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Protect yourself in the garden Protect your skin keep bugs away

MAY 2019

The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway. –Michael Pollan It’s said that gardening is good for the soul, and if you garden you probably agree with the sentiment. As therapeutic as it can be to plant your favorite blossoms, fruit, or shade tree, gardening can take quite the toll of your skin. Especially in the summer months, as the weather heats up and the rays of sun beat down, it’s important to protect yourself when you’re sowing that beautiful landscape. First, you’ll want to don some protective clothing. This is important so you don’t get pricked by your plants or any skin irritation. Thick gardening gloves are a must, but also consider pants and tops that cover skin that may come into contact with the plants as well as shoes that cover and protect your feet. Next, be sure to protect yourself from the sun. This includes applying plenty of sunscreen, like the Mychelle Dermaceuticals Sunscreen available at the Common Market. With SPF ranges 28, 30, and 50, you’ll find sunscreen that works for whatever gardening you’re doing. If you do get burned, be sure to apply some Aloe Vera, like Badger, to help your skin heal.

Warm weather means lots of pesky...well, pests. While some of these may be good for the plants, that doesn’t make them any more fun to deal with. Consider an insect repellant, like Para’kito’s wrist bands, to keep bugs from feasting on you.

After a long day of gardening, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink, but before you pour that glass, wash up. You want to be sure to clean the sweat and grime from your skin to avoid potential irritations later. Try Weleda’s Arnica Sports Shower Gel or Bodhi Organics’ Whipped Almond Honey Body Scrub. If you’re more inclined to take a relaxing bath, try Ultra Epsom’s Premium Epsom Salt Crystals to relax sore and tired muscles. No matter what type of gardening you’re doing this season, be sure to take steps to protect your skin so you can keep planting all season long.

Products to soothe irritated skin Check out the Wellness Department’s featured body care to find the one for your skin needs.

Bodhi Organics lavender whipped body scrub – Packed with Fair Trade and Organic Shea, Olive, and Coconut Oil, this foaming whipped soap scrub uses volcanic ash as a natural exfoliant to help restore soft, smooth skin.

Plant Life Oatmeal Almond Bar Soap – The oatmeal will soothe your rough skin while the ground almond gently exfoliates.

Bass Brushes nail brush – Helps get dirt and grime from under your nails so you can grab that refreshing post-gardening iced tea.

Weleda Massage Oil – Warming, toning, invigorating, and calming, this massage oil will help soothe your tired muscles. Indian meadow Skin Healer Salve – A soothing salve that will help heal your skin from long hours of gardening.

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Be Well - June Issue  

Be Well - June Issue