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ALL ABOUT TOWN 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Part 1 BY THERESA PUSKAR





How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull BY ALAN COHEN

The Cosmic Mass: Risking to Follow Inner Promptings BY JOYCE AND BARRY VISSELL










August…Money, Power, Authority BY ELIZABETH SUMMERS

Finding the Keys to Peace in Nature BY BLAIR MCKISSOCK

Awaken the Senses Outdoors BY CYNTHIA GRAN


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4 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

Pyramids, Politics, And Sound Healing BY STEVEN HALPERN


Are You Doing What You Came Here to Do? A Normal Girl’s Journey to Becoming a Contemporary Mystic BY LORI DANIEL FALK

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PUBLISHER’S LETTER I can’t believe that August is right around the corner, and that the second half of summer is almost over! We have one more month of hot summer that we can enjoy, so hot or cool, let’s fully embrace it! August is a month FULL of festivals and expos that I invite you to attend. On August 6 & 7, the 12th Annual World of Faeries Festival will be held at the magical Vasa Park in South Elgin. It is a terrific festival for families, and for anyone who enjoys listening to live music, shopping from local area vendors, and being outdoors. If you want to hear a variety of speakers talking about alternative health and spirituality, don’t miss the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Skokie. It is being held on August 20 & 21, and will have over 100 vendors with many great items, and information to assist you in your personal growth endeavors. Conscious Community Magazine will have displays at both events, so be sure to stop by and say hello. You can find out about other festivals and expos in this issue. I am happy to share with you that in this issue we have two new columns, and many interesting articles. The first column that I want to introduce is Wisdom of the Angels, by Lori Daniel Falk. In her column she will write about how to find your life purpose and embrace it, be it, and live it, every day of your life. The second new column is Live Kryon Channeling, by Lee Carroll, Ph.D. The Kryon is an angelic entity that has been channeled for over 20 years, and shares amazing information about spirituality, consciousness, and life in general. You can listen to Kryon’s channeling messages on your computer, as well as reading them. Have you ever thought about spending 10 days in silence – with no access to a cellphone, computer, notebook, or any form of communication for 10 days?! My friend and All About Town columnist, Theresa Puskar did when she signed up for a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Upon her return, she called me, and left a message on my cellphone. I listened to her voicemail three times, with tears in my eyes. I could not believe how her voice had changed. Theresa had changed! This week I also received a call from someone who talked about how everything is dying – she spoke of how life becomes less stable, and so much more stressful. I reflected on what has happened during the past few months of my life. While they have been very stressful, I have discovered something about myself. Despite the fact that my first reaction was to sit at home and do nothing, the best way for me to get over any fearful thoughts was to connect with the people that I care about, and to spend time outdoors. Blair McKissock’s column is about this very subject. In “Finding the Keys to Peace in Nature,” she talks about horses and how they connect with nature. Doing so provides them with everything they need to live. Also, in her column, “Awaken the Senses Outdoors,” Cynthia Gran writes about opening your senses by being in nature,

6 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

breathing, and feeling wholeness. There are many more incredible articles this month that will help you experience this summer, and your life more fully. Enjoy! The Best,

Kasia Szumal

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Join us at the Theosophical Society in America on September 10, from 10 am - 5 pm for TheosoFEST, an annual mind body spirit festival that’s fun for the whole family! TheosoFEST features talks on meditation, Buddhism, holistic healing, spirituality and more; tasty vegetarian food; over 100 holistic vendors; a festive Kids’ Korner; intuitive readings; and hands-on demonstrations of tai chi, yoga, and other practices. New this year, the event will open with an interfaith prayer session: Prayers from Faiths of the World. TheosoFEST is free and open to the public! Parking on the grounds is $5 per vehicle, and hybrid cars and bicycle riders can park for free. A complete schedule of events, list of vendors, and more can be found at: The Theosophical Society is located at 1926 N. Main Street in Wheaton. For more information or to volunteer, please contact 630-668-1571, ext. 315, 9

10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Part 1

Dhamma Pakasa, Pecatonica, IL June 29th – July 10th, 2016 ALL ABOUT TOWN

By: Theresa Puskar

“The mind spends most of the time lost in fantasies and illusions, reliving pleasant or unpleasant experiences and anticipating the future with eagerness or fear. While lost in such cravings or aversions, we are unaware of what is happening now, what we are doing now.” S.N. Goenka If you follow this column, you might remember that in January, I wrote it after seeing Bharat Kalra at the Crystal River Gifts Intuitive Gala. He stated that my crown chakra was blocked, and that most of my other chakras were a mess. Based on his observations, he said my faith was waning, and suggested that I attend a retreat at the Dhamma Pakasa Vipassana Center. I knew he was right that I was having a crisis of faith. I had never heard of the center, and immediately started to investigate. To apply, I had to write a summary explaining why I wanted to attend. I wrote that while I have plenty of spiritual knowledge and awareness in my mind, I was struggling to integrate it into the rest of my being; there was a disconnection between my heart and my head that I found very unsettling. Soon after submitting my application, I was thrilled to learn that I had been accepted into their June/July 10-day retreat in Pecatonica, IL (near Rockford). Much like my experience heading to India, while I didn’t know much about where I was going, in the depth of my being, I knew that it was a journey I needed to take. The late S.N. Goenka was the founder of the Vipassana Centers (171 centers worldwide). The Vipassana community practices integrity and great nobility. All support staff (including instructors) are volunteers. While donations are encouraged, there are NO fees for the retreat, including meals. When I arrived at Dhamma Pakasa, I was greeted by Mike and his wife, Karen, who manage the center. I immediately noted a great depth in his eyes. Perhaps this depth I saw may have been wishful thinking; a projection of my own hopes that this experience would have a S.N. Goenka, Founder of Vipassana profound and lasting effect on me.

10 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

“The whole point of Vipassana is to decondition the mind so that one can live a happy life. A life full of love, compassion and good will for all…Removing old conditionings from the mind and training the mind to be more equanimous with every experience is the first step toward enabling one to experience true happiness.” S.N. Goenka I feel very blessed to have done a great deal in my life. While I have been an adventurer, I have never been so nervous about a journey; for this expedition that I was about to embark upon involved inner exploration. I was excited and anxious. I knew that the retreat was silent, and that I would have to sit in stillness with my mind’s machinations for long hours. After settling in, we assembled in the meditation room. There were rules that we had to abide by: note-taking, journaling, computer or cell phone use were prohibited, and silence was to be maintained at all times. This was so that we would not be distracted from our inner journeys.

“What is necessary, then, is to ‘know thyself’ - advice which every wise person has given. We must know ourselves, not just intellectually in the realm of ideas and theories, and not just emotionally or devotionally, simply accepting blindly what we have heard or read. Such knowledge is not enough. Rather, we must know reality experientially. We must experience directly the reality of this mental-physical phenomenon. This alone is what will help us be free of our suffering.” S.N. Goenka As the retreat began, it was explained that Vipassana means “to see things as they really are,” and it was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. It was explained that the method of meditation we were learning was in its purest form, having been passed down from Lord Buddha himself. The process took us into our bodies, and encouraged us to remain focused on what we were experiencing in the present moment. It did not involve chanting, staring at a flame, or other forms of concentration techniques. We were strongly encouraged to practice any other spiritual rituals while there, so that we could experience Vipassana in its purest form.

OSHO “[Buddha] never established or taught any religion, any ‘ism.’ He never instructed those who came to him to practice any rites or rituals, any empty formalities. Instead, he taught them just to observe nature as it is, by observing the reality inside. Out of ignorance we keep reacting in ways which harm ourselves and others. But when wisdom arises—the wisdom of observing reality as it is—this habit of reacting falls away. When we cease to react blindly, then we are capable of real action—action proceeding from a balanced mind, a mind which sees and understands the truth.” S.N. Goenka I can best describe the experience as a combination of The Power of Now, Brain Gym, and the game of Concentration on steroids. It was intense, and took a great deal of commitment and concentration. That said, I believe that it was one of, if not the most exceptional thing(s) I have ever done for myself. During the 10 days, I spent over 100 hours alone with my thoughts and innermost feelings. The teachings centered around maintaining balance in the heart and mind. Whenever we experience cravings and aversions, we suffer. Whenever we are focused on the frustrations of the past, or the fears of the future, we suffer; and when we suffer, it spills into those around us experiencing it as well. In a speech he gave at the United Nations in 2000, Goenka stated, “There cannot be peace in the world when people have anger and hatred in their hearts. Only with love and compassion in the heart is world peace attainable. When there is anger and hatred within, one becomes miserable, irrespective of whether one is a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim.” For many years, I’ve been acutely aware of the anger that I’ve been feeling and expressing. While I know better, I often see myself as a victim of happenings in the world around me. As the days progressed, feelings, sensations, and thoughts began to unfold that disassembled this story. The world I created and have known for 54 years was unraveling all around me. I will share Part 2 of this unparalleled journey next month. If you would like to learn more about Vipassana meditation, volunteer or attend workshops, go to: If you wish to access my free visualizations, go to my website (below) and click on Publications, then on Motivational Audios. I will be adding meditations on an ongoing basis, and you can also subscribe to the site. Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer. She authored The “Terri” Series – seven children’s books that focus on bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, nonjudgment of emotions, finding alternatives to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears. She also recorded a powerful experiential audio program, How to De-Clutter Your Mind and live a Heart-Centered Life. To place an order or learn more, log onto her website at

21st Annual RETREAT



Milarepa and One Sky Band WWW.OSHOCHICAGO.ORG 11

How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull



he Jarawa Tribe in the Andaman Islands in India has fought off nearly all attempts by civilized people to penetrate their domain. As a result, this primitive culture has retained its customs for thousands of years. Yet a few visitors have been accepted, returning with remarkable footage of a kind of people nearly otherwise decimated from the earth. I saw a documentary that introduced Jarawa women who wear the bones of their dead husbands around their necks. In some cases, the widow totes the man’s skull. The documentary’s narrator suggests, “Imagine trying to make love to a woman who is wearing the skull of her dead husband around her neck.” While the comment is odd, it struck a realization within me. In our culture many of us also wear the skulls, bones, or remnants of dead husbands, lovers, family members, business partners, or friends around our necks—not physically, but energetically. We hang past memories, resentments, and upsets over our hearts such that we keep other people from getting close to us. Clinging to the past, for better or worse, manufactures a psychic armor that new people, events, and experiences cannot penetrate. These skulls might be “treasured wounds,” or even treasured positive memories. In either case, history overshadows the present, and delays us from stepping into our highest destiny. I heard about a German woman with a psychological disorder in which she would get stuck on a particular moment in her experience, and then not know what happened for a period of time after that. For example, she would be holding a pot of coffee in her hand, and that scene would freeze in her mind even while the “movie” of her life went on. She would be pouring the coffee, but still think it was in the pot, not knowing where she was pouring it. This phenomenon is similar to the Jarawa skull bearers in that we get stuck on events in the past, at the expense of being fully present now. Every moment in our life is a frame in a movie that keeps going on. If we fixate on a past scene, we cannot see the movie as it continues to play.

12 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

By: Alan Cohen

Perhaps the most familiar bearer of a treasured wound is Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham in his classic novel, Great Expectations. We meet the elderly spinster who was jilted at the altar many years earlier. Miss Havisham still wears her yellowed wedding gown, while the cobwebbed china for her marital feast sits on her dining room table beside the uneaten wedding cake. Miss Havisham is the quintessential bearer of a treasured wound. Her tattered wedding dress and rotting cake serve as lifelong badges of victimhood. She reminds herself daily of the loss she cannot get beyond, and glorifies it to the world. Forgiveness, as taught by A Course in Miracles, calls us to release the past scenes upon which we are frozen. It does not ask us to overlook bad things that have happened, while still holding onto them subconsciously. It is said, “We bury the hatchet, but then we remember where we buried it.” Real forgiveness means rising above the belief that we are victims, and that any person or experience has power over our lives. The skull and coffee pot symbols run even deeper. Many of us carry old belief systems that keep us from growing into new ones. We harbor religious dogmas, judgments from our parents, opinions pounded into us from public education, cultural stereotypes, nicknames we were called, guilt over past mistakes, and all kinds of ideas that keep us living smaller than we are and we deserve. I have studied with many amazing teachers and thought systems. At some point I had to let go of each of them, to move on to a more expanded vision. Every belief system exists to be learned from, applied, and then transcended. Consider if you are wearing any skulls around your neck, or pouring hot coffee on yourself. Who or what are you holding onto? What you hold onto is holding you. If so, take an action, communicate, do a release ceremony, pray, affirm, discuss with a friend, or do whatever you need to do to get beyond limiting past relationships, painful events, selfjudgments, fears, and a sense of “small me.” You are too big for that now. Such beliefs are the toys of childhood, and we are maturing into spiritual mastery.

We honor our dead by remembering them, yet there is an even more important memory we need to preserve—the remembrance of our true self. There is a you greater than your past, a deeper inner spirit that has never been touched by your personal history. This is your true self, the one you were born to know and live. We cannot carry around the bones of the dead, and be fully available to embrace the hearts of the living.

“The past is over. It can touch me not.”

- A Course in Miracles

Alan Cohen is the author of many popular inspirational books, including his latest, The Grace Factor: Opening the Door to Infinite Love. For more information about his free daily inspirational quotes, online courses, books, and weekly radio show, visit

an AWAKENING SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY of acceptance, safety and inclusion, offering:

◦ Healing, Nurturing Workshops & Events ◦ Group & Individual Sessions ◦ Oneness Blessing Circles 7:30 - 9PM Mon. & Wed. CYCLES !

Women’s Workshop in the Feminine Archetypes Saturday / Sunday September 24 - 25

f l o w e r i n g h e a r t c e n t e r. o r g 630.334.5747 13

THE COSMIC MASS: Risking to follow Inner promptings THE SHARED HEART: HEARTFULNESS By: Joyce and Barry Vissell

“Our minds map out a neat, perfect little road for life and we hate to have it changed in any way. Yet that perfect little road may completely by-pass our goal of Godrealization.” (sic)

We were happy to spend time with this Sufi master. At the end of the retreat, Pir shared his vision of The Cosmic Mass, a celebration of the unity of the world’s major religions, which would involve a theater in the round, with five stages simultaneously portraying some of the major events in five of the world’s major religions. In the center would be a seven level stage, corresponding to the seven levels of heaven. It was to be a spectacular pageant, at a major theater in the Bay Area – in three months!

We have written before about the importance of taking risks to follow inner guidance, to listen to those sometimes subtle promptings that can change our lives. If it were up to us, we might never take these risks. If we want to follow the higher path of life, we need to not only listen, but act on these inner promptings. They may make no sense to our minds, yet they will make sense to our hearts. This is a story about a risk I took many years ago that completely changed the course of our lives.

Joyce and I looked at each other sadly. We were leaving the following morning.

In 1974, we were finishing a pilgrimage that lasted two years. Together we traveled the world, always searching for spiritual teachers. A highlight was a whole summer studying Sufism with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, at a camp high in the French Alps.

I couldn’t explain the pull to walk up on that stage. However, when I got there, I started to feel foolish, my mind kicked in, and I thought, “This is ridiculous!”

–Barry and Joyce Vissell, The Shared Heart: Relationship Initiations & Celebrations

In the fall, we stayed in Santa Cruz, CA, and made the decision to move back up to Oregon. Shortly before leaving, we were told that Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan was leading a weekend retreat in San Francisco, an hour and a half north, and therefore on our way to Oregon. (Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, I need to shorten this to just Pir from now on.)

14 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

Pir asked for all the men in the audience who wanted a role in the Cosmic Mass to come onto the stage. Without thinking, I stood up and walked toward the stage. I remember Joyce calling out, “Barry, what are you doing? We’re leaving tomorrow morning!”

There were probably 100 men crowded on the stage, with Pir sitting on a stool on the edge of the stage, eyes closed, face tilted upward, perhaps meditating on the different roles he envisioned. I quickly hid behind all the men, embarrassed, hoping he wouldn’t see me. An agonizingly long time passed. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I peeked out from behind some heads until I could see Pir, and at that instant

he opened his eyes and looked directly at me. He pointed his finger at me, and announced, “Jesus!” I had just been cast in one of the major roles of the Cosmic Mass; talk about a change of plans! After Pir finished casting the men, I went back to my seat. Joyce had every right to be annoyed with me; after all, I didn’t consult with her before casting our plans to the wind, and going onstage. She didn’t know what happened onstage. I told her Pir chose me to be Jesus! She smiled warmly, yet didn’t have time to say anything; Pir called up all the women who wanted parts, and she stood up and walked to the stage. Pir chose Joyce to be the Mother of the World, to sit on the highest level of the stage, and veiled together with the Father of the World, meditate, sending out waves of peace from the highest heaven. We returned to Santa Cruz and rented a house. We didn’t want to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area. So the Cosmic Mass is the reason we live near Santa Cruz to this day. Life-changing? Yes! It was the rehearsing that really changed both of our lives. There was the outer rehearsing, practicing for the actual performance, and there was the inner rehearsing. Pir was very clear with us. “Your full-time job,” he said, “is to fully immerse yourself in the life and being of Jesus. You are to become Jesus, feel what he feels, do what he does.” He told Joyce, “You are to become the Mother of the World, the female aspect of God. Let every meditation be an act of compassion for the world.” This was a tall order. Indeed; those three months launched Joyce and I into a profound spiritual practice. I was raised Jewish, so there was much I needed to learn about Jesus. I read everything I could, from the Bible to The Aquarian Gospel. Along with being a doctor, learning about and being Jesus became my other full-time job. It’s not that I became a Christian; my current spirituality embraces practices from many traditions. For three months, I became Jesus, which has truly changed my life. Then came the evening of the performances, three of them in one evening, with massive crowds, including the governor of California at the time, Jerry Brown. As long as I live, I will never forget that evening! The first and second performances, although beautiful, I was still aware of playing the part of Jesus. The third performance, I was no longer aware of playing a part; the energy of Jesus came through me, and was sublime! In the final scene, my ascension, I climbed up the seven level stage in the center, and approached Joyce, yet it wasn’t Joyce. Instead, through the thin veil, I beheld Divine Mother, the highest aspect of the feminine. In one glorious moment, I was united with Joyce, as divine beings, in the highest moment of our lives! Joyce & Barry Vissell, a nurse/therapist and psychiatrist couple, near Santa Cruz, CA, are regarded as among the world’s experts on conscious relationship and personal growth. They are the authors of six books. Visit their website at: for their free monthly e-heartletter, their schedule, books, and inspiring articles on many topics.




Experience a powerful Hawaiian healing treatment Treatments can heal anything on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, subconscious & unconscious levels

Kathy Georgen

Certified Kahuna ARCH Teacher/Practitioner E-mail:


Advanced Deep Matrix Healing August 20-21 ARCH Master Healing Sept 24-25

34930 Rt 45, Suite 102, Lake Villa, IL 847-687-7886



MONEY, POWER, AUTHORITY THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS By: Elizabeth Summers August, the Eighth month of our calendar year, finds our energy picking up in a more dynamic way from the slowdown of July. The practical pace of life accelerates, and mental reasoning about the “now” kicks in. The Number Eight applies to the human condition in more ways than just a calendar monthly influence. The perfect metaphor for the Number Eight is Frosty the Snowman. The Number Eight represents two worlds-the material, and the spiritual. Therefore, it is like two circles touching each other and working together, just like Frosty. Not only does the natural physical form of Frosty look like the symbol Eight, but also the fact that he has such a cold exterior, and a warm, feeling, heart only accentuates the similarities. Numbers are simply codes of information like language. The codes we call letters associated with the Number Eight are H, Q, and Z. There should be only one of these letters in a birth name, to be balanced in its experience. However, where more Eights appear, then life, especially in younger years, can be a bit challenging…money and emotional power-wise. Number Eight personalities and energies express their love from a more mental and logical level, and because of their deep and intense nature, others, on first approach, may feel that Number Eights are emotionally cold individuals.

16 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

This can obviously lead to misunderstandings in the early part of relationships. However, anyone who believes the Number Eight to be uncaring and lacking in affection is in for a big surprise! Ironically, when it comes to love with passion, intensity, and warmth, Number Eight wins the prize. (S)He would most likely be attracted to those born in January, March, May, or October, with birthdays Three, Four, Six, or Eight. Although not inclined to be extravagant, Number Eight individuals are extremely generous. Number Eight is noted for large gestures, such as donating money to institutions, or becoming a collector. Striving to maintain balance between family and career, with career usually winning out, provides the Number Eight personality with those trappings to loved ones that show off the fruits of its labors. The latest model car, the grandest house in town, are all to show the world that Number Eight has the money and power to accomplish. Whether the Number Eight is one’s birthday number, emotional self number from birth name vowels, or Life Path Number from month, day, year totals, this born executive is inclined to start managing in whatever situation they step into, whether it be family, homemaker, corporate office, or bank. Number Eight dislikes waste, does not like to be rushed or controlled in any way, and usually displays fairness in its dealings. As a boss, they are usually a responsible leader to their workers and co-workers, and they will have a tendency to trust her or his integrity. This manager operates in a systematic and methodical style, using wise and practical judgment. Partnerships are agreeable, as long as Eight controls the interest, and deals with all the finances. Thus, the business world usually attracts the Number Eight where they can put into play their progressive and creative ideas. However, Number Eight is also the Number of Saturn, the Lord of Karma, so caution must prevail. The adage “as you sow so shall you reap,” applies intensely, and many an unethical “creative idea” has brought Number Eight to their financial “knees” in bankruptcy court! In ancient Tarot symbols, Number Eight is the STRENGTH card, or the JUSTICE card, depending on the deck used. Either way, human justice is required. The motto for Number Eight is “I use,” so balance, justice, and strength are required in all human relationships.

Children born in August seem, from the beginning, to have an older person’s head on their shoulders. There will be a tendency to associate with children older than themselves. Of all children, the Number Eight birth month child is the most misunderstood, and succumbs to bouts of loneliness. Parents need to encourage their Number Eight child to take an open and positive approach to life. Overcoming the negativity associated with the Saturnian influence is very important, as they seem to be affected by stressful circumstances more than anything else. This influence usually lasts from birth to age 28. The actual day of birth shows more clearly the energy of Number Eight greatly influencing life energetically between ages 30 and 55. Whether the birthday number is eight, 17, or 26, some basic temperament issues apply. Highly skilled as a manager and executive, the ability to be a fine judge of character is in play. Although more fixed in their ways, this Number vacillates between extremes of thrift one minute, and extravagance the next. If the birth number is 17, writing ability and analytical skills get added into the character traits. This Number should actually strive to be the boss, and get others to oversee the details of day-to-day operations. The more creative or artistic of the Eights is number 26. This energy likes dealing with humanity’s desire for the better, material, comforts in life. Of all the Eights, this Number holds a concentration upon family and loved ones, and is known to be quite generous in supplying comforts to other family members outside their own. Just as in the story of Frosty the Snowman, it is the warmth of love (the sun) that melts the cold exterior, allowing the real Frosty to be born again “another day.” Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information by combining Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot interpretations in her personal readings. Go to: for more information.

Gary Renard with Cindy Lora-Renard

Achieving Enlightenment New Perspectives Transform Relationships Weekend Retreat: AUGUST13-14

Sharon Salzberg

Cultivating Loving Kindness Gain an Amazing Sense of Aliveness and Empowerment with Deepened Connections Weekend Retreat: August 20-21

Limited Space, Register Today: 847.831.8828 Free course guide with 50+ courses, events & more. CEUs availabl available. 17

Finding the Keys to Peace in Nature

HEALING WITH HORSES There is so much violence and hate in the news of late. Life seems to be growing more tumultuous by the moment, so that it can be hard to make the effort to think. My goal over the past few years has been to open myself up to listen to the horses, and the natural world around me. Nature has a lesson to teach us, yet we are so disconnected from it that we have cut ourselves off from the greatest source of wisdom available to us. Finding peace isn’t about getting rid of fear, or isolating ourselves from hardship. We cannot have light without dark, life without death, and we cannot know peace without strife. It is about finding balance, which is a lesson we can learn from nature. When I look at a herd of horses, I tend to look at them from a behavioral point of view. I have been seeing them from the bigger picture; seeing how the earth supports them, how the clouds and trees shade them, how the trees provide the fruit they eat, and how the soil provides the mud they roll around in. They roll in the mud to protect them from the flies, that lay their eggs on their manure, and the larvae that composts the manure, which feeds the soil, that grows the grass they eat. It is all connected and in balance. This is some of what we can learn from the horses: Connection- Horses have a sense of connectedness within their herd, and will fight to protect their members. After a stressful event, they touch one another and reconnect. Humans focus on our disconnections and differences. We are all a part of the same human herd, yet we do not connect. It is hard to be violent to another when we have connected with them. Sustainability- Horses and many other species move constantly. They migrate in one direction and as they move out, the land left behind can recover for when they move through again. We consume until we have almost depleted our resources, making us compete for those few resources. If we live in balance as nature does, only using what we need, then we have a greater chance of being sustainable, and promoting cooperation instead of competition. Compassion- All of nature demonstrates compassion within the harsh realities of finding balance. Within the act of balancing there is death, famine, and strife. It is in those moments that nature ends suffering through death. One dies so that the others can live. This is an example of compassion. It sounds counterintuitive, yet there would be no compassion if we did not know struggle. It is in the expression of compassion for another’s struggle that we begin to cultivate gratitude, empathy, tolerance, cooperation, and true charity. Cooperation- Cooperation is a true key to finding peace. All of nature cooperates with each other; in a herd of horses, they each have a job

18 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

By: Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT

to do, and cooperate to accomplish the goals of the herd; finding food and water, procreating, and protection. We don’t always cooperate with each other, which contributes to the tension building in our world. That tension, just like any other energy left unchecked, will escalate until it explodes. It is through cooperation with each other that problems will be solved, and lasting peace can be accomplished. Cooperation leads to the sharing of ideas and innovation. Leadership- Every herd needs a stallion, just like every wolf pack needs an alpha. A true leader does not take sides, but acts in the best interest of the herd. A true leader knows when to cooperate, when to stand their ground, and how to listen to the voices of the herd, keeping the group working together as a community. Find inner calm in a world of outer chaos- No matter the ingredients that make the perfect formula for peace, we know that it begins with us. Each of us can begin to cultivate peace inside through breath work, meditation, acts of kindness and compassion. This also means opening ourselves up to the harsh realities of our world, and the necessity of giving energy toward change. We must also open ourselves up to the neutralizing force of reconciliation, by letting go of long-held ideas that fall on the extreme end of the spectrum, and allowing ourselves to come more toward the middle. It doesn’t mean letting go of our beliefs and our faith, however, it does mean examining the assumptions and stories we have created over generations, to see if they are truthful, or just something someone said was true. Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT is a speaker and author on experiential and naturebased learning. You can learn more about coaching, OmHorse mounted yoga sessions, and the HorseWork Professional certificate training at: stridestosuccess. org.



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Midwest Pulse Calendar Wednesday, August 3

BEMER SESSIONS, INCREASE BLOOD FLOW. 5-8pm, FREE. Great health benefits. Shorewood Hypnosis, Shorewood. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634. WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

Thursday, August 4

RELEASING EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL CHRONIC PAIN - THE MIRACLE OF EFT- FREE. 5-8pm, Shorewood Hypnosis, Shorewood, 2CE’s. FREE. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634.

Saturday, August 6

GATHER ENERGY AND BUILD STRENGTH at the Initial Awakening Workshop. In this workshop you will learn easy new techniques that build energy, expand your awareness, and have a profound effect on your life. The cost is $190 you’ll also get 2 complementary group classes with this. August 6th, 12pm-6pm at Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi in Mount Prospect. Consult our website for more information, https://www. HEALING THE HEART MEDITATION WITH DEBBIE LEONI 9:30a-10:30a. $16 Drop-In FocusOm Batavia

Saturday-Sunday, August 6-7

12TH ANNUAL CELEBRATION THE WORLD OF FAERIES FESTIVAL. Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Admission: (Cash only!) $11.00 each general admission $8.00 each senior (65 and up)

at gate only. Children 12 and under are free admission. More information you can get on the website or by phone 815-788-1630. Location: Vasa Park, 35 W 217 Route 31, South Elgin, IL 60177. Free Parking.

Sunday, August 7

7 STEPS FROM ANXIETY TO FREEDOM: 1:00pm to 2:30pm. $20 Step into your personal power. Address: 9501 New England, Oak Lawn. 708634-3664 AN AFTERNOON WITH HEATHER HUFFMAN (First Sunday of Every Month) 3:00p-4:00p Family Yoga ($20 for parent/child $5 for each additional family member) 5:00p-6:00p Community Yoga $5 Both classes are drop-in FocusOm Batavia GONG MEDITATION BY PRESTON KLIK - 7pm, 1st Sunday every of month at Temple Synphorium (Evanston, IL); www.Klik.Love 773-7282787.

Wednesday, August 10

WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

Friday, August 12

BI-WEEKLY MEDIUMSHIP CLASS AND DEMONSTRATION with Amy Biank, Mediumship Class, Friday August 12th, 7-9 pm, and Friday, August 26th, 7-9pm, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Call 630-554-7713 to register, by donation.

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Saturday, August 13

7-HOUR FULL LEVEL ONE EFT WORKSHOP for both beginners & experienced EFT Practitioners. For emotional & physical issues, PTSD, Anxiety Back, hip, shoulder and knee pains, etc. Learn basic EFT plus how to guarantee success in every EFT session for yourself & for your clients. $115/$85. Discounts if repeating. Money back guarantee. 10am–6pm, 7CE’s. Shorewood Hypnosis, Shorewood. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634. CHICAGO IANDS support/study/resource forum for near-death, out-ofbody, & spiritual experiences, losses. Guest Speaker: DEBRA DIAMOND, PhD; NDEr, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Author of Life After Near Death. Don’t miss it! Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital. 2-5 pm. Free covered parking. Suggested donation - $20. For more info: 847.251.5758 or CURVY YOGA & ZUMBA with Mishelle O’Regan and Nick Silney Only $10! 9:30a-11:00a. FocusOm Batavia GONG & SOUND MEDITATION: 2:00pm to 3:30pm $25 Deeply relax and let the vibrations of the Gong open the flow of energy and create a body-mind state for change and healing. Address: 9501 New England, Oak Lawn. 708-634-3664 PSYCHIC HOLISTIC FAIR @ Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 11am until 6pm. Doors open at 9am for Retail Shoppers, Classes and Waitlist. Event is run on a first come, first served basis. Each day of the event has different offerings. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 North Williams, Brink Street Market Suite F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180.

Sunday, August 14

PSYCHIC HOLISTIC FAIR @ Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa -11am until 4pm. Doors open at 9am for Retail Shoppers, Classes and Waitlist. Event is run on a first come, first served basis. Each day of the event has different offerings. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 North Williams, Brink Street Market Suite F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180.

Sunday, August 14 - Sunday August 28

TRANSFORMATION THROUGH DREAMS: 2:00pm-4:00pm What are the mystical messages of wisdom that our dreams provide? 3-week workshop series. $80 includes a dream journal and dream analysis. 9501 New England Ave. Oak Lawn 708-634-3664 www.journeytowholeness. org

Wednesday, August 17

UFO’S, CROP CIRCLES, JESUS, MAITREYA, Free literature. Interesting discussion. Garrett Wellness, 3020 N. Kimball, Chicago. 6:30-8:30pm, FREE. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634. WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

Friday, August 19 THE SOUL’S INTENT with Ernie Vecchio, Author of “The Soul’s Intent”, psychologist, and teacher shares an incredible discovery of “The Soul’s Intent and will perform a Group Life Path Assessment that will reveal where you are on the Spiritual Path. INSIDE ~ Holistic & Cultural Arts Center, 1241 Green Street, McHenry, IL on August 19th 7p.m. to 9p.m. Online $20 or $25 at the door

Saturday, August 20 BODY MIND SPIRIT EXPO. The Expo returns to the North Shore Center for The Performing Arts in Skokie on August 20-21, with a weekend filled with the finest presentations, exhibitors, and entertainment, each intentioned to help you grow personally, and to show that when you believe, everything is possible. $14. Location: North Shore Center For The Performing Arts,
9501 Skokie Blvd, IL. OPENING YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE - How to Become a Portal to the Abundance that is Your Birthright. Time: 1-2pm. Free lecture. Room 2. Were you taught that you had to “give” in order to be a good person? Have you given to the point of exhaustion, but you’re not good at receiving? What if you were told that there is a treasure trove of gifts waiting for you on the “other side”, all you need to do is allow them to come to you? In this evocative seminar, renowned audiobook writer and producer, Theresa Puskar helps you remove the blocks you have about “receiving” all of the abundance that is your God-given birthright. Through powerful experiential exercises, she will assist you in opening your receptive portal, and sets you on a path towards manifesting the abundance that is rightfully yours! (Free Portal Opening audio download for all attendees.) Theresa Puskar is an Inspirational Writer, Audio Book Producer & Speaker. For over two decades Theresa has enjoyed a career in multimedia as a TV/stage performer, Executive Producer, Writer, and the Director of Coaching Programs at the world’s largest audio publisher, Nightingale-Conant. Having written over 100 books and manuals, she has co-created, hosted, and produced over 80 audio programs for many New York Times best-selling authors! Location: Body Mind Spirit Expo, North Shore Center For The Performing Arts,
9501 Skokie Blvd, IL.

Sunday, August 21 BODY MIND SPIRIT EXPO. The Expo returns to the North Shore Center for The Performing Arts in Skokie on August 20-21, with a weekend filled with the finest presentations, exhibitors, and entertainment, each intentioned to help you grow personally, and to show that when you believe, everything is possible. $14. Location: North Shore Center For The Performing Arts,
9501 Skokie Blvd, IL. INTRODUCTION TO QI GONG WITH JIM KAMINECKI - Time: 4-5pm. Room: 3. Free practice. Join Qi Gong practitioner, Jim Kaminecki, for this introductory class in Qi Gong. During hour, you will be introduced to a level one Qi Gong form, and we will practice it three to five times depending on our progress as a group. We will start the session with a brief warm up, which includes stretching exercises, then provide instruction on foundational techniques you will be using before we begin. All skill levels are welcome. Please bring activewear with you to participate: gym shoes, comfortable exercise clothes – sweatpants/ shorts; sweatshirt/tee shirt. Jim Kaminecki is a holistic wellness advocate, a lifelong learner, a volleyball, swimming, and skiing enthusiast, a career investment and business consultant, a music aficionado, a Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi practitioner, and occasional teacher. Location: Body Mind Spirit Expo, North Shore Center For The Performing Arts,
9501 Skokie Blvd, IL. QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL MEDITATION with Diamond 7:00p-8:30p. $20 online, $25 at door FocusOm Batavia www.focus-om. com THE SOUL’S INTENT with Ernie Vecchio, Author of “The Soul’s Intent”, psychologist, and teacher shares an incredible discovery of “The Soul’s Intent at The Center for Spiritual Evolution Country Inn & Suites, 600 Tracy Trail, Crystal Lake, IL on August 21st 11:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. www. 23

Wednesday, August 24

WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

Friday, August 26

BI-WEEKLY MEDIUMSHIP CLASS AND DEMONSTRATION with Amy Biank, Mediumship Class, Friday August 12th, 7-9 pm, and Friday, August 26th, 7-9pm, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Call 630-554-7713 to register, by donation.

Saturday, August 27

GONG & SOUND MEDITATION: 2:00pm to 3:30pm $25 Deeply relax and let the vibrations of the Gong open the flow of energy and create a body-mind state for change and healing. Address: 9501 New England, Oak Lawn.708-634-3664 HEAL YOUR LIFE THROUGH YOUR BELLY BUTTON. In just a few short hours your health and focus will be altered. Through a series of exercises and informative discussions you will learn all the ins and outs of your gut area. Participants of the workshop have experienced increase in blood circulation, increase body temperature which improves your metabolism and immune system. Participants have improved their digestive and excretory functions, relieved pain and tension in joints as well as increase immunity by stimulating the circulation of lymphatic fluid. Additionally, people have experienced better concentration, relaxed body, smooth skin and strengthening of family bonds of love. Consult our website for more information, SODERWORLD OPEN HOUSE, Free EFT sessions. www. Willowbrook, Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634.

Sunday, August 28

HEART OF YOGA: STRESS MANAGEMENT: 12:00pm to 2:00pm $25 Focusing on relaxation, stress management, extra-gentle yoga poses, calming breathing exercises. Address: 9501 New England, Oak Lawn. 708-634-3664 RELEASING EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL CHRONIC PAIN - The Miracle of EFT, EFT works for emotional & physical issues, PTSD, Anxiety Back, hip, shoulder and knee pains, etc., Hyde Park, 1-5pm, 4CE’s. $35. Ellie Stewart, 773-216-9882. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634.

Wednesday, August 31

EFT WORKS FOR EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL ISSUES, PTSD, Anxiety Back, hip, shoulder and knee pains, etc. SoderWorld Wellness, Willowbrook, 2CE’s. 6-8pm, FREE. Tom Masbaum, 708.955.3634. INTRODUCTION TO MASSAGE - Free seminar for those considering a Career in Massage Therapy, 6:00 - 9:00 pm SOHMAR 9-month FAST TRACK course Objectives: Brief History of Massage, Observe/participate in a mock massage session, how to get certified and licensed as a massage therapist, question and answer forum about our 9-month fast track, job outlook, payment options. Location: School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630-968-7827. RSVP to WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

Saturday, September 10

JOIN US AT THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA - from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. for TheosoFest, an annual mind body spirit festival that’s fun for the whole family! Free event. TheosoFest features talks on meditation, Buddhism, holistic healing, spirituality and more; tasty vegetarian food; over 100 holistic vendors; a festive Kids’ Korner; intuitive readings; and hands-on demonstrations in tai chi, yoga and other practices. The Theosophical Society is located at 1926 N. Main Street in Wheaton. For more information or to volunteer, please contact 630-668-1571 or info@

Saturday-Sunday, September 10-11

HOLISTIC HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY CERTIFICATION - Join Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, a Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, and NAHA member for a six class 110-hour level one aromatherapy certification!! Learn about 40 essential oils, safety, blending, chemistry, pharmacology, holistic healing, starting a business, much more! Location is Sheboygan, WI (Milwaukee area). Mind, Soul, and Self LLC at or or 608.393.7353

Friday-Sunday, September 16-18

WOMEN’S AUTUMN EQUINOX CHAKRA RETREAT - This extraordinary women’s intensive healing weekend will change your life!! Southeastern Wisconsin. Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach and Mind, Soul, and Self LLC: or or 608.393.7353

Sunday, September 18

WELLNESS & METAPHYSICAL FAIR - 3245 N. 124th Street, Brookfield, Wis. 53005 (At The American Legion 449) 11:00-4:00 Are you ready to let your spirit soar? Clear your calendar & prepare for a day of Enlightenment & Healing. Energy workers, Massage, Reflexology, & Healers. Readings- A variety of the Best Readers in the Midwest! For more information, visit

Friday-Sunday, September 30 - October 2

THE 12TH ANNUAL LIGHTWORKERS CONFERENCE! The Lightworkers Midwest Conference is the longest running high-conscious high-energy motivational conference in the Chicago area. It is a top-rated event that attracts best-selling authors, dynamic motivational leadership coaches, archaeologists, spiritual entrepreneurs and wisdom-filled presenters on many cutting-edge topics. More information about conference you can find on the website: or by phone 630579-8184. Location: Benedictine University Krasa Center, 2nd Floor 5700 College Road Lisle, IL.

Saturday-Sunday, October 15-16

5TH ANNUAL PALOS PARANORMAL CONFERENCE will be at Moraine Valley Community College. The conference features a wide variety of alternative health therapies as Reiki, Ayurveda, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic work and new this year CRYOTHERAPY. We also feature several readers of various types and paranormal investigators. Look for coupons on several of the discount ticket sites. Booth space still available. For all info call Tom Cameron 708-205-3667.

ONGOING WISE WOMEN GATHERING strengthening intuitive wisdom, authentic greatness, self-esteem by sharing our life’s journey in supporting, inspiring atmosphere. Not a therapy group but therapeutic in nature for the feminine spirit. Tuesdays 7:00p-8:30p Des Plaines (847) 258 7225 website:

Healing Crystals Points, Clusters Clear Quartz Amethyst Citrine Rose Quartz

Store Hours

Mondays: 11–3 Tuesdays: Closed Weds-Thurs: 11-6 Friday: 12-6 Sat-Sun: 11-5

1125J S. Main St. Lombard, IL. 60148 630-785-3308 Over 150 Types of Minerals

Incense & Burners Sage Sweet grass Palo Santo Essential Oils

August Deal 10% off Whole Purchase Exp. 8- 31-16

Visit our website:

CandlesZodiac Chakra Affirmation & Blessed Herbal Beeswax 25

Lightworkers Classified Directory

ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR PET! Through me your pet will answer all your questions regarding health, behavior, attitudes and more. Psychic readings for people too! 773-499-4909.

AROMATHERAPY ESCENTIALS AROMACERTIFIED AROMATHERAPIST, Sarah Ingram, Makes Aromatherapy Easy! Expertly blended, ready to use natural remedies made with organic/ wild-crafted essential oils. Custom blends encouraged, retail opportunities available.

ART CHANNEL I CHANNEL YOUR GUIDES! Tools to unlock blocks to prosperity, abundance, love. Soul portraits. Intuitive life coaching. Past lives, 5D soul psychology, Arcturian energies. Visit:

BOOKS & METAPHYSICAL STORES CRYSTAL EARTH ROCK SHOP 1125J S. Main St., Lombard, IL. 60148 630-785-3308. www.

CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an eclectic assortment of books, meditation CDs, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and much more. The services that we provide include astrology sessions, tarot readings, psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-5358708. STYX AND STONZ, 1758 W. Algonquin Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60192. 847-3589975.

BUSINESS COACH JEFF VEKONY IS A CERTIFIED FOCALPOINT BUSINESS COACH focused on helping business owners and executives improve their businesses, their careers, and their lives. Contact Jeff at 630-208-7270, jvekony@ or on the web at

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an eclectic assortment of books, meditation CDs, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and much more. The services that we provide include astrology sessions, tarot readings, psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-5358708.

THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER (SLC) is here to offer you the opportunity to study with like-minded people in an emotionally safe environment. SLC strives to provide learning opportunities based on expansive concepts that challenge and amplify mainstream knowledge and experience. We offer the chance to learn about things that you may have always been curious about, but haven’t known where to go for answers. To check our classes, please go to our website at www.SpiritualLearningCenter. com or call 312-786-0077. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to


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ADVANCED SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING - Sessions are Divinely guided for the most clarity, direction, and healing. We work from your unique Divine plan to assist you on your evolutionary path. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 20 years’ experience. Call Susan for more information/appointment 312-335-0053. I would love to help you.

5TH ANNUAL PALOS PARANORMAL CONFERENCE will be at Moraine Valley Community College, in Palos Hills. Saturday, October 15.10 AM - 7 PM. The conference features a wide variety of alternative health therapies such as Reiki, Ayurveda, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic work, and new this year, CRYOTHERAPY. We also feature several readers of various types, and paranormal investigators. Look for coupons on several of the discount ticket sites. Booth space still available. For all info call Tom Cameron 708205-3667.

CAROL SWANSON, LLC, Medical Intuitive & Wellness Consultant. Are you sick and tired of not getting the answers you need to heal? Release the root of your Chronic Health Issue NOW! Comprehensive Reading & Meridian Energy Healing to restore Health. Home of ‘Everyday Miracles;’ Serving Humans and the Pets they love!, or email: Cell: 608-3594720.

JENNIFER RUBIO - GRAND MASTER OF BELVASPATA HEALING, Yoga of Illumination Instructor, Runes Master, and Spiritual Coach. Release distortion of disease, belief systems and programs of pain, anger, fear & guilt. Let go of your story and rewrite your script. See the underlying perfection in all! Group or Private Sessions: 708-228-0141.

NAN ACTIPES, Certified Master Practitioner of Yuen Method, Balances Body, Mind and Spirit on 6 levels. For Information Call: 312-802-6244.

RECONNECTIVE HEALING AND THE RECONNECTION. Receive the healing the Universe has planned for you. Just 1-3 sessions and your healing unfolds. Northwest suburb just off I-90. Visit www. Call Mimi at 224-388-4494.

12TH ANNUAL CELEBRATION; THE WORLD OF FAERIES FESTIVAL. August 6 and 7. Saturday from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Admission: (Cash only!) $11.00 each general admission, $8.00 each senior (65 and up) at gate only. Children 12 and under are free. For more information, check the website:, or by phone: 815-788-1630. Location: Vasa Park, 35 W 217 Route 31, South Elgin, IL 60177. Free Parking.

HYPNOSIS ADVANCED HYPNOTISM by an award-winning, Board Certified Diplomate of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Specializing in difficult cases, including supportive medical hypnosis. Get our Free Report to learn more. www., or call 630-668-1141.


SUSAN CURRY (INTERIORWERX) - Expand health and happiness by THE 12TH ANNUAL raising your vibration to its LIGHTWORKERS highest potential. InteriorWerx CONFERENCE! September clears emotional energetic 30- October 2. The Lightworkers abnormalities at the root of dis-ease, anxiety, Midwest Conference is the pain, sadness, allergies, recurring physical longest running high-conscious, injury... This natural modality provides optimum high-energy, motivational conference in the health for body and mind with proven results. Chicago area. It is a top-rated event that attracts Free 15-minute consultation (schedule at www. best-selling authors, dynamic motivational 312-479-7893. leadership coaches, archaeologists, spiritual entrepreneurs, and wisdom-filled presenters on INTUITIVE READER many cutting-edge topics. For more information, check the website: www. HEATHER FAUN BASL, or by phone INTUITIVE AND MEDIUM of 11 630-579-8184. Location: Benedictine University years. Akashic Records, Card Krasa Center 5700 College Road, 2nd Floor, Readings, Energy Healing, and Lisle, IL. Psychic Work. GRACE ANGELS BODY MIND SPIRIT EXPO. August 20 & 21 in Skokie. IL. Eight shows in six different states! For more information about upcoming expos, please visit 630.210.8688

MASSAGE THERAPIST DRAGON ALEXANDER Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. 25+ years’ experience combining Eastern and Western massage with multiple styles of energy healing for a unique integrated “Dragon Massage.” Chicago and Southwest suburbs. dragonalexmassage@yahoo. com, 312-835-2315. 27



CAROL SWANSON, M.A., RMT, Adv-CHT Energy Medicine and Wellness Specialist 25+ yrs. experience & Proven Results! Reclaim your health NOW!! Serving Humans and the Pets they love: , carol. Office: 608-741-2083, Cell: 608-359-4720.

LOVE AND LIGHT TAROT. I offer personal readings, love compatibility reports, and free monthly Tarotscopes on YouTube. I reveal outcomes, the true motives of others, spiritual advice, and guide you to inner peace through the laws of attraction and manifestation. Email me at:

MEDICAL INTUITIVE PHONE READINGS WITH DR. LARRY MARTIN! Regain Your Health where other healing methods have failed! “Dr. Larry” has 35 years’ experience as a Medical Intuitive, Holistic Health Counselor, Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant, and Retired Chiropractor. support@nutraorgana. com. 888-490-5464.

PAST LIFE HEALING BARRET HEDEEN - You are the master of your own destiny, but your past-lives can keep you from seeing all possibilities. Free 10-minute phone reading for you! Are you ready for a soul healing? Call 847-951-6328.

SUSAN WISEHART, LMFT, 25 years licensed therapist. Past/ Between Lives regressions. Trained by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton. Des Plaines/ Mundelein. 847-438-7878.

SCHOOLS & LEARNING CENTERS INFINITY FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit, nonsectarian educational organization dedicated to assisting in the evolvement of human expression through its offerings of classes, workshops, retreats, conferences, and services. Visit for extensive course offerings, and to register. Most events are held at Infinity Foundation, 1282 Old Skokie Rd., Highland Park, IL 60035.

HELP WANTED – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! ARE YOU A MOVER AND A SHAKER? Are you an organized self-starter? Do you have a desire to help out, but you are not sure where your skills will be best suited? The Conscious Community family is looking for assistance in the following areas: Administration, Social Media, Event Scheduling, Event Sponsorship, National Calendar Coordinator, IT Expertise, Conference Coordinator, or Copy editor. Whether you can give 1 hour a month or 10 hours a month, we would love to have you join our team. Please contact Kasia at Kasia@ or call us at 847-966-1110.

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THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER (SLC) is here to offer you the opportunity to study with like-minded people in an emotionally safe environment. SLC strives to provide learning CONSCIOUSCOMMUNITYMAGAZINE.COM. opportunities based on expansive concepts that Conscious Community online includes our print challenge and amplify mainstream knowledge edition plus links to past issues. and experience. We offer the chance to learn about things that you may have always been curious about, but haven’t known where to go for answers. To check our classes, please go to our website at www.SpiritualLearningCenter. com or call 312-786-0077. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to

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Awaken the Senses Outdoors YOGA FROM MY EXPERIENCE During the summer when days are long and warm, many people enjoy spending time outside. Whether walking, biking or doing yoga, being in Nature is a rich experience, and with a little conscious effort, it becomes even richer. Here’s how you can bring your practice of meditation and mindfulness outside to experience Nature more fully, and awaken your senses. “Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your Teacher… Come forth, and bring with you a heart That watches and receives.” The Table Turned, William Wordsworth We respond to the world through our senses. We understand the senses are tools through which we gain information when seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, and hearing. Yoga explains that this information from the senses can either cloud our consciousness, or bring us wisdom. The term used for the incoming senses is jnanendriyas, which means “wisdom or knowing senses.” In order to activate your wisdom senses it’s important to witness perceptions objectively, without coloring awareness with your opinions. Analyzing sensations with your emotions or thoughts from the mind cloud perceptions. Try to just purely and simply experience them. This way, you watch the world objectively, having no judgment. We gain information unconsciously. We gain wisdom consciously. “…All natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence. …The lover of Nature is he whose inward and outward senses Are still truly adjusted to each other.” Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson

30 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

By: Cynthia Gran

By awakening our senses outdoors, fully experiencing Nature while watching the breath, we experience the oneness of all. We can directly experience that true beauty without is the same true beauty that lies within; and this leads to wisdom. Emerson continues: “…Within these plantations of God, a decorum and sanctity reign… In the woods, we return to reason and faith.” The word “nature” derives from the Latin word for “natura,” meaning “birth.” I certainly feel a rebirth when spending time in Nature! My backyard is my favorite place to commune with it. I also love formal gardens, forested and pastoral settings. In southern France, extensive olive groves are considered Nature’s cathedrals, equally sacred as the Gothic cathedrals of northern France with their tall, interior tree-like columns. When I’m outside with my dog, he reveals how incredibly in tune he is with Nature. He’s ever attentive, with his senses fully engaged. His nose wiggles as he picks up scents off the breeze. His ears turn in opposite directions to hear people, birds, and cars all at once. I’m far more easily distracted than he is, not paying as much attention to my senses. However, I’m rewarded when I carefully embrace them. To fully experience Nature through my senses I try to internalize the beauty, seeing it as part of myself, not separate. The greatest treasure is found within the human heart, and the goal of life is to find this treasure, according to the Katha Upanishad, written circa 500 BCE. The process involves having good intentions, observing sensations, and opening to receive grace. It also involves learning to experience without likes, dislikes, and without judgment, and having a pure, untainted, clear experience. That’s mindfulness.

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the earth? How about lying on the grass? Gazing at the stars, sunrise, or sunset? Make the most of our precious summer, and go outside! “…And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” Woodstock, Joni Mitchell Here’s a suggestion to commune deeply with Nature: Find a comfortable place outside. Think of neither past, nor future, rather, be in the present moment. Now connect to your breath, deepen it, and let it become very slow. Continue to keep your body still and relaxed, while breathing slowly. Look out at the sky and the long view. Observe the horizon, buildings, and trees. Notice if anything is moving. Watch the clouds. See the various textures and shapes of plants. Study tree leaves against the blue sky.

Larrabee Herbs

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Listen to bird songs as never before, distinguishing blue jay from robin; seagull from sparrow. Do you hear cicadas, crickets, or other animals? People? Water? Lightly caress a flower petal. Hug a tree! Relish the feeling of the wind blowing across your skin. Rub a leaf or tree bark between your fingers to release its scent. Smell several flowers, and notice how they differ. As you breathe, notice any other scent in the air. Taste an herb, or an edible flower. At your next meal, taste a little food on the tip of your tongue only. Then take your first few bites, and chew very, very slowly with your eyes closed. Consider trying a walking meditation. Set your intention and begin very slowly. “…Walk not in order to arrive, but just for walking.” Thich Nhat Hanh Move with full attention, your feet stepping one at a time, carefully onto the ground. Feel each one touch down, then gently release up. Be still between each step. Follow your breath. Become one with the Earth. Open your heart and mind to the influence of Nature! Merge your little self into the greater Self of All. Feel the harmony of Nature without, and let it settle within. “…When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find Peace of mind is waiting there, And the time will come when you see we’re all one, And life flows on within you and without you.” Within You and Without You, George Harrison/The Beatles Cynthia Gran enjoys walking or sitting still outside as much as possible, and wrote this column in her garden. She teaches yoga and meditation, and she can explain your Ayurvedic constitution, if you email her at:

JOIN US! Cherry Valley Spiritualist Camp Cruising The Rock River! On the FOREST CITY QUEEN River Boat

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This month we have one planet going direct and one planet turning retrograde. Saturn during the middle part of the month turns direct. This indicates your need to set boundaries. Over the course of Saturn’s retrograde period you reevaluated how to protect yourself using newly discovered tools. By realizing that there are many different options, you should finally be able to redirect energy in a way that provides you with long term stability. During the latter part of the month Mercury will begin its retrograde process. This pattern will continue throughout September when Mercury turns direct. While Mercury is retrograde you’ll be asked to rethink patterns wherever Virgo falls in your chart. Fostering a healthy attitude could be a priority, when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo. Do your best to maintain a positive outlook, regardless of how stressful the month seems. The New Moon in Leo, and the Full Moon in Aquarius are mirroring each other, so pay attention to what you begin, and what you end during these time frames. These signs sit opposite one another on the wheel chart, therefore they are connected. Each sees the other in their truest forms. Aquarius represents the community and friendships, while Leo represents creativity and new endeavors. A great deal of planetary energy is concentrated in Virgo during the month. Jupiter spends its final days in this sign, and appears to be magnifying the energy of any sign that comes within its rays. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of all the planet of abundance has to offer, in the sign of mental clarity and healthy living before he makes his exit. There will be a great deal of T-squares during the month, which could

32 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

represent some tension. The key when dealing with this energy is to remain calm, and evaluate the source of the tension to see how you can best navigate around it. Remember that sometimes the way around something is through it. **Please see the end of the month for information about the Moon Void of Course (VoC). **

Monday, August 1 There is a bit of a tug of war between a retrograde Pluto, the Moon, Mercury, and a retrograde Neptune. Your logical mind and your emotions could be at odds. Try not to get carried away with emotions, because with a fast moving Moon your emotions could change overnight. Don’t sacrifice stability for temporary feelings. Moon VoC 7:44 pm to 8:12 pm. Moon enters in Leo.

Sunday, August 7 Today looks a lot like yesterday, yet the air is a little different. As Mercury inches closer and closer to the North Node in Virgo, you get a clearer view of the faulty logic that you’ve been using to recreate a healthier sense of self. Now that you understand that logic a little better you can evaluate whether or not it’s the right tool for the task. Grab another tool if the one that you have isn’t quite doing the job.

Tuesday, August 2

Monday, August 8

There is a New Moon in Leo at 3:46 pm, indicating new beginnings that have the potential to generate the growth you’ve been craving. Although there is a T-square in the air involving Venus, Mars, Mercury, retrograde Saturn, and retrograde Neptune, it’s ok to move forward even if you feel a little overwhelmed.

Today just might be the day that you make a major decision, because Mercury and the North Node are sitting in the same seat today. It’s what some might call an “aha” moment. There are still some things that need to be worked out, and retrograde Saturn positively aspects the Sun, giving you the leeway to do it. Moon VoC 12:41 pm until 11:51 pm. Moon enters Scorpio.

Wednesday, August 3

Tuesday, August 9

The Moon and the Sun are cuddling up today, and both positively aspect Mars, retrograde Saturn, and retrograde Uranus. Now is the time to go, go, go. You have the emotional willpower and the stamina to follow through on any objectives that you’ve set forward. Moon VoC 11:13 pm until tomorrow.

The Moon starts out the day opposing retrograde Uranus. Sometimes when the Moon is in Scorpio we can catch a case of the moody blues. The opposition to Uranus probably isn’t helping that much either. Do your best not to allow the fluctuating energy to overwhelm you. Just remember where you’re going, and what you’re growing.

Thursday, August 4

Wednesday, August 10

The Moon and Venus are nestled together in emotional harmony in the last degrees of Leo. This indicates that the urge to follow your heart is what you’re after today. You might possibly be able to catch a glimpse of the fruits of your labors. Therefore, keep a watchful eye as things begin to blossom. Moon VoC until 2:34 am. Moon enters Virgo.

Today you might experience a big sigh of relief. If you haven’t already, then you should. It seems as though the skies are delivering answers as quickly as the challenges arise, because all of the planets are playing fairly. It goes like this; if the planet of “chaos and innovation” doesn’t have the answer, then the planet of “fulfill your potential” will.

Friday, August 5 Mars is at 0 degrees Sagittarius, and it’s putting a little stress on Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. At the same time, it’s conjunct a retrograde Saturn, which is making a positive aspect to the Sun. This could indicate that some extra due diligence is necessary in order to push through. You’ve got the will today, and you’ve got the power. You are in the process of creating, building, and redirecting your life. Don’t give up now. Moon VoC 10:20 pm until tomorrow

Saturday, August 6 Venus sits at 0 degrees Virgo today, and you’re at the beginning of taking a look at what you now have. If you’re frustrated, don’t be. It takes time to unlearn some things. Try not to fret. You’re just at the beginning stages, even if it seems like you’ve been doing this makeover for a long time. Moon VoC until 11:57 am. Moon enters Libra.

Thursday, August 11 Today Neptune wants you to dream bigger. Its positive aspect to retrograde Pluto makes it to where you can make change happen. When Mercury, Venus, and the North Node get in on this action, you have a sense of knowing what the next steps need to be. You might not be ready to take that big step, yet somehow you are ready. Even if you don’t take the step, at least you have the beginnings of a plan. VoC 12:22 am until 12:24 pm. Moon enters Sagittarius.

Friday, August 12 If you have the feeling that you should understand the signs, yet somehow you just aren’t able to make sense of what you’re seeing, then you’re tapping into the energy that is being created by the loose conjunction between retrograde Saturn, the Moon, and Mars. If you feel like you’re in information overload, then that’s probably due to the Venus, the North Node, Mercury, and Jupiter. During times like these, pay attention to the Virgo energy, and ask yourself which is the healthiest course of action, and which has the best possibility for success. 33

Saturday, August 13

Friday, August 19

Today you have a Grand Fire Trine where retrograde Uranus, the Sun and the Moon, Saturn, and Mars are starring. If there was ever a day to review your options, today would be that day. It’s like a fire has been lit, and it is time to get moving. There is only one way that makes sense today. Follow that way. VoC 12:37 pm until 11:11 pm. Moon enters Capricorn.

With the Moon in Pisces conjunct retrograde Neptune, you are emotionally at a different place. You have no illusions about the choices that lay ahead of you. With that said, you have a newfound understanding of how you should look at the path that is being paved. It looks nothing like the one that you’ve just traveled upon.

Sunday, August 14 Today looks a lot like yesterday. The only difference is that you are on the other side of whatever decision was made. With the Moon in Capricorn, you’re feeling emotionally withdrawn. It doesn’t mean that you’re not excited about whatever choice you made; it’s more like you know that this small action will change just about everything. Take it all in, because Saturn just went direct.

Monday, August 15 Today there are positive aspects all over the place. The majority of the energy is being transmitted to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Rather than you changing, things have officially changed. VoC 9:45 pm until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20 When the Moon bumps up against Chiron you get a sense of why you’ve been worried. It has a lot to do with understanding how to create boundaries. No worries, you’ll learn how to do it, and in the process you’ll discover how to stand on your own principles. VoC 7:21 am until 2:18 pm. Moon enters Aries.

Sunday, August 21 With the Moon in Aries positively aspecting Saturn and Mars you get a big dose of “let’s do this.” Although there is a little bit of tension, it’s not enough to stop you in your tracks. On the contrary, it’s enough tension to get you motivated to seize the day. Carpe diem.

Monday, August 22 Tuesday, August 16 Emotionally you’re at a different place, and you could be surrounded by an entirely new community. This could cause you to question how you might reinvent yourself. The thing is; you don’t have to be anyone other than you, even if you’re in the process of discovering who you really are, and what your Sun sign wants you to be. VoC until 6:52 am. Moon enters Aquarius.

Wednesday, August 17 When Mercury moves closer and closer to Jupiter you begin to communicate and think big. This is an expansive time for communicating, and in doing so you start to uncover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. The stressful angle from Neptune to Saturn and Mars could have you wanting to hold tight to some old habits. Don’t let fear of the unknown deter you, because at this moment right now, you’re meant to dream and think big.

Thursday, August 18 It may feel like the Moon is never going to budge. With this type of energy that is brought on by a Full Moon in Aquarius at 4:29 am, you could feel overwhelmed by your emotions. It’s ok to let it out, because at the end of the day you’ve got to move forward. Today just might be the day that you decide to let go, and let a higher power take over. VoC 4:26 am until 11:34. Moon enters Pisces very late in the night. 34 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

If you wake up in the morning asking yourself if you can do it, just say to yourself, “Yes, I can, and I will!” The Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus trine the Sun guarantees it. VoC 6:48 am until 4:19 pm. Moon enters Taurus.

Tuesday, August 23 The Sun is at 0 degrees Virgo today, and it’s a brand new day. This is the day when a healthy and positive outlook on life is possible. Yesterday you may not have been so sure whether or not you could take a big step, yet today you are just fine.

Wednesday, August 24 It’s another beautiful day. The Grand Earth Trine of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo have you feeling quite grounded. You’re determined to dig deep, embrace your mind, and lay down new foundations. It hasn’t been easy getting to this spot, yet here you are. Congrats because you absolutely love where you are right now! VoC 2:38 pm until 6:40 pm. Moon enters Gemini.

Thursday, August 25 Today we have a Grand Cross in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, so you are going to need to go with the flow. Opposing situations could have you a little out of sorts, yet you’ve learned a great deal about adapting. Exercise your mind, and figure out ways to navigate around any obstacles that might present themselves.

Friday, August 26 Try not to allow your emotions to get the best of you when talking to others. Your values aren’t the same as others. What you’re trying to build is not the same thing that others are trying to build. You are not the star of their movie, and neither are they the stars in your movie. If you know who you are, and what you’re about, allow others the opportunity to learn the same principles. VoC 7:30 pm until 10:06 pm. Moon enters Cancer.

Saturday, August 27 It sure does feel like you never get a break from learning something new. In fact, it could seem as though this entire month was about learning. In case you hadn’t noticed, it was also a time of unlearning, so that you could relearn again.

Sunday, August 28 When the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer it’s comfortable. This could cause you to be a little protective, and perhaps a little guarded. It’s not necessary for you to shout your feelings from the highest mountaintop; at the same time, you don’t have to fly solo either.

Monday, August 29 You could wake up wanting to bite someone’s head off today, and the way you’re feeling any head will do. This has a lot to do with the tense conversation between Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto. Try to remember that the stress that you are feeling is only temporary. If that doesn’t work, call up your bestie and ask for a virtual hug. VoC 1:23 am until 3:11 am. Moon enters Leo.

The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial. Kaye Berjot is a transformational astrologer who focuses on Chiron, the wounded healer. Read more articles, weekly astrology insights, and request readings at

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Tuesday, August 30 With the Moon in Leo positively aspecting Mars and Saturn you could be emotionally over the top. It could be excitement; it could be creativity, or it could be that you are in super work mode. In any case you’re in a good place because you are tapping into your light force. VoC 11:20 pm until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 31 Mercury is retrograde, and will back into Jupiter carrying along the energy of Venus. If there is something that you still need to unblock, then you’ll get a few weeks to think it over. It’s important that you take advantage of this Mercury retrograde, because when Jupiter enters Libra for a year- long stint you’ll want to be sure that you have done your due diligence so that you can take advantage of its positive energy. Moon enters Virgo. 35

Helping Others Connect to a HIGHER AWARENESS Interview with Diana Kushenbach GET TO KNOW OUR ADVERTISERS By: Anna J. Anthony Anna Anthony: Diana, you have a very impressive background in law enforcement that led to the title of “Police Intuitive.” When did your law enforcement career begin merging with your psychic gifts and abilities? Diana Kushenbach: I was not fully aware of my psychic and mediumship gifts until after I retired from my law enforcement career; a close friend passed away, and I began to knowingly sense spirit. I was always good at reading people and gaining confessions. AA: Do law enforcement agencies seek out psychic assistance? I know we see this in movies and on tv, but this really happens? What does the process look like?

DK: Most of the cases I have worked on either the family requested me, or I knew the investigators or agencies. It is an art to work without knowing what you are working on, without validation from the investigator. I can’t be told details of the cases in most situations, and getting the information without compromising the investigation is possible with the technique I’ve developed. AA: One of the many talents and services you offer is psychic development coaching. You also offer “Healing for Healers.” What are some examples of your other services? DK: I am able to tap into places and lift energy that is difficult to heal or remove. Intuitive Healing Sessions, Color, Chakra, and Crystal Healing through the Crystal Light Healing Bed, and Biofeedback. AA: You recently opened “The Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts.” Tell us about your new space. What are some of the suggested books, products, or services you’re offering? DK: I had an unexpected move to a larger, and retail space at 6458 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532. Sometimes unexpected moves are blessings in disguise. The store will be open starting in August on Wednesdays from 10am-4pm. I’ll add more hours soon, and offer daytime classes, and walk-in services from other practitioners, and a monthly Psychic/Healing/ Intuitive Fair on Sundays. A new book highlighting ways to improve intuition and clear subconscious blocks (including how to read for police cases) is one I recommend; 777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance: Staying Aligned with God’s Path by Barbanne Bainer. It’s available from my store, Amazon, and other bookstores. AA: You host a variety of meditation and intuitive awareness group sessions. Could you give us a little glimpse of what happens in these sessions?

DK: I am led by Spirit in each session, which allows for an experience I would never be able to provide alone. Everyone participates, and gets a chance to open up new abilities and higher energy, while helping others in the group. I’ve been holding these for many years, and am always amazed. AA: These sessions are also held for children and teens with intuitive abilities. How do you guide them through understanding their awareness?

36 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

DK: I enjoy working with people who are scared of ghosts, energies, and abilities to sense other people’s energy. I empower them, so they learn to do most of the changing of the energy on their own to feel safe. I teach them to connect to the higher power, and allow the higher power to guide and show them their own unique abilities. I can always help with emergencies, either in person or remotely. AA: Were you aware of your gifts as a child? If so, what was it like dealing with these abilities? DK: I had little awareness of my gifts until I was in my 30’s, and started recognizing them. I knew I sensed things, yet thought it was that way for everyone. AA: You’ve written a profound book entitled “Messages from The Enochian Tablets: A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Clearing.” Your writing presents some challenging ideas on many subjects, while also offering guidance on energetic clearing. It was pretty mind-blowing for me! I reread many parts numerous times. What prompted you to write this book?

Earthsong Books & Gifts

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Psychic Readers – Chair Massage FREE Workshops 608-754-3933 2214 Kennedy Rd., Janesville WI 53545

DK: Almost everything I have learned has been through working with my Higher Guidance, which I have worked hard to connect with; I was guided to write this book. Your Soul has an agenda, and this was on my to-do list. The channeled part was a surprise, and just came out. AA: What can a new client expect from a mediumship/healing session with you? DK: I connect with my Higher Guidance, and we go to the most significant block or place of healing needed, to allow the Soul to heal or grow. I allow God/Source/Universal Energy to guide the session. AA: It is evident that you have a passion for helping others learn to communicate with their guides and Angels. What are some everyday practices that we can use in order to grow stronger relationships with our guides, and the ability to receive their messages? DK: Spend time working on forgiveness, and healing old hurts. You can’t hear guides or God over your own anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. Resolve these issues with God’s guidance, and you’ll know why you are here. We are all here to help each other, which helps us. Anna J. Anthony is the Advertising Coordinator for Conscious Community Magazine. She is passionate about collaborating with and promoting local artisans, Lightworkers, and conscious business owners. Anna studies the art of tarot, the paranormal, and is curious about various forms of consciousness, and spreading light and magic to others.

6458 College Rd, Lisle IL 630-269-0115 37


38 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

By: Steven Halpern

My last column was written as I flew off to Chicago to be a presenter at the first Global Pyramid Conference. I’ve been fascinated by the Great Pyramid ever since I read Edgar Cayce’s channeled information about ancient Egypt.

Dr. Sam (Semir) Osmanagich was a featured speaker, and I soon found out why. He is the archaeologist who is most responsible for unearthing and excavating the huge Bosnian pyramid. (Did you know there is a huge pyramid there, bigger than the one in Egypt?)

In 1980, I was part of the first Atlantis Rising tour to Egypt, with many of the leading researchers at that time, including Patrick Flanagan, John Anthony West, and Bill Cox.

Guess who is trying to keep that a secret? The Egyptian Ministry of State of (or for) Antiquities. They know it’s a major competition for their tourist income. I thought I had been keeping up with what was new in the pyramid world, yet suffice it to say, his presentation blew our collective minds. Especially impactful were the low frequency sounds (at 7.83 Hz- the Schumann resonance) that have been recorded by several researchers coming out of the top of the pyramid!

All of us, plus others, conducted experiments inside the King’s Chamber. It was like the old ‘blind men and the elephant’ routine. Having so many bodies in the room at the same time totally changed the acoustics, the resonance, and the silence. I vowed that if and when I ever returned to Egypt, I’d find a way to do an audiophile recording inside the King’s Chamber. That intention magically manifested in early 1981.

INITIATION: Inside the Great Pyramid

Each of the other presenters had fascinating research to share. I especially enjoyed the research of Dr. Carmen Boulter. Like Dr. Sam, she uses the latest technology, including the updated Kirlian photography apparatus that I used in my 1973 research, GDV (Gaseous Discharge Visualization), and hi-tech Ground Penetrating Radar to locate hidden chambers under the sand, or under hundreds of feet of rock, soil, and trees. If you’re interested in this topic, you’ll want to know about both of them, at least. First time Conference Organizer Rev. Marta Thomas manifested an extraordinary conference, and I was honored to be part of it. To get the full list of presentations and their topics, go to: Audio recordings are available, only until June 30, from pyramid, or call 706-857-6300. My presentation is #12, with some of my insider stories that I never shared in public. I also showcased a video with an extraordinary dancer I worked with in the mid-1980s. You could hear a pin drop in the ballroom when it was over. Her performance is mesmerizing. Steven Halpern is a Grammy® nominated recording artist, researcher, and pioneering sound healer. His latest release CLUTTER CLEARING is exclusively available at, as well as his classic INITIATION: INSIDE THE GREAT PYRAMID.

My recording engineer and I were able to get access on three occasions. The recording came out as a cassette, in limited release. It remained a well-kept secret; it was so different from all my other recordings that it confused some customers. In 2005, we located the original analog tapes, which we thought had been destroyed in a studio fire. I immediately had them transferred and digitally enhanced. The result was INITIATION: Inside the Great Pyramid. As soon as I began to play the opening OMs, there was an amazing energy shift in the conference room. This audience understood. Many of them had actually been there already, on their own journeys. They were having extraordinary flashbacks and past-life memories activated. The recording, as a historical audio document, was finally appreciated for what it was. I featured the meditative “Silence” that we recorded. If you listen with headphones, you can actually feel the acoustic pressure of being there. (Using state of the art pressure sensitive microphones was our secret.) To this day, there is still no other recording like it on the market. 39

What is a Spirit to Do When the Human is Broken? Part I CYBERWEAVE SPIRITUALITY AND THE INTERNET By Mary Montgomery

We’ve all heard or read quotes like these: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience” ( This is a quote attributed to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard de Chardin was a French philosopher, paleontologist, and Jesuit priest who thought deeply on the meaning of our existence and relationship with the Divine. This quote has been widely popularized by spiritual teachers such as the late Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. “Source is like the radio station that is playing all the programs. And our physical body is the radio equipment that receives what’s being broadcast. And the dial we adjust is our own frequency-of-being, our own vibrational

40 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

set-point” ( This is a quote from an Abraham-Hicks channeling, and the discussion forum ( I’m sure most of us have heard variations of this from other spiritual teachers. It really matches the idea of us as spiritual beings having a human experience, doesn’t it? This seems so logical to those of us who believe in and explore cuttingedge Law of Attraction spirituality. Aren’t we all one with the God force, the All That Is, the Vortex? If we are perceiving things out of kilter in our lives, we need to observe where we are, and adjust the dial of our frequency-of-being, until we are joyously tuned in to the Divine essence of our true being.

which is viewed by many as a textbook for the men’s Warrior Movement. You can find references to Moore and his work scattered through Mankind Project International (, the organization that sponsors New Warrior Training Adventures throughout the world. Robert’s wife Margaret was a prominent Jungian psychoanalyst who had served on the Board of Directors, and as Director of Programming for the Jung Institute. She also held degrees in Early Childhood and Child Development, and a master’s in Fine Arts. Robert Moore was my Ph.D. Advisor at Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS), and I served as his assistant in setting up the Institute for Advanced Studies on Spirituality and Wellness. I had already drifted away from CTS when I heard the news that Robert had suddenly stepped down from teaching because of a health issue. That health issue turned out to be a mental breakdown. Those of us who were close to Robert were basically pushed away as the family requested distance. There was an apparent recovery, a brief return to teaching, and then a retirement ceremony. The sudden murder/suicide left many at CTS and throughout the Jungian community and the New Warrior movement reeling. How could this man who brought such hope and spiritual sustenance to so many die in such a hopeless way? One answer came from a Jungian therapist and friend of Robert’s. Rob was one of the few who were allowed to retain some ties to the couple. They had revealed to him that Robert was dealing with Vascular Dementia, a disease often caused by multiple mini-strokes that can cause confusion, extreme aggression, combative behavior, and memory loss. Rob was sworn to secrecy. He broke that silence after the deaths. It was important to let people know that this wasn’t just a mental breakdown; it was a breakdown with deep, terrifying physical roots. Rob called me, and I called others. It was like a phone tree, bringing a modicum of relief to those of us grieving and asking those “Why?” questions. This very relief brings up two questions: why are we so relieved when tragic things can be tied to a physical abnormality, and not just a mental one? What is a Spirit to do when the human is broken? I will attempt to address that second question in my September column. Maybe I’ll find some answers when I attend an upcoming memorial to Robert Moore and Margaret Shanahan at the Jung Institute of Chicago. My Advice: I could use some advice on this topic. If any of my readers have any insights and/or website links that would help me explore this issue, please send them to:, or MMontomery@ Thanks!

What happens when the human being is so broken and damaged that they can no longer step back and perceive, or just can’t move that dial? These are questions I have been grappling with since the evening of June 18th, when I found out that one of my dear mentors, Dr. Robert Moore, and his wife Margaret Shanahan had died tragically, a murder/suicide. Robert was an internationally recognized Jungian psychoanalyst and a Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality (retired) at the Chicago Theological Seminary. His work on ritual process and the masculine psyche informed much of the theory in masculine psychology, and spirituality. Robert coauthored King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine,

Mary Montgomery’s company, Montgomery Media Enterprises, specializes in public relations, writing projects, and social media development, especially in the non-profit sector. She has a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS). Contact her via email at: MMontgomery@ Please use Cyberweave in the subject line. You can also visit her new blog, 41

By: Lori Daniel Falk

I spent most of my adult life living someone else’s idea of who and what I should be. I believe that “someone” was the media, or pop culture, or whoever created the super woman syndrome complete with the notion that women should try to emulate men in the workaholic professional world, while simultaneously being the perfect wife, doting mother and home maker extraordinaire. I gave it my best shot, but somehow it never quite seemed to be a good fit. I started out as a “normal girl” who went to school and got a job in corporate America. I held positions in retail store management and eventually became a fashion buyer. (I got to tell you it never felt quite right … Try to get an empath to negotiate hard core business deals, in the totally superficial fashion industry nonetheless. Crazy!?!?!) Fortunately during the mergers and acquisition of the 80’s, I was downsized. I decided to look at this as an opportunity to try something new and innovative. So I created Ready-To-Wear Review, a trade publication for executives in the retail fashion industry, which eventually became a renowned international trade journal. You might say I was the “go to” girl when it came to retail fashion trends. So I did what any “type A” Capricorn would do, I authored several books on the subject as well. I covered all the emerging retail trends of the time from “Electronic Commerce: How to Sell on the Net,” to “Resort Retail, Attracting Today’s Busy Woman,” and “Capitalizing on the Billion $$$ Airport Retail Market.” And then I WOKE UP! Literally, I woke up one day and said out loud, “Hemlines go up, and hemlines go down. And in the scope of life, it really doesn’t matter. Nobody dies from it, but if I have to write another story about fashion, I might die.” Hmmmm …. Fifteen years of blood, sweat and tears … and I just couldn’t anymore??? What does one do with that??? Ahhhhh, enter the Dark Night of the Soul …. Severe clinical depression,

42 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

burnout, chronic fatigue. Let’s just say I spent a year on the couch and it wasn’t pretty. Clearly I wasn’t living my life on purpose. Then I stumbled upon a magazine with an article on Lightworkers and whatever that was; I knew that I was supposed to be a part of it. Even though I had no idea what a Lightworker was, it was as if someone flipped a switch and a light bulb (pun intended) went on. Somehow I just knew. It was then that my Spiritual Awakening began … I was intrigued by anything and everything even remotely spiritual … from reiki, to astrology, numerology, tarot, and even angels. I just couldn’t get enough. You see during that “dark night of the soul” period I had asked, no I begged God, to show me what I was here for. And as soon as I said YES to being a lightworker it was like the flood gates opened. All the right books, authors, teacher, mentors, etc. just fell in my lap. It was wonderful! “I was thrilled. Clearly I had finally found my Life Purpose, my true calling, my reason for being.” Somewhere in there I started channeling angels and during one of those channeled writings, I was told to become a Spiritual Life Coach. OMG how perfect! I had always wanted to be a therapist (but in my family “good girls” didn’t go to college and get masters degrees, they got married and had babies). So here I was twenty years later with something even better … Life Coaching. I had just barely started my Life Coach Training and was still completing my Spiritual Psychology program, and I already had paying clients. So cool! On top of that my teachers were referring clients to me. I was thrilled. Clearly I had finally found my Life Purpose, my true calling, my reason for being. Or so I thought … until one fateful day when I met a

And what is that?” “Well I’m a Spiritual Life Coach!” I replied. “And what makes that the best job in the world?” he asked. “Simple,” I responded, “I get to help people find their joy.” “I disagree,” was his oh-so- pointed response, “What about your joy???” He informed me that while I was helping others find their joy, I was not in touch with my own. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. Being a bit of a stubborn Capricorn, I chose to ignore all of this. After all, he didn’t say “what’ it was I should be doing. So I continued coaching and teaching and, you guessed it … struggling too. You see when spirit wants your attention that’s generally how they get it. They make things a bit difficult. This went on for months. Until one dismal Wisconsin January afternoon, when nothing I was trying seemed to be working, I went back through my divine guidance journal to see what pray tell I had missed. It had to be something, as nothing seemed to be working. And low and behold, nearly every channeled-writing I had done in the preceding six months contained a message to DRAW. In fact the angels had begged me, no they pleaded with me, “Draw Lori, please DRAW!” But, I had chosen to ignore it. “Draw what?” was my constant question. That made no sense to me at all… so I’d simply move on and ask another question. Well that gloomy January day, I decided to humor them. And then it happened … I sat there in front of my altar with a blank piece of paper and the angelic messages started pouring in … they told me what colors to use, what to draw, where to place it, what it meant. It was the most incredible thing I’ve yet to experience in this lifetime. The angels told me to use this medium to bring forth their messages in both pictures and words. By opening to this process I have seen magic occur before my very eyes. Plus, with no formal artistic training, I have created art that’s been so well received it has found homes in over twenty countries around the world. Now that’s magic in and of itself.

wise Shaman, Chief Robert TallTree. Much to my dismay, he told me that I was quite mistaken … it was only part of my purpose. Chief TallTree was doing readings for all those gathered that evening and let me tell you I did NOT want one. Not even one little bit! I just had no desire for him to discuss the details of my personal life in a group setting. Somehow I must have known this wasn’t going to “go well.” But avoidance is a moot point around most Shamans, and this one was no different. After he had read everyone else, he asked me if I was going to finally stop moving around the room and sit down. There was no wiggling out of this one, so I sat down. As I did, he asked me what it was I do. “I have the best job in the world!” I declared. “Really,” Chief TallTree asked, “

Today I’m no longer living someone else’s version of reality; I’m living mine … and it is, as the Shaman said it would be, filled with joy! In closing, let me leave you with these thoughts ... Are you living your version of reality? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Are you doing what you came here to do? The question that will haunt you when it’s time to take your last breath is not how many people you pleased, but rather, “Did you do what you came here to do?” About the Author New Thought Leader, Lori Daniel Falk is an Epigenetic Healing Artist, author, and coach who has been gifted with an artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. Ms. Falk, a graduate of the School of Spiritual Psychology, is a Certified Spiritual Life Coaching and Reiki Master. She has been a featured guest on both radio and TV. Her book, “What the World Needs to Know NOW, Wisdom of the Angels,” is available at 43


44 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

Many gardeners view the approaching fall months as a time for harvesting summer crops and closing up the garden. However, Mother Nature rewards avid gardeners with one last chance to create home-grown garden magic through second crop, or cool season planting. August is the perfect time to plant vegetables that favor cooler growing temperatures; providing a steady stream of produce throughout the fall. Many vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts and cabbages actually taste sweeter after a touch of light frost. For those who long to extend the gardening season, or for those who are finally ready to drop the barbeque spatula in favor of a garden trowel, the following steps will help create a successful, second garden.

Calculate the date:

The first step in planting cool season vegetables is to determine the estimated average date of first frost in your area. In the Chicagoland area, the average date is October 15th. Once you choose your vegetables, find the “number of days to harvest” on the packet or label; then deduct that number of days from the first frost date to ascertain what date to plant by. For instance, if a packet of spinach indicates “45 days to harvest,” count back 45 days from October 15th to determine the last viable date to plant the spinach. (August 31?)

Cool Choices:

Many vegetables enjoy cooler temperatures, yet will perish or turn bitter at first frost, while others will improve in flavor after an icy touch. Always check a vegetable’s temperature tolerance before planting. The University of Minnesota Extension is a good resource for a detailed late season vegetable planting chart. Visit their site at: www.extension., enter “planting midsummer fall harvest” in the site’s search box. (Editor’s Note: University of Illinois Extension also has a very good informative site at: Top performing cool season favorites include: Cole crops - kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, kohlrabi, broccoli Greens - Swiss chard, mustard greens, lettuce, spinach, endive, escarole Root vegetables - beets, parsnips, radishes, shallots, turnips, garlic (plant garlic by mid-October for next summer’s harvest) Spring favorites - peas, leeks Winter squash – Acorn, banana, butternut, hubbard, pumpkin, spaghetti, sweet dumpling, and turban are many types available locally Note: If a light frost threatens greens or other tender plants like peas, cover greens at night with a lightweight row cover, plastic tablecloth, tarp, or lightweight blanket. Remove the cover when temperatures rise in the daytime. Harvest greens while leaves are small, for better flavor and quicker return.

Lay the Bounty:

Cool season vegetables follow planting recommendations similar to that of their spring/summer counterparts. Choose a sunny location. Check the label or seed packet detailing planting specifications for depth and width. Mulch and water as needed.

However, do not plant secondary vegetables in the same space where you had previously planted the same type or family of plant, i.e., do not plant squash in the same place twice. This practice of rotational planting reduces the risk of insect infestation and plant diseases. Whether you are an ardent gardener, or a determined procrastinator, take advantage of Mother Nature’s second chance to plant a delicious fall harvest. Sue Odland is a free-lance writer, and avid Midwestern gardener. 45

LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING Lee Carroll This live channelling was published Aug 24, 2013

SYNCHRONICITY THE WAY IT WORKS Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Once again my partner steps aside. We’ve described channelling before as a process that honors the Human Being. It uses a multidimensional, biological portal called the pineal, and it allows that which is the creative source inside you to expand. This is channelling. Channelling is available to humanity and always has been. In this new energy, however, it is available for very new information, new thought, and new processes that are coming your way. Before we begin the message or anything that is going to be taught, I wish to ask a question: Is it possible that there is an intelligent source in your Universe, in your galaxy, that has helped put together what you see here today? Is it possible that there is a plan that is benevolent for the Human Being because the Human is part of that creative source? Is it possible that you are never alone? Is it possible that the family is a little different than you think? Maybe it’s even larger than you think? Is it possible that the entire message I’m about to give you is accurate, true, and real and from a source that is outside of your body and outside of your reality? It took my partner [Lee] a long time to understand that there is no trick here. It took him a long time because the mind-created “reality” box he came out of demanded it would have to be false and there would be negative consequences for what he is doing. “God doesn’t talk to Humans this way,” many said. “It’s a trick from the darkness of the planet and it wishes to invade and capture your soul,” many said. However, he learned quickly that every single time he opened his pineal, it became the portal for the love of God. That’s all he received at first. It was pure - the purest thing he has ever experienced - and it was consistent, always the same. It never tainted itself, never biased itself, and never told a Human to do anything out of integrity. It was always congratulatory, benevolent, and represented the real spiritual family. It never changed in 23 years. That’s the way it should be, dear ones, and if you need some kind of proof that this is real, maybe, just maybe, you might open that part of your heart that you have the ability to open and make a statement, “I would like to feel something. I would like some validation within my cells that this is correct and true.” That is when you might begin then to feel the chills that you can only receive when you know the truth is being revealed. The truth is simple: I know you; I know your many lives; I know what you’re going through, old soul. You are known to me. I see you now. We have done so much together, yet you have never seen my face or my real name. I’m with you all the time, within the entourage that you can count into the trillions. We are with you in the hardest times you’ve had, through the tears, through the sorrow and, yes, also when celebrating those moments you choose to toast in victory. Sometimes that victory is health and sometimes it is solutions over problems you’ve carried for a lifetime. We know who you are. You’re never alone.

46 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

The System There is a system that my partner has taught in these meetings for years. It’s a system we have mentioned in countless messages, and we’ve never really dedicated an entire channel to it in the way we are doing today. This is a system that most of you don’t even know how to use, yet some of you use it all the time. You just don’t know when you’re using it, since it’s not intuitive to what you have learned. This message is going to be about the way synchronicity works, and we’ll sub-title it, “The Demise of the Bell-shaped Curve”! [Kryon laugh] When something happens to you that is good, your friends around you may say, “What a lucky person you are! What are the chances that this would happen to you?” When you go into a difficult situation, something that is common to humanity like surgery, and you come out with results that are positive beyond expectations, your friends may again exclaim, “What a lucky person you are!” Then somehow you continue to be “lucky” over and over. Perhaps you go someplace and you accidentally meet just the right person who knows someone else who has just the right information that you were looking for. This leads you to end up with exactly what you wanted. What are the chances of this? Your friends are amazed! “What an incredibly lucky person you are!” That’s all a Human can say, since there simply is no other explanation in their reality. The idea that you might actually be bending the bell-shaped curve of average and, by chance, using an available system will never occur to them. Humans do not see the structure of synchronicity. It is not part of any kind of system that they use. They believe it is simply chance. The only structure that is used is goal setting, planning, and forward-looking systems. Only through these does the Human believe they can help control their lives. Indeed, this is the only way a Human can achieve things in a linear fashion so that they will arrive at a pre-set goal. In this linear system, no matter what kind of process you have studied that will get you from A to B, there must be a goal. Some of you take those goals and you will paste them to the refrigerator so you’ll see it every day. This is a linear process for a linear Human Being and is well known. What if I told you that there is a process that is not linear and has only conceptual goals? A conceptual goal is one that says, “Dear God, put me in the right place even though I don’t know where it is. Dear God, when you do it, make it comfortable for me and help me to see the sense of it. Make it easy and bring me the right situations and synchronicities to put me in this place I don’t know about.” How about that? If you told that statement to someone off the street, they would say, “You must be New Age!” They see you as silly and floating around without a goal, hoping the Universe will somehow show you the way. They laugh. But the Human who begins to use synchronicity as their life’s path is simply changing the box of belief to include something that is available to all but is not in 3D. In fact, some of you have been using this process a very long time, but you’re just not aware of it. The Truth About the Power of Synchronicity So today’s channelling is about the power of synchronicity and the truth about it. Now you know what it is, so we will discuss where it comes from, who is involved in it, and what you can do to help make it happen for you. The Human Being creates synchronicity with intent and belief. That is how it starts. Now this next item comes from my partner, who loves to talk about the Parking Angel. [Laughter] This is the example he uses, so we’ll do the same thing. Many Lightworkers like to use that which they conceive as a special angel who has powers to overlook a giant parking lot to see who is pulling out and where it’s taking place. The idea is that the Human will

then ask the parking angel to help guide the car to find a good parking place. Now, this is not forward planning, is it? It is a different concept, a concept that has you placing yourself or an angel that becomes your eyes, far above the parking lot to see the parameters of the entire lot and what is going on. If that were possible, then in 3D you could direct your automobile to arrive when someone is pulling out, and it works! It actually works. Over and over, it works. It works because this is the definition of synchronicity. There is no planning ahead, but rather a concept that you assign and believe in that requires an overview of a situation that you cannot work out in 3D. Most people just circle within the lot, expecting chance. Now, I cannot close this parking angel discussion without giving you the rest of the story that my partner demands I give you. There is no such thing as the parking angel! It’s you, assigning your power to a mythological creature that stands on your car with a P on its chest. [Laughter] Humans are very good at this. They don’t believe they can do it, but they believe angelic powers can do it. Therefore, they assign their power away to a higher entity. However, it’s you doing it, dear one! It’s you finding that parking place, but you just don’t believe it. Now, let us put that entire example in a larger capacity, which is the scale of life and living. Here you find yourself in a situation where you wish to move forward in an area you don’t know about. All you want to do is park. Parking is a metaphor for putting the vehicle of a Human Being in a place that is appropriate for your life, wherever that would be. It gets you there so that you can then move on with what you came for. That is the metaphor. Humans have an idea where that would be. It’s normal for you to build goals and expectations. Humans say, “I want to write a book; I want to create a healing center; I have this, I want to have that.” It is absolutely normal. So the next question I have to ask you is this: Are you OK if what you receive is not what you imagine? Is it OK if it’s better? Is it OK if it matches the Akash you came for or the talents you have that perhaps you are not even aware of? That’s the first step, to have the intent to create synchronicity in your life to bring you to a place that matches an invisible ability. When you used the parking angel, did you specify the place for your car? No. You said, “Anywhere!” So the goal was conceptual, not specific. This is what it is all about.

How It Works in 3D Here’s how synchronicity works: You come to a meeting like this and you meet somebody for the first time. Perhaps you meet them in a place in the back or in the hallway. You get to talking and you find out that you have common interests. Often they have information you need or you have something they need, and you both leave with a connection you didn’t expect. Then the connection leads to something else, for they know people that you don’t know and vice versa. Later, you might call them or meet with them. Then, outside of what you originally thought about, you might find yourself working in an area you didn’t expect to work in, which fulfills a lot of the things that you originally wanted. Sometimes you arrive with no expectation at all, but you meet a partner of your life! This happens over and over to many, because they decide to come to where family is. Over and over, Human Beings have resigned themselves to being alone in life. Then they’ll come to a meeting of like minds and they’ll find somebody that fits them. Life changes, and there is sometimes romance and synchronicity. You didn’t plan it! Do you see the difference? The Human who steps out of the door on the way to this meeting does what? He shows up and has a great time, but all the while, he/she is open to synchronicity. “Dear Spirit, if I’m supposed to meet somebody, then let me have the signals within my intuition to at least look for it.” Do you see the difference here? Synchronicity is planning for concepts that you cannot define. I am sitting in a room of old souls and at least a quarter of you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re here because of it; somebody showed you something that perhaps made you look at things differently. It didn’t give you a doctrine, did it? It only made you look. Can you put a price on that? It made you look into a place that showed you that you are divinely built, and perhaps biology has something more in it, something called innate. Innate is body intelligence and knows who you are. It works with the Human Being whenever asked. It is a consciousness within a consciousness, and it hooks you up with synchronicity. It does it way beyond the laws of average and way beyond the bell-shaped curve. So I just gave you the scenario that can happen over and over in meetings like this, in small gatherings, and in large gatherings. Now, let us talk about how it works. These are things that we have seldom discussed and never within a channelling like this. But first, we’ve got to talk about the majesty of the Human Being. It wasn’t that long ago that we gave you a channelling called the nine energies of the Human Being. It’s what I want my partner to begin teaching soon. It’s esoteric, it’s complex, and it’s time. There are conceptual parts of these nine attributes that go beyond what the Human Being is used to hearing and here is one of them. The Human is Part of the Creative Source of the Universe If it’s true, dear one, that you are a part of the creative source, do you then logically understand that your soul is enormous and that only a piece of it is inside your 3D biology? If all of this energy was in your body, you’d vanish! You’d turn into light itself with more power than all the masters of humanity. You’d have that which Elijah experienced as the only Human to ever ascend while another watched and recorded it. According to the account, Elijah vaporized because the power of God cannot live in the Human Being at full strength. Do you understand? And if you understand this, you will understand that you are only experiencing a small portion of the God in you, which is the creator in your body. So here is what begs another question: Where is the rest of your spiritual self? It’s with me, dear one. It’s on the other side of the veil as part of the creative source. It never left. 47

Now, here is what is difficult for your perception in your 3D box. You carry around a corporeal identity that is singular. We have said before that you’re really not singular at all. Instead, you are part of a very large group that is God. When you get to Earth, a piece of you separates out and becomes corporeal. It has one body with one face, and this is how you see things. But the rest of you - which is still you - stays with God. Now let me tell you the revealed truth: You are a multidimensional being and part of you is on the other side of the veil. Get used to it. Your soul is not separated out, but in 3D it seems like it. There is not a soul somewhere with your face on it on the other side of the veil, tapping its toe waiting for the rest of it to come home. You are always together. There are Humans, however, who believe in this separation, because all they can do is project their linearity onto the majesty of God. We’ve talked about that as well. So get used to the fact that there is a quantum God and a linear Human Being, and you cannot put them together easily in your mind. The truth is that you’re part of the sacred soup of God and those sacred parts look down upon you and are always available, always available. Just like the parking angel, your soul parts see everything. Imagine! A part of you is available from the other side of the veil. Let’s put this in your 3D perspective: It’s a spy in the sky and it looks at everything all the time. It knows who you are and everything about you because it’s part of you. It broadcasts information to you that you receive through intuitive thought. Are you here, are you understanding? It informs you to get up and go places, if you’re listening. It’s a Divine System in All Humanity Here is what you need to know: Every single Human Being on the planet has it because every single Human Being is a part of the whole. Do you understand that? What would happen, however, if there is a broadcast done, but 90 percent of the people don’t have a radio? That means 90 percent never receive it. The broadcast is still there with their name on it, but they don’t have a radio because they don’t believe it. Then, here comes you. Some of you got your metaphoric radio a long time ago and some of you are just getting it now. Believing it exists activates it. The “radio” is the pineal gland opening up into a multidimensional portal that tunes right into that which is you. This is difficult for a Human Being to understand. When you receive this broadcast from the “multidimensional you”, it guides you left and right; it knows who you are; it’s benevolent; it’s part of God; it’s part of me. It’s hard to explain. That’s why it feels so good, dear ones. Did you ever wonder why profound messages and meditations feel so good? It’s you with you! It’s beautiful! If you’re part of the creative force and you are quantum and multidimensional, it means that these intuitive messages have your face on them and would never lead you into a place for other reasons other than benevolent ones. That’s the system. Why Are You at This Meeting? Now, let’s go back to the point at which you decided to come to this meeting. Some of you are sitting here today yet you didn’t know about the meeting until the last minute. I want to tell you, you’re tuned in. Your radio is working because your intuition spoke to you enough for you to look around and go somewhere and find out this meeting was happening. I’m going to ask you a question: Who haven’t you met yet in this room? Now that is a hard question, since you can’t meet everyone, can you? So now we’re getting into the process of synchronicity and a process that is guided through intuitive thought. It’s what you would call the innate intelligence of the body allowing you to be in the right place at the right time and talk to the right people. You can’t really plan ahead for that, can you? Instead, you must be tuned to it, and some of you may have discovered things today here that will make a change in your life. Perhaps you met others who have similar interests? That’s what it’s about.

48 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

So when another person says to you, “You must be New Age”, just smile and admit it. You are using intuitive thought and listening to it as much as possible to put you in the right place at the right time. This should also dispel the notion that a New Age person just sits at home doing nothing but meditation and waiting for God to speak to him/her. That is not the way it works. Instead, go places that your intuition says to go to. Then discern, was it right? Was it not right? What does it feel like when it’s right and what does it feel like when it’s not right? Put all this together and, pretty soon, like a muscle in the body when exercised, it starts to work better for you. Innate works with you to fine tune it. It knows what you are trying to do and helps the process along. Sometimes you can look at somebody and they look back and suddenly it seems like you could say, “Hello, old friend! It’s good to see you.” You might hug for a moment or shake hands, depending upon the culture, and know that you’ve just met a best friend again. They may have something for you or they may not. It just may be for a moment so you can intermingle in a quantum way and acknowledge the fact that you are old souls. That’s good enough. Hard Concepts The hardest things for Humans in all this is what I’m going to present next. The process is different than you think. First, we have established that it’s not linear. It’s a conceptual attribute that you cannot plan on. The timing is not known, so you cannot paste a goal for something you don’t know about on your refrigerator. Instead, it requires the Human Being to be in faith and with no clock. That’s number one. Then we’ve established that the information comes from a part of you that is on the other side of the veil, because you cannot hold all of the mastery that you have in the corporeal body. You are part of the creative source and always will be. Part of you is on my side of the veil - the part that talks to you intuitively and says, “Go left, go right, stand up, sit down, go over there and meet that person.” And the next one, it’s the hardest concept of all. How do we describe it? There are seven billion souls on the planet and they all have the same attribute as you do - all of them. They are all on the other side of the veil as well as being here, just like you. They’re all talking at the same time and broadcasting things, just like you. The things they are broadcasting are using the same “mind of God” that you have because they are on my side of the veil. The divine parts of humanity are still divine, no matter what the corporeal and intellectual parts are believing or doing. Are you understanding this? So even if they have a corporeal self on Earth that is completely and totally unaware and has no radio to receive, it doesn’t make any difference. They’re still broadcasting potentials and loving intuitive messages. These messages are benevolent and for all humanity. This means you can listen to them as well and they’re tuned to your frequency, since that frequency is not proprietary. The result? They’ll tell you things that intuitively will help guide you and help you to work with their corporeal counterparts. This is difficult to understand. Think of it this way: The divine parts of Humans you may never meet know you are listening. Therefore, by broadcasting to you, they help their own soul counterparts, for you are working on peace on Earth and compassionate action. In your 3D singularity, you’re hooked up to one soul - you - right? On my side of the veil? No. On my side, you’re hooked to all of them. So, therefore, even the soul parts and pieces of complete nonbelievers are still broadcasting information that will help humanity. It’s a hard concept. Think of it as a collective, intuitive force. “Wow!” people say. “Look at that tragedy you escaped. Why did you leave the building before it fell down?” You might say, “I don’t know. Something told me

to go and I did.” This happens over and over, dear ones, and now you know why it works. Is it possible that the Human soul is connected in such a way that it talks to everybody at the same time? The answer is yes.

you are hearing them. It helps the old soul to go from A to B. More than that, it helps you find processes and principles and people who can make a difference on the planet. This is what’s new.

When an intuitive healer sits before a totally dense and stubborn unbeliever, do they still get messages to help heal that person? Yes! So the intuitive innate of every Human Being is working no matter if that Human has the ability to “hear” it or not. It’s broadcasting to the healer! It’s broadcasting to all. This alone should show you that intuition does not come from the synapse of the brain, but rather the portal of the pineal.

There’s going to be a beginning of a marriage not just to help Humans navigate the now but to navigate that which is coming. These are setups for the next time around Akashically. What did we tell you the last time we spoke? We discussed Akashic Inheritance. What you learn this time carries into the next time, so the set-ups you have in this life will carry into the next. You’ll remember them and you’ll keep going. Today’s synchronicity is tomorrow’s future. It’s important, old soul, that you start to learn how to use it and to carry it. Learn how to expect it, how to believe in it, and change the way things work for you. As part of this new teaching, we tell you it’s time to void the bell-shaped curve of 3D that tells you about averages and the probability of your life. All you have to do is nudge that curve a little with a multidimensional energy called synchronicity and you design your own curve. Synchronicity is learning to acknowledge the Higher-Self and the fact that God is inside. It shows a willingness to listen in a way you never have before to a source that is personal, loving, benevolent, and beautiful - an energy that will never change.

What are you supposed to do with this information? Well, we’ve already covered a little of it. First, understand the process and believe it. Do not get disappointed that your planning is not working. You can’t have both, dear ones. You can’t have plans in the corner waiting, just in case. The synchronicity won’t work, since you’ll void it if you try to plan around it. Do you see that? Second, understand that synchronicity may take you to a place you didn’t plan on. Is that OK? The old soul will sit in the chair and say, “Of course. Yes, it’s OK. Anything is good.” Really? Really? Humans like it their way. You might be pushed and pulled to uncomfortable situations and places you would not have initially chosen on your own. Can you honor this? Can you say, “It is well with me. I know I’m supposed to be here because this is where synchronicity placed me”? Feel the love of God surge through your heart and all the cells of your body. Then say, “Thank you God for putting me in the right place at the right time.” It may take awhile to figure out the “whys” of it all, but eventually you will see it clearly and smile. You will realize that you could never have planned it, and it was perfect. Let me tell you something: Perhaps your 3D goal will never be accomplished. Is that OK? Instead of settling into a final goal, you’ll always be in motion, always. Is that OK? There’ll always be the ladder to climb in knowledge, in awareness, and energy. New things will always be coming your way. It will be this way until the moment you take your last breath. You will feel that you “never arrived” at your goal, but that’s not true, for each day you have arrived. It’s a mindset - and you don’t like that either, do you? Instead, you want to arrive in a place and say “I made it!” Then you wish to purchase a T-shirt that confirms it. [Laughter]

And so it is. You can listen this channeling message on MP3 here: http://www.kryon. com/cartprodimages/2013%20downloads/download_asheville_13.html KRYON. About Lee Carroll – After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University, Lee started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years. In 1989, Lee began channeling Kryon and sharing the information with the world. He has now published over 16 metaphysical books with over a million copies in print in twenty four languages. He also travels the world giving seminars. His website is: html.

Synchronicity can put you in places that are beautiful. It can save your life, and often does. It voids all the karmic attributes that have pushed and pulled you around forever. It changes the way people think about you because you change. It changes the way you think about others because you are put in the places to see who you are. It rearranges that which you believe because you start to have reinforcement of action, and you know that it is working. You can stand tall and tell the others that you have no idea where you are going and you are proud of it! All the while, you are healthier than they are, and you’re happier than they are, and you love people they won’t love. Do you see what I’m saying? This is a change in perception of life. It’s a change in everything that the Human Being has been taught in 3D, and it’s not “let go and let God”. It is a partnership - a new arrangement that’s conceptual and demands work on your part, demands it. Expect synchronicity, but if it doesn’t come when you think it might, don’t be disappointed. It simply wasn’t supposed to! Humans are funny. Look at the phrases that many in your culture use. They know about this! “Well, I guess it was supposed to happen.” They have no idea! Yes!! [Kryon laugh] Or, “The universe had a message for me.” They have no idea, that’s exactly right! Exactly right. So I’ve just given you the mechanics of it and it’s beautiful and it’s just for you. Benevolent, helpful Information is being broadcast all the time, even from the non-believing souls. Their “God part” is active and knows that 49


By: Kayla Hancock

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50 Conscious Community - AUGUST 2016

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