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NOVEMBER 2013 | IssUE 84

NOVEMBER 2013 | IssUE 84


l u x u r y

ABU DHABI edition

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T H E l u x u r y F I V E - S T A r V I S I T O r M A G A Z I N E Licensed by internationaL Media Production Zone

In association with IWC Schaffhausen, official engineering partner of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team

Concierge AUH Cover NOV13-V2.indd 1

21/10/2013 19:52

Breguet, the innovator.

Marine Tourbillon with chronograph A member of the Board of Longitudes as of 1814, Breguet was appointed Horologer to the French Royal Navy by Louis XVIII the following year. These prestigious titles, synonymous with exceptional scientific competencies, are perpetuated today through the Marine collection and the Marine Tourbillon chronograph 5837 with its titanium tourbillon carriage and silicon balancespring, escape-wheel and lever. History is still being written‌

T5837-Concierge_440x275.indd 1-2

B R E G U E T B O U T I Q U E S – D U B A I M A L L , M A L L O F T H E E M I R A T E S D U B A I & E T I H A D T O W E R A B U D H A B I – W W W. B R E G U E T. C O M

09.04.13 13:53

Elegance Elegance Elegance is is anis an attitude an attitude attitude

Conquest Conquest Classic Conquest ClassicClassic

Visit the Visit Longines the Visit Longines the Boutiques Longines Boutiques at: Boutiques at: at: Dubai Dubai Mall 04 Dubai Mall 33904 Mall 8528 33904 •8528 Dubai 339 •8528 Dubai Festival • Dubai Festival City 04 Festival City 232046640 City 232046640 232 6640 Meydan Meydan 056Meydan 3481306 056 3481306 056 • Mirdif 3481306 • Mirdif City Centre • Mirdif City Centre 04 City 284 Centre 043604 284043604 284 3604 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Mall Abu02 Dhabi Mall 65002Mall 4250 65002 •4250 Marina 650 •4250 Marina Mall,• Marina AUH Mall,02 AUH Mall, 6813419 02 AUH 6813419 02 6813419 Also available Also available Also at Rivoli available at stores Rivoli atthroughout stores Rivoli throughout storesthe throughout UAE. the UAE. the UAE. Call tollCall freetoll 800-RIVOLI Call freetoll 800-RIVOLI free or 800-RIVOLI visit or visit or visit

Simon Simon Baker Simon BakerBaker

Elegance Elegance Elegance is is anis an attitude an attitude attitude

Conquest Conquest Classic Conquest ClassicClassic

Visit the Visit Longines the Visit Longines the Boutiques Longines Boutiques at: Boutiques at: at: Dubai Dubai Mall 04 Dubai Mall 33904 Mall 8528 33904 •8528 Dubai 339 •8528 Dubai Festival • Dubai Festival City 04 Festival City 232046640 City 232046640 232 6640 Meydan Meydan 056Meydan 3481306 056 3481306 056 • Mirdif 3481306 • Mirdif City Centre • Mirdif City Centre 04 City 284 Centre 043604 284043604 284 3604 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Mall Abu02 Dhabi Mall 65002Mall 4250 65002 •4250 Marina 650 •4250 Marina Mall,• Marina AUH Mall,02 AUH Mall, 6813419 02 AUH 6813419 02 6813419 Also available Also available Also at Rivoli available at stores Rivoli atthroughout stores Rivoli throughout storesthe throughout UAE. the UAE. the UAE. Call tollCall freetoll 800-RIVOLI Call freetoll 800-RIVOLI free or 800-RIVOLI visit or visit or visit

Simon Simon Baker Simon BakerBaker

A classic at first sight.

Even more so when taking a closer look.


Manufacture calibre L101.1, crafted from 631 parts

The classic personality of the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual

pocket watches. A close-up look at the L101.1 manufacture

challenge. After all, this timepiece unites two sophisticated

Calendar is recognisable at first sight. The railway-track minute

calibre reveals its classic design. But since considerably less

complications: the 211-part perpetual calendar with date, day of

Thus, the name of the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar legitimately refers to Ferdinand A. Lange’s birth year, because

scale, the Arabic numerals, and the symmetrically arranged sub-

space is available in the case of a wristwatch than in traditional

week, month, and leap year, and the 206-part chronograph rattra-

with its elaborate complications, it represents the Saxon manu-

sidiary dials take their inspiration from earlier A. Lange & Söhne

pocket watches, the engineers had to master many a mechanical

pante mechanism that displays stopped and intermediate times.

factory’s aspiration in a distinctive way.

You are cordially invited to discover the collection at: A. Lange & Söhne Boutique Abu Dhabi · Avenue at Etihad Towers, Tel. +971 2 665 05 88, A. Lange & Söhne Boutique Dubai · Dubai Mall, Tel. +971 4 325 39 23,

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A classic at first sight.

Even more so when taking a closer look.


Manufacture calibre L101.1, crafted from 631 parts

The classic personality of the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual

pocket watches. A close-up look at the L101.1 manufacture

challenge. After all, this timepiece unites two sophisticated

Calendar is recognisable at first sight. The railway-track minute

calibre reveals its classic design. But since considerably less

complications: the 211-part perpetual calendar with date, day of

Thus, the name of the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar legitimately refers to Ferdinand A. Lange’s birth year, because

scale, the Arabic numerals, and the symmetrically arranged sub-

space is available in the case of a wristwatch than in traditional

week, month, and leap year, and the 206-part chronograph rattra-

with its elaborate complications, it represents the Saxon manu-

sidiary dials take their inspiration from earlier A. Lange & Söhne

pocket watches, the engineers had to master many a mechanical

pante mechanism that displays stopped and intermediate times.

factory’s aspiration in a distinctive way.

You are cordially invited to discover the collection at: A. Lange & Söhne Boutique Abu Dhabi · Avenue at Etihad Towers, Tel. +971 2 665 05 88, A. Lange & Söhne Boutique Dubai · Dubai Mall, Tel. +971 4 325 39 23,

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15.08.13 16:50

Creative Center RD, Creative Director Alvaro Maggini

Exclusive RD680 Manufacture movement Automatic Chronograph with micro-rotor

The Boulevard at Emirates Towers, Dubai - Tel.: +971 4 325 2211 - The Galleria at Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi - Tel: +971 2 622 7807

The only Manufacture to be 100% Poinçon de Genève certified. The most demanding signature in fine watchmaking.

Creative Center RD, Creative Director Alvaro Maggini

Exclusive RD680 Manufacture movement Automatic Chronograph with micro-rotor

The Boulevard at Emirates Towers, Dubai - Tel.: +971 4 325 2211 - The Galleria at Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi - Tel: +971 2 622 7807

The only Manufacture to be 100% Poinçon de Genève certified. The most demanding signature in fine watchmaking.

Haute Joaillerie, place Vendôme since 1906

Majestic Cadeau Impérial Earrings, two exceptional pear-shaped D Internally Flawless diamonds – 43.14 cts. Mystery Set rubies and diamonds.

DUBAI: Dubai Mall +971 4 339 8001 - Mall of the Emirates +971 4 347 2487 ABU DHABI: Marina Mall +971 2 681 1121 - Etihad Towers + 971 2 681 1919 The Galleria, Al Maryah Island +971 2 643 2088

Haute Joaillerie, place Vendôme since 1906

Majestic Cadeau Impérial Earrings, two exceptional pear-shaped D Internally Flawless diamonds – 43.14 cts. Mystery Set rubies and diamonds.

DUBAI: Dubai Mall +971 4 339 8001 - Mall of the Emirates +971 4 347 2487 ABU DHABI: Marina Mall +971 2 681 1121 - Etihad Towers + 971 2 681 1919 The Galleria, Al Maryah Island +971 2 643 2088







Skeletonized, automatic Winding chronograph movement Annular calendar with oversized date and month indicator 12-hour totalizer 60-minute countdown timer Chronograph yback function Hand ground titanium baseplate and bridges Rotor with ceramic ball bearings Special tungsten-colbolt alloy rotor weight 6-positional, variable rotor geometry With 18-carat white gold wings Balance wheel in Glucydur with 3 arms Frequency : 28 800 vph (4Hz) Moment of inertia : 4.8 mg/cm2 62 Jewels Incabloc for bottom plate and balance cock Water resistant to 50 meters Finished and polished by hand Central caseband in titanium with (front and back) bezels In titanium or 18-carat red or white gold



Skeletonized, automatic Winding chronograph movement Annular calendar with oversized date and month indicator 12-hour totalizer 60-minute countdown timer Chronograph yback function Hand ground titanium baseplate and bridges Rotor with ceramic ball bearings Special tungsten-colbolt alloy rotor weight 6-positional, variable rotor geometry With 18-carat white gold wings Balance wheel in Glucydur with 3 arms Frequency : 28 800 vph (4Hz) Moment of inertia : 4.8 mg/cm2 62 Jewels Incabloc for bottom plate and balance cock Water resistant to 50 meters Finished and polished by hand Central caseband in titanium with (front and back) bezels In titanium or 18-carat red or white gold


AL ACRIA T WOTONE The Alacria TwoTone speaks its own feminine language of formality. The stylishly combined silver and red-gold tones contrast to make this high-precision quartz watch a gem of elegance and grace. A bold form, the thrilling outward expression of a high-precision interior – united in a timeless embodiment of pure, feminine beauty. BOUND TO TRADITION – DRIVEN BY INNOVATION

CFB_AD_A_00_10701_07_15_31_Conceirge_AUH_440x275.indd 1

17.10.13 08:56


AL ACRIA T WOTONE The Alacria TwoTone speaks its own feminine language of formality. The stylishly combined silver and red-gold tones contrast to make this high-precision quartz watch a gem of elegance and grace. A bold form, the thrilling outward expression of a high-precision interior – united in a timeless embodiment of pure, feminine beauty. BOUND TO TRADITION – DRIVEN BY INNOVATION

CFB_AD_A_00_10701_07_15_31_Conceirge_AUH_440x275.indd 1

17.10.13 08:56

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It’s more than just a desert. It’s unmistakable Al Gharbia.

Dunes of Liwa






Wallow in luxury while you step back in time at this majestic ‘Mirage’ desert retreat.

Find peace in the luxury of this boutique retreat on Sir Bani Yas island, and join in escorted adventure activities.

One for the car buff! See the old, the new and the simply amazing!

Visit the UAE’s only Christian archaeological site where the secrets of over a thousand years ago are still being unearthed.

Watch powerful four-wheel drives compete in the most gruelling quest to conquer this 300 metre high dune.






Scale the dramatic crests of The Empty Quarter’s vast dunes in this awesome off-road driving experience.

Board a 4x4 safari of this expansive conservation project on Sir Bani Yas where animals roam free.

Experience the tranquillity of a night under desert skies.

The picturesque, traditional town of Mirfa has a pristine beach and its waters are teeming with marine life.

Experience the incredible Liwa Date Festival, the adrenaline rush of the Watersports and the bustle of Al Dhafra Camel Festival.

Discover a place where festivity mingles with treasured silence. Where you can experience complete serenity and journey through the magnificence that is Al Gharbia. Abu Dhabi. Travellers welcome.

Discover more. or call 800 555

NOVEMBER 2013 / IssuE 84 / aBu DhaBI EDItION

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edi tor i a l Grou P edi tor fay E Ba Rt l E edi tor Ol I V I a cu t hBE Rt CoN t r ibu t iNG edi tor JacQu E l IN E c a st E l luccI a ProduC t ioN edi tor DE BR a fR E E M a N-t hOR pE CoN t r ibu tor s R ach E l I NgR a M M E l Issa sl EIM a N cl a IR E M a lcOl M R E E M a Bu l l E I l l au R E N st E a DM a N

st u dio se N ior a rt dir eC tor a N DR E a t E M pEsta se N ior desiGN er tON y sa N t I agO desiGN er R I tz gu t IE R R Ez PhotoGr a Pher a Dh a M sN E E h ProduC t ioN Coor diNator sOh a I l K h a N

a dv ert isiNG Grou P sa l es M a NaGer K IR st y M E l I a se N ior sa l es M a NaGer Da R Ry l W I l l E y hot el r e l at ioNshiP M a NaGer MI a c achE RO sa l es M a NaGer s ROsE D’sOuz a c a R M E N sIlVa aysh a ch a p t I sPeCi a l Proj eC ts K IR at sa Bh a RWa l

CirC u l at ioN & M a r K et i NG c a ROl MIl a N chR Ist IN E h a M a Da cONcIERgE MagazINE Is puBlIshED MONthly aND cOpIEs a R E DIst R I Bu t E D f R E E Of c h a RgE I N f I V E -sta R a N D sE l Ec t fOu R-sta R hOt E ls. a lt hOugh E V E Ry E f fORt Is M a DE tO E Nsu R E t h E acc u R ac y Of I N fOR M at ION cON ta I N E D I N cONcI E RgE M aga zI N E , t h E pu Bl Ish E R c a N N O t B E h E l D R E s p O N s I B l E f O R a N y E R RO R s O R INaccuR acIEs. aRtIclEs cONtaINED WIthIN cONcIERgE M aga z I N E a R E u N DE R cOp y R Igh t tO t h E pu Bl Ish E R a ND ca NNOt BE R EpRODucED OR tR a NsMIt tED IN a N y fORM, WIthOut fIRst OBtaININg WRIttEN pERMIssION.

Welcome The last few months of the year are among the busiest on Abu Dhabi’s annual calendar with a series of high-profile social, cultural and sporting events that see the year out in a whirlwind of activity. From late October – when the Abu Dhabi Film Festival kicked off, through to the 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the beginning of November and Abu Dhabi Art later in the month, this is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit the emirate. Those looking to find out more about these events can take a look at the capital’s destination portal: I hope you also get the chance to join in our 42nd UAE National Day celebrations, which take place in Abu Dhabi city, our heritage heartland of Al Ain and also in the beautiful Al Gharbia, situated in the Western region where the desert meets the sea. It’s an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the history of the country and join in the festive spirit as fireworks light up the city, which comes to life with parades, concerts, theatre shows and more. Those with us towards the end of the year will find Abu Dhabi brimming with distinctive venues to host or attend glamorous New Year’s Eve events. This is a city that knows how to celebrate in style and the perfect place to make a positive start to 2014. We already have lots on the cards for next year and recommend that those planning to pay us a visit in the near future mark their cards now for January’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and the much-anticipated Gourmet Abu Dhabi food festival in February. These events are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Abu Dhabi, where the ever-growing list of attractions and events constantly offers new ways to explore our waters, experience our culture, get out into the beautiful UAE desert and sample our famed hospitality. I hope you have the time to experience as much as you can in our dynamic capital and the wider emirate

Mubarak Al Muhairi Director General Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority nicholas Publishing International fZ LLc P.O . Box 500573, Executive Heights (Damac Building), Dubai, UAE Tel: 04 4243600 Fax: 04 4327505 Email: Web: Concierge’s circulation is independently audited by B PA Worldwide

Concierge magazine is also available in Russian, arabic and Mandarin languages. please request a copy from the concierge desk in the hotel lobby.

Жу рна л «Конс ьерж» та к же и з дае т с я на русском, арабском и китайском языках. Вы можете попросить экземп ляр ж у рна ла у консьерж-службы в вестибюле гостиницы.

‫ أطلب نسخه‬.‫مجلة كونسيرج متوفرة باللغة العربية كذلك‬ .‫من مكتب االستقبال في بهو الفندق‬ <<concierge>> 杂志也以俄语﹑中文﹑阿拉伯语出 版,请联系 您所下榻的酒店 前台索取。

_WELCOME_AUH NOV13.indd 21

In focus Photography: Courtesy of IWC Schaffhausen Spread across a weekend of lavish parties, VIP hospitality, high-profile concerts and more, the grand prix showcases the best of UAE life, celebrating the country’s success before huge crowds and attracting television audiences in excess of 600 million. For high-end brands such as IWC Schaffhausen, this is a prime opportunity to catch the world’s attention, which is why the luxury watch manufacturer has partnered with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team. This issue, Concierge explores the bond between these brands and reveals the shared values and goals between two companies at the forefront of their respective industries.

22/10/2013 18:05

Contents NOVEMBER 2013 / IssuE 84


Abu Dhabi’s top attractions and events


Experience 36/Lap of luxury

Experience the 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in style

44/Destination Yas Island Home to many of the city’s headline attractions, Yas Island is the heart of entertainment in Abu Dhabi

50/The great cityscape

Enjoy a panoramic perspective of Abu Dhabi with these exhilarating aerial experiences


Shop 58/The winning formula Master craftsmen at IWC Schaffhausen share technological expertise and a passion for precision with engineers at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS

Concierge explores the creative partnership between IWC Schaffhausen and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One ™ Team in this month’s photo essay

70/Shop around

A definitive guide to retail in the UAE capital



60/Driven to succeed

10/21/13 7:25 PM

Contents NOVEMBER 2013 / IssuE 84

78/Reaching for the stars

From space exploration to deep-sea diving, Omegaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history has been defined by its presence at some remarkable moments in time


Discover 86/Making a mark

Abu Dhabi Art returns to the capital with a busier schedule of creative events than ever before

92/Through the ages

In the last half-century, the UAE capital has transformed from sleepy backwater to modern metropolis


Taste 100/Taste of the UAE

Discover the delights of Emirati cuisine

106/To a tea

Nahas, Lawrie shabibi

Indulge in afternoon tea at one of Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s five-star hotels


128/My life in Abu Dhabi

Dorrie Emrick, head aesthetic nurse at DNA Integrated Health & Medicine Centre, discusses her life in the UAE capital

10/22/13 6:54 PM

The guide


Discover Art galleries / Tours / Museums


Experience Adventure / Family activities / Golf / Sports

120 Shop Malls / Souks

122 Taste

Hotel outlets & promotions


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Brought to you in association with




2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hurry down to Yas Marina Circuit at the start of the month to attend this much-anticipated event which draws thousands of visitors to the capital every year for a weekend of high-speed racing, VIP hospitality, first-class entertainment and much more. New ticket options this year include the exclusive Yas Trackside Terrace and Yas Marina Tower. Visit:



10/21/13 4:06 PM



New restaurants

UAE WoodEn p o W E r b o At r A c E

Abu Dhabi features a diverse dining scene that’s well-stocked with gourmet venues. New restaurants open their doors here every month offering visitors an ever-growing pot of excellent eateries to choose from. Some of the latest high-end options include Villa Toscana, the five-star Italian restaurant at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi and the hotel’s other signature venue Rhodes 44 (02 6944444), which is co-managed by celebrity chef, Gary Rhodes. Also well worth checking out is Catalan (02 8135550), the city’s only Catalonian restaurant. Visitors can select their wine from the cellar-style wine bar, La Cava, before dining on exquisite, authentic fare in this elegant restaurant, which is situated in Rosewood Abu Dhabi hotel.

November 8 Known locally as Al Shawaheef, the UAE’s wooden powerboats were originally created to recall local maritime tradition but are now part of a growing sport that gets more competitive by the year. Only participants from Gulf GCC countries are permitted to take part in the race, which makes for a stunning spectacle as the boats set off from Abu Dhabi Breakwater. Visit

AbU dHAbI Art

E X PER I E NCE Yasalam concerts

The after-race concerts are a major highlight of the 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend and this year the line-up is better than ever. The action gets underway with Arabian artists on Thursday (October 31) before American rap sensation Jay Z makes his UAE debut on Friday November 1. Saturday night brings English rock band Muse to the stage followed by Depeche Mode who have taken the coveted Sunday night performance slot to entertain race-goers after the grand prix. Only Formula 1 ticket holders have access to the concerts. Where: du Arena, Yas Island. When: October 31 to November 3. Visit:

November 20 to 23 The annual boutique art fair brings together prominent galleries and artists from around the world in a showcase of contemporary art. This year features an expanded programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and more. Visit

MUbAdAlA World tEnnIs cHAMpIonsHIp December 26 to 28 See six of the world’s best tennis stars battle it out at the Abu Dhabi International Tennis Complex. The event, which is now in its fifth year, will bring the strongest ever line-up to the capital for 2013 with six top-10 players due to take part. Visit

AbU dHAbI Hsbc golf cHAMpIonsHIp

D I S C OV E R Bahraini Island

Something of a hidden gem, the beautiful Bahraini Island lies just 40 minutes off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Dock at the tiny harbour and pay AED100 to enjoy the pool and other facilities at Al Maha Resort, the only one on the island. Those who want to stay overnight can book one of the six luxurious villas, which are decorated in traditional Arabian style. Contact: 02 6677777

January 16 to 19, 2014 The annual golf championship returns to Abu Dhabi Golf Club where players will compete for the coveted Falcon Trophy. Last year saw one of the most exciting finale’s ever as James Donaldson secured his victory against world number five, Justin Rose at the last hole. Visit

goUrMEt AbU dHAbI February 2014 Sample a series of culinary delights from around the globe and pick up top tips from Michelin-starred restaurant chefs at the capital’s food festival. Visit



10/21/13 4:07 PM


Sky brunch at 18° Dine in one of the city’s most famous landmarks and enjoy a feast of Mediterranean cuisines while admiring stunning views through floor-to-ceiling windows in the Capital Gate building – the furthest leaning manmade structure on the planet. Where: Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel. When: Friday, noon to 4pm. Contact: 02 5961440


Abu Dhabi Mall There may be newer and more luxurious malls open now, but for its central location and a good mix of high-street and high-end fashion, this original favourite is hard to beat. Head down to the Tourist Club District and browse the wide selection of shops available here then stop for a bite at one of the cafés.

E X PER I E NCE Desert safari

Rise early in the morning and see the sun come up over the sand dunes on a desert safari, as experienced drivers take you up, down and sideways along the steep red-hued dunes. A number of tour companies offer desert driving experiences. Contact: Abu Dhabi Desert Safari on 055 3570011, Arabian Adventures on 04 3034888 or Kurban Tours on 02 5550566

D I S C OV E R Heritage Village

For a glimpse of Abu Dhabi in the days before high-rise towers and glamorous hotels dominated the landscape visit Heritage Village. This fascinating venue takes visitors right back to a time before the discovery of oil transformed the UAE capital for good and explores the lives led by Bedouin tribes in the barren desert environment. A reconstruction of a traditional oasis village features barasti houses made from palm tree fronds with the wind towers that acted as the first form of air conditioning. Where: Abu Dhabi Breakwater. When: Open Sat to Thu 9am to 5pm. Contact: 02 6814455



10/21/13 4:07 PM




W W W. G R A F F D I A M O N D S . C O M


ASk ThE concIErgE

Arabic coffee

hi sn y h a s s a n moh a me d, he a d C on C ie rge at r a di s s on Bl u ho t e l , a Bu dh a Bi ya s i sl a nd, of f e r s a dv i C e on s ome of a Bu dh a Bi’s Be s t v i s i t or e x p e rie n C e s

Visitors to Abu Dhabi find themselves faced with a huge selection of facilities and attractions. There are world-class shopping centres and luxury hotels in abundance, an ever-growing number of art galleries and museums and multiple sporting venues from pristine golf courses and riding stables to the karting, shooting, wake boarding and other facilities available at Al Forsan International Sports Resort. There is also a thriving dining scene with excellent restaurants offering cuisines from around the world from delicious Italian fare at Filini in Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island to gourmet local cuisine in Mezlai at Emirates Palace. There is a number of things that simply can’t be missed on a trip to the UAE capital and the impressive Emirates Palace hotel is a highlight for most visitors. A great way to experience it and gain an insight into Abu Dhabi’s luxury lifestyle in the process, is to have afternoon tea in the lobby or spend a day enjoying the facilities at the Beach Club. For a taste of more traditional ways of life here, I recommend a trip to Al Wathba Camel Race track. Here, prize camels are pitted against one another in hotly contested races in a sport that dates back to the early days of the UAE, which is now the centre of camel racing in the Middle East. Travel further back into the past and glimpse evidence of early life in Abu Dhabi by paying a visit to Jebel Hafeet, the emirate’s highest peak. From the top, visitors can enjoy a sweeping panorama of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s second-largest city. Dotted around the base are hundreds of ancient burial tombs dating back 5,000 years. These ancient sites stand in stark contrast to the avant-garde architecture of the emirate’s new developments and offer a sense of the diversity that undepins this vibrant city.

Strong, black and bitter-sweet, Arabic coffee is definitely not for the faint-hearted. In the UAE, coffee was traditionally prepared in copper pots on beds of coal in the desert. Today, aside from the cooking implements, the method remains largely the same. The ground beans are boiled rather than filtered before cardamom and saffron are added to complete the distinctive flavour of the brew. It is then drunk from small, expresso-style cups and often accompanied by sweet dates to help offset the sharpness of the beverage. Served in many hotels and practically every Arabic restaurant in the city, it’s easy to enjoy this distinctive flavour of the UAE.

D I S c oV E r

Emirates National Auto Museum A must-visit for any car enthusiast, this extraordinary museum is well worth the drive time. housed in a giant pyramid along the desert road that leads to Liwa, the collection here ranges from the rare and unexpected to the downright bizarre. To begin with, there’s the largest vehicle on the planet – a vast 1950s’ Dodge Power Wagon with a four-bedroom apartment, including living area, kitchen and bathrooms inside. Then there’s the globeshaped caravan that is precisely one-millionth the size of the world and the enormous house on wheels parked outside. In addition to this are seven S-class Mercedes in different colours of the rainbow and the various vintage vehicles, from antique Buicks to rolls royces. Visit:

ShoP Gold to go

From the popular gold souk to the many jewellery shops that line its streets and malls, Abu Dhabi is full of places to buy gold. For quick access, however, or simply to pick up a precious souvenir, make a transaction at the gold ATM in Emirates Palace, where the metal can be purchased at the day’s market price in the form of coins and bars stamped with the palace logo. Where: Emirates Palace. When: Daily. How much: Price fluctuates according to the international gold rate. Contact: 02 6909000



10/21/13 4:08 PM

TAGHeuer Boutique Abu Dhabi Mall - +971 2 6446448 Also available at selected Al Manara stores

TAGHeuer Boutique Abu Dhabi Mall - +971 2 6446448 Also available at selected Al Manara stores

D I S C OV E R Arabian Wildlife Park

Home to more than 10,000 animals, the Arabian Wildlife Park on Sir Bani Yas Island places a particular focus on the breeding and rehabilitation of indigenous Arabian creatures and endangered species. Contact: Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara on 02 8015400

SHOP Montblanc

Designed especially for the UAE market, Montblanc’s Limited Edition Atelier Privé UAE Flag pen is a work of art. Wrought from white gold and set with 50 rubies, 127 sapphires, 135 diamonds and 51 emeralds, this stunning writing instrument references the colours of the UAE flag with glimmers of red, green, white and black. An 18-carat gold, rhodium-plated nib and mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem on the cap completes the picture on this piece, which is exclusively available from the brand’s boutique at The Galleria – Abu Dhabi’s newest shopping mall. Contact: 02 68114801


Indulge in a luxurious therapy at one of Abu Dhabi’s opulent spas. Zayna Spa at Grand Millennium al Wahda (02 4953822) offers a caviar and pearls facial that gives tired skin a boost, while the June Jacobs spa collection facial at Rayana Spa in Hyatt Capital Gate (02 5961100) is the perfect way to restore a healthy, natural glow. At Sense Spa in Rosewood Abu Dhabi (02 8135550), guests can treat their skin to the Rosewood complete facial and leave looking simply radiant.

D I S C OV E R Art Exhibition

Admire British artist Christine Allison’s stunning depictions of the UAE’s national bird in an exhibition of her works on falcons this month. The paintings, which are available for purchase, are on display in Avenue at Etihad Towers from November 16 to 30.



10/22/13 6:38 PM

Experience Polo at t he Palace

Now in its second year, Coutts Polo at the Palace has established itself as the high-society event of the season. Special â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;palace rulesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; enable fast-paced action as home teams battle against international sides in the grounds of the prestigious Emirates Palace hotel, which is offering a two-night stay for two, including polo passes for AED7,600. When: November 22 to 23. Contact: 02 6907904



10/21/13 3:35 PM



10/21/13 3:55 PM

Lap of luxury Join celebrities, millionaires and international party-goers as they celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with these VIP weekend experiences Words by

Claire MalColM

A sport that is as much about extremes of indulgence as it is about high-octane thrills, Formula 1 has been synonymous with luxury since it first captured the attention of millionaires, motor sport fans and media at the 1906 French Grand Prix. As the 2013 championship race calendar reaches a climax, the Abu Dhabi event takes centre stage. The race, which is run on the challenging Yas Marina Circuit, is one of the few remaining opportunities for drivers and teams to score those crucial points with only the United States and Brazilian Grand Prix’s to go before the world champion is announced. It’s not only about cars and racing in Abu Dhabi however. The 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which takes place from November 1 to 3, is also the entertainment highlight of the entire year. VIP hospitality is in full swing for the duration and the who’s who of the celebrity scene party the weekend away at the season’s hottest social occasions. Total circuit capacity is 55,000 this year, with a number of new ticket categories available, including the Abu Dhabi Hill, Trackside Terrace and Marina Boxes, as well as the first-ever Grand Prix Brunch. You don’t need to be Vettel to qualify, but for the definitive F1 experience, dust off that Amex Black card and follow in the bespoke footsteps of the rich and famous for a weekend in pole position.



10/21/13 6:51 PM

Yas Marina CirCuit

Formul a 1 / E XP E R IE NCE



10/21/13 4:58 PM




The golden ticket of Formula 1 hospitality around the world, the Abu Dhabi Paddock Club occupies one of the best locations at the track, with chic, air-conditioned lounges positioned directly above the start/finish line pits. For Chris Buncombe, former racecar driver and co-founder of UK-based Halcyon Events, an official Paddock Club package distributor, it’s the allinclusive experience on offer that entices high net-worth individuals and corporate groups to plump for premium-priced hospitality. Die-hard fans also love the driver appearances, garage tours and pit walks that give a rare behind-the-scenes look at Formula 1, while there’s also the opportunity to rub shoulders with VIPs and well-known faces. The ultimate in F1 bragging rights is pit access to the teams. Those with a coveted front-row pit seat get to see tournament history in the making as Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton battle


The Bill Paddock Club packages: From AED16,900 per person (Saturday and Sunday) to AED18,360 per person (Friday to Sunday) Contact: +44 207 118 8680 or visit:


it out on the circuit just metres away. Take the ear protectors off, grab a glass of something sparkling and enjoy the social atmosphere on the chilled-out al fresco terrace. A travelling culinary and wait staff team flies to each and every Grand Prix to cook up an exclusive Paddock Club menu with first-class dining available throughout the day, from canapés and afternoon tea to gourmet four-course dinners, complete with free-flowing beverages and open bar. Bunscombe fully endorses the Abu Dhabi Paddock Club experience, marking it out as one of the best venues in the race season calendar, thanks in part to the distinctive setting and world-class facilities of Yas Island. Those too busy to make the arrangements themselves can take advantage of a full on-call concierge service to arrange private aircraft, helicopter transfers, accommodation, luxury chauffeur transfers, restaurant reservations and Grand Prix party access. New for 2013, the Paddock Club now offers an on-site spa, hairdressing salon, candy shop and collection of casual dining and chill-out lounge areas.



10/21/13 6:59 PM

One adjustment every 100 years. t he kind Of cOmplicatiOn that makes life easier.

Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantième Perpétuel Jubilee. Limited series of 180. Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 985. the all-mechanical programming of the perpetual calendar means the next time this watch needs adjustment will be at the turn of the century in 2100. to ensure its perfect precision throughout the many years to come, jaeger-lecoultre has equipped this model with a flying tourbillon featuring a cylindrical balance-spring. the oscillating weight is finely engraved with a gold medal received in 1889 – a symbol of the pioneering spirit that has been driving the inventors of the vallée de joux for 180 years.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutiques: The Dubai Mall +971 4 339 8769, Abu Dhabi Marina Mall +971 2 658 0004 Avenues at Etihad Towers +971 2 681 2834 Find your nearest point of sale at

yO u d e s e rv e a r e a l Watc h.

180-Year Anniversary Exhibition The Dubai Mall – Grand Atrium November 7 – 16, 2013


The Bill


Amber Lounge passes from AED3,000 for individual guests to AED116,800 for a Methusalem Table, which seats eight and includes unlimited beverages. Amber Lounge Yacht package: AED18,200 per person Contact: +377 9 7771634 or visit



Party With a slew of high-profile parties to choose from this season, Amber Lounge remains the iconic post-race hangout where beautiful people position themselves elegantly around VIP tables, catwalk models strut their stuff and Champagne comes in giant jeroboams. Founded in 2003 by Sonia Irvine, sister of Ferrari F1 legend Eddie Irvine, Amber Lounge is a staple on the Grand Prix circuit and each international event has its own distinct atmosphere, attracting movie stars, sporting legends and the occasional discrete royal. This year’s Abu Dhabi lounge has a stunning new location at Yas Marina with its signature spaces inspired by a blend of Middle Eastern culture and cuttingedge Grand Prix design, making it the red-carpet equivalent for the F1 weekend. 1 Kylie and Dannii Minogue 2 Amber Lounge dining 3 Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas performing at Amber Lounge 4 Amber Lounge Yacht

Superb trackside views, an open bar and gastronomic fare are part of the package with rumours of appearances by a number of F1 drivers past and present


The entertainment line-up this year includes a live performance and the Amber Lounge models’ ‘girl’s night out’ party on Friday November 1, with Sunday November 3 reserved for the social highlight of the three-day event – the famous post-race party. Stars spotted enjoying some downtime in 2012 included both Kylie and Dannii Minogue, pop starlet Natasha Bedingfield and 14 Formula 1 drivers including Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher and race winner Kimi Räikkönen, with a live performance by Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas. A trio of VVIP table packages is available with the Methusalem option leading the list in terms of opulence and location, closely

followed by the Jeroboam tables, which offer prime people-watching position by the dance floor. In celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary, guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the Amber Lounge Yacht, making its first appearance at the Abu Dhabi venue. Superb trackside views, an open bar and gastronomic fare are part of the package with rumours of appearances by a number of F1 drivers past and present including David Coulthard, Felipe Massa and Jerome d’Ambrosio. Yacht guests also enjoy privileged access to the Amber Lounge Party on Friday November 1.



10/21/13 7:00 PM

STORES – Deira City Centre: +971 4 295 0066 / The Dubai Mall–The Souk: +971 4 339 9019 / Abu Hail: +971 4 297 0789 Mirdif City Centre: +971 4 284 0440 / Ras Al Khaimah: +971 7 233 5547 / Fujairah City Centre: +971 9 223 6860 SCARVES & GLITTERS – Dubai Festival City: +971 4 232 8430 / The Dubai mall: +971 4 330 8135 For trade enquiries please contact: and UAE | Oman | Qatar | Indonesia | Malaysia Like us today at


Follow us today @kashkhaplaza



Sail A different kind of surf ‘n’ turf experience is available at Yas Marina where luxury yacht owners can cruise into a waterfront berth for prime viewing of the race complete with a calendar of exciting dining and entertainment options just a gangplank away. This is one of the most soughtafter spots to watch the race. Those in possession of a coveted Yas Marina pass can enjoy the high-octane thrills of the day while absorbing the partystyle atmosphere as super yachts pump music and people make merry from dawn till dusk and beyond. Visitors looking for last-minute access can charter a yacht from one of numerous local companies. Eden

Yachting (pictured) offers a selection of boats that range from 20 to 50 metres. The company’s largest vessel is the 50-metre Benetti; a superyacht with a huge space for entertaining on the top deck. Clients can also book catering, flowers, transfers, security, onboard entertainment, golf buggies and other extras through Eden Yachting. Ultimate Charter, which has a range of elegant vessels available for hire, specialises in creating a luxury experience with minimum hassle for the client. In addition to supplying a vessle, the company will organise crew, catering staff and on-board food and beverages.

The Bill Yas Marina race week berths from AED11,435 Contact: 02 6575460 or visit

Eden yachting: Private yacht charter with trackside berth from AED120,000 for a 20-metre Feretti to AED1,000,000 for a 50-metre super yacht

Contact: 02 43282930 or visit

Ultimate Charter: Private yacht charter with berth included from AED90,000 to AED2.7 million

Contact: 050 1002477 or visit

Those in possession of a coveted Yas Marina pass can enjoy the high-octane thrills of the day while absorbing the party-style atmosphere as people make merry from dawn till dusk

The Bill


Marina Executive Suite at the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi: AED22,000 per night (room only) excluding service charge and tourism fee Contact: 02 6560700 or visit

With its enviable position directly overlooking the circuit, Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi is the destination of choice for race enthusiasts looking to play and stay in the heart of the action. Prime racetrack views make the hotel’s Marina Executive Suite (pictured) a hot favourite with VIPs and high-profile guests looking for an ultra-private location from which to enjoy the weekend action. Guests who manage to secure one of these in-demand suites get 1,500 square feet of palatial living space, uninterrupted circuit views and exclusive guest pass access to the Yas Marina and the Yasalam concerts. The hotel will also play host to international music stars Akon and Nelly, as Cirque Le Soir takes over Rush lounge for the weekend. Party-goers will be able to enjoy a line-up of international cabaret acts at the Cirque Du Jour brunch by day with the venue transformed after dark into a glittering star-studded club atmosphere with performances by the popular hip-hop duo. Already touted as the place to see and be seen at this year’s event, Singapore Grand Prix A-list club concept, The Podium Lounge, makes its way to Abu Dhabi this year. A sell-out event in Singapore since 2009, the venue promises the height of luxury from its vantage point on the hotel’s rooftop and will feature a fabulous line-up of international DJs including Sander Kleinenberg, Seb Fontaine, Hugo Heathcote, Miles Slater and Hollaphonic.

Cirque Le Soir all-day packages from AED1,000 per person Contact: reservations@ The Podium Lounge sparkling VIP package from AED800 to AED2,500 per person Contact:



10/21/13 4:59 PM

THE ALLURE OF COUTURE Discover Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new luxury shopping and dining destination. Be drawn to The Galleria on Al Maryah Island. Explore the largest collection of designer brands complemented by distinct waterfront dining experiences, centrally located in the heart of Abu Dhabi.


Destination Yas Island As well as being the home to F1 venue Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island provides visitors with a wealth of top leisure experiences not to be missed

There is nowhere in the world quite like Yas Island. Designed from the ground up to provide a dedicated entertainment zone for visitors and residents, this extraordinary destination has distinguished itself from the start, earning its first major accolade as the leading tourism project at the World Travel Awards in 2009 before many of its attractions had even been built. That same year, the island also hosted the inaugural Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which took place at Yas Marina Circuit, the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first F1 racetrack. Since then, numerous other high-profile venues have sprung up nearby and Yas Island now has an established reputation as a pioneering leisure hub that is unmatched anywhere in the region.



10/21/13 4:12 PM

Yas Marina CirCuit and ferrari world abu dhabi

YAS iSlA An n d / e xpe xp e r ie nce



10/21/13 4:12 PM


In the fast lane High-speed thrills are easy to come by on Yas Island, where many adrenalinefuelled attractions are within walking distance. The development boasts the longest straight in Formula 1 and the world’s fastest roller coaster, in addition to the many fast-paced rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld. Begin the day with a rousing ride on the record-breaking Formula Rossa. As the coaster flies around chicanes inspired by racetracks around the world, reaching exhilarating speeds of up to 240 kilometres per hour, passengers get a sense of how it

feels to drive a Formula 1 car. Follow this with a session on G-Force and experience the pressure felt by top F1 drivers as the carriage accelerates through the park’s roof, affording passengers a panoramic view of the island before it plunges back to earth at breakneck speed. Visitors eager to experience the real thing can head next door to Yas Marina Circuit and slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin G4, a Mercedes AMG or a custom-made Yas Radical SST. Drive in the tracks of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and other world champions and experience the rush of storming down the long straight and under the Yas Viceroy hotel on this challenging circuit. Speed demons seeking the ultimate experience should pay a visit to the Yas Drag Racing Academy, where they can either elect to be a passenger in a three-seat SuperComp Dragster or drive themselves in a Chevrolet Camaro and unleash the full power of the vehicle’s 400-horsepower 6.2-litre V8 engine on the strip.


Make a splash Just over the road from Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Marina Circuit is the latest addition to the island’s entertainment offerings: Yas Waterworld. The


1 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 2 Yas Drag Racing Academy 3 Yas Waterworld

Drive in the tracks of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and other world champions and experience the rush of storming down the long straight and under the Yas Viceroy hotel on this challenging circuit




waterpark, which had already won two industry awards by the time it opened in January this year, features 43 rides targeting a range of groups. Two of the most exhilarating are Dawwama, the world’s f irst hydromagnetic-powered six-person Tornado waterslide and Bubbles’ Barrel, the largest FlowBarrel 10 double sheet-wave ride in the world. Another must-try is the Bandit Bomber, which features coaches equipped with water bombs and laser guns that lend a more interactive element to the coaster experience. Tension builds as the coaches lift riders 23 metres though the air before diving downwards at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour then race around a central rock crag featuring a giant pearl. Pearls are central to the park’s design which takes visitors back in time to the days when Abu Dhabi’s fortunes relied on trading these ‘jewels of the sea’. Each attraction is themed on the adventures of the fictional Dana, a young Emirati girl on a quest to find a legendary gem that will bring prosperity to the people of her village. The story is brought to life through the various attractions, each of which picks up a different stage of Dana’s adventures, from the PearlMasters interactive game, which takes players on a journey through the park in search of lost treasure, to the interactive Pearl Dive Show, at which guests guide divers to the oysters of their choice before claiming the pearls inside.



10/21/13 4:15 PM










Gentler pace After testing your nerves to the limit on Yas Island’s high-octane rides, spend a few hours relaxing in the sun at Yas Beach. Entry for adults ranges from AED50 to AED100 or AED300 for a private cabana. It’s also possible to hire kayaks or stand-up paddle boards and take a guided tour of the mangroves, one of Abu Dhabi’s most intriguing natural treasures. There’s also the option of playing a round of golf at Yas Links. Created by acclaimed designer Kyle Phillips, this is the Middle East’s first true links course and features all the thrills and challenges associated with the distinctive style. After 18 holes on the challenging course or a session on the par-three, nine-hole academy course, unwind on the terrace at the luxurious clubhouse with views of Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari World on one side, fairways and the ocean on the other.

Dinner and drinks For evening entertainment, there is a host of restaurants to choose from and, for those who want to carry on the night, some of the most happening bars and clubs in the capital. The island’s seven hotels each offer different dining experiences. In Yas Viceroy, the island’s most luxurious hotel, diners can opt for a broad range of cuisines from gourmet Indian fare and Italian classics to Southeast Asian and Japanese eateries. After dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the rooftop lounge at Skylite, which affords excellent views of the racetrack or head over to Rush and soak up the atmosphere at this trendy nightspot.



4 Yas Links 5 & 6 Yas Marina

AnnuAl highlights High-profile events take place on Yas Island throughout the year, including the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November and the Yasalam concerts that run alongside it. Other shows and concerts are held here during the winter months, including dance music festival Creamfields, which takes place in December. In March, the bike-leg of the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon is one of many athletic competitions held at Yas Marina Circuit, which has a busy calendar of events and activities throughout the year.

Down by Yas Marina, a number of new caés and restaurants have opened up along the recently built waterfront promenade. Iris is an upscale bar and restaurant with a large outdoor terrace while Rozanah offers Lebanese fare in a Middle Easternstyle setting. Diablito Food & Music serves Mediterranean cuisine on the rooftop, where live performers entertain guests as they dine. Aquarium caters to seafood lovers with fresh catches prepared in a Thai-style while the menu at Café D’Alsace features a mix of cuisines, including French, German and Swiss. Upstairs, the ultra-cool Cipriani caters to an elite clientele serving gourmet fare in an elegant setting. The international hospitality brand, which has five-star outlets in

several major cities around the world, has just relaunched its Abu Dhabi restaurant with a refurbished interior and a fresh menu that includes Japanese delicacies alongside classic Italian dishes from the original menu at Harry’s Bar in Venice. This month, the island’s hospitality venues are in full swing with a huge number of visitors in town for the 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It’s one of the best times of year to experience the delights of the capital’s entertainment hub, when temperatures are low and the atmosphere buzzes as screams of delight from passengers on the island’s high-speed rides mingle with the roar of engines on the circuit and the chatter of crowds gathering for evening concerts.




10/21/13 7:01 PM

The great cityscape Concierge raises the bar by showcasing the best ways to take in the capital’s most picturesque views Words by

c av e ll malle t t

Celebrated across the globe for its ever-evolving skyline stretching out into the vast Arabian Desert, the UAE certainly seems to have mastered the art of juxtaposing traditional charm with current tastes. So, when it comes to truly appreciating this land of contradictions there’s no better way to do it than from above. With the benefit of a bird’s-eye view, visitors can gain a real sense of the many elements that make up this eclectic country. Soar through the skies in a seaplane or helicopter and take in the diverse landscape of the cities, where towering skyscrapers are situated alongside luscious, green golf courses, highend shopping malls stand next to quaint souks and traditional dhows dock beside luxurious superyachts. Alternatively, book a trip in a hot air balloon and glide over the desert, exploring the ancient landscape that colours much of the UAE’s culture and heritage. Those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground can look out over the city from the viewpoint at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel, where Observation Deck at 300 affords a sweeping panorama of the country’s capital.



10/21/13 4:09 PM





10/21/13 4:09 PM


With the rising sun Long before the emirate’s architectural marvels sprang up around the region, it was the wonder of the dunes and the desert that visitors came to see. By far one of the most breathtaking ways to enjoy this ancient landscape is by embarking on a leisurely hot air balloon ride. In order to make the most of the experience, tour operators gather guests at dawn so they can appreciate the sunrise from the best vantage point. Climbing at rates of up to two metres per second, the flights run from near Fossil Rock between Dubai and Hatta, Oman. From above, passengers can look down and see the dunes’ colour and contours change with the wind, throwing dramatic shadows across the desert. They can also spot some of the native animals, such as Arabian gazelle, camels and goats, that call this barren yet beautiful landscape home. Where: Available through Arabian Oryx Travel and Tourism in Abu Dhabi / When: Thursday, Friday and Saturdays How much: From approx AED1,020 per person Contact: 04 3926100 or visit:

Ocean views Setting off from regional landmarks such as Yas Marina and Emirates Palace makes the experience of Seawings’ water take-off even more exhilarating. Visitors are taken up in one of the local operator’s Cessna 208 Amphibian Caravan seaplanes, each of which can take up to nine passengers. Everyone gets a window seat, enabling them to gaze out and watch the ever-changing landscape as they sail over the cities, enjoying unparalleled views of the UAE’s most iconic attractions. There are various routes to choose from. For an overview of the capital, opt for the Abu Dhabi Pearl tour and marvel at the remarkable scale of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park before counting the twists and turns of Yas Marina’s famed 5.55-kilometre Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit. The tour also takes in Khalifa Port, Zayed Bridge and Abu Dhabi Corniche before swooping over the mangrove forests – one of the capital’s most treasured natural attractions. If going a little further afield is on the agenda, upgrade to the Seaplane Adventure flight with a return journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Along the way, the contrasts of the city become clear as the beauty of the city’s oldest districts along Dubai Creek gives way to architectural wonders such as the prestigious manmade Palm Jumeirah island and iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. The action-packed itinerary doesn’t have to end there, however, as upon your return entry to amusement parks Ferrari World Abu Dhabi or Yas Waterworld is also included in the tour price. Where: Departure points from Yas Marina or Emirates Palace (pictured) How much: Flights start from AED795 per person / Contact:



10/21/13 7:03 PM


The high life Now a well-known sight on Abu Dhabi’s horizon, the five towering structures that form Jumeirah at Etihad Towers have become a focal point along the city’s exclusive Al Ras Al Akhdar beachside district. Perched up on the 74th f loor of the hotel is Observation Deck at 300. Towering 300 metres above ground, the viewing deck offers 360-degree panoramic views of Abu Dhabi. Pick up a pair of binoculars and zoom in on some of the capital’s most distinctive destinations, then swing around to look out over the Arabian Gulf, bordered by the eight-kilometre Abu Dhabi Corniche. Those who want to take their time absorbing the sights of the city can make an afternoon out of it and settle down in one of the plush armchairs at the viewing deck’s café to enjoy a selection of salads and sandwiches. Afternoon tea is also available – The Tea at the Towers on High offers TWG Tea Grand Crus Prestige, among other exclusive blends such as Silver Moon and Brothers Club tea. For an extra-special touch, the Etihad Sparkler, the café’s signature mocktail, is a great way to round off the experience. Where: Tower 2, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers When: Open daily from 10am to 6pm How much: Entrance is AED75 per person with AED50 redeemable against food and beverages / Contact: 02 8115666 or visit:

Pick up a pair of binoculars and zoom in on some of the capital’s most distinctive destinations, then swing around to look out over the Arabian Gulf, bordered by the eight-kilometre Abu Dhabi Corniche

Blades of glory If swooping and soaring above the region’s most recognisable landmarks sounds like the ideal pastime, Falcon Aviation Service’s helicopter tour deserves a spot on your itinerary. Formed in 2006 under the initiative of HH Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the tour company set out to better fill the gaps in local aviation, bringing a previously exclusive experience into the public realm. Operating predominantly out of the private Al Bateen Airport, FAS serves both business and tourist f lyers and is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the city centre. Climb aboard one of the high-tech EC-130 helicopters and venture skywards for either a 15-or 30-minute tour that takes in the highlights of the city, including Abu Dhabi Corniche, the opulent Emirates Palace hotel and Lulu Island. Where: Al Bateen Executive Airport When: Open daily, 9am to 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays How much: Prices start from AED425 per person for a 15minute tour / Contact: 02 4448866 or visit:



10/21/13 4:10 PM

Shop Lanv in

Chunky medallion necklaces are all the rage thanks to Lanvin’s striking ‘Messages’ range. Released earlier this year, the eye-catching accessories, which blend ornate baroque with edgy punk style, have sparked a major trend for word jewellery. Choose from several positive statements, including happy, cool and love or opt for one of the more ornate designs that mix messages. Where: The Galleria. Contact: 02 6771180


SHOP OPENER_Lanvin_AUH NOV13.indd 57

10/21/13 4:18 PM

The winning formula The relationship between IWC Schaffhausen and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team sprang from the shared values and mutual goals that underpin the success of two class-leading brands A quiet calm pervades the workshop at IWC Schaffhausen’s headquarters in Switzerland. Only the occasional click of a tiny part being slotted into place breaks the concentrated silence. Across the room, the company’s master craftsmen perform a series of delicate manoeuvres, slowly piecing together the hundreds of complicated components needed to create a single movement. It requires a very steady 1

hand and lots of patience to be one of these watchmakers, not to mention an ability to concentrate and work with precision for many hours at a time, explains Thomas Gaümann, head of research and developments movements at IWC. “It goes without saying that a watchmaker should be extremely dexterous and have excellent eyesight. A great deal of thought 2


and meticulous work goes into fitting the most complex mechanisms into the smallest casings so they must also have micromechanical insight and high standards of craftsmanship,” he adds, commenting that it is not easy to find qualified specialists with the requisite level of skill to meet the company’s demanding standards. Among the most complicated models IWC craftsmen are charged with assembling is the Ingenieur. Rugged, sporty and above all, highly technical, this masculine model is wrought from several hundred component parts. The star piece for 2013 is the Ingenieur ConstantForce Tourbillon – a proud tribute to the luxury watch company’s long-standing bond with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team. It’s a good fit for a watch brand that prizes pioneering technology and performance engineering above all else. “Motor sport is all about perfection, technology, action and emotions,” says Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, adding that watchmakers apply the same values to designing timepieces. The parallels, however, run much deeper than this, particularly when it comes down to the roles played by the engineers working behind the scenes. “They are the ones whose



10/21/13 4:53 PM




“There is a general principle that form follows function but a sophisticated watch movement deserves a case design that reflects its masterfulness” craftsmanship and expertise lay the foundations for our success. Their pioneering spirit pushes the boundaries of mechanical engineering and continuously redefines the achievements of precision technology.” Aesthetics play an important part too. According to Gaümann: “There is a general principle that form follows function but a sophisticated watch movement deserves a case design that reflects its masterfulness. Design tells a story about the quality of a

product and our aim is to receive maximum aesthetic value from each model, including those that show the movement through the sapphire glass caseback. It is the same with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team cars. If you develop an incredibly powerful Formula 1 vehicle, its design should express that superiority.” The give-and-take nature of this relationship extends right down to the materials used in construction. Ceramics,

IWC Schaffhausen is available at The Dubai Mall and The Galleria, Abu Dhabi

1 Lewis Hamilton and Georges Kern 2 Ingenieur Chronograph Racer 3 IWC Schaffhausen manufacture 4 Engineers at work in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS workshop 5 IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month 6 IWC Schaffhausen 51900-calibre movement


titanium aluminide and carbon fibre, which are commonly used to build F1 cars, are also hallmarks of IWC’s new Ingenieur range. The Ingenieur Chronograph Racer (pictured) takes the parallels a step further with in-built features designed as a direct reference to Formula 1. The red ‘60’ in the chapter ring, for example, was inspired by the digital display on the steering wheel of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team racing car, where it is used to indicate the gear, oil temperature and lap times throughout the race. For MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, such gestures reinforce the bond between the two companies. “As a team, we take particular pride in partnerships with companies such as IWC who share our passion for engineering and design excellence, along with a minute attention to detail and precision. To see the values of the team and Mercedes-Benz reflected in a watch design is particularly rewarding,” says Ross Brawn, principal of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved,” agrees Kern. “Both companies attach the utmost importance to craftsmanship and innovation. Both are driven by a pioneering spirit that underpins all they do. This spirit is embodied by the designers, technicians and engineers behind the scenes, whose skill and experience push technology forward. They are the unsung heroes who have the ideas, build the prototypes and finally, put new technologies into action on the world stage.”



10/21/13 4:54 PM



10/21/13 4:44 PM


Driven to succeed In the race to the finish line, precision engineering and mechanical excellence in each IWC Schaffhausen timepiece ensures every second counts



10/21/13 7:04 PM

Skilled designers at IWC Schaffhausen spend many months planning each timepiece, working with sophisticated materials to create watches that set new standards of horological excellence



10/21/13 4:45 PM

At the planning stage the parallels between IWC Schaffhausen watches and the high-performance engines crafted by the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula Oneâ&#x201E;˘ Team are already apparent. The partnership between the two brands is rooted in a pioneering spirit that defines both as leaders in their respective fields. That competitive edge is evident in the attention to detail and commitment to innovation which manifests itself right from the start as the plans are drawn up



10/22/13 6:43 PM

As the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula Oneâ&#x201E;˘ Team engines are assembled, highly skilled mechanics must make sure that each part is perfectly placed before the final checks are carried out. These state-of-the-art machines are the power horses behind some of the world's leading Formula 1 cars and must be capable of propelling a 640-kilogramme vehicle to speeds of 340 kilometres per hour and more



10/21/13 4:46 PM

In a similar way, master craftsmen at the IWC manufacture in Switzerland carefully piece together each watch by hand, compiling intricate designs from several hundred parts to create complex timepieces



10/21/13 4:47 PM

All the expertise and hard work that takes place behind the scenes at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS comes to fruition on race day as the engine roars into life. In the cockpit the driver makes his final preparations before the Grand Prix gets underway as the engineers buzz around readying the car for the race


10/21/13 4:47 PM

As friends of the brand for IWC Schaffhausen, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg reflect the skill, drive and dedicaton embodied by the luxury watch manufacture. Both drivers wear models from IWC's Ingenieur and Pilot collections, ranges that epitomize performance, precision, innovation and technology. First launched in 1976, the early Ingenieur models were among the first watches to take inspiration from the world of sport


10/21/13 4:47 PM

Materials typically used in motor racing, such as titanium aluminide, carbon fibre and ceramics play a central role in IWC's new Ingenieur watch line and underscore the company's patnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula Oneâ&#x201E;˘ Team


10/21/13 4:48 PM

The synergy between performance and prestige is exemplified by the sleek IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium and Ingenieur Automatic Carbon Performance models. The drive for perfection not only underpins the relationship between IWC Schaffhausen and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, but pushes both brands to new heights


10/21/13 4:49 PM

the souk at world trade centre

sho p/ s ho ppin g scene



10/22/13 6:44 PM

s hoppi n g s ce n e / s hop

Shop around From designer collections and leading luxury jewellery brands to local fashion houses and emirati handicrafts, Abu Dhabi’s well-stocked retail scene offers a wealth of opportunity to shoppers Words by

rachel Ingram

When it comes to retail therapy, Abu Dhabi is a shoppers’ dream. International luxury labels abound in the malls, offering access to the latest designer collections from the catwalks in Paris, Milan, London and beyond. Then there are the home-grown fashion boutiques where beautiful garments crafted by talented local designers are artfully displayed alongside jewels and accessories from across the region. Abu Dhabi is also a centre for fine jewellery and, alongside the major international brands, visitors will find countless local suppliers, particularly in the gold souk, where craftsmen can design bespoke pieces to order. Other local markets specialise in different wares, such as the carpet souk, which sells hundreds of beautiful Persian designs and the Al Mina Fruit and Vegetable Souk, equally worth visiting for the cultural experience as for the fresh produce found there. Some of the modern markes, including the Souk at World Trade Center Abu Dhabi and the Souk at Qaryat Al Beri are great options for those looking to buy souvenirs and feature stores packed with local handicrafts and trinkets from around the region. There is also a thriving art scene here and a growing network of local and regional artists whose works are on sale in galleries around the city. To help visitors make the most of the capital’s excellent retail offerings, Concierge has compiled a guide to shopping in Abu Dhabi.



10/21/13 4:22 PM

sho p/ s ho ppin g scene

Local crafts


Shopping for souvenirs is a great way to explore Emirati culture and experience a more historical side to the capital, one that’s not all about glitz, glamour and luxurious facilities. Uncover the country’s heritage by browsing wares such as traditional Arabian coffee pots, a symbol of local hospitality deeply rooted in UAE tradition. Prayer beads, ghutra headscarves and beautifully bound Korans may also appeal to those looking to investigate Middle Eastern culture, while items that hail from the country’s historical past, such as khanjars – short, curved daggers encased in elaborate sheaths – and the long, wooden canes used in traditional Emirati dance are excellent reminders of times past. There is a number of places that stock such items. The Souk at Central Market is one of Abu Dhabi’s 2


Efforts are underway to revive some of the capital’s more traditional retail offerings and preserve handicrafts that were once vital to its people’s fortunes


1 Souk at Qaryat Al Beri 2 Sougha 3 Carpet souk

modern markets and has more than 250 stores offering a span of goods and sevices that includes quaint antique shops, jewellery stalls, tailors and numerous eateries while the Souk at Qaryat Al Beri features a wide range of outlets from crafts and jewellery stores to galleries and fashion boutiques.

handmade souvenirs


Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a major regional retail destination is developing rapidly as a growing number of malls open their doors around the city. However, shopping here is not restricted to major brands. Efforts are underway to revive some of the capital’s more traditional retail offerings and preserve the handicrafts that were once vital to its people’s fortunes. Sougha, meaning ‘a traveller’s gift’ in Arabic, is one such initiative. Established to reignite interest in the art of weaving among Emirati women, the organisation

sells handmade products, including brightly coloured bags, tapestries, pillowcases, bracelets and even phone covers through its store in the Souk at World Trade Centre. Looking further afield, Abu Dhabi is ideally placed to provide goods from around the region, including luxury Persian rugs from the carpet souk, which offers designs from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Central Asia. Haggling is encouraged here, so arrive with plenty of energy to engage in some friendly bartering. For those new to buying carpets, it’s worth noting that, as a rule, the greater the number of knots per square inch, the better the carpet. The most expensive are the handmade silk carpets from Iran. Machine-made designs cost considerably less. Many outlets will organise international shipping, so visitors concerned about luggage restrictions are free to purchase all they please.



10/22/13 7:01 PM

El Toro Patented Perpetual Calendar. Self-winding movement. Platinum case with ceramic bezel. Water-resistant to 100 m. Also available in rose gold 18 ct and/or leather strap. Limited to 500 pieces. ULYSSE-NARDIN.COM

sho p/ s ho ppin g scene



skilled craftsmen work within a broad spectrum of designs from delicate pendants to ornate 24-carat gold collars dripping with diamonds and pearls

All that glitters Jewellery is a big part of Arab culture and wealthier families will exchange lavish gem sets to mark milestones such as weddings and anniversaries. In the UAE, many women tend to opt for statement accessories, adorning themselves with elaborate, gem-encrusted pieces, many of them custom-made for special occasions. A great place in which to tap into this tradition is the Madinat Zayed Gold Centre within the shopping centre, where skilled craftsmen work within a broad spectrum of designs from delicate pendants to ornate 24-carat gold collars dripping with diamonds and pearls. Gold here is priced according to the daily rate and the souk is frequented by couples looking to have dream designs realised at market prices, without paying for bigbrand names. Those who prefer major brands will find them all in Abu Dhabi’s malls. Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Chopard and Van Cleef & Arpels are situated alongside the major watch companies, including Breguet, IWC Schaffhausen and Glashütte, among others. Many have opened stand alone boutiques in the capital’s luxury malls, including The Galleria and Avenue at

Etihad Towers, while others are available through leading regional jewellers such as Damas, Pure Gold, Rivoli and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

4 Gold Souk 5 Etihad Gallery 6 Salwa Zeidan

Works of art This month brings Abu Dhabi Art back to the capital and with it visiting artists from across the Middle East, who will be exhibiting and selling their work during the four-day event. As such, it’s the perfect time for visitors to make some choice additions to their art collections or just select a picturesque reminder of their trips to take home. The event, which runs from November 20 to 23, takes place at the UAE Pavilion on Saadiyat Island, where gallerists from around the Middle East will exhibit works as part of a busy programme of talks, workshops and cultural events. Outside the art fair, visitors looking to buy works by local or regional artists can explore some of the city’s galleries which represent styles from a number of eras. Ghaf Art Gallery was the first contemporary independent gallery in Abu Dhabi and is known for hosting impressive exhibitions that uncover emerging artists, while Etihad Gallery is the heart of the

antique art scene and features a showroom packed with traditional Arabian artefacts. There’s a modern art gallery under the same ownership next door. A recent addition to the gallery scene is Abu Dhabi Art Hub – a place for artists to meet, interact and display their works. The centre contains several exhibition galleries and runs programmes that aim to develop Emirati talent while encouraging overseas artists to set up temporary residency at the hub. Other galleries well worth visiting here include Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Barakat Gallery, Hemisphere Design Studio & Gallery and Gallery One.




10/21/13 7:31 PM



9 7 8

Luxury fashion Visitors looking to stock their wardrobes with the latest designs will find no end of opportunity in the UAE capital where entire malls are dedicated to luxury brands. Here, a huge emphasis is placed on providing a VIP shopping experience and offering special customers an exclusive service. Valet parking and smart restaurants contribute to the high-end retail experience offered by malls such as The Galleria and Avenue at Etihad Towers, which are dedicated to luxury brands. Stores at these

venues will often produce exclusive models designed for the local market that are not available anywhere else. The Galleria is the latest shopping development to launch in the capital and brings a number of debut brands, including Celine Berluti, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Moschino to the city’s retail scene. Another shopping centre that has only recently opened its doors is The Mall at World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, home to the Middle East’s only branch of British department store House of Fraser.

Local fashion

7, 8 & 9 Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2013 10 Moschino boutique, The Galleria 11 Mirabelle boutique 12 SEEN by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi



As the Middle East’s premier shopping destination, it’s not surprising to find that the UAE is home to many up-and-coming fashion designers. One woman making a name for herself across the region is Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, the mastermind behind couture fashion label SEEN. Al Suwaidi, who also owns Grafika Boutique, creates one-off dresses and abayas that win praise for their creative and bold designs. Another Al Suwaidi making waves on the local style scene is Emirati fashion pioneer Abeer Al Suwaidi, best known for her luxurious abayas. Mauzan, created by Rafia Helal Bin Drai from Al Ain, is another popular abaya label and is stocked across the UAE – the label has its own store in Abu Dhabi Corniche Towers. Those looking for Western-style designs should pay a visit to Mirabelle, an LA concept boutique in Khalifa Park offering classic American fashion. These venues offer a different spin on shopping in Abu Dhabi, where the flourishing retail scene is encouraging more and more local designers to set up shop and establish a name for themselves alongside the big international brands.



10/21/13 4:23 PM









sho p/ wa tches


SHOP_OMEGA_AUH NOV13 v2.indd 78

10/21/13 4:19 PM

ome ga / s hop

Reaching for the stars The first watch on the moon was an omega and in the years before and after that historic moment in time, the Swiss luxury wristwatch creator has reached even more remarkable heights

Omega is a formidable force in watchmaking. Over the years, the luxury Swiss manufacturer has notched up an impressive six lunar landings, produced the world’s first diver’s watch and created the only certified marine chronometer wristwatch, earning itself a reputation as pioneer in timepiece design. A commitment to innovation has been the core principle ever since the earliest Omega incarnations in 1848. The firm’s founder, Louis Brandt was just 23 years old when he created Louis Brandt et Frères. In a short space of time the ambitious young watchmaker took the fledgling company from a humble beginning assembling key-wound precision pocket watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen to the foundations of the global brand it is today. A landmark moment came in 1894 with the creation of the nowfamous Calibre 19 watch named Omega. The timepiece quickly became known for the ingenuity of its mechanisms, to such an extent that in 1903 the entire company was named after the model. That year marked another milestone for the firm when Paul-Emile Brandt, aged just 24, took the reigns and went on to lead the company for half a century.


SHOP_OMEGA_AUH NOV13 v2.indd 79

10/21/13 4:20 PM

sho p/ omega

1 & 2 Omega Constellation Sedna (previous page) 3 Sedna Gold 4 Speedmaster watch worn in space 5 Raynald Aeschlimann

Now owned by the Swatch Group, Omega continues to forge ahead leading the way in cutting-edge watch design. This year, the firm unveiled a new limited edition wristwatch range fashioned from an entirely new alloy. Breathing a fresh feel into the signature Constellation collection, Omega presents Constellation Sedna made from a blend of gold, copper and palladium which lends the piece a soft rose-coloured finish. The Ladymatic has also been reinvented for 2013 with chic new pieces added to the line. Raynald Aeschlimann, vice president of Omega, says of the new innovations: “Luxury is not emotion without reasonable argument. The passion for the product must be accompanied with something tangible. Our customers are prepared to pay for luxury, but they also appreciate the technology and innovation that comes with our brand.” Based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Omega’s history has been defined by a pioneering spirit that has transcended every area of human endeavour from space exploration to diving the ocean depths. In 1957, the Speedmaster was born and became one of the most famous watches in modern times. After withstanding all of NASA’s strict testing procedures, the chronograph recorded man’s first steps on the moon on July 21, 1969. The accomplishment brought with it the nickname, the Moonwatch.




omega’s history has been defined by a pioneering spirit that has transcended every area of human endeavour from space exploration to diving the ocean depths


Long before this historic mission, however, Omega watches were seen as a hallmark of quality and precision around the world. Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches in 1917 as t he of f icial timekeepers for combat units and a year later the American army did the same, affirming the brand’s reputation for producing reliable, sophisticated timepieces. In 1932, Omega unveiled the first diver’s watch to the world with the Omega Marine, a complex timepiece tailormade for divers that offered razor-sharp accuracy. At the same time, the brand was establishing itself in t he f ield of athletics, most significantly by becoming the

off icial timekeeping device of the Olympics – a role it has held since the 1932 Los Angeles games. Timekeepers at the previous 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam had used their own stopwatches but Omega set new standards of accuracy by supplying 30 Calibre 1130 stopwatches to be used in all timed competitions. The brand has continued to innovate at the Olympics ever since. Proud of the firm’s astonishing legacy, Aeschlimann, who is also a member of Swatch Group’s extended group management board says: “History is a hallmark of Omega and sports are very important for us because they show the technological aspect of what we are


SHOP_OMEGA_AUH NOV13 v2.indd 80

10/21/13 7:09 PM

In Touch

With Nature

Al Ain Zoo at it’s very best! Experience wildlife and entertainment in a natural outdoor environment. Join us this October to enjoy our newly upgraded Children’s Zoo, Play Area, new Mixed Asian Exhibit and a warm welcoming entrance, we are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. Enjoy our spectacular activities in Eid Al Adha from 10am to 10pm. Happy Eid! For opening times and special attractions or visit AlAinZooUAE

ome ga / s hop

able to deliver. From precision timing at the Olympics for over 80 years to the sporting excellence embodied by many of our brand ambassadors.” These include some of history’s most iconic figures from former American president John F Kennedy to Prince William and James Bond. More recently, the company has forged strong bonds with Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, George Clooney and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Raynald explains: “Although our brand ambassadors are very different, they all share something. It is amazing to see them when they get together. They are all like a family. We have been with Cindy for 10 years and you can’t really think of the Constellation model without her coming to mind. We have been with Nicole Kidman since 2005 and George Clooney is another fantastic supporter. He has even been known to go into boutiques to buy a couple of models because he wants to know what is new and what we are doing. Then we have Michael Phelps. We started working with him when he was just 16 as we saw the potential. This is really a family beyond just saying the word. Our business is about people, which is why brand ambassadors are so important for us. We have always shown that. From when we go into new markets, live with the people and get under the skin of the destination through to using ambassadors to show the personality and values of our brand.”



New innovations: Constellation sedna The beautiful limited edition watch is an 18-carat rose gold timepiece fashioned from Omega’s newly created alloy which combines copper, gold and palladium. Sedna’s unique rose colour results in part from just the right proportion of copper. Its palladium content also helps ensure that the reddish hue of Sedna gold is long-lasting. Swatch Group assembled a team of top metallurgists and scientists to create the 18-carat rose-gold alloy and, as a result, Sedna gold was developed completely in-house by the team. The Omega Constellation Sedna is the first watch to be crafted in 18-carat Sedna gold. Its indexes and hands are also made of the new alloy, as is the clasp on its strap.

Where to find it Omega is available from Rivoli boutiques in several locations across the capital including, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, 02 6813035, Abu Dhabi Mall, 02 6456220, Khalidiya Mall, 02 6354887 and The Galleria, 02 6432204

6 Omega worn by John F Kennedy 7 Omega Ladymatic 8 Omega brand ambassador George Clooney

De Ville Ladymatic Originally launched in 1955, the Ladymatic collection was one of the brand’s first self-winding watches to be designed especially for women. In 2010, Omega revived the legendary name with a new family of watches. The latest Ladymatic models feature bold, attractive dials and a 34-millimetre polished stainless steel or gold case decorated with a unique wave pattern. Each is presented on either a matching satin-brushed leather strap or polished stainless steel bracelet with a choice of polished or snow-set diamondpaved bezels. There is a diamond-polished date window at the 3 o’clock position and gold alphashaped hands.The new models come in purple, pink mother-of-pearl, blue mother-of-pearl or grey.

specialities olympic Collection 2014


Omega has created two special editions of its Seamaster Planet Ocean wristwatches to honour the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia. The commemorative timepieces come in both ladies’ and gents’ versions, each in an edition of 2,014 pieces. The gents’ watch has a 45.5-millimetre brushed stainless-steel case and matching bracelet. The white dot at 12 o’clock on the diving bezel is followed by blue and red lacquered markers for minutes one to five and six to 10 in a tribute to the flag of the Russian Federation. The timepiece also has a brushed case embossed with the Sochi 2014 Olympic logo and engraved with ‘Si14’ and the limited edition number.


SHOP_OMEGA_AUH NOV13 v2.indd 83

10/23/13 9:59 AM

MODERN. CONTEMPORARY. ABU DHABI ART. 20 - 23 November 2013 UAE Pavilion and Manarat Al Saadiyat Saadiyat Cultural District Abu Dhabi, UAE

Organised by:

047_Conceierge Abu dhabi EN 275x220.indd 1

Principal sponsor:

10/21/13 11:26 AM

Discover Aeronautical acrobatics

Watch in awe as aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders manned by some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best pilots, take to the skies to perform a series of dazzling displays at the Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Part of the celebrations staged to mark the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National Day celebrations in December, this extravaganza is not to be missed. Where: Al Ain. When: November 30 to December 2. Contact: 02 4440444



10/21/13 4:29 PM

Brown ColleCtion, stuart haygarth


DISCOVER_Abu Dhabi ART_AUH-NOV13.indd 86

10/22/13 6:06 PM


Making a mark Concierge talks to the stars of Abu Dhabi Art and discovers the secrets behind the event’s enduring appeal Words by

Melissa sleiMan

If there’s one thing Abu Dhabi Art is known for, it’s leaving a lasting impression. Now in its f ifth year and f irmly established as a major cultural event, the show is a relentless whirlwind of curatorial imagination, thoughtfully assembled workshops, debates, talks and the excitable confabs of gallerists, artists, cultural icons and collectors. Additionally, unlike other shows of its ilk, Abu Dhabi Art is explicitly inclusive, open and engaging. Held in the Saadiyat Cultural District (currently home to the Manarat Al Saadiyat exhibition centre and UAE Pavilion) and the future home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Art encompasses four action-packed days from November 20 to 23. Last year’s event broke all records with 400 artists exhibiting and 600 works of art on display, leaving visitors agog at master works by artists as diverse as Picasso, Alexander Calder, Sam Francis, Joan Miro, Chafic Abboud, Hassan Sharif, Rachid Koraichi and Jeff Koons. In all, 50 galleries were in attendance as part of a programme encompassing 50 talks, workshops, live performances and book launches.


DISCOVER_Abu Dhabi ART_AUH-NOV13.indd 87

10/21/13 4:31 PM


Presided over by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), this year’s Abu Dhabi Art is poised to be the most comprehensive, eye-catching and memorable yet. “This year’s applications were overwhelming and we’re delighted with the 91 percent return rate of galleries taking advantage of opportunities offered by Abu Dhabi’s growing cultural landscape,” says Rita Aoun-Abdo, executive director of the Culture Sector at TCA Abu Dhabi. This year’s gallery line-up spans five distinct segments, including spots for modern, contemporary and design with

plenty of room set aside for emerging artists. Among the top Western galleries in attendance are Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth and Thaddaeus Ropac with Atassi gallery (Damascus), Bait Muzna (Muscat), the Lam Art gallery (Riyadh), the Athr gallery (Jeddah) and the Agial (Beirut) among the regional big hitters. The Emirati scene is also well-represented, with Dubai’s Isabelle van den Eynde, Lawrie Shabibi, the Third Line and Meem set to wow the crowds. They will be joined by Abu Dhabi’s ever-influential Salwa Zeidan Gallery. “It’s encouraging to participate in a fair that has a long-term vision for the ecosystem of the emirate’s art scene,” says Barrak Alzaid, director of Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde. “Our principal goal is to nurture our artists and provide them with pivotal exhibition platforms throughout their careers. By maintaining this creative dialogue within a fair like Abu Dhabi Art, the gallery can present its challenging and innovative contemporary programme to promote the extraordinary visual expressions of its artists from the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Iran.”


“This year’s applications were overwhelming and we’re delighted with the 91 percent return rate of galleries taking advantage of opportunities offered by Abu Dhabi’s growing cultural landscape” 1 Drop, Stuart Haygarth 2 Amber Cones, Stewart Haywerth 3 EOA projects, Abdul Nasser Gharam


Alanood Al Warshow, owner of the Hunar Gallery, is another returning advocate of Abu Dhabi Art’s growing reach and influence. “The fair has become one of the most significant in the region and not only in terms of commercial success, but also in terms of the aesthetics of the modern and contemporary art that is elevated throughout the show. It is very important for us to exhibit our artists and their works at Abu Dhabi Art.” Among Abu Dhabi Art’s new features this year is Durub Al Tawaya, a performing arts programme curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh. The event aims to bring the event to life in new ways through artistic “interventions” that ensure the fair expands its influence well beyond Saadiyat and into the city of Abu Dhabi, creating a vivid route of interconnected cultural happenings. Audiences can follow the curatorial route on buses to several outdoor, communal spaces that have been transformed by performances and art for the occasion.


DISCOVER_Abu Dhabi ART_AUH-NOV13.indd 88

10/21/13 7:31 PM


Each of the four stops on the route Manarat Al Saadiyat, Mina Zayed (the city’s historic port), the Corniche public beach and the marina area will host a series of activities and performances with artists, poets, performers and institutions in attendance, including Afra Al Dhahri, Contemporary Image Collective, Cao Fei, Mobius Studio, Ho Tzu Nyen, Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, Salem Al Qassimi, Hamdan Al Shamsi, Wael Shawky, Rayyan Tabet, Hiroaki Umeda and 98 Weeks. There will also be an evening of poetry run in collaboration with the UAE Writers Union. “Inspired by the Alexandriabased Greek poet Constantine Cavafy’s 1911 poem Ithaka, the Durub Al Tawaya experience revolves around relishing a journey rather than a final destination,” explains Aoun-Abdo. Another new addition to Abu Dhabi Art’s educative arsenal is Artists’ Waves, which places the discovery and re-discovery of artists at its core. Selected artworks are presented in an exhibition that is curated and designed to reflect the dynamism of new artistic movements and shifting perceptions of art. The feature also includes a special salon, where visitors engage with galleries representing the artists in a rotating programme.

Meanwhile, this year’s Art, Talks & Sensations will see curator Fabrice Bousteau push the boundaries of artistic performance with a series of live art, music and video screenings on an openair stage. Titled Dunes and Waves, the programme includes: a multi-disciplinary arrangement of artistic practice; fleeting live performances; video screenings; music made by plants; poetic installations and ‘human architectures’ created by performers in movement.



4 Wings, Maryam Alfahim 5 Athr Gallery 6 Calligraphy, Abdul Qader Al Rais


Participating artists include Alexdrine Leclere & Julie Fruchon and Chassol. Bousteau will also preside over Small is Beautiful, a new exhibition featuring small-scale artworks from galleries participating in the Modern, Contemporary & Design sector. Keen to embrace art in all its forms, Abu Dhabi Art is ramping up its focus on design, where contemporary designers and local artisans will meet shoulders via an immersive platform that features everything from architecture and furniture to lighting, jewellery and traditional crafts. The programme will also have a particular focus on architecture, with highlights including a specially commissioned mobile structure in the form of a souk. As ever, Abu Dhabi Art has its eyes firmly on the future and the Art Zone – a dedicated hands-on arts environment for children aged one to 12 years old – is yet again to play a

prominent role with professional artists set to tutor visitors in a variety of fine arts and media-based workshops including painting, sculpture, textiles and more. The real heroes of Abu Dhabi Art are, of course the artists themselves and, as befits the event’s ethos, much of this star wattage hails from the region. Few comparative shows have the power and deftness to catalyse and empower the local scene. Syrian artist Nadim Karam has first-hand experience of Abu Dhabi Art’s transformational capabilities. All it took was a chance encounter and a meeting of minds with Dubai’s Ayyam Gallery and, fast-forward a few years, he’s starring in the show. “I was exhibiting a big elephant and on the opposite wall, a tiny red painting was priced a hundred times more than my work. The painting was by Picasso. It made me realise the length and complexity of an artist’s journey,” he recalls.


DISCOVER_Abu Dhabi ART_AUH-NOV13.indd 89

10/21/13 4:31 PM


This year, he is exhibiting a stainless steel and sand sculpture entitled The Cloud, the Fisherman and the Mutating Cities, which represents the region’s burgeoning cultural heft combined with pre-existing architectural iconography. The ability to connect with those that have the power to inspire is also what appeals to Emirati artist Fatima Al Mazouri, who is representing Abu Dhabi’s Salwa Zeidan Gallery. “I value a lot of the big artists around the world, but perhaps the most notable is the Emirati artist Najat Makki and then globally Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Khaled Hafez, Nasser Palangi and Ramin Haerizadeh – all of whom you can meet and talk to at the event,” she explains. Where other artistic showcases can often spin into hermetic self-congratulation, Abu Dhabi Art’s fluid platform for engagement clearly fires up both artist and audience alike. “I believe art should not impose on the audience,” says Emirati artist Sheika Alyazia Nahyan, who is exhibiting with Dubai’s ARTSPACE gallery. “This year especially, the work circles around a sense of spontaneity, creating an inviting atmosphere for the audiences’ personal reflections about the exhibits.” UAE-based Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez, who is presenting with Dubai’s Meem Gallery, is also full of praise for

the show’s inclusive atmosphere. “Since its inception, Abu Dhabi Art has endeavoured to present an alternative art fair that fills some gaps left by other regional art shows,” he says. “What is great about Abu Dhabi Art is that it manages to strike a balance between accessibility and quality. During the fair, the whole city gets involved.” This year Hafez is showcasing a 250 by 200-centimetre mixed media canvas on the theme of sleep and dreaming, with various elements representing freedom, happiness, liberty and weightlessness. “The work is a statement of aesthetics and of coded messages for the audience to discover,” he explains. For many returning artists, it is Abu Dhabi Art’s receptiveness to many and varied forms of expression that continues to appeal. Egyptian artist Ghada Amer, who attended last year’s event with New York City’s Tina Kim Gallery, was surprised by the show’s progressive ethos. “It was the first time for me to show, in public, and in an Arab/Muslim context my ‘erotic’ paintings,” she says, adding: “I am not sure why it was not censored; maybe it is my own misconception and the whole region is evolving towards more freedom of expression, and wanting to break taboos.” For more information on Abu Dhabi Art contact: 02 4061501 or visit


7 Spaghetti Bale, Pablo Reinoso 8 Nahas, Lawrie Shabibi 9 Shanshui Untitled, Zhang Hongtu


“This year especially, the work circles around a sense of spontaneity, creating an inviting atmosphere for the audiences’ personal reflections about the exhibits”



DISCOVER_Abu Dhabi ART_AUH-NOV13.indd 90

10/21/13 4:33 PM


Through the ages Abu Dhabi has taken a gigantic leap from humble fishing village at the turn of the 20th century to trailblazing metropolis just 100 years on

Today, Abu Dhabi is one of the richest and most modern cities in the world. It’s home to the world’s furthest leaning manmade tower, the second most expensive hotel ever built and the third largest mosque on the planet – and that is just the icing on the cake. Visitors to the capital are greeted by opulent, five-star hotels, lavish shopping centres housing international brands and gourmet restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. Residents, meanwhile enjoy the highest quality of life in the region. The UAE as a whole has one of the highest per capita incomes of any other country at nearly US$25,000 and the capital regularly appears at the top of lists in surveys determining the best places to live and work in the Middle East. It hasn’t always been this way. Step back just 50 years and the picture looked very different. The iconic hotels, state-of-the-art skyscrapers and record-breaking structures were a distant dream and reality was a large swathe of reclaimed desert with indistinctive low-rise blocks clustered along the seafront. Move another 50 years into the past towards the turn of the century and the capital is entirely unrecognisable – just a patch of sand populated by fishermen’s huts. At this point, little had changed since 1793, when some factions from the ruling Bani Yas tribe moved here to take advantage of the fresh water supply and sea beds rich in pearls.


DISCOVER_STEP BACK in Time_NOV13.indd 92

10/21/13 7:11 PM

camel caravan

abuu ddhha bi hi hissttory ory/ DISCOVE COVERR ab a bi / DIS


DISCOVER_STEP BACK in Time_NOV13.indd 93

10/21/13 6:03 PM

EXPE R IENCE/a b u dhab i h isto ry


Not until 1961 was the capital’s first paved road completed and there were to be no hotels for almost 20 years

1 Abu Dhabi fishermen 2 Camel caravan 3 Early life in the capital

The pearl trade grew rapidly throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, soon becoming a vital resource for local families, who were unable to make a go of farming in the harsh desert environment. Then, just as quickly, demand dried up. The Japanese invention of the cultured pearl in the 1930s devastated the trade and a short period of hardship followed for coastal



dwellers in the UAE, at the time split into and known as the Trucial States. Just a few years later, another dramatic turnaround in fortunes came along with the discovery of oil. In 1939, Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nayhan granted the first oil concessions, though it was not to be drilled for another 14 years. When it was, the initial impact was minimal. Construction was limited to those few nondescript, concrete buildings seen scattered along the coast in old photographs of the city. Not until 1961 was the capital’s first paved road completed and there were to be no hotels for almost 20 years. Adopting a cautious approach to his domain’s new-found wealth, Sheikh Shakhbut was reluctant to reinvest oil revenue in the development of Abu Dhabi. His brother, however, felt differently.


DISCOVER_Local History_NOV13.indd 94

10/22/13 6:09 PM

















‫ردﻫـــــﺔ ﻳـﺎس‬

For reservations, call +971 2 656 0700, email or visit our website

4904_13_CONCIERGE_F&B_AWARENESS_AD_220X275MM.indd 1

10/17/13 3:41 PM

EXPE R IENCE/a b u dhab i h isto ry



With the weight of ‘black gold’ behind him, Sheikh Zayed did just that, transforming Abu Dhabi from a sleepy backwater into the pioneering, futuristic city we see before us today 4 Desert life 5 Al Hosn Palace 6 Capital Gate building

H e r i ta g e H o t s p o t s Abu Dhabi: Heritage Village: See a reconstruction of a traditional barasti house and watch local craftswomen practise historic skills such as basket weaving and pottery at this window into the emirate’s past. Where: Near Marina Mall Breakwater. When: Sat to Thu 9am to 5pm, Fri 3.30 to 9pm. Contact: 02 6814455 Al Ain Heritage and Culture Village: Journey back in time and experience traditional UAE life at this heritage-inspired theme park. Where: Al Ain Sportplex. When: Sat to Thu 9.30am to 1pm, Fri 4 to 10.30pm. Contact: 03 7655555


Zayed Centre: Explore the fascinating life of the late Sheikh Zayed at this museum, established in tribute to the man who shaped the nation. Where: Al Bateen district. When: Open Sun to Thu, but one week’s advance booking is required. Contact: 02 6659555

The ruling Al Nayhan family decided that the younger Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan should replace his brother on the throne and set his grand plans for Abu Dhabi in motion. With the weight of ‘black gold’ behind him, Sheikh Zayed set about transforming Abu Dhabi from a sleepy backwater into the pioneering, futuristic city we see before us today. Structures like the Capital Gate Building, Aldar HQ and the soon-to-be-built Zayed National Museum are firsts of their kind and set the tone for a new era of avant-garde architecture in the region. Next to all these state-of-the art developments it’s hard to imagine a time when Abu Dhabi, along with its equally forward-moving neighbour, Dubai, was not an international business and tourism hub. The ambitious projects, luxurious facilities and iconic attractions have swept away most structural vestiges of the past and replaced them with the future. Nevertheless, the spirit of the old Bedouin ways of life lives on. The ancient codes of conduct that have governed tribal societies in this region for hundreds of years still ring true here today, most notably to visitors, in the Emirati tradition of hospitality towards strangers.


DISCOVER_STEP BACK in Time_NOV13.indd 96

10/21/13 4:40 PM









Taste Best of Br itish

The beetroot and goatsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cheese towers are one of many dishes at Rhodes 44 that taste as good as they look. Co-managed by Gary Rhodes, the restaurant, found at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, is the British chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first venture in the city and offers diners British cuisine at its most delicious. The menu also features a number of locally inspired recipes. When: Open daily 6.30 to 11pm. Contact: 02 6944444



22/10/2013 16:42



22/10/2013 16:42

Taste of the UAE Emirati cuisine has traditionally been confined to the home, but a new initiative led by local chef Khulood Atiq will see national dishes served in hotels around the capital

Outside the UAE, few people can claim to have tried Emirati food; many would struggle even to describe it. Until recently, there were no Emirati restaurants in the UAE, where meals have traditionally been taken at home. Here, dishes based on recipes passed down from mother to daughter are served to large family gatherings in a social ritual that has its roots in early Bedouin custom. Now, as traditional ways of life adapt to modern times, Emirati food is slowly moving into the public sphere offering visitors a growing opportunity to try these historic dishes and chefs a chance to experiment with old Bedouin recipes and bring the cuisine into the modern age. A few months ago, the UAE’s national cuisine received a rare overseas publicity boost when Saudi chef Amina El Shafei prepared lgeimat – a saffron infused Emirati dessert – at the Halal Food Festival in London. The Saudi chef, a winning contestant on Australian TV game show MasterChef, travelled to London via Abu Dhabi, where she met Emirati chef Khulood Atiq. The two culinary stars swapped tips on regional cuisine and discussed the UAE’s culinary traditions at an event hosted by Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. “The Emirati use of spices is particularly interesting. I tend to go very heavy on spices, so to see how chef Khulood blends these flavours into her food was fascinating,” El Shafei commented. Khulood is well known in the UAE, not least because she was the first female Emirati to become a professional chef. She learned to cook by helping her mother prepare family meals, recalling how, on Fridays, when many families across the Islamic world gather to share a large meal, she would insist on making her own dough. “If my dough failed to turn into bread, my mother would distract me by asking me to bring her something and then replace my dough with a well baked loaf to make it look as though I had succeeded,” she says.



10/21/13 5:54 PM

Mezlai, eMirates Palace

E mi ra t i cui s i n E / T A S T E



10/21/13 5:54 PM

My time...

my Saadiyat A richly diverse range of experiences to choose from. Whether it is dining in the peaceful haven of the Monte Carlo Beach Club, playing an exhilarating round of golf at the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, indulging your senses in one of the 5-star spas or shopping in The Collection retail complex, there is something for everyone. Just minutes from Abu Dhabi Corniche, Saadiyat is a natural island featuring pristine beaches, a championship golf course, world famous art, education, retail and hospitality brands, and a wide range of luxury residences.


The trick fuelled her early passion for food and today chef Khulood is a respected authority on Emirati cuisine with a career history that includes a stint as a culinary assistant on television followed by her own show on Abu Dhabi TV. Over the years she has built upon her knowledge of the country’s cuisine and found ways to incorporate modern influences into traditional recipes. “As a rule, Emirati food remains very true to its beginnings but what I’m trying to do, in order to create a more haute cuisine-style dining experience, is to fuse it with dishes from other countries to create new concepts such as Emirati sushi,” she adds.



“I’ll work with each hotel on a caseby-case basis to see how and what they are preparing and ensure that it meets the right criteria.” At this stage, however, Emirati food in its traditional form is still a novel concept to many diners – something Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) hopes to change, with chef Khulood’s help. Together, they have launched a scheme to educate visitors


1 Emirati cuisine, Mezlai, Emirates Palace 2 Chef Khulood Atiq 3 Emirati bread 4 Majlis dining area, Mezlai, Emirates Palace

“It’s great to see international chefs embracing Emirati cooking and spreading the word about Abu Dhabi’s culinary heritage”


about the UAE’s culinary heritage and encourage hotels in the capital to incorporate local dishes into their food and beverage offerings. At present, UAE visitors have limited access to Emirati cuisine, with just a handful of Emirati restaurants operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Mezlai, the gourmet Emirati restaurant at Emirates Palace, is the best known and enables diners to sample traditional dishes in a stylish Arabian-themed setting. The menu incorporates local classics such as chicken wings hamsat, a sauté of chicken with Arabian spices cooked over an open flame or ‘hariz,’ which can be considered the national dish of the UAE and includes barley, meat and spices boiled over a low heat until the mixture resembles a savoury porridge. Heavier meals such as this are normally eaten in the evening, with lighter food such as eggs and chammi (local cheese) consumed at breakfast, typically accompanied by bread, tea and saffron. Similar foods are eaten at fawalah, a tea break taken during the day to sustain Emiratis until dinner. This normally consists of one main sharing dish with meat supplemented by a light green salad. The major exception to this routine comes during Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from all food and drink during daylight hours, breaking the fast at sunset with the evening iftar feast followed by a pre-dawn meal called suhoor. No set rules govern Emirati cooking but chef Khulood identifies three main elements that she says are key to preparing it well.



10/22/13 6:19 PM

Dock. Dine. Discover. The new Yas Marina

Weekly Promotions

Now bigger and better than ever before, navigate your way through 7 licensed restaurants, a children’s playground, marine focused retail offerings and a great range of promotions and events.

Sunday Ladies coffee morning @ Café d’Alsace & Rozannah Monday Quiz night @ Stars ‘N’ Bars Tuesday Train Yas

Sunset lounge with live music

Spanish tapas bar & terrace

French-German café & bakery

Lebanese restaurant

Wednesday Ladies night@ Yas Marina Thursday Happy hour @ Yas Marina Friday Brunches & Kids film screenings @ Yas Marina

Seafood restaurant

Italian fine dining

American style sport bar

Saturday Weekly markets @ Yas Marina

For more information: call 800 MARINAS (6274627) |

CAM122_058_Yas_Marina_Res_Guide_275x220_v2.indd 1

20/10/2013 15:35


“Spices are used to give the food its distinctive Emirati flavour – ghee provides the texture and depth, then lemon is used to season it, particularly the main courses. “In the past, ingredients such as oil and ghee weren’t used – instead the flavours from stronger ingredients like onions were left to provide the taste. “We would also either steam or roast everything, which is one of the reasons why Emirati food is traditionally very healthy. As the cuisine has developed we have incorporated richer ingredients such as ghee, but it is still a fundamentally healthy food. Like most national cuisines, there are regional variations in Emirati food, with certain dishes more prevalent in some areas than others.


Dishes from the Desert Saloona – A nutritious

Emirati stew of vegetables and meat, most often served with boiled white rice MhaMMar – Small local fish

spiced and prepared whole and served with caramelised onions and sugary yellow rice

lgeiMat – The doughnut of

the Gulf, this sweet treat consists of moist batter infused with saffron, cardamom and cinnamon, deep fried in ghee and served with ‘dibbs’ (date syrup)

Chabab – Made with flour,

eggs, sugar and spices, this is the UAE equivalent of a pancake

Dungaw – Chickpeas boiled 6

with spices and, sometimes, hot chilli peppers


“The food of the UAE is made up of many elements, influenced by the different locations in which the people of the country have lived,” Khulood says. “If you look at Dubai, where people were based along the shore, fish is a staple ingredient of many traditional dishes. Miles from the sea in Al Ain, on the other hand, meat was more prevalent. “Dry, salted fish is also a common component of Emirati cuisine because for people living inland, the only way to eat fish was to have it preserved.” Another staple foodstuff in the UAE is dates. The sweet, toffee-like fruit, said to contain sufficient nutrients to sustain a person for days (which it often did when Bedouin could find no other food), is readily available with many varieties of date palm indigenous to the region. Over the years, this simple, natural ingredient has been widely used in Emirati cooking and today is found in many forms, from syrups and dressings to cakes and breads. Boxes of gourmet dates are readily available from shops around the city, including luxury boutique Bateel. For a long time, dates have been one of the few kinds of fresh produce available locally and some five-star hotels around Abu Dhabi employ individual date specialists to offer the fruit to guests as they arrive. It’s hoped that the joint initiative between chef Khulood and TCA Abu Dhabi will enable far more visitors to sample Emirati cuisine and experience a taste of local culture in doing so.

Meanwhile, high-profile Middle Eastern chefs such as chef K hulood and Amina El Shafei are building awareness at home and abroad, carving a place for Emirati food on the international culinary landscape. “Abu Dhabi has a hugely diverse culinary scene, ranging from Middle Eastern and Asian to modern European but few visitors are aware of the more traditional dishes of the emirate. It’s great to see international chefs embracing Emirati cooking and spreading the word about Abu Dhabi’s culinary heritage,” said Nabeel Al Zarouni from TCA Abu Dhabi. “We hope the Halal Food Festival show will have helped convince lots more people to come and try it for themselves.”

5 to 7 Mezlai, Emirates Palace 8 Dates, Bateel





10/22/13 6:11 PM



TASTE_Afternooon Tea_AUH NOV13.indd 106

10/22/13 6:20 PM

a ft e rn oon t e a / T A S T E

To a tea afternoon tea is a meal in its own right in abu Dhabi where five-star hotels lay on sumptuous spreads of sweet and savoury treats

The tradition of taking afternoon tea was first made fashionable in 19 th century England when the upper classes gathered to sip blends from fine china crockery and indulge in sumptuous cakes, pastries and breads. Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II, first introduced tea drinking to the royal court in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the 1830s that the practice was seen as a new form of society soirée. Anne, Duchess of Bedford, requested that light sandwiches be brought to her room in the afternoons to stave off hunger pangs, as the evening meal wasn’t usually served until 8.30pm. The Duchess then invited others in her inner circle to join her and the convivial custom caught on, giving birth to a timely tea tradition that has been passed down through the years. Traditionally consisting of tea with sandwiches, scones and pastries, the concept has been developed to include the finest ingredients and become an occasion in its own right. Abu Dhabi, of course, has this special tea service down to a fine art with options to suit different occasions and culinary preferences. Those with a sweet tooth will find the feast of French pastries served at the Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche afternoon tea irresistible while visitors seeking to combine culinary tradition with a little local culture can opt for the Arabic high tea menu at Emirates Palace. To make it an even more gourmet affair, choose the Champagne option – available at most five-star hotels serving tea in Abu Dhabi – and sip premium bubbly while nibbling on crustless cucumber sandwiches and ruminating on life’s luxuries. Read on for Concierge’s selection of some of the best high teas in town.


TASTE_Afternooon Tea_AUH NOV13.indd 107

10/21/13 5:02 PM

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi One of the capital’s newest hotels, this luxurious property also has the longest history of serving high tea. Here, the custom of taking an afternoon snack is a time-honoured tradition, established by the grande dame of 19th century New York society, Lady Caroline Astor. It was her son who built the first St. Regis hotel in New York and Lady Astor herself who instigated many of the decorative traits and service traditions that still characterise the hotel today, including the established ritual of afternoon tea. Now, St. Regis hotels around the world continue the practice and at the new Abu Dhabi premises, which occupies a prime position on the city’s Corniche, visitors can enjoy a selection of finger sandwiches and pastries in the dedicated Tea Lounge. There’s also a professional tea sommelier to advise on a range of exotic blends. When: Daily, 2 to 5pm / How much: Afternoon tea is available in the Tea Lounge for AED160 or Crystal Lounge for AED220 including alcohol Contact: 02 6944444

Emirates Palace Few culinary experiences could be more delightfully indulgent than afternoon tea at Abu Dhabi’s most opulent hotel. Served on a multi-tiered cake rack at Le Café, this lavish affair is available in a variety of forms including the Traditional tea, which comprises savoury pies, artisan English tea sandwiches and a selection of scones served with clotted cream and wild strawberry jam. There is also a vast selection of rich French pastries, such as macaroons, éclairs, crème brulées and much more. The pièce de résistance of this sugar and pastry-fest, however, has to be the

24-carat chocolate fondant, a tasty example of the hotel’s taste for decorating gourmet dishes with edible gold. For an afternoon feast with an Arabian twist, try the Emirates Palace Afternoon Tea option, which includes a selection of exotic pastries from countries across the region. When: Daily, 2 to 6pm / How much: Traditional afternoon tea with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne costs AED360. Emirates Palace afternoon tea ranges from AED240 to AED360 with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Rose Brut Champagne Contact: 02 5961440


TASTE_Afternooon Tea_AUH NOV13.indd 108

10/21/13 5:02 PM

a ft e rn oon t e a / T A S T E

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal Afternoon tea is a major part of The RitzCarlton culinary tradition. The impressive menu offers tea-goers a broad selection of options from the indulgent Bubbly Pink Afternoon Tea – a feast of cupcakes, berry tarts, macaroons and other pink-coloured delights – to the healthy Tea-Tox menu, which features wholewheat scones with sugar-free jams, salads and light desserts. A traditional option comes with the customary scones, finger sandwiches and tea cakes while another is more unusually themed around gold food and includes golden pastries complemented by 24-carat gold-flecked beverages. Those who just want a touch of something sweet in the late afternoon can order the selection of five macaroons, a round of scones or an individual platter of cupcakes. When: 2 to 5pm / How much: Prices range from AED35 for a platter of macaroons to AED110 for the Gold Afternoon Tea / Contact: 02 8188888

A traditional tea complete with freshly baked buttermilk scones, Devonshire clotted cream and a selection of French jams is served in The Library before an open fire at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas A traditional tea complete with freshly baked buttermilk scones, Devonshire clotted cream and a selection of French jams is served in The Library before an open fire at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas. After spending the day exploring the sights, flop onto a leather sofa and tuck into a feast of canapés, sandwiches, pastries and other treats accompanied by a hot beverage or a choice of sparkling alcoholic beverages. There’s also a dedicated chocolatier, where delicious treats can be purchased individually or by the box. When: 1 to 5pm / How much: Prices range from AED150 to AED230 including champagne Contact: 02 6907730


TASTE_Afternooon Tea_AUH NOV13.indd 109

10/22/13 6:21 PM

T A ST E/a ftern o o n t ea

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche Afternoon tea here is no ordinary affair and chefs at this chic, luxury hotel go out of their way to create two sumptuous French-style spreads. Option one is the Classic â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a feast of sweet and savoury delights. The meal begins with a mountain of sandwiches bursting with gourmet f illings such as smoked salmon and cream cheese, quail eggs and truffle or blue cheese and pears. Round off the savoury course with caviartopped blinis and a generous wedge of mouth-watering quiche Lorraine before moving on to the sweet course. A fantasy for all sweet lovers, this decadent selection of sugar- and cream-heavy treats features French favourites, including delicate madelines and rich praline chocolates. Option two, Chilled High Tea, takes a slightly less gastronomic approach and is ideal for those who canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stomach endless amounts of rich food. Start with a selection of wraps and baguettes containing fillings like tomato and mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and chutney or smoked salmon and lemon butter before indulging in a selection of delicious pastries, sorbets and crepes. When: Daily 4 to 6pm / How much: The Classic costs AED280 and Chilled High Tea is priced at AED240 per person / Contact: 02 8137777

A fantasy for all sweet lovers, this decadent selection of sugar- and cream-heavy treats features French favourites, including delicate madelines and rich praline chocolates


TASTE_Afternooon Tea_AUH NOV13.indd 110

10/21/13 5:03 PM

The guide discover / experience / shop / taste

art galleries / museums and cultur al sites tours / family activities / adventure golf / sports / malls / souks hotel outlets and promotions


10/21/13 5:28 PM



Proud of its culture and history, Abu Dhabi has focused efforts on preserving its identity through galleries and museums

art Galleries

HeMisPHere desiGn studiO & GallerY

02 6768614

The gallery shows original art from locally based artists. Hemisphere also organises exhibitions and events.

MuseuMs and cultural sites

Timings: Sat to Thu 9.30am to 12.45pm and 3 to 9pm Manarat al saadiYat

Abu Dhabi etiHad GallerY

02 6444366

On one side of this converted villa is an antiques emporium, crammed with historic treasures and on the other is a sleek modern art gallery featuring works by regional and international artists.

Timings: Sat to Thu

10am to 1.30pm and 5pm to 10.30pm FOlKlOre GallerY

02 6660361

Offers art, craft and gift items from the Arab world along with prints and paintings inspired by the UAE landscape.

Timings: Sat to Thu 9am to 10pm GHaF art GallerY

02 6655332

Ghaf is the oldest art gallery in the capital and features work by artists in Abu Dhabi and around the world.

Timings: Sat to Thu 10am to 9pm

02 4061400,

The interactive exhibition offers an insight into future developments on Saadiyat Island, including the culture hub taking shape here.

Timings: Daily 10am to 8pm QiBaB art GallerY

02 6652350

Specialises in Iraqi art, but also shows work from international, regional and local artists.

Timings: Daily 10am to 1pm and

5 to 8pm

salWa Zeidan GallerY

02 6669656

Aims to be the main address for international and Middle Eastern contemporary and emerging artists.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 7pm. To set up a private viewing contact: 02 6669656

Al Ain al Qattara arts center

03 7618080

Housed in a historic fort in Al Ain’s Al Qattara Oasis, this centre specialises in local and Arab art as well as UAE heritage and culture.

Timings: Sat to Thu

9am to 8pm

Abu Dhabi eMirates natiOnal autO MuseuM

02 6676999, 050 8293952,

A diverse collection of more than 200 classic vehicles owned by Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Timings: Daily 9am to 6pm (closed for lunch) Guide price: AED50

1. 'Sunset at the Grand Mosque' by Julia Ibbini 2. Sougha Initiative 3. Yola dance 4. Al Hosn Palace 5. Etihad Antiques Gallery


HeritaGe VillaGe

02 6814455

This tourist site on the Breakwater near Marina Mall is a recreation of Bedouin life with a museum of original artefacts and photographs and a small souk for souvenirs.

Timings: Sat to Thu 9am to 5pm, Fri 3.30 to 9pm Guide price: Free Manarat al saadiYat

02 6575800,

This visitor centre on Saadiyat Island houses international exhibitions with four galleries, a theatre, events' space and Fanr restaurant.

Timings: Daily 10am to 8pm ZaYed centre

02 665 9555

For a fascinating sneak peek into the life of the late Sheikh Zayed visit the Zayed Centre in Abu Dhabi's Al Bateen district. This museum, housed in an Emirati heritage village is an incredible homage to the man who shaped the nation.

Timings: Open Sun to Thu. Bookings must be made a week in advance.

Al Ain al JaHili FOrt

03 7843996

HISTORIC BUILDINGS Sightseers are spoilt for choice as Abu Dhabi is peppered with historic landmarks. Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain houses a permanent exhibition devoted to the explorer and traveller Mubarak bin London (Wilfred Thesiger) who crossed the Empty Quarter twice in the 1940s, as well as a temporary exhibition space, a shop and a café.

One of the largest forts in the UAE, Al Jahili Fort was built by Sheikh Zayed the First between 1891 and 1898 and used as a royal summer residence.

Timings: Daily 9am to 5pm, Fri 3 to 5pm. Closed Mondays Guide price: Free al ain natiOnal MuseuM

03 7641595

This museum illustrates the UAE's distant past as well as recent history through archaeological and ethnographical sections.

Timings: Sat to Thu 8.30am to 7.30pm, Fri 3 to 7.30pm. Closed Mondays Guide price: AED3 adults, AED1 children under 10 years




10/21/13 7:42 PM

T HE GUI D E / Dis cove r



03 7517755

Originally a palace for the Al Nahyan family, it is now a museum that chronicles the lifestyle of the ruling family.


Timings: Sat to Thu 8.30am to 7.30pm, Fri 3 to 7pm. Closed Mondays Guide price: Free


800 244287

See Abu Dhabi's major attractions on an open-top double-decker bus at your own pace, hopping on and off where you like. Commentary is available in eight languages.

Al Gharbia

Timings: 9am to 5pm. Ticket valid 24 hours Guide price: Adults AED200, children AED100, family (two adults, two children) AED500


02 6445117


Explore the remains of a Christian monastery which is believed to have been founded in the late 6th century CE on Sir Bani Yas Island. The guided tour takes one hour.

Experience Abu Dhabi's unique culture by visiting Heritage Village, the dates market, Gold Centre and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on the half-day city tour.

Timings: Daily at 7, 9 and 11am, 2 and 4pm Guide price: AED250

Timings: Daily 9am to 1pm Guide price: AED180, children AED120

02 8015400

History in the making The earliest known habitation in this part of the world dates back as far as 5500BCE. However, it was in 1971, when Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi's ruler from 1966 to 2004, and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai from 1958 to 1990, set the wheels in motion with their neighbouring sheikhdoms, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman (Ras Al Khaimah joined in 1972) to form an alliance.


02 6794656


Haggle over carpets, admire the Corniche, learn about local culture and visit the Grand Mosque.

Timings: Daily 9am to 1.30pm Guide price: Adults


800 555 or


02 4440007

For a completely different view of Abu Dhabi, board a helicopter and see the city's major landmarks from above.

Guide price: AED1,250 per

person for a 30-minute city tour

Land 4


02 6211797

Explore Abu Dhabi’s rich Arabic culture and modern architecture on this five-hour city tour that takes in all the major sites.

Guide price: From AED150 for adults and AED100 for children ArABIAN AdvENtUrES

02 6911711

Take in the Grand Mosque, Cultural Foundation, souks, Corniche and Heritage Village before driving past the presidential palace area and Emirates Palace.

Timings: Monday and

Wednesday mornings Guide price: Adults AED160, children AED80 ArABIAN NIGHtS

02 6779988

The corporate travel company organises excursions around the capital. Visitors can also book an overnight stay at the Arabian Nights Village, a luxurious Bedouin camp in the desert.

Guide price: Accommodation

at the village ranges from AED1,250 for a bayt al bahr heritage room to AED3,750 for a luxurious wind tower suite.

Al Ain National Museum The oldest museum in the UAE, Al Ain National Museum has displays dating from the Stone Age to the country’s preoil era with photography exhibits as well as jewellery, tools, pottery and other artefacts. cultural Foundation Located in the grounds of the Old Fort, the Cultural Foundation hosts year-round exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, pottery and Arabic calligraphy. Heritage village A must-see destination for traditional Emirati handicrafts, the Heritage Village features reconstructions of Bedouin tents, old fishing villages and traditional markets. sheikh Zayed Palace Museum Built in 1937, the palace of the late Sheikh Zayed was converted to a museum and opened in 2001. Visitors won’t find a large collection of photographs or exhibits because Sheikh Zayed wanted the royal palace and residence to be a true reflection of his country’s culture prior to the discovery of oil.

One of the largest mosques in the world, this place of worship runs tours that offer an insight into Islamic culture and religion.

Timings: Open 9am to 10pm (except Friday mornings). See boxout at right for free tour times Guide price: Free SUNSHINE tOUrS

02 4449914

Tours are available in different destinations around the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Liwa and Al Ain.



Take a sightseeing cruise along the Corniche, around Abu Dhabi island or enjoy a dinner cruise.

Head to the ‘garden city’ stopping at museums, oases and the camel market before venturing to Jebel Hafeet.

02 6811900

Guide price: Sightseeing cruise along Corniche from AED250 for half an hour (five people or less). Cruise around Abu Dhabi AED750 for two hours(five people or less). Dinner cruise AED300 PEArL JOUrNEY

02 6419914

Learn more about the pearl diving industry that once underpinned the local economy on this fascinting cruise, where guests have the chance to find their own pearl.

Guide price: AED500 for adults,

children (under 12) AED400. SEA CrUISEr

Guide price: Abu Dhabi city

050 8009495 or


Guide price: Adults

tour AED190. Dubai or Al Ain city tours cost AED390 and include lunch.

Cruise along the Abu Dhabi Corniche before stopping for diving, snorkelling, fishing and other water activities. AED120, children AED75



Al Dhafra’s dhows can take up to 60 people. Sail to nearby islands or simply cruise along the Corniche.

Skim through the waves in these bright yellow boats on a high-speed tour of Abu Dhabi.

02 6732266

Timings: Boarding 8.30pm, cruise from 9 to 11pm Guide price: AED180 per hour for large dhows, AED150 per hour for small dhow, private hire starting at AED600 per hour CAPt. tONY'S

02 6507175

Abu Dhabi's first ecoconscious boat tour operators runs island-hopping excursions, coastal cruises, mangrove trips and more.

Guide price: Sunset cruise AED250 for adults and AED150 for children. Island Beach Tour, AED350 for adults and AED250 for children. Private charter AED2,800

800 8044

Guide price: Adults

AED200, children AED150 SHErAtON ABU dHABI

02 6773333

See the city from the water along the Corniche on a private boat for up to six people.

Timings: On demand Guide price: Corniche cruise

AED 200 for 30 minutes. Sunset cruise AED200


02 6911711

Visit Al Ain’s attractions, including oases, souks, the Al Ain Museum, camel market, palaces and archaeological sites.

02 6911711

Timings: Tours on Tuesdays Guide price: Adults AED225, children AED115 EMIrAtES AdvENtUrES

02 6445117

Discover the heritage heart of the emirate with a full-day tour of Al Ain. Learn the history of the region at the city's museums, see how Al Ain earned its reputation as the 'garden city' and go shopping for camels at the Camel Market.

Timings: Saturday to Thursday (except Monday) 8.30am to 6pm Guide price: AED380 including lunch. Minimum of four people

Al Gharbia ArABIAN AdvENtUrES

02 6911711

Visit the edge of the Rub Al Khali (also known as the Empty Quarter), stopping in Liwa to see Bedouin camps and enjoy lunch. Then take in an old fort before the journey back.

Timings: On request Guide price: On request EMIrAtES AdvENtUrES

02 6445117

Join a safari into Al Gharbia and the Rub Al Khali, see the Liwa Oasis and enjoy lunch at a local guest house.

Timings: Daily 8.30am to 6pm Guide price: AED550 including

lunch. Minimum of four people NEt tOUrS

02 6794656 or

Enjoy a thrilling 4x4 bash over the sand dunes and visit the Rub Al Khali, the world’s largest sand desert, before lunch at a local hotel.

Timings: 8am to 6pm Guide price: Adults AED290 children AED235

Guide price: From AED250 for adults and AED180 for children



10/21/13 6:46 PM



With a vast desert, spectacular coastline and world-class sporting facilities, Abu Dhabi is made for action and adventure



050 8781009

This mini water park at Khalifa Park is ideal for youngsters with seven water-based activities. Chill out on the 257-metre lazy river or battle it out in a water balloon fight.


02 4415900

This village at the Armed Forces Officers’ Club & Hotel has a Jungle Garden play area for the under-eights, electronic games and a bowling centre.

Timings: Sat to Wed 9am to 8pm, Thu and Fri 9am to 10pm Guide price: Varies. Bowling AED15 per game FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI

02 4968001 or

Ride roller coasters at top speed, race in an F1 simulator around a virtual Yas Marina Circuit and be propelled 62 metres into the air. Then feast on fine Italian cuisine before stopping in the world's largest Ferrari store.

Timings: Open daily, 11am to 8pm Guide price: AED235 for visitors over 1.3m tall, AED195 for visitors below 1.3m. Premium tickets available FUN CITY

02 6815527

Hi-tech amusement centre in Marina Mall with an impressive line-up of rides, including a roller coaster, bumper cars and an area for under fives.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri and Sat 10am to midnight. Guide price: Varies by ride. Rollercoaster AED10 per ride. FUN WORLD

02 6322255

Fun World at Al Muhairy Centre caters to youngsters up to eight years old with soft play areas, bumper cars and a bouncy castle.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 1.30pm, 4 to 10pm; Fri 3.30 to 11pm; Sat 10am to 10pm Guide price: From AED3.50 for arcade games, AED10 for bouncy castle and AED15 for soft play area KIDOOS

02 6459070

Kidoos at Abu Dhabi Mall offers arcade games, a climbing wall and a play area for younger children.

Timings: Sat to Sun 2 to 6pm and 7 to 11pm. Ladies' day on Tuesdays is from 10am to 7pm. Guide price: AED40 for guests above 75cm tall and free for guests under 75cm SpARKY’S

02 6354316

Branches at Khalidiya Mall, Al Raha Mall, Mazyad Mall and Mushrif Mall with a modest ice rink, bowling alley and soft play area.

Timings: Sat to Sun 9am to midnight, Fri 1pm to midnight. Guide price: AED36 for ice rink, AED15 for bowling WANASA LAND

02 4437654

Wanasa Land at Al Wahda Mall boasts Strike Zone, a six-lane bowling alley and soft play area.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to

midnight, Fri to Sat 10am to 1am. Guide price: AED40 for Strike Zone, AED35 for play area, AED15 for bowling YAS WATERWORLD

02 4142000,


02 4415900

This huge sports complex is an active family's paradise. Test your aim at the bowling centre which has four alleys.

Timings: Daily 10am to 10pm Guide price: Members

and guests AED10 per game including shoe hire. Non-members AED15 per game KHALIFA INTERNATIONAL BOWLING CENTRE

02 4034200

A state-of-the-art centre at Zayed Sports City with 40 international-standard lanes.

Timings: Daily 9am to 1am Guide price: AED12 per game

Camel racing AL WATHBA

02 5839200 or 50 6147007 Call the UAE Camel Race Association for directions to the camel race track.

Timings: Fri and Sat 7 to 9am and 2.30 to 4pm Guide price: Free

Choose between 40 rides, slides and attractions at this new water park which is the latest addition to the Yas Island entertainment hub.

Cruising & sailing

Guide price:Standard admission AED225 for adults, AED185 for children.



02 5755155 or 050 6660739

Get up close to the national bird of the UAE and see it in full flight. Educational and informative tours are available in a number of languages.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 2pm. All tours must be booked in advance. Guide price: AED220 for adults and AED80 for children with a meal, or AED170 for adults and AED60 for children without a meal NOUKHADA ADVENTURE COMpANY

050 7218928 or

Take the two-and-a-half-hour Twitcher's Tour, paddling past the mangroves and see a variety of birds, including herons.

Timings: Check website for details Guide price: AED200

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu 10am to 11pm, Fri 2 to 11pm Guide price: AED17 for climbing wall, AED35 weekdays, AED 45 weekends for play area




050 6606428

Brush up on your sailing skills with professional lessons then charter a boat and take to the seas in one of Al Bandar's dinghys, keelboats or powerboats.

Timings:Daily, 9am to 5pm


1. Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi 2. Yas Links 3. Al Forsan International Sports Resort, karting 4. Al Forsan International Sports Resort, shooting


02 6424222

Take a three-hour cruise and experience sunset over the Arabian Gulf.

Guide price: From AED750 per person ARABIAN DIVERS & SpORTFISHING CHARTERS

050 6146931

Charter a boat for cruises along the Corniche, around Abu Dhabi island or to visit the outlying desert islands.

Guide price: Call for details ART MARINE

04 3388955 or Take a cruise along Abu Dhabi's coastline and explore the islands, or charter a yacht for a fishing adventure.

Guide price: From AED750 per hour


10/21/13 5:19 PM

T HE GUI D E / e xpe r ie nce

capt. tony's

aRaBIan aDVEntUREs

The Yas Island-based boat tour company offers a range of cruises around the Abu Dhabi waters which can be tailored to suit guest preferences. Other aquatic activites include a stand-up paddle boarding island-hopping tour.

Take a four-wheel drive journey over the rolling dunes of the desert, visit camel camps, watch the stunning Arabian sunset and enjoy a traditional barbecue feast.

02 6507175

02 6911711

Guide price: Call for details

Timings: Daily Guide price: Adults AED315, children AED290


nEt toURs

02 6811900

Charter the 31-foot, twin-engine Barracuda and enjoy sightseeing along the Corniche, island trips and snorkelling. Timings: 8am to 8pm.Guide price:Weekdays AED150, weekends AED185. noUKHaDa aDVEntURE coMpany

02 6503600 or

02 6794658 or

Guide price: AED50 per

person for one hour


02 4952000

Take a relaxing one-hour cruise along the Corniche or a four-hour cruise to nearby Bahraini Island.

ocEan DIVE cEntRE

02 6441696

Full range of courses available from open water to assistant instructor. Located at Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi.

Individual hotels without marinas can also arrange fishing trips on request


Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Corniche to Emirates Palace, watching dolphins at play.

Guide price: Call for details

Timings: 4.30 to 9.30pm Guide price: Half-day desert safari, adults AED275, children AED200. Morning safari, adults AED140

Guide price: Three-hour

02 6773333

PADI dive resort with equipment sales/services, private instruction and daily dive charters.

Guide price: Call for details


sHERaton aBU DHaBI

050 6146931

Go dune bashing in a 4x4 across the sand dunes as the sun sets, ride camels at a Bedouin camp and then enjoy an Arabic barbecue dinner.

Learn to sail or just enjoy the sailing experience on Hobie 18 and Hobie 16 catamarans. island tour AED250 for adults and AED200 for children.

aRaBIan DIVERs & spoRtFIsHInG cHaRtERs

02 6731111 or 050 5409041

Part of the British Club, offers BSAC-certified courses as well as dive trips to Abu Dhabi and the East Coast.

Guide price: Call for details aL MaHaRa DIVInG cEntRE

02 6437377 or

Offers a full range of PADI courses as well as diving trips and watersports.

Guide price: Call for details

Fishing aRaBIan DIVERs & spoRtFIsHInG cHaRtERs

050 6146931


02 6811900

Charter a 31-foot, twinengine boat for a fishing trip for up to six people.

Guide price: AED750 including equipment, soft drinks and water

Hotel boat available for charter for fishing trips or sea cruises. Equipment, bait and beverages are included in the price.

Guide price: AED750 for three hours, AED1,300 for six hours

Guide price: Coastline cruise AED180, island cruise AED300


Guide price: AED1,250 per person for 30-minute city tour MUtaHIDa FLIGHt sIMULatoR

Desert safari


aRaBIan nIGHts

Set in the middle of a racecourse, the club has a golf academy and floodlit driving range and offers night golf with tee-off until 8.30pm.

02 4459600 (Nine holes, 6,350 yards, par 70)

Guide price: Accommodation

at The Village ranges from AED1,250 for a heritage room to AED3,750 for a wind tower suite aL MasaooD tRaVEL

02 6212100

Go deep into the Arabian Desert, driving over the towering dunes, before heading to a camp for camel riding, belly dancing, shisha and a barbecue.

Timings: Daily 4 to 9.30pm Guide price: Adults

AED300, children AED240

IN THE kNOW: APPROPRIATE ATTIRE The UAE has a warm climate with year-round sun and very little rainfall. For most of the year, lightweight summer clothing is suitable, but on cooler winter evenings it can be advisable to take out a light jumper or cardigan. you may also want to have something slightly warmer to hand in the heavily air-conditioned shopping malls. Visitors are advised to show their respect for the local culture by dressing conservatively around the UAE. Swimwear may be worn on the beach and at hotel swimming pools, but take care to cover up before going into any public areas. There are no hard and fast rules that state how much skin a person may or may not display, but generally speaking it’s best to cover shoulders and thighs in public areas, particularly family attractions like shopping malls and parks.

Green fees: Sun to Thu

AED550, twilight rate (after 3pm) AED450. Fri and Sat AED850, twilight rate AED650

Charter a helicopter for business or pleasure and see the capital from a whole new perspective in air-conditioned comfort.


The corporate travel company organises excursions around the capital. Visitors can also book an overnight stay at the Arabian Nights Village, a luxurious Bedouin camp in the desert.

The region's first links-style golf course with views of the coast from every hole.

02 4448866

adults, AED100 for children or AED450 for a family of four

02 6779988

yas LInKs

02 8107777 (18 holes, 7,450 yards, par 72)

FaLcon aVIatIon sERVIcEs

to 2pm and 3 to 7pm, Fri 2 to 7pm. Closed Tue Guide price: From AED350 for one hour

Guide price: From AED150 for

AED525, twilight rate (after 2pm) AED275. Thu to Sat AED675, twilight rate AED350. Includes use of golf cart, water and practice facilities

Enjoy fishing off the coast of Abu Dhabi or venture out to the deep sea to try your luck.

Timings: Sat to Thu 10am

Get the adrenaline pumping on an ultimate thrill ride, or take a more relaxed cruise and enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace.

Green fees: Sun to Wed

02 4952000

Slip into the pilot's seat of a life-size Boeing 747-400 simulator and take flight.

800 4044 or

Designed by golfing legend Gary Player, this beachfront course offers spectacular views of the Gulf waters and golfers may even spot dolphins.

including fishing equipment. AED50 for each additional hour

02 5568555

tHE yELLoW Boats

saaDIyat BEacH GoLF cLUB

02 5578000 or (18 holes, 7,784 yards, par 72)

Guide price: AED400,


Green fees: Nine holes

Sun to Thu AED145, Fri and Sat AED195. Rates for 18 holes on request. Includes golf cart, water and towel aBU DHaBI GoLF cLUB

02 5588990 National Course (27 holes, 7,334 yards, par 72) Championship course providing a tough, but fair, challenge with a nine-hole putting green, floodlit driving range and golf institute. Also offers night golf on the floodlit course.

Green fees: National Course,

18 holes Sun to Thu AED525, Fri and Sat AED675. AED275. Night golf AED275. Includes golf cart and unlimited use of practice facilities

Sand course near Abu Dhabi International Airport that provides free transit visas and complimentary transport for those passing through. to Thu AED140, Fri and Sat AED190. AED60 for club hire and AED50 for buggy hire

Paddle out into the Arabian Sea and enjoy four hours of fishing. Noukhada promotes ‘catch and release’.

Guide price: Call for details

02 5758040 (18 holes, 6,450 yards, par 71)

Brown fees: 18 holes Sun

02 6503600 or

Guide price: Four-hour angler cruise costs AED400, six-hour deep-sea fishing cruise costs AED650

02 6443000


noUKHaDa aDVEntURE coMpa

Big game sport-fishing adventures. Twin diesel sports-fishing boats, tournament tackle and IGFA-certified captains.

BEacH Rotana aBU DHaBI


For a bird’s-eye view of the emirate try one of these aerial activities… Hot air ballooning Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and watch the sun rise over the desert. This serene, yet exhilarating experience is a wonderful way to see the emirate. Seaplane flight Fly from yas Island to Dubai Creek on a seaplane and see some of the UAE’s most famous sights, including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, yas Marina Circuit, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Burj khalifa. Helicopter tours Enjoy unrivalled views of the capital from the comfort of a helicopter and see the city’s latest developments such as Saadiyat and Sowwah islands, as well as the emirate’s coastal and desert beauty. Flight simulator Ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane? Mutahida at Al Forsan International Sports Resort offers visitors the chance to fly a Boeing 747-400 simulator and choose the destination too.

Horse racing Racing season is November to March. For more information visit aBU DHaBI EQUEstRIan cLUB

02 4455500

The Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club offers a riding club and show jumping arena with a stable of 100 horses. There are also horse races held on Sunday evenings during the racing season.

Timings: Private lessons 6 to 10am, group lessons 4.30 to 8pm Guide price: Group lessons AED300, 20-minute pony riding AED50

Hot air ballooning BaLLoon aDVEntUREs EMIRatEs

04 2854949

Marvel at the changing colours of the desert landscape at sunrise from above the dunes with a peaceful hot air balloon ride.

Guide price: AED995 for adults, AED850 for 5- to 12-year-olds

Ice skating aBU DHaBI IcE RInK

02 4034200

Located at Zayed Sports City, the rink can accommodate up to 400 skaters. Ice skating and hockey lessons are available.

Timings: 9am to 10pm daily. Thu ladies only Guide price: AED25 per hour.



10/21/13 5:20 PM


02 5568555 or

Stage a shootout in the wild west or a Pacific warzone with special effects and air-conditioning.

Timings: Weekdays 3 to 10pm, weekends 10.30am to 10pm Guide price: From AED120 for 200 balls ARMED FORCES OFFICERS’ CLUB & HOTEL

02 4415900

ABUWATER DHABI'SWONDERLAND GRAND WEEKEND The Abu 2013Dhabi Formula 1 Etihad Dhabi Grand Prix rolls into the capital made global Airways yachtingAbu history in January as the first Middle from November 1 to bringing 50,000 Volvo motorOcean sport fans, world's bestinrace car Eastern port to3, host the gruelling Racethe since it began drivers and Race a swathe of arrived celebrities all ready theof weekend away in style. 1973. crews in the capitaltoatparty the end the second leg, before competing in in-port racing during the two-week event. The high-octane event, one of the biggest and most glamorous on the city's sporting calendar, is held each year atracing. Yas Marina Circuit, a 5.55-kilometre track Abu Dhabi is not new to water-based The UAE has become a major force that winds around a stunning marinaunveils and through the five-star Viceroy hotel. in powerboat racing and regularly a top-class team to Yas compete in the Tickets sell out1and hotel rooms are booked in advance so of it is wise to book UIM Formula World Championship whichwell climaxes in front thousands of early to avoid For moreMarine information, spectators at thedisappointment. Abu Dhabi International Sportssee Club by the Breakwater.


02 681 5806

This ice-skating rink at the heart of the mall is ideal for ice skaters of all skill levels. Lessons are available.

Timings: Sat to Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri 11am to 11pm Guide price: AED40 for one hour. Includes skate hire, socks and protective pads


02 6666601

Futaisi island has 40 chalets and two villas, as well as other facilities such as a swimming pool, cycling, nature walks and horse riding.

Guide price: Day trips

from 9.30am to 6pm cost AED250 per person HILTONIA BEACH CLUB

02 6811900

Up to six people can spend the day relaxing at Bahraini and Futaisi islands with pick-ups, drop-offs, drinks and umbrellas included.

Guide price: AED830

per person


050 7218928 or

Paddle to nearby islands on this three-hour trip, stopping off to enjoy the quiet life and take photos at areas only accessible by boat.

Guide price: Two-hour

eco tour AED220, 1.5-hour mangrove tour AED150, threehour island tour AED250


02 5568555 or

Experience motorsport on a smaller scale racing around a circuit in karts for cadets, senior racers and advanced racers. Arrive and drive sessions are available.

Timings: Daily 3 to 11pm Guide price: From

AED120 for 15 minutes


800 YAS (927) or

This new go-karting centre has 40 karts for both adults and children.

Timings: Tue to Sun 3 to 11pm Guide price: Adults

AED120, children under 13 AED100 for 10 minutes


050 7218928 or

Venture into the mangroves on this one-and-a-half-hour kayak tour that is suitable for all levels.

Guide price: AED450 per person

Motor sports DRAG RACING

800 YAS (927) or

Hit 250kmh in five seconds in a drag car driven by a world champion at the Yas Drag Racing Centre, or race your friends in the Chevrolet Camaro SS

Timings: See website

for availability Guide price: Three-seat dragster passenger experience from AED500. Formula Yas 3000 experience AED1,200. Off-road buggies AED200 adults and AED150 children.


Parks & gardens SHEIKH KHALIFA PARK Situated in Al Matar near Al Bateen Airport, the park features gardens that reflect Arabic and Islamic architecture with lakes, fountains and canals.

Timings: 7am to 10pm Guide price: Entry to family beach AED10, sunlounger AED25, buggy hire AED20 for 30 minutes, bicycle hire AED20 per hour

Race buggies around the circuit with machines for all levels of experience.

Race track tour

Timings: Daily 3 to 11pm Guide price: From AED200 for


10km session


800 YAS (927) or

Drive race cars and sports cars or take a hot lap with a professional driver.

Timings: See website

for availability

Guide price: AED950

to drive, AED350 for hot lap with a driver. Private tuition starts at AED1,500


02 6503600 or

Take an all-terrain bike ride into the desert. See camels feeding, people riding horses, an Arabian sunset and a star-filled sky.

Guide price: AED250 per person

800 YAS (927) or

Visit the pits, team garages and race control with a photo stop at the podium.

Timings: Tue to Sat

10am and 2pm Guide price: AED120


02 4416404

Choose from a variety of pistols and rifles then take aim at the 25m target shooting range. Located at the Armed Forces Officers' Club & Hotel, there is also a 10m simulation shooting range, retail outlet and a coffee shop.

Timings: Sat to Thu noon to 10pm, Fri 2 to 10pm Guide price: 22lr AED180 and 9mm AED205.

Timings: Sun to Wed 9.30am to 8pm; Thu to Sat and public holidays 9.30am to 9pm Guide price: AED20 for adults, AED15 for children, AED60 family ticket (two adults and three children). Extra AED5 for the Ocean Park


Skydiving Experience the thrill of a free fall without the fear of jumping from a plane at this wind tunnel located at the Abu Dhabi Country Club.

person per game including gear and 100 balls

Timings: See website

02 5568555 or

Timings: Weekdays 3 to 10pm, weekends 10.30am to 10pm Guide price: From AED150

Timings: 1 to 10pm Guide price: AED 150 per

THE CORNICHE Hire a bicycle or buggy and pedal along the wide open paths. Visit the family beach and spend the day on a sunlounger, or enjoy a coffee or meal at one of the cafés and restaurants.


Catering for all skill levels, this expansive sports resort offers Olympic disciplines and sporting clays along with handgun and rifle ranges.


Timings: 10am to 11pm Guide price: AED1

for availability Guide price: AED11,500. Formula Yas 3000 experience AED1,200

02 5568555 or

Test your commando skills, take aim and let off a bit of steam.

800 YAS (927) or

Experience the thrill of Formula One, screeching around Yas Marina Circuit at top speed as a passenger in an F1 two-seater. Alternatively, get behind the wheel of the Formula Yas 3000.


02 6577601

Guide price: Introductory ticket AED180, family package AED720

Water sports Hotels can organise watersports on request, while some have their own facilities.

Guide price:

Jetskiing AED180 for 30 minutes Wake boarding AED150 for 20 minutes Water skiing AED75 for 20 minutes Wind surfing from AED160 per hour AL FORSAN INTERNATIONAL SPORTS RESORT

02 5568555 or

Learn how to water ski, kneeboard and wake board, or perfect your technique on the obstacle course in a safe, confined environment.

Timings: Weekdays 3 to 10pm, weekends 10.30am to 10pm Guide price: AED125 for one hour or AED280 for a full day DANAT JEBEL DHANNA RESORT

02 8012222

A huge array of watersports and aquatic activities is available here, including banana boat and tube rides, windsurfing, waterskiing, knee boarding, kayaking, fishing trips, snorkelling and boat cruises

Guide price: Ask at reception for details ABU DHABI WILDLIFE CENTRE

050 6144024 or

See cheetahs, tigers, leopards and other endangered species at this rescue and rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of the city.

Timings: Sat to Wed

9am to 5pm Guide price: One-hour guided tour AED45 for adults, AED35 for children under 12 years EMIRATES PARK ZOO

02 5633100 or

Meet, touch and help feed a variety of creatures including camels, emus, raccoons, boa constrictor and the park's newest attractions, five fur seals, which can be seen during daily shows.


02 5839200

Get up early in the winter months for a unique and authentic Emirati cultural experience.

Timings: Fri to Sat 7 to 9am approximately Guide price: Free of charge


03 7840000

Spanning 10,000 square metres, this family entertainment centre includes a 12-lane bowling alley and Fun Ski Village.

Timings: SUN to Wed 10am to midnight, Thu and Fri 10am to 1am. Guide price: Call for details HILI FUN CITY & ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK

03 7845542

A family-friendly destination with landscaped gardens and a fun park, with nine new rides. There are cafés and restaurants as well. The adjacent archaeological park dates to the third millennium BCE and makes an interesting day out.

Timings: Mon to Thu 4 to 10pm , Fri 10am to 10pm, Sat noon to midnight. Wed ladies only. Closed Sunday Guide price: Mon and Tue AED35, Wed to Sat AED40, including rides


03 7026400

(18 holes, 6,584 yards, par 71) Enjoy a round of golf and test out the newly opened back nine holes with lighting and 42-bay driving range, or get some tips from the professionals at the golf academy.

Green fees: Nine holes AED215 on weekdays, or AED245 on weekend; 18 holes AED300 on weekdays or AED390 on weekends. Includes use of driving range and golf cart. Nine-



10/21/13 5:20 PM

hole academy course AED100

drive' sessions for individuals and small groups.


Timings: Mon to Wed 2.30

03 7686808

(Nine holes, Par 3) Sand course with a clubhouse and practice putting green. Clubs can be hired.

Green fees: Nine holes AED50 HILTON AL AIN GOLF CLUB

03 7686666

(Nine holes, par 3) Golf resort with facilities including a health club, two swimming pools and four floodlit tennis courts.

Green fees: Nine holes AED23


04 2854949

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and marvel at the changing colours of the desert landscape at sunrise.

Guide price: AED950 for adults, AED800 for 5- to 12-year-olds


03 7845542

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu and Fri 10am to midnight Guide price: AED25 for 1.5 hours BAWADI MALL SKATING RINK

03 7840000

This artificial skating rink is suitable for metal blade and roller shoes. There is also a 12-lane bowling alley nearby.

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to

10pm, Thu 10am to midnight, Fri noon to midnight Guide price: AED25 for two hours, includes skate hire


03 7686662

State-of-the-art floodlit facility suitable for drivers aged eight years and upwards. Offers 'arrive and


02 8862088


Explore the Rub Al Khali, trekking through vast sand valleys.

Timings: 6am and 8am (40 minutes), 4.45pm (25 minutes), 5.45pm (50 minutes) Guide price: AED135 for 40 minutes, AED60 for 25 minutes, AED195 for 50 minutes


03 7026500

Try your hand at skeet and trap shooting as well as range shooting from 10 to 50 metres with rifles and pistols.

Cruising & sailing

Timings: Mon to Sat 2 to 10pm Guide price: From AED90 for 50 rounds


The ice rink hosts regular skating sessions, monthly family ice shows and hockey tournaments.


Guide price: Free


02 5568555 or

The Resort is the first in the Gulf to offer both Olympic disciplines and sporting clays combined with handgun and rifle ranges.


03 7840000

Polish your snow plough technique on the artificial ski slope or slide downhill on a big rubber ring.


04 2854949

Enjoy a two-hour horse ride along sandy beaches or take a lesson to improve your skills and confidence. Wildlife rides will be introduced soon.

Guide price: AED250 for two-hour Royal Bay Ride, lessons from AED200

GREEN MUBAZZARAH HOT SPRINGS At the foot of Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazzarah is a park of rolling grassy hills with streams, hot springs and waterfalls. It is a popular location for weekend picnics.

Timings: Mon to Thu 4 to

03 7660333


Parks & gardens



Timings: Sat to Thu 10am to 7pm; Fri 10am to 8pm Guide price: Adults AED15, children AED5, free for children under three years

to 10pm, Thu and Fri 2.30 to 11pm, Sat 10.30am to 6pm. Closed Sunday Guide price: AED150 for 15 minutes, AED250 for 30 minutes, AED400 for one hour

Enjoy an ice skating session with family and friends at this Olympic-size ice rink, which also offers ladiesand children-only days. It is located next door to Hili Fun City amusement park. 10pm, Fri 10am to 10pm, Sat noon to 10pm Guide price: Sun to Tue AED35, Wed to Sat AED35

animals from the local area and African savannahs.

02 8015400

Enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise around Sir Bani Yas Island, spotting dolphins and dugongs.


Guide price: Sunset cruise AED250


5. Talise Spa, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers 6. Wadi adventure 7. Seawings


02 8015400

Explore the rich underwater world near Sir Bani Yas Island on a snorkelling tour.

Timings: Sun to Wed 10am

to 10pm, Thu 10am to midnight, Fri 2pm to midnight, Sat 10am to midnight Guide price: Skiing AED60 for two hours, includes equipment

Guide price: AED200


Water park

02 8862088

03 7818422

Explore the desert by four-wheel drive, either through the sand dunes or along a flat track.

Timings: Sun, Tue, Wed

Timings: Dunes 6am, 8.30am, 5.45pm. Flat sand 10.30am, 3.30pm Guide price: AED175

WADI ADVENTURE Go kayaking, white water rafting and surfing or test your skills on the adventure course. noon to 11pm; Thu noon to midnight; Fri 9am to midnight; Sat 9am to 11pm Guide price: Entry adults AED100, children under 1.2m AED50. Surf pool, kayaking and whitewater rafting AED100


02 8946111

Discover the desert by 4x4 or quad bike and pause to try the exhilarating local sport of sandboarding down the dunes

Guide price: Ask at reception for details

Wildlife park


02 8015400

Explore the quiet waters of Sir Bani Yas Island and discover rare birds, fish and wild gazelle.

Guide price: AED60


02 8015400

Explore the rugged landscape of Sir Bani Yas Island with two trails suitable for all levels.


02 8862088

Start the day with an energising cycle across the desert while the sun rises from behind the dunes.

Timings: 6am Guide price: AED60


02 8015400

Taking up much of Sir Bani Yas Island, this nature reserve is home to free-roaming cheetahs, Arabian oryx, gazelles, giraffes and much more.

Guide price: Nature and

Know the law Consumption of alcohol must be within licensed restaurants, pubs, clubs or private venues. Do not consume alcohol if driving. Dancing is only allowed in the privacy of your hotel room or at licensed clubs. avoid addressing Muslim women in public or taking photographs without their permission. offensive language, spitting and hand gestures must be avoided. Married couples may hold hands in public, but not kiss or hug.


03 7828188

A desert-themed zoo with



10/22/13 7:04 PM



From haute couture to traditional souvenirs, Abu Dhabi is a shopping haven with spacious malls and atmospheric souks


DalMa Mall


Abu Dhabi's biggest mall has 480 shops, including speciality retail stores, restaurants and entertainment options.

Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest mall with more than 200 outlets stocking fashion, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, beauty and electronics, as well as dining and entertainment facilities.

02 5506111

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu and Fri 10am to midnight HaMDan CentRe

Abu Dhabi aBU DHaBI Mall

02 6454858

02 6904422

Timings: Sun to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu to Sat 10am to 11pm

02 6328555

Houses fashion, sports equipment, jewellery and souvenirs at reasonable prices in addition to a cinema complex.

Al Ain al aIn Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the main attractions on the shopping scene with over 220 retail outlets, plus entertainment options.

Timings: Daily 10am to 1.30pm and 5 to 10.30pm

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu 10am to 11pm, Fri 3.30 to 11pm

Spread over three levels with distinctive Islamic architecture, this mall has everything from fashion to furnishings.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri to Sat 10am to 11pm

Timings: Sun to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu to Sat 10am to 11pm

03 7638883

al RaHa Mall

02 5562229

Close to Abu Dhabi International Airport and Yas Island, this mall has an array of fashion outlets plus a cinema and food court.

Timings: Sat to Thu 10am to 11pm, Fri 2 to 11pm al WaHDa Mall

02 4437000, 02 4437070

With over 150 shops covering three floors, Al Wahda Mall houses fashion, jewellery and beauty stores as well as entertainment and restaurants.

Timings: Sun to Wed 10am to

10pm, Thu to Sat 10am to 11pm avenUe at etIHaD toWeRs

800 3844238

This newly opened exclusive boulevard is home to almost 40 luxury shops, showcasing designer labels and high-end brands, spread across two levels.

Timings: Call for store timings


02 6354000

MaDInat ZaYeD sHoPPInG CentRe & GolD CentRe

02 6333311

The 400 outlets sell just about everything, while the adjacent Gold Centre is the ideal place to browse for gold, diamond and pearl jewellery.

03 7660333

al JIMI Mall More than 110 shops to choose from offering a wide variety of products from fashion and jewellery to health and beauty.

Timings: Sat to Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri 2 to 10pm BaWaDI Mall

03 7840000

Timings: Sat to Fri 9am

Al Ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest and largest mall offers an indoor ski slope, cinema, bowling alley, skating rink, family entertainment centre and almost 400 shops.

MaRIna Mall

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 11pm, Thu and Fri 10am to midnight

to 11pm. Gold Centre Sat to Thu 9am to 2pm and 4 to 11pm, Fri 4 to 11pm

02 6818300

A retail haven with a waterfront setting, Marina Mall has over 300 stores, a 100-metre-high viewing platform and an ice skating rink.


Offers over 100,000 square metres of retail and entertainment space spread over three floors, with cinemas, an ice skating rink and a bowling alley.



Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu and Fri 10am to 11pm

1. 2. 3. 4.

Bulgari boutique, The Galleria Spice souk Al Ain Bawadi Mall Madre bag by Rue du Bac, Rasool Khoury

Abu Dhabi tHe soUK at WoRlD tRaDe CentRe

02 8107810

Shop for traditional souvenirs, spices, jewellery, perfumes, sunglasses and electronics at this modern souk.

Timings: Sun to Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri and Sat 10am to 11pm

Go For GolD Gold is paricularly popular with tourists visiting the UAE thanks to the competitive prices and lack of sales tax. The Madinat Zayed Gold Centre is a must for those looking to buy jewellery at affordable prices, however there are also many reputable regional and international retailers and brands at the city's malls.



tHe soUK at QaRYat al BeRI

02 5581670

Located next to the Shangri-La hotel is this classy, Arabian-themed souk with Venetian canals and a variety of shops and restaurants.

Timings: Sat to Wed 10am to 10pm, Thu 10am to 11pm, Fri 3 to 10pm


10/22/13 6:35 PM


Take noThing

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*We specialise in getting you bullied by monster gt's. *We specialise in getting you bullied by monster gt's.




Superb restaurants and glamorous cocktail bars make Abu Dhabi a stylish and sophisticated choice for fine food and drink

Hotel outlets & promotions

Al mAHA ArjAAn

02 6106666

Al Markaziyah City Café offers Mexican on Mondays, pasta on Tuesdays and Indian on Wednesdays for AED95. An à la carte menu with salad, soup, main and dessert is available on Thursdays and Saturdays for AED75 and Sunday features a seafood buffet for AED130.

beAcH rotAnA Abu DHAbi

02 6979000

Tourist Club Area Family-friendly Italian eaterie Prego's has a revamped look and some delicious new dishes that capture the essence of Italian cuisine. Bay View – Beach restaurant Benihana – American/Japanese Brauhaus – German Essence – International Finz – Seafood Indigo – Indian Prego’s – Italian Rodeo Grill – American steakhouse Trader Vic’s – French Polynesian

centro cApitAl centre

02 4096666

Al Safarat

crowne plAzA Abu DHAbi YAs islAnD

02 6563000

Yas Island

Enjoy all-you-can-eat mussels for AED160 per person at Stills every Monday. Barouk – Lebanese Jing Asia – Asian buffet Stills Bar & Brasserie – European bar and restaurant

Dusit tHAni Abu DHAbi

02 6988888

Al Mushrif

Urban Kitchen is a contemporary Arabian eaterie with live cooking stations and a buffet set-up, while Benjarong specialises in the hotel's signature Thai cuisine.

City Café – International

Contemporary cuisine is served throughout the day at C.Taste while drinks and light bites are available from C.Mondo.

Aloft Abu DHAbi

C.Mondo – Lounge bar C.Taste – International buffet

Al Safarat

centro YAs islAnD

eAstern mAngroves Hotel & spA

Asian tapas nights at Relax@12, take place every Saturday and Sunday from 5.30pm for AED99 per person. Two glasses of house wine are included in the price. For international fare and lounge pods for two complemented by an eclectic mix of laid-back tunes, don’t miss the evening brunch at Mai Café every Thursday from 6.30pm.

Yas Island

Eastern Mangroves

02 6545013

Dine – International Mai Café – International Relax@12 – International WXYZ Bar - Bar

Al rAHA beAcH Hotel

02 5080555

Al Raha Beach Sevilla Restaurant serves tasty international fare while Wanasah is a great venue for those seeking an introduction to authentic Arabian fare. Al Manzil – International Azur Restaurant – Mediterranean Black Pearl – Piano bar Enigma – Nightclub Sevilla Restaurant – International Wanasah – Arabic

Al rAwDA ArjAAn Abu DHAbi

02 4035000

Al Wahda

Choose international cuisine from the à la carte menu at Al Dar or the international buffet for speciality dishes. Enjoy light snacks, coffee and cakes at Moka Café. Al Dar – International Moka Café – International

ArmeD forces officers’ club & Hotel

02 4415900

Al Maqtaa

Head to Taverna for lively barbecue buffet nights every Wednesday with two house beverages included for AED120. Al Bathna – International Kennedy – European Taverna – Tex-Mex



02 6564444

C.Taste has introduced theme evenings for AED89. Enjoy roasts on Mondays, burgers on Tuesdays, pasta on Wednesdays and barbecue on Thursdays for AED99 per person. C.Deli – Deli C.Mondo – Lounge bar C.Taste – International buffet

cristAl Hotel Abu DHAbi

02 6520000

Madinat Zayed A special offer on mocktails at Gems Restaurant features refreshing, fruity beverages for AED20 this month. Gems Restaurant – International

cristAl sAlAm Hotel

02 6597666

Tourist Club Area Visit Vertical bar during happy hour from 5 to 8pm when drinks are half price or swing by on a Wednesday for Spanish night with tasty tapas for AED99 per person. Champagne and strawberries with a chocolate or cream dip can be enjoyed for just AED325. 2.35 – International & Middle Eastern Vertical – Wine bar

crowne plAzA Abu DHAbi

02 6166122

Al Markaziyah Enjoy Vietnamese specialities at Cho Gao or treat yourself to Italian delicacies at Spaccanapoli where chef Carmelo has created a series of classic winter dishes featuring wild mushrooms and game. Cho Gao – Asian Heroes Bar – Sports bar Level Lounge – Rooftop bar Spaccanapoli – Italian The Garden – International Vincent’s – Cocktail bar

1. Bord Eau, Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat al Beri 2. The Forge, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal 3&4. Afya beach Lounge, Traders Hotel

Urban Kitchen – Arabic Benjarong – Thai Dusit Gourmet – Lounge The Capital Grill – Steakhouse Breeze – Bar

02 6561000

This November there will be al fresco barbecue nights every Thursday from 7 to 11pm at the Pool Deck. On Tuesdays Impressions hosts The Big Brunch, where five open kitchens team up to deliver a huge spread of delicious and creative cuisine for AED225 per person or AED425 with French Champagne. Ingredients – All-day international Pachaylen – Thai restaurant Impressions – Rooftop lounge

emirAtes pAlAce

02 6909000

Ras Al Akhdar Dine in style at award-winning Italian restaurant, Mezzaluna or sample some authentic local cuisine at Mezlai, Abu Dhabi's first Emirati restaurant. On Fridays, unwind to the soulful sounds of DJ Fabrizio Marra and sip delicious cocktails at Breeze Lounge.


Breeze Lounge – Spanish bar Cascades – International Diwan L’Auberge – Lebanese Etoiles – European restaurant and nightclub Hakkasan – Chinese Havana Club – Wine and cigar lounge Las Brisas – International Le Café & Caviar Bar – Caviar bar Le Vendôme – International buffet Mezlai – Emirati Mezzaluna – Italian Sayad – Seafood

fAirmont bAb Al bAHr

02 6543000

Bain Al Jessrain Cedar Lounge serves delicious Arabian fare while Frankie's is one of the capital's top Italian eateries. Cedar Lounge – Lebanese Chameleon – Champagne bar CuiScene – International buffet Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill – Steakhouse Frankie's Italian Restaurant & Bar – Italian The Chocolate Gallery - patisserie


10/21/13 5:44 PM


Grand millennium al wahda

02 4439999

Al Wahda

Tuck into Friday brunch at Porto Bello where a feast of beautifully prepared food awaits for AED195 per person. At Toshi, Monday is noodle night, Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to sushi and teppanyaki while the rest of the week is given over to a mouthwatering sushi buffet.


Jumeirah at etihad towers

02 8115555

Ras Al Akhdar Situated up on the 63rd floor, Quest serves delicious panAsian fare in a vibrant environment accompanied by a stunning panorama. An equally impressive view can be gained on the 74th floor where Observation Deck serves the highest high tea in Abu Dhabi. Li Beirut – Lebanese Nahaam – International Observation Deck – High tea Quest – Asian fusion Ray’s Bar – Bar Rosewater - International Scott’s – Seafood Tori No Su – Japanese Bice – Italian

Al Wahda – International buffet Porto Bello – Italian Porters – Pub Toshi – Asian

hala arJaan by rotana

02 4180000

Tourist Club Area

Khalidiya Palace rayhaan by rotana

The Gallery all-day dining restaurant offers international flavours served with flair.

02 6570000

The Gallery – International

Ras Al Akdar

hilton abu dhabi

Contemporary seafood restaurant The Beach has a choice of indoor or al fresco dining overlooking the pool or beach.

02 6811900

Al Khubeirah Chef Guiseppe Mosti has put together a delicious daily organic menu at Italian finedining restaurant, Bocca, a theme continued over the road at the hotel's popular Portuguese eatery, Vasco's. Arabic Cafe – Arabic Bocca – Italian Cinnabar – Nightclub Escape Restaurant – Beachfront restaurant Hemingway’s – American bar and restaurant Jazz Bar & Dining – Jazz bar La Terrazza – Mediterranean Mawal – Lebanese Royal Orchid – Asian Toki – Japanese Vasco’s – International

hyatt caPital Gate

02 5961234

Al Safarat

Watch the sun set over the terrace and soak up the atmosphere at 18° which offers a culinary journey around the Mediterranean. Greek, Turkish, Italian and Spanish fare is cooked to perfection at this family-friendly eaterie which is housed in the distinctive Capital Gate building – the world's furthestleaning manmade structure. 18° – Eastern Mediterranean Lounge – Tea lounge and bar Profiterole – Pastries Privé – Bar

intercontinental abu dhabi

800 423463

Al Bateen

Friday sees a lavish culinary display for the hotel's Marina brunch, which includes cooking stations from Chamas, Boccaccio and Belgian Café. Prices range from AED216 to AED250. Chamas is a carnivore's dream with 15 different cuts of meat available alongside a selection of salads and sides. Belgian Café – Belgian bar and restaurant Boccaccio – Italian Chamas Churrascaria & Bar – Brazilian restaurant and bar Piano Lounge – Piano bar Selections – International Fishmarket – Seafood The Yacht Club – Asian restaurant and bar

Horizon – International buffet The Beach – Seafood Sunset Bar – Beach restaurant

le méridien abu dhabi

Best for authentic Italian: Filini - Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island Savour simple Italian dishes from the seasonal menu in a contemporary setting. Contact 02 6562000. Best for stunning views: Nautilus – Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel Overlooking the Yas Marina, this Abu Dhabi seafood restaurant is one of the city's most alluring dining destinations. Contact 02 6560600.

02 6446666

Tourist Club Area Pappagallo is a great spot for good, hearty Italian cuisine in a relaxed, al fresco setting while Le Bistrot specialises in French fare and Talay just next door is known for serving excellent Thai cuisine. Al Birkeh – Lebanese Captain’s Arms – English pub Chi Chi’s – Tex-Mex G-Club – Nightclub La Brasserie – International Le Bistrot – French/sustainable NRG Sports Bar – Sports bar Opus Bar – Bar Pappagallo – Italian Talay – Thai Wakataua Terrace – Polynesian outdoor lounge

Best for 'steak lovers': Blue Grill Steakhouse Yas Island Rotana Hearty steaks from the US and Australian Prime Angus Beef are the star dishes of this trendy restaurant, with choice cuts chargrilled to order. Contact 02 6564000.

le royal méridien abu dhabi

Best for a taste of the exotic: Jing Asia – Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island Chefs prepare pan-Asian food to order from live cooking stations, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere. Contact 02 6563053.

whEAT - Bistro Café Palmier – All-day dining Illusions – Nightclub P.J. O’Reilly’s – Irish pub Imago - Bar and restaurant Sax Restaurant Club – International restaurant and bar The Piano Lounge – Cocktail lounge

Best for a lively atmosphere: Amerigos Mexican Bar and Restauant - Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi, Yas Island For creative dishes including prawn ceviche, quesadillas, fajitas and enchiladas. Contact 02 6562222.

800 101101

Al Markaziyah Two new restaurants have opened their doors here recently. WhEAT is a chic, artisan bakery and bistro, ideal for grabbing lunch on the run while all-day dining restaurant, Café Palmier features a menu based on fresh, seasonal produce.

mercure centre hotel

02 6333555

Al Markaziyah Book a table at Le Beaujolais this November to take part in the Fois Gras festival and sample a series of delicious recipes based around the French delicacy. Le Beaujolais – Bistro Le Jardin – International buffet Le Privé – French Mood Indigo – Lounge bar Pergola – Sports bar China Restaurant – Chinese

DINE BY CUISINE ARABIC Wanasah – Al Raha Beach Hotel Barouk – Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island Diwan L’Auberge – Emirates Palace Hakkasan – Emirates Palace Mezlai – Emirates Palace Arabic Café – Hilton Abu Dhabi Mawal – Hilton Abu Dhabi Li Beirut – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Al Birkeh – Le Méridien Abu Dhabi Marakesh – Millenium Hotel Abu Dhabi Pearls & Caviar – Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Al Hawara – The Royal Hotel Abu Dhabi ArganaVert – The Royal Hotel Abu Dhabi Agadir – The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa Atayeb - Yas Viceroy Hotel Min Zaman – Al Ain Rotana Hotel Makani Café – Hilton Al Ain Eden Rock – Mercure Grand Hotel Jebel Hafeet Al Waha – Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

ASIAN Benihana – Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Cho Gao – Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Jing Asia - Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island Pachaylen - Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa Royal Orchid – Hilton Abu Dhabi Toki - Hilton Abu Dhabi The Yacht Club Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Quest - Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Tori No Su - Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Talay - Le Méridien Abu Dhabi Soba - Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi China Restaurant Mercure Centre Hotel Wokcano - One to One Hotel, The Village Rouge - Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi Hoi Ann - Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Silk and Spice - Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche Shang Palace – Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Sontaya - St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort Kazu - Yas Viceroy Hotel Noodle Box – Yas Viceroy Hotel The Wok – Danat Al Ain Resort Orient Café – Mercure Grand Hotel Jebel Hafeet

INDIAN Indigo – Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Rangoli – Yas Island Rotana Angar – Yas Viceroy Hotel Tanjore – Danat Al Ain Resort

INTERNATIONAL Dine – Aloft Abu Dhabi Al Manzil – Al Raha Beach Hotel

Sevilla Restaurant – Al Raha Beach Hotel Al Dar – Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi Al Bathna – Armed Forces Officers’ Club & Hotel Essence – Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi C.Taste – Centro Yas Island Gems Restaurant – Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi 2.35 – Cristal Salam Hotel The Garden – Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Ingredients – Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa BBQ Al Qasr – Emirates Palace Cascades – Emirates Palace Las Brisas – Emirates Palace Le Vendôme – Emirates Palace CuiScene – Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Al Wahda – Grand Millenium Al Wahda The Gallery – Hala Arjaan by Rotana Vasco’s – Hilton Abu Dhabi Selections – Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Chamas Churrascaria & Bar – Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Nahaam – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Rosewater – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Horizon – Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana La Brasserie – Le Méridien Abu Dhabi L’Opera Brasserie – Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi Le Jardin – Mercure Centre Hotel Citrus – Millenium Hotel Abu Dhabi Resto – One to One Hotel, The Village The Village Club – One to One Hotel, The Village Horizon Restaurant – Oryx Hotel West Side – Oryx Hotel The Café – Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas Amerigos Mexican Bar & Restaurant – Park Inn Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Mint – Park Inn Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Ginger All-Day Dining – Park Rotana Teatro – Park Rotana Assymetri – Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island Oceana Grill – Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi Noche – Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi Sofra Bld – Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Cloud Nine – Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant – Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort Flavours – Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort Downtown – Sheraton Khalidiya Hotel La Veranda – Sheraton Khalidiya Hotel Corniche All Day Dining – Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche Optimist – The Royal Hotel Abu Dhabi Fairways – The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa Afya – Traders Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri Afya Beach Lounge – Traders Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri Choices – Yas Island Rotana Origins – Yas Viceroy Hotel Zest – Al Ain Rotana Hotel Ayla Restaurant – Ayla Hotel

Arabesque – Danat Al Ain Resort Flavours – Hilton Al Ain Paco’s – Hilton Al Ain Tides – Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort The Palm – Desert Islands Resort & Spa Al Badiya – Tilal Liwa Hotel

MEDITERRANEAN Azur Restaurant – Al Raha Beach Hotel Prego’s – Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Breeze Lounge – Emirates Palace Mezzaluna – Emirates Palace Frankie’s – Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Porto Bello – Grand Millenium Al Wahda Bocca – Hilton Abu Dhabi La Terrazza – Hilton Abu Dhabi 18° – Hyatt Capital Gate Boccaccio – Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Bice – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Pappagallo – Le Méridien Abu Dhabi Amalfi – Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi Sevilo’s – Millenium Hotel Abu Dhabi Beach House – Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas Filini – Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island Oro – Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi La Mamma – Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort Olea – St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort Amici – Yas Viceroy Hotel Luce – Danat Al Ain Resort Casa Romana Restaurant – Hilton Al Ain Zaitoun – Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort Ghadeer – Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

SEAFOOD Finz – Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Le Café & Caviar Bar – Emirates Palace Sayad – Emirates Palace Cedar Lounge – Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Fishmarket – Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Scott’s – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers The Beach – Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana Oceans Seafood Kitchen & Lounge – Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi Sennara – One to One Hotel, The Village La Mer – Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche Turquoiz – St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort Nautilus – Yas Viceroy Hotel

STEAKHOUSES Rodeo Grill - Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill 18 OZ – One to One Hotel, The Village Park Bar & Grill - Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas 55 & 5th, The Grill – St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort Blue Grill – Yas Island Rotana Suhail - Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara



10/21/13 5:45 PM


MillenniuM Hotel Abu DHAbi

02 6262700

Al Markaziyah

Citrus – International Cristal Cigar & Champagne Bar – Champagne bar Marakesh – Moroccan Sevilo’s – Italian

Ginger All-Day Dining – International buffet Cooper's Bar & Restaurant – British gastro pub Teatro – International

novotel Abu DHAbi GAte

rADisson blu Hotel, Abu DHAbi yAs islAnD

A wide selection of cuisines from around the world is served in the daily buffet at Horizon for lunch and dinner. Restaurant – International Al Gabbiano - Italian Al Nassim Pool bar – Snacks

one to one Hotel tHe villAGe

02 4952000

Al Nahyan

Choose from a wide selection of freshly caught seafood dishes for AED85 per person at the Sennara luncheon every Saturday. Over at Wokcano the emphasis is on Filippino dishes this month with an open buffet for AED90 per person. The Village Club serves up tasty barbecues in an alcohol-free environment. 18 OZ – Steakhouse Resto! – International buffet Sennara – Lebanese seafood The Village Club – International Wokcano – Asian

oryx Hotel

02 6810001

Al Khalidiyah Choose steak, salad and seafood from the à la carte menu and enjoy a dazzling view of the city as you dine at Horizon before heading to Blueline Bar for a nightcap. Blueline Bar – Bar Horizon Restaurant – International West Side – International

PArk HyAtt Abu DHAbi Hotel & villAs

02 4071234

Saadiyat Island 7

Al Matar

Sevilo's runs a Mamma Mia Serata promotion every Thursday offering guests an Italian feast of antipasti dishes, two mains and dessert for AED160.

Bain Al Jessrain


02 6573333

Soak up the creative atmosphere at Teatro and take your pick from the mouthwatering selection of fushion dishes on the menu which hail from Thailand, Japan, Italy, India, China and beyond.

02 5089999

5&6. Li Jiang, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal 7. Hakkasan, Emirates Palace 8. Pearls & Caviar, Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri

PArk rotAnA

For some of the best steak in town, book a table in the evenings at Park Bar & Grill, where grade A cuts of beef are complemented by premium vintages from the venue's extensive wine cellar. Beach House – Mediterranean Park Bar & Grill – Steak and seafood/bar The Café – International The Library – Tea lounge The Park Bar – Cocktail bar

PArk inn yAs islAnD, Abu DHAbi

02 6562222

Yas Island

Every Wednesday Ameringo's Mexican Bar & Restaurant honours the simple steak. Choose your favourite cut from a wide selection and complement it with a range of sauces and sides. Choose the meat from the trolley and watch as it's cut in front of you and weighed. Diners who can guess the correct weight get to enjoy their meat for free. Amerigos Mexican Bar & Restaurant – Mexican Mint – International buffet

02 6562000

Yas Island

Friday is World of Curry night at Assymetri with a focus on Indian cuisine while Wednesday features an Arabian-themed buffet Assymetri – International buffet Fast Track Lobby Bar – Cocktail lounge Filini – Italian restaurant and bar

ritz-cArlton Abu DHAbi, GrAnD cAnAl

02 8188888

Bain Al Jessrain Settle back and enjoy a menu of Mexican favourites while watching the biggest sporting event of the season at Al Fresco, where the practise races and qualifiers followed by the 2013 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi can be seen on the big screen. Wednesday is dum sum night at Li Jiang, where guests can enjoy the creative cuisine of chef Sam paired with a signature beverage for AED50. On Fridays Giornotte hosts an elaborate brunch priced from AED240 to AED490 including alchol. Giornotte – International The Forge – Steak house Li Jiang – Asian Mijana – Lebanese Sorso – Bar Dolce – Italian Café Al Fresco – Pool bar Alba – lobby lounge

roseWooD Abu DHAbi

02 8135550

Al Maryah Island Sambusek serves authentic Lebanese fare with an emphasis on fresh seafood while Aqua offers a special antipasti platter for lunch to accompany à la carte dishes based on Northern Italian cuisine. Catalan – Spanish La Cava – Wine cellar Hidden Bar – Lounge bar Aqua – Italian Sambusek – Lebanese

sHAnGri-lA Hotel, QAryAt Al beri

02 5098555

Bain Al Jessrain The award-winning Friday Brunner brunch at Pearls & Caviar is a feast of fresh seafood with stacks of oysters, sushi and other delights. Tuck in for AED250 per person or AED450 including alcholic beverages. Put your palate to the test at the new Wine Club evenings with the hotel's head sommelier, Eduardo Perez and sample a selection of premium vintages. In the afternoons head over to the lobby for freshly baked cupcakes and tea from 3 to 10pm. Al Hanah – Wine bar Bord Eau – French Hoi An – Vietnamese Pearls & Caviar – Mediterranean restaurant and bar Shang Palace – Chinese Sofra bld – International

sHerAton Abu DHAbi Hotel & resort

02 6773333

Al Markaziyah La Mamma is featuring a special menu this month with a three-course Umbrian meal complete with wine pairing available for AED230 per person. At The Tavern diners can finish their meal with the British cheese platter, which features a selection of artisan cheddars, stiltons and more. B-Lounge by Beachcomber – Outdoor lounge Bravo Tapas Bar & Restaurant – Spanish Cloud Nine – International El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant – Mexican Flavours – International La Mamma – Italian The Tavern – English pub The Beachcomber – Tapas

sHerAton kHAliDiyA Hotel

02 6666220

Al Khalidiyah Downtown restaurant has a three-course set dinner menu every night starting from AED99, which includes soup, main course and dessert. During the day there is a business lunch from noon to 4pm for AED85. Downtown – International La Veranda – International buffet The 3rd Avenue – Bar

sofitel Abu DHAbi cornicHe

02 8137777

Al Markaziyah Feast on fresh Gulf seafood prepared in a French style at La Mer or dine on aromatic Thai cuisine at Silk and Spice. Indulge with chocolate-and wine-pairing evenings on the second and fourth Sunday of the month or wine and cheese pairing on the first and third Sunday for AED120 per person. Corniche All Day Dining – International Jazz ’N Fizz Bar – Bar La Mer – French seafood Silk and Spice – Thai

tHe st.reGis Abu DHAbi

02 6944444

Al Khubeirah The stylish new hotel includes celebrity restaurant, Rhodes 44. Dishes created by the British celebrity chef are also available in the bar next door. Main courses at the hotel's signature Italian restaurant, Villa Toscana, begin at AED120 and include a delectable homemade lobster ravioli. Rhodes 44 – International Villa Toscana – Italian Café 44 – Patisserie Azura - Lounge Crystal Lounge - Bar The St. Regis Bar - light snacks

tHe st. reGis sAADiyAt islAnD resort

02 4988888

Saadiyat Island The new Friday brunch at Oléa places an emphasis on entertainment with live jazz duo, The Light Blues, now performing for diners each week. Soak up the sounds while tucking into a feast of Mediterranean cuisine complemented by freshly mixed cocktails, inluding the resort's signature bloody Mary - the Red Snapper. 55th&5th, The Grill – Steakhouse Oléa – Mediterranean Sontaya – Southeast Asian Turquoiz – Seafood



10/21/13 5:46 PM




Al Ain

tHe RoyAl Hotel Abu DHAbi

Al Markaziyah Al Hawara offers Lebanese cuisine on the rooftop with stunning views of the sea, while Basil serves tasty Indian fare, including some very spicy curries. Al Hawara – Lebanese Basil – Indian Optimist – International

Al Ain RotAnA Hotel

tHe westin Abu DHAbi Golf ResoRt & spA

03 7545111

Al Muwaiji

02 6169999

Sas Al Nakhl Mouthwatering pastillas and delicious tagine are on the enormous menu at Agadir, which serves some of the best Moroccan cuisine in town. The weekend family lunch menu allows diners to enjoy this fivestar food for AED159 each. A two for one ladies luncheon is available from Sunday to Thursday at Fairways for AED145. Agadir – Moroccan Fairways – International Lemon & Lime – Bar The Retreat – Bar

Min Zaman – Lebanese Moodz – Lounge bar and club Trader Vic’s – French Polynesian restaurant and bar Zest – International


AylA Hotel

03 7610111

Al Mutaredh

Afyä – International buffet Afyä Beach Lounge – Barbecue

Ayla Restaurant hosts themed buffet meals throughout the week. Highlights include the seafood lovers’ night on ` Thursdays, which costs AED130 per person, or AED159 if you'd like to include a small bottle of Champagne. Add to this half a kilogram of giant lobster for AED108, or a full kilogram for AED200.

yAs islAnD RotAnA

Ayla Restaurant – International Tamra Cafe – Tea lounge

Yas Island

DAnAt Al Ain ResoRt

Some of the best steaks in town are accompanied by a selection of fine wines from Argentina, America and Australia at Blue Grill. A wide selection of cuisines from across the world is available at the Choices buffet.

Al Nyadat East

02 5108888

Bain Al Jessrain Italian Tuesdays at Afyä make the most of the Mediterranean's classic stone-baked pizza and fresh pastas complemented by large salad and dessert bars.

Moutabel: A delicious and spicy smoked aubergine dip that is popular in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Fattoush: This Levantine salad is made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread and mixed with lettuce, cucumber, onion and other vegetables. Sambusek: Small, triangular pastry pies filled with cheese, meat or spinach. Ouzi: This popular baked lamb and spiced rice dish is a favourite during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. Umm Ali: Similar to bread and butter pudding served in the west, this favourite Arabic dessert contains milk, pastry and nuts, and is a staple dish in many buffets.

02 6564000

Blue Grill – Steakhouse Choices – International buffet Rangoli – Indian Y Bar – Bar

03 7046000

The Wok it the scene of a seafood night every Tuesday for AED99. Alternatively, visit Arabesque on Thursdays for a full buffet of lobster, shrimps, oysters and mussels, for AED140.

9. Rhodes 44, St. Regis Abu Dhabi 10. Catalan, Rosewood Abu Dhabi 11. Soba, Le Royal Méridien

Al Nawafeer Terrace – Arabic snacks and shisha Arabesque – International Horse & Jockey Pub – English pub Luce – Italian restaurant and nightclub Shooters – Sports bar Tanjore – Indian The Wok – Asian

yAs ViceRoy Abu DHAbi

02 6560600

Yas Island

Angar serves gourmet Indian fare complemented by a range of Indian beers and refreshing Lassi yoghurt drinks while Amici specialises in tasty Italian cuisine in a sophisticated setting. At Kazu, fill your plate from the sushi and sashimi bar then select a premium sake to enjoy with the meal.

MeRcuRe GRAnD Hotel Jebel HAfeet

03 7838888

Jebel Hafeet Eden Rock restaurant serves tasty Arabian fare while, at Lawrence’s Lounge bar, Ladies receive a complimentary cocktail on Thursday nights.

Amici – Italian Angar – Indian Atayeb – Arabic Kazu – Japanese Nautilus – Seafood Noodle Box – Asian Origins – International buffet Rush – Cocktail bar Skylite – Cabana lounge

Eden Rock – Arabic Le Belvedere – French-Mediterranean Lawrence's Lounge – Bar Orient Café – Oriental



Tides international restaurant serves Asian and Continental dishes while Zaitoun offers Italian fine dining. Relax at Gazebo with a shisha in the evenings. C-View – Lobby lounge Gazebo – Shisha café L’Attitude – Cocktail bar and lounge Tides – International Zaitoun – Italian

DeseRt islAnDs ResoRt & spA

02 8015400

Sir Bani Yas Island Book a table on the terrace at Amwaj restaurant and enjoy a selection of dishes from the modern tapas-style menu in a stunning waterfront setting before indulging in some of the chef's homemade ice cream. Alternatively, dine on delectable seafood at Samak, where the resident salt guru can advise you on the best condiments to complement your dish. Samak – Seafood The Lounge – Lounge bar Amwaj - Tapas The Palm – International

QAsR Al sARAb DeseRt ResoRt by AnAntARA

02 8862088

Liwa Desert Treat the taste buds to an eclectic feast at the Al Waha international and Emirati buffet, which features food from countries around the world. Prices range from AED130 per person for breakfast to AED175 for lunch and AED200 for dinner. Book the didning-by-design experience for a romatnic, private meal. Al Liwan – Lobby lounge and bar Al Waha – International/Emirati Ghadeer – Mediterranean Suhail – Steakhouse

tilAl liwA Hotel

02 8946111

Madinat Zayed Celebrate Oktoberfest in traditional style with German culinary classics and freeflowing Bavarian beer on the 4th of the month for AED140 per person at the Tilal Liwa Hotel. Al Badiya – International Al Liwan – Snacks Layali – Bar


As a general rule, all hotels will add a 10 percent charge to restaurant bills in addition to the six percent fee levied by the government. Most menus state whether these taxes have already been incorporated or not but check with the waiter if it is unclear.

Although the UAE is a Muslim country, alcohol is permitted in several emirates including Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Wine, Champagne and spirits are available in most five-star hotels, but be warned, there is zero tolerance to drink-driving and being drunk in public is a crime, both punishable with a fine and, in more serious cases, imprisonment.



DAnAt Jebel DHAnnA ResoRt

02 8012222

At Zest, there’s steak ‘n’ barbecue night every Monday from 6.30 to 10.30pm where guests can select their favourite cuts to be grilled before their eyes for AED168 per person. Seafood night at Zest takes place every Wednesday from 6.30 to 10.30pm and costs AED185 per person.

tRADeRs Hotel, QARyAt Al beRi

Hummous: Well known and loved even beyond the Middle East, this Arabic dip or spread is made from cooked and mashed chickpeas blended with ground sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.


02 8152222


10/21/13 5:46 PM






44 33 4 8





hERiTAGE ViLLAGE Designed to resemble a traditional oasis village, this quaint attraction provides an interesting glimpse into the emirate’s past. There’s a bedouin tent, reconstructions of original date palm houses, an example of the ancient falaj irrigation system and a small spice shop selling dried herbs and other trinkets.



saadiyat island al mina



al maryah island



8 co

al ras al akhdar 15




al manhal a

a al lf


al khalidiyah





et re

wahdah 5

al karamah

al bateen

as smaaliyyah



2 zaab


al dhafrah

17 4 al

al nahyan

al mussala

al rodhah

ad ro



reem island

al baladia

madinat zayed


al khubeirah

presidential court

rd bi ra la la ee al kh al





th ur fo


24 23 5


t es

al khubeirah garden



corniche west street

i rn

w he


tourist club area



al ittihad





h 0t (13

bin t ed e m tre al mushrif s m a a oh if children garden m hal al mushrif k palace abu dhabi equestrian club & abu dhabi golf club

et re st

et re st

hadbat al zafaranah


1 1

al ghaf park


al mushrif

sh r a

al shatie picnic area

al zahraa

shid rd ( bin al airp ma ort kto um r)

qaser al shatie


8 A



bu al siaief

al sa la m


sh k pa hal rk ifa

al safarat


abu dhabi national exhibition centre



al matar

20 12 zayed sports city

al muzoon kho


al bateen airport

21 1

EMiRATES PALACE The iconic palace stands in pride of place at the tip of the Abu Dhabi Corniche and embodies the luxury lifestyle the capital has cultivated. until recently the most expensive hotel ever to be built, the impressive structure is richly adorned with precious materials. 12 different shades of marble can be spotted in the cavernous atrium, while the central dome holds dual records as both the largest in the world and the greatest gilded expanse ever created in one building.

31st stre et

4 7


29th stre et



1 6

25 th str eet


2 1 3

et re



al hosn palace & cultural foundation 10

al hosn




str eet

kasser al amouage



al 11 markaziyal



23 rd

8 40





41 28

et re


o c



m la sa al



st ea

al madina al riyadiya

ministry of interior

r ba tee n

officers city

5 9





Abu DhAbi TOuRiST MAP hOTELS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana C3 Aloft Abu Dhabi F7 Al Raha beach hotel M5 Al Rawda Arjaan by Rotana D4 Armed Forces Officers’ Club and hotel G8 beach Rotana Abu Dhabi D3 Centro Capital Centre by Rotana F7 Centro Yas island M4 Cristal hotel Abu Dhabi C3 Cristal Salam hotel D3 Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi C3

MAP ABU DHABI_NOV 2013.indd 126

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi Yas island M4 Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi E5 Eastern Mangroves hotel & Spa by Anantara G6 Emirates Palace A5 Fairmont bab Al bahr h7 Grand Millennium Al Wahda D4 hala Arjaan D2 hilton Abu Dhabi b4 hilton Abu Dhabi Capital Grand G7 hyatt Capital Gate hotel F7 interContinental Abu Dhabi b5 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers b5

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana b5 Le Méridien Abu Dhabi D3 Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi C3 Mercure Centre hotel C3 Millennium hotel Abu Dhabi C3 Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate i8 One to One hotels - The Village D4 Oryx hotel b4 Park inn, Abu Dhabi Yas island M4 Park Arjaan by Rotana h6 Park hyatt Abu Dhabi hotel & Villas G1 35 Park Rotana h6 24


25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

Radisson blu hotel, Abu Dhabi M4 Yas island Rosewood Abu Dhabi D3 Shangri-La hotel, Qaryat Al beri h7 Sheraton Abu Dhabi hotel & Resort C2 Sheraton Khalidiya C3 Sofitel, Abu Dhabi Corniche C3 Staybridge Suites, Abu Dhabi Yas island M4 St. Regis Abu Dhabi b4 St. Regis Saadiyat island Resort F1 The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, h7 Grand Canal The Royal hotel Abu Dhabi D3

47 48 49 50

The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa Traders hotel, Qaryat Al beri Yas island Rotana Yas Viceroy

J6 h7 M4 M4

ShOPPiNG 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Abu Dhabi Mall Al Muhairy Centre Al Raha Mall Al Wahda Mall Avenue at Eithad Towers boutik Mall Carpet Souk

D3 C4 M5 D4 b5 E3 D2

10/21/13 6:11 PM

al m







N 1

YAS WATERWORLD Yas Waterworld is the newest addition to the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s impressive portfolio of sport and leisure attractions. Included among the 43 rides, slides and attractions here is the first hydromagnetic-powered six-person Tornado waterslide and the largest FlowBarrel 10 Double sheet-wave ride in the world.


FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI The first ever Ferrari theme park is home to Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster on the planet, which reaches speeds of up to 240 kilometres per hour. Other rides include G-Force, which climbs up through the open roof, affording spectacular views of Yas Island, before hurtling 62 metres back to earth and the Fiorano GT Challenge, which offers an exhilarating simulated racing experience. There are rides for all the family here, from fast-paced coasters to leisurely tours and interactive games.

yas island




36 8




49 42 12









umm al nar

Sh k pA hAL Rk IFA




SHEIKH ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE Built by the late Sheikh Zayed to help build a bridge between faiths and create greater cross-cultural understanding, the Grand Mosque is a must-see for any visitor to Abu Dhabi. The third-largest mosque in the world, this majestic structure is wrought from over 1,000 columns and 82 domes embellished with semi-precious stones, gold and marble. Inside, the spectacle is equally impressive with glittering chandeliers, spectacular floral motifs adorning the walls and a vast hand-woven Persian carpet in the main prayer hall.




48 19

dina diya



khalifa city

al maqtaa


16 45


bain al jessrain

s city

to int'labu dh airp abi o rt


8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

The Souk at World Trade Centre Dalma Mall Fotouh Al Khair Centre Hamdan Centre Iranian Souk Khalidiya Mall Liwa Centre Madinat Zayed Shopping and Gold Centre Marina Mall Paris Gallery The Galleria The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri

A4 B4 D3 H7

MAP ABU DHABI_NOV 2013.indd 127


Ask the concierge desk for a copy of the Concierge Abu Dhabi foldout map with tips on what to see and do in the city




ab i u dh to abairport 'l int


HERITAGE/CULTURE Al Hosn Palace Al Qibab Art Gallery (Villa 3, Street 5, Al Zaab)

1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

YAS MARINA CIRCUIT Home to the annual Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina Circuit is one of the capitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most famous sporting attractions. Visitors can experience it all year round at one of the many events on the annual calendar or on a tour that takes in its state of the art facilities, from the drag strip and karting centre to the track itself, which boasts the longest straight in Formula 1.

47 2

l u x u r y

F I V E - S T A r

V I S I T O r





C3 J8 C3 C3 C1 C4 C3 C4


ai dub

Cultural Foundation Falcon Hospital Gallery One Ghaf Art Gallery Hemisphere Design Studio & Gallery Heritage Village Manarat Al Saadiyat Salwa Zeidan Gallery

8 L


GOLF C4 C4 C4 N5 A1 C5 D3 B4 E1 C5

1 2 3 4 5

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club Abu Dhabi Golf Club Al Ghazal Golf Club Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Yas Links

D6 J6 N5 F1 M4

LANDMARKS Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 2 Al Bateen Dhow Yard 3 Al Maqtaa Bridge 4 Breakwater 1

Bus & Taxi Terminal Emirates Palace Ittihad Square Khalifa Mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed the Second Mosque 11 Volcano Fountain

5 6 7 8 9 10



B5 H6 A1

1 2

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Abu Dhabi Sailing & Sub Aqua Club



D5 A5 C3 C3 H7 C3 C3

D6 D2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Al Forsan International Sports Resort Art Marine yacht charters Falcon Aviation Services (helipad base) Ferrari World Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club Monte Carlo Beach Club Shooting (Caracal Shooting Club) Yas Marina Circuit Yas Waterworld Zayed Sports City

K7 M4 B4 M4 B4 F1 G8 M4 M4 G7

10/21/13 6:12 PM


My life in Abu Dhabi Dorrie Emrick, head aesthetic nurse at DNA Integrated Health & Medicine Centre on Saadiyat Island discusses her life and work in the UAE capital

} 1 Beach House, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas 2 Saadiyat Story exhibition, Manarat Al Saadiyat

I moved to Abu Dhabi in the spring from California and have been busy getting to know the city and settling into my new role. Previously, I worked as a bioaesthetic nurse in one of the leading medical spas in Los Angeles but, being adventurous, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to come and experience life in Abu Dhabi, which I’d heard so much about. The city has more than lived up to my expectations, particularly from a cultural perspective. One of the things I was most excited about before arriving here, cliché though it may sound, was riding a camel and it was fantastic. In general, getting to know Arabian culture has been one of the most rewarding aspects of moving here and I continue to be enthralled by the history and tradition of the UAE. Not long after my arrival, I received an invitation to dine in HRH Sheikh Nayhan bin Mubarak Al Nayhan’s iftar tent during Ramadan, which was a real honour. It was my first iftar and the most magical event I have ever attended. The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined – truly wonderful.

Another highlight has been visiting Manarat Al Saadiyat, which is near where I work on Saadiyat Island. The museum has a permanent exhibition that maps out the future of the island in addition to a calendar of events, such as the recent Birth of a Museum show, where some of the works purchased for the upcoming Louvre Abu Dhabi were put on display as part of a sneak preview for the public. After looking round the gallery, it’s nice to grab a bite at one of the nearby restaurants. With its gleaming, turquoise ocean, beautiful golden beach and many excellent restaurants, Saadiyat Island reminds me a little of California. One of the best places to appreciate this is Beach House restaurant in Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas, where you can enjoy excellent Mediterranean food with a spectacular view of the sea. There’s also Fanr in Manarat Al Saadiyat – a popular choice for those seeking a good lunch spot. It serves lovely fresh cuisine and is great for al fresco dining with an attractive, leafy terrace.

“With its gleaming, turquoise ocean, beautiful golden beach and many excellent restaurants, Saadiyat Island reminds me a little of California”

For a smart evening meal, I suggest none other than gourmet French eatery, Bord Eau at Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri. The food and the service are both incredible here. In the future, Abu Dhabi will be an international hub for healthcare and Saadiyat Island, with its multi-layered visitor appeal, will be a major part of this. I don’t know anywhere else in the world where you can address your healthcare and beauty requirements while relaxing on a gorgeous beach, eating at world-class restaurants and viewing wonderful art work. It creates a truly healing environment.



10/21/13 7:38 PM

Speechless in every language.

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel

Where glamour meets grandeur. Where majesty meets mystery. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a cityscape that glimmers among the stars. In a place where beauty is illuminated. Spend your days wrapped in splendour. Your nights lost in wonder. Discover an unbelievable skyline. Where the sky is no longer the limit. And you think youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done it all? Abu Dhabi. Travellers welcome.

Discover more.

From UAE: 800 Cartier (800-227 8437) Outside UAE: +971 4 236 8345

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