt Compactor, 1:50 Scale .. ..........................................................................................$50 Caterpillar CT660 Dump Truck, 1:50 Scale....................$80 Caterpillar CT660 Tractor Trailer, 1:50 Scale ................$90 Caterpillar D6K XL Track Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale ......$65 Caterpillar D6T XW Track-Type Tractor ........................$70 Caterpillar D8R Track Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale ............$55 Caterpillar D10T Track Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale ..........$85 Caterpillar D11R Track Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale ..........$85

Link Belt 80100 Rough Terrain Crane 1:50 Scale $175

All New in Box CALL Toll Free

800-523-2200 Ext. 197 Caterpillar D11T Track Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale ..........$90 Caterpillar 24H Motor Grader, 1:50 Scale ......................$90 Caterpillar 14M Motor Grader, 1:50 Scale......................$75 Caterpillar 247B2 Multi-Terrain Loader, 1:32 Scale ......$35 Caterpillar 297C Multi-Terrain Loader, 1:32 Scale ........$45 Caterpillar 302.5 Mini-Excavator, 1:32 Scale ................$45 Caterpillar 320D Excavator, 1:50 Scale..........................$65 Caterpillar 365B Excavator, 1:50 Scale..........................$70 Caterpillar 374D Excavator, 1:50 Scale ........................$110 Caterpillar 385C Excavator, 1:50 Scale..........................$60 Caterpillar 432E Side Shift Backhoe Loader, 1:50 Scale .... ..........................................................................................$70 Caterpillar 623G Elevating Motor Scraper, 1:50 Scale $40 Caterpillar 725D Articulated Truck, 1:50 Scale ............$65 Caterpillar 772 Off-Highway Truck, 1:50 Scale ............$75 Caterpillar 785D Mining Truck, 1:50 Scale ..................$145 Caterpillar 924 G Versalink Wheel Loader: 1:50 Scale $45 Caterpillar 950H Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..................$65 Caterpillar 963D Track Loader, 1:50 Scale ....................$60 Caterpillar 977 Traxcavator, 1:50 Scale ........................$50 Caterpillar 988H Wheel Loader, 1:64 Scale ..................$35 Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..................$80 Dynapac CC232 Vibratory Compactor, 1:35 Scale ......$55 Gradall XL4300II Excavator, 1:32 Scale ........................$80 Grove GMK 4115L Truck Crane, 1:50 Scale ................$250 International 175 Crawler Loader w/Multi-Purpose Bucket, 1:50 Scale ..........................................................$65 International TD-15 Dozer, 1:87 Scale............................$45

Collections Wanted, I Buy Collections

CEG Scale Models 470 Maryland Drive Fort Washington, PA 19034

International TD-24 Ag/Crawler, 1:50 Scale ..................$40 International TD-24 Military Dozer, 1:50 Scale ..............$50 International TD-25 Dozer, 1:87 Scale............................$45 International 350 Payhauler, 1:25 Scale ......................$285 JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader, 1:50 Scale ..........................$55 JCB 456 ZX Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..........................$85 John Deere 400D Articulated Truck, 1:50 Scale ..........$45 John Deere 624K Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ................$45 John Deere 624K Military Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale....$35 John Deere 648H Log Skidder, 1:50 Scale ....................$45 John Deere 650J Dozer, 1:50 Scale................................$35 John Deere 850J Crawler Dozer, 1:50 Scale ................$40 John Deere 850K Dozer, 1:50 Scale ..............................$55 Komatsu WA500-6 Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..............$65 Komatsu D51 EX Dozer, 1:50 Scale ..............................$65 Komatsu D51 PX Dozer, 1:50 Scale ..............................$65 Komatsu D375 Dozer, 1:50 Scale ..................................$90 Komatsu GD655 Motor Grader, 1:50 Scale....................$65 Komatsu HD605 Off-Highway Truck, 1:50 Scale ..........$75 Komatsu Mack Granite MP w/Talbert Lowboy Trailer, 1:50 Scale ................................................................................$80 Komatsu PC14R Mini-Excavator, 1:32 Scale ................$50 Komatsu PC2000-8 Front Shovel, 1:50 Scale ............$235 Komatsu SK1020 Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ..........$45 Komatsu SK1026 Skid Steer Loader, 1:25 Scale ..........$45 Komatsu WA470 Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..................$75 LBX 210 X2 Excavator, 1:40 Scale ................................$75 Link-Belt 3200 All Terrain Crane, 1:50 Scale ..............$195 LeTourneau Super C Scraper w/Cab, 1:50 Scale..........$80 LeTourneau Military Super C Scraper, 1:50 Scale ........$50 Northwest 25-D Backhoe, 1:50 Scale ............................$85 Northwest 25-D Shovel, 1:50 Scale................................$70 Terex PPM AC40/2L ATC, 1:50 Scale............................$190 Terex TR60 Off-Highway Truck, 1:50 Scale ................$190 Terex 860sx Backhoe Loader, 1:50 Scale ....................$110 Vogele Super 700 Small Paver, 1:50 Scale....................$75 Vogele Vision 5200-2 Tracked Paver, 1:50 Scale ........$155 Volvo A25D Articulated Truck, 1:50 Scale ....................$75 Volvo BL71 Backhoe Loader, 1:50 Scale ......................$50 Volvo L90E Wheel Loader, 1:50 Scale ..........................$75 Volvo 6870 Wheeled Asphalt Paver, 1:50 Scale............$85

Shipping and Handling Included

Contact – Barry McKeon


Ext. 197

• 610-506-5961 Cell

Email –

Visit our Ebay Store – bmckeon collectibles – for a complete list with pictures.

Page 84 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE


Classified Rates:30 Words or Less for $30.00. Each Additional Word is 95¢. For just an additional $20 your ad can be posted on our online searchable database for 30 days Ad runs for 2 (two) insertions - no changes in second insertion. PLEASE ENCLOSE PAYMENT WITH ORDER and mail to - 470 Maryland Drive• Fort Washington, PA 19034

215/885-2900 • Fax 215/885-2910 • Toll Free 1-800/523-2200







Crawler Tractor

Logging Equipment


Screening Equipment

All Makes & Models Rental, Parts, Service, Training

2001 John Deere 700H, 30” pads, lube rails, 132” 6-way blade, limb risers, rear & side screens, excellent factory warranty, 1500 hrs ...$121,000

1996 Caterpillar 320L stroke delimber, 31” pads, Balderson attachment, good condition, 7157 hours ...............$92,000

We Service What We Sell! Warranty, Maintenance and More!

Five Star Equipment Inc. 607/775-2006

Heavy Equipment, Light Equipment, Hand Tools & Gas Detectors


Norris Sales Company 610/279-5777

Industrial Forklifts


Gradall/Lull Sales, Service, Training

Oil Spills

Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800/445-4381

Oil Eating Bacteria, Remediates water, soil “in place.” Use in fueling areas, shop floors, hydraulic hose breaks. OSHA and DEP preferred method.

BEST DEALS Bohringer portable impactor ...................................$129,000 Finlay 393 3-in-1 screener ... .....................................$99,000 8 x 4 Shop Built portable screener. .....................$44,500 Portable Simplicity 6 x 20 Triple Deck .................$95,000 Portable Cedarapids 2540 Jaw, excllent .............$166,000 Portable 6 x 4 Mark II..$38,500 Various conveyors, stackers & idlers .......................$6,000+ Mixing Plant with 28 x 6 drum .....................................$12,500 Sand/Gravel washing plant ..........................................POR

Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800/445-4381

AIR COMPRESSORS Compressors Ingersoll-Rand New & Used Parts Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800/445-4381

ASPHALT EQUIPMENT Asphalt Rollers 2009 Stone WP4100, new, unused 40’’ double drum asphalt roller, new!.....$1800. JFW Equipment, Inc. 336-685-4998

Industrial Tractor Co. Inc. 843/572-0400 NH Construction Equipment New & Used Parts & Service Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800-445-4381 2005 John Deere 850J, Tag #1439, cab air, WLT, trimble ready, 4527 hours.....$140,000. West Side Tractor 630-355-7150


GENERATORS Generators & Gen Sets For Sale or Rent All Makes & Models


Hydraulic Excavators

Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800/227-2525

Excavator Bucket

1997 Cat 315L, Tag #9C11859, 10’2’’ stick, 24’’ bucket, 6536 hours...$45,000.

2007 IR/Doosan G570 Portable Generator, 570 KVA, trailer, 2000 hours, good condition ....................$66,000.

West Side Tractor 630-355-7150


HUNDREDS OF NEW & USED BUCKETS, Nationwide Locator service, Sample “New Bucket” prices ... Excavators (30,000-40,000 lb) 24” $2,200, 30” - $2,400, 42” $2,600, 48” - $2,900 Excavators (40,000-55,000 lb) 24” $2,400, 30” - $2,600, 42” $2,900, 48” - $3,100 Excavators (55,000-65,000 lb) 24” $2,600, 30” - $2,800, 42” $3,100, 48” - $3,300

NH Construction Equipment New & Used Parts & Service Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800-445-4381

Track Loaders Skid Steer Loaders 2007 JCB 1110T, canopy model, SSL 17’7’’ width, Servo controls, Pictures available, 980 hours....................$22,000.

Call the Grappler at 856/778-4070

Mini Excavators

Farm-Rite Inc. 908/625-0697


NH Construction Equipment New & Used Parts & Service

Sell Your Bobcat to Us


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Fagans’ Lehigh Equipment 609/476-3481 800/458-5238

PARTS Miscellaneous Parts BOBCAT PARTS New and Used, Low Hour Equipment Loader Services & Equipment Call 1-800-753-2879 BOBCAT MULCHING ATTACHMENT SALE! Land Clearing Mulcher Sale Like New! Loader Services & Equipment Call 1-800-753-2879 JOHN DEERE USED PARTS All Makes In Stock! Nationwide Availability 1-800-344-3205 Industrial Tractor Co., Inc. Jacksonville, FL VISA/MC

Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800-445-4381

Loader Services & Equipment 205/320-1000

Sell Your Bobcat to Us

Wheel Loaders

Call 800-841-6189

We Buy Used Bobcat Equipment

NH Construction Equipment New & Used Parts & Service

BOBCAT - All Models New and Used Bobcat Parts Shipped to Your Door! Call 1-800-753-2879 For Best Prices

Atlantic Crane Inpection Services Visit us at

Loader Services & Equipment 205/320-1000

Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800-445-4381

Loader Services & Equipment 205/320-1000

Accredited by the US Dept. of Labor Under 29CFR Part 1919 and Accredited by CALOSHA

SAND SCIENCE INC. 843/525-6140

RENTALS Rental Construction & Industrial Equipment Rentals Compaction, Excavating, High Lifts, Traffic Control, Safety, Loaders, Landscaping Norris Sales Company 610/279-5777 Daily - Weekly - Monthly Competitive Rates Mixers, Generators, Arrow Borads, Compaction, Excavators, Loaders! Now in PA & NJ Norris Sales Company 800/547-RENT (7368) 610/279-5777 Construction Equipment Rentals Modern Equipment Sales & Rental 800/445-4381

Construction & Equpment & Supplies for the “Professionals” Daily - Weekly - Monthly & Long Term Rentals Available Stone, Wacker, Honda, Gehl, JLG to name a few ..... Norris Sales Company 610/279-5777

TELEHANDLERS Telescopic Handlers 2011 JCB 515-40, A/C, cab, heat, 3300 lbs @ 15 ft lift capacity, mint condition, 9 hours...........................$54,995. 800-942-9950

TRAINING Operator Training Are your operators compliant with Federal Standards, OSHA, ANSI, ISO? MODERN GROUP offers training for: - Front-end Loaders & Backhoes - Aerial work platforms (AWP) (Boom & Scissor Lifts) - Rough Terrain Forklifts (Gradall, Lull, JCB) - Skid Steer Loaders For information, pricing or reservations: Call 1-800-223-3827 All prices include Trainer, travel and material NO HIDDEN COSTS NCCCO Crane Operator Training Tower, Rigger and Signal Person. Trained at our location in PA or NJ or your location. All trainers NCCCO Certified Call 800-841-6189 Atlantic Crane Inpection Services Visit us at

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 85

Komatsu Hybrid Saves an Average of 25 Percent Fuel Komatsu America Corp has introduced the Hybrid HB215LC-1 hydraulic excavator into the North American market. Now in its second generation, the HB215LC-1 builds on the first generation Komatsu hybrid excavator. The HB215LC-1 is powered by the Komatsu hybrid system, which includes Komatsu’s electric swing motor, power generator motor, capacitor and a 141 hp (104 kW) diesel engine. Komatsu developed its hybrid system to work on the principle of swing energy regeneration and energy storage using the Komatsu ultra capacitor system. Komatsu’s ultra capacitors provide fast energy storage and instantaneous power transmission. The kinetic energy generated during the swing-braking phase is converted to electricity, which is sent through an inverter and then captured by the ultra capacitor. This captured energy is then discharged very quickly for upper structure rotation and to assist the engine as commanded by the hybrid controller when accelerating under workload conditions.

ments and a pattern change valve as standard equipment. Also, the hybrid power train components are backed by a 5 year/7,000 hour warranty. The HB215LC-1 saves an average of 25 percent fuel with an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to the standard excavator model. The new Hybrid HB215LC-1 offers power and efficiency, yet reduces environmental impact, according to the manufacturer. The HB215LC-1 comes standard with the Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure Web site utilizing wireless technology. Data such as operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. The Komtrax fleet monitoring system increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft, allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency and productivity. For more information, visit

The HB215LC-1 has an operating weight of 47,530 lbs. (21,559 kg) and a bucket capacity of 1.57 cu. yd. (1.2 cu m).

The HB215LC-1 has an operating weight of 47,530 lbs. (21,559 kg) and a bucket capacity of 1.57 cu. yd. (1.2 cu m). Komatsu’s second-generation hybrid excavator has been designed for even easier serviceability. The HB215LC-1 has an additional service valve for use with hydraulic attach-

Classified...2 Insertions...95¢ Per Word Use the form below to place a classified ad in the Construction Equipment Guide. It could bring the inquiry for which you are looking.

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2011 EZ Screen 550, Works with 1 Yard Loader or 96” Bucket, Excellent 5’x4’ Vibratory Screenbox! Ideal for site cleanups. One man = 50 yards a day+. Talk to the folks that own them. 2 Year warranty. This will be the fastest payback of ANY machine you’ve ever bought. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NEW $9,500 plus freight. Other Screens Available • 866-745-5828 20 Eb


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Page 86 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Deanco Holds Two-Day Sale in Miss.

Four Deere 650J LGP’s about to go on the auction block caught the attention of these Oxford, Miss., based contractors. (L-R) are Tommy Brown and John Fortuner, both independent contractors; and Bruce Patterson, Patterson Farms & Construction.


eanco Auction held a huge two-day equipment and truck auction on Sept.14 and 15 at the company’s Philadelphia, Miss., auction facility. According to company owner Donnie Dean, this was a “great auction in a tough economy.” Dean went on to say that consignments from the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Mississippi and Alabama counties, as well as

other contractors all did very well at auction. “The internet was very active and approximately 20 to 25 percent of the machines sold were going out of the country,” Dean stated and emphasized that, “good used equipment is getting tough to find.” The next big sale at the Deanco Auction Philadelphia, Miss., facility is scheduled for Nov. 16 and 17. Visit for details.

Paving contractors taking a good look at the power plant of a Blaw Knox PF 875 are Shannon Mayhew (L) and Larry Ball, both of Ball Paving, Springfield, Mo.

Donnie Dean and the Deanco Auction ring men worked the crowd for bids on the miscellaneous items.

At any auction throughout the southeast, it’s pretty much a given you’ll see one of these guys. (L-R) are Lee Mashburn, Mashburn Equipment Sales, Ringgold, Ga.; Dick Tabb, Tabb Equipment Sales, Roswell, Ga.; Jesus Ramirez, Gibbs & Sons Machinery, Gadsden, Ala.; and Billy Seals, Thompson Tractor, Birmingham, Ala.

Doing a complete inspection and assessment of a Case 580M turbo backhoe loader are Jeremy Daniel (L), director of used equipment; and Gus Johnson, operations manager, Scott Equipment Company, Monroe, La.

To start off the construction equipment auctioning, a nice selection of compact and mini equipment rolled across the ramp.

Taking a good look at a Link-Belt L130 wheel loader are Robert Kilgore (in cab), KNK Incorporated, Houston, Miss.; and Jan Hill, Hill Farms, Woodland, Miss.

Garrett Lucius of Calhoun City, Miss., operates a Deere 200C LC excavator while Tony Rincon, Global Equipment, Columbia, South America, awaits the opportunity to take a seat and test the machine himself.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 87

Attention Contractors! Post Your Wanted To Buy Listings FREE! Here’s How! List Your Wanted Items

If you would like to place your Wanted To Buy listings on our website for inclusion in our newsletters, simply visit: and enter your listings. BIDWELL WORK BRIDGE - MOTORIZED WITH A 40 MINIMUM SPAN ConTaCT: BILL BEDFoRD PhonE: 563-468-1343 Fax: 877-348-4776 EmaIL: BW_BEDFoRD@mCCaRThyImPRovEmEnT.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– LOOKING FOR A HIGHRAIL BUCKET TRUCK FOR OCS WORK IN SACRAMENTO. ConTaCT: hERB hoLDER PhonE: 650-333-2329 Fax: 916-929-5407 EmaIL: hERBnIzzLE@yahoo.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 45 TO 50 KW GENERATOR ConTaCT: JIm EmaIL: JImFRankEn@nEWmExICo.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR WHEEL LOADERS 916, 950, 950B, 950E, 966F & HITACHI EXCAVATOR EX200-1, PLEASE LET US OFFER IF AVAILABLE FOR SALE & SEND US DETAILS, PICTURES. ConTaCT: naQIB khan PhonE: +92-345-8818803 EmaIL: naQIB_khanInTRCo@hoTmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WE WANT TO BUY CATERPILLAR DOZER D9R WITH RIPPER, PLEASE OFFER ME IF AVAILABLE FOR SALES & SEND US DETAILS,PICTURES. ConTaCT: naQIB khan PhonE: +92-333-3298751 EmaIL: naQIB_khan73@yahoo.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WANTED: CAT 988F CAT 988F II PLEASE EMAIL PHOTOS, DETAILS AND WHOLESALE PRICE ConTaCT: maTT vanDEnBERG PhonE: 602-358-1591 EmaIL: somoTRaCToR@Cox.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SEEKING A 1998-2002 LINK-BELT LS138H II CRAWLER CRANE IN GOOD CONDITION. SEND EMAIL, DETAILED PHOTOGRAPHS AND SPECIFICATIONS AM ONLY SEEKING CRANES PRICED TO SELL. ConTaCT: JEFF LaWson PhonE: 864-542-4369 EmaIL: JLaWson29321@ChaRTER.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– KOBELCO SK 200 MARK IV ConTaCT: FERnanDo CamaRGo PhonE: 1-845-721-01-38 EmaIL: mIChaEL.CamaRGo@RavE.Com.Co –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– INTERNATIONAL TD15 DOZER | 1988 UP, CAB OR OPEN, GOOD CONDITION WORK READY. NEED A.S.A.P. ConTaCT: RIChaRD PhonE: 603 828-6100 EmaIL: CmIsoLD@ComCasT.nET ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


LANDOLL TRAILER | 50 51 OR 53 FOOT AIR RIDE 35,40,50,55 TON USED FOR EXPORT ConTaCT: PaTRICk sEmEnuk PhonE: 813-985-8546 ExT # 204 Fax: 813-989-2554 EmaIL: LanDoLLTRaILER@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAT BULLDOZERS | CAT D10T BULLDOZERS, UNDER 3,000 HOURS. MUST HAVE RIPPERS. ConTaCT: EQuIPmEnT manaGER PhonE: 914-693-0300 EmaIL: ITC@BEsTWEB.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BULLDOZER D7G WITH RIPPER ONLY USER I NEED 3 ConTaCT: JEan mauRICE BouTIn PhonE: 1 450 346 8975 EmaIL: JEanmauRICEBouTIn@BuLLDozERJm.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CASE 580SM | 580SM UNDER 3500 HRS. 4X4, EROPS, EXT, CLOSE TO PHILA, PA. ConTaCT: John nEvIns PhonE: 215-254-0120 EmaIL: JnEvIns720@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BOBCAT EQUIPMENT | BOBCAT BRAND EQUIPMENT **WANTED** INSTANT CASH PAID. NO DEALERS PLEASE ConTaCT: WaRREn PhonE: 239-682-4141 EmaIL: TWoPETIEs@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– LULL 844 OR 1044 FROM CONTRACTOR WHOLESALE PRICE ConTaCT: BRIan PhonE: 856-207-5340 EmaIL: kEvIn@sansaLonEExCavaTInG.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAB FOR KAWASAKI 70Z LOADER | COMPLETE CAB IS NEEDED ConTaCT: JEnnIFER PhonE: 435-744-5580 Fax: 435-744-5586 EmaIL: JEnnIFERL@aLLIEDCon.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAT 951B UNDERCARRIGE PARTS CHEAP OF USED ConTaCT: kEvIn PhonE: 856-297-4758 EmaIL: kEvIn@ sansaLonEExCavaTInG.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– (2) CAT 627GS, UNDER 5,000 HRS, PREFER NE US • PREFER EROPS W/ A/C BUT NOT NECESSARY. ConTaCT: John nEvIns EmaIL: JnEvIns720@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BULLDOZER 550G LT «CASE« LOW HOURS AND D4G LT ConTaCT: JEan mauRICE BouTIn PhonE: 1 450 346 8975 EmaIL: JEanmauRICEBouTIn@ vIDEoTRon.Ca ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

12G,1990 1992, HM4001, 2001 2002, PC SERIES EXCAVATORS • WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT. IF YOU HAVE ANY UNIT IN YOUR STOCK, PLEASE SEND DETAILS & PICTURES ALONG WITH YOUR BEST PRICE. USA DEALERS ONLY. THANKS ConTaCT: maRk EmaIL: aamaRk.saLE@GmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– PC350 • WANT YEAR 2000~2002 ConTaCT: aLam PhonE: +971555999819 Fax: +97165433292 EmaIL: Tm_TRD@yahoo.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– LATE MODEL F550 SERVICE TRUCK WITH CRANE, WELDER, AIR COMPRESSOR ConTaCT: nICk PhonE: 203-535-9824 EmaIL: nBD.nICk@GmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BULLDOZER D7G AND D8K FROM USER ONLY STATES ConTaCT: JEan mauRICE BouTIn PhonE: 1 450 346 8975 EmaIL: JEanmauRICEBouTIn@BuLLDozERJm.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 532DX ConTaCT: DaPhnIE EmaIL: DaPhnIE.RIvERa@yahoo.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAT 416C BACKHOE LOADER ConTaCT: maRk snoW PhonE: 336-215-5388 Fax: 336-215-5388 EmaIL: msnoW@CaRoLInaCaT.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAT 815F | WE ARE LOOKING FOR 1 OR 2 CAT 815F COMPACTORS WITH 1500 TO 8000 HOURS, EROPS, AC. ConTaCT: maRCEL EQuIPmEnT LTD PhonE: 519-686-1123 Fax: 519-686-9350 EmaIL: saLEs@maRCELEQuIPmEnT.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– KOMATSU BR380JG1 TRACK JAW CRUSHER | LATE MODEL LOW HOUR ConTaCT: RIChaRD PhonE: 603 828-6100 EmaIL: CmIsoLD@ComCasT.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– HITACHI EXCAVATOR EX200, EX200LC, UH083 | PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE AVAILABLE OR UP COMING UNIT. ConTaCT: hIDayaT khan PhonE: +92-345-8818803 EmaIL: naQIB_khanInTRCo@hoTmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– DYNAPAC ROLLER CA251 & CATERPILLAR WHEEL LOADERS 950B, 950E, 966F | LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE AVAILABLE OR UPCOMING UNIT. ConTaCT: naQIB khan PhonE: +92-333-3298751 EmaIL: naQIB_khan73@yahoo.Com ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

66" SMOOTH DRUM FOR AN INGERSOLL RAND SD70F ConTaCT: WEnDELL CaIn PhonE: 770-381-8984 Fax: 770-381-6977 EmaIL: WEnDELL@CaInanDToDD.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– DUMPER | WE WANT TO BUY A KOMATSU CD110 RUBBER TRACK DUMP. ConTaCT: LaRRy LEIsTIkoW PhonE: 608-655-1300 Fax: 608-655-1399 EmaIL: LaRRy@BaDGERmaChInERy.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ALUMINUM PANELS FOR CONCRETE ConTaCT: LuIs CaRmona PhonE: 917 517 1117 EmaIL: vanCasaCxa@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CASE LOADER BACKHOES • TRICO EQUIPMENT NJ : LOOKING FOR 580E K SK L SL M & SMS ConTaCT: FRank hoRan PhonE: 1-800-654-usED (8733) ExT. 1230 Fax: 856-697-1414 EmaIL: FhoRan@TRICoEQuIPmEnT .Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CATERPILLAR & DAEWOO & DOOSAN • 300 & 420 EXCAVATOR DAEWOO OR DOOSAN CAT EXCAVATOR 235 WHEEL LOADER 966F2 966G 972G 970F ALL CAT ConTaCT: moDy shoukRy PhonE: 815-543-5252 Fax: 815-398-6715 EmaIL: mshoukRy9@GmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MASSEY FERGUSON BACKHOE ATTACHMENT • WANTED MODEL 2375 BACKHOE FOR MASSEY FERGUSON GC2310. CALL AFTER 8:00PM ConTaCT: GEnE PhonE: 814-685-3147 EmaIL: FoxhoLLoW.nuRsERIEs@ FRonTIERnET.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CONCRETE FORMING AND SHORING EQUIPMENT, PIPE BRACES, SHORING COMPONENTS, GANG FORMS, HANDSET FORMS • ANY TYPE ANY CONDITION ConTaCT: JIm PhonE: 630-231-6900 Fax: 630-231-0266 EmaIL: saLEs@FoRmInGamERICa .Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BUCKET • 48" BUCKET TO FIT HITACHI 450 EXCAVATOR. PLEASE CALL ConTaCT: LaRRy PhonE: 608-655-1300 Fax: 608-655-1399 EmaIL: LaRRy@BaDGERmaChInERy .nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CONSTRUCTION • KOMATSU, PC200 LC7, 1997-2000 CASE 580SL 2W/D 19911999 KOBELCO SK200LCIV 1997-1998 ConTaCT: TRuDy PhonE: 832-295-4903 EmaIL: TRuDyC165@GmaIL.Com ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

KOMATSU FORK LIFT 45 TON CAPACITY • LOOKING TO BUY A KOMATSU FORKLIFT 4 TO 5 TON CAPACITY, UP TO 4000 HOURS, FROM YEAR 2004 UP ConTaCT: CaRGo aWay CoRP PhonE: 786-287-7056 Fax: 305-573-7038 EmaIL: CaRGoaWayCoRP@LIvE.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– EAGLE 1000CC OR 1200CC PORTABLE CRUSHING PLANT | ConTaCT: JoE 724-944-5569 EmaIL: FJs-1@aTT.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– VAIL RIPPERS FOR A 700 J JOHN DEERE DOZER ConTaCT: LaRRy PaTTERson PhonE: 918-625-2638 Fax: 918-352-3069 EmaIL: BEThPaTTERson@ sBCGLoBaL.nET –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR • ND 30,00040,000LB PLUMBED EXCAVATOR FOR DEMOLITION WORK. ConTaCT: John nEvIns EmaIL: JnEvIns720@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MINI LOADERS WPLATFORM AND CONCRETE BREAKER ConTaCT: maRCo EmaIL: mLoFFREno@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MANITOWOC 4100 BOOM BASE • WANTED: MANITOWOC 4100 BOOM BASE DAMAGED OK. ConTaCT: BRuCE haLL PhonE: 281-485-3337 EmaIL: BaWCo@Juno.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SK210 • LOOKING FOR EXCAVATORS KOBELCO HITACHI AND KOMATSUS ConTaCT: Juan LaDIno PhonE: 305-594-6968 Fax: 305 594-6512 EmaIL: saLEs@ PoWERhEavymaChInERy.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAB WITH A/C JD50D EXCAVATOR ConTaCT: maCon ThoRnTon PhonE: 615-337-9712 EmaIL: mRTTLs@hoTmaIL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FINAL DRIVE PART # 195-27-00210 LH FOR A KOMATSU D375A-1 S/15267 CAN BE OEM, REMAN, USED. ConTaCT: RoBERTo J PaLaCIos PhonE: 786-287-7056 Fax: 305-573-7038 EmaIL: CaRGoaWayCoRP@LIvE.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 1998-2004 E7 MECHANICAL ENGINE | NEED A GOOD USED MECHANICAL MACK ENGINE/WITH A JAKE BRAKE, 350HP OR BETTER ConTaCT: JImmy GETER PhonE: 828-238-6080 Fax: 828-326-9153 EmaIL: honEsTJIm59@aoL.Com –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WANTED: CATERPILLAR 939C, PREFER 4 IN 1 BUCKET, EITHER OPEN CAB OR CLOSED CAB WITH WORKING A/C | ConTaCT: WaRREn oR mauREEn EmaIL: TWoPETIEs@aoL.Com ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Page 88 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE


• Racine, WI Sat., November 12, 2011 For: Late Model Earthmoving Equipment, Trucks and Trailers

• Chicago, IL Thurs., October 6, 2011 For: Remediation – Demolition – Asbestos Removal Equipment, Tools & Accessories

• Rochester, NY Sun., November 13, 2011 For: Light Construction, Shop & Support Equipment

• Tuscaloosa, AL Fri., October 7, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Logging, Attachments, Support, Dump Trucks • Lexington, KY Wed., October 12, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • Detroit, MI Fri., October 14, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Trucks and Trailers • Lake George, NY Sat., October 15, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Forestry Attachments, Dump Trailers, Support Equipment

• Houston, TX Tues., November 15, 2011 For: Late Model Construction Equipment, Aerials, Forklifts, Trucks and Trailers • Pell City, AL Wed., November 16, 2011 For: Truck Tractor and Specialized Trailer Auction • Ledyard, CT (Foxwood Casino) Sat., November 19, 2011 For: Construction and Support Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, Trucks & Trailers

Coming Auctions • Las Vegas, NV November 4, 2011 • Pittsburgh, PA November 8, 2011 • Fort Knox, KY November 10, 2011 • Clearfield, PA November 15, 2011 • Houston, TX November 16-17, 2011

• San Bernardino, CA Thurs., November 17, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • Sacramento, CA Sat., December 10, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • San Bernardino, CA Fri., December 16, 2011 For: Construction Equipment

• Salt Lake City, UT December 1, 2011



• Denver, CO Tues., October 19, 2011 For: Construction Equipment

IRON PLANET AUCTIONS 888-433-5426 ONLINE AUCTIONS Go to to view the complete auction schedules, inspection reports and to place your bid! • Thurs., October 6, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • Wed., October 12, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • Thurs., October 13, 2011 For: Construction Equipment MEEKINS AUCTION COMPANY 800-499-6560

• Atlanta, GA Tues., December 6, 2011 For: Construction and Support Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, Trucks & Trailers

• Chilliwack, BC October 12, 2011

• Prince George, BC October 19, 2011

• Manassas, VA Wed., October 21, 2011 For: CAT Construction Equipment, Support, Forklifts, Pickups & Trailers

• Kissimmee, FL Sat.-Sun., Jan 28 – Feb 5, 2012 For: 19th Annual Florida Sale! Rental Returns Construction Equipment, Attachments, Aerials, Support, Trucks and Trailers

• Portland, ME Sun., October 22, 2011 For: Late Model Aggregate, Construction, Support Equipment, Trucks & Trailer

• St. Louis, IL DATE TBA For: Late Model Construction Equipment, Attachments, Trucks & Trailers

• Saskatoon, SK October 6, 2011

DAVIS AUCTIONS 203-758-4087

• Montreal, QC December 1-2, 2011

• Prospect, CT Sat., October 15, 2011

• Kissimmee, FL Tues., October 25, 2011 For: Rental Return of Late Model Construction, Support Equipment, Trucks & Trailers

• Scranton, PA DATE TBA For: Complete Liquidation Construction Equipment, Support, Trucks & Trailers

• Saskatoon, SK April 18, 2012

• Prospect, CT Sat., December 10, 2011



NITKE AUCTIONS 715-362-6162

• ONLINE ONLY Fri., October 21, 2011 For: Construction, Truck & Farm Equipment Auction

• Wausau, WI Fri.-Sat., October 28-29, 2011 For: Heavy Construction, Trucks and Trailers

HANSEN AND YOUNG 715-837-1015


• St. Louis, MO Thurs., October 20, 2011 For: Complete Liquidation of Concrete Precast Plant, plus Real Estate

• Cleveland, OH Wed., October 26, 2011 For: Complete Liquidation Truck Tractors, Dump Trucks, Construction, Recycling & Support Equipment


• Cleveland, OH Thurs., October 27, 2011 For: Complete Liquidation CAT Construction Equipment

• Hartford, CT October 6, 2011

• Detroit, MI Fri., October 28, 2011 For: Large Construction & Ag Equipment, Attachments, Support

• Chicago, IL October 7, 2011

• Syracuse, NY Sat., October 29, 2011 For: Construction, Support, Attachments, Aerial, Trucks and Trailers

• Evansville, IN October 13, 2011

• Jackson, AL Wed., November 2, 2011 For: Late Model Construction, Paving & Support Equipment

• North East, MD October 18, 2011

• Columbus, OH Sat., November 5, 2011 For: Late Model Rental Return Construction Equipment, Attachments, Aerials • Detroit, MI Fri., November 11, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Truck Tractors, Dump Trucks, Trailers & Support Equipment

• Sacramento, CA October 7, 2011

• Denver, CO October 11, 2011

• Tipton, CA October 18, 2011

• Dickinson, ND October 20, 2011 • San Antonio, TX October 21, 2011 • Orlando, FL October 26-27, 2011 • Fort Myers, FL October 28, 2011 • Detroit, MI November 3, 2011

• Ottawa, ON October 14, 2011

• Sept-Iles, QC October 20, 2011 • Edmonton, AB October 26-27, 2011

• Caorso, Italy October 6, 2011 • Hermosillo, Mexico October 7, 2011 • Sydney, Australia October 20, 2011 • Panama City, Panama October 21, 2011 • Moncofa, Spain October 27, 2011 • Torreon, Mexico November 9, 2011 • Avignon, France November 10, 2011 • Rome, Italy November 12, 2011 • Krakow, Poland November 15, 2011 BAR NONE AUCTION 866-372-1700 • Sacramento, CA Sat., October 8, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • San Bernardino, CA Sat., October 22, 2011 For: Construction Equipment • Sacramento, CA Sat., November 12, 2011 For: Construction Equipment

DARELL DUNKLE & ASSOCIATES AUCTIONEERS INC. 800-433-6670 • Harrison, MI Thurs., October 20, 2011 For: Fall Contractors Auction

• Online Only Wed.-Thurs., October 5-6, 2011 For: Large Industrial Auction HUNYADY AUCTION COMPANY 800-233-6898 • Flemington, NJ Wed., October 12, 2011 For: Surplus Equipment Liquidation IRAY AUCTIONS 320-968-7230 • Portage, WI Fri., October 14, 2011

• Williamston, NC Thurs., October 6, 2011 For: Construction Equipment and Trucks • Lumberton, NC Thurs., October 6, 2011 For: 17th Annual December Contractors Auction MOTLEY’S AUCTION & REALTY GROUP 804-232-3300 • Richmond, VA Fri., October 14, 2011 For: Construction Equipment

• Columbus, OH Fri., October 14, 2011 For: Construction & Paving Equipment, Trucks, Trailers & Fleet Vehicles • Wharton, NJ Fri., October 28, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Trucks, Trailers & Fleet Vehicles • Carroll, OH Fri., December 9, 2011 For: New and Used Demolition and Scrap Handling Equipment

• Sioux Falls, SD Fri., November 11, 2011


• Foley, MN Fri., December 9, 2011

• Woodstock, IL Sat., October 15, 2011

Coming Auction page Sponsored by Reckart Logistics

For: 19th Annual Fall Contractors Consignment Auction

• West Fargo, ND Wed., November 30, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Trucks, Semis and Much More!


• Litchfield, MN Thurs., December 22, 2011 For: Construction and Farm Equipment

• ONLINE ONLY Bidding Starts to Close Thurs., October 13 - 10AM For: Construction Equipment RITCHASON AUCTIONEERS INC. 800-806-3395 • Lebanon, TN Sat., December 10, 2011 For: Construction Equipment ROGERS REALTY & AUCTION COMPANY 800-442-7906 • Mt. Airy, NC Fri., October 21, 2011 For: Construction Equipment ROY TIETSWORTH AUCTIONEERS 585-243-1563 • Hamburg, NY Sat., October 8, 2011 For: Municipal and Contractor Equipment Auction • Plaistow, NH Sat., October 15, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Trucks, Snow Plowing Equipment and Shop Supplies • Syracuse, NY Sat., October 22, 2011 For: Municipal and Contractor Equipment Auction • Groveland, NY Sat., December 3, 2011 For: Farm and Construction Equipment, Heavy and Light Trucks RYAN AUCTION SALES 603-491-6159 • Virtual Equipment and Truck Auction Tues., October 18, 2011-10AM • Virtual Equipment and Truck Auction Thurs., Nov. 17, 2011-10AM

UTILITY AUCTIONS 302-530-9103 • Wilmington, DE Fri., October 28, 2011 For: Construction and Utility Equipment VAUGHAN AUCTION GROUP 903-873-6777 • Wills Point, TX Thurs., October 27, 2011 For: Fall Contractor’s Public Auction WESTERN CONSTRUCTION AUCTIONS INC. 760-731-7760 • Perris, CA Thurs., October 13, 2011 For: Construction Equipment WOLFE INDUSTRIAL AUCTIONS, INC. 800-443-9580 • Steelton, PA Sat., October 15, 2011 For: Complete Liquidation of Glenwood Trucking, Plus Others • York Springs, PA Fri., October 28, 2011 For: Southern PA Contractor Auction WORLDNET AUCTIONS, INC. 843-426-4255 • South Bend, IN Thurs., October 20, 2011 For: Construction Equipment, Trucks and Trailers

• Virtual Equipment and Truck Auction Thurs., Dec. 15, 2011-10AM



• Darlington, PA Thurs., October 20, 2011

• Online Only Opening Oct. 1 – Closing Oct. 10, 2011 For: Construction , Lawn & Garden, Vehicles and More!

• Bow, NH Thurs., November 17, 2011 • Kissimmee, FL Mon.-Mon., February 6-13, 2012

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 89

Late Model Construction, Logging Equipment, Attachments, Support, Pickups, Truck Tractors & Dump Trucks



Neff Rentals

NOTE: Selling will be very late model construction, logging equipment, trucks & trailers from several financial institution. HILITES INCLUDE: 3 CRAWLER TRACTORS: (2) 2011 JD 650JXLT, 2004 Case 850KLGP, 6 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: 2006 Cat 938G, 2004-20032002 Cat 924G, 2005 Komatsu WA250, JD 624H, 3 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Cat 320L, Komatsu PC200LC, Daewoo 220LC-3, MOTOR GRADERS: Cat 120G, LOG SKIDDERS: 2005 JD 648G, 2 LOG LOADERS: Tigercat 230, Prentice 410C, TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: 2008 Genie GTH844, FORKLIFTS: Clark C500Y-150D, AIR COMPRESSOR: 2005 IR P185WJD, 4 GENERATORS: Taylot/Latco 100kw, (2) Taylor/Latco 60kw, New Mustang 40kw Silent, BRUSH TRUCKS: 2006 Int’l. 4400 (s/a), TRUCK TRACTORS: 2008 Kenworth W900 (t/a), FLATBED TRUCKS: 2006 Ford F450, PICKUP TRUCKS: 1996 Ford F350, 2 DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILERS: 2005 Fontaine Ram 50 (tri.), 1986 Liddell 50 T (tri.), LoadKing, EQUIPMENT TRAILERS: Lowboy 35 ton (t/a), 4 CAMPERS: (4) 2006 Gulfstream Cavalier 32ft. (t/a), DUMP BODIES: 1995 J&B Truck Body 34x86 (t/a), RECREATIONAL/ UTILITY VEHICLES: Kawasaki KAF620ES (4x4), TIRES: 275/80R24.5 Tire, ATTACHMENTS: Excavators: New 3500-5600 thumbs, Unused Grapples, Unused Clamshell Buckets, Unused Rippers, Unused Tilting Buckets, Unsued Cat-KomatsuHitachi Buckets, Skid Steers: New 60in. Brush Cutter, New Stump Bucket, Unused 48in. Pallet Forks, 2004 Bobcat 48in. Pallet Forks, Pallet Forks, Stump Buckets, Hay Spears, Mount Plates, Low Profile & Smooth Buckets, Tree Booms, Backhoes, Forks, Root Grapple, Tree Boom, Backhoe, Versatech Hay Spears, Root & Grapple Buckets, Frames, Stump Buckets, Quick Attach Plates, Snow & Mulch Buckets, SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Riley BCL4300 Ground Saw, Chain Binders, Armada Brake Kits, Misc. Lights, (2) Shelf Units & Misc. Items, Air Staplers, Aerators, Laser Levels, Concrete Planers, Brick Saws, Air Compressors, Floor Stripper, Paint Sprayers, Jumping Jacks, Concrete Mixers, Pumps, Plate Tampers, Booster Jacks, Drill Press, Welders, Socket Sets, Sandblasters,Tile Saws, Light Stands, Floor jacks, Hose reels, Pipe Wrenches, Chisel Sets, Tricycles & Wagons, Spray Guns, Tractor Seats, Cherry Pickers, Shop press. For more info.: contact Mark White @ (205) 454-4646. ALABAMA AUCTIONEER LICENSE: #1394, Jack Lyon, Auctioneer: Mark White AL#1808

online bidding available:

Late Model Cat, Komatsu Construction, Support Equipment, Mack Dump Trucks & Trailers

RSC Rentals

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 @ 10:00 AM KISSIMMEE (WINTER GARDEN), FLORIDA NOTE: This auction will be consisting of late model construction rental fleet equipment and support from several national rental fleets plus a large group of Mack triaxle dump trucks. HILITES: 7 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: (6) 2008 Cat 966H, 2007 Komatsu WA450, 22 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 2004 Kobelco SK330LC, Kobelco SK300LC, (2) 2006-2005 Kobelco SK250LC, (2) 2005-(2) 2004 Kobelco SK210LC, 2005-(2) 2005-(2) 2004 Kobelco SK135SRLC, JCB JS330LC, Hitachi EX270LC, (2) 2004 Bobcat 331E, (3) 2005 IHI 35N, 2005 IHI 30NX, 9 CRAWLER TRACTORS: (4) 2011 JD 650JXLT, (2) 2011 JD 650JLT, 2004 JD 700HLGP, 2005 Case 850K, Case 850GLT, ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES: Grove RT63-S, 10 ARTICULATED HAUL TRUCKS: (2) Volvo A40D, (2) Cat D400E, Cat D250E-II, (5) Terex TA30, MOTOR SCRAPERS: Cat 621F, PULL BEHIND SCRAPERS: Michigan 24yd. 8 wheeled, CRAWLER LOADER: Cat 973C, 12 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: 2008 Cat 420EIT (4x4), Cat 420D (4x4), 2006 NH LB75B, (3) 2004 Case 580M (4x4), Case 580 Super L, (5) 2004 JD 310G (4x4), TRENCH ROLLERS: 2005 Multiquip P33HHMR, 5 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: 2004 Bobcat T300, (3) 2006-2005 Bobcat T190, 5 SKID STEERS: (5) 2005 Bobcat S175, 8 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: (7) 2005 Terex TH636C, Lull 844C-42, 8 BOOM LIFTS: JLG 600S, JLG 400S, Genie S65, (2) Genie S60, (3) Snorkel TBA42, 4 AIR COMPRESSORS: (4) 2005 IR P185WJD, GENERATORS: Cat 500kw, 2 LIGHT PLANTS: 2004 Genie TML4000, 2004 IR Lightsource, WELDER: 2005 Miller Big Blue 400D, CONVEYORS & STACKERS: Powerscreen M60 60ft. Conveyor, WATER TANK: (2) Vermeer 300gal., SWEEEPER: 2005 Terramite TSS38, DISTRIBUTOR TRUCKS: Chevy, 3 BOOM TRUCKS: 2009 Int’l. 4700 17 1/2T (s/a), 1999 Int’l. 15T (s/a), 2000 GMC C7H042 15T (s/a), FIRE TRUCKS: 1969 Int’l. Water/ Foam Fire Truck (s/a), 15 DUMP TRUCKS: (15) 2004 Mack CV713 (tri.), 2 TRUCK TRACTORS: (2) 2004 Mack CV713 (tri.), SERVICE TRUCKS: 1990 Ford F700 (s/a), 4 DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILERS: (3) 2012 Witzco 50T (tri.), 1998 Fontaine E654T1CNGB 2+2+2 East Coast 75Ton (9 axle), TAGALONG TRAILERS: 1991 Hudson (t/a) , 4 CAMPERS: (2) Unused Holiday Rambler Mini Park Model 32SK 33ft., (2) Unused R-Vision Mini Park Model 32SK 33ft., 11 WELDER TRAILERS: (11) Tristate Industries (s/a), ATTACHMENTS: Skid Steers: New 2010 Super Cut Asphalt Cutters, Pallet Forks, Stump Buckets, Hay Spears, Mount Plates, Low Profile & Smooth Buckets, Tree Booms, Backhoes, Forks, Root Grapple, Tree Boom, Backhoe, Versatech Hay Spears, Root & Grapple Buckets, Frames, Stump Buckets, Quick Attach Plates, Snow & Mulch Buckets, New 2010 Super Cut Asphalt Cutters, Hydr. Hammer, Excavators: New 3500-5600 thumbs, Bucket, Hammers: NPK H10, Atlas Copco AC1550, Cay H90CS, (2) Cat H780S, Tractors: 6FT. & 5FT. Dsic Plow, Sweeper w/ front mount, 6ft. Drag, Woods Iron Side Box Blade, SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Allen Power Trowel, (2) New Easy Kleen Magnum Plus Pressure Washers, New Abrasive & Diamond Blades, New Stiff neck Pintle Hitches, New Air Spray Guns, New Ratchet Cargo Straps, New Impact Wrenches, Air Spray Guns, New Huskie Hammer Drill, New Jack hammer Hose, New Impact Wrenches, New Water Hose, Pintle Hitches, Ratchet Straps, Diamond Blades, Submersible Pumps, Concrete Vibrator, Impact Wrenches, Water Hoses, Air Spray Gun Kit, Water Pump, Mustang Rammer, Jack Hammer Air Hose, Hammer Drill, Hose Reels, Scaffolding, Porta Powers, Straps, Bottle Jacks, Battery Charger, Winches, Socket, Hose Reel, Booster Packs, Weedeater, Chainsaws, Vise, Sandblaster, Drill Press, Tri-Ball, Post Hole Digger, Cherry Picker, Wagon, Trailer Jacks, New Smartquip Plate Compactor, New Mustang Submersible Pumps, New Diamond Blades, Ratchet Straps, Demo Saws, New Abrasive Blades, Hammer Drill, Air Hose, 250B Electric Welder, Mustang Submersible Pump, 2700psi pressure washer. FLORIDA AUCTIONEER LICENSE: #AU 0001548, FLORIDA LICENSE: #AB-1091. SALE SITE PHONE: (407) 239-2700, (770) 537-7386, FAX: (407) 239-0068.

online bidding available:

DIRECTIONS: From Birmingham Airport: take Interstate 20 & 59 West to exit 68, go 3 miles to 1st traffic light take left (south) on Hwy. 11 & 43. Sale site 3 miles on right. Adjacent to Black Warrior Equipment. Address: 7110 Black Warrior Road, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.

DIRECTIONS: From Tampa: I-4E to Rte. 27N for 6.5 miles to Rt. 192E for 1 mile. Left on Avalon Rd. for 3 miles to sale site on left. From Orlando: I-4W to Rt. 192W for 5.5 miles, turn right on Avalon Rd. to sale site. Address: 12601 State Rd. 545 North (Avalon Rd.), Winter Garden, FL 34787.



Sales Managers & Auctioneers, Inc.

Sales Managers & Auctioneers, Inc.

Bridgeport, NY Phone: 315/633-2944 Fax: 315/633-8010

Bridgeport, NY Phone: 315/633-2944 Fax: 315/633-8010

Page 90 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

More Than 400 Items Go on Block at Charleston, S.C., Auction

Dennis Brown (L), Action Abatement, Monks Corner, S.C., and Harry Hurley, Blanchard Machinery, talk scrapers and motorgraders. The sale attracted many contractors throughout the southeast. They commented that it’s getting more difficult to find quality used machines and that the prices are getting higher.

Al Gunter (L), and Steve Larson, both of Flint Equipment Company, compare their thoughts on what prices certain machines will command during the auction.


ore than 700 bidders participated online or in person at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers’ multi-million dollar unreserved public equipment auction in Charleston, S.C., on Sept. 16. Bidders came from 30-plus countries and 44 U.S. states. More than 80 percent of the equipment was sold to buyers outside the state, from as far away as Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia and Peru. Online bidders accounted for 56 percent of total sales in the auction. The auction featured more than 400 equipment items and trucks, including 20plus hydraulic excavators, more than 15 loader backhoes, about 15 wheel loaders and 10-plus crawler tractors.

Stuart Kay (L), Ravenel Truck & Equipment, Charleston, S.C., and Clay Thornton, BTM Machinery, Charleston, S.C., both came to the sale to buy excavators and wheel loaders. Davis Mellott, Southeastern Equipment Corporation, Chesapeake, Va., picked out a few machines to bid on.

Brian Semken (L), and Billy Steen, both of Steen Enterprises, Adams Run, S.C., came to see which machines the area contractors were bidding on and to bid on a few machines themselves.

Bubba McCoy (R), Seaside Utilities and Seaside Environmental Constructors, thanks Darrin Hogeboom, Ritchie Bros., for doing such a fantastic job on the sale.

Art Nichols (L), Nichols Equipment, Monks Corner, S.C., and Nathan Wilson, J.R. Wilson Construction, Hampton, S.C., were both bidding on the dozers and backhoes.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 91

One-Owner A Auction uction Thursday, October 13 Featuring equipment from

2009 Genie GS1930 and GS 2632 Scissor Lifts

2007 – 2008 Komatsu CK30-1 Skid Steers

2008 Komatsu PC 200LC-8 Excavators

2007 – 2008 Caterpillar and Komatsu Mini Excavators

2008 John Deere 650 Dozers

2007 Caterpillar D4 Dozers

2007 – 2008 Caterpillar 301 through 308 Mini Excavators

2006 – 2007 Caterpillar D6R LPG Dozers

2006 – 2007 Caterpillar D5G XL Dozers

2006 Allmand Light T Towers owers

2006 Airman 185CFM Air Compressors

2001 Kenworth T800 Trucks

2000 Ford Water Trucks

John Deere Landscape Tractors

Komatsu PC78MR-6 Excavators

Utility V Vehicles ehicles

V Visit isit our website to see the complete list of equipment, review the guaranteed inspection reports, and place your bids.

Inspected and Guaranteed s 888-433-5426 A u c t i o n C o m p a ny B o n d # 70 2 5 97 8 5 . P r e l i m i n a r y l i s t t o d a t e . Eq u i p m e n t s u b j e c t t o c h a n g e .

Page 92 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Nearly 600 Bidders Attend Ritchason Sale in Lebanon, Tenn.


itchason Auctioneers held a sale at its auction headquarters in Lebanon, Tenn., on Sept.17. Company President, Dewain Ritchason stated, “It was a beautiful day for an auction, with nearly 600 registered bidders both on the grounds and live online. “Ritchason Auctioneers was once again successful in helping consignors to turn their machinery into money even in an unpredictable market,” Ritchason continued. “That is what we do. We are here to continue helping people in the construction industry to buy, sell, trade and upgrade their equipment.” When asked about internet buying, Ritchason stated, “There was strong internet participation. Internet bidding at our sales has been accounting for around 20 percent or more of the winning bids. International buyers are helping keep the prices up on the machines but overall most of the equipment sold in September was sold to domestic buyers.” The next sale at the Ritchason Auctioneers facility in Lebanon, Tenn., will be on Dec. 10. For more information, visit

With the early morning “game face” on (L-R) are Charles Bowman, Tony Watson (auctioneer), and Dewain Ritchason.

Wanting to take this Cat 315CL excavator home with them — if the price is right — is the Henry family, Randy, Luke and Leigh Anne, Randy’s Excavating, Sunbright, Tenn. Talking about the crushing and screening equipment in the line-up are Kelly McDonald (L), McDonald Trucking, Lafayette, Tenn.; and Mike Moody, Moody Dozer Service, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Looking over the instrumentation and checking the hour meter on a Cat D5G XL are Cecil Crisp (L), Crisp Farms, Charleston, Tenn.; and David Crisp, International Paper, Memphis, Tenn. Taking a peek in the engine compartment of a Deere 554J loader are Larry Niedergeses (L), Tips Inc., Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; and Joe Balance, Triple Oaks Farms, Bowling Green, Ky.

Discussing the overall condition of a Volvo A25C artic truck are Chris Parchman (in cab), Parchman Construction, Cumberland City, Tenn.; and Jerry Watkins, Watkins Equipment, Paris, Tenn.

Some fast-paced bidding took place at the Ritchason sale. Wendel Word and other Ritchason ring men call for one last bid on a wheel loader.

With almost 600 registered bidders, the auctioneers were absolutely swamped with bidders and onlookers when the backhoe loaders went on the block.

Carefully inspecting the undercarriage wear on a Deere 650H LGP dozer are Ed White (L), White’s Implements, Clarksville, Tenn.; and Mark Deed, Deed Family Associates, Clarksville and Big Rock, Tenn.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE • • October 5, 2011 • Page 93

John Deere Power Systems Receives Certifications Three models in John Deere Power Systems’ (JDPS) lineup of 75 to 174 hp (56 to 130 kW) off-highway diesel engines have been certified as compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Interim Tier IV, European Union (EU) Stage III B and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations. The PowerTech PWX 4.5L and PVX 4.5L engines and the PowerTech PVX 6.8L model below 174 hp (130 kW) join the previously certified lineup of engines above 174 hp (130 kW). “Becoming one of the first engine manufacturers to certify engines in the 56 kW to 130 kW power category provides further evidence that our emissions-reduction solution is the right technology right now,” said Doug Laudick, product planning manager of JDPS. “Our OEMs and customers can be confident that we will deliver not only emissions compliance, but also the performance, reliability, durability and low operating costs they expect from John Deere.” EPA Interim Tier IV and EU Stage III B emissions regulations begin Jan. 1, 2012, for 75 to 174 hp engines and require a 90 percent reduction in diesel particulate matter (PM) and up to an approximate 30 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) from previous Tier III/Stage III A requirements. John Deere met the challenge of Interim Tier IV/Stage III B regulations by starting with its PowerTech Plus Tier III/Stage III A engine platform — which includes cooled

Volvo Construction Equipment to Build Plant in Russia As part of its on-going expansion in developing markets, Volvo Construction Equipment has announced it will build a new excavator plant in Kaluga, Russia. The new plant will be built on the 37 acres of land Volvo acquired in 2007. The Kaluga plant will initially manufacture five models of Volvo excavator including the Volvo EC210, EC240, EC290, EC360 and EC460, with production planned to begin in the first quarter of 2013. President and CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment, Pat Olney, said the new plant will meet increasing demand in the country. “The new investment in Russia is part of our strategy to build machines where they are sold and thanks to a strong partnership with our Russian dealer, Ferronordic, our customer base is growing significantly in the country. “We have seen a strong commitment from Ferronordic, who is investing a substantial amount of money to support their further expansion in the Russian market.” At present, the growing construction equipment market in Russia is estimated to reach approximately 25,000 units in 2011.

exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for NOx control — and adding an exhaust filter for reducing PM. Engines in the 75 to 174 hp power range will feature fullauthority electronic controls, a 4valve cylinder head, a highpressure fuel system, wastegate or variable geometry turbocharging and an air-to-air aftercooling system. “Through rigorous field and lab testing, we ensure that our engines will meet the unique challenges of off-highway applications — including extreme vibration, high temperatures and duty cycles — in addition to new stringent emissions regulations,” Laudick said. In choosing a solution for Interim Tier IV/Stage III B, John Deere elected not to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR). John Deere’s cooled EGR and exhaust filter approach provides OEMs and end users a proven solution with the

best total fluid economy. Engines featuring cooled EGR take a dieselfuel-only approach, while SCRequipped engines utilize both diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to achieve emissions compliance. “For Interim Tier IV/Stage III B, it’s important to consider more than traditional fuel economy, equipment users must take into consideration total fluid consumption,” said, Geoff Stigler, manager of worldwide marketing support for JDPS. For more information, visit Three models in John Deere Power Systems’ lineup of 75 to 174 hp (56 to 130 kW) off-highway diesel engines have been certified as compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Interim Tier IV, European Union (EU) Stage III B and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations.

Page 94 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

ADVERTISER INDEX ALEX LYON & SON INC TUSCALOOSA AL 10/7 KISSIMMEE FL 10/25/11 ................89 ALL ERECTION & CRANE RENTAL ............................................23 ANACONDA CONVEYORS USA INC ..........................................31 ARROW EQUIPMENT INC ......................................................73,78 ASC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT USA ................................3,66 BAIR PRODUCTS INC ..................................................................58 BARGAINS......................................................................................85 BENCH MARK TOOL & SUPPLY ..................................................20 BLANCHARD MACHINERY INC ..............................................10,81 BOBCAT COMPANY (FLINT) ..................................................54,55 BOMAG ..........................................................................................76 BROOKS SALES INC ....................................................................20 CAROLINA CAT ............................................................................16 CASE CONSTRUCTION ..............................................................51 CEG SCALE MODELS ..................................................................83 CLASSIFIEDS ................................................................................84 CLEVELAND BROTHERS EQUIPMENT CO ............................14,15 CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE ............................27,46,63 DIESEL COMPONENTS ................................................................22 DOMINION EQUIPMENT PARTS ..................................................58 DYNAPAC ......................................................................................79 EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIONS ......................................................25 FLAGLER CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT LLC ..........................19 FLANGE LOCK ............................................................................25 FLUID CONTROL SERVICES ......................................................29 G S EQUIPMENT ..........................................................................11 GATORBACK TRACKS & EQUIPMENT ......................................81 GEHL ..............................................................................................56 GOMACO CORP ..........................................................................71 HALE TRAILER BRAKE & WHEEL ..............................................21 HILLS MACHINERY COMPANY ....................................................96 HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY ..............................44,45 HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT ..................................39 INTELLIGENT SIGNAL TECHNOLOGY ........................................20 IRON PLANET ONLINE AUCTION 10/13/11 ..................................................91 JAMES RIVER ................................................................................5 JCB INC ........................................................................................59 JCB OF FLORIDA AND SOUTH GEORGIA ..................................10

JFW EQUIPMENT INC ..................................................................66 JOHN DEERE ................................................................................57 JOHN DEERE SKID STEER ........................................................60 KAWASAKI ....................................................................................61 KOBELCO ................................................................................36,37 KOMATSU AMERICA CORP ..................................................35,53 KUBOTA SVL ............................................................................48,49 LEEBOY ........................................................................................67 LINDER INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO ..................................69,75 M D MOODY & SONS INC ..............................................................2 MAULDIN PAVING PRODUCTS ....................................................68 NPK CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT INC ....................................41 PINNACLE CENTRAL CO ............................................................29 POWER EQUIPMENT CO ............................................................78 RECKART LOGISTICS INC ..........................................................88 RING POWER CRANE ................................................................16 RING POWER RENTAL ..................................................................6 RITCHIE BROS. AUCTIONEERS ORLANDO FL 10/26-27 FT MYERS 10/28 ............................95 ROAD BUILDERS MACHINERY & SUPPLY..................................25 ROSCO MFG CO ..........................................................................74 SAKAI AMERICA INC ....................................................................70 SOLESBEES EQUIP & ATTACHMENTS LLC ................................23 SPECTRA INTEGRATED SYSTEMS ............................................17 STONE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT INC ................................74 TAKEUCHI ....................................................................................56 TAR HEEL MACHINERY ................................................................7 TEREX ..........................................................................................33 TRACTOR TRACS INC ................................................................81 TREKKER TRACTOR ....................................................................13 TRENCH SHORING SERVICES ..................................................34 UNITED RENTALS OF FLORIDA ....................................................9 VOLVO COMPACTION ..................................................................77 VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT ......................................43 WANTED ........................................................................................87 WHITE OAK EQUIPMENT INC ....................................................22 WILCO MANUFACTURING LLC ..................................................29 WIRTGEN AMERICA ....................................................................72 WORLDNET AUCTIONS ..............................................................93 YANMAR AMERICA ......................................................................50

The Advertisers Index is printed as a free editorial service to our advertisers and readership. Construction Equipment Guide is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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Fort Myers



O October ctober 2 26 6&2 27, 7, 2 2011 011

O October ctober 2 28, 8, 2 2011 011





2007 & 2006 BOMA BOMAG AG G BM2000/60


Crawler Tractors Wheel Loaders Excavators Motor Graders Motor Scrapers Articulated Dump Trucks Loader Backhoes Cranes Trucks & Trailers



FFor or ccomplete omplete aand nd u up-to-date p-to-date eequipment quipment llistings istings vvisit isit » CALL CALL TODAY TODAY TTO ADD YOUR E EQUIPMENT OA DD YOUR QUIPMENT ORLANDO AUCTION TTO O TTHE HE O RLANDO A UCTION

 15 –  19 –     



700 Ritchie Road, Davenport, FL 33897 ∙ Sale Starts 8 AM 863.420.9919

7742 Alico Road, Fort Myers, FL 33912 ∙ Sale Starts 9 AM 863.420.9919

Auction Business License #AB303 / Auctioneer: Trevor J. Moravec # AU3889

Auction Business License #AB303 / Auctioneer: Patrick J. Hicks #A AU2215

Crawler Tractors Wheel Loaders Motor Graders Excavators Articulated Dump Trucks Loader Backhoes Cranes Compaction Items Trucks & Trailers

Page 96 • October 5, 2011 • • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE

Visit us at our NEW CHARLESTON, SC Location!!! 1014 ATLAS WAY COLUMBIA, SC 29209 (888) 830-5939 (803) 658-0200

7168B CROSS COUNTY ROAD N. CHARLESTON, SC 29418 (866) 830-7577 (843) 225-9377 Fax: (843) 225-9378

Southeast #20, 2011  

Southeast #20, 2011

Southeast #20, 2011  

Southeast #20, 2011