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March 2019

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Special Feature Top Developers discuss their latest projects

Soulful Places Walid El-Hindi, CEO of IMKAN Properties, gives us an insight on how each IMKAN projects are built around a research-led approach that enables the company to shape communities

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CEO Wissam Younane

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Kareem Farah, Director of ECC Group, on the delivering uniquely designed, and challenging projects

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Should You Move to a Cheaper Home or Renegotiate Your Existing Rent to Save Money?


Emirates Steel 2018 Overview


Walid El-Hindi, CEO of IMKAN Properties, on how IMKAN projects are unique


Special feature with the Top Developers in the region


The latest on the real estate market


Road Construction Projects in GCC set to increase


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editor’s note

Projects Galore

Just an update regarding the construction and real estate market in 2019. International construction and real estate consultancy, Drees & Sommer Middle East, believes the regional construction sector will hold greater opportunities for the Digitization and Revitalization of built assets, as well as Adaptive Modular Design as a construction tool, following 2018’s slowdown in construction activities attributed to reduced oil prices and subsequent cuts to project spending across the region in 2018. Drees & Sommer predicts increased momentum for the construction sector driven by government support through long-term economic diversification plans, including Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and Saudi Vision 2030. The consultancy believes these agendas will develop fundamental sectors

including hospitality, healthcare, and infrastructure, while tourism and gradually stabilising oil prices will contribute to higher capital spending on construction projects in the region over the coming year. Currently, Saudi Arabia and the UAE remain the largest regional markets and are expected to award construction contracts valued at over US$320 billion over the next twelve months. In addition, there is currently over $3 trillion worth of projects in the pipeline for the regional construction sector over the next decade. As this edition of Construction Business News shows, the top developers in the region continue to grow in confidence and their latest projects showcase how creating innovative new designs and homes will continue to make them stand out in the market.

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// construction business news me // March 2019

Kasun Illankoon Deputy Editor

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way of performing the most demanding


HEART OF DUBAI NOW HAS A SOUL The heart of Dubai is coming to life, with an 8 million sq. ft. canal-front, freehold gated community – Sobha Hartland, now ready to welcome its first residents. Envisioned to be the anti-thesis to urban life, this marquee development by Sobha Realty in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City is located at the very epicentre of Dubai, minutes away from iconic landmarks and business districts.

Visit us at Cityscape Global 2018 to avail exclusive privileges. Dubai World Trade Centre | 02 - 04 October

Rera 1544 / 1949







Sobha Brand Studio Umm Al Sheif Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

Sobha Hartland Sales Gallery Sobha Hartland Mohammed Bin Rashid City Dubai

800 999 999 @ sobhahartland Terms and conditions apply

// Interview

Conquering the Challenges Kareem Farah, director of ECC Group, on thriving by thinking outside the box, delivering uniquely designed, and challenging projects By Roma Arora Challenges are meant to be met and overcome. There are a very few who understand this and are lifted by the challenges and complexities of the industry and can create a success story out of it. One such fine example is young and dynamic Kareem Farah, director of ECC Group, who’s always on a lookout for challenging opportunities. With construction and design industry booming, and Expo 2020 drawing closer, Farah realised that there lies an opportunity in the renovations and the design sector. In 2015, ECC Renovations, an entity of ECC Group, was established in response to a gap foreseen in the growing smallto-medium enterprise (SME) sector, a sector that makes up for 95% of the establishments in Dubai as of 2018. The firm offers renovation services, turnkey fitout solutions, interior design services, project management, MEP works, and more. Farah explains: “As of 2018, SME’s contribute to over 47% to Dubai’s GDP, and is proving to be one of the leading sectors in Dubai that is currently driving the market. ECC Renovations will continue to capitalise on this market by providing a wide range of services to our diverse clientele no 14

matter what the challenges are. We offer a complete range of services from inception to completion that includes design, value engineering, and project management across the UAE and have built a diverse portfolio that consists of commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructure projects.” Some of the key milestone projects are the construction of the first H2 Fuel Station in the Middle East, Zayed University, LACASA office fit-out, and installation of the skylight at the Dubai Airport among many others. The current pipeline of projects includes the Dusit Residence, Emaar Pumping Station, Makeen Skylight, a couple of office fit-outs, villa extensions, and several internal projects within the ECC Group. Farah takes great pride in his team and his true leadership qualities are adding to the success of ECC Renovations. Farah feels: “Behind every successful project, there is an excellent, diverse team of professionals that bring their international and local expertise while understanding the market, its needs and requirements. If we are able to deliver a tailored approach on time and ahead of a schedule that benefits our clients, it’s all because of the skilful

// construction business news me // March 2019

team. We have built a reputation for our consistency in delivering promises and offering adaptability to all project requirements – regardless of technical and/or logistical complication, a biproduct of having an excellent team.” Farah believes in innovation and he keeps on updating himself with international and local market trends. With timely and relevant insights, he helps in bridging the gap between challenges and impactful solutions. Farah says: “It’s important to bring fresh and new ideas to the table and have a great knowledge about the market trends. Earthy, neutral tones for flooring, use of natural materials for interior decoration, wooden elements and rustic furniture, low-hanging lights as well as pastel-toned walls and drapes are some of the trending elements that we have noticed in some of our recent projects as well as in the food & beverage (F&B), residential, and commercial sectors. We are also noticing a peaked interest by clients to extend and renovate their homes, with a few of our ongoing projects pertaining to the scope of work.” Farah thinks that challenges give an opportunity to learn and grow as

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Interview

every project comes with its own set of unique challenges and requirements. In a short span of time, ECC Renovations has delivered over 60 projects pertaining to various sectors such as industrial, residential, commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure. So, which projects are most challenging? Farah answers: “According to my opinion, residential projects are often the most challenging ones, requiring bespoke services, and the customisation that we are able to provide and deliver on-time due to our strategic partnerships with our suppliers. We also understand that renovation work to existing residential projects is extremely stressful to our clients and we ensure to be very transparent about the process upfront, in addition to supporting our clients at every stage of the process from authority approvals to completion.” Farah believes that technological in16

novation and advancement is unavoidable for a company to stay ahead of the curve and to maintain a competitive edge in the market. At the start of 2018, ECC Group made the decision of implementing a full-fledged Business Information Modelling (BIM) department, anticipating new industry trends and to stay abreast of international industry standards. BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based platform that provides users with insights or tools for architecture, engineering, construction, and ensures all processes are adaptable, flexible, and carried out in the most efficient manner possible. BIM is a boon for the design and construction industry. The adoption of BIM ensures project clashes or inconsistencies in design, materials, and their quantities are realised in earlier stages of the project, making it invaluable in coordinating information across departments, as a collaboration between entities is

// construction business news me // March 2019

an integral aspect of any project. Farah shares: “The implementation of BIM has multiple advantages in the design, construction, and architecture industry ensuring increased cost efficiency and time saved on a project. We were able to see fruitful results of the implementation of BIM on ECC Group’s and ECC Renovations’ ongoing project—Rawda, located at Town Square, Dubai. Rawda currently is 3.2% ahead of schedule and 43% complete, is a great case study showcasing the added value and benefits of BIM.” Farah is always looking for something new to work on, be it a taller tower, more complex designs, bespoke contract arrangements, to accommodate special client requirements. Farah is excited about his latest project H2 Fuel Station and says: “We thrive by thinking outside the box, delivering uniquely-designed projects and have developed a solid reputa-

Raneesh Mundon, project manager, ECC Renovations

Zamahn Sajjad, project manager, ECC Renovations

tion The implementation of BIM has multiple advantages in the design, construction, and architecture industry ensuring increased cost efficiency and time saved on a project. One of our recent milestones, the H2 Fuel Station, the first of its kind in the Middle East was an exciting experience for us. Undertaking such an interesting project, a new concept to the Middle East was a daunting task. Our scope of work included the complete construction and civil works – heavy equipment foundations, sheds, roads, equipment storage units along with MEP work. We were able to complete it successfully, on-time and ahead of schedule due to the hard work and dedication of our invaluable skilled workforce and team members.” Farah is optimistic about Expo 2020 and strongly believes that the event will attract new investors and potential buyers to the market, boosting the economy, furthermore, post expo as well. Farah feels: “The expos in the past like Shanghai in 2010 and Milan in 2015 have had a positive effect on the country’s economy, especially in the real estate sector, which I foresee happening for Dubai as well. Dubai’s GDP for construction and real estate is set to record a growth of 4.2% and 3.8% respectively during the next five years.” Farah has extremely promising plans for the future and he wants to achieve more milestones and is further keen to expand the portfolio and work on projects in the F&B and the retail sector. Farah concludes: “We have tripled in numbers since our inception in 2015 and are definitely looking to expand in the future, systematically and organically, similar to the expansion of ECC Group. Having vast experience in office fit-out and residential projects, our aim is to continue working on more innovative projects in the same field. One of our long-term plans is to grow the business in the SME sector and become the most well-known and sought-after company for SME scale construction projects across the UAE.”

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Opinion

Compare Your Savings Should You Move to a Cheaper Home or Renegotiate Your Existing Rent to Save Money? By

Many Dubai residents are taking full advantage of the decline in rental rates. Whether you’re planning to upsize your home or save money by renegotiating your current rent with your landlord or moving to a cheaper home, it’s the ideal time to do so. But it isn’t always easy to figure out the most suitable option if you intend to save money on your annual rent. You have to consider a number of factors and crunch some number to make an informed decision. To make this decision easier for you, the experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s largest mar18

ketplace for moving services, have put together some guidelines. Compare savings on rent to cost of moving If you’re living in one of the expensive areas in Dubai and are willing to move to a more affordable one like the newly developed suburbs of Dubai, which generally provide better value for money, then you might be able to save more by moving than renegotiating your existing rental rate. But, first of all, you need to figure out whether or not it even makes

// construction business news me // March 2019

financial sense for you to move to a cheaper home. The following calculations can help you decide. Step 1: Calculate the cost of moving Start the process by considering the cost of moving, which would depend on the amount of items in your home and the type of moving service you choose. For example, the average cost of moving your belongings to a new home ranges from AED 1000-2000 for one-bedroom apartments. You can save a significant amount of money

spaces, waiving the rent for one or two months, the number of cheques to pay the annual rent, and free home maintenance.

by doing some comparison shopping though platforms like ServiceMarket that allow you to get free quotes from multiple movers and packers in Dubai. Next, take into account the various costs associated with renting a new home: When you get a new lease agreement, you’ll have to pay 5% of the total rental agreement to the real estate agent. • You will have to register your tenancy contract with Dubai Land Department’s Ejari system, for which you should expect to pay AED 215. • Pay a 5% move-in security deposit to your landlord before you move in. You can get the full amount back when you move out of house if you return it in its original state. • When you get a new DEWA account, you’ll have to pay a connection fee of around AED 110 for small meters and a security deposit of AED 2000 for an apartment. • In addition, you might have to face other costs such as buying new furniture, painting, cleaning, renovations, etc.

Step 2: Calculate savings on rent over the next two years You can compare the average rent range for your area with that of other areas using the Dubai Land Department's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) rental increase calculator. Once you’ve picked an area and decided the size and type of property you want, you can calculate the difference in annual rent, and then find out how much you’ll be able to save over the next two years. Step 3: Compare Once you’ve added all the costs mentioned in ‘Step 1’, and found out how much you can save on rent by moving, compare the two. If the amount you’ll be able to save is larger than the cost of moving, then it makes financial sense to move. Otherwise, it would be better to stay in your existing home. If you have decided to move to a cheaper home and are in the process of negotiating the rental rate, see if your landlord is willing to discuss other options like more parking

When is it better to renegotiate? If you’re happy with your current home and your landlord is willing to renegotiate the rent to your satisfaction, then obviously it makes more sense to stay instead of moving to another home, which, as we’ve seen, can be a costly and time-consuming process. It’s important to realize that in the current buyer’s market, most landlords would prefer to renegotiate rental rates, especially if they’re happy with their tenants. Given the growing number of vacant properties in Dubai, landlords are keen to keep good tenants because they lose a lot of money if their house stays vacant for a long period of time. But renegotiations might not work if your current rental rate is already below the average rent range for your area. To find out if that’s the case, use the the Dubai Land Department's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) rental increase calculator to see the average rent range for your area and then compare it to your current rental rate. You should feel confident while renegotiating the annual rent with your landlord if your existing rent is above the range showed by the rental increase calculator. Be sure to start the negotiation process at least a couple of weeks before the start of the notice period specified in your tenancy contract. While it's currently a buyer's market, many realtors are of the opinion that prices might stabilize after the first quarter of 2019. This means that if you want to leverage the lower rent rates to upsize or save money, then now is the right time to make a move.

construction business news me // March 2019 //



Emirates Steel achieves 15% increase in revenue in 2018 Emirates Steel, the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, and a subsidiary of the General Holding Corporation (SENAAT), has announced an outstanding set of financial results for 2018. Emirates Steel achieved AED 7.5 billion in revenue in 2018, an increase of 15% as compared to AED 6.6 billion in 2017. In addition, Emirates Steel has delivered an incredible 44% increase in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). EBITDA in 2018 reached AED 1 billion, as compared to AED 678 million in 2017. In addition, Emirates Steel reduced its debt to equity ratio by 9%, from 56% in 2017 to 47% in 2018. During an annual media briefing held today at Emirates Steel’s headquarters, Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Steel said: “Despite the challenges faced by the metals and steel industry globally last year, our results for 2018 were positive. I believe this is a testament to the success of our resilient business model and our sustainable growth strategy. With this year on year growth, we are continuing to enhance our position as a world class steel manufacturer adept at delivering the highest quality products, services and comprehensive solutions to our customers.” “While we foresee challenges in 2019, including the slowdown of the regional construction sector, surge in Iron Ore prices, drop in sales prices, market volatility, market protectionism, we remain focused on increasing sales revenues and reducing direct and indirect costs to further improve our financial performance. We are aiming to achieve this through the further development of our product range and by driving efficiencies across the business, focus on customer retention, and customer satisfaction. The success of our strategy and our ability to deliver the highest quality products is increasingly 20

evident through the growing demand for Emirates Steel’s products in international markets,” added. Eng. Al Remeithi. In 2018 Emirates Steel’s export sales to more than 40 countries accounted for 20% of total volumes, with the remaining 80% being consumed within the UAE where the company maintains a 60% share of the rebar market and 69% share of the section market. It is worth mentioning that the steel market dropped significantly in second half of 2018, nevertheless the company managed to maintain its sales. Emirates Steel produced 3.1 million tons of finished products in 2018, in line with the volumes achieved in 2017. Emirates Steel’s presence is solid in the domestic market where it sold 2.514 million tons of finished products, with exports accounting for the remaining 631,000 tons. Emirates Steel’s reinforcing bars production accounts for roughly 2.1 million tons of the company’s overall production. In addition, the company manufactured 500,000 tons of wire rod and 600,000 tons of heavy sections. In November of 2018, Emirates Steel signed a four-year (2018-2021), high

// construction business news me // March 2019

value contract with Vale, the world’s largest producer of iron ore and iron ore pellets, to supply iron ore pellets for its steel production. Emirates Steel has an iron ore pellet requirement of around 6 million tons per year, and the four-year contract and strategic partnership with Vale provides the company with a flexible source of iron ore at competitive, stable and long term prices. As part of its efforts to implement best practices to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and production availability, in July 2018 Emirates Steel signed a 10-year contract with Phoenix Services for a Dust Agglomeration Project. The contract includes collecting Emirates Steel’s by-products (Mill-scale, FTP Dust, IOP & DRI Fines, DR Sludge), and converting them into pellet, and then re-releasing those pellets back into the furnace in our SMP plants. As part of this contract, Phoenix Services will build a plant in Phase 2, which is expected to be completed in the middle of Q2 2019. This project will not only be beneficial from an environmental stand point, but also from an efficiency and cost perspective.

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// construction business news me // March 2019

Soulful Places We catch up with Walid El-Hindi, CEO of IMKAN Properties, who gives us an insight on how each IMKAN projects are built around a research-led approach that enables the company to shape communities while adding value for its stakeholders

Walid El-Hindi has over 20 years of professional experience in the Real Estate Development Sector. As the Chief Executive Officer of IMKAN Properties, he is responsible for the Global Real Estate Portfolio for the holding company, Abu Dhabi Capital Group. In addition, Walid holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Capital Group Properties in Egypt, responsible for the Development of Alburouj, a fully mixed-use development with 25,000 residential units, Smart Village East Office park, and a major cultural hub. His previous experience included working for AECOM and Elness Swenson Graham Architects. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Minneapolis Planning Commission Board, he served the city to establish its comprehensive plan. From 2002-2008, Walid taught Architecture as an Adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

IMKAN is an Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer with a portfolio of 26 projects spanning four continents and covering 30 million sqm in various development stages. IMKAN’s proposition is built around a unique research platform that uncovers the distinct social behaviors and habits of specific market segments – from millennials to discerning high-net-worth individuals – to formulate tailored user profiles. This research-led approach enables the company to shape communities that are in tune with the mindset of each profile, thereby adding value for its stakeholders. IMKAN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Capital Group (ADCG). Its key projects include two developments in Makers District – The—Artery, a multi-use building that integrates a makers’ space with a parking garage, and Pixel, the company’s first mixed-use destination – as well as Nudra, a luxury beachside villa

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Cover Story

community, and Sheikha Fatima Park, an open-air project that seeks to enhance community interaction. “We are the first developer in the region to build an in-house research platform that allows us to design projects around distinct user profiles. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before,” said Walid. AlJurf AlJurf, set in a prime location of existing natural beauty, along with the Sahel Al-Emarat Coast, is the perfect respite from city life and just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of both neighboring cities. “Sahel Al Emarat, the UAE’s first Riviera destination, will soon start taking shape on a magnificent and preserved stretch of the coastline between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Promising an authentic and unparalleled cultural and tourism experience that pays homage to the UAE’s rich heritage, the first coastal development of its kind,” said Walid. Scheduled for completion in 2021, AlJurf Gardens will be the first phase of the entire development. Comprising of 293 residential villas and land plots, AlJurf Gardens’ facilities and amenities include unique residential communities and serviced residences, a worldrenowned wellness clinic, a private beach, a private marina, and community center all nestled amid abundant open spaces. Walid said, “AlJurf serves residents wanting an escape from the hectic life on weekends, as well as those looking for an adjustment in their lifestyle completely. While offering a unique chance to appreciate the existing land, this second home development provides a new way of living; among a naturally scenic landscape on Sahel Al Emarat – the Riviera of the UAE.” AlJurf Gardens harnesses a uniquely green environment featuring villas of four different architectural styles, designed by four globally renowned 24

// construction business news me // March 2019

award-winning architects. Once complete, the 370-hectare destination will comprise of three distinct districts - AlJurf Gardens, Jiwar Al Qasr and Marsa AlJurf, each with its own defining architectural characteristics. Reflecting on a vision cultivated by the founders of this nation, IMKAN is preserving the present ecosystem at AlJurf by creating a wildlife sanctuary aimed at protecting the land’s natural habitat. The fully integrated community is set to be a unique haven, where residents will also benefit from the conservation of the surrounding environment. Just a short retreat from the UAE’s

metropolises, the coastal destination offers residents and visitors the opportunity to relax and escape the hustle, bustle, stress of everyday life. “AlJurf is the perfect place for a second home and a chance to reconnect with nature in your own slice of tranquility,” remarked Walid. Makers District Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island, across from the cultural hub of Saadiyat Island, the development is making scheduled progress towards its completion timeline of Q4 2020. The renowned local engineering and

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Cover Story

contracting firm Dutch Foundation has completed all 938 secants of shoring. Alongside, five meters of excavation work has also commenced within Pixel to accommodate two basements of approximately 22,000 square meters each, while piling works are set to be finished by February 2019. Walid said: “The development validates our priority to enrich the UAE’s residential and commercial landscape through setting a new benchmark for community-living.” The 18-hectare creative residential component of Makers District will transform urban living by providing residents the opportunity to be a part of a creative environment where innovation and interaction thrive. Pixel, featuring seven towers comprising apartments, co-working office spaces, as well as food and beverage and retail elements surrounded by water features, is set to change the property landscape in the city by infus26

ing a sense of creativity and well-being into everyday living. Nudra Project Last year it was announced that there was significant progress on the construction of Nudra, a luxury development of 37 villas on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. Located in Saadiyat’s Cultural District, the development is already over 20 percent complete and is well on track for a timely handover in July 2019. The meticulously-planned 26,000 sq ft development plots along the beachfront are currently being graded and hoarded, ready for handover before year-end. Site offices are well-established and the first stage foundation work, including the bulk excavation, dewatering and the installation of over 1,500 piles, has been successfully completed. Furthermore, 11 out of the 32 villa basements are ready and five of the ground floor slabs already

// construction business news me // March 2019

cast, with the remainder set to follow in quick succession. IMKAN has also reported that the Jerusalem Limestone, which is to clad the external elevations, has been quarried and is now being cut and finished, with the first batch due to arrive at the site later this month. The building structures are already starting to rise above ground level, giving purchasers an increasing sense of the scale of these luxurious villas. The ‘shell and core’ finish will enable purchasers to fully customize their interiors. The construction of the hillside retaining wall at the rear of the project is also now complete. This structure is designed to support the gentle rising hill that is located approximately six meters above the entrance level, providing villas at the rear with magnificent views of both the Arabian Sea and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Formation of the beach is also progressing well with completion forecast for February 2019.

“IMKAN is fast gaining a strong reputation in this market because of our ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through projects such as Nudra that bring the notion of place-making to life. We believe in building enriched communities and spaces that allow for human interaction - going beyond just providing housing. With Nudra, we are introducing a concept of customized fit outs (shell and core) while simultaneously setting new benchmarks for community-living. With its ability to offer bespoke properties that cater to the individual needs of customers, IMKAN’s developments have achieved high uptake among potential investors and end users,” said Walid. Sheikh Fatima Park In alignment with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, which outlines a strategy for reduced reliance

on the oil sector as a key source of economic activity over time, IMKAN is focused on strengthening the Emirate’s economic vision and in solidifying its footing as the region’s investment haven. Abu Dhabi is a world-class investment destination, offering a promising value proposition to businesses and investors alike with attractive returns and yields. The park encompasses an area of 46,000m2, which is inclusive of an adventure zone, and a section devoted to women and children. The project’s timely commencement coincides with regional and global businesses increasingly looking towards Abu Dhabi for stronger investment opportunities. The Park is strategically located at the corner of Al Bateen Street and Zayed the First Street, offering close to 10,000sqm of leasable space for businesses to provide their unique services in a picturesque setting.

Avenues for collaboration and investments are available in commercial, retail and leisure segments. Food & beverage units, offices, and clinics are designed with the flexibility to expand and with the option of having terraces surrounded by park vistas and overlooking event plazas, green activity spaces and tranquil open lawns. Walid remarked, “Sheikha Fatima Park will not only benefit the physical health and wellness of this community, but it is also a platform for businesses. We will be considering offers from groups that complement our ethos of creating soulful places that enrich people’s lives. Our research-led approach has enabled us to develop the ideal urban green space that will focus on promoting mental, physical and spiritual health equity, and we want the outlets who operate in Sheikha Fatima Park to promote these values.”

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Special Feature

In this special feature, we catch a glimpse of the latest projects being delivered by the leading developers in the region. The feature indicates how the top developers in the region continue to grow in confidence and their latest projects showcase how creating innovative new designs and homes will continue to make them stand out in the market.


// construction business news me // March 2019

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Aurora real estate development

Cian Farah, CEO of Aurora Real Estate Developments

“Aurora is a boutique property developer in the UAE with a robust culture and ethos of quality, transparency, and attention to detail that offers a personalized service in delivering creative concepts at an affordable price. We began 2019 by delivering Lyra – our first rental-only development located between Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai International Academic City and International City, which caters to

ilies and the professional demographic in Dubai. The project was developed keeping in mind professionals and families living in Dubai. We are very excited about our second milestone project, Hyati Avenue, which is targeted for delivery in December 2019 and where the construction is progressing on schedule. Hyati Avenue is born out of a vision for a clean, modern space, the

likes of which Dubai has never seen before. The development encompasses contemporary architecture, complemented by distinctive design and premium finishes on par with international standards, appealing to the diversified community of Dubai and UAE. We designed this development keeping our clients in mind to create a home that lasts for life.” - Cian Farah, CEO, Aurora

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// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Azizi Developments

Azizi Riviera is a multiphase development of 71 mid-rise buildings with over 16,000 residences, including studios, one-, two-, and threebedroom apartments, located in the prestigious Meydan One. The development features a mega-integrated retail district that will consist of shopping, leisure and entertainment options, eateries, an extensive canal promenade, and direct access to the adjacent Riviera Les Jardins, a vast lush green space that spans across the whole development. 30

// construction business news me // March 2019

Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments

“One of the 200+ projects that we at Azizi Developments are involved in is Azizi Riviera in Meydan, our flagship community project. The property continues to be one of the most unique waterfront residential developments in Dubai, offering residents and investors attractive ROI in the buildup to Expo 2020 and beyond. Sustainability is one of our core commitments, reflected in all of our projects, including our flagship master-planned community, Azizi Riviera. Our commitment is supported by

three core pillars: social, environmental and economic. Our social goals nurture the community and create an equitable setting by promoting creativity, aesthetics, and human comfort, in addition to thermal comfort, lower noise levels, and an emphasis on promoting well-being through a wide range of exercising and relaxation facilities. With our projects, we aim to create an exemplary sustainable development model. Azizi Riviera, for example, is a sustainable community

with environmental considerations integrated into the development from conception to construction. I am optimistic about Dubai’s real estate sector, not just for 2019 but also for the long-term as the city is the best place to live in, work in, and visit. The positivity of Dubai and the sense of belonging it fosters among all residents will continue to attract professionals from across the world and in turn contribute to more demand for property.” – Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments.

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// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

DAMAC Properties “Our customer’s aspirations inspire all of DAMAC's living spaces, including Golf Town, our latest ready-built offerings located within the thriving DAMAC Hills community. Golf Town offers spacious, modern apartments with spectacular views of the 7,300yard Trump International Golf Club. Residents enjoy the ultimate golfing lifestyle as well as access to world32

class amenities and features including green parks, tennis courts, and an international school, among others. Dubai has been a model for sustainable urban development in the Middle East and North Africa. The city has the highest share of green buildings in the region and its real estate sector has aligned itself with the government’s vision of sustain-

// construction business news me // March 2019

ability which aims for a 30 per cent reduction in energy use by 2030. We have believed in building communities where residents can raise their families and share special bonds with their neighbours. It is this simple concept that makes DAMAC’s residential projects unique.” - Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President at DAMAC Properties.

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Emaar development Emaar Development has unveiled Arabian Ranches III, a secure gated townhouse neighbourhood. The new masterplanned community offers a happy lifestyle with a central park spanning an area of over 30,000 square metres (about 7.5 acres), a 4 km long boulevard, community parks with an extensive choice of play areas for children, as well as wellness and sports facilities for all. The lush-green neighbourhood also features a lazy river, cycling tracks, a retail strip, a clubhouse and community centre, a mosque as well as reputed schools and healthcare facilities in close proximity. The central park serves as a hub for recreation and socialising with a central plaza, lawns, adventure zones, parkour course, skate park, barbeque areas, gymnasium, jogging tracks and a cricket pitch, among other facilities. Arabian Ranches III also offers a direct connection to the 86-kilometre long Al

Qudra Cycling Track, while the 42-metre-wide boulevard loop promotes a pedestrian-friendly healthy lifestyle. Residents can also access the golfing facilities at the Arabian Ranches Golf Course and hone their equestrian and polo skills at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. Arabian Ranches III is effortlessly accessible to all key business and leisure destinations in the city. It is in halfhour travelling distance of Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Al

Maktoum International Airport and the Expo 2020 Dubai site, while the Global Village and Sheikh Hamdan Sports Centre are only five minutes away. The masterplan will be served by a Metro link in the future. Arabian Ranches III will feature 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses. Recreating the happy lifestyle of Arabian Ranches – which has high ratings in the residents Happiness Score, the new townhouse community will be the most desirable destination for families.

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Gemini Group

For over 30 years, the Gemini Group has excelled in all the businesses it has been involved with. At Gemini Property Developers, the team is devoted the client’s objective, and delivers the best property options and solutions accordingly. Their expertise in real estate investments and the real estate development ecosphere in Dubai and the UAE will ensure the best investment for your needs. “The year 2018 has been challenging for the industry, although for us, it was a year of delivery of our first project and the launch of the second project. Gemini Property Developers 34

has been doing quite well in terms of sale and development activities. We have delivered our maiden project, Gemini Splendor last year and families have started to move in. Gemini has delivered Splendor at Mohammed Bin Rashid City. We are also developing our second project, Symphony, Business Bay – which will also be an energy efficient building with smart solutions. Construction of Symphony has already commenced with piling and shoring works which is nearing completion soon and then main contract shall be awarded.” - Mr. Sudhakar Rao, Chairman of Gemini Property Developers.

// construction business news me // March 2019

Sudhakar Rao, Chairman of Gemini Property Developers

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Meraas Meraas has unveiled its plans for Central Park at City Walk, a new exclusive residential neighbourhood which will surround a 40,000 sqm private park in the heart of Dubai. As part of its dedication to create mould-breaking, imaginative ways of experiencing city life that inspire an active lifestyle for residents and visitors in sustainablyminded destinations, Meraas’ latest

neighbourhood will redefine community living in the emirate. Spanning a total area of 230,000 sqm, Central Park at City Walk will include 12 terraced mid-rise residential buildings. The residential complex will comprise 187 spacious one- to four-bedroom units that overlook a year-round fertile park, with Dubai’s majestic downtown skyline standing imperiously in the background.

Central Park at City Walk will also be one of the most connected and easiest to access communities in the city. Just two minutes from City Walk’s retail complex and the 17,000 capacity Dubai Arena – the region’s most anticipated entertainment destination. Central Park at City Walk will combine a tranquil lifestyle with the city’s best leisure, shopping, dining and wellness experiences.

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Pantheon Development

Kalpesh Kinariwala, Founder and Chairman of Pantheon Group

Pantheon Development, part of Pantheon Group, entered Dubai’s real estate market in 2016 with the AED 150 million Pantheon Boulevard project at the Jumeirah Village Circle. The project was successfully completed with the company’s own capital and delivered to its owners. The Group’s second project – Pantheon Elysee – is being developed at District 13, Jumeirah Village Circle. With a development value exceeding Dh 180 million, it is expected to be delivered in October 2020, before the beginning of the World Expo 2020. The Group plans to launch a number of real estate projects in the UAE. “Numerous residential, commercial and industrial projects have commenced, and our affordable luxury project Pantheon Elysee located in Jumeirah Village Circle, a few minutes away from the mega expo site has witnessed significant interest from investors as well as end-users. I believe, 36

China and Chinese buyers will figure prominently in Dubai’s real estate market. The Chinese already figure in the top five spots of international investors with property interests in Dubai, after those from India, Pakistan and the UK.” “The UAE has been a beacon of inspiration when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency. From adopting district cooling solutions to integrating solar panels and LEED certified

// construction business news me // March 2019

amenities, most projects in the country have opened its arms to environmental principles. At Pantheon Development, affordability is the core of our operations. As such, our projects are not only cost-effective, but implement modern architectural and engineering thinking, to develop homes that are sustainable and energy efficient.” - Kalpesh Kinariwala, Founder and Chairman of Pantheon Group

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Samana developers 2018 marks Samana Group of Companies forays into Dubai real estate market with the launch of its maiden Dh75 million ‘Samana Greens’ project in Arjan near Dubai Miracle Garden in April 2018. Despite Dubai’s challenging real estate market, the developer was inspired by the bright vision of His Highness Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who thinks and plans 10 years ahead of the world to transform Dubai into the attractively designed Samana Greens with its ecofriendly systems has earned Samana Developers credibility in the Dubai real estate market which has been bolstered

by investors and real estate agents’ confidence in this quality product. e of the world’s most advanced cities. “Samana Developers’ first project ‘Samana Greens’ is a freehold residential property and is self-financed, which gives the developers a comfort to deliver the project on time. The Dh75 million project’s 116 residential units comprise of studio to twobedroom apartments. Located right opposite the Miracle Garden tourist attraction, Samana Greens will be easily accessible through two major expressways – Al Khail Road and Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – and gives its resi-

dents easy access to the major attractions of the city of Dubai. Arjan master community is a new and growing neighbourhood and is surrounded by Arabian Ranches, Sports City, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai Hills, along with close proximity to a five-star hospital and five international schools. Samana Developers second project – Samana Hills – will address the growing need of the holiday market. The new project will be fully-serviced hotel apartments and is scheduled to be launched by the end of the first quarter of 2019.” - Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of Samana Developers.

Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of Samana Developers

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// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Select group “With 15 projects to its credit within UAE, Select Group has delivered 10 million ft² of development with a GDV in excess of AED 7.5 billion and remains committed to long term investment in the UAE real estate market and development continues to be the group’s core area of focus. Marina Gate I, the first tower in The Residences at Marina Gate, was handed over in early 2018. With a built-up area of 1,139,500 ft2 and spread over 51 floors, the development features 399 residential units and luxurious amenities. No.9 is a waterfront development located on the Dubai Marina promenade and offers stunning waterfront views. The 34-floor tower houses 220 apartments has a built-up area of approximately 500,000 ft2. The development was handed over to owners in December 2018. 38

Rahail Aslam, Group CEO, Select Group

// construction business news me // March 2019

Another 10 million ft² of prime residential property in the group’s portfolio is currently under construction. This includes Marina Gate II and Studio One developments. Both projects are located in Dubai Marina and are scheduled for completion in 2019. In addition to the above, as part of its diversification plans, Select Group has also made a significant investment in a chain of quality but affordable fitness and lifestyle gymnasiums. With the first gym now operational, multiple new branches across UAE are at various stages of progress. Select Group has a track record of quality and timely delivery which has resulted in a loyal customer base over the years. Our properties cater to an audience who seek a curated lifestyle, strong rental returns and capital appreciation.” – Rahail Aslam, Group CEO, Select Group.

Expertise to build your success When building a business, you need a partner that is equally

committed to your success. With more than 30 years of project financing experience, National Bank of Fujairah plays a vital role in this industry, earning the trust of the construction

community. Our experienced and dedicated team works with leading contractors in the UAE, offering tailored solutions across the board.

Talk to us and find out how we can build a successful partnership to support your business.



Call 8008NBF(623) to start our partnership

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Special Feature | Developers you should know

Shapoorji Pallonji

Cyrus Engineer, Managing Director of Sharpoorji Pallonji Property Developers

Shapoorji Pallonji is one of India’s oldest family business conglomerates with a rich legacy of more than 154 years constructing world-renowned landmarks including the tallest residential building in India, the largest mall in India, the largest cement clinker plant in Asia, nuclear research establishments, airports, factories, stadiums and more. Committed to building a long-term relationship with the Middle East and International markets, Shapoorji Pallonji International Property Developers’ first real estate project outside India, Imperial Avenue, is currently 40

being constructed in Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 1971, Shapoorji Pallonji became the first Indian construction company to venture into the Middle East, when they were chosen to build the 'Royal Palace for the Sultan of Oman'. “Imperial Avenue, an exclusive collection of luxury homes in Downtown Dubai, is Shapoorji Pallonji’s first real estate project outside India. Complete with five levels of podiums and stateof-the-art facilities, Imperial Avenue consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, 4 and 5 bedroom penthouses, 3 bedroom villas and 4 and 5

// construction business news me // March 2019

bedroom villas with a private pool at the podium level. Standing 45 storeys tall with 424 apartments and 5 levels of parking, Imperial Avenue emphasizes on opulent living spaces offering high quality living. With modular kitchens, designer bathrooms and private decks, every apartment is unique. A premium 10,000 sq. ft. lobby, rooftop infinity pool, family pool on the 9th floor, fitness center, squash court, indoor and outdoor kids play area, private AV room and private function hall is available for residents of Imperial Avenue.” – Cyrus Engineer, Managing Director of Sharpoorji Pallonji Property Developers.

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Sobha Realty “2018 has been an excellent year with unprecedented growth and achievements for Sobha Realty. We refreshed our corporate brand and rechristened it as ‘Sobha Realty’ in 2018 and presented a new identity for our flagship ‘Sobha Hartland’. By mid-2018 we began the handover for our flagship product - Phase 1 of Hartland Greens apartments and have recently launched the much awaited upper floors of the Creek Vistas. The next phase of deliveries which include Phase 2&3 of Hartland Greens apartments, 4 & 5 BR Hartland Estate villas and Townhouses are now getting ready for a timely completion and delivery. Additionally, the exquisite landscape for 30% of the Sobha Hartland community which is dedicated for green and open spaces is progressing at a rapid pace. This

only reiterates the company’s commitment to the Middle East region and with Sobha Realty, we present homes which embody the founder’s vision of the finest in luxury living. Being the foremost backward integrated real estate developer in the world, we have our inhouse teams for design & construction who have been delivering high quality projects for decades now. We believe that our focus on timely and perfectly choreographed delivery experience to the customer will be more beneficial in the long run. With aggressive plans in place, we plan to ramp up construction and handover activity to generate up to $680m (AED2.5bn) in revenue by 2021. Brand consolidation is in place and hopefully will be done in the next 3-5 years.” - Tirthankar Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer, Sobha Realty.

Tirthankar Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer, Sobha Realty

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// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Tonino Lamborghini

Ma Guolong, CEO of Oriental Pearls

Tonino Lamborghini Residences – Oriental Pearls The project is developing rapidly, with reinforcements and post-tension work in progress on the first floor. Once complete, Tonino Lamborghini Residences Dubai will offer freehold premium apartments inspired by timeless design, reminiscent of Tonino Lamborghini’s clean lines and dynamic forms with top quality finishes. Tonino Lamborghini Residences Dubai will offer a combination of smart technology, contemporary design and lush green landscapes. It will also offer a full spectrum of convenient amenities and retail services, along with seamless technology and advanced climate control of communal spaces for residents. The agreement with Oriental Pearls will see the developer apply the Tonino Lamborghini branding, philosophy and values across its real estate developments in Dubai. 42

Ma Guolong, CEO of Oriental Peals, said: “We are delighted to announce that the development of Tonino Lamborghini Residences Dubai is progressing at a rapid pace barely two months since we unveiled the project. We are especially happy to announce these developments

// construction business news me // March 2019

during the Spring Lantern Festival – an auspicious occasion which historically marks prosperity and good health. We believe 2019 will be a momentous year for us as we continue to hit even bigger milestones in our journey to deliver this one-of-a-kind project in the UAE.”

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Trigono Developments Trigono Development is a leading company in the real estate field based in Dubai and its major activity is to manage, purchase, sell and develop lands and properties. Trigono seeks to develop new projects in Dubai to position itself as one of the new companies that care about the welfare and comfort of investors inside and outside of Dubai. “The50 by Trigono, our first project, is located in Majan. It is a 10-storey residential building with 40 one bedroom and 20 two-bedroom apartments. In addition to the apartments, The50 offers its resident's health and recreational amenities with the swimming pool and gym located on the rooftop of the building. Our focus in this project was to offer our residents spacious apartments with top quality fittings at affordable pricing. Everything in The50 has been handpicked by our team from the design stage with the intention of offering everything that we felt was needed from our experience as property owners and tenants, as well as from understanding what clients are looking for. Our vision in The50 is to build a residential building by the people for

Mahmoud Shehada, Founder, Trigono Developments

the people, and I believe that can only be achieved by eliminating the small developer mindset of purely focusing on IRR. The50 will have 24-hour security in a gated area with no commercial outlets on the ground floor to maintain peace and tranquility for its residents.� - Mahmoud Shehada, Founder, Trigono Developments construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Special Feature

Special Feature | Developers you should know

Union Properties

OIA Residence Inspired by Oia, a small town on the island of Santorini in Greece, renowned for its bright white buildings and blue skies, OIA Residence by Union Properties is a modern and sophisticated gated community featuring low-rise apartments set amid expansive greenery and an abundance of recreational facilities. Located in Dubai MotorCity, the community is home to 269 contemporary one to four-bedroom apartments, of which 28 are premium three and 44

// construction business news me // March 2019

four-bedroom duplexes, that come complete with lavish gardens and private terraces providing exclusive access to the swimming pools. Avenue District Avenue District by Union Properties is the latest urban development in Dubai MotorCity. Spanning over two million sq ft, the project will feature two mid-rise residential developments and a self-contained shopping mall. The lifestyle-focused retail centre, spanning over 1.3 million sq ft, will

boast a diverse F&B mix, along with entertainment and retail options. The first residential development comes complete with 366 elegantly designed studios to three-bedroom units. Residents will have access to a variety of excellent amenities, including a fully equipped gym that overlooks the swimming pool, and 31,000 sq ft of retail space on the ground floor of the building. The second residential project will house more than 252 studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and

three-bedroom apartments. The contemporary living space will provide ease of access to the best in leisure, F&B, entertainment and sports amenities in the community. There are also plans to include 13,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor of the building. Avenue District will also be home to the ultra-modern 118,000 sq ft BMW and MINI showroom, that will allow visitors to have a full view into the workshop area through specially crafted glass panels.

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Renovation

JA Beach Hotel to Undergo Massive Fa c e l i f t & R e n ovat i o n As the 1 million square metre, experience-packed, JA The Resort in Jebel Ali prepares to add a third hotel to the area, the original and much-loved JA Beach Hotel will also undergo an extensive makeover and refurbishment, ensuring all three properties in JA The Resort compete with a unique style and proposition. Boasting a strong base of 30% repeat guests every year, it’s clear that JA Beach Hotel has a loyal following and families who treasure years of good memories at the property. The hotel experiences high volumes of repeat guests from Europe, while also providing UAE residents with an ideal staycation destination a short drive from the city centre. A true escape from the city vibe of Dubai, JA Beach Hotel has always offered a resort feel, with a surrounding expanse of greenery and wildlife, a private marina and a host of family activities to suit all generations. The renovation plans for JA Beach Hotel include an enhanced facade with new, all-glass balconies for the rooms and suites which will further improve the panoramic sea views and effectively showcase the stunning 800 metre vista of private beach. The bedrooms will also be given a new look for 2019, with modern wood tile flooring, new beds and furniture in a fresh colour scheme of soft greys, neutrals and relaxing royal blue. All food and beverage outlets will be refurbished with new concepts to be announced in due course. William Harley-Fleming, Cluster General Manager of JA The Resort, commented; “JA Beach Hotel has been a landmark property for over 38-years and many people who have grown up in the UAE fondly remember days trips 46

to the hotel. We also have many loyal guests who have been coming to the hotel for 15 years or more. Though the property is still in a great condition, we have made a conscious decision to

// construction business news me // March 2019

modernize it and maximize its appeal, in tandem with the opening of our third hotel JA Lake View Hotel and the many other leisure facilities we have at JA The Resort.�

ALL NEW EURO 4 HAS ARRIVED Most Extensive and Environmentally Friendly Line-up of Vehicles

• Environment Friendly • Fuel Economy • Advance Technology • Best in Class • Minimum Cost of Operation

// Real Estate

SAVILLS RELEASES FIRST UAE MARKET REPORT Savills, one of the world’s leading real estate advisors, has released its first comprehensive view of the United Arab Emirates, The UAE Property Report. According to the specialist report, the UAE Government’s increased investment into infrastructure, its commitment to diversifying the economy and positive regulatory changes have paved the way for economic recovery and growth. The dedicated country report, compiled by Savills’ experienced team based in the United Arab Emirates, assesses the state of the current real estate market with particular focus on the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Savills identifies the UAE as ‘one of the great success stories of the Middle East’, that is looking to the future through bold moves such as visa liberalization and increasing government spending on infrastructure. It is estimated that UAE GDP growth will accelerate from 2.3 per cent in 2018 to 2.9 per cent in 2019 according to the World Bank and Oxford Economics. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently quoted even higher potential growth rates of 3.7 per cent for 2019. According to Savills, this growth is stimulated by an increasingly diversified economy and private sector investment. Savills’ report underlines that the non-oil sector grew by 50 basis points in 2018 to 3%, driven by ongoing investments attributed to the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai and the country’s long term focus on infrastructure development. In the real estate market, supply addition in the residential sector actually witnessed a year-on-year decline as developers focused on consolidating their operations and completion of existing under-construction and launched projects. The level of existing supply combined with new launches caused price value drops 48

Steve Morgan, CEO of Savills Middle East

across most UAE markets, while both capital and rental values witnessed year-on-year decline. This has created a buyer / tenant’s market, with developers currently offering generous payment plans and schemes. Within the overview, Savills acknowledges that price compression across the real estate market continued through 2018, but with the inspirational focus of the UAE Vision 2021 and steps taken to achieve its goals, the UAE real estate market can deliver opportunity for domestic and international investment over 2019 and beyond. Steve Morgan, CEO of Savills Middle East said: “The UAE Government has made a number of bold, innovative changes to stimulate the growth of the economy and secure its longterm future. Through both public and

// construction business news me // March 2019

private sector investment, we envision the UAE will continue its progress towards a diversified economy and a more mature real estate market. There is still some way to go towards recovery but we are starting to see investor optimism return.” Savills compiled the report from business data acquired across residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UAE. Savills carries out around 10,000 valuation instructions per year and represents many globally significant companies and organisations looking for commercial space in the Middle East. “It is our job to unearth opportunities, gaps in the market and find alternative ways of looking at real estate for our clients. Under the right conditions, the UAE is trending towards a positive opportunity for investors.”

// Projects

Road Construction Projects Road development continues to be top priority for GCC with projects worth more than USD 122 billion Road development projects continue to be among the largest infrastructure investments across the GCC region and remains a top priority for governments in line with their urban planning initiatives, according to the latest report released by Orient Planet Research, an Orient Planet Group venture. The report titled ‘Fast Tracking Development: Road Infrastructure in GCC’ highlights the massive investments on road, tunnels and bridges across the GCC amidst oil prices fluctuation in recent years. The GCC countries are among the world’s most ambitious when it comes to developing mega infrastructures, driven by the vision to become a regional powerhouse that will attract investments and further diversify from oil, the Gulf’s major source of income. Worldwide, the UAE and Saudi Arabia rank among the top 12 global markets for infrastructure investment, the report noted. The expenditure on road infrastructure has been a major growth factor in the region and governments continue to find these investments as vital to social and economic growth. The report cited that total value of active infrastructure projects in the GCC has reached to USD 1.14 trillion with roads, highways and bridges among the highest number of projects. It further noted that there was a total of 1,069 road projects in the region, the highest number among all infrastructure projects, with a combined value of USD 122.6 billion. Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director of Orient Planet Group, said: “One of the important findings of the report points to the level of priority given to road projects by GCC governments, even when low oil prices impacted 50

the regional economy in 2014 and 2015. Governments have maintained a positive approach to infrastructure development, including exploring new ways of financing important initiatives such as public-private partnerships.” The report highlighted some of the major projects across the region such as Dubai’s allocation of AED 15 billion (USD 4.8 billion) to complete key

// construction business news me // March 2019

projects eyed to serve the upcoming Expo 2020, including the upgrade of roads, ramps and flyovers. In Saudi Arabia, over USD 400 million is invested in nine major road projects including the King Hamad Causeway. In Kuwait, the government is set to implement the construction of the Seventh Ring Road Project, a 93-kilometre road network development.

// Event

F i b r e l i t e ’ s L oa d B e a r i n g A c c e s s C ov e r s Are Going Lightweight The question facing modern architects and developers is how to retain the accessibility and strength, but improve upon the practicality, durability and performance. From access covers and manhole covers, to trench covers, steel and concrete have traditionally been the market’s materials of choice. However, these options are often cumbersome to lift and easily corrode – requiring regular maintenance. To meet the challenges of modern construction, Fibrelite, the global leader in the manufacture and development of GRP composite manhole and trench covers, has developed an ultra-light, yet ultra-strong solution that can be manufactured to match almost any specification, size, colour, or project. With an unrivalled strength to weight ratio, this highly engineered GRP composite material is significantly lighter than metal, yet just as strong, and is fast becoming recognised as an effective modern alternative to traditional steel and concrete. This breakthrough has subsequently led to the development of the world’s first F900 rated (90-tonne) load rated composite covers at the Port of Felixstowe - one of the UK’s leading commercial ports. Designed to protect the fresh water pipes used to supply arriving vessels, the original covers had to be removed and replaced with a mobile crane each time access was required. However, despite sharing the same load rating, the new Fibrelite composite covers can be safely and conveniently installed and removed by a two-man team. What’s more, unlike conventional steel alternatives, the new replacements are resistant to corrosion from 52

sea salt – making them ultra-durable and maintenance-free. Designed, manufactured and developed specifically for Felixstowe, these covers are colour-coded to denote fresh drinking water and have been engineered to fit seamlessly into the existing frames with custom-made security bolts – providing a made-to-measure fit. From the Premier League to La Liga, architects and developers in the field of sports stadium design have also been quick to embrace the benefits of GRP composite technology. In areas of high use, such as underground service trenches, high load bearing GRP access covers that can be easily removed and reinstalled are replacing the traditional alternatives. Having worked with leading clubs across the world, Fibrelite are experts in creating custom designs to match any application and regularly design

// construction business news me // March 2019

maintenance-free, trench covers featuring club colours and logos, to blend into the surrounding pitch. These bespoke designs neatly fit existing trenches and are skid-resistant, making them ideal for pedestrian areas. Specified by major oil companies worldwide since the 1980s, including locally: ExxonMobil, Total, ADNOC, Woqod, ENOC and OiLibya; Fibrelite’s high performance composite covers can be custom designed to suit any specification in Fibrelite’s dedicated facilities in the UK, the US and South East Asia. A rapid design to delivery process, and a responsive local distribution network also guarantee fast turnaround times. Since 2013, Fibrelite has been a part of OPW (a Dover company) allowing the company to offer an unprecedented portfolio of complementary best-in-class products.

Building the UAE’s highest road Jebel Jais is part of the Hajar Mountain Range in Ras Al Khaimah. It is the highest peak in the UAE. And for centuries unreachable by most. For 8 years, a fleet of Volvo FMX Trucks carried a total of more than 5.5 million cubic meters around the clock building a 36 km road that goes up more than 1910 meters. The rugged terrain, steep slopes and loose rock were not a challenge for Volvo FMX, which is built tough for such conditions. That is why more than 30 of our Volvo FMX trucks completed this ambitious road project without any major breakdown. To watch the full video please visit

// Interview

The driving force behind Em i r at e s Sk yCa r g o Interview with Henrik Ambak, Senior Vice President of Cargo Operations Worldwide

Emirates SkyCargo is now the second largest air cargo operator in the world, operating a fleet of freighters to over 40 destinations across six continents, next to its 260 passenger aircraft moving passengers and cargo between 158 airports. In total the company carried 2.6 million tonnes of cargo in 2017/18. 54

Operating its freighter aircraft out of Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) and its passenger aircraft out of Dubai International Airport (DXB), Emirates SkyCargo has by 1 August 2018 connected 1 million containers in just 4 years between the passenger and freighters fleet, making Dubai the

// construction business news me // March 2019

most successful two airport hub. In order for operations to run smoothly, Emirates SkyCargo is equipped with the best facilities available to them, including a fleet of 49 trucks, which make around 375 trips per day between the hubs. From the handling of agricultural

Henrik Ambak

goods, pharmaceuticals, to sensitive cargo, odd-sized equipment, textiles and supercars, Emirates SkyCargo maintained high standards of service for our customers by investing in innovation and utilising advanced technologies such as SkyChain which enables customers to request services and trace

their shipments in real-time. In order for operations to run smoothly, Emirates SkyCargo is equipped with the best facilities available to them. In addition to that, there are two key players assisting Emirates SkyCargo in their daily cargo operations, Allied Transport and MAN Trucks.

Emirates SkyCargo operates between Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) and Dubai International Airport (DXB). This is where Allied Transport plays a key role in ensuring that Emirates SkyCargo can connect between the two airports in ease. “What Allied Transport does for us is to connect our 2-airport hub. We have our freighters at DWC airport and our passenger fleet operating out of DXB thus Allied transport helps us to make that connection, along with local deliveries connecting DXB/DWC with other UAE airports, explained by Mr. Henrik Ambak, Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo worldwide. Allied Transport Company (ATC) is one of the leading transport companies with the largest trucking fleet in the UAE market and the region. The company was founded in 1972 and ever since has been providing a caliber of service that is unrivaled within the industry. The company specializes in land freight transportation and haulage of all types of cargo.” ‘It is essential for us to have the transport provider that offers reliability, on-time performance and flexibility. This is especially important when you have unexpected flights and shipments that require flexible logistics and additional trucks to operate. “The two airports are around 65 kilometers apart, meaning that to date we have covered an estimated 19 million kilometers – the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back twenty-five times. To cover this distance requires a mode of transport that is both durable and reliable, and we depend on our key partners, Allied Transport and MAN Truck & Bus to ensure our cargo keeps moving. We trust Allied Transport and MAN Truck & Bus to provide dependable, long-lasting vehicles and have never had a single breakdown with a MAN truck, enabling us to maintain our tight schedules, especially when cargo needs to go onto passenger planes from DXB. For example, we have about four freighter flights that come in from Hong Kong. That cargo needs

construction business news me // March 2019 //


// Interview

to be transported between DWC and DXB on-time because we can’t keep the other planes waiting. We don’t want the freighter fleet to sit on the ground as it wastes a lot of money.” While there is a need to transport the cargo from one airport to another quickly and on time, Mr. Ambak also emphasizes the need of safety. “Our logo is painted on these trucks so we need to ensure that these trucks are safe and operating in a safe manner as our brand is associated with the highest degree of safety. Looking to the future, Mr. Ambak is keen to see how developments including electric trucks and autonomous driving to further increase efficiency and improve sustainability across the logistics chain. “As an airline we are always looking for ways to innovate and become more sustainable so it would be interesting to see how trucks become more sustainable from going from digital to electrical. There is also a discussion 56

about autonomous trucks as well. The technology exists in Europe, especially platooning, which is making logistics more and more efficient, so it will be

// construction business news me // March 2019

interesting to see the expected regulations from ESMA to understand how this will work in practice in the UAE,” remarked Mr. Ambak.


JLG® MID-SIZE BOOM LIFTS − GREATER CAPACITY AND LIFT SPEEDS Ramp up productivity with JLG’s midsize boom lifts. Faster lift speeds mean you’ll spend more time working, less time positioning. And the higher platform capacity and improved work envelope maximizes efficiency on the job. Get impact protection and a more modern look from the DuraTough hoods, which also allow for better serviceability. Learn more at JLG Industries | JAFZA View | PO Box 262728 | LB 19, 20th Floor, Office 05 | Jebel Ali | Dubai |

// Interview

Pav i n g T h e R oa d

We caught up with Asif Khan, General Manager GENAVCO, and Saif Khan, Senior Sales Manager GENAVCO, who give us an insight on how the company’s road construction equipment has performed GENAVCO was founded in 1967 by His Excellency Juma Al Majid, following the establishment of the Juma Al Majid Group in 1950. It is one of the leading companies in the UAE for supplying commercial vehicles, road construction equipment, quarry, and mining equipment, material handling equipment, lubricants, and other industrial/construction equipment, representing the world's leading brands from the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, and France. The group overall has a turnover of an estimated $5.2 billion. 58

Market Overview for GENAVCO “We at GENAVCO have three main business verticals which are commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, and BP lubricants,” said Asif Khan, General Manager of Plant & Equipment, GENAVCO. “Our ability to sustain the business for the past 50 years illustrates the strength of our equipment’s and services,” added Asif Asif has been part of the company for over 25 years now and has seen massive changes in the company since he joined. “I have seen the ups and downs in the market. When I initially joined the

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buyers would have to wait for months to receive equipment, they needed to reserve it in advance.” In 2019, Asif tells us that the market has picked up and this is mainly due to confidence instilled by the rulers of the UAE which is encouraging businesses and investors in the country. Saif Khan, senior sales manager of Equipment Business Unit in GENAVCO, elaborates more about the changes he has seen in the last five years. “In terms of infrastructure, we have seen a lot of new things being developed. The number of new

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roads and highways are just a few examples of these changes. For us, this is good as we supply the equipment for these projects.” “We are catering to about six different market segments. By doing so we get to know what is exactly happening with the economy of this country. As a company we know well ahead of time the projects that are coming up, even during the design stages, this is just an illustration of how closely we follow the market,” remarked Asif. Road Construction Equipment Asif says that that road construction equipment is one of their largest market shares. Such equipment’s like Writgen, Hamm, and Vogele are in such high demand in the market. GENAVCO has been representing WIRTGEN since 2003. WRITGEN as a technological leader, it offers to the customers, mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, as well as for mining and processing minerals. Since then we had been excelling our market presence and in a short span of time we became the market leaders, with our professional team of sales and after sales, we are maintaining and improving our market share.

“Our WIRTGEN Milling machines had worked on the prestigious airport, highways and internal road projects in the country. All the leading Road contractors are our satisfied fleet users.” In 1988 GENAVCO started to represent HAMM and with their technologies such as Oscillation, Hammtronic, and HCQ - Hamm Compaction Quality underline HAMM's high competence and expertise as a manufacturer of compaction equipment. “We feel proud to say that we are the leading Rollers suppliers to Road Construction Industry in UAE," said Asif.

GENAVCO is representing Vogele since 1999 and sold the first paver in the year 2000. Saif tells us the importance of using these equipment’s when it comes to road construction. “In road construction, you first need to remove the road by using the milling machine, then you need a paver to lay the asphalt, then you need rollers to compact it. These machines complement each other in making these roads are built with high quality,” remarked Saif. After Sales Support Team One of the key reasons why GENAVCO has continued to succeed is due to their after sales support and spare parts team which is essential when providing this high-value equipment. “Customers are expecting immediate support. When there is a breakdown are repair team need to immediately fix the problem. The machines itself have a self-diagnostic system in the machine which means when there is a problem the repair team will know exactly what the problem is and will provide the correct replacement parts and which areas they need to repair,” said Saif. Asif further elaborated, “Today in the asphalt paver business we enjoy roughly about 80% of market share and maintaining that market share means we have to be on top of our game and are after sales support team has helped greatly in maintaining customer confidence.”

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As well as being the market leader in the Middle East, Bobcat is world number one in compact loaders, with one out of every two compact loaders in use today worldwide being a Bobcat model. Bobcat is also a leading supplier of backhoe loaders, mini-excavators, telehandlers and attachments. Bobcat machines and attachments are used in a wide variety of construction and material-handling applications, including demolition and recycling. Bobcat offers 12 skid-steer loader models covering operating weights from 1268 to 4643 kg and rated operating capacities from 343 to 1850 kg. Complementing these wheeled machines, the company also offers a wide range of compact track loaders comprising seven models from the MT55 to the top-of-the-range T870 model, covering operating weights from 1186 to 5863 kg and rated operating capacities from 254 to 1726 kg. When paired with a genuine Bobcat attachment, each loader model can be

a powerful partner on the jobsite. All Bobcat compact loaders are equipped with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system. This allows them to be combined quickly and safely with several hundred different Bobcat attachments, delivering versatility and time-saving efficiency across a huge range of different applications. The Bob-Tach system can quickly and easily replace a bucket with pallet forks, a landscape rake, a backhoe, an auger, a grapple or a host of other attachments. Bobcat Backhoe Loader Range The backhoe loader range from Bobcat comprises four models – the B700, B730, B750 and B780 – offering a choice of different specifications for diverse applications in construction, utility, rental, roadworks, demolition, excavation, landscaping and agriculture. The standard two-year powertrain warranty is a testament to the reliability and durability of the components

and the design of the powertrain in the backhoe loaders, providing extra protection and peace of mind. The backhoe loaders provide a spacious and comfortable operator environment – the B700 and B730 offer a choice of an open canopy or an enclosed cab, whilst the B750 and B780 are all equipped as standard with an enclosed cab. The cab is easy to enter/exit; has a fully adjustable operator’s seat with all the controls within close reach, leading to less fatigue through greater comfort and more productivity; a tiltable steering column; a high performing optional HVAC system and excellent all-round visibility for the operator. The Bobcat mini-excavator range comprises 17 models with operating weights from 1.0 to 8.5 tonne, designed for a wide variety of digging, trenching and demolition applications including cable laying, foundations and footings for buildings and installation of drainage and sewerage systems.

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The newest addition to the range is Bobcat’s new R(Revolutionary)Series mini-excavators from 2-4 tonne, comprising five models – the E26, E27, E27z, E34 and E35z – all five machines offering a best-in-class mix of high digging forces, superb stability and smooth controllability of working functions complemented by low weights for easy transportation. Bobcat offers a range of fifteen different rigid frame telehandler models, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.3 tonne and maximum lifting heights from 6 to 18 m. 62

These are complemented by a range of four rotary telehandlers offering maximum lifting capabilities from 3.8 to 5.0 t and maximum lifting heights from 15.7 to 24.1 m. The latest model from Bobcat is the TL43.80HF model, which offers a high lift capacity of 4.3 tonne and a maximum lift height of almost 8 m. The TL43.80HF is a compact telehandler (width 2.30 m, a length of less than 5 m from the rear to the fork face), offering an impressive package, which brings together robustness, rough terrain ability and ease of use for the

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operator in the same machine. There are more than 80 different types of specialised attachment for the Bobcat range, from hydraulic breakers, crushers and planers and other construction and demolition attachments to scarifiers, graders, flail mowers, stump grinders and woodchippers for turf and forestry work. The usefulness and productivity of Bobcat tool carriers is continually being extended with the growth in the attachment range, saving time, effort and cost in carrying out an increasing range of applications.

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Global brands make inroads in Saudi’s US$7.6 billion spare parts and auto services market during Automechanika Jeddah 2019. More than 80 exhibitors from 15 countries line up products and solutions at Kingdom’s foremost auto aftermarket trade fair. Automechanika Jeddah 2019 arrived in its 3rd edition as new government policies and a significant boost in the car park (vehicles in operation) fuel rising demand for related auto aftermarket supplies a services. Initiatives such as allowing women to drive in 2018 coupled with a concerted shift toward implementing cleaner technologies are having a positive impact on the market, as is ongoing infrastructure development. According to global research com64

pany Aranca, Saudi’s car park stood at 7.7 million in 2018, with 350,000 new passenger cars and 115,000 new commercial vehicles sold for the year. Around 10.5 million vehicles will ply Saudi roads by 2023, including 6.85 million passenger vehicles and 3.65 million commercial vehicles. The upshot will be felt keenly by industry professionals in Saudi’s spare parts and related auto services market, which is expected to be worth US$10.15 billion in 2023 says Aranca,

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compared to US$7.6 billion in 2018. Tires contributed the most to the KSA’s spare parts market revenue in 2018, with a 30 percent share (US$2.28 billion). That’s followed by lubricants (US$1.44 billion), batteries (US$380 million), and other electronics, accessories, and components (US$3.49 billion). These key product groups, and much more, are on show this week at Automechanika Jeddah 2019, as the two-day event brings together

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thousands of Saudi workshop owners, distributors, retailers, traders, and importers with manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe. “Automechanika Jeddah 2019 arrives as the Saudi automotive sector undergoes a sizeable transformation,” said Mahmut Gazi Bilikozen, Automechanika Jeddah’s Show Director. “One of the big developments in recent months has of course been the lifting of the ban on women driving, and as a result, since June 2018, more than 40,000 driving licenses have been issued to women across the Kingdom. “Reports also indicate that 20 percent of the female population, or three million drivers, are expected to be added to Saudi roads by 2020, and so not surprisingly, vehicle parc will also grow. With this new customer segment, the flow-on effect will be felt in the aftermarket, not only in terms of rising demand for spare parts but also in related auto services.” Bilkozen added: “We strive to present an unrivalled platform for global suppliers to tap into emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia, and in Automechanika Jeddah, we’re offering thousands of Saudi trade buyers and professionals an important information source with the latest products and solutions from the global aftermarket,” Hadi Al-Harith, CEO of ACE Group, added: “The Automechanika brand has established itself as the leading and only exhibition catering to the automobile aftermarket providing a singular opportunity to this industrial cluster supporting the indispensable and expanding requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “The increasing infrastructure projects, the annual pilgrimage and the new segment of female drivers to the market all portend a strong and continuous business for the international and Saudi stakeholders and to the specialist visitors a vast investment potential.” Among the many exhibitors shining the spotlight on their latest innovations 66

was American-headquartered Armolan, which is launching its IR Ultimate window tints that effectively block up to 99 percent of UV rays and reduce heat by as much as 90 percent in hot Middle East climes. Tetyana Bianchino, Managing Director of Armolan Middle East, said its sales in Saudi has vastly improved since women have been allowed to drive: “That change (allowing women to drive) was so important for our business and our KSA sales records have improved almost 60 percent since that time (June 2018),” said Bianchino. Another US-based exhibitor this year is Giant, a manufacturer of a premium quality metallic and ceramic non-asbestos disc brake pads. Eli Youssian, Vice President of Giant Manufacturing, was

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also positive about the future of Saudi’s auto aftermarket: “Giant’s market in Saudi Arabia has been increasing rapidly and we’re seeking to expand our participation with new potential and current distributors,” he said. Automechanika Jeddah 2019 returns with its popular Truck Competence initiative for products dedicated to the entire value chain in the truck sector, while the global presence is underlined by five country pavilions from Turkey, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Also returning is the Automechanika Academy in partnership with Autolink and Institute of the Motor Industry, where C-Level Recruitment in the auto industry and developments in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are among the key topics discussed by industry experts.

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The UAE capital’s largest and most influential real estate event is back! Showcasing hundreds of developments from the region, Cityscape Abu Dhabi attracts a wide range of high profile investors, homebuyers, government authorities and real estate professionals looking to discover the latest investment opportunities.

16 - 18 APRIL 2019 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre United Arab Emirates


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Bomstein We talked to Deborah Bomstein, Marketing & Communications Manager of ALEC, about her role and how she is helping contribute to ALEC’s success Describe your main role in ALEC I have been with ALEC for just over a year. I am currently looking after the Marketing & Communications department for the group including the development of the overall Marketing strategy and overseeing all our Related Businesses. Ensuring that our presence in term of branding is constant across this region is key for me as well as ensuring that our digital visibility is developed with strong and impactful websites, etc. I also work a lot with different stakeholders and clients so we can combine our forces and develop significant activities to maximize exposure throughout the year. Your Goals and Objectives Contribute to the success of the group by developing innovative activities. Assist each of our Related Business to develop their own brand and contribute to their success. Ensuring as well that our strategy is aligned with the overall vision and destination statement of the business. Maintaining a strong brand perception and contribute to have ALEC to be known for best employer in the region. ALEC’s vision for 2019 ALEC will continue to work towards more Design & Construct projects in the market promoting this new model of construction. Off-site manufacturing is also a global shift that we are working on (modular construction) We also see our industry moving towards smart energy efficient solutions. We are fortunate that due to the various businesses that we are involved with, we can add additional value to our Clients by providing Roof Top Solar 68

solutions through ALEC Energy and providing Energy saving solutions through Smart4Power which will also be a focus for us this year. Unique Attributes Hearted-led manager, passionate, open-minded and I would say very approachable. I am also coming from a different industry (working in hospitality and fashion in the past) so I believe I had a fresh pair of eyes when I joined the company which was definitely an

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advantage in developing new activities within the business. Importance of Teamwork Teamwork is extremely important for me. We would not achieve that much without combining ideas, hardworking and goal driven people together. We are a very lean team but we can all wear different hats and lead great projects to completion. My team has a great set of skills which make us very efficient and productive.

Celebrating the finest achievements in the Kingdom’s construction and real estate industry 10 APRIL, 2019 RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA FOR SPONSORSHIP JO D’COSTA JO@BNCPUBLISHING.NET +971 50 440 2706





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Facilities Management Ireland

The Big 5 Saudi

Dublin, Ireland The NAHB International Builders’ Show held alongside the Kitchen and Bath Industry show exhibits an exciting range of building materials, construction equipment, pipes and fittings, electrical fittings, heating and cooling systems, door and window accessories, security systems, home furnishing products, sanitary ware, kitchen tools and modular fittings, sustainable solutions for home improvement, garden and landscaping products and more.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia The Big5 Saudi is an exclusive event that focuses on construction products, building materials and equipments, construction materials and equipments, construction designs and all associated with building and construction. It is a huge platform that displays good quality and innovative construction products and also conducts seminars, conferences and workshops. The platform is also open to educational events and creates excellent opportunities and possibilities for marketing and sponsorship. It is also one of those events that focus on professional development of the attendees.

Kuwait Construction Week Kuwait City, Kuwait Kuwait Construction Week is the largest construction event in Kuwait on 5-9 March 2019 at the Kuwait International Fair, Mishref, Kuwait. The most important event to meet buyers, decision-makers and end-users from Kuwait's building, design and construction industries. The event welcomes both trade visitors and consumers who are looking to find the latest products and services in the market.

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2nd Annual Malls Middle East Conference Dubai, UAE The 2nd Annual Malls Middle East event will take bring together mall owners, developers, design consultants, architects and contractors from the mall development industry across the region to address common pitfalls in driving footfalls and differentiating from other malls in the region.

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